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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 31, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, May 30, 2010

Hope and Ciara were walking up to the Kiriakis mansion when Ciara noticed that there were a lot of cars parked outside. Hope didn't know why the cars were there, but she assured Ciara that things would be okay. Vivian asked the ladies to follow her, and Bo made a joke about Vivian taking Chloe up on the roof. Vivian announced that it was time to throw the bouquet. The ladies gathered in the foyer, and Vivian tossed the bouquet randomly to Carly just as Hope walked in with Ciara.

Bo explained to Hope that he had received a text from Henderson, which was actually from Vivian, because Vivian wanted to throw a surprise wedding. Hope looked over at Carly and asked Bo if there were any more surprises that Hope should know about. Ciara pointed out to Hope that Carly caught the bouquet, and she asked Bo if that meant that Carly was going to marry Bo.

Hope explained to Bo that the situation with him and Carly was hard on Ciara. Bo said he knew, and Hope said, "No. No, you don't."

Justin asked Carly if something was wrong. Carly asked Justin if he had noticed a change in Hope, and Justin said that Hope had been more stressed out than she used to be. Carly said that when she saw Hope a few days before, Hope was very friendly towards her but then when Hope walked in, she ignored Carly. Justin said that it was probably not easy for Hope to see Carly holding a bridal bouquet in front of people who knew Hope, including Bo.

Victor told Brady that he'd better hope that Arianna wasn't the mugger, and Brady told Victor that he hoped that Victor and "the Mrs." got everything they deserved. Nicole stopped Brady as he was leaving, and he said he was going to the jail to see if Arianna would let him visit her. Nicole said that he couldn't see her, because she was meeting with the public defender. Brady said he wanted Arianna to use a lawyer that he hired, which would be better for her case. Nicole convinced Brady that talking to the lawyer would calm Arianna down, and he would have a better chance of getting through to her later.

Daniel and Chloe talked to Nicole and Brady about Daniel and Chloe's wedding plans. Brady told Chloe that he was happy for Chloe. Brady changed his mind about staying, and Nicole ran after him as he was leaving. Maggie expressed her satisfaction that Daniel and Chloe were together. Daniel said he was glad that Maggie convinced them to stay for the wedding, because Vivian needed to know that Victor had backup. Chloe and Carly looked at each other, and Carly remembered finding out that Chloe had cheated on Daniel.

Carly tried to talk to Daniel and Chloe and said she had something important to say, but Victor said he needed to talk to Daniel alone. Chloe thought that Carly was going to tell Daniel that she had cheated on him, but Carly said that she wasn't going to do that. She said she was going to tell them to make Melanie a part of their wedding plans, and she decided not to tell Daniel about Chloe's infidelity.

Daniel told Victor that he planned to marry Chloe, and Victor advised Daniel not to rush into marriage. Daniel said he knew that Victor didn't like Chloe. "That's a bit of an understatement," Victor said. Daniel told Victor not to give Daniel advice, because he just married a woman who tried to kill Daniel's daughter. Victor said there was no proof of that. Daniel got Victor to admit that Vivian was someone that Victor "could never love in a million years."

Dr. Baker watched as Nicole announced on the news that Arianna had been formally charged with robbing six people. He thought about how Nicole got the breaking story because she asked him to set up Arianna. He also figured that Hope would find out about him planting the bogus evidence on Roman, and he thought it was time for him to skip town.

E.J. heard the news report about Arianna being charged with the robberies, and he said, "Rubbish," and stormed out of the Brady Pub.

Arianna met her public defender, the same woman who had been assigned to Nicole, and Arianna hoped that the lawyer would do a better job of defending her. The public defender laid out the prosecution's case against Arianna and said that Arianna's case wasn't going to be easy to defend. The public defender tried to convince Arianna to take a plea deal, but she was resistant. The public defender tried to convince her again that it was in her best interest to take the deal, and it was the best that Arianna would do. E.J. walked in and voiced his disagreement.

Arianna asked what E.J. was doing there, and he said he was there to help. E.J. explained that the public defender covered up her incompetence by pressuring defendants to take a plea bargain. E.J. instead offered to represent Arianna. E.J. met with Arianna to go over her case, and she asked how she could trust E.J. He asked her for a dollar. Arianna said the police took her purse, but she gave him her "good luck dollar" from her bra. E.J. gave Arianna a receipt for services.

E.J. said that he was covered by attorney-client privilege, and he was confident that he could get the charges dropped. Arianna agreed to have him represent her. E.J. said he planned to try to get Arianna released. She said she didn't have any money, though, and E.J. said he would take care of it. Arianna talked about the evidence that the police had against her and the fact that she didn't have an alibi. She asked why E.J. was helping her, and he said that when he was going through a tough time, Arianna was the only one who didn't judge E.J. Brady walked in as E.J. was holding Arianna's hand.

Melanie asked Philip if he agreed that they had worked everything out and if he believed what she said about Nathan. He said he believed her, and she said she regretted hurting him even for a little while, because he was the perfect husband. Philip thought back to when he cheated on Melanie with Chloe, and said, "No. I'm not."

Carly interrupted them, and Melanie told Carly how she had expressed her disapproval of Daniel and Chloe's upcoming nuptials. Carly assured Melanie that Chloe and Daniel would be okay. Melanie said she didn't trust Chloe, because she would tell Daniel that that he was her "everything" but would run to Philip and tell him "stuff." Melanie didn't know what that "stuff" was, but she didn't want Daniel marrying someone like that. Melanie said that she and Carly were the only family that Daniel had.

