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Alexis tries to get Finn to go to rehab

Alexis tries to get Finn to go to rehab

Monday, May 24, 2010

Carly realized that Chloe cheated on Daniel, and Chloe tried to deny it. Carly asked her what else it could be. Chloe said that she didn't owe Carly any explanations, and tried to throw her out. Carly said that Chloe was lying. Chloe insisted she wasn't lying, and she argued with Carly about Chloe telling Daniel the truth. Carly said she didn't care who Chloe slept with, and Chloe said it was none of Carly's business.

Carly said she wished she hadn't learned about Chloe's infidelity. Chloe felt that Carly was loving the chance to pretend that she was good and Chloe wasn't. Carly insisted that she wasn't there to judge Chloe, but Daniel was Carly's friend and Melanie's father. Chloe called Carly a hypocrite. Carly had kept Melanie a secret from Daniel for years, Chloe pointed out. She couldn't believe that Carly was insisting that Chloe come clean immediately about one mistake that she had done one time.

Carly said that not telling Daniel about his daughter was wrong and it hurt him. Daniel forgave Carly, because he was good and kind, Carly pointed out. Carly believed that Chloe and Daniel could get through it. Chloe said that Carly had cheated on her own husband, murdered him, and ran back to Salem to steal Hope's husband. She said Carly had some nerve giving her advice on how to keep Daniel. She told Carly to go to hell. Carly asked if Chloe would rather have Daniel find out about her infidelity from Chloe or Carly.

Chloe explained that she wanted to tell Daniel, but she didn't want to hurt him that way. Carly said she was trying to help. She asked if Chloe was going to tell Daniel the truth, and Chloe said that she would tell him. She planned to tell him it was Carly's fault because Chloe thought he was cheating on Chloe with Carly. Carly said that Chloe could tell Daniel anyway she needed to, but she needed to tell him.

Bo and Daniel talked about the status of the police investigation into who had mugged Roman. Bo told Daniel that the police were questioning Arianna, but Bo didn't believe that she was guilty. Bo asked for the details about why things didn't go well with Carly staying at Daniel's place. Daniel said that Chloe had a problem with Carly staying at their place, and sometimes Chloe got emotional.

At the police station, Nicole purposely dropped an envelope with Arianna's name on it so that Brady could see it. Then she tried to downplay it when Brady mentioned it. Hope overheard and asked Nicole to show it to Hope. Hope examined the information that Nicole had and said it put the case in a whole new light. Hope asked how Nicole got the information, and Nicole said she had a researcher do some digging.

Hope asked Brady if he knew about Arianna's record. He said he knew about her record as a drug dealer, but Hope was talking about her record as a juvenile. Hope said that before Arianna turned 18, she had multiple charges for assault and robbery. That news came as a surprise to Brady. Hope said that Arianna ran with a gang in her youth, and that gang assaulted people, using an M.O. close to the one in the case that they were investigating.

Nicole pretended to defend Arianna to Brady. Hope asked Nicole to leave the room.

Anna started to wake up, and Rafe told her that she would help him catch the guy who did it. He asked her who was responsible for Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe insisted that Anna tell him who she was working with, but she was resisting. The doctor entered the room and told him to stop badgering her. Rafe said that the stimulant worked and all he was doing was asking for a name. The doctor said that Anna might never speak coherently to anyone again, because the stimulant she ingested caused massive brain damage.

The doctor took away the stimulant, so that Anna's heart rate could normalize or else she could die. Rafe said whomever Anna had worked with obviously tried to kill her and it "had DiMera written all over it." Rafe asked the doctor if he could use a different stimulant, one that would keep Anna awake and not make her heart race. A police officer walked in and announced he was about to arrest a person of interest in the case -- Rafe. Rafe was arrested.

Rafe was thrown in jail and pleaded his innocence. The police officer said that Rafe was the only one with the means and opportunity. Plus, Rafe had used a false passport to enter the country. Rafe tried to explain that he was an FBI agent and sometimes needed to enter the country without the border guards knowing, because they would tip off the bad guys.

Rafe asked the officer to notify the State Department to verify who he was. The officer said Mexico cut off diplomatic ties with the officer's country years before, so that meant Rafe was in jail with no one to call or to save him. Rafe said he needed a miracle. Rafe dreamt that he went to the DiMera mansion and found the truth. Sami asked what the truth was, and he said the truth was that he loved her and always would. Meanwhile, Anna called out E.J.'s name in her sleep.

Sami assured E.J. that he did a good thing by standing up to Stefano and making it clear that Stefano couldn't influence their children. She asked E.J. to look at her, and when she put her hand on his cheek and turned his face towards hers, Sami and E.J. almost kissed until Stefano walked in and interrupted them. Stefano told them to get a room, but if they wanted to "play in public," they could carry on once he had left the room.

E.J. apologized for Stefano interrupting them, and Sami said to forget it. E.J. wanted to talk about it, but Sami pretended not to know what E.J. was talking about. E.J. said that if they had gone further, they would have regretted it. Sami said she was grateful for everything that he did for her and their kids. He said that he was glad that they put aside their animosity and he didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize their progress.

