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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Roman hoped that Arianna changed her mind about wanting out of her undercover assignment. She felt bad about wanting to quit, especially since it was her idea to take the assignment in the first place. Roman told her that it wasn't as easy to walk away as she thought it was. Roman demanded to know why Arianna wanted to quit.

She told Roman that she was in love with Brady and that Brady could figure out what she was doing, because of his background as a drug user. Roman agreed that Brady could figure out what was going on, so he suggested they speed up their operation. Even though Roman assured Arianna that she would be safe, she said she wasn't afraid of getting hurt, she was only afraid that Brady would find out about her past.

Roman told Arianna that if a man couldn't accept her past, he didn't deserve her, but Arianna was too afraid to risk it. Roman threatened to tell Brady about Arianna's past if she dropped out of the program. Roman said that she was not more important than the program. She said that she hated Roman, and he said to "join the club." Roman assured her that Arianna and Brady would be together soon, but she needed to finish what she started. After Roman left, he told himself that he was doing it for "her own good."

In the park, Brady fawned over Sydney, while Mary, the nanny, looked on. When E.J. showed up, E.J. ordered Brady to keep his hands off E.J.'s daughter. E.J. told Mary that she wasn't in any trouble and she could go home. Brady chided E.J. for his rude behavior, and he dared E.J. to hit him. E.J. said he didn't understand why Nicole decided to invite Brady back into her life. Brady said he didn't understand why Nicole would risk all of ... but he stopped short and decided to leave instead of finishing his sentence. E.J. wondered what Brady meant about Nicole risking something.

At the Java Café, Rafe tried to figure out why Nicole visited the convent and wanted Sami to give birth at Dr. Baker's clinic. He wondered if Nicole knew at the time that E.J. was the father of Sami's baby. Rafe set up a meeting at the Java Café with the nurse from Dr. Baker's clinic. He told the nurse about Dr. Baker's death and blamed it on Nicole. The nurse told Rafe that she didn't know anything more about what Dr. Baker was up to. Rafe explained to the nurse that he was investigating the clinic because Grace died of bacterial meningitis.

He asked if it was possible that Nicole did something to make Sami's baby sick. The nurse felt sorry for Rafe when he said that it was his baby that died. Rafe said he couldn't let Nicole get away with it. The nurse said that Nicole had nothing to do with meningitis. She told him that investigating Nicole wouldn't bring his baby back.

Nicole stormed into Sami's place demanding that Sami call Rafe off or else. Sami asked if Nicole was threatening Rafe. Nicole explained that Rafe dragged her to a convent to force Nicole to say that she did something to hurt Sami and Grace. Sami didn't think that what Rafe did was crazy. Sami reminded Nicole that Rafe was grieving.

Nicole said that Rafe was delusional and needed professional help. Sami defended Rafe from Nicole's accusations. Sami told Nicole that she couldn't do anything about Rafe's behavior and Nicole wouldn't turn Sami against Rafe no matter what Nicole said. Nicole told Sami that she wasn't telling Sami to turn against Rafe. Sami said that Nicole just wanted Sami to file a restraining order against Rafe. Nicole admitted that she had overreacted. She apologized to Sami and explained that she was trying to save Rafe from having another confrontation with E.J. Sami threw Nicole out.

Nathan told Daniel that the gloves he found in Kate's room did not have traces of the drug that was used to poison Chloe. Daniel realized that they were running out of time. He feared that he would end up in prison and Chloe would surely die. Daniel asked Nathan to administer another dosage of the poison to save Chloe's life, but Nathan wasn't willing to do it, so Melanie volunteered to.

Nathan told Melanie that she couldn't give Chloe the poison, but Melanie insisted she had a lot less to lose than Nathan if she got caught. Justin called Daniel to tell him about a meeting with the district attorney. Nathan volunteered to give Chloe the poison after all, and Daniel upped the dosage to 80 milligrams. Nathan thought that dosage would kill Chloe, but Daniel said they didn't have any choice, because Daniel thought that if Chloe didn't wake up soon, he would die.

Melanie planned to help Nathan, but he insisted she stay at home and let him take care of it. Melanie wouldn't hear of it. At the hospital, Melanie got caught trying to steal the poison from the medicine cart. The nurse asked why Melanie was there, because Melanie wasn't scheduled to work. Melanie made up a lie about switching schedules with another nursing student. The nurse reminded Melanie that the nurse had to approve any schedule changes. Melanie decided to leave, but the nurse stopped her and said they were understaffed, so she needed Melanie to work.

