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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, February 22, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Brady told Arianna that he had received a text from E.J telling him to meet E.J. down at the pier. Brady surmised that E.J. had some news on Sydney that he wanted Brady to share with Nicole. After Brady left, Rafe told Arianna how they found Sydney's bloody clothes in the river, but he didn't think that the clothes proved that Sydney was dead. Rafe pledged not to give up the search for Sydney. He thought the kidnapper knew the authorities were getting close, so the kidnapper made it look like Sydney was dead.

Arianna asked if Rafe had told Sami about his theory, but he didn't think it was a good idea, because Sami was angry with him. Arianna reminded Rafe that he was the reason that Sami knew Sydney was her child. Rafe felt like something wasn't right about Sydney's kidnapping. Arianna felt Rafe should let Sami handle Sydney's kidnapping her way and that Rafe should keep doing what he thought was right.

Rafe told his colleague to tell the FBI to leave Sami alone for a few days.

Anna called E.J. to try to convince him to change his mind about convincing Sami that Sydney was dead. E.J. reminded her that she was paid to do as she was told. Anna was having second thoughts, so E.J. threatened to send Anna to jail. Anna thought that Sami had suffered enough. Brady showed up, so E.J. rushed her off the phone after quietly threatening again to have Anna sent to prison.

E.J. told Brady that the police had found Sydney's bloody clothes, and he wanted Brady to tell Nicole that Sydney was dead. Arianna saw Rafe down at the pier with Brady and expressed her sympathy for what happened to Sydney. E.J. blamed Rafe for Sydney's supposed death. Arianna told Brady that Sami and E.J. blamed Rafe for how things turned out. Arianna said that Sami was acting like she was the only one who was in pain. Brady said E.J. wanted him to tell Nicole about Sydney's death.

Arianna was outraged that Brady was supposed to inform Nicole about Sydney's fate when it was Nicole's fault that Sydney was dead. Arianna and Brady argued about Nicole. Brady said that Nicole was out of their lives. Arianna felt that even though Nicole was in prison, she was standing between Arianna and Brady.

E.J. called Anna to tell her not to worry if she didn't hear from him for a few days, but that it was almost over. Anna thought that E.J. was in denial.

When Rafe stopped by Sami's place, E.J. answered the door.

Daniel told Victor that Melanie was still in a coma and that he sent Philip home to get some sleep. Victor said that Bo called Victor down to the police station for questioning. Victor thought that Carly had been locked up for shooting Melanie and that the case was closed, but Daniel said, "Not exactly." Bo wanted to question Victor about his "girlfriend," Vivian.

Bo told Victor that Hope remembered her conversation with Victor on Melanie's wedding day and the receipt that Victor left behind for a comb to switch with the poisoned one that Vivian was planning to use to kill Melanie. Bo said he had evidence against Victor that would send Victor to prison for helping Vivian. Victor called Bo's bluff, and he reminded Bo that Melanie was fighting for her life because Bo's "slut girlfriend shot her." Victor said that Carly would finally pay for what Carly did.

Abe reminded Bo that he didn't have any evidence against Victor. Bo was angry that Victor was treating it like a game. Abe pointed out that the case involved Bo's mistress and Bo had issues with Victor, Bo's father as well. Bo said just because the case was personal didn't mean he couldn't do his job. Abe told Bo to tell Carly to stay away from Melanie and Vivian. Bo tried to reach Carly by phone at home, but she didn't answer. Abe reminded him that because he posted Carly's bail, that Carly's actions were Bo's responsibility. Bo tried to reach Carly again, but to no avail. He hoped that she didn't go to the hospital to see Melanie.

At the Kiriakis mansion, an angry Philip ordered Vivian to join him downstairs. He grabbed a fireplace poker and asked Vivian what happened at the wedding reception. Vivian asked Philip to put the poker down. Philip said he knew that Victor knew that Vivian was planning to kill Melanie and decided not to tell anyone. Philip threatened to kill Vivian to make his father suffer. He asked if Vivian would kill someone to get revenge.

Philip tried to choke Vivian with the fireplace poker. Vivian asked him to think about Melanie and how she needed him. Vivian claimed that Carly's accusations were "insane." He said that Hope corroborated Carly's story. Vivian claimed that Hope was just confused. Philip got Vivian to admit that she wanted Carly to die for killing Lawrence. Philip felt that by Vivian admitting she felt Carly needed to die for killing Lawrence, it gave him the justification for killing Vivian. He got ready to swing the poker at Vivian's head, but he changed his mind, thinking that Vivian wasn't worth it.

Vivian tried to convince Philip that she wouldn't hurt Melanie. Philip said that Vivian knew that Melanie was Carly's daughter and wanted to hurt Carly by hurting Melanie. Vivian said she tried to explain to Melanie that she knew about her mother and that Melanie was in danger. Vivian reminded him that it was Carly -- not her -- who'd shot Melanie. Philip said he could see why Vivian and Victor got along – because they both had "a story for everything." Vivian said that Melanie's pain was because she had a self-absorbed mother, but he didn't want to hear it.

At the hospital, Melanie woke up, and Carly was overjoyed. She told Melanie that Melanie would be fine. Melanie wanted to know what happened. Melanie started to remember, and she panicked asking to talk to Philip. Carly told her that Philip went home to change clothes and would return to the hospital. Carly tried to calm her down, but she demanded to know what happened, so Carly told Melanie that Melanie was shot.

Melanie asked who shot her, and then she remembered that Carly did it. Melanie started shouting for help, so Daniel kicked Carly out of the room. Melanie wanted to know why he let Carly go, and she wanted to call the police on Carly. Daniel tried to calm Melanie down, telling her that Carly donated blood for Melanie and risked everything to see Melanie. Melanie wondered why Carly went to such lengths, and he said she needed to ask Carly.

