Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on DAYS

Kate poisoned Chloe and then tried to frame Daniel. Chloe told Nicole that she loved Lucas but was jealous Daniel might be with someone else. Arianna refused a date with Brady because she was hiding a secret from her past. Sami and Nicole agreed to a truce for the sake of their children. Chad questioned Will about Mia's troubled past.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, July 13, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate thought Lucas seemed too calm about Chloe's recent health scare, but he wasn't concerned because Chloe was just going to review her test results again. Lucas assured Kate that Chloe would eat the dish that Kate had prepared. After Lucas left the room, Kate poisoned the food.

Later, at the hospital, Daniel was in Chloe's room when Lucas walked in and apologized for interrupting. Lucas invited Daniel to their house to thank him for taking good care of Chloe. Daniel turned down the invitation and said he was doing double rotation all week. Then, he abruptly left the room. Lucas thought Daniel was acting rude in the way he turned down Lucas' invitation.

Kate's assistant, Chris, took the food with him that she had just poisoned and bumped into a man that Kate had invited over. Kate gave the man an envelope of money, and he handed her a key, saying he guaranteed that it would work. After the man left, Kate transferred Daniel's fingerprints onto the bottle of poison. Then, she took the key and left.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole assumed that E.J. planned to drop the custody suit against Sami because Stephanie's testimony could send E.J. to prison, but E.J. said he didn't change his mind -- he was just trying to determine the best course going forward. Nicole told him that she knew that he did everything for his kids, so giving up the custody suit wasn't a defeat, because Sami didn't win and E.J. didn't lose. E.J. asked Nicole to think about how she would feel if someone had lied to her about Sydney, and he vowed that someday someone would pay. Nicole started to say something, but she changed her mind and told him that she would to take Sydney to the park.

Sami asked Rafe to move in with her, but he was apprehensive because he wanted to make sure she was asking him to move in for the right reasons. Sami said that she consulted Mickey, and he advised her that E.J. couldn't use Rafe moving in with her against her in court. She felt that life was short and she wanted them to move on together. Rafe told Sami that moving on from Emily was one of the hardest things he had to do, but he told Sami not to doubt his love for her. She said she didn't doubt it.

Melanie could tell that something was bothering Philip, and he admitted that Stephanie broke off their engagement. Melanie was unfazed, because the two of them had broken up and gotten back together before. Melanie advised Philip not to be pushy, but also not to let Stephanie think that he had given up.

At the hospital, Nathan accidentally ran into Stephanie. He offered to buy her coffee, but they were interrupted by what he thought was his phone ringing. When he picked it up, he realized it was Stephanie's phone and someone named Philip was calling. Stephanie didn't answer the phone.

Melanie asked whether Philip was planning to leave a message for Stephanie, but he decided against it because it might be seen as stalking. Melanie volunteered to help at Titan while Stephanie was gone, but Philip didn't like the idea. In fact, he didn't think Stephanie would come back to Titan. Brady overheard what Philip said and demanded to know what Philip did to drive Stephanie away.

Nathan noticed that Stephanie seemed to be in a good mood until Philip called. Stephanie didn't want to talk about it, and she started to walk away, until he told her his name. Stephanie turned around, surprised to hear that he was a Horton. Nathan didn't understand Stephanie's reaction. Daniel asked Nathan for a medical file. Nathan couldn't find it, but Stephanie was able to.

Nathan heard Daniel say Stephanie's last name, and he realized whose daughter she was. They discussed their family trees. Then, Daniel asked Nathan to get back to work, so he said goodbye to Stephanie. Stephanie said next time she would wear shin guards, and Nathan blamed her sour mood on Philip.

Philip asked Brady why it was always his fault, and Brady insinuated that it was usually Philip's fault. Philip decided to leave instead of being insulted again, and when Brady sat down at the table with Melanie, she filled him in on the status of Stephanie and Philip's engagement. Melanie realized that Brady wasn't on a date with Arianna, even though Arianna had accepted, but Brady didn't want to talk about it.

Melanie decided to do damage control for Philip, and she picked up her cell phone. Brady cautioned Melanie against interfering with Philip and Stephanie. Melanie thought Brady was being disloyal, but Brady pointed out that if Philip and Stephanie had a real chance of getting back together, it should be their decision. Melanie thought that Philip and Stephanie were soul mates, but Brady pointed out that if that was true, they didn't need Melanie's help.

Melanie felt bad that Brady and Philip were both alone and miserable. Brady told her it wasn't her job to ease their pain. Melanie asked if he could talk to Philip about her filling in for Stephanie at Titan. Brady thought that Melanie's motive for wanting to work at Titan was to pursue Philip again. Melanie said she was over Philip. Brady warned her that Philip would be like "a powder keg ready to blow" if Stephanie really left him. Melanie agreed to give up on meddling in Philip and Brady's love lives.

Sami met Nicole and Sydney in the park at Nicole's request. Sami asked when she could see Johnny again, but Nicole said that things had changed. Sami begged Nicole to help her see her son. Nicole said she wasn't backing out of their deal -- she changed E.J.'s mind about the custody hearing. Sami was ecstatic. Nicole cautioned Sami not to let on that she and Nicole ever talked.

Nicole said she understood how relieved Sami was. She warned Sami to be careful with E.J., because he was still really angry at Sami. Nicole also wanted to keep her distance from Sami, because if E.J. ever found out that they talked, it could undo everything. Nicole assumed that E.J. was talking with his lawyer before he talked to Sami. Nicole was certain that E.J. was backing down unless something changed his mind.