Melanie sneaked into Chloe's room with the poison. Nathan was waiting there to administer the drug. Nathan gave Chloe the drug.

The district attorney's office offered Daniel a deal. Daniel felt that pleading no contest was the same as pleading guilty, but the D.A. said that Daniel would receive a lighter sentence and, if Chloe died, Daniel would not be charged with murder. If Chloe died before a deal was reached, the charge would automatically be murder one. Daniel refused to take a plea deal.

Kate visited Chloe's hospital room. She later ran into Stefano at the Brady Café, but when Stefano spoke to her, she snubbed him, because Stefano had tried to assassinate Philip. Stefano reminded Kate that she did not bury her son, as Stefano did. Kate asked if he wanted her to forgive him because his hit man was incompetent. Stefano criticized Kate for having a "holier than thou" attitude after what she did. Kate demanded to know what he was referring to.

Stefano apologized for his comment. Kate accused Stefano of trying to take advantage of her stress, and Stefano asked if Kate was referring to the rumors about what really happened to Chloe. Kate threatened to have Victor's driver throw Stefano out of the restaurant. Stefano told her that there might be a time when she would need his help, but Kate said she already had help.

Stefano said there was a conflict of interest with Victor helping Kate while at the same time paying for Daniel's defense. Kate told Stefano that she detested him and didn't need his help. Stefano repeated to her that she could always go to him, but she said "not in a million years." Stefano told her that his driver was much bigger than Victor's.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told E.J. that his lab results show that Stefano's diabetes was under control, and that meant that E.J. could go to Paris on his honeymoon. E.J. told Stefano that he had decided not to go to Paris with Nicole. E.J. said he had some business to take care, which was why he wasn't going. Stefano contemplated ordering E.J. to go to Paris. E.J. demanded to know if Stefano was keeping something from him. E.J. said that Stefano had no say in E.J.'s personal life. Stefano backed off, but he asked if Nicole knew what E.J. was doing.

At the park, Brady tried to avoid Nicole, but she stopped him. Brady admitted that he was in a bad mood because of his confrontation with E.J. Nicole asked Brady to be careful and keep his distance from E.J. Brady thought that all Nicole cared about was whether Brady kept quiet about Sydney. Nicole apologized and said she was scared because Rafe was investigating her, and she was afraid that E.J. would figure it out. Brady hugged Nicole as Arianna walked nearby and saw the two in an embrace. Nicole alerted Brady to Arianna's presence, but Brady didn't want to talk to Arianna.

Arianna asked why Brady wouldn't talk to her, and he said it was because she told him not speak to her. She apologized to Brady and told him that she wasn't seeing her ex-boyfriend. Arianna asked about his friendship with Nicole. Brady asked if he and Arianna could be friends, but she said that she wasn't like Nicole and didn't need hugs from her ex-boyfriends. Arianna asked Brady what he would do for Nicole.

Sami went to the convent to ask the nuns about Rafe's last visit. Sami was worried about Rafe, and Sister Claire expressed concern about Rafe's well-being, also. Sami said that Rafe wouldn't talk about his feelings over losing Grace. Sister Claire asked if there was anything the nuns could do for Sami. Sami asked for help getting the answers she needed.

At the pub, Nicole walked up to Rafe. Rafe noticed her and said he was glad that she was there. Nicole served Rafe with a restraining order.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

While standing in the park, Arianna asked Brady what he did for Nicole. Incensed, Brady told Arianna that she had no business asking about his friendship with Nicole. Worried, Arianna cautioned that Nicole's enemies were his enemies because of that friendship. Brady asked whether Arianna was investigating him on behalf of Rafe. Brady reminded Arianna that Nicole was not a DiMera.

"You're always the hero. Always looking after the damsel in distress," Arianna said. "What a jerk I am. Yeah you really dodged a bullet on that one," Brady said sarcastically, then walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole showed Rafe the restraining order she had taken out against him. Smirking, Rafe told Nicole that he was "going after" the truth and not her in particular. Nicole warned Rafe that if he did not back off, she would tell E.J. about him. Rafe told Nicole that her threat carried no weight, since he knew she could not tell her husband why he was questioning her. Steadying her voice, Nicole urged Rafe to drop the subject and think about Sami's feelings. Nicole threw the restraining order at Rafe and walked out of the pub. After staring at the order for a moment, Rafe crumpled up the paper and threw it on the table.