Carly said that Daniel really loved Chloe, and Melanie said that men always loved Chloe, because they couldn't see past Chloe's "big...eyes." Melanie and Carly laughed. Melanie had a bad feeling that Chloe was going to hurt Daniel.

Philip and Chloe met in the foyer and Philip congratulated her on her engagement. He realized that it meant that Nathan didn't tell anyone about Philip and Chloe sleeping together. Philip was relieved, because he didn't want to lose Melanie. Melanie overheard him and asked how he was going to lose her. Philip covered by saying he could mess things up, but Melanie reminded him that he was the perfect husband. Chloe backed up Philip's explanation.

Stephanie met with Nathan at the Brady Pub, where he announced that he had received some good news, and she asked him why he didn't look happy. Nathan told her that he had been offered a fellowship at Johns Hopkins. He asked Stephanie to move to Baltimore with him. Nathan pointed out that she would have to leave her family and job and take a chance on Nathan. He also said he couldn't see them moving to Baltimore and not living together, but he wasn't sure they were there yet. Nathan said that there were things he used to think he wanted that he didn't want anymore. He said he was happy with his life.

Maggie told Victor that she was disappointed that he married Vivian. He asked why she convinced the others to stay for the wedding. She said it wasn't a tough sell, because those people loved Victor. Vivian interrupted them to make him take some wedding photos. Kate watched from a distance.

Bo told Hope that Ciara said she didn't use Hope's lipstick, and Bo could tell that Ciara wasn't lying. Hope said that Ciara believed the stories that she was making up. Hope said that for instance, she didn't have the "treasure box" that she insisted was under the bed. Ciara overheard Hope saying that she didn't have the box, but Ciara said that Hope did have the box, because Ciara saw it.

Bo thought maybe Ciara saw something that looked like a treasure box, but Ciara said she wasn't lying -- Hope was. Ciara asked if Bo believed her. Bo told Ciara that he needed to talk to Hope alone. "Nobody ever believes me," Ciara said and ran off. Bo questioned Hope, and asked why Ciara would ever lie about seeing a treasure box when it was easy to disprove. Hope asked if Bo thought that Hope was lying.

Vivian said hello to Ciara and Justin, and Ciara told Vivian that she looked pretty. Vivian said that was the nicest thing anyone had said to her all day. Justin volunteered to look upstairs for Victor while Justin helped Ciara pack her things for a sleepover.

Bo told Hope that he didn't think Hope was lying. Hope said that according to the therapist, children acted out in different ways. Bo asked if cutting up Carly's clothes was an example. Hope suggested they go up to her bedroom, look under the bed, and see if there was a treasure box. Bo looked under the bed and found the box that Ciara was referring to. Hope said she didn't remember seeing it. Bo pointed out that it wasn't her house. Bo opened it up.

Maggie looked at Mickey's photo and told him that he had some nerve, to leave her to face ordeals like Victor's wedding by herself. She got through it, Maggie said. She talked about Vivian and Victor's wedding and how Maggie could hear Mickey making jokes about the situation. Maggie said that was when she missed Mickey the most -- when there were things that they could laugh about together. Victor stopped by Maggie's house and offered her a handkerchief. Victor said that the wedding was like a wake, and he made Maggie laugh.

Philip stopped by the Brady Pub with Melanie and saw Stephanie and Nathan together. Philip suggested going elsewhere, but Melanie insisted on staying. They said hello to Stephanie and Nathan, and Philip told them about attending Victor's wedding. Philip announced that Daniel and Chloe had moved the wedding up. Melanie talked to Stephanie when Philip and Nathan weren't around, and she asked if Stephanie had talked to Nathan about Melanie and Stephanie's argument. Stephanie said she did, and Melanie surmised that Stephanie hadn't told Nathan everything.

Stephanie pointed out that Melanie was married to Philip, yet she still insisted on making up a lie about Stephanie trying to trap Nathan by getting pregnant. Stephanie told her to "get over it." Melanie said it wasn't a lie, Melanie wasn't going to get over it, and it wasn't going to work. Stephanie said that she didn't need to trap Nathan, because he wanted to be with Stephanie. She told Melanie how Nathan had turned down a research fellowship to be with Stephanie, and she told Melanie to ask Nathan about it.

Stephanie got a call and went outside to talk. When Nathan returned with their drinks, Melanie asked if he had turned down Johns Hopkins just to stay in Salem. Philip and Stephanie spoke outside, and Philip told her that Melanie thought Stephanie was trying to get pregnant without Nathan's knowledge. Philip defended Melanie, and Stephanie said that Melanie knew it would make Melanie look pathetic and as if Melanie was still into Nathan if she told Nathan her theory. Nathan told Melanie that he was happy where he was and didn't mind turning down Johns Hopkins. Nathan had to leave once Stephanie and Philip returned.

Vivian asked Carly what happened to Vivian's bouquet, and Carly said that she lost it. Vivian said she hoped that wasn't a bad omen for Carly and Bo, but Carly said she didn't believe in omens. Vivian pointed out that she didn't see Bo and Hope anywhere. Kate walked in and said she didn't see any sign of Victor either. Vivian said that Victor was probably chatting with "well wishers." Kate said, "Or maybe he's up on the roof waiting for you."

Carly thanked Kate for her help, and Kate said she thought that Carly could "use a friend in the enemy camp." Kate said she observed Carly and Chloe having a conversation earlier that didn't seem very friendly. Carly said that Chloe had just found out that Chloe was having a tough time finding out about Daniel and Carly being Melanie's parents. Kate had no sympathy for Chloe because of the way she broke Lucas' heart by cheating with Daniel.

