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Monday, August 16, 2010

Philip assured Chloe that her baby was Daniel's, but she wasn't convinced. He said the worst-case scenario would be that Chloe and Philip would raise the baby together. Then they would try to live with what they'd done to Melanie and Daniel, Chloe said. Nathan walked up, saw how upset they looked, and asked if everything was all right.

Chloe said they were upset because Hope had been arrested for trying to kill Philip's brother. Nathan bought her excuse and apologized for interrupting. Nathan said he'd talked to the head of the free clinics about the equipment that Titan might be interested in buying for them, and Philip told Nathan to call Philip's assistant to set up a meeting. After Nathan left, Chloe reminded Philip that Nathan knew that she had cheated on Daniel, but Nathan had not known whom she had slept with. Philip said if Nathan had figured it out, he would be running straight to Melanie.

Daniel met Carly at the Cheatin' Heart and showed her the bracelet he had bought for Chloe to wear to the opera. He was excited about Chloe's birthday and that he could tell people that he was expecting a child with Chloe. He said he had been walking on eggshells for the first trimester, given Chloe's medical condition, but he was looking forward to being able to relax and be happy. He sensed that something was bothering Carly and asked what was wrong.

Carly blamed her mood on working too many hours, but Daniel didn't believe her. He thought she was upset about what had happened to Hope. Daniel reassured Carly that she was a good person. He sensed that "some sort of curtain just dropped" when he said that, but she didn't want to talk about it, so she left.

Chloe met with Daniel at the Cheatin' Heart and noticed that Daniel was hiding something. He asked her to open one of her gifts on the day before her birthday and handed her a box that said "baby" on the front. It was a silver spoon and cup set. Chloe got emotional and said it was because she was so happy. She excused herself to go to the bathroom.

While Chloe was gone, Sister Ann noticed Daniel. He wondered what she was doing there, and she said she had picked up a 15-year-old patient's mother to be with the girl at the hospital while the girl was in labor. Sister Ann said she needed to apologize to Melanie for missing their appointment. Daniel said he would explain it to Melanie. He asked Sister Ann to sit down and wait for Chloe to return from the bathroom so she could meet his fiancée.

When Chloe returned from the bathroom, she could see from the hallway that the nun from St. Mary's was at the table with Daniel, and Chloe worried that her secret would be discovered. Meanwhile, Carly had forgotten something, so she returned to the bar. When she got inside, she saw Chloe in the corner and then glanced in Daniel's direction and saw the nun. Carly shooed Chloe back into the bathroom and headed toward the table.

Daniel started to introduce Sister Ann to Carly, but she said they had already met. Carly explained that she remembered that she needed to take Ciara to a Brownie meeting, and when she had gone to the car, she realized that she had left her glasses. Sister Ann needed to go back to the hospital. Carly apologized for her meltdown earlier with Daniel. Daniel got a call and needed to leave, so he asked Carly to make sure Chloe was all right and tell her that he would meet her later. Carly called Chloe and said that everything was okay, but they needed to talk before Chloe went home.

Chloe and Carly talked on the way home, and Carly told Chloe that she would pick her up first thing in the morning to find out the test results. "First thing in the morning? What are you two up to now?" Daniel asked.

At St. Mary's Hospital, Stephanie logged onto the computer at the nurses' desk, trying to gain access to Chloe's paternity test results before Chloe even saw it. Melanie happened to be at the hospital too, saw Stephanie behind the desk, and asked what Stephanie was looking at. Stephanie clicked the computer's mouse, and Melanie asked why she was closing out of what she was working on. Stephanie told Melanie that it was restricted access, and Melanie asked why Stephanie was looking at it then and what was Stephanie doing there.

Stephanie said she was checking up the facial reconstructive surgery patient that Daniel had assisted with. She said that public relations needed more information. Stephanie asked what Melanie was doing there, and Melanie said she had a job interview with the head of nursing. Stephanie said she hoped that Melanie got the job.

Stephanie assumed that Melanie would be relieved not to be working at a hospital where both Melanie's parents were doctors, but Melanie said she liked working with her parents. "I get that thing all the time where they're like 'Your mom's a doctor. What happened to you?'" Melanie excused herself to go to her interview. Stephanie was relieved to get rid of Melanie, and she went right back to snooping into Chloe's medical files. Stephanie wasn't able to access Chloe's file using her password, so she needed to find another way. She got an idea and grabbed her cell phone.

Philip and Melanie met at the free clinic. Melanie was unable to have her interview with Sister Ann, because the nun wasn't at her office when Melanie stopped by. Philip offered to help Melanie, but she told him to leave so she could focus on work at the clinic. However, Philip felt uncomfortable leaving her alone in a dangerous neighborhood.

Melanie assured Philip that she would be okay, because she was working with another doctor. Philip asked who it was, and Nathan walked in. Melanie was surprised to see Nathan. Philip was bothered by the idea of Melanie and Nathan working together on a regular basis. Philip covered by saying he was surprised, because Nathan didn't mention that he would be working at the clinic when Philip spoke to him earlier.

Nathan said he had thought it was understood. Nathan told Melanie that he didn't know Melanie was scheduled to work at the clinic that day. "Kind of picks up your whole day, huh?" Philip said. Melanie reassured Philip that he had nothing to worry about. When Melanie was alone, a man walked into the clinic and asked for drugs, but she said they only did checkups. "Don't tell me no, bitch," he said and grabbed her around the neck.

Stefano walked in on Sami and E.J. kissing in the DiMera living room. He apologized for interrupting, and Sami said it was okay. Stefano wanted to thank Sami for including Kate in the wedding plans, because Kate was already hard at work, arranging florists and caterers. Sami was surprised, but E.J. said it was okay. She reminded him that they didn't even have a date picked out and hadn't reserved St. Luke's. Will walked in and asked, "So this train wreck is really going to happen?"

Sami reminded Will that she had informed Will that E.J. had proposed. She said since they and the kids had been living under one roof already, she and E.J. thought it would be a great idea to "make it official." "You can sell yourself on that. Do not try and sell it to me," Will said. She ran after him. Will mocked Sami's upcoming nuptials. "Are you gonna wear a white dress? It's nice you're gonna do it in a Catholic Church too, because this is what - your 33rd time down the aisle?" he said.