Arianna joined Rafe at his table at the Brady Pub and he explained about his belief that Nicole had something to do with Grace's illness. Sighing deeply, he admitted that after talking to Dr. Baker's nurse, he knew that it was not possible for Nicole to be responsible for the baby's illness. Rafe reiterated all the weird coincidences between the birth of Sydney and Grace, and then wondered aloud whether there was anything he was missing. "I think I know what you should do," Arianna said.

"You think that Brady knows what Nicole did?" Rafe asked incredulously. Arianna explained that when she first met Brady, he accused her of eavesdropping on his conversation with Nicole, and that, when she ran into him earlier that day with Nicole, she was thanking him for "what he's done for her." Suspicious, Rafe asked Arianna to get Brady to open up to her. Arianna admitted that she broke up with Brady, and she noted that he was very defensive of Nicole.

"It's like he sees her as a victim in all of this," Arianna said softly. Arianna posited that since Brady was a decent guy, it was unlikely that Brady helped Nicole do anything wrong. With his brow furrowed, Rafe announced that he would find out the truth from Brady.

Arianna told Rafe that she had broken things off with Brady because she was reluctant to tell him about her past. "Don't you think the present is more important than the past?" Rafe asked. Smiling, Arianna noted that Rafe knew firsthand that one could not always dismiss the past. Arianna suggested that Rafe share his suspicions with Sami, in case she had another piece of the puzzle. Uncomfortable, Rafe vehemently shot down the idea. "I'm not going to her until I know the answer," Rafe said.

At the convent, Sami told the nun about how frustrated she was to be unable to help Rafe. "He just wants answers. So do I," Sami said quietly. Looking around the room, Sami wondered aloud whether the answers to her questions could be found in the convent.

Sami called Will to let him know that she would be gone for a couple days, and he urged her to go ahead and take some time for herself. When Will got another phone call, he curtly hung up. Laughing to herself, Sami joked, "Don't get so emotional."

The nun noted that Sami was doing the right thing in staying away from Rafe for a couple days. With a faint smile on her face, Sami noted that she had not always been a good influence on Rafe, either. The nun assured Sami that Rafe loved her, but Sami confided that she believed Rafe only loved Grace.

After going to bed, Sami dreamed that Rafe kissed her cheek as she slept at the convent and told her that he loved her.

In the Java Cafe, Mia typed in her journal about her desire to tell Will about the child she gave up for adoption. Sighing, Mia picked up her cell phone and called Will. When Will reluctantly answered the phone, Mia pleaded with him to meet her so that she could tell him the truth.

After setting a meeting at Maggie's house, Mia hung up the phone. "It's the right thing to do," Mia said to herself. "No it's not. You can not tell Will that Sydney is your baby," Brady said. Despite Brady's warnings about the DiMeras learning the truth, Mia stated that she had to tell the truth to Will because they had broken up because of that secret. Brady urged Mia to keep the secret, but Mia said that she only planned to tell him that she gave up her baby, and not tell him where the baby was living.

Brady pressed Mia to tell him what she planned on saying to Will, but Mia seemed unsure. When Brady got angry, Mia stressed, "This is my life and my decision."

While Kate was walking past the pub, she received a call from Daniel telling her that the district attorney had offered a plea deal to him. Stunned, Kate announced how outraged she was by the idea that Daniel would receive a reduced sentence. Daniel stressed to Kate that the terms of his plea agreement involved Kate and that she would want to hear him out.

In Chloe's hospital room, Nathan finished injecting the medication into Chloe's I.V. just as Lucas walked in the room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Lucas huffed. Stuttering his explanation, Nathan told Lucas that he was checking Chloe's vital signs. Lucas turned his attention to Melanie and barked at her to leave Chloe alone, since she had no need for magazines to read.

