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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Gus informed Vivian that Carly had been arrested. Gus said that it appeared that Carly would be extradited soon, but that wasn't fast enough for Vivian. She decided to travel to Salem, because she was eager to "wipe that woman off the face of the earth."

Bo visited Carly in jail and told her there was no progress in his negotiation with Interpol. Carly wanted to know who notified the authorities that she was in town. Carly imagined that Lawrence was trying to choke her in her jail cell, promising to make Carly pay for his death.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope told Justin that Carly had been arrested, so they went to the police station. Bo asked when Carly would be extradited, and he urged the district attorney to protect Carly's identity. When Hope and Justin arrived, Bo asked which of them had turned Carly in. Bo chastised Justin and Hope for putting Carly in danger, because people wanted Carly dead. Justin told Bo that they hadn't turned Carly in. Bo asked who else knew that Carly was in town. "Obviously someone knew," Hope said.

Bo asked if she expected him to believe that it was a coincidence that the federal authorities showed up at Bo's home an hour after Hope left. Hope said that was exactly what she was saying. Bo thought that it was also a "coincidence" that Hope showed up at the police station knowing that Carly had been arrested. Hope said that Bennet had called to inform her that Bo was at the station with a woman and Interpol was involved. Hope felt that Bo thought she was lying, and especially didn't believe Hope.

Justin started to talk to Carly to give her some legal representation, but Bo stopped him and ordered him to let her find a lawyer she could trust. Justin told Bo to stop "being a jackass" and "playing savior with Carly's life." Justin went to talk to Carly. Hope insisted that she kept her word about waiting 24 hours before turning Carly in, but Bo didn't believe her.

Justin told Carly that he wanted to help her, but he could only do that if she told him the entire truth about Lawrence's murder. Justin told Carly that Hope had told him about Carly's arrest. He insisted that Hope didn't call the authorities on Carly. Carly asked whether Justin needed to know what happened with Lawrence to defend her, or because Bo knew and Justin didn't.

Bo told Hope that she had made decisions and moved on with her life, but it only affected him and Ciara. However, Hope's decisions were starting to affect Carly, Bo said. He didn't want their problems to sign Carly's "death warrant." The DA told Bo that he got permission to extradite Carly right away. Hope asked Bo how she could help, and he said she could find the person who turned Carly in. Victor walked into the station and admitted that he did it.

Justin couldn't believe that Carly thought he was competing with Bo. Carly urged Justin to get her out of jail instead of interrogating her. The district attorney told Carly that it was time to extradite her.

Caroline urged Arianna not to quit her job at the pub, and she asked Brady to tell Arianna that she couldn't leave, but he said he couldn't do that. He said if Arianna wanted to quit, she probably had a good reason. Caroline asked if Arianna had found another job. She said she hadn't, but she was looking for one. Brady insisted that Arianna would be "fine financially."

Caroline could tell that something had happened between Arianna and Brady, and when Caroline asked, Arianna denied it while Brady confirmed it. Caroline could tell that Arianna and Brady had a lot to discuss, so she gave them some space, but she urged Arianna to reconsider. Arianna thanked him for not telling Caroline about Arianna dealing drugs. He said he did it to spare Caroline the hurt she would feel to find out that Arianna was using Caroline. Arianna pointed out that she quit at Brady's urging. Brady asked if Arianna was proud of herself.

At the docks, Rafe received word that there was a delay in the DNA testing he had ordered on Sydney. E.J. saw him and asked why Rafe had returned to Salem. Rafe wondered why E.J. thought it was his business that Rafe was back in town, and E.J. said that since Johnny spent half his time with Sami, E.J. had a right to know who Sami was involved with. E.J. started to warn Rafe not to "worm" his way back into Sami's life, but Rafe informed him that he and Sami had already worked things out and were back together.

E.J. said that Sami didn't mention Rafe and her getting involved again when E.J. talked to her earlier, and Rafe said it was probably because Sami didn't feel the need to tell E.J. As Rafe walked away, E.J. mentioned his conversation with Arianna. Rafe warned E.J. to stay away from Arianna. E.J. felt like Rafe would like it if E.J. stayed out of Arianna's life, and Sami's and Johnny's, as well, but he told Rafe that since E.J. and Sami shared a child and family was important to E.J., Rafe couldn't get rid of E.J.

Rafe told E.J. that what went on between E.J. and Sami was between them, but when it came to Rafe's sister, E.J. needed to stay away from her. E.J. said to himself, "Sorry Rafael, old bean. She's dealing for me now."

Nicole got nervous when Sami told her that Rafe was back in town and was working on a case that had to do with his future with Sami. Sami thought that Nicole would be happy for her, but Nicole was anything but thrilled. She told Sami that Sami and Rafe couldn't get back together. Sami was puzzled by Nicole's reaction. Nicole asked why Rafe had returned, and Sami said it was because he missed Sami and wanted to be with her.

Nicole wondered if that was all, and Sami asked if Nicole thought that wasn't sufficient reason to return to Salem. Nicole questioned Sami about what Rafe had said about the case he was working on. Sami couldn't give many details about the case, but she didn't care, because she was just happy that she and Rafe were together. Nicole pressed Sami for more details and wondered if Sami had asked Rafe to explain, and Sami said that Rafe had asked her not to push him.

Sami asked why Nicole was being so negative. Nicole said it was because she was trying to protect Sami. Sami asked Nicole to be happy for her, but Nicole said that she couldn't, because Rafe was going to ruin everything. Nicole warned that Rafe would destroy Sami's life. Sami thought that Nicole was trying to upset Sami. Nicole said she didn't trust Rafe. Sami couldn't believe what she was hearing. She pointed out that Nicole was married to E.J., a criminal who didn't have "a moral bone in his body," but Nicole didn't want Sami to trust Rafe, because Nicole didn't get along with him.

Nicole said she tried to get along with Rafe, but Rafe treated her like dirt. Nicole said she was afraid that Sami would try to turn Sami against Nicole and convince her to "kick" Nicole and Sydney "to the curb." Sami assured Nicole that she would never do that. Nicole said that Rafe would talk Sami into it. Sami pointed out that Nicole was planning to move out. Nicole said it wasn't a "done deal." Sami said that Nicole could stay as long as she wanted to, because Sami would never kick her out, and Rafe wouldn't ask Sami to.

