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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Arianna accused Brady of overreacting when he caught her and Troy together at the park, but Brady insisted that she tell him the truth. She made up a lie about Troy apologizing to her because he was high when he first approached her and that he tried to turn his life around. She said she wouldn't have given Troy the time of day usually, but Brady helped her to see that people could change. Brady bought Arianna's lie and apologized for not believing her.

Arianna asked Brady to take her back to the Kiriakis mansion. At the mansion, Arianna pretended to almost drop a valuable vase. Brady explained how old the relic was. He talked about what it was like growing up wealthy, and Arianna wondered whether he and she would understand each other. She said that he never had to struggle to support himself like she did, and speculated that it might become a problem.

Brady suggested that he and Arianna go for a swim. She loved the idea, but she said she didn't have a bathing suit. Brady said he didn't have a one, either. Brady and Arianna went skinny-dipping and shared a towel after they got out of the pool. Then they shared a passionate kiss. Brady asked Arianna to tell him if she didn't want to take things further, because he didn't want to stop later. She said she " didn't ... want to stop." They began making out.

Daniel called Kate to tell her that he didn't want things to end the way they did when he saw her at the pier. Kate said it was wrong for them to be talking, because she was a witness against him. Daniel tried to tempt Kate with the possibility that they could be involved again. Kate accused Daniel of taping their conversation to use it against her so he could prove his innocence.

Daniel denied that he wasn't setting Kate up, and he tried again to gain her trust. Kate hung up on Daniel. Lucas called Kate and asked her to help him decide what to do about Chloe. Kate met Lucas at the Cheatin' Heart, and Lucas showed Chloe's living will to Kate and said he was thinking about taking Chloe off life support. Kate told Lucas that she was happy to hear that. Lucas was angry at Kate's reaction, but she said she just wanted to end the emotional strain on Lucas.

Kate told Lucas that it was best for nature to take its course. Lucas said he had talked to Chloe's father, and Craig felt the same way that Kate did, because Chloe didn't want to be kept alive by machines. Kate didn't see the need to wait to pull the plug. Lucas pointed out that if he went through with it and Chloe died, Daniel would face murder charges.

Kate cast doubt on whether Daniel would be convicted. She said that Justin was representing Daniel, and she warned Lucas to prepare himself in case Daniel didn't get convicted. Kate recounted the ways that Daniel had betrayed them. Kate urged Lucas to focus on his decision to remove Chloe's feeding tube that night.

Meanwhile, Daniel plotted to gain the upper hand against Kate. Melanie and Nathan met Daniel at the pier. Nathan was hesitant to cooperate with Daniel. He wanted assurances that Daniel's treatment wouldn't kill Chloe. Daniel urged Nathan to put aside his family loyalty and think about saving Chloe's life.

Daniel said that when it came to medicine, he did not make poor judgments, nor was he careless. Nathan believed that about Daniel. Daniel vowed that he would save Chloe's life with or without Nathan's help, so Nathan agreed to help. Nathan went to his car to get copies of Chloe's medical files for Daniel. Daniel thanked Melanie for her help, but she said he needed to thank Brady, because he was the one who convinced her to help. Melanie also brought up how snarky Daniel had been towards her at the hospital, and Daniel started to apologize, but she stopped him and said she probably deserved to be treated that way.

Then she told Daniel that Chloe left a living will, and Lucas was going to take Chloe off life support. When Nathan returned and showed Chloe's medical records to Daniel, Daniel said that he needed to find a way into Chloe's room, because the doctors were planning to cut off Chloe's I.V. and feeding tube. Melanie didn't think there was a way for Daniel to get to Chloe, but Nathan had an idea.

At the hospital, Nathan was at the nurses' desk while Melanie flirted with Dennis, the police officer who was guarding Chloe's room. Nathan sneaked into the room and left a needle and some of the poison that Daniel asked for at Chloe's bedside. Nathan left the room, and Daniel emerged from Chloe's bathroom. Daniel injected Chloe with the poison.

Meanwhile, Kate and Lucas went to the hospital, but Lucas was having second thoughts. Kate urged him to give Chloe some peace and tell the nurses to start the process of taking Chloe off life support. While he went to talk to the nurses, Kate decided to stop by Chloe's room "for the last time."

Melanie worried that Daniel was taking a long time in Chloe's room and that the guard might walk in and see him. Nathan came up with an idea, but then Lucas walked in and told them that he would be in Chloe's room filling out the paperwork to start her end-of-life procedure ,and that Kate was already in Chloe's room. Meanwhile, Daniel injected the medication into Chloe's IV. He told Chloe how much he loved her. Kate lingered outside the door with her hand on the door handle.

E.J. demanded to know why Nicole was so desperate to contact Stefano after E.J. overheard her leaving a message for Stefano on the phone. Nicole lied and said that she wanted to show him some new pictures she took of Sydney. E.J. accused her of being secretive. Nicole denied that she was hiding something. Stefano walked in and told her that it was time she came clean with E.J.

Stefano said that he was the one who needed to explain, because it was all Stefano's fault. Stefano said they were planning a surprise birthday party for E.J. E.J. apologized for the way he reacted. Sydney started crying, so E.J. went to tend to her. Nicole told Stefano that Dr. Baker kept calling her and had even called Sami. Stefano assured Nicole that Dr. Baker wasn't a problem anymore.

Nicole thought that Stefano meant Dr. Baker was paid off, but Stefano said that wasn't exactly what he meant. Nicole asked Stefano what he meant, and she questioned whether Stefano understood the gravity of the situation. Nicole worried that Dr. Baker might call Sami again, but Stefano said that was "unlikely." Nicole told Stefano that Rafe stole her cell phone and was probably tracking Dr. Baker.

