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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hope looked at the picture of the Celtic symbol that her alter ego had drawn on Brady when Ciara ran into the room. Hope asked why Ciara was so happy, and Ciara said that Hope made her happy when they had their talk. Hope wanted to know what talk she was referring to, and Ciara asked if Hope remembered.

Hope tried to get Ciara to tell her what she had said when Justin walked in. He asked if Ciara still wanted to go to the movies the next week, and Ciara was excited. Justin had stopped by to drop off some papers for Victor, and Hope asked if Justin could stay for a while, and he agreed to wait for her. When Hope returned, she told Justin that Ciara had created a fantasy mother to fulfill her needs because Hope wasn't there for her.

Justin said he was worried about Hope, because she hadn't been acting like herself for a while. She asked him who she was. Hope believed that her life had veered off course when Ciara was kidnapped. She said the problem was that she and Bo handled the kidnapping two different ways. She surmised that the kidnapping had triggered what Hope thought was Ciara's odd behavior.

Hope said that she felt powerless when she heard that Justin had been attacked. Justin said that seeing her sitting next to him when he woke up then made him feel like everything was all right. Hope said she realized how important Justin was to her. Justin was happy to hear that, but Hope also warned him that she needed more time and she was busy working on the case of who mugged Justin.

Dr. Baker wondered why his partner hadn't called him yet or even left a message, given that she knew that he had met with Nicole, who knew of his involvement in the muggings. He thought about Hope's threat that he would be "toast" if he ever gave her up. Hope was eager to solve the case before Bo returned, and Justin wanted the same thing, because that would mean Hope would have more time with him.

Arianna assumed Nicole was so desperate for money that she was trying to steal the stemware from the Brady Pub, and then she realized that Nicole might be up to something else. Nicole claimed she was doing research for a story about kids who steal from restaurants. Arianna told Nicole to find another angle, and she took back her glass.

Kinsey interrupted Nicole and Arianna's argument to tell Arianna that she was making a scene and driving away customers. Kinsey liked Nicole's idea to do a story about people stealing from the pub. Arianna accused Kinsey of sucking up to Nicole.

Brady asked Sami if she wanted to be with E.J. She wondered why Brady thought that, and Brady pointed out that Sami let Will move into the DiMera mansion instead of telling E.J. he couldn't spend the night at her penthouse. Brady couldn't believe that Sami could be in the same room as E.J. Brady pointed out that Brady had a thing for Nicole. Sami reminded Brady that she had two kids with E.J., but she would be with Rafe in a heartbeat, except that she didn't even know where Rafe was.

E.J. thought that Stefano's plan to keep tabs on Anna by expecting her to call in at a specific time wasn't working. Stefano said that if Anna had double-crossed Stefano, he would do a lot worse than ground her like E.J. sarcastically suggested. Stefano said that Anna had only failed to call in that one time. E.J. suggested that Anna hadn't called in because Rafe had gotten to her. Stefano assured E.J. that Anna wouldn't rat E.J. out.

Stefano said that Anna knew that if she made a deal with Rafe, it would be the last deal she ever made. E.J. hired a contractor to fix the damage at Sami's place, and Stefano said that he engineered the toilet fiasco to make sure that Sami would move into the mansion and told all the contractors in town not to return Sami's call. E.J. said that plumbing wouldn't matter once Anna told Rafe what E.J. did. Stefano told E.J. not to think negatively.

E.J. felt guilty for torturing Sami by having Sydney kidnapped. E.J. said that Sami had fought with everything she had when Sydney was kidnapped, because Sydney was more important than Rafe or anything else in the world except for her other children. E.J. said he realized why Sami kept Sydney from him. E.J. hoped that by some miracle Sami didn't find out what he had done, and if so, he wasn't going to trick her into staying in the house any longer.

Will returned home to the DiMera mansion and overheard E.J. telling Stefano that Sami wasn't at the mansion because of E.J. -- she was there because of Will. When Will walked into the living room, E.J. asked to speak to him while Stefano excused himself. E.J. told Will that holding onto anger made him feel empowered but ultimately very empty and low. Will asked if that was how E.J. felt, and E.J. said he recently learned how powerful forgiveness could be. Sami walked in on them talking, and E.J. excused himself.

Sami asked Will to help her teach Johnny how to play poker, and he seemed receptive to the idea. E.J. walked in after Will left the room, and she shared with E.J. how well her conversation with Will went. Johnny ran into the room, and Will suggested that they play poker. Sami, Will, Johnny, and E.J. played poker together. Sami held Sydney while Will held Johnny, and Will helped Johnny with his hand.

After the poker game was over, E.J. and Sami bonded over her improved relationship with Will. She thanked E.J. for what he'd said to Will that made him more receptive to her. E.J. said he needed to confess something and told her that he threw the DiMera name around to help her find a contractor to work on her place. He hoped that Sami wasn't mad at him for what he did. Sami had thought at first that E.J. had something serious to tell her. While they were talking, Johnny pretended to apprehend E.J. Sami reminded E.J. that it was just a game. Will took Johnny off to bed.

Rafe advised Anna not to run away. He said that the person she worked for probably knew that she was talking to him, so her life was in danger. He told Anna that her best chance to leave was to tell him everything. Anna asked for her lawyer, and he said if she gave up the person who kidnapped Sydney, she had a clean slate. Anna could tell that Rafe was on a personal mission and the rules didn't apply. She said she was afraid that Rafe would kill the messenger.

Anna said the person that set the whole kidnapping into motion was Sami. Rafe said that Sami didn't force Anna to kidnap Sydney. Anna asked why Rafe wasn't back in Salem with Sami. Anna pointed out that E.J. never got over Sami. Rafe realized that Anna has tried to change the subject. Anna called room service to check on the food that she'd ordered, and Rafe went over the details of the kidnapping.

When the food arrived, Anna used the opportunity to run away, and Rafe ran after her. Anna told the hotel employee that she was being held hostage, but Rafe flashed his badge, and the employee left. Rafe could tell that Anna was terrified, and he offered to help Anna disappear so that whoever she was protecting wouldn't find her. Anna agreed to tell Rafe who her accomplice was.

