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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, November 30, 2009

At the Brady Pub, Gabi told Arianna that she had believed Nicole when she said that she was on the run from her abusive husband. Arianna realized that Nicole must have been hiding when Gabi was talking to Arianna, and Gabi said that Nicole had begged Gabi not to tell anyone. Rafe ended his phone call and asked where Sami was. When Arianna didn't know, Rafe laid into them for arguing when Sami was dealing with a crisis. Gabi apologized and felt stupid for believing Nicole's lies.

Sami stopped by the DiMera mansion to tell E.J. about how Nicole sold her bracelet to Gabi for money to get out of town. Sami said that it happened the night before and she waited to tell E.J. until after she told the police, since they were looking for Nicole and Sydney. Sami noticed that E.J. looked tired, and she asked if he had gotten any sleep. He said he hadn't, and Sami admitted that she hadn't, either. E.J. started to say goodbye, but Sami stopped him. She said that they had to work together to find their daughter.

E.J. told Sami that he didn't think Stefano had arranged for Nicole to kidnap Sydney. He said that if he had suspected Stefano was assisting Nicole, he would be relieved, because then there would be a lead and some kind of hope. E.J. said that Stefano didn't work that way -- he planned things and did not leave anything to chance. E.J. admitted that Stefano had covered for Nicole, but E.J. didn't believe that Stefano was involved in Nicole and Sydney's disappearance.

Sami asked if E.J. was still planning to stay at the mansion or if he was planning to move out. E.J. said that he wanted to wait there in case Nicole called. Then he admitted that he was staying there because it was the last place that he had seen Sydney. Sami blamed herself for arguing with E.J. while Nicole was kidnapping Sydney from the next room. E.J. told Sami that it wasn't her fault -- if anyone was to blame, it was him. Sami suspected that Nicole would be able to con someone into giving her a ride out of town.

Sami realized that Nicole would need help, and they needed to figure out who Nicole would turn to. Sami thought that Nicole might contact Faye or her sister, Taylor, but E.J. said that Nicole never talked about her mother, so he figured she wouldn't contact Faye. Sami noticed Sydney's photo album which E.J. had been looking at. E.J. said he should have known that Sydney was Sami's, because Sydney had a "fiery temper and a killer smile" just like Sami.

Roman and Rafe tried to figure out where Nicole had taken Sydney. Rafe theorized that Nicole had fled to a big city like Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Chicago. Rafe also thought that Nicole didn't plan on kidnapping Sydney, because she didn't know that Brady would bail her out or that Sydney would be alone. Rafe surmised that since Nicole knew how to think on her feet, she was capable of conning just about anyone out of anything.

Will overheard Rafe talking to Roman about Sydney's disappearance. Will asked what was going on. Roman filled him in on Sydney's kidnapping and told Will to ask around about whether someone saw Nicole. Rafe was successful at convincing his friend at the bureau that Sydney's kidnapping wasn't a custody dispute, but a kidnapping. He also felt that Sami had spent enough time alone with E.J., so he planned to go to the mansion, and if E.J. did anything to upset Sami, Rafe planned to knock him out.

Sami looked through the photo album and couldn't believe that she had missed out on so much of Sydney's life. She felt guilty for keeping E.J. from knowing his daughter, and she realized that she had missed out on a year in her daughter's life because of it. Sami said she wouldn't trade the time she had with Grace, though. E.J. understood. Sami worried that they wouldn't get Sydney back. E.J. promised that together they would get Sydney back. Rafe walked in on E.J. comforting Sami.

Rafe coughed to announce his presence, so Sami got up and asked if he had any news. Rafe said there was nothing major to report. Rafe said that his sister was sorry she'd been the one to help Nicole. E.J. said that if it wasn't Gabi, it would have been someone else. Rafe and Sami started to leave, and E.J. offered to give her Sydney's photo album, but she declined it.

Outside the Brady Pub, Brady called Nicole's cell phone to tell her that the police knew about the bracelet that she had sold and the story that she was using, so the ordeal wouldn't "have a happy ending." He also apologized for some of the things that he had said. He realized that if he hadn't said those things, maybe Nicole would have felt like she had a friend. He said that he was Nicole's friend, and he urged her to call him.

Nicole's mother, Faye, knocked on Nicole's hotel door. When Nicole opened it, Faye saw Sydney--who Faye still thought was her granddaughter--for the first time. Faye knew that Nicole was in trouble. She asked if the DiMeras had turned on Nicole. Nicole admitted that the DiMeras were after her, and she needed Faye's help to leave the country. Faye realized that she would never see Nicole or Sydney again.

Faye said that Nicole didn't think Faye was good enough to attend Nicole's wedding or hold her grandchild, but suddenly Faye was good enough to help Nicole skip the country. Nicole said she didn't "see it happening," and when Faye asked what she referred to, Nicole made up a lie about E.J. isolating her from the people she loved, inferring that he was abusive. She said she needed Faye's help, and it was "a matter of life and death."

Nicole lied about E.J. preventing her from calling Faye. Faye asked why Nicole didn't call the police, and Nicole said she didn't out of fear of what would happen after the police left. She said she had to think about what was best for Sydney. Nicole said that she had dreamed that she was a little girl who was with Faye and her father, but that Nicole wasn't that little girl anymore. She said she couldn't ignore what was happening, and Faye finished her sentence "... like I did." Faye agreed to help Nicole escape the country.

Nicole apologized to Sydney for lying to Faye, but she said she had no choice or Faye wouldn't have helped them. Faye returned with baby gear and $1,200. Faye knew that Nicole wanted more money, so she promised to wire her some more once Nicole got settled. Nicole said that the DiMeras would find out where she was if Faye knew where she was going.

Faye understood, and she said goodbye to both of them, Nicole stopped Faye from leaving. She told Faye that she wouldn't forget what Faye did for them, and she called Faye a good mother. Faye said that Nicole was a good mother, and Sydney was lucky to have Nicole. Faye told Nicole that she loved Nicole, and Nicole said she loved her back. They shared an emotional goodbye.

At the hospital, Philip found information to give to the hospital board. He said he still needed something to "liven up the presentation," and Stephanie suggested strippers. Philip was glad that they were able to work together without "driving each other crazy," and he took that as a sign that they had "officially moved on." However, Stephanie assumed that "moving on" meant them getting involved with other people.

Stephanie said she respected that Melanie and Nathan were happy together. Philip said that "if they're so happy, why ..." but he caught himself before revealing that Melanie had kissed him. Philip thought that Nathan didn't appreciate Melanie for who she really was, but Stephanie appreciated Nathan, and Nathan appreciated her back, Philip added. Philip suggested that he and Stephanie work together to keep Melanie and Nathan apart.

