Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on DAYS

Stefano blamed Philip for Tony's death and vowed revenge. Lucas and Kate discouraged Chloe from accepting the lead role in an opera. Sami struggled over whether to tell E.J. about Grace. She was unaware that Grace was Mia's child and that Sydney was her child. Brady encouraged Nicole to tell E.J. the truth about Sydney.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, April 6, 2009

At the hospital, Dr. Baker explained to Nicole that the job he had been offered in Detroit had fallen through, so he had gotten a job as a pediatric doctor at Salem University Hospital. Dr. Baker thought Nicole should feel lucky, since Sydney would have a doctor who knew so much about her, but Nicole felt like it was her worst nightmare.

Dr. Baker pointed out that Nicole's worst nightmare would be Sami knowing Nicole had switched the baby. Nicole wanted him to leave town like he had promised, but he refused, saying he had a great job. Plus, he felt like she would help him if he ever needed her. Nicole assumed he was working at the hospital because he needed money and was gambling again, but Dr. Baker said he didn't need her money because he made a good salary.

Nicole threatened to go to the hospital board and have Dr. Baker's license revoked if he tried to blackmail her again. Dr. Baker said if Nicole tried to ruin his career, he would get revenge by telling everyone the truth about the baby Nicole was raising, so Nicole backed down. She did, however, tell Dr. Baker that she didn't want him as her daughter's doctor.

Dr. Baker urged Nicole to reconsider, and he pointed out that Nicole might need him if she ever needed a blood sample from Sydney's real mother. Nicole said she would handle it. Dr. Baker knew that Mia was in town, and he asked Nicole how Mia would feel when she found out that Nicole had switched her baby with Sami's. Nicole denied tossing Mia's baby away for Sami's, and she insisted Mia wouldn't find out.

Stefano went for a walk and ended up at the Brady Pub. He was disgusted to see Philip there with Stephanie. Stephanie offered her condolences to Stefano, and she pointed out that the newspapers said Philip hadn't been responsible for Tony's death. Stefano said he didn't believe everything he read in the paper, so Philip stood up to Stefano and said he understood that Stefano wanted to blame someone.

Stefano said he didn't blame just anyone -- Philip was to blame. Philip said if anyone was to blame for Tony's death, it was Stefano. Stefano accused Philip of killing Tony and trying to blame Stefano for it. Stephanie urged Stefano to leave, but Stefano told her to shut up. Philip said if Stefano ever talked to her like that again, he would cut Stefano's tongue out of his throat.

Philip told Stefano to feel free to test him on that theory, but Stefano said he didn't test anyone. He told Philip not to underestimate him. Stephanie tried to defuse the situation, and Philip said he felt bad about what had happened to Tony. Stefano said Philip had no idea how Stefano felt, and Philip needed to pray that Philip would never find out.

Stephanie tried to get Philip to eat something, but he couldn't stop thinking about the look in Stefano's eyes. Philip could relate to Tony trying so hard to please his father. Stephanie said even though Philip's father judged Philip too harshly, Victor loved Philip. Philip felt like a failure, because Victor had fired him, but Stephanie pointed out that Victor had given Philip his freedom. Philip said he was amazed that Victor had apologized for putting pressure on Philip to get the alternative fuels project blueprints.

Philip and Stephanie went to the Kiriakis mansion because he needed to show Stephanie something. Philip wanted to move out of the house to get his own place, and Stephanie wondered if he wanted to sleep on it, but he was determined to move out on his own. Philip felt lucky for having Stephanie in his corner throughout his ordeal. He went upstairs to pack and left a note for Victor.

At Stephanie's apartment, she told Philip he was welcome to stay with her as long as he wanted. Philip wasn't comfortable staying with Stephanie because he felt it would feel awkward with Max dating Chelsea. Stephanie thought it was only fair that she have a houseguest like Chelsea did. Stephanie invited Philip to go to her bedroom.