Kate asked if Carly had talked to Victor about Chloe. Carly didn't talk to Victor, so Kate filled Carly in on Chloe's past relationships and warned Carly that Chloe couldn't be trusted.

Daniel left for the hospital, and Carly confronted Chloe about the things she had heard from Kate. Chloe realized that Carly had spoken with Kate. Chloe insisted that she wouldn't hurt Daniel. Carly said she planned to convince Daniel not to marry Chloe. After Carly left, Vivian befriended Chloe by offering to help her.

Nicole ran after Brady and asked him to let Arianna get a good night's sleep. Brady didn't want to wait and let Arianna think that he didn't believe in her innocence. Nicole said she wouldn't question Brady's loyalty. Brady left, and Dr. Baker walked up and said, "That went well." Dr. Baker asked Nicole for money, but she said no, so he blackmailed her by saying he would tell the police that she tried to frame Arianna.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At the DiMera mansion, Sami opened the front door to find Gabi Hernandez. Desperate to help Arianna, Gabi explained that she was looking for Rafe because he was the only one that could help Arianna. Sami informed Gabi that Rafe was working undercover, and she did not know where to find him. Gabi asked Sami to talk to Roman about Arianna's case. When Sami assured Gabi that Roman was doing what he could to investigate the muggings, an annoyed Gabi accused Sami of not wanting to help. "So it's too much trouble for you to ask?" Gabi said. When Sami assured Gabi that she would do anything for Rafe, Gabi asked Sami whether her resistance to talk to Roman was because she believed Arianna was guilty.

"Once Rafe finds out you refused to help his family, he will never forgive you. And it will be about time he realizes the kind of person you really are," Gabi said. Stunned, Sami rolled her eyes as Gabi stormed out of the mansion. Sami called Rafe and left a voicemail expressing her concern over Arianna.

At the police station, Brady walked into the interrogation room to find E.J. consulting with Arianna. Noting the look on Brady's face, Arianna explained that E.J. was her new attorney. "She needed some help, and I offered," E.J. said. Hurt, Brady asked Arianna why she was accepting E.J.'s help when she had declined Brady's assistance. "He believes I'm innocent," Arianna retorted. E.J. reached across the table and squeezed Arianna's hand gently. E.J. assured Arianna that he would wait outside so that she could talk to Brady privately.

Once E.J. had left the room, Brady argued that he believed that Arianna was innocent. Arianna refused to believe Brady and asked Brady to leave her alone. As an emotional Arianna stared at a shocked and silent Brady, E.J. entered the room and asked Arianna if she needed more time. Arianna replied that she was finished. E.J. informed Arianna that he had her arraignment moved up and that he was ready to present the case to the judge. When Arianna worried about what to wear for court, a solemn Brady offered to go to Arianna's apartment and pick up a change of clothes for her. When Arianna noted that Gabi could pick up the clothes, Brady insisted that he could go to the apartment. "In case I didn't make it clear, I'm here for you," Brady said before walking out of the police station.

As Arianna worried aloud about all the evidence at the crime scene, she concluded that it felt like she was being set up. E.J. agreed that they should consider the possibility that someone framed Arianna, but that they needed to focus on another tactic first. E.J. pulled out a list of the muggings and urged Arianna to determine whether she could remember an alibi for any of the other attacks. Frustrated, Arianna commented that she could barely remember what she did the day before. After E.J. pressed Arianna to study the list, Arianna relented. "I got it," Arianna said triumphantly.

Arianna pointed out the date of Justin's assault and explained that she was with Nicole the night of the attack on Justin. Looking concerned, E.J. leaned back in his chair and muttered, "That's odd." E.J. noted that based on Arianna's alibi, Nicole could have exonerated Arianna at any point but had not. "Despite all her pleas on television, that means either she doesn't remember, or she does remember and she didn't do anything," E.J. theorized.

"It really refreshing to talk to someone who isn't blinded by Nicole's good intentions," Arianna said softly. "Believe me, I've long been cured of that unfortunate affliction," E.J. joked. Arianna noted that since she had not remembered the alibi until that moment, she wanted to give Nicole the benefit of the doubt that she might have forgotten that night as well.

Down at the pier, Dr. Dick Baker asked Nicole to give him money for framing Arianna as the mugger. When Nicole declined, Dick started to walk away. Nicole urged Dick to erase all evidence linking him to Arianna. "What about the wallets that you stole off the victims? Where are they?" Nicole asked. Dick admitted that his "partner" had the wallets and that there was nothing he could do to destroy them.

"Make absolutely sure she understands why there cannot be any more attacks," Nicole told Dick. When Dick admitted he had no control over his partner, Nicole demanded that Dick reveal who his mysterious partner was. Dick assured Nicole that his partner was a professional and that Nicole did not need to worry.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo and Hope opened the "treasure box" hidden under her bed. When Bo and Hope looked inside the box, they found it was empty. Bo noted that the box had to be the same one that Ciara was talking about. "Where's the secret treasure?" Bo wondered aloud. Downstairs, Ciara pulled the collection of wallets out of her backpack and arranged them on a chair in front of her. "These are my secrets now," Ciara said as she placed the wallets back into her backpack.

