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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Daniel couldn't sleep, because he was tormented by thoughts of Chloe. Meanwhile, across town, Lucas couldn't sleep, either. He had a bad dream that Chloe wasn't in love with him. Lucas told Chloe about the dream and said she didn't do or say anything specific, but he felt that she didn't love him anymore. Chloe assured him that she loved him, and he chalked it up to his conversation with Kate getting to him. Chloe promised to clear things up with Kate when Kate returned from London.

At the hospital, Daniel was planning to take a leave of absence. The nurse tried to tell him how much he would be missed if he left, but she got a page and had to leave. Daniel went to the Java Café, and Chloe walked in, saw Daniel, then left. Daniel went to the Brady Pub and felt conflicted over whether to fill out his leave request form. He remembered the passion he and Chloe shared, and then he decided to throw the paper away, but then Chloe walked in.

Chloe said hi to Daniel and noticed the paper he was holding. He explained that it was a request for a leave of absence, but he said leaving wouldn't change anything, because no matter where he moved, he would still be tormented by thoughts of her. He wanted her to be happy, he said, but he was going crazy. Chloe said she couldn't lie to him, because she wasn't happy, either.

Chloe explained that her decision about Lucas was final, and while she still had feelings for Daniel, she knew she did the right thing. Chloe complained that Kate was mean to her, and it seemed Lucas' memory was eating away at him and he might not drop it until he found out the truth.

At the Java Café, Brady told Bo that he thought something had happened to Stephanie and he suspected it was connected to Stefano's disappearance. Bo called in for backup in his search for Stephanie. Brady wanted to help, but Bo told him to let the police handle it. Brady got frustrated and knocked over a cup of coffee, and Melanie walked in and wondered why he was so upset. Melanie said Brady's last advice led to her losing a lot of money. Brady wondered what she was talking about, and she said it had to do with Stephanie.

Melanie explained that she could have made money by selling Stephanie's earring online. Brady's ears perked up, and he asked where Melanie found the earring. Melanie got upset that he didn't remember their earlier conversation on the subject, and she refused to show Brady the earring when he asked for it. Brady urged her to cooperate because the earring could be a clue, and Stephanie needed their help. Brady got a phone call, and although he had a bad connection, he thought he heard them say they found Stephanie. When he got off the phone, he explained that Stephanie had been kidnapped, and he had to leave.

Victor spoke with Philip on the phone and confirmed that Stefano was in Philip's care. Victor told Philip to inform him when he had Stephanie. At the morgue, Owen told E.J. there was a change in plans. E.J. thought Owen had car trouble or something, but Owen said he wasn't going to bring Stephanie to E.J. Owen was worried about what would happen to Stephanie if he turned her over to E.J., but E.J. said that wasn't Owen's concern. Owen said it mattered to him, and he didn't know E.J. - he only knew E.J.'s father - and Owen wasn't taking any more orders from E.J.

E.J. assured Philip that he would bring Stephanie to exchange her for Stefano. Philip was surprised E.J. wasn't in more of a hurry, because Stefano was in bad shape. E.J. told his bodyguard they were going to meet Philip to get Stefano, but the bodyguard was worried, since they didn't have Stephanie with them. E.J. told him not to worry and to tell the other men to be ready on E.J.'s signal.

The bodyguard didn't think they would be able to pull it off, but E.J. didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to waste time looking for Stephanie since Stefano was in jeopardy, and E.J. planned to take care of Owen for stabbing him in the back later.

Victor called back and asked whether Philip had made the switch yet. Philip said he was still waiting. E.J. arrived to meet Philip, but he didn't have Stephanie with him. E.J. asked where Stefano was, but Philip said if E.J. didn't have Stephanie, the deal was off. Philip suggested they both walk their hostages out, but E.J. demanded that Philip just bring Stefano out.

That was when Philip realized E.J. didn't have Stephanie. He lunged at E.J., and the two fought, while both their bodyguards drew their weapons. The police showed up, and Philip ran off. Bo held E.J. at gunpoint, and E.J. urged Bo to let him go so he could find his father. Bo promised to find Stefano as long as E.J. told him where Stephanie was. Bo said if anything happened to Stephanie, Bo would put E.J. in a pine box.

Philip hopped in the van where Stefano was being held, but before the driver could drive off, a cop pulled his gun on them and ordered them out of the car. The driver said it wasn't his fault, and he thought Stefano had been dead for a long time already. An officer informed Bo that Stefano was found in the van, and they transported Stefano to the hospital. Bo told the officer to look for the guy who took off. Then Bo made a phone call and ordered someone to meet him immediately.