"She wasn't hurting anyone," Nathan explained as he slipped the needle into Melanie's hand and then she stuffed it into her pocket. Still upset, Lucas insisted that Melanie caused trouble everywhere she went. As Melanie tried to slip out of the room, Lucas brought up Melanie's sex tape with Philip, stopping her cold in her tracks. Nathan urged Lucas to let Melanie leave. "She is gonna chew you up and spit you out, that's all I got to say," Lucas finished.

As Melanie stood silently in front of Lucas, Chloe's monitor alarms went off. Nathan ordered Melanie to call a code blue, and he began to work on reviving Chloe. Worried, Lucas questioned what Nathan was doing. As Melanie pushed Lucas out of the room, she said, "Really? Cause you were about to take her off life support and now you're concerned?"

"I don't want her to die, all right?" Lucas shouted as Melanie closed the door in his face. Nathan shocked Chloe's heart and attempted to restart it. Once Chloe was stable, Lexie ordered tests to determine why Chloe's heart rate increased so suddenly. Melanie took Nathan aside to ask whether they had given Chloe too strong a dose, but he assured Melanie that he had checked the dose three times to be sure. After noting that she had gotten rid of the syringe, Melanie apologized to Nathan for getting him involved in the dosing of Chloe. Nathan attempted to comfort Melanie by assuring her that he had known the consequences when he agreed to help Daniel.

Lexie informed Lucas that the tests showed that the levels of the toxin that caused Chloe's coma had increased in her system. "Somehow, Chloe was given another dose of the drug tonight," Lexie said. "I know who gave it to her," Lucas grunted as he looked over at Melanie.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole forced a smile on her face, and then walked into the living room and greeted Sydney and E.J. in French. With a sullen look on his face, E.J. noted that Nicole would have no need for her French. Confused, Nicole questioned why they were not going to Paris. E.J. noted how anxious both Nicole and Stefano were to get E.J. to leave town, and he then told Nicole that he knew about the restraining order. Nicole admitted that Rafe was harassing her. "Nicole, I know when you're lying and you're lying now," E.J. growled.

E.J. told Nicole that if she was having a problem with Rafe, then she should have come to him. "What is it that this Rafe guy has on you?" E.J. demanded. Nicole objected to E.J. implying that she was at fault, and she told him that she would tell him everything.

Nicole explained that Rafe was crazy with grief and was saying that she had something to do with Grace's death. When E.J. asked why she did not tell him sooner, Nicole admitted that she was worried E.J. would believe Rafe. E.J. assured Nicole that he could not believe she would harm a child. When Nicole worried that E.J. hated her, he apologized and pulled her into his arms.

Daniel met Kate at a motel room to talk, and she ordered him to take off his shirt to prove that he was not wearing a wire. Daniel complied, and then Kate asked how the plea offer related to her. After telling Kate how sorry he was, Daniel informed Kate that the offer from the district attorney allowed him to plead no contest. Daniel added that Justin was sure he could make the case go away, and that the plea showed Justin was right. Citing the amount of evidence, Daniel noted that the police were starting to believe his theory about Kate.

"You kind of overdid it, I think," Daniel said. Daniel noted that the police knew he was not stupid enough to leave a paper trail to the prescription. Kate started to leave, so Daniel questioned whether Victor was aware of Kate's guilt. "Victor, are you really sure you can trust him?" Daniel asked. Daniel explained that he heard the district attorney talking to his assistant about how the gardening gloves meant they did not need a search warrant.

Kate thought about how she had used the gloves when she was poisoning the food for the show. Daniel noted that the lab could find traces of poison on the gloves, since she wore them when she handled the poisoned food. When Kate told Daniel that the police would need her consent to search the house, he reminded her that the house belonged to Victor, who could give consent for a search. Kate did not believe that Victor would give his consent, but Daniel replied, "He told Justin that he was not going to let me go to prison. Not gonna happen. That is where he draws the line." Daniel attempted to assure Kate that he did not hate her and that he did not want her to go to prison, either.

"And no matter what happens, and no matter what you did, I know this is my fault," Daniel cooed as he held Kate's hand. Pushing his luck with Kate, Daniel said that although he could not help Chloe, he still wanted to try to help Kate. Confused, Kate pulled away from Daniel and tried to leave. "Please," Daniel called out before grabbing Kate and kissing her passionately. As Kate slowly began to fall back on the bed with Daniel, he violently pushed her away from him.

