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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, September 13, 2010

In the mausoleum, Carly and Vivian bickered. Carly taunted Vivian for being married to Victor, who loathed Vivian. Carly told her to move Lawrence in there, too, so that Vivian could visit him. Carly resisted, but Vivian grabbed her and told her she wasn't going anywhere. Vivian ordered Carly not to say Lawrence's name again. Vivian said that Victor didn't loathe Vivian. Vivian said she and Victor had an unconventional relationship. "That's a load of crap. He married you so that Bo wouldn't kill you. Talk about truly loving your son," Carly said.

Carly ordered Vivian to stay away from her, Melanie, Daniel, Philip, and Chloe. "If you really want to make Victor happy, you crawl in there yourself," Carly told Vivian, referring to the sarcophagus that Vivian was secretly planning to use to trap Maggie in, unbeknownst to Carly. Vivian wondered why Carly was so concerned about Chloe. Vivian decided that there was something going on between Chloe and Carly, and Vivian planned to find out why Carly and Chloe were "thick as thieves."

Vivian imagined Carly and Chloe throwing a body into the river. Then she imagined Chloe giving birth to Satan and Carly and Chloe worshipping it. "Maybe if Carly was the one who was pregnant," Vivian said. Gus refused to go along with Vivian's plan. Vivian ignored Gus's objections and instead gave Gus a remote. Gus felt Vivian was over-the-top and didn't want to help her. Vivian tried to buy him with a trip to the spa, but his conscience wouldn't let him give in. Vivian got angry and told him to leave.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told Kate his theory that Sami had shot E.J., but he wondered what led Sami to shoot E.J. that night since she had already won because she had the disc of E.J. confessing to his crime. Kate remembered telling Sami that E.J. had planned to kidnap the kids. She told Stefano that Sami had an alibi, but Stefano wasn't convinced. He said that alibis had nothing to do with innocence or guilt. Kate said that Sami didn't have a motive, because Sami was holding all the cards.

Stefano noticed that Kate was defending Sami and was surprised, because Kate had always tried to find ways to convict Sami of "a capital offense." Stefano said that E.J. could die because of Sami. Stefano also suspected that Will might have shot E.J. for Sami. Kate warned Stefano not to suggest that Will had anything to do with E.J.'s shooting. She said that if Stefano even cast suspicion in Will's direction, she and Stefano would be at war.

Stefano told Kate that they had a "potential problem" if Will had tried to kill E.J., but he and Kate agreed to be careful how they handled things in the meantime. Stefano said the person who'd shot E.J. might be someone that they would enjoy "annihilating, like Nicole."

At the hospital, Will asked if Rafe would let him speak to Sami alone. Sami thanked Will for not telling Rafe about their conversation. Will demanded for Sami to be honest with him or else he would go to Roman and Bo with what he knew. Sami confessed to shooting E.J. Sami told Will that she was sorry that Will saw Sami leaving the mansion. "You're sorry I saw you? You're not sorry you shot him?" Will asked.

Will assumed that Sami wanted him to cover for her. He told Sami that she didn't have to try to murder E.J. for kidnapping Sydney. He reminded her that E.J. was Johnny and Sydney's father. She insisted that she had been trying to protect them. Sami explained to Will how she'd felt when she discovered what E.J. had done and that she had taken the kids and left the mansion. Then, Sami said that Kate had informed her that E.J. was going to take the kids and disappear, and Sami couldn't let that happen.

Will said that Sami could have told Rafe about E.J.'s plan, but she didn't want Rafe getting into trouble, because he had done so much for her already. She swore that she didn't go the mansion with the intention of killing E.J. She detailed what had happened the night that she shot E.J. Will wondered whether Kate suspected Sami of shooting E.J., but Sami said that Kate would keep her mouth shut, because Stefano would kill Kate if he found out she'd tipped Sami off.

Sami said that Will didn't know who Stefano really was. Sami acknowledged that she and Kate were in trouble and that Will was being given too much responsibility to protect Sami from something stupid that she had done. Sami told Will that she would love Will always, regardless of whether he kept quiet about what he knew or not. Rafe walked in as Will left the room. Rafe reassured Sami that she was a good mother and Will was a good kid.

Maggie reminded Melanie that Victor was married, and Melanie joked that both sides in a marriage were supposed to be human. Maggie said Victor had married Vivian of his own free will. "He did not, and we both know that," Maggie said. Melanie accused Maggie of running away from her feelings for Victor. There was a knock at Maggie's door. It was Brady.

After Melanie left, Brady told Maggie that Vivian was planning a memorial for Isabella, and Brady thought he needed to be there. Brady felt it was weird to have a memorial for his mother. He asked Maggie to attend the memorial with him, since Maggie had loved Isabella. Maggie said she couldn't be there, because she was going out of town. Brady wondered why Maggie was so eager to leave Salem.

Melanie saw Brady later at the Brady Pub, and they discussed Maggie's plan to leave town. Brady felt it wasn't fair that Maggie was being "pushed out of town." Meanwhile, Maggie called Melissa and realized that she needed to get away to think about her feelings for Victor.

Arianna sat by E.J.'s bedside and told him that his relationship with Sami was like "a perfect storm," because they'd both done bad things to each other. Arianna felt that E.J. didn't deserve what had happened to him. She thought that E.J. had been trying to change and be a good father and a good man. Arianna begged him to fight -- to think of everything that he had done for his children -- so that he could see his kids again.

