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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daniel urged Chloe to come clean to him about why she was being wishy-washy about the wedding, and she said that if they didn't get married that night, they never would. She felt that there were forces that were conspiring against them. She claimed it was something else besides the church's annulment and Father Matt.

She was afraid to tell Daniel at first. She told him about the nightmare she had in which he was there one minute, and the next minute he was gone, and Chloe was all alone. He asked her why she thought that he would abandon her. She blamed it on being a cancer survivor and always looking for the other shoe to drop. She begged Daniel to call the justice of the peace so they could get married right away.

Daniel started to think that they should wait to get married. Chloe began to panic. He tried to explain that he felt that rushing into marriage was a bad idea, like it was a panic decision. She reminded him that they had been planning on getting married for months. He felt she should have a traditional wedding, but she didn't care anymore. She assured him that all she wanted was Daniel and that they could have a proper wedding later.

Daniel thought that Chloe didn't sound like herself. She said she had never been surer about anything in her life. Daniel said he would do whatever made her happy, and she was overjoyed. She asked Daniel to call the justice of the peace, and he wanted to call Melanie and Philip and get them to the hospital too. Chloe didn't want him to, and insisted there was no time. He said if they were going to get married that night, at the very least, he wanted his daughter there. Daniel vowed that whether Melanie picked up the phone or not, he would still marry Chloe.

Daniel left to make the arrangements, and Chloe prayed that they got married before Carly got out of surgery, told Daniel, and ruined everything.

Melanie opened the door at Alice's house and found Nathan about to enter. He was surprised to see her, and she explained that she was there to see how Maggie was doing. She said she was happy to see him, and he wondered if that was because she was going to try to badmouth Stephanie again. Melanie said she was told he wouldn't be there, but she was glad that he was. She started to leave, and Nathan apologized for taking his frustrations out on her.

Nathan said that Alice had a long life. Melanie said just because someone had a long life didn't mean that it wasn't hard for anyone to know they were about to lose that person. Melanie hoped that Nathan still considered her a friend, and he said he did. He was also grateful that they could move on with their lives. Stephanie called and interrupted their conversation. She asked if he wanted her to meet him at Alice's house, and he agreed. Stephanie sensed that he sounded strange, but he said nothing was wrong.

As Melanie was saying goodbye to Nathan, Daniel called and asked her and Philip to attend his wedding to Chloe. Melanie agreed to go to the hospital. Then she told Nathan about Chloe's wedding plans and expressed reluctance to "get on board" with Daniel and Chloe's plan. Nathan told her that he didn't think she should support their wedding. Melanie remembered that Nathan had misgivings about Chloe and Daniel's wedding before.

Nathan thought about when he overheard Chloe talking about the affair she had behind Daniel's back. Nathan encouraged Melanie to talk to Daniel, and she said she had, but every time she said something, he got defensive. Stephanie showed up and asked what was going on and where Philip was. Melanie said she didn't know, and she rushed off to find him.

Nathan showed Stephanie that he had two tickets to go on a hot air balloon. She was touched that he was able to think of her with everything that was going on with his family.

Melanie arrived at the hospital just as Daniel finished leaving a message for the justice of the peace. She asked Daniel why he wanted to rush the wedding. Chloe told Nicole over the phone that once Chloe and Daniel were married, Daniel wouldn't leave her even if Carly told him about Chloe's affair. Melanie walked into Chloe's room as she was on the phone. Melanie asked Chloe what kind of games she was playing with Daniel.

At the Brady Pub, Sami was excited to see Allie return with Lucas. Lucas asked Sami where her home was -- Sami's place or E.J.'s. Lucas said he wasn't trying to start anything with Sami -- he just wanted to know where Sami -- or more importantly where his daughter -- would be living. Sami planned to tell Lucas; she just wanted to discuss it later after she celebrated having Allie back with her. She said that it was good that Lucas returned when he did.

Lucas remembered the year that he got his own ornament for the Horton Christmas tree. He told Allie that she was named after a wonderful woman who would live on in Allie. Sami said that Alice would live on in the people she touched. Sami told Allie how much Alice meant to her.

Madeline surmised that Kate and Stefano were behind the contents of the safety deposit box being missing. She worried that they would discover what else was in the box besides the tape that they had been looking for.

Stefano and Kate prepared to watch the videotape they had found in Madeline's safety deposit box to figure out if it was the same one that Madeline was holding over their heads. They began to watch the tape. It was Madeline having sex with Congressman Andrew. Madeline had done it because Stefano needed the congressman's vote for a lucrative construction job, and Kate helped Stefano by befriending Madeline, who was down on her luck.

In the tape, the congressman sensed that they were being recorded. He grabbed Madeline and demanded to know where the camera was. Stefano entered the room, and ordered Andrew to let Madeline go. Kate hit the congressman over the head with a lamp, and Madeline checked his pulse and realized the congressman was dead. Kate's voice could be heard in the background saying, "Stefano, we killed him."

Stefano was grateful to Kate for saving his life the night that they set up the congressman. She said that Stefano was able to cover up the murder. He said the important thing was that they had the tape and their secret was safe. Madeline called Stefano and asked him to meet her at the pier. He told Kate to stay behind, and he would take care of Madeline. Kate called Lucas and they made plans to meet up later.

At the pier, Madeline accused Stefano of stealing the videotape, but she said it was "a foolish waste of time," because she had made copies. Stefano wasn't worried because he said he had all his "bases covered." She demanded to have back the rest of what was in her box. He told her that no one gave him orders. He warned her that her blackmailing days were over, and she had nothing on him anymore, because he was holding all the cards. Madeline demanded that he return her things. He agreed that they could finally put their past behind them.