Sami said that Rafe was a good guy. Nicole mentioned that Rafe hadn't been forthcoming about his fiancée's death. Sami said she was trying to move past that. Nicole pointed out that Rafe left town without saying goodbye. She asked whether Rafe told Sami where he had gone or what he had done. Sami said that Rafe didn't tell her anything about his disappearance, but she didn't care, because what was most important was that they loved each other. Nicole urged Sami to take her advice or "a lot of lives will be destroyed." Nicole got fed up and left.

When Rafe returned, Sami told him that she didn't say anything to E.J. about Rafe being back. Rafe said E.J. knew, anyway, because he saw Rafe on the pier. Sami asked if that would be a problem, and Rafe said he hoped not. Rafe said he had told E.J. about them being back together. Sami told Rafe that people like Nicole could be trusted. She admitted that she told Nicole that Rafe was back. Rafe got upset, saying that Sami might have sabotaged everything.

Sami said that Nicole promised not to say anything, because Nicole was Sami's friend. However, Rafe said that Nicole was the last person that should have known that Rafe was in town. Sami didn't understand why it was okay for E.J. to know but not Nicole. Rafe said it was because E.J. wasn't involved in Rafe's case. Rafe said that he wanted to wait until he was absolutely certain, but because of Sami's slip-up, he had to tell her.

E.J. went by the Brady Pub and asked Caroline where Arianna was. Caroline said that Arianna had quit and was upstairs packing. E.J. went upstairs and overheard Arianna leaving a message for Rafe asking what had happened with the DNA tests.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wanted to call the police and inform them that Arianna was a drug dealer, but Brady stopped him, saying they didn't have proof. Victor wanted to make some calls and have drugs planted to implicate Arianna, but Brady said that would be like framing her. Victor asked, "How can you frame somebody for something they've actually done?" Brady thought there was a better way to handle it.

Victor mocked Brady's feelings for Arianna, but Brady thought that he could convince her to stop dealing drugs. Victor thought that Brady was being naïve. Victor vowed not to let Arianna take advantage of Brady , and he picked up the phone. Brady yelled to Victor to put the phone down, and he vowed that if Victor tried to interfere in any way, Brady wouldn't forgive him. Victor said that Brady attacking Victor didn't change what Arianna had done or what she was.

Arianna got an idea and ran to the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady. She told him that she was in love with him and couldn't stay away. Brady said that if it were true, she would be willing to stop dealing drugs and share everything she knew with the police. She told him that he didn't understand. He said there wasn't anything left to talk about, but she forced her way inside and insisted that there was more he needed to know. Arianna said she had a good reason for what she did.

Nicole went to the DiMera mansion to inform Stefano that Rafe was back in town. Stefano was worried that E.J. might see her. She told him that Rafe mentioned a case that would change Sami's life forever, so she assumed that Rafe had figured out Nicole's secret. Stefano said that even if Rafe suspected something, that didn't mean that he could prove it. He heard E.J. walking in the door, so he ordered her to hide. E.J. told Stefano that he saw Rafe and got some "disturbing news."

E.J. told Stefano that Rafe and Sami were back together, and E.J. overheard Arianna mentioning something about Rafe getting DNA test results. Stefano speculated that Rafe had gotten someone pregnant and was trying to deny responsibility. After E.J. left the room, Stefano told Nicole that he planned to take care of Rafe to keep Sami away from E.J. and Sydney.

At the hospital, Daniel tried to discuss with Chloe some ideas for their honeymoon, but she was too distracted waiting to hear the test results on whether she could have a baby. Dr. Ryan told her that she had a two percent chance of conceiving, because Chloe's ovaries were damaged from the chemotherapy used to treat her leukemia. The doctor said that Chloe had other options, like donor eggs. Chloe was upset and walked off to clear her head.

One of Daniel's patients informed him that thanks to his care, she was able to play soccer again. Chloe watched him interact with his young patient. When they returned home, Chloe got into bed hoping that she and Daniel could "take a nap" or "lie down and whatever." Chloe told Daniel how proud she was of the work that he did and the way that he touched people's lives. Daniel was proud of Chloe, also, because she was "incredibly brave." Chloe said she didn't feel brave when she heard the news about her infertility.

Chloe said she realized that it wasn't about them having kids -- it was about them sharing their lives with each other, and she still had options. Chloe said as long as she and he had each other, everything would be all right.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna attempted to explain to Brady why she was dealing drugs, but she became flustered and tried to leave. Brady stopped Arianna at the door and urged her to tell him the truth. Arianna admitted that she was not supposed to tell Brady the reason she was dealing drugs, but she added that she was afraid of losing him and felt like she had to tell him everything.

Arianna explained that she started dealing drugs in college and that she had gone to prison for it. When Brady asked why she had gone back to dealing, Arianna nervously asked whether they were alone in the house. Brady assured Arianna that she could feel free to talk to him, and, after hesitating, Arianna admitted that she was working undercover for the Salem Police Department.

Arianna asked Brady not to press her for details. "So I'm supposed to take you at your word?" Brady asked. Noting the look on Brady's face, Arianna said that he was not going to be able to believe her word. Panicked that she had made a mistake in telling Brady the truth, Arianna ran out of the mansion.

At the police s tation, Victor informed Hope and Bo that he was the one that turned Carly in t o authorities. When Bo asked Victor how he knew Carly was in town, Victor smirked and looked at Hope. Startled, Hope denied that she told Victor anything. Victor admitted that he did not learn the news from Hope, but Bo told Hope that he thought she must have somehow tipped Victor off to Carly's whereabouts.

Furious, Hope stormed out of the station. Victor told Bo that when he heard that Carly had stabbed Lawrence, that he figured she would have run straight to Bo. Snarling, Bo accused Victor of harboring a grudge against Carly. Bo swore to help Carly, and headed down to see her.

Still hurt, Hope said to Victor, "I opened myself up to you in a weak moment and I thought you actually cared, Victor." Victor assured Hope that he did care and that was why he took steps to protect her by turning Carly in. Victor admitted that seeing Carly get arrested was "a bonus," but that he had turned her in to save Hope and Bo's marriage.

In her holding cell, Carly begged Justin to block the extradition. Bo ordered Cobbs to leave the jail, so Cobbs left to make a phone call. Bo urged Carly not to give up hope, and he reiterated his promise to help and protect Carly. After hearing Bo's promise, Justin exclaimed that he had an idea and that he was going to follow up on it.

Bo informed Carly that Victor learned that she was in town from something that Hope had said to him. Carly urged Bo not to be angry with Hope, but Bo resisted. Citing Bo's troubles with his wife, Carly said that it was the reason she was afraid to accept help from him in the first place.