Stephanie reminded Philip that he was talking to her and not Melanie. At first she said only Melanie was capable of doing something like Philip suggested, but then she realized that Melanie wasn't like that anymore. Philip said that even though Melanie wanted to believe she had changed because of Nathan, Nathan hadn't changed Melanie, which was fine with Philip, who liked Melanie just the way she was.

At the Java Café, Melanie was still wired from her shift the night before when she'd helped calm down a little girl's "hysterical mother." Nathan thanked her for working late with him, and she confessed that she did it because she just wanted to spend time with him. She mentioned Stephanie "swooning into" Nathan's arms. Nathan tried to explain, and Melanie admitted she was giving him a hard time. She made a joke about how she had always wanted to be "one of those elegant, dainty girls who just faints, but I don't think anybody would buy that here." Nathan said he liked Melanie just the way she was.

Melanie said that Stephanie was obviously into Nathan. He said that Melanie had nothing to worry about. Melanie said she wasn't worried about Stephanie. Melanie told Nathan that she was over Philip, but the bad news was that she had kissed Philip the night before. Melanie said that the old version of herself would never have admitted having feelings for two men -- she would have just dated both Nathan and Philip, she said, but she wanted to be honest.

Melanie explained that she kissed Philip out of gratitude for rescuing her from Mark, a guy from Europe to whom she owed money. Melanie said the only way she could change was if she showed Nathan what she was really like. Nathan said he knew what she was really like. Melanie told Nathan that she didn't know if Mark would be the only "Euro-trash" who would show up at her doorstep. Nathan didn't care, as long as that was the last time that she kissed Philip. She said she hoped so. She said that she told Philip to leave her alone and that was what she really wanted. Nathan promised to make sure that Philip never touched her again.

Arianna begged Gabi to stay in town for Rafe's sake, but Gabi thought that Arianna had asked her not to leave in order to keep her from telling their mother what Arianna was really doing in Salem. Brady walked up and asked if Gabi knew what Arianna's motive was. Brady said that things weren't always as they seemed. Gabi got up from the table to go pass out flyers. Arianna said that Brady didn't need to stick up for her, and he said he did it because he wanted to.

Brady apologized to Arianna for saying the awful things he'd said when he realized that Nicole duped him . He explained that he was mad at Nicole, not Arianna. Arianna told Brady how Gabi had found her drugs, and Gabi's reaction reminded Arianna about what she had put her family through. Arianna felt like she might never "outlive" her mistakes. Brady encouraged her to take one day at a time.

Arianna needed to call Rafe, but her phone was dead, so Brady let her borrow his. Arianna noticed that Brady had made several calls to Nicole since the night that she kidnapped Sydney. Arianna asked if Brady was really glad that Nicole was out of his life. Brady couldn't believe that Arianna was mad at him for trying to call Nicole. He told her that he was calling Nicole to convince her to return home, but Nicole never answered her calls.

Arianna thought it was a good thing that Nicole never answered, because Nicole might be able to convince him to help her. Brady was offended. Arianna apologized. Arianna was worried that Brady was still "hung up on Nicole." She didn't think that they would work out, since her life was also messed up.

Gabi posted flyers at the Java Café when Will walked in. He thanked Gabi and said that Sydney was his little sister. Gabi realized who Will was, but he didn't know who she was, so she introduced herself as Rafe's sister. Will realized that she was the one who helped Nicole get away.

Back at Sami's townhouse, Rafe encouraged Sami to get some sleep, and promised to wake her up if anything happened. Sami appreciated Rafe for being there for her. Rafe promised to get Sydney back for Sami. He said that his faith was shaken when Grace died. Sami hugged Rafe and expressed her gratitude for having him. She felt sorry, though, for E.J., because all he had was his photo album.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole called E.J. He asked where she was.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the Java Café, Will blamed Gabriella for allowing Nicole to kidnap his little sister. Hearing the tail end of the conversation, Arianna interrupted Will to defend her sister, noting that Gabriella did not know that Nicole was kidnapping Sydney. Frustrated, Gabriella called Will a jerk and ordered her sister to stay out of her life. Once Gabriella was gone, Arianna continued to defend her sister to Will. Arianna assured Will that Gabriella would not hurt anyone.

While Gabriella stood on the pier contemplating a return to her parents, Arianna caught up with her and apologized for interfering. When Arianna argued that it was her job to protect her little sister, Gabriella disagreed and theorized that Arianna only interrupted because she was afraid that Gabriella would tell Will about the cocaine. Arianna assured Gabriella that she was not worried about what she would say to anyone. "Sometimes things are not what they seem," Arianna said. Though refusing to explain why she had the drugs, Arianna begged Gabriella to trust her and not say anything to anyone. "I will tell you when I can. Please, do not say a word," Arianna said. Unsure, Gabriella walked away. Worried, Arianna called Roman and asked for a meeting.

At the Java Café, Will noticed Gabriella and apologized for being rude to her earlier. Will explained that he was angry and scared. Gabriella wished Will luck in the search for his sister.

At the Brady Pub, Bo offered to help Roman with Sydney's kidnapping, but Roman requested that Bo give up on his "obsession" with Carly instead. Roman reminded Bo that he may have hurt Abe politically by helping Carly. When Roman rattled of the list of people that were hurting because of Carly, Bo responded that Carly was moving out of his house. Bo cautioned Roman that Carly still needed his help. Roman warned Bo to get his "marriage back on track."

At the Cheatin' Heart, Carly approached Hope and asked for an honest conversation. "So are you going to admit that you came back to Salem to steal my husband?" Hope quipped. Carly assured Hope that she had no intention of pursuing Bo when he loved his wife so much. Noting Vivian's change of heart, Hope pushed Carly to explain the real reason that she was remaining in Salem.

Uncomfortable, Carly assured Hope that although she could not explain to Hope why she was staying in town, she was going to move out of Hope's house. Carly noted that her main concern was to stop causing trouble in Bo and Hope's marriage and to start her new life without Lawrence. Suspicious, Hope told Carly that although she knew she was hiding something, she was relieved that Carly was moving out of her house.

"That doesn't mean he is going to walk away from you," Hope added. "That's right," Bo interrupted. Feeling awkward, Carly excused herself and left. Hope said that Carly told her that she was moving out, but that she still felt like Bo was going to continue to be involved with Carly. "You going to keep pretending that your involvement with her doesn't affect us?" Hope asked. Bo agreed that Carly's presence affected their relationship but that he felt like there was no longer an impediment to Hope moving back in. Shaking her head, Hope explained that Bo's attachment to Carly prevented her from going home. Bo kissed Hope passionately, and told her he loved her. Overcome with emotion, Hope ran out of the bar.