Kate looked through Madeline's things, opened an envelope she found, and was shocked at what she saw.

Maggie asked Bill what Dr. Hayden had said about Alice's condition. Bill said that Maggie's breathing was labored and the doctor said the end was near for Alice. Jennifer, Maggie, and Laura started crying, and Maggie said it was wonderful that they all had a chance to say their goodbyes. Laura was sorry they couldn't say their goodbyes to Mickey and said she couldn't imagine how difficult it was. Maggie said she would have given anything to hold him in her arms one last time and tell him how much she loved him. Bill said Mickey knew that.

Maggie assured everyone that Alice knew how grateful they were for all the blessings Alice gave them. Sami walked into the kitchen with Lucas and Allie. Bill thanked Lucas for making it back so quickly, while Laura greeted Sami and Allie. Lucas hugged Jennifer and Maggie. Bill told Allie not to expect Alice to say anything when Allie sees Allie, because Alice was very sleepy.

Sami and Stephanie looked at the Horton family album. Then, they discussed Stephanie's relationship with Nathan. Stephanie vowed to fight for Nathan and not give up. Nathan, Lucas, and Allie walked into the room, and Nathan told Stephanie that Alice was still asleep and there was no change. Sami left the room to fix something to eat for Allie. Nathan said he had told Alice that he was the happiest he had ever been and Alice seemed to smile. Then, he kissed Stephanie.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At the breakfast table in Alice's kitchen, Laura and Jennifer looked over old family photos. Jennifer explained that she was collecting the photos in order to complete a scrapbook that she had started and never finished. When Jennifer worried aloud about finishing the scrapbook in time, Laura gently reminded Jennifer that the scrapbook was not just for Alice. "Yes that's true but when I started this, it was for gram," Jennifer said sadly. "I'm not ready to say goodbye," Jennifer added as she held back tears.

Jennifer called her brother, Mike, on the phone, then she went in to the living room to tell Laura, Bill, and Marie that Mike was going to be delayed. Jennifer informed the group about her visit with Alice and said, "I want to say that the only reason we're all feeling so strong is cause we feel her love for us." Holding back tears, Jennifer added that Alice opened her eyes and whispered, "More than you know, Jen." With a smile, Jennifer headed into the kitchen with Marie, Laura, and Bill in order to bake a batch of Alice's famous doughnuts.

When Will arrived at Alice's, the group was just finishing up a batch of doughnuts. As Jennifer and Marie talked about how much Alice loved her family's "adventurous lives," Bill lowered his head in thought. Noting Bill's expression, Marie reminded Bill that Alice was always proud of the work he did out in the world outside of Salem. "I just wish I had more time with her and I wish we lived closer," Bill said sadly. Jennifer rushed to her father's side and reminded Bill that Alice led a full life. Marie recalled that she had been thinking about the roses blooming one more time for Alice, and then they had started to bloom. With a wistful smile, Laura responded that Alice had planted the heirloom roses in her garden in honor of her granddaughter, Jennifer Rose.

As Mia and Chad arrived at Maggie's house, Maggie quickly introduced them to Melissa as they headed out the door to see Alice. Once Maggie and Melissa were gone, Mia and Chad talked about their college plans. Chad informed Mia that he was going to Salem University to be closer to her. With a dreamy expression on her face, Mia leaned forward and kissed Chad. "You have any idea how happy you just made me?" Mia asked.

Maggie arrived at Alice's house and found Bill alone in the living room. Bill asked how Maggie was doing under the strain of Alice's illness so soon after Mickey's death. Bill thanked Maggie for taking care of Alice, but Maggie reminded Bill that Alice had always taken care of her too. "We're all family," Bill said as he hugged Maggie.

Melissa went in to Alice's kitchen and helped Jennifer work on the scrapbook. After finding a photo of Tom with Calliope at the beat bar, Melissa rifled through the papers and found one of Tom's poems. "Grandpa really had a way with words," Melissa said. "So did Gram," Jennifer said before thinking of some advice that Alice had given her.

"People who like you because you give them things are not true friends. They're no friends at all. A real friend, which is the only kind to have, likes you for what you are, not for what you do for them," Alice said. "Well then, Grandma, I guess I'm never going to have any friends," a young Jennifer said sulkily. Alice urged Jennifer to stay true to who she was and that as soon as she realized how special she was, so would others.

With the advice still fresh in her mind, Jennifer smiled over her memory of Alice. "Grandma always knew the right thing to say. Where do you get a gift like that?" Jennifer wondered aloud. "I don't know. But she passed it on to you," Melissa responded. "Talk about knowing the right thing to say," Jennifer joked in return.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate perused the contents of Madeline's deposit box and opened an envelope. "Stefano can't possible know about this, can he?" Kate said in amazement as she looked at the paper inside the envelope. "What the hell do I do with this?" Kate wondered aloud.

Down at the pier, Stefano promised to return the contents of Madeline's deposit box to her "untouched and unread." "You have my word," Stefano said. Stefano urged Madeline to go home, then he headed back to the mansion. Madeline walked down the pier and found Chad sitting on a bench. Madeline asked Chad whether he had picked his classes and completed his paperwork, and he countered that he had completed everything he needed to do to enroll in Salem University. "Don't try to talk me out of it," Chad added after seeing the look of disappointment on his mother's face. With a sigh of resignation, Madeline conceded that she did not want to argue with Chad anymore, and she admitted that she was pleased that her son would be closer to home.