Daniel told Carly that Melanie wanted to see her. Carly went back into Melanie's room, and Melanie asked why Carly shot her. Carly said that Vivian wanted to hurt Melanie and that Carly tried to shoot at Vivian because Vivian was going to beat Melanie with a steel rod, but Melanie jumped in front of Vivian. Melanie didn't believe that Vivian wanted to hurt her. Carly said that Vivian just wanted to get close to Melanie to hurt Carly.

Melanie wondered why Vivian thought it would kill Carly if anything ever happened to Melanie. Melanie said that Carly and Melanie hadn't met until recently, but Carly said that they met once a long time ago. Melanie thought she would have remembered meeting Carly. Carly said Melanie didn't remember meeting Carly because Melanie was just a baby and Carly only held Melanie for a moment but it was the most wonderful moment of Carly's life. Melanie asked why Carly holding some baby would be the most wonderful moment of her life. Carly said it was because Melanie was Carly's daughter.

Daniel called Victor to tell him that Melanie was awake and would be fine. Victor said he would tell Philip the news and have Philip call Daniel. Victor told Philip that Melanie was awake, so he planned to go see her. Vivian told him to give Melanie her love. "I see you clearly, Vivian. I see past the ghastly smile to the decay-ridden soul. I will never forgive you for what you've done, and I sure as hell won't give Melanie your love – it's toxic." Victor said Vivian had some "bridge-building to do."

Vivian was distraught by the realization that she lost Philip, and Victor said she deserved to lose Philip. Victor berated Vivian for disobeying him, and he said that Vivian didn't want to know what Victor had planned if Melanie had died. Victor said that he had evidence against Vivian but if she disobeyed Victor again, Vivian would spend her "golden years in an orange jumpsuit."

Vivian said she wasn't afraid of Victor, and he said she should be. Vivian felt that Victor wouldn't send Vivian to jail because of what he would miss, and she reminded him that if Vivian went to jail, it would let Carly off the hook. Vivian pointed out that they both wanted Carly to go to jail, because Carly was interfering with Bo and Hope's happiness. Victor warned Vivian not to push it, because it wasn't over yet.

Philip tried to see Melanie in the hospital, but Daniel tried to stall to give Carly more time with Melanie.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At Maggie's house, Mia arrived home and was surprised to find Chad sitting alone in the kitchen. Chad explained he was there to visit Mia because he had heard about Melanie's shooting. "How are you doing?" Chad asked quietly. Mia admitted that the shooting had unnerved her but that she was uncomfortable around hospitals since Grace died. "I don't want to lose anyone else, Chad. I don't think I could take it," Mia said. Chad pulled Mia into a hug and apologized for not being there with her.

When Gabi stopped by to check on Mia, Mia was disappointed to learn that Chad's visit was because Gabi had told him to check on her. Chad got a call from his dad on his cell phone and he slipped into the living room for privacy. Mia asked Gabi about her relationship with Chad. "It's nothing serious," Gabi said. "You're smart to keep it that way. Serious and Chad don't mix. I'd hate to see you get hurt," Mia said as she stared down Gabi.

Noticing Mia's icy demeanor, Gabi warned her that she understood that Mia was jealous that Chad had moved on. "I'm looking out for you," Mia countered. Mia reminded Gabi that she shared a child with Chad and "I'd hate for you to end up feeling like just a hook-up to him." Startled speechless, Gabi stared at Mia in disbelief as Chad returned from the living room and asked what they were talking about.

Rafe stopped by Sami's apartment and was surprised when E.J. answered the front door. E.J. informed Rafe that Sami was not at home, but Rafe continued to call out to her. Hearing Rafe bellowing, Sami entered the apartment from the hallway and questioned why Rafe and E.J. were standing in her living room. Terrified, Sami looked at Rafe and exclaimed, "Oh God! You found Sydney's body, didn't you?"

Rafe explained that they had not found Sydney's body and that he was there to visit her when E.J. answered the door to her apartment. "You were inside?" Sami asked, confused. E.J. explained that he had entered the apartment because he was worried when he could not get ahold of Sami the night before. Sniffling, Sami noted that she had trouble sleeping because she had a dream that she heard Sydney crying. Sami continued that since she could not sleep, she went out for a drive. E.J. admitted that he had trouble sleeping the night before as well, and that he realized, "the only other person in this whole world who has any idea what I'm going through is you."

Frustrated, Rafe swore to bring the kidnappers to justice, but a tired Sami said that the ordeal was over. "What justice? You got a real nerve saying that to her," E.J. growled at Rafe. Rafe promised to follow the trail of the kidnapper, but Sami cried out that she did not want to know what happened or how Sydney's bloody clothing ended up in the river. "I just want to remember what a happy, beautiful girl she was," Sami said through tears. "We don't need another hero," E.J. argued. "Do you not understand what she is going through right now?" E.J. asked Rafe.

Rafe pleaded with Sami to speak to him alone, but she kept her back turned him and said nothing. As E.J. started to leave, Sami turned around and called out, "E.J., I'd like it if you'd stay." Turning to Rafe, she asked him to leave. Hurt, Rafe stammered, "Why do you want me to leave?" "Because my baby is dead and nothing is gonna change that. And you want to find how who did it and why and how and I don't want to talk about it and it seems like it's the only thing you can talk about," Sami said tearfully. Sami reminded Rafe that when Grace died, he had grieved with her. "Maybe I can't do that this time," Rafe said quietly. Frustrated, Sami told Rafe to go back to work.