In the park, Vivian was bird watching with Victor. Vivian asked Victor if he was thinking of Kate. "You are having the last laugh. Guaranteed," Vivian cooed. Vivian argued that Kate was jealous that she was spending time with Victor.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate told Philip that Vivian was back in town. Kate warned Philip that Vivian was spending time with Victor. With a broad grin on his face, Philip joked that lonely Victor may have reached out to Vivian in the hopes of finding a new wife. "Dear, God! Not to that old hag," Kate scoffed. Nervous, Kate questioned Philip about what he heard. Philip assured Kate that he was just joking, and Kate bristled at Philip's suggestion that she was jealous of Vivian and Victor.

Kate denied Philip's accusation and claimed that her only objection to Vivian's return was because she was "hateful and vindictive." Shrugging his shoulders, Philip denied that he was worried and suggested that Kate's only concern was to prevent Vivian from taking her place in the Kiriakis family. "You did lose me when you married that clown. Why don't you just get out of here, huh?" Philip remarked.

In the doorway of the Kiriakis living room, Victor appeared with Vivian, who looked at Philip with shock on her face. "Philip. My son. My baby," Vivian whispered as she pulled Philip into her arms.

Vivian urged Philip to tell him about his life, and Victor pulled Kate into the foyer to talk.

Victor explained to Kate that he was pleased to have Vivian's sense of humor around the house, but Kate cautioned Victor that Vivian was bad news. "Is she luring you in to one of her little schemes, Victor?" Kate inquired. With a smirk, Victor opened the front door and asked Kate to leave.

When Victor returned to the living room, Vivian was asking Philip whether he was already a success at Titan and finalizing his plans to conquer the world. When Vivian asked Philip whether there was a woman in his life, he admitted that he had his eye on someone. With a smile on her face, Vivian assured Philip that it would all work out. "If you ever have a problem, you just call me," Vivian chirped. When Vivian continued to stare at Philip, he asked Victor to leave the room. Once alone, Philip leaned in close to Vivian and said, "Drop the smile. You and I are going to get a few things straight."

In her motel room, Nicole called E.J. on his cell phone to tell him that Sydney was safe with her. Nicole apologized for how their marriage ended and accused him of being abusive and selfish. Ranting, Nicole complained that although she did what she could to protect Sami and E.J., he only cared about himself. "I am out of your life and so is Sydney. This is a goodbye call," Nicole stated.

E.J. begged Nicole to think about the consequences of her actions. E.J. urged Nicole to realize that she would not be able to leave jail and take someone else's child without something happening to her. Nicole told E.J. that her original intention when she went to the DiMera mansion was to apologize and tell E.J. goodbye, but that when she saw Sydney alone in a room while Sami and E.J. argued nearby she realized that she needed to protect Sydney. "I had to protect her from you and from Sami," Nicole exclaimed. E.J. reminded Nicole that Sydney was his daughter, but Nicole disagreed. "You and Sami will never see her again," Nicole said.

Speaking softly, E.J. begged Nicole not to run away. When Nicole repeated that she felt the need to protect Sydney from a childhood fraught with angry fights between Sami and E.J., he reminded Nicole that she was not Sydney's mother. Turning his words against him, Nicole noted that although E.J. called Sydney his daughter and loved Sydney, when he believed she was not his daughter he had no trouble kicking her out of his life.

"What difference does it make if you are her father or not? You just tossed her away like she was yesterday's trash," Nicole said. "You threw away any claim you had to her. So this is goodbye," Nicole concluded. Before Nicole could hang up her phone, E.J. warned Nicole that she would be caught. "They will find you. And they will punish you," E.J. growled. Tired of E.J.'s temper, Nicole said that she did not want to hear him any more and hung up the phone.

Panicked, E.J. checked to find out whether the call had been traced, but learned that the police had not been able to track the call. When Stefano offered to call his men, E.J. warned his father that he wanted to search for Sydney through Roman and "by the book." Citing his fear that Roman would "bungle" the investigation, Stefano urged E.J. to let him send his men after Nicole. E.J. told Stefano to respect his wishes or else he would never spend time with his grandchildren again. E.J. told Stefano that he did not trust the Brady family or his own family.

Hurt, Stefano questioned why E.J. was being disrespectful. E.J. reminded Stefano of how he had driven Tony away and told him that he was "emulating" his brother and breaking away from Stefano. Nodding, Stefano said he understood but that he wanted E.J to let him help find Nicole. With his jaw set, E.J. warned Stefano to stay out of the investigation and then stormed out of the living room past Kate. Stefano confided in Kate that he was worried of losing his son and grandchildren. Kate commiserated with Stefano's pain and then told him about Vivian's return to Salem. Chuckling, Stefano asked whether Kate was aware of Vivian's plans. When Kate noted that Vivian was cozying up to Victor, Stefano groused, "Poor bastard."

Arianna met up with Roman at the Brady Pub and told him that the drug operation she had infiltrated was now part of another organization. "I'm back to square one," Arianna grumbled. Arianna asked Roman to get her cash because she was being pressured to increase her sales. "I am gonna find this guy, I will, and when I do I will hand him to you on a platter," Arianna said firmly. Curious, Roman asked Arianna where her sudden burst of enthusiasm had sprung from. Arianna explained that she wanted her family to be proud of her again and get on with her life. Leaning close, Roman urged Arianna to be careful with her new drug boss. Arianna promised to complete the job and find the head of the operation. "And when I do, he's going down," Arianna said as E.J. walked through the doorway of the pub.

Nicole called her mother to the motel room to ask for her help in obtaining fake passports. Unsure, Faye said that she knew a shady guy at the diner who might know someone. Nicole begged Faye to make the call because she feared that E.J. would kill her if he caught up with her. Faye urged Nicole to stay strong for Sydney. "If we're gonna get away we have to leave tonight," Nicole said desperately.

After talking to the man at the diner, Faye informed Nicole that she could get the passports for Nicole but that it would mean spending all the money she had to obtain them. Frantic, Nicole grabbed the envelope of money that Faye had given to her and thrust it into Faye's hands. Faye made arrangements for the passports and said goodbye to her daughter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nathan pulled Stephanie aside at the hospital to check out her sprained ankle. Although she insisted that it was fine, he removed the bandage to have a look. Nathan wondered why things had been awkward between them, and Stephanie guessed sarcastically that Melanie had warned him that Stephanie would make a play for him. Nathan confessed that when he and Stephanie had first met, he had been interested in her, but she had been involved with Philip.