While Mia sat at the kitchen table at Maggie's, Madeline knocked on the kitchen door. Assuming that Madeline was looking for her son, Mia told Madeline that Chad was not there. Nodding, Madeline explained that she was there to talk to Mia. "We need to talk about the past and the future," Madeline said as she walked past Mia into the house.

When Stefano arrived home at the mansion, he informed Kate that Madeline was through with them. Stefano ordered that Kate should box up the contents of Madeline's deposit box and send it back to her. "Are you sure you want to do that?" Kate asked. Stefano noted that he wanted to make a clean break from Madeline, and that he felt they should return the contents to her immediately. Seeing the disturbed look on Kate's face, Stefano asked her what was bothering her. Kate explained that she was still upset about her separation from her children, then left the room. Suspicious, Stefano arched an eyebrow.

In the Brady Pub, Kayla promised Caroline that her next visit would be for a more pleasant occasion. When Kayla looked over her shoulder at Nathan and Stephanie, a flustered Stephanie explained to Nathan that Kayla was referring to a happy occasion like a birthday. After Nathan left, Caroline sat down at a table with Stephanie and Kayla and reminisced about Alice. "I can't remember a time when the two of you weren't the best of friends," Kayla said. Caroline agreed and noted that she and Alice had always agreed that family was the most important thing in life.

Outside the Brady Pub, Lucas apologized to Philip for acting morosely at Philip's wedding to Melanie. When Lucas asked Philip how the marriage was going, Philip thought about his last conversation with Chloe in which he urged her to marry Daniel and forget about Carly. "Couldn't be better," Philip answered Lucas. When Lucas told Philip that he was slowly getting over Chloe, he noted that it was only a matter of time until Chloe cheated on Daniel. As Philip looked at his phone, he grinned. "I have a wedding to go to. Daniel and Chloe's," Philip said.

Lucas went over to Alice's house and met up with Will. When Lucas asked Will about whether he wanted to travel with him, Will declined, noting that he wanted to stay at the DiMera mansion to spend time with Allie and Johnny. Lucas urged Will to remember that Alice would not approve of a Horton living in the DiMera mansion.

In Alice's kitchen, Nathan told Bill that Alice had given him Tom's medical bag. "I think you should have it," Nathan said. "Really? You want to defy the wishes of Alice Horton?" Bill joked. "I trained under dad when he was using that very bag. I'm so sorry you never had the privilege of knowing him," Bill said. Bill then talked about how Alice had given Tom's watch to Mike. When Nathan asked about Mike, Jennifer entered the kitchen and noted that Mike should be arriving any moment. "Grams gonna be so happy when she sees Mike walk through that door," Jennifer said.

Will went home to the DiMera mansion and found Stefano sitting alone in the living room. Stefano offered his condolences to Will on Alice's health. Will explained that he was picking up music to play for Alice. "What I might do most to help her would be to not worry her," Will said. When Stefano asked what Will was referring to, Will explained that Alice did not want Will to live at the DiMera mansion.

Will confided that he wished Alice was not worrying about him while her health was failing. "Alice Horton is a very wise woman, but she hardly knows me anymore. And I'm sure with all the things that people say about me in front of her, she probably thinks that I am evil incarnate," Stefano noted. "You don't think I'm that man that people said I am, do you?" Stefano asked. Will said he hoped Stefano was not. "Believe. As I believe in you," Stefano remarked.

Outside the Brady Pub, Kate stared through the window at the Horton and Brady families laughing and talking. Lucas went outside and greeted his mother. Lucas updated Kate on Alice's condition and asked Kate whether she wanted to join everyone inside the pub. "I don't really want to do that to Laura," Kate said.

Inside the Brady Pub, Jennifer showed the scrapbook to the family and the group cheered over the completion of it. As Jennifer thanked Allie for her help with the photos, she received a call. Eagerly anticipating a call from Mike, Jennifer grabbed the phone. Mike informed Jennifer that he had arrived in town and was on his way to see Alice. "Gram is gonna have her whole family all together," Jennifer said as she held back tears. "Don't worry, sweetie. Mom will wait for Mike," Bill noted as he hugged his daughter.

From her hospital bed, Chloe called Nicole and said that she was getting married to Daniel that night. "You were right. Even if Carly ends up blabbing to Daniel that I slept with another ma,n he is not gonna want to leave me, not after we're married, so I just wanted to thank you," Chloe said before Melanie cleared her throat in the doorway to Chloe's room. Surprised, Chloe hung up her phone and acted nonchalantly. When Melanie asked Chloe why she kept canceling then re-planning her wedding to Daniel, Chloe assured Melanie that she was not playing any games with Daniel.

"I don't hate you, but I hate the way you're jerking my dad around," Melanie joked. Chloe assured Melanie that although she waffled about marrying Daniel, that she never doubted that Daniel was the only man she wanted to be with. "You know what that's like, don't you Melanie?" Chloe asked pointedly. Chloe reminded Melanie that people had urged her not to marry Philip, but since she did, she was happy. With a slight smile, Melanie admitted that she was happier than she had ever been.

When Melanie asked Chloe if she felt awkward about becoming the stepmother-in-law of her high school boyfriend, Chloe said that she was comfortable with the idea. "I wasn't good for him. You are. I think you two are great together," Chloe said. Chloe added that she was happy that Melanie had found her father, and then explained how her foster parents had abandoned her when she was younger. "I would never in a million years stand in the way of you and your father having a relationship," Chloe said. With a broad smile on her face, Melanie took off her grandmother's necklace that Daniel had given her and gave it to Chloe as "something old and something borrowed." As Chloe thanked Melanie, Melanie leaned closer and warned Chloe not to hurt her father or else she would "crush" Chloe.