Sami said she was going to bed, because she was tired, and he told her to have sweet dreams. After she went to bed, Stefano walked in applauding him and saying, "Well played, son. Well played." E.J. said he knew that Stefano was interrupting E.J. any chance he got, and he was trying to undermine everything that E.J. was doing. Stefano said that Anna woke up and could be telling Rafe everything. E.J. said he thought that the Anna problem was "over and dead."

Ciara called Hope and said she had a bad dream. Hope asked her to tell the nanny to put Ciara in Hope's bed and Hope would be there soon.

Stefano said that circumstances had changed. He asked if E.J. wanted Stefano to go to bed, not interfere, and leave everything up to E.J., or if E.J. wanted Stefano to take care of the problem once and for all. Sami went to bed frustrated but woke up to check on Sydney, who was crying. The baby monitor was in the living room where Stefano and E.J. were talking.

Stefano said that if Rafe heard the truth from Anna, E.J. would never see his kids again, let alone Sami. Stefano asked for E.J.'s permission to "make the call" or else step out of E.J.'s life. Sami went back to her room after tending to Sydney, and she thought about how getting back together with Rafe would make her dreams come true. Sami was glad that she and E.J. were getting along, but if she and Rafe got back together, things would be perfect. Sami called out Rafe's name as she was sleeping.

Stefano finished his phone call and then informed E.J. that the Anna "situation" was taken care of and Sami would never know the truth, so Sami was all E.J.'s. Stefano and E.J. argued about E.J. playing games with Sami. He told E.J. to tell Sami how he felt and let her decide what she wanted.

Sami interrupted them to get a glass of wine. Stefano left the room. E.J. asked if Sami was having trouble sleeping. He said he would help her if she needed anything, but she said she was fine. E.J. said that the mansion was big but always felt crowded, which was probably a good thing, because that way they could keep their feelings in check just like they talked about. Sami said it wasn't a problem for her, because she was so in love with Rafe. She said goodnight to E.J.

Arianna told Gabi not to worry and that the police were just checking out Arianna to rule her out as a suspect. Gabi didn't believe that. She worried that the police could dig up information that could make Arianna look bad, like things that happened when Arianna was a juvenile. Arianna said that her juvenile records were sealed and no one would see them. Gabi asked if Arianna had told Brady.

Arianna said that what happened was a long time before when she ran with the wrong crowd. Gabi said that she heard that Arianna was charged back then. Arianna said that her boyfriend at the time -- the leader of a gang -- had taken a deal and named Arianna for half of the crimes that he had committed. Gabi said that Arianna had developed better taste in men. Hope and Brady entered the room, so Gabi excused herself. Hope showed Arianna the envelope.

Arianna explained that her boyfriend at the time lied about what she did to get his time reduced. She said she didn't mug anyone then or recently. Hope said things looked bad for Arianna. Arianna said her records were supposed to be sealed from the time before she turned 18. Brady asked if he needed to call for an attorney for Arianna. Hope said that wasn't necessary, because once the test results were in on the evidence, things would turn out in her benefit.

Brady asked why Arianna didn't tell him. She said that she was up-front with him about the stuff that she felt counted, but she wanted to know why the charges that were filed when she was a teenager had to matter in this case. Brady said it didn't matter to him, because he knew she was innocent, and he loved her. He said she could trust him with anything in the world. She said she would never keep anything from him again. Hope told Arianna that the hair fibers found on Roman belonged to Arianna.

Nicole met with Dr. Baker and commended him on his performance. He asked for bonus pay, but Nicole told him that he'd never get any more money from her and he should have been glad that she didn't turn him in. She also told him that he and his partner needed to stop the muggings, because Arianna wouldn't look guilty if they kept mugging people. Dr. Baker said that could be a problem.

Nicole said Dr. Baker was stupid to believe that the muggings would continue after Arianna was arrested. He said his partner called the shots. She said that whoever his partner was would have to get used to him being in charge, and if Dr. Baker didn't make it happen, Nicole would.

Hope read Arianna her rights and arrested her. Nicole watched from the other room. Arianna thought that Brady didn't believe Arianna's innocence. Brady tried to talk, but she cut him off and said she could tell by the look in his eyes that he didn't believe her. Hope led Arianna away. Nicole told Brady that she was sorry.

When Carly got back to Bo's house, he noticed something was wrong, but she said nothing was wrong as long as she was with him. Bo gave Carly a foot rub, and they started making out.

When Daniel got home, he found Chloe crying. She said she needed to tell him something about them. Chloe said she wanted to tell Daniel, but she wasn't sure he would still want to marry her. He said he should have cared about what she was going through, but she said he had been understanding about what she was going through.

Chloe tried to tell Daniel about her infidelity, but he interrupted her and insisted on telling her his news first. He said he had talked to Father Matthew and made arrangements for their wedding. Daniel got down on one knee and asked if Chloe would be his wife as soon as possible. Daniel asked what was holding Chloe back. He assured her that she needed to let go of the worry and fear and just say yes. She said, "Yes, I can't wait to marry you." Daniel asked what she wanted to tell him. She said it could wait until the next day -- she just wanted to love him and kiss him for the time being.

The nanny tucked Ciara into Hope's bed. When the nanny left, Ciara got out of bed, pulled out Hope's box from under the bed and looked in one of the wallets at Brady's ID.