Arianna told E.J. that he and Rafe were a lot alike, which was why Arianna thought that inside E.J. was "one hell of a guy." Rafe saw Arianna in the hallway and wondered why she seemed upset. She said it was because a young guy with two kids had been shot in the head. Rafe noticed that Arianna always seemed to like bad boys. Rafe couldn't believe that Arianna was sticking up for E.J. Arianna promised E.J. that she would find out who shot him.

Vivian called someone to help her get Maggie to the mausoleum. Brady overheard Vivian and demanded to know what she was up to. Vivian told Brady that he was there a day too early. He noticed that Vivian was about to "jump" out of her skin. Vivian told Brady to leave, but he wanted to know why. Then Brady saw the television monitor inside the sarcophagus and asked what Vivian was doing.

Carly called Chloe to tell her about Carly's confrontation with Vivian. Carly said that Vivian knew to leave her and Chloe alone or face the consequences. Carly told Chloe not to worry, because Chloe had gotten through the paternity test and didn't need to worry about Vivian. Daniel overheard and asked Carly why Chloe needed to worry about Vivian.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jane, the prison warden, escorted Hope to her new cell, and assured Hope that no one was aware that she had been a cop. Hope's new cellmate tried to stay out of trouble, the warden said, because she had three kids she wanted to get back to. Jane added that Hope shouldn't expect any special treatment just because her husband was the police commissioner. A guard arrived with Tina, Hope's cellmate, and after he and the warden left, the two prisoners were alone.

Tina greeted her new cellmate with icy hostility. Hope saw that Tina had pictures of her children on the wall, so she pulled out a picture of Ciara. Softening a little, Tina tossed a roll of tape over so Hope could put up Ciara's photo. The two women briefly discussed their family situations. Tina remarked that Hope looked familiar, right before the guard returned with mail for the two of them. When Tina heard the guard refer to Hope as "Williams," she quickly remembered why she recognized Hope.

"You're that detective, that psycho who mugged all those guys!" Tina exclaimed. She called for the guard and begged him to get her out of there. Lenny, the guard, told Tina that it had been the warden's decision to put Hope and Tina together. After Lenny left again, Hope quietly reassured Tina that she wouldn't hurt her, but Tina wasn't buying it. "Since it's pretty clear they're not gonna move me out of here, I'm gonna have to get rid of you," Tina warned. She threw Hope down on the bunk and jumped on top of her.

When the warden and Lenny arrived a bit later, Tina was gagging and coughing. Jane ordered Lenny to take Tina to the infirmary, and then confronted Hope. Hope insisted that she had only been defending herself, because she needed to prove to everyone that she could take care of herself. Jane warned her that it would be all over the prison in no time that Hope was a former cop, because the infirmary was "an information clearinghouse." Hope pleaded with Jane not to tell Bo about the incident, and Jane replied that she wouldn't.

Lenny returned with Tina-with whom he declared there was nothing wrong-and the warden left the inmates with a warning not to make any more trouble. "So now you're not just a cop, you're the cop who beat me up," Tina snarled. "And everyone knows it now." Hope pointed out calmly, "You attacked me, Tina." As they each settled into their bunks, Tina warned, "Let me give you a couple of tips, sweetie: Don't shower, don't eat, and if you hear the words 'exercise yard,' run the other way."

Carly was at the hospital, on the phone with Chloe, who was at home. While Stephanie tried to eavesdrop on Chloe's side of the conversation, Carly urged Chloe to stop worrying about Vivian. After Carly hung up, Daniel appeared and asked why Chloe would be worried about Vivian. Carly maintained that Chloe was just on edge because she was pregnant, plus E.J. had just been shot after trying to kill Chloe's best friend, Nicole. Daniel suspected that Carly was keeping something from him. Carly insisted that she'd just been trying to calm Chloe down-and that Vivian seemed to have moved on to something else.

Chloe opened a gift from Stephanie, a little outfit for the baby. Stephanie explained that she knew Melanie wouldn't invite her to the shower, but she had still wanted to get something for the baby. "Everything worked out perfectly for me-thanks to you," Stephanie added. "Last year when my life was completely up in the air, you told me to talk to Father Matt. It was the best advice you could ever give anyone, Chloe."

Stephanie continued that talking to the priest had helped her decide not to marry Philip-and if she had, she wouldn't have ended up with Nathan. "I've never been this happy, Chloe. We're so happy together," Stephanie enthused. "I've never felt this way in my entire life." Chloe remarked that it didn't seem like Stephanie was all that happy-more like she was worried about something. Stephanie "confessed" that she had forgotten to return a report for work, and asked if she could borrow Chloe's computer to take care of it. Chloe agreed, so Stephanie sat down at the keyboard.

After Stephanie was finished, she met Ian at the Brady Pub. Since she had emailed him from Chloe's computer, Ian thought he could determine Chloe's I.P. address, and whether Chloe had been the one to change the paternity-test results. After working for a few minutes, Ian informed Stephanie that it had not been Chloe. A dismayed Stephanie wondered, "If it wasn't Philip and it wasn't Chloe, then who else doesn't want Chloe to know that she's not carrying Daniel's baby?"

Bo and Ciara were visiting Maggie, who presented Ciara with a new costume for her skating recital. Ciara was thrilled until she learned that Maggie was going out of town and wouldn't be there. Ciara was also upset because she couldn't talk to her mommy, and Maggie and Bo tried to comfort the little girl. Bo was trying to repair Maggie's toaster when she informed him that she had to drop some files off at the hospital before she could leave town. After Maggie left, Ciara announced that she was going to pray every night, "And then God will make [Mommy] come home."