Stephanie admitted that she was also interested in Nathan, so Melanie had been right. She knew that she was putting Nathan on the spot - and making things even more uncomfortable - but maintained that she preferred to have things out in the open and not play games. Nathan assured Stephanie that he thought she was amazing. Stephanie interrupted him, acknowledging that he believed Melanie was the right person for him, and then tried to change the subject. Nathan apologized if he had led Stephanie on. She wished him and Melanie luck - and hoped that neither of them got hurt.

Later, Stephanie walked to the Brady Pub, remembering her fantasy about Nathan kissing her. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she declared, "It didn't happen, Stephanie. It's not going to happen."

At the motel, Nicole packed the last of her and Sydney's things and pushed Sydney's stroller toward the door. Marge, the owner, was waiting in the hallway. "What's the hurry, Mrs. DiMera?" a sneering Marge demanded, holding up the Cleveland Observer, its headline screaming, "DiMera Child Kidnapped" above Nicole and Sydney's photos.

Nicole insisted that she was not the woman in the picture, but Marge stood her ground. Finally, Nicole reluctantly admitted that it was indeed she, but maintained that the article didn't divulge how abusive her husband was. "If he finds me, I'm a dead woman!" she declared. Marge didn't buy it for a second, and threatened to call 9-1-1 unless Nicole paid her to keep quiet.

Nicole countered that it would be bad for business if the cops saw all the shady things that went on at Marge's establishment. "Get out of my face," Marge snarled at last. On her way out, Nicole strongly suggested that Marge continue to keep her mouth shut, lest Nicole post Twitter updates telling the world about Marge's bedbug infestation.

At the townhouse, Sami searched missing-persons websites, while Rafe took a phone call about Nicole and Sydney's whereabouts. They were both disappointed when the lead turned out to be a dead end. Sami told Rafe that her brother, Eric, had attempted to get in contact with Nicole, but so far, Nicole hadn't returned his calls. Rafe wanted Sami to take a break and eat something, but she was too anxious to eat.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna was swearing to Roman that she fully intended to take down the "dirt bag" responsible for the drug trade in Salem, when E.J. walked in. Roman and Arianna covered that they had been discussing whether Arianna's sister, Gabi, remembered anything further about what Nicole had been planning. Gabi didn't, Arianna told E.J., and added apologetically that Gabi felt terrible about having helped Nicole flee with Sydney.

After Arianna left, E.J. informed Roman that he had some news about Nicole. Roman quickly called Sami and asked her to meet him at the pub, because there was a possible lead. When an excited Sami and Rafe arrived, Roman and E.J. filled them in that Nicole had called E.J. to tell him off - and say goodbye. Roman hoped to have the call traced and Nicole's location pinpointed very soon. E.J. took Sami's hand, and both vowed firmly that they would get their daughter back.

Sami was pleased that E.J. had gone against his instincts and had talked to Roman. E.J. joked that his new plan was to do the opposite of whatever his father would do. After a phone call from one of his officers, Roman reluctantly informed Sami and E.J. that it was uncertain if Nicole's call could be traced. Sami had a meltdown, out of fear and frustration, declaring, "I'm not going to just sit here and do nothing!" but she twisted her ankle while attempting to storm out. E.J. caught her and kept her from leaving, and Rafe was eventually able to calm her. Sami apologized for her behavior. Rafe reassured her that it was normal, and promised they would find Sydney.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian wanted to take a picture of Philip with her phone, to show off her handsome son to her friends, but he snatched the phone away from her. "You listen to me and you listen hard," Philip ordered her coldly. "You are not my mother. You never were, and you never will be."

Hurt, Vivian declared that because she'd carried him in her womb for nine months, she had always thought of him as her son. Philip reminded her that was only because she had stolen an embryo. Vivian regretted that Philip had been caught in the middle of things with her, Victor, and Kate, but Philip asserted that Vivian had just used him - and he wouldn't let it happen again. "Get out of my life and stay out!" he demanded.

Vivian hoped to be there for Philip, since his relationship with Kate was strained after her marriage to Stefano, and insisted that she had always been proud of him. Philip argued that he hadn't heard a word from Vivian since she left town, noting that she'd only shown up after he'd severed ties with Kate. Vivian firmly stated that she wasn't going anywhere, because Philip needed her more than ever.

Melanie was at the Cheatin' Heart, leaving a message for a friend who was meeting her for lunch, when Brady walked in to post flyers about Sydney's kidnapping. When Brady informed Melanie that he and Arianna had broken up, she quickly deduced that it was because of Nicole. Melanie pointed out that Arianna was smart and fun, while Nicole was an evil baby-kidnapper. Brady argued defensively that Nicole was no monster; she'd had an awful life and only wanted a family.

Melanie was incredulous that Brady was still in love with Nicole after the way she'd used him, and demanded to know why he was letting Nicole mess things up between him and Arianna. "Because you can't choose who you fall in love with," Brady replied. Melanie quietly conceded that he was right.

Arianna arrived just then, and Melanie quickly made herself scarce. Arianna was clearly still angry with Brady for calling Nicole, and wasn't surprised to learn that he hadn't heard back yet. Brady insisted that he had hoped he could get through to Nicole. Arianna wished him luck, and left.

After her friend, Alicia, arrived, Melanie confessed that she was seeing Nathan. They giggled about the secrecy of the situation, since hospital employees were not allowed to date. Philip walked in, and Alicia noted that he was checking Melanie out.

When Alicia left for work, Melanie reluctantly approached Philip at the bar. "You stalking me now?" Melanie teased, but Philip's irritable reply indicated that he was not in the mood for her humor. She gently asked why he was drinking in the middle of the day, peppering him with guesses until he gave in. "I am, for better or worse, the biological son of Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts," he explained. "However, Vivian Alamain was the surrogate who actually gave birth to me, by virtue of having stolen me-embryo me-a few hundred cells at a time, give or take."

Melanie's eyes widened in surprise, as Philip explained that "incubator mom" had returned and wanted to make up for lost time. Melanie sympathized, pointing out that she'd had a hard childhood, as well. Taking Philip's hand, she admitted that it was difficult for kids who had grown up like them not to feel at fault for some of the bad things that had happened. Philip was grateful to Melanie for her compassion. He turned and leaned in to kiss her - just as Nathan walked in.