Sami thought Will understood, but Will said he would never understand. Will asked if Sami thought her marriage to E.J. would work this time even though it didn't work the last time. Sami wondered why Will didn't give her a hard time about her relationship disasters when she was with Rafe. Will said it was different, because Rafe was different, and their relationship could have worked.

After Will left, E.J comforted Sami, who considered her talk with Will to be "a walk in the park" compared to telling her father and grandmother. E.J. offered to go with Sami to break the news to her family, but she didn't know how that would make the situation better. E.J. reminded her that he was going to be her husband, and she didn't have to do those things alone.

Sami called Roman, who was at the Brady Pub with Caroline. Sami said she needed to tell him and Caroline something. She didn't want to tell him the news over the phone, so she planned to meet with them in person. While they were waiting for Sami to arrive, Caroline and Roman wondered how bad Sami's news might be. Roman reminded Caroline that Sami and the kids were living with the DiMeras.

When Sami arrived with E.J., Caroline asked if Sami needed to speak to them in front of E.J., and Sami said she did. Sami told them that she had decided to accept E.J.'s proposal. Roman accused Sami of losing her mind, and Sami started to leave, but E.J stopped her. E.J. said he understood why Caroline and Roman reacted the way they did -- because they loved Sami. "And we both have really accurate memories," Roman said. E.J. said he understood how Roman felt, because they both loved Sami. E.J. said he also wanted what was best for Sami, just like Roman did. "And you think that's you," Roman said.

E.J. said he understood how Roman felt. E.J. pointed out that Sydney would hopefully grow up to be just like Sami, and men would fall in love with her and she would fall in love with one of those men. "Maybe he won't treat her very well -- the same way that I did not treat your daughter very well. If that happens, I'm quite sure I'll want to rip his head off," E.J. said. He also thought about what would happen if Sydney grew up and saw her father treat her mother with respect. "Maybe Sydney will look at that relationship, and she won't accept anything else in her life," E.J. added.

E.J. said he had grown up a lot and was ready to be the man that Sami deserved. Caroline asked if he thought he was the best thing for Sami. E.J. nodded, and Caroline said she disagreed. Roman told E.J. and Caroline to give him a chance to talk to Sami alone. Sami said she didn't go there to ask for their permission or blessing -- she had already made her decision. She announced that they were leaving to get their marriage license.

Brady and Nicole kissed passionately, but Brady stopped, because he was unsure if he wanted to have sex with her. Nicole called his bluff and pulled him back into a passionate kiss, and they began to make out. Brady was enjoying himself until Nicole asked to take it somewhere more private. He stopped her and told her to get dressed. She asked what was wrong, and he told her that everything was wrong.

Brady stopped because sex between them was like a drug. Nicole thought it could have worked if Brady had not found out about the money, but Brady said it wasn't about the money. He poured a drink, and she blamed his behavior on the alcohol. "This stuff is not the problem. This is good. You're the problem, and one way or another I gotta kick the habit," he said. Nicole said that Brady couldn't just throw her out. Brady said he didn't care where she got the money or where she spent it, and he didn't care about her.

Rafe decided that Nicole was going to help him "nail" E.J. whether she liked it or not, and he called in a favor to Victor. When Victor arrived, he asked how Rafe thought that Victor could help with Nicole. Rafe said he had proof that Nicole had something on E.J. Victor asked why he should care, and Rafe asked him whether he would enjoy seeing E.J. get "what's coming to him." Victor said he and Rafe had different ideas about "what's coming" to E.J. Rafe asked what he meant, and Victor said, "You'd like to see him lose Sami. I'd like to see him lose an appendage or two."

Rafe admitted he was after E.J. for Sami's sake, but it was much more than that. When Victor asked him to elaborate, Rafe refused, so Victor said Rafe was wasting Victor's time. Rafe said that it was only a suspicion, but he was 99 percent sure that E.J. had hired Anna to kidnap his own child and hide her from Sami. Victor asked why E.J. would do that, and Rafe said E.J. probably did it for revenge at first but changed his mind and pretended to save Sydney to look like a hero.

Victor asked how Nicole was involved. Rafe said he heard E.J. and Nicole making a truce, and Rafe had evidence indicating that she knew what E.J. did. Victor knew that Rafe couldn't do anything with that information. "That's the difference between your world and mine," Victor said. Rafe said Anna was still missing, and even if she resurfaced, she was too afraid to say anything, so Rafe needed Nicole to "roll" on E.J. Rafe asked Victor for information that Rafe could use to break Nicole if Rafe needed to. "What's in it for me?" Victor said. Rafe said if he could put Nicole away, she couldn't "get her hooks" into Brady.

Rafe said that once Brady found out what Nicole had done to Sami and her baby, he wouldn't give Nicole "the time of day." Victor said he wouldn't help Rafe, but Nicole liked to let everyone think she was "tough as nails, but like everybody else, she has an Achilles' heel. You get to that, you get to her."

Victor said that the person who had turned Nicole into a porn star was her father and added that Nicole liked to believe that her real father was not her father and there was this other great guy running around looking for her. Rafe asked if Nicole thought of Brady as her knight in shining armor. Victor thought Nicole might feel that way about Brady, and he said that before Brady changed his mind about being over Nicole, Rafe needed make his move. Victor encouraged Rafe to convince Nicole that Rafe was that "white knight" who could help her, and Nicole might give Rafe what he wanted. Victor said he would owe Rafe "a big one."

Stephanie invited a guy named Ian back to her apartment to ask him for a favor. She asked if he was still good with computers, and he said he was as good as he was when he had hacked into the college's mainframe and changed her record to indicate that she had fulfilled the physical education requirement. Before she could tell him what she needed his help with, she asked if he was in. He looked at a picture of her and Nathan and asked if Nathan was her boyfriend. She asked if that would be a problem, and he said it depended on what she needed him to do.

Stephanie explained that she needed Ian to help her access records at a hospital, but not the one where she worked. When she said that they were paternity records, Ian informed her that she had a right to those records, and her boyfriend didn't need to know that she had the test done. Stephanie said that she wasn't the mother. He started to ask for clarification, but then decided that he didn't need to know the details. She reminded him that she hadn't needed the details when she'd helped him back when they were in college.