Sam asks Carly for help

Sam asks Carly for help

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At the Kiriakis mansion, a chipper Vivian announced that she was preparing a sample tasting of the food for their wedding. With a grunt, Victor noted that he was suffering another bout of indigestion. Worried, Vivian reminded Victor that his indigestion could be a symptom of heart disease. Vivian urged Victor to go to the doctor, but he declined. "I'm not ill. Except maybe in my head. I did agree to marry you, didn't I?" Victor said curtly. Vivian urged Victor to think about how much they had in common. "I promise you no regrets," Vivian assured him.

"Thanks to our wedded bliss my entire family no longer talks to me. Including your favorite, Philip, who has washed his hands of both of us forever," Victor growled. "I don't want this happy occasion to cause you unadulterated grief. Do you really think the only thing we have in common is our hatred for Carly Manning?" Vivian asked gently. Victor noted that he respected Vivian, then excused himself to get antacid for his stomach.

Alone in the living room, Vivian pulled the petals off of a flower and assured herself that Victor loved her and was just suffering from stress. As Vivian muttered to herself, the sound of a thump echoed from the second floor. Worried, Vivian rushed upstairs to investigate.

Bo made breakfast in bed for Carly, but before he could surprise her with French toast, Carly ran downstairs and met Bo in the living room. Overjoyed to have Bo back in town, Carly set aside the tray of food and pulled Bo into a passionate kiss. With a wicked smile on her face, Carly started to unbutton Bo's shirt. As they leaned back against the table, they knocked a package onto the floor Noticing the label on the package, Bo realized that the package was one he sent to Ciara from California.

Carly informed Bo that she had spoken to Hope while he was out of town and that they had reached an understanding. "She told me that she has no ill will towards me," Carly said with a cautious smile. "Maybe she's turning a corner?" Bo wondered aloud. Bo asked Carly what else Hope had said, but Carly concluded, "You probably don't want to know."

Down at the pier, Hope coached Ciara to be careful when hugging her father in case he was still sore from his surgery. Ciara agreed to be careful and then she informed Hope that she had a treasure box, just like her mother. Confused, Hope asked Ciara what treasure box she was talking about. Ciara explained that the box was under Hope's bed and that it contained "treasure from other people."

When Hope arrived at Bo's house with Ciara, an elated Bo gathered Ciara into his arms and hugged her. Carly excused herself in order to go to work, then walked past a silent Hope. Bo gave Ciara her package, and she excitedly unwrapped the snow globe he bought her at the hospital. "I can put it in my treasure box," Ciara exclaimed. Ciara commented that Hope had a treasure box too. With a raised eyebrow, Hope urged Ciara to go upstairs and collect some books and toys to take back to the Kiriakis mansion.

Once Ciara was upstairs, Bo thanked Hope for bringing Ciara by to see him. When Bo asked how she was doing, a worried Hope responded, "I'm fine. Our little girl, not so much." Noting the look of worry on Bo's face, Hope explained that Ciara seemed to need help. Bo offered to talk to Ciara and apologized to Hope for any undue stress. Once Hope was gone, Bo called Ciara downstairs to talk.

Noting the look of worry on Ciara's face, Bo assured his daughter that he was not mad at her. Bo asked Ciara whether she was looking through Hope's things without asking. When Bo asked Ciara about Hope's makeup, Ciara denied using it but suggested that Vivian might have used it. Moving on, Bo asked Ciara about Hope's treasure box. As Ciara started to tell Bo what was in the box, his cell phone began to ring, and he asked Ciara to "hold that thought." Bo looked at his cell phone and read a text message announcing that there was something wrong with Victor.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie and Philip discussed Arianna's predicament. Though Philip did not seem optimistic over Arianna's case, Melanie said she was sure that Brady would find a lawyer that could prove Arianna innocent.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole taped a news report about Roman's mugging and how Arianna had been arrested as the alleged perpetrator. Philip headed outside the pub, interrupted Nicole's taping, and asked the cameraman for the tape of the report. Nicole pleaded with Philip to let her report on the story of the muggings, but Philip refused. Melanie joined her husband in front of the pub and insisted that Nicole was attempting to "smear Arianna's good name" in the media. Nicole argued that as a felon, Arianna's "good name" could not be smeared.

Melanie suggested that if Nicole hurt Arianna, Brady would not be interested in taking Nicole back. "I knew you were evil but I didn't know you were stupid," Melanie joked. Melanie added that Nicole should tread lightly when arguing with Philip, since he could fire Nicole. With a resigned smile, Nicole walked away. Philip asked Melanie if she was sure she did not want Nicole's job as a reporter, but Melanie declined, noting that Nicole would "kill her" if she tried.

After Melanie and Philip went back inside the pub, Nicole reappeared in front of the pub. When she was alone, Nicole called Dick Baker and reminded him that his crime spree was over. Dick agreed and asked about the case against Arianna. "Arianna is looking guilty as sin," Nicole said cheerfully. Dick warned Nicole that Brady had better be was worth the effort, since Dick's partner in crime in the muggings might go after Nicole when she heard about the frame job. "What?" Nicole said in shock. Wanting to avoid any questions, Dick hung up the phone with a chuckle.

