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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Vivian stopped by unannounced at Maggie's house to help Melanie with her wedding planning. Vivian said that soon Melanie would be calling her "Mom." Vivian went over some of her ideas for the wedding. There was a knock at the door -- it was Kate, who demanded to know why Vivian was there. Vivian said that she was there because she was planning Philip and Melanie's wedding. Kate asked if Philip knew about Vivian's involvement. Melanie said that Philip was unaware of Vivian's plan to help with the wedding. Vivian and Kate argued about Vivian wanting to help.

Kate told Melanie that she had booked the country club for the wedding. Vivian thought that Kate's idea was boring, and she suggested a destination wedding in a place like Paris. Vivian received a call from her assistant, Gus, who told her that he had new information on Carly. Vivian had to leave, but before she did, she told Melanie to "humor" Kate and not commit to anything unless Melanie wanted her wedding to be the "snooze fest of the millennium." Kate told Melanie that Vivian was "delusional and heartless." Melanie sarcastically said that Vivian "seemed so fond" of Kate. Kate warned Melanie that Victor had invited Vivian back into his life to punish Kate, but Vivian would be gone by Melanie's wedding day. Melanie thought that Vivian seemed to be a "permanent fixture" in Salem, much like a "roach motel."

Kate suggested that they book a cruise possibly to one of Stefano's islands. She asked who Melanie's favorite performer was, because she wanted to book that person for the entertainment. Kate mentioned that Beyoncé was Philip's favorite performer. Melanie told Kate that she didn't want Beyoncé or a cruise, and she didn't care where the wedding took place. Kate told Melanie that she didn't have to prove to Kate that she wasn't a gold digger -- "signing the prenup is gonna do that." Melanie said she wasn't trying to prove anything -- she just didn't like Kate's ideas.

Plus, Melanie felt uncomfortable being pushed around by Kate or Vivian and felt like they had some "sick competition with each other." Kate thought that Melanie was being "rude and ungrateful." Melanie pointed out that Philip disowned Kate because Kate was married to a man who tried to kill Philip. As a show of solidarity, Melanie disowned Kate as well. Kate wondered how long that would continue, because Melanie had a reputation for being "flighty" and "dishonest." Kate said that if Melanie were ever "untrue" to Philip, "there will be a price to be paid."

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie told Nathan how impressed she was with his reading of the "Christmas Story" to the kids at the hospital. She said that she looked for him after the reading to give him her "rave reviews," but he had disappeared. Nathan thought back on how he and Melanie had locked eyes on one another at the hospital. Stephanie started talking about her New Year's Eve plans, but she noticed that he was preoccupied, and she assumed that it was because Nathan wanted to join the rest of the hospital at the celebration at the Brady Pub.

Stephanie said she didn't mind changing her plans to join him at the pub for the celebration, but Nathan said he was fine with going to Chez Rouge for New Year's Eve. Nathan excused himself so that he could return a sweater that Maggie gave to him for Christmas. He said it was bright neon green, but he planned to tell her that the sweater was too big. Stephanie advised him to tell the truth, otherwise, Maggie might get him the same sweater in a smaller size.

Justin congratulated Philip on his engagement. Philip made a sarcastic remark about Victor being his "biggest supporter," and Victor said that he would be supportive if Philip "stopped giving diamond rings to unworthy insubstantial women who ultimately end up making a fool" of Philip. Justin defended Philip, saying that he was in love with Melanie. Victor believed that Philip was in love with himself, "therefore, he's attracted to women who are after his money and therefore will kiss his ass." Hope walked in, and Justin asked how her Christmas was. She said that Ciara had a great time. Victor asked how things were between her and Bo. Justin made up an excuse for Victor to leave.

When they were alone, Hope admitted that her Christmas celebration was a "disaster." She vented about feeling responsible for ruining everyone else's good mood. Hope told Justin that Bo had left the celebration early to meet up with Carly. Hope pretended not to care. "As far as I'm concerned, Carly Manning, she can go where she wants, she can do what she wants, oh, and that fascinating little secret of hers that she and Bo guard with their life -- she can take it to her grave. Better yet, maybe Vivian can put her in it," Hope said.

Hope knew that she didn't sound like her usual self. It wasn't like her to be cynical or bitter. Justin didn't see her as cynical, but Hope said that her old self would have tried desperately to fix things and be lovable and adorable and would never say such terrible things about Carly. Hope admitted that she felt like giving up. She told Justin that she wanted to file separation papers.

Hope asked Justin to be her lawyer and draw up the separation papers, but Justin refused. He said he felt it was a conflict of interest because Bo was his cousin. Justin also didn't see why Hope wanted to split up. Hope wondered what Justin was trying to cover up. She asked if he was angry or disappointed. Justin felt like he wasn't objective -- he was too involved, because of the way he felt about Hope.

Hope was unaware that Justin had feelings for her. He said he had just realized it recently. Hope assumed that it was because of Justin's marriage ending and that he was alone for the holidays, but he said it was more than that. Hope apologized and said that she couldn't tell him what he wanted to hear. Justin realized that it probably meant that Hope really did still love Bo and wanted to work things out.