Will and Stefano talked about Will's disapproval of Sami marrying E.J. Stefano admitted that he had trouble with it, too, at first, but he changed his mind, partly because of Will. Stefano said that even though E.J. and Sami had made a lot of mistakes, "Look at the children that they've created." Will asked if Stefano was proud of him, and Stefano said, "Absolutely. I want to be a part of your future, William." Stefano said he believed in the power of family that healed old wounds. "I believe in the power of family, period," Stefano said. Will understood and smiled.

Brady saw Philip at the Brady Pub, and Brady ordered a drink. Philip was confused, because Brady didn't usually drink. Brady said that alcohol was not his problem, and he planned to swear off everything that was.

E.J. returned home and told Stefano that the Bradys were not happy with Sami's news. Stefano told E.J. not to display such smugness around Sami. E.J. thought about Rafe's reaction to the news, as well. Stefano warned E.J. to be careful, because Rafe might not be deterred. Stefano wondered what would happen if Rafe or Sami found at that E.J. had arranged the kidnapping. E.J. shushed Stefano, saying, "Not in this house." Sami appeared at the doorway, looking upset.

Nicole went to the Cheatin' Heart. She was upset that finding out about E.J. arranging Sydney's kidnapping had ruined her life. Rafe spied on Nicole from outside the bar as she cried. "Well, Victor. You said to strike when she's vulnerable," Rafe said.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the courthouse, Hope's public defender asked why she had chosen him, when she had the money and connections for a great defense team. Hope maintained that she didn't want to waste the court's time and money on an open-and-shut case. "I pled guilty. I'm going to prison," she stated. Bo entered the courtroom and declared that he wouldn't let that happen. He asked to speak to Hope privately.

After the lawyer left, Hope insisted that she needed to pay for what she had done. Bo implored her to think about Ciara, who needed her mother. Hope believed that Ciara would be better off without her, and begged Bo to leave her alone. As Doug and Julie walked in, they heard a frustrated Bo call Hope a coward. Doug and Julie quickly intervened, and Doug took Bo outside to cool off while Julie stayed to try to reason with Hope.

"Hope, darling, I think you have lost your way," Julie pleaded. "And we will get you back, I swear it. But you cannot throw everything away!" When Bo returned with Doug, Hope conferred with her lawyer. Julie admitted to Bo that she didn't know what to do. "She's so depressed. Now she's frightened that she can't be trusted around Ciara," Julie fretted. Bo pulled Hope's attorney aside to speak with him privately. Afterward, Bo announced to Hope that there had been a change of plans.

At the free clinic, Melanie struggled to free herself from a man who was choking her. Suddenly Nathan rushed in and pulled the man off of Melanie, but as Nathan was making sure she was all right, the man attacked Nathan. Nathan crashed into some folding chairs, and the man ran out. Nathan got back up, clutching his right arm in pain, but he insisted that he was fine.

Another nurse, Hank, reported that he'd contacted security, but the assailant had gotten away. Nathan checked out Melanie's neck, and warned her that she might be bruised. She thanked him for saving her, and urged him to get his arm x-rayed. After reassuring her that he'd never let anything happen to her, Nathan offered to walk Melanie home.

As they reached the Brady Pub, Melanie assured Nathan that she could walk the rest of the way alone, because he needed to put some ice on his elbow. Nathan agreed, adding with a chuckle, "Other than being attacked and everything, it was really fun working with you again."

At Stephanie and Nathan's, Stephanie asked her friend Ian to help her access the results of a paternity test on another hospital's computer system. Ian agreed, and got to work on Stephanie's laptop. He noted that the firewall at St. Mary's was very secure, but after a while, he got through and found the records for "Dana Scott." Ian informed Stephanie that "Dana's" lab results weren't in yet.

Stephanie was irked, but she didn't have much time to curse about it, because just then, Nathan returned home. The second he saw Ian, Nathan demanded, "Who the hell are you?" Stephanie introduced Ian, and explained that he was a friend from college who was helping her with some new software.

After apologizing, Nathan explained, "I'm a little edgy - some guy freaked out at the free clinic today. I'm in overprotective mode." He assured a concerned Stephanie that he was all right, and then left to take a shower. Ian offered to help Stephanie with the records again the next day. On his way out, Ian remarked to Stephanie, "I don't get it. A girl as pretty and as nice as you shouldn't have to fight to keep anyone."

When Nathan got out of the shower, he had to ask Stephanie for help putting on his shirt, because he couldn't raise his arm very high. He told her how the guy at the clinic had tried to strangle Melanie. "He must know her well," Stephanie cracked, and then quickly apologized. An unamused Nathan pointedly asserted that if he hadn't intervened when he had, Melanie might have been killed.

On the pier, Carly and Chloe planned to go to St. Mary's the next day to get Chloe's paternity test results. When Daniel arrived and overheard Carly offering to pick Chloe up first thing the next morning, he wondered what was going on. Chloe cheerfully claimed that Carly was taking her out for some "girl time," complete with facials and manicures, since it was Chloe's birthday.

Carly added that it was also a present for Daniel, because both women knew that he wanted them to get along better. Daniel was touched that Chloe was making such an effort for his benefit. Chloe admitted, "I've learned a lot in the last couple of weeks about Carly, and I was really wrong about her. So, I'm sorry." Daniel believed that because he and Chloe were having a baby of their own, she no longer saw Carly as a threat, so they could all be one big happy family.

Daniel then hinted that Chloe should run some errands, because Melanie was on her way to discuss Chloe's birthday gift with Daniel. Chloe happily agreed. When Melanie arrived, Carly and Daniel immediately noticed the marks on her neck. Melanie told them about the attack at the clinic, but assured her parents that she was fine.

After Daniel and Melanie left together, Carly called to make sure Chloe's test results would be ready the next day. She then called and relayed the information to Chloe, who was relieved and hopeful that things would work out the way she wanted.

When Daniel took Melanie home, he divulged that he was trying to get the morning off so he could plan a birthday surprise for Chloe. Melanie was optimistic that it would be a birthday Chloe would never forget.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami nearly overheard Stefano say that E.J. was behind Sydney's kidnapping. Sami demanded to know what they had been talking about, directing her question to E.J.: "It sounded like Stefano was saying something about you and Sydney, and wanting to keep me away from Sydney?" E.J. assured her that he was just thinking about having Sydney stay somewhere else for a short while, because, "I was hoping after our wedding I could just monopolize a little bit of your time."

