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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, July 27, 2009

E.J. suspected that Nicole was lying to her, and he demanded to know why. She downplayed it, saying she was just a worried mother, but E.J. didn't buy it. He said she wasn't Sydney's mother because Sydney's mother was calm, rational, and confident, but then Nicole became paranoid and worried. Nicole said she overreacted to a movie she saw that made her worried.

Nicole said that as Sydney grew, they would have to worry about her safety more. E.J. accused Nicole of being obsessed with her worries, and he told her that according to Stefano, the problem wasn't just with Sydney -- it also had something to do with Grace. Stefano pointed out to E.J. that Sydney and Grace were half-sisters who were born on the same day, so it was natural for Nicole to be upset about Grace's death and to be protective of Sydney.

E.J. pointed out that he was the one who lost a child, but it didn't seem to affect his behavior the way it had affected Nicole's. Nicole reminded E.J. that he had some dark days. E.J. admitted that, but said he was focused on Nicole. E.J. could tell that Nicole was in a lot of pain, and he wanted to know why. Nicole said that E.J.'s constant accusations that Nicole was lying and hiding something meant that he was projecting.

Nicole said that E.J. was obsessed with Sami. She asked when E.J. would finally let go of Sami. Nicole said she didn't bring it up earlier, because she knew that he was mourning Grace. E.J. accused her of avoidance, but Nicole said she found it difficult to talk about. She wondered whether she and E.J. would have been married if he found out earlier that Sami was pregnant.

E.J. said they would have still ended up together, because he loved Nicole, and he wouldn't trade her for anyone else. E.J. had a dream that Nicole held Sydney while she was in bed with him, and then Nicole turned into Sami. The dream disturbed him so much that he woke up.

Rafe was glad it took so long for Sami to get the twins in bed, because it gave him time to work on his surprise. Sami walked into the living room and saw that he had set up a picnic indoors. She thought about the last time they went on a picnic and she had seen Emily's sister crying. Sami said she didn't need surprises -- she just needed him.

During their picnic, Rafe sensed that something was bothering Sami. Sami said she was just thinking about how they could pretend during their picnic that nothing from the outside world or the past could hurt them. Rafe said that it would stay that way. Rafe went to the kitchen to get some more food, while Sami answered the phone. It was her father, who gave her information on Meredith Hudson.

Roman told her where Meredith was staying in town, but he wouldn't find out her address in Florida until Sami told him why she needed the information. Rafe returned with the food, so Sami quickly hung up and lied to Rafe about who called. Rafe made s'mores and fed them to Sami. Sami made up a reason to leave so she could meet with Meredith. While she was away, Roman stopped by to ask Sami some questions. Meanwhile, Sami saw Meredith down at the pier.

Stephanie stopped by the DiMera mansion to see Philip, and asked how he was doing. He said he was upset because Chloe might die. Stephanie didn't believe the accusations against Daniel, because he was a great doctor. Philip said that didn't mean that Daniel was a saint. He decided to change the subject and started to ask why Stephanie was there, but he decided to back off, because he didn't want to be pushy. Stephanie told Philip about her exchange with Melanie and how she accused Melanie of sleeping with Philip. Philip said he never slept with Melanie.

Stephanie said she knew that, and she stopped by to apologize and tell him that she made a huge mistake. She changed her mind about what she said when she gave Philip back the ring. The thought of not seeing Philip again or being friends was too much for her. Stephanie could tell that he was hurting because the first love of his life was in the hospital. He said that if he felt bad about Chloe, Stephanie could only imagine how he felt over losing the woman he proposed to.

Stephanie wanted to take back what she said to Philip about not wanting to see him or speak to him again. She admitted that she was still in love with him. Philip asked what she was going to do about that. Henderson interrupted what was almost a kiss to tell Philip that Lucas' plane was expected to land in two hours. Philip told Stephanie to thank Henderson, because he saved Stephanie from doing something that she would probably regret. She said she wouldn't have regretted it.

Philip told Stephanie that he didn't sleep with Melanie, but he could have, and there would be nothing that Stephanie could have said about it, because Stephanie broke off the engagement because she thought Philip couldn't change. He said that he was the same guy who wouldn't change, and if Stephanie couldn't accept that, there was nowhere they could go.

As Stephanie walked to the door, she told Philip that she didn't want it to be goodbye, and she still wanted to be able to talk to him, and for them to look each other in the eyes without getting upset. They agreed to be friends, no matter how they felt about each other.

At the hospital, Daniel suspected that Kate was the one who poisoned Chloe. He told Bo and Hope that Kate begged Daniel to do another show when she heard that Daniel was leaving. Daniel suspected that if the drug that poisoned Chloe was found in Daniel's apartment, Kate planted it. He told Bo and Hope about how Kate found out that he was having an affair with Chloe while she was engaged. He said that ever since Daniel and Kate were together, Kate had a strange jealous streak, and she wanted revenge.

Bo told Kate about Daniel's accusations, and Kate said she couldn't believe that Daniel would accuse her of poisoning Chloe after Kate defended him. Daniel said that Kate was the first person he thought of who wanted Chloe out of the way. Kate said that when she found out about Daniel and Chloe, she decided to let it go, because she knew the truth would hurt Lucas. Hope asked if Kate held any grudges against Chloe, and Kate said that Chloe vowed to dedicate her life to Lucas and Allie, and Kate believed her.

Kate worried about how the situation would affect Lucas, and she didn't want that to happen. Kate worried that Lucas would find out what happened to Chloe from someone else. Daniel denied poisoning Chloe or having an affair. He said they kept their distance, but Chloe was faithful, and Daniel respected that.