Sami was overwhelmed with emotion after suffering the loss of Grace and then having Johnny taken away. Nicole warned Sami to act surprised whenever E.J. informed her of the news and to try to get along with E.J. Nicole also asked Sami to convince Rafe not to nose around in Nicole's business. Sami said she already talked to Rafe about it. Sydney's cries interrupted their conversation. Nicole let Sami hold Sydney while Nicole looked for Sydney's pacifier. Nicole gave the pacified to Sami and let her hold the baby a little longer. Sami commented on how Sydney had Nicole's eyes, causing Nicole to squirm.

Meanwhile, E.J. stopped by Sami's place while Rafe was unpacking his things. When Rafe answered the door, he told E.J. to call before coming over. E.J. said he was there to see Sami, and Rafe told him to talk to Sami's attorney if he had something to say to Sami. E.J. barged in, noticed that Rafe's boxes were in the living room, and asked if he was moving in. Rafe confirmed it and told E.J. that forcing his way into Sami's apartment the day before Stephanie testified against E.J. wasn't the best way for E.J. to paint himself in a good light.

E.J. suggested that Rafe shut up, because E.J. only wanted to talk to Sami. Rafe reminded him that Sami wasn't there and if E.J. wanted to talk to Sami, he needed to go through Sami's lawyer. E.J. asked where Sami was, and Rafe said he would have Sami's lawyer call E.J., and he ordered E.J. to leave. E.J. warned Rafe not to provoke him, because Rafe was the man who kept E.J.'s daughter away from him.

Rafe said he was willing to fight E.J., but wondered if E.J. was ready to fight Rafe himself or if he was going to have someone else do it for him. E.J. said he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. E.J. changed his mind about fighting Rafe, because he wanted to save his anger for "something really special." Rafe wasn't surprised that E.J. had backed out of the fight, but he was looking forward to it. E.J. told him to inform Sami that he had been there, and E.J. left. While he unpacked, Rafe found Emily's rings.

At the park, E.J. walked up on Sami while she was holding Sydney and asked what was going on. E.J. demanded that she hand over Sydney to him. He told Sami never to hold Sydney or touch her again. E.J. said that he was there to talk about Johnny. E.J. assumed that Nicole had told Sami that he was thinking about dropping the custody case.

Sami started to thank him, but he said there was no need to, because he started to feel differently once he discovered that Rafe was moving into Sami's place. Sami said that didn't make a difference, but it mattered to E.J. He felt that Sami didn't know anything about Rafe, and Sami said that she knew everything about Rafe that mattered.

Rafe unfolded a newspaper clipping, with the headline: "Bride-to-Be Dies Mysteriously."

Chloe and Lucas told Daniel that Dr. Patel didn't see any sign that the cancer had returned and the test results were the same as the previous ones. Daniel was relieved to hear the news. Lucas reminded Daniel that he had a taping later, but Daniel said he had left his clothes at home and needed to see six more patients, so Lucas needed to tell Kate that he couldn't make it. Lucas refused to tell his mother that Daniel was backing out of the show, so he asked for Daniel's keys and offered to get a production assistant to pick the clothes up and have them delivered to the set.

Kate let herself into Daniel's apartment and planted evidence. While she was hiding the poison, Chloe and Lucas arrived. She heard them outside and accidentally dropped her scarf before hiding in the closet. Chloe walked in, and Lucas noticed that something was upsetting her. He assumed it was her remembering the night of the explosion, but she remembered when she cheated on Lucas with Daniel in the apartment. Chloe sat down to compose herself. Then, she noticed Kate's scarf on the floor. Chloe picked up Kate's scarf and wondered if someone else was in the apartment.

Stephanie returned Philip's call to tell him not to call her again. Philip told her that he loved her, and she said she loved him, too, but that didn't change things between them.

Melanie saw Stephanie at the hospital, and Stephanie asked how she knew that Stephanie was there. Melanie said that Philip told her. Melanie wondered if she got the assistant's job, and Stephanie said she didn't know yet. Melanie told Stephanie that Philip looked awful. Stephanie didn't want to talk about it, and Melanie said that was why Stephanie would love Melanie's idea.

Melanie said that since Max and Chelsea had moved to London, Stephanie's best friend and Melanie's brother had left a void, so Melanie suggested they go out together. Stephanie didn't think she would be good company, but Melanie convinced her, saying she would tell Stephanie about the new man in Melanie's life, and Stephanie didn't have to talk about Philip. After Stephanie left, Melanie called Philip.

At the park, Brady asked Daniel why he was in a bad mood, and Daniel told him about his scare with Chloe. Daniel told Brady that he realized that he might lose Chloe when she got sick, and he realized he still loved her. Brady asked if they were still seeing each other, but Daniel said it was over and always would be.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the park, E.J. unleashed his anger on Sami over her relationship with Rafe. "I would love to go into a courtroom and have everyone learn who you are and what you are capable of. I am not afraid of you," Sami said defiantly. Nicole pleaded with Sami and E.J. to think about the children and discuss the custody matter like adults. E.J. asked Nicole to leave him alone with Sami, and, unsure, Nicole left reluctantly.

With a calmer voice, E.J. advised Sami that he was not threatening her, but Sami countered that Rafe was none of E.J.'s business. Both Sami and E.J. discussed the fact that a courtroom battle would be a gamble for either one of them, and E.J. agreed to discuss joint custody if Sami would answer a few questions about Rafe first.