E.J. was treated at the hospital for a cut on his forehead, and he demanded that the officer who was guarding him let him see his father. Stefano was wheeled in, and E.J. told him everything would be okay. E.J. was in Stefano's room and was glad his father was okay. Then the heart monitor started going off, and the nurse came in to get Stefano stabilized.

Victor showed up to meet with Bo, and Bo asked where Philip and Stephanie were. Victor said he didn't know where Stephanie was and that he sent Philip to New York on business. Bo told Victor he would charge Victor with lying to the police and impeding an investigation. Bo demanded again to see Philip. Meanwhile, Philip was hiding out in the bushes from the police, and went off to find Stephanie.

Brady showed up while Bo questioned Victor. Victor called Brady a "disloyal bastard" and said he ruined everything. Victor called Brady a "traitor," but Bo said if Brady hadn't tipped off Bo, Victor and Philip would be facing murder charges, and it was because of Brady that Stefano was alive. Brady thought the officer said Stephanie was found, not Stefano. He wanted to know where Stephanie was. Bo explained they were still looking for her, and that was why he asked where Philip was. Victor told Bo again that he sent Philip to New York, but Brady accused Victor of lying.

Owen slid Stephanie out of the morgue cabinet and told her he planned to save her. Owen couldn't turn Stephanie over to E.J. Owen explained that he wasn't an evil person and that he was just hired initially by the DiMeras to spy on the Kiriakises and report back to the DiMeras. He said love was more important than taking orders. Owen took the rope off Stephanie's wrists, and she asked if she was free to go. Owen said she was free.

Owen thought it was fate that he and Stephanie were in their predicament. He said they couldn't stay at the morgue forever. She said she would keep her promise not to tell the Kiriakises about Owen or tell the police. Stephanie asked if she could leave, and Owen said they could leave soon, and wherever they went, they would have a happy life together. Owen said they would go wherever Stephanie wanted to go. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away from him.

Stephanie said she was scared because it was a big step for both of them and it didn't seem real. Owen assured her it was real and they could go anywhere she wanted. Then she realized they couldn't go anywhere with her wearing her nightgown and robe. Owen remembered Stephanie brought clothes to the Kiriakis mansion, so Owen volunteered to go get the clothes himself, but before he left, he forced her back inside the morgue cabinet, because he wanted to be careful.

Stephanie cried, then realized she was running out of air. Meanwhile, Owen broke into the Kiriakis mansion, and Philip showed up. He looked at a picture of him and Stephanie and vowed to find her. Melanie showed up and asked if he had found Stephanie yet, but he didn't have time to talk to her. Melanie told him how Brady said if Stephanie were kidnapped, the earring she left behind would help.

Melanie explained that she found the earring on the terrace. Philip asked if she saw anyone else around, and she said she saw his gardener. Owen walked down the mansion stairs with a bag of Stephanie's clothes. Meanwhile, back at the morgue, Stephanie was having trouble breathing.

Lucas decided to go for a drive by himself to clear his head, and he ended up at Maggie's house. She was glad to see him. She had hoped he would have attended the support group meeting, but Lucas assured her that he was planning to attend another meeting soon, but he wasn't there to talk about his alcohol addiction. Lucas explained that Kate didn't like Chloe anymore.

Maggie said it was because Kate never liked seeing Lucas with anyone. While he knew that was true, he felt it was something else, like they were keeping a big secret. Lucas was sick of being kept in the dark. He wondered why Chloe acted like it didn't matter that Kate fired her.

Maggie guessed it was because Chloe didn't want to get in between him and Kate, but he thought it was about something else. Lucas said when he tried to talk to her about it at the hospital, Chloe was vague, nervous, and short with Lucas and then tried to act like it was Lucas' fault for making a big deal out of nothing. Maggie urged him to focus on his sobriety. He said she was acting the way Kate and Chloe were acting, and he demanded to know why.

Maggie urged Lucas to get some sleep and they could talk about it in a couple days. Lucas wondered why, if Chloe and Kate both hated each other, they would both be hiding something. Maggie pretended she didn't know anything. After he left, Lucas had a memory of Maggie trying to tell him about Chloe and Daniel.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down on the pier, Victor called Brady a traitor for helping Bo. Victor steadfastly maintained that Philip was in New York on business, but Bo advised Victor to come clean. Narrowing his eyes, Victor warned Bo to back off or else he could get Stephanie killed. Bo sent Brady home in order to talk to Victor alone.