While Anna ate her meal, Rafe questioned her about the kidnapping. Anna said she was trying to help Sydney, because Nicole would have kept running with Sydney if Anna hadn't stolen Sydney from Nicole. Anna realized that Rafe was trying to redeem himself in Sami's eyes because E.J. had turned out to be Sami's hero instead of Rafe. Anna wouldn't give up her accomplice until Rafe agreed to her terms. Rafe lost his temper and threw the lid and told her that they could do things the easy way or the hard way. Anna agreed to tell him, but she had a coughing fit before she could say it.

Arianna met with Brady at the Java Café and told him about Nicole trying to steal the wine glass. Brady asked Arianna if she was staying with the job just to prove something, and he wondered who she was trying to prove something to. Arianna wanted to keep her job, because she felt empowered, but Brady didn't think he could live with Arianna while she was working with Nicole.

Brady didn't think that Arianna was getting personal fulfillment from her job. Arianna admitted that she liked competing against Nicole. Arianna and Brady got into an argument about Arianna working with Nicole, and she accused Brady of being addicted to Nicole. Arianna got frustrated and left, brushing by Kinsey on her way out.

Nicole lifted Arianna's fingerprint from the wine glass and placed it on a flashlight. Then she called Dr. Baker with a plan to set Arianna up right away. Nicole met with Dr. Baker and told him to help her frame Arianna. Dr. Baker asked if Nicole thought that would get her Brady.

Hope left the Kiriakis mansion to meet Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker said that his partner had issues. Nicole was eager to meet his partner, but he assured her that she would never meet his partner. Hope was outside the door and overheard Nicole and Dr. Baker talking.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maggie received a call from Julie informing her that Alice was feeling ill. When Mia entered the kitchen, Maggie told Mia that Alice was having a difficult time since Mickey passed away. Inspired, Mia volunteered to make cookies for Alice. As Mia started to prepare to bake, Maggie noted that she could see a sadness in Mia's eyes. "You want to tell me why?" Maggie asked. Maggie explained that the school had called her to inform her that Mia was skipping class.

Mia argued that everyone was skipping classes since it was the end of the term and that she did not feel like "school prepared you for the real world." Maggie advised Mia that she needed to act more responsibly. Mia informed Maggie that she was going to drop out of school and move to New York City in order to pursue dancing. Mia explained that she wanted to get away from all the bad memories in Salem and start a new life. "It sounds to me like you're running away," Maggie said.

"Why would I want to stay here since nobody cares about me anyway?" Mia protested. After noting that Maggie was an exception, Mia explained that no matter where she went in town, she was reminded of what she had lost. "I know that Chad's been through it, too, but he didn't carry her for nine months. He didn't give birth to her," Mia said as tears streamed down her face. "I just feel like the only way I'm gonna get past all of this is to move away and to leave the pain and the misery behind," Mia said.

"Every corner of this house reminds me of my life with Mickey," Maggie said quietly as she attempted to comfort Mia. Maggie added that even if Mia moved away, she would still hear and see Mickey because he was in her heart. "You can't run away from what's in your heart," Maggie advised. Maggie begged Mia to finish school before she pursued her dream in New York so that she did not regret it later. "We could help each other," Maggie said as she smiled through her tears. Fighting tears, Mia agreed to stay. "You're really the only person who understands me," Mia said.

Sami returned to the DiMera living room after tucking Sydney and Johnny into bed upstairs. Preoccupied with the search for Anna, E.J. remained quiet. Noticing the change in E.J.'s demeanor, Sami inquired whether everything was all right. "I just have this feeling that something's wrong," E.J. said. Concerned, Sami asked E.J. to talk to her but, before he could say anything more, Sydney's crying echoed out through the baby monitor.

Sami returned to the living room with Sydney in her arms and handed her to E.J. Cooing gently to his daughter, E.J. took her upstairs and managed to get Sydney to fall asleep right away. When E.J. returned to the living room, Sami teased E.J. for being so much better at getting Sydney to fall asleep than she was. "I just think she was ready," E.J. said quietly. "It's more than that. You two have a special bond," Sami said with a serene smile. E.J. assured Sami that Sydney adored her, but Sami insisted that even though E.J. was apart from Sydney for months, they still seemed to have a strong connection.

Sami explained that she was jealous of all the time that E.J. spent with Sydney after she was born. "I feel like such a newcomer in her life," Sami noted. E.J. counseled Sami to remember that she had the rest of Sydney's life to build a relationship with her daughter. Sami lamented the fact that she spent so much time away from her children while she was in the witness protection program.

"It's hard for me because of my childhood, you know? I just wanted my kids to believe that mothers never leave," Sami said. E.J. reassured Sami that she did not have a choice in whether to be separated from Sydney when she was younger. "It's just mind-boggling what Nicole did. All that time she stole from me on purpose, switching those little girls. And it's not just that, I mean the kidnapper too. Whoever's working with Anna. I swear to God, when I find out who did this, when I get my hands on them, I'm gonna kill them," Sami said bitterly.

With a quiet, calming tone, E.J. agreed with Sami that he was angry, as well, but that they needed to concentrate on the fact that Sydney was safe at home with them. E.J. assured Sami that Sydney would call her "mom" in time, and "let's just not make a problem where there isn't one." Sami confessed that she felt like Sydney was disappointed every time she looked at her and that Sydney wished she were Nicole. Leaning toward Sami, E.J. assured her "someday she is going to realize that she has the best mother in the world."

When Sami started to thank E.J. for all his support while waiting for Sydney to return home, a guilty E.J. reached out to Sami and cradled her head in his hands, quieting her. As Sami stared into E.J.'s eyes, Sami grew aware of the tension between them. Sami pulled back and announced that she was going to check on Sydney upstairs. With a small smile, E.J. asked if he could join her.