Hope planned to go to Bo's house to pick up some things for Ciara. She told Justin that she wished she believed in her marriage half as much as Justin did. She picked up a photo of her and Bo and remembered the great moments of their life together. She decided to herself that she did believe in her marriage after all, and she rushed out the door.

At the hospital, Bo confronted Carly about her avoiding him. She said she wasn't avoiding him -- she was busy. She admitted that she didn't want to be in the same room as him. She felt that it was unfair that he kept leaving her messages and tracked her down at the hospital. She told Bo to stay away from her.

Bo assumed that Carly was upset because he didn't react the way she had wanted her to after she confessed to still having feelings for him. Carly wanted to forget it ever happened, but Bo said it was too late for that. Carly assumed that Bo didn't respond to her because he didn't feel the same way. Bo received a call and hurried home with Carly, because he learned that someone had been looking at Carly's records at the Swiss hospital where Carly's daughter was born. Carly panicked.

Carly knew that Vivian would eventually figure out that Carly's daughter was in Salem. Bo promised to stop Vivian before she was able to get to Carly's daughter. Carly threatened to kill Vivian if she needed to in order to protect her child. Carly screamed at Bo, asking what she needed to do to protect her child. Carly apologized for her reaction, and Bo told her not to be sorry.

Carly said that she felt the same panicky feelings that she felt right before she killed Lawrence. Bo told her that it wasn't the same, because she had to protect her daughter all by herself with no one to help her. Things were different, he said, because Carly had Bo. He pulled her into a kiss. Hope arrived on their doorstep ready to open the door with her key, but she saw the two of them kissing through the window.

At the Java Café, Mia asked Chad how his date with Gabi had gone. He said that he had a good time. Mia asked if he was planning to see her again, and he said that he didn't know, because Gabi had gone home for Christmas, possibly for good, because she had only been visiting. As they were talking, Gabi walked up to them and announced that she had good news -- she was staying in town. Kinsey, Will, and "T" heard the news that Gabi was remaining in Salem. Gabi planned to live above the pub and would be going to Salem High, because Gabi's grandmother broke her hip, and Gabi's mother had to move to Chicago to help her. Kinsey suggested they go to the mall some time.

Mia seemed uninterested in the conversation. Chad was glad that Gabi was staying, because then they could hang out. Mia asked to speak to Will alone. They both realized that they each probably had a tough time at Christmas. Will had thought that Sydney would have been found already because of Sami's optimist attitude. Gabi told Will and Mia that Kinsey invited her to their New Year's Eve party. She wanted to know if they were going too. Will said that they would be there.

Chad told Mia that she might have to cut her break short, because the manager allowed him to leave early since business was slow. Will left, and Gabi told Mia that everyone was being really nice. Mia warned Gabi that some of the kids at Salem might be mean, especially because Gabi was a new student. Mia told Gabi to stick with her, and she wouldn't have anything to worry about.

Nathan walked in as Melanie and Kate were arguing. He announced that he was just there to drop something off. Kate told Nathan about Melanie and Philip's engagement. Nathan told Melanie "congratulations." Kate had to leave, but she reminded Melanie to remember what Kate had told her. "Right back at you, Mrs. DiMera," Melanie told Kate.

Melanie apologized for Nathan finding out about the engagement the way that he did, because she meant to tell him herself. Nathan asked if there was a reason why they had to rush to get married. She said it was just because it felt right, so she and Philip decided not to wait. Nathan said he was happy for Melanie as long as Melanie was happy. He asked if she was happy.

Melanie said she was happy. Nathan thought that the engagement happened too suddenly, but Melanie denied it. She said, "It all happened organically." She explained how it transpired. Nathan sensed that Melanie was overselling her engagement and it seemed like she was trying to talk herself into it. Melanie told Nathan that it wasn't his place to speak about whether she was happy with her engagement.

Philip stopped by the pub to tell Stephanie that he and Melanie were engaged. If Philip felt that Melanie was the right girl for him, "I say marry the girl," Stephanie said. She said she was happy for him and hoped that things would work out between him and Melanie. Philip thought that Stephanie was just happy that Melanie was out of the picture so that she could pursue Nathan. Stephanie was insulted, because it seemed Philip assumed that she needed to have Melanie out of the equation in order to have Nathan. Philip asked how things were between Stephanie and Nathan. She said that they were going out for New Year's Eve. Philip said that he and Melanie planned to get married soon and weren't having a big wedding.

Stephanie excused herself so she could return to work, and Philip said he hoped that things worked out between Stephanie and Nathan, because she deserved the best. Kate dropped in on Philip at the pub and told him that she got a lot of work done on planning his wedding. Philip said he didn't want her involved in his wedding or his marriage. Kate informed Philip that Nathan stopped by Maggie's when she was there with Melanie. Kate said that she realized Philip and Melanie had decided to have "an open marriage."

