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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Brady confronted E.J. outside the Brady Pub about E.J. having Brady beaten up and Philip shot. Brady said he wasn't afraid of E.J., and E.J. said Brady should have been scared. Brady called E.J. a coward for hiring someone to shoot Philip while E.J. was at the church getting married. E.J. said he looked forward to proving Brady wrong.

Inside the pub, Victor told Nicole he was happy she was dumb enough to marry into the DiMera family, and he predicted that Nicole was going to pay for her mistake. Nicole told Victor how Stefano welcomed her into the family and that DiMeras took care of their own-and their enemies. Victor teased Nicole by saying the DiMeras used her and her wedding to plan an attack on Philip. Nicole saw Brady outside talking to E.J., so she went outside to do damage control. She told Brady to back down, so Brady left.

Nicole told E.J. that the Kiriakises wanted the DiMeras to fight with them, and she urged him not to take the bait. E.J. went inside the restaurant to talk to Victor, after Nicole mentioned her conversation with Victor, and while E.J. was preoccupied, Brady came back. Nicole asked Brady how he had gotten into a fight, and Brady warned her that she didn't know what kind of man she was married to, and that she didn't want to know how the DiMeras worked.

When E.J. confronted Victor, Victor asked how Stefano was doing, and he made reference to how the Greeks won the Trojan War. After Victor left the table, E.J. frantically tried to locate Stefano. Victor told someone on the phone to let him know that "it" was done.

Victor warned Brady that Nicole was married to another man, and Brady said he had just said goodbye to Nicole. Then Brady mentioned E.J.'s talk with Victor, and Victor said that E.J. was called away to tend to an emergency. Victor said he would make sure that E.J. never smiled again, and he told Brady to be patient and let Victor take care of it.

At the hospital, Stefano begged Lexie to help him, because he was afraid he'd been poisoned. Lexie rejected him at first, not knowing he was really sick, but when Stefano started having trouble breathing, Lexie sat him down and asked him when the symptoms started and if he knew what he was poisoned with.

Stefano asked Lexie to tell the police about him being poisoned, but she wanted to figure out what the poison was so they could tell the authorities more. She told him that if he was poisoned, the poison was slow-acting. Stafano vowed to make Victor pay, and that infuriated Lexie. She said if Stefano thought that waging a war on the Kiriakises honored Tony's memory, Stefano was more corrupt than she ever imagined.

Stefano had fallen asleep, so Lexie woke him up and then ordered more tests to be done on him. Lexie called E.J. to tell him about Stefano, but she got off the phone before he could ask what was wrong with their father. When E.J. and Nicole got to the hospital, Lexie told E.J. that Stefano claimed Victor had poisoned him. She said Stefano wanted to see E.J., probably to plot the murder of another Kiriakis and that the Kiriakises would turn around and kill a DiMera, and it would go on and on.

Stefano wondered to E.J. why Victor was so smug. He assumed it was because Victor knew Stefano was going to die. E.J. told Stefano not to talk like he was going to die, because they didn't even know if he'd been poisoned, and it could have been nothing. Stefano didn't think it was nothing, and Lexie agreed after getting his test results back. Lexie said Stefano wasn't poisoned, but there was something seriously wrong with him.

At the hospital, Mia confided in Dr. Baker that she felt no connection when she held Sydney in her arms, and Dr. Baker said there was a reason she felt nothing - because Mia wasn't Sydney's mother. He said that because Mia gave her baby up at birth and never held her, Mia didn't feel a connection. Mia felt like she was a bad person and mother, but Dr. Baker said she was a good person, because she gave up her baby to someone who could give her baby a good life, because Mia knew she couldn't take care of a child.

Dr. Baker reminded Mia how dangerous the DiMeras were, but she was still angry that they had her baby. Dr. Baker said Mia's decision to give up her baby was good because Sydney was being taken care of. Mia wondered if her connection to another baby meant she could be a good mother in the future. Dr. Baker wondered whom the baby was she was referring to, and Mia said the baby was her friend's. He tried to get more details from Mia, but Mia hurried off.