In Anna's hotel room, a frustrated Rafe overturned the room service cart to show Anna that he was tired of negotiating with her. Upset, Anna agreed to tell Rafe the name of her accomplice in the kidnapping. As Anna started to tell Rafe the name, she began to choke. Not buying it, Rafe warned Anna to stop with the theatrics and come clean. "Meryl Streep you are not," Rafe joked before Anna fell face first onto the table. Stunned, Rafe leapt to his feet and attempted to rouse Anna awake. When Anna's pulse felt weak, Rafe called downstairs for medical attention.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Stefano received a call from one of his henchman. "How long ago was it delivered?" Stefano said with a smile. "So her supper did not agree with her, huh? Well that's quite unfortunate. It may just be her last one," Stefano said with a chuckle. "I will make sure that Hernandez will never find you," Stefano added.

When the paramedics arrived to check on Anna, they asked Rafe whether Anna had taken any drugs. Rafe noted that Anna had not ingested anything but her dinner. Realizing what happened, Rafe explained to the paramedics that he believed Anna had been poisoned. The paramedics rushed Anna to the hospital and Rafe handed the doctor the remnants of Anna's dinner to test for poisons. The doctor informed Rafe that he did not have a prognosis for Anna yet.

After checking the food, the doctor returned to Anna's room and confirmed with Rafe that the food was poisoned. "If we did not know about the poison, she'd be gone by now. The poison is rare and difficult to treat," the doctor explained. "It is usually fatal," the doctor concluded. "You need to do everything you can to keep this woman alive. She's the key to everything," Rafe said.

Rafe returned to Anna's hotel room and questioned the manager about the man who delivered the food earlier. The manager informed Rafe that his employee informed him earlier that his uniform had been stolen, and Rafe guessed than an imposter had infiltrated the hotel to deliver the poison. Rafe asked the hotel manager to give him access to security footage and records on all the employees. Worried, Rafe went to the hospital to check on Anna and learned that the prognosis for Anna was bleak.

At the DiMera mansion in Salem, Stefano solemnly said to himself, "Sorry, Anthony, but that was a move I was forced to make."

At the Java Café, Arianna took offense at Brady's request to stop working with Nicole at the television station. "Are you like so addicted to her that you can't hear her name without wanting to use?" Arianna huffed. Angry, Brady cautioned Arianna not to joke about his addictions. "I can't even talk to you anymore," Arianna exclaimed before storming out of the café. Worried, Brady called Arianna's cell phone and asked to patch things up with her. Arianna ignored the phone call from Brady and wondered aloud whether he would ever get Nicole "out of his system."

At the secret poker room, Dick attempted to dodge Nicole's questions. "You have weird taste, Dick. And I cannot wait to meet this mental case you butted up with. So spill. Who's this mystery partner?" Nicole asked. Just outside the room, Hope listened to the conversation but remained hidden in the hallway. "Why don't you just give this up?" Dick returned. Nicole refused to relent and continued to push Dick to tell him who his partner was. Dick warned Nicole that his partner was dangerous and that Nicole should drop her investigation. Stumped, Nicole started to leave.

Startled, Hope pulled out her gun and prepared to shoot Nicole as she opened the door. As the door began to swing open, Dick called out to Nicole and asked her whether Arianna had an alibi for the evening. Nicole assured Dick that she would make sure Arianna did not have an alibi. As Nicole headed for the doorway, Hope sneaked down the hallway out of sight.

When Hope entered the poker room after Nicole left, she commented that she was unaware that she was working with "the famous" Dr. Baker, baby stealer. "You betrayed me. Not a smart move," Hope announced. Hope explained that she overheard Dick promise to help Nicole frame Arianna for the muggings. Dick explained that Nicole learned he was a part of the muggings and that he needed to help Nicole in order to protect them. "She's gonna turn us in," Dick said. Hope interrupted to remind Dick that there was no "us."

"You cross me and your fate will be far worse," Hope threatened. "I am in control and I will not allow another woman to take the fall for us. Do you understand? Am I making myself clear?" Hope said. Dick assured Hope that he was humoring Nicole and that he had no intention of framing Arianna for the muggings. When Hope asked whether she could trust Dick, he explained that if Nicole informed on him to the police then he would tell the police that she attempted to frame Arianna for the crime. Dick explained that Brady would be angry with the allegation, which Nicole would want to avoid.

When Hope noted that Nicole was a fool to trust Brady, Dick asked Hope why she was targeting men and branding them with a "women power symbol." "I have taken control. I will never let another man ruin my life. Not ever," Hope commented. Brushing off her melancholy, Hope announced that she had a problem to take care of and left.

At the Java Café, Nicole spotted Roman getting a coffee and asked him whether there were any new leads on the mugger. Roman declined to comment on the case, and Nicole joked that she wanted to make sure the Salem Police Department finally solved a case. "If you were interested in justice being served, you'd still be in prison," Roman countered. With the smile falling from her face, Nicole expressed to Roman that she regretted what she did and that she hurt so many people. Roman warned Nicole to steer clear of Sydney, or he would make sure "you get what you deserve."

Noticing Brady eavesdropping nearby, Nicole asked Brady whether he believed people would be able to forgive her for what she did. "I thought you didn't care?" Brady asked. "As long as you forgive me, that's all that matters. Please, Brady. Just say that you will never turn your back on me," Nicole pleaded. Uncomfortable, Brady excused himself and left the café. As Nicole watched Brady walk away, Kinsey sauntered up beside Nicole and attempted to comfort her by noting that Brady was upset before Nicole arrived.

"His girlfriend pitched a fit and stormed out earlier," Kinsey gossiped. Surprised, Nicole pressed Kinsey for details. Satisfied with the news, Nicole rushed over to the Brady Pub and looked up at Arianna's window. Noting that the light was on in Arianna's apartment, Nicole called Arianna's cell phone. When Arianna reluctantly answered her phone, Nicole asked to talk to her about a story. Tired, Arianna informed Nicole that she was "off the clock" and that she would be shutting off her phone and retiring for the evening. After hanging up her phone, Arianna turned off the lights in her bedroom. Downstairs, Nicole grinned at the sight of Arianna's bedroom going dark.

