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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, April 13, 2009

As Mia gazed at Nicole and E.J.'s wedding announcement in the paper, she remembered what it was like to give birth. Will walked into the Brady Pub and noticed Mia. Mia showed him the paper and remarked about what a perfect family Nicole and E.J. had. Will told Mia that Nicole was once Will's stepmother, and even though he was too young to remember, he'd heard how Nicole only married his father for money.

Will wondered why Mia was interested in Nicole and asked if Mia knew her. Mia admitted to knowing Nicole, but she made up a story about a friend of hers being in a program for high-risk teens and said that Nicole was her friend's mentor. Will wondered if Mia was still in touch with Nicole, and he warned Mia that Nicole had serious issues. Will predicted Nicole and E.J.'s marriage wouldn't last long, and he detailed all of Nicole's shortcomings, including Nicole's past as a porn star.

Mia was horrified to hear Nicole starred in porn movies. Will tried to change the subject, but Mia wouldn't let him. She wanted to hear everything. Will said he didn't hate Nicole, and he wondered if having a baby softened her. Then he told Mia that Nicole tried to kill someone.

Mia was shocked, and she wanted more details, but Will didn't want to talk about it. He encouraged Mia to research it instead. Mia vowed to herself never to let Nicole keep Mia's baby.

At the church, Brady hoped Nicole wouldn't go through with the wedding.

Outside Sami's place, Nicole eavesdropped on Rafe and Sami talking, and realized that Rafe was the man who posed as the cable repairman and broke into the DiMera mansion months before. Sami told Rafe that he couldn't just leave her high and dry, but he didn't know what else to do, since Sami was determined to tell E.J. that Grace was really E.J.'s daughter. Sami thought it wasn't fair to Grace to hide the truth about Grace's paternity.

Rafe reminded Sami that he promised to be there for Sami if she needed him. Sami wondered if Rafe thought Sami didn't need him, and she asked him to promise that no matter what, he would not leave Salem. Rafe was angry that Sami had changed her mind, and Sami said it was a complicated issue. Rafe didn't see it that way - he wondered if Sami was planning to tell E.J. to break up Nicole and E.J.'s upcoming nuptials. Sami denied trying to reveal the truth to break up Nicole and E.J.

Sami didn't want Rafe to go, but Rafe said his decision to leave wasn't based on what she wanted. He was doing what he thought was best for him, her, and Grace. Then, Rafe left, leaving Sami in tears.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asked E.J. where Nicole was. Nicole was out, as usual, E.J. said. Stefano found it odd that she would go out on the eve before her wedding, but according to E.J., there wouldn't be a wedding. E.J. told Stefano how he saw Nicole and Stephanie hugging, and that it changed his mind about marrying Nicole. Stefano felt that if Nicole was more concerned with getting in the Kiriakises' good graces, she was a traitor, and E.J. shouldn't bother with her.

Nicole overheard Stefano and E.J., and told Stefano that the real traitor was someone who Stefano had always considered to be a personal enemy to the DiMeras, and she planned to prove it to him. Nicole told E.J. she brought Johnny's medicine to Sami's house, and when Nicole saw Rafe at Sami's place, she realized he was the same man who broke into the mansion.

Nicole told Stefano to show the maid a picture of Rafe, and she would verify that Rafe was the man who infiltrated their home. Nicole felt vindicated by her discovery and said she was obviously right about Sami, too, since while Sami was in protective custody, Sami was using Rafe to spy on E.J.

Rafe called Sami, but when she answered, he chickened out and hung up the phone. Instead, he decided to call Sister Agnes. Sami called to tell E.J. that Grace was his daughter, but E.J. cut the conversation short and hung up on her. Nicole asked E.J. if he was planning to marry Nicole the next day.

Stefano confirmed that Rafe was the cable guy imposter, and upon hearing the news, E.J. turned to Nicole, preparing to give his answer about the fate of their wedding, but the doorbell rang, so E.J. answered it. It was Sami. Sami tried to come in, but E.J. wouldn't let her in, and he accused her of trying to spy on him. E.J. said Sami didn't want him, but she didn't want anyone else to have him either. Nicole confronted Sami, too, telling her Nicole knew Rafe dressed up as the cable guy to spy on the DiMeras.

Sami said Rafe was spying on them because she was worried about Johnny living with the DiMeras, and especially with Nicole. E.J. didn't want to hear it, so he slammed the door in Sami's face. Outside, Sami was determined to find a way to tell E.J. about Grace, because it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, E.J. apologized to Nicole for treating her so horribly, and he asked her if she would still marry him.