Melanie expressed her sympathy to Maggie about Chloe being in a coma. Maggie was in the hospital locker room with Nathan. Maggie told Melanie not to eat anything in her kitchen, because the poison that Chloe ingested was in Maggie's kitchen. Maggie sensed that something was wrong between Melanie and Nathan, but they denied it.

Maggie told Bo, Hope, and Kate to be careful not to make the same mistake Maggie had made when she told Lucas about Daniel and Chloe. Hope's ears perked up, and she questioned Maggie about what she told Lucas and when. Maggie explained that she told Lucas about Daniel and Chloe after Chloe broke off the engagement. She said that the explosion at Daniel's apartment traumatized Lucas when he went to confront Daniel, and when Lucas woke up in the hospital, Lucas didn't remember anything from that night.

Hope asked Maggie how she knew that, and Maggie said that Lucas didn't remember the affair. She said that recently, Lucas remembered bits and pieces, but he never brought it up again. Bo theorized that Lucas acted like he didn't know anything, but he was the producer of the show, so he had access to the food that was poisoned. Bo surmised that Lucas left town to give himself the perfect alibi. Kate objected, saying that Lucas loved Chloe. And Daniel loved Chloe too, Bo said.

Kate pointed out that Lucas was Bo's cousin. Bo said Lucas had a history of taking things into his own hands, and shooting E.J. was the perfect example. Kate said she knew for a fact that Lucas didn't poison Chloe. Bo said the only way she could know that was if she knew who the guilty person was. Kate said she couldn't tell Bo who poisoned Chloe, but she could tell him that Lucas didn't. Kate couldn't believe that Bo was ignoring their prime suspect.

Brady asked Maggie what he could do to help Chloe. Maggie couldn't tell him what to do, and she was still upset that Chloe was poisoned in Maggie's home. Lexie told Kate that Chloe wasn't responding as well as Lexie expected and said it was important for a family member to go into Chloe's room and talk to her. Kate said that as the only family Chloe had at the hospital, she would go and sit with Chloe.

Daniel objected and said that Kate was the one who poisoned Chloe. Bo said that all the evidence pointed to Daniel. Daniel pointed out that he was the one who gave Chloe the antidote. Hope said that Chloe would be okay with Kate, because they had a guard posted at the door.

Melanie apologized to Nathan for standing him up, and she explained what happened with Philip. Nathan accepted her apology, but he said it wasn't necessary, since he stood her up first. Nathan asked for Melanie to reschedule their date, because he wasn't going to let her get out of buying him dinner.

Brady told Bo and Hope that Craig and Nancy were in shock to hear what happened to Chloe. Hope couldn't believe that Kate hadn't notified Chloe's parents. Daniel interrupted to ask Brady to talk to Chloe and tell her that everyone was with her and loved her and wanted her to wake up. Then he told Brady to "get that bitch Kate" away from Chloe.

Meanwhile, Kate told Chloe to fight and that she had everything to live for. Then she whispered to Chloe that it was a lie, no one cared about her, and she had no friends, so Chloe should just let go and die. Bo asked Brady if he knew that Chloe and Daniel were involved, and he admitted that he found out recently. Daniel begged Brady to go into Chloe's room and talk to her. Kate was still whispering mean things to Chloe, but she kissed Chloe on the forehead and left the room when Brady entered. Brady told Chloe to keep fighting.

Brady said he still loved Chloe, and there were a lot of people who did, also. He urged her to fight, and Chloe squeezed Brady's hand. Bo told Daniel that Chloe was the only one who could back up Daniel's story. Hope said all the evidence against Daniel was circumstantial, but there wouldn't be an arrest yet. Bo advised Daniel not to leave. Brady ran into the hallway to tell Daniel that Chloe squeezed his hand.

Lexie said that Chloe's hand squeeze was an involuntary movement, but she told Brady to keep trying to reach Chloe. Daniel begged to see Chloe so that he could reach her, but Bo and Hope got a call saying that the fingerprints on the drug vial they found in Daniel's apartment matched Daniel's fingerprints. Bo advised Daniel to call a lawyer, but he refused to leave Chloe alone. Hope urged him to calm down, and Bo arrested Daniel.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roman stopped by Sami's apartment to talk to her about Meredith Hudson, but instead of finding his daughter, he found Rafe. Rafe asked Roman whether he had called earlier, and Roman admitted that he had. Curious, Rafe told Roman that Sami had tried to cover up the phone call and asked Roman why he thought Sami did that. Roman played dumb, but Rafe continued to push Roman for information on what Sami was doing.

Rafe argued that Sami was very emotional and that she tended to act impulsively when she was emotional. Though Roman agreed with Rafe's assessment, he reminded Rafe that whatever Sami was working on was her business.

Once Roman had left the apartment, Rafe called Caroline to check on Sami. Rafe was surprised to learn that Sami had not stopped by the pub to visit Caroline. After assuring Caroline that Sami was fine and that he was just mistaken, Rafe hung up the phone and wondered aloud whether Sami was looking into Emily's death.

Down at the pier, Sami bumped into Meredith Hudson on the docks. Sami tentatively approached Meredith, and surprised Meredith when she said hello. "What do you want with me?" Meredith asked nervously. Sami explained that she felt a connection with Meredith. When Sami asked for details about Emily's death, a heartbroken Meredith countered that she did not want to talk about Emily anymore.