After stating her conviction that Rafe was a good man, Sami turned to E.J. and stared into his eyes with a look of sadness. "You are the man that you never wanted to be," Sami said quietly. E.J. sat on the park bench in silence. Sami told E.J. that she saw the same look of relief in Nicole's eyes as she felt in her heart when Nicole told her that E.J. was going to drop the custody suit. Sami quietly pleaded with E.J. to not let their children be "chewed up in a DiMera battle." Sami explained that when Nicole told her that E.J. was going to drop the suit that she said to herself, "I should have known you still had a heart. But you don't, do you?"

With a deep sigh, Sami started to walk away. E.J. stopped Sami dead in her tracks when he announced that he would not push for full custody. As Sami turned to face E.J., he cautioned that he would still be a part of Johnny's life and that meant that he would investigate Rafe's past. E.J. explained that if he found anything unsavory in Rafe's past, then he would pursue full custody. "Be careful, Samantha. You're not a very good judge of character," E.J. said quietly. "You're proof of that. I never thought I'd feel sorry for Nicole," Sami said calmly.

At Daniel's apartment, Chloe showed Lucas the scarf she found on the floor and told him that she felt like someone else was in the apartment. Lucas jokingly told her to look around, and when Chloe smelled perfume in the air, she started to open the closet door where Kate was hiding. Lucas warned Chloe that it was none of their business who Daniel was dating, and ushered her out of the apartment.

Once Chloe and Lucas were gone, Kate stepped out of the closet into Daniel's living room. With a wicked grin on her face, Kate planted the vial of medicine she had used to poison Chloe in the apartment.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe stopped by to talk to Nicole about her fear that Daniel was seeing someone. Nicole attempted to help by encouraging Chloe to use the opportunity to move on from her relationship with Daniel. Slamming her fist on the couch, Chloe announced that after the shoot for Hearth and Home, she planned on severing all ties with Daniel so that he would not see her jealousy over the new woman.

After Chloe had left the mansion, E.J. arrived at home and told Nicole that he would be dropping the custody suit. E,J. cautioned that he would still investigate Rafe. Upset, Nicole expressed her concerns that E.J.'s interest in Rafe was due to his jealousy over Sami. E.J. protested that his interest in Rafe was purely due to his concern for Johnny, and also because he resented that Rafe had been a surrogate father to his daughter, Grace.

Trying to soothe her husband, Nicole told E.J. that she was proud of his decision to drop the custody suit, saying that it was for the best. Still bothered by Rafe, E.J. swore that for Johnny's sake, he wanted to be wrong about his suspicions.

Down on the pier, Daniel told Brady about his affair with Chloe and how he was struggling to get over her. Brady asked Daniel whether he was sure of Chloe's feelings. Frustrated, Daniel explained that Chloe was committed to making her marriage work.

Daniel went on to lament the fact that he was not the kind of guy who fell in love. "I don't know how you let her go," Daniel said to Brady. Shaking his head, Brady explained that he and Chloe were two different people that were not meant to end up together.

Still upset, Daniel explained that he felt like he was meant to be with Chloe and ,since he was working on Hearth and Home with her, he could not avoid her. Wanting to change the subject, Daniel asked Brady how his life was. "My life is perfect," said Brady before walking off smiling. Once Daniel was alone, he called Chloe's cell phone and left a voicemail pleading for her to meet him at Maggie's house before the television shoot.

At the Brady Pub, Brady stopped by to visit Arianna. Feeling guilty, Arianna apologized for being so short with Brady the last time they had spoken. Brady told Arianna that he appreciated her straightforwardness and honesty, and that he still wanted to take her out to dinner.

"I don't think I can do this," Arianna said. Taking a deep breath, Arianna explained that a former boyfriend was an addict and that she did not want to go through that again. Hurt, Brady told Arianna that he understood. As Arianna watched Brady leave the pub, she whispered, "I can't tell you the truth, Brady. I just can't."

While waiting for the television shoot to begin in Maggie's kitchen, Lucas asked Daniel about the new person he was seeing. Confused, Daniel asked Lucas why he thought Daniel was seeing someone. Lucas started to explain Chloe's theory, when Kate interrupted and pulled Lucas into the back bedroom to talk privately.

When Lucas returned to the kitchen, he announced to Chloe and Daniel that he was flying off to Hong Kong that night to take care of some company business. Lucas returned to the back bedroom to talk to Kate about the trip, and once Daniel was alone with Chloe, he pleaded with her to talk to him. Unnerved, Chloe dismissed Daniel's request.

Kate's assistant delivered the food from Daniel's apartment, not knowing that Kate had spiked the food earlier with medicine to poison Chloe. Oblivious, Chloe and Daniel taped their segment for Hearth and Home, and Chloe took a big bite out of the poisoned food for the camera. Once the segment was wrapped, Daniel renewed his request with Chloe to talk privately. Ignoring Daniel, Chloe announced that she was going to drive Lucas to the airport.

At Sami's apartment, Rafe looked at an old news clipping about Emily's death. Worried, Rafe burned the clipping in an ashtray. Just as the embers of the fire burned out, Will arrived at home. Rafe tried to get Will to wait for Sami to return home, but Will refused. Sniffing the air, Will asked Rafe what was burning. Nervous, Rafe yelled at Will that he had burned breakfast. Sighing, Rafe apologized for barking at Will and worried that he had spoiled things between Will and Sami.

Will advised Rafe that Sami was the problem, not Rafe. Frustrated, Rafe argued that he had encouraged Sami to lie to E.J. because the DiMera family had ordered people murdered. Worried that he was hurting Sami's relationship with her son even more, Rafe offered to move out if it meant that Will would go home.

Surprised by Rafe's offer, Will asked Rafe whether he meant what he said. Rafe reasoned that Will was not allowing himself to grieve for Grace and Johnny, and was instead channeling all of his anger toward his mother. Rafe urged Will to try to let go his anger, because he did not need to grieve on his own.