Justin returned to tell Carly that he had stopped the extradition and gotten her released into Bo's custody. "Forget it," Carly responded. Citing her fear of causing more trouble for Bo, Carly refused to go home with him. Bo told Carly that she had returned to Salem for a reason and that she needed to think about that.

Upstairs in the precinct, Victor warned Hope that Carly was "a menace" and that Hope needed to make sure that Carly did not insert herself in Bo's life. Noting that Bo entered the room, Victor left to see Carly. Downstairs in the cell block, Victor warned Carly that he would not let her "destroy Bo's life."

Bo told Hope that Carly was going to be released to his custody. "Does that mean she'll be moving back in with you?" Hope asked. Hope told Justin that she was impressed with his legal wrangling, and headed back to the Kiriakis mansion.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, Nicole pleaded with Stefano not to harm Rafe. Unfazed, Stefano reminded Nicole that Rafe was not likely to stop investigating Sydney. When Nicole said that she did not feel like she could live with herself if Rafe were hurt, Stefano told her to learn. "As of this moment, it's out of your hands," said Stefano.

Nicole quietly turned to exit, and Stefano ordered her to leave the baby. Stunned, Nicole started to protest, but Stefano reminded her that she had recently attempted to leave town with the child. Stefano asked Mary to take Sydney to the kitchen, and Nicole said goodbye to her little girl. Once Sydney was out of the room, Nicole exited out the back door.

At Sami's apartment, Rafe told Sami that she needed to hear the truth about Sydney. Worried, Sami asked whether Rafe had learned that Chad was Sydney's father. As Sami paced the room and commented on her fears for Nicole, a frustrated Rafe exclaimed, "Nicole is the last person you should feel sorry for." Softening his tone, Rafe told Sami that Chad was not the father of Sydney.

Buoyed by the news, Sami grabbed her phone and started to call Nicole to talk to her. Rafe asked Sami to put down the phone, and with her face darkening, Sami questioned whether that was the news that he was referring to before. As Rafe started to tell Sami the true parentage of Sydney, Will walked through the front door.

Angry, Will told Rafe to "get the hell out." Will argued that Rafe had no right to get back together with Sami after the way he had abandoned her. As Will ranted at Rafe, Rafe's cell rang and he answered it. Frustrated that Rafe was ignoring him, Will turned to his mother to argue his point while Rafe took the call from his friend Tim and learned that the DNA results were ready.

With a promise to return shortly, Rafe headed off to meet his contact at Pier 27. Unnerved, Sami asked Rafe to explain his news before he left, but Rafe countered that he would have an answer for her very shortly and then he ran down the hallway.

Sami grabbed her purse and told Will that she was going to follow Rafe. Still upset, Will begged Sami not to run after Rafe because he was worried Rafe would hurt her again. Sensing there was more to Will's anger, Sami asked him what was wrong. Will admitted that his relationship with Mia was over, and Sami responded that she felt like there was more to Mia's story than she was letting on.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole ate her lunch nervously. After staring at her phone, Nicole grabbed it and left a voicemail for Stefano begging him to call her. Mia overheard Nicole and asked whether she was afraid that there would be problems with altering the DNA results for Sydney. Nicole assured Mia that the test results would show that Chad was not the father. Noting Nicole's nervousness, Mia pressured Nicole to tell her why she needed to talk to Stefano so badly. Mia reminded Nicole that she had lost Will because of the lies and that she wanted to make sure that she did not lose him for no reason. Nicole assured Mia that Stefano would take care of everything and protect Sydney.

At her apartment above the pub, Arianna sat on her bed, lamenting her decision to tell Brady the truth. Brady entered the room and asked Arianna how she became an informant. Arianna explained that she was approached to work undercover in exchange for getting an early release from prison. Sighing deeply, Arianna admitted that she would have done anything to keep out of prison, even if it meant sleeping with someone.

Concerned, Brady asked why Arianna had not talked to him sooner. Arianna pleaded with Brady not to say anything to anyone, since even Rafe did not know what she was doing. Brady was unsure whether to believe Arianna. Tired, Arianna shook her head and explained that she was supposed to have completed her work already, but that she had failed to get the information that the police needed.

"The worst part of it is not being with you the way that I have wanted to," Arianna whispered. Brady urged Arianna to quit, but she was worried that she would go back to prison. Brady offered to help Arianna with her undercover work.

As Will walked sullenly in front of the Brady Pub, he spotted Mia exiting the restaurant. Mia called out to him and Will lashed out at her. Mia apologized for not telling him sooner, but Will countered angrily, "You only care about you. You know what? That's fine. Because your baby will never get to know what a horrible mother you are." As Mia's mouth hung agape, Will brushed past her and walked away.

Looking for Rafe, Sami entered the Brady Pub and was surprised to see Nicole sitting at a table. Sami walked up to Nicole and asked what was going on between her and Rafe. Sami told Nicole that Rafe was about to tell her some big news but then had left suddenly. Nicole tried to walk away, but furrowing her brow, Sami grabbed Nicole's arm and demanded that Nicole tell her the truth.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano called Mateo and asked him to "take care of" Rafe that night. "What exactly are you planning to do with Rafael Hernandez?" E.J. asked as he entered the living room. Stefano assured E.J. that he was just checking out how much information Rafe knew, but E.J. was not fooled. "Did you put a hit out on Rafe?" E.J. asked.

Stefano evaded the question but E.J. persisted. When E.J. cited Rafe's connection to Sami, Stefano reminded E.J. that Sami was toxic. E.J. admitted that he would not forget that Sami had kept his daughter from him, but that he was not going to let that prevent him from looking out for her. Furious, Stefano questioned why E.J. insisted on sticking up for Sami. In response, E.J. again demanded to know why Stefano ordered a hit on Rafe.

"The less you know about this, Elvis, the better," Stefano said. "Really? Was that true when Samantha hid my daughter from me. Was that true when Nicole had someone else's daughter and was trying to pass it off as mine?" E.J. asked. Stefano urged E.J. to trust him, but E.J. said he was tired of hearing those words. When Stefano begged E.J. to believe that what he was doing was for E.J., E.J. said that he understood. After hugging his father tightly, E.J. left the room.

Out in the foyer of the DiMera mansion, E.J. muttered, "I understand I'm being played by you again." E.J. called for information on where to find Mateo and learned that he was down on pier 27.

Down at the pier, Rafe met up with his contact, Tim, and received the results of the DNA tests. After assuring Rafe of the veracity of the results, Tim left Rafe alone on the pier. Rafe tore open the envelope and read the results of the DNA test. "Oh my God! I was right. Sami is Sydney's mother," Rafe said. Nearby, a hit man lurked behind some crates and called Stefano on his cell phone.