In the waiting room of the hospital, Daniel made arrangements on his phone with a justice of the peace. Maxine offered to help get a cake and flowers, but Daniel declined. "Why? This is the happiest day of your life, right?" Maxine asked. Daniel noted that Chloe was "fragile right now" and that he wanted to do whatever it would take to make Chloe happy.

Philip arrived at the hospital and kissed his wife hello. When Daniel approached the couple, Philip congratulated Daniel on his wedding. While Daniel and Melanie talked, Philip snaked in to Chloe's hospital room and asked her what was going on. Before Chloe could answer, Daniel entered the room with the justice of the peace, Kevin. "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" Daniel asked. Chloe readily agreed that she wanted to marry Daniel, but nervous, she questioned whether he wanted to get married. Though Daniel assured Chloe that he wanted to marry her, she asked for a moment alone with him.

"I promise you that this is what I want, but I need you to promise me that this is what you want," Chloe said. "I love you with my whole heart," Daniel responded before kissing his bride. Outside in the hallway, Melanie questioned Philip about why Chloe was acting strangely about the wedding. Before Philip could answer, Daniel poked his head in the hallway and invited Melanie and Philip to return to the room for the ceremony.

Working late, Carly stopped by the nurse's station to check on Chloe's chart. "You might want to wait till tomorrow. She's getting married as we speak," Maxine responded before taking a phone call. "She lied to me again," Carly muttered to herself.

Maxine went into Chloe's room and interrupted the ceremony to inform Kevin that he was needed elsewhere urgently. Kevin promised to return shortly, but Chloe was unnerved. "We're halfway married," Chloe complained. "In five minutes we'll be all the way," Daniel responded. Nervous about the delay, Chloe complained about how long Kevin was taking to answer his phone call. As the door to the room swung open, Chloe was surprised to see Carly enter the room. "This time I'm actually gonna say what I came to say," Carly announced.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nicole overheard Brady on the phone and asked him to help her find something to report on so she wouldn't lose her job. Brady suggested she do a story on the muggings and find out who set Arianna up. Nicole said she hadn't been able to figure out who the suspect was. Besides that, Nicole said her producer put a moratorium on covering the muggings, out of respect for the family.

Brady was determined to talk to Philip to make sure Nicole's job was safe and that she got all the manpower she needed to exonerate Arianna. Brady asked Nicole to admit that she had no interest in proving Arianna's innocence. Nicole said she didn't know what to believe, and she couldn't come up with any other reasonable explanations. Brady hadn't come up with any other explanations either, but he was determined not to give up.

Nicole wondered why Brady was so determined, especially since she felt that Arianna didn't believe in him. Nicole wondered how Arianna could hurt Brady that way. Brady admitted to Nicole that he and Arianna had broken up. Nicole started to leave, but Brady asked her to do a tribute to Alice and the charity work that the Hortons did. Nicole considered the Hortons to have a dream life that she and Brady never had.

Arianna was frantic to get out of jail. E.J. knew she was worried about Brady and said he would see what he could do. E.J. informed Arianna that the arraignment had been rescheduled for the next day. E.J. said that with Arianna's prior convictions, the judge might not grant her bail. E.J. vowed to prove that Nicole was behind the muggings. E.J. theorized that Nicole would make a mistake, since she was feeling under pressure from E.J. Arianna wondered how E.J. could be so confident, and he said it was because he knew Nicole better than anyone because he was once married to her.

As Nicole was recording her segment on Alice outside the Brady Pub, E.J. walked up and said, "Even Alice Horton didn't love you." Nicole yelled "cut" to the cameraman. E.J. reminded Nicole that Alice wasn't dead yet. Nicole explained that she was celebrating Alice's life while she was still alive, and she accused E.J. of being jealous that he wasn't the lead story anymore with Sydney's kidnapping. E.J. said he thanked God every night that Sydney was safe no thanks to Nicole.

Nicole asked if E.J. was bored or lonely, or if things with Sami weren't working out. E.J. said his life was wonderful, and Nicole said E.J.'s "platonic living arrangement" with the woman he hated sounded like paradise. E.J. said it was paradise compared to Nicole's life. Nicole said she could always tell when E.J. wasn't getting any "satisfaction."

E.J. said that he didn't have as many lovers as Nicole. She reminded him that he wasn't her lover -- he was her husband. He said it was a "burden" that he was glad he didn't have to bear, especially since she had her sights set on Brady. He said that emasculating a man wasn't the quickest way to his heart. He accused her of setting up Arianna and said he planned to prove it.

Nicole told him to "put up or shut up." E.J. said he was biding his time for "maximum impact." He knew that Nicole was covering Arianna's arraignment, and he guessed that the person who was in the news would not be Arianna.

Brady visited Arianna in jail, and she was happy to see him. She felt remorseful that she didn't believe him when he told her that he wasn't using. She said that she knew him to be a man of his word. She promised never to doubt him again. Brady said he believed in her innocence, and he was determined to free her and he wasn't counting on E.J. He promised vengeance for the person responsible.