When Sami got home, she was shocked to receive a warm hug from Will. Sami told Will and Rafe about her confrontation with E.J., and let them know that he was going to drop the custody suit. Will apologized for being a jerk, but Rafe interrupted to advise Sami and Will to skip the fault and go right toward being happy again. Will headed out to run an errand, but promised to return.

Once Will was gone, a stunned Sami asked Rafe how he had changed Will's attitude toward her. Hugging Rafe, Sami said, "I'm so lucky to have you."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sami and Rafe were at the townhouse, enjoying each other's company while they waited for Allie and Johnny to arrive. Sami was excited that everyone would be together for a family dinner that night, but gazed wistfully at a photo of Grace. They then bickered lightheartedly about the lack of space Sami had given Rafe when he'd moved his things into the townhouse. She offered to help him unpack, but he hinted mischievously that they should enjoy their time alone while they could.

Sami caught his drift, and they began kissing. She yelped when she felt something jabbing her from under the couch cushion, and was surprised to find that it was a large pepper mill. Rafe explained that it was a souvenir from a trip to Mishawaka, Indiana. He then suggested that they move into the bedroom.

As they were leaving the living room, Sami was horrified to spy a painting of dogs playing poker peeking out from among Rafe's boxes. Rafe feigned offense at Sami's reaction, pretending to be excited to finally have a place to hang his work of art. Sami played along uncomfortably. "It's your home, too, now," she said, "and I want your taste to be reflected here." Finally Rafe confessed that he was kidding. Sami pretended to be furious, but soon they were kissing again.

As Sami sat back down on the sofa, something else poked her. She reached between the cushions and removed a velvet box, and her eyes widened when she saw the rings inside. She laughed, apologizing for ruining Rafe's surprise, but when she saw his expression, she realized the rings were Emily's. Rafe took the box from her, mumbling an apology. Sami assured him that he didn't have to apologize for wanting to keep something to remember Emily by. Rafe smiled, declaring that Emily was his past, but Sami was his future. He then led her into the bedroom.

As Sami searched for her keys later, she found a rattle that Caroline had given to Grace. It upset Sami for a moment, but Rafe thought it was good to have some of Grace's things around, since she would always be a part of their family. Sami agreed, noting affectionately that Rafe was just a big softie on the inside, despite his tough-guy appearance.

Will found E.J. playing with Johnny and Sydney in the park. Will was grateful that E.J. had dropped the custody suit against Sami, but wondered why. E.J. explained that Nicole had helped him see that it wasn't in Johnny's best interest. Will said that he and his mom had worked things out, because Rafe had similarly helped Will see he'd been acting like a jerk. E.J. assured Will that he wanted their relationship to remain the same, despite the tension between E.J. and Sami.

Will said that he'd made a computer portfolio of stories and pictures of Grace, and offered to email it to E.J. A grateful E.J. thanked him warmly, and Mia arrived as the two of them were shaking hands. While E.J. and Will talked, she peeked into Sydney's stroller. Will was surprised when he noticed her there. He started to introduce Mia to E.J., but E.J. noted that they'd already met.

When Will took Johnny to play on the swings, E.J. remarked that he'd seen Mia at Grace's funeral. Mia explained that she and Will were friends, and she'd babysat for Grace a few times. She declared that she could tell that E.J. was a great dad, adding, "And it really helps to know that." E.J. was a little taken aback, so Mia clarified that she loved kids-like Grace and Johnny-and wanted them to be taken care of the way they deserved. E.J. chuckled, noting that Mia was far too young to be so serious.

Will returned with Johnny, and then he and Mia left for a movie. E.J. watched them go, remarking to Johnny with a smile, "There is something very strange about that girl."

Will and Mia went to the Java Café, disappointed that their movie had been sold out. Mia froze briefly when she saw Chad behind the counter, talking to Kinsey. Will offered to take Mia somewhere else, but Mia insisted that Kinsey didn't bother her.

Kinsey followed Chad's gaze and made a snide remark about how she didn't understand what he'd seen in the bland Mia. Chad told Kinsey to knock it off, remembering how he'd asked Mia on a date in high school, kissing her near their lockers. He glowered watching her laugh with Will, but asked Kinsey how long Mia and Will had been together. Chad was surprised when Kinsey replied that they'd met after Mia got out of rehab.

While waiting for Sami, E.J. held Sydney in his lap, quietly assuring her that she would still see get to see Johnny. "But I promise you this: I'm never going to let you go anywhere."

When Sami arrived, Johnny ran up to meet her, jumping into her outstretched arms. Sami thanked E.J., who told her that he'd put a copy of their visitation schedule in Johnny's bag. E.J. then gave Johnny a goodbye kiss and a playful tickle. Rafe arrived, putting his arm around Sami and Johnny as he escorted them out of the park. E.J. watched them leave, declaring to himself, "Enjoy it while it lasts, Samantha, because it won't last long."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Philip discussed his breakup with Stephanie. Kate was confident that they would get back together. Philip informed her that Stephanie never wanted to see or hear from him again, and had even quit her job at Titan. "She's moving on, and I need to do the same," he said.

Stephanie had just greeted Nathan and Maggie at the hospital when Lexie interrupted with a question for Stephanie. "When can you start?" Lexie asked, beaming. Stephanie was thrilled to hear that she'd gotten the job she'd interviewed for. Lexie, Maggie, and even Nathan hugged her in congratulations. After Maggie left, Stephanie told Lexie that she could start any time. Lexie replied that there was an orientation later that afternoon that Stephanie could attend.