When Carly arrived at Maggie's, Ciara greeted her with a polite, "It's very, very nice to see you again." Bo wondered why his daughter was being so formal. Ciara told him that Grandpa Victor had told her to be nice to Carly, because it would make her daddy happy. After Ciara left to put one of her drawings in Maggie's room, Carly urged Bo not to feel guilty. "I know what you've been through, and I love how much you love your family," she added. Bo maintained that he couldn't have gotten through any of it without Carly. He hoped that the letter Ciara had written to Hope had arrived, because he figured Hope could use a "boost."

Daniel returned to the apartment, where Chloe greeted him with a big hug and kiss. Daniel told her about his conversation with Carly, but Chloe assured him that she was no longer worried about Vivian. Daniel declared that he didn't want Chloe to worry about anything. "I also want you to know that I would do anything for you-anything at all," he added.

Melanie was in the locker room at the hospital when Nathan entered. Nathan admitted that he was going into his fourth shift in a row, and while Melanie was talking to him, he fell asleep leaning against the lockers. Melanie gently woke him, and helped him to a cot so he could get some sleep. Melanie spilled her purse as she was leaving, and a bunch of pacifiers fell out. She explained that they were for a game at Chloe's baby shower, which Melanie was planning.

Nathan sleepily cautioned Melanie not to get too close to Chloe, but when Melanie was taken aback, he claimed he was so tired that he didn't even know what he was saying. He then accidentally whacked his injured elbow on the frame of the bed, so Melanie volunteered to get some ice for it.

As Melanie was leaving, she nearly ran into Maggie, who was surprised to see Maggie and her grandson alone there together. Melanie got an ice pack, and slipped it under a sleeping Nathan's arm, while she reassured Maggie that nothing was going on.

A little later, Maggie found Melanie near the nurses' station, and informed her that the doctor Nathan had been covering for had arrived. Melanie hurried back to the locker room to let Nathan know. She arrived just in time to hear him murmur in his sleep, "Melanie... I love you."

Gus called Maggie and introduced himself. The connection was terrible, but Maggie could just decipher that he had resigned because Vivian had gone too far-and Maggie should be careful.

At the mausoleum, Brady demanded to know what Vivian was planning to use the sarcophagus for-and why it had a video monitor in the lid. Vivian gave him a lame excuse, but Brady just became more enraged. He declared that he and his family weren't nearly as gullible as she seemed to think. "You made a mistake," Brady maintained. "My mother's memory, my mother's body? You went way too far."

Clearly nervous, Vivian tried to escape, but Brady forcibly stopped her. "I want you to tell me what you had planned in here-and then we're gonna go have a nice, long talk with your hubby," he growled. Vivian claimed that the transfer of Isabella's body had merely been delayed, and she hadn't wanted to upset Victor or Brady by telling them. Brady didn't buy it for a second. When he discovered the straw leading into the sarcophagus, he grabbed Vivian by the wrists.

"What do you think my mother's going to need with all that stuff, anyway, I mean, her being dead and everything?" He lowered his voice to a whisper. "It looks like that coffin is for somebody who's actually still alive," he hissed menacingly. Brady contended that no one had forgotten that Vivian had buried someone alive once before, so it wasn't a good idea for her to try it again.

Vivian insisted that wasn't her plan, but Brady only wanted to know whom the sarcophagus was for. When an indignant Vivian tried to storm out, Brady grabbed her by the arm, and the contents of her purse spilled onto the floor. Brady immediately spotted the forged letters to Maggie's family and friends. "You're an even worse person than I thought you were," he declared with horrified contempt. "You were going to put Maggie in there?"

Vivian asserted that she had done nothing wrong, and Brady countered that he would make sure that she didn't. He taunted Vivian about her jealousy of Maggie, whom Victor obviously preferred to Vivian. Vivian argued that Brady was a "sanctimonious, self-indulgent drunk." Brady pointed out that Victor valued family above all else-and the one he had always cared the most about was Isabella.

"Using her, Vivian, was very, very stupid," he said. "It was stupid, and it was dangerous." While Vivian feigned agreement-and Brady's back was turned-she quietly picked up an urn. Brady realized that his mother's body was no longer where it was supposed to be. As he was demanding to know where Isabella was, Vivian crept up behind him and bashed him over the head with the urn. "Wherever she is, you're about to join her!" Vivian declared to Brady's unconscious form.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the staff locker room at the hospital, Nathan slept fitfully on the bed. As Nathan dreamed about kissing Melanie, he called out in his sleep, telling Melanie he loved her. Meanwhile, Melanie entered the locker room and overheard Nathan cry out. Surprised, Melanie tripped over the trashcan, waking Nathan in the process. Melanie explained that she had stopped by to tell Nathan that Dr. Harrison had arrived at the hospital, so Nathan could go home.

Nathan noted the look on Melanie's face, but she denied that anything was wrong. "You heard me talking in my sleep, didn't you?" Nathan said. Joking, Nathan asked Melanie what he said. With a sigh, Melanie told Nathan that he said, "I love you." When Nathan stared, slack-jawed, Melanie noted that Nathan must have meant Stephanie. Uncomfortable, Melanie excused herself and ran out of the room.

