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Monday, June 29, 2009

At the Brady Pub, Melanie started to tell Philip about Stephanie's prescription pills, but when Philip pressed her, Melanie changed her mind and left. She chided herself for almost breaking her promise to Stephanie not to tell Philip. He overheard her talking to herself and asked what Melanie didn't want him to know. Melanie said she was keeping Stephanie's secret and didn't want to break her promise, because she and Stephanie were on good terms. Philip started to threaten Melanie to get her to talk, but she said if he wanted to know what was wrong with Stephanie, he needed to ask her.

At the church, Stephanie sought counsel from Father Matt on whether she should marry Philip. Father Matt understood why Stephanie was having doubts about Philip, and he was worried about how the kidnapping affected her. Stephanie blamed her kidnapping on Philip and his father. She said she talked to Philip about it, but he thought he could protect her from that part of his business, and even when he quit his job, he eventually went back to it. She feared that Philip cared more about power than about her.

Father Matt thought Stephanie was a moral person, but she was involved with people who were less than moral. She realized that she was in love with a man who would never change. Father Matt said Stephanie's mother sought his advice over 20 years ago, saying she was in love with the wrong man. Stephanie said that was because her mother believed her father could change, but Stephanie thought Philip wouldn't. She wondered if it was a sin to be in love with a man who did bad things.

Stephanie said she was conflicted because Philip had so much good inside him. She mentioned how good he felt after making a big donation to Kayla's medical group. Father Matt didn't think he could help Stephanie, because she seemed to have decided about her future with Philip and it didn't seem like anyone would change her mind. Stephanie realized Father Matt was right -- she had made up her mind about Philip.

Stefano and E.J. invited Judge Fitzpatrick to the DiMera mansion in an attempt to convince her to rule in their favor in the custody case against Sami. E.J. told the judge that Sami's decision to withhold information regarding Grace's paternity until after the baby died showed she was an unfit mother. Judge Fitzpatrick said that, while she felt E.J.'s case was solid, there was no telling how it would turn out, because Sami could appeal the decision and get another judge.

Stefano tried to remind Judge Fitzpatrick that they donated to her election campaigns. She said she didn't realize there were conditions on those donations, and E.J. asked why she was so cooperative with the DiMeras in the past if she didn't know there were strings attached. She told E.J. that she had a career to protect, and E.J. said that was exactly why she needed to make sure Sami didn't get another judge. The judge didn't take kindly to E.J.'s attempt to bully her, so Stefano suggested another strategy. The judge started to leave, but E.J. stopped her.

He said he and Stefano were expecting her to help them keep Johnny away from Sami. E.J. and Stefano walked the judge to the door, and she said she couldn't promise them anything. Stefano said they were concerned with their future and the judge's. He asked if they could count on her. Judge Fitzpatrick said Sami's decision to keep Grace's paternity from E.J. was behavior that bordered on sociopathic, and Stefano said that was why Sami was not fit to raise Johnny.

After the judge left, E.J. told Stefano that he understood how Stefano felt when he told E.J. that he would do anything for his children. E.J. was angry that he did not see through Sami earlier. Stefano tried to calm E.J., reminding him that he had a wife who was willing to do anything to please him. Nicole was "loyal to the core," Stefano said.

Rafe checked up on Nicole and Mia's cover story that Nicole was a volunteer at a group for troubled teens, but the person on the phone said she had not volunteered there recently. He saw Brady in the Java Café and asked if Brady remembered the name of the program that Nicole volunteered for, but Brady said he didn't know, because he met Mia at a meeting. Brady asked what Rafe was investigating, and Rafe said it wasn't important.

Arianna walked in, and Brady excused himself. Rafe asked what was going on between her and Brady, but she denied there was anything between them. Arianna said Rafe was as annoying as Nicole, Brady's ex-girlfriend, because she tried to set Arianna up with Brady. Rafe found it interesting that Nicole and Brady were once involved.