Not swayed, Sami pushed Meredith to talk to her. After a few moments, Meredith began to open up by explaining that sometimes grief was easier to discuss with strangers than the people who knew the person that had died. Meredith apologized for being rude to Sami earlier, but she noted that her sister's death was still too painful for her to talk about.

Calmer, Meredith fondly reminisced about Emily's personality and their relationship. Her face darkening, Meredith said that things had changed with her sister because of Rafe Hernandez. Curious, Sami pushed Meredith for details. Meredith told Sami that although she loved Rafe and believed he would do anything for Emily, Emily had still died. Emotional, Meredith excused herself and ran off.

When Sami arrived back at her apartment, she found Rafe sitting silently on the couch. Rafe asked Sami about her visit with Caroline. Unable to lie to Rafe's face, Sami started to go through the mail and explained that it was a normal visit. Unfazed, Rafe mentioned that he had talked to Roman about his phone call earlier. "Why are you lying?" Rafe asked.

At the police station, a terrified Daniel begged Bo to keep an eye on Kate so that she was not left alone with Chloe. Bo assured Daniel that Chloe was safe in the hospital, and warned Daniel that if he did not calm down, Bo would have to put him in a holding cell for twelve hours. Worried, Daniel quieted down and promised to answer any questions.

After briefly questioning Daniel, Bo told Hope that he thought Daniel was still hiding information. Hope asked Bo about Daniel's theory that Kate was the one who poisoned the food. "You know what she did to Sami," Bo replied. Bo sent Hope in to question Daniel and urged her not to leave the room until Daniel supplied Kate's motive and filled in the blanks in his story.

While Hope questioned Daniel in the interrogation room, a frustrated Abe asked Bo whether he had gotten a confession out of Daniel yet. Bo admitted that he did not believe Daniel was the assailant, but Abe cautioned Bo to follow the evidence and not just his gut. Abe reminded Bo that he had a personal tie to Daniel and that he needed to show he was impartial. When the forensics report confirmed that Daniel's fingerprints were the only prints on the vial of medicine, Abe warned Bo to pursue Daniel as the main suspect, but Bo admitted that he still believed Daniel was innocent.

In the interrogation room, Daniel explained that Kate's plan to poison Chloe and frame him had likely been in progress for months. Daniel theorized that Kate resented that Daniel and Chloe were still in love with one another. Hope reminded Daniel that there was no proof that Chloe was still in love with him, and she explained that his theory about Kate had no real proof. Daniel urged Hope to watch Kate carefully.

While discussing the evidence, Hope questioned why Daniel would have worked on Hearth and Home with Chloe and Kate. Daniel admitted that the show was a bad idea, but said that Kate had bribed him to appear on the show with a donation to a breast cancer fund in his wife's name. Shaking his head, Daniel admitted that he felt stupid for believing Kate when she said she had forgiven him for his affair with Chloe.

Citing Chloe's request to keep her second hospital admission from Daniel, Hope noted that the mounting evidence against Daniel made him look guilty. Daniel theorized that Chloe might have worried what she would say while under the influence of medication if he were around. Daniel suggested to Hope that she question Victor, as Kate may have confided in him regarding her plan to poison Chloe.

At the hospital, Kate entered Chloe's room and closed the door. Narrowing her eyes, Kate said that she had gone to a lot of trouble by framing Daniel for attempted murder, and that Chloe would have to die. Alone with the comatose Chloe, Kate adjusted the I.V. drip of the antidote that the doctors were administering.

"What are you doing?" a shocked Lexie called out from the doorway. Caught, Kate lied and said that she believed that something was wrong with the I.V. drip. Lexie curtly warned Kate that she should have called a nurse to check on it. After checking the equipment and seeing that everything was working properly, Lexie ordered Kate to leave the room.

Out in the hallway, Kate ran into Victor as he exited the elevator. After explaining that Philip had called him, Victor inquired about Chloe's condition. "Chloe's in a coma. Do you have any antacid? This hospital coffee is just bilge," Kate said. Chuckling, Victor asked Kate why she was bothering to stay with Chloe when she hated her. Kate explained that she was waiting for Lucas to arrive so that she could break the news to him about his wife.

"Was it an accident or something?" asked Victor. "Or something," Kate muttered. Smirking, Victor asked Kate to tell him about what happened. Kate recapped the evening's events and noted that there was a strong possibility that Chloe would never wake up. Victor offered to help ensure that Chloe never woke up and offered to help Kate with her "handiwork." Kate acted insulted by Victor's suggestion, but noting Victor's skepticism, Kate added that she had been very careful. Worried about Lucas' pending arrival, Kate urged Victor to leave the hospital before Lucas saw him there gloating over Chloe's condition.

As Victor started to leave, Kate begged Victor to keep their conversation quiet. Victor promised and then started to leave. After a few steps, Victor turned around with a questioning look on his face. Curious, Victor asked Kate what she meant by "I was very careful." As Victor pondered aloud how Kate had thrown suspicion off herself, his cell phone rang.

Bo called Victor to ask him to find a criminal lawyer for Daniel, who had been arrested for attempted murder. After calling his lawyer and ordering him to get to Daniel's aid, Victor turned his anger on Kate. Victor urged Kate to go to plan B, since he would not stand for her to pin her crime on Daniel. Glowering, Victor threatened that if Kate did not make things right for Daniel that he would tell Lucas that she had poisoned Chloe. Before Kate could respond, Lucas rushed into the hospital asking what had happened. "Are you going to tell him or should I?" Victor asked Kate.