"Thanks a lot," Nicole muttered to herself. "Problem?" Philip asked as he exited the pub. Surprised, Nicole argued that her problem was that their television station would be the only one not reporting on the muggings. "You will be reporting the story, but I will be watching you," Philip said. Nicole thanked Philip and assured him that she would not let him or Brady down.

After a night of restless sleep, Brady visited Arianna in her jail cell. A tearful Arianna told Brady that she saw doubt in his face when he learned about the results of the DNA test on the evidence in the latest mugging. Brady steadfastly argued that he believed Arianna and that if she saw anything in his face, it was shock. "I was sure that the DNA results would go the other way," Brady said. Arianna noted that the test results did implicate her as the mugger, and she asked Brady to leave. "Honey, I'm not going anywhere," Brady said.

"I believe that you're innocent, and I would never lie to you about something like that," Brady exclaimed. Brady told Arianna that he believed that someone was framing her for the muggings. With her head bowed in defeat, Arianna asked Brady to leave her alone. Brady assured Arianna that a decent lawyer could help Arianna, but she insisted on using a public defender. "I don't want to be beholden to you," Arianna called out as tears ran down her face. Arianna called for the guards to take Brady away.

Hope visited Arianna in her cell and assured her that she was striving to help. Despondent, Arianna fought back tears and said that she resented that people were thinking she was a "man-hater" who branded people. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," Hope remarked. "I'm not a woman scorned. I'm engaged to a wonderful man who..." Arianna said before falling silent. Hope gently patted Arianna's hand to comfort her, and then pulled out the photo of the brand. Hope asked Arianna if she had ever tagged anyone when she ran with a gang in her youth.

After Arianna admitted that she did, Hope noted that the symbol branded onto Brady was one that was popular with Arianna's former gang. "Just a coincidence?" Hope asked. Arianna explained that she was not in touch with anyone from the gang since she turned state's evidence. "I'm a good person and I love Brady, and this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!" Arianna exclaimed. "I just want you to know that I believe that these attacks are a cry for help," Hope said quietly.

In her apartment, Chloe steeled herself to tell Daniel the truth about her one-night stand. As Chloe walked toward the front door, Daniel stepped out of the bedroom and asked her how she was feeling. Chloe noted that Daniel's suggestion to move up their wedding date was "one of the happiest moments of my life." Worried, Daniel asked Chloe if she was ready to talk about what had been bothering her the night before.

When Chloe hesitated, Daniel assured Chloe that whatever she said "would not affect our love." "I don't really deserve you," Chloe said with a sigh. Daniel apologized for not realizing how hard things were for Chloe. Chloe told Daniel that she was "thrilled" that he and Melanie had found one another. "Your issue is with Carly, and I get that," Daniel responded. Daniel promised to keep his distance from Carly, but Chloe told Daniel that the problem was not Carly. "It is my fault," Chloe cried out.

"I'm seeing things, I'm hearing things, imagining things, I feel like I'm losing my mind," Chloe said. "The only thing I'm sure of is I'll always love you," Chloe continued. Daniel noted that the only thing that mattered to him was that they loved one another. "Love endures all things. It's as simple as that," Daniel said quietly.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole did a live broadcast on the muggings as Philip watched nearby. "You may know that Arianna Hernandez has a past, but who doesn't? Take it from me, the notorious baby-stealer, it is possible to redeem yourself, to turn your life around. Arianna Hernandez has done that. I believe in the system. Innocent until proven guilty. I believe in Arianna Hernandez," Nicole said triumphantly. When the cameraman cut the feed, a pleased Philip thanked Nicole for her report and hugged her.

Arriving on the scene at the end of the broadcast, Brady thanked Nicole as well. Nicole warned Brady not to push Arianna because Arianna may grow to resent him. "If you just give her some time to think then she'll realize she was wrong, and pretty soon she'll be begging you to come back," Nicole said softly. Brady thanked Nicole for caring about him and for not doing a "hatchet job" on Arianna in her news report. With a sad smile, Nicole admitted to Brady that a part of her still loved him. Nicole reached out for Brady's hand, and he let her gently hold it. As Nicole and Brady stared into one another's eyes, the moment was interrupted when Brady received a text message on his phone about Victor.

Down at the pier, Philip confessed to Melanie that he and Nicole used to be "pretty tight." With a smile on her face, Melanie remarked, "All things about you I didn't know." "Yeah you're right about that. You don't," Philip said as he thought about his one-night stand with Chloe. When Philip and Melanie arrived home, Philip remarked that he and Nicole "were just friends." Laughing, Melanie said she was not worried about Nicole. "I married one of the good guys," Melanie said with a grin. As Philip and Melanie began to kiss, Philip received a text message about Victor.

At the hospital, Carly spotted Daniel kissing Chloe before walking down the hall. Pleased, Carly approached Chloe and suggested things seemed to be good between Chloe and Daniel. When Chloe turned and faced Carly with a guilty look on her face, Carly said, "You did tell Daniel didn't you?" Chloe argued that Daniel moved up the wedding date, and he told her that he loved her "no matter what," so she did not want to tell Daniel about the affair. "You know he'll forgive you and you can go into your marriage with a clean conscience," Carly countered.