Sami stopped by the DiMera mansion to give her condolences to E.J. for his brother's death. E.J. confided in Sami that he felt guilty for how he had treated Tony. He said when Tony had died, Tony had thought E.J. and Stefano had had no respect for him. Sami urged E.J. not to be so hard on himself. E.J. realized how quiet the house was without Tony. Sami asked how Stefano had handled the memorial service the family had had that morning. Stefano had managed to get through it, E.J. said. Sami tried to comfort him and said she had something that she knew would help E.J. feel better.

Sami took Johnny to the mansion for a visit, and it seemed to cheer E.J. up. E.J. asked if Johnny could take a nap, and Sami was okay with it. She offered to let Johnny spend the night. E.J. said he wanted people he loved around him, and he understood why she wanted to adopt her baby. Sami asked what had changed his mind about her not adopting Grace, and he said he had realized that, when she had been in protective custody, Sami had to have felt the way he had felt after Tony's death.

E.J. said Sami was the most loving mother he'd ever met. Sami had good things to say about him, too. Sami started to tell E.J. the truth about Grace being his daughter when Stefano stormed in ranting about how Philip should be dead. Sami couldn't believe Stefano was talking about killing Philip, and she pointed out that Nicole, who was considered a DiMera as Sydney's mother, had cleared Philip from being responsible for Tony's death.

Stefano apologized for interrupting. Then, he left. After Stefano's tirade, E.J. wondered what Sami had started to tell him, and Sami said she just wanted him to know how much it meant to her that he had accepted her decision to adopt Grace. Sami said Grace was a Brady, and Stefano had another reason to hate Sami's family. She felt her family and E.J.'s needed to keep their distance. E.J. didn't want to cut all ties, and when he started to mention Grace, Sami warned him that he had nothing to do with Grace.

E.J. started to explain that he and Sami had close ties because of Johnny and that Grace would be Johnny's sister. Sami said Grace had nothing to do with their situation, and she didn't want to hear any more, so she ran upstairs to get Johnny.

Stefano went to the pier where Tony had died, and he broke down in tears.

Will encouraged Mia to hold Grace, but she didn't want to. She remembered how she hadn't wanted to hold her own baby when she had given birth to her. Will asked why she didn't want to hold the baby, and Mia said once a person held a baby, that person got feelings they didn't know they had. Will assumed Mia had brothers or sisters and that was how she knew about babies, but she denied it. Mia said Grace was lucky, because adopted babies got extra love. Will asked if Mia was adopted, and Mia said she wasn't, but a friend of hers was.

Mia said Sami had done a great thing by adopting Grace, and Will realized what a good thing it was, too, and that he'd been a jerk. Will offered again to let Mia hold the baby, and Mia agreed. Mia felt good holding Grace -- like she never wanted to let her go. Then Grace needed to be changed, so Mia offered to do it, but she got a call from Nicole, who wanted to meet Mia by the pier. Mia said goodbye to Will.

Mia met Nicole, and Nicole told her that Tony was dead, that Dr. Baker was working at the Salem hospital, and that Dr. Baker knew Mia was in town. Nicole urged Mia to keep everything a secret. Nicole confronted Mia about her plan to return to Salem for the baby. Mia admitted that it was true, but she promised to stay away from Sydney.

Nicole told Mia if she broke the rules Nicole laid down for her, she would be hurting Sydney. Nicole warned Mia to stay away from Dr. Baker, to never go to the DiMera mansion, and to never go near Nicole or anyone connected to Nicole. Mia agreed to follow Nicole's rules.

Nicole wondered why Mia wanted to stay in town, since she couldn't be a part of her baby's life, and Nicole suggested Mia go to New York, but Mia said she wanted to finish high school in Salem because she was already enrolled.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stefano prayed over the spot where Tony had been killed and vowed revenge on Philip. Victor happened upon Stefano in an unguarded moment, and the two exchanged words. Meanwhile, Chelsea walked in on Philip and Stephanie in an intimate moment and quickly exited. Unhappy to learn that Philip had moved out of the house, Victor tracked him down at Stephanie's and interrupted the near-consummation. Victor offered Philip his job back at Titan and asked him to return home. Philip was elated until Stephanie begged him never to go back. Stefano called an Italian contact and said he had a job he needed done regarding Philip Kiriakis.