Bo argued that he would arrest Victor and Philip if it meant keeping them from committing murder. Shaking his head, Bo asked why Victor did not trust Bo enough to come to him for help. Victor shot back that Bo had not earned his trust. "You think your dismissive cruelty goes unnoticed? That it doesn't register with me?" Victor growled. Victor noted that Bo never invited him over to his house and rarely brought Ciara over to visit him. As Bo stood there quietly, Victor argued that Bo treated him like a stranger and had not respected him as his father.

"You're not the father that raised me. Seeing how Philip turned out, the kind of man he is, I consider myself lucky," Bo said, disgusted. Bo reiterated that he would do what he could to protect Victor and Philip, despite his father's protestations.

At Salem Hospital, Nicole rushed to E.J.'s side as he waited in the hallway for word about his father's condition. A frantic Lexie rushed to Stefano's room when she learned that he was gravely ill. Lexie lashed out at E.J., but he explained that Stefano had been kidnapped when he was on his way to Brunei for his medical treatment.

Lexie looked at her handcuffed brother and said, "You're the only person that can make this right, E.J. Stop it. Now." After Lexie went in to Stefano's room to check on his condition, E.J. hung his head in defeat. "I must. This has to stop," E.J. whispered to Nicole. Worried, Nicole advised E.J. to keep quiet to protect their family. E.J. confided that he was terrified that Stephanie would be hurt if he did not talk to the police, but Nicole warned him that he might end up in prison if he acted on his impulse to talk to Bo.

Lexie examined Stefano, but found that he was unresponsive. Lexie went back to the hallway to update E.J. on Stefano's status, and she informed him that Stefano had likely suffered damage to his kidneys, eyes, and brain. Upset, Lexie went back into her father's room. Feeling guilty, E.J. again vowed to "make this right," and Nicole urged him to make the decision as a family.

A teary-eyed Lexie sat at Stefano's bedside and begged him not to leave her so soon after losing Tony. "I love you so much," Lexie gasped. Slowly, Stefano opened his eyes and stared at his daughter's face.

Bo arrived at the hospital and placed E.J. under arrest. Bo offered E.J. leniency if he assisted the police in finding Stephanie, and E.J. agreed to help. E.J.'s only condition was that Bo would allow him to spend a few moments with his father. Lexie rushed into the hallway to give E.J. the good news about Stefano, and E.J. ran to his father's side.

Sitting up in bed, Stefano smiled at the sight of his son. "I know you will do the right thing," Stefano whispered. Bo retrieved E.J. and the two headed down to the police station. Nicole started to follow her husband out the door, but Stefano asked her to stay with him. Confused, Nicole stood at the foot of Stefano's bed as he talked about his ring. Stefano explained that his Phoenix ring was the reason he was indestructible and the reason he would not die. As Nicole eyed the doorway, Stefano fell asleep.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie gave Stephanie's earring that she had found earlier out on the patio to Philip. Melanie told Philip that she had seen Owen lurking about, but Philip did not believe that Owen was involved. Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Owen was eavesdropping on their conversation.

When Philip accused Melanie of masterminding Stephanie's kidnapping, Melanie shook off her anger and urged Philip to focus on real suspects. After Melanie convinced Philip that she was only trying to help, she told him about her encounter with Owen earlier that night. Philip called Henderson into the living room, and Henderson informed Philip that Owen had told him he was leaving for vacation. When Henderson told Philip that he had given Owen advanced pay for his leave, Philip began to believe that Owen was the person who had taken Stephanie. Owen listened from the hallway, and crept out the front door with a bag full of clothes for Stephanie.

Brady entered the front hallway of the Kiriakis mansion, and Philip and Melanie slipped out the back before Brady found them. Victor arrived right after Brady and ordered Henderson to escort Brady off the property and never let him return. "You mean nothing to me anymore," Victor spat at Brady. Hurt, Brady told Victor that he would be happy never to return to "the hate-filled home that is so full of bitterness." "You're a backstabbing bastard and I have no use for you. Not anymore," Victor countered.

Once Melanie found information about Owen's father, she met up with Philip in a wooded clearing. Philip reviewed the information and they headed to the father's mortuary to find Owen.

At the mortuary, Stephanie struggled to breathe inside the body drawer as she ran out of oxygen. Just as Stephanie passed out, Owen returned and opened the drawer to find her lifeless body. Frantic, Owen hurriedly performed CPR on Stephanie to get her breathing again. Suddenly coming to, Stephanie smacked Owen across the face.