"I tracked down your problem," Mateo said. "Then rid me of it!" Stefano growled. With a small smile on his face, the gunman aimed his weapon at Rafe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Arianna's room, Brady declared that he would help her find out who was behind the drugs in Salem, so Arianna would finally be free. Arianna was relieved that Brady believed that she was working undercover, but wondered why, noting that she could have made the whole thing up so he wouldn't hate her. Brady asked, "Why would you not want me to hate you?" Arianna replied frankly, "Because I love you." Brady declared that it was also the reason he believed her. "I really love you, too," he said, kissing her.

As Arianna and Brady lay together after making love, Arianna tried to decline Brady's offer of help, citing the danger. Brady pointed out that it was just as dangerous for her, and refused to take no for an answer. Arianna was amazed that he still wanted to protect her after all the lies she'd told. Brady proclaimed that from that point forward, they would have no more regrets-and no more guilt.

Arianna then remembered that she had to finish packing to move. Brady felt bad, because he'd made her quit her job at the pub, but she knew he'd just been looking out for Caroline. Arianna then reassured Brady that she'd never dealt drugs out of the pub, explaining that she only did enough dealing to stay connected with some buyers. She continued that the police took the remainder of her shipments in exchange for cash, after which she called Troy for a new shipment.

Brady offered to tell Caroline that he and Arianna had made up, because he thought Caroline would rehire Arianna in a heartbeat. Arianna kissed him gratefully. Brady then told her that his grandfather had been the one who had told him that Arianna was a drug dealer, so Victor's contacts could probably lead them to the head honcho. Arianna stressed that no one, including Victor, could know that she was working undercover. Brady understood, and agreed to find the information they needed without blowing her cover.

At the hospital, Nathan presented Stephanie with a large bouquet of flowers, explaining that the woman whose life he'd saved at the pub had sent them to thank him. Melanie skipped up just then and excitedly announced that she'd aced her midterm and was first in her class. Nathan picked her up and spun her around, congratulating her.

Stephanie added her congratulations, as well. Melanie wasn't sure if Stephanie was sincere, noting that things between them had been "a little scratchy" for a while. Stephanie conceded that they had, but suggested that they work on restoring their friendship to the way it had once been. She offered to start by taking Melanie and Nathan to dinner, but Nathan begged off, since he still had several hours left on his shift. Melanie was a bit taken aback, but agreed, and the two girls left arm in arm.

As he sat at the Java Café, Philip left a message for Melanie. "The way I see it, every minute you spend thinking about how you really feel is a minute you could be spending with me."

When Stephanie and Melanie arrived at the Java Café, Melanie spotted Philip before Stephanie did and suggested that they go to the Brady Pub instead. Philip looked up as they were leaving and lightheartedly asked why they were running away from him. Melanie was clearly uncomfortable, so Stephanie jumped in, declaring cheerfully that they were celebrating Melanie's great midterm grade. After they'd all chatted a bit, Melanie tried to hustle Stephanie out.

Philip then asked if he could join the girls for dinner at the pub, but Melanie declared somewhat unconvincingly that she and Stephanie needed to talk in private. Philip took the hint and left, graciously wishing them a good evening.

Stephanie asked what was up between Melanie and Philip, but Melanie insisted nothing was going on. Stephanie maintained that she was completely over Philip, adding that she knew Melanie had always liked Philip. "It is very obvious that he's not over you," Stephanie stated, "and, more importantly, you're not over him." Melanie quietly replied that she didn't want to hurt Stephanie, but admitted reluctantly that she liked Philip. Stephanie asked, "What about Nathan?" "That's the thing," Melanie confessed. "I like them both. So I don't really know what to do now."

Philip wandered along the waterfront and tried to call Melanie again. She looked at her phone and decided to let it roll to voicemail, since she and Stephanie were still talking. Philip began his message by acknowledging that he'd promised to stop pursuing her-but after seeing her earlier, he couldn't keep that promise. "You and I belong together," Philip proclaimed, just as Nathan approached, unseen, behind him. "And I am not going to stop chasing you, not until you get tired and admit that we belong together." Philip walked off, grinning. Nathan declared, "Yeah, we'll see about that."

At the Brady Pub, Sami confronted Nicole, demanding to know what was going on between Nicole and Rafe. Nicole insisted she didn't know anything, despite what Rafe had said, but Sami pressed. "Rafe said it was about Sydney. So what about Sydney do you and Rafe both know that I don't?" Nicole sighed reluctantly, conceding, "Okay, I admit it: I know what's going on with Rafe...and Sydney."

After making Sami promise to stay calm and not interrupt, Nicole asserted that Rafe was making things up because he hated Nicole and didn't approve of her friendship with Sami. Pointing out the holes in his story, Nicole maintained that Rafe was emotionally unstable. Sami didn't buy it, arguing that Rafe had too much integrity to fabricate stories just to keep her and Nicole from being friends, and reiterated her plea for Nicole to divulge what was going on.

Nicole repeated her contention that she had no idea. "It's not my secret-it's Rafe's!" she insisted. "But I'm sure he's going to come up with some fabulous story and tell you all about it when he gets back." She added under her breath, "If he gets back." But Sami heard it and demanded to know what Nicole meant. Nicole claimed she only meant that Rafe had walked out of Sami's life before, and she didn't want to see Sami get hurt if he did it again.

Stung, Sami's eyes welled with tears as she acknowledged that it had been her fault that Rafe had left, and it would be her fault if he left again, because she'd ruined every relationship she'd ever been in. Nicole interrupted, assuring Sami that she'd done nothing wrong, but then Nicole almost began to cry, as well. She murmured an apology and ran out.

On the pier, Rafe opened the envelope containing the DNA test results. "Oh, my God, I was right!" he said to himself. "Sami is Sydney's mother." He folded the paper back up and returned it to the envelope with a heavy sigh. "Now comes the tough part: telling Sami."

Just then, Mateo, Stefano's hit man, arrived at the docks, and crouched behind a crate to call his boss. "I've tracked down your problem," Mateo stated. "Then rid me of it," Stefano replied tersely.

E.J. got there just as Mateo took aim at Rafe. E.J. knocked Mateo to the ground, sending the bullet careening off-course, but Rafe took a header onto the pier anyway. E.J. rushed over and checked Rafe out for a bullet wound, but found none. He quickly checked Rafe's pulse and determined that Rafe had just knocked himself out. A relieved E.J. noticed the envelope in Rafe's hand, and was unfolding its contents when Rafe came to.