Dr. Baker saw Nicole at the hospital, and asked if Mia had called her. Nicole was worried that Mia was at the hospital. He assured her that Mia was fine and that Mia didn't feel a connection to Sydney, and he and Nicole knew why. Nicole got upset with how loudly Dr. Baker was talking about Sydney, but he asked her to calm down because she was able to cover up her baby-switching scheme.

Dr. Baker reminded her that it was thanks to him that she was in the clear. Nicole was worried about Sami, though, and Nicole wanted to make sure that Dr. Baker and Sami never met again.

At the airport, Sami asked Rafe for a chance to explain to him how much he meant to her, but Rafe said it was too late. Sami was angry at Rafe for not returning any of the messages she'd left, and he said he didn't call her back, because he didn't want to get into an argument. Sami urged him to listen to how she felt about him, and he agreed to hear her out, but he said it wouldn't change anything, because he was still planning to fly to New York.

Rafe predicted that Sami would cry as a means of manipulating him when she didn't get her way, and he wasn't falling for her games. Sami thought Rafe was being mean on purpose, and she changed her mind about wanting to tell Rafe how she felt about him. Rafe was annoyed that Sami was always changing her mind, including when she decided to tell E.J. that he was Grace's father. So Sami told him that she decided not to tell E.J. the truth. She explained that E.J. put a hit out on Philip, and that was what changed her mind.

Rafe was glad that Sami followed his advice, and she invited him home. Rafe said he wasn't going with her - he was going to New York. He said his decision had nothing to do with E.J. or with Sami not doing what Rafe wanted her to do. Rafe said he wanted to be a bigger part of Sami's life than Sami wanted him to be. When Rafe's plane was boarding and he tried to leave, Sami threw her arms around him and refused to let him go.

Mia stopped by Sami's place, and Will answered the door. He asked how Mia hurt her arm, and she said she cut it on a nail at the pier. Mia asked Will if he had talked to his mother about Mia babysitting Grace. Will was offended that Mia wasn't there to see him - she was there to see Grace. Mia asked Will to tell Sami that she stopped by to ask about babysitting.

As Mia was starting to leave, Will asked Mia out for a bite to eat at the pub, but Mia said she didn't have time. Will told her that Grace would be there, so Mia changed her mind and decided to go.

At the pub, Will brought Grace out for Mia to hold. Will noticed how happy Mia was while holding Grace. Then Will made a crack about how Grace's mother obviously wasn't too thrilled with her, since she gave her up. Mia chewed Will out for making that remark, and defended Grace's mother for giving her up for adoption.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Stefano's hospital room he railed against the Kiriakis family for poisoning him. With her brow furrowed, Lexie interrupted Stefano and ordered him to be quiet. Lexie explained that the initial lab work showed that Stefano had not been poisoned, but that his symptoms were caused by the onset of type 2 diabetes. Lexie cautioned Stefano to take the news seriously and make drastic changes to his lifestyle.

Concerned that Stefano was dismissing the gravity of his condition, Lexie stormed out of the room to begin the paperwork to admit him to the hospital. Softening, Stefano quietly asked E.J. to apologize to Lexie for him. E.J. exited the room in pursuit of his sister, and as soon as Stefano was alone, he pulled the I.V. out of his arm.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano removed a metal box from the safe in his living room. While Stefano sat at his desk perusing the contents of the box, a furious E.J. marched into the living room and demanded to know why Stefano had lied to him. Sighing, Stefano explained that once Lexie admitted him to the hospital, it would be difficult to leave unnoticed. Stefano reasoned that he would not be safe from Victor if he were in the hospital.

While E.J. listened, Stefano explained his plans to use a fake passport to travel to Brunei to recuperate and then return to Salem when he felt stronger. Smiling at his son, Stefano said that he was comfortable leaving the family business in E.J.'s hands, since E.J. had proven himself worthy. "I'm very proud of you," Stefano said, beaming. "That makes one of us," E.J. responded softly.

E.J. told Stefano that he blamed himself for all the recent problems because he had not handled things with Tony better before he died. Shaking his head, Stefano urged E.J. to place the blame for all problems on Stefano instead. E.J. advised Stefano that their plans for Philip would have to be put on hold, since security at the hospital was so tight. Stefano agreed and told E.J. that he was leaving everything to E.J.'s control. "You earned it," Stefano said smiling. As E.J. watched Stefano leave the mansion, E.J. muttered, "Not like this, Tony. Not like this."