Upstairs, Hope noted that the box was proof that Ciara was making up stories. "Where would she come up with a story like that?" Bo wondered aloud. Bo assured Hope that they would help their daughter together. When Bo put his hand on Hope's shoulder to calm her, Hope asked him not to act concerned with her. Bo started to tell Hope that he cared about her, and Hope interrupted to warn Bo that his expressions of concern for her were too painful because he had moved on with Carly.

After reminding Hope that Ciara had a sleepover planned for that evening, Bo asked Hope if he could cancel the sleepover and take Ciara home with him. Hope agreed that it would be good for Ciara and Bo to spend some time together. When Bo asked Hope how she was doing, Hope admitted that she was tired and was planning on going to bed soon. With a smile on his face, Bo noted that Hope was still reading the same book she had been for a while. Hope admitted that though the book was boring, she was determined to finish it. "Stubborn as ever. Glad to see some things never change," Bo said sweetly.

Ciara ran into Hope's room and announced that she was ready to go. "You have everything you need?" Hope asked. Clutching her backpack to her chest, Ciara said, "Yep. It's all right here." Bo took Ciara by the hand, led her down the hallway, and left Hope alone in her bedroom. Hope took one of her pills and went to bed.

In the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian offered Chloe help with removing Carly from her life. Nervous, Chloe excused herself and headed for the front door. "Are you willing to let that woman ruin your happiness? Because if you do nothing, she will," Vivian called out to Chloe. Chloe stopped in her tracks and turned to face a hopeful Vivian. Chloe assured Vivian that she was not worried about Carly, and then she left the mansion. "You're scared to death. Thank God for that," Vivian muttered to herself.

At the hospital, Daniel told Carly that he was marrying Chloe the next day. Daniel was surprised by Carly's dour reaction and pressed her to tell him what was "really going on." Carly admitted that she was bothered by his marriage to Chloe. Before Carly could explain why, Daniel told Carly that for the first time since his wife Rebecca died, he did not feel bitter or angry. "That woman Chloe has changed all that. She has made me realize that it is possible to feel again, to love again," Daniel said. Carly told Daniel that she understood that he loved Chloe, but that was why she felt like she had to tell Daniel about her reservations.

As Carly started to explain why she was worried about Daniel's marriage to Chloe, Daniel received a page and interrupted Carly to tell her he did not want her advice. "I am marrying Chloe tomorrow. End of discussion," Daniel said.

Down on the pier, Nicole turned around to find a despondent Chloe walking toward her on the pier. Nicole walked up to Chloe and asked if she was okay. "I think I'm gonna lose Daniel," Chloe said sadly. Nicole steered Chloe to a nearby bench and urged her to say what was wrong. When Chloe noted that she had done something horrible, Nicole joked that it could not be worse than anything she had done, so Chloe did not need to worry about judgment from Nicole. Chloe admitted that she trusted Nicole with the secret but that she knew the secret would eventually come out and drive Daniel away. Nicole told Chloe that Daniel was not the type of man to leave Chloe after marrying her, so she should move up the wedding date.

At Maggie's house, Victor comforted Maggie in her kitchen and urged her to talk to him. Maggie worried aloud that she was interfering with Victor's wedding night. Victor assured Maggie that his unconventional marriage meant that he did not need to spend his wedding night with Vivian. Maggie confided that she missed Mickey, especially after going to two weddings since his funeral. With tears in her eyes, Maggie wondered aloud whether Ciara would remember Mickey and how long Maggie would be able to remember Mickey's voice. In an effort to comfort Maggie, Victor talked about how he dealt with his grief over the death of Isabella.

As Victor talked about the Toscano foundation, Vivian called Victor's cell phone and demanded to know where he was hiding. After Maggie slipped out of the kitchen, Victor told Vivian that he was visiting with Maggie. When Vivian demanded that Victor return home, a surly Victor cautioned Vivian that she should not order him around, particularly after the bad behavior she had displayed earlier in the day. Furious, Victor hung up the phone on Vivian. Overcome with emotion, Vivian slammed her phone down on the table as she wept.

When Maggie returned to the kitchen, Victor proposed establishing a scholarship in Mickey's name. Victor wanted to hash out the details of the scholarship, but Maggie insisted that Victor return home to his bride. "One more cup of coffee. This is the most fun I've had all day," Victor said with a chuckle.

Back at Daniel's apartment, Carly knocked on the front door. Chloe opened the door and Carly noted that Daniel had secured Father Matt's services to marry Chloe the next day. "I know you thought long and hard about how you're going to tell Daniel the truth, but you're running out of time," Carly said. Chloe asked Carly why she had changed her mind about telling Daniel, but Carly explained that she was looking out for what was best for Chloe. Carly warned Chloe that she needed to give Daniel the choice of whether to stay with her or else Carly would tell Daniel herself. With her ultimatum hanging in the air, Carly left the apartment.

When Daniel arrived home, he excitedly informed Chloe that Father Matt had agreed to marry them the next day. With a smile on her face, Chloe explained that when she learned Daniel had the evening off of work, she arranged for them to spend the night in Brookville at a wedding facility. "We can become husband and wife tonight," Chloe said happily. Daniel said that he liked Chloe's idea but that he wanted Father Matt and Melanie to both be at the wedding. "What's one more day?" Daniel asked. Chloe agreed to wait another day, but once Daniel left the apartment, the smile fell from her face. "I don't want to lose you, Daniel. I have to find a way to stop Carly," Chloe whispered.