Nicole headed over to the Java Café and called Dick to tell him that Arianna was alone at home without an alibi. After ordering Dick to plant the evidence, Nicole hung up her cell phone. Dick returned to drinking his beer when Hope returned to the room to ask for help with their next victim. After Hope walked down the hallway, Dick grabbed the evidence against Arianna and hid it in his jacket. "Here goes nothing," Dick muttered to himself.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was annoyed to find Nicole on his front doorstep. Nicole pushed past Brady in to the house and blurted out that she had called Arianna earlier. Nicole explained that Arianna sounded angry and upset on the phone. Brady informed Nicole that Arianna was probably angry because they had a fight. Worried, Brady told Nicole that Arianna was not returning his phone calls.

In Arianna's room, she tossed and turned in bed, and stared at the cell phone on her nightstand. "This is ridiculous. I'm not gonna sleep until I settle things with Brady," Arianna lamented. Downstairs, Roman locked up the Brady Pub and headed outside. As Roman stared down at his keys, Hope crept up behind him and hit him over the head.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As Daniel and Chloe returned home, he wanted to talk some more about what they had just discussed in her therapy session, but she maintained that she didn't think therapy was doing any good. Daniel pleaded with Chloe to let him help her. She complained that she felt like Dr. Gilbert was judging her and thought she was a nut, but Daniel insisted it wasn't true.

Daniel tried to reassure Chloe, and then gently stated that he felt bad for not realizing sooner how much pain she was in. Beginning to weep, Chloe replied, "I'm just scared you're never going to forgive me after you find out what I've done." Daniel urged her to stop blaming herself, and to talk to him the next time she was feeling insecure. "Together, we can get through this-through anything," he promised. "I am here for you, always."

Late, Chloe sat nestled against Daniel's chest on the couch. They began kissing, but as they were removing each other's clothes, suddenly Chloe pulled away and asked Daniel to stop. He asked what was wrong, but she insisted it was nothing. Daniel reminded her that they'd just talked about being open and honest. "Just hold me, okay?" Chloe implored. "No," Daniel replied, keeping her at arm's length. "Not until you tell me what the hell is going on."

Melanie was thrilled to find Philip making dinner in Maggie's kitchen, but Philip noted that she seemed sad. Melanie admitted that she was worried that her father and Chloe's relationship was falling apart. Philip was surprised, because he'd thought Daniel and Chloe were working things out. Melanie confessed that Chloe seemed a little high-maintenance, and she didn't have a great track record with relationships.

Although she didn't really have a problem with Chloe, Melanie just felt that Chloe wasn't right for Daniel. Philip pointed out that Daniel was hardly a paragon of virtue, either. Melanie acknowledged that maybe she and Philip should avoid discussing her dad and Chloe, since they would only end up fighting. "Agree to disagree?" she suggested, and Philip concurred.

Nathan met Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart, and ordered a beer for each of them. Stephanie quickly stopped him, and explained that she wasn't drinking because she was a little dehydrated. After Stephanie assured Nathan that she was otherwise fine, he leaned across the table to kiss her.

When Melanie and Philip arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, they found Stephanie and Nathan playing a game of pool. Philip offered to buy a round of drinks for everyone, and as he and Nathan went to the bar, Stephanie reminded Nathan to order a ginger ale for her.

As soon as the guys were gone, Melanie sarcastically wondered why Stephanie was avoiding alcohol, and asked how she'd explained to Nathan that she was suddenly "a prissy little teetotaler." Stephanie snapped that Melanie had better keep her troublemaking mouth shut. Melanie countered that real troublemaking was trying to trick her boyfriend into getting her pregnant, like Stephanie was. "If I promise not to interfere with your life," Stephanie hissed, "will you stay the hell out of mine?" Smiling facetiously, Melanie agreed.

At the bar, Nathan apologized for how he'd acted around Melanie, and conceded that Philip was the better man. Although clearly irked, Philip nodded.

Nathan found Melanie outside getting some air later, and asked her what was up. Melanie admitted that after some thinking, she'd decided that her dad didn't belong with Chloe. Remembering the phone call he'd overheard, Nathan agreed that Chloe was all wrong for Daniel. Melanie asked what Nathan knew.

Back at the bar, Stephanie remarked that Philip had been acting like he felt guilty about something, and asked what he had done. Annoyed, Philip retorted that he hadn't done anything, and then downed a shot.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole feigned worry about Arianna, and Brady admitted that Arianna hadn't returned his calls, either. As he hung up from unsuccessfully trying to reach Arianna again, Brady somehow slammed into Nicole's knee. She yelped in pain and admitted that, while in prison, she'd gotten into a fight with "Large Marge." Brady wanted to know if Nicole had gotten the knee checked out, and she said that she hadn't, but she was sure it was fine. As Brady left to find Arianna, Nicole announced that she was going with him.

In her room over the Brady Pub, Arianna tossed and turned, but couldn't get to sleep. Finally she kicked off the covers and reached for her phone, and told herself that she'd never be able to sleep until she settled things with Brady.

Downstairs, Roman was closing the pub, and as he locked the front door and started walking to his car, Hope bashed him over the head. Roman knocked over a wire trashcan as he fell to the ground. An alarmed Arianna heard the clatter from her room, and rushed downstairs. As she crept through the pub, peering cautiously out the windows, she ran into Caroline, and startled them both. Caroline noted that Arianna was out of breath and looked pale, and asked where she had been.

While Hope put her gun away, Dr. Baker donned a pair of latex gloves, which he explained were so he didn't leave behind any evidence. He rifled through Roman's pockets until he found the police commander's wallet. Hope marked the inside of an unconscious Roman's wrist with the same swirled, Celtic symbol of female empowerment that she'd branded on Brady's chest, and then announced that it was time to leave. After Hope rushed off, Baker quickly rolled a flashlight-which Nicole had planted Arianna's fingerprints on-under a nearby bench, and then hurried after Hope.

