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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rafe asked Sami on a picnic date at their secret spot, but Sami wanted to show Rafe her secret spot. On their way out, Sami noticed a noise and wondered what it was. Rafe said the air conditioner was broken. Sami wanted to call a repairman, but Rafe said that would take too long. He volunteered to fix it. Sami held the ladder while Rafe was standing on it trying to fix the air conditioner. She stepped away from it, and he fell. She freaked out and, after he told her that he was okay, she cried in his arms about how she couldn't lose him.

Sami complained that she overreacted to things and was sad all the time, but Rafe understood, since she was still grieving. She wanted that feeling to go away, and he said you never get over losing someone -- you just get better at dealing with it over time. Rafe said he thanked God every day that he had found Sami.

Sami suggested that Rafe get changed and they would meet up later at her secret spot. Rafe emerged from his shower, refreshed and singing, and then he read Sami's note and was worried about the secret place that Sami picked for their picnic. While she set up the picnic, Sami saw a woman crying and yelling, "Emily."

At the Brady Pub, Arianna told Brady that she needed to clear some things up. She felt bad about the way she left things between the two of them. Arianna admitted that Brady made her nervous. She offered to get him something to eat for free as a way to make it up to him. He asked for a protein shake.

Arianna served Brady his shake, complete with an extra banana, the way Brady liked it. Arianna apologized for confusing him. Then she proposed that they start over. She re-introduced herself to him. After Brady finished his shake, he paid for it, and Arianna told him that she was offering it for free, but he insisted on paying. Arianna said that when she turned down his date proposal, she took the cowardly way out.

Brady theorized that she didn't want to take a chance of getting hurt because her feelings weren't that strong. She thought that in order to take that kind of risk, the feelings needed to be powerful, like something one couldn't control. He suggested that they test that theory, and he kissed her.

Maggie said she knew that Melanie would ace her nursing exam. Melanie looked for her notebook, and Maggie found what she thought was Melanie's, but it turned out to be Mia's. Maggie noticed that her collection of short stories seemed to be written by someone with a lot of life experience. Maggie had only read one page of one of the stories, but she was impressed enough to ask Mia if she could read more. That was fine with Mia. Then Maggie reminded Mia that she had Maggie and the rest of her family to support her.

Maggie suggested that Mia write a journal as a form of therapy. Mia liked the idea, and decided to do it.

At the Java Café, Will asked Chad if he had seen Mia, but Chad said she wasn't there, so Will started to leave. Chad said that he talked to Kinsey about Mia supposedly going to rehab. Will refused to talk to Chad about it, and Chad wondered if Will believed it, because Chad didn't. Will asked if Chad thought that Mia lied about being on drugs. Chad said Mia never did drugs or even smoked a cigarette.

Will suggested that maybe Chad didn't know Mia as well as he thought he did. Will told him to go to hell. Will ran into his friend, Ted, at the park, and Ted suggested that Will take Mia to the beach where some kids from Salem West would be. Will asked if he thought it was weird that Mia was closed off about her past. Will thought it was weird that he didn't know what happened in Mia's life.

Ted suggested that he ask Mia about it, but Will already had, and he didn't want her to think that he was checking up on her. At the Java Café, Chad told Mia that he heard something and realized why she had to suddenly leave school. Mia dropped the mug she was drinking out of, and it broke. Chad told her that he was talking about rehab, and Mia was surprised that he didn't know about the baby.

Chad didn't understand that Mia could be involved with drugs, because she never tried drugs once when she was in school, and Mia blamed it on the pain she felt when Chad was shipped off. She was hurt that he never called. Chad didn't know that Mia cared that much. She started to tell him how she felt, but decided against it. He noticed that her hand was bleeding, and he examined it as Will walked in.

Mia explained to Will that she cut herself when she tried to pick up the broken coffee mug pieces. She left to find a first aid kit, and while she was gone, Chad told Will that he hoped that Mia didn't start using drugs again. Mia went home after her boss gave her the rest of the day off, and she rejected Will's offer to drive her home.

Chad asked Will if he was upset by what happened, but Will was amused by Chad's cool act. He warned Chad to stay away from Mia. Then, Will left.

At Maggie's house, Mia took Maggie's advice and started a journal and vented about how Chad was complicating her life even further.

Stefano told Nicole that she had nothing to worry about regarding Sami and Rafe, but she needed to worry about Mia. He asked if Mia could be controlled, and Nicole wasn't worried. E.J. took Sydney into the living room to see Nicole. E.J. told her about his run-in with Mia. He told her that Mia gave him a favorable rating as a father, and he was frustrated that Mia had a relationship with Grace, when he had not had one.

E.J. vowed that Sami and Rafe would feel the wrath of karma one day. When E.J. left the room, Stefano asked Nicole again if she could handle Mia, and Nicole wasn't worried about her. Nicole was more worried about Rafe, and Stefano assured her that that situation was being handled. Nicole asked how and suggested some scenarios, which included Rafe getting struck by lightning, but Stefano said the situation was too important to leave up to nature.

Stefano said Sami would never know the real fate of her child. He said that he was always on Nicole's side. E.J. overheard her thanking Stefano, and demanded to know why. Stefano told E.J. that he was setting up a trust fund for Sydney, and Nicole said that she was thanking him. Nicole asked if E.J. wanted to go for a walk in the park, but E.J. turned her down. After Nicole left, E.J. grilled Stefano. Stefano thought E.J. was suspicious. E.J. said that Nicole already knew about Sydney's trust fund, and he demanded to know what was going on.

Stefano told E.J. that he and Nicole were getting along because of E.J.'s daughter. E.J. wondered what Stefano and Nicole could be keeping from him about his daughter. Stefano said it was about Grace, his daughter with Sami. Stefano said that he and Nicole were concerned about the anger and pain that E.J. was feeling over losing Grace. E.J. told Stefano to talk to him about, instead of talking about him behind his back. Stefano advised E.J. to get Sami out of his head. Stefano said that Sami would get her comeuppance and would never bother E.J. again.

Nicole watched through the window of the pub as Brady kissed Arianna. He told Arianna not to say anything and that he had to go to a meeting. On the way out, he ran into Nicole, and she asked if he was okay, because he looked tense. Brady left, and Nicole went into the pub and tried to pump Arianna for information about Rafe, but Arianna wasn't having it. She warned Nicole that she didn't gossip about her brother to anyone.