After Rafe left, E.J. theorized that Rafe did not know Sydney and did not grow to love her. When Sami noted that she had not spent a lot of time getting to know Sydney, either, E.J. argued that Sami was Sydney's mother and had carried her for nine months. "You have a connection to her. I have a connection to her. Rafe? He doesn't," E.J. said. "It's like Sydney doesn't even matter to him," Sami thought aloud. E.J. said that Rafe was more interested in his job than in Sydney. "I'm glad you're here," Sami said softly. "We're in this together," E.J. said. When E.J. suggested that Rafe was showing his "true colors," Sami bristled and noted that she did not feel comfortable talking about Rafe with E.J. E.J. excused himself, then left.

"Damn it, Rafe. I thought we were supposed to be in this together. What happened?" Sami asked aloud. Shaking her head, Sami grabbed her keys and rushed out of the apartment.

At the police station, Rafe ordered a list of all the lease agreements in Salem taken out over the previous six months. "Especially ones that just ended recently," Rafe said. Meanwhile, an officer delivered the evidence bag with Sydney's clothing and noted that they still had not found Sydney's body. Breathing deeply through his anger, Rafe stared at the little pink dress in the bag. Overcome with emotion, Rafe started to weep and pound his fist on the desk. As Rafe cried, Sami entered the police station and saw his display of emotion.

In Melanie's hospital room, Carly told Melanie that she was her mother. In disbelief, Melanie laughed and ordered Carly to stop lying to her. Carly reached out to Melanie, but Melanie pushed her away and ordered her to leave. Carly explained that she was telling the truth and that she had accidentally shot Melanie while she was attempting to protect her. "Well you suck at it," Melanie screamed. "I'm a doctor, not a marksman," Carly exclaimed. Noting that they were alone, Melanie questioned why the woman who shot her was allowed to be in the room with her. Alarmed, Melanie screamed at Carly to leave.

Philip arrived at the hospital to see Melanie since she was awake. When Daniel attempted to detain Philip at the nurse's station, Philip became agitated and demanded to see his wife. "What aren't you telling me?" Philip asked. While Daniel stalled, the faint sound of Melanie screaming out, "You can go, Carly!" echoed across the hall from the direction of Melanie's room. Philip and Daniel rushed to Melanie's room, just as Melanie was throwing her water pitcher at Carly, who cowered near the doorway.

Daniel attempted to calm Melanie down while Philip accused Daniel of helping Carly sneak in to visit Melanie. Carly attempted to reassure Melanie, but angry, Philip dragged Carly out of the room. In the hallway, Carly explained to Philip that she was out on bail. Daniel admitted that he had allowed Carly to visit with Melanie because he did not believe that she meant to shoot her daughter. "I think the person [Melanie] wants, whether she knows it or not, is her mother," Daniel continued.

At the police station, Bo ordered his men to search the Kiriakis mansion for the poisoned comb as Vivian sidled up behind him. When Bo spotted Vivian, he commented, "Let me guess how you plan to assist [the investigation]. I turn my back and you plant evidence saying Carly meant to kill her daughter." Vivian laughed off the accusation, but Bo argued that Vivian was planning to kill Melanie and that he would prove it.

Vivian argued that she was scared that Carly would attempt to murder her. "I intend to testify at her bail hearing," Vivian said firmly. When Vivian pretended to call the judge handling the case, Bo called her bluff and noted that Carly already had her bail hearing and was released. Bo received a call from Daniel telling him that Melanie was awake and that Carly was there at the hospital. When Bo learned that Philip knew that Carly had seen Melanie, Bo rushed out the door.

Vivian sat down in a nearby chair, defeated. "Well, Auntie. What are you going to do about all this?" Lawrence asked Vivian. Vivian argued to the imaginary Lawrence that Carly's prison sentence would have to be revenge enough. Furious, Lawrence demanded that Vivian still needed to make Carly suffer. Lawrence noted that Carly was likely attempting to convince Melanie that she was aiming for Vivian. "Don't underestimate her. She could make Melanie believe her, and even if she goes to prison, she'll go knowing she has the love of her daughter and that thought consigns me to an eternity in hell! Is that what you want for me?" Lawrence argued.

"I've already lost Philip in this. If I go near Melanie, Victor will turn me in," Vivian exclaimed. "So what?" Lawrence said with a grin. Lawrence asked Vivian to kill Melanie. "What was I thinking? I have to avenge your death with another," Vivian said quietly.

At the nurse's station, Daniel spotted Chloe pouring a cup of coffee across the hall. Daniel eagerly greeted Chloe and asked her about her therapy session. "I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about you," Chloe said gruffly. Chloe and Daniel went over to the Brady Pub to talk, and Chloe demanded to know why Daniel felt the need to send her to a psychiatrist. "I wish you would be as committed to me as you are to your friend Carly Manning," Chloe said. Chloe noted that Daniel risked his career to help Carly visit the woman that she shot. Daniel defended Carly and explained that the shooting was an accident. Annoyed, Chloe said that she watched Carly destroy Bo's life and that she did not want to see Carly do the same thing to Daniel.

Daniel assured Chloe that he wanted to be with Chloe whether they could have children or not. "I think this is hitting you harder than you think," Chloe said. Chloe noted that Daniel had used bad judgment when he helped Carly. Daniel told Chloe that she would never be alone and that they would go through it together.

Philip went back in to Melanie's room to check on her. "This is hot lingerie, huh?" Melanie joked about her hospital gown. When Melanie made a joke about Carly lying to her about being her mother, Philip admitted that he was not sure that Carly was lying. "Why are you defending her?" Melanie asked suspiciously. Philip explained that when he ran to the roof after he heard the gunshot, he saw how shaken and upset Carly was by Melanie's injury. "She said she'd shot her daughter," Philip said quietly. Confused, Melanie cried and denied that Carly could be her mother. "You believe Carly, don't you?" Melanie asked Philip. Philip admitted that he was not sure what to believe. Smiling, Philip assured Melanie that his only concern was that Melanie was okay. When Philip left the room to get some water, Melanie thought about how Carly had pushed her way into Melanie's life.