Nicole snuck Johnny to Sami's place for a visit. Sami expressed her gratitude to Nicole for helping her, but she wondered what was in it for Nicole. Nicole said she only went behind E.J.'s back because it was the right thing to do, and because Johnny would be dragged through the mud. Sami asked if Nicole could convince E.J. to let Sami keep Johnny, but Nicole said she tried unsuccessfully. Nicole didn't think she could continue to sneak Johnny over to see Sami unless Sami convinced Rafe to back off. Nicole told Sami that Rafe had been digging around, probably to find information to use against E.J. in the custody battle. Nicole said she was on Sami's side, and Sami believed her.

Nicole thought if E.J. found out Rafe was snooping around, he would beef up security and Nicole wouldn't be able to sneak off with Johnny anymore. Nicole warned that if E.J. found out about Rafe and if E.J. won the custody hearing, Sami would never see Johnny again and there would be nothing Nicole could do to help Sami. Sami said Nicole was risking everything with E.J. for Sami and Johnny. Nicole reassured Sami that she was doing it for Johnny. She rushed Sami off to spend time with her son, saying she didn't have a lot of time before she had to get back home with Johnny.

Bo had a nightmare, thinking about what Zack told him about Ciara. Bo woke up and found Ciara sleeping in the bed between him and Hope. Hope said Ciara got into bed after Bo fell asleep. Hope sensed that Bo was upset. He told her about his vision of Zack in the graveyard and how Zack said that if Ciara lost Tommy bear, something bad would happen.

Hope told Bo that they would protect Ciara no matter what. Hope tried to calm Bo's fears, telling him that the last time he had a vision, it was meaningless and he tortured himself for nothing. Bo was adamant that he needed to trust his vision of Zack, because he helped them before with Theo. Bo said whatever Zack was trying to tell them had to do with Tommy bear.

Brady went for a walk in the park and ran into Philip, who was looking for Stephanie. Brady hadn't seen her, so Philip left. Arianna saw Brady and told him that she felt uncomfortable with Nicole trying to set them up. Arianna said she considered Brady to be more of a friend, and even if she was interested in him, she wasn't "pushy or desperate." Melanie walked by and overheard Arianna. She laughed and told Arianna, "Sure you are, girl. You're pushy, and you're desperate, because you have it bad."

Arianna denied that she had it bad or was desperate, and she denied knowing Melanie, but Melanie reminded her of who she was. Arianna told her that she and Arianna were not good enough friends to make any judgments and Melanie didn't know anything about her. Melanie said Arianna was blushing. Arianna said goodbye to Brady, and after she left, Melanie surmised that Brady had feelings for Arianna.

Arianna returned to the Java Café because she had forgotten her purse. Rafe noticed that Arianna seemed rattled, and he asked what was going on between her and Brady. Arianna denied having feelings for Brady. Rafe said he felt that Brady was an "all right guy," for what it was worth. Rafe told Arianna that he was going to the cemetery to place flowers on Grace's grave, and admitted he was going to visit Emily's grave, too. Rafe said he hadn't told Sami about Emily and wasn't planning to.

Sami hugged Johnny and thanked Nicole before Nicole took him back to the DiMera mansion. Sami looked at a picture of Grace and held it to her chest, vowing not to lose Johnny, no matter what it took. She also pledged to keep peace with Nicole.

Brady told Melanie not to harass him about Arianna. He said he considered Arianna to be a nice person. After he left, Arianna walked by. Melanie tried to get her attention. She asked if she and Arianna were friends. Arianna wasn't sure if Melanie was trying to embarrass her or just trying to be a matchmaker, but she told Melanie that it wouldn't work, because Nicole already tried to set her and Brady up and it didn't work out. Melanie asked what she meant by it not working out. Arianna said Brady didn't want to go out with her, and she didn't want to go out with him and she didn't want to talk about it again.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip called for Stephanie out on the terrace, but she wasn't home. He asked if Henderson had seen her, and he said she left awhile before. Philip left a message on her phone again, asking where she was, because he was worried. Philip noticed the bottle of pills Stephanie had been taking.

Sami put flowers on Grace' grave and told her that Johnny wanted to play with her, but Sami had told Johnny that Grace was playing with the angels. Sami promised to visit Grace on a regular basis. Then she saw Rafe in the cemetery. Rafe was placing flowers on Emily's grave. Sami asked who Emily was.