Lexie and Nathan monitored Chloe's vital signs, but all of the lab tests showed that her condition was steadily getting worse. Lexie suggested that they administer new medications, because the ones that Daniel had given Chloe did not seem to be helping her anymore.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At the townhouse, Rafe demanded to know why Sami was lying to him. When she tried to deflect his questions, he pressed her to tell him what she'd been doing instead of visiting her grandmother like she'd claimed. Sami finally snapped, "It's none of your damn business!" Rafe countered that it was his business if she were snooping around in his past. Sami argued that he seemed to have declared everything that had happened before they'd met off-limits, citing how she hadn't even known he had a sister until she met Arianna, and it made her feel like there was something about his past that he didn't want her to know.

Rafe maintained that it hurt to talk about. Sami pointed out that it hadn't been easy to confide in him about E.J. and Lucas-but she had, and he loved her anyway. She pleaded for him to trust her with his whole history so that she could love him anyway as well. Rafe asked what would happen if he didn't. Frustrated, Sami replied that they could never move forward. Rafe didn't appreciate her issuing ultimatums, but Sami insisted she wasn't-she was asking. He replied, "Well, I'm saying no."

When Rafe admitted he was worried that knowing the truth would change how she felt about him, Sami volunteered to tell him everything about herself first. Rafe seemed to agree, so Sami dove right in. He listened in wide-eyed silence as she summarized the sordid details of her past: she'd changed the results of Belle's paternity test; she'd gotten revenge after Alan raped her by shooting him in the groin; she'd nearly been executed for murdering Franco, even though she was innocent; she'd disguised herself as a man and ended up in the Middle East with guerrilla fighters shooting at her; she'd stayed married to E.J. to help him get his green card, but then they'd had the marriage annulled.

"So that's it," Sami summed up. "That's my life in a nutshell. And now it's your turn." Rafe declared that although Sami's story had been truly enlightening, it didn't change anything, because it had been her choice to tell him. Sami stated softly, "But now you know who I am. And I want to know who you are." Rafe insisted that she already did, so she pointed out that she didn't even know how many siblings he had. Sami groaned in exasperation. "It's like I'm living with a total stranger!"

Rafe angrily asserted that she was manipulating him so she could grill him about Emily, even though she knew he didn't want to talk about it. Sami argued that his unwillingness made it seem like he had something to hide, and like he didn't trust her enough to love him even if there were something terrible in his past. "All right, fine!" Rafe shouted. "I will tell you everything. I will tell you the truth."

Rafe told Sami that he'd been driving too fast on his wedding day, and had wrapped his car around a tree. He added quietly, "And Emily was with me. I killed her." Sami tried to murmur reassurances, but Rafe became angry that she'd dragged the truth out of him, only to dismiss it. She assured him that wasn't what she was doing. Rafe continued that Emily's family hated him for taking her away from them, and he didn't blame them. "So now you know," he whispered miserably. "You happy now?" Rafe then turned and stalked out of the apartment, leaving Sami ruefully calling after him.

At the hospital, Victor was ordering Kate to fix it so that Daniel didn't take the rap for Chloe's poisoning, when a worried Lucas arrived. Kate hugged her son, then told him that she'd called him home because of Chloe. Lucas demanded to know where Chloe was, so Victor pointed him toward Chloe's room before Kate could explain anything.

Lucas found Lexie at an unconscious Chloe's bedside, making notes in her chart. He asked if Chloe would be all right, and Lexie admitted she didn't know. "What happened, Lexie?" Lucas asked. "What the hell happened to her?"

When Lucas emerged from Chloe's room later, he was horrified to have learned that someone had tried to kill his wife-and that it had to be someone they knew and trusted. Philip arrived just then and informed Lucas that the police were questioning Daniel, although Victor was certain that Daniel would be exonerated. An overwhelmed Lucas announced that he needed to be with Chloe, and Kate offered to accompany him. Lucas snapped that Kate and Victor had said too many bad things about Chloe, and ordered them to stay away from her room.

At the police station, Abe reviewed the evidence against Daniel with Bo. Although Bo still believed Daniel was innocent, Abe demanded that Bo arrest Daniel. Lexie called Abe to update him that Chloe's test results indicated that she was slipping deeper into a coma, and added that she'd hated having to break such awful news to Lucas. Abe asked if Lucas had seemed surprised to learn that Chloe had been poisoned. Lexie refused to spy on her patient's husband for him, and Abe quickly apologized. When Abe hung up, Bo asserted that they had to question Lucas to ensure a thorough investigation.

In the interrogation room, Hope pointed out the holes in Daniel's theory that Kate had actually been the one to poison Chloe. Daniel angrily insisted that Chloe was still in danger, and Hope had to keep Kate away from her. Hope asserted that Kate wouldn't do anything while Daniel was at the police station, because it would prove he didn't do it. "So you do believe me?" asked Daniel. "I didn't say that," Hope replied. Daniel was still worried that Kate would try something, because if Chloe woke up, she would confirm everything he'd said. He reiterated that the police had to keep their eyes on Kate.

Bo entered the interrogation room, and filled in Hope and Daniel about Chloe's condition. Daniel was clearly devastated. Bo and Hope left the room together.

When Bo returned later, he told Daniel that Hope was out following up a lead, so anything they discussed was off the record. Bo went over the evidence against Daniel, whose ironic reply implied that he'd have to have been incredibly stupid to leave such obvious clues behind. Bo noted that Daniel seemed to have a quick answer for everything. Daniel countered that Bo would arrest him if he really thought Daniel had done it, and asserted that Bo and Hope were listening to everything Daniel said very carefully.