Stefano assured Nicole that he was having Rafe followed. Nicole asked why Stefano wasn't worried about Rafe. She said Rafe could still get information out of Dr. Baker. Stefano suggested that they "kill two birds with one stone." Nicole still didn't understand the hints that Stefano was dropping. E.J. returned and apologized to Nicole for accusing her of being secretive. She said he had no reason to apologize, and admitted that she was behaving "furtively ."

Stefano called E.J. away to take a business call, and Nicole demanded to know what Stefano meant about Dr. Baker not being a problem anymore. Stefano told her that Dr. Baker was dead and that it was over. Nicole insisted that it would never be over. She told Stefano that Dr. Baker wrote a letter to be delivered to the authorities in the event of Dr. Baker's death, which revealed the truth about the baby switch. Stefano demanded to know who had Dr. Baker's letter, and Nicole told him that Dr. Baker's lawyer had it.

Rafe went to Dr. Baker's hotel room in the Dominican Republic and found Dr. Baker strangled to death. Suddenly, a masked man attacked Rafe from behind, knocked Rafe out, and left the rope that was once around Dr. Baker's neck in Rafe's hands instead. Sami knocked on Dr. Baker's door and then walked in. She saw Rafe passed out on the ground. Sami woke Rafe up and screamed when she realized that Dr. Baker was dead. Rafe grabbed Sami's mouth and let go of her when she promised she wouldn't scream.

Rafe asked why Sami was there, and she said told him how Dr. Baker called her with a bogus story. Rafe insisted that he didn't kill Dr. Baker, and urged Sami to trust him because he didn't kill Dr. Baker. Sami said that she trusted Rafe. There was a knock at the door. It was housekeeping. Rafe pretended to be Dr. Baker and told the maid that he didn't need her services.

Rafe told Sami that someone had set him up. Rafe carefully removed Dr. Baker's wallet from his shirt pocket and handed it to Sami. Then he checked Dr. Baker's pulse. Sami noticed a business card in Dr. Baker's wallet. It was Dr. Baker's attorney. Sami started to show it to Rafe, but then they heard the police outside the room demanding that the maid open the door so the police could investigate. Rafe and Sami exited out the window.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brady and Arianna were kissing in a chaise longue on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, naked and covered only in a beach towel, when Victor's arrival interrupted them. "I came here to relax and have an evening cocktail," Victor complained, "not watch a porn show." As soon as Victor had gone, Brady and Arianna burst into embarrassed giggles. The two then got dressed and headed upstairs.

Brady and Arianna were soon undressed again, having sex in Brady's bed. Arianna confessed that she'd been fantasizing about doing just that since the day they met. They laughed about their awkward first meeting, and Arianna admitted that she'd argued with Brady just to keep his attention.

When Brady went into the bathroom, Arianna returned a call from Troy. Troy told her that if she wanted to meet his boss, she had to get to the pier right away. Brady was surprised to find her putting on her clothes when he returned. Arianna assured him that she'd had a fantastic time, but she had to leave. Brady walked her downstairs and kissed her goodbye.

On the docks, Troy explained to his immediate boss that Arianna moved more product than anyone, so he thought she deserved to meet the higher-ups, as she'd requested. Troy's superior turned to the first in command. "I don't know. What do you think?" he asked. "Interesting," was the terse reply from the big boss - none other than Victor Kiriakis.

At the hospital, Daniel injected Chloe's I.V. with the medication he hoped would save her. He knew he had to get out of Chloe's room before someone caught him, but couldn't bear to leave her, especially without knowing whether she would respond to the treatment. He took her hand in his and implored her to squeeze back, but she didn't respond.

Meanwhile, Lucas told Nathan and Melanie that he was going to join his mother in Chloe's room. Nathan made a hasty excuse and left, and Lucas quickly became suspicious of Melanie's nervous babbling. Melanie covered, so Lucas dropped it. Melanie wanted to know what Lucas had decided about Chloe's life support. Lucas replied that it was none of her business, and stormed off.

Nathan stopped Kate just as she was about to enter Chloe's room. Lucas walked up while Nathan was explaining that he needed to examine Chloe before the two of them went in. When Nathan entered Chloe's room, he was relieved to see that Melanie had already helped Dr. Jonas escape through the room's other door.

In the park a little later, Melanie reported to Daniel that there had been no change in Chloe's condition so far. Daniel wanted to call Nathan, but Melanie reminded him that Nathan could lose his internship if they got caught helping Daniel.

Kate stood at the foot of Chloe's bed, taunting that it would all be over soon, and Daniel wouldn't be there to save Chloe.

In the hallway, Nathan asked Lucas if he were absolutely sure he wanted to discontinue Chloe's life support. Lucas somewhat irritably replied that he'd made his decision, so Nathan led him inside. Just then, Chloe's heart monitor started beeping more rapidly. Nathan checked her vital signs, and then excitedly informed Lucas and Kate that Chloe's condition was definitely improving.

Nathan stepped into an exam room to call Melanie, who handed the phone to Daniel. Daniel was relieved to hear that Chloe was showing improvement, although she was still in a coma. Daniel hoped that the single dose of medication would continue to work, and cautioned Nathan to keep Kate away from Chloe, because she might try anything since Chloe had begun to improve.

Nathan then informed Lucas and Kate that Lexie would arrive soon to check on Chloe. Kate wondered what Chloe would remember if she recovered, such as who had visited and what they'd said, but Lucas interrupted to ask about the paperwork he'd signed. Nathan replied that they couldn't disconnect the life support because Chloe's condition was improving.