Melanie called to make sure Stephanie still planned to go with her out to the Horton cabin that day. Stephanie told her about the orientation, but Melanie promised that Stephanie would be back in plenty of time. When Nathan learned where Stephanie was headed, he lightheartedly cautioned her not to play cards with Melanie.

Melanie then called Philip, whom she'd also invited to the cabin for the afternoon. Maggie arrived home and overheard Melanie promise that Philip would have "the best time ever," and asked what she was up to. With a grin, Melanie explained that she was simply using her innate sneakiness, but for good-to get Stephanie and Philip back together. Maggie noted with a twinkle in her eyes that matchmaking had turned out badly for Jane Austen's Emma. Melanie countered that Emma had won the "really rich guy with great hair" in the end.

Stephanie arrived at the cabin, and pulled her swimsuit out of her bag. She absentmindedly began to remove her engagement ring, but then remembered that she no longer had it. "I know I'm doing the right thing," she said with a sigh. "When's it going to start feeling like that?"

Philip and Melanie arrived a short time later, arguing about her dropping his cell phone into the water. Melanie urged him to relax and go for a swim until it dried out, then realized she'd left something on the dock. She ran back out to get it, and met Stephanie on the path. She told Stephanie that they'd go for a swim when she got back, and hurried off.

Stephanie went inside and began to change into her swimsuit. She'd just taken off her blouse when a shirtless Philip walked in the back door, surprising them both. As they put their clothes back on, Philip assured Stephanie that it hadn't been his idea. He urged her not to be too angry with Melanie, who only wanted to be Stephanie's friend.

Melanie was disappointed when she returned to find Philip on his way out the door. Stephanie stopped him, pointing out that it was hot outside, and the next ferry didn't leave for a couple of hours. Melanie noted that Stephanie still cared about Philip, and ordered the two of them to work out their unfinished business. She strode back outside.

Stephanie acknowledged that Melanie meant well, but she didn't see what she and Philip had to talk about. Philip declared that he'd only wanted to make Stephanie happy, and he would always love her. "I love you, too," replied Stephanie, while a pleased Melanie watched from outside.

As Chloe walked on the waterfront, Kate called to see how Chloe was faring, since Lucas was out of town on business. She urged Chloe to enjoy the beautiful weather on her day off. As Chloe hung up, suddenly she doubled over in pain, clutching her stomach, and collapsed on the sidewalk.

While Chloe was unconscious, she hallucinated that Daniel found her and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When she came to, she thanked him for saving her, kissing him passionately. Daniel kissed her back, but then said he had to leave. "I had to move on. It's too late for us," he said. Chloe begged him not to go, but Daniel left her there on the pavement.

Meanwhile, Kate found Chloe where she lay lifeless, and regarded her daughter-in-law impassively. "You know what, Chloe? It's going to get a lot worse."

Kate then went to Daniel's apartment, because she'd left several messages for him about the show, and he hadn't returned them. She was surprised to find him packing-and to learn that he was quitting both the show and the hospital. Kate pretended to be sorry, but thought to herself that his leaving would only help to prove his guilt. She asked him to stay to tape one more show to help Chloe. Daniel didn't buy that it could possibly help Chloe. Kate acknowledged that the last few months had been difficult for him, but added, "All I'm asking you to do is stay just a little bit longer so everything will turn out exactly the way it should."

Soon Chloe was in the emergency room, where a paramedic informed Lexie and Nathan that Chloe had a high fever and a weak, erratic pulse. While a worried Lexie was ordering blood tests, Chloe suddenly had a seizure. Lexie shouted, "Code blue!" and called for a crash cart.

A while later, Nathan reported that Chloe's pulse had steadied, and her fever had dropped. Lexie was relieved, but baffled as to why. She ordered Nathan to pull all of Chloe's medical records.

Chloe, still unconscious, dreamed that she and Daniel had a blissful life together, complete with a baby and successful careers for them both.

As Lexie pored over Chloe's files, Nathan informed her that Lucas was still on a plane to Hong Kong and out of touch. Lexie grew frustrated that she couldn't figure out what was wrong with Chloe, muttering to herself that she would have to page Daniel. Chloe stirred just then, and Lexie rushed to her side. "Don't call Daniel," Chloe moaned. "I don't want him anywhere near me." Lexie firmly stated that Daniel was their best shot at finding out what was wrong with Chloe.

Daniel arrived at the nurses' station, and gave his letter of resignation to Nurse Maxine, and instructed her to give it to Lexie.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate gave an envelope full of cash to a man. She told him it was payment in full, adding, "Enjoy your retirement in Tahiti." He replied, "Glad I never got on your bad side." Once Kate closed the door, she listened to the tape she'd doctored. On it, Daniel's voice told Chloe, "If I can't have you, no one will." Kate stopped the tape. "Checkmate," she declared.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bo and Hope threw a birthday party for Ciara, and a mysterious man watched them from behind the bushes. Abe took Theo to the party, and Caroline greeted them. Hope served some cupcakes, and Theo selected one. Abe thanked Hope for the generous donation she gave to the autism charity. Hope said the donation was supposed to be anonymous. Bo told Abe that Ciara referred to Theo as "her best boy friend."

They bonded over Theo and Ciara's friendship, and Abe asked whether Bo was having any more visions. Bo admitted that he was still having them. Bo said in his vision, Zack warned him that if Ciara lost her teddy bear, something bad would happen, so he and Hope put the bear in a closet. Bo said he didn't want to take any chances. The stranger watched from the bushes as Ciara's friend drew a heart on Nathan's face.