Kate moved forward with her plans of revenge on Chloe. Maggie arrived for an interview for Hearth and Home and gave Chloe a wedding gift. The two shared a nice moment. Later, Chloe ran into Daniel at the pub, and they talked about her pregnancy scare. Both were determined to move on, though Daniel had just turned down a date offer from a colleague, having decided to focus solely on his career. At the same time, Melanie started her first day at the hospital as a scrub. She struggled with her patients and the authority of Nurse Maxine.

Maggie arrived to check on Melanie, who complained. Maggie told her to get used to it. Kate arrived at the hospital and trailed Chelsea on the job, surreptitiously observing the procedure for signing out controlled substances. She was about to sign out the deadly drug she intended to administer to Chloe when an unsuspecting Melanie foiled her. Later, Stefano and Kate talked about Tony and shared a moment.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stephanie tried to get Philip to see that Victor would have said anything to get Philip to return home, but Philip believed Victor really intended to change. Stephanie worried that Philip would never be his own person if he went back. Philip asserted that he needed to make up for what he had done because, regardless of what the police had ruled, he had gone to the docks, wanting to harm Tony. Stephanie was furious that Philip seemed to be choosing his family and business over her and ordered him to get out.

Philip gathered up his belongings to leave but stopped at the door and declared that it hurt to think about not having her in his life. Stephanie cried that it hurt her, too, but she couldn't be his conscience anymore. She added that she'd been deluded when she had thought they could work out their differences. Philip declared that he wished he could be the man she needed him to be then kissed her sadly on the cheek and left.

Chelsea returned home right after Philip left and asked Stephanie what had happened. Stephanie filled her in about how Victor had been there to apologize and had asked Philip to return home. Chelsea sympathized with Stephanie but suggested that Philip had wanted her to conclude that she was better off without him because he wanted to protect her. Stephanie realized that Chelsea might be right and that Victor was probably worried that Philip was in danger. She declared that she'd been really wrong about everything.

Stephanie rang the doorbell at the Kiriakis mansion. When Philip answered, she smiled, kissing him as she said, "If you want me to leave, you're going to have to make me."

Mia called Will, who was at home babysitting his sisters. She offered to drop by to return a book she'd borrowed, but he said that he'd meet her at the Java Café once his mom got home. Rafe arrived with an armload of groceries. When Will informed him that Sami had gone to see E.J., an irked Rafe gave Will the third degree. Will responded with a large dose of sarcasm, so Rafe apologized, explaining that he was just worried about Sami.

Will said he understood and apologized for having been a jerk to Rafe recently. Rafe asked if he could wait there for Sami to return, and Will agreed. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Will casually asserted, "You must be pretty hung up on my mom -- you know, buying her diapers and everything."

Rafe denied it, insisting that he was just concerned. Will cautioned Rafe that the situation was complicated -- and that Sami wasn't interested in him. Rafe asserted that he and Sami were just friends. Will replied ironically, "Right, and I just want to talk about books with Mia." He then left.

While she waited for Will at the Java Café, Mia was surprised to run into Dr. Baker. He wondered why she'd returned to Salem so soon and asked how she was doing after giving her baby up. Mia gave a terse, noncommittal response and hinted for Dr. Baker to leave before her friend arrived. He understood her not wanting to explain how they knew each other and seemed pleased that Mia was trying so hard to start over.

Will arrived just as Dr. Baker was leaving and asked, "Who was that old guy?" Mia covered and then changed the subject. When Will referred to Grace as his adopted sister, Mia chided him, reminding him that he had to think of Grace as his real family. Will acknowledged that she was right and apologized.