Nicole met her contact for the fake passports at the bus station, but he refused to hand them over until she paid him the balance of what she owed. Nicole took out the remainder of the cash from her mother, explaining that it was all she had left, but the man took it before she could even finish. "But I need that for bus tickets!" Nicole protested helplessly, but he was gone.

Nicole sighed dejectedly and pushed Sydney's stroller into the waiting area. A woman nearby gushed admiringly over Nicole's "son." When Nicole spotted the woman's purse on the seat between them, she agreed to let the woman to play with Sydney. While the woman knelt in front of the stroller, Nicole furtively took the woman's cell phone, and then quietly disposed of her own phone in a trashcan.

After the woman had gone, Nicole confided to Sydney that she felt guilty about stealing, but she'd only done it so the two of them could stay together. She declared to Sydney that they would have a great life in Canada, adding, "We can forget about everyone in that miserable little town - except for Brady." She suddenly realized that everyone probably knew that Brady had paid her bail, and she was worried that he could be in trouble if they thought he'd helped her escape.

Using the pilfered cell phone, Nicole called Brady, who was walking through the waterfront park. Brady tried to keep his voice steady as he asked where Nicole was, but she wouldn't tell him. After assuring him that she and Sydney were all right, Nicole admitted her worries about Brady being in trouble. Brady replied that if she truly cared about him that much, she should return home right away.

Nicole sadly reminded him that she would lose Sydney if she did. Brady urged her to do the right thing, asserting that she had played God with Sydney's life. Nicole countered that Sami had played God, too, by keeping Sydney's existence from E.J. When Brady begged Nicole not to hang up, she pointed out that he didn't care about her, since he had Arianna. Brady informed her that he and Arianna had split up - because of Nicole. Nicole apologized for causing problems for them, but Brady stated wryly that despite everything, he couldn't bring himself to hate Nicole.

Brady repeated his request for Nicole to return home, to make the right decision - and be the woman he'd fallen in love with. Suddenly the call was cut off, and Nicole realized that the phone's battery had died. "Oh, Sydney," she said with a sigh. "What should I do?" She confessed that she had believed running away with Sydney had been the right thing to do, but after what her mom and Brady had said, she was no longer certain. "Am I doing the right thing?" Nicole wondered anxiously.

Arianna returned to the Brady Pub, still upset from her encounter with Brady. She told Rafe that Nicole hadn't returned any of Brady's messages, and then headed upstairs to her room. E.J. sat with Sami and expressed his hope that once Sydney returned, the two of them could put their differences behind them. "I'd like that," replied Sami.

Brady arrived and announced that Nicole had just called him. Although she wouldn't tell him where she was, Brady believed that he had gotten through to Nicole - and that she would return with Sydney.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At the bus station, Nicole began having doubts that she was doing the right thing by running away. The train station announced over the PA system that Nicole's bus was boarding, so she took it as a sign that she should go through with her plan to flee to Toronto. Nicole started to board the bus, but then she remembered Brady's words, urging her to return home for her and Sydney's sake. When she stopped, the bus worker asked if she was getting on the bus. Nicole said she was and headed towards the bus. Nicole stopped and called her mother on the pay phone. She told Faye that she gotten the passports.

Nicole saw a couple playing with their baby and began to feel a pang of guilt. Nicole knew it was unfair to Sydney that she was kept away from her real family. The bus station employee asked if Nicole was ready to board, but she had changed her mind and told him they wouldn't be boarding, after all. Nicole left the bus station. Nicole explained to Sydney that she had to "do this," but she wasn't going to hand Sydney over to the police, so she decided to call E.J. She changed her mind and decided to call Brady instead.

Lucas returned home and stopped by Sami's place to see Will. Will was surprised to see him, because Lucas was home sooner than expected. Lucas said he was released early, because he was an exemplary patient. Lucas told Will that he would force Will to deal with Lucas' addiction again. Will told Lucas that Sami was dealing with losing her child again. Lucas asked Will how Nicole found out that Sami was pregnant when Sami was in witness protection. Will didn't know, but he suspected it had something to do with Chloe.

At the Brady Pub, Brady told Sami and E.J. that he thought that Nicole might change her mind and return to Salem. He said that Nicole had sounded worried and sad when she called him and she might have a change of heart and decide to return home with Sydney. E.J. told Brady, Sami, and Rafe that they were crazy to think that they could convince Nicole to do anything, because Nicole was "mental." E.J. accused Brady of "posturing as some kind of hero." E.J. said that when he had spoken to Nicole, she didn't seem to be interested in returning home. Brady suggested that E.J. probably bullied Nicole.

Brady defended Nicole and argued with E.J. until Rafe broke it up. Brady suggested that they trace Nicole's call. E.J. and Brady argued about Brady wanting to help. E.J. didn't want Brady's help, because it was Brady's help that had led E.J. to reject his daughter, and E.J. and Sami to believe that their daughter was dead. E.J. said it was because of Brady's infatuation with Nicole and his jealousy of E.J. that Brady helped "this delusional woman." Rafe told them both to shut up so that they could work on finding Sydney. Rafe left to tell the police and FBI about the latest information.

Brady told Sami that he truly believed Nicole was conflicted and on her way back to town, but Sami disagreed. She agreed with E.J. Sami said that Nicole would do whatever she could to keep Sydney. E.J. referred to Brady as Nicole's accomplice for bailing Nicole out of jail. Rafe returned with news that they knew where Nicole was when she called Brady. Rafe said that the call was traced to a cell phone tower in Cleveland. E.J. wondered how Rafe would be able to find Nicole in Cleveland, because it was such a big city. Brady was eager to get to Cleveland, but E.J. told Brady that he wasn't part of their rescue operation.

Rafe said that Brady might be "the one person that Nicole will actually respond to." E.J. reminded Rafe that Brady conspired with Nicole, "from day one" and if Brady had been honest from the beginning, Sydney would not have been kidnapped. E.J. questioned whether Brady was telling the truth about what Nicole said, because Brady had been a drug addict. E.J. called Brady "a liar" and said he proved that to be the case "time and time again."

Rafe and Sami tried to interrupt E.J. and Brady while they argued. Rafe reminded them that they needed to focus on finding Sydney. Rafe told E.J. that Brady's connection to Nicole was important to them because it was all they had. Rafe said that they needed to rely on each other. Sami realized that Brady might be right, and Nicole might be trying to contact them.

Nicole changed her mind about calling Brady and decided to make another call instead. "There's only one person I can call -- one person I should call," Nicole told Sydney, and she picked up the phone.