At the Java Café, Melanie ordered a salad and gave the waitress grief over how long it took her to bring it. Melanie asked the waitress to put the salad on Maggie's tab, but the waitress said Maggie didn't have a tab. Melanie insulted the waitress, claiming Melanie's purse was worth more than what the waitress made in a month. After the waitress left, Melanie realized she didn't even have enough money to pay for the salad, so she came up with a plan to get a free lunch.

Melanie planted a dead bug in her salad, then screamed for the waitress. She demanded the waitress give her a free lunch and that she contact the manager. However, the waitress was onto Melanie's plan and accused Melanie of putting the bug in the salad. She said if Melanie didn't pay for her meal, the waitress would make sure Melanie washed dishes for the rest of the night. Brady overheard their exchange and offered to pay for the salad himself.

As Brady and Melanie sat down to eat lunch together, Melanie pretended to be outraged again that there was a bug in her food, but Brady told her she didn't need to keep up the charade. Melanie stopped complaining and admitted she wouldn't be able to pay him back. Brady didn't mind, and Melanie noted that he was always nice to her. She lamented having messed up with Philip, but Brady didn't think Philip was right for Melanie, anyway.

Melanie asked Brady about his love life, since all the girls at Titan thought he was attractive. Brady acted modest, and Melanie realized that Brady must still be in love with "that awful" Chloe. Brady thought she was referring to Nicole at first, but he didn't let on that Nicole was the one he was thinking of. Brady denied being in love with Chloe, and he wondered why Melanie thought Chloe was such an awful person.

Brady talked about how happy he was that Chloe found love with Lucas, but Melanie surmised that Brady wasn't talking just about Chloe. She figured out that Brady was in love with someone else. Melanie thought Brady treated her like a real friend, and she wanted Brady to be happy, so she tried to give Brady some advice on his mystery woman. Melanie encouraged him to tell the woman how he felt.

Rafe went to the convent to tell Sister Agnes that Sami decided to tell E.J. the truth about Grace. Rafe predicted that once Sami told E.J. the truth, E.J. would be back in Sami's life, so Rafe wanted to cut his losses. Sister Agnes wondered if Rafe was sure Sami would tell E.J., and Rafe said Sami wouldn't let go of the idea, so Rafe felt there wasn't room in her life for him. Rafe told Sister Agnes that he was planning to leave Salem, and there was nothing she could say to change his mind, but he made Sister Agnes promise to check on Sami and Grace for him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mia followed Nicole and confronted her outside the Horton cabin. Furious, Mia told Nicole that she had learned about Nicole's past, and screamed, "You're an alcoholic porn star who tried to murder somebody, and there is no way I'm letting you near my little girl!" Nicole begged Mia to let her explain. Though resistant to hear, Mia listened as Nicole told how she had turned her life around.

Inside the Horton cabin, Chloe waited anxiously for Nicole to arrive and prepare for her wedding later that day. While Chloe fretted, Kate called and demanded that Chloe meet her down at the Brady Pub immediately. Chloe tried to avoid the meeting, citing Nicole's need for her, but Kate countered that the wedding was not for hours. After a bit of Kate's bullying, Chloe relented and agreed to meet her right away.

As Chloe was heading out the front door of the cabin, she was startled to find Nicole standing there talking to Mia. Nicole explained that she had been mentoring Mia in a troubled youth program. Mia smirked at Nicole's lie, but did not deny the story to Chloe. Instead, Mia demanded that Nicole tell the truth. When Nicole attempted to calm Mia down, Chloe excused herself in order to meet Kate.

Once Chloe was out of earshot, Mia resumed her verbal assault on Nicole, calling her a monster. Mia was unfazed by Nicole's arguments, and theorized that Nicole had killed Tony. Nicole made a heartfelt plea to Mia to believe that Nicole was born to be a mother and had changed her life around because of E.J. When Nicole begged Mia to believe that she was a changed woman, Mia was unsure. Mia noted that she could no longer trust Nicole with her daughter.

Nicole said that it was obvious that Mia had made up her mind and that she would let Mia come forward. However, Nicole then warned Mia that there would be repercussions to telling everyone the truth about Sydney. Wise to Nicole's game, Mia said that Nicole was still trying to manipulate her. When Nicole mentioned that Mia could go to jail or juvenile hall for selling her baby, Mia did not back down. "Is that a threat?" Mia scoffed. "That's not a threat but a promise," Nicole said as she stood towering over Mia menacingly.