Lexie entered as Sami jokingly asked if E.J. were starting to regret agreeing to marry to a woman with four children. Lexie teased Sami about who her future in-laws were, but then sincerely congratulated Sami and E.J., and wished them much happiness. Sami left to check on Sydney, and Stefano went into the other room to take a phone call, Lexie gave her brother a fond hug and kiss.

"You've got what you wanted," Lexie enthused. "You've definitely turned yourself around, E.J. And now you're finally going to have your very own family. I'm very proud of you." A flattered E.J. chuckled and said he'd try to be the good guy his sister seemed to think he was. Lexie then asked, "What about Rafe?" E.J. maintained, "Samantha and I are getting married. Even a complete idiot like Rafe has to realize it's over." Lexie hoped he was right.

Stefano stopped Sami in the foyer so they could speak privately. He admitted that he had said some nasty things to her in the past, but he was very grateful to her for making Elvis so happy. Stefano added humbly, "I'm going to say something that I never, ever say: I was wrong." He hoped the two of them could have a fresh start, and Sami concurred, although his change of attitude clearly threw her a little.

Sami returned to the parlor and told Lexie and E.J., "I just had a close encounter of the weird kind with your father: he was actually nice to me." Lexie congratulated the happy couple again, and then made her exit. Sami launched into an anxiety-fueled monologue about how surprisingly easy it had been to tell their families about their engagement. E.J. grabbed her and held her still to interrupt.

"We've talked a huge amount about getting married-what it means to our children, what it means to our families, but I think there's something we've been avoiding," he said. Pulling her into his lap, he explained with a grin, "This part..." He indicated the two of them with a gesture. "And in particular, this part..." He kissed her, and when they were finished, Sami smiled and acknowledged somewhat breathlessly, "Oh. That." E.J. continued, "My father's out. The kids are asleep. Why don't I show you what it's really like to be Mrs. DiMera?" Sami burst out laughing, but willingly kissed him back.

Lexie found Stefano in the foyer. "Maybe this is latent paranoia about my beloved family," she stated, "but I think there is more to this story than is being said." Stefano encouraged her to look to the future, and leave the past in the past.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole shoved the incriminating CD into her purse and zipped it closed. Cursing E.J., she complained to herself that his admission that he had kidnapped Sydney hadn't put her in the driver's seat, but instead had ruined everything good in her life. As she began to cry, Rafe arrived outside the bar, and spotted her through the door. "Well, Victor, you said to strike when she's vulnerable," he said to himself, and then went in.

Rafe found Nicole sitting glumly at a table, and asked for a chance to atone for how he'd treated her the last time they'd seen each other. Nicole's response was to toss her drink in his face. Undeterred, Rafe asked, "Is that code for, 'you want to be left alone'?" He ordered a drink, and asked the bartender to get a replacement drink for Nicole. She hotly insisted that she could pay for it herself, and Rafe spied the CD when she reached into her purse for the money.

As Rafe left Nicole to sit at the bar, another bar patron slid into the chair where Rafe had been sitting. The man recognized Nicole from Locker Room Lolita, the pornographic movie she'd starred in as a teenager. Obviously mortified, she tried to get rid of him, but instead of leaving, he called one of his buddies. "Guess who I'm talking to: Misty Circle!" he gloated, and then tried to get Nicole to talk to his friend.

Rafe yanked the guy to his feet and ordered him to hang up. The man insisted, "She's a porn star. She wants guys to hit on her!" Rafe slammed the man's head onto the table, and demanded that he hang up, apologize, and then "get the hell out." After the man obeyed, an embarrassed Nicole thanked Rafe. Rafe apologized for being so rough on her the last time they'd run into each other, and admitted that he'd been upset because he'd just found out that Sami was going to marry E.J.

While he gulped his vodka, Rafe commended Nicole for having made things work with E.J., because Rafe hadn't been able to make things work with Sami. He continued that E.J. had no right to act "all sanctimonious" about what Nicole had done, because all she'd been trying to do was let E.J. raise his own child. "You did all that stuff for him, didn't you?" Rafe slurred. When Nicole confirmed it, Rafe deemed E.J. a jerk.

"No, he is a prince among men, a regular Galahad," Nicole disagreed sarcastically. Rafe confided that Sami thought he was obsessed with seeing evil in E.J. because Rafe was jealous, but Sami insisted that grief had changed E.J. into a better person. Nicole was skeptical. Rafe drunkenly continued that Sydney's kidnapping had nearly killed Sami. "Then E.J. called, you know, he had to call Sami, tell her that Sydney was dead," Rafe slurred. Stunned, Nicole asked, "He did that?"

Seemingly ever drunker, Rafe replied, "Had to-he thought that she was dead. Can you imagine that, going through that? The grief changed him! Must have. He's a good guy now." Nicole wondered why Rafe was dredging up the past, and suddenly remembered that he was an FBI agent.

She demanded to know if he were wearing a wire. "You wanna frisk me?" Rafe asked impishly. Nicole ordered him to stand up so she could pat him down, and he willingly complied. While Nicole was frisking him, Rafe lost his balance, and they fell back into his chair, with her on his lap.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Adrienne talked to Justin about Hope's case. "It's got me thinking about us. About our life together," Justin said softly. Justin asked Adrienne how their marriage had gone wrong.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. invited Sami to join him upstairs and "see what marriage is all about." In response, Sami smiled and kissed E.J. passionately. E.J. slowly backed out of the living room as he continued to kiss Sami, pulling off his jacket hurriedly. As things started to heat up between Sami and E.J. in the foyer, Johnny stood at the bottom of the stairs and stared blankly at his parents. When E.J. pulled his face away from Sami, he spotted his son staring at them and called out his name. Surprised, Sami shrieked, then laughed.

While E.J. tucked Johnny back into bed, Sami sat in the living room and looked at Johnny's laughing penguin. Sami thought about when Rafe had found the penguin on the shore by the lake, then shook her head to put the thought out of her mind. E.J. returned to the living room and joked that he thought it was okay to expose Johnny to displays of affection. Still amorous, E.J. began to kiss Sami again. As Sami started to tentatively unbutton E.J.'s shirt, he noticed the look on her face and asked her what was wrong.

