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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sami was surprised that Rafe wanted to get married that night in the midst of her emergency with E.J. planning to take the kids. Sami thought that maybe Rafe had devised a way for her to keep the kids. She thought that by getting married, he wouldn't have to testify against her, and they would be able to stop E.J. from taking the kids. Rafe admitted that it was part of his strategy, but getting married wouldn't solve all of Sami's problems. He said that it wasn't the reason he wanted to marry her that night.

Rafe wanted the kids to celebrate the wedding, because it might the last night they all had together. He wanted to face their problems together as husband and wife. Rafe said she had other problems besides E.J. Rafe said that Bo had given him a heads-up. Sami wondered why she had been trying to make a deal with E.J. if she was going to prison anyway. Sami started to call E.J. to cancel their deal, but Rafe stopped her. He said that he didn't say that Bo was planning to arrest her, because they didn't have anything concrete. Rafe reminded her that no one had seen her shoot E.J. Her confession was hearsay, and if she married Rafe, they couldn't make him testify against her.

Sami said that they needed a miracle to get her out of trouble, and she didn't think she deserved to get out of it. She was tired of running scared, doing damage control, and asking Will and Rafe to cover for her. Rafe said that she hadn't asked him or Will to cover for her -- they had done it because they loved her. Rafe pointed out that the kids rightfully belonged with Sami. He said that she and the kids were the best thing that had ever happened to him. She agreed to marry Rafe that night. Sami wanted to celebrate their marriage that night and tell the kids the next day about them going to live with their father.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe invited Gabi to his wedding and asked Gabi to be his best "person." Gabi didn't think she was "in a wedding kind of place, especially when the bride is Sami," because they had just buried Arianna. Rafe explained that what had happened to Arianna had not been Sami's fault and that E.J. had turned Arianna against them, because she was more useful to E.J. that way. Gabi wondered why Rafe had to get married that night, and he said that life was too short, and being with Sami made him happy. She still had reservations about attending the wedding.

Sami told the kids about her wedding plans. Later, Caroline stopped by the apartment to help Sami get ready for the wedding. She said she hadn't told Roman about it, because Rafe had told her not to. Caroline gave Sami something old, borrowed, and blue, and then she gave Sami a book of Shakespearean sonnets as her something new. Sami took the kids to the park, which Rafe had decorated with lights. "So are you ready to get married?" Rafe asked her.

Victor wondered whether Vivian could have put Maggie in the sarcophagus and escaped. He hoped that he was wrong. Victor called Vivian's name over the Bluetooth, and she pretended that she wanted to "die in peace." Victor said he was thinking about letting Vivian out. She panicked. She said that there was no point of letting her go, because she was a "shell of a woman." Victor didn't think she sounded like herself. She said that she would go to the police and tell them what Brady and Victor had done to her if he let her go. Victor took off his Bluetooth and went to the mausoleum to check on Vivian.

Vivian called Gus to see if he was still watching Victor's house, because she believed that he was getting suspicious of her. At the mausoleum, before Victor could open the coffin, Gus Tasered him. Maggie watched from the casket as Victor was unconscious on the floor. He woke up and saw Vivian alive outside the casket.

Chad went to the DiMera mansion to see Stefano. Kate went upstairs to call the hospital and check on Melanie. Chad asked Stefano for another chance at the job Stefano and Kate had offered to him. Stefano agreed to hire him. Stefano assumed that was all Chad wanted, but Chad said, "Actually, it's not." Chad pulled out a pocketknife and said they had something to settle between them. Kate showed up as Chad had a knife on Stefano. Stefano said that if Chad were going to kill him, Chad would need something bigger than a knife.

Chad said he just wanted a blood sample from Stefano to prove whether he was Chad's biological father. Stefano didn't believe that Chad might be his son, and he tried to throw Chad out. Kate told Stefano to listen to Chad first. Chad showed Stefano his birth certificate. Stefano looked at it and said it might be a good forgery. Chad asked if Stefano had engaged in an affair with his mother, and Stefano admitted to it. He asked if Stefano thought he was Chad's father. Stefano said that anything was possible. Kate suggested they get a DNA test.