Carrie stopped by the DiMera mansion to see Sami and was surprised to see how much Will had grown. Sami was shocked to see her sister. Carrie explained that she was in town to see Alice. Sami wondered why Carrie was at the mansion, and Carrie said she wanted to apologize for Anna kidnapping Sydney. Sami said she couldn't forgive Carrie, because it wasn't Carrie's fault and if anyone was to blame for what happened to Sydney besides Anna, it was Sami.

Sami recounted her bad choices to Carrie and how Anna saw Sami's predicament as karmic payback to Sami, E.J., and Nicole. Carrie said that thinking about Alice made her realize that family was important. Sami thought that Carrie would never be able to forgive Sami, and Sami said she wouldn't blame Carrie for it.

Carrie admitted to having done bad things to Austin, Mike, Lucas, and Sami. Sami felt that she deserved what Carrie did to her. Carrie remembered how much she always wished to have her name on a Horton ornament when she was growing up. Carrie had accomplished that goal, and so did Sami.

Sami said that her name wasn't on the tree anymore, but Carrie explained that one did not just fall off the tree -- if Alice corrected someone, it was because she loved them. Carrie remembered the time that Alice advised her when Carrie's face was scarred by acid and the doctors said they couldn't fix the scar without scarring her body.

Carrie apologized to Sami for everything that had gone wrong between them. Sami said she was sorry, also, and Carrie asked if they could make a fresh start in Alice and Sydney's honor. Sami was overjoyed and broke down into tears as she hugged her sister.

Carly interrupted Chloe and Daniel's wedding, and Chloe begged her not to reveal the truth about her cheating on Daniel. Daniel tried to calm Chloe and told Carly that she was inconveniencing them. Chloe accused Carly of trying to ruin her wedding. Daniel thought that Carly wasn't trying to ruin her wedding, and Chloe told him to stop defending Carly.

Chloe said that Carly never wanted her and Daniel to get married because Carly didn't think that Chloe was good enough for Daniel. Daniel asked Carly if that was true. Carly asked Philip and Melanie to leave, and Daniel told them not to go too far, because once Carly had her say, they were having a wedding. Carly said Chloe's test results came back, and it revealed that Chloe was pregnant.

Chloe didn't believe it, because the doctors had told her that she couldn't get pregnant. Carly told her that the tests didn't lie, although Chloe pointed out that the tests had lied before. Daniel was excited to hear the news. Daniel went to find the justice of the peace to tell him what was going on. While he was gone, Carly apologized to Chloe about the timing.

Chloe accused Carly of lying about Chloe being pregnant. Chloe called her "pure evil." Carly tried to calm Chloe, but Chloe thought that Carly was making up the pregnancy "lie" to get Daniel's hopes up and ruin her wedding plans at the same time. Chloe told Daniel that she couldn't live through the disappointment of a false pregnancy again. Daniel assured her that they would go through it together, and he felt that if it were true, it would be "the most amazing thing ever."

Carly had performed an ultrasound on Chloe. Daniel urged Chloe to look at the screen. "I know it's not much now, but in a few months, we're gonna have a baby," he said. Chloe was shocked to learn that she really was pregnant.

Philip and Melanie went to the Brady Pub while they were waiting for Chloe and Daniel to summon them back to the hospital. Philip asked Melanie what she thought Carly was up to. Melanie said she didn't think Carly was up to anything -- she was just concerned about Chloe. Philip wondered why his mother and even Melanie's mother always tried to ruin Chloe's happiness. Melanie asked if he was blaming Carly, and he said it was none of their business, and he wanted everyone to leave Chloe alone.

Melanie worried that something was wrong, because Daniel hadn't called them back yet. She noticed that Chloe was upset about what Carly was about to say and Philip didn't look very happy about it either. Philip said that it was because he wanted to see Chloe get married without any problems. He apologized for criticizing Carly.

Jennifer worried to Maggie that Mike had not arrived yet even though his plane had landed 20 minutes earlier; he also didn't answer his phone when Jennifer tried to reach him. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lexie walked into a room and found Mike in bed with a hospital gown on. He asked what he was doing there. Lexie explained that he had been in an accident. Lexie called Jennifer and told her about Mike's accident.

Carrie visited Mike at the hospital. He told her that someone had slammed into his rental car on his way from the airport, but he was eager to leave and see his family. Mike considered it ironic that he ended up in a hospital bed talking to Carrie when his intention was to go see his grandmother. Carrie agreed that it was ironic and thought it was awkward too. Mike apologized and said it was nice to see Carrie.

Mike asked how Carrie and Austin were doing, and she said they were doing well. Jennifer stopped by to see Mike too, and he told her that he was fine and was just waiting for Lexie to release him. Jennifer felt responsible for him having an accident, because she had rushed him to get to Salem. He asked Jennifer for help getting him released, and she promised to help, but first she needed to find their parents to tell them what had happened.

Mike didn't want to wait for test results -- he was in a hurry to see Alice and the rest of the family. Mike reminded her that he was a doctor, and he had no broken bones, bleeding, or pain. He was eager to get to Alice, because she didn't have much time.

Madeline paid a visit to Mia because she was worried that Mia would ruin the rest of Chad's life. Mia told Madeline not to threaten her, but Madeline said she wasn't threatening her. Instead, Madeline had arranged for Mia to go to the High School for the Performing Arts in New York. Madeline had arranged for Mia's housing and provided a living allowance, but she had to attend the school in July. Mia turned Madeline's offer down.

Mia noticed that the arrangements that were made required her to leave immediately. Mia worried about what she would tell Maggie, because she had promised Maggie that she would stay in Salem and finish school. Mia stopped by the DiMera mansion to tell Will that she was moving to New York to go to school. She thanked Will and Sami.