"Ugh! You believe I wanted you?" Daniel said, disgusted. "You are going down, bitch," Daniel growled. Furious, Kate admitted that she took Chloe away from Daniel. "She deserved it and you deserved it and you can't prove a thing," Kate screeched.

"And now you are gonna get what you deserve," Daniel said. Daniel explained that he had called Kate there for a confession, which she had provided. Grinning, Daniel pulled out a tiny pen recorder from his pocket. "It is over. All over," Daniel said, barely able to contain his glee.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone. Noting that the text message was from Brady, she dressed and ran out of the house into the night. As Nicole ran down the front walk, Rafe emerged from the shadows and followed her.

Back in the DiMera house, Sydney started to cry, waking E.J. Groggy with sleep, E.J. grumbled to Nicole to check on Sydney and was surprised to find that Nicole was not sleeping next to him.

At Maggie's house, Mia told Will that she never went to rehab. When Will asked why Mia told him that, Mia responded that Mackenzie said she was in rehab and she never denied the accusation. Will asked Mia why she let Mackenzie spread such a rumor, and Mia admitted that she let it go because the truth about her absence was worse. Mia explained that her mother kicked her out of the house when she became pregnant. Stunned, Will paced the room in silence.

When Will asked if Mia had the baby, she admitted that she had the baby before she returned to Salem. "Chad's the father, right?" Will asked. Mia explained that Chad was the father and that was the reason for her connection to him. "He doesn't know and you can't tell him," Mia said. As Will stared into Mia's eyes, he asked her where the baby was living.

At the park, Nicole met with Brady as Rafe eavesdropped nearby in the bushes. "Brady, what's going on? Why did you text me?" Nicole asked.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rafe spied on Brady and Nicole, but he couldn't hear them. They discussed the fact that Sydney was not Nicole's baby and that Mia was about to spill to Will. Rafe finally got close enough to overhear Nicole say that no one could find out about her miscarriage.

At the same time, Mia told Will her baby was adopted, but she stopped short of telling him it was Sydney. Will left upset and ran into EJ and Sydney, and revealed that Mia had lied to him. Chad met with Mia and offered support. After Chad left, Nicole showed up to stop Mia from blabbing to Will, but found out it was too late. Mia assured her that she didn't tell Will the whole truth and Nicole didn't have to worry. No one would ever connect Mia to Sydney. EJ called Nicole and asked her to meet with him at once. Meanwhile, Rafe met with the clinic nurse again, and inched closer to finding out the truth.

Daniel played back Kate's recorded confession for her. Kate tried to get it back, to no avail. She tried to make a deal with Daniel, but he scoffed. When all else failed, Kate appealed to his emotions and what they had meant to each other. Daniel said he felt nothing but hate for her since she tried to kill Chloe. Daniel tried to leave, but Kate knocked him out cold. Later, Daniel lay tied to the bed unconscious as Kate stood over him with evil intentions.

Roman arrested Melanie and Nathan after Lucas accused them of injecting Chloe with the toxin. Lucas asked Nathan why he did it. Nathan told Lucas he didn't believe Daniel was the one who poisoned Chloe. Just as Roman was about to take Melanie and Nathan to the station, Chloe started to wake up.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Chloe woke up from her coma, Roman, Lexie, and Lucas were in her hospital room. Chloe didn't know why she was in the hospital. Roman ordered his officer to arrest Melanie and Nathan. They thought they would be in the clear because Chloe woke up, but Roman told them that it didn't work that way. Melanie urged Roman to inform Daniel about Chloe waking up, and Roman decided to talk to Chloe before he decided whether to call Daniel.

Chloe noticed that something was bothering Lucas. She asked what happened, and Lucas told her that he knew about her affair with Daniel. Lexie tried to stop Lucas from confronting Chloe, but Lucas ignored her. Chloe asked Lexie where Daniel was, which angered Lucas. Roman told Chloe about the evidence against Daniel, but she insisted that Daniel was innocent and would never hurt her.

Kate tied Daniel to the bed and was getting ready to inject him with something to kill him. Kate said that things would have been different for Daniel if he hadn't pursued Chloe. Kate decided to give Daniel a chance to say some last words, so she removed the gag from his mouth. He called Kate a bitch, so she put it back in his mouth. Kate's phone rang, and it was Lucas, who told her that Chloe woke up and confessed that she was in love with Daniel.