Kate, Chad, and Stefano went to the hospital. Chad noticed the nurses who were dressed in Hazmat suits, and Kate explained to Chad about Melanie and Nathan contracting the deadly virus. Stefano spoke to a nurse to arrange for a DNA test, but the nurse said that the lab was closed, and a doctor had to order the test. Stefano pulled out some cash and offered it to the nurse, asking her to draw some blood from him and Chad so they could find answers as soon as possible.

Nicole asked if E.J. would allow her to have a place in Sydney's life, but E.J. wanted to know why she had tried to make a deal with Sami first. Nicole said that she had thought that Sami didn't hate her as much as Sami hated E.J. She said she had wanted to include E.J. in any visitation arrangement she had with Sydney, but she knew what would have happened if Sami had found out about it. Nicole said that Rafe had tried to erase Sami's confession. E.J. reminded her about the time that Rafe had gotten Nicole's tape of E.J. confessing to kidnapping Sydney.

E.J. told Nicole to give him one reason why he shouldn't throw her in the river. Nicole said she had gone to Sami first, because she had thought it would be best for Sydney. Plus, Nicole felt that Sami had grown an attachment to Sydney. E.J. asked how a mother could develop an attachment to a child she never saw. E.J. said she had three other children and a boyfriend to attend to, "she's got murders to attempt. She's got lies to concoct."

Nicole said that once she had gotten her foot in the door, she had planned to go straight to E.J. She acknowledged that going to Sami first was wrong. Nicole didn't know what E.J. had seen in Sami, because Sami had thought that she could do whatever she wanted. Nicole said she wasn't trying to replace Sami, but E.J. said that was exactly what Nicole had tried to do. "You were trying to replace Samantha and me in Sydney's life," he said.

Nicole explained that she had risked everything to give Sydney to him when she had first stolen Sydney from Sami. She said that when she saw Sami recently, she realized that she had been right the first time -- Sydney belonged with E.J. He wanted to know what Sami had done to make Nicole think that Sydney would have been better off with him rather than Sami, aside from not cooperating with Nicole's blackmail. Nicole said it wasn't what Sami had done. Nicole had remembered how much E.J. had loved Sydney and how much Sydney had loved E.J. Nicole asked him whether he would let her be a part of Sydney's life. "Do it for Sydney," she said.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When a guard led Hope to the visitors' area at the prison, she was surprised and thrilled to see Doug and Julie waiting for her. "Daddy! Julie! What are you doing here so late?" she exclaimed, concerned that something might have been wrong. Doug assured her that everything was fine; they had just wanted to see her the minute they got off of the cruise ship. Hope asked if Bo had asked them to tell her anything, and explained that his visits had been restricted. Doug and Julie were outraged, but Hope assured them that she was being treated well.

Julie mentioned Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then immediately regretted it. "Of course I know the holidays are coming," Hope pointed out. "I'm just trying not to think about it -- what this year's going to bring." She told Doug and Julie that Bo was taking Ciara to visit her on Thanksgiving, and Julie promised that they would visit, as well. Hope acknowledged how lucky she was to have family who visited and cared about her, because a lot of women in the prison didn't.

The guard cleared her throat, and announced that she had to leave for a few minutes, and Doug and Julie would have to leave when she returned. "Okay, Mimi. Thanks for letting us know," Doug replied. After Mimi had gone, Hope asked how Doug knew the woman's name -- and why she was leaving them alone. Julie informed her that Doug had given Mimi a watch. "I figured maybe I ought to bribe the screws," Doug admitted with a wink, and then demonstrated why by giving his daughter a big hug.

In the infirmary, Warden Jane was surprised when Lee informed her that Hope wasn't there because she had visitors. "Fine, as long as it's not that husband of hers," Jane said with an exasperated sigh. "I'm gonna make sure those visits are kept to a minimum." Lee wondered why Jane didn't just have Hope transferred elsewhere, but Jane pointed out that doing so might arouse suspicion. "Unless..." Lee hinted, and Jane replied thoughtfully, "Unless she steps out of line -- and then I could do whatever I want to her."