Mia then said that she'd be happy to babysit if Will's mom ever needed her to. With feigned nonchalance, she added that she wanted to take care of Grace because, "Something about her really got to me."

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was hurriedly rounding up all of Johnny's toys. E.J. tried to get her to calm down, but she was adamant about getting her son out of that house because Stefano had openly vowed revenge against Philip Kiriakis. E.J. swore that he would never let anything happen to Johnny or to her -- which Nicole arrived home just in time to overhear.

Nicole eavesdropped from the foyer while Sami and E.J. continued to argue. E.J. maintained that Stefano was grieving over Tony's death, but Sami pointed out that Stefano kept creating situations that were dangerous for her son. She added that Stefano still wanted revenge, even though Nicole and the police had pronounced Tony's death an accident.

Nicole interrupted then, demanding to know what was going on. Sami asserted that Nicole should be troubled, too, since Sydney was also a DiMera and since Stefano wanted Philip dead. Nicole acknowledged that Sami had a point, adding that it made sense for Sami to take Johnny home while they finished the wedding preparations.

Nicole then asked if Sami would accompany Johnny to the wedding, since he would be part of the ceremony. Sami was surprised that Nicole and E.J. were still going through with getting married, but Nicole adamantly refused to let anything spoil her big day.

E.J. took in a huge bouquet of flowers, which he said were from Kate Roberts -- and which he believed she'd sent to induce the DiMeras not to go after her son, Philip. It was clear that E.J. still blamed Philip for Tony's death, so Sami tried to get him to see that he was being unreasonable. E.J. only became angrier and declared that Nicole was the reason Philip wasn't in jail.

Nicole was livid, reminding E.J. that they'd agreed not to discuss it further. Sami was appalled at E.J.'s attitude but somewhat gently said to Nicole, "Think about it: you can't break ranks with the DiMeras without paying the price." Nicole retorted, although without her usual venom, that Sami should butt out.

Nicole then stormed out to check on Sydney but only after spitting at E.J. that he should spill his guts to Sami about how Nicole had failed the DiMera family. Sami tried to make light of the situation, and E.J. conceded that Johnny might be better off with her for the time being. Sami asked how E.J. could side with Stefano against Nicole, when they were supposed to be happily planning their wedding. She urged him to try to be more sensitive to Nicole and to the children.

After Sami had gone, Nicole returned and wanted to continue their discussion. E.J. instead told her that he'd just learned that Sydney had a new doctor and that Dr. Baker had begun working at University Hospital. He angrily demanded to know why she hadn't informed or consulted him and why she suddenly didn't want Dr. Baker to be Sydney's doctor, after having been so insistent that he be her obstetrician.

Nicole shakily asserted that E.J. was becoming just like his father. She added that she'd watched Tony die because of how Stefano did business -- and no one had cared about how it had affected her, only that she wouldn't lie so they could get revenge. She fought back tears as she maintained that with everything going on, she had simply forgotten to tell E.J. about changing pediatricians and that it hadn't been a deliberate omission.

E.J. suggested, coldly at first, that they should reconsider their wedding plans. He softened a bit when he asserted that they had once been sure about things, but he didn't think she was anymore. Weeping, Nicole argued that he couldn't put it all on her. E.J. gently asserted that, despite her claims to the contrary, he knew she was sad. He declared softly, "I think we need to spend some time apart." Nicole cried as he kissed her on both cheeks and then broke down in anguished sobs after he left.

Sami returned to the penthouse and was happily surprised to find Rafe holding Grace. Sami explained that she'd taken Johnny home with her because Stefano had become "all crazy, maniac warlord" about avenging Tony's death. She added that she wished she could get E.J. out of the DiMera house, as well, but she knew the only way to do that might be to tell him the truth about Grace.

Rafe thought that was a bad idea and that Sami was only considering it because E.J. was about to marry someone she hated. Sami asserted that she was only trying to do what was best for Grace. She didn't want to hurt Grace the way she had hurt Will or the way her grandmother had hurt her uncle. Rafe argued that it would be dangerous for them to tell E.J. the truth -- especially after the months they had spent trying to keep it from him.