Shaking her head, Sami smiled faintly and said she was just a little disappointed they were interrupted. Sami started to kiss E.J. again, and he gently pushed her away. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to," E.J. said softly. "Johnny broke the mood I guess," Sami said as she turned away from E.J. Noticing the laughing penguin on the nearby chair, E.J's face fell with the realization that Sami was thinking of Rafe. "I understand completely," E.J. said.

Sami apologized for pulling away and asked E.J. if he would mind having "a real wedding night." When Sami asked if her idea was ridiculous, E.J. disagreed. "My job is to make sure that all of your dreams come true. So if that's what you want, that's what you get," E.J. said. Elated, Sami smiled widely and said, "E.J., you're perfect." Sami snuggled against E.J. and kissed him gently.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole patted Rafe down, looking for a wire. When Nicole pushed up against Rafe, he fell backwards into his chair, pulling Nicole into his lap. With a nervous smile, Nicole asked Rafe if she could sit in his lap a bit longer. Rafe continued to pretend to be drunk and nodded at Nicole, before leaning in for a kiss. Nicole did not resist Rafe's "drunken" charms. As Nicole jokingly asked Rafe what the kiss was for, an angry Arianna interrupted from nearby and demanded that Rafe explain what was going on.

"This is about Sami, right? It's always about Sami," Arianna huffed. "You're making out with the one person Sami hates the most, in public, in the middle of the day. There's only one explanation," Arianna said to her brother. Still trying to get answers out of Nicole, Rafe continued to play drunk and asked Arianna to mind her business. When Arianna went to get a drink, Nicole asked Rafe if he was using her to make Sami jealous. Rafe apologized for his sister's comments and explained that his relationship with Sami was complicated. "The two of us are left out waiting at the curb like a pile of trash," Rafe said.

"You did bad things. Who cares? Who doesn't?" Rafe said with a chuckle. With a smile, Nicole noted that Rafe was a good man and did not do bad things. Seizing the opportunity, Rafe explained that because he was a good man, he could not use Nicole to make Sami jealous. Confused, Nicole said, "I don't know what to believe." Rafe advised Nicole to stop drinking and let him walk her home. Tipsy, Nicole awkwardly rose from the table and stumbled out the door with Rafe's arms around her. Across the room, Arianna stewed over Rafe's actions.

Rafe walked Nicole back to her hotel room, and kissed her in the doorway. Rafe invited himself in the room, but Nicole told him no and asked him what he wanted from her. Rafe explained that he was not sure what he wanted and asked Nicole to "live in the moment" with him. "It's all we got, right?" Rafe said. With a grin, Nicole agreed and invited Rafe into her room for a drink. Once inside the room, Rafe received a phone call from Sami, but he sent the call to voicemail. Surprised that Rafe was ignoring his phone call, Nicole wondered aloud why Rafe was hanging out with her.

"I just wanted to be with a woman tonight who's easy-going, carefree, uncomplicated," Rafe said. Rafe suggested that he always felt a little spark with Nicole. "You're interested in me? Really?" Nicole asked unconvinced. Unsure, Nicole asked Rafe to prove that he was interested in her. "Take off your clothes," Nicole demanded. When Rafe hesitated, Nicole teased Rafe. With a smirk, Rafe stood up and started to strip while Nicole laughed and bounced on the bed.

Sami went over to the Brady Pub to get one of Allie's dolls and saw Brady drinking in the corner. Surprised, Sami approached Brady and asked him why he was drinking. "I'm celebrating getting that last final monkey off my back," Brady said. Brady added that he was done with Nicole. When Sami asked Brady what the final straw was, Brady commented that Nicole was a liar. "She's gonna be in Statesville again in like a month or two. I don't know. Get that smirk of your face, Sami Brady. Cause you're no different than she is," Brady said in a slurred manner. Insulted, Sami started to walk away.

Lashing out, Brady warned Sami that she was addicted to E.J. and that if she married him, she would regret it. Brady noted that Sami used to be a "spoiled brat" before she met Rafe and that she was "screwed up" now that things were over with Rafe. "Are you marrying E.J. because you love him? Maybe it's because you're afraid to be alone, I don't know," Brady said before stumbling out of the pub.

Sami called Rafe's cell phone but was sent straight to voicemail. Sami begged Rafe to call her back as soon as possible. "It's important. And I think you won't regret it," Sami said softly. Sighing, Sami hung up her phone and turned to find Arianna walking by. Sami called out to Arianna and asked if she had seen Rafe. With a grunt, Arianna announced that Rafe was likely at Nicole's place, then she went inside the pub. Misunderstanding Arianna's statement, Sami theorized aloud that Rafe had found evidence against Nicole and was arresting Nicole at her motel.

At the courthouse, Bo attempted to convince Hope to trust him. Furious, Julie interrupted Bo in order to blame him for Hope's predicament and beg him to give Hope a reason to fight for her freedom. As Justin and Abe arrived, Hope nervously asked Bo what was going on. Before Bo could answer, Judge Karen Fitzpatrick entered the courtroom and asked Hope to enter her plea for the record. Hope rose from her seat and said, "Yes, I'm guilty, your honor."

Judge Fitzpatrick asked about the new character witnesses and was surprised to learn that the witnesses were also victims of the defendant. Noting that the defense was changing its strategy, the prosecutor withdrew her plea agreement and asked the judge to apply the full 30-year sentence to Hope's guilty plea. While the prosecutor made her argument, Arianna quietly slipped into the courtroom. When the judge asked the defense to explain why Hope deserved leniency, Justin interrupted to offer a reason.

Justin took the stand as a character witness for Hope and explained that he had been friends with the defendant for over 20 years. Justin noted that his ability to testify on her behalf "spoke volumes about her psychological state." Continuing, Justin reminded the court that Hope's accomplice, Dick Baker, had refused to testify against Hope, and that Hope was pleading guilty despite having no memory of her crimes. Justin agreed that it would be a mistake to let Hope go free but that he wanted Hope to receive treatment "so that she can truly come back to us."