Philip wondered why Melanie was with Nathan, and Kate said she didn't know. She said that Nathan had a "flimsy excuse" but was obviously there to see Melanie. Philip wasn't worried, because Melanie had chosen Philip. "I'm glad you have such faith in her, when no one else does. I really admire your courage," Kate said.

Vivian met with Gus to retrieve the information that he dug up on Carly. She read it and was delighted to learn the news. She called Victor to meet her and to show him what she'd discovered. Vivian explained that the records showed that Carly spent time in the maternity ward. Victor assumed that Carly had another child with Lawrence.

Vivian realized that the unfinished letter that Lawrence had written to Carly was probably about Carly having a love child with another man. Vivian said that her source saw a record listing the father of the child as unknown, so that meant Lawrence couldn't have been the father. Victor asked who the father was. Vivian wondered the same thing. Victor also wondered where Carly's child was. Vivian was determined to find out the answer to both those questions.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

At the DiMera mansion, E.J was studying the note he received from the kidnapper when Sami walked in to the living room and surprised him. E.J. shoved the letter back in to an envelope in his desk, and explained that it was a letter from an old friend. Curious about E.J.'s nervous attitude, Sami asked him why he was acting distant after they had gotten so close over Christmas. E.J. bristled at Sami's questioning, flew into a rage, and yelled that the vigil had been "a complete waste of time." E.J. assured her that they were on the same side, and Sami apologized. Dropping his head into his hands, E.J. apologized for yelling at Sami.

E.J. went to the other room to answer an urgent phone call, which left Sami alone in the living room. No sooner had E.J. walked out of the room than Sami walked over to the desk and pulled out the letter E.J. had hastily shoved in there when she arrived. Pulling the letter from the envelope, Sami was horrified to see that the letter was from the kidnapper. When E.J. returned, a furious Sami demanded to know why E.J. was keeping the letter from her.

"You son of a bitch! When were you gonna tell me about that?" Sami questioned. E.J. pleaded for Sami to calm down. When Sami demanded to know when E.J. was planning on telling her about the letter, E.J. admitted that he was not sure whether he was going to tell her about the note. Sami reminded E.J. that Sydney was her daughter too. E.J. countered that he withheld the information because he was afraid that Sami would behave hysterically. E.J. urged Sami to remain levelheaded, and explained that he was waiting for further contact with the kidnapper before telling Sami about the development.

E.J. noted that he received the letter at the house on Christmas Day. Sami wanted to talk to Stefano, but E.J. stopped her and explained that the note asked him not to tell anyone because he was being watched. "I shouldn't even be telling you, do you understand?" E.J. pleaded. "I need this person to keep playing ball with us," E.J. added. Sami wanted to show the letter to Rafe, but E.J. firmly said "he is the last person we are going to tell." E.J. warned Sami not to tell anyone about the letter, but she insisted that she needed to tell Rafe.

"It's more important for you to share this with your boyfriend than to save your daughter?" E.J. bellowed. Frustrated, E.J. noted that if Sami decided to tell Rafe, any problems with Sydney would be her fault. When the doorbell rang, E.J. yanked open the door to find Rafe standing on the porch. Noting the tension in the air, Rafe asked what was going on between Rafe and Sami. E.J. explained that the tension was due to frustration, and Sami added that they were having an argument and that she felt she was correct. "There is something that I need to tell you, Rafe," Sami began. Before Sami could say any more, Rafe's cell phone rang and he took the call.

E.J. dragged Sami into the living room and begged her not to say anything. "You don't think of anything but yourself," E.J. exclaimed. Pulling on his jacket, E.J. excused himself in order to go to a meeting. E.J. agreed to live with Sami's decision but cautioned her to make sure the decision was not one they would regret. As E.J. walked out the back door, Rafe joined Sami in the living room. Rafe asked Sami what was wrong and she responded that she needed to "do the right thing."

While hiding at her cabin, Anna told Sydney, "That's right, beautiful. Your Auntie is going to be filthy rich. It's only a matter of time." Anna examined the second note that she had prepared to send to E.J. and she wondered aloud whether she would send it out after all.

Pacing in Maggie's kitchen, a frustrated Nathan told Melanie that he believed she was rushing into her marriage with Philip. As Melanie warned Nathan to keep his opinion to himself, Philip knocked on the back door and interrupted the conversation. Nathan excused himself, slamming the door on his way out. Melanie explained that Nathan was visiting for a couple minutes, and then she changed the subject and told Philip that Kate and Vivian had also stopped by earlier. When Philip asked for details, Melanie begged off, explaining that she had the day off and wanted to spend the time talking to Maggie about the engagement. With a small smile, Philip said goodbye to Melanie and left to go take care of some business.

In Bo's living room, he hugged Carly tightly as the tears steamed down her face. Pulling away, Carly apologized for being emotional. When Carly worried that things were getting out of control like they did with Lawrence, Bo took her head in his hands. "It's not the same. You had to protect your daughter on your own, you had no one there to help you. Now it's different. You have me," Bo said soothingly. As Carly looked up at Bo uncertainly, he pulled her to him and kissed Carly passionately.