E.J. thought that Sami and Rafe were deluding themselves by thinking that Nicole would call Sami. As soon as E.J. said that, Sami's phone rang. She noticed that the call was coming from Cleveland. She answered the phone and called Nicole's name, but there was no answer, because Nicole was unconscious on the floor.

Stephanie tried to drop off some important documents for Maggie by leaving them on her doorstep, but Maggie heard her car and opened the door. Maggie asked why Stephanie didn't ring the doorbell, and suspected that Stephanie had been avoiding Maggie. Stephanie admitted that she was trying to avoid her, because she felt uncomfortable after telling Maggie that she worried that Melanie might hurt Nathan. Maggie was also concerned about Nathan getting hurt. Stephanie said that there was nothing they could do to stop it, because he and Melanie were together. Maggie asked if Stephanie thought that they were serious.

Stephanie said she knew that they were serious. Stephanie was disappointed in herself, because she had made a fool of herself by telling Nathan the truth. Maggie surmised that Stephanie had told Nathan how she felt about him. Stephanie regretted expressing her feelings, because Nathan had rejected her. Stephanie said that Nathan admitted to feeling something for Stephanie when he first met her, but said that the timing was wrong, because Stephanie was still trying to get over Philip. Stephanie told Maggie that Melanie couldn't shake Philip.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nathan walked in on Melanie and Philip attempting to kiss. He demanded to know what was going on. Melanie tried to explain, saying it "just happened," but Philip chimed in and said it "didn't just happen" and Nathan deserved "to know the truth." Philip told Nathan to blame him, because Melanie was only comforting Philip when he was upset and then Philip tried to kiss her. Nathan charged at Philip, but Melanie stood between them. She asked Philip to give her and Nathan some time alone. Melanie explained that Philip's version of what happened was accurate. Nathan asked her if he hadn't walked in when he did if she would have stopped Philip from kissing her, and she shook her head "no." Nathan asked if what she said about it being over between her and Philip was a lie. She tried to explain.

Melanie said she wanted to be with Nathan, but she had feelings for him and Philip. Nathan started to leave. Melanie reminded him that he said he would fight for her. "That was when I knew where I stood, Melanie, or thought I knew," Nathan said. "You can tell me over and over that it's me, that you choose me, that it's only going to be me, until you're blue in the face, and why would I believe you?" Melanie begged Nathan to give her another chance. "I know I can be indecisive, but I'm working on it. I don't want to be like this," she said.

Nathan thought that it didn't matter how much Melanie tried, because Philip would always be in her head and her heart. Melanie said she was working on it, but she just needed time. Nathan told her that her time had run out. He told her that they were done. Nathan walked out, and Philip comforted Melanie. She blamed herself for not being able to make up her mind. Philip mocked her for saying that "a woman of substance would never be in this situation." Melanie thought that Philip got a "kick out of screwing everything up" for her. Philip agreed to leave because she was upset with him, but she stopped him and said that she needed to tell him off some more. So he gladly walked back over to the bar.

Melanie thanked Philip for sticking up for her and taking responsibility for them almost kissing. Melanie said she wouldn't let Philip take sole responsibility for their near-kiss, which was why Nathan stormed out. Philip wouldn't apologize for wanting to kiss Melanie, but he was sorry that she was upset. Melanie wondered if she should have told Nathan from the beginning that she had feelings for Philip. She felt overwhelmed. Philip promised to do right by her, because he had realized that he wanted her in his life "for all the right reasons." She got choked up and wanted to leave. He stopped her again and told her, "Stay with me. Be with me. Choose me."

Melanie reminded him that they had not lasted longer than a day and a half. He said that things would be different and together they would be "unstoppable." Melanie said that Philip had convinced himself that he was ready to settle down with one person. The only problem was that Melanie wasn't ready to settle down. She said that she still had feelings for Nathan. Philip said that even though he knew it would take time for her to figure things out, he wasn't giving up.

At the hospital, Chloe was frantic and told Daniel that Nicole had kidnapped Sami and E.J.'s baby. Chloe blamed herself, but Daniel tried to convince her that it wasn't her fault and that Chloe had trusted someone who was untrustworthy. Chloe explained that she turned her back on Nicole when Nicole was arrested, and she blamed herself for Nicole's decision to skip town.

Daniel assured her that Nicole would have found a way to do what she did and it wasn't Chloe's fault. He made her admit that it wasn't her fault, and she did. Daniel kissed her and went back to work. Lucas strolled in and called Chloe a "big-mouthed traitor." Chloe was surprised to see him. "Not only did you cheat on me, but you had to take what I told you in confidence and ruin Sami's life too?" Lucas said.

Chloe said she felt bad about what had happened. Lucas was also upset that Chloe didn't tell him what was going on with Sami, Sydney, and Nicole. Chloe said that she tried to inform him, but Will wouldn't give her Lucas' number at rehab. Lucas said that Chloe could have made more of an effort to visit him and to find the rehab facility's contact information. Chloe apologized that Lucas was hearing about it for the first time, and she felt "sick" for telling Nicole about Sami's baby. "It's killing me. I swear," Chloe said. "Good. It should. Because you couldn't keep your big mouth shut, people's lives are being ruined now," Lucas said.

Lucas blamed Chloe for Sami being without Sydney. Daniel had overheard Lucas. "You know that's not true," he told Lucas. "Back in town, for what -- five minutes -- and you're already yelling at people?" Daniel said. Daniel defended Chloe, saying that she meant no harm by what she did. He said attacking Chloe "for an innocent mistake isn't going to help Sami or Will" and wouldn't bring Sydney back. He suggested that Lucas do something "that actually might help."

"Now you're giving me advice. That's great," Lucas said.

"You ever hear the expression 'dry drunk?'" Daniel asked.

"You ever heard the expression 'son-of-a-bitch?'" Lucas said.

"Well that's what you are," Daniel told Lucas. "You may be sober right now, but you're still behaving like an alcoholic." Lucas told Daniel to "shut up," but Daniel said he wouldn't shut up until Lucas understood that "pointing fingers and laying blame" was "not the way to go." Daniel said all that mattered was finding Sydney.

Maggie spoke to Mickey on the phone, and he was grumpy because he had to wait until the next day to fly home. Mia was studying French, and it reminded Maggie that she hadn't made coq au vin in a long time and it was one of Mickey's favorite dish. She asked if Mia wanted to eat some coq au vin, and she agreed as long as it would help her get an "A" on her quiz. Mia was impressed with Maggie's French, and Maggie said she learned to speak enough French to make Parisian waiters smile.