Down on the pier, a distraught Brady bumped into Nicole. Brady explained that he was headed to the Brady Pub to pick up some clothes for Arianna's court appearance. Nicole inquired about Brady's visit with Arianna, and he admitted that things were difficult in his relationship with his fiancée. Nicole advised Brady that Arianna was scared and that she would return to Brady eventually. "She wouldn't give up on that kind of love. Not without a fight," Nicole said.

When Bo arrived home with Ciara, he encouraged his daughter to be polite to Carly. As Ciara sat on the couch, Bo took Carly aside and updated her on Ciara's issues with Hope. Bo expressed his desire to bond with his daughter and help her work through her problems. Bo asked Carly to watch Ciara while he called Caroline to inform her about Victor's latest marriage. Once Bo was upstairs, Carly asked Ciara about what she had in her bag. When Carly reached for Ciara's backpack, Ciara pulled the bag away from Carly's reach. "Leave them alone. They're my secrets," Ciara said.

In Hope's bedroom, a knocking sound in the room woke her up. Shaking off sleep, Hope got out of bed and went to the closet. After getting dressed, Hope called Dick and asked if he was up for "some fun." "I'm ready to do some serious damage and I know just the place to go," Hope purred.

Sami rushed down to the police station and found Arianna as she was being escorted back to her cell. When Sami asked if she could help Arianna, Arianna explained that someone was already looking out for her. "With any luck I should be out of here tonight," Arianna said hopefully. "I'm so glad that Brady was able to help you," Sami said. Biting her lip, Arianna explained that it was not Brady that helped her. To Sami's surprise, Arianna admitted that E.J. was her lawyer.

Hoping Brady would show up, Nicole waited at the Cheatin' Heart. As Nicole checked her phone, E.J. sidled up beside Nicole and leaned onto her table. Believing that Brady had arrived, Nicole said, "I am so glad you came." As Nicole turned around, the smile fell from her face as she looked into her ex husband's eyes. Recovering quickly, Nicole asked E.J. to get out of her view of the television. "I know what you did to Arianna. What I don't know is why," E.J. said softly.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At the Cheatin' Heart, E.J. perched on Nicole's table and demanded, "Why have you done what you're doing to Arianna?" Nicole accidentally spat out the sip of wine she'd just taken, and tried to make light of it, but E.J. wasn't amused. He accused Nicole of allowing Arianna to rot in jail for something Nicole knew she hadn't done.

Nicole reminded him that she'd already proclaimed Arianna's innocence on the air, but added that the D.A. had a pretty strong case against Arianna. E.J. calmly replied that Arianna had an alibi for the night Justin had been attacked: she had been giving Nicole a check from Brady at that exact time.

E.J. was also determined not only to prove Arianna's innocence, but also to find out who had attacked him and set Arianna up. He suspected Nicole was the perpetrator - and if so, she was headed back to prison. Nicole hotly reminded him that she had an alibi for the night Brady had been attacked - plus, if she was Arianna's alibi for Justin's mugging, Arianna was also Nicole's. "But I'll check and get back to you about the dates," she concluded icily before storming out.

Arianna made a tearful phone call to her mother from the jail. She apologized for "disgracing the family," but swore that she was innocent, and her lawyer was going to help her prove it.

As Brady was leaving the Brady Pub a bag of clothes for Arianna, he ran into Caroline outside. When he mentioned his grandfather's wedding, Caroline was clearly dismayed, but kept it together as she asked whom Victor had married. Wincing, Brady informed her that the bride had been Vivian Alamain. "What?" Caroline shouted, horrified. "My God!"

Later, Brady took the clothes to Arianna at the jail. She informed him that she was feeling optimistic, because E.J. was out chasing down a lead that could exonerate her, but she didn't feel comfortable sharing the details with Brady. Brady declared that he loved Arianna, and he knew she was innocent. The guard interrupted to inform them that visiting hours were over and escorted Brady out.

Nicole arrived outside the Brady Pub, and she began to panic as she worried that if E.J. remembered seeing Dr. Baker the night he was mugged, Dick would sing like a bird - and she would go back to prison. "One step at a time, Nicole," she told herself, taking a deep breath. "The best offense is a good defense. So...all I have to do is find a good defense."

The station called to assign Nicole an interview with D.A. Woods, but Nicole refused. She asserted that no one cared anymore that Woods had been mugged, because it had happened weeks earlier, and he was "a pompous bore." Nicole hung up quickly when she saw Brady approaching. "I've got good news," she informed him. "I think I found a way we can exonerate Arianna."

E.J. arrived to visit Arianna, and explained that attorneys were exempt from visiting-hour rules. He then told her that if Nicole found out that their dates matched up, she would provide an alibi for Arianna. A relieved Arianna threw her arms around E.J. in gratitude, but then she began to fret that Nicole might lie about the check.

"We both know what Nicole says and what she does are two completely different things," E.J. conceded. "She has an agenda; she always does." He continued that he'd taken Arianna's case because he'd suspected Nicole was involved, and they would decide how to proceed once they determined just how involved Nicole was.

Hope phoned Dick Baker at his hotel room and ordered him to meet her at the pier right away. "It's time to do some serious damage," she declared. "And I know just the place to start." Dick was worried that he was whom she meant when she said "serious damage," but she replied that he would have to meet her to find out.

As Hope arrived on the docks, Dick immediately began to apologize, but she pulled a gun on him. "I specifically told you not to frame Arianna Hernandez, and you did it anyway," Hope snapped. "You know what that is? Betrayal. It can mark the end of a good partnership." Dick argued that once they mugged another guy, Arianna would be exonerated.