Carly found Roman right after Hope and Dr. Baker had left, and immediately called for an ambulance. Nicole, Brady, Arianna, and Caroline showed up within seconds of each other, followed shortly by the paramedics, the police, and Abe. Carly gave her statement to Officer Jenkins, including a description of the assailant she'd seen running away-who also fit Arianna's general description.

After eavesdropping on Arianna's explanation of how she and Mrs. Brady had run into each other in the pub after both heard the noise outside, Nicole realized gleefully that it meant Arianna didn't have an alibi for the time Roman was attacked. Jenkins asked everyone to meet the police at the hospital so they could give their statements, and the small crowd agreed, although Brady told Nicole that he wanted to talk to Arianna first. Nicole spotted the flashlight in Jenkins' hand and smiled to herself.

Arianna told Brady that she was just about to call him when she heard the noise outside, and they exchanged apologies for their earlier fight. Brady stressed that Nicole was his past, but Arianna was his future. Arianna wanted to believe him, but admitted that she couldn't help feeling insecure.

In the park, Baker was disappointed to find only sixty dollars in Roman's wallet, and declared to Hope that he was calling the shots from then on. As an incentive to keep playing along, Hope offered to let Baker keep all the money they made. She then lightly slapped him on both cheeks and told him to stop whining.

At the hospital, Nicole's words of intended comfort offended Caroline, but then Caroline suggested that the two of them take the opportunity to clear the air. Caroline stated that while she appreciated Nicole's idea of doing an exposé about thefts at the pub, she would prefer it if Nicole instead found out who was behind the muggings.

Nicole called Baker and chewed him out for assaulting Roman Brady, but was she relieved that Baker had planted the evidence at the scene as she'd instructed.

Carly returned from the emergency room to tell Caroline that Roman was still unconscious. A worried Caroline left to phone some family members. Nicole returned and asked Carly how Roman was, but Carly refused to comment to the press. Brady and Arianna arrived, and Arianna stayed with Nicole while he went to ask about Roman's condition.

Nicole immediately asked where Arianna had been when Roman was attacked, since neither Nicole nor Brady had been able reach Arianna on her cell phone. "I told you I was turning it off!" Arianna reminded Nicole defensively. Arianna became furious when she found out that Nicole had gone to the Kiriakis mansion.

In his hospital room, Roman finally opened his eyes, much to Caroline's relief. Carly informed Roman that she was keeping him overnight for observation. Caroline wanted to stay, too, but Roman insisted that, despite a pounding headache, he would be just fine. After Carly and Caroline left, Abe told Roman that they were closer than ever to catching the mugger, because she had gotten sloppy and left evidence. Although still very groggy, Roman was glad to hear it.

Carly took Caroline back to the pub, and Caroline put water on for tea. Carly recounted the conversation she'd recently had with Hope, during which Hope had stated that she didn't blame Carly anymore, and had seemed much less angry. An exasperated Caroline retorted, "Of course she's angry. She's not blaming you; she's blaming Bo, so now my son is evil, right?"

Brady returned while Arianna and Nicole were loudly arguing, and tried to calm Arianna down. Abe arrived from getting the lab results from Roman's mugging, and informed the group that the perpetrator had left DNA evidence and a flashlight at the scene. As Abe opened the envelope, Brady asked if they knew who had committed the crimes. "Arianna Hernandez," Abe replied grimly.

Hope arrived home to the Kiriakis mansion, and poured herself a glass of whiskey. Sipping it contemplatively, she told herself, "So close to my ultimate target." She then stashed Roman's wallet in her box under the bed with all the others. "Poor Bo," Hope whispered to herself. "He's not gonna know what hit him."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Carly got home, she was surprised when Bo walked through the door shortly thereafter. Bo kissed Carly, and afterwards, Carly asked him why he didn't call. He said he wanted to surprise her. She asked whether the transplant surgeon cleared him to drive, and he said he was a "model patient." Carly asked how Kim was, and he said that the bone marrow transplant was successful, because the biopsy showed healthy cells and no sign of cancer. Carly was relieved.

Carly told Bo about Roman's attack, and they both went to the hospital.

Abe told Brady, Nicole, and Arianna that the fingerprints on the flashlight found at the scene when Roman was assaulted belonged to Arianna. She was shocked and said she never even touched the flashlight or saw it before that night. Brady said that the flashlight might have belonged to Caroline and Arianna used it before in the Brady Pub. Arianna thought that might be possible. Brady also theorized that the flashlight might have belonged to Roman and he dropped it during the attack. Abe said that her fingerprints were the only ones on the flashlight.

Brady said that Arianna might have dropped the flashlight when she was in the pub and it was probably not part of the crime scene. However, Arianna pointed out that it was unlikely that the flashlight would have been on the ground for weeks, because Caroline was meticulous about cleaning her property. Brady asked Arianna to cooperate with him as he tried to figure out an explanation. Abe asked if anyone could give Arianna an alibi.

Hope was fast asleep when the phone rang. She answered it, and it was Abe, who told her about Roman being mugged and branded like Brady was. Abe told her about the evidence that they collected and sent to the lab. Hope got up to get dressed and meet Abe at the hospital.

Brady told Arianna not to say anything to anyone until he got her a lawyer. Arianna said she didn't need a lawyer, because she was innocent and was in bed when Roman was attacked. Nicole pretended to come to Arianna's defense. Abe said no one asked Nicole's opinion. Nicole asked what Carly said about the suspect's description, and Abe said that Carly saw a woman with her hair pulled back matching Arianna's description leaving the scene.

When Hope arrived, Brady tried to convince her of Arianna's innocence. Hope pointed out that the two victims that were marked were the ones that Arianna knew the best. After Hope left to find Abe, Brady told Arianna that Hope was keeping an open mind. Brady tried to reassure Arianna, and Nicole said that the police often tried to pin a crime on someone completely innocent.