"I really wish you hadn't done that," Owen yelled. Owen started to scream about how everything was going badly for him, and then he reached into a drawer and pulled out a gun. "No one can help me," Owen cried as he cradled the gun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretending to look for a final resting place for her grandmother, Melanie questioned Owen's dad about his family. Owen hid himself and Stephanie when Melanie and his dad entered the morgue. Melanie was about to see them when attendants from Salem hospital brought in a corpse in a body bag. Melanie spotted Stephanie's earring and quickly left. She told Philip about the earring and thought they should go to the police. Philip explained that Stephanie might not be at the morgue, and Owen would deny everything if the police questioned him. Philip wished he could break into the morgue. Struck with an idea, Melanie said maybe he could.

Caroline admonished Victor about the confrontation with the DiMeras on the pier. She was disappointed he hadn't changed, and she told Sami she wished she had never revealed to Bo that Victor was his father. Caroline was not pleased when Sami told her Rafe planned to adopt Grace. Caroline pointed out that Sami and Rafe hardly knew one another. Sami insisted their months in witness protection had brought them closer than most people in normal situations. Rafe entered and revealed he got a job in construction. While Sami was happy for him, Caroline knew it was a step down from the FBI. Rafe insisted the job didn't matter and revealed how much he understood about being a responsible parent. Arianna arrived and said Rafe was a good brother, but agreed with Caroline that his adopting Grace was a mistake. Sami and Rafe realized it was them against the world.

Brady asked Nicole where Stephanie was. She denied knowing. He reminded her he kept her secret about taking Mia's baby. Nicole said she knew that, but she truly didn't know where Stephanie was. He told her that Mia was lying about being an addict to keep her pregnancy a secret from Will. Nicole was horrified that Mia was seeing Will, and met with the girl to tell her to stay away from Will. Mia told Nicole that Rafe was adopting Grace.

Mia overheard Will defend her to Kinsey. They agreed to go on a first date.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sami was having second thoughts about Rafe adopting Grace, because of something Caroline said. Sami's grandmother said it would be harder for Sami to tell Roman and Marlena about her plans than it was to tell Caroline and Arianna. Sami was afraid she wouldn't be able to convince Marlena or Roman. Sami said Roman would wonder why she and Rafe didn't just get married if they wanted Rafe to be Grace's father.

Sami told Rafe she wished he really was Grace's father. Rafe reminded her that he would be Grace's legal father soon, and one day Sami wouldn't have anything to worry about. When that day came, Sami wouldn't know what to do with herself. Rafe noticed that Sami and Grace had the same smile. She told him to be quiet and that someone might overhear them. She predicted that Marlena would love Rafe.

The waitress at the Java Café asked Will what happened to his girlfriend. He realized she was referring to Mia, and at first he tried to explain that Mia wasn't his girlfriend, but he decided to drop it.

Mia defended Sami to Nicole, telling her that Sami was planning to allow Rafe to adopt Grace so that way the baby would have a mother and a father. Nicole thought that was a good idea. Mia knew Nicole wasn't actually happy for Sami or Grace - Nicole just thought it would keep Sami away from E.J.

Mia was getting tired of the secrets. Nicole told her if she stayed away from Will, she wouldn't have to keep secrets, and Mia told Nicole that she didn't run Mia's life. Mia refused to stay away from Will. Nicole offered to help Mia, but she wasn't interested. She told Nicole to stay away from her or Nicole would be sorry.

Nicole walked in on Sami and Rafe flirting at the Brady Pub and said they looked like the definition of domestic bliss. Sami demanded to know what Nicole wanted, but she said she didn't want anything - she just thought they looked like a perfect family. Rafe said they were a family. Nicole asked if they had gotten married. He said they weren't married, but he was adopting Grace. Nicole pretended to be happy for Sami and Rafe, but Sami saw through it. She was convinced Nicole was up to something.

Nicole offered Rafe congratulations and said she really was happy for them. After she walked away, Sami chewed Rafe out for telling Nicole about their plans. She assumed he told Nicole so E.J. would find out, and Rafe admitted it, but he said there was another reason. Rafe felt it would make Nicole happy because that meant Sami wouldn't be focused on E.J., which was a good thing, since Sami didn't want Nicole nosing around in Sami's business.

Sami realized Rafe made sense, but she sensed Nicole was up to something. Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole thought how good it was that Rafe was adopting Grace, because Sami was neutralized and could focus on Mia's baby while Nicole made sure Sydney had a good life. And the first thing Nicole had to do was get E.J. out of jail.