Outside, Hope ran up to her house to talk to Bo about their marriage. When Hope got to the front door, she looked through the window and saw Bo and Carly kissing in front of the Christmas tree. At first Hope started to cry, but then she held back her tears and angrily marched to the front door and knocked. Bo opened the door, and Hope explained that she was there to pick up Christmas gifts.

"Happy holidays," Hope said to Carly with a snarl. "Keeping busy I see," said Hope to Bo. Flustered, Carly excused herself, citing work, and ran out the front door. With an angry glint in her eye, Hope said, "I hope she'll come back soon. Then you can finish what you started." When Bo asked what Hope was referring to, she noted that Bo should realize why she would be asking such a question. Hope explained that she saw them kissing.

"I didn't expect you to move on so quickly," Hope said quietly. "If you and I had been together that never would have happened, you know that," Bo said. Bo explained that the kiss she witnessed was the first time. "I'm sure it was very difficult for you to restrain yourself since Carly got back into town. What a selfless man you are," Hope said through gritted teeth. "Our marriage is over, Brady. You can do what you want. I can't care anymore," Hope said.

As Hope got to the front door, she spun around and faced Bo. "There is one more thing you need to know about Carly," Hope barked. Hope told Bo that she was worried about Carly's secret because she was worried it could hurt Bo and she wanted to protect him. "You're my husband and I love you. Just so you know, I've lost all interest. Carly and her secret can go to hell," Hope said.

At the Java Café, Chloe offered to help Brady. Chloe explained that Victor told Daniel that Arianna was a drug dealer. Noting the annoyed look on Brady's voice, Chloe wondered aloud whether Victor's accusation was crazy after all. Brady dismissed Victor's claim, and, noting the number of false accusations that Victor had hurled at her, Chloe agreed that Victor's claim about Arianna had no merit. Chloe told Brady that she was concerned because she had watched how drugs affected his life in the past. "I really don't think you'd let a woman in your life who made a living selling that stuff," Chloe added. Brady agreed and asked Chloe to thank Daniel for telling him about Victor's claim.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe told Arianna that there was a break in the kidnapping that involved some rare boots worn by the kidnapper. After getting off the phone with his FBI contact, a frustrated Rafe told Arianna that the majority of people that bought the boots paid in cash. "It's highly likely that one of those women took Sydney. Which means I'm gonna need to come up with a new way to find her," Rafe said.

Brady rushed into the pub and warned Arianna that her cover might be blown soon. Brady explained that Victor had told Daniel that Arianna was a drug dealer. Worried, Arianna told Brady that she was going to meet with Troy and that she would attempt to push Troy for more information about their employer. "Maybe there's something I can do," Brady said to himself.

In the Kiriakis living room, Vivian and Victor discussed Carly's child. Noting the worried look on Victor's face, Vivian asked him whether he was worried that the child was a Kiriakis heir. "Maybe it's Bo's child," Vivian suggested. Outraged, Victor flatly declined to pursue Vivian's theory. "As long as Bo doesn't get hurt, knock yourself out," Victor said.

Down at the pier, Gabi complained to Mia about her overprotective siblings. When Mia asked what Gabi's interests were, Gabi explained that she was in a "pre-med" club at her old high school. When Gabi asked Mia about her interests, Mia said, "I actually met this doctor recently and she kind of turned me off to the whole medical experience." Mia explained that the woman asked a lot of questions and attempted to move into Maggie's house. "I hope I never see her ever again," Mia concluded.

Mia and Gabi went to Maggie's house and Mia introduced her to Melanie. When Melanie fussed with her hair, Mia noticed the large engagement ring on her finger. Melanie admitted that Philip had proposed on Christmas Eve. "What happened to Nathan?" Mia asked as Maggie walked into the kitchen. Mia and Gabi went to Mia's room to talk, and left Maggie alone with Melanie. Melanie remained quiet as Maggie studied the engagement ring. Much to Melanie's surprise, Maggie congratulated her on the engagement. Maggie explained that she knew from the moment they met that Melanie had feelings for Philip.

"It's that obvious. And now you've gotten exactly what you wanted," Maggie said. Maggie told Melanie that she was happy for Melanie as long as Melanie was happy with Philip. "I know what I'm doing," Melanie added as she walked out the door. "I hope so," Maggie said to herself.

As Maggie turned and walked to the sink, Mia and Gabi returned to the kitchen. Gabi noted to Mia that she wanted to volunteer as a candy striper at the hospital, and overhearing, Maggie's face lit up. Maggie offered to help Gabi get some hours at the hospital. As a smile broke out across Gabi's face, Mia stepped forward and asked Maggie to get her some volunteer hours at the hospital as well.