When Mimi escorted Hope back to the infirmary, Lee was there alone. Hope thanked Mimi for the privacy. "You're lucky to have a dad like that," Mimi replied with a smile, and then left. Lee asked Hope how the visit had gone. Hope replied that her family was trying to figure out how to make Thanksgiving seem normal, and asked whether Lee's family ever visited. Shrugging, Lee replied that they lived too far away, but wondered why Hope wanted to know.

Hope apologized for being nosy, but noted that she didn't know much about Lee. Lee admitted pleasantly that she had forgotten there were people in the world who were curious about others, but then warned Hope, "There's a reason for the unwritten prison rule 'don't get too close to anyone': you could end up getting yourself hurt. I'd hate to see anything happen to you."

At the mausoleum, Maggie was horrified when she saw Victor lying on the floor, unconscious. She watched on her monitor inside the sarcophagus, as Victor slowly raised his head in pain to see Vivian standing over him. "Oh, Vivian. You seem to be up and about," he noted, somehow managing to sound nonchalant. "That's right, Victor," Vivian replied icily. "C'est moi, alive and kicking."

Vivian sneered as she said that Victor could have had everything, but he had chosen a housewife over her. "Vivian, dying in the same room with Maggie is better than three lifetimes on my beach at Skyros with you," Victor replied weakly. Furious, Vivian pulled out a knife and lunged at Victor, but Brady suddenly appeared and stopped her.

As Vivian fought to get away from Brady, Victor quickly explained that Vivian had put Maggie in the sarcophagus. Brady assured his grandfather, "I got her; get her out." Vivian taunted that they were too late, while inside the coffin, Maggie fell unconscious. Victor struggled to his feet, and heaved open the marble lid. He was alarmed when Maggie didn't respond at all. Vivian triumphantly declared, "You left me in there to die, and now you've lost her forever!"

After Victor pulled Maggie out of the sarcophagus, he knelt beside her, and pleaded with her to open her eyes. "I need you -- I love you!" he proclaimed. As Vivian sobbed defeatedly, Maggie's lids opened slowly, to Victor's great relief. "You took your own sweet time," Maggie croaked, and admitted that she thought she had gone crazy. Victor explained that it was because of the toxic fumes, and reassured her that she would be just fine.

"Victor, I thought I heard you say..." Maggie began weakly. "I love you," he finished softly, his hand caressing her cheek. "I did -- I do." Maggie gave a quiet moan, then her eyes closed, and her head lolled to one side. "Maggie, no!" Victor shouted, as Vivian cackled victoriously.

As Sami and the kids arrived at the park for her wedding to Rafe, they saw that the trees had been decorated with twinkle lights, and there were stands of floral arrangements. Tall candelabras adorned the altar, where the priest and Gabi waited with Rafe. "It looks like a fairy land!" Johnny exclaimed, and Caroline agreed. Sami handed Sydney to Will, and showed Johnny where to stand. Allie led the way up the aisle, strewing flower petals, while Rafe beamed at his bride, who was positively glowing. "You ready to get married?" Rafe asked when Sami took her place at his side. "I can't wait," she whispered.

As the priest began the ceremony, suddenly Sami burst into tears -- and not tears of joy. Rafe pulled her aside, and Sami apologized, but he understood. "How can you be happy when you're so scared about your kids, about Johnny and Sydney? I shouldn't have done this," he acknowledged sympathetically. Sami explained that despite her joy about marrying Rafe, she couldn't stop dreading how horrible the next day was going to be.

Rafe reassured her that should just focus on getting her kids back, and then they would get married, but Sami stopped him before he made an announcement to their families. "I love you, and I know you love me. And everyone here tonight loves us, and they are here to celebrate with us," she stated with determination -- and a joyful smile. "I am not going to let E.J. take one more thing away from us. And whatever I face tomorrow, I want to face it as your wife."