On his way home, Nathan stopped by the Cheatin' Heart and saw Philip. Philip urged Nathan to join him in a game of pool. Philip shared with Nathan that he was looking for a house to move into with Melanie. "I figured you have an opinion. You have one about everything else," Philip joked.

Nathan told Philip that Melanie was not interested in a "big, fancy house." Philip bragged that his life with Melanie was "practically perfect" and that he planned to keep it that way. Annoyed, Nathan put his cue down on the table and told Philip that he was going home to Stephanie. "Then we understand each other," Philip said as he narrowed his eyes. Nathan agreed, then walked out of the bar.

Melanie went home and found Maggie sitting in her kitchen, writing a to do list. When Melanie excused herself, Maggie called out and asked if something was bothering Melanie. Melanie turned around and told Maggie that she'd found Nathan in the locker room, talking in his sleep. "Nathan said I love you," Melanie noted. Disturbed, Melanie explained that she did not think Stephanie was the right woman for Nathan. Maggie urged Melanie to keep her opinions to herself and let Nathan make his own mistakes.

"That's really good advice. It's a darn shame you're so bad at taking it," Melanie said. When Maggie groaned at Melanie's comment, Melanie warned Maggie that visiting all the places she wanted to go with Mickey would not make her feel any better. Melanie noted that Maggie was running away from her feelings for Victor. "This may sound old fashioned to you, but Victor is married, and I respect the sanctity of marriage," Maggie said tersely.

"Even if that marriage is a sick joke?" Melanie barked. Melanie urged Maggie to be a "vixen." "I'll settle for you asking yourself what you really, really want. And then not being too afraid to hear the answer," Melanie said softly. Tired, Maggie thanked Melanie for caring about her happiness. "I'll be back before you know it," Maggie said on her way upstairs. Melanie thought about what Nathan had whispered in his sleep. "It's over now. It has to be," Melanie said as she held back tears.

In E.J.'s hospital room, Kate entered the room and stuck E.J. with a hatpin to test whether he was truly in a coma. When E.J. failed to respond with so much as a twitch, a satisfied Kate affixed the pin to her jacket and commented that she had to know. "Who did this to you, E.J.? Did Sami do it? If Sami did it, am I the reason?" Kate wondered aloud. Kate exited the room and ran into Chad.

Chad greeted Kate and explained that he was dropping off a job application at the hospital. Kate informed Chad about E.J.'s condition, and Chad admitted that he felt terrible for Stefano's situation. Chad informed Kate that he would be remaining in Salem to attend college. After Chad left, Kate muttered to herself that she needed to figure out how to use the information that Chad was Stefano's other living son.

Down at the pier, Sami spotted Will standing by the water and approached him. When Sami asked Will what he was going to do, a flustered Will asked Sami if she was only interested in whether he would report her to the police. Will noted that he had researched the law and commented that Sami would be charged with attempted murder, even under the circumstances. "You are always telling me to decide for myself what I think is right. So I'm going to do the right thing," Will said.

Will explained that because E.J. had taken Sydney, he understood why Sami had lost her temper. "I'm not going to let E.J. tear our family apart. I don't want you to go to prison. And I will never let Stefano find out you shot E.J.," Will said. Will promised never to tell anyone about what he had seen. Sami apologized to her son, and she hugged him tight.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline asked Rafe about Sami and the children. Caroline explained to Rafe that Sami had been worried about Stefano's influence on Will, and she added that she was worried she had made things worse. Rafe played with Johnny in an attempt to get him back to sleep. As Sami walked through the door and hugged her son, Johnny demanded to see his father. Sami explained to Johnny that he was not allowed at the hospital.

Rafe slipped away to check on Will when he spotted him walk over to the bar. When Rafe asked Will how he felt about the shooting, Will commented, "The son of a bitch got what he deserved." Noting how tired he was, Will excused himself to go upstairs to bed. Once he was out of the front room, Will headed over to the hospital to see E.J.

"He knows you love him," Sami told Johnny. "Do you still love him?" Johnny asked. Unsure how to respond, Sami said that she loved Rafe. "I'm going to love you all forever," Sami added. "If you don't love daddy then why were you going to be married to him?" Johnny asked. Rafe interrupted with a glass of warm milk for Johnny. When Caroline informed Sami that the other children were asleep, Johnny asked Sami if he could make a card for his father. With a smile, Sami urged Johnny to make a card while he drank his milk and then get ready for bed. Caroline took Johnny by the hand and led him upstairs.

Once Sami and Rafe were alone at the table, Sami dropped her head into her hands and commented, "Johnny. If he only knew." "If he only knew what?" Rafe asked. Sami explained that she did not want to tell Johnny that his father had been shot, and she did not want her son to see E.J. hooked up to the machines. "When he asks me who shot him, what am I supposed to tell him?" Sami wondered aloud. "The truth," Rafe countered.

Taken aback, Sami asked Rafe what he meant. "That his dad's been shot, and you don't know who did it. That the police are doing everything they can to find the person and bring him to justice," Rafe said. Sami agreed with Rafe, then noted that she could not help but think about all the times E.J. had hurt her family. "I just made so many mistakes over the years, and Will has certainly paid the price," Sami said sadly. "After everything that the DiMeras have put you through over the years, the resentment that Will must have felt towards them," Rafe said. When Sami asked Rafe what he meant, he shook his head and noted that Will was a good kid.