Sami's eyes welled with tears. "But here's the thing: this isn't our decision. It's mine. It's my decision." Obviously upset, she ran from the room, claiming she needed to check on the twins. Rafe was incredulous. He whispered to Grace, his voice breaking, "Your mother seems to think that you're not a part of my life. So...I got to go." He closed the door behind himself just as Sami returned, an apology on her lips, and it clearly pained her to see that he'd gone.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

E.J. laid flowers down at the site on the dock where Tony had died. E.J. vowed to get revenge for Tony's death if it was the last thing he did. Max overheard him and asked what if that was the last thing E.J. did. Max asked if E.J. wanted to take care of his family by seeking revenge on Philip, even as E.J. was planning to get married the next day.

Max knew that E.J. was in pain, but he warned him not to start another feud between the Bradys and the DiMeras. E.J. said that he hadn't started the feud -- Philip had with Tony's death. Max asked if E.J. thought Tony wanted his death to set off another feud.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe told Lucas that she was worried about hosting the talk show that Kate had arranged for her because it would take up too much of her time. Chloe felt like the talk show was not her, and she decided she couldn't do it. Lucas said he thought Chloe wanted the job, but she said she hadn't asked for the job - Kate had just given it to her, and Chloe had felt like she couldn't say no. Lucas urged Chloe to at least try it, and if it went bad, she could quit. While they were talking, Daniel walked in.

Nicole went over wedding arrangements with the wedding coordinator at the church, and Nicole was concerned about what would happen if a Brady sat next to a DiMera at the wedding, because it could lead to bloodshed. The coordinator tried to calm Nicole down, but she was still worried that the closer she got to the wedding, the more she felt like things would fall apart.

Nicole's wedding planner called Chloe and asked her to go to the church because Nicole was having a wedding emergency. When Chloe got to the church, Nicole said she needed to vent about how scared she was that she might not marry E.J., after all. Nicole thought she had ruined her future with E.J. because she had lied to him. Chloe wondered what Nicole was talking about, and she said she had lied to herself about thinking that this time would be different than the other times when she had only married for money.

Chloe thought that E.J. was just stressed out because he'd lost his brother. Nicole worried that E.J. wasn't totally in love with her. Chloe wondered if Nicole's worries had to do with Sami, and Nicole admitted that was part of it. Chloe said that love couldn't be volatile and unpredictable like the passion that Sami and E.J. had; it had to be stable and safe. Nicole thought stable and safe sounded boring. Chloe said it didn't have to be boring.

Nicole asked how Chloe felt about her decision to marry Lucas, and Chloe said she felt she had done the right thing. Chloe wanted the same happiness for Nicole, but Nicole felt Sami was standing in the way of Nicole's happiness with E.J., because he was thinking about what could have been with Sami. Nicole pointed out that Sami had left E.J. and started a new life, but Nicole didn't believe Sami's story about Grace or her losing the baby.

Chloe asked if Nicole thought the adopted baby was really Sami and E.J.'s, and Nicole said she didn't believe that. Chloe urged Nicole to forget about Sami and focus on E.J. and Sydney. Nicole thanked Chloe for always knowing the right thing to say. Then Chloe said goodbye, with plans to return that night to go to the wedding rehearsal.

Chelsea tried to put together a bookcase for their apartment, and Chelsea asked why Stephanie wasn't with Philip. Stephanie said she was determined to stay with Philip, but she wanted to give Philip time alone with his father, and she needed time to process things. Stephanie was afraid that something bad might happen to Philip because of the DiMeras.

Chelsea told Stephanie not to focus on the bad things that could happen and instead to focus on the good. Stephanie got an idea, so she left.