Once Sami had dried her tears and fixed her makeup, she announced that she was ready to try again. "Who's ready to get married?" she asked. "I am!" Johnny shouted. As everyone laughed, Rafe picked Johnny up, and Sami declared that the wedding was all of theirs. "Let me tell you guys something," Rafe told the kids. "I'm marrying your mom, but that means I'm gonna be here for all you guys, okay? You need anything, you talk to me." He and Johnny gave each other a high five, and then Rafe put the boy down so the priest could start the ceremony again.

The priest began by saying that God had given them the beautiful woods and the lovely, warm night -- and love. "And talk about love, Sami: Rafe has told me he would like to say, out loud, in front of everyone here, how he feels about you," the priest said. "He's one in a million!" Sami chuckled.

Rafe described their time together in the safe house, and how Sami had frustrated and annoyed him -- and then he had learned about her pregnancy. He wasn't sure when it had happened, but after having seen how much she loved and sacrificed for her unborn baby and her other children, in addition to her having been "drop-dead gorgeous" despite being nine months pregnant, he had fallen completely in love with her. He told the kids that they had been the icing on the cake, and he loved all of them very much. "I just want you to know that I feel like the luckiest man in the world," Rafe told Sami softly. "Because of you. All because of you."

Then it was Sami's turn. "You're all right," she began, tongue firmly in cheek. "As far as heroes go or whatever, if that's what you're into." She acknowledged that he hated being called a hero, but he was hers. "You're my hero because no matter what kind of trouble I get into, you take my hand, and you look me in the eye," Sami declared. "And I know it's going to be okay, and I know you're going to go with me, no matter what it is. And you're going to help me, and you're going to be there for me. That's a hero."

She added that she hadn't even realized it until later, but she had fallen in love with him in the safe house, because he had loved Sydney and wanted to protect her before she'd even been born, just as he had done later with all of her kids. "You're this, like, tough guy, but underneath, you have this big heart," Sami concluded, beaming, her eyes starting to tear up. "And I'm so, so lucky that your heart chose me to fall in love with." She vowed to always be true to him, and thanked him for loving her. The priest then read a Bible passage from First Corinthians, and led Sami and Rafe through their exchange of vows.

On the pier, Nicole urged E.J. to allow her to be a part of Sydney's life -- for Sydney's sake. She insisted, "I am giving you Sydney back for no other reason than I think she's better off with you. That is how much I love her, and that is why you will let me in her life." E.J. asserted that the only reason Nicole was bargaining with him was that her deal with Rafe and Sami had fallen through. Nicole countered that E.J. couldn't possibly want Kate to be Sydney's only female role model. E.J. calmly maintained that he would do what was best for Sydney, and then strolled away.

Nicole followed E.J. to the DiMera mansion, and continued arguing her case. E.J. ordered her, "Go away," and repeated it several times. Ignoring him, Nicole trailed after him into the parlor, and asserted that his habit of walking away from conversations merely indicated that he knew he was wrong and couldn't admit it. She reminded him of how they had loved each other once. E.J. pointed out that their child had died, but she had decided he didn't have a right to know about it.

"I didn't think you could handle it," Nicole maintained. "And everything you've done since then has proven that I was right." E.J. argued that she shouldn't insult him if she wanted to get something from him. Nicole contended that E.J. shouldn't parent alone, because he was too emotional where his children were concerned. "You need me to balance you," she declared, adding that Sydney would end up with serious problems if she grew up in a house with E.J., Stefano, and Kate.

E.J. coolly reached over and removed Nicole's locket. "No one is ever going to need you in their life for balance," he stated. After she retrieved her locket and put it back on, Nicole argued that Sydney would be devastated if E.J. took her away from her mother -- and Nicole had already been a mother to Sydney. "She accepts me; she knows me; she loves me," Nicole pointed out. "And I think it is better for Sydney if I am in the picture."

E.J. asserted that his children were far more resilient than Nicole gave them credit for, and ordered her to leave immediately. Nicole deduced, "You're not afraid of me being a part of Sydney's life -- you're afraid of me being a part of yours." E.J. denied it, but Nicole pointed out that he had been happy with her once. "And maybe you'll find that again when you get Johnny and Sydney back," she continued. "I'm not saying that you don't love them; you do. But that's only a part of your happiness. E.J., if you keep going on like this, you will end up lonely and sad... Is that the kind of father you want Sydney to have?"