Down on the pier, Carly apologized to Bo for betraying his trust and going to visit Melanie in the hospital. Carly explained that she visited Melanie in order to convince her that she did not mean to shoot her. "If I don't find a way to make this wretched situation right, I won't be able to live with myself," Carly exclaimed. Carly explained that after the horrible childhood Melanie suffered through, she did not want to see Vivian take away all her happiness. Carly continued that in an effort to explain to Melanie that the shooting was an accident, she was worried that she had made Melanie hate her more than she already did.

"I had no intention of telling her that she was my daughter," Carly said. As Carly worried aloud whether she could mend fences with Melanie, Philip called her cell phone. Philip told Carly that Melanie wanted to see her at the hospital right away.

At the cabin, Anna held Sydney in her arms and theorized aloud about why E.J. was pretending she had died. "Your daddy thinks that taking you and your brother far away from Sami would make him happy. Get back at her for not loving him anymore, but I do wonder how he'll feel when it's just you two and him and no Sami," Anna said sadly. "I don't see a happily ever after for any of you," Anna said. E.J. arrived at the cabin and reviewed the passports for his trip with Johnny and Sydney. "We can simply disappear. Then we'll see how Samantha feels, eh? When she's lost both her children and her boyfriend," E.J. said as Anna shook her head sadly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At the cabin, Anna still could not believe that E.J. planned to let everyone think Sydney was dead. E.J. merely ordered her to pack Sydney's things, because he was taking his children and leaving Salem on a permanent vacation right away. As E.J. pulled on his coat, Anna cuddled Sydney, and pleaded with him to remember that Sami's children were everything to her.

E.J. acknowledged that Samantha was a good mother, but he wanted his children to be raised as DiMeras—and not torn between two families. After E.J. left, Anna fretted to Sydney, "Your daddy thinks he knows everything, but I have a very bad feeling his plan is going to blow up in his face."

At the DiMera mansion, Kate found a devastated sitting with his head in his hands, and immediately guessed that it had something to do with Sydney. "Caro, what happened?" she asked gently. Stefano informed her that the police had found Sydney's torn, bloody dress in the Salem River, and the FBI had declared that she was dead. He broke down in plaintive, anguished sobs, and Kate did her best to comfort him.

With an expression of stunned disbelief, Stefano stated that he'd kept it together through Sydney's kidnapping and Elvis's disloyalty by helping with the search in any way he could, but he'd always thought his precious granddaughter would return home. He vowed to find the kidnapper and make the "miserable excuse for a human being" pay.

Kate was pointing out that there wasn't any real proof that Sydney was gone when E.J. returned home. Stefano unleashed his fury at his son for not telling him about Sydney, but E.J. coldly maintained that Stefano was an outsider. E.J. then revealed that he was taking Johnny on a trip. An enraged Stefano cursed him vehemently in Italian, but it didn't faze E.J. Kate wondered why Sami would allow E.J. to take her son away while they were all grieving. "She has two other children," E.J. maintained indifferently.

After E.J. left to give packing instructions to Harold, Stefano observed that Elvis seemed edgy—but not like a man who was grieving. "Something is amiss," a suspicious Stefano pronounced.

In a private office at the police station, Sami found Rafe holding Sydney's dress and quietly sobbing. His obvious grief moved her to tears, as well, and as he was sealing the little pink dress back into the evidence bag, she spoke his name softly. Rafe wiped at his face. Sami lovingly, earnestly apologized for not seeing sooner how much he was grieving, but Rafe could not even meet her eyes.

"I broke my promise," Rafe stated mournfully. "I promised you that I was gonna get Sydney back, and I didn't... I let you down." Sami urged Rafe not to let guilt and regret consume him, and added that she couldn't get through what had happened without him. "I'm here, as long as you want me to be," Rafe reassured her. "That would be forever," Sami declared in a whisper, and they held each other as they both cried softly.

Rafe worried that Sami would always blame him for getting involved in Sydney's kidnapping, but she steadfastly affirmed that she did not. Before they left for home, Rafe vowed that he would not stop looking for Sydney's kidnapper, and Sami agreed that she wanted justice, too.

Rafe took Sami back to the townhouse, and tucked her into bed with a kiss on the forehead. She asked him to stay with her for a little while, so he crawled into bed next to her and took her in his arms.

E.J. knocked on Sami's door, and when there was no answer, he removed the key from its hiding place above the door and let himself in. "Samantha?" he called as he moved through the living room, but again, there was no response. When E.J. reached the bedroom and found Rafe and Sami, asleep and undressed, under the covers together, his face darkened, and he stared down at them from the doorway, glowering, for a long moment.

While Hope was working at the police station, a reporter called to ask for comment about the Sydney DiMera case, and something the reporter said upset Hope greatly.

Carly and Bo were on the pier when Philip called to tell Carly that Melanie wanted to see her right away. Carly agreed, but Bo reminded her that it would violate the terms of her bail to visit Melanie. Carly was determined, so Bo reluctantly decided to accompany her to the hospital.

In Melanie's hospital room, Philip saw how much the memories of the shooting still upset his new bride, and began to have second thoughts. Melanie refused to let him call Carly back to cancel their meeting.

When Bo and Carly arrived at the hospital, Philip would not leave Carly alone with Melanie. Carly sat next to the bed and gently woke her daughter. "It's me—your mother," Carly whispered. "Don't ever call yourself that again," Melanie ordered. "You've never been a mother to me before. I don't need you to start acting like one now." Melanie then demanded answers.