Kate told Daniel that Chloe woke up and would make a full recovery. Daniel was relieved. He told Kate that regardless of whether Kate killed him, Chloe would tell the truth and Kate would be exposed. Daniel urged Kate to go to the police, and he promised to do whatever he could to make it easier for her. Daniel asked Kate to untie him, but instead, she gagged him again and ran off. Daniel tried to break free from his restraints. Kate went to the DiMera mansion to seek Stefano's help.

Chloe told Roman that she and Daniel planned to leave town together, and she insisted that someone else poisoned her. Roman told Chloe that he would find Daniel and tell him that she was awake. Chloe tried to get out of bed, but Lucas stopped her. She said she didn't want to be in the hospital. Lucas asked if she wanted to be with Daniel, the man who poisoned her, and she said Daniel couldn't have poisoned her. Lucas demanded to know whether she was in love with Daniel. She admitted that she loved Daniel and asked where he was.

At the Java Café, E.J. asked Will what Mia lied to Will about. Meanwhile, Mia reassured Nicole that Will wouldn't tell anyone about Mia giving her baby to Nicole, because Will thought that the adoption was closed and that Mia didn't even know where her baby was. E.J. called Nicole and told her that he was talking with Will. Nicole panicked.

E.J. asked Nicole to meet with him and Will. Nicole chewed Mia out about telling Will about the adoption. Mia tried to convince Nicole that Will would keep his promise not to tell anyone. Nicole warned Mia that if the truth came out, many people would get hurt, and she ordered Mia not to admit anything to Will until Nicole talked to her. Nicole vowed that no one would ruin her life.

At the café, Will had something to do, so he left just after Nicole arrived. E.J. told Nicole that Will was upset that Mia had lied to him. Nicole asked what Mia lied to Will about, and E.J. asked why Nicole wanted to know. She said she just wanted Mia and Will to be happy like Nicole and E.J. were. E.J. said he would do anything to make Nicole happy, so she urged him to move out of Salem and never return.

Sami had a dream about Rafe in which he kissed her passionately. In the dream, Sami was happy to see that Rafe had returned, and Rafe said he never really left.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe told his sister Arianna that he had found a clue that Nicole was keeping a secret from E.J. and everyone else. He said he overheard Nicole talking with Brady about how E.J. could never know about her miscarriage. Together, Rafe and Arianna tried to figure out how Nicole's secret tied in with Sami. Rafe thought it was possible that Nicole had been pregnant with Brady's child, and that was why she kept her miscarriage a secret.

Sami called Rafe and said she had a dream about him. She said she was at the convent, but she didn't want to tell him the details about her dream. Instead, she wanted to tell him that she was grateful to have known Rafe. Sami said she wished that Rafe was there when Grace was born, and that she was scared when the doctor took Grace away from her.

Rafe was surprised to hear that Dr. Baker had taken Grace away from Sami when she was born, because the doctor said she had trouble breathing, and Sami hadn't even gotten a chance to look at Grace. Rafe asked Sami how long Dr. Baker took Grace out of the room, but she didn't want to talk about it. After Sami hung up, Sister Claire noticed that Sami was upset.

Sami told Sister Claire that she was staying at the convent to get away from her problems, but she only succeeded in making things worse. Sami told Sister Claire that she had a dream, but she was afraid to say it out loud for fear that the dream wouldn't come true. Sister Claire told her that if it was God's will, it would happen. Sami doubted that there were any miracles left for her.

Rafe called Sarah, the nurse who worked at Dr. Baker's clinic, and threatened to track her down if she didn't answer his question about Dr. Baker's nefarious dealings. Sarah told him that Dr. Baker was buying and selling babies illegally. Rafe realized that Nicole had faked her pregnancy after she miscarried, and then went to Dr. Baker to get another baby. He realized that Nicole knew that Sami was having E.J.'s baby and convinced Dr. Baker to switch babies, which meant that Sami's baby was still alive and Sydney was Sami's baby.

Maggie returned home to find Mia crying. She asked what was wrong and wondered if Mia had taken drugs. Mia said she hadn't. Mia decided to tell Maggie the truth about her pregnancy and her lie about having a drug addiction. Mia said that she didn't go to rehab -- she had left town to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Mia was hurt that Will didn't understand when she told him about the adoption, and she was afraid that Will might break his promise not to tell anyone about the baby.