Rafe snatched the envelope away from E.J. and jumped to his feet, angrily accusing E.J. of ordering the hit. E.J. took a defensive posture and pointed out the shooter. "Look over there-that's the source of your problem." Rafe finally calmed down and walked over to look at the guy, whom E.J. had pummeled into unconsciousness. E.J. surmised that Rafe had stumbled onto something he shouldn't have, and wondered if it had to do with what was in the envelope.

Stefano tried to call Mateo, and Kate overheard him leaving the message, "Is it done?" Kate asked about the phone call, but Stefano gently laid down the law that she was never allowed to ask about his business. "Is that going to be a problem for you?" he asked. Kate replied that it was, but only because he was clearly worked up about something and she was concerned about his health. She urged him to slow down, lest he end up in the hospital again. Stefano chuckled, delighted that his wife was worried about him, but insisted that he could handle things.

Roman and a uniformed officer arrived on the pier to investigate. Once Mateo was handcuffed, Rafe and E.J. gave Roman their versions of what had happened. Roman asked E.J. if the hit man worked for the DiMeras, noting that E.J. was the head of the family. E.J. pointed out that he had just saved Rafe's life, adding, "If I'm the head of the family, why would I stop somebody from doing their job?"

Roman then turned to Mateo and demanded to know who had hired him. A confused Mateo remarked, "I think I just ended up in the middle of a family fight." He declared that he would not take the fall, and named Stefano as the man who had hired him.

While Roman questioned Rafe, E.J. quietly called Stefano. "Mateo didn't make the hit. He's been captured," E.J. warned. He urged his father to get out of town for a while, because he'd overheard Roman sending a squad car to the mansion. Stefano was incredulous that Mateo would name him, but quickly realized that E.J. had been the one to betray him.

E.J. hissed, "No, you betrayed me! The way you ordered the hit without clearing it with me first. I'm the head of this family-you don't do that!" Enraged, Stefano growled, "Since you left him in one piece, Mr. Hernandez will tell you very soon exactly why I did what I did-and God help us all!" He slammed the phone down.

Later, Kate found Stefano hastily throwing things in a bag. He told her that he had to go out of town for a few days, and she assumed that it had something to do with his earlier business phone call. Stefano stated that he wanted Kate to take charge of the house while he was gone. Kate was surprised that he wasn't leaving E.J. in charge, but Stefano only muttered something about E.J. not being reliable. He kissed Kate goodbye and hurried out.

Mary appeared with a wailing Sydney almost the instant Stefano was gone. She thrust the child into Kate's arms, hurriedly explaining apologetically that her sister was in the hospital, and ran out. A stunned Kate looked down at Sydney. "Wonderful," she murmured sarcastically.

Chloe rang the doorbell later. When Kate answered, there was a moment of awkward, tension-filled silence until Chloe explained, "Nicole called me and asked me to meet her here." Kate grabbed Chloe by the arm and dragged her into the parlor. "I have no idea why Nicole brought this adorable little baby over here," Kate explained, "but she did, and now you have to take her with you." Although puzzled, Chloe agreed once Kate promised to call Nicole and tell her where Sydney was.

Roman tried to convince a reluctant Rafe to head downtown to file a formal complaint against Mateo-plus, Roman wondered why Stefano wanted Rafe dead. At the station, a curious Rafe asked E.J. why he'd hung Stefano out to dry, but E.J. kept mum.

After an officer led E.J. to an interview room, Rafe noted to Roman that they would never get a conviction against Mateo or Stefano with E.J. as their star witness. Rafe then asked if they could finish the paperwork later, because he had something important to take care of. Roman wanted to know what, but Rafe would only say, "It involves your daughter." Roman reluctantly agreed to let Rafe return to file the complaint the following day.

When E.J. returned to the squad room later, Roman said with mock surprise, "I just got some strange news. Seems as if your old man has upped and gone." He asked if E.J. had tipped Stefano off, but E.J. pointed out that he had been with Roman the whole time. Roman shook his head. "I just don't get this, E.J. Stefano puts out a hit; you stop it. Whose side are you on?"

Sami followed Nicole out of the pub, apologizing for upsetting her. "You're my friend, and I don't want to lose that," Sami stated, noting how unexpected their friendship was, then pleaded sincerely, "I just want to help, so just tell me what's wrong." An emotional Nicole replied, "Nothing. And I'm not your friend, Sami. I'm not." Sami was taken aback, insisting that they truly were friends, but Nicole cut her off.

"I need you to know... I had to protect myself, Sami. I couldn't help it," Nicole began to explain falteringly, but only confused Sami more. "And no, we can't be friends because... Because I know that you're going to be very sad very soon."

A dumbstruck Sami could only look at Nicole quizzically. Sami's cell phone rang just then, and she fumbled in her purse to turn it off, but noted with surprise that it was Rafe. Sami asked Nicole to wait, and almost as a reflex, turned away from Nicole to answer. Nicole listened in anxiously while Sami flipped out upon learning about Stefano's failed attempt on Rafe's life.

"My guess is he found out I got the proof I needed," Rafe explained when Sami demanded to know why. "Proof? What proof?" a bemused Sami asked. Hearing that, Nicole panicked and fled. Rafe asked Sami to return home right away, so he could explain everything in person. Sami hung up and turned back to tell Nicole what had happened to Rafe, and was stunned to find her gone.

At Daniel's apartment, Chloe played with Sydney. "Where's your mommy?" she asked playfully, so as not to worry the tot. "And why hasn't she called to come and pick you up yet?"

Nicole snuck in the terrace door of the mansion and tiptoed over to the playpen. Harold entered just as Nicole realized that Sydney was gone. "Where's my daughter? Where's Sydney?" Nicole asked uneasily, but Harold had no idea where the child was.

Sami returned to the townhouse and immediately peppered Rafe with anxious questions about what had happened. Rafe took her face in his hands and tried to shush her so he could tell her his news. Sami took a deep breath and asked what it was. Rafe declared softly, "Sami, your baby is alive."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bo was angry at Victor for tipping off the Feds, but Carly wasn't surprised. She knew that he did it to prevent Carly from causing trouble for Bo and Hope. Bo acknowledged that he and Hope were having a difficult time, but he assured her that it wasn't because of Carly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin apologized to Hope for getting involved with Carly's case. Hope understood and said he was doing the right thing, because Carly wouldn't get a fair trial if she had been extradited.