As Bo was waiting outside Melanie's room, Hope rushed in to tell him what she'd learned from the reporter: clothing with Sydney's blood on it had been found in the Salem River. The news was as upsetting to Bo as it was to Hope. As they remembered that the same thing could have happened to Ciara, Bo pulled his wife into an embrace.

Hope suggested that the two of them have dinner with Ciara that night. When Bo hedged, Hope quickly realized that he was waiting while Carly visited Melanie. An incredulous Hope pointed out that he could go to jail for helping Carly break the law. "You've been playing hero to her ever since she came back to Salem," Hope asserted. "You've sacrificed everything, everyone. I hope to hell she's worth it," she declared before storming out.

Melanie asked Philip to give her and Dr. Manning some privacy, and he reluctantly agreed to wait outside. When Philip emerged from Melanie's room, Bo asked how he was holding up. "I'm mad as hell, Bo," Philip replied. "I'm mad at Vivian, I'm mad at Carly—and I‘m mad at you." Philip explained hotly that it was because Bo had known Carly was Melanie's mother, but hadn't told anyone. Bo countered that they couldn't risk Vivian finding out and going after Melanie.

Hope went to the Kiriakis mansion to question Victor about Vivian, and repeated her assertions that he had replaced the poisoned comb with which Vivian had tried to kill Melanie. Victor recommended that Hope concentrate on Carly instead, but Hope contended that she could attest that Carly really had feared for Melanie's life. Victor countered that if Hope just dropped her pursuit of the case against Vivian, Carly would soon be out of all of their lives—and out of Bo's bed. Hope argued that she couldn't let an innocent woman go to prison just to save her marriage.

After Hope had gone, Victor called Stefano. "I need to meet with you right away," Victor declared, adding, "It's very important." Stefano was in no mood to deal with Victor, but Victor persisted. Stefano grudgingly conceded that Victor could visit, and then cautioned Kate that she might want to make herself scarce for a while.

Philip vowed to protect Melanie from that point forward, but Bo insisted on putting a guard outside Melanie's door to protect her from Vivian. Bo wanted to get an official statement from Philip about the shooting. Philip irritably retorted, "You're not going to use me to help the woman you're sleeping with get off scot-free." He wanted to know why Bo was so blind where Carly was concerned. Hope returned just in time to overhear, and asserted, "Because he's in love with her, Philip; that's why."

In her hospital room, Melanie maintained that her mother, Jane, had died when she was a baby. Carly clarified that Jane wasn't Melanie's biological mother, and Carly swore that if she'd known what a monster Trent was, she would never have let him raise Melanie. Melanie tearfully countered that her life had been a living hell because of Carly. A contrite Carly explained that Lawrence had become paranoid and abusive after they'd gotten married, and when she'd gotten pregnant as the result of an affair, he had threatened to kill the baby if Carly hadn't given her away.

Melanie seriously doubted Carly's story, so Carly described how Lawrence had only allowed her to hold Melanie a single time before Trent took the baby away. At that time, Carly had spotted a birthmark near the baby's left ear, and knew then that she would always be able to recognize her daughter. Melanie began to cry as she admitted that she had a birthmark in the same place. Carly continued that Lawrence had snapped one day, and had threatened to find Melanie and kill her.

Distraught, Melanie proclaimed that she was cursed: because of her, Carly had killed Lawrence, Vivian hated Carly, and Carly had returned to Salem and broken up Bo's marriage. "I thought it was bad enough that Trent's running through my veins—but I have yours, too!" Melanie cried. "No wonder I'm such a horrible person. My mother's a psychopath who married someone so awful she had to murder him, and my father is a low-life drunk!" Carly adamantly maintained that none of it was Melanie's fault—and then completely dumbfounded Melanie with the news that Trent was not her biological father.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melanie assumed that her biological father was Trent, but Carly said that Trent wasn't Melanie's biological father. Carly described Melanie's father as "kind and caring" and told Melanie that he was alive. Melanie assumed that Carly didn't know who Melanie's father was. Melanie asked what her father's name was.

Melanie asked if Bo was her father, but Carly said he wasn't. Carly was reluctant to tell Melanie, and she asked for more time before telling her. Melanie wanted to know why Carly needed more time. Melanie kicked Carly out when she wouldn't answer Melanie's question.

Victor went to the DiMera mansion to discuss business with Stefano. Stefano asked about Melanie, and Victor said that Melanie would live, thanks to Daniel. Victor noticed that Stefano was distracted. Stefano told him that Sydney had died. Stefano assured Victor that his people would respect the boundaries of Victor's territory. Victor expressed his sympathy for Sydney's death, calling it "heinous." "Death to whoever did this," Victor said. "Death," Stefano responded.

E.J. let himself into Sami's house, and when he went to the bedroom, he saw Sami curled up in Rafe's arms. Sami woke up and saw E.J. standing in the doorway. Sami asked what E.J. was doing there, but when Rafe woke up, E.J. had left the room. She told Rafe that E.J. was there. E.J. ran out of the room distraught, and he smashed a vase on the floor angrily.

When Sami went into the living room, E.J. apologized and lied, saying that he knocked the vase over accidentally. She wanted to know why he was there, and he explained that he had stopped by to pick up Johnny's things and had rung the doorbell several times before letting himself in. He said he didn't realize she was in bed, but she corrected him, saying, "You mean you were surprised by who I was in bed with." E.J. said it was Sami's life and Sami's business.

Rafe entered the room and asked what was going on. Sami explained that E.J. had stopped by for Johnny's things and had broken the vase accidentally. She went to Johnny's room for his belongings. Rafe asked why E.J. thought he could just walk into their house. "Me? I'm Johnny's father -- that's why. And you should be ashamed of yourself," E.J. said. He accused Rafe of taking advantage of Sami while she was grieving.