Melanie arrived at the pub after Nicole left, and Arianna warned Melanie to stay out of Arianna's life. Arianna asked why Melanie talked to Brady again, and Melanie said she just told Brady how much Arianna liked him. Arianna answered her cell phone. Melanie asked what the call was about, and Melanie then assumed that Arianna was lying about the reason why she wasn't willing to go out with Brady. Arianna said to herself that Melanie was right.

Meanwhile, at the park, Maggie ran into Brady. He said he slowed things down between him and Arianna at first, but then he went out of his way to find Arianna. Brady realized that Maggie was right, and he shouldn't have gotten involved with someone so soon.

Nicole arrived at home and E.J. told her that Stefano had told him about their big secret. Nicole got nervous and asked him to explain. E.J. said that Stefano informed him about how he and Nicole were worried about E.J. E.J. warned Nicole not to keep secrets, because they were always revealed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daniel was jogging through the park when he spotted Philip exercising vigorously on a patch of grass. Since Philip had recently been shot, Daniel cautioned Philip to cut back on his exercise. When Philip noticed Daniel was also exercising with a bit of anger, he asked Daniel whether he was having trouble with a woman. Grimacing, Daniel said that it would just be easier for him to start a new life in a new town. Without another word, Daniel jogged off, leaving Philip to stare after him in confusion.

At Salem Hospital, Kate urged Chloe to stay in the hospital until the doctors found a diagnosis for her malady. Feeling better, Chloe argued that she did not need to stay in the hospital since she was feeling like herself again.

"Exactly what we want to hear!" Kate exclaimed. Gently broaching the subject, Kate asked Chloe whether she felt well enough to do a taping of Hearth and Home that afternoon. When Chloe questioned why Kate was rushing, Kate explained that Daniel would be leaving Salem that day. Noting the look on Chloe's face, Kate asked if Chloe was sad to hear that Daniel was leaving town. Sighing, Chloe admitted that she was relieved. "He deserves a fresh start," Chloe said.

When Chloe went into the bathroom to change clothes, Kate reached into Chloe's purse and stole her cell phone.

In the hospital hallway, Stephanie asked Nathan for help on a press release she was writing about the interns in the hospital. Nathan agreed, and then ran over to Daniel when he exited the elevator. Nathan started to ask Daniel for help diagnosing a difficult case, but because Daniel was late for the television shoot, he had to decline the request.

When Nathan noticed how late in the day it was, Stephanie jokingly asked him if he was late for a date. Nathan explained that he was having dinner with Melanie at the Brady Pub. When Stephanie made a sour face and looked away, Nathan pushed Stephanie for an explanation. Stephanie said she could not elaborate.

As Nathan left to meet Melanie at the pub, Stephanie thought about her breakup with Philip. When Stephanie came out of her reverie, she looked across the room and saw Philip staring back at her. Philip and Stephanie joked about the awkwardness of not talking to one another, and then he asked her about her new job. Philip explained that he would probably see her frequently because of his work on the hospital board.

With a hopeful note in her voice, Stephanie posited that she and Philip could become friends someday. "I'm not sure I could handle that," Philip said curtly, and then walked away.

Maggie walked into her kitchen and was pleased to find Melanie dressed up for dinner. Melanie explained that Nathan was taking her to dinner to celebrate passing her nursing exam. Before Maggie could say another word, Melanie vehemently denied that she was going on a date with Nathan. Smiling, Maggie nodded and said nothing. "It's no big deal," Melanie assured Maggie. Maggie said that she always believed in Melanie and that Melanie would make a "wonderful nurse."

At the Brady Pub, a nervous-looking Melanie sat at the table and waited for Nathan to arrive. Though he was a little late, Nathan arrived and ordered drinks. No sooner had Nathan sat down at the table than his pager went off. Apologizing profusely, Nathan explained that he needed to return to the emergency room right away. When Nathan asked if Melanie wanted to reschedule or just wait, Melanie agreed to hang out at the pub for a bit. Pleased, Nathan thanked Melanie and promised that he would return as soon as possible.

After lunch, a tipsy Philip wobbled his way down the hallway of Salem Hospital while flirting with a woman. A shocked Stephanie watched from across the room. When Philip saw Stephanie pretending not to notice him, Philip walked past her and got on the elevator. Nathan watched the scene unfold from the corner, and then walked over to console Stephanie. Holding back tears, Stephanie confirmed that Philip was her ex and that she had once been engaged to him. Shaking his head, Nathan suggested that Philip was doing a good job of pretending to be over Stephanie.

In Maggie's kitchen, Chris prepared for the taping of Hearth and Home. Kate arrived with Chloe and asked Maggie if she had a scarf to compliment Chloe's outfit. Maggie offered to lend Chloe a scarf, and Kate sent them upstairs with Chris to try it on. When the room was empty, Kate pulled out her vial of medicine and dosed the chocolate brownies on the plate in the kitchen. "Daniel hates chocolate. So these are all for you, Chloe," said Kate with a wicked smile on her face.

Once Chris and Chloe had settled on a scarf to compliment her outfit, they headed back to the kitchen to find Daniel. Daniel begged Chloe to talk to him for a moment, and Kate encouraged Chris to wait outside and give them some privacy. On the way out, Kate picked up a brownie and handed it to Chloe, encouraging her to eat it.

Once out on the front porch, Kate berated Chris for forgetting a picture for the set. Confused, Chris reviewed his notes and found no mention of a picture. Sighing heavily, Kate said that she would go get the picture and asked Chris to wait in front of Maggie's house until she got back.

Inside Maggie's house, Chloe asked Daniel whether he was leaving because of the woman he was dating. With a quizzical look on his face, Daniel said he had no idea who Chloe was referring to. "There is no other woman for me, Chloe," Daniel promised. Nervous, Chloe nibbled at another poisoned brownie as Daniel assured her that he was not seeing anyone.

Chloe told Daniel about the dreams she was having of him and how she never wanted the dreams of a future with him to end. "You're all I ever think about," Chloe whispered. "Same here," Daniel responded. Chloe noted that almost dying had shown her that marrying Lucas was "a terrible mistake."

"For the first time I know real love and I know you are the only man I'll ever truly love," Chloe cried out. Chloe urged Daniel to ignore the timing, and she apologized for hurting Daniel for so long. When Daniel pulled Chloe closer to him, he noted her warmth. Chloe explained that the doctor at the hospital had checked her temperature earlier that day. Daniel was surprised to learn that Chloe had been in the hospital again, and he urged her to go back to the hospital for a diagnosis.