Mia returned to the Java Café to meet up with Will, and she lied about why she left. Will asked if her cousin was okay, and she said she convinced her cousin to back off. Will wondered if she was referring to the cousin she lived with. Mia said she didn't like it where she lived, because her cousin's boyfriend treated her like a boarder and her cousin was mean. Will wondered if she could live elsewhere, and he asked about her parents, but Mia wasn't interested in talking about them. She suggested they find something else to do.

Mia and Will returned to the Java Café after she beat him in Skee-Ball, and Will was forced to wear a silly hat for three hours, since he bet he could beat her. Will suggested they go to a batting cage and make a bet about it, but Mia thought he had an unfair advantage, so Will offered just to teach her how to play baseball. Mia wasn't enthusiastic at first, but he asked her for 30 minutes and promised that the first time she hit the ball "on the sweet spot" she would be a baseball junkie. Will realized what he said and apologized if he offended her.

Mia said she didn't think he could offend her if he tried. Mia took Will up on his offer to teach her how to bat. After batting practice, Will tried to make Mia feel better for screaming when the ball was thrown at her. He suggested she work on her coordination, so she would get better. Mia demonstrated that she was coordinated and asked Will to try to copy her moves. He tried, but when he did, he tripped over his feet and fell in her arms.

Brady tried to reach Melanie by phone but was unable to reach her, so he decided to look for her at the hospital. The head nurse said she was late and didn't call in. The head nurse called around and said no one had seen Melanie in the hospital, but another nurse said she saw Melanie moving a gurney up on the second floor. The head nurse wondered what Melanie was doing on the second floor.

Melanie and Philip tried to find a way to infiltrate the morgue where Owen was holding Stephanie by having Philip pretend to be a corpse, so Philip climbed into a body bag at the hospital. Melanie planned to wait in the cemetery for Philip and to blink the lights so she knew he was safe, but Philip refused to let Melanie go along.

Philip said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if anything happened to Melanie. She was clearly touched by his words, but she told him he still needed backup. Philip wondered what was in it for Melanie, and she said she owed him. Philip felt Melanie's debt had been paid. Brady walked in demanding to know what they were doing. Philip told him that they thought they knew where Stephanie was being held.

Brady wanted to tell the police, but Philip said the man who was holding Stephanie went rogue and was holding her at the morgue. Brady warned him that his plan wouldn't work because they would discover Philip was breathing or he would start screaming when they embalmed him. Brady wanted to go to the cops, but Philip worried that Owen wouldn't tell the police anything. Brady realized Philip wasn't changing his mind about rescuing Stephanie, so Brady decided to go along with it as long as Brady could help.

Philip told Melanie she didn't need to go since Brady was helping, but Melanie convinced him that he needed her, since she knew what Owen and Owen's father looked like. Melanie threatened to go to Bo if Philip didn't include her, so Philip agreed as long as Brady promised to take care of Melanie. The deliverymen picked up Philip's body to deliver him to the funeral home/morgue that Owen's father owned, while Brady and Melanie hid.

Owen stood over Stephanie with a gun in his hand, and she tried to convince him that Melanie didn't know she was at the morgue. He was convinced that Melanie suspected Stephanie was being held at the morgue, because Melanie lied to Owen's father to gain access to the morgue. Stephanie asked Owen not to hurt Melanie if he found her.

Owen decided to tape Stephanie's mouth, because he couldn't chance Stephanie alerting Melanie to her whereabouts. Stephanie tried to convince Owen that Melanie wasn't lying about her grandmother dying. Owen said it didn't matter, because Melanie was at the morgue, and she could return with Philip. Stephanie urged Owen not to hurt Melanie, and he said they could make that happen by leaving for Canada immediately. She said she knew she didn't have a say, and Owen said he didn't want her to feel that way.

Stephanie said she understood that he was trying to protect her, but she didn't think he needed to worry about Melanie because Melanie was in love with Philip and wanted Stephanie out of the way. Stephanie told Owen of the various ways Melanie tried to keep her away from Philip. She started coughing and asked for water. He untied her wrists so she could drink it, and she asked for a handkerchief to wipe her tears. She said she was sad thinking of how she might never see her family again. He promised to let her call her family after they'd been in Canada for a while.