"Tell me something, E.J. Why are you more concerned with what's going on between Sami and me than you are with what happened to your daughter?" Rafe asked. E.J. said that he was tired and didn't feel like arguing with Rafe about how he was handling his daughter's death. Sami returned and gave Johnny's things to E.J. Rafe sensed that something was off with E.J. Sami chalked it up to E.J. being upset and trying to find a way to deal with the grief. She thought they should do put together a family gathering to tell everyone about Sydney, and they should include E.J.

Daniel had dinner with Chloe at the Brady Pub. Chloe noticed that Daniel was distracted, and he said he wanted to check on Melanie and Carly. Chloe felt that Daniel showed too much concern for Carly given that Carly had shot her own daughter. Daniel tried to explain that Carly had been trying to protect her daughter. "Oh, really, from who? Is that why she killed her husband? Was she trying to protect him?" Chloe asked.

Daniel tried to reason with Chloe, but she didn't want to hear it. Chloe was disgusted that Carly had given up her own baby. Daniel surmised that Chloe's outrage had nothing to do with Carly -- it was about Chloe's false pregnancy. He offered to go to the counseling session with her, but she said he couldn't do that.

Daniel's phone rang, and Chloe told him to go handle his business and not to worry about her because she would get through it.

Vivian ordered Gus to have them packed and ready, because she planned to try to kill Melanie again. Vivian said she was giving up on her dream of sailing off into the sunset with Victor and that Philip would eventually accept her. She realized that revenge was the only way. She vowed that Melanie would die that night. Gus was worried that Vivian would get caught, and he offered to do it for her, but she insisted on killing Melanie herself.

At the hospital, Philip thought that Bo was "blind" when it came to Carly. Hope said it was because he was in love with Carly, and she asked Bo to confirm it. Bo didn't think it was the time, but Hope insisted that he answer the question. Bo said he did love Carly. Carly had left Melanie's room and was standing behind him when he admitted his love for Carly. Carly called Bo's name.

Philip went into Melanie's room to check on his wife and found Melanie crying. She said that he never should have married her, because she didn't know who she was. Philip said he knew who Melanie was and loved everything about her. Maggie walked in, and Melanie sent Philip to get some food from the pub. When Phillip left, Melanie broke down in tears. She explained to Maggie that she didn't know who she really was.

Melanie asked Maggie if Carly was a good person when Maggie knew her years before. Melanie was apprehensive about trusting Carly. Melanie was trying to figure out who her biological father was. Melanie wanted to pretend that her whole ordeal was just a nightmare. Maggie could relate to what Melanie was going through. Maggie had tried to do that when Mickey died -- it was the only way that Maggie could cope.

Maggie said that when something or someone was a big part of one's life, one must confront or deal with it at some point, but it didn't mean that Melanie had to do it right away. Melanie asked Maggie what she should do if Vivian really was trying to kill Melanie. Melanie was worried that she wouldn't be a good wife to Philip, but she didn't think her marriage would work. Maggie asked why Melanie thought that, and Melanie blamed it on the medicine the doctor gave her. Maggie told her to get some rest.

Carly told Bo that she needed to tell Melanie's father about their daughter before she told Melanie. Bo turned his attention towards Hope, but officer who was assigned to guard Melanie's room interrupted him. Bo started to say something to Hope but changed his mind and walked away. She followed him.

Anna thought that Sydney was still awake because she sensed that it was almost time for Sydney and Anna to part ways. E.J. returned to the cabin without Johnny, and was angry that Rafe was back in Sami's life. He decided against skipping town with Sydney and Johnny. E.J. yelled about how frustrated he was that Sami had slept with Rafe despite E.J.'s insistence that Rafe was responsible for Sydney's disappearance.

Anna tried to calm E.J. down, and she asked if E.J. would have rather been the one who Sami was sleeping with. Anna said that Sami would never be alone, because whenever she was needy, she looked for someone to be her hero and save her from her misery. Anna suggested that E.J. needed to find a different hero for Sami if he really wanted Rafe out of Sami's life. E.J. realized that he had been going about getting revenge against Sami in the wrong way, but he was finally clear about what he had to do.

When Will got home, Sami thanked Rafe for helping her, but she wanted to talk to Will alone. Rafe left to inform E.J. of their plans. Sami told Will that she wanted to plan a memorial for Sydney with the family. When Sami used the word "death," Will told her to stop because he didn't believe Sydney was dead and wouldn't accept it -- and Sami shouldn't accept it either.

Thinking about what might have been, Vivian returned to the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asked if she was going somewhere. Vivian said she wanted to go out for a walk to clear her head. Victor said that she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted, but Vivian said that she had to leave. Victor told Vivian that Philip would eventually forgive her, but Vivian didn't think he would. Victor got a business call, so Vivian used the opportunity to sneak off.

Carly met with Daniel at the pier. He thought something was wrong with Melanie, but Carly said that Melanie would be all right. Carly said that Melanie blamed Carly. Daniel suggested they go somewhere and talk, but Carly said that what she had to say was too important to wait. Carly said she was trying to protect Melanie and Melanie's father.

Carly said that Lawrence would have killed Melanie's father if he had known who that was. Daniel thought that Melanie's father was Bo, but Carly said it wasn't. Daniel asked who it was. Daniel assumed that Melanie's father was not part of Carly's life, but she said he was -- he was a great friend, and she wanted it to stay that way. Carly told Daniel that he was Melanie's father.