Max asked E.J. if he wanted revenge more than he wanted a good life with Nicole and his kids. Chelsea saw Max talking to E.J. at the pier, and she tried to convince E.J. to forgive Philip for what had happened to Tony, since the DiMeras had been terrorizing people for years. Chelsea pointed out that Philip had to live with his guilt for the rest of his life, but E.J. told her that at least Philip was alive. Max didn't like the way E.J. talked to her, and he stood up to E.J.

After E.J. left, Chelsea told Max that she felt like he was being patronizing about her sticking up for her family. Max asked if he was allowed to worry about her, but Chelsea didn't want Max worrying about her -- she wanted him to be worried about Philip.

At the Brady Pub, Maggie told Daniel that she respected his decision to give up Chloe so that Chloe could be with Lucas, but Maggie warned Daniel not to try to live like a monk and encouraged him to do the right thing for himself. She asked him to go out on a date with a physical therapist named Irene, who worked at the hospital. Daniel promised to think about it.

Maggie joined Lucas at his table, and Lucas confided in her that he didn't want to go to Nicole and E.J.'s wedding. He felt sorry for Nicole for having to deal with E.J. and the DiMera family. Lucas said the DiMeras had better stay away from his family.

Chloe joined Maggie and Lucas, and Maggie asked how Nicole's wedding planning was progressing. Chloe said Nicole had pre-wedding jitters. Maggie offered to hold Lucas and Chloe's wedding reception at Chez Rouge. Maggie said goodbye and promised to meet her later to finish her interview for Hearth and Home. Chloe admitted that she was terrified about the hosting job, and Maggie said she had faith in Chloe.

Chloe got a call from her agent, who told her that she had been offered the lead at an opera company, but when she told Lucas about it, he couldn't believe she was thinking about taking the job.

Back at the apartment, Max teased Chelsea about her bookcase-building skills, but Chelsea was more interested in making out than building. Max didn't feel right not helping her put her bookcase together, but Chelsea didn't want his help -- she wanted to build it herself.

At the church, Stephanie said a prayer to protect Philip and provide him peace. Nicole was talking to the wedding coordinator about party favors when Stephanie walked in, so Nicole asked the coordinator to take Sydney to the front of the church with the nanny so that the baby could be fitted for her dress. Stephanie thanked Nicole for being honest about how Tony had died. She knew how hard it was for Nicole to stick up for Philip, despite any possible backlash from the DiMera family. While they were hugging, E.J. was outside the sanctuary, watching.

After Stephanie left, Nicole told E.J. she wanted to apologize for what she had said during their fight earlier. He said he had gone there to apologize to her, but he had seen her hugging Stephanie, who had thanked Nicole for saving Philip. Nicole asked why he always thought she was hiding something, and he said it was because lately, it always seemed like she was.

Nicole was tired of having to constantly explain herself to E.J. Nicole told E.J. that while she understood his grief over losing Tony, Tony had gone rogue and betrayed the family before he died. Nicole understood E.J.'s need to blame, but she begged him not to blame her. She reminded him how happy they had been when they had taken part in Sydney's christening. Nicole asked if the wedding was still on, and E.J. said he would have to see.

Max and Chelsea had just started making out when Stephanie walked in. Stephanie was embarrassed about the situation, so she hurried back out and closed the door. Then Stephanie told Chelsea that their living arrangement wasn't working, and Chelsea agreed. Max argued with Stephanie about her decision to stay with Philip, especially after Max's run-in with E.J. Stephanie reminded him that he had broken up with her. Max said that he just wanted Stephanie to be safe.

At the hospital, Daniel told Maggie she was right, and he agreed to have drinks with Irene. Maggie was thrilled to arrange it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Outside the Brady Pub, a woman was on the phone, thanking Maggie for arranging a blind date with Daniel. Kate was also there, sending a text message to Chelsea, and when she overheard the woman say Daniel's name, she stopped what she was doing. As soon as the woman hung up, Kate cautioned her to be wary if her date was with Dr. Daniel Jonas. Kate stated that she knew Daniel well, insinuating that he was promiscuous and had a sexually transmitted disease. The woman was appalled that Kate would say such things to a total stranger.