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea noticed that Max appeared to be stressed, and she offered to help him with the customers. Max declined her offer, noting that he could not afford to deal with any mistakes she might make. Grinning, Chelsea pointed out that Max was about to mess up an order for one of the regulars, and offered to fix it for him. Max relented and asked her to help him since the pub was short-staffed.

Once the customers were served, Max stood behind the bar and stared at a letter from the medical school at Salem University. Hesitant to open the letter since he had applied to the school so recently, Max continued to stare at it until Chelsea pushed him to read it. Max was relieved to learn that the letter was to confirm receipt of his application, but then began to worry again about his future. Chelsea assured Max that waiting was the hardest part, but Max told her that he was concerned about more than school.

Max explained that he had also applied to a school in Chicago. Taken aback, Chelsea asked Max how that would affect their relationship. Max assured her that distance was not an issue since he would be spending most of his time in school anyway. Chelsea countered that distance was an even bigger factor since so much of his time would be devoted to school.

Cocking his head, Max looked at Chelsea and asked her whether she would be willing to move to Chicago with him. Chelsea declined the offer, citing the fact that her family was in Salem and that she had just signed a lease with Stephanie for their apartment. Trying to salvage his offer, Max called out to Arianna and asked whether she was still looking for an apartment. When Arianna eagerly admitted that she needed a place to live, Max turned back to Chelsea, smiling.

Upset, Chelsea argued that she was upset that Max did not consult her before applying to school in Chicago. "Truth is I'm not sure I can leave you," Max said. Sighing, Chelsea admitted, "I don't want to be here without you." Looking into Chelsea's eyes, Max asked how Chelsea felt about sharing an apartment in Chicago.

At Salem Hospital, Stephanie visited Philip's room and was surprised when the guard outside demanded to see her photo identification and then searched her. Still rattled after getting past the guard, Stephanie unraveled in front of Philip when she got into his room. Philip lamented his concern over Stephanie's distress saying, "What have I done to you?"

Stephanie apologized for worrying Philip with her emotional outburst and told Philip not to blame himself. Reaching out for Philip's hand, Stephanie reminded him that she chose to be with him and needed him in her life.

Lexie walked in the room and lightheartedly apologized for interrupting Stephanie and Philip's visit. "Then don't. Why don't you turn around and get the hell out of here?" Philip snapped. Stephanie's mouth dropped open in shock at Philip's hostility, but Lexie said she understood and left the room.

Upset, Stephanie urged Philip to remember that Lexie fought to save his life when he arrived at the hospital. After noting Tony's death and Philip's shooting, Stephanie cried out "When does it end?" Frustrated, Stephanie ran out into the hallway after Lexie.

In the hospital hallway, Lexie calmed Stephanie down, explaining that she understood how Philip felt. Concerned, Lexie gently guided Stephanie to a seat and asked her if she needed to talk to someone about her emotional trauma from the shooting. Stephanie declined the offer and asked Lexie why she was visiting Philip. Lexie explained that Philip's prognosis was good, but that they needed to be careful once Philip was discharged from the hospital.

Lexie renewed her offer to help Stephanie find a doctor, and urged her to call if she changed her mind. Stephanie thanked Lexie for her help and returned to Philip's room to find him asleep.

At Salem Global Airport, Sami fiercely hugged Rafe saying, "I'm not letting you go." Desperate to stop Rafe from leaving, Sami promised that she would change her ways. Smiling, Rafe countered that he did not want Sami to change. Rafe explained that it was no one's fault that things did not work out. Rafe continued that their time in seclusion made them feel like they were alone in the world, but the reality was that they were not alone.

"That's a bunch of crap!" Sami argued. "We can't even say goodbye like normal people," Rafe responded annoyed. With her eyebrow raised, Sami theorized that Rafe was scared of her. Sami noted that ever since she told Rafe that she intended to tell him how she felt, he was fidgety.

"I've never met anyone like you. And I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I gotta tell you, I would do just about anything to stop you from getting on that plane," Sami said as a small smile fluttered across Rafe's face.