E.J. tried to tune her out, but Nicole asserted that he wouldn't be able to get her words out of his head even after she left. Her point made, she headed for the door, but paused when E.J.'s cell phone rang, and she heard him ask with annoyance, "What about Samantha? They're doing what? The children are there? They're watching this bloody thing?" He dropped the phone onto the desk, and then furiously hurled his drink across the room, nearly hitting Nicole. "Son of a bitch!" E.J. roared. "Damn that woman!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In the mausoleum, a weakened Maggie thanked Victor for freeing her from the sarcophagus. When Maggie asked if she heard Victor correctly, he smiled and admitted that he had told her he loved her. Maggie smiled faintly, then passed out. A worried Victor shook Maggie and urged her to hang on while they waited for the paramedics. Once the paramedics arrived, they stabilized Maggie while the police arrested Vivian. "I don't think she's gonna make it," Vivian said with a sly smile. Brady urged Vivian to pray for Maggie's recovery or else Vivian would be charged with murder.

In the prison infirmary, Hope tended to a patient and learned that the woman, Pam, did not have any family. Concerned, Hope whispered to the woman to demand that her surgery be done at Salem University Hospital. "If you stay here, you're risking your life," Hope added. When Pam asked Hope why, Hope explained that the equipment in the prison's facility was outdated. Fearful of losing her hand, Pam agreed to do as Hope said. Pam marched up to Lee and insisted that her surgery be performed at Salem Hospital.

Suspicious, Lee asked Hope what she had said to Pam. Pam denied that she had spoken to Hope about the surgery. As Warden Smith entered the clinic, she asked Lee what the fuss was about. Lee informed the warden that Pam was demanding to have her surgery done at the hospital. Shaking her head, Warden Smith denied Pam's request, noting that the hospital was dealing with an outbreak of the Loma virus and could not handle Pam's surgery. Concerned, Hope inquired about her friends and family who worked at the hospital.

Warden Smith informed Hope that the only infected employees were Melanie Kiriakis and Nathan Horton. Surprised, Hope gasped and then explained that Nathan was her cousin. Warden Smith made a couple of calls to check on Nathan and Melanie, and then she informed Hope that they were in quarantine, but that they were still alive. "We do what we can to help each other out around here. It's the only way to survive," Warden Smith noted.

After the warden had left, Hope reviewed Pam's files and spotted a notation that Pam had requested to be cremated in the event of her death. "Cheryl and April were cremated as well," Hope muttered to herself. "Oh, Pam, we've got to get you out of here," Hope said as she looked over at a sleeping Pam. Worried, Hope attempted to arouse Pam, but she was unconscious from the sedatives. Hope broke into the filing cabinet and grabbed the cell phone that was stashed inside. "You're not getting away with this, Lee," Hope said.

In the park, Rafe and Sami exchanged wedding vows and rings. Before the priest pronounced Rafe and Sami as husband and wife, Rafe gave Sami an ornament to put on a nearby Christmas tree. After hanging the ornament, Caroline gave a reading from the Bible. "One may be overcome. Two can defend themselves. But a cord of three strands cannot be easily broken," read Caroline as the priest pulled out three cords. The wedding party braided the cords together and draped the braiding across the Christmas tree.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. received a call from his henchman informing him that Sami was marrying Rafe in the park. Furious, E.J. threw a glass against the wall and screamed. "I give her 24 hours to say goodbye to those children and what does she do? She throws a wedding!" E.J. barked. When Nicole asked if E.J. was jealous, he denied the accusation and insisted that he was angry that Sami was making his children play a part in the wedding. "Thinking they're a part of some happy family for the rest of their lives," E.J. said.