Carly warned Chloe that she would not lie to Daniel again, so either she needed to tell Daniel the truth, or else he would hear the truth from Carly. Angry, Chloe argued that telling Daniel about the affair would ruin her life. "If you don't then I have to," Carly exclaimed as Daniel walked up behind her. "Tell me what?" Daniel asked. Before Carly could respond, Daniel received a text message about Victor.

Mac returns home and reunites with his loved ones

Mac returns home and reunites with his loved ones

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sami searched for her cell phone in the parlor of the DiMera mansion, while Kate made disparaging remarks about the mess that went along with living in the same house as Sami and her children. Sami fired back with lighthearted barbs, until a text message so alarmed Kate that she poured a martini for herself. Sami pointed out the early hour, and the two women began bickering again. Sami vowed that as soon as the work was finished on Marlena's townhouse, she and the children would move out of the mansion.

Kate took issue with Sami's parenting skills, especially where Will was concerned. She maintained that because Will loved living there, and had grown fond of Stefano, Sami would find it difficult to get her son to leave. Kate added that Stefano, with his wealth and power, was a far better role model for the young, impressionable Will than Sami was. Sami adamantly refused to buy it.

At last Sami found her phone, and after Kate had gone, Sami called her grandmother. When Caroline told her about Roman's attack, Sami rushed out.

When Sami arrived at the hospital, Caroline filled her in about her dad's condition. Sami was relieved to hear that Roman was already barking orders and demanding to be released, but couldn't believe that Arianna was the one who had attacked him. Caroline concurred that Arianna was a fine person, or Caroline would never have hired her to manage the Brady Pub.

Caroline sensed that something was bothering her granddaughter. Sami confided that she wished she had never allowed Will to move into the DiMera mansion, or followed him there. She continued that she thought she had been making progress in mending fences with her son, then she had grounded him over a bad grade, and afterwards had realized that it was the wrong way to handle it. Caroline thought that Sami had done it because it made her feel in control of the situation.

"I'm definitely not in control," Sami admitted, and reluctantly explained, "He thinks Stefano is cool." A concerned and angry Caroline asserted that Sami had to get her children out of there as soon as possible, because Stefano would enjoy nothing more than helping Kate get one over on Sami by winning over Will. "You've got to go battle for your son's soul," Caroline declared.

Sami knew that Will would never let her tell him what to do. Caroline believed that Sami had raised her children well, and Will would hear his mom's voice in his head before he did anything that would harm him. "And just for insurance, I'm going to say a novena," Caroline added, "asking for Stefano's downfall in a week, or two."

Will went to the Brady Pub after school, and was surprised to find Stefano waiting for him. "I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry I was not able to help you with your poor marks in algebra," Stefano stated. Will admitted that his mom would have been furious if she had found out that Stefano was trying to help Will cheat. Stefano replied, "She would have been right." He confessed that he was pleased with the way Samantha was raising her children.

Will complained that his mom was always on his case, while she did whatever she wanted-like getting pregnant with Sydney when she already had three kids, and then lying to E.J. about it. Will had been relieved, and thought his family might return to normal, when Sami had met Rafe. Stefano gently asserted merely that Samantha "sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her." Will wished that his mom could be more like Stefano, who never seemed to freak out. Chuckling, Stefano said that freaking out was a waste of time, and then asked if Will had ever heard the expression, "Don't get mad; get even." Will replied with a smile, "Works for me."

Stefano declared that he was happy Will was staying at the mansion, because the two of them seemed to have an understanding. Just then, Chad arrived, so Will introduced him to Stefano. Stefano invited Chad to join them, and shook Chad's hand in congratulations when Will revealed that Chad had been accepted to Wake Forest University.

Suddenly, Madeline arrived and, striding across the restaurant, shouted, "Get your hands off my son!" Chad was incredulous, and Stefano defended Chad for showing good manners. When Stefano called Madeline by her first name, and she called Stefano by his, Will and Chad were stunned that the two adults were already acquainted.

Chad demanded to know what was going on, pointing out that his mom had ordered him to stay away from the DiMeras, and had made a scene when she saw Chad talking to Stefano. Madeline and Stefano claimed that they only knew each other by reputation, and Madeline reminded Chad that she'd already told him she knew Kate a little because she had represented Kate in a legal matter. A text message summoned Chad to be measured for his cap and gown, and Will left with Chad.

Madeline divulged that Chad might be attending college in Salem, which meant he would continue to see Will-and run into Stefano. She warned Stefano that she would move heaven and earth to make sure that Chad had nothing more to do with Will, or Kate, or Stefano. Shrugging, Stefano asserted that because Madeline didn't matter to him in the slightest, he had no plans to "corrupt" Chad. "I know you, Stefano," Madeline asserted. "And if I find you anywhere near Chad again, I'll produce that tape. And your life as you know it will be over."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian sank onto the edge of her bed with a heavy sigh. "Oh, Victor," she stated sadly to herself. "I never meant it to happen this way."

Philip tried to reach his father from Maggie's, after getting a text message from Henderson that something was wrong with Victor. He couldn't get anyone to answer, so he left for the Kiriakis mansion, with Melanie and Maggie right behind him.