At the Brady Pub, Kate warmly greeted Daniel when he arrived, and the two talked about her new television show, "Hearth and Home." Kate asked Daniel to do a medical segment on the show, but he declined, claiming stage fright. Kate pushed, and Daniel relented and agreed to do the show when Kate complimented his charm.

When Chloe arrived, Kate explained that Chloe would be the host of the show and Daniel would do a segment with her. Unnerved, Chloe said it was a bad idea. Before Kate could counter Chloe's argument, Kate's assistant, Chris, rushed in to the pub in a tizzy. Chris hurriedly explained that the studio had burned down.

Dismayed that her plan was falling apart, Kate began to make calls in an effort to save the show. Chloe stated that if the show were off, that would be okay, because the Vancouver Opera Company had offered her a lead role. Steaming, Kate hissed that Chloe was already committed to the television show and was bound by the contract. When Chloe attempted to return to the Horton cabin, Kate ordered her to stay and help her figure out how to continue with the show.

At the bar, a relieved-looking Daniel watched Kate and Chloe talk as Maggie walked in and came over to say hello. When Daniel explained that the studio for Kate's show had burned down, Maggie smiled and walked over to Kate. Maggie offered to let Kate shoot "Hearth and Home" at Chez Rouge after hours. Kate happily accepted, while a less-than-pleased-looking Daniel and Chloe looked on. When Kate asked Daniel and Chloe whether they were still on-board with the show, they both reluctantly agreed they would take part in the taping.

Daniel asked about the segment he would be taping with Chloe, and Kate suggested they do a segment on healthy food. Daniel attempted to nix the idea, noting that he was not a nutritionist, but Kate insisted that it was the perfect topic. Grinning wildly, Kate said that it was very important that Chloe tasted the food.

At the Java Café, Hope arrived looking for Officer Thompson to discuss the logistics for their planned drug bust that morning. Instead, Hope found Roman sitting at the counter. Roman explained that Officer Thompson had the flu and that Roman was the replacement on the case. Hope thought about Bo telling her about his vision and asking her to stay away from Roman.

Roman got a phone call from his informant, telling him that the drug deal was no longer going to be at the pier, but was instead going to take place across town at the Hacienda Hotel shortly. In a hurry, Hope and Roman ran out the door.

At Bo and Hope's house, Bo tossed and turned in his sleep, dreaming of his vision of Hope in bed with Roman. Horrified, Bo awoke with a start and had another vision, but this time he learned that the event in his vision occurred on April 14th, that day. Bo noticed a letter from Hope on the nightstand, which read that she was heading down to the Java Café to meet Officer Thompson about a drug bust.

Down at the Java Café, a frantic Bo rushed in and learned from Maggie that Hope had already left. Worried, Maggie noted that Bo seemed distracted and asked him what was wrong. Bo had another vision, and ,noting his paleness, Maggie reiterated her concern for him. Bo explained that he was fine, and Maggie left.

Officer Chatsworth walked into the Java Café and informed Bo that drug bust was no longer at the pier but, because communication was down, they did not know where Roman and Hope were observing the drug deal. Officer Chatsworth attempted to track down Roman's informant, but he had disappeared.

At the Hacienda Hotel, Roman advised Hope to turn off her cell phone so that the drug dealers could not track the signal. Roman then attempted to call in to central, but the line seemed to be jammed. Citing the fact that the hotel was owned by the drug dealer's brother, Roman determined that the landline was likely not safe to use to call in to the police, either. While Roman peeked out the window at the drug dealer, Hope brought over a cup of coffee for him. Roman unexpectedly spun around and caused Hope to spill coffee all over her clothes.

After changing into a robe, Hope rejoined Roman. Roman noted that she had a damp washcloth on her hand, and Hope explained that she had a burn on her hand from the coffee. Roman reached for her hand to have a look, and Hope pulled back quickly saying, "Just don't touch me!" Embarrassed, Hope apologized for overreacting. Arching her eyebrow, Hope asked Roman whether Bo had told him to stay away from her.

Before Roman could respond, Hope looked out the window and noticed that the buyer had arrived outside. As Hope described the scene, she pulled back from the window and told Roman that she believed she had been spotted by one of the dealers. Roman and Hope then noticed that someone was attempting to open the door to their motel room. Pulling out their guns, Hope and Roman ran over to the door and waited to greet the intruder.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Officer Chatsworth found Bo at the Java Café, and told him that their informant had completely disappeared. Frustrated and anxious, Bo instructed Chatsworth to return to the police station to try to find out where Hope and Roman's stakeout was.