Chloe begged Daniel not to leave town and explained that she was going to leave Lucas. "I want to be with you forever," Chloe sighed. Daniel kissed Chloe passionately, as if they were alone in the world.

Down on the pier, Kate called Chris to tell him that she would be returning to Maggie's shortly. Once off the phone, Kate put on a pair of gloves, and then fished Chloe's phone out of her purse. Kate carefully dialed Maggie on Chloe's phone and waited patiently for her to answer. When Maggie cheerfully greeted Chloe on the phone, Kate played the doctored tape into it. "If I can't have you, no one will!" Daniel's voice said.

Back at the Brady Pub, Arianna asked Melanie how her date was going. Melanie assured Arianna that it was not a date, and she explained that she was waiting for him to get back from the hospital. Melanie admitted that she was looking forward to dating a nice guy like Nathan rather than chasing after a bad boy like Philip, even though Philip was available. No sooner had those words escaped Melanie's mouth than Philip stumbled through the door of the pub. Philip crossed over to Melanie and offered to take her for a ride in his new Ferrari.

Standing in Sami's living room, Rafe was unnerved to realize the spot that Sami had chosen for their picnic. Before, Rafe could leave, Roman knocked at the front door. Roman explained that he was dropping off a baseball glove for Johnny, and then he questioned why Sami was not spending all her time with Johnny, since the custody case was over. Noting the boxes in the living room, Roman asked Rafe whether he was moving in. Rafe admitted he was living with Sami, and he asked Roman whether he disapproved.

Roman explained that he did not like that Rafe had lied and almost cost Sami her children, but then he admitted that he knew that Rafe's heart was in the right place when he helped her. Roman noted that it would take a special person to live with Sami, but that he thought that Rafe was the first man he'd met who seemed up to the task. "Take care of her. Don't let her get hurt," Roman said. Rafe promised to guard Sami with his life.

In the woods, Sami was setting up for her picnic with Rafe when she heard a woman crying out "Emily" nearby. Curious, Sami walked over to check on the woman. The woman explained that the wooded area held many happy memories of her sister, Emily, and their family. The woman introduced herself as Meredith Hudson, and then explained that the clearing was the favorite place of her sister and her sister's fiancé.

With this revelation, Sami thought about her brief research on Emily Hudson. As Meredith stared into the distance, Sami asked how her sister had died. Sad and uncomfortable, Meredith excused herself and left. Sami walked back to her picnic and stood there silently.

When Rafe arrived, he noticed that Sami seemed distant. Sami explained that she was worried because he was late. Rafe told Sami that Roman had given them their blessing with the new living arrangements, and then Rafe toasted Sami on their future together. Sami and Rafe began to kiss and laugh about how their last date in the woods ended. As the kissing became more passionate, Sami pulled away, citing that she needed to go pick up the twins. Sami asked Rafe to meet her at home, and then she raced off through the woods.

While Rafe waited back home for Sami, she met up with Roman outside the Brady Pub. Sami asked Roman to investigate Meredith Hudson and her family.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the Brady Pub, a drunk Philip invited Melanie for a spin in his new sports car. Melanie got a text message from Nathan, letting her know that he should arrive within a few minutes. With a sly smile, she admitted to Philip that she'd love to go for a ride with him, but she had a date. Philip shrugged, and grabbed a drink from Arianna's tray as she went by. Arianna was annoyed, so Philip tossed some cash onto the tray, then grabbed the two beers that remained on it and headed for the door.

Realizing just how inebriated Philip was, Melanie followed, threatening to call the cops if he got behind the wheel. Unfazed, Philip set the beers down on a table and fumbled for his keys. When they fell on the floor, Melanie seized them and wouldn't give them back. Melanie tried to inform Arianna that she was driving Philip home, but Arianna had just gone into the back. Melanie didn't let that stop her. "Let's go, Philip," she ordered. Grinning, Philip snatched up the beers and followed her out.

Soon, Melanie and Philip arrived at the Horton cabin, because Philip insisted he'd lost his expensive watch there. Melanie was irked because she had no cell phone reception and couldn't let Nathan know where she was. Philip urged her to relax and enjoy the beautiful day, but Melanie wasn't interested. "This is about Stephanie, and you know that," she declared. Sitting down heavily, Philip reluctantly agreed that it might be. He bitterly pointed out that Melanie had tried to tell him that Stephanie would never be able to deal with who he was. Melanie asserted that Philip still loved Stephanie. He declared that he always would, but he knew it would never work.

Philip moved closer to Melanie, stroking her arm. She pulled away angrily, declaring that she refused to be his "rebound" when he still loved Stephanie. Philip argued that the two of them had always had a connection, even when they hated each other. Melanie insisted that their connection no longer existed, so Philip kissed her in an attempt to prove her wrong. Melanie pushed him away, and he said he was sorry. "Really?" she asked, surprised. "You know I'm not," he replied, kissing her again-only this time, she kissed him back.

When Nathan arrived at the pub, Arianna told him that she wasn't sure, but she thought Melanie might have left with Philip.

As Nicole was leaving the DiMera mansion, she was startled to find Will on the front doorstep. She assumed he was there to visit Johnny, but Will stated that he wanted to see Nicole. He explained that he'd realized after talking to his mom and to E.J. that Nicole had helped reunite Sami with Johnny. He thanked her, noting that it wasn't the kind of thing she would have done before. Nicole admitted that she'd done what she could, adding, "I wasn't the person I should have been when your father and I were together."

Nicole then asked if Will and his mom had worked things out. Will replied that they had, although Sami was still mourning for Grace. Nicole sympathetically noted that it would be a long time before Sami got over that loss, adding that grief could make a mother do strange things. Will thanked Nicole again, and she told him she appreciated the gesture. "You did a really great thing," he declared. "You didn't have to, but you did." After he left, Nicole broke down in miserable sobs.

At the Java Café, Chad peppered Mia with questions about her stint in rehab. She tried to brush him off, but he persisted, demanding to know the specifics. Finally Mia was fed up, and declared sarcastically, "The best part of rehab was that you weren't there." Chad asserted that he wasn't buying her story that she'd started doing drugs after he'd left, because she'd always refused to try them when he'd offered. Mia shrugged and said that it was his problem, not hers. Chad declared that he'd just have find out the truth on his own, and stalked out.