After Gabi left, Maggie asked Mia why she became interested in volunteering at the hospital after Gabi volunteered. When Maggie noted that Mia was being competitive with Gabi, Mia became defensive. Mia explained that her mother used to make comments about her being a "selfish bitch," and she felt like Maggie was making a similar accusation. "You know what my mother has done my whole life? She's made me feel like a loser. Like I was in her way. You know what? I'm gonna do her a favor. I'm gonna stay away from her. I'm gonna pretend she's dead," Mia said as an astonished Maggie stood nearby.

At the Java Café, Philip asked Nathan to tell him whether he was the one that had Melanie called in to work on Christmas Day. Philip warned Nathan to get over Melanie. Nathan assured Philip that he was not the one responsible for Melanie being called in to work on Christmas. "I don't play stupid games like that. Maybe you do, but I don't," Nathan said as he walked away. "Melanie's made her decision," Philip yelled.

At the nurse's station at the hospital, Vivian startled Carly. Furious, Carly noted that she'd gotten Vivian's message and that she was appalled by the corpse that Vivian left for her to find. Vivian played dumb, and then asked Carly "why is it that you seem to be the one with the guilty conscience?" Carly warned Vivian to be careful because her antics could get her sent to jail. With a small smile on her face, Vivian noted that what she did was not tantamount to murder, which was something that should be punished. As Vivian leaned closer, Carly walked away. "Your love child is going to help me hurt you. But I won't rest until you suffer every day of your life," Vivian muttered to herself.

Across the hallway, Lexie asked Nathan about a patient that he failed to check on and added that she had noticed his demeanor around the hospital lately. Lexie said that she was aware of Melanie's engagement and that prior to that, Nathan was dating her. Lexie questioned whether Melanie was the reason why he seemed distracted. Nathan denied that was the reason for his performance, but Lexie warned him to tell Melanie about his feelings before it was too late.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie found Philip lost in thought and urged him to tell her what he was thinking about. With a smirk on his face, Philip announced that he had an idea for how to spend New Year's Eve. After Melanie made a couple of guesses, Philip announced that he wanted to spend New Year's Eve eloping.

Brady went back to the Kiriakis mansion and asked Victor why he had told Daniel that Arianna was a drug dealer. "That's the truth, isn't it?" Victor asked. Brady asked Victor whether he had told Bo about Arianna, and Victor promised that he would if it would end the relationship.

At the Java Café, Arianna met up with Troy. Arianna broached the subject of moving up in the organization, but Troy responded, "Know your place." With a smirk, Troy stood up and walked out. Tired, Arianna got up and started to leave when she spotted a phone in the cushions of the seat that Troy was sitting in. Arianna picked up the phone and smiled.

Carly returned to Bo's house to talk to him about her run-in with Vivian at the hospital. In reference to Hope, Carly asked "She saw us kissing didn't she?"

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope returned home and overheard Vivian telling Victor about running into Carly at the hospital. "[Carly's] actually frightened out of her mind, which is going to make it all the easier to destroy her," Vivian chirped.

Troy met E.J. down at the pier and told him that he had met with Arianna earlier. As Troy started to tell E.J. about the conversation, he realized that his phone was missing.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At the Brady house, Carly was furious with herself for having made things worse between Bo and Hope. Bo maintained that the end of his marriage had nothing to do with Carly - and he wasn't sorry he'd kissed her. Carly then tried to refuse Bo's help in stopping Vivian. Bo pointed out that he didn't need Carly's permission to keep an eye on Vivian, but he wondered why Victor had gotten involved again with such a dangerous woman.

Bo then escorted Carly to work at the hospital, despite her protests, because he wanted Vivian's people to report back that he was guarding Dr. Manning. Carly still fretted that she didn't want to cause more harm to Bo's marriage. Bo asserted that his and Hope's problems had begun long before Carly had returned to town - when Zack had died - and he never would have kissed Carly if his marriage weren't already in trouble.

"I have a solution: This," Carly declared, indicating the two of them, "will go no further." Bo conceded that they should put any more talk about their feelings on hold until they figured out how to stop Vivian from finding Carly's daughter. He planned to call the director of the Swiss hospital where the girl was born as soon as it opened, to determine how much Vivian had already learned. Something Bo said made Carly remember a time, years before, when they'd made love, and she smiled wistfully.

Hope eavesdropped outside the Kiriakis parlor door, while Victor tried to quell Vivian's excitement over the possibility of destroying Carly's life. Vivian giddily declared that even her "'B' material," such as the corpse in the hospital bed, had caused Carly to have a complete meltdown, before Vivian could get started tormenting her nemesis in earnest. Even Victor had to admit that was peculiar, and asked what Vivian planned next.

Vivian started to declare that she knew Carly had a child, but Victor faked a sneeze before she could finish. Just then, Justin rounded the corner in the foyer and spotted Hope listening outside the door. "Are you being punished? They won't let you inside?" he teased her loudly. Startled, Hope jumped, inadvertently revealing her presence to Victor and Vivian.

Victor expressed his concern that Hope hadn't considered the mansion enough like her home to enter the living room. Hope assured him that she and Justin had just arrived, and Justin backed her claim. Vivian merrily "admitted" that she and Victor had just been discussing their plans for New Year's Eve in Chicago. As she and Victor left to run errands, Vivian made a pointed remark about how Hope's perfume always entered a room ahead of her.