Bo and Hope cleaned up after the party, and Hope asked another parent, Ellen, to watch the girls. Ciara thanked her friend, Tracy, for letting Ciara have her bear. Tracy ran off, so Tracy's mother ran after her, but asked Ciara to go with her. Instead of following Tracy's mother, Ciara stayed behind, and the mysterious stranger walked up to Ciara and asked if it was her birthday. Ciara nodded, indicating yes, and the stranger said it was his birthday, too.

Then Ciara told him that she wasn't supposed to talk to strangers. The man said they weren't strangers -- they were birthday buddies. He offered her a lollipop. Ciara took the lollipop, and the man told her that he had a lot more lollipops. The man told Ciara goodbye, and Tracy's mother returned with Tracy. She thought that Ciara was right behind her. Bo and Hope returned, as well, and told Tracy and her mother about the party favors. Hope asked Ciara where she got the lollipop, and Ciara said her friend gave it to her. Hope offered to open the lollipop.

At the Horton cabin, Philip and Stephanie admitted that they still loved each other, and Philip asked Stephanie how they could break up if they loved each other. Melanie watched from outside and admired her matchmaking handiwork. Brady walked up and demanded to know why she was there.

Brady said he had stopped by to find his wallet. He saw Philip and Stephanie through the window and asked if Melanie was trying to get Philip and Stephanie back together. Stephanie said there were many reasons why they couldn't be together, but Philip didn't want to hear it, so he kissed her. Brady told Melanie that Arianna turned him down when he asked her out. Melanie was determined to find out why Arianna didn't want to date Brady. He wondered what was in it for her.

Stephanie stopped kissing Philip and told him that they couldn't continue. Philip knew why Stephanie didn't want to give them a chance. He mocked her reasons, then apologized, saying that he was hurting. Stephanie started to leave, but Philip told her that he couldn't let her go. Brady pointed out that Melanie used to have feelings for Philip, but Melanie told Brady that she was over Philip.

Melanie said she felt guilty about the bad things she had done to Philip and Stephanie. She knew that they loved each other, but they just needed someone to push them together. Philip asked Stephanie for another chance, and she said it wouldn't work out. Then she left. Philip tried to go after her, and Stephanie told Melanie that she couldn't believe Melanie tried to force them back together. Melanie apologized to Stephanie, and Stephanie said she wasn't angry at Melanie -- she just wanted to leave. Brady convinced Philip to go back inside to give Stephanie her space.

Melanie refused to apologize for what she did, because Stephanie and Philip belonged together. Stephanie told Melanie a story about how she used to watch romantic comedies with her mother, but she said those movies don't tell you that even if you're in love with someone, if you don't share the same values and believe in the same things, it wouldn't work.

Brady told Philip that it was insane to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result. Philip said he couldn't let Stephanie go. Stephanie said goodbye to Melanie, and Philip watched from the window as Stephanie left. Brady went outside and asked Melanie how things went with Stephanie, but Melanie didn't have good news to report.

Melanie gave Philip the go-ahead to yell at her for what she tried to do, but Philip said he didn't hate her, because she meant well, and he realized that there was nothing he could do to change Stephanie's mind. Melanie thought that Stephanie would get over it. Melanie suggested that Philip write Stephanie a letter, but Philip thought that Stephanie would see that as pressure, and it would turn her off even more. Melanie wondered if Philip was giving up.

At the Java Café, Kate complained to her assistant, Chris, that Daniel and Chloe were stiff in front of the camera. Chris asked if Kate thought that Chloe was the reason Daniel was leaving the show, and Kate said that Daniel had "a thing" for Chloe and suggested that something might have happened between them. Kate said that while she hated to lose Daniel, she was lucky he was leaving the show, because he could cause problems with Chloe.

At Maggie's house, Chris told one of the crew from Hearth and Home that Daniel had quit the show. Maggie overheard him and asked why Daniel was quitting. Chris said it was because Daniel was putting Chloe in a sour mood. Maggie demanded to know what happened between Daniel and Chloe, and Kate chimed in, saying there was nothing to talk about and that Daniel just asked to be let out of his contract. Kate left, and Maggie took the opportunity to grill Chris on what happened between Daniel and Chloe.

Chris tried to sidestep Maggie's questions, but she wouldn't let up. Kate called while they were talking, and Chris told her what Maggie was doing. Kate gave Chris the okay to tell Maggie what happened, but asked that Kate's name be kept out of it. Kate said Maggie had the right to know, because she was family. Chris got off the phone and spilled the beans to Maggie. Chris told Maggie that there was tension between Chloe and Daniel on-screen and off-screen.

At the hospital, Daniel tried to give his letter of resignation to the head nurse, but she refused to take it and ordered him to hand it to Lexie. Meanwhile, Chloe told Lexie that she didn't want Daniel to examine her. Lexie felt that Daniel needed to be involved, because he was more qualified to diagnose her. Lexie gave Chloe a sedative, and Chloe explained that she didn't have problems with Daniel as a doctor, but as a man. Daniel approached the door, but Lexie barred him from going inside the room.

Daniel asked Lexie why she was keeping him away from a patient. Lexie said she had things under control and suggested that he go home. Daniel gave Lexie his resignation letter, and Lexie was shocked. She told him that everyone appreciated him, but Daniel said it wasn't about appreciation. He needed a change professionally and personally. Lexie remembered how much Chloe didn't want Daniel involved in her case, so Lexie asked if his decision had anything to do with one of his patients.

Meanwhile, Chloe kept fantasizing about the times she and Daniel made love, but she kept reminding herself that she loved Lucas. Daniel told Lexie that he decided to leave on his own -- no extenuating circumstances -- he just needed to move on. Lexie asked if she could talk Daniel out of leaving, but he said she couldn't.