Sami admitted that she hated to apologize but that she was sorry for what she did. Rafe played dumb, but Sami reminded him that she thanked him when he helped her and ignored him when she disagreed with him. "Using people is my default mode," Sami joked. "Really? I hadn't noticed," Rafe countered with a grin. As Sami apologized for ignoring Rafe's warning about E.J., the flight attendant announced the final call for boarding on Rafe's flight. Rafe said goodbye and walked away.

Standing alone in the airport, Sami fought back tears. When she turned around, she found Rafe standing behind her. "It seems I missed my flight. I'm always cutting it close," Rafe said.

"You need to be more punctual. More organized like me," Sami chided playfully. Rafe admitted that he was not going to take the next flight, and stated that there was this girl committed to staying in Salem and if he wasn't in the same city as her, "I think it would kill me."

"Do you know how happy I was to see you," Rafe exclaimed happily. "No, because you were mean and angry with me forever," Sami teased. "Yeah, because I'm a guy," Rafe joked. When Sami continued to try to banter with Rafe, he shook his head and pulled her close in order to kiss her and quiet her. Rafe kissed Sami passionately until she pulled away from him saying, "Let's go home." Smiling, Rafe responded, "Sometimes you have the best ideas."

In another terminal of the airport, Stefano called E.J. to inform him that he had gotten past security and believed that no one knew he was at the airport. As Stefano walked toward his gate, a man followed him.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Chloe arrived at the hospital to visit Philip, the guard outside stopped her. Chloe was outraged when the guard grabbed her by the arm-which Brady witnessed as he exited from the elevator. "Get your hands off her!" he commanded.

A little later, Brady assured Chloe that the guard wouldn't hassle her again. Though Chloe insisted that she didn't need rescuing, she thanked Brady for sticking up for her. When Brady cursed the DiMeras for nearly killing Philip, Chloe pointed out that Nicole had just become a DiMera, too. Brady adamantly asserted that he didn't care, because he wasn't in love with Nicole anymore.

Chloe found his change of heart puzzling, and his new, cold attitude alarmed her. "Please don't be like Victor," she implored. "Please don't let what happened to Philip change you."

Chloe was worried about what Victor was planning to do to vindicate Philip's shooting. Brady tried to reassure her that he wanted to do everything by the book, but Chloe was skeptical. Brady then deliberately changed the subject, asking about Chloe and Lucas' life as newlyweds. Chloe acknowledged that things had been chaotic, but the two of them were very much in love. Brady hugged her, declaring sincerely that he was happy for her and Lucas. Chloe repeated her plea for Brady not to get involved in Victor's revenge plans.

As Mia and Will were studying at the Java Café, Mia raved about what a sweet, well-behaved baby Grace was-but assured Will that she was having fun with him, too. Will invited Mia to go to his upcoming baseball game, and tried not to show how thrilled he was when she agreed.

Will's teammate, Tad, stopped by their table, so Will introduced him to Mia. When Tad learned that Mia had previously gone to Salem West, he recognized her name. He said that one of his friends, Brett, used to talk about Mia all the time. Tad informed Will that Mia had also been prom queen. Mia seemed uncomfortable, but played it cool. Tad asked if Mia knew Brett, and Mia replied somewhat curtly that she didn't.

After Tad had gone, Mia apologized to Will for overreacting. Will asked why she never wanted to talk about her life before she met him. Mia asserted that there wasn't much to tell; she was just a private person. Will was skeptical, but she insisted that nothing that had happened before she met him mattered.

Hope got a phone call from Bo, and learned that the guy who'd shot Philip was a pro, who had since fled to South America. She asked if she could question Stefano personally about the shooting.

E.J. called Nicole at home to advise her that Stefano had left town for a few days, but urged her not to tell anyone else. He added that he'd return home after he'd run a few errands. After she hung up, Nicole lifted Sydney from her playpen, remembering how she'd allowed Mia to hold the baby. "At least that's one problem solved," she stated with a relieved sigh.