At the Java Café, Melanie planned to set up Arianna and Brady just like she set up Stephanie and Philip, but she wondered who would set her up. Melanie walked past a man, who was reading an article about the multi-million dollar donation that Hope had made to the charity for autistic kids, and he circled Hope's picture.

Bo told Hope that they needed to listen to Zack's warning to keep Ciara's bear safe. He said they needed to find a safe place for the bear. Hope asked what they would tell Ciara, and he said they would think of something, but the important thing was that they protected the bear and Ciara.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole told Johnny to keep his visit with Sami a secret, and then E.J. walked into the room.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At the new Horton house, Chloe arranged flowers in a vase and fantasized that Daniel was standing in the kitchen next to her. Chloe only returned to reality when Maggie called out her name. Chloe sheepishly admitted that she was thinking of Daniel. "I'm always thinking of him," Chloe said. Upset, Chloe confessed that she still loved Daniel and was worried that she would always love him.

Noting Maggie's surprised face, Chloe said that she had no second thoughts about her marriage to Lucas and was more committed to it than ever before. Wiping her eyes, Chloe told Maggie that the television show had showed her that she needed to avoid Daniel altogether. "I will never leave Lucas," Chloe firmly announced.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip grilled Daniel about Stephanie's pills. Citing doctor-patient confidentiality, Daniel declined to answer Philip's question and advised him to talk to Stephanie directly.

At St. Luke's, Stephanie concluded that she needed to break up with Philip. Concerned, Father Matt advised Stephanie that if she broke up with Philip again that it needed to be for good, so that it would not hurt Philip or her any more. When Philip called Stephanie's cell phone, Father Matt encouraged Stephanie to answer it. As a worried Philip asked Stephanie whether she was okay, a tearful Stephanie responded, "No. It's not all right." Stephanie told Philip that she was on her way home. "I'm gonna do what needs to be done," Stephanie said.

Outside Lucas and Chloe's new home, Kate found a basket of fruit on the doorstep. After reading the note from Daniel, Kate plucked a green apple out of the gift-wrapped basket and injected a drug into it. Kate placed the apple back in the basket and then walked away from the house.

Chloe walked outside to find the basket of fruit on her porch. As Chloe read the note from Daniel, Kate walked up and commented on the gift basket. Flustered, Chloe said hello quietly. Kate told Chloe that she knew Daniel was going to send her a fruit basket, and that he must have remembered that green apples were her favorite. When Chloe's face fell, Kate apologized for reminding Chloe about the affair.

Frustrated, Chloe mentioned that she planned on throwing out the whole basket of fruit. Kate urged Chloe to keep the gift, noting that "it was not a sin to eat some fruit." Kate reached into the basket, pulled out the poisoned apple, and offered it to Chloe. Chloe took the apple and began to take a bite, but stopped when she remembered that she needed to go pick up Allie. Kate offered to join her, and Chloe reluctantly agreed as she put the poisoned apple into her purse.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna went upstairs to get Allie while Chloe ordered a coffee for Kate. Kate sat at a table and set up her tape recorder in her purse in anticipation of recording a conversation with Chloe. When Kate looked back up from her purse, she found Allie holding the poisoned apple. Terrified, Kate called out, "No!" Confused, Chloe rushed over to check on Allie as Kate apologized for yelling and explained that she was startled. Chloe offered the apple to Allie, but Kate urged Chloe not to let Allie eat it so close to dinnertime. With a sigh, Chloe agreed with Kate's advice and placed the apple back in her purse.

At Salem Hospital, Maggie told Daniel that she believed, "the pain will go away with strength and discipline and then [Chloe] will out of your life for good." Angry, Daniel told Maggie that he was tired of her advice about Chloe because he would never stop loving her. "Nothing can take away what's in my heart. Not time, not God. Nothing," Daniel argued.

After leaving the Brady Pub, Chloe and Kate took Allie down to the pier to play with some friends. While Allie played nearby, Chloe fussed over Allie. Kate suggested that Chloe's overprotectiveness was because her blood sugar was low. Smiling, Kate urged Chloe to eat the apple. Shrugging, Chloe agreed and pulled the apple out of her purse. When Chloe looked up, she saw Daniel across the pier staring back at her.