Bo then told Daniel he was preparing a lineup for the pharmacist who'd filled the prescription, but he would wait to do it until Daniel's lawyer arrived. Daniel irritably remarked, "This is a puppet show, and Kate Roberts is pulling the strings."

Lucas went in and sat next to Chloe, murmuring promises that he would never leave her again, pleading for her to wake up. When Lexie entered, he asked how much longer it would be until Chloe awakened. Lexie reluctantly replied, "I'm not sure she's going to." Lucas wanted to stay with Chloe a little longer, and asked if she could hear him. Lexie replied that if Chloe were going to hear anyone, it would be him. After Lexie left, Lucas resumed entreating his wife to get better. While his head was buried in his hands, Lucas didn't notice that Chloe's hand twitched briefly.

Privately, Victor taunted Kate that Lucas would have no trouble believing that she was responsible for Chloe's condition. Kate argued that it would no longer be a problem when Daniel was convicted, but Victor threatened to tell Bo that she'd confessed all the details of her crime to him. Kate cried that Daniel shouldn't go free after what he'd done to her son, but Victor merely scoffed, convinced that her tears weren't for Lucas but for herself.

Philip noticed how upset his mom was and asked if she were all right. When Victor responded with sarcasm, Philip offered to get rid of him for Kate, but she declined. Philip asked what was going on with the two of them. Victor replied that he believed in Daniel's innocence, but Kate didn't. Philip agreed with his father, citing Daniel's track record as a doctor, so Kate blurted, "He had an affair with your brother's wife!" Philip was stunned. Kate asserted that Daniel had killed his mistress when she'd spurned him to marry Lucas.

Philip asked if Lucas knew. Kate replied that he didn't, but urged Philip not to say anything yet, since Lucas had been through enough for one night. As Philip walked away to check on Lucas, Victor quietly remarked to Kate with a mock-shudder, "Your concern for Lucas is touching...and just a little bit scary." Ignoring him, Kate asked if Victor really would keep his mouth shut. Victor replied that he'd only agreed not to say anything to Lucas, but he never said he wouldn't talk to his daughter-in-law.

Victor then strolled over and cheerfully greeted Hope, who'd just arrived, and announced that he had something to tell her. He declared that he was absolutely sure that Daniel had nothing to do with what happened to Chloe. When Hope learned that Victor didn't have any concrete proof, she suggested that he be a character witness at Daniel's trial.

Hope then stated that she needed to question Lucas. Kate argued that Lucas was in a fragile state, pointing out that he also didn't know about Chloe and Daniel yet. Victor pulled Kate away before she could say much else, leaving Hope to note thoughtfully to herself, "Hmm. Kate doesn't want me to talk to Lucas, and Victor doesn't want me to talk to Kate."

Outside, Kate huffed that Victor was torturing her. Victor insisted he was only trying to keep her from saying too much in front of Hope. He then ordered Kate to straighten things out so Daniel didn't take the fall, "Or you're facing prison-or worse."

Hope entered Chloe's room, and gently informed Lucas that she needed proof that he was out of the country when Chloe got sick. After the two of them stepped outside, Hope asked if Lucas and Chloe were having problems. An indignant Lucas insisted they weren't, and that he would never hurt Chloe. Hope apologetically explained that she had to ask those questions. Lucas understood, and volunteered to give Hope his boarding pass.

Hope then asked if Lucas had ever been to Daniel's apartment. Lucas confirmed that he'd been there with Chloe to retrieve a suit for Daniel, adding that they'd found a woman's scarf on the floor. Lucas noted that if Daniel were a suspect, it made no sense to him, and Hope stated that they were only questioning Daniel. Lucas demanded that the cops find out who poisoned his wife and make them pay.

Hope found Kate and assured her that she hadn't said anything to Lucas about Chloe and Daniel, but advised Kate to consider how to break the news to him. Before Kate could respond, Hope added, "Although I really didn't need to say that, did I? You and I both know you'd do anything for Lucas, right?"

As Hope turned and left, Philip returned from picking up some items for Lucas. Kate asked an unwilling Philip to tell Lucas about Chloe and Daniel, asserting that it wasn't the kind of news a man wanted to hear from his mother. Lucas returned just then and overheard, and demanded that they tell him what was going on. Philip urged Lucas to sit down, but when he began stammering that it was about Chloe, an impatient Kate interjected, "She betrayed you!"

Lucas was skeptical, so Philip gently explained, "Lucas, she had an affair with Daniel." Lucas looked searchingly at both of their faces, and realized with dismay that they were telling the truth. He stalked back to Chloe's room and stood over her unconscious form, demanding miserably, "How could you?"

Abe informed Bo that the pharmacist couldn't positively identify Daniel from the lineup, but the D.A. wanted to press attempted murder charges regardless. Just then, a uniformed officer returned with Daniel and his lawyer. With some prodding from Abe, a reluctant Bo placed Daniel under arrest.

Hope returned from the hospital and filled Bo in about questioning Lucas. Bo knew he shouldn't jump to conclusions, but he thought Kate poisoned Chloe, explaining, "It pans out a hell of a lot better than the doc doing it." He asked Hope to oversee Daniel's booking, and as she was leaving to do so, she bumped into Victor.

In the interrogation room, Victor asserted to Bo that he didn't think Daniel was guilty. They briefly discussed Daniel's arraignment, and then Bo asked if Victor knew anything about who poisoned Chloe. "No. I have no idea at all," Victor replied.