Mia said that everyone smiled at Maggie, because she was a beautiful person. Mia said that she and Melanie discussed how Maggie was Salem's version of Lady Liberty. "You know, give me your broken, your broken-hearted. I don't know how she finished it, but she's right," Melanie said. Maggie disagreed. She said that neither Melanie nor Mia were messed up -- they were just "going through stuff" and needed a place to stay and a sense of family. Mia thanked Maggie for taking her in, but Maggie said that she should be the one thanking Mia.

Nathan returned to the hospital, to Stephanie's surprise. She asked if something happened, but realized it was probably none of her business. Nathan decided to tell her, since she had expressed interest in him romantically. Nathan told Stephanie that he felt rejected and humiliated, because Melanie wasn't "even close" to being over Philip.

Stephanie tried to figure out what had happened, but Nathan didn't want to talk about it. Stephanie told him that he was a kind and sincere person, so it was "even more unfair" when he didn't get what he wanted. "Thanks for saying that," he said, "but you're wrong." Nathan said that bad things happened to good people all the time, and it was random. He realized that he might have been "delaying the inevitable" if his relationship with Melanie hadn't ended the way it did. He knew it was time to move on.

Chloe waited at the hospital to thank Daniel for defending her to Lucas. Daniel said that he just spoke the truth. She said it was more than that -- Daniel always took her side when it came to Lucas and Victor. Daniel said he felt like it was them against the world and he would "slay dragons" for Chloe.

Maggie ran into Lucas at the park, and he said he was back for good. Maggie was impressed, but he told her that someone pointed out that he was a "dry drunk" -- acting like a bitter, judgmental "jerk" even though he was sober. He told her about his confrontation with Chloe. Lucas said that while he blamed Chloe at first -- he realized it was really his own fault for betraying Sami's trust. He said if Sydney wasn't found, he didn't think he would ever be able to show his face to Sami or Will again. Maggie said that Lucas learned a lot in rehab, because he was starting to take responsibility for his actions.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Carly carried her single suitcase down the stairs at Bo's house, and admitted to Bo that she was nervous about living with her daughter at Maggie's house. "I can't even tell her I'm her mother," she noted wryly. Bo reminded Carly that she didn't have to move out right away. She thanked him for taking care of her without making her feel weak, as Lawrence had, and for helping her to not feel scared anymore.

Bo was giving Carly a friendly goodbye hug when Philip walked in the front door. After Bo introduced them, Philip remarked snidely that he felt like he already knew Carly, adding, "Were you going to marry my brother before or after you married my father?" Bo tried to apologize for Philip, but Carly was unfazed. On her way out, she told Philip sweetly, "Best to your father. You remind me of him."

Bo chided his brother for being rude, then asked why he was there. Philip replied that he'd wanted to invite Bo out for a beer, but he was no longer sure he wanted advice from someone whose wife and daughter were living elsewhere while he entertained an ex-lover. Bo retorted that Philip truly was a lot like Victor. Philip then realized that Carly had shown up in town out of the blue, and he didn't think it was a coincidence that Vivian had arrived almost immediately afterward.

Philip noted that Vivian and Victor had become "quite friendly," but probably only because Victor knew it bugged Kate. Bo sympathized with Philip's "mommy wars," but Philip pointed out that Bo's mother was a good, decent woman-plus Bo had been raised by Shawn Brady instead of his biological father, Victor. Bo's cell phone and the doorbell rang at the same time, so while Bo fielded a work call, Philip answered the door. Philip was as irked to find Nathan on the doorstep as Nathan was to see Philip. Nathan was looking for Hope, so they could discuss Horton Foundation business.

Bo had to leave for the police station, so Philip filled Nathan in that Hope was temporarily living at the Kiriakis mansion while she and Bo worked through some problems. Philip then apologized for what had happened with Melanie. "You're not sorry, man," Nathan declared. "Don't you dare patronize me."

Philip maintained somewhat smugly that things would never have worked out between Melanie and Nathan. Nathan argued that it was only because Philip was constantly interfering, trying to convince Melanie that she didn't have feelings for Nathan, when she deserved better than to have Philip use her. Philip countered that Nathan no longer had the right to decide whom Melanie dated. Nathan declared that if Philip really cared about Melanie, he'd give her time and space to sort things out. Philip asserted that Nathan had never appreciated how smart and tough Melanie was. Nathan left, declaring, "If you hurt her one more time, we're not going to talk about this next time."

Over coffee at the Java Café, Melanie bemoaned the unenviable state of her love life to a sympathetic Arianna. When Mia asked Melanie to repeat her muffin order, Melanie had a sarcastic reply. Mia snapped right back at Melanie and returned to work behind the counter, and Melanie admitted to Arianna that she felt terrible about being mean when Mia was going through such a rough time.

After Melanie had tried to apologize to Mia, Arianna noted that Melanie's love life was more complicated than it needed to be, because she clearly had a thing for Philip. Melanie reluctantly admitted that she did, but she knew that didn't necessarily mean they could have a good relationship.

Arianna didn't understand why Melanie was fighting the attraction, when Philip obviously understood her on a different level from Nathan, whom Melanie only liked because she thought she should. Melanie insisted that Nathan was a great guy, while Philip was not. Arianna argued that it didn't matter, because Philip was the one she really wanted. "Ari. What makes you an expert on the subject?" Melanie asked. Arianna grimaced, conceding, "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Carly arrived at the Java Café and was surprised to find that Mia worked there. Mia didn't seem thrilled to learn that Carly was on her way to move into Maggie's house. Carly tried to chat with Mia while Mia prepared her order, but Mia maintained that the manager didn't like the employees to talk with customers. Carly understood, but then Mia added, "And when you move in, I'd like it if you just left me alone."

Mia quickly apologized, insisting that she didn't usually talk to people like that. She added that she had started to regret pouring her heart out to Carly, who was essentially a complete stranger. Carly tried to sympathize, but Mia cut her off, reiterating that she wasn't supposed to converse with customers. Carly backed away from the counter-and right into Melanie, spilling hot coffee on Melanie's arm.

While Melanie shrieked in pain and annoyance, Carly cleaned off Melanie's arm and tried to tend to the burn. Melanie pulled her arm back. "Leave me alone!" she ordered. "I'm a doctor," Carly reassured her. Melanie countered, "I know what to do; I'm a nurse."

After Melanie had bandaged her arm, she scowled in the direction of Carly's table, complaining about clumsy doctors. Arianna gently pointed out that it had been an accident. Melanie admitted that she was just in a bad mood because of Philip, and she knew Arianna was worried about Sydney. Arianna confided that she was also worried about Rafe.