Hope put her gun away and declared that she was finished with the muggings. "In fact, you and Nicole pulling that little scam, having Arianna arrested?" Hope added. "That could be a nice little red herring for me, Doc." She stated that it was time to go after her real target, and told Dick to follow her if he wanted to find out who that was.

At Bo's, Carly asked Ciara what was in her backpack. Clutching the bag tightly, Ciara declared, "You can't look! They're my secrets." Bo returned from the kitchen just in time to hear Ciara ordering Carly, "Stay away from me." Carly quietly told Bo that it was her fault, and then left the room to give Bo and Ciara some privacy.

Ciara complained that Carly had been trying to see her secret treasures. Bo patiently explained that he hoped since Carly was his good friend, Ciara and Carly could someday be friends, too. Ciara nodded agreement that she would work on that with her dad and Carly. Bo then asked gently if Ciara wanted to tell him what her secret treasures were. She agreed to show him - but only him. Bo began playfully unzipping pockets, but found the first ones he opened empty. A knock at the door interrupted them before Bo found the compartment with Ciara's "treasures" inside.

Bo was surprised to find his irate mother on the doorstep. She began excoriating him about Victor's marriage to Vivian, but lowered her voice as soon as she saw Ciara. "How could you let that happen, Bo?" she demanded quietly, but no less angrily.

After Ciara had left the room, Bo pointed out that Victor was his own man and did whatever he wanted. Still furious, Caroline couldn't understand why Victor would marry "that awful woman." "I'm sure he had a good reason," Bo hedged. Caroline refused to accept what Victor had done, but wondered why Bo wasn't as upset as she was. Before Bo could answer, Ciara bounded down the stairs with a picture she'd drawn for her grandma. Ciara then dragged Caroline by the hand into the kitchen so they could bake some cookies.

Hope and Dick arrived outside just in time for her to see Ciara through the window. Dick asked where they were, and Hope's eyes filled with tears. "This place is my home," she whispered. "My husband is inside this house - my house. So is my child." She continued that her husband lived there with another woman, for whom he'd left Hope, and ever since, Hope had been filled with hatred. Dick surmised that Hope had been taking out her hostilities by assaulting all those other men. Hope noted, "But who were they really? Substitutes. Stand-ins. For Bo."

Dick paused in disbelief. "You mean Bo Brady, the police commissioner?" Hope confirmed it, but suddenly noticed through the window that Ciara had returned to the couch and had opened her backpack. As Ciara called out, "Daddy, I'm ready to show you my secret treasures now," she pulled out the wallets she'd taken from the "treasure box" under Hope's bed. Hope exclaimed, "Oh, my God! That little devil - she has them!"

Vivian was wandering forlornly around the Kiriakis mansion in the aftermath of her wedding to Victor, when Gus found her in the garden. Vivian informed Gus that although her nuptials hadn't been exactly what she'd been expecting, the reception had not been a total loss, because Chloe was convinced that Carly was about to ruin her marriage to Daniel. Just then, Chloe called Vivian. "If I'm going to be happy and have a life with Daniel, I need to take control and make sure that it happens," Chloe declared, and then asked for Vivian's help.

Chloe soon arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, but fretted that she shouldn't be there on Vivian's wedding night. Vivian assured her that it was fine, because Victor wasn't even home, and asserted that they needed to work together to stop Carly. Chloe admitted that Carly always seemed to be trying to stir up trouble between Daniel and Chloe. "Carly Manning hurt me terribly," Vivian pointed out. "And now she's trying to hurt you."

Chloe didn't know how she could stop Carly, whom Chloe deemed strong and confident. Vivian divulged that Carly was claustrophobic, and explained that she'd once freaked Carly out terribly by trapping her in an elevator. Chloe didn't understand how that would help her. Vivian produced a phone number for Chloe to program into her cell phone. When Chloe asked whose number it was, Vivian would only reveal: "Let's just say it's for someone who will help you give Carly exactly what she deserves."

After entering the digits in her phone, Chloe wanted to know what would happen when she called the number. Vivian replied that all Chloe had to do was to get Carly into the right elevator at the right time, and he would take care of the rest. Vivian's vagueness began to aggravate Chloe, but Vivian urged Chloe not to press her for more details. Chloe irritably argued that she needed something concrete so she could be sure that Carly couldn't ruin her life.

Suddenly it dawned on Chloe that Vivian didn't just intend to lock Carly in an elevator. "You said you wanted a more permanent solution, n'est-ce pas?" Vivian chirped. Chloe asked what the man was going to do to Carly once she was in the elevator. Vivian replied cheerfully, "He's going to turn the elevator into an express, and send it straight to hell." Chloe's eyes widened in horror as she realized that Vivian was going to have Carly killed.

Daniel arrived at the Brady Pub and announced to Melanie and Philip that he and Chloe were getting married the next day. "No!" Melanie blurted, but then she quickly apologized. "It's just fast," she stammered. Daniel didn't want to delay marrying Chloe any longer, not just because they loved each other, but also because Chloe needed a real commitment from him - and he was happy to give it to her.

Philip agreeably pointed out that Chloe was simply trying to focus on the future and make a new beginning with Daniel. "Yeah, but your problems don't go away just because you get married," Melanie countered. After Philip left to take a business call, Daniel wanted to know why Melanie was really against his marrying Chloe. Melanie hedged that it was just short notice, and wondered if Chloe were really on board with it. Daniel informed her that Chloe had wanted to elope that night.