At the Hacienda Motel, Hope told Roman she couldn't get a signal on either their radio or her cell phone. Suddenly, they heard someone trying to open the door, and both jumped into position on either side of it, guns drawn. They were relieved but annoyed when it turned out to be the maid. Hope, pretending to be Roman's lover, emerged from the bathroom wearing a robe. Not wanting to intrude, the maid quickly left.

Later, Chatsworth advised Bo that the police suspected something was happening at the Hacienda Motel.

Hope alerted Roman that a group of armed men had just gotten out of a car outside, and were heading toward the motel. Again, they both drew their guns and got into position on either side of the door, expecting the bad guys at any moment. Suddenly, Bo broke through the door with a crash. Once they realized they were all safe-and not the criminals-the three of them breathed a huge sigh of relief, and holstered their weapons.

Hope looked out the window and was amazed to see that Bo had already taken down all of their suspects. Roman congratulated his brother, then left to help the other officers. As Hope put her arms around Bo, he looked around the motel room, realizing that it was exactly like his visions. Hope couldn't believe that he would think the worst after finding her and Roman in a motel room.

She started explaining that she'd had to change into the robe because she spilled coffee on her shirt. Bo stopped her, declaring with a smile that his visions had been right about everything-except the reason Roman and Hope were there. Hope made him promise not to keep anything from her again, because they were a team, and could deal with everything together. Bo happily concurred, and they embraced again.

Arianna, the new waitress at the Brady Pub, told Max that she was enjoying the job so far. Melanie arrived, and Max introduced her to Arianna. After Arianna went into the kitchen to place Melanie's burger order, Melanie declared to Max that she liked the new waitress. When he asked about Melanie's candy striper job, she launched into a tirade, complaining about virtually every aspect of it.

Suddenly, Arianna cried out, and Max rushed over to check on her. He examined her wrist, and determined that she hadn't broken anything. He was still holding onto her hand when Chelsea arrived. Quickly deducing that Arianna was the new waitress, Chelsea elbowed Max. He got the hint and introduced the two women, and they seemed to hit it off, provoking sarcastic comments from Melanie. The other three did their best to simply ignore Melanie.

Once Arianna had gone, Chelsea noted that Max had done a very professional job of tending to the waitress. Melanie chimed in that Max would soon be a doctor, and produced his medical school application as proof. Max yanked the application out of her hands, irked that Melanie had blabbed, but Chelsea was even more upset that Max hadn't told her before he told Melanie.

Max asserted that he hadn't told Melanie; she'd opened his mail and found the form. Chelsea reminded him that they'd promised to be honest with each other. Max confessed that he hadn't told her he'd applied because he didn't want her to be disappointed if he hadn't gotten in. Chelsea assured him that he she didn't need some medical school to tell her that he was an amazing guy-who would be an amazing doctor.

As Chelsea was lightheartedly ordering Max to send in his application, Melanie walked over to say her goodbyes. She echoed Chelsea's instructions, and Max agreed that he would turn the application in. Once Melanie was gone, Chelsea started chiding Max again for not telling her about medical school. He admitted that he was wrong. Chelsea accepted his apology, reassuring him that she was already proud of him. She put her arms around him and kissed him.

Brady was having coffee at the Brady Pub when he spotted Nicole and E.J.'s wedding announcement on the society page. He then took a walk along the waterfront, remembering how Melanie had encouraged him to tell the woman he loved how he felt. He looked at the wedding announcement again, then wadded the paper up and threw it in a waste can.

Rafe went by the townhouse to return Sami's Saint Anne medallion. Will told Rafe that Sami wasn't home, but Rafe was welcome to wait until she returned. Rafe declined, asking instead if Will would give the medallion to Sami. A bemused Will said that it sounded like Rafe was leaving for good, and guessed that Sami had dumped him. Rafe denied it somewhat indignantly, clarifying that he'd gotten a job in another town. When they heard Grace crying from the next room, Rafe offered to help settle her down, and Will readily agreed.

At the Horton Cabin, Nicole cautioned Mia that if Mia told the truth about Sydney, the baby would likely end up in foster care. Mia declared that she wanted to do what was best for her baby, so she was willing to take that risk. Nicole confided that she could relate to Mia, because Nicole had become "tough as nails" from her difficult childhood. She added that she'd also made some huge mistakes, but she'd learned from them, and had put her past behind her. She urged Mia not to make the mistake of confessing everything, because it would ruin Mia's life.