With a malevolent smile on her face, Kate announced that Chloe was just about to eat one of the apples from Daniel's fruit basket. Kate excused herself to check on Allie, and Chloe lamented to Daniel that Kate would always hate her. "I can't do anything that doesn't hurt you in some way," Daniel said before apologizing to Chloe. Chloe thanked Daniel for his housewarming gift and then took a big bite out of the poisoned apple.

On the Kiriakis mansion terrace, a worried Philip pulled Stephanie into a hug and asked her about her prescription pills. Stephanie admitted that the pills were hers, but she added that she no longer needed the pills. "What changed?" Philip inquired. "You and me," Stephanie said softly.

Stephanie thanked Philip for all he had done for her, but added that he still could not provide her peace of mind. Crying, Stephanie admitted that she could not live with herself if she continued to lie to her family. Stephanie urged Philip to believe that it was not his fault, because he had told her at the start of their relationship that he would never change. Noting that neither Philip nor she could change, Stephanie told Philip that she had to leave him for good.

Philip blamed posttraumatic stress for Stephanie's decision, and Stephanie agreed, but added that the stress compelled her to look at the truth. Stephanie noted that she was hurt because of a family feud and that she was lying to her family in order to enable the continued criminal business practices of the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Pulling the ring off her finger, Stephanie noted that she could not hide the truth anymore if it meant that others would suffer.

Stephanie softly kissed Philip goodbye saying, "I just want you to be happy because I think you have a good heart. I know you do." Stunned, Philip stared down at the engagement ring as Stephanie walked away.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. overheard Nicole talking to Johnny about their "little secret." When E.J. asked what the secret was, Nicole started to explain that they were talking about eating ice cream before dinner. With a wide smile breaking across his face, E.J. urged Nicole not to tell him the secret. E.J. explained that if Johnny shared a secret with Nicole, it meant that they were getting closer.

After sending Johnny off to the kitchen for dinner, Nicole asked E.J. whether there were any updates regarding the custody dispute. E.J. admitted that the judge had visited and that he believed he would win sole custody of Johnny. When E.J. saw the sad look on Nicole's face after his announcement, he asked her for an explanation. Nicole admitted that she felt sorry for Sami, because she had spent time with Johnny when he was calling out for his mother and knew how much the separation hurt Johnny. E.J. shrugged off Nicole's argument stating that Johnny would forget about his mother in time. "Besides, difficulty in life builds character," E.J. concluded.

Shocked by her husband's statement, Nicole disagreed with E.J. Angry, E.J. accused Nicole of empathizing with Sami rather than her husband. "I lost a daughter. Not you," E.J. muttered. Fighting back tears, Nicole said, "I lost a daughter, too." Noting E.J.'s quizzical gaze, Nicole explained that she felt like she had lost a daughter because Grace had been the same age as Sydney.

Stefano interrupted the conversation, and E.J. swept out of the room in a huff. Concerned, Stefano asked whether Nicole and E.J. had been talking about Rafe's visit earlier that day. Nicole informed him that they did not discuss Rafe. When Stefano pressed Nicole for details, Nicole explained that Rafe had stopped by to talk to her about the upcoming custody dispute.

Stefano was unsure that the custody case was Rafe's only motive for visiting the mansion, and Nicole suggested that snooping was merely a bad habit of Rafe's left over from his F.B.I. days. Stefano wondered aloud about whether Rafe would learn the truth about Sydney, and Nicole vehemently refused to believe Rafe would ever find out that Sydney was Sami's daughter.

With a grunt, Stefano reminded Nicole that Rafe was an ex FBI agent who was devoted to Sami. Seeing the truth of Stefano's words, Nicole cracked and began to fret over the possibility of Rafe digging up the truth. Stefano promised to take an active interest in Rafe.

At the cemetery, Sami surprised Rafe as he put flowers on Emily's grave. Sami asked Rafe about Emily, but he refused to talk about it. Upset, Rafe asked Sami to promise to back off so that he could focus on her instead. Sami hugged Rafe in gratitude for his support, then pulled away and looked up at him smiling.