In the park, Daniel quietly urged Chloe to hang on, declaring, "I love you, Chloe." In the hospital, Chloe's eyes began to open slowly, and Lucas heard her murmur, "Daniel."

Sami and Rafe were on a plane, returning from the Dominican Republic. Each wanted to know why the other had gone there. Sami told Rafe about Dr. Baker's puzzling phone call, and about Nicole's advice to steer clear of the troubled doctor. Once Sami had learned that Rafe had gone to the Dominican Republic, she decided to follow him, because she thought he had some evidence against Dr. Baker. Rafe explained that Baker had also called him out of the blue, so he'd gone to the Dominican Republic to get some answers from the doctor.

Rafe speculated that Baker had possibly been killed because of his gambling debts, and when Rafe had shown up, the killers had staged it to look like Rafe had done it. Sami agreed that Rafe's theory sounded logical. Rafe admitted that he still wanted to be Sami's hero, but since Baker was dead, they might never find out any more about Grace's death. Sami wondered if Dr. Baker's lawyer might know more, and showed Rafe the business card that she'd found in the doctor's wallet.

While Sami went to the restroom, Rafe used the phone at his seat to leave a message for the lawyer. He then left a message for Arianna, cautioning her not to say anything to Sami about Nicole's possible involvement with Baker. Sami returned, and asked if Rafe thought they should call the lawyer. Rafe figured the guy probably didn't know anything.

When they arrived in Salem, Rafe escorted Sami to the townhouse. She thanked him, but he was grateful to her for likely keeping him out of jail by showing up when she did. He leaned in to kiss her, but suddenly her cell phone chimed with a text message, interrupting them. The two then bid each other goodnight.

Nicole informed Stefano that Dr. Baker had written a letter that divulged everything about the baby switch, and had arranged for his lawyer to send it to the authorities in the event of his death. An enraged Stefano lambasted Nicole for not telling him about the letter sooner, but she wondered if there might be a way to stop its delivery.

After a phone call from one of his men, Stefano told Nicole that he'd planted evidence to implicate Rafe in Baker's death, but Rafe had left the Dominican Republic before the police found him. Stefano was worried that Rafe might have found evidence that linked Baker to Nicole before he'd left. Stefano demanded the lawyer's name from Nicole, hoping to keep him from mailing the letter, but she didn't know it.

Stefano called Lexie, because the lawyer had visited Dr. Baker in the hospital earlier in the year, and asked her to find the man's name. Once he had the name - William Hynes - Stefano ordered his men to find the lawyer.

Mr. Hynes soon arrived at the mansion, upset because Stefano's guards had thoroughly searched him and taken his cell phone. Stefano politely explained that they had to make sure Mr. Hynes wasn't wearing a wire, and then quickly got down to business. When Stefano and Nicole asked whether he had mailed the letter, Mr. Hynes replied that he couldn't discuss confidential matters about his clients with others. Stefano affirmed darkly that his family's reputation was well deserved, and then repeated the question. Mr. Hynes removed the letter from his briefcase, and Nicole quickly snatched it out of his hands.

Stefano got a call from one of his men, alerting him that Rafe had called Mr. Hynes' cell phone. Stefano hung up and firmly instructed Mr. Hynes never to contact Rafael Hernandez. Mr. Hynes agreed. Stefano then stated that he would fund a "permanent vacation" for Mr. Hynes somewhere far away.

After Stefano left to make a business call, Mr. Hynes revealed to Nicole that he'd been so nervous he'd forgotten to tell Stefano that there were two more letters. Nicole could hardly maintain her composure as the lawyer explained that since they weren't addressed to the police, he'd already mailed them - to Mia McCormick and Samantha Brady.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was thinking about his passionate night with Arianna when she called to apologize for leaving. Brady joked that she was overcome with emotion. Arianna laughed then asked to meet up with Brady after she ran her errand. "My night really just picked up," Brady told her. After hanging up, a frustrated Arianna said, "I wish I could say the same."

Down on the docks, Troy met with his boss, Constantine, and Victor Kiriakis. Victor greeted Constantine as an old friend, and then asked why he was meeting with a dealer. Troy answered that his new dealer was so good, that he felt like he should introduce her to Victor. "And I trust Arianna," Troy said. "Arianna?" Victor asked with a concerned look on his face. When Troy told Victor her full name was Arianna Hernandez, Victor rushed to hide and asked Constantine not to let Arianna see him.

When Victor was out of site, Arianna arrived down on the docks and met Constantine. "You wanted to meet the boss and now you have," Troy said. "You know what? I don't think I have. Not yet," Arianna countered. Bristling, Troy reminded Arianna that he was doing her a favor by introducing her to Constantine. "If this guy's running the operation, I'm out of it," Arianna joked. Annoyed, Constantine said that she did not make a good first impression. Waiting nearby, Victor listened to the conversation intently.

"Being adorable is not a job requirement. But sizing people up is," Arianna said. With a smirk on her face, Arianna told Constantine that if the boss did not want to meet "the best dealer in the state," then she would take her business elsewhere.

After Arianna walked away, Troy muttered, "How does she know?" Victor emerged from his hiding place and explained that it was because she was very smart. "I don't like it at all," Victor grumbled. Troy asked whether they should keep working with Arianna, but Victor ordered Troy to take advantage of Arianna's business until he decided what to do about her. "Man, Brady, you sure can pick them," Victor said under his breath.

In the park, Daniel called out to Chloe, begging her to fight for her life. Melanie asked Daniel if he was okay, and he said that he thought he heard Chloe. Worried he was going crazy, Daniel chastised himself and then continued to pace back and forth.