Mia admitted that what Nicole said made sense, but she had to trust her instincts-which were telling her to get her baby. As Mia was about to leave, Nicole gave her a picture of Sydney, so Mia could remember her baby when the system took her away forever. She asserted that some mistakes could never be fixed.

Mia knew that Nicole was manipulating her, but the words clearly hit home. She sadly conceded that she couldn't risk losing Sydney, and so she wouldn't try to take Sydney back or tell anyone the truth. When Nicole tried to offer some words of comfort, Mia refused to listen. She left before she began crying in earnest.

Nicole quietly thanked God, then wondered aloud where Chloe was. Just then, Brady knocked on the door. A surprised Nicole asked why he was there. Brady told her he'd just seen Mia leaving, and said that she was crying. He asked what had happened. Nicole claimed that they'd argued, but everything was all right. Brady accused her of lying-again.

After she'd left the cabin, Mia called Will. He realized immediately that she was upset. Through her tears, she asked if she could visit him. After Will hung up, Rafe handed Grace to her big brother. As Rafe left, Will wished him good luck with the new job.

When Mia arrived at the townhouse, she wouldn't tell Will what was wrong. Frustrated, he gave up asking, but made sure she had everything she needed before he went to check on Grace.

A little later, Will carried Grace out of the bedroom, claiming that his arms were tired from holding her so much-so he was really glad to see Mia. She saw right through him, but willingly consented to hold Grace.

Nicole was angry at first, but then asked why Brady couldn't just be happy for her. Brady said that he had something to tell her, and Nicole assumed that he was going to ask if she were sure she wanted to marry E.J. before telling him the truth about Sydney. She assured him that she was completely sure.

Brady declared that Nicole would never be truly happy with E.J., and that she deserved someone who loved her for exactly who she was. She replied, "There's no one out there like that." "Are you sure about that?" he asked, and leaned in close to kiss her. Nicole pulled away. She admitted she'd always had a hard time resisting him, but reminded him that it was her wedding day.

Brady persisted, trying to get Nicole to admit she didn't love E.J. She insisted that she did, explaining that she and E.J. were much more alike than she and Brady. "Brady, you are one of the good guys," she declared. Her eyes brimming with tears, she urged him to find someone who didn't have baggage, and then asked him to leave. Brady said he couldn't just walk away, but Nicole asserted that it had been the right thing to do when he'd thrown her out of his life the first time.

Nicole admitted that there was still a spark between them, but they had to let it fade away. Brady didn't want to, nor did he want to see her get hurt again. "Oh, Brady, I don't want to be saved," she whispered, her voice wavering. "And if what I'm about to do is damning my life, then so be it."

Brady then said that he could tell that Nicole had made up her mind. She told him that he should find someone who deserved him, and kissed him softly on the cheek. Brady took her face in his hands and tenderly kissed her lips. As he left, Nicole broke down in miserable tears.

Later, Nicole sat in front of a mirror and tried on her veil. "I'm getting married today-and nothing's gonna stop me," she vowed.

Brady went back to the waterfront, where Melanie caught him kicking a trashcan in anger. Though Brady disagreed, Melanie didn't think he should be alone. She reminded him, "You're always talking me off the ledge. Let me help you." She grabbed him and pulled him close, kissing him-and he found himself kissing her back.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

At the Horton cabin, Nicole was staring at her wedding dress when Chloe walked in and wondered what was wrong. Chloe thought the wedding was called off. Nicole said the wedding was still on as far as she knew, but Chloe knew something was wrong, because Nicole was crying for no reason. Nicole felt like she might be making a mistake.

Chloe wondered what happened. Nicole told her that Brady would be waiting for her if she called off the wedding. Nicole said she had made it clear to Brady that she only wanted E.J., but she couldn't stop herself from crying afterwards. Chloe wasn't shocked Nicole was so emotional, because that was what brides went through. She even suggested Nicole should elope with E.J., but Nicole was determined to go through with the wedding.

Chloe gave Nicole "something old" as part of the wedding tradition. It was pearls from Nicole's grandmother, which Nicole's mother sent as a wedding gift. Nicole was surprised at her mother's gesture, because they were estranged. Nicole vowed to be a better mother than Fay, and she felt her wedding would ensure that. Chloe gave Nicole a bracelet to fulfill the "something new" requirement, but when Nicole tried to put it on, the bracelet broke.

Chloe told Nicole she could take the beads to the jeweler the next day to get it restrung, but Nicole was still upset. Chloe told her how she felt when her ornament broke at the Horton's Christmas tree decorating party, but Chloe's story still didn't seem to help. That was when Chloe surmised that Nicole was worried about Sami. Chloe tried to convince Nicole that Sami wasn't a threat. Nicole said she wasn't worried about Sami, because Nicole had taken care of Sami, and Sami wouldn't bother her or E.J. anymore.