Abe took the stand after Justin and testified, "I'm not alone when I say that she's a victim in this herself. I hope the court will come to understand that." As Abe left the stand, Arianna asked Judge Fitzpatrick if she could address the court. After taking the witness stand, Arianna asked the court not to be lenient with Hope's sentence. "You do the crime, you do the time," Arianna said firmly before stepping down. Bo took the witness stand next, despite Hope's plea for him not to testify.

Bo testified that Hope's crimes were partly his fault. Bo explained that their marriage had hit a rough patch after Ciara was kidnapped, and that Hope had moved out. "I didn't know this was a temporary arrangement. I felt that she had moved on with her life, and my mistake was I moved on with mine. And that hurt her deeply," Bo said. Bo noted that Hope had been prescribed the sleeping pills because she had difficulty sleeping due to their marital woes. "She was a victim in this. As much as anyone else. Like the mayor said. And that should be reflected in her sentence," Bo added. Bo swore to be there for Hope no matter what the verdict was.

Once all the testimony was finished, Judge Fitzpatrick ordered that Hope serve a two-year prison sentence and undergo psychiatric care. Elated by the reduced sentence, Hope hugged Doug and Julie. Bo interrupted Hope's celebration with Doug and Julie to apologize. Hope and Julie agreed that Bo had no reason to be sorry, since his actions had led to Hope's lenient sentence. "I'm sorry I wasn't there," Bo said solemnly. Hope thanked Justin and Abe for helping her, and Justin urged Hope to get well. Doug and Julie promised to visit Hope as often as they could, then kissed her goodbye. Turning toward Bo, Hope said, "I guess this is goodbye." "No, not goodbye. See you soon, Fancy Face."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

At Nicole's apartment, Rafe got undressed as Nicole treated him like a stripper, which made Rafe stop and say he couldn't do it. Nicole accused him of using her, but Rafe said if anyone was using anybody -- it was her using him. She asked how he thought that she was using him, and he said he wanted to be Nicole's friend, but she wanted it to be something else. Nicole said she was testing him to see how far he would take his "charade," but he had "failed miserably."

Rafe understood why Nicole was suspicious, although he said he had seen a different side to Nicole lately, and he thought that she deserved better than being abused by men her whole life. She asked what he meant and assumed that he was referring to himself when he said she deserved better. However, Rafe said he didn't really mean himself. He was disappointed about how he messed things up with Sami. Rafe started to talk about Sydney's kidnapping, but Nicole shut him down, saying she didn't want to talk about the past. Neither did Rafe.

At the pier Roman noticed that Sami seemed to be conflicted on whether or not to marry E.J. Roman told her not to marry E.J., and she admitted that she was on the way to see Rafe. She said that they argued all the time, and Roman advised Sami to be open and honest about how she felt and it might be different. Sami fantasized about Rafe arresting Nicole for Sydney's kidnapping again to prove to Sami how much she loved him. After her fantasy was over, Roman wished Sami good luck in working things out with Rafe.

Rafe apologized to Nicole and started to leave, but she stopped him and said that she wanted to give them a chance. He kissed her. She reminded him that he had said he wanted to take things slowly, but he told her to stop talking, and he kissed her again. Sami walked by Nicole's apartment just in time to see Rafe and Nicole kissing. Nicole saw Sami staring at them, and she called out Rafe's name. After Sami left, Rafe noticed that Nicole was looking toward the door, but she said it was nothing. She excused herself to the bathroom.

When Nicole emerged from the bathroom, she told Rafe that she wanted to be alone. He said they should do it again sometime, and he prepared to leave, but then Nicole changed her mind. She wanted Rafe to hold her, and he obliged. She told him she never believed "in a million years" that they would be together. While Nicole was asleep, Rafe went through her purse and found the CD that had E.J.'s confession on it.

Vivian felt empowered with a new plan to get rid of Maggie. She shared her news with her henchman, Gus.

Victor went by the hospital for a board meeting and, when he saw Maggie, he offered to cover the costs of Hope's therapy if the state refused to pay for it. He said that Hope was family and had earned his love and respect. Maggie was delighted at Victor's generosity. Vivian interrupted their conversation with an offer to help ease Victor's pain, but the only thing Victor thought would accomplish that would be for Vivian to give him a divorce. Vivian laughed at Victor's "joke" and said that he was stuck with her. She announced that she'd made dinner plans for them, but Victor said he was in the middle of something.

Maggie excused herself and left, so Victor decided to hear out Vivian's plan. Vivian mentioned that Victor's dead daughter Isabella deserved a better burial than being laid to rest in the mausoleum. Vivian detailed her plans for Isabella's new burial place, and Victor demanded to know what was really going on. Vivian said she loved him and would do anything for him.

E.J. left a message for Nicole warning her not to do anything reckless or stupid, because she had a lot to lose if she didn't honor her half of their agreement. He was heading out of the house, but he opened the door, and Arianna was standing there. He told her he was on his way to a meeting, and she reminded him that they had a meeting scheduled. She gave him permission to reschedule, but he insisted on meeting right then.

E.J. went over some paperwork to get the police department to remove Arianna's arrest from her record in exchange for her agreeing not to sue them. She was very grateful to E.J. and was perplexed as to why Hope had decided to frame her. Arianna felt that E.J. was up on a pedestal, and it would take a lot more than him forgetting his meeting with Arianna to knock him off that pedestal. E.J. had some news that might knock him off the pedestal in Arianna's eyes. He told her about his engagement to Sami. Arianna was surprised.

Arianna warned E.J. not to let Sami hurt him, and he assured her that Sami wouldn't hurt him. Arianna said she cared about him, because he had been good to Arianna. Sami stormed into the mansion, calling E.J.'s name. When she approached the living room, she saw Arianna with E.J. and excused herself, but he stopped her and asked what was going on. Arianna left, and E.J. told Sami that he had informed Arianna about their engagement.

Sami didn't mind, because she wanted the whole world to know about their engagement. He asked what was bothering her, and she said it was nothing, and she kissed him and told him she loved him and couldn't wait to marry him. Sami told him she wanted to forgo a big wedding and get married the next day. E.J. wondered why Sami was rushing, and she said she'd had an "epiphany." She realized that they and the kids deserved to be happy, and she decided that they should just get married. E.J. was excited to think that by the next day, they would be married.