Justin went to Bo's house to inform Carly that the legal maneuver he had tried wouldn't last and the government lawyers had probably already countered it, which meant that Carly would still be extradited. It was just a question of when and Carly needed to be ready, because it could happen at any moment. "No, Justin, I cannot leave Salem, not until ..." Carly said, her voice trailing off. "Until what?" Justin asked.

Carly refused to tell Justin her secret, and he offered to help her with it, but she said there was nothing he could do. Justin left to work on her case. Carly seemed resigned to her fate, but when Justin left, Carly searched online for something. When she got what she was looking for, she left the house.

Bo arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to give Hope something for Ciara. He asked to be invited in, and Hope told him that Ciara wasn't there. He said he didn't just stop by to see Ciara -- he wanted to see Hope, too, so he could apologize. Hope said that Bo didn't need to apologize. She admitted that she was "furious" when Bo thought that she had turned Carly in. He realized that he should have trusted Hope, and Hope admitted that she shouldn't have trusted Victor.

Bo knew that Victor was smart enough to figure it out. Bo asked why Hope was "picking Victor's brain about Carly." She said it was because Carly was a big part of Bo's life at one time when Bo thought that Hope was gone. Hope wondered if Carly would replace her again. He said that no one had ever did, nor would they ever, replace Hope in his heart. He wondered how they could get past their trust issues. He suggested they go to counseling.

Hope said she wanted to go home with Bo. She said that they needed to work on their trust, and they could only do that when they were together. Bo agreed, but he wanted to know if she was saying that because she wanted to return home or if she wanted to keep an eye on Carly.

Nicole went to the DiMera mansion to retrieve Sydney, and Harold told her that he didn't know where Sydney was. He said that Stefano and E.J. were out and Mary -- who had been watching Sydney -- had a family emergency. Nicole searched the mansion for Sydney, but couldn't find her. Finally, Harold told her that Mary left Sydney in Kate's care before leaving. Nicole asked Harold where Kate was, and Harold hesitated. Nicole demanded that he tell her Kate's whereabouts, so he asked if she would leave if he told her where Kate was.

Roman questioned E.J. about what he knew about Rafe's attempted assassination. He asked E.J. what was going on between E.J. and Stefano, but E.J. told Roman to ask Stefano. Roman tried to appeal to E.J. as Johnny's father and asked if E.J. had any involvement in Rafe's attack. A police officer escorted Kate to the police station for questioning, and Roman asked where Stefano was. Kate said she didn't know, but Roman didn't believe her.

Roman informed Kate that if she helped Stefano pack before he left, she might be considered an accessory to attempted murder. Kate gave Stefano an alibi for the attempted murder charge, saying he was with her all day. Roman encouraged Kate to "keep digging" a hole for herself. He said that even though he couldn't get her for trying to murder Chloe, she didn't have Stefano around to protect her.

Kate said that Stefano didn't check with her before going out of town on business. Roman assumed that Stefano had usually checked with E.J. before leaving, because E.J. had been running the family business. Roman had to take a call, so he told E.J. and Kate to get comfortable, because he still had questions to ask them.. "Mommy, I'd like to know where Daddy is, please ," E.J. told Kate.

Nicole arrived at the police station and demanded to know where Sydney was. Kate said that she didn't do anything with Sydney. Nicole asked again where Sydney was. "You have no idea where Sydney is? How do you just misplace a little girl," E.J. asked Nicole. Nicole said she was told that Sydney was left with Marie, but Harold told her that Marie had left Sydney with Kate. Kate started to explain who Sydney was with, but Roman returned from his phone call and hauled Kate off to the interrogation room.

Nicole felt like she was experiencing a nightmare. "It's funny how those things just follow you around," E.J. said. Nicole asked what E.J. was doing at the police station, and he said that he was there, because there was a shooting at the pier involving Rafe. Nicole pretended to be surprised, and hugged E.J., grateful that E.J. was not hurt. Nicole asked E.J. what had happened and how he found out about it. E.J. said that he had saved Rafe's life. "You saved his ... what? Why? " Nicole asked.

E.J. was perplexed at Nicole's reaction. She said it was because she was worried that something might have happened to him. E.J. asked Nicole if she knew where Stefano was, but she didn't. She asked if Stefano had taken Sydney, and E.J. asked why Stefano would have taken Sydney. E.J. warned Nicole that she'd better not be lying to him.

Roman made Kate and E.J. sign their statements, and Kate told Roman to "go to hell." Kate asked if Stefano had left town for business, and E.J. asked if she knew where Stefano was. Kate didn't know, but she said Stefano was "livid" because E.J. got involved in an activity that Stefano had wanted completed. E.J. was glad that he was involved, and he planned to stay involved.

Rafe told Sami that her baby was still alive, because she didn't die. "The baby you gave birth to is very much alive. I can prove it," he told her. Sami got angry at him and asked if Rafe was trying to hurt her. Rafe said he didn't want to hurt her, which was why he didn't say anything until he had absolute proof. He clarified, "I'm not talking about Grace. I'm talking about Sydney."

Sami was confused. Rafe said that Sydney wasn't Nicole's or Mia's; Sydney was Sami's baby. Sami asked if that was the case that Rafe was working on that was supposed to change her life. Rafe acknowledged that it sounded "strange," and Sami said it wasn't "strange" -- it was "impossible." Rafe said it was possible, and he had the DNA tests to prove it. Sami said he couldn't have proof. Rafe explained that Sydney and Grace were switched the day that they were born and Grace was never Sami's child.

Sami went ballistic and yelled at Rafe for saying Grace wasn't her child. She said that she felt Grace kick, held her, nursed her and took care of her until Sami had to watch Grace die. Sami said Grace was her daughter, and no one would ever take Grace away from Sami or replace Grace. Rafe apologized, realizing that he should have chosen his words more carefully. Rafe said that he wasn't suggesting they could replace Grace -- he just wanted her to know the truth.

Sami refused to believe Rafe. She said that Grace was never alone in the convent, so no one could have switched her. Rafe said that Sami's biological baby was switched at birth when Dr. Baker took her out of the room, because he said the baby wasn't breathing. Sami thought that because she gave birth in a clinic where there weren't a lot of patients, it would not have been easy to confuse her baby with someone else's. Rafe explained that Sydney was switched on purpose. "Why are you doing this?" Sami asked Rafe.