Maggie assured Mia that she would be able to overcome her latest complication with Will. Maggie got a call, telling her about Melanie and Nathan's arrest, so Maggie rushed off to see them. Will stopped by to see Mia and apologize for walking out on her. He told her that she could keep her secret or tell him whenever she was ready. Will kissed Mia to show her how he felt about her. Will told Mia not to worry, because Chad would never know the truth.

An officer at the police station let Melanie and Nathan wait in an empty room, because the holding cell was full of drunks. Melanie didn't understand why Nathan broke the rules and risked his career for someone he didn't even know. Nathan said he did what he thought was right. Nathan pointed out that Melanie put on the façade that she only cared about herself, but she risked her career for Daniel on Brady's word, and that impressed Nathan.

Melanie was worried that she would disappoint Nathan, because she wasn't as selfless as he thought. Maggie interrupted Melanie and Nathan just as they were about to kiss. Nathan told Maggie that he and Melanie did something that turned out to be a great thing.

Friday, September 18, 2009

At Java Café, Nicole pressured E.J. into going away on vacation. After Nicole pouted, E.J. agreed to take her on a honeymoon. Excited, Nicole happily chatted about her plans for Paris. As E.J. took a phone call, Nicole cooed over Sydney.

When E.J. returned, he told Nicole that he finished making arrangements for their honeymoon. "Nothing is gonna spoil our happiness," E.J. said happily. Nicole and E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion to pack for their trip, and E.J. questioned whether Stefano would be okay while they were gone.

Nicole reminded E.J. that Stefano wanted them to go on their honeymoon, and he seemed to brighten up. E.J. went to find Stefano, and left Nicole alone with Sydney. With the baby in her arms, Nicole said, "What daddy doesn't know is that we're never coming back."

Noticing the large number of bags in the front hall, E.J. joked to Nicole about her packing skills. Claiming she just wanted to be prepared, Nicole smiled and shooed E.J. out to the car. "This is the last time I say goodbye," Nicole announced as she looked around the room.

In the park Rafe marveled at the idea that Sydney was actually Sami's baby and not Nicole's. Trying to keep calm, Rafe reminded himself that it was just a theory and that he needed to find proof. Rafe thought about all the evidence and worried he might be right.

Rafe met up with an old friend at the Brady Pub and asked him to help with DNA sampling. The friend gave Rafe advice on collecting DNA surreptitiously, while outside someone watched. Rafe's friend gave him contact information for testing the DNA samples, then said goodbye. Rafe stared at his photo of Grace and exclaimed his regret for not being with Sami the night Grace was born.

Rafe called Sami's cell phone, but the nun at the convent answered instead. The nun explained that Sami was in seclusion and that she could not be disturbed. Rafe asked the nun to tell Sami that he had called and that it was very important. When Sami returned, the nun told her about the phone call from Rafe. "I think he really needs to speak with you," the nun said. Unsure whether to call Rafe, Sami to talked to herself about the pros and cons of reaching out to him.

Rafe left the Brady Pub and someone shadowed him. Rafe went to Sami's apartment and let himself in with the spare key from above the door. With the door behind him still open, Rafe rifled through Sami's make-up bag and stole her hairbrush. Inside the purse Rafe also found a knit cap that belonged to Grace. "I guess I better get this tested, too," Rafe whispered.

Behind Rafe, the front door closed. Startled, Rafe turned to find Meredith standing in the living room. With a slight grin, Meredith explained that she was there to apologize for breaking up Rafe's relationship with Sami. When Rafe tried to reassure Meredith that the letter was not the only reason for his breakup, Meredith lamented that she had made things worse for Sami. Rafe asked Meredith to forget about the past so that everyone could move on with their lives.

"Now, Rafe, I can't do that," Meredith said with a twinkle in her eye. Rafe asked Meredith if they could talk later, but Meredith demanded that they talk immediately so that she could get closure. "You did kill Emily, Rafe," Meredith said through gritted teeth.

Annoyed, Rafe corrected Meredith and reminded her that Emily's death was an accident. When Rafe got a phone call from Sami, he told Meredith that she would have to wait. As Rafe's back was turned, Meredith grabbed the fireplace poker and cracked Rafe over the head just as he was about to answer his phone.