At Salem Hospital, Craig wondered aloud why Chloe's vital signs were improving. "Doogie Howser doesn't want to honor Lucas' decision," Kate cracked. Confused, Craig asked what decision Lucas made. Kate noted that she was referring to Lucas' decision to remove life support, and then she asked Craig to convince Lucas that he should go ahead with his decision.

In Chloe's hospital room, her eyes fluttered open and she called out, "Daniel." As Lucas stared at his wife in astonishment, Lexie, Kate, and Craig entered the room. "She woke up," Lucas stuttered. While Lexie examined Chloe, Lucas went into the hallway with Kate, and Craig and told them Chloe had woken up, looked him in the eyes, and said Daniel's name. Concerned, Kate walked back toward Chloe's room.

Back in Chloe's room, Lexie asked Chloe what she was trying to say, while a nervous Kate watched from the doorway. Panicking, Kate walked back into the hallway and urged Lucas, "Remember you made an agonizing decision. Now stick with it." Annoyed, Lucas asked Kate to wait in silence.

When Lexie completed her exam of Chloe, she returned to the hallway to inform Lucas that Chloe had slipped back into the coma. "I told you it was an aberration," Kate whispered to Lucas. "Well actually it is more than that. We've finally seen something positive. Her vitals are considerably stronger," Lexie said optimistically.

Kate reminded Lexie that Chloe was only awake long enough to say "one highly inappropriate word." "Actually Kate, you're wrong. She also spoke to me," Lexie announced. "Really? What did she say?" Kate asked calmly. Lexie explained that she could not understand what Chloe said because Chloe was too weak to speak. Kate argued that Chloe was just making sounds, but Lucas impatiently reminded Kate that Chloe said Daniel's name clearly.

When Kate reminded Lucas that Chloe had slipped back into a coma, Craig interrupted to explain that coma patients "don't wake up like Sleeping Beauty." Craig explained that Chloe's periods of lucidity would increase with time. Panicking, Kate questioned how Chloe could improve so drastically and rapidly. "Do you have a problem with her getting better?" Lexie asked with concern. Kate played innocent and claimed she was just confused.

Concerned, Craig asked whether there was still a question of removing life support. Kate jumped in and reminded Craig that the decision rested with Lucas, but Lexie disagreed. Lexie explained that due to the strong improvements in Chloe's vitals, that there was really no question of whether to remove life support.

In the park, while Melanie watched Daniel with concern, she received a phone call from Nathan. Melanie passed the phone to Daniel, and Nathan told Daniel that Chloe had woken up and the first thing she said was "Daniel." Stunned, Daniel passed the phone to Melanie and walked away. Nathan reiterated to Melanie what he had told Daniel. As a smile slowly crept across Daniel's face, he turned to Melanie and thanked her for her help. Melanie and Daniel hugged one another in celebration while Maggie was passing nearby. Curious, Maggie asked Melanie what was going on.

Elated, Melanie cheerfully told Maggie that Chloe was awake. When Daniel rushed off, Melanie worried aloud about Daniel. "I'm sorry, Melanie. Daniel's not my concern right now," Maggie said with a scowl on her face. Noting the look on Maggie's face, Melanie told Maggie that she believed that Daniel was not capable of poisoning Chloe. Maggie smiled gently, and then excused herself in order to find Lucas.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel rushed in looking for Justin, and announced to Brady that Chloe was awake. Relieved, Brady asked about whether Daniel's drug treatment worked. Daniel explained that Chloe would need follow-up treatment, but that he was more concerned about Kate's response to the news of Chloe's improvement. Brady was unsure of how dangerous Kate would be, but Daniel reminded Brady that Kate was backed into a corner. Brady offered to go to the hospital and get more information, but he urged Daniel to steer clear of Chloe for the time being .

At Salem Hospital, Brady asked Melanie whether Kate had been at the hospital that evening. "Yes. She was acting kinda weird, though," Melanie responded. Nathan explained that Kate was dismissing all the signs of Chloe's improvement. "Yeah, talking is something I don't think Kate wants Chloe to do much of," Brady muttered to himself. Nathan told Brady that Craig was with Chloe, prompting Brady to say that Craig was very protective. "Time for me to go in there and face my past," Brady said before heading into Chloe's room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel stared at a photo of Kate and said through gritted teeth, "I swear to God, I am going to make you pay for this." Anxious, Daniel called Brady and learned that Craig was watching over Chloe. Brady said that he had not warned Craig about Kate, but that Craig was not going to leave Chloe's bedside. Daniel swore to get even with Kate by either finding evidence against her or by giving her a "taste of her own medicine."

Justin advised Daniel to forget about proving Kate was guilty. Thinking about the day he saw Kate wearing gardening gloves on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel wondered aloud, "What if I could prove what she did?" Daniel told Justin about the day he saw Kate with the gardening gloves and how she had become nervous when he asked her about them. Justin was not impressed by Daniel's evidence, but Daniel noted that because the gloves were rubber, they likely still had a residue of the poison still on them.

Justin ordered Daniel to stay overnight at the Kiriakis mansion, but Daniel became agitated when Henderson informed them that Kate would be staying at the hospital that night. Justin went into the other room to take a call, and Daniel asked Henderson to leave him alone. "I'll just help myself," Daniel whispered. Daniel frantically searched the grounds to find Kate's gardening gloves, but he found nothing. Frustrated, Daniel drank a large glass of scotch. "I'm gonna get those gloves, Kate. And finally justice will be served," he said before rushing upstairs. Just as Daniel went down the hallway, Kate arrived home and headed upstairs, too.