Nicole filled Chloe in on how E.J. learned that Sami made Rafe spy on Nicole and E.J. while Sami was in protective custody. Nicole relished in remembering the look on Sami's face when E.J. slammed the door in her face when Sami had gone to the house to tell E.J. something. Chloe wasn't very amused. She said if Nicole tried to purposely hurt Sami, karma would backfire and hurt Nicole, also, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

While Chloe tried on her matron of honor dress, Nicole told her she was wrong about karma coming back on Nicole. Nicole felt she was justified to delight in Sami's misfortune because of the way Sami treated her. Nicole was determined that no one would ruin her wedding.

Melanie saw Brady at the park, but he was feeling rejected by Nicole. When Melanie tried to cheer him up by kissing him, Brady stopped her. She knew he thought it was a bad idea for her to kiss him. Brady felt uncomfortable with their age difference, and Melanie also sensed that Brady was upset because the woman he wanted rejected him.

At the Java Café, Melanie brought Brady a tray of donuts - and put it on his tab - but Brady wouldn't open up about his feelings. Melanie asked if Brady had given up on his mystery woman, and Brady said he had to, because the woman was getting married that day. That's when Melanie realized Brady was talking about Nicole. Brady admitted Melanie was right about Nicole being his mystery woman, and Melanie said he did the right thing by leaving Nicole alone, because Nicole was marrying E.J.

Melanie was frightened of E.J., and she felt Brady would be in danger if E.J. ever found out Brady had feelings for Nicole. Brady was confident he could handle E.J., but Melanie knew that E.J. was ruthless and sneaky, and would exact his revenge without warning. Melanie also warned that E.J. would ruin Nicole.

Stephanie stopped by the Kiriakis mansion to kiss Philip, but he got a call, which put their kissing session on hold. Stephanie couldn't believe Philip was working, since he hadn't officially taken over as CEO of Titan yet. He said he couldn't help it, because once word got out that he was leading Titan, the calls started pouring in. After Philip got off the phone, Stephanie started to leave. He tried to stop her, but she said she wasn't upset that he was conducting business; she just wasn't going to stand around and be ignored.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano asked E.J. if he was ready, and E.J. wondered if Stefano was referring to his wedding or the revenge they had planned for Philip. Stefano said he was referring to the wedding. E.J. was more than ready to get married, but it was also a difficult day, since he was still grieving over Tony, but he was comforted by Stefano's presence on his special day. Stefano planned to retaliate against the Kiriakises the same day that E.J. got married, because if their enemies thought they were busy with the wedding, their guard would be down.

E.J. didn't feel it was right to seek revenge on his wedding day, but Stefano told E.J. not to let his feelings cloud his judgment. Stefano thought if they didn't get revenge on Philip and his family on E.J.'s wedding day, it would be a long time until they would get retribution. Stefano played on E.J.'s sadness, and E.J. gave Stefano the go-ahead to strike back at Philip, so Stefano called his accomplice to tell him it was time to attack Philip.

Stefano introduced E.J. to Mr. Massey, who was hired to carry out their plan. E.J. worried about whether he would be easily traced back to them, and Stefano assured E.J. that he was discrete. E.J. gave him an untraceable cell phone to contact E.J.'s associate and told him to throw it in the river after their deal was done. E.J. also ordered him never to speak to E.J. or Stefano again.

Sami heard a knock at her door and thought it might be Rafe, but it was Lucas, whom she invited over to tell him that Grace was really E.J.'s daughter and it was time she told E.J. the truth. Lucas didn't want to hear her news at first, because every time she had something to say that would change everyone's lives, it wasn't anything good. He even suggested she put her news on hold until Rafe came back into town and then she should tell Rafe instead of him.

Sami asked if Lucas forgave her for lying at first about Grace, and Lucas was willing to forgive her. He noticed, however, that Grace didn't look like Sami or E.J., and said Sami could have gotten away with pretending Grace was adopted. Sami explained that she regretted not telling Lucas that he was Will's father as soon as she found out, and she was acting upon advice she received from a nun, who said she should be honest.

Sami promised there would be no more lies. Lucas wondered whether Sami was planning to tell E.J. the truth about Grace just to stick it to Nicole. Sami tried to pretend that she didn't care about what happened to Nicole. Then Lucas realized Sami revealing the truth wasn't about Nicole - it was about E.J. Lucas predicted that once E.J. knew the truth, he would be banging on Sami's door every day, since they had two children together.