Rafe urged Sami to calm down and think back on the events leading up to the baby switch. Nicole had suffered a miscarriage and was lying to E.J., because she was planning to get a replacement baby, Rafe said. Nicole planned to adopt Mia's baby, and they had discussed it months before Sydney was born, Sami said. Rafe said that was the plan until Sami and Mia gave birth on the same day, which was when Nicole got the idea to have E.J. raise his own child. After Dr. Baker took Sami's baby out of the room, he returned with Mia's baby, not Sami's, Rafe said.

Sami said that while she loved Sydney and she was a sweetheart, Sydney wasn't Sami's baby. Sami questioned Rafe's theory, but he insisted he was right because he had all the facts. Sami said Nicole didn't know that Sami was pregnant when Sami went into witness protection. Rafe said that Nicole knew Sami was pregnant, and she knew where Sami was hiding, which was why she contacted Sister Theresa. Rafe told Sami that Nicole used the name "Mary" when she went to the convent.

The truth started sinking in for Sami. Rafe said that Nicole had to have paid Dr. Baker off, and then he became a liability to Nicole. Sami realized that must have been why Dr. Baker was murdered and Rafe was set up to take the fall. Sami said that Nicole didn't have the resources to hire a professional hit man. Rafe agreed, which was why he believed that Stefano had helped Nicole.

Sami realized that it must have been why Stefano had tried to have Rafe killed. Sami questioned the authenticity of the DNA tests, saying that they could be faked. Rafe showed her the DNA test results, but Sami was still having a hard time believing it. She said that as a mother, she would have known that Grace wasn't her biological daughter, and Sami knew that Grace was hers, because she felt it in her heart.

Rafe said that just because Sami was opening her heart to Sydney didn't mean that she was kicking Grace out. Sydney was her baby, and it was time for Sami to take her back, Rafe said. Sami thought there were too many coincidences. Rafe agreed, but he knew how desperate Nicole had been. The shock started to wear off, as Sami realized what that meant -- Sydney was really her baby, and she was ready to bring Sydney home.

Chloe sang to Sydney and hoped that she would go to sleep. Chloe wondered where Nicole was. Chloe fell asleep on the bed with Sydney still awake, so when Daniel got home, he decided to take Sydney out for a stroll. Nicole called Chloe to find out where Sydney was, but Chloe realized that Sydney was gone.

Nicole ran over to Chloe's place, worried about Sydney. Chloe explained that Daniel had left a note, saying he had taken Sydney outside while Chloe was sleeping. Nicole insisted that Chloe call him and make him return home with Sydney.

At the Brady Pub, Daniel tried to win Sydney over with some fruit. Nicole stormed in and read him the riot act for taking Sydney out of Chloe's care while Chloe was asleep. Daniel wouldn't let Nicole get near Sydney.

At the Java Café, Maggie saw Mia and sat at her table. Mia asked if Maggie was certain that she wanted to sit with Mia; she assumed that Maggie wanted Mia to move out of her house. "No sluts allowed," Mia said. Maggie told Mia never to call herself that again. Maggie told Mia that by putting her child up for adoption Mia had given the greatest gift that anyone could.

Maggie asked Mia if she had thought about contacting her family. Mia said that her mother wouldn't talk to Mia if someone paid her. "She's got a lot of problems," Mia said. She told Maggie how she had planned to go to Japan, but she had to face reality and go home. Mia felt like a failure. Maggie encouraged her to let go of the past.

While Carly was walking along the pier, she spotted Mia and said that she looked like she needed a friend.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bo asked whether Hope wanted to move back home because she wanted to rebuild their life together, or because she wanted to keep an eye on Carly. Hope admitted it was both, because she wasn't comfortable with the woman who had once replaced her living in Hope's house-with Hope's husband. Bo insisted that Carly had never replaced Hope, and was not a threat to their marriage. "Fancy Face, you're the love of my life. You're my family," Bo declared, adding that he was not fool enough to give that up just because Carly had returned to town.

Hope was unsure, so Bo assumed that she didn't trust him to be faithful. Hope argued that it was Carly she didn't trust. Bo countered that Carly was in trouble and had nowhere else to go, and suggested that Hope should get to know Carly. Hope replied sarcastically that she wasn't interested in getting to know a murderer, then backpedaled and apologized for not being more compassionate. Shifting gears even further, Hope sat next to her husband and kissed him, happy that they were back together-and excited to tell Ciara that the two of them were going home.

Bo reluctantly stated that it wasn't a good idea, because Carly's life was in danger and it wasn't safe for Hope and Ciara to move back home yet. Although Bo reminded her that he was legally Carly's guardian until things were resolved, Hope was angry. Bo tried to explain that there was more to the story, but he couldn't tell Hope everything without compromising her and Ciara's safety, as well as that of other innocent people. "But it's okay to compromise our marriage?" Hope asked. Bo apologized, but refused to put his family at even more risk. Hope quietly told him to leave.

Hope was waiting on the front stairs of the mansion when Justin returned home, frustrated because he hadn't found a way to keep Carly from being extradited. Hope informed Justin that she'd decided to go home, but Bo had said it was too dangerous as long as Carly was living there. Justin agreed, but maintained that Bo was only trying to protect Hope and Ciara. Hope understood that, but choked back tears as she added that it felt like her husband had rejected her for another woman.

Justin urged her not to look at it that way, pointing out that at least she and Bo had opened the lines of communication again. Hope admitted that they had talked openly and honestly for the first time in a while, until Bo had treated her proposed return like an inconvenience. Justin was optimistic that they would work things out, as they had after Zack's death, but Hope confessed, "I'm really scared for my marriage."

Caroline visited Bo at the police station to chide him about what was going on with Hope and Carly. He confessed that Carly had already caused problems in his marriage, but knew that he and Hope would eventually work through it. Caroline was not pleased, but Bo argued that he had to obey the court order, while not endangering his wife and daughter. "Bo, what do you guess Pop would say about this?" Caroline asked pointedly. Bo squirmed, but grudgingly admitted, "He would say I'm being a damn fool."

Caroline reminded her son that Hope and Ciara were his family, and therefore his first priority. Bo agreed, so she told him to prove it by asking Carly to move out. "I can't do that, Ma," Bo replied, insisting that he had the situation under control. "Fine," Caroline conceded with a sigh. "But when it comes down to saving Carly or your marriage, I hope you make the right choice."

Mia was sitting on the pier, crying, when Carly found her. Carly observed that Mia looked like she could use a friend, noting that they probably had a lot in common. Mia was skeptical, but Carly said that she, too, used to enjoy sitting on the pier. She asked Mia if it would help to talk about things. Mia sadly replied that she wouldn't even know where to begin. Just then, Chad arrived. "How about you start with the truth?" he spat. "That you're a lying whore." He sniped at Mia, derisively urging her to tell her new friend about all the guys she'd had sex with.