When Bo and Carly arrived at the hospital, Bo asked Abe where Roman was. Bo looked over and saw Hope leaving Roman's room. Hope told Bo, "Welcome back," and asked how Kim was. He said Kim was doing well and wanted to thank Hope about the phone calls, flowers, and bears that she sent. Bo asked about the case, and Hope mentioned the significance of the Celtic symbol. Bo asked if Hope thought that a woman was involved. Hope asked to speak to Bo privately, because she needed to question Arianna.

Brady asked Abe about the likelihood that Arianna would need a lawyer. Abe hinted that Arianna should get legal counsel. Nicole asked Arianna if anyone saw Arianna through her window and if Arianna had turned her cell phone back on. Arianna said that she had called Brady to apologize so she turned her phone on. Arianna could tell by Nicole's line of questioning that Nicole thought that Arianna did it. Nicole threatened to take down Arianna if she hurt Brady.

Hope told Nicole to stop and wanted to meet them at the station to review her statement. Bo asked if Hope needed him. Carly asked if Hope needed to speak to her. Hope said that they already had Carly's statement, and Bo told Carly that if Hope had any more questions, Hope would call Carly. Hope told Bo that she had everything under control.

Dr. Baker was distracted during his card game with thoughts of his latest mugging victim.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie suspected that something was wrong with Philip, but Philip turned the tables and said he could tell that something was wrong with her and Nathan despite her claim to the contrary.

Melanie asked Nathan why he didn't think that Chloe was right for Daniel. Nathan remembered his conversation with Chloe about how he knew that Chloe had slept with someone else. Nathan wanted to forget he had ever said anything to Melanie about Chloe not being good for Daniel. Melanie asked if Nathan's information would hurt her, and Nathan said he wouldn't hurt Melanie. She said that if he cared about Daniel, Nathan would tell Melanie what he knew.

Nathan tried to explain that he didn't know Chloe that well, and Melanie thought that it was even more reason to suspect that something must have happened to change Nathan's opinion of Chloe. Nathan wondered why Melanie didn't think Chloe was right for Daniel. Melanie said that Daniel and Chloe had a fight, but she didn't know why. Melanie just wanted Daniel to be happy.

Nathan tried to change the subject. Stephanie said that she knew that Nathan would do anything he could to help fix whatever was bothering him.

Philip went outside to get Melanie, but she got a page saying that she had to cover another nurse's shift. Nathan went back into the Cheatin' Heart and told Stephanie that he had been talking to Melanie. She asked if Melanie had said something to upset Nathan, and he said that he and Melanie were talking about something work-related. He said he'd heard something he shouldn't have and he didn't know what he was going to do.

Daniel asked Chloe if he had done something to hurt or upset her. She said he didn't do anything wrong. He asked her to tell him what was wrong, and he promised he would understand. Chloe thought about her and Philip having sex, and she told Daniel that she prayed that Daniel would love Chloe enough to forgive her. Daniel asked why she felt she needed forgiveness. She said she felt like she was a total mess.

Chloe thought she could never be so lucky when Daniel said that he loved her, but she felt like she had ruined everything. Chloe thought that Daniel had pushed back the wedding day because he didn't want to marry her, but he explained that he was dealing with learning that Melanie was his daughter and then undergoing surgery, and it had nothing to do with his feelings for her. He said he loved her more than ever. Chloe felt disgusted with herself.

Daniel hoped that Chloe could see herself the way that he saw her. He also said that he didn't know how she could forgive him, because he should have paid more attention to what was going on with Chloe and insisted that she talk to him about Carly. Daniel got called away to the hospital, and he assured Chloe that they would handle their relationship problems. After he left, Chloe said to herself that they would handle it as long as he didn't find out she slept with Philip.

Melanie told Philip that she and Nathan were talking about Chloe, and Melanie was determined to find out what was wrong between Daniel and Chloe. When Philip got home to Maggie's house, he called Chloe to find out if she was planning to tell Daniel about her and Philip sleeping together. Chloe said there was no reason to tell Daniel. Philip assumed that they had nothing to worry about, and when she mentioned Nathan's name, Philip asked if Nathan knew about them sleeping together.

Philip asked how Nathan knew about Chloe cheating. Chloe said that Nathan overheard her on the phone but didn't know that Chloe slept with Philip. Philip pointed out that Nathan had feelings for Melanie and wondered what would happen if Melanie started "pondering the possibilities." Chloe rushed Philip off the phone because someone was at the door. It was Nathan.

Chloe told Nathan that Daniel wasn't home. Nathan wasn't there to see Daniel. He wanted to talk to Chloe about her cheating on Daniel. He said that he tried to forget what he overheard, and he urged her to be honest with Daniel.

Melanie saw Daniel at the hospital, and she asked how he and Chloe were doing. He reassured her that things were fine with him and Chloe. Melanie said she just wanted him to be happy, and Daniel asked what she really wanted to talk about. Melanie asked if Chloe really made Daniel happy. Melanie suggested that Daniel was trying to save Chloe, but Daniel assured Melanie that he wasn't trying to save Chloe -- they loved each other.

Chloe assured Nathan that trashing her to Daniel wouldn't score points with Melanie. Nathan said he wasn't going to tell Daniel -- he was just battling his conscience -- but he offered his help to Chloe. Chloe said that she didn't need his help. Nathan reminded her that when he arrived in town, Chloe was with Lucas. Chloe assumed that Nathan was saying that she was a "slut."

Nathan said he just wanted her to know that there were options to her problems. He wanted her to be honest about the affair in order to get to the root of her problem. Chloe thought that the root of her problem was Carly. Nathan didn't think that Carly was the problem, and he suggested sex addiction therapy. Chloe was offended by Nathan's suggestion. She ordered Nathan to get out and keep his mouth shut. She opened the door only to find Carly standing there.

Daniel asked Melanie what was going on in her life. She said that she needed some advice on how to deal with Victor. Daniel asked why Melanie was going to the Kiriakis mansion, and she explained that Vivian invited her. Daniel insisted that Melanie stay away from Vivian. Later, Melanie almost ran into Stephanie. Melanie asked Stephanie about her headache. Stephanie said that she felt better.