Stephanie tried to get him to drop his guard, by telling him she needed him and thanking him for taking care of her. She even kissed him on the cheek, and while she was hugging him, she eyed the gun on the table nearby. Owen untied Stephanie's ankles and helped her up off the floor. Owen said Philip was a fool and didn't see how great Stephanie was. She said she talked to Owen because she liked him, and her mother warned her about Philip and how he treated girls. She said her mother would have liked Owen.

Stephanie said if only she had met Owen first. Owen said it didn't matter anymore, and he kissed her. While they were kissing, Stephanie grabbed Owen's gun from the table beside her, but Owen grabbed it before she could shoot him. Owen was angry at first, but she tried to convince him that she was just scared the gun would go off. She said after the DiMeras ordered Philip's shooting, she was afraid of guns.

Owen said he understood, but he had to keep the gun and insisted on going out to see if Melanie was outside. Stephanie asked him not to hurt Melanie, because she was tired of people getting hurt. Owen forced Stephanie to drink a sedative to make her fall asleep. He planned to put her in the drawer, but he said he drilled holes in it so she wouldn't have trouble breathing. Stephanie fell asleep, and Owen put her in the drawer. Owen's father showed up at the morgue looking for Owen.

Owen's father noticed the drawer where Owen stashed Stephanie was ajar, but before he looked inside, he argued with one of his suppliers on the phone. The deliverymen arrived with Philip's body, but when Owen's father received the paperwork, he informed them that the delivery wasn't on his list so the body had to go back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Melanie and Brady waited in the cemetery until it was safer to go inside the morgue, when Owen hit Brady from behind, knocking him out cold. Then Owen turned the gun on Melanie.

Stefano demanded to know when he could be released from the hospital, and Lexie told him he was doing better and suffered no permanent damage from the insulin deprivation. Stefano threatened to do permanent damage to Victor and Philip, and Lexie told him to stop making threats or she would leave. She pointed out that if he had focused on getting well instead of getting even, E.J. wouldn't be in jail.

Stefano asked Lexie to get E.J. released from jail, because Stefano needed to talk to him. Lexie reminded him that he almost died. He wanted to make a phone call, but she refused to give him a phone. Lexie said she was under orders from the police not to let him have access to a phone. She told him that he was a murder suspect, but Stefano insisted he was the victim in the situation. Lexie said she convinced the police officer not to handcuff him to the bed, but if he didn't cooperate, she would tell the officer she was wrong.

Stefano asked to see his lawyer. Abe walked in and told Stefano that they needed to talk. Stefano refused to speak unless his lawyer was present. Abe promised it would be off the record, so Stefano insulted Abe, calling him ineffective, and added that he wouldn't allow Abe to use Lexie to coerce him. Abe was angry at what Stefano put Lexie through. He called Stefano smug, arrogant, and stupid, and said as much as he would like to see Stefano behind bars forever, Abe might be willing to broker a deal.

Stefano asked Lexie to throw Abe out. Abe assumed Lexie meant nothing to Stefano and pointed out that Stephanie was innocent in the DiMera-Kiriakis feud. Abe told a nurse who walked in not to let Stefano die until the police found Stephanie. He said, after Stephanie was found, he didn't care if Stefano died. Abe apologized to Lexie for going off on Stefano, but she knew he wasn't sorry. Abe explained that he lost his temper because of what Stefano put her through.

Lexie wondered what Abe wanted to find out from Stefano. He said he needed to know what happened at the pier and what was supposed to happen next. Lexie suggested Abe should let Stefano talk to E.J., because she thought that would lead them to Stephanie. Abe said he couldn't tap the phone Stefano was using it. Abe said Stefano asked for a lawyer, so Abe should have gotten him an attorney instead of trying to violate Stefano's civil rights.

Reporters arrived and asked questions about E.J. and Philip's fight on the pier. Lexie asked for security to throw the reporters out, and Abe said they needed to call his office to get an interview. One of the reporters promised to find out if he was compromising city hall. Lexie wondered what her family had done.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kate arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, and was surprised to find Daniel waiting in the living room for Victor. Daniel informed Kate that Philip was in trouble, and on the run from the police. Kate was furious that no one had called her in London. Victor walked in just then and assured her that he had the situation under control. He then asked Daniel to summon Lucas to the mansion.

Once Daniel had gone, Victor poured Kate a drink, while she demanded to know every detail about her son. Victor quickly brought her up to speed: they had kidnapped Stefano, and the DiMeras had retaliated by kidnapping Stephanie-to whom Philip had just gotten engaged-but when the families had arranged an exchange of the captives, the DiMeras' man had decided not to release Stephanie. Then Brady had notified Bo, who had organized a police sting at the exchange, and Philip had fled during the melee.