Lexie went back into Chloe's room and tried to figure out how Daniel's resignation was tied to Chloe. Nathan saw Daniel in the locker room and asked why Daniel was quitting. He said it was time for a change. Nathan was sorry that he didn't get the chance to know Daniel better, and he wished Daniel good luck. Daniel looked at Chloe's room and remembered their last conversation when Chloe said they had nothing to discuss and weren't part of each other's lives anymore.

Chloe dreamed that Daniel entered the room and refused to leave. She fantasized that Daniel told her there was nothing wrong with them falling in love, and then she told him that he couldn't be a part of her life ever. Chloe moaned, "No, Daniel" in her sleep. Lexie heard her and wondered what Daniel did to Chloe. The head nurse gave Lexie the third set of diagnostic tests, but there was no way to tell what was wrong with Chloe. Lexie ordered another round of tests.

At Daniel's apartment, he was packing when he noticed his shirt, which Chloe once borrowed. He remembered their time together and clutched it. Daniel threw the shirt away, but he picked it up and put it in his suitcase. Daniel told himself that he could leave as long as Chloe was happy. He still didn't see the poison that Kate planted in his apartment.

Chloe imagined Daniel being in her room again, but in reality, it was Kate. Kate said that she went to the hospital as soon as she heard Chloe was sick. Kate admitted that Lexie told her that Chloe was in the hospital, and they couldn't find Lucas. Chloe said that she fainted on the pier, and she would feel better if the doctors knew what was wrong with her.

Kate said Lexie told her that Chloe didn't want Daniel to treat her. Kate said that was a good decision, since Chloe and Daniel used to be lovers. Kate apologized for forcing Daniel and Chloe to work together. Chloe said she couldn't do it anymore, and Kate said that wouldn't be a problem. Kate noticed that Chloe's color was returning to her cheeks. Kate told her that Daniel quit the show, which meant that after the next taping, Chloe never had to see Daniel again.

Stephanie asked the head nurse where orientation was, but on the way there, she got a call from Brady, who asked if she was okay. Stephanie said she had a lot on her mind. Brady tried to tell her that Philip still loved her, but she didn't want to talk about Philip ever again. Stephanie got choked up and thanked Brady for calling to check up on her. Brady didn't believe Stephanie. Stephanie ran into the locker room, crying, and Nathan asked if he was okay. She tried to pull herself together, but it was useless. She cried in Nathan's arms.

Philip considered whether Brady was right and he was too controlling. Philip thought that if Stephanie wasn't willing to meet him halfway, maybe they shouldn't be together. He thanked Melanie for trying to help, then offered to take her away on a speedboat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

At Maggie's, Nathan caught Melanie using a purloined computer password to cheat on a nursing exam. Melanie confessed that she wanted to do well to disprove the people who didn't think very highly of her. Nathan argued that nursing wasn't supposed to be about her self-esteem; it was about helping others. Melanie replied flippantly that she was only going into nursing for the paycheck.

Nathan told Melanie about the car wreck that had left Maggie paralyzed when she was young. Maggie had feared spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair, but then Nathan's Uncle Bill had performed surgery, and Maggie was able to walk again. Nathan clarified his point: doctors and nurses did what they did because they had a passion for helping people. "If you don't have that same passion, then I suggest you find another career," he declared.

Melanie could tell that Nathan was passionate about medicine, too, but quietly joked that she was better at wrecking lives than saving them. Nathan suggested that Melanie try to respect herself more-starting with taking the nursing test without cheating.

Brady had just gone for a swim, and went into the Kiriakis living room to grab his forgotten towel and dry off. Victor suggested that the two of them have a late breakfast at the Brady Pub. Brady confessed that he'd rather go somewhere else, because he'd had a run-in with the new manager there.

Victor wanted to know what was going on between Brady and the woman, concerned that romantic problems could affect Brady's work and sobriety. Brady asserted that his grandfather was a misogynist who distrusted all women. Victor changed the subject, wondering why any woman wouldn't want to get her claws into a catch like Brady.

Brady replied that the woman was only protecting herself from getting hurt, because he'd told her that he was a recovering drug addict. Victor declared that the woman was a "damn fool" who didn't deserve Brady if she couldn't recognize that he was a good and honest man with a great future.

Once Brady had finished dressing, Victor declared that he was proud of his grandson for facing and defeating his demons. Brady was surprised, but appreciative. Victor then maintained that Brady would meet the right woman one day-and she would be well worth the wait.

While Rafe was doing some more unpacking at the townhouse, Arianna knocked on the door. He was excited when she presented him with a bag full of jalapeńo blue-corn muffins, and offered her his painting of dogs playing poker as thanks. Arianna surmised that he was getting rid of it because he was moving in with Sami, and admitted she was surprised it had taken him so long.

When Rafe teased sarcastically that Arianna must approve of his move, she clarified that she just thought Rafe and Sami were moving a little too fast. Sensing that she was about to bring up Emily, Rafe insisted, "It is different this time-completely different." Arianna urged him to be careful, adding that she knew it would be a mistake to get involved with someone after everything that had happened.

Rafe asked if there were someone she might otherwise be interested in. Arianna admitted there was a guy who seemed pretty great-but he was a recovering addict. Rafe argued that the past didn't have to dictate a lonely future, but Arianna asserted that she liked her uncomplicated life.