Melanie flipped out. "Is she scared she's going to lose you between tonight and tomorrow? What's going on?" Daniel urged her to trust him when he said he was happier than he'd been in a long time. "Okay," Melanie conceded. "I just really hope that Chloe doesn't hurt you." When Philip returned, Daniel asked if Philip would walk Chloe down the aisle. Philip seemed unsure about it, but agreed.

After Daniel left, Melanie granted that maybe getting married would ease some of Chloe's insecurities, but added, "I just can't shake this feeling that she's going to break his heart." Philip didn't think that would happen, because Daniel meant everything to Chloe. "Why don't we wish them luck, and let them go be happy?" he proposed. Melanie reluctantly concurred, but wanted Philip to swear that he thought Chloe was right for Daniel.

Daniel ran into Carly in the park, and she apologized for how intrusive she'd been about his relationship with Chloe. Carly was taken aback when Daniel informed her that he'd already told Chloe that he'd arranged the wedding for the next day. "What did she say?" Carly asked. "Wasn't there something that she wanted to tell you?" Chuckling, Daniel replied, "Actually, the next thing she said was that we should elope - tonight."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Melanie asked Philip to tell her that Chloe was the right woman for Daniel. Philip said he believed that. Melanie was suspicious that Chloe was keeping something from Daniel, and she suspected that Philip knew what it was. Philip thought about him and Chloe sleeping together. He told Melanie that they needed to stay out of Daniel and Chloe's love life.

Carly told Daniel that she didn't understand why Chloe and Daniel were rushing to the altar by getting married that night instead of the next day. Daniel was offended that Carly was sticking her nose in his business, and he asked her why she even cared. He insisted that Carly tell him what was really going on. Carly pretended not to know what Daniel was talking about. Daniel said Carly had a lot going on in her life and still had time to "hound" him about his love life. Carly reminded him that he was her friend, and she cared about him.

Daniel told Carly that he was marrying Chloe and there was nothing that she could say about it. Carly worried that her reservations about Daniel marrying Chloe didn't mess up Carly's friendship with Daniel, because it really mattered to Carly. Daniel said that it mattered to him too, and he said that he probably shouldn't have shared his problems about Chloe with Carly. He realized that with him, Melanie, and Carly working together, too, that it was probably hard to set some boundaries. Daniel reiterated that he really wanted Chloe to be his wife even though their relationship was complicated. Carly said she hoped that Daniel and Chloe were really happy.

Chloe asked if Vivian wanted Chloe to kill Carly. Vivian said she was angry at Carly for trying to destroy committed relationships. Vivian tried to put a positive spin on her plan to kill Carly. Vivian told Chloe that she wanted Chloe to make sure that Carly got on an elevator that would crash, killing Carly. Chloe was uncomfortable with Vivian's plan, so Vivian tried to make her feel guilty.

Chloe thought that Vivian just wanted her to do Vivian's dirty work. Vivian said she was just asking Chloe to do what Vivian couldn't -- get Carly on the elevator. Vivian said for Chloe to let that be on Vivian's conscience. "You have one?" Chloe asked. Vivian said she had a clear idea of right and wrong, and Carly was wrong and had to be stopped.

Hope plotted with Dr. Baker to keep Ciara from showing Bo the wallets. Dr. Baker set off Bo's car alarm to distract Bo. Caroline called Ciara into the kitchen to put the chocolate chips in the cookies. Hope looked up at the sky and said, "I owe you one." Then she sneaked into the house to retrieve the wallets. Bo returned right after Hope slipped out the front door. Bo looked in Ciara's backpack for what she wanted to show him. When Ciara returned to the living room, she told Bo not to peek. He said he already had and there was nothing in it.

Bo and Ciara told Caroline that Ciara's treasures were gone and had disappeared when she went into the kitchen to help Caroline with the cookies. Caroline gave Ciara a rosary that belonged to Caroline's mother. Ciara promised she wouldn't lose it, and she went upstairs to put it away. Bo told Caroline that he didn't know what was going on. Caroline said the girl had a vivid imagination. Bo thought that Caroline blamed him and Hope for the way Ciara was acting. Caroline denied it and said he had to "roll with the punches." Caroline comforted Bo, but he said that he said much worse to himself. She said that Ciara would be fine.

When Ciara returned to the living room, she asked if he knew what happened to her secret treasures. Bo said he didn't, and neither did Ciara.

Hope got a headache, and Dr. Baker noticed that she looked pale. She asked what he was still doing there, because it wasn't the safest place for him to be. He said that he wasn't going anywhere without Hope. She asked if he cared what happened to her. He said he was surprised by that revelation. "If you do, you're the only one who does," she said. She asked if Dr. Baker was staying for her.

Dr. Baker admitted that they had something in common -- losing everything. He realized, though, that he had "screwed up everything" all on his own, whereas everything bad happened to Hope. Dr. Baker assured her that she wasn't alone, because she had him.

Victor told Maggie that he was "throwing around" money to get back in her good graces. She said that he couldn't get back where he never was. Maggie accused Victor of trying to forget that he was married. Victor said just because Vivian and Victor were husband and wife didn't mean that they were joined at the hip. Maggie reminded him that he had just gotten married that afternoon and hadn't even had a honeymoon yet.

Maggie said she planned to respect Victor's marriage vows even though he wasn't willing to. She said she didn't want him dropping by her house "for tea and sympathy, complaining about the old ball and chain." Victor asked if Maggie was that bossy with Mickey. She said she didn't have to be, because Mickey wasn't an idiot like Victor. She told Victor to go home and "face the music."