At Salem Hospital, Kate urged Lucas to ignore what Lexie said, because he was the one that needed to make the decision about Chloe's life support. "You need to do what's right for Chloe," Kate urged her son. When Lucas brought up what Craig had said, Kate argued that Craig was grasping as straws since it was his daughter. Attempting to coax her son into pulling the plug, Kate urged Lucas to think of Chloe and pull the life support as her living will had urged him to do. "We need to do what's right," Kate whispered.

"The only thing that you need to decide is whether you have what it takes to do what needs to be done," Kate said firmly. Unsure, Lucas walked over to Chloe's window and looked in at her. "When you opened your eyes, it was like the sun came out. And then you asked for him," Lucas said quietly.

Maggie cheerfully greeted Lucas and asked why he did not look happy about Chloe's signs of improvement. Stone-faced, Lucas told Maggie that Chloe had looked at him and said Daniel. When Maggie tried to comfort Lucas, he ordered her not to feel sorry for him. Lucas explained that Chloe was back in her coma and that there was a possibility that her signs of improvement were meaningless. Confused, Maggie asked whether the doctors were optimistic. "I don't care, but I'm glad it happened," Lucas said to Maggie. As Lucas walked over to Chloe's window, he muttered to himself, "Now I know what she's thinking."

Lucas went into Chloe's room and urged Craig to go get some air and stretch his legs. Tired, Craig agreed and went out into the hallway. Lucas sat at Chloe's bedside and she opened her eyes and said "Daniel" once more. "You miss him, don't you?" Lucas asked. "I love him. I will always love him," Chloe said. Realizing he was daydreaming, Lucas shook his head and looked at Chloe as she continued to sleep in her bed. Lucas leaned forward and whispered, "You love him? And I hate you."

Outside of Chloe's room, Nathan asked Melanie to go to the Cheatin' Heart with him. When Melanie noted that he almost called it a date, Nathan joked that it was a "dining situation." Giggling, Melanie followed Nathan out of the hospital.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie and Philip played pool and flirted. While Philip kissed Stephanie, the motel owner that had filmed Philip and Melanie's sexual encounter called a contact to let him know that Philip was making out with another woman. Stephanie asked Philip to ease up on the public display of affection and reminded him that they should take things slowly.

Philip headed over to the bar to order nachos, while the motel owner sipped his beer nearby. Philip returned to his table and told Stephanie that he was worried he would mess up their relationship again. After noting that he was not good with honesty, Philip said, "There's something that I think I should tell you." Philip pulled out the engagement ring from his pocket and urged Stephanie to put it back on. "I swear I will never, ever give you a reason to take it off again," Philip said. Noting the stunned look on Stephanie's face, Philip retracted the offer.

Stephanie admitted that she wanted to wear the ring again, and she told him it was the next step. Philip promised to do everything he could to make her happy as he put the ring back on Stephanie's finger. At the entrance, Nathan and Melanie walked in and spotted Philip and Stephanie. "Not getting out of this one, rich boy," the motel owner joked under his breath.

Nathan admitted to Melanie that he and Stephanie were just friends, but asked about Melanie's relationship with Philip. "It's hard to say what Philip and I are," Melanie said as she fought back tears. Spotting Melanie and Nathan, Stephanie called them over and showed them the ring. Melanie offered a half-hearted congratulations and added to Philip, "I know how miserable you were without her."

Philip apologized to Nathan for punching him. When Nathan offered to forget about that night, a hurt Melanie interjected, "Hey, Philip already has. It's like it never even happened." Melanie went to the bar to order champagne, and Philip followed her. When Melanie's eyes began to tear up, Philip pleaded with her not to cry. "You don't care if I cry. You just don't want Stephanie to see," Melanie said.

Philip admitted that he thought about telling Stephanie that he slept with Melanie, but that he felt like it would hurt her unnecessarily. With a cold look on her face, Melanie noted that her engagement gift to Philip was to keep quiet about their tryst. Satisfied with her answer, Philip escorted Melanie back to the table as the motel owner watched them through the window.

Over at the table, Nathan noted that Stephanie seemed happy. Stephanie admitted that she was happy and felt very lucky to have Philip back in her life. She added that Philip was "someone I can trust." When Philip rejoined Stephanie, Nathan and Melanie headed back to the bar. Nathan and Melanie commiserated over the awkwardness of the situation, and he offered to walk her home. Nathan reminded Melanie of how she felt before she walked in the bar. "Don't let Philip take that away from you," Nathan urged. Melanie smiled and thanked Nathan for the advice.

When Philip and Stephanie left the bar, the motel owner called his contact to check if the video of Philip and Melanie was ready. "We are going to make a killing," the man said to his cohort.

In the park, Brady stopped Troy as he was passing by and offered to help him. "Tell me what you need," Brady said as Arianna watched in horror nearby. Spotting Arianna, Troy asked her why she had told Brady about his business. Brady apologized for interfering in Troy's life, and Troy said that he would think about Brady's offer, and then walked away.

Brady advised Arianna not to trust Troy, since he had not started rehab yet. Uncomfortable, Arianna said that she did not want to talk anymore. As Brady and Arianna started to kiss, Victor emerged from the shadows and asked, "Is that all you two do?" Brady urged Victor to keep walking, but Victor protested, noting that he had something important to say to them. Victor apologized for being gruff with Arianna earlier, and invited her to join them for dinner one night.

Thurdday, September 3, 2009

Stephanie and Philip celebrated their engagement by making love. Stephanie was happy that she and Philip had time to themselves without their families' interference. Philip wondered what they would do with all their free time. They decided to spend it making love some more.

At the hospital, Lucas told Chloe that he hated her and would never forgive her. Craig walked in and overheard him. Lucas apologized to Craig for what he had said, but he admitted to hating Chloe. Craig told Lucas that while he understood that Lucas was hurt and had a right to his feelings, they needed to get something straight first.