Mia said he couldn't have gotten through the trauma of giving up her baby and her baby's death without Will. He said that she could have. Mia said that Sami was always good to Mia, and she was glad that Sami and Sydney found each other. Mia said she would miss them even if they wouldn't miss her. Sami told Mia that she had a kid when she was a teenager and dropped out of school. Sami said Will was the only thing Sami did right.

Sami said Mia was doing what she had to do to get her life on track, and that was good. Will wished Mia good luck before she left. He admitted to Sami that he would miss Mia.

Jennifer asked Maggie where everyone was, but Maggie didn't know. Maggie had been crying. Jennifer said something had happened and Jennifer had to go. "Yes. Something has," Maggie said. She said that Alice had died. Jennifer broke down into tears, and they hugged one another.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kayla stopped by the house to see Bo, and she took Kimberly with her to surprise him. Kim told Bo that he helped her get her life back. Kim said it was great for her kids to be around family, because it was tough on them since Kim divorced Shane and even tougher since the kids never saw their father. Kim said it seemed like Shane had dropped off the face of the earth.

Kim got upset thinking about how Shane had been risking his life by trying to save the world while his family suffered. Bo told Kayla that he needed to call Carly, and Kayla asked if Carly was going to the funeral. Bo said she wasn't, and Kayla was pleased. He knew that Kayla disapproved of his relationship with Carly. Since Kayla wasn't there and didn't know what had happened, Bo said that she should suspend judgment. Kayla said she didn't need to have been there to know that Bo and Hope belonged together in their house with Ciara.

Bo tried to explain what happened between Bo and Hope. He said Hope moved out. Kayla defended Hope and said that Hope was "beside herself." Bo said he didn't want Hope to move out, but when she did, he fell in love with Carly, and it changed everything.

Shane sat next to Rafe on the flight back to Salem. Rafe asked what Shane was doing there, and Shane said, "As the great man said, 'Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.'" Rafe asked if Shane was going back to the ISA or if spending a year in jail had soured Shane's experience with the agency. Shane said that the ISA had told him that something had happened to his family, and until he could find out for sure whether that was true, he didn't want to think about what he was going to do next.

Shane hoped that it wasn't too late for him to reconnect with his family. Rafe didn't think he would return to Salem if it weren't for his sister. Shane told Rafe that Alice had died. He asked if Rafe knew her, but Rafe didn't know her personally -- only that she was Will and Allie's great grandmother.

Roman saw Carrie at the Brady Pub, and he apologized for not being able to see her the night before. He said it was because the FBI was in town, and Carrie knew it was because of her mother, Anna. He asked if she had heard from Anna, but Carrie hadn't. He advised her to let him know if Anna tried to contact her. He said it would be better if Roman found Anna, "because if someone else found her ..." Sami interrupted, saying, "She's gonna answer to me."

Carrie apologized to Sami again for Anna's behavior, but Sami said that Carrie wasn't responsible for what Anna did. Carrie told Roman how she and Sami forgave each other for what they did to each other in the past. Sami said she couldn't say the same thing for Anna. Sami explained that Anna had taken Sydney's clothes, put blood on them, and dropped them in the river to make Sami think that Sydney was dead just so she could get money. She pledged to make Anna pay whenever Anna was found.

Carrie laughed at the thought of Sami throwing in the towel romantically when it came to Rafe. Sami explained how she had lied to Rafe. Carrie thought that Rafe would understand that Sami was under stress from Sydney's kidnapping when she lied. Sami said she missed Rafe, but it didn't mean that she and Rafe would have been able to work things out if he were in town.

Sami explained that she and Rafe fought a lot when they first met, but things had changed. She admitted that those feelings hadn't disappeared, but Sami didn't think she could get back what she had with Rafe. Carrie asked how E.J. played into everything. Sami said that E.J. was great, and he was there for Sami when Sydney was missing. Carrie surmised that Sami might love both E.J. and Rafe.

Hope cried and worried about who she would turn to since Alice was gone. Doug overheard her and said that she could turn to him. Doug hugged Hope and said he wished he could comfort Hope the way Alice comforted him when Hope's mother was sick. He said Alice had a way of telling the absolute truth in a way that made people feel better. Hope asked Doug to tell her again what Alice said when Hope's mother had died. According to Doug, Alice said that death was only a transition and that life never really ended. Hope said that Alice told her the same thing when Zack died.

Hope could imagine what Alice would tell her -- that she and Bo needed to check their egos at the door for the sake of their marriage. According to Doug, Alice thought recently that Bo and Hope would find their way back to each other. Hope asked if Alice knew that Carly was living with Bo in Hope and Bo's house. Doug said that Alice knew, but her money was still on Bo and Hope. He said that the odds might have turned more in Hope's favor.

Hope told Doug not to worry about her. She said she was trying to be like Alice by accepting what she could not change. He asked if that was accepting or giving up. He said that until Alice was sure that she could not change something, Alice "fought like hell" for what she thought was right, and Alice thought that Bo and Hope belonged together. Hope thought back to when Alice gave Hope earrings from Hope's mother on Hope's wedding day. Hope looked at a mug that said, "Best Grandma ever" and thought to herself that it described Alice accurately.

Doug said that Hope's mother lived on in Doug's heart and in Hope's smile, and Alice would live on through her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Doug promised Hope that she would keep on seeing Alice. Hope wished that she had told Alice how sorry she was that she let Alice down.