Then Maggie laughed, thinking about Vivian, on her wedding night, waiting for Victor in her new nightgown with a ribbon at her throat. "I hate you," Victor said. Maggie continued to joke. "I really, really hate you," Victor said. As Victor left, Maggie told Victor to send her a card from Niagara Falls. "I'm glad you think this is funny, because it sure as hell isn't," he said.

Stephanie suggested that she and Nathan move in together. He said that was "an option." She sensed that he was being commitment phobic, but he reminded her that he gave up Johns Hopkins for her. Nathan received word that a 7-year-old patient with a weak heart had been readmitted to the hospital. Stephanie found it admirable that Nathan could always see things from another person's point of view and said it would make him a great father one day.

Nathan said he wanted to do more things before he became a father, like climb Mt. Everest and finish his residency. He said he wanted to be the kind of father who stuck around and cared about his kids' day-to-day lives. He said the decision to be a father would be the most important decision he planned to make. Stephanie said she hadn't thought about it like that.

Stephanie went to the Cheatin' Heart for some advice from Adrienne. Adrienne said that the sale of the bar fell through, so she would be in town for a while. Adrienne talked about her experience as a mother, and she asked if Stephanie was pregnant. Stephanie said she could be. She admitted that she stopped taking her birth control pills and had not told Nathan about it. Stephanie started to tell Adrienne that if she was pregnant, she "couldn't do that." Adrienne said that there was something that Stephanie needed to talk about.

Adrienne suggested that Stephanie take the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. Stephanie asked what if she was already pregnant. Adrienne said that it wouldn't harm the baby, because it was meant to be emergency birth control. Stephanie thought how unfair it was to Nathan and to the baby. Adrienne reminded her that they didn't know that there even was a baby. Stephanie said she felt very alone earlier and didn't want to talk to her mother about it over the phone. Adrienne was happy to be needed.

Philip told Melanie to accept that Chloe wasn't like Melanie or Carly. He said she needed to let Chloe be the person that Daniel fell in love with. Melanie thought she was making Philip mad. Philip wanted them to concentrate on their lives and let Daniel concentrate on his. Melanie wanted Chloe and Daniel to be as happy as Melanie and Philip. Melanie thought that she and Chloe had gotten along when Chloe woke up from her coma. Melanie was worried that Chloe and Daniel weren't as open as Melanie and Philip were. Melanie felt that being honest was the reason why her marriage to Philip was so good. Melanie said no one would get in the way of her and Philip being together forever. Then, in walked Nathan.

Nathan told Melanie about his patient. Melanie asked if the patient would be okay, and Nathan said that Dr. Cummings wasn't sure. Melanie comforted Nathan with a hug, while Philip watched. Nathan told Melanie that he hoped he didn't "bum" her out. Then he left. Melanie apologized to Philip, and said it was hard to have a sick patient that was a kid. Philip said he understood. Melanie acknowledged that it would always be weird between Philip and Nathan. Philip said he knew that she and Nathan worked together, and it was an "intense job."

Melanie said she wasn't angry at Philip for jumping on her earlier. Philip asked her to stop talking. She said she couldn't stop talking. He suggested they go home.

When Chloe got home, Daniel wasn't there, and she decided that she needed to tell Daniel the truth about her and Philip sleeping together. Chloe imagined telling Daniel the truth and him leaving her, so she decided against it. Chloe thought again about Vivian's offer. Then Carly called to tell her that Carly had spoken to Daniel. Carly warned that Chloe's lies were starting to build up.

Carly said she knew that Chloe was scared. "She was right," Chloe said. "You just hate me. You can't stand that Daniel and I are happy," Chloe added. Carly called Chloe's accusations "crazy." "Don't say that. Don't say that word to me," Chloe yelled and threw the phone. Carly was determined to tell Daniel. Chloe made a call.

Bo called Carly and asked if anything was wrong, because she sounded upset. Carly said that she was worried about a patient, but admitted that she was probably overreacting. Bo told Ciara about the treasure he got when he was in the Merchant Marine. He went upstairs to get it. Meanwhile, Ciara watched from an open window as Hope told Dr. Baker that it was very strange that she believed Dr. Baker when he said that she had him to count on.

Victor saw Vivian with her suitcase in the foyer when he returned home, and he thought that she was leaving him. "Aw, it's a damn shame. We gave it our best shot, right?" he said. Vivian said they were late for their honeymoon. "I've been meaning to talk to you about that. What do you think about a 'staycation?' You know you stay in your room, and I'll stay in mine," he said. Vivian said he could do whatever he wanted, but she was leaving.

Victor went upstairs to grab a book to read, and Vivian got annoyed. Victor said he hoped that her determination to get out of town was a "young bride's desire to be alone with her new hubby and not a desire for an alibi." Vivian denied knowing what he was talking about. Victor said that if anything happened to Carly, Vivian would find out the "true meaning of 'til death do us part." Vivian reminded Victor that they had a deal.

Daniel showed Maggie the ring he planned to give Chloe, and Maggie loved it. Daniel asked if Maggie thought that it was okay that he and Chloe were getting married. Maggie said that after everything Daniel and Chloe had been through, if they made it to the altar "I say, more power to you." Daniel was certain that they would make it to the altar and nothing would stop them.

Stephanie took the morning-after pill and Nathan returned. He noticed the box for the pill and asked what it was.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open, Days of our Lives did not air today. This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, June 7 and pick up where Thursday, June 3's episode concluded.

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