Craig took Lucas outside in the hallway and told Lucas that Craig had to leave in the morning, because Nancy and Joy needed him, otherwise Craig would have stayed. Lucas said he would do what was best for Chloe. Craig asked if Lucas thought it was best for Chloe for Lucas to tell her that he hated her, when Chloe could probably hear them and understand them. Craig urged Lucas to think about what he would do if Lucas' daughter were in that hospital bed.

Lucas reminded Craig that he was still married to Chloe and that he was faithful to her, even though Chloe wasn't faithful to him. Craig didn't want Lucas' anger at Chloe to cloud Lucas' judgment. Lucas was angry that when Chloe came out of her coma, she spoke Daniel's name. Craig wanted Lucas to be honest with himself about how emotional the situation was.

Craig told Lucas that although Chloe wasn't perfect, neither was Lucas. Craig told Lucas that his job was to protect Chloe, and Lucas could judge Chloe later. Craig told Lucas that he hoped things would improve for Lucas, but Lucas didn't see how that would happen. Craig told him not to give up hoping, and to call Craig if he needed anything. After Craig left, Lucas wondered how he would take care of Chloe. Lucas told Chloe that he couldn't forgive her.

Daniel sneacked into Kate's bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion to look for the glove Kate wore when she poisoned the food. He searched her closet, but Kate walked in, so he had to hide. Daniel accidentally knocked something over, and Kate heard it. As Daniel hid, Kate walked into her closet and found her shoes were on the floor, but she assumed the maid did it. While Kate went to the bathroom, Daniel searched Kate's closet again and found the gloves he had been looking for.

Daniel tried to sneak out of the room, but Kate emerged from the bathroom and caught him. She demanded to know what he was doing in her room. Daniel told her that he was supposed to meet with Justin, but because Justin was running late, Daniel decided to see if Kate was in. He said he was hoping they could talk. Kate noticed that Daniel had been drinking. Daniel said that wasn't the reason why he sought her out. He said he wanted to apologize.

Daniel said that when his personal life was chaotic, he would throw himself into his work to stop thinking about it. He said he had nothing but time to think about what happened between him and Kate. He said he was "thrown for a loop" when Kate dumped him. Kate didn't buy it, because it seemed like he was unaffected by her decision. She said he was already eyeing Chloe.

Daniel said he was using Chloe to hurt Kate, and he apologized for it. Kate apologized also for setting things into motion when she broke up with him. Daniel caressed Kate's cheek, but she pulled away. He told her that things could have been different, and they could have had it all. Kate said goodbye to him so she could go to bed. He apologized again, but after Kate shut the door, Daniel said to himself that he wasn't as sorry as Kate was going to be.

Bo tucked Ciara into bed. Hope thought that Bo should have spent the night at the hospital after getting hit over the head when they rescued Ciara, but Bo wanted both him and Hope at home when Ciara woke up in the morning, so they could get back to feeling normal. Bo reminded his wife that Ciara was safe, so they could start over. He wondered if Hope could forgive him. Before she could answer, he volunteered to sleep in the guest room, and Hope agreed.

Bo couldn't believe that he and Hope were bickering, even after Ciara was safe at home. Hope still blamed him for putting Ciara in more danger, just because he had to be in charge. Bo didn't want to fight, but he clarified that all he cared about was Ciara's safety. Hope realized she shouldn't have mentioned it, but it didn't make a difference, since he knew what Hope was thinking. Ciara cried out for Hope, and they both ran to her room.

Dean was haunted by memories of killing Brenda. He was determined to get the reward money for rescuing Ciara. Dean went to Bo and Hope's house to talk to Bo. Hope and Ciara were up. Dean apologized for stopping by so late. Hope mentioned that Ciara had a bad dream. Dean was apologetic. Dean told Bo that he was having a hard time dealing with his emotions, because he had never killed anyone before. Bo suggested that Dean take some personal leave and get counseling, but Dean wanted to use the reward money to take off for a while, because he felt that counseling wouldn't help him.

Bo told Dean that he wasn't eligible for the reward money. Bo reminded Dean that department rules said that an on-duty officer wasn't eligible for compensation other than his salary. Dean apologized for appearing as if he were asking for money. Hope overheard them talking and asked what they were discussing. Bo told her that they were talking about the reward.

Hope thought that Bo brought up the reward, but when Bo tried to explain, Hope told Dean that she would talk to her lawyer to find a way to get him the money. Dean apologized and left. Hope reminded Bo that Dean saved Ciara. Bo asked what Hope thought would happen if the public found out that Hope was violating policy. Ciara walked in and asked why they were fighting.

Hope was able to get Ciara back to bed, and she urged Bo to be more careful so that Ciara didn't hear them fighting again. Hope wasn't backing down from her feelings about the way Bo handled the case, though. Bo went to the Java Cafe to give Hope some space. Hope wondered to herself what was happening to her marriage.

At the Brady Pub, Justin spoke to someone on the phone and asked the person to be discreet, because Justin especially didn't want Daniel, Kate, or Victor to find out about it. Victor overheard part of Justin's conversation and asked what Justin wanted kept quiet. Justin changed the subject to Ciara's safe return, but Victor was determined to get Justin to divulge the information.

Victor reminded Justin that Victor hired him to defend Daniel, so Victor was entitled to find out every aspect of Daniel's defense, but Justin told Victor that he wasn't entitled to know everything. That only intrigued Victor more, and he wanted to know what Justin was saying about Kate. Justin pointed out how awkward it was for Victor to invite Daniel to stay at the Kiriakis mansion, where Kate also lived. Victor didn't see anything wrong with it, because Daniel was family.