Melanie hinted that Stephanie might be pregnant. Stephanie gloated that she and Nathan were practically living together. Melanie asked if Stephanie had her birth control pills with her, and she demanded that Stephanie show the pills to her. Stephanie thought it was more than a coincidence that Stephanie wasn't drinking and that days before a homeless woman found her pills in the trash. Melanie tried to grab Stephanie's purse to look for the pills, and they struggled.

At the police station, Nicole warned Dr. Baker not to call her. He wanted to borrow $50 from her. Nicole started to read him the riot act when Brady and Arianna arrived. Brady was eager to go over their statements again so that they could go home. Hope told Brady that Arianna wasn't going anywhere.

Hope said that Arianna didn't have an alibi when Roman was attacked or during the other attacks. Hope pointed out that Arianna and Brady had an argument the night that Brady was attacked. Hope asked if Arianna had seen Roman the night that he was attacked, and Arianna said she hadn't seen him. Hope said that hair matching Arianna's coloring was found at the scene of the crime, so she asked for a hair sample. Arianna asked what would happen if there were a match, and Hope said she would have to arrest Arianna.

Dr. Baker contemplated leaving town to get far away from "these crazy women." He realized that he couldn't leave town without money, and he figured that Hope would kill him when she found out that he planted evidence framing Arianna.

Philip worried about what else Chloe told Nathan. He started to leave, but Daniel was at the door. Daniel demanded to know what Philip did to Melanie. Philip said he didn't mean for "it to happen."

Friday, May 21, 2010

At the hospital, Melanie demanded Stephanie open her purse to prove that her birth-control pills were in it. Stephanie refused, so Melanie tried to snatch the purse away, and it quickly escalated into a shrieking tug-of-war for the bag. When its contents spilled, Melanie and Stephanie scrambled to be the first to pick everything up, still arguing stridently. Maggie and Nurse Lesley arrived and pulled the girls apart, but they continued bickering until finally Maggie shouted, "Stop it!"

Maggie demanded to know what was going on. Stephanie maintained that Melanie still had feelings for Nathan, but Melanie hotly pointed out that their fight wasn't about her. "Oh it isn't?" Stephanie asked snidely. "Why else would you care about what I do or don't do with Nathan?" Stephanie egged Melanie on until Melanie called her a bitch. As Stephanie picked up her things from the floor, she calmly urged Melanie to consider who else Melanie's accusations would hurt. As Stephanie left, Lesley ordered Melanie to go home.

Maggie asked Melanie to explain. Melanie insisted she wasn't jealous about Nathan and Stephanie, but added, "Stephanie's going to hurt him." Maggie cited her concern for her grandson, and demanded to know what Melanie meant. Melanie asserted that Stephanie had plans, but then realized it really was none of her business and wouldn't say anything more. Pointing out that Lesley had told her to go home, Melanie quickly departed, leaving behind a bemused and frustrated Maggie.

Daniel arrived at Maggie's and angrily confronted Philip. Assuming that Daniel knew about his one-night stand with Chloe, Philip fell all over himself apologizing and insisting that he'd never meant to hurt Melanie. Daniel wanted to know why Philip would make Melanie have dinner with the woman who'd tried to kill her.

A relieved Philip assured Daniel that he'd only agreed to shut Vivian up, but he had no intention of letting Melanie get anywhere near "the old bag." Daniel apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion, and admitted that he was a little off his game because he felt like Chloe was keeping something from him. Philip was sure that everything would work out, but maintained that he didn't know what might be bothering Chloe.

Daniel fretted aloud that Chloe just hadn't been herself recently. "I think she really loves you," Philip hedged. "And she never wants to lose you. I mean, love can make you do weird things sometimes, right?" Daniel realized that Chloe was just feeling insecure about Carly—and he knew what to do to fix it. He hurried out, and Philip heaved a huge sigh of relief.

At Daniel and Chloe's apartment, a furious Chloe flung the door open. Motioning for Nathan to leave, she practically shouted, "Nathan, I don't need sex therapy; I need you to get out and keep your mouth shut!" Much to Chloe's dismay, Carly appeared in the open doorway. Carly stated that she was picking up some of her things from Adrienne's, and asked if something were wrong. Chloe maintained that she and Nathan had just been arguing about Lucas.

Seemingly appeased, Carly left, and Chloe closed the door after her. Chloe then angrily blamed Nathan for nearly letting her secret out. Nathan insisted that he'd only gone to see Chloe to try to help her. She countered that he was only trying to help himself, because he was still hoping he had a shot with Melanie. Nathan denied having any feelings for Melanie beyond not wanting to see her get hurt.

"Then back off, because that's exactly what's going to happen if this gets out," Chloe ordered. She hastily explained for a bewildered Nathan that if Daniel found out that Chloe cheated, he would be devastated, and then Melanie would be miserable. Chloe asked if that was what Nathan wanted. Nathan irritably pointed out that Chloe should take some responsibility for her actions, but agreed not to tell Melanie. He then stormed out.

Chloe was trying to convince herself that things might actually be looking up, when Carly returned. "We need to talk about what I heard," Carly declared, and explained that she'd actually overheard Nathan suggesting sex therapy for Chloe—and Carly knew why.

"It only happened one time, okay?" Chloe blurted frantically. "It was the same night I thought he was cheating on me with you, and it was a terrible mistake! You cannot tell Daniel!" A confused Carly said she'd thought Nathan had been referring to Chloe's false pregnancy, and then the truth dawned on her. "Oh my God—did you cheat on Daniel?" Carly demanded.

When Nathan and Stephanie met at the Cheatin' Heart, he noticed that her blouse was missing a button. She confessed that she and Melanie had fought at the hospital. Nathan asked what they'd been fighting about, but then declared that he didn't really want to know. Stephanie offered to cut their date short so he could get some rest, but Nathan asserted that what he really wanted was to go home with her.