At the townhouse, Sami and Rafe kissed, paring clothing, as they moved to the couch. Rafe confessed that he'd wanted to be with her for a long time, and Sami murmured that she wanted him, too. When their kissing grew more passionate, Rafe picked Sami up and carried her toward the bedroom. Before they even reached the hallway, a knock at the door interrupted them. Rafe wanted to ignore it, but Sami was worried that Will might have forgotten his key. He tried to put his shirt on, as Sami hurried, breathless and disheveled, to answer the door.

When Sami flung the door open, she was stunned to find E.J. there. She tried to cover herself with her sweater, as E.J. held out a brown envelope that he explained was full of preschool applications for Johnny. Sami was incredulous and annoyed. E.J. asked if he could see the kids, since he was already there. Sami informed him that they weren't home, and tried to slam the door on him, but E.J. pushed past her. Feigning nonchalance, he said that he was glad to see Rafe, because the DiMera family needed to beef up their security.

Sami interrupted, crossly pointing out that they could discuss it later. Rafe put his arm around her protectively while humoring E.J., who finally got to the point. His voice dripping with sarcasm, E.J. asked if Rafe were interested in being Nicole's bodyguard. Rafe plastered on a phony smile, but refused to take the bait. E.J. rambled on and on, wondering aloud if Rafe had been on official FBI business when he'd posed as a cable repairman to get inside the DiMera mansion. When Rafe's cell phone interrupted, he excused himself to take the call in the bedroom.

Sami immediately lit into E.J., lecturing him for inventing excuses to see her, and for not leaving when he saw that she was busy. He countered that she had interrupted his wedding, but had yet to give him a reasonable explanation. With a shrug, Sami asserted that she didn't owe him one.

Rafe returned, but paused just outside the door to listen in on their discussion. E.J. maintained that he was concerned, because Sami was obviously having a hard time letting him go. Sami firmly declared that she had absolutely no interest in E.J. He argued that Rafe was clearly a "rebound thing"-and the only one who wasn't aware of it was Rafe.

As Sami was hotly defending Rafe, he walked back in, apologizing for interrupting. "You didn't," Sami replied, glaring at E.J. "E.J. was just leaving." E.J. nodded, urged Rafe to think about the job offer, and then left. Sami asked how Rafe's phone call had gone, and his reply was a little brusque. Sami realized that Rafe must have overheard her argument with E.J., and reassured him that she didn't care what E.J. thought-and neither should Rafe.

Rafe countered that he'd initially believed that she'd interrupted E.J.'s wedding because of Grace, but he wasn't so sure anymore. Sami swore that she was not interested in E.J., and had only waited until his wedding day because she'd been wavering until then about whether to tell him about Grace. Rafe asserted that E.J. would only have left Nicole at the altar if he were in love with Sami. "Which obviously he's not," Sami interjected. "Right," Rafe continued, "but for some reason, he's under the impression that you're in love with him. Why would he possibly think that?"

When Hope arrived at the mansion and asked to speak to Stefano, Nicole replied that he wasn't home, and tried to get rid of Hope. Hope refused to leave, so Nicole reluctantly let her into the foyer. Hope was surprised that E.J. and Nicole had gone ahead with the wedding, so soon after Tony's death, and wondered why they weren't on their honeymoon. Nicole stated that they had postponed the honeymoon, and maintained that they'd proceeded with the wedding to "break up some of the sadness." Hope was skeptical.

Nicole's voice rose defensively as she justified her new family's actions, and Sydney began to cry from the living room. Nicole rushed in to soothe her child, and Hope followed. Hope gently remarked that Sydney was beautiful, but then got right back to business, asking about Stefano's demeanor during the wedding. When Nicole insisted that she didn't know anything about Philip's shooting, Hope accused her of lying for her new husband and father-in-law.

Nicole angrily ordered Hope to leave, but Hope pointed out that E.J. would at least pretend to cooperate with the police. She then demanded to know why E.J. wasn't at home with his new bride and beautiful baby. Nicole declared that she didn't have to keep tabs on her husband, because she trusted him, and told Hope to pump someone else for information. Hope asserted that the police already had a good lead, and urged Nicole to think about Sydney.

"E.J. DiMera is not worthy of your loyalty, nor your love!" Hope declared. Hope then warned Nicole that the DiMeras would eventually destroy Nicole-and Sydney. An indignant Nicole again ordered Hope to leave, and this time, Hope complied.