Hope thanked Justin for playing along with her cover story. He was glad to have done it, but wanted to know why. Hope replied that Vivian had learned at least part of Carly's secret - to which Victor was also apparently privy. Justin cracked a joke, comparing Vivian to a boa constrictor, but when Hope didn't laugh, he asked what was bothering her. Hope confessed that she'd seen Bo and Carly kissing.

Justin was sympathetic, but Hope wouldn't let him comfort her, insisting that her marital problems were hers and Bo's alone. Justin pointed out that Carly was also involved, and that Vivian would not rest until she had learned Carly's secret and destroyed her life. Hope sarcastically declared that she didn't care, but Justin knew that she would never be able to live with herself unless she tried to stop Vivian. Hope conceded that Justin was right, but she would handle Vivian on her own, without telling Bo or Carly. Justin offered his help and reminded Hope that Vivian and Victor were spending New Year's Eve in Chicago.

Over coffee at the Java Café, Victor and Vivian continued discussing their plans for Carly. Vivian asserted that although she didn't know the identity of Carly's child, "I'm expecting Carly to lead me to said child. There's nothing she does that I don't know about." Commending her dedication, Victor remarked, "You make Medea seem wishy-washy," but he wondered what Vivian would do after that. Vivian replied, "I'm going to make her feel just the way she made me feel: I'm going to take her child, just the way she took Lawrence from me."

At the cabin, Anna's employee carried in a load of groceries in reusable bags. As he unpacked organic baby formula and "green" diapers, he noted how much he'd learned from her about keeping the planet healthy. Anna asked for an update about the goings-on at the DiMera mansion. The man told her that everything had been quiet, but someone was watching the house and would let them know if anyone new showed up or if there were anything new to report.

Anna grumbled, "So there's no way of knowing whether or not they got my note." The man asked what Anna would do if something went wrong and the Feds got involved. Anna was confident that it would have already happened if it were going to.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami silently remembered the ransom note, and worried aloud to Rafe that she didn't know what to do. Rafe thought they should leave, since E.J. had gone to a meeting - although Rafe complained that no business could be more important than E.J. and Sami's missing daughter. Sami countered that E.J. was only trying to distance himself from his feelings and noted that Rafe sometimes did the same thing.

Sami quickly apologized, because she hadn't meant that the way it had sounded. "I don't want to fight," she insisted. "I don't want to let this come between us." Rafe took her hand reassuringly, but remarked that it seemed like she was keeping something from him. Just then, his phone rang, but he hung up with no new leads to report. Sami began to confess that she'd had a disagreement with E.J., when Rafe's phone interrupted them again.

When Rafe hung up, he informed Sami that the FBI wanted to set up surveillance around the house, using people disguised as gardeners or maids. Sami was worried that the kidnapper would notice all the new faces, but Rafe assured her that the Bureau was doing things "by the book." Sami asked what the FBI would do if there were a ransom note. Rafe explained how they would plant a tracking device with the ransom money.

Sami anxiously asked what would happen to Sydney if the kidnapper found the device, and pointed out that Rafe didn't always do things by the book. She worried that the FBI was more concerned with catching the kidnapper than making sure Sydney was safe. Rafe tried to reassure her that if there were a ransom demand, they would pay it, and the FBI would not let the kidnapper know what they were doing.

Sami wasn't convinced, becoming more and more emotional as she worried about playing by the FBI's rules. Rafe reminded Sami that her dad was a cop, so she knew that rules existed for a reason. Sami managed to calm a little, admitting that Rafe was right. "I'm really glad that we talked about it. I'm really glad I know how you feel." She hid her tears and anxiety by putting her arms around him.

Rafe reluctantly informed Sami that he didn't think there would be a ransom note, although he knew it would be much better if the kidnapping were about money instead of some other motive. He worried that he had upset her, but she assured him she was glad to have someone in her corner who was there because he wanted to be, not because her family expected it. "We're in this together," Rafe promised. "I'm here for you no matter what."

At the Java Café, Arianna found Troy's cell phone in the chair where he'd just been sitting. "Oh, thank you!" she whispered to the heavens. "Roman wants to know who's running the drug trade here in Salem? I just got his number."

On the pier, Troy patted his pockets, searching for his missing phone. E.J. was furious, because his number was in the phone, which he had supplied to Troy. "You find your phone before somebody calls mine," E.J. threatened calmly, "and maybe you get to live."

A pleased Roman met Arianna in front of the Brady Pub. As she handed over Troy's phone, she informed Roman that the phone was locked with a password. Roman was unconcerned, because he had a warrant to unlock the phone - and hoped to have one to arrest Troy soon afterward. He replaced the phone's SIM card with a police-issued card, and powered the phone on.