Sami denied trying to get back with E.J. Lucas wondered how Sami's news would affect Will, but Sami said Will would be fine, since Grace was related to Will by blood. Lucas warned Sami that E.J. would be angry with her when he found out she had kept the truth from him. Sami agreed E.J. would be furious, but she predicted once he saw Grace, he would calm down and fall in love with their baby.

Lucas wondered when Sami was planning to tell E.J. the truth, and Sami said she was planning to tell him that day. Lucas asked if she knew that it was E.J. and Nicole's wedding day, and Sami said she knew.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stefano and E.J. were at home, dapperly clad in tuxedos for E.J.'s wedding. E.J. poured himself a drink to steady his nerves, worried that the two of them would be connected to the hit they'd ordered on Philip. Stefano reassured him that there would be plenty of pictures to prove they had been at the church when it happened. Both men then raised their glasses in memory of Tony. E.J. confided that he found the depth of Stefano's love for his children overwhelming, but reminded him that Victor loved Philip just as much.

E.J. was also concerned that Nicole would know that he and Stefano had ordered Philip's killing. Stefano pointed out that Nicole was not naïve—and that she could have saved Philip's life if she'd wanted to. Though E.J. was irked that Stefano still blamed Nicole, Stefano asserted that it might have been satisfactory retribution, if Philip had just been prosecuted for killing Tony. Stefano then changed the subject, happily urging E.J. to hurry out to the limo—and his wedding.

Philip arrived at a hotel room, expecting to meet a client, but instead, a scantily clad Stephanie opened the door. As she removed Philip's coat, she explained that she'd arranged the whole thing with Howard, who had also promised not to put any business calls through. She ordered Philip to hand over his phone, and he willingly complied. They kissed, and then began to undress. As they relished their time alone, Philip marveled at how happy he was.

When things between them grew more heated, Philip stopped to ask if Stephanie were certain. "More than I've ever been," she assured him. As someone watched through the open window, they began to make love.

Meanwhile, on the docks, the hit man studied a picture of Philip, and removed a pistol from his waistband. He paced as he awaited his instructions.

Lexie was hurriedly trying to wrap up her work at the hospital, where Dr. Baker overheard her telling a nurse that she was reading scripture at her brother's wedding that day. Lexie then went by the Brady Pub to pick up a to-go order. As she waited, Max offered his condolences for Tony's death. Lexie seemed upset that E.J. and Nicole were getting married so soon afterwards, but thanked Max for his kindness.

Nicole sat in the empty church in her dressing gown, wearing her veil and tiara, her makeup and hair done, almost ready for her big day. She held Sydney in her lap, enjoying the quiet solitude of the church, before she finished getting dressed. Sydney happily chewed on some beads and cooed while Nicole kissed the baby's head, promising to be the best mommy in the world.

Chloe found Nicole and urged her to hurry back to the bride's room to finish getting ready—and so E.J. didn't see her before the wedding. Nicole suddenly realized that she'd misplaced her grandmother's pearls and panicked. After trying to calm her down, Chloe took Nicole's keys and left to retrieve the necklace from the car.

As Chloe was leaving, she bumped into Brady in the entryway. He asked where Nicole was, but Chloe told him to leave Nicole alone. They bickered, and finally Chloe agreed to tell Nicole that Brady was there, but only if he promised to leave if Nicole didn't want to talk to him.

Nicole knelt at the altar, and prayed for God to take care of E.J. and Sydney. As she rose from the kneeling bench, she was stunned to see Dr. Baker in the back of the church. She ordered him to leave. Dr. Baker declared that he deserved some credit for making Nicole's wedding day happen, but she interrupted, demanding to know what he wanted. He replied that she'd made him look bad professionally when she'd replaced him as Sydney's doctor, so he was there to remind her not to get on his bad side. Nicole seemed to agree, but urged Dr. Baker to leave before E.J. arrived.

Sami called and left a message for Rafe as she was leaving the townhouse. She then strapped Grace into her stroller, and left to find E.J. to tell him that Grace was his daughter.

Lexie arrived at the church just as Stefano and E.J. got there. Father Matt met them in the foyer, and then led Stefano and Lexie into the sanctuary. E.J. hung back, claiming he needed to collect his thoughts first. The hit man called to inform him that the Kiriakis mansion was empty, and asked where Philip could have gone.