Nicole was returning from putting Sydney to bed upstairs, just as E.J. arrived home. She filled him in about Hope's visit, assuring him that she hadn't said a word about Stefano. Nicole then reminded him that he still hadn't told her where the old man had gone. E.J. would divulge only that Stefano was away getting medical treatment. Nicole grumbled, "Everything in this house is one big secret."

Attempting to lighten the mood, E.J. playfully whispered in her ear that they had the house to themselves. Nicole softened, giggling as she allowed him to lead her to the stairs. In the foyer, Nicole found the envelope full of brochures labeled "Samantha," and her mood darkened again. She questioned E.J. about it, but again he managed to deflect her annoyance. He convinced her to close her eyes, and then described a peaceful, romantic scene of the two of them on the beach.

When Nicole relaxed at last, E.J. scooped her into his arms. He carried her upstairs, and gently placed her on the bed. As they began to make love, he murmured, "I love you so much." "Of course you love me," came the reply-but instead of Nicole's face, he suddenly saw Samantha's.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

As Nicole and E.J. were about to make love, he imagined he was making out with Sami. It startled him, and Nicole noticed how upset he was, but E.J. downplayed it. In the middle of their argument, E.J. got a phone call from the hired hit man, who was looking for Stefano. Nicole left the room, and E.J. ordered Mr. Masi not to follow through on his orders to kill Philip. There was static on the line, so Mr. Masi didn't hear E.J.

Rafe had doubts about whether Sami was still in love with E.J., and when he tried to express it to Sami, she got angry and told him to leave. Sami said she only interrupted E.J. and Nicole's wedding to tell him about Grace, but Rafe wondered what Sami would have done if E.J. had told her he wanted to be with her, not Nicole.

Sami denied wanting to be with E.J., and she and Rafe started to kiss, but Rafe stopped her, saying he refused to be her rebound guy. Rafe accused her of enjoying making E.J. jealous, saying it was perfect timing that E.J. showed up when they were about to make love. Rafe was starting to regret giving up on his job in New York to be with Sami. Rafe left as Will returned home, and Will asked Sami if she and Rafe were getting back together. On the pier, Rafe was surprised but happy to see Marianna.

Chelsea tried to secretly find out through the hospital computer whether Max got into medical school, and Melanie, who was lurking nearby, saw her and planned to tell her brother what his girlfriend was up to. After Dr. Baker ordered Melanie to make sure one of the hospital rooms was cleaned up, she decided to snitch on Chelsea.

Dr. Baker confronted Chelsea over breaking hospital rules, while Melanie called Max to tell him what Chelsea had done. Chelsea apologized, and Dr. Baker wanted to know why she was trying to access the hospital's medical school admissions files. She explained that she was trying to find out whether Max was admitted to med school, and Dr. Baker decided to go easy on her, but he threatened to report her if he saw her do anything else that was against hospital rules.

Max showed up at the hospital and wondered what Chelsea's conversation with Dr. Baker was about. Then she realized that Melanie must have told him what she did. Later, at the Brady Pub, Chelsea said she accidentally accessed the medical school admissions files, and Max said he didn't have a problem with her looking - he was just upset that Chelsea felt she needed to make sure Max got accepted. Chelsea got a phone call, telling her that her mother had been in an accident.

Stephanie made a phone call inquiring about travel to Greece, then she went to visit Philip in his room. Philip saw the article about E.J. and Nicole's wedding in the paper, and Stephanie wondered if Philip was still thinking about revenge on the DiMeras. She told him about her plan to take him on a trip to Greece, and he realized that she was trying to protect him from getting hurt by the DiMeras again. Melanie arrived with dinner for Philip, and Stephanie got a call, so she left the room.

Melanie told Philip she never would have gotten involved with the DiMeras if she had known Philip would be shot. She told him she hoped he would get his revenge on the DiMeras. Outside Philip's hospital room, Stephanie tore up a piece of paper regarding their travel plans to Greece. She told Philip she was okay with not going to Greece. Melanie found Stephanie's paper in the trash.

When Nicole came back in the bedroom, she and E.J. started to make out again, but he got another phone call. After E.J. got off the phone, Nicole tried to seduce him, but then she felt uncomfortable making love to E.J. knowing that he wanted to keep her in the dark about what he and his father were up to. E.J. reminded her that she knew what she was getting into when she married him.