Remembering that he'd last seen the phone at the Java Café, Troy headed off in that direction to look for it. E.J. stopped him, explaining, "Our I.T. guy came up with this bit of software that allows me to disarm your phone, get rid of all the contacts in it, using my phone." E.J. sat and began fiddling with his phone buttons, but cursed as the battery began to lose power.

As Roman scrolled through the contact list in Troy's phone, suddenly the screen went blank. He told a discouraged Arianna that the memory had been wiped clean, which meant Troy had already reported the missing phone to his boss, since Troy was incapable of executing something so sophisticated. Roman was concerned that Arianna's cover was in jeopardy, unless they could make Troy believe that she wasn't the one who had taken his phone. Roman then made a phone call, telling the person on the other end, "I have an assignment for you."

Troy pointed out to E.J. that he had earned a lot of money for the organization. E.J. countered that it had actually been Arianna. "I like her," E.J. added. "I could see her working her way up - you know, once we get rid of some of the dead wood." Troy confessed that E.J. was starting to scare him. "Then maybe you're not as stupid as you look, Troy," E.J. replied menacingly.

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion later, and while Rafe retrieved Sami's coat from the foyer, she reluctantly admitted to E.J. that she hadn't told Rafe about the ransom note. E.J. assured her that it wasn't personal; he just didn't think they could afford to get the FBI involved. As Sami and Rafe left, E.J. whispered a reminder to Sami not to say a word.

Troy returned to the Java Café, and practically tore his chair apart searching for the phone. A blonde woman approached him and was holding the phone and smiling. "Are you looking for this?" she asked. A relieved Troy gratefully took the phone from her, as she explained that she'd found it after he and "that pretty girl" had vacated their table. Troy offered to pay the woman to thank her. "Oh, no," she replied. "Please, just pay it forward." The woman left, signaling with a subtle nod to Roman when she got outside.

Troy then went to the Brady Pub to find Arianna. He apologized for overreacting about her wanting to move up the organizational ladder. He explained that it was only because she was doing such a great job where she was. Arianna reassured him that it was all right, and then went behind the bar. "DiMera thinks he can get rid of me because he has you waiting in the wings," Troy muttered to himself, scowling after Arianna. "I don't think so. I think you're gonna have a serious accident."

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sami looked at the Christmas gift that she had bought for Sydney and worried about whether she was doing the right thing by withholding the truth about the ransom note from Rafe. Rafe entered the room with a box full of items for a New Year's Eve celebration. They reminisced about how they had spent the last year's New Year's Eve together in the safe house. Rafe asked if Sami's days of "going rogue" were over.

Rafe told Sami that he might be reinstated in the FBI and therefore would have direct access to files, which would help him find Sydney. Sami was excited to hear the news. Sami called E.J. to tell him that she wanted to tell Rafe about the ransom note. She argued with E.J. and rushed off the phone when Rafe entered the room. She said that it was E.J. calling to give her an update on the search for Sydney, and he was being obnoxious. Rafe told her that 2010 would be much better than 2009. Rafe and Sami made love. E.J. texted Sami; he asked her to meet him and not tell Rafe.

At the hospital, Nathan commented on how nice Daniel looked in his suit. Daniel said he was taking Chloe to Chez Rouge for New Year's Eve. Nathan said that he planned to go to Chez Rouge with Stephanie. Daniel was surprised that Nathan was dating Stephanie, and Nathan wondered why. "You were just thinking that I'm still hung up on Melanie," Nathan said. Nathan said that he wasn't still pining away for Melanie, and it wouldn't matter anyway, because she and Philip were engaged. Nathan assumed that Daniel had seen Melanie's ring. Daniel said he found out about the engagement when Philip told him about it. Daniel encouraged Nathan to work out his unresolved feelings for Melanie. Nathan realized that Daniel was right.

Melanie got time off of work to elope with Philip. Philip wondered if Melanie still wanted to marry him, after she made a wisecrack about getting married by an Elvis impersonator. Melanie said she wasn't having second thoughts. She thought it would have been nice to have Maggie attend their nuptials, but Vivian and Kate had turned her off to having a big wedding. Philip said that was the reason why he wanted to elope. Melanie asked if Kate would try to poison her, because Kate had tried to kill Chloe when Chloe eloped with Lucas. Philip pointed out that wasn't the reason Kate had tried to kill Chloe. Philip said that Kate wasn't part of his life, and the only thing that would hurt him was someone hurting Melanie, and he vowed to protect her.

After Philip left, Stephanie stopped by Maggie's house to pick up Maggie's camera. Melanie and Stephanie reminisced about what happened on New Year's Eve the year before. Stephanie noticed Melanie's luggage and assumed that Melanie and Philip were going to watch a show, but Melanie said that she and Philip were getting married. Stephanie was excited to hear that Melanie was eloping. Melanie thought that Stephanie might be upset that Melanie was marrying Philip, since Stephanie and Philip had been engaged. Stephanie said that what she had with Philip was over, but Stephanie wondered whether Melanie was happy about marrying Philip.