Inside, Daniel eavesdropped as Chloe and Lucas discussed the job offer she'd received from an opera company in Vancouver. Lucas didn't want her to take it because he and Allie needed her. He also reminded her about the talk show that Kate wanted her to host. Chloe didn't want to let Lucas or Kate down but argued that the opera was the opportunity of a lifetime because singing was what she loved to do.

Daniel interrupted just then, apologized for eavesdropping, and congratulated Chloe. He expressed his hopes that everything worked out for her. When Lucas asked him to join them, Daniel declined, confiding that he was meeting a date, and went to the bar.

Lucas then saw his mom outside and went out to talk to her. Just as Lucas left, Daniel's date walked in. When she and Chloe saw each other, they embraced warmly, both regretfully acknowledging that they hadn't seen each other in a long while. The woman, Irene, admitted that she spent all her time working at the hospital -- but she'd allowed a friend to fix her up with a blind date.

Chloe guessed that Irene was meeting Daniel and asserted that she knew Daniel was a great guy because he was Chloe's doctor. Irene confessed that someone who claimed to know Daniel well had told her that he was kind of a dog who would sleep with anyone. Chloe assured Irene that it was just a nasty rumor. When Daniel saw the two women talking together, he turned and walked the other way before they saw him.

Outside, Lucas accused Kate of spying on him. Kate swore that she wasn't, claiming that she'd actually left when she had seen Lucas and Chloe inside because she knew they wanted privacy. Lucas apologized and told his mom that he loved her. He then informed Kate that Chloe had accepted a lead role with the Vancouver Opera. Kate blew up, and Lucas tried to reassure her, suggesting that the talk show could work around Chloe's opera schedule.

Lucas emphasized that he wanted Chloe's dreams to become reality, adding, "Don't you want your daughter-in-law to be happy?" Kate reluctantly conceded that she did. Lucas acknowledged that Chloe could get tired from all the traveling but promised to help her take care of herself. When Lucas went back inside, Kate realized that Chloe's fatigue might weaken her immune system. "Maybe this Vancouver thing isn't such a bad idea," she said.

A bit later, Daniel approached Irene as she sat at the bar. He apologized for his tardiness, claiming he'd had an emergency at the hospital. Irene stated that their date wasn't a good idea, since they worked together. Daniel replied, "It's only a drink," but Irene simply shrugged. "No hard feelings, huh?" she said, and then she left.

A scowling Daniel looked on as Lucas escorted Chloe out, while Kate smugly watched Irene leave. "One bird down, one songbird to go," she declared.

Sami was at home, folding laundry, when Grandma Caroline dropped by for a visit. Caroline thought Sami seemed disappointed to see her, but Sami insisted she was thrilled to see her grandma. After some prodding, however, Sami confessed that she had been hoping Rafe had returned, because she regretted some things she'd said to him during an argument.

Sami asked Caroline, after first acknowledging that it was private, about keeping the truth about Bo's father from him for so many years. Caroline matter-of-factly replied that she'd been foolish, selfish -- and very, very wrong. She stated that she should have been honest from the beginning "because secrets and lies are nothing but destructive and hurtful -- and the truth always comes out."

Sami thanked her grandma for talking with her. They hugged, and as Caroline was leaving, she wished Sami luck with her "young man."

Rafe went to the convent, and confessed to Sister Agnes that he had a dilemma. She correctly guessed that it had to do with Samantha Brady. Rafe explained that Sister Theresa had counseled Sami to tell E.J. about Grace, but he had since determined he disagreed with that advice. Sister Agnes asked if Rafe had changed his mind because he wanted to be the man in Sami's heart instead of the baby's father.

Rafe reluctantly conceded that he and Sami weren't meant to be together, because she was still in love with Grace's father. Sister Agnes argued that Sami was clearly crazy about Rafe and urged him to fight for Sami. Rafe asserted that it would be a losing battle, but Sister Agnes encouraged him to tell Sami how he felt. She added firmly that he belonged in Salem.