"I just feel bad for the guy, you know?" Rafe said. Surprised, Sami looked horrorstruck by Rafe's comment, then quickly recovered. "It's just been so tough for him and now it's just going to get harder," Sami added. Tired, Sami went to bed with Rafe. Sami noted that Will was not in his room, but that she suspected he was with his friends. "I think he's gonna be okay," Sami said. Rafe agreed, then pulled Sami in to his arms.

Will entered E.J.'s hospital room and said, "Oh, my God. What have you done?" Will told E.J. that he had caused his own pain when he'd kidnapped Sydney. "You did this to yourself. But if you die, that makes my mom a murderer, and she could go to prison or worse," Will said. "My mom will never forgive herself," Will whispered as Kate entered the hospital room. Will was surprised by Kate's appearance, but she noted that she was visiting E.J. to check on his progress.

"I just wanted to see him for myself. He looks pretty bad," Will said. "The person who shot him really wanted him to die," Will said absently. When Kate asked Will if he was okay, Will bristled at her touch and explained that he needed to go. Alone in the room with the unconscious E.J., Kate said, "Don't let Will be the one that did this. Please. Please let him be more like his father and the Hortons. Not like, not like me.... If it is Will, at least I have something in my back pocket. Something big to use to bargain with Stefano. Something like he has another son," Kate whispered.

Will went back to the Brady Pub and talked to Chad about his college plans. Chad explained that his father still blamed him for his mother's death, but that he had not told his father that he'd asked his mother about her past. Frustrated, Chad noted that he would never tell anyone about his fight with his mother, and then he left the pub. "Nobody's gonna hear about you either, mom. But I will take care of you. No matter what," Will said quietly to himself.

In the Kiriakis mausoleum, a frustrated Vivian took her anger out on Brady and hit him over the head with an urn. While Brady lay helpless on the floor, Vivian complained about Brady's "moralizing." Fretting over the mess, Vivian wondered aloud how she could kill Brady with "the least bother and fuss." Frantic, Vivian attempted to call Gus, but her phone was not working. As Vivian crossed to the doorway, Brady grabbed her by the ankle as she walked by.

Brady rose to his feet, and Vivian explained that Brady had passed out while she was talking to him. "You didn't know what you were going to do with me. I have to admit, I have the same problem with you right now," Brady growled. Brady threatened to tell Victor about Vivian's plot to bury Maggie in the sarcophagus. Brady ordered Vivian to tell him where she had moved his mother's remains. Stammering, Vivian noted that she'd had Isabella's remains transferred to Victor's crypt so that they could "spend eternity together."

As Brady shoved Vivian toward the doorway, she attempted to grab her purse. Brady snatched the purse and the items on the floor before Vivian could grab them. Looking at some of the papers, an angry Brady asked Vivian why she had a receipt for a pet cemetery in her purse. Vivian explained that she had buried a cat for Lawrence. Suspicious, Brady asked Vivian whether she had dumped his mother's remains in the cemetery. When Vivian explained that she'd had Isabella buried at the top of a hill under a willow tree, a furious Brady threw the receipt on the floor.

"You better run for your life, you crazy bitch!" Brady screamed. Vivian ran out the door, with Brady in pursuit. Brady grabbed Vivian and dragged her back into the mausoleum. "No one's coming for you. It's just you and me now, you understand?" Brady said. Scared, Vivian asked Brady what he planned to do with her. "Take a guess, Vivian," Brady said menacingly.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the hospital, Daniel walked into E.J.'s room and heard Nicole expressing sadness at E.J.'s condition. She said she thought she would enjoy seeing E.J. in the hospital bed, but it was breaking her heart and she didn't know why. Daniel was surprised to see Nicole. She explained that she and E.J. had once been married and had conceived a child together, and she didn't want him to die.

Nicole said that E.J. was loving at times, despite his DNA, and she could only think of E.J.'s softer side while looking at him in the hospital bed. Nicole said that if E.J. lived and went back to the way he had been before, Nicole would end up hating him again. Daniel left, and Nicole hit E.J., saying that she hated him with every fiber of her being. "Why don't you do your fan club a favor and die," Nicole said. Arianna walked in on Nicole berating E.J. and ordered Nicole out.

Arianna saw Nicole later at the pier. Nicole demanded to know why Arianna had her thrown out. Arianna recounted all of Nicole's misdeeds to her, and when Arianna tried to walk away, Nicole grabbed her arm. "Get off!" Arianna yelled at Nicole. Nicole told her "No!" and demanded to know why she was so protective of E.J. all of a sudden.

Arianna said she didn't need to explain her relationship with E.J. to Nicole. "No wonder you had no problem moving on from Brady. You went from good to worse," Nicole said. Arianna responded by telling Nicole to "shove it" and said she wasn't moving on with anyone. "But you'd like to, wouldn't you? Why else would you defend a man who kept his own child from her mother or your very own brother from the woman that he loved?" Nicole said. She asked what Rafe would say if he found out his sister had a "big ole' crush on his archenemy."

Arianna said it wasn't Nicole's business what Rafe thought. She said that Nicole should have compassion for E.J., who was probably going to die. Nicole glared at Arianna smugly and said she was happy for Arianna, because Arianna was obviously in love. Arianna started to leave, but Nicole continued, recounting how she'd fallen in love with E.J. before too. Nicole warned her that she would be E.J.'s next victim. Arianna said she was no one's victim. Nicole warned her that if E.J. woke up, Arianna needed to take the time to get to know E.J., because after that, Nicole guaranteed that Arianna would wish E.J. had died.