Melanie said that she wasn't having doubts -- she and Philip had a "wonderful connection." Stephanie told Melanie that Stephanie had a connection with Nathan also, and it got stronger every day. Melanie thought that Stephanie was worried that Melanie would get in the way of her relationship with Nathan. Stephanie wasn't worried, because she wouldn't let Melanie spoil Stephanie's progress with Nathan. Melanie said that Stephanie didn't need to worry about her gett ing between Stephanie and Philip, because Melanie was getting married. Melanie gave Stephanie her blessing, and Stephanie gave Melanie her blessing.

Carly tried to downplay her performance in the operation room that had saved a man's life. She thought about how she took Lawrence's life, and told the nurse that she didn't deserve any praise, because she did what she had to do. Daniel returned to the hospital to retrieve his wallet and saw Carly. Daniel said he had heard about Carly saving a patient's life. She said she was just doing her job and didn't need praise. Daniel could tell that something was bothering her. Carly was conflicted, because no matter how many people she helped or saved, it wouldn't make up for taking Lawrence's life.

Vivian relished at the thought of uncovering Carly's secret -- that she had a child out of wedlock while she was with Lawrence. Vivian vowed to make Carly suffer after Vivian found Carly's child. Hope told Justin that Victor and Vivian planned to head for Chicago, which would give Hope and Justin a chance to find out what Vivian knew about Carly's secret and how Vivian planned to use that secret to destroy Carly. Victor and Vivian walked in and wondered what Justin and Hope were planning. Hope lied about Ciara having problems at school. Hope rushed Victor and Vivian out the door.

Maggie and Julie got dressed to go out for New Year's Eve at Chez Rouge. The phone rang, and Maggie thought that it was Mickey calling to tell her that his plane had landed. He called to say that he was tied up with an important meeting. Maggie was worried that she would be a "third wheel," but Julie said that Maggi e would be welcome to go out with Julie and Doug. Maggie remembered when Mickey gave her a pair of ruby slippers one day.

At the Java Café, Daniel and Chloe realized that they each dressed accordingly to attend two different New Year's Eve celebrations. He suggested that they ditch both of their plans and bring in the new year in bed. Carly walked in, and Daniel asked to finish their earlier discussion. Vivian and Victor were on their way to the Java Café, when Vivian saw Daniel and Carly talking. She wondered what they were discussing. Daniel asked to meet with Carly later that night to talk, but Carly spotted Vivian and Victor, and Carly froze. Carly told Daniel that Vivian knew the truth about Carly's killing Lawrence.

Carly told Daniel about how Vivian put a dead body in the bed of one of Carly's patients. She warned Daniel that Vivian was dangerous. Daniel wanted to help, but Carly refused to let him get involved. Carly headed for the door, but Vivian blocked her path. She said she simply wanted to wish Carly a happy new year. Chloe asked Daniel what was wrong with Carly, but Daniel wasn't sure. Victor asked if Daniel was wishing Carly a happy new y ear. Daniel said that he and Carly were good friends, and he warned Victor to leave Carly alone.

Carly stood outside the Java Café and remembered the time that Vivian had her buried alive. Vivian was thinking about it too. Victor asked Chloe if she wanted Daniel to spend time with Carly, because Carly could be a threat to her relationship. Daniel and Chloe left, and Victor told Vivian that Daniel's romance with Chloe was one thing, but Carly was more formidable and worrisome. Vivian told him not to worry, because when Vivian found out who Carly's "bastard child" was, Carly would "pay dearly for what she did to Lawrence, dearly." Victor worried that getting revenge against Carly would involve Daniel, and Victor didn't want any "blood" on his hands.

Carly continued to think back to when she was buried alive, and she vowed that Vivian would never know about Carly's daughter.

Hope and Justin entered Vivian's room to look for something that would reveal Vivian's secrets. Hope told Justin to look for documents that contained partial information about Carly's secret. They checked the closet, and Hope found a secret door in the wall that had a puzzle box in it. Hope tried to open it, and just when she was almost successful, they heard Vivian and Victor approaching the room. To cover, Hope and Justin started kissing, and when Vivian and Victor opened the door, they were stunned at what they saw.

Outside the Brady Pub, Philip told Nathan that he and Melanie were flying to Las Vegas to elope, but Nathan said that they couldn't get married. Philip accused Nathan of being intoxicated. Nathan said that Melanie was only rushing into marriage because Nathan had hurt her, and Melanie didn't know what she wanted. Philip said that Melanie's decision had nothing to do with Nathan, and she fell in love with Philip long before Nathan entered the picture. Nathan predicted that Philip would get bored and Melanie's life would be ruined.

Nathan said that Melanie would be "pathetic" to rush into marriage with Philip, and he planned to tell her that. Philip punched Nathan to prevent him from talking to Melanie. They fought, and an officer broke it up. Nathan punched Philip as h e walked away.

Melanie received a call informing her that Nathan and Philip had been locked up.

Chloe and Daniel reminisced about how he had carried her to the hospital the year before when she hurt her ankle. The fireworks went off, and they kissed. He picked her up and carried her off.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Thursday, December 31's show concluded.

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