Nicole arrived at the Java Café just as Mia was finishing her shift. Nicole sensed that something was wrong, and asked what it was. Mia took a deep breath and asked if Nicole's husband would eventually be okay with it, if he ever found out the truth about Sydney. A nervous Nicole assumed that Mia had already told Will.

Mia explained that Chad-Sydney's biological father-was back in Salem for the summer, and he was determined to find out the truth. She knew he wouldn't stop until he did, because he always got what he wanted. Nicole quietly declared that she wanted to know everything about Chad, such as his full name, his parents' names, and the drugs he'd used. Mia wanted to know why. "I can fix this," Nicole asserted confidently.

Later, Mia sat on a bench near the water, writing in her computer journal. She wrote that she was afraid Chad would keep digging until he found out the truth, and then he'd blab it to everyone, including Will. When Will suddenly appeared behind her, startling her, she slammed her computer shut. Sitting next to her, Will noted that Mia seemed upset, and asked what was going on. "You've been so good to me-always," she replied. "You deserve to know everything."

Nicole spotted Chad jogging in the park and called his name. He asked who she was. Smiling pleasantly, Nicole replied, "Just think of me as your worst nightmare come to life." Chad laughed scornfully. Maintaining her cheerful demeanor, Nicole explained that she was helping Mia overcome her addiction. She asserted that Chad was the reason Mia had started doing drugs, and he'd upset Mia by returning to town and nosing around in her life. Nicole wondered how Chad's parents would feel if Mia relapsed back into drug abuse, hinting that his mom might not get her appointment to the federal bench if people found out.

Chad was stunned at how much Nicole knew about his family. Nicole firmly stated that Chad was going to stop bothering Mia, "because if you don't, Bill and Marsha won't be sending you to St. Benedict's this time; they'll be sending you to that so-called military academy at the bottom of Alabama. Are we clear?" Every trace of cockiness gone, Chad simply replied, "Yeah." Nicole smiled brightly again, declaring that the last thing Mia needed was to relive her past.

At Maggie's, Chloe giddily told Daniel that she was leaving Lucas, because she loved Daniel and wanted to be with him forever. An elated Daniel took her in his arms, and they kissed passionately. Chris knocked insistently on the door, announcing that it was time to start shooting, but Daniel asked him through the door to give them another minute.

On the pier, Kate used Chloe's stolen cell phone to play a doctored recording for Maggie. Thinking she was overhearing a conversation between Chloe and Daniel, Maggie grew concerned when she heard Chloe's voice say, "Daniel, I can't talk to you. I can't do this anymore." Daniel's voice replied, "If I can't have you, no one will." While Maggie was worriedly calling Chloe's name, Kate dropped the micro-recorder into the water with a gloved hand. Smiling smugly, Kate then removed her gloves and strolled out of the park.

Hope arrived at the hospital and overheard an anxious Maggie trying to reach Chloe on the phone. She asked Maggie what was wrong. Bo emerged from the elevator as Maggie was tearfully explaining the phone call, telling Hope about how scared Chloe had sounded. "I don't understand it-I've never heard him talk like that before!" she exclaimed, clarifying for Bo that she meant Daniel.

When Chloe and Daniel stopped kissing, she told him that she didn't want to divulge that they were together until she'd had a chance to talk to Lucas. Daniel agreed, and then opened the door for an increasingly impatient Chris. Chloe absentmindedly nibbled on a brownie while Chris shouted instructions for the crew. As the camera crew set up, Daniel observed a change in Chloe's demeanor, and asked if she were all right. He felt her skin, quietly exclaiming, "My God, you're on fire! Your temperature is up again."

A little later, Bo tried to reach Chloe at Maggie's house, since he hadn't been able to get through on her cell phone. Chris answered and assumed that Bo was just a rabid fan, even when Bo announced that he was a cop. Bo was taken aback when Chris hung up abruptly. When Bo said that the crew was about to start taping, Maggie was relieved, but still concerned about how angry Daniel had sounded. Hope suggested to Bo that they should check into things with Chloe and make sure there was nothing wrong.

Chloe insisted to Daniel that she was merely overtired from the stress of hiding how she felt about him. Kate arrived and was furious that they weren't taping the medical segment, so Chris barked some orders, and the camera started rolling. Kate surreptitiously slipped Chloe's phone back into her purse. Chloe began saying her lines, but almost immediately fumbled, and then collapsed. Daniel caught her, calling her name and patting her face, and then shouted for someone to call an ambulance when she didn't respond.

Daniel was incensed when he learned that Kate had known about Chloe's second episode of fever and loss of consciousness but hadn't told him. When Chris reported that the ambulance wouldn't arrive for another ten minutes, Daniel scooped Chloe up and carried her out-much to Kate's satisfaction.

Soon they had arrived in the emergency room. As he wheeled Chloe's gurney into a trauma room, Daniel commanded Nurse Maxine to order an abdominal ultrasound, draw some blood, hang an I.V. of saline, and hook Chloe up to monitors. Daniel checked Chloe's vital signs and urged her to hang on. She opened her eyes briefly and begged him not to leave her, then drifted off into unconsciousness again.

Once Maggie, Bo, and Hope arrived at Maggie's, Kate filled them in. Maggie pointed out that when Chloe had gotten sick like that before, it had been extremely serious. Kate claimed Daniel had told her privately that it was nothing to worry about, but Bo wondered why Daniel wouldn't have waited for an ambulance. Hope asked if Daniel had reason to be angry with Chloe. Kate equivocated, only noting that the two of them were high-strung. Maggie began to speak up, but Kate urged her not to say anything.

Bo reminded Kate and Maggie that it had become a police investigation, so Maggie reluctantly disclosed that Daniel and Chloe had an affair. Kate confirmed Maggie's assertion, but insisted it had ended before Chloe had married Lucas. Maggie told Kate about the phone call, and Kate pretended to be shocked. She was sure Daniel would never hurt Chloe, despite his temper.

Chris chimed in to tell Bo about how Daniel had made everyone wait outside while he talked to Chloe, and afterwards her hair had been mussed and her clothes rumpled. "Oh, come on!" Kate cried. "We're not going to blame Chloe's illness on Daniel-that's ridiculous!" Bo asked Kate and Chris to try to recount everything Chloe had done that day. They explained how they'd planned to shoot a food segment in which Chloe was to sample some brownies. Bo noted that he'd have the brownies taken to the lab. Kate then stated that it had been Daniel's last show, because he'd quit and was leaving town.