E.J. said if Nicole had a problem with him keeping her in the dark, they shouldn't have gotten married. He got angry and walked out of the room. Nicole sensed that E.J. was really distracted by Sami. Nicole called Dr. Baker, urging him to quit his job at the hospital and leave town so Sami didn't figure out what they did.

Downstairs, E.J. was sure that the hit man wouldn't make any moves without his approval, but the hit man told someone on the phone that he was hired to kill Philip at the hospital. He explained to the person that there was a package on the pier with money it. The person retrieved the money, and in the envelope was a picture of Philip. E.J. got an email about Dr. Baker and discovered that the good doctor had a few skeletons in his closet.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chelsea found Kate at the hospital, and told her that she'd just spoken to Billie's doctor. She'd learned that although Billie was stable, her injuries were severe, and she faced a long recuperation. Kate wanted to leave for London right away. Chelsea thought her grandma should stay with Philip until he was out of the hospital, and volunteered to go to London herself. Kate was worried that Chelsea would be giving up too much of her life, but Chelsea insisted that she'd made up her mind.

Daniel overheard their discussion, so Kate and Chelsea filled him in. Kate then remembered that Jack and Jennifer lived in London and could check in on Billie for them, and left to try to reach them. Chelsea confided to Daniel that she wished she hadn't put off telling her mom that she and Max were dating. When Daniel saw how happy Chelsea seemed about Max, he was genuinely pleased for her.

Daniel then informed Chelsea that he had a friend who worked at the hospital where Billie was, and promised to call and check on her. Kate returned with the disappointing news that Jack and Jennifer were on a trip to Africa. When Kate and Chelsea resumed their argument about who was going to London, Daniel excused himself so they could work it out.

Later, Kate heard Chelsea speaking with Billie's doctor on the phone, and agreed that Chelsea should go to London. Chelsea promised to call with updates every day.

As Chelsea was headed to talk to her supervisor, Theo ran up and hugged her. Abe and Lexie were right behind Theo, as they were all going to Theo's occupational therapy session. Chelsea told them about Billie's accident, and then crouched down to talk to Theo. She gave him a paper airplane that she'd made to explain how she was going away for a while to visit her mom. Theo seemed to understand, and gave Chelsea a big hug. Lexie thanked Chelsea, and admitted that they would all miss her.

Daniel approached Kate to tell her that he thought she should let Chelsea go to London. Kate replied that they'd just decided to do just that, but asked if she could speak to him when he had a moment. He agreed.

Chelsea returned and confided to Kate that it had been really difficult to say goodbye to Theo. Both women tried not to cry as they said their goodbyes to each other. Kate asked Chelsea to call as soon as she arrived, and to give Billie her love. As they embraced, Chelsea declared, "You don't exactly fit the stereotype, but to me, you're the best grandmother ever."

Daniel returned after Chelsea had gone, and Kate asked him for advice with a problem. She stated that she'd gotten confirmation that Chloe had an affair while she was engaged to Lucas. An uncomfortable Daniel replied that he couldn't believe it. "Really? You can't believe it?" Kate retorted coolly. "When you are the man she was whoring around with?"

As she packed, Chloe left a message for Max that she needed to see him before she left.

Chloe ran into Will at the Java Café, and asked how school was going. He admitted that he didn't like how everyone hung out in "clumps." Chloe confessed that she'd hated the cliques in high school, too. When Will mentioned his mom, Chloe assumed that he still resented her for coming between his parents. Will reassured her that he realized he'd been wrong, because he'd seen how much better off his dad was with Chloe.

Lucas visited Sami at the townhouse, because she'd left several urgent messages for him. After Sami assured him that Allie was fine, Lucas correctly guessed that Sami hadn't told E.J. about Grace-and that it had to do with Philip's shooting. Sami acknowledged that it did, because she'd been horrified by E.J.'s impassive reaction when the news about Philip had reached the church.