Justin mentioned Daniel's theory about Kate trying to kill Chloe, but Victor denied it. Justin wondered what Chloe would say about Daniel's theory. Victor didn't think Chloe would be able to say anything. Justin told Victor that Chloe emerged from her coma and spoke. Victor realized that Justin was investigating Kate. Victor ordered Justin to back off of his investigation. Victor insisted that he couldn't do that, because he was a lawyer. Victor reminded Justin what happened to people who defied Victor. After Victor left, Justin wondered to himself whether Victor was protecting Kate because she had "been through so much, or done so much."

At Maggie's house, Nathan had offered to help Melanie study. She wondered why, since he was already tired from his rounds. Nathan said it was because he wanted to get back into her good graces. Nathan went to take a shower and planned to help her study afterwards. Maggie arrived at home and saw how giddy Melanie was about Nathan, and Maggie was pleased.

Melanie told Maggie that she and Nathan hadn't slept together, and Maggie told Melanie to wait until Nathan made the first move. Maggie thought that Melanie and Nathan would have gotten together earlier. Melanie wondered if Maggie wanted her to move out. Maggie asked why she thought that. Melanie thought that Maggie didn't want her to be involved with Maggie's grandson.

Maggie urged Melanie to be proud of herself, because Maggie was proud of her. Maggie mentioned the wet towels that were left on the bathroom floor, and Melanie apologized for leaving them there. Maggie told her that because Melanie took the blame for the towels, it illustrated that she was a good person. Maggie told Melanie that she would be okay with Melanie dating Nathan.

Nathan left the bathroom and asked what Melanie and Maggie were talking about. Maggie said she came up with a system of fines for leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor. She excused herself so that he and Melanie could study. Nathan realized that Melanie moved her shift around to help Daniel, which meant that Melanie would have to study all night. Nathan was impressed with Melanie's generosity. After they finished studying, Melanie ordered Nathan to go to bed.

Justin argued on the phone with Adrienne while he was standing on Bo and Hope's front porch. Hope overheard him and opened the door. She invited Justin in and told him that Bo had left because he needed some space. Hope told Justin that she wanted Dean to get the reward money. She started to tell Justin about her argument with Bo, but she got upset thinking about Ciara's ordeal.

Victor ran into Philip outside the Brady Pub, and Philip told Victor that he and Stephanie were engaged again. Victor pointed out that Philip had no job, but he had his love to keep him warm. Philip asked Victor to just be happy for him.

Melanie got an email from a friend in Marseilles, who showed Melanie the link to a video of Melanie and Philip having sex.

Friday, September 4, 2009

After spending the night together at her place, Stephanie presented Philip with a pair of shamrock cufflinks, for good luck with his job interview in Chicago later that day. Philip was worried what Stephanie would do if he got the job, but she planned to find a job at a hospital in Chicago, because all she wanted was to be with him.

A horrified Melanie watched a video on the Internet of her and Philip having sex. When Nathan arrived home, Melanie slammed the computer shut in a panic, and then tried to run out the door for her nursing exam. Nathan stopped her, noting that she'd gotten one of the questions on the practice test wrong. Melanie thanked him, but didn't have time for him to help her with the answer. She ran into the mailman on her way out, and signed for a certified letter for Mia.

Brady called Arianna at the Brady Pub to invite her to the mansion for a swim, since it was her day off. She happily accepted. Rafe arrived just as Arianna was leaving, so she asked about his trip to the Dominican Republic. He admitted it hadn't gone well, and he hadn't been able to prove that Dr. Baker or Nicole had anything to do with Grace's death. He added that he didn't want to hurt Sami again by ruining her friendship with Nicole.

When Arianna arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady assured her that no one was around but Henderson, who would never interrupt the two them. They were kissing on the couch a little later when a frantic Melanie barged past Henderson and into the living room. Henderson apologized, as did Melanie, but she insisted it was an emergency. Brady urged her to calm down and tell them what was wrong.

A decidedly un-calm Melanie managed to inform Brady and Arianna that there was a video on the Internet of her having sex with Philip, and she'd traced the source back to the manager of the motel where they'd gone. She hadn't been able to get in touch with Philip to warn him before Stephanie-or Nathan-found out about it. She had no idea what to do about the video, but she had to take a nursing exam in a few minutes . Brady promised that he and Arianna would take care of it.

Philip dropped Stephanie off at the hospital on his way to the airport, and she showed off her engagement ring to Maxine. A candy striper overheard Maxine gushing and remarked snidely, "Is it just me, or has it tarnished since last time?" Stephanie was mildly taken aback, but Maxine maintained that the girl was just jealous.

Nathan arrived and asked if Stephanie were still interested in volunteering for the Horton Foundation, but she told him that she might be moving to Chicago with Philip. As Melanie rushed in to take her exam, the candy striper and her friend giggled, glancing at both Melanie and Stephanie.

Later, Stephanie and Nathan passed the candy stripers, who were looking at something on a computer and laughing. "What, no one invited us to the party?" Nathan asked lightly. "Apparently not," replied one of the girls as they exchanged a conspiratorial smirk.

The manager of the Valentine Motel let Arianna and Brady into the same room that Philip and Melanie had used. Arianna reclined seductively on the bed, noting that the room held special memories for the two of them. The manager chuckled knowingly and told them to enjoy themselves, but before the man could leave, Brady slammed the door shut. "I'm going to enjoy shutting you down."

Brady then showed the video to the manager, who played dumb. When Brady pointed out the hidden cameras around the room, the manager asked if Brady were a cop. "No, worse," began Arianna, and Brady finished, "I'm one of those Kiriakises." The manager asked what Brady wanted. "I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do," Brady replied.