As Brady and Nicole were talking outside the Brady Pub, he also got a text message from Henderson. "Oh, man, it's my grandfather," he explained worriedly, and hurried off. Nicole, happy that Arianna had been arrested and Victor was apparently ill, chased after him.

Daniel arrived at the hospital while Chloe and Carly were arguing. Before he could find out why they were fighting, he got a text message from Henderson about Victor, and decided to head to the Kiriakis mansion to find out what was wrong. As Chloe was following Daniel out, Bo called Carly and told her about the text message he'd gotten from Henderson, and asked Carly to meet him at Victor's.

Bo, Philip, Daniel, and Brady all arrived at the Kiriakis mansion within seconds of each other, followed almost immediately by Maggie and Melanie. When Vivian joined the group in the parlor and cheerily thanked them all for arriving so quickly, the men demanded to know what was going on, and where Victor was. Vivian began stammering a somewhat sheepish explanation, but then a perfectly healthy-looking Victor arrived. "What is all this racket?" he demanded. "And what are you all doing here? Why are you all looking at me like that?"

Bo explained that they'd all received a text message from Henderson. Victor irritably pointed out, "Henderson can't text. He's still getting used to the push-button phone!" Victor had even more reason to be irritable when Nicole arrived. He began shouting up the stairs for an explanation from Henderson, but Vivian stopped him and admitted that she had sent the text messages from Henderson's phone.

Vivian just wanted everyone there, she explained happily, "Because Victor and I are getting married-today!" While Victor was reading Vivian the riot act for getting his family members under false pretenses, and for surprising him, Chloe rushed in, with Carly right behind her. They were startled to see the large group gathered there, so Bo explained what was going on.

As Victor poured himself a scotch, he growled at Vivian, "Did you really think this was going to work out well for you?" Vivian asserted that they had been planning to get married for a while, but since Victor's family had objected, she'd thrown a surprise wedding so they could all be there. Victor addressed the group gloomily: "You can all go home now. I may have to be subjected to this debacle, but you don't-none of you. None of you deserves this." He strode out of the room.

When Victor discovered that Maggie had followed him upstairs, he groaned with dread. "You're a happy woman now, aren't you?" he asked. "You're going to have a field day with this one." Maggie assured him that she was there as a friend, but she did wonder why Victor would go through with marrying Vivian. "I know this isn't love," Maggie noted, and guessed that Victor had some sort of plan for saving the family. Grasping his arm gently, she urged him not to "waste time on this stuff," but to instead enjoy his children and grandchildren-and to let the games stop.

Maggie realized that her hand had been on Victor's arm far too long, and pulled her hand away. She apologized for getting carried away. "Why don't you be more like me?" Victor replied, eyes twinkling. "I never butt in and tell people what to do." Maggie agreed to make one last-ditch effort, explaining, "Vivian texted everyone and said you were sick. She has it coming!"

Victor wanted to know what Maggie meant, so she quickly made up a plan: Victor would climb out the window and wait outside, while she announced that he'd been summoned by the U.N. to rescue the Greek economy, then she would drive around and take him to the airport. Victor laughed. "You're telling me to run away!" he said incredulously, but then admitted with a sly grin, "What a ride it could be."

Nicole stopped Brady as he left, and claimed that she was worried, because he seemed upset. "Stop," he interrupted. "You were hoping that my grandfather was dead. You wanted to dance all over his grave." Nicole admitted that she still hated Victor, but she hated seeing Brady so miserable. She begged him to lean on her as she had on him so many times.

In the foyer, Vivian urged Philip to stand beside his father during the ceremony. Philip reminded her, "You sent out a text that scared the hell out of me. What the hell was that about?" Melanie added sarcastically, "However, if you would like a nice hair comb, I could probably hook you up with a really good one." Philip wanted to know what Vivian had on Victor, since it was obvious that he didn't really want to go through with the marriage.

Vivian petulantly insisted that people should be happy she had found someone, especially after her beloved nephew's tragic death. Philip and Melanie agreed that they would be happy-if Vivian were anyone else. Vivian went toward the stairs in a huff, just as Kate arrived. Kate was stunned when Philip explained what the text message had really been about, but then she threw back her head and laughed. Vivian, who had hung back to eavesdrop, joined the others, but stormed off again after a few of Kate's snide comments. Kate wanted to know what Philip planned to do to stop the wedding.

Chloe found Daniel on the terrace, and admitted she was relieved that Victor wasn't hurt or dead. Daniel was grateful to her for saying so, since Victor had treated Chloe so dreadfully. He told her that they could go home as soon as he talked to Philip about making sure that Melanie remained safe. Since Philip was his son-in-law, Daniel thought they should build a relationship-especially if Victor still planned to marry Vivian. Chloe seductively encouraged Daniel to take her home, and talk to Philip later.

In the parlor, Bo couldn't believe that Vivian had the gall to spring a wedding on a man who hated surprises. Carly urged Bo to call off his deal with Victor, who had agreed to "neutralize" Vivian by marrying her, and in return, Bo had agreed not to kill Vivian. Bo noted that all Victor had to do to get off the hook was hand over the evidence from Vivian's attempts to kill Melanie, so Vivian would go to prison, where she would no longer be a threat to Carly. Carly pleaded with Bo to stop talking about protecting her by killing Vivian, and to think about his daughter. "Okay, I guess dear old Dad's gonna get married today," Bo conceded. Carly wanted to know if Bo really wanted to stick around and watch that happen.