Rafe dreamt that he saw Will shoot E.J. Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Sami apologized to Will for him being embroiled in E.J.'s shooting. Will wished that he had known about E.J. wanting to take Johnny and Sydney, because then Will could have helped Sami. Sami said that Will needed to stop blaming himself, because she was the one who had shot E.J. Will assured Sami that her secret was safe with him, just as Rafe walked up to their table.

Sami left in a hurry to check on E.J., which bothered Rafe. Will pointed out that E.J. was still the father of her kids and he was fighting for his life. Rafe wondered why Will was being so defensive.

Sami walked into E.J.'s hospital room and admitted to E.J. that what she'd done was terrible, but she said that E.J. had done terrible things to her, and she wanted to know whether it would ever end. Lexie walked in and overheard Sami talk about how E.J. had declared his love to her, and Lexie told Sami that E.J. loved Sami. Lexie said that E.J. eventually regretted what he had done, but he wanted a chance to make it up to Sami. Rafe overheard Sami say that she had loved E.J., too, but that love was gone forever.

Lexie got emotional and wondered who had shot E.J. Rafe asked how E.J. was doing, and Sami said that there was no change. Rafe wondered how long it would go on like that, and Sami said it was up to her, because she had the power to "pull the plug." Sami said she couldn't do it. Meanwhile, Lexie broke down into tears in front of Daniel, thinking about how Stefano would react if E.J. died. She felt that Stefano wouldn't be able to handle it.

Lexie interrupted Sami and Rafe's conversation to tell Sami that E.J. had taken a turn for the worse. Sami asked Lexie to tell her what the humane thing to do was.

Kate met with Will at the Brady Pub and tried to convince Will to confide in her. Will asked what she was talking about, and Kate said, "I think you know." She suggested that Will might know what had happened to E.J. Will said all he knew was that E.J. had been shot, but Kate didn't believe him. Will couldn't believe that Kate was interrogating him, since Kate had her own secrets. Kate realized that Will was referring to the phone call Kate had made to Sami, telling her that E.J. planned to snatch her kids and run away.

Brady sat on top of the sarcophagus that he had put Vivian in as Vivian yelled for Brady to let her out. Brady taunted Vivian through the video monitor she had installed inside it. Brady told her that he couldn't let her go. She asked what he planned to do, and he said he didn't know yet, because he was making things up as he went along.

Vivian told Brady that if he went to the police about her plan, she would lie. She said that the letters she'd written on Maggie's behalf proved nothing and that she had never actually kidnapped Maggie. Brady called her a "crazy bitch" and left her in the mausoleum. However, Vivian's earring was left behind on the floor. Vivian wished that Gus would save her.

Maggie went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Victor that she planned to stay in town after all. Henderson let Maggie inside so she could wait for Victor, and Brady walked in. Maggie told him that she had decided to delay her trip. Maggie wanted to help Melanie throw a baby shower for Chloe and to attend Isabella's rededication. Maggie told Brady that Gus had called her, but she couldn't make out everything he had said, except for "leaving town" and "watch out." Maggie asked what Brady thought of it, and Victor walked in and asked, "Think of what?"

Maggie explained that Gus had called her, and Victor wondered why. Maggie didn't know, either, but she explained what she had heard. Victor said Vivian had probably pushed Gus too far. Maggie said that there was something in Gus's voice, and Victor suggested that Maggie should call Vivian personally and find out why Gus would call Maggie. Brady objected, and Victor asked why. Brady said that the last time he'd talked to Vivian, she was busy arranging Isabella's tribute, and he didn't want Victor to distract her.

Maggie asked them not to get Vivian involved, because she might overreact and do something to Gus. Brady agreed, so Victor was fine with it. After Brady went upstairs, Maggie told Victor that she had decided to postpone her trip. When Victor asked why, Maggie said mainly because of Victor. "Dare I be flattered? Victor asked. "Dare away," Maggie said. She admitted to enjoying his company and said that he was funny and kind. Victor said that Maggie was easy to be kind to. Victor said he enjoyed it when Maggie told him off, also, so she said she would tell him off more often.

Maggie said she wanted to set some boundaries, since he was married. She asked him to explain why Victor had agreed to marry such a "hateful, hateful woman." Victor admitted that he had never loved Vivian, and he described his situation as "complicated." Maggie admitted that even if Victor were single, she wouldn't be ready to date him, and she might never be ready. Maggie realized that she was confused. She said that Victor cheered her up, but she said that between him being married and her grief over Mickey, it just wasn't their time.

Brady went upstairs to Vivian's room, turned on the television, and saw Vivian in the sarcophagus. He taunted her and then discovered the video cameras she'd put in her room. Brady put two and two together and realized that Vivian planned to make Maggie watch Vivian and Victor have sex. He called Vivian "one big bowl of crazy." He said that when Victor found out about Vivian's plan, he would want her to "burn in hell."

Vivian explained that she was desperate, because Maggie wanted to destroy her life and didn't want to see Vivian happy. Brady said that no one wanted to think of Vivian being happy. "You think I want you to be happy after what you did to the remains of my mom? Hell no, I want to see you suffer, sweetie," Brady said. He tried to torture Vivian with details of Maggie's visit with Victor. "She looks really beautiful right now. I mean her makeup and hair is looking good. Grandfather lit up when she came into the room. I'm serious. That man like devoured her with his eyes. He's a hungry guy," he added.