Gabi arrived to find out if there was any news about the baby. Arianna introduced her sister to Melanie, who left shortly thereafter. Arianna then stated that she didn't know anything, but she hadn't called Rafe because she didn't want to bother him. "Then why don't you call Brady?" Gabi asked. Arianna replied that it was over with Brady.

Gabi started talking loudly and sarcastically about Arianna's drug problem. Arianna tried to shush her, but Gabi refused to do stand idly by while Arianna broke their mother's heart again. Arianna grabbed Gabi by the arm and dragged her protesting sister outside. After making sure no one was listening, Arianna hissed, "I am working undercover for the cops. So can you kindly keep your mouth shut from now on?"

Gabi accused her of lying, and then threatened to tell Brady. Arianna pointed out that it explained perfectly why she had gotten an early release from prison, adding that Brady already knew what she was doing. Gabi guessed that if Arianna and Brady hadn't broken up over the drugs, it was because he was in love with Nicole. Exasperated, Arianna told Gabi to mind her own business-and go home. Gabi refused.

Bo was at the Brady Pub later when Mia approached, wondering if he knew anything about Sydney. Bo understood why Mia was worried, since she'd believed for a long time that Sydney was her baby. "And those feelings don't just go away," he noted, adding with a warm smile, "That's what moms are like." Mia shook her head glumly. "Not my mom."

Bo offered to call Mia if there were any news about Sydney. "Will always said you were really nice," Mia remarked, touched. "Of course, his whole family is really nice. I always wondered what it would be like to have a family like that." Eyes twinkling, Bo joked, "You obviously have not met his Grandma Kate."

After Mia left, Philip joined Bo, complaining that the self-righteous Nathan thought Philip wasn't good enough for Melanie. Bo was surprised that Philip was still interested in Melanie, and pointed out that Philip's track record with women wasn't good. "It's good of you to care, Bo," Philip declared ironically. "But Nathan dumped her, and I now have a shot. I'm not going to blow it this time."

Carly entered Maggie's kitchen and put her suitcase down with a sigh. "Okay, the last encounter didn't go so well," she said to herself. "I just have to give it another shot."

When Melanie arrived home later, she nearly tripped over Carly's suitcase. She moved it out of the way and headed for her room, but nearly ran right into Carly as they both tried to go through the kitchen door at the same time. Startled, both women let out a blood-curdling scream. "What are you doing here?" demanded Melanie. "I'm Carly Manning. I just moved in," Carly replied. Melanie quipped that Maggie would have to increase her homeowners' insurance.

Mia walked in just then, and Melanie lightheartedly warned her that their new roommate was dangerous. Sensing Mia's discomfort, Carly offered to move out if her presence was going to create problems for either of the girls. Melanie moved to stand protectively next to Mia. "I think that would be a good idea," Melanie stated. "I think you should go."

When Sami's cell phone rang at the Brady Pub, she recognized the area code as Cleveland's. She apprehensively answered, "Nicole?" but there was no response-because Nicole was unconscious and bleeding on the floor under a pay phone at the Cleveland bus terminal. Hearing Sydney's cries in the background, Sami shouted in vain for Nicole to answer her. Meanwhile, a man quietly placed the phone dangling above Nicole back in the cradle.

When Sami heard Sydney's crying stop, she became even more alarmed. E.J. yanked the phone out of Sami's hand and bellowed at Nicole, calling her a bitch and promising that she would pay for what she had done. Sami grabbed the phone back and reproached E.J., who asserted that Nicole was only calling to taunt Sami. Sami didn't buy it, certain that there had to be something wrong if Nicole wasn't talking.

Rafe announced that the FBI had traced the call to a pay phone at a bus station in Cleveland. He reassured Sami that it was good news, and they would get Sydney back soon. Brady offered to get the Titan jet ready, but E.J. refused. Sami pointed out that Brady was the only person Nicole seemed willing to talk to, so they needed his help. After making some arrangements on the phone, E.J. declared that everything was taken care of, and it was time to leave. Sami and Rafe followed him out.

At the bus station, after the mystery man crept away, a red cap found Nicole on the floor and summoned a cop. The officer recognized her from the newspaper as "the one who took that baby" and was fleeing the country. The red cap remarked, "Now she's headed straight to nowhere."

Sami, Rafe, and E.J. were soon aboard a commercial airline flight, waiting for takeoff. Rafe feigned disappointment that they weren't taking the DiMera jet, but E.J. had decided that a commercial flight would be faster. Sami was still worried about why Nicole hadn't said anything on the phone-and why Sydney had been crying. Rafe promised that it wouldn't be long before Sami had Sydney back in her arms.

E.J. was complaining irritably about the lateness of their takeoff when Brady arrived to take the empty seat next to E.J. Despite the bickering from the seats behind them, Sami told Rafe that she was glad Brady was going with them. Once they were finally airborne, Brady warned E.J. not to take his anger out on Nicole, because it would only make things worse.

After Nicole had been taken to a Cleveland hospital, the police officer identified her as Nicole DiMera. A doctor remembered that there had been an Amber Alert issued for Nicole and her baby. The cop wanted to know when Nicole would wake up so he could question her, but the doctor cautioned, "The question isn't 'when,' but 'if.'"

Nicole opened her eyes later and looked around anxiously for Sydney. She called Sydney's name and tried to get up, but fell back onto the bed, moaning in pain, and her eyes closed again.

When Sami and the others arrived in a rush outside of Nicole's room, a nurse informed them that Nicole was unconscious and couldn't have visitors. E.J. and Sami asked where the baby was, but the nurse told them that there hadn't been a baby with Nicole. The doctor also informed them that Nicole had a head injury, and wasn't allowed visitors except family. E.J. announced that he was Nicole's husband and went into her room.

Arianna called Brady from the pub just then, but he told her he couldn't talk because he was in Cleveland, where the police had just found Nicole.

E.J. stood at Nicole's bedside and coldly ordered her to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she asked where Sydney was. "You're supposed to be telling me where Sydney is," replied E.J., alarmed, but Nicole could only cry. "Nicole, where is my daughter?" he demanded.

The police officer introduced Rafe and Sami to a couple who had been at the bus station at the same time as Nicole. They told Sami that they had seen Nicole with a baby in a stroller. They described how Nicole had watched them with their baby, as if she were thinking hard about something, and then she had left, as if she had changed her mind.

Rafe noted that the timing fit with when Nicole had called Sami from the pay phone. Sami suspected that Nicole had been hurt while trying to protect Sydney, adding anxiously, "Someone has my baby. Who has her? Where is she?"

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