Kate asked Will how his project for DiMera Enterprises was going. Will said it was going fine, but she sensed that there was more to the story. Stefano filled her in on the details, and Will said that he had asked Chad to help him with a company project, but Chad was ignoring Will's calls and acting anti-social. Will was worried that Chad was so isolated. Stefano told Will not to worry about Chad, because he was young enough to bounce back. Kate excused herself to get some air.

Kate ran into Chad and asked if he had seen his father, but Chad said the district attorney had gone away on a business trip. Kate made excuses for Chad's father, but Chad didn't buy it. Chad told her that he hated his father and didn't want him as his father. Kate offered to call Chad's father and try to talk some sense into him, but Chad thought that would be a bad idea.

Kate saw Lexie, Theo, and Ciara at the beach, and Lexie explained that Theo liked to count the stars, because it helped him to relax. Kate asked how Ciara was doing, and Ciara said she missed her "Mommy." Kate asked Lexie if Stefano would be able to handle upsetting news. She used Sami and E.J.'s engagement as a cover, and Lexie said Stefano would be fine as long as he lived a healthier lifestyle. Kate asked Lexie if she ever wished that Stefano wasn't her father.

Lexie said that Stefano would always be a part of Theo's life, but she couldn't be proud to be Stefano's daughter at times because of the bad things that Stefano had done. Lexie admitted to being ashamed of Stefano.

Chad ran into Will at the Brady Pub, and Chad mentioned the project that he was supposed to do for Will at DiMera Enterprises. Will said that he didn't need Chad's help after all. Chad looked over at Stefano, who was on a phone call over in the corner, and he realized that Stefano had warned Will not to involve Chad in the family business, because he was the son of the district attorney. Chad told Will not to make excuses for Stefano, because Stefano would blow Chad off every time he saw Chad.

Will asked if Chad wanted to go see a movie together, but Chad asked to take a rain check. Afterwards, Stefano asked Will what he and Chad were discussing, and Will said they were talking about how much Stefano disliked Chad. Will asked Stefano why he didn't like Chad, and Stefano said it was because of Chad's parents and because "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Will pointed out that Chad's mother was dead and Chad's father had wanted nothing to do with him.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daniel awakened Chloe on the morning of her birthday with a single red rose, and announced that he had a bunch of surprises for her-and the first was that he had gotten the day off. Chloe remembered that she and Carly were supposed to go to St. Mary's first thing that morning to get the results of Chloe's paternity test, so she playfully asked Daniel if she could open one of her gifts right away. As soon as he left the room, she looked around frantically for her phone.

Before Chloe could call Carly, Carly showed up on the doorstep. When Daniel wondered what was going on, Carly reminded him that she was supposed to take Chloe out to get facials and so forth. Daniel then had to leave the room to take a phone call, so a panicked Chloe quietly begged Carly to get the test results without her. Carly left after agreeing to call as soon as she knew something.

Daniel returned and gave Chloe the first of her gifts: a diamond bracelet. Chloe kissed him in thanks, and then told him that she had one birthday wish, which was for him to always remember that moment. She continued that she loved him with all of her heart, and she wanted them-and the baby-to always be together as a happy family. "You need to promise me that you will always know that this is exactly what I want," she asked. When he agreed, she said softly, "Then I can't ask for anything more."

At Maggie's, Philip reminded Melanie that they had plans to go to Chicago for the day. She informed him that they were supposed to go to Daniel and Chloe's to celebrate Chloe's birthday, but he thought it was a bad idea to intrude on Daniel and Chloe's private day. Melanie insisted that Daniel had invited them, and it meant a lot to her, because Chloe had finally decided to tell people that she was pregnant.

Melanie was also concerned because Chloe hadn't seemed happy about the pregnancy, but Philip pointed out that Chloe had plenty of reasons to be worried about the baby. Melanie thought that Chloe should stop freaking herself out and start enjoying the experience. Philip finally agreed that they should go to Daniel and Chloe's.

Chloe was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door to Melanie and Philip, bearing gifts and birthday cake. Daniel declared that it was just another of his many surprises. While Daniel and Melanie put a candle on the cake, Chloe whispered to Philip that Carly was getting the results of the paternity test at that very moment. After blowing out the candle, Chloe opened her gift from Melanie and Philip, a lovely blouse that Melanie had picked out.

Melanie then told Chloe earnestly, "I really care about you and my little brother or my little sister, and I want us to be friends." Chloe was touched, and Melanie continued, "And actually not just friends-what I want more than anything is for all of us to kind of be a family. Like a real family." Chloe suddenly started sobbing, and Philip quickly guessed that they were tears of joy. Chloe tearfully agreed, "I just want us to always all be like this. I just hope we can always stay like this."

At St. Mary's, Carly told the nurse on duty that she was there to get the results of a paternity test from Sister Anne. The nurse went to let Sister Anne know that Dr. Manning was there. When the nurse returned, Carly asked if the results were in, and the nurse thought they were.

After having accidentally fallen asleep on the couch the night before, Stephanie woke up from a nightmare in which Melanie ran to Nathan after finding out that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby. Stephanie checked to make sure Nathan was about to leave for the day, and then quietly called Ian. She asked for help getting back into St. Mary's computer system for Chloe's paternity test results, and although he had other plans, Ian reluctantly agreed.

Nathan emerged from the bedroom, and informed Stephanie that he didn't have to go to work after all. Stephanie noted that he was supposed to have gotten his elbow x-rayed, but Nathan insisted that it was fine. Stephanie was worried that he would have lasting damage, so after some pleading and cajoling from her, Nathan agreed to get his arm checked out.

Ian showed up not long after Nathan had left. As Ian was reiterating his reluctance to Stephanie about hacking into St. Mary's database again, Nathan returned to retrieve his cell phone. Stephanie covered that Ian had forgotten a flash drive there the night before. Nathan found his phone, kissed Stephanie goodbye, and left again. Ian asked if Stephanie were worried that Nathan was the father of the baby in question.

Stephanie assured Ian that although the situation was too complicated for her to explain, Nathan wasn't the problem. Ian was still uneasy about hacking into hospital records, because he would be committing a felony. Stephanie implored him to help her, because the future of her relationship with Nathan hung in the balance. Ian finally consented, and sat down at the computer.