Brady suggested that Victor and Maggie might be having sex at that very moment. Vivian was upset hearing Brady's taunts. She explained that she was just trying to save her relationship with Victor, and she didn't plan to leave Maggie locked up. Brady reminded Vivian of what she'd said before Vivian herself was locked in the sarcophagus. "'I'm going to help Maggie Horton reunite with Mickey,'" Brady said, repeating Vivian's earlier declaration. Vivian said she hadn't meant it literally.

"Let me tell you something that I do mean literally. I think that your beloved nephew Lawrence misses you very much. I think he would love your company deep in hell," Brady said. He asked Vivian how she thought that Victor would react when he told Victor what Vivian had done to Isabella. Vivian begged Brady not to tell Victor. She told Brady that she picked a "really nice spot" for Isabella's remains. "Nice spot? Next to Rover and Mittens?" Brady asked. Vivian explained that it was in a nice secluded area. Brady recounted all of Vivian's misdeeds over the years, and he said that she was in that situation because of her own doing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Staring into the camera in Vivian's bedroom, Brady continued to berate Vivian through the closed circuit television in her sarcophagus. While Vivian lay helpless in the closed sarcophagus, Brady noted, "All I want to do is watch you suffer." Vivian pleaded with Brady to release her and noted that she'd had time to think about her past deeds. "I'm so grateful to you for raising my consciousness so I can change and become a better person. Your mother would be so proud," Vivian said sleepily.

"You have to do the right thing and let me go. Think of your mother. Think of Isabella," Vivian urged. Brady countered that he had to keep Vivian locked up because he was thinking about his mother. Vivian encouraged Brady not to sink to her level. When Brady laughed, Vivian warned Brady that Gus would rescue her and she would exact revenge on Brady. Smiling, Brady informed Vivian that Gus had left town and would not go to her aid.

"Gus would never abandon me," Vivian said stubbornly. Brady informed Vivian that Gus had called Maggie to warn her and said that he was leaving town. "That useless eunuch!" Vivian cursed. "If I stay in here any longer I'll be as good as dead," Vivian pleaded. "Was that your plan with Maggie? To keep her in there until she was dead?" Brady asked. Sighing, Vivian explained that the sarcophagus was coated with a toxic substance that would eventually cause her to go insane and then become "a vegetable."

Vivian told Brady that Victor would be disappointed to learn that Brady had "gone to the dark side." When Brady noted that Victor would not learn about what he had done to Vivian, she countered that Brady would have to come clean when she did not show up at the memorial for Isabella. Nodding, Brady said goodbye to Vivian, then turned off the feed to her sarcophagus. Alone, Vivian started to cry.

Downstairs in the Kiriakis living room, Maggie told Victor that she could not be with him because she was not ready for a romantic relationship. "I will never accept that," Victor said defiantly. Victor agreed to honor Maggie's request, but added that he wished she would change her mind. Shaking her head, Maggie noted that she would see Victor at Isabella's memorial. "It really is the right thing to do," Maggie said to herself as she walked out the front door.

Brady went downstairs to the living room and found Victor cursing over his computer about the lack of an email response from China about a bid. When Victor looked up, he commented on the look on Brady's face. Victor assured Brady that he did not need to take part in the memorial for Isabella if it was too upsetting. Brady gently picked up a photo of Isabella. "I've never been better," Brady said firmly before striding out of the room.

When Brady returned to Vivian's bedroom, he turned the closed circuit feed to her sarcophagus back on. Brady admitted that he'd thought about releasing Vivian, but that he had decided to send Victor an email explaining her absence. Brady composed an email to Victor on a laptop, and read it aloud to Vivian as he typed. "We're simply not meant to be," Brady read aloud. Vivian protested that no one would believe Brady's email, but Brady disagreed. "And in the end, I realize that your heart belongs to Maggie. I wish you both a long and happy life," Brady read aloud. Desperate, Vivian cried out.

After sending the email, Brady explained that he needed to get rid of the letters Vivian had written disguised as Maggie. Brady wandered around Vivian's bedroom, grabbing jewelry and her passport in an effort to make it look like Vivian had left town. When Brady found a second cell phone with a text message stating "waiting for word," he asked Vivian what the text was referring to. Vivian lied about the sender, but Brady surmised that the person who had texted had been hired to kidnap Maggie. Brady sent a return text noting that the mission was "aborted."

Brady grabbed Lawrence's urn off of the table and held it up in front of the camera for Vivian to see. "I'm gonna find a nice special place to dump his dust. I'm thinking a certain pet cemetery," Brady said. "He'll have a nice view as well," Brady added before turning off the camera feed to Vivian. Terrified, Vivian beat her fists against the lid of the sarcophagus. "I can't take it anymore," Vivian squealed. Composing herself, Vivian said that Victor would go to her rescue.

After changing clothes, Brady returned to the living room to find a calmer Victor. With a smile, Victor announced that he was pleased that Vivian had decided to honor Isabella. "I'll be sure to thank her when I see her," Brady said. "For doing one good thing in her whole miserable life," Victor added with a chuckle. Brady suggested that Victor check his email and see if there was any response from the business client in China. With a shrug, Victor walked over to his computer and checked his email. When Victor saw the email from Vivian, he opened it and read it. "I don't believe a word of this," Victor groused.

In the hospital, Sami begged Lexie to tell her what to do about E.J. Unsure, Lexie fought tears and informed Sami that E.J.'s living will specifically noted that he did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Supporting Lexie, another doctor informed Sami that E.J. was not able to breathe on his own and that his brain activity was diminishing. Confused, Sami asked Lexie for her opinion. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Lexie said that under the circumstances, she recommended that Sami should take E.J. off of life support. Overcome with emotion, Lexie walked away and the other doctor left Sami alone with Rafe.