In bed with Nathan later, a distracted Stephanie thought about Melanie's accusation that she was trying to trick Nathan into getting her pregnant. When Nathan asked if something were wrong, Stephanie reassured him, "No, nothing's wrong. Everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be." She then returned his kisses with enthusiasm.

Melanie returned home and reluctantly admitted to Philip that she'd been sent home—for fighting with Stephanie about Nathan. She quickly explained that Stephanie had thrown away her birth-control pills and was trying to trap Nathan, and they all knew that Nathan would "do the right thing." A disgusted Philip noted that it was really out of character for Stephanie, but wondered why Melanie had made it her business.

Melanie admitted that she'd finally realized it wasn't, and she wouldn't even have told Philip except for their vow to always be open and honest with each other. As she began scooping ice cream into bowls for them, she declared that their honesty pact had been the best decision she'd ever made. A guilt-ridden Philip suddenly strode across the room and kissed Melanie deeply. She was startled but thrilled as he then picked her up and carried her out of the kitchen, leaving the ice cream melting on the counter.

Daniel ran into Father Matt at the hospital, and asked the priest for help. Daniel confided that Chloe had been having such a rough time of things that she had become extremely paranoid, and he was lost as to what to do. Father Matt noted that Chloe was very sensitive, and asked if she'd given Daniel any indication of what was bothering her. Daniel said that she hadn't, but he knew he had to do something. Father Matt what Daniel planned to do. "It's a bit extreme," Daniel replied. "But if Chloe and I have any hope of a future together, it is the only way. Can I count on your help?"

In the parlor of the DiMera mansion, E.J. asked Stefano why Anna had not checked in on schedule. "Unfortunately, it was as you suspected," Stefano replied. "That damn Hernandez found some way to get to her." E.J. started to freak out, but Stefano reassured him that he'd made sure Anna would not talk—but without killing her. E.J. was angry that Stefano had acted without consulting him first.

Sami stopped Will in the foyer as he was leaving, and confronted him about the D he was making in advanced algebra, after he'd maintained an A at the beginning of the semester. "I was acing that class because Rafe was tutoring me," Will retorted irritably. "But like everything else, Mom, you just had to screw that up." Sami was livid that Will blamed her for his academic problems, and announced that he was grounded for the weekend—and maybe longer, if he didn't get his grades back up.

Sami and Will shouted at each other until E.J.'s arrival interrupted them. E.J. calmly urged them to stop talking over one another, but Will snapped, "Why the hell should I listen to you, anyway?" Sami reprimanded Will, and their discussion seemed in danger of escalating into a shouting match again, until Sydney began to cry upstairs. E.J. somewhat pointedly asked Sami to go up and check on their daughter.

E.J. invited Will into the parlor so they could talk. Will grudgingly went along, but accused E.J. of always siding with Sami. Will noted petulantly that Rafe always tried to see the other person's point of view in an argument. He added that he'd begun to think that maybe it was E.J.'s fault—and not Sami's—that Rafe had left. Unfazed, E.J. went upstairs to check on Sydney when he heard her cries over the baby monitor.

An angry and frustrated Will slammed his fist down on the chess board, just as Stefano returned to the room. "My goodness," Stefano remarked with a patient chuckle. "There must be something that I can do to help." Will admitted that he was grounded for getting a D in algebra. Stefano mused, "There must be a way to make that D disappear."

E.J. returned just then, and what he overheard troubled him. "I certainly hope you weren't suggesting you can make Will's grade disappear," he said to Stefano. Stefano maintained that he'd only meant that Will could study harder to improve his grades. E.J. agreed that hard work and perseverance would help Will turn things around. "Is that how you got where you are, E.J.?" Will asked sarcastically. "Hard work and perseverance?"

After Will left, E.J. heatedly declared that he would never allow Stefano to convert Will to the DiMera way of life. Stefano countered that since Elvis wanted nothing more to do with him, he had no one to mentor, to pass the torch to. Sami returned, and hung back to listen as E.J. declared, "I may be nothing but my father's son, but you are not going to do that to William. I'm not going to let you corrupt him the way you corrupted me!"

E.J. continued that if Stefano tried to indoctrinate any of E.J.'s children, he would never allow Stefano to see them again. Sami entered and stood in solidarity next to E.J., and asserted that she was on E.J.'s side. "I just want you to know that you are never turning any of my children into some sort of creepy, junior version of you," Sami declared. "And if I catch you even trying, it won't be the diabetes that kills you." Chuckling, Stefano assured her that he would never think of such a thing, and then left.

E.J. wondered how much Sami had overheard. "Enough to know you have my back," she replied with a grateful smile. She added that she appreciated what E.J. had told his father, but she wanted to correct something she'd heard E.J. say. She asserted gently that E.J. was not his father's son, and E.J. had done a good thing by making clear that he wouldn't tolerate Stefano influencing the children. "You're a good man," Sami whispered, tenderly pulling E.J.'s face toward hers. "I'm proud of you."

On the phone, Will told his friend that he couldn't go to the party. "No, I can't sneak out; this place is like a fortress," Will stated. "Stefano? He's not so bad. He's always offering to help me with stuff. He's actually a pretty good guy."

In South America, Dr. Carrillo warned Rafe that Anna might never regain consciousness after her poisoning. Undeterred, Rafe continued trying to rouse Anna, and then ordered the doctor, "If there is something that you can do, you need to do it now." Carrillo reluctantly admitted that there was an extremely strong stimulant he could administer. Rafe demanded that Carrillo give it to Anna right away.

After the doctor injected the drug into Anna's I.V., Rafe waited anxiously at her bedside. "You gotta wake up so you can tell me who did this," he urged. Whispering, he promised he would keep the person who'd hurt her from ever hurting her again, but she had to tell him who was responsible for Sydney's kidnapping. "Do it for Sydney," he implored. "Do it for Tony."

Anna's finger began to twitch slightly. "Anna, can you hear me?" Rafe asked excitedly, moving to peer into her face. "Anna, you need to talk to me. You need to tell me who was behind Sydney's kidnapping," he reiterated softly. At last, Anna opened her eyes and looked foggily at Rafe.

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