At the church, Nicole anxiously demanded to know if E.J. were going to call off the wedding. While Brady listened from outside, E.J. replied, "We're going to have to see what tomorrow brings," and asked for some time alone to think. Devastated, Nicole begged him not to leave. He quietly declared that he was still reeling from his brother's death -- and he was disappointed that she didn't seem to understand.

After E.J. left, Brady went into the chapel and tried to comfort Nicole. After she had calmed a little, he asked her to tell him what had happened. Nicole related how E.J. had seen Stephanie thanking her for telling the police the truth about Philip and had viewed it as proof of her betrayal. Brady was incredulous, pointing out that she had done nothing wrong. Nicole sadly declared that her relationship with E.J. was over. Brady asserted, "He's not the right man for you, and he does not deserve you."

Nicole refused to give up her dream of being E.J.'s wife, and she didn't care if the whole thing was built on a lie. Brady urged her to see how insane it was to think like that, but Nicole didn't see any other options. Brady asserted that she should give the marriage a real shot and tell E.J. the truth. Nicole believed that her life would be over -- both figuratively and perhaps literally -- if she did. Brady promised never to let anyone hurt her.

Nicole thanked Brady for his friendship -- and for everything he'd done to help her -- but rejected his advice. She maintained that she had to remind E.J. why they had fallen in love. Nicole suddenly became enraged, exclaiming that she wouldn't let Sami get between her and E.J. Brady argued that Sami was not the problem. Nicole agreed, but began to storm out to find E.J. Brady urged her to give E.J. his space and convinced her to just go home and relax until E.J. returned.

Brady lit a candle at the church and asked his late mother for guidance as to what to do about Nicole. "If you're listening, maybe you can help me find a way to make Nicole see that E.J. isn't the man for her...that there's someone else," Brady said.

At the Java Café, Mia was leaving the counter when she ran right into E.J., spilling her coffee. They both admitted fault, but E.J. insisted on replacing her coffee. After he'd gone, Mia noticed E.J. and Nicole's wedding announcement in the paper and realized that E.J. was the man who had just bought her a cup of coffee. "My baby's father," she said, smiling at the picture.

When Nicole arrived at the DiMera mansion, she tried, unsuccessfully, to talk herself out of having a drink. After she downed a glass of vodka, she lay on the couch to nap. Immediately, she had a nightmare about her wedding: E.J. dumped her for Sami at the altar, and then Dr. Baker informed everyone about the baby switch. Nicole awoke with a start, declaring that she would never let that happen. She poured herself another glass of vodka, drunkenly cursing Sami for driving her to drink, then abruptly grabbed her purse and left the house.

When Rafe knocked on the townhouse door, Sami was happily surprised to see him. He apologized for the way they'd left things, and a relieved Sami put her arms around him. As they sat on the sofa, Sami apologized, as well, acknowledging that she had been conflicted about whether to tell E.J. about Grace -- but Rafe was the one she should be listening to.

Rafe stressed that it wasn't his place to tell her what to do, because his contradictory advice was clouding her judgment. He thought that Sami should do what felt right. Sami reminded him that she had no idea what to do. Rafe believed that Sami loved E.J. and that she would ultimately tell him the truth. He declared that she should just get on with it, adding, "Think about it: you could get E.J. back and blow Nicole out of the water at the same time."

Sami was taken aback and swore she had no interest in E.J. other than the children they shared. Rafe started ranting about E.J. again but stopped himself and then tried to leave, insistent that he couldn't be her crutch anymore. Sami begged him not to walk out on her again, but he firmly asserted that he'd done all he could to help her.

Just then, Nicole arrived outside the townhouse door and eavesdropped as Rafe and Sami argued. The door was ajar, so she peeked in and gasped when she saw Rafe. Ducking back into the hallway, she declared, "Oh, my God, that's him. I know that guy!"

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