"What do I do? Do I shut the machines off? Let him die?" Sami asked Rafe as he held her in his arms. Overhearing the tail end of Sami's comment, Stefano said, "Let him die? Who the hell are you? God?" Sizing up the situation, Lexie ran over to hold her father back from attacking Sami. Startled, Sami rushed down the hallway with Rafe in tow. Furious, Stefano shoved Lexie aside and walked over to the window to look in at E.J. in his room.

At the Brady Pub, Will warned Kate not to ask him questions "you know I can't answer." Will thought about Sami's confession. "You think that my mom shot E.J.?" Will asked tentatively. Kate explained that she did not believe Sami had shot E.J. but that she understood why Sami would want to. "I would do the same thing for my children. I would do the same thing for my grandchildren. I want you always to remember that," Kate said. As Will stared at Kate, her cell phone rang. Lexie was calling to tell Kate that Stefano needed her at the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Sami and Rafe ducked in to a waiting room to avoid Stefano's fury. Sami ranted about Stefano's threats and complained that she did not want to be responsible for deciding whether to take E.J. off of life support. Rafe noted that Stefano was feeling helpless and needed to blame someone. When Sami wondered aloud whether she should take Lexie's advice and disconnect the life support, Rafe counseled Sami not to pull the plug. "If you do, whoever shot him is basically gonna go from attempted murder to murder," Rafe said.

When Sami asked Rafe why he cared about the shooter, she thought about when she had shot E.J. "Oh, my God. You know," Sami said as Rafe nodded slowly. "Just say it," Sami said with a concerned look on her face. "Will," Rafe said sadly. "What?" Sami asked in shock. Sami defended Will and asked Rafe why he would believe her son had shot E.J. "He had motive, he hasn't been straight with me," Rafe rattled off. Rafe urged Sami to think about the fact that if E.J. died, the charges against Will would be upgraded to murder.

"You're gonna turn my son in to the police?" Sami asked, horrified. As Sami started to yell at Rafe, he urged her to be quiet. Rafe noted that there was no evidence against Will, and that he only had his suspicions. "I would never turn him in. I would always protect him in the same way I would always protect you," Rafe said. Sami thanked Rafe. Shaking his head, Rafe told Sami that it was only a matter of time before other people began to suspect Will as well. Unfazed, Sami told Rafe that Will had not shot E.J. and no one would be able to prove that he had.

Stefano stood in the hospital hallway and stared through the window of E.J.'s room, while Lexie stood at his side. Stefano ordered Lexie to call around to the best hospitals to look for a way to help E.J. "I am not going to let it go," Stefano said. Lexie pleaded, "I know that he would not want to go on like that. He signed that living will for a reason. Yeah, it's too bad that Sami has the authority instead of you or me, but that doesn't matter right now. What matters right now is that he was very specific about wanting any treatment measured against the quality of his life." Stefano disagreed and asked Lexie for more time.

Stefano entered E.J.'s room and sat by his son's side. Lexie looked in the window at Stefano and E.J. and thought about the time she had discussed life support with E.J. "God knows if I was ever in that position, switch the machines off after 24 hours," E.J. had said. "I love life but life is about being alive, feeling alive," E.J. had added. Shaking off the memory of the conversation with her brother, Lexie turned around to find Abe standing behind her. Upset, Lexie fell into her husband's arms.

At E.J.'s bedside, Stefano talked to his son. Stefano recounted his sadness over missing out on E.J.'s childhood and explained that he had relished every moment he'd spent with E.J. since E.J. had reentered into his life. "How can I say goodbye?" Stefano wondered aloud before breaking down in tears.

Kate arrived at the hospital with Will, and Lexie informed them that E.J. had taken a turn for the worse. As Lexie informed Will and Kate that E.J. was not going to improve, Sami and Rafe approached the group. "The decision isn't up to the doctors. It's up to Sami," Lexie said. Kate asked Lexie for her opinion, and Lexie stated that they should respect E.J.'s wishes. As Kate and Will turned around to see Sami standing behind them, the monitors in E.J's room started to beep.

Lexie rushed into E.J.'s room and gently pushed Stefano aside so that she could check on E.J. After stabilizing E.J., Lexie returned to the hallway with the other doctor, who informed the family that "statistically, the chances just aren't there." Lexie counseled Stefano to believe that there was nothing more to do for E.J., and Stefano slowly shook his head. "I asked for a sign," Stefano said sadly. With Stefano, Kate, Lexie, Will, and Rafe watching, the doctor asked Sami how she wanted to proceed. Unsure, Sami asked for a moment to think.

Sami went into E.J.'s room and stood next to his bed, while Stefano, Kate, Lexie, Will, and Rafe waited in the hallway and watched Sami through the window. "I have loved you and hated you. Sometimes at the same time. But I never thought it would end like this," Sami said with a sniffle. With a deep sigh, Sami turned around and walked out of the room. Wiping away tears, Sami looked at the group waiting in the hallway and announced that she had made her decision.

Standing in E.J.'s room, Stefano and Lexie hugged one another for consolation as Sami gave the order to the nurse to unplug the machines keeping E.J. alive. Lexie nodded to the nurse, and she removed the breathing tube from E.J. While Lexie quietly wept, Sami stood at the end of E.J.'s bed, and waited for him to die.

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