Back at the police station, Bo put out an APB on Gus. Hope told Bo that she was back on the force and had some information and might be Bo's best and only chance for saving Carly. Hope went over the evidence that would help Carly's case. Hope thought that Bo was surprised that she was willing to help Carly. Bo commended Hope on her police work and for not letting someone take the fall for something they didn't do.

Bo got a phone call. He told Hope that she might get her chance to help Carly and possibly convict Vivian.

Philip ran into Chloe at the Brady Pub, and he could tell something was wrong. She said she had thought she was pregnant, but she wasn't, and she felt that she couldn't talk to Daniel. She said she was lying to Daniel and felt like she couldn't be honest with him anymore. Philip encouraged Chloe to talk to Daniel, because he would understand what Chloe was going through. Chloe felt she had been acting selfish, because Daniel lost just as much as she did. Chloe felt that maybe things would be okay and they would share with one another again just like before.

Stefano answered the door when Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to talk to E.J. Stefano asked what Rafe thought about how E.J. was acting. Rafe said E.J. didn't seem to be grieving, and he asked if Stefano had seen E.J. grieving. Stefano refused to tell Rafe what he thought, and he threw Rafe out.

After Maggie left Melanie's room, she felt dizzy and almost fainted, so the officer assigned to guard Melanie's room escorted her away to get some medical attention and some water. Vivian used the opportunity to sneak into Melanie's room. Vivian entered the room, picked up a pillow, and attempted to smother Melanie with it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

On the pier, Daniel reeled from Carly's admission that he was Melanie's father. Carly reminded him of how they had met, at a medical conference in New York, and had slept together after having too much to drink. She hadn't told him until the next morning that she was married, although by then her marriage to Lawrence was already in trouble. Daniel remembered that he and Carly had decided to put their one-night stand behind them, and had become great friends; she had even introduced Daniel to Rebecca, whom he later married.

Carly insisted that she had never expected to see Daniel when she returned to Salem, but she hadn't wanted to tell Melanie that Daniel was her father before he knew. Daniel demanded to know why Carly had never told him that she was pregnant or had given birth to his child, despite the many times they'd seen each other over the years. After Daniel had gotten married, Carly explained, Lawrence had kept Carly a virtual prisoner.

Daniel was still incredulous that Carly had kept the truth from him, even though the two of them had been the kind of friends who could tell each other anything. Carly described how Lawrence had beaten her to try to find out who the baby's father was, and had threatened to kill both Melanie and the child's father, but Carly had been able to keep Lawrence from learning who it was.

Daniel's emotions ran the gamut from disbelief to anger and back again. He was still appalled that Carly had given their daughter away, but she tearfully insisted that Lawrence had forced her to. Daniel demanded to know why Carly hadn't told him when she returned to Salem in the fall, even though Rebecca and Lawrence were both dead. Carly maintained that she had feared that Vivian would kill Melanie or Daniel-or both of them. "Dear God, Daniel, she still could!" Carly pointed out anxiously.

Still reeling, Daniel admitted that he didn't know how to react, but vowed not to let Vivian hurt Melanie or Carly. Carly apologized earnestly, adding that she had always thought he deserved to know he had a child, and she hoped he could find a way to forgive her. "I can't even answer that right now, because I don't even know you," Daniel replied. Carly assured him that she was the same friend he'd always known, but he said that nothing was the same. He then left to check on his daughter.

At the Brady Pub, Victor asked Philip how Melanie was. Philip replied irritably that after getting shot at her wedding, and learning that Carly was her mother, Melanie was an overwhelmed mess who still didn't know who her father was. Victor reassured him that although he didn't know who it was, at least it wasn't Bo.

"That's a relief," Philip noted sarcastically, but he was angry with Victor for having been in cahoots with Vivian since she'd returned to Salem. Victor adamantly maintained that Philip should direct his anger toward Carly Manning, because she truly deserved punishment.

At the police station, Bo informed Hope that they'd picked up Gus, Vivian's henchman, and wanted Hope to try to identify his voice from a lineup. Hope was worried that having to rely on her memory might not get them any closer to stopping Vivian. "There are other ways," Bo pointed out with a sly smile.

When Gus arrived at the station, he was alarmed to see Hope. Hope cheerfully told him that she knew everything that he had done-and she had just given a statement to the D.A. about how Gus had tried to kill her. "But that's impossible!" Gus protested. Bo cautioned that unless Gus gave up Vivian, he was going to prison. Gus inadvertently blurted that the last time he'd seen Vivian, she had been headed home to get her gloves. He then refused to say more without a lawyer.

Bo and Hope immediately left the interrogation room and checked in with Jenkins, the cop guarding Melanie's room. When Jenkins admitted that he'd stepped away for a few minutes, Hope and Bo charged out of the station.

At the hospital, an angst-ridden Vivian held a pillow over Melanie's face. Melanie struggled rather feebly, and finally Vivian couldn't stand it and pulled the pillow away. Reaching for the call button, Melanie called weakly for help, but then looked up at Vivian. "Just do it," Melanie pleaded, but with a shrug. "Just kill me."

It surprised and touched Vivian that Melanie seemed to understand how much Vivian loved her nephew and needed to avenge his death. Vivian admitted that Lawrence had been her life. "She took him from me," she added contemptuously. "She has to lose the way I lost." Overcome with guilt, Vivian stroked Melanie's forehead tenderly.

Melanie watched Vivian's tear-streaked face move in and out of focus. "I wish someone loved me the way you loved your nephew," Melanie stated sadly. Her voice then rose to a strangled whimper as she described how Trent had used her to repay his gambling debts, and so she'd believed that lying and cheating was the right way to live.

Vivian was horrified. "And then I got married, and that was all wrong, too," Melanie cried. "And then Carly came... And this is all your fault, Carly!" Melanie wailed, sobbing. "I was your daughter, and you threw me away!" Vivian gently tried to shush and calm Melanie by caressing her face and hair, and putting her arms around the girl. "If I have to die, then today is a good day to do it," Melanie concluded before dropping into an exhausted sleep.