When Chloe awakened again a little later, Daniel asked if she remembered eating or drinking anything before she collapsed. She replied groggily that she'd eaten some of the brownies on the set. Daniel stepped outside and asked Nurse Jennifer to call Commissioner Brady, and have him pick up all the food on the set for testing immediately. Suddenly, Maxine shouted that Chloe was having a seizure. Daniel rushed back to Chloe's side, gently holding her while she shook violently, until the seizure stopped.

Chloe opened her eyes and woozily murmured that she didn't feel cold anymore. Daniel encouraged her to rest, promising that he would stay with her. As Chloe shut her eyes, the monitors began beeping wildly. Maxine reported that Chloe's blood pressure was dropping rapidly and her pulse was becoming erratic. Daniel stuck his head out the door and ordered Jennifer to start a dopamine drip, then returned to Chloe's side, urging her to hold on.

Hope asked what else Chloe had done that day. Kate said that the day before, Chloe and Lucas had gone to Daniel's apartment to pick up some wardrobe items, right before Lucas had left for Hong Kong. She added that Chloe had been acting a little strangely afterwards.

Bo pulled Hope aside, informing her that he was going to take a forensics team to Daniel's apartment. Right after Bo left, Hope got a phone call. She hung up and told the others to meet her at the hospital, because Chloe was in trouble and it didn't look good.

While Jennifer hung an I.V., Daniel checked Chloe's pupils with a flashlight. He confirmed that they had norepinephrine on standby, but would only use it as a last resort. Maxine noted that Chloe's blood pressure and pulse rate were still dropping. Finally, Daniel ordered Jennifer to administer the norepinephrine, and pleaded with Chloe to stay with him.

At Daniel's apartment, one of the men reported to Bo that the only thing they had found was an almost empty vial of a drug called leukocystine. He called and relayed the findings to Hope, and asked her to find out about the drug. When Hope hung up and asked Maggie about it, Maggie suggested she ask Jennifer.

At last, Chloe's blood pressure began to rise, and her pulse steadied. Daniel and Maxine were visibly relieved. Lexie entered and informed him that she'd had the lab run more tests on Chloe's blood, and they'd found elevated levels of leukocystine. Daniel was stunned. He stated that Chloe could develop multiple organ failure, and Lexie suggested counteracting it with steroids. Daniel rejected that option, instead ordering Maxine to administer another drug immediately.

Kate informed Maggie that Chloe appeared to be out of the woods. Maggie was relieved, but still mystified as to why Daniel would hurt Chloe. Kate concurred, but added, "When a person gets really angry, you never know what they'll do."

As Maxine left to retrieve the medication, Lexie cautioned Daniel that the police had gotten involved. "They damn well should be," Daniel replied. "Because I don't know how in the hell leukocystine got in her system-it sure as hell didn't drop out of the sky!" Frustrated, Daniel rushed out to the nurses' station and took the syringe from Maxine. Injecting it into an unconscious Chloe's I.V., he whispered, "Come on. Come on!"

Hope informed a shocked Kate and Maggie, "The police may have found some very damning evidence in Daniel's apartment." She couldn't divulge more-except that Daniel had to be treated as a suspect.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the hospital, Hope told Maggie and Kate that the police planned to treat Daniel as a suspect after finding evidence at his apartment. Kate pretended to be upset about Chloe possibly dying and how it would affect Lucas, and Maggie comforted her. Meanwhile, Daniel gave Chloe an antidote and willed it to take effect. He begged Chloe to fight to stay alive while Kate watched them from Chloe's hospital room window, hoping Chloe would die.

When Bo arrived, Hope told him that the doctors figured out that the drug that poisoned Chloe was the same drug that the police found at Daniel's apartment. Bo thought it didn't make sense that Daniel would poison Chloe. His gut told him that there was no way that Daniel was involved.

Kate thanked Maggie for being there for Chloe, and Maggie told her that they were family. Maggie wondered if Kate was upset with her for telling Bo and Hope about Daniel and Chloe's affair, but Kate wasn't upset, because she knew it would come out eventually. Maggie felt bad for blurting it out. Kate said she was worried about how Lucas would react. Kate said he wasn't able to reach Lucas, and she wondered what she would tell him if Chloe didn't make it, since he was out of the country.

Maggie was surprised that Daniel was still in Chloe's hospital room, given what Hope told them. Kate asked Maggie if she thought Daniel could be responsible, and Maggie said she hoped not. Meanwhile, Lexie asked him to let her take over Chloe's case, but he refused, because he knew Chloe's medical history. Bo walked in and demanded to speak to Daniel on official police business.

Daniel refused to go, but Bo told him that he didn't have a choice. Lexie had to pull rank on Daniel, and ordered him to go with Bo while she stayed with Chloe, so Daniel went with Bo. Meanwhile, Hope had questions for Kate. Daniel told Bo that Chloe made a promise not to leave Lucas after Lucas got hurt in the explosion at his apartment. Bo wondered how that decision affected him, and he asked if Daniel's feelings changed and whether she cheated again with him after she got married.

Daniel said that Chloe was faithful, but she had just told him that day that she planned to leave Lucas, because she couldn't fight her feelings for Daniel anymore. Bo questioned whether Daniel was sure about that, because he had heard something different. Kate told Hope that Daniel planned to leave the show, and Hope wondered why Daniel wanted to leave so quickly.

Kate assumed it was because he was bored, but Hope thought there was more to it. Maggie spoke up and told Hope what Kate's assistant had told Maggie about Chloe and Daniel being uncomfortable together. Kate tried to downplay it. Then Kate blamed herself. Kate said it was because Daniel and Chloe didn't want to do the shoot, but Kate prodded them to do it, because she needed a medical consultant for the show.

Maggie tried to convince Kate not to blame herself, because Daniel and Chloe claimed the affair was over. Lexie overheard Maggie's words and was shocked that Daniel and Chloe were involved. Lexie said that it made sense, because when she treated Chloe the last time, Chloe didn't want Daniel near her. Hope questioned Lexie about what Chloe said. Lexie said that Chloe was delirious at the time and was saying things like, "No, Daniel, no."

Hope asked if she and Bo would be able to talk to Chloe. Lexie told Hope that there was a good chance that Chloe might not make it. Kate told Maggie that she still couldn't get in touch with Lucas. Kate pretended to be worried about what would happen to Lucas if Chloe died. She was worried that Lucas would start drinking again. She said that even if Chloe got better, Lucas would still find out about the affair. Maggie told Kate that everything would work out and that they needed to encourage Lucas to forgive Chloe. Maggie left to call Mickey. Kate looked at Chloe lying in her hospital bed and said it was too late for forgiveness.