Nicole cautioned E.J. to calm down because soon E.J. would have custody of the children, and the wedding would not matter. Joking, Nicole reminded E.J. that Sami's marriages never lasted more than six months. "You know what, actually? I hope this one sticks. I can't think of a more fitting punishment than for her to spend her life with that idiot. Let him have her. I think I have what is actually important, don't you?" E.J. said. Nicole offered to help E.J. Nodding, E.J. announced that he had a task for Nicole.

Back at the park, the priest completed the wedding ceremony. As Rafe and Sami kissed, Gabi pointed out a shooting star in the sky. Caroline shivered and suggested that the wedding party reconvene back at the Brady Pub, where it was warmer. Sami smiled and urged everyone to head to the pub while she had a moment alone with Rafe and the children. Once Caroline, Gabi, and the priest were gone, Sami asked Rafe whether he believed they would be able to keep Johnny and Sydney. When Rafe noted that they were running out of time, E.J. walked into the clearing in the park and announced that their time was up.

Sami tensed up when she spotted E.J. and Nicole, but Rafe whispered to Sami that if anyone could change E.J.'s mind about the children, it was Sami. Sami nodded and responded that she would do her best. Sami suggested that Rafe take the kids for a few minutes so that she could talk to E.J. alone. Nicole joined Rafe and the children as they walked down the path out of earshot. E.J. sarcastically congratulated Sami on her nuptials once they were alone. When Sami noted that E.J. had given her 24 hours, he responded that he had given her time to say goodbye to her children and not time to "organize some farce of a wedding."

Sami noted that she had not talked to the children yet, and that she needed more time. "I gave you every opportunity to say goodbye. But you had a different idea. You made a different decision as usual -- the wrong one," E.J. commented. Sami begged E.J. not to take the children from their mother. "Is it somehow less egregious than when they were taken from their father?" E.J. wondered aloud. Sami reminded E.J. that he had kidnapped Sydney and that it had upset her. "I acted out of anger. I said something I shouldn't have said," Sami said.

In disbelief, E.J. countered that what Sami had said was a moot point, since she had since shot him in the head. Nicole warned E.J. and Sami to lower their voices as she returned to the clearing with Rafe and the children. When Sami turned to Nicole, she saw that Nicole was holding Sydney in her arms. "What about her? How could you let that psycho near our children? She kidnapped Sydney in the first place," Sami said to E.J. "She's a good mother, Samantha. And unlike you, a child never died on her watch," E.J. said. Outraged, Sami began to punch E.J.'s arm. Rafe rushed over to Sami and pulled her off of E.J.

"For all your self proclamations about what a wonderful mother you are, about how you put your children first, how they are important in your life, how their safety and their happiness is everything to you, you never put your children first, Samantha," E.J. said. As proof, E.J. pointed out that the wedding was another example of Sami's selfishness. "So I'm taking my children from their narcissistic, irresponsible, promiscuous mother right now," E.J. growled.

"You are not taking my children from me!" Sami said. E.J. warned Sami that if she did not accept his deal, that he would make sure that Sami, Rafe, and Will went to prison. Rafe asked E.J. to honor his promise for 24 hours with the kids before he took them from Sami. Ignoring Rafe, E.J. grabbed Johnny and hugged him while Sami took Sydney into her arms. E.J. told Johnny that he and his sister Sydney were going to live with him in the mansion. "No. I don't want to leave mommy and Rafe," Johnny said. E.J. assured Johnny that Sami and Rafe wanted Johnny to live with him. Hugging his son, E.J. told Johnny that they would be together forever.

As E.J. rose to his feet with Johnny in his arms, he turned to Sami. "Nicole, it appears that my arms are full. Do me a favor, would you? Grab Sydney," E.J. said. Surprised, Nicole tentatively stepped forward toward Sami. "No way. Don't," Sami whispered to Nicole. "I gave you a chance, Sami," Nicole said quietly. Frustrated, E.J. ordered Sami to hand Sydney over to Nicole or else they would "go to Plan B." Crying, Sami grudgingly placed Sydney into Nicole's arms. Concerned, Johnny asked E.J. why his mother was crying.