Carly angrily defended Mia, firmly declaring, "You're going to need an ambulance if you don't back off now!" Mia spotted a piece of paper in Chad's hand and guessed that he'd gotten the paternity test results back, and he confirmed it. He admitted that although he might not have been a great father, he would have loved his little girl. "And that's a whole lot more than I can say for you!"

Mia shouted through her tears that she loved her baby, and that was why she'd given her to a good family. Chad sarcastically maintained that a washed-up porn star was hardly a fit mother. He continued condemning and ridiculing Nicole and Mia until a protective Carly ordered him to leave. Chad got in one last, cruel shot: "As big a sleaze as Nicole is, she's got to be a better mother than you will ever be!" Mia broke down in miserable wails. Carly tried to comfort Mia, putting her arms around the girl's shoulders as she sobbed.

Carly gently asked Mia about the situation. Weeping, Mia confessed that she truly thought she'd done the right thing by giving her baby away, but some days, she missed Sydney terribly. "But that's what mothers do," Carly reasoned. "They sacrifice their own happiness so their child can have a better life-and that's why you're a good mother." Mia thanked her for saying that. Carly then asked about Mia's family. Mia confided that her dad had never been around much, and her mom had kicked Mia out when Mia had gotten pregnant. Carly was sympathetic.

Mia maintained that she'd wanted to give her baby something better than her messed-up family, and even though the adoptive parents were having some problems, she knew that the right woman was raising her baby. Carly asked kind, interested questions about the adoptive mother, and about Sydney. "It sounds like you found her a good and loving home," Carly concluded after hearing Mia's glowing answers. "So don't ever let anyone make you feel like you made a bad decision." "You're right," agreed Mia. "Because if I know one thing, it is that Nicole will always do what's best for my little girl."

Daniel was taking care of Sydney at the Brady Pub when Nicole marched up and lit into him for taking Sydney without first telling Chloe. Nicole ordered him to hand over her daughter, but he refused until she calmed down. That only upset her further, and she continued reading Daniel the riot act until Chloe walked in. Nicole pleaded with Chloe to make Daniel hand Sydney over, but Daniel pointed out how irrational Nicole was being. Nicole started into another tirade, but Chloe interrupted and managed to talk Nicole down, ordering her to get some water and calm herself. Nicole stomped petulantly over to the bar.

Daniel suspected that something more than his taking the baby out for a walk was upsetting Nicole. Chloe concurred, and vowed to find out what it was. Once Chloe was satisfied that Nicole was no longer hysterical, she carried Sydney over and placed her in Nicole's arms. Nicole admitted that she'd flipped out, but only because she'd been terrified over not being able to find Sydney. Chloe gently asked what was going on to have Nicole so upset. Nicole confided tearfully that she was scared of losing Sydney to her birth parents.

Daniel interrupted to tell Chloe that he had to go to the hospital, and Nicole apologized sincerely to him. "No worries, okay?" he replied, then kissed Chloe and left. Nicole explained to Chloe that without E.J.'s help, she didn't think she could win a custody battle with Sydney's birth parents. She feared she was about to lose everything, which was why she had been so desperate to find Sydney. Although admittedly confused about the details, which Nicole wouldn't divulge, Chloe wished there were something she could do to help. "You can help me make sure that Sydney's birth parents never get their hands on my baby," Nicole replied.

Out in front of the pub, Nicole instructed Chloe about what to do with Sydney: "I need you to take her home with you right now. Don't tell anyone you have her; don't talk to anyone; don't call anyone." She clarified for a stunned Chloe that she was leaving town with Sydney, but she had some things to pick up first. Chloe reluctantly agreed to do whatever Nicole needed. She wished Nicole luck, then left, pushing Sydney in her stroller.

An elated Sami frantically ran around the townhouse, grabbing her jacket and purse, eager to go out and find her daughter. She was dialing Nicole's number when Rafe snatched the phone out of her hands. He promised that they would have Sydney home very soon, but pointed out that Nicole knew that he'd been snooping around, and she might sense something in Sami's voice and do something drastic. "I'm not just going to sit around here and do nothing," a determined Sami complained. Rafe replied that they needed to work out a plan very carefully.

Sami and Rafe then went to the DiMera mansion, because Sami had overheard Nicole leaving a message for Chloe to take Sydney there. When Mary answered the door, Sami claimed that she was picking up Sydney for Nicole. Mary agreeably went upstairs to get the child. Sami could hardly contain her joy as she thanked Rafe for finding her baby. Rafe promised that as soon as they had Sydney, they would go to the police, and Sami hoped Nicole got locked up forever.

Sami tried not to panic when a worried Mary returned without Sydney-and didn't know where she was. Mary informed them that she'd left Sydney in Kate's care, and guessed that Nicole must have already picked up the child. Sami and Rafe managed to stay calm as they concurred, but once they were outside, Sami wanted to call her dad. Rafe didn't want to involve the police yet, so as not to tip off Nicole. He insisted that Sami wait at the pub while he tried to find Nicole and Sydney on his own, since someone had already tried to kill him once that day. Sami grudgingly agreed.

Sami left a message for Kate on her way into the pub, but realized that Kate would probably never call back. Inside, she ran into a sullen Chad, who informed her that he'd just learned Sydney was not his daughter. Sami tried to be sympathetic, but Chad wasn't interested, so she asked if he had seen Nicole or Sydney. He hadn't, and told Sami to leave him alone. Sami noticed that her cell phone battery was almost dead, and decided to head home to charge it so Rafe could reach her.

Daniel called from the hospital just as Chloe arrived home with Sydney. Chloe explained why Nicole had been so upset, and Daniel was surprised to learn that Chloe was at home watching the child.

At the hospital, Rafe asked a nurse if she would call the daycare center to find out if Sydney DiMera was there. Daniel overheard and asked why Rafe was looking for Sydney.

Later, Chloe was searching for a snack for Sydney when Rafe flung the door open. "Give me that baby," he demanded.

Nicole let herself into Sami's townhouse, calling out to make sure no one else was home. Remembering the $50,000 Sami had loaned her to flee the country before, Nicole hoped that it was still in the townhouse somewhere. As she began opening drawers, searching for the money, Nicole told herself, "It's my only hope-the only way Sydney and I will be able to escape."

Nicole found the money in the kitchen and returned to the living room to put it in her purse. She had just gathered up her things and was heading out the door when Sami returned home.

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