Hope asked Lexie about when Chloe had last received medical care, and Lexie said she was in the hospital the day before but recovered and was released in the morning. Hope asked if that illness was due to eating tainted food at the TV shoot. Lexie said they couldn't determine if there was a correlation. Hope asked if there were any other incidents. Lexie said Chloe went to the hospital prior to that incident after getting sick from eating an apple. Kate overheard and volunteered that Chloe got sick from an apple that Daniel had sent as a housewarming gift. Hope warned Lexie to keep Daniel away from Chloe.

Bo told Daniel that Maggie got a call from Chloe's phone, which had misdialed; Chloe didn't realize she'd made the call. Bo said that Chloe was upset, and Maggie overheard an argument between Chloe and Daniel where Daniel threatened Chloe. Daniel admitted that he was alone with Chloe on the set. Bo said that Kate's assistant said that Daniel made the crew stand outside while Chloe and Daniel talked. Bo said that it wasn't something that they wanted to talk about around other people.

Bo asked if Chloe collapsed after her private conversation with Daniel. Daniel didn't understand why Bo was asking him those questions. Daniel said there was some kind of mistake, because he did nothing to hurt Chloe. Bo asked why Maggie would lie about the phone call she received, and Daniel didn't know. Daniel said he was willing to talk to Bo later, but Chloe needed Daniel immediately. Bo reminded Daniel that he was Daniel's friend, and he said that once Daniel answered Bo's questions, Daniel could get back to Chloe.

Daniel told Bo that the drug found in Chloe's system could only be administered by a doctor, and Bo asked if Daniel was able to administer it. Daniel said he administered the drug to cancer patients, and he demanded to know why Bo asked. Bo said the police found the exact same drug in Daniel's apartment. Daniel asked why the police were at his apartment, because he didn't see a search warrant. Bo said he was retracing Chloe's steps leading up to when she got sick. Daniel asked what Bo was accusing him of.

Bo said he wasn't accusing Daniel of anything -- he was simply asking questions. Daniel insisted that he would never hurt Chloe. Bo said he believed Daniel, and he asked Daniel to let Bo do his job so that he could clear Daniel's name. Daniel asked if Bo considered him a suspect. Daniel insisted the drug they found at his place wasn't Daniel's. Bo laid out the evidence to Daniel. Daniel was desperate to get back to Chloe's room.

Lexie told Hope that it didn't make sense that Daniel would want to hurt anyone. Hope didn't want to believe it, either. Meanwhile, in Chloe's room, Maggie begged Chloe to come back to them. Then Chloe's monitor went off, and Maggie ran out of the room for help. Daniel heard Maggie, but Lexie told him that she would handle it. Daniel started to run to Chloe's room, but the police grabbed him. Daniel asked what was going on, and Bo said it was for his own good. Daniel insisted that Chloe needed him. He yelled to Chloe that he would not leave her.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie saw Nathan, who Melanie had stood up. Stephanie wondered what could be so important that Melanie stood him up. Nathan said that Melanie had every right to leave because he got called back to work. Stephanie couldn't understand why Melanie would leave, after all, even thought she chose to wait for Nathan. Nathan assumed she got a better offer. Nathan wanted to change the subject. He thought that Stephanie and Melanie were friends, but Stephanie said that she and Melanie weren't exactly friends at first. She felt it was her obligation to fill Nathan in on Melanie.

Nathan told Stephanie that Maggie had already warned him about Melanie. Stephanie felt bad because she tried to undermine Melanie and was acting immature and gossipy. Stephanie said that people sometimes didn't give Melanie a fair shot, and Stephanie was one of those people. Stephanie assumed that Melanie might have changed. Nathan told Stephanie that Melanie had left with Philip.

Stephanie assumed that Melanie was up to her old tricks again. Stephanie told Nathan to forget everything good that she had said about Melanie. Stephanie was glad that Nathan told her, because Stephanie could be prepared.

At the Horton cabin, Philip kissed Melanie. She told him that he couldn't use his drunken state as an excuse to be rude, and he started to kiss her again. She asked him what he was doing, and he said he was giving her what she wanted. Melanie stopped him again and reminded him that he was drunk and had just broken up with Stephanie. Philip didn't feel he was on the rebound, because he and Melanie always had a connection. He wondered why Melanie was so resistant. She told him that there was someone else she was interested in.

Philip was surprised to hear that there was another man in Melanie's life-not that another man couldn't be interested in her. He asked about the man, and Melanie said that he was a doctor, who came from a good family and was funny and very handsome. She said the man was the reason she stayed in Salem. Philip asked how long Melanie was with him, and she said they hadn't actually dated. She said that they were in the middle of a date when the guy got called off to the hospital and then Philip showed up.

Philip asked why Melanie let him bring her all the way to the Horton cabin when she was on a date with the guy she was interested in. Melanie told Philip that she just went with Philip, because he needed her. Melanie told Philip that not every girl in town wanted to sleep with him. Melanie told Philip that she just wanted to be friends, because she cared about him and Stephanie. She couldn't do anything with Philip, because it would be "wrong on so many levels," and she was better than that. Melanie said that despite what everyone thought of her, she was trying to be a good person. Then Melanie left.

Melanie and Philip walked to the park. He offered her a ride and apologized for making her uncomfortable. He also asked if they could keep what happened between them to themselves. Melanie said that if Philip was sincere about wanting to be with Melanie, he needed to be totally over Stephanie before it would ever happen again. Philip told Melanie that he knew Melanie had a heart and was a standup person.

Nathan got a page and had to go back to the hospital. Stephanie started to warn Nathan about Melanie, but she changed her mind and told him that whomever he got involved with was none of Stephanie's business. Outside the pub, Melanie ran into Nathan and tried to explain why she left, but he didn't have time to talk. Melanie went inside the pub, and Stephanie accused Melanie of pretending to be Stephanie's friend when Melanie wanted Philip all along.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip tried to drown his sorrows in more alcohol. Then he got angry and threw his glass at the wall.

Will asked Mia what she was writing about in her laptop, and she said it was nothing. Will knew she was upset about something and asked what it was. Mia said that Will deserved to know everything. Mia told Will that she did things she wasn't proud of. He assumed she was referring to drugs, and she said that it was something else. Then Chad ran up to them.