Each piece of the story stunned Kate more than the last. She was adamant that Victor had to find Philip and Stephanie immediately-and clean up the mess. Victor promised that he would handle it, but urged Kate not to tell anyone else about the kidnapping, including Lucas. Kate agreed to be discreet, but wished she hadn't gone to visit Billie. Victor reassured her that taking care of her daughter had been the right thing to do.

Lucas ran into Maggie at the Java Café, and asked if they could continue their conversation about Kate and Chloe. Maggie tried to hurry off, insistent that she didn't know anything more than she'd already told him. Lucas maintained that Maggie wasn't as clueless as she let on, because he was starting to remember what she'd told him the night he'd fallen off the wagon.

Chloe arrived just then and was stunned to hear that Lucas remembered more about that night. While Maggie and Chloe were urging Lucas to let it go, Daniel called Chloe, looking for Lucas. Daniel told Lucas that Victor wanted to talk to him about Philip at the mansion right away. Lucas agreed to head right over, and Chloe she said that she would meet him at the mansion shortly.

After Lucas had gone, Maggie warned Chloe that it was only a matter of time before Lucas remembered that Chloe had betrayed him with Daniel. Chloe maintained that she wouldn't let it happen, because she'd made a deal with God, but Maggie argued that Chloe couldn't change the past. Chloe conceded that everything would probably blow up in her face soon. Maggie asserted that the only one who might tell Lucas the truth was Kate, and Kate wouldn't risk losing her relationship with her son. Chloe was skeptical, but prayed that Maggie was right-and that Lucas never remembered. "Pray hard," Maggie advised.

Mia and Will were on the waterfront, about to kiss, when Mia's cousin, Jamie, interrupted them. Mia introduced Jamie to Will, who then quickly left. Mia gushed to Jamie about how cute and nice Will was, but Jamie asserted that she didn't want to see her cousin get hurt like she had with the last boy. Mia argued that she'd grown up a lot in the past year, plus she and Will were just friends.

Jamie then divulged that she and her boyfriend were leaving town, because he hadn't been able to find a job in Salem. She said that Mia either needed to find a new place to live, or move back home with her mother. Mia almost broke down as she declared that living with her mom again was a horrible idea. Jamie wished there were more she could do to help Mia, but cited her own financial difficulties.

Will was at the Brady Pub when his friend Tad joined him. They argued briefly about how Tad's friend Kinsey had been spreading mean-spirited gossip about Mia. Tad maintained that he always tried to stop Kinsey from talking trash, and besides, Tad thought it was cool if Will liked Mia. Tad then left for home. Remembering how he'd fallen into Mia's arms earlier, Will resolved to make sure everything was perfect the next time they were together.

Maggie found a forlorn Mia sitting alone in the park. Although the teen insisted nothing was wrong, Maggie gently encouraged Mia to talk about whatever was bothering her. Mia reluctantly informed Maggie about what Jamie had said, adding that she didn't want to leave Salem, or the friends she'd made. She was also worried that Will would forget all about her. "Oh, Mia, no. Of course he won't," Maggie reassured her warmly, taking the child's face in her hands. "Who could forget you?"

When Lucas arrived at the mansion, Kate filled him in that Billie was going to make a full recovery, with Chelsea's help. Kate then mentioned the terrible adversity that all of her children were facing, which puzzled Lucas. He reminded his mom that he had Chloe and Austin had Carrie, which made them both lucky guys.

Victor answered the door for Chloe, whom he immediately disparaged as "the village slut." Ignoring him, Chloe pushed past him into the house. Lucas missed their exchange, but witnessed Chloe's reaction to Victor. He asked Kate to try to persuade Victor to treat Chloe with more respect-or at least be civil to her.

Once Kate, Lucas, Chloe, and Daniel had gathered in the living room, Victor asked them all to let him handle the situation with Philip-and leave the police out of it. Chloe wanted to know why Brady wasn't present. "My grandson is dead to me," Victor snapped, but would divulge nothing more than that Brady had made "an unfortunate decision."

Daniel pulled Victor aside and urged him to reconsider about Brady, refusing to stay out of it because he cared about the family. Victor scoffed, sarcastically pointing out that Daniel had proven it by sleeping with Chelsea, then Kate, and then Chloe. Daniel just shook his head, asserting that he felt sorry for Victor: "You've become an angry, bitter man."