Sami informed Rafe about Nicole's visit with Johnny earlier. Noting, Rafe's surprise, Sami added that Nicole had mentioned Rafe's visit to the DiMera mansion. Rafe apologized for questioning Nicole, and then excused himself to run an errand. Standing alone in the cemetery, Sami gazed over at Emily's grave.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna informed Sami that Chloe had already picked up Allie. As Sami nodded silently, Arianna offered her condolences about Grace. Sami thanked Arianna for her kind words, and mentioned that she had just visited Grace at the cemetery. Sami then mentioned that she had seen Rafe at the cemetery, also, and that he was visiting the grave of a woman named Emily. When Sami asked about Emily, Arianna began to fidget and shift her eyes away.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rafe bellowed from the doorway of the Brady Pub. Furious, Rafe questioned why Sami was asking about Emily after he had told her he did not want to talk about her. Surprised, Sami apologized, citing that she did not understand that it meant so much to him. Still angry, Rafe lectured that Sami should have respected his wishes and he asked her to promise never to bring up Emily again.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maggie was bustling around her kitchen, gathering cleaning supplies for the next day's cleanup of the Horton cabin, when Melanie returned home from shopping. After a bit of beating around the bush, Melanie asked if Maggie and Nathan could not go to the cabin the next morning. She explained that she wanted to invite two friends for whom she was hoping to play matchmaker. Maggie understood, but wanted to know what was in it for Melanie.

Melanie insisted that she'd been trying hard to be a better person, and Maggie granted that Melanie had made some progress. Melanie confessed that she also hoped that her good deed might earn her some good karma, and then she might find someone who loved her for who she was. Maggie hugged her.

Arianna and Brady ran into each other-literally-outside the Brady Pub. They both apologized sheepishly. Arianna started to hurry off, but then reconsidered. After first acknowledging that she shouldn't even ask, she asked if Brady could convince Sami to stop seeing Rafe. She explained that she thought Sami was wrong for her brother. Brady was shocked, and thought Arianna should be happy if her brother and Sami were happy. Arianna conceded sarcastically that Brady was a better person than she was, and left.

Brady followed Arianna to the park and declared that he was worried about her. He asserted that she always seemed tense and high-strung-but he liked the fun, interesting girl he glimpsed when she occasionally allowed herself to relax. She confessed that she thought he was a nice guy, but she wasn't ready for a relationship.

Brady good-naturedly insisted that he wasn't hitting on her. They shared a laugh about how everyone in town seemed to want all the single people to pair off. They agreed that they didn't have to pretend to be friends in the future, but promised to remain friendly. They then said their goodbyes and left in opposite directions.

Brady returned to the pub and joined Melanie at a table, demanding to know why she'd summoned him. Spinning a cover story about why Maggie couldn't make it, she asked if he could help her clean the Horton cabin the next day. She promised to make it enjoyable by buying pizza and bringing music. Although he declared that she sounded like Tom Sawyer trying to sell him on a whitewashing job, he grudgingly consented.

Brady then went to Maggie's so they could ride to their meeting together. She noticed that he seemed distracted, and he confided that he couldn't stop thinking about a woman he'd met. Maggie eagerly asked for more details, but Brady was reluctant to divulge too much. He admitted that the girl seemed to like him, but they had each told the other that they weren't ready for a relationship. Maggie suggested that Brady take his time with this woman, because he hadn't been in recovery very long. Brady declared that Maggie was right, and he would make it a point to keep his distance.

Arianna got a text message from Melanie, asking to meet at the Java Café. When Arianna arrived, Melanie explained that she was supposed to help get her landlady's cabin ready for the summer, and could use some help. Melanie promised to make it fun, so Arianna reluctantly agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe ordered Sami never to ask any more questions about Emily again. Sami didn't understand why, because she loved Rafe and wanted to know everything about him, and Emily was obviously an important part of his past. Rafe was angry that Sami had broken her earlier promise by asking his sister about Emily. Sami admitted she was wrong. Rafe declared that if Sami reverted to her former ways-lying and sneaking around-then they were finished.

Sami wanted to know why Rafe got to keep secrets, but had to know everything about her. She added that she wanted to share everything with him because that's what people in love did-or so she thought. She declared that she couldn't bear his shutting her out, and left the pub in tears.

Rafe followed Sami back to the townhouse and implored her to listen to him. He tried to apologize, acknowledging that they had some trust issues-but he hoped they could work through them. Sami argued that her actions shouldn't have surprised him, because he should know that she was naturally curious and impulsive. "This is who I am," she added. "And if you can't handle that, then we don't have a future."