Later, Sami rushed into the pub, carrying Grace in a car seat. She asked Max if he would change her flat tire, because she had to get to the church before E.J. got married. Although Max was curious about why Sami would be so anxious to get to E.J.'s wedding, he agreed to help after she offered to watch the bar for him.

When Max returned, he informed Sami that her spare tire was also flat. She realized that she would have to walk to the church. She asked Max to watch Grace for a minute, and dashed outside to grab the stroller.

E.J. was furious when he walked into the church and saw Brady standing in the back. He ordered Brady to leave, but Brady refused. E.J. pulled one of the DiMera henchmen aside, and ordered the man to keep an eye on Brady, but, "When he leaves, let him know it was a mistake to come here."

Chloe delivered the pearls to Nicole, and informed her that Brady was there. Nicole completely flipped when she learned that E.J. was also there already, worried what he would do to Brady. Chloe firmly told her to calm down, reminding her that she was moments from getting everything she wanted.

E.J. quietly informed Stefano that Philip hadn't been at home when the hit man got there. Stefano gave E.J. a phone number, which E.J. passed along to be delivered to the hit man. Stefano then told E.J. to try not to think about anything but Nicole.

As Sami was rushing to her car, the hit man ran right into her, nearly knocking her over, but he didn't even look up. "Jerk!" Sami shouted as he strode past.

Inside, Max joked to Grace that she wouldn't have a boring life, then noticed that she didn't seem to feel well. He checked her forehead with the back of his hand. Sami returned, ranting about getting a parking ticket, but Max interrupted to tell her that Grace had a fever. He urged her to take the baby to a doctor right away.

Sami insisted that Grace was fine, and when Max persisted, she pointed out that she wasn't the kind of mother who would keep a sick child from getting medical attention. "I am doing what's best for her," she insisted, "and that means taking her to E.J. right now." She thanked Max for his help,

Chloe gave Nicole's gown and veil one final check, assuring her friend that she looked beautiful. As they heard Pachelbel's Canon in D major from the sanctuary, Chloe announced that it was time, and wished Nicole luck.

As the congregation turned to watch, Chloe walked slowly down the aisle. When she reached the altar, E.J. kissed her warmly on both cheeks, and everyone took their places.

Mendelssohn's Wedding March then began to play, and a beaming Nicole appeared at the back of the church. Brady mouthed, "Good luck," to her from the last pew. Nicole's smile faded for a moment, but then she turned and continued down the aisle toward E.J.

A morose Brady immediately walked out of the church, with E.J.'s henchman close behind. E.J. noticed Nicole's eyes following Brady, and asked if she were ready. "Absolutely," Nicole replied.

Father Matt began the ceremony by lightheartedly remarking that the sequence of events—first Sydney's christening, then her parents' wedding—left a little to be desired. He proclaimed that Elvis and Nicole's union was still a blessed, joyous occasion, and led the congregation in prayer.

The hit man received a call alerting him that Philip was at the Salem Ambassador Hotel.

Stephanie lay in Philip's arms, and they joked about all the times they'd fought in the past. She admitted that she'd been afraid that he would hurt her, adding that she had since learned to trust him. As they began kissing again, Stephanie murmured, "I love you." Philip whispered back, "I love you," and promised never to leave her.

As the ceremony continued, Nicole smiled over at Sydney, who was wriggling in Lexie's lap in the front pew. Nicole remembered how E.J. had demanded that she stay away from Brady, and how she had exchanged Sami's baby for Mia's at the clinic. Tears began streaming down her cheeks as Father Matt began another prayer, so E.J. quietly handed her his handkerchief. Father Matt proclaimed, "And now, will you bow your heads with me and reflect, as the ringers ring a change that has been celebrating marriages for hundreds of years, and today celebrates Elvis and Nicole."

Brady heard the church bells as he walked on the docks, and his eyes filled with anguish. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned to find E.J.'s henchman waiting.

While the congregation's heads were bowed, Stefano nodded surreptitiously to his man at the back of the church. The man spoke quietly into a hidden microphone, saying only, "Now." Just then, the hit man arrived outside Philip and Stephanie's hotel room, and listened at the door.

Sami wheeled Grace's stroller through the door of the pub, and she, too, heard the church bells. "No—we're too late," she exclaimed with dismay.

Nicole gave her bouquet to Chloe to hold, and beamed as she took E.J.'s hands. Father Matt prefaced his next question with the hope that it was merely symbolic. He asked if anyone present could show just cause why the bride and groom shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony, and recited the familiar words, "Speak now, or forever hold your peace." Before he could continue, Mia interrupted, announcing that she would like to say something.

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