As everyone decided to leave, they met up in the foyer as they made their respective exits. Bo asked Philip, Brady, and Daniel to stay behind, so Bo could fill them in on some details they didn't know.

Finn quits the hospital

Finn quits the hospital

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Due to NBC News coverage of a Presidential Press Conference, today's episode of Days of our Lives did not air. The episode originally slated to air today will now air on Friday, May 28. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Friday, May 28, 2010

In South America, Rafe was pacing in his prison cell when a guard divulged that Rafe would soon be getting a cellmate. The guard warned Rafe to sleep with one eye open, because his new "bunk buddy" had tried to assassinate "el presidente."

Soon, the guards escorted a man wearing a black hood to the cell, and tossed him onto the spare bunk. Rafe quickly surmised that the man had been beaten. After the guard left, Rafe tried to wake the hooded man up, but he didn't stir. Concerned that the man was really dead, Rafe removed the prisoner's hood.

"Good God!" Rafe exclaimed when he recognized the man. "Shane Donovan! What the hell are you doing here?" As he tried to rouse Shane, suddenly Shane awakened, grabbed Rafe by the throat, and threw him against the bars. "Shut the hell up!" Shane commanded, as Rafe gasped for air. Rafe finally got the upper hand on the weakened Shane, and shoved him back onto the bunk.

"Just listen to me!" Rafe shouted. "I'm with the FBI; my name is Rafe Hernandez-I'm from Salem!" Shane didn't believe it for a minute, so Rafe explained that he knew who Shane was because he used to date Shane's niece, Samantha Brady. He gave Shane a cup of water and a moment to catch his breath, then Shane asked how he could be sure Rafe was telling the truth. Rafe related what he knew about Shane and Kimberly and the rest of the Bradys, and then Shane wanted to know why Rafe was there.

Rafe briefed Shane on Sydney's kidnapping, Anna's role in it, and how he'd followed a lead about Anna to South America-and then he'd been arrested for her poisoning. Shane was dismayed to learn that Sami had given birth to another DiMera child since the last news he'd gotten from home. Rafe then wanted to know Shane's story. Shane worried that Rafe had just jumped from the frying pan into the fire by admitting he was associated with Shane.

Shane revealed that he'd merely been on a fact-finding mission when he'd been caught snooping around the president's summer home. After the authorities had questioned Shane "quite vigorously" several times, and the ISA had followed standard procedure and disavowed any knowledge of his existence, he was scheduled for execution.

Then, wincing in pain, Shane declared, "You obviously want to get out of here, and so do I. I think we may be able to help each other." Rafe confessed he'd just been thinking the same thing. Shane rose from his bunk, and extended a hand to Rafe. "So, do we have a deal?" Shane asked. Rafe shook Shane's hand and agreed, "We got a deal."

In the riverfront park in Salem, Hope praised Ciara for getting a gold star in ice-skating. Ciara wanted to put the gold star in her treasure box right away, and Hope agreed to drop by Victor's on their way to Ciara's sleepover. Hope asked if she could look in Ciara's treasure box. Ciara refused, declaring that it was private-like the one Hope had.

Hope patiently reminded Ciara that she didn't have a treasure box, but Ciara insisted that she'd seen it under Hope's bed. Hope suggested that Ciara show her the treasure box after her sleepover, and the little girl nodded enthusiastically. Hope realized that she had a message on her cell phone that she hadn't noticed before, and after she checked it, she hurriedly led Ciara out of the park.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was offering to help Victor run away from his impending wedding to Vivian, when Vivian interrupted to tell Victor that the justice of the peace had arrived. After Maggie left them alone, a petulant Vivian maligned Maggie, and complained that Maggie was turning Victor against Vivian. Victor vehemently demanded that Vivian never disparage Maggie again if Vivian expected him to marry her.

Vivian was thrilled, but Victor issued a stern warning through gritted teeth that although she was about to become Mrs. Victor Kiriakis, "You are going to be living on the razor's edge, and you really, really don't want to slip." Vivian could only squeak something that sounded like terrified acquiescence.

In the garden, Kate was sipping a martini and wandering through the chairs that were arranged and decorated for the wedding, when Nicole arrived, also drinking a martini. After announcing that Carly Manning had just shown up, Nicole jokingly suggested that since the three of them had been married to Victor, they should have their own reality show. Despite their mutual loathing, Nicole and Kate made each other laugh by offering up theories as to why Victor might be marrying Vivian.

Maggie found Melanie, Chloe, and Carly assembled in the foyer, and the women compared notes about the various ways Vivian had hurt all of them. Maggie noted that Victor was neither stupid nor blind to Vivian's machinations, and family mattered more to him than anything. She guessed that Victor was marrying Vivian as part of some plan to protect his family-from whom Vivian was likely trying to isolate Victor. Maggie suggested that Victor's loved ones-and the ones who loved them-should stay for the wedding, to show Vivian that the entire clan was united behind Victor.