While Ian was having some trouble getting back into St. Mary's computers, Nathan called Stephanie, and heard Ian in the background. Stephanie claimed that she'd asked Ian for some help with her computer while he was there. After Stephanie hung up, Ian announced that he'd found the test results. As Stephanie sat to look at the computer screen, she covered her mouth in surprise, and exclaimed, "Oh, my God."

Nicole awoke in her apartment to find Rafe reading the newspaper at her tiny table. She beamed at him, but he just regarded her coldly and resumed reading the paper. "So, I guess our night of snuggling is over?" Nicole asked tentatively. When Rafe's only reply was an inscrutable look, she became frustrated and demanded, "What the hell is it, Rafe? The suspense is killing me!"

Rafe simply held up the CD that he'd taken from Nicole's purse the night before. "You're busted, Nicole," Rafe remarked as she got slowly out of bed. "No more running. Game over." Lunging for the CD, she shouted, "You son of a bitch!" They struggled for it, but Rafe quickly got the upper hand. An indignant Nicole excoriated him for setting her up by manipulating her. To justify his behavior, Rafe maintained, "I knew this CD was important, especially after I talked to your mother."

Nicole was appalled that Rafe had tracked down her mom. Rafe continued, "Then it occurred to me last night, it would be really helpful to my case if I had you to apply a little context to it." He set up a tape recorder, and ordered Nicole to tell him everything she knew. Nicole refused to talk, maintaining that he had no evidence to use against her. Rafe pointed out that if the CD contained proof that a crime had been committed, she could be charged as an accessory after the fact-and she would end up in prison again.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate and Stefano were startled to find servants bustling about in the parlor, in preparation for what looked like a wedding. E.J. entered and further stunned them with the news that he and Samantha were getting married-that very day. Stefano and Kate didn't understand what the rush was. E.J. asserted simply that he and Samantha loved each other, and she wanted to be his wife.

Rafe told Nicole that if she answered his questions, he would do what he could to make sure she didn't go back to prison. Voice quavering, Nicole asserted, "Don't you see? This isn't just about prison. It's something much, much worse." She explained that she was terrified of what E.J. and his family might do to her, and pleaded with Rafe to protect her and guarantee her immunity. He promised to do what he could, but urged her to make a decision quickly.

Once he was alone, E.J. called Nicole. "So glad you're picking up your phone," he said when she answered. "I just want to make sure you're okay." Nicole replied shakily that she wasn't okay, because she and Brady had broken up. E.J. had heard the news, and thus wanted her reassurances that she hadn't "gone off the deep end." Nicole assured him, "I have five million. What could I go off the deep end about?"

Upstairs at the mansion, Sami hung her dress on the post of her full-length mirror, and gazed at her reflection pensively. She remembered having seen Nicole and Rafe, half-undressed and kissing, through Nicole's motel room window the night before, and tried to convince herself that marrying E.J. was the right thing to do. When Will knocked on the door, Sami let him in, but he furiously ripped into her because he had just found out that the wedding was happening that day.

Sami noted that Will hadn't been home when she and E.J. had made the decision late the previous night. Will demanded to know why they were in such a hurry to get married, and Sami maintained that there was no reason to wait. Will asked whether Sami had told her dad or grandmother, but she said she planned to tell them after the wedding, because she knew they would just try to talk her out of it. Sami stated that she had hoped Will would walk her down the aisle, but she understood why he might not want to be a part of her wedding to E.J.

Will remarked that most people got married because they were in love, adding, "But hey, you and E.J. might have your own little definition of love." Sami gently explained, "He and I have two kids together. I love him for that. And maybe more importantly, he loves me, and he needs me." Softening, Will expressed his hope that his mom and E.J. would be happy together, and agreed to walk her down the aisle. Sami embraced her son gratefully, and then Will headed downstairs.

By the time Lexie arrived at the mansion a little later, the parlor had been transformed into a proper wedding site, with elaborate floral arrangements around the room, garlands draped over the doorways, candelabras on the piano and the mantel, and a few chairs arranged on either side of a white carpet runner. Lexie warmly greeted her brother, who had changed into a black suit and gray tie, with a small white boutonniere in his lapel, just as Will, also wearing a suit and tie, entered with the twins. Johnny and Allie ran up and gave E.J. a big hug, and he complimented their festive wedding attire.

Stefano escorted in Judge Karen Fitzpatrick, who greeted E.J. cordially, and then asked where his bride was. Just then, Sami appeared in the doorway, looking radiant in a knee-length taupe satin halter gown with black lace trim. Her hair was swept up into a neat chignon, and a sprinkling of crystals encircled her head. Johnny got a little cranky and petulant, because Sydney had a fever and couldn't participate in the festivities, but Sami quickly calmed him down.

Judge Fitzpatrick asked everyone to take their places, so Sami and Will went out the back door of the parlor, and Will gave his mom a small bouquet of flowers to carry. While Lexie, Kate, and the twins looked on, and a beaming E.J. waited at the altar with Stefano, Will escorted Sami down the aisle. Judge Fitzpatrick then began the ceremony traditionally, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony."

When Nicole hung up from talking to E.J., she turned to Rafe and said, "Let's make a deal." The two of them sat down at the table, and he started the tape recorder. "By going on record, Nicole Walker DiMera is entering into a formal agreement of immunity," Rafe said into the microphone, and then asked Nicole for her statement.

Without revealing her culpability in framing Arianna, Nicole described how she'd used her familiarity with the DiMera mansion to break in to look for proof that E.J. was setting her up so he could free Arianna. While she'd been snooping, Stefano and E.J. had returned home, so she had hidden. Nicole continued, "I happened to have a tape recorder on me. Once they started talking, I taped them. You can listen to it for yourself."

Rafe then inserted the CD into his laptop, and began to listen to the recording. First he heard E.J. say that he would lose everything if Samantha ever found out, and then Stefano mentioned how Anna had been "neutralized." After a brief glitch in the recording, finally Rafe heard Stefano's voice saying, "She knows what would happen to her if she ever told anyone that you paid her to kidnap Sydney."

Rafe stopped the recording, and let out a huge sigh. "That's it," he whispered, his voice choked with emotion. "My God, that's it. That's all I need." Nicole couldn't help but be touched as she watched him fight back tears of relief. "And then you get Sami back? That's what you've been working towards, right? You did this all for her?" Nicole asked. "Yeah, I did," Rafe replied softly. "It's all for Sami."

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