Hope looked on as Daniel turned over his wallet, cell phone, and jewelry, and an officer tossed them into a manila envelope. The officer then fingerprinted Daniel, took his mug shot, and finally escorted the doctor, clad in jail-issue jeans and chambray shirt, into a cell, and slammed the door.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brady asked if there was a change in Chloe's condition. The nurse said there was no change. Brady assumed that there had to be a change, because he believed that Chloe would come out of the coma eventually, because she was young and strong. The nurse said it was possible that Chloe would awaken, but it wouldn't be for a long time if she woke up at all.

Sami went to the Brady Pub to ask Arianna where Rafe was, because Sami needed to talk to him. Arianna wondered why Sami was so desperate to find Rafe. She asked what Sami did to Rafe. Arianna asked if Rafe was hurt, and Sami said that Rafe wasn't physically hurt. Arianna told Sami that she knew Sami was bad news and that she begged him not to get involved with Sami. Rafe had ignored Arianna's pleas, because he felt something for Sami that he hadn't felt since, and, before Arianna finished her sentence, Sami remembered where Rafe might be and ran off.

Sami found Rafe sitting at Emily's grave. She apologized for what happened between them, but he told her that she shouldn't have tracked him down. Sami told him that she should have been honest about her concerns about Emily. Sami told him not to be so hard on himself for what happened to Emily.

Rafe said Sami didn't know the whole story, but she said she didn't have to know, because she did bad things before on purpose. Sami understood why Rafe didn't tell her before the previous night, and she didn't judge him for what happened. She told him she loved him no matter what happened, and she hated to see him torturing himself for something that wasn't his fault. Rafe realized that his revelation might be good for them.

Sami thought it was fate that she ran into "her." He wondered whom she was referring to, and Sami said she ran into Emily's sister, Meredith. Rafe thought that was impossible, because Meredith had moved to Florida. Sami said she saw Meredith in the woods while Sami was setting up their picnic. Sami had asked her father for help tracking Meredith down the other day. Rafe interrupted Sami and said that he would see her back at the house, and he walked away.

At the park, Nicole was worried about Chad, but Mia told Nicole that Chad believed Nicole's lie that she was Mia's recovery mentor and would never find out that Mia had been pregnant with Sydney. Mia asked if E.J. suspected anything, and Nicole hoped not, because E.J. and Sydney were her world.

Meanwhile, Chad was at the gym thinking about Mia. He saw Kinsey there, and when Will walked in, Kinsey noticed Chad staring at him. Kinsey could tell Chad was upset that Will was there because Will had something Chad wanted -- Mia. Chad could tell that Kinsey had feelings for Will, and he suggested she set the groundwork to get closer to Will.

Kinsey realized it was a good idea and that it would anger Mia. Kinsey went over to Will and tried to make nice. When Mia walked in, Chad apologized for not believing her about rehab, and for being a jerk. Mia said he wasn't a jerk -- he just had trust issues. He apologized for that, too. Mia said she had to go, because she was meeting Will.

Kinsey also apologized to Will for treating Mia so badly. She said she was jealous of Mia and always had been. Will told her that she needed to apologize to Mia. Kinsey agreed to apologize to Mia. Chad pointed out that Kinsey was talking to Will.

When Mia walked up to Kinsey and Will, Kinsey told Mia that she was glad to see her, but Mia didn't believe her. Kinsey asked if Mia would talk privately with her some time to work things out. Mia asked Will what was going on with Kinsey, and Will said that Kinsey wasn't that bad. Kinsey told Chad that she planted a seed with Will, and she asked if Chad planned to do the same with Mia.

An employee at the gym delivered Will a message. Mia asked what the message was about. Will said Lucas and Kate were trying to reach Will, because something was going on with his father and stepmother. Mia offered to go with him, but Will just said he would call later. Chad asked Mia why Will left, and Mia didn't know, but she was planning to leave, too.

Chad said he had a surprise for Mia. Chad said his parents were happy that he got a job and was abiding by his curfew, and they weren't planning to send him back to boarding school, which meant that Chad would be going to school in the fall. He said his parents moved into another house in the neighborhood, which meant he would attend Mia's school.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. held Sydney and sensed that something wasn't right. When Nicole returned home, she sensed that something was wrong. When she asked E.J. whether something was wrong with Sydney, he said Sydney was fine. E.J. said that he was overwhelmed and that Nicole and Sydney were important to him, and he wanted to make sure that they didn't go away. Nicole asked what he meant. E.J. said he meant that when someone was precious to you, you don't want them to go away.

Stefano interrupted them to talk about business, and Nicole wanted to continue their conversation. E.J. left the room to get some paperwork, and Stefano asked what happened. She told him that something was wrong, and she sensed that something bad was about to happen. She said that E.J. was suspicious of her. Stefano mocked Nicole's paranoia. She said that E.J. might have picked up on her worry, because something was bothering him. Stefano said that Nicole was overreacting, but E.J. would pick up on Nicole's vibes and it would make him more suspicious. Nicole worried that Sami would find proof about the baby switch thanks to Rafe.

When E.J. returned, he confided in Stefano that he still had feelings for Sami. Stefano told him that his feelings for Sami weren't healthy. He urged E.J. to prove his love for his family.

Sami saw Nicole in the park and told her that Sami and Rafe broke up. Nicole told Sami that things would work out between Sami and Rafe. After Sami left, Nicole wondered to herself if Stefano had something to do with Sami and Rafe's troubles. Nicole went home looking for Stefano, but E.J. said he sent Stefano away, because E.J. had some bad news.

Nicole was shocked to learn that Chloe was in a coma. She asked how it happened, but E.J. said he didn't think anyone knew yet. Nicole refused to break down and pledged to stay strong for Chloe. E.J. gave her permission to lean on him and be upset if she felt like it. E.J. apologized for being preoccupied lately. He said he would always be there for Nicole.