Lucas reminded Sami that her former bodyguard also knew about Grace. Sami was sure that she could trust Rafe with her secret, but reluctantly admitted that things between them were up in the air. She explained how Rafe had flipped out when she'd decided to tell E.J. about Grace. Once she'd changed her mind, everything had been great again-until E.J. had barged in on Sami and Rafe's lovely evening together. She continued that E.J. was convinced that Sami was still in love with him-and Rafe agreed.

Lucas wondered if Sami was being honest with herself about her feelings for E.J. She pointed out that she was able to maintain a friendship with Lucas, for the sake of their kids, without falling for him again. Lucas teased Sami that perhaps it wasn't love she felt for E.J., but lust. Sami responded with mock indignation, pelting him with some of the kids' stuffed animals. Laughing, Lucas reminded her that she'd trusted him with one of her biggest secrets ever, and he'd kept it.

Sami softened, and thanked him warmly. Lucas was worried, because E.J. would always be part of her life, and therefore could still hurt her. Sami defensively asserted that it wouldn't happen, but Lucas angrily reminded her, "The guy just tried to kill my brother!" He pointed out how his daughter couldn't play with her brother without armed goons watching over them-and how the last time Sami had sworn she was over E.J., she would up pregnant with another of his kids. He angrily urged Sami to grow up.

Sami quietly apologized. Lucas relaxed a little, gently advising Sami to be careful with E.J. Sami promised she would be, and thanked Lucas for being such a good friend.

Will returned home just in time to overhear Sami tell Lucas, "I know my secret's safe with you." He irritably demanded to know what kind of crazy scheme his mom had dragged his dad into. Lucas declared that it was none of Will's business, and scolded him for being disrespectful. Sami knew that Will wouldn't drop it until they answered his question, and claimed that she'd asked Lucas not to tell anyone that she and Rafe were more than friends. Will didn't buy it, but Sami and Lucas changed the subject.

Sami said that she needed to talk to Rafe, but didn't know where he was. Will informed her that he'd just seen Rafe at the Java Café. Before his mom even asked, Will agreed to watch Grace, but grumbled that she should pay him for babysitting. Sami looked imploringly at Lucas. Lucas replied that he'd take care of it, and told Sami to go find Rafe. On her way out, Sami reiterated her thanks to Lucas.

Lucas handed over some cash to Will, and then said that he had to leave to meet Chloe. Will confessed that he was starting to warm up to Chloe, partly because she'd agreed to attend one of his baseball games. Lucas was glad.

Chloe walked along the waterfront, where she bumped into Father Matt. He was pleased that she seemed so happy in her new marriage. Chloe confided that she was crazy about her stepdaughter, and she thought she was making progress with her stepson. Father Matt asked if Chloe had told her husband about her affair. Chloe replied that she was glad she hadn't, because of everything that had happened since then to Lucas and his family-especially Philip's shooting.

Chloe believed that it was a miracle that Lucas had survived his accident, and that his Aunt Maggie seemed to believe it, too, since she had kept Chloe's secret. Chloe then confessed that being married felt like a new beginning, like she was being allowed to wipe away the past. Father Matt reassured her with a smile, "My organization is big on forgiveness-especially if there's a sincere desire to change." Chloe admitted that she did want to change, but added, just as Lucas arrived to overhear, "I know that there are some secrets that should be kept, even from your husband."

After spending the entire night catching up, Rafe and Arianna headed to the Java Café for breakfast. She teased him that, as usual, he'd let her do all the talking, so she still didn't know anything about his life. Rafe reluctantly admitted that he no longer worked for the FBI, because they hadn't agreed on how he'd handled his last assignment. Arianna deduced that his last assignment had been female and beautiful, and that he'd fallen for her. When Rafe didn't correct her, Arianna noted with a laugh, "Some things never change."

After teasing him a little, she wanted to know if the woman had been worth it. Rafe sighed, admitting he didn't know, because it was over. He also admitted that he'd turned down a job with Homeland Security to stay in Salem.

Arianna was irked that Rafe had let "this awful woman" turn his life upside down, and he had nothing to show for it. Rafe defended Sami, and joked that Arianna was just jealous. She insisted she wasn't, but Rafe wasn't convinced. He assured Arianna, "I love you, and nobody's ever going to take your place in my heart." Just then, Sami walked in the door behind Rafe, and overheard.

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