Mia asked Chad what he was doing at the park, and he said he was training for cross-country. He asked if Will played any sports, and Will said he played baseball. Chad mocked Will's batting average, and then Will got a phone call. While Will was talking on the phone, Chad and Mia talked about their past, and remembered how Chad and Mia said they loved each other before they made love. Chad told Mia that he met Mia's rehab counselor. Mia asked who he was referring to, and Chad described her.

Mia asked if Chad was referring to Nicole. Chad didn't get Nicole's name, but he said that she ordered Chad to stay away from Mia, but he couldn't. Mia told Chad that he couldn't talk. He admitted not being a good boyfriend, and he expressed remorse for hurting her. He felt responsible for her being on drugs, and he asked Mia for another chance, or for her to at least think about it. Will asked what Chad was talking about.

Chad told Will that he tried to get Mia to trade shifts with him at work, but she wasn't interested. Chad told Mia to let him know if she changed her mind. Chad told Will that there were no hard feelings about his baseball joke, and he left. Mia told Will that the truth was she and Chad had been together in the past. Will asked if the big secret was that she and Chad dated.

Will asked how long they were involved, and Mia said it was for a couple months. Will wanted to know if it was over and also who broke up with whom. Mia said it was a mutual decision before Chad's parents sent Chad away to boarding school. Will didn't think it was a big deal that Chad and Mia had been involved.

Friday, July 24, 2009

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. sprinted down the stairs, carrying the baby monitor, and ran into Harold in the foyer. E.J. advised Harold that he and Nicole wished not to be disturbed that evening.

As she arrived home, Nicole paused outside to leave an urgent message for Mia to call her back, no matter how late it was. She wanted to know if Chad had asked Mia any more questions, after Nicole had menaced Chad. Nicole hung up, muttering irritably to herself about how she refused to lose Sydney to "some teenage punk," when suddenly she noticed Sydney in the living room, alone in her playpen.

Nicole shouted for Mary as she cradled Sydney in her arms. E.J. entered and asked what was going on, shushing his wife so as not to upset their daughter. In a whisper, Nicole ranted about returning home to find Sydney all alone, demanding, "Where the hell is Mary?" E.J. smiled, but was incredulous that Nicole was just upset about Sydney being alone.

E.J. assured her that Mary had only gone upstairs for a minute, and he had the baby monitor. Nicole was still upset, wildly speculating about all the things that could have gone wrong in that minute. She declared that she wanted Mary fired for leaving Sydney unattended. E.J. chuckled patiently, but refused to fire Mary. He stated that Nicole could blame him for what had happened with Sydney, because he'd allowed Mary to take a phone call from her sick mother.

Nicole continued ranting until E.J. asked why she was behaving so irrationally. She confessed that she was a little paranoid after watching a TV movie in which a boy had been kidnapped from his mother. E.J. burst out laughing, and Nicole sheepishly agreed to try to relax more. She proposed that the two of them head to the bedroom to work off some of their stress.

Later, after they'd made love, Nicole declared that she was going to try to stop being so overprotective. E.J. wasn't sure she could, and playfully kissed her to provide some distraction. He noticed that Nicole kept glancing at her cell phone, and asked why. She insisted she wasn't, but E.J. remarked lightly that her recent behavior had been a little erratic. Nicole tried to shrug it off, maintaining that she'd merely overreacted before, but E.J. thought she was lying.

Philip was drinking in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, lamenting how meaningless his life had become without Stephanie. He angrily hurled his glass at the fireplace mantel, which Brady arrived just in time to witness. Brady guessed that Philip had woman problems, but Philip corrected him: "Make that two women."

Philip explained that not only had he blown it with Stephanie, he'd also had a moment of weakness with Melanie. Brady was unsympathetic when he heard the story, asserting that Philip was drunk, and he'd made a pass at Melanie just because she was there. Philip declared that it wouldn't happen again, because he was swearing off women. Brady just shook his head, laughing, then left for a meeting at Titan.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie accused Melanie of sleeping with Philip. When Stephanie called Melanie a "pathetic little slut," Melanie slapped her. When an indignant Stephanie referred to Philip as her fiancé, Melanie reminded her that they weren't engaged anymore. She declared that she hadn't even come close to sleeping with Philip, and asked what Stephanie had said to Nathan to make him stand Melanie up. Stephanie asserted that she'd only told the truth: Melanie was a troublemaker, and he should stay away from her.

Melanie pointed out that she'd saved Stephanie's life, and had selflessly tried to reunite Stephanie and Philip. When Stephanie responded with sarcasm, Melanie had to fight back tears. "I thought we were friends, Stephanie. I thought you trusted me." Stephanie replied bitterly, "Why would I trust a conniving little whore like you?"

Melanie broke down, declaring that Stephanie had crossed the line. She tearfully asserted that Stephanie should know better, because she knew about what Melanie's childhood had been like, and what her father had put her through. Stephanie admitted she shouldn't have called Melanie that particular name, but argued that Melanie had lied about wanting to get Stephanie and Philip back together, because Melanie wanted him all to herself.

Nearly hysterical, Melanie cried that she'd only wanted to keep Philip from driving drunk. "I'm not going to explain myself to you anymore! Just leave me the hell alone!" Melanie shouted, sobbing, and turned to leave. She ran right into Brady, who caught her and held her as she wept uncontrollably.

Melanie pulled away, insisting she had to leave, but Brady wanted to know why she was crying. Melanie babbled tearfully about how she'd tried to get Stephanie and Philip back together, and how she'd tried to keep Phillip from driving drunk, but Stephanie had ruined Melanie's chances with Nathan. Stephanie just stood with her arms crossed and interjected snide remarks. Finally Brady asked Melanie to start over, and tell Stephanie exactly what had happened with Philip.

Melanie glumly told the two of them how Philip had invited her to go for a ride, but she'd taken his keys because he was wasted. Stephanie interrupted, insinuating that Melanie had done it because she wanted to party with Philip, but Brady told her to let Melanie finish. Melanie admitted that she did want to be with Philip "that way," because he had wanted to be with her, but she knew he was just lonely and depressed because he was still in love with Stephanie. Melanie concluded tearfully that if she'd slept with Philip, it would have been for all the wrong reasons, but more importantly, it would have hurt Stephanie. "For the first time in my life, friendship means more to me than some guy."