Bill told Maggie that she needed to take care of herself or let the family take care of her. He said that Laura had Jennifer and Julie helping with the funeral arrangements. Maggie told Bill to stop trying to take care of her. She said that losing Mickey was like losing a part of herself, but she pointed out that she was making it. Bill asked why Maggie didn't tell anyone that her illness had returned.

Bill said that people were worried about Maggie, but Maggie insisted that she was fine. Bill said that Alice didn't think so, because the last time he spoke with her, Alice asked him to look after Maggie. Maggie said that Alice was always worried about everyone and was overreacting. Bill asked if Mickey was overreacting too, because Mickey had asked Bill to do the same thing.

According to Bill, Mickey had said that if anything happened to him, he wanted Bill to make sure that Maggie didn't take care of things alone. Maggie said she was okay, and she was back in remission. Bill declared that he had made a promise to his brother, so Maggie was stuck with him.

Kate knew that Alice's death would be difficult for Lucas and that the family wouldn't be the same without her. Lucas felt that it mattered that Alice was at peace at the end. He said that the most important thing he learned from Alice was that she used her time the way she wanted to. Kate said that Alice never wanted to be anyone other than herself and never seemed to want more money, love, or power. Kate envied her for that.

Kate was happy that Lucas took Allie with him before, because she was afraid that Allie would get lost in the shuffle. Lucas asked what about Will, and Will asked the same thing. Lucas told Will that he was considering running Hearth and Home from Hong Kong, where he would stay for good, but he planned to return to town to visit. Will got upset.

Lucas invited Will to join him in Hong Kong, but Will didn't want to switch schools. Will also didn't want to leave his mother, siblings, or grandmother. Lucas thought that Will's living arrangements were strange, but Will said everyone was nice to Sami, and E.J. had been "really decent" to Sami.

Jennifer spoke with the priest about Alice's funeral arrangements and learned that Alice had planned her entire funeral service with Rev. McMartin after Mickey had died. Julie felt it would be difficult to plan her own funeral, but she remembered that Alice never backed away from a difficult subject. Julie remembered the time that Alice had helped Julie deal with the custody battle over her son. Jennifer said that God let them have Alice for a long time. Julie felt that heaven was a brighter, happier place because Alice would be there.

Jennifer wondered if Alice knew how much she was loved, and Julie said Alice definitely knew. Abe stopped by Alice's house and expressed his condolences to Julie and Jennifer. Abe said it was hard to imagine life without Alice. He said that Alice took the Carvers under her wing as if they were family. He remembered the time that he arrested Alice.

Jennifer and Hope talked about how much they would miss Alice. Hope couldn't believe that she would be going to Alice's funeral without Bo by her side. Doug and Julie planned to read some of Alice's favorite scriptures from Alice's Bible at Alice's funeral.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shane and Rafe talked on the plane. Shane said that he had let the only woman that meant the world to him slip away because he was too busy saving the world and losing his family. Rafe felt he had made one mistake after another, but he planned to fix things between him and Sami. Rafe vented to Shane about how frustrating it was dealing with Sami's conflicting feelings over E.J. Shane said he had seen Sami in action. Rafe considered E.J. to be "just as slimy and crooked as" Stefano. Shane advised Rafe to watch his back and get Sami away from the DiMeras as soon as possible.

When the plane landed, Rafe told Shane that it was nice breaking out of prison with him. Shane knew that they would bump into each other again in Salem, but he wished Rafe good luck with his investigation. Shane thought it was possible that Anna would decide to do the right thing. Rafe wasn't "holding" his breath, but he didn't rule out the possibility. Rafe wished Shane good luck finding Shane's family, and Shane told Rafe good luck with Sami.

Meanwhile, Carrie asked Sami to clarify because Sami said she loved Rafe, but she was living with E.J. Sami said she was doing what was best for her kids, and she added that Rafe walked out on her. Carrie pointed out that the guy Sami loved left, and Sami moved in with another guy once. Sami explained that she had to move into the DiMera mansion because her place was flooded. Carrie pointed out that Sami was still at the mansion even though her place was fixed. She encouraged Sami to decide who she wanted to be with because Sami had feelings for both men, but she couldn't have both men.

Sami felt defensive and said that she wanted and loved Rafe, but she didn't know what to do. She pointed out that E.J. was the father of two of Sami's children. Carrie said that Lucas was the father of two of Sami's children, and she asked whether Sami was moving in with him. Caroline and Allie walked in, and Caroline announced that it was time to say goodbye to Alice. Allie said that her name was Alice, and Caroline said that Allie was named after "a great lady."

Nathan thanked Stephanie for going with him to Alice's funeral. Stephanie said she wouldn't be anywhere else, because she knew it was a rough time for him. Meanwhile, Maggie and Melissa comforted each other. Melissa felt bad for Mike, because he didn't get to say goodbye to Alice. Melissa thought that it was hard to believe Alice was gone. Maggie said Alice wasn't gone -- she was in their hearts, and they had to carry on her legacy of love and courage.

Nathan and Stephanie helped Maggie and Melissa take the food to the church. Stephanie asked how long Melissa was planning to stay in town, and Melissa wasn't sure, but she asked Stephanie to have lunch with her and Kayla so that Melissa could get to know Stephanie better.

Kayla tried to talk some sense into Bo and convince him that he was making a mistake by being with Carly. She called Carly "nothing but a distraction." Hope stopped by the house to see Bo, and Kayla, Kim, and Roman were there. Roman made an excuse for them to leave Bo and Hope alone. Hope asked if it was a bad time and if Carly was there. Bo said that Carly was at the hospital. Hope said she needed to see him before she said goodbye to "Gram." She asked if he would say a few words at Alice's funeral. Hope told Bo that she didn't think she could make it through the day without all of her family.