Rafe went to Meredith's place and told her it had been a long time since they had seen each other. Meredith said it was a long time since he had killed her sister. Rafe told Meredith that what happened to Emily was an accident. Meredith thought that Rafe's grief over Emily was just an act. Rafe denid that it was an act and said that he loved Emily. Meredith said that Rafe loved Emily to death.

Meredith asked Rafe how he knew that she was in town, and then she realized that the blonde woman she ran into was involved with him. It was clear to Meredith that Rafe's past was returning to haunt him. Rafe informed Meredith that he fell in love again and was moving on with his life. Meredith wasn't happy to hear that.

Rafe said he would have done anything to trade places with Emily, but he couldn't; however, he refused to feel guilty for falling in love again. Meredith said he could move on if he wanted, but the whole world, including Sami, would find out what really happened during Emily's accident.

At the park, Arianna called and left a message on Rafe's phone asking where he was and why Sami was so upset, when a guy grabbed the phone out of her hand. Brady intervened and punched the guy. Arianna yelled at Brady to stop beating the guy up, so Brady let the guy go. She said the guy was just trying to hit on her and acting like a creep, but he wasn't a criminal. She said she didn't need help, but he insisted that she did.

Arianna asked what was wrong, and Brady told her that he cared about her despite how she felt about Brady. He vowed that no one that he cared about would ever get hurt again. Brady told Arianna how his ex-wife Chloe was sick, and while he didn't love her anymore, he regretted not doing things differently. He thought that he could have been more observant and Chloe wouldn't have ended up in the hospital. Brady thought that overreaction was better than doing nothing.

Brady didn't want to make a fool of himself any further, so he started to leave, but Arianna stopped him. Arianna told Brady that she thought he was wonderful and amazing. Brady challenged her feelings for him and reminded her of what she had said about not wanting to get involved with a recovering addict. Brady vowed that he would prove to her that he wouldn't slip up. Then he kissed her.

Brady asked Arianna for a date so she could judge for herself whether he was worthy of a second date. Arianna agreed to go out with Brady, but she had to leave. They agreed to talk later, and after Brady left, the guy who Brady attacked showed up again and called her by name. Arianna warned the man never to pull that again, and she handed him some money. The man gave her something -- possibly drugs -- in return.

At the hospital, Brady asked again about Chloe's condition, but the nurse wouldn't let him see Chloe. WIll asked Brady whether Chloe was okay.

Sami went back to her place, and Rafe returned. Sami was happily surprised that he returned, and he said he nothing would change their love for each other. Meanwhile, Meredith thanked Stefano for arranging her return to Salem.

Friday, July 31, 2009

At the hospital, Kate stood over a comatose Chloe's bed. She urged Chloe to just let go, because everyone would be much better off without her.

When Will overheard Brady asking a nurse about Chloe, he asked Brady what was wrong with her. Kate exited Chloe's room, and Brady listened as Kate gently broke the news to her grandson that Daniel had had tried to kill Chloe because he was in love with her. Will assumed that Chloe must have rejected Dr. Jonas, but Kate informed him that Chloe was in love with Daniel, as well.

Will was upset, believing that Chloe had tricked him and everyone else, but he was glad that Daniel was in jail. Kate commiserated with Will, but warned him that Daniel would defend himself by saying ugly things about her, and that she and Lucas would need Will's support. Kate then cautioned Will that the doctors didn't think Chloe would survive.

Nicole arrived at Chloe's bedside, distraught at seeing her friend in a coma. Holding Chloe's hand, Nicole confided that although she was deeply grateful for Chloe's unexpected friendship, she didn't deserve it because of the terrible things she'd done. She said she'd wanted to confide in Chloe, but hadn't wanted to burden her with such awful secrets. Weeping, Nicole poured her heart out to Chloe, confessing the whole story about her miscarriage and the baby switch.

By the time she reached the part about Grace's death, she was sobbing. "Oh God, Chloe," Nicole cried, "Maybe even you, my best friend, will never forgive me for what I've done. Maybe I will never forgive me for what I've done!" Suddenly, Chloe squeezed Nicole's hand. Nicole gasped in surprise, and ran to get Nurse Maxine.

Maxine sadly informed Nicole that it had been an involuntary spasm, and Chloe showed no signs of regaining consciousness yet. Maxine added that Nicole should stay positive, because it was beneficial for comatose patients to have visitors, and that Chloe might even hear what others said. After Maxine left, Nicole worried that she'd only depressed Chloe, but thanked her for always being such a great listener. Crying again, she begged Chloe to wake up and help a friend. "I need you," she pleaded. "I love you, Chloe. Please open your eyes."

Brady entered as Nicole was sobbing over Chloe. When Nicole saw him, she rose and hugged him, sobbing against his shoulder. He promised that he would always be there for her, but she knew that he cared about Chloe, too. Neither of them could bear the thought of a world without Chloe. Gently stroking Chloe's hair, Nicole wondered aloud whom she would talk to. Blinking back tears, Brady declared, "You still have me. We still have each other." Nicole put her arms around him again, and they held each other in comfort for a long moment.

At the jail, a guard announced the arrival of Daniel's lawyer. He escorted Lucas to Daniel's cell and locked him inside. As soon as the guard left, Lucas angrily confronted Daniel: "You slept with my wife, and then you tried to kill her!" Daniel urged Lucas to hear him out, but Lucas railed at him, unleashing a barrage of accusations and insults. Daniel tried to remain calm, but when Lucas called Chloe a whore, Daniel punched him in the face. Lucas recovered, running at Daniel and pummeling him with blind rage.