"Because she's so happy, sweetheart. She married Rafe and that means more to her than anything else in the world," E.J. said. Sami rushed to Johnny and assured him that nothing meant more to her than her children. "Nothing at all, Samantha?" E.J. asked. Shaking off E.J.'s comment, Sami told Johnny that since she was going to a grown-up party, she thought Johnny would have more fun at his father's house. When Sami told Johnny how much she loved him, E.J. turned away so that Sami could not touch her son. Sami turned to Nicole and Sydney, and she began to weep more openly. Nicole averted her eyes from Sami and left the park with E.J. Destroyed, Sami fell into Rafe's arms and broke down in sobs.

At Salem University Hospital, Jennifer asked Jason about how Nathan was doing. As Jason and Jennifer traded apologies for their behavior earlier, the paramedics wheeled Maggie into the emergency room. Frantic, Jennifer raced to Maggie's side. As the paramedics wheeled Maggie into an exam room, Jennifer promised Maggie that she would be waiting close by. Victor informed Jason that Maggie had been exposed to toxic paint fumes, but he admitted that he was not sure of the composition of the fumes.

While Jason went to check on Maggie, Jennifer wheeled on Victor and demanded to know what had happened to Maggie. Victor informed Jennifer that he was not sure exactly what had happened to Maggie. When Jennifer wondered whether Maggie knew about Nathan's condition, Victor suggested that they not tell Maggie the news until she was stronger. Jennifer warned Victor that if anything happened to Maggie, she would hold Victor responsible. Jason returned to the waiting room and told Victor and Jennifer that Maggie was responding well to the medication they had given her. Relieved, Jennifer followed Jason into Maggie's room.

When Victor entered Maggie's hospital room, she was alone. Victor assured Maggie that she was safe and that Vivian was going to prison. With a sigh, Maggie asked Victor to be honest with her. "Is it true? Did you put Vivian in the sarcophagus? Did you do to her what she did to me?" Maggie asked.

Victor explained that Vivian had designed the sarcophagus to torture Maggie. Maggie responded that she knew that Vivian had designed the coffin but that she was also aware that someone had "turned the tables" on Vivian and trapped her in the sarcophagus. Victor pleaded with Maggie to understand that trapping Vivian inside the coffin was the only way to "neutralize her." "I wasn't going to let her die," Victor said.

"But you left her in there and let her think she was going to die," Maggie clarified. "I was never more terrified in my life," Maggie said. When Victor explained that he was attempting to give Vivian a taste of her own medicine, Maggie disagreed and noted that Victor should have told the police about Vivian's plans. "You tormented her and you took pleasure in doing it, didn't you?" Maggie asked sadly. Victor denied the accusation, but Maggie did not believe him. "It scares me to death," Maggie said.

Victor told Maggie that he had meant what he said in the mausoleum when he found her. "I remember what you said, and I know that you meant it. Just as I mean every word of which I'm about to say. I want you to leave. I want you to walk out and never come back," Maggie said as she fought back tears. Disappointed, Victor silently walked out of the room.

While Jennifer sat in the waiting room at the hospital, she received a call on her cell phone from Hope. Stunned to hear from her cousin so unexpectedly, Jennifer asked why Hope was calling. Hope started to tell Jennifer that she was afraid that something terrible was going to happen when Warden Smith entered the clinic and snatched the cell phone out of Hope's hand. Hope apologized to the warden and explained that she was calling home to check on her family. Warden Smith noted that Hope had broken the rules and that she had to revoke Hope's privileges. "Till further notice, I'm placing you in solitary confinement," the warden added.

At the police station, Brady gave a statement to Detective Hansen about the incident in the mausoleum. Brady explained that he had found Gus outside the mausoleum and had knocked him unconscious. Furious, Vivian stood up and demanded to see Gus. Detective Hansen warned Vivian to calm down while a doctor attended to Gus's head wound. As Brady continued his statement, he explained that when he entered the mausoleum, he had found Vivian as she was about to stab Victor. Brady then noted that Victor had freed Maggie from the sarcophagus, but that he was not sure how long Maggie had been trapped inside. When Detective Hansen asked about how Maggie had received food or liquids, Brady explained that Vivian had installed a food tube to provide minimum sustenance to keep Maggie alive.