Bo told Hope that she wasn't alone, because she had her family around her, including him. Hope said she knew that the two of them were "no more," and she didn't want him to feel like he needed to do something that he didn't want to do, but she asked if he would sit with her and Ciara. Bo said, "Of course."

Mike explained to Jennifer and Bill that his spleen had burst in the accident, and he was trying to get out of there to see Alice. They told him that Alice had passed away. Mike was upset to know that he never go to say goodbye to Alice before she died. Jennifer assured him that Alice knew how much he loved her.

Mike wanted to be released so that he could attend Alice's funeral, but Lexie apologized and told him that she couldn't let that happen. Mike got upset and said there was no reason for him to be "trapped" in the hospital bed. Jennifer started crying, so he comforted her and apologized for yelling. He said what mattered most was that Alice was at peace.

Justin chatted with Adrienne. He said he hadn't seen Hope much lately, because she was practically living at Alice's. While they were talking, Kayla joined them. Justin had to go to a meeting, so he said his goodbyes. Adrienne asked if Stephanie had told Kayla about Nathan. Kayla said she could tell that Stephanie was crazy about Nathan, and Adrienne said that Kayla didn't know the half of it. Kayla tried to figure out what Adrienne was talking about and whether something was going on with Stephanie, but Adrienne just said that it had been "intense." Adrienne said it would be fine, and she would see Kayla at the church.

The cars arrived at Alice's house to take everyone to the church for the funeral. Lucas lingered behind and looked at Tom's picture. He picked it up and took it with him then took another look at the living room and left for the church. Everyone gathered at the burial site after Alice's funeral. Bo asked how Hope was doing, and she said she was okay. Kayla told Lexie and Abe that it was a sad way to have a reunion, and Abe wished that Theo had been there, because Theo would have loved to see Kayla.

Lucas told Allie that Sami had to go see Johnny, because he wasn't feeling well. Carrie greeted Lucas, and Doug and Julie said hello to Lucas, Allie, and Carrie. Julie thought that even though it was a "terrible loss," Alice had gathered all those people together. Jennifer and Hope agreed that they should get the burial portion of the service started. Justin comforted Hope while Caroline, Bo, and Kim watched. Caroline told Bo that Hope should be in Bo's arms.

Caroline told the crowd that whenever she had difficulty with family problems, Caroline turned to the person who could handle the problems. Julie said that Alice didn't approve of all of Julie's life choices, but Alice never stopped loving Julie or wanting what was best for her. Doug said that Alice was a fair and great lady who convinced him to be a responsible husband and father. Maggie said Alice convinced her to step up and try harder. Maggie said that if something was worth fighting for, "you need to get in there and fight."

If it weren't for Alice's encouragement, Lucas said that he wouldn't be alive. He explained that he didn't find out he was a Horton until he was a teenager, but when he did, it was overwhelming. He considered Alice to be "like royalty." He said it was intimidating, exciting, and rewarding to find out that he was related to Alice. Melissa talked about how Alice "knew what you were thinking" sometimes before you thought it, and she had the best advice about boys. Nathan said Alice had the best advice about girls. He said that whenever he and his mother visited, Alice always made them feel loved and at home.

Bo said that "Mrs. H." was a perfect example of "how we should live our lives with love and hard work and honesty and integrity, but most of all with humor." Alice always encouraged him to be good and do what was right, and she would let Bo know when he didn't, Bo said. He said she always advised him to follow his heart. Jennifer said she never could have imagined the day that Alice wouldn't be there, because Alice hated saying goodbye -- "it was always until we meet again." Jennifer said, "Here's to your next adventure, Gram." Meanwhile, Mike sat in his hospital bed, and thought about the time that Alice advised him about Carrie.

Back at the church, Hope said she was at a loss for words. She said that Alice was the woman that Hope aspired to be. "She wasn't just the matriarch of this family, she was a friend. She was someone we trusted and we loved, and she loved us back. She loved us back unconditionally no matter what was happening in our lives," Hope said as she turned to look at Bo. Hope said she knew that Alice would look out for them for the rest of the days of their lives.

Lucas placed a picture of Tom in the corner of Alice's framed picture. Mourners placed yellow roses on top of Alice's coffin. Bo told Ciara to go with Doug and Julie while he hung out at the church for a while. Shane showed up and said "hey" to Kim. Kim got upset and said that he didn't get to just "sneak up on somebody and say hey." She walked off and told Bo that she would see him back at the house. Bo shook hands with Shane, and Shane expressed his condolences to Bo and Hope.

Sami returned home, and Johnny was asleep in Kate's lap. She apologized for calling Sami while she was at the funeral, but she couldn't reach E.J. and didn't want to do anything without talking to Sami. Sami told Kate that she appreciated Kate not giving Johnny medication without Sami's permission. She thanked Kate for helping. Kate told Sami that despite their issues, Kate loved children, and she considered Sydney, Allie, Will, and Johnny to be "very special children," so Sami must be doing something right.

Sami gave Johnny medicine, and he went right to sleep. Kate asked Sami how Alice's funeral service was. Sami said it was beautiful, and the church was overflowing with people. Kate asked if Sami saw Lucas. Sami said Lucas looked good, but she didn't get to talk to him. Rafe stopped by the DiMera mansion, and Sami answered the door.

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