Daniel finally broke free, and insisted that Lucas shouldn't talk about Chloe like that, because he didn't know the whole story. Lucas couldn't have been less interested. "You're nothing but a murderous, home-wrecking bastard!" he declared. The guard returned and demanded to know what was going on. Daniel and Lucas claimed that it was simply a misunderstanding between client and attorney, and promised to keep the noise down. After the guard left again, Daniel informed Lucas that he had pursued Chloe, and that she hadn't wanted anything to do with Daniel. When Lucas pressed, Daniel admitted that they'd had sex, but insisted that he was to blame for everything, not Chloe.

Lucas declared that he felt like a fool for trusting Daniel, but at least he knew that Chloe had broken off their engagement because she was in love with Daniel. Lucas continued that he finally remembered everything: he'd started drinking after Chloe had dumped him, then Maggie had told him about Daniel and Chloe, so he'd gone to confront Daniel. He'd found Chloe there instead, but the place blew up before he could confront her. Daniel admitted that they had planned to tell Lucas the truth and then leave town together. Lucas demanded to know why Chloe had married him if she were in love with Daniel.

Daniel explained that Chloe had made a deal with God that if Lucas survived the explosion, she would end the affair and marry him. Although Lucas was skeptical, Daniel emphasized that Chloe had been faithful to Lucas after they got married. He added that he'd honored her wishes and stayed away because he loved her. Lucas wondered crossly, "If you love Chloe, why the hell did you try to kill her?" Daniel asserted that he hadn't, and Lucas asked suspiciously who had. Daniel stunned Lucas with his reply: "Your mother."

At the townhouse, Rafe pulled away from kissing Sami, and observed that something seemed to be bothering her. She reluctantly admitted that she wondered where he'd gone after he left Emily's grave. Knowing that Sami wouldn't let it drop, Rafe informed her that he'd gone to visit Meredith. Sami knew that Meredith blamed Rafe for Emily's death, but tried to remind him that it had been an accident. When Sami asserted that there wasn't anything he could have done, Rafe quietly contradicted her.

Sami gently argued that Emily wouldn't want Rafe to torture himself. Rafe declared softly that Sami had taught him how to love again, and he would always love her. Sami assured him that loving her didn't mean that he had to shut out his feelings for Emily. Rafe agreed, but he also didn't want Sami to ever doubt his love. Sami noted that he had been strong for her, and even though sometimes she could tell that he was thinking about Grace, he always put aside his pain for Sami and her kids when they needed her. Rafe replied, "I get my strength from you."

Sami and Rafe made love. Afterwards, he declared, "You saved my life. You're my hero." Sami laughed, but confessed she'd never been anyone's hero. Rafe reminded her that she was a hero to her kids. "I love you," she declared in return. "You are definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I thank God every day for bringing you into my life, because you are my life."

After Sami drifted off, Rafe was flooded with memories of trying to revive Emily after the accident. He pensively watched Sami sleep.

Stefano visited Meredith in her room at the Salem Inn. She thanked him for arranging for her to return to town. He presented her with a check, which she remarked was very large, but he declared that she deserved every penny. Stefano clarified that the hospital where Meredith worked had been doing wonderful things. Meredith wondered why Stefano hadn't simply wired the money, and he explained that he thought she might enjoy returning to the town where she'd grown up.

Meredith divulged that it had been very difficult for her to be back in Salem. Stefano confided that perhaps he should have been more sensitive that the town might hold unpleasant memories for her, because he'd lost a son recently. Meredith shared that she'd also lost her sister, and the man who was responsible for her death was in Salem.

Stefano apologized profusely if her return had caused her pain, but Meredith insisted that she'd needed to confront her fears. She revealed that her sister's fiancÚ had been to visit her, but he still didn't accept responsibility for her sister's death-although Meredith believed he should be in jail: "He murdered my sister," she declared.

A sympathetic Stefano asked what had happened, but was confused when Meredith replied that Emily had died in a car accident. Meredith explained that Emily had moved to Virginia to be with her fiancÚ when he joined the FBI. But on their wedding day, Emily had learned something about Rafe that could have destroyed his career. Stefano asked if Emily had told Meredith what it was. Meredith replied that she hadn't, and Rafe didn't know that Emily had found out.

Meredith then alleged that Rafe had killed Emily because of what she had found out about him. "Such a tragedy," Stefano sympathized. "A young woman, her whole life in front of her..." Meredith described the wedding day: she'd been helping Emily get ready; Emily had gone upstairs to retrieve her "something borrowed" and said she wouldn't need Meredith for a while, so Meredith had left to run errands and try on her maid-of-honor dress. Emily and Rafe had gone for a drive, but the car had smashed into a tree, and Emily was pronounced dead at the scene. Meredith said that the wedding was to have been at home, so it had never made sense to her that the two of them had gone for a drive. No one had ever learned why, and Rafe had always insisted it had been an accident.

Meredith stated, "I wanted to believe him, but I just couldn't." Stefano wanted to know what had changed her mind. Meredith replied that she'd begun to doubt Rafe's innocence because he refused to explain why he and Emily had been in the car. But the police had declared it was an accident, the FBI had hired Rafe, and Meredith never saw him again. "Until now," Stefano pointed out. Meredith maintained that she had moved on, because she knew it was too late to get justice for her sister. "For justice, it is never too late," Stefano declared. "Perhaps Rafe will not go to jail for what he has done to your sister, but there is someone who should know what he has done."

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