After Daniel had gone out the back door, Will entered through the front. After greeting his dad and grandma, Will asked Victor if he could invite some friends over to use the pool. Victor agreed, on the condition that Henderson also had to be there to watch over them. Victor then left to get some air. Kate excused herself, as well, and Chloe left to call Caroline to check on Allie.

Alone with his dad, Will wanted to know why everyone seemed so upset, but Lucas shrugged it off as "just the usual drama." Lucas asked if Will were trying to impress someone by inviting them to Victor's pool-like maybe the girl who'd been cheering for Will at his baseball game. Will insisted that he and the girl were just friends. Lucas teased his son about it until Will became exasperated and left.

Kate followed Daniel onto the terrace and apologized for Victor's behavior regarding Brady. Daniel asserted that Brady was a good man, so he must have had a good reason to bring the police in on the situation with Philip.

Victor found Chloe alone in the foyer just as she hung up with Caroline. He used the opportunity to needle her again, about how Allie was saddled not only with idiot parents but also a "wicked stepmother." Chloe maintained that Victor was completely nuts, and that Lucas agreed. When Victor made another snide allusion to Chloe's lack of sexual restraint, she coolly declared, "God, I despise you," before stalking off.

After Kate returned inside to get a drink, Chloe stormed onto the terrace in tears. Daniel stopped her and asked what was wrong. "Everything," she cried, throwing herself into his arms. "I can't take it anymore." Chloe sobbed that Victor was sadistic and mean. Daniel urged her not to let Victor get to her, and pulled her into another hug to comfort her. Kate returned with drinks for her and Daniel, and witnessed their embrace. Hearing her infuriated sigh, Chloe and Daniel separated sheepishly.

In the morgue at the funeral home, Owen's father argued with the deliverymen who'd just brought in a corpse-which was really Philip, hiding in a body bag. Owen's father insisted that he didn't have any paperwork for delivery of a body, and ordered the men to wait while he looked for it. The men replied that they would just take the body back with them, but warned that the deceased's family wouldn't be too happy when they found out. Owen's father reluctantly agreed, signed the form, and sent the men on their way.

Meanwhile, Owen held a gun on Melanie and an unconscious Brady outside in the cemetery. Melanie realized that Owen really did have Stephanie in the funeral home. Owen demanded to know where Philip was, but Melanie insisted she didn't know. Owen didn't buy it, asserting that Melanie didn't even like Stephanie, so she had to be helping Philip. Melanie argued that she was only trying to do the right thing. Owen declared that it was too late to help Stephanie.

While Owen's father muttered to himself, Philip silently vowed that he would figure out how to get out of the body bag and find Stephanie. Owen's father noticed that the forms said that the body was supposed to be cremated. He then cursed his glasses, because he couldn't really make out which box was checked. He decided to store the corpse in a drawer until the family contacted him-and then he'd let Owen deal with the clients. He opened up a drawer, shoved Philip inside, and slammed the door shut.

Brady began to moan as he came to. Owen whirled around and aimed the gun at him, as Melanie crouched down to check on Brady. She helped Brady to his feet, quickly explaining that Owen had Stephanie inside. Gesturing with the pistol, Owen ordered them to get moving before anyone saw them. Melanie furtively removed her hospital ID badge and dropped it near a headstone, and then she and Brady obediently marched ahead of Owen.

Soon they arrived at the Kiriakis family crypt. Owen opened the door and ordered them inside, advising them to get comfortable, since they'd be there for a long while. He locked them in, leaving them to scope out their macabre surroundings in horrified disbelief. Brady tried in vain to open the door, while Melanie began to panic, certain that they would die in there. Brady reassured Melanie that dropping her hospital badge had been brilliant, because someone would find it-and then find them.

Unconvinced, Melanie tried to use her phone, but couldn't get a signal. Brady was sure that Philip would eventually get out of the body bag, free Stephanie, and find them. Melanie quietly addressed the wall of vaults, which was adorned with vases of fresh flowers, with feigned good humor. "Hello in there. I'm sorry that no one comes to visit you very often, but we're here now," she said, her voice quivering, "and we might be permanently moving in."

Owen found his father in the funeral parlor. The older man confronted Owen about the corpse that had just been delivered, demanding to know if Owen knew something about it.

As Philip struggled in the dark to unzip his body bag, he heard moaning from a nearby drawer. It was Stephanie, whimpering, fighting to regain consciousness. At last he freed himself. "Stephanie, is that you? Stephanie?" he called out in the darkness. Stephanie just sobbed groggily, so Philip tried again. "Stephanie, it's me. Where are you?"

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