Anxious to speak with Rafe, Sami wondered aloud why he was not picking up the phone. "I need you," Sami muttered in frustration as she paced the floor of the convent.

In the hospital, Chloe tried to convince Lucas that Daniel was not the one that tried to kill her, because he loved her. "And I love him. Nothing can change that," Chloe said. Chloe promised Lucas that she had broken up with Daniel prior to her marriage, but, still angry, Lucas questioned why she broke up with Daniel at all. Chloe explained that she had promised God to leave Daniel the night of the gas explosion.

Chloe firmly told Lucas that she had been faithful to Lucas since that night. Still angry, Lucas admitted that Daniel told him the same thing, but that he did not believe either one of them.

Lucas urged Chloe to believe that Daniel was the one that tried to kill her, but Chloe disagreed. After thinking about when Kate grabbed the hors d'oeuvres, Chloe turned to Lucas and told him that she believed Kate was the culprit. Furious, Lucas told Chloe that she was completely wrong. Chloe pointed out that Kate knew about the affair and was always around when she got sick. Chloe reminded Lucas that Kate was always the one that gave her the food, but Lucas continued to refute Chloe's suggestion.

Realizing that Daniel had not visited, a frantic Chloe asked Lucas where he was. "Oh, my God! What if Kate got to him too?" Chloe cried out. Lucas tried to convince Chloe that Daniel would be arrested for attempted murder, and listed all the evidence against Daniel. When Lucas mentioned Chloe's phone call the night she went into a coma, Chloe became confused. "What phone call?" After Lucas told her about the phone call that Maggie heard, Chloe disputed the fact that there was any argument with Daniel that night.

Chloe explained that she was mean to Daniel earlier that day because she was denying her feelings about him and trying to preserve her marriage to Lucas. "But in the end, I couldn't deny my true feelings," Chloe sniffled.

With a stern look on his face, Lucas said, "Well you know what? I'm going to follow my true feelings too. I mean, I know we don't have a future together, I know there's no chance of that. But I'm gonna make sure you and Daniel don't, either. He's gonna spend the rest of his life in prison." Terrified, Chloe pleaded with Lucas to admit that Daniel was innocent.

Chloe gently spoke about how Daniel loved her completely like Lucas once had, and that he was incapable of hurting her because of that love. "And my mother would?" Lucas asked. Chloe reminded Lucas that Kate would do anything to help her children. Worried, Chloe tried to get up to find Daniel, but Lucas pushed her back into bed. Chloe begged Lucas to help her find Daniel, but a furious Lucas reminded her that he was her husband.

"Your mother's going to kill him!" Chloe yelled. Surprised by Chloe's passionate declaration, Lucas stepped backward and stared at her in stunned silence.

Tied to a motel bed, Daniel struggled against the ropes to break free. As one rope began to fray, Daniel pulled harder. Finally breaking free, Daniel's vision became blurry and he passed out before he could untie the other ropes.

Kate visited Stefano at the DiMera mansion and begged him to help her. Stefano invited Kate in for a drink and a game of chess, and Kate anxiously agreed to join him. While the two played chess, Kate told Stefano that she was in trouble, but before she could explain more, Stefano told Kate that he already knew that she poisoned Chloe and framed Daniel.

Worried, Kate told Stefano that she needed help dealing with Daniel. Kate explained that she destroyed all the evidence and left Daniel tied up in a motel. Raising an eyebrow, Stefano asked why Kate did not go to Victor. When Kate explained that Victor was championing Daniel, she also admitted that Victor would not incriminate her, either. "Will you help me?" Kate asked questioningly.

Stefano reminded Kate of how angry she was the last time they spoke, and Kate countered that she had every right to be upset about the hit on her son, Philip. As Stefano and Kate continued to play chess, he agreed to help, but told her that there was a non-negotiable price attached. "Would you look at that? The queen; I captured her," Stefano chuckled as he removed Kate's queen from the chess board. Kate agreed to Stefano's non-negotiable term, and he reminded her of his feelings for her.

At the motel room, Kate arrived with Stefano and was shocked to find that Daniel was gone. "He's gone," Kate screamed as Stefano shook his head. "It could be too late to help me," Kate said. Stefano assured Kate that he would handle the situation.

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