Stefano and E.J. were at the hospital for Stefano's checkup with Lexie. Lexie told them that she'd just learned from Abe that Dr. Baker had been murdered in the Caribbean, and the police thought the killer might be from Salem. Stefano assumed that Abe blamed the DiMeras for it, but Lexie assured him that Abe only wanted the doctor's employment records.

Speaking privately to E.J., Lexie noted that Stefano's blood sugar was much higher than it should be, and the only possible explanation was stress. E.J. laughed, reminding Lexie that their father didn't have a care in the world and had no reason to be stressed. Lexie wondered if there were something other than work that could be worrying Stefano. E.J. didn't think so, but Lexie reminded him that sometimes when Stefano tried to protect his family, he ended up doing the opposite.

Alone in the exam room, Stefano reproached someone on the phone for failing to take care of Rafe in the Dominican Republic. He threatened that if Rafe learned anything he shouldn't, Dr. Baker wouldn't be the only one who paid with his life.

E.J. returned and declared that Stefano had to start taking better care of himself. E.J. wanted to help his father eliminate the sources of stress in his life, but didn't know what they were. Stefano admitted that he was finding it difficult to turn the reins of the family business over to E.J., as he'd long planned, but he would do it just as soon as he handled a few things. E.J. embraced his father warmly.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole vowed to make sure no one ever learned about the letters that Dr. Baker's lawyer had sent to Sami and Mia. Pretending to be Sami, she called the post office and asked them to hold the certified letter she was expecting until she could pick it up, but they informed her that it had already gone out on delivery.

At the townhouse, Sami excitedly showed Will the school supplies she'd bought for him. Will urged her to return everything and get her money back, because he knew she probably needed the money, plus his dad had already bought everything he needed. He was also worried that his mom didn't have enough to keep her occupied, since Allie and Johnny were gone and Grace had died.

Just as Mia arrived at the townhouse to meet Will a little later, Nicole called her, claiming she wanted the two of them and Sydney to hang out for a while. A puzzled Mia declined, and then left with Will.

Will and Mia walked through the park on their way to the Java Café. When Will mentioned that Mia had never really told him what had happened with her family, she snapped that she'd never talked about it with anyone, and never would. Unfazed, Will told Mia about how, when his mom was their age, Stefano DiMera had stolen her diary, and it had ruined not just her life, but the lives of a lot of other people, too.

Kinsey arrived at the Java Café wearing a neck brace. She grumbled to Chad about having to give up her spot on the cheerleading squad, and she was miffed that it would probably go to Mia. Chad was determined to prove, by reading Mia's diary, that Mia still had feelings for him.

When Mia and Will arrived, a spiteful Kinsey intentionally dropped her purse and demanded that Mia pick it up. As Mia grudgingly tossed her keys and bag on the table and bent down, Chad furtively swiped her keys and then left in a hurry.

Will and Mia sat together at a table, and Will asked if she wanted to make it "officially official" and become his girlfriend. She agreed, kissing him to "seal the deal." Mia then noticed that her keys were missing, but seemed to think she'd simply misplaced them.

Chad used Mia's key to let himself into Maggie's house. He wondered aloud where Mia might keep her diary, and as he looked around, he stumbled upon the certified letter from Dr. Baker's lawyer.

Rafe arrived at William Hynes's law office to find Mr. Hynes packing. Mr. Hynes explained that he hadn't returned Rafe's messages because he was taking a break from his practice. Rafe informed the lawyer that Dr. Baker had been murdered, and demanded to know why he'd found Mr. Hynes's business card in the dead man's wallet. Mr. Hynes reluctantly replied that Baker had been his client, but he couldn't divulge more.

Rafe pulled out a gun and ordered Hynes to start talking. Mr. Hynes insisted he'd only done some estate planning for Dr. Baker. Rafe asked how Baker was connected to the DiMeras, but Mr. Hynes didn't know, unless it was explained in the letter he'd mailed for Dr. Baker. When Rafe correctly guessed that the letter was to Samantha Brady, Mr. Hynes stated that he should ask Ms. Brady what was in it, as it should be delivered to her that day.

Sami was sitting alone on the couch when Nicole knocked on the door with Sydney in tow. Sami admitted she wasn't in a great mood, but let Nicole and Sydney in. When Nicole "accidentally" knocked over a pile of mail on the coffee table, Sami noted that the stack didn't even include that day's mail yet. Nicole wondered if Sami seemed so glum because of the mysterious phone call from Dr. Baker. Sami confided that she might never know why he'd called, because he'd been murdered-and someone had tried to frame Rafe for it. Nicole feigned shock, but tried to plant doubts in Sami's mind about Rafe.

Nicole then "confessed" that she desperately needed some caffeine, because Sydney was teething and not sleeping through the night. Sami offered to let Nicole stay there and take a short nap, while Sami took Sydney out to get some coffee for the grownups. Nicole "reluctantly" accepted. As soon as Sami was gone, Nicole began to riffle through the mail.

Sami pushed Sydney's stroller through the park, describing how pretty it would be in the fall. She lifted the tot out of the stroller to hold her for a moment, and gazed at her wistfully. "It's so nice to have a baby in my arms again," Sami whispered with a teary smile.

When the mailman arrived with Sami's certified letter from Mr. Hynes, Nicole signed for it. She opened it and read aloud, "Mia McCormick, biological mom of Grace Brady; Samantha Brady's baby being raised as Sydney DiMera." She folded it back up with a sigh. "Thank God I got here in time." Just then, there was a knock at the door. She quickly stuffed the letter in her purse, just as Rafe let himself into the townhouse.

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