Shaking with rage and pity, Vivian declared quietly, "Enough suffering for one short life." She tossed the pillow aside and perched on the edge of the bed. "One little life," she whispered tenderly, taking Melanie in her arms and kissing her forehead. Just then, Philip and Jenkins rushed in and saw Vivian bent over Melanie's unconscious form.

When Bo and Hope arrived, Philip was angrily interrogating Vivian while a doctor checked on Melanie. Vivian insisted to everyone that she had only wanted to check on Melanie. The doctor informed Philip that Melanie's vital signs hadn't changed, and left after urging the group not to tire Melanie out.

Once Melanie opened her eyes, Bo asked if Vivian had hurt her. "Vivian? I had a dream about Vivian," Melanie replied groggily. "I think it was Vivian... I don't really care; I just want to go back to sleep." Vivian asked if she were free to leave, and Bo consented, but ordered her never to return to Melanie's room. Vivian tried to reassure Philip that she only wanted the best for his beautiful bride.

Bo, Hope, and Jenkins followed Vivian out. Bo gave Jenkins a dressing-down for leaving his post, and ordered him not to leave it again. Carly called Bo just then and asked if he could meet her at the pub. After Bo hung up, he explained to Hope that he would rather tell Carly face-to-face about what had happened with Vivian and Melanie.

As Vivian arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, a vision of Lawrence stepped out of the bushes and admonished her for not killing Carly's daughter. Vivian apologized, but even though she had wanted to, she couldn't kill an innocent girl. Lawrence ordered her to return to the hospital and finish the job. Vivian refused, adding firmly but sadly, "Lawrence... Goodbye." His image dissolved, and Vivian went inside.

Victor found Vivian admonishing herself by the bar, and he joked that she must have been trying to set a record for "longest walk ever taken by a senior citizen." Vivian confessed that she'd realized she had to change her plans for revenge, and could no longer go after Melanie. They would just have to take comfort that Carly would go to prison, and that her daughter hated her.

When Bo met Carly in front of the Brady Pub, she rushed into his arms. She confided that Daniel was furious, and he didn't understand why she'd kept their daughter a secret from him. "All I wanted to do was protect them," Carly insisted. "And I swear to you, I think I've lost them forever." Bo urged her to give Daniel and Melanie some time, and wrapped his arms around Carly again.

Daniel entered Melanie's room and quietly closed the door behind him. He tentatively approached her bedside, and gazed with wonder at his sleeping daughter.

E.J. was at the cabin when Rafe called from outside the DiMera mansion. Rafe explained that Sami wanted E.J. to join them for a family gathering, so they could tell the twins that Sydney wasn't returning home. E.J. tried to claim that he wasn't emotionally ready for a final goodbye, but reluctantly agreed to participate if they could do it at the pier. Rafe had to clear it with Sami first.

After hanging up with Rafe, E.J. told Anna that he had a job for her. As she got to work, she argued that he hadn't thought the idea through, but he ordered her to hurry up. When Anna had finished, she worried, "I think we need to take more time, make sure there are no traces of anything." E.J. asserted that it was the perfect thing to break up Samantha and Rafe.

Kate was surprised and Stefano was annoyed to find Rafe hanging around outside the mansion. Rafe reiterated his suspicions to Stefano that E.J. didn't seem to be upset, even though he'd supposedly just lost his daughter. Stefano dismissed Rafe with a polite, "Goodnight, Mr. Hernandez."

After Rafe left, Stefano insisted to Kate that he wasn't angry about not being invited to the get-together for Sydney. "As I told you before, it is about Elvis," he explained. "There is something off. He's up to something."

At the townhouse, Will was horrified that Sami seemed have given up hope that Sydney was still alive. Sami insisted that wasn't the case, but they had to tell the twins why everyone was sad. Sami reassured Will that although the police and the FBI had finished their investigation, "You and me, we can still have hope if we want to."

When E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion to get Johnny, Kate volunteered to fetch the boy from upstairs. Stefano tried to warn E.J. about Rafe, but E.J. didn't want to hear it. E.J. declared that Stefano was not welcome at the gathering for Sydney, and added angrily, "You're dead to me." Kate returned with a bundled-up Johnny, and E.J. left.

Rafe went back to the townhouse, and Sami asked what had happened with E.J. "I don't get why that bastard gets to pick the location," Rafe complained. "I mean really, the pier?" Sami guessed that it was because that was where the ransom drop went awry, but she urged Rafe not to let E.J. get to him. "You did everything you could," she assured him.

Kate wondered why Stefano hadn't warned E.J. about Rafe. "My son has spit in my face for the last time," Stefano proclaimed. "So, if Señor Hernandez thinks that he has found something, well then, fine; let Mr. FBI take Elvis down. It'll serve him right."

Sami and Rafe were already waiting at the pier, while Will played on a bench with Allie, when E.J. arrived with Johnny. Sami was ready to get started, but E.J. asked Rafe to take the kids to the car so Sami and E.J. could talk privately. Sami was taken aback, but she and Rafe reluctantly consented, and Rafe trundled the children off to the parking lot.

Once they had gone, E.J. confessed to Sami that he should never have agreed to a family gathering that he wasn't ready for. Sami argued that they had to do it for the children, who were confused and needed answers. E.J. maintained that it could wait, but Sami demanded that he tell her immediately what was going on.

"I got another letter-a ransom note, Samantha," E.J. admitted guardedly, slipping an envelope out of his inside jacket pocket and handing it to her. Sami gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief, as he added, "I think Sydney's alive."

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