In the parlor, Bo explained to Philip, Brady, and Daniel that after Vivian tried to kill Melanie, Bo had demanded that Victor "contain" Vivian-but Bo had never thought Victor would actually marry her. Bo added that since the wedding was partially his fault, he had to stay, but the others could leave. Daniel asserted that if they watched Victor marry Vivian, it was like they approved of everything she'd done.

Philip and Brady agreed with Daniel and had decided to leave, just as the women entered the parlor. While Philip walked out the back door, Carly announced to Bo that the men needed to listen to what Maggie had just told the women.

Melanie followed a disgruntled Philip as he joined Kate in the garden. Melanie asked if he would hear her out before he made up his mind to leave. After Kate went inside, Melanie stated that they needed to stay for the wedding, but asked Philip to let Maggie explain the reasons. Philip agreed and went inside to talk to Maggie, just as Bo arrived outside.

Bo thanked Melanie for everything she was doing for the family, and then admitted that he'd screwed up by setting the wedding in motion. Melanie teased Bo about owning up to his mistake, and joked that if he were trying to get on her good side because of Carly, he was off to a good start. Bo laughed and led her inside.

As Victor and Vivian descended the stairs into the foyer, Victor wasn't the least bit surprised that their guests seemed to have left. Vivian tried to cheer him, but he wasn't interested. Victor opened the doors to the foyer, and was stunned speechless to find everyone waiting for the wedding to begin.

After the guests took their seats in the garden, the justice of the peace began the ceremony. Everyone was politely silent, but there was much eye rolling and raising of eyebrows as the justice intoned the familiar words about "holy matrimony." Just as the justice of the peace asked whether anyone objected to the union, Justin arrived. Philip explained what was going on, and pointed Justin in the direction of the bar.

Victor startled his bride by asking for Henderson to get him a drink, and then addressing the guests. He told them that it meant a great deal to him that they had stayed to watch him marry a woman who had caused them all so much grief. "And I probably am crazy," he continued. "But I hope you believe me when I say that all I really care about is your happiness... Well, most of you, that is." Although he admitted he knew that they wanted an explanation, he wasn't going to give one. "Let's get on with it," Victor declared to justice of the peace, and then downed his drink.

As Victor and Vivian recited their vows, Kate, Nicole, Carly, and Vivian each flashed back to her own, earlier wedding to Victor-and all of them but Vivian shuddered at the memory. When prompted, Victor grudgingly placed the ring on Vivian's finger, and then announced, "I need a drink." A mortified Vivian chased after him up the aisle.

The reception got underway in the parlor. Kate and Victor traded more or less good-natured barbs about their respective spouses. Melanie noted to Philip that it obviously threw Vivian a little that everyone had stayed. Victor pulled Bo aside and asked, "You happy now?" Bo replied that Vivian should be in jail, not married to Victor. Victor countered that if Vivian belonged in jail, so did Carly. Nicole spotted Chloe frowning across the room, and correctly guessed that Chloe was stewing about Carly.

Nicole called Kate, Carly, and Vivian together so a photographer could take a picture of the four past and present Mrs. Victor Kiriakises. Kate and Carly refused to participate. Indicating the scowls on Victor and Vivian's faces, Nicole noted, "Look how unhappy it makes them." Suddenly Carly and Kate were happy to comply, and as the photographer snapped the picture, each woman was grinning and cheerfully raising her glass except Vivian.

Melanie was alarmed when she overheard Daniel say that he and Chloe were moving up their wedding date, because she thought the two of them should work out their problems before rushing to the altar. Philip asserted that it was none of his or Melanie's business.

Hoping for a sympathetic ear, Victor sought out Maggie, but she turned to him furiously. "You defied everyone and married that woman," Maggie pointed out. "And then you made very sure that she didn't enjoy one second of her wedding!" She maintained that Victor had behaved like a "cranky little boy" who had deliberately set out to hurt Vivian's feelings. Before walking away, Maggie declared that Vivian was an idiot to have married Victor.

Daniel clinked his glass several times, and when he had everyone's attention, announced that he and Chloe were getting married very soon. The crowd cheered and raised their glasses to Chloe.

Philip followed Melanie into the garden, where she repeated her fears about Daniel and Chloe getting married before working out their problems. Philip lightly pointed out that if all couples worked everything out first, there would be no weddings. Melanie suspected that Chloe was hiding something from Daniel.

As Nicole gushed about what a beautiful bride Chloe was going to be, Daniel noticed that Chloe seemed a little downbeat. Chloe insisted that she was fine, but Brady suggested that maybe Chloe didn't want the announcement of her wedding linked with Vivian and Victor's. Daniel quickly apologized. Bo and Carly walked over to offer their congratulations, and Carly glared pointedly at Chloe during the entire conversation.

Vivian giddily announced that it was time to throw the bouquet, and asked the single ladies to follow her into the foyer. As they all gathered, Vivian hinted to Chloe, "You just stand right over here and leave everything to me!" Giggling, Vivian climbed up a few stairs, and then turned to toss her bouquet. Just then, Hope and Ciara opened the front door, and watched as the bouquet landed squarely in the hands of a horrified Carly.

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