Stephanie had to blink back tears of her own. Melanie declared softly that she truly considered Stephanie a friend. Stephanie's voice broke as she apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusions, and if she had ruined things for Melanie and Nathan. Melanie asserted that she shouldn't have left without telling him, and finally Brady interrupted: "Would you two just hug it out already?" Both women chuckled and they embraced, murmuring weepy apologies. Brady smiled, and left them there with their arms around each other.

Brady returned later, after his meeting ended, and found Melanie sitting alone, eating a burger. Just as he joined her, one of Melanie's coworkers called her. Melanie agreed to cover the other girl's shift, and when she hung up, she asked Brady, "Chloe Horton is your ex-wife, right?" When Brady confirmed it, Melanie informed him, "She's in the hospital. Somebody tried to kill her."

Brady admitted that although his divorce from Chloe had been messy, he still cared about her. Melanie thought Brady needed to go to the hospital, but he didn't agree. Melanie stated that she had to head to work, anyway, and she'd love some company on her way to the hospital. Brady gave in. "Let's go," he said, and the two hurried out the door.

At the hospital, Lexie and Maxine performed CPR on a flatlining Chloe, while outside the room, two uniformed police officers prevented Daniel from entering. Frustrated, Daniel struggled to free himself from the cops' grasp, shouting Chloe's name and urging her to hold on. Hope, Kate, and a sobbing Maggie watched through the window as Lexie shocked Chloe with defibrillator paddles several times, determined not to let her patient die. Daniel shouted to Chloe that he loved her, and suddenly Chloe's heart regained its normal rhythm. Everyone in the ER breathed a sigh of relief-except Kate.

Bo entered Chloe's room and asked Lexie for an update. Lexie advised him that they wouldn't know for a while, because Chloe might need more of the antidote that Daniel had administered.

Kate left to call Philip, and Maggie accompanied her. Bo finally told the officers they could release Daniel, who was still angry that Bo suspected him. Bo and Hope led Daniel away to question him further, but first suggested that Daniel calm down-and call a lawyer.

When Maggie pointed out to a tense Kate that at least Chloe was still with them, Kate spilled her tea. Lexie emerged from Chloe's room, and informed Maggie and Kate that Chloe had fought hard to return to them. Kate managed some crocodile tears as she demanded to know whether Chloe would make it. Lexie cautioned them that Chloe was in a coma, and they couldn't say when-or if-she would improve.

After Lexie walked off, an emotional Maggie berated herself for not being kinder to Chloe from the beginning. Kate tried to reassure her that Chloe had felt Maggie's love, but Maggie had to leave to get some air.

Lexie found Bo, Hope, and Daniel in the locker room to let them know Chloe's condition. Daniel sprang into action, ordering blood work and tests, and Bo had to physically stop him from heading to Chloe's room. Bo declared that he was on Daniel's side, but couldn't help him until he got some answers.

When Philip arrived at the hospital, he hugged his mom, who quickly filled him in about what had happened to Chloe. Philip was stunned. Kate blamed herself, because she'd insisted that they do a food segment on the show. Philip couldn't believe anyone would want to hurt Chloe, and wondered if someone else could have been the target.

Nathan was walking through the park when he ran into Maggie, who was crying on a park bench. Maggie told him what had happened to Chloe, and Nathan sat down to comfort his grandmother as she wept. He divulged that the doctors had suspected Chloe might have been poisoned, and guessed that they must have called in Dr. Jonas to help diagnose her. Nathan was incredulous when Maggie informed him that Daniel was a suspect.

Daniel was swearing to Bo that someone must have forged the prescription for the drugs the police had found in his apartment, when Hope entered, carrying an evidence bag. She announced that another officer had spoken to the pharmacist who'd dispensed the drugs. Hope gave the bag, which contained the original prescription, to Bo, and continued that the pharmacist had said that a man who fit Daniel's description had picked them up.

Bo showed the prescription to Daniel, and asked if it were his handwriting. Daniel admitted it was similar, but swore he hadn't written it. Bo and Hope wanted to know how the bottle had ended up in Daniel's apartment, and if anyone else perhaps had a key. Daniel remembered that he'd forgotten his suit before a taping, so he'd given his key to Lucas, who was supposed to have sent an assistant to retrieve the suit.

Bo informed Daniel that Chloe and Lucas had actually been the ones to pick up the suit. Daniel angrily demanded to know why Bo wasn't questioning Lucas. Bo replied that they were questioning everyone who'd had access to the poisoned food, and again refused to let Daniel return to Chloe, citing the circumstantial evidence against him. Hope then informed Daniel that Lexie had told them how Chloe had steadfastly refused to allow Daniel to treat her. Bo asked why Chloe would have done that if she were really going to leave Lucas for Daniel. "Daniel, why are you lying to us?" Hope demanded.

Maggie returned to the waiting area and announced that Bo and Hope were still working Daniel over. Philip was shocked when Maggie told him the police thought Daniel might have poisoned Chloe. "Daniel is not responsible," Kate insisted. "This is all just a huge misunderstanding." When Kate noted that she hadn't been able to get in touch with Lucas yet, Philip offered to try to track him down at home. Kate gratefully agreed, so Philip left.

Daniel blew up, insisting that none of the things the police were accusing him of had happened. Hope asked about the fruit basket that Kate had told them about, noting that Chloe had gotten sick after eating an apple from it. Daniel admitted that he'd ordered it as a housewarming gift, but insisted he hadn't poisoned the apple. "Someone did," said Bo. "Someone who wanted Chloe dead."

Philip arrived at the mansion, where Henderson stated that he hadn't seen Lucas. Philip asked Henderson to check with the airline. As Henderson left, the doorbell rang, so Philip answered it, and was surprised to find Stephanie on the doorstep.

Lexie sat at Chloe's bedside. She stroked Chloe's hand, urging her to keep fighting. Outside, Maggie asked Kate how she was holding up. Kate admitted she wasn't doing well, adding, "This is all going to affect so many lives-Chloe and Lucas, and Daniel. I want this nightmare to end."

Bo, Hope, and Daniel returned from the locker room. Daniel overheard Hope telling Bo she wished they could talk to Chloe. Bo replied, "Yeah. My gut's telling me someone else had motive." Daniel recalled how a bitter Kate had confronted him about his affair with Chloe, and how, later, Kate had insisted that Chloe eat one of the apples from Daniel's gift basket. As the realization dawned on him, Daniel's eyes met Kate's across the waiting room. "You," he intoned accusingly.

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