"This is the craziest story that I've ever heard," Detective Hansen said. "What kind of sicko would do something like that?" Detective Hansen asked as he turned to Vivian. When Detective Hansen said that he was finished with his questions, Vivian told the detective that Brady was not telling the whole story. Before Detective Hansen could ask Vivian what she meant, he received a phone call that he needed to take. Detective Hansen stepped outside the interrogation room, leaving Brady alone with Vivian.

"I don't care if you tell them everything I did to you, but you are going to leave everybody else out of this all right?" Brady said sternly. "I'm sorry, but if this old woman is taking the rap, everyone else is going down with me!" Vivian exclaimed. When Brady asked Vivian why she would want to hurt Victor and Philip, she retorted that she was only interested in revenge. Vivian asked Brady to drop all the charges against her. When Vivian noted that Maggie would not be in any condition to testify against her, Brady reminded Vivian that there was a paper trail showing that Vivian had purchased the sarcophagus. Vivian responded that Brady would not make a viable witness because he was a former drug addict.

"I can't have you running around planning your next move against Maggie," Brady said. Vivian promised that she was no longer interested in plotting against Maggie. Vivian urged Brady to retract his statement to the detective or else she would take everyone down with her. When Detective Hansen returned, Brady reviewed his statement but refused to sign it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, NBC did not air a new episode of Days of our Lives. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 26, 2010

In the park, Sami said a tearful goodbye to Johnny and Sydney before E.J. and Nicole took them back to the DiMera mansion. Once the children were gone, Sami broke down in Rafe's arms. Rafe attempted to calm Sami and urged her to remain strong for the sake of the children. "It's not over. We're gonna get those kids back. He's not going to get away with this," Rafe assured Sami. Rafe promised that they would find happiness again soon.

At the police station, Brady refused to sign his statement. As Brady lowered his head, Victor entered the interrogation room and asked Brady why he could not sign the statement about the incident in the mausoleum. Victor asked Detective Hansen for a minute alone with Brady and Vivian. Detective Hansen was hesitant to grant Victor's request, so Victor informed Detective Hansen that he was Bo's father. After considering the request, Detective Hansen offered to get a cup of coffee.

Once the detective was gone, Vivian told Victor that she planned to "take everyone down" with her if Brady signed his statement implicating her in the attempted murder of Maggie. "No one will ever believe a single word you say," Victor cautioned. Vivian noted that Maggie would never have anything to do with a man who could lock someone in a tomb. As a heartbroken Victor fumed, Vivian explained that Brady was going to tell the police that he had found Maggie wandering around disoriented. "I don't think I have much of a choice," Brady lamented.

"I'd rather take my lumps than never go after Maggie again," Victor growled. Rolling her eyes, Vivian cried out that she was sick of Maggie. Detective Hansen returned to the room and informed Victor that Bo was on his way. Brady told the detective that he needed to revise his statement. When Detective Hansen asked which statement was a lie, Victor assured the detective that Brady had the details wrong in the first statement. Victor urged the detective to destroy the first statement, then he pulled out a wad of bills for the detective's "trouble." When Hansen scoffed at the money, Victor suggested that Detective Hansen could borrow his yacht to tour the Greek Isles. After studying the faces of Brady and Victor, the detective hesitantly took the money from Victor and thanked him.

When Bo arrived, he groaned when he saw Vivian. "What rock did you crawl out from under?" Bo joked to Vivian. Bo grabbed Brady's statement and read it aloud. "Maggie was walking around the Kiriakis mansion private graveyard in a daze just as Vivian happens to come back from her vacation," Bo said. When Bo announced that he had difficulty believing Brady's statement, Victor and Brady agreed that it was the truth. Bo asked Vivian if she had anything to add, but Vivian announced that she was there as a witness.

"You do realize that I will talk to Maggie about all this?" Bo said to Brady. Brady stared at Bo in silence. As Victor took Brady by the arm and led him out of the interrogation room, Bo turned to Vivian and asked her why she had returned to town. Bo warned Vivian that he would be keeping