At the Brady Pub later, Arianna arrived for work and found Melanie sitting alone, eating an ice-cream sundae. She teased Melanie, who maintained that she deserved a splurge after bombing her nursing exam. Melanie explained that she'd let Nathan convince her to take it on her own instead of buying the answers off of the Internet. Arianna assured Melanie she'd done the right thing.

Melanie then asked why Arianna had turned Brady down. Arianna replied that although she liked Brady, she couldn't risk being with someone in recovery, no matter how long he'd been sober. Melanie urged Arianna to just give Brady a chance. When Arianna refused to discuss it further and headed behind the bar, Melanie went outside with her phone.

Soon, Brady met Melanie on the waterfront. Melanie tried to tell him that Arianna liked him, but Brady didn't want to get sucked into another of Melanie's matchmaking schemes. Melanie insisted that Arianna and Brady had a connection beyond mere attraction. "Give Ari a chance," she urged. Brady replied, "I'm sorry; I can't." Melanie left, sighing and shaking her head.

As Arianna wiped down the bar, she remembered how she and Brady had nearly kissed at the cabin. She shook herself out of her reverie with a frown. She made a surreptitious phone call later, revealing that she'd gotten the manager's job at the Brady Pub, adding, "Everything's set up, and we're good to go." When she hung up, Brady was behind her. "What's a guy got to do to get some service in here?" he demanded playfully. Arianna smiled in spite of herself.

Melanie hurried out of the elevator at the hospital, worried that Maxine would bust her for being late, and found Nathan near the nurses' station. Nathan reassured her that Maxine was on a break, and then disclosed that he had the results from Melanie's exam. Certain that she had flunked it, Melanie cursed herself for trying to do something honest and respectable.

Nathan interrupted Melanie's ranting to tell her that she'd passed. Melanie was thrilled, but then backpedaled, crediting her photographic memory. Nathan asserted that she was smart-and she might be cut out for nursing after all. Melanie noted that no one except her brother had ever rooted for her. Nathan pointed out that she still owed him dinner. Melanie grinned. "You're on!"

Stefano sat at the chess table in the living room, reading over a dossier about Rafe. He read that Rafe had been top of his class at the FBI, noting with some disgust that Rafe had left the bureau for Samantha. Stefano chuckled with satisfaction when he came to a page about Emily Hudson.

Nicole pushed Sydney's stroller through the park, where she found Sami playing with Johnny and Allie. While the kids played nearby in the sandbox, Sami expressed her gratitude to Nicole for helping her get Johnny back. She hugged Nicole impulsively, but quickly pulled away, apologizing. The two women chuckled uncomfortably about how weird it would have been if someone else had seen them.

Sami confided that she'd been afraid E.J. wouldn't keep his word about dropping the custody suit. Nicole posited that, despite being grateful, Sami still didn't trust her, or believe that she could do something selfless. Sami admitted that Nicole was right. Nicole asserted that she didn't think it was fair for Sami to lose Johnny right after Grace's death, and that was why she'd fought for Sami. Nicole added that she felt the kinship of motherhood with Sami, adding, "We both lost our little girls."

Sami asked what Nicole was talking about. Nicole explained that Sydney had stopped breathing the day after she was born, and she and E.J. had thought they might lose their daughter. Although Nicole quickly apologized for comparing her situation to Sami's, Sami was confused and upset as to why she had.

Sami guessed that Nicole felt guilty, because Grace had died but Sydney was healthy, and assured Nicole that she understood. Tickling Sydney playfully, Sami told the girl, "You would have loved your sister. I'm so sorry you didn't get to know her." Nicole hoped that, despite the pain, Sami could start to rebuild her life. Sami stated that she never could have gotten through Grace's death without Rafe.

Sami then asked if she and Nicole could declare a truce, explaining that she wanted to honor Grace by letting go of trivial things like grudges. Nicole agreed warmly, adding, "As far as the truce, I think that was struck when Grace went to heaven."

Rafe arrived just then, and was stunned to find the two women sitting together and smiling. Sami hugged him and told him about the truce, and left to retrieve the twins from the sandbox. Rafe remarked that he was glad Sami and Nicole had worked things out. Nicole confided that motherhood had changed her, and even made her protective of other people's children. When Rafe noted that must have been why she'd been grieving at Grace's grave, Nicole was irked. Rafe just shrugged that he never knew what to think when it came to Nicole.

A defensive Nicole was trying to justify her grief when Sami returned with the twins. Nicole said affectionate but somewhat abrupt goodbyes to Johnny, Allie, and Sami, and then left with Sydney. Sami asked Rafe what he'd said to Nicole.

Nicole returned to the mansion, and was about to pour herself a drink when Stefano caught her. When she snapped at him, Stefano remarked that she seemed on edge. Nicole demanded to know why Stefano hadn't taken care of Rafe. She ranted about how suspicious the guy was, and how worried she was that he would find out the truth about Sydney, until an exasperated Stefano interrupted.

After Sami put the twins down for a nap back at the townhouse, Rafe massaged her shoulders. Sami noted that he hadn't answered her question earlier. Rafe explained that Nicole always thought he was accusing her of something. Sami stated that she just wanted them all to move on, and look to the future. Rafe thought the best way to do that was to keep Grace alive in their hearts, and to never give up on themselves or each other.

Sami offered to hang up Rafe's dogs-playing-poker painting, to show him how important he was to her, but he declined. He declared that she was his soul mate, and he wasn't going anywhere. "I am so lucky to have you," replied Sami, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Stefano urged Nicole to be patient, because he had a plan to make Samantha doubt Rafael Hernandez on every level. Nicole was skeptical, but Stefano assured her that she didn't have to worry about those two. "There is, however, someone that you do have to worry about," he added ominously.

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