Rafe countered that they shouldn't give up on each other just because they fought-because arguments were part of life. "I love you," he declared. "I even love all the impulsive stuff you do. I just don't like the lying." He added that he didn't want to make her feel shut out. Sami softly assured Rafe that she loved him, too. They began to kiss passionately, and soon they were ripping off each other's clothing.

Lying in bed after they had made love, Rafe reassured Sami that he would never do anything to hurt her. Later, as they picked up their clothes from the living room floor, Sami offered to treat the two of them to some Chinese take-out. Rafe happily agreed, and went to take a shower while Sami called in their order.

After Rafe had gone, Sami opened her wallet and realized with chagrin that she didn't have enough cash. With a mumbled apology, she picked up Rafe's pants and removed his wallet from the pocket. As she pulled out some cash, she found a laminated card, a memento from Emily Hudson's funeral, and read the dates curiously.

In the park, Kate and Daniel watched as Chloe bit into an apple that Kate had poisoned earlier. Chloe made a face and declared that the apple tasted funny, and walked over to a trashcan to throw it away. Kate argued that Granny Smith apples were supposed to be sour, and petulantly told Daniel that his housewarming gift had been a bust. Exasperated, Chloe conceded, and took another bite to please her mother-in-law.

Kate then suggested that the three of them head to the Java Café to discuss the show, and Allie could have a treat. Just then, Allie ran up to Kate. Daniel and Chloe tried to beg off, but Kate persisted.

Soon they were at the Java Café. Kate turned on a recording device in her purse while Chloe and Daniel ordered coffees for the table, and Allie played nearby with a friend. When Daniel and Chloe returned with their drinks, Kate announced that they were going to do a show about the two of them, because she thought the audience should know the truth about them.

Lucas arrived to pick up Allie just in time to overhear, and asked what truth Kate was talking about. Kate explained that she wanted to do a segment about how Chloe had survived leukemia and then later donated bone marrow to Kate, and Daniel had been their doctor. Lucas thought it was a great idea, but Chloe insisted she hadn't really done anything. Daniel reminded her that it had been very brave of her, because she'd risked her life, and Lucas agreed.

Suddenly Chloe moaned and put her hand to her temple. Everyone fussed over her, but she maintained that it was merely a headache. Allie wandered over, and Lucas scooped his daughter up, noting with disapproval that she'd been eating ice cream when it was nearly dinnertime. Chloe pointed out that Kate had gotten it for the child-after not allowing her to eat an apple earlier. Kate just shrugged, maintaining that ice cream was much harder to resist.

Lucas left with Allie, after unsuccessfully imploring Chloe to return home with them. Kate ordered Daniel and Chloe to come up with some more ideas for the show, and then left for the office. Daniel insisted on giving Chloe a ride home so he could keep an eye on her, because she looked pale. Chloe argued that she was fine, but consented.

Kate listened to the tape she'd made of Chloe and Daniel, and began to edit it. After Kate had put everything away, Lucas arrived with some photocopies from Kate's assistant. Kate was apologetic for making Lucas work when he'd planned to spend the evening with Allie. Lucas was concerned because he hadn't been able to get in touch with Chloe, but Kate thought he was worrying needlessly.

Lucas asserted that Kate seemed unhappy with everything Chloe had done recently, even after giving Chloe a job she didn't really want. As if to prove his point, Kate began to malign Chloe's talents, until Lucas got fed up and headed for the door. Finally Kate conceded, insisting that she respected Chloe because she made Lucas happy. She added that she was also concerned about Chloe's headache because she hadn't called Lucas back.

Daniel held his arm around Chloe to steady her as they approached her front door. While she was searching for her keys, she began to get dizzy. Daniel put his hand to Chloe's forehead, and declared that she was burning up. Just then, Chloe's eyes rolled back in her head, and she collapsed into Daniel's arms.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Days of our Lives will return on Monday, July 6, and pick up where Wednesday, July 1's episode concluded.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today. This preemption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Days of our Lives will return on Monday, July 6, and pick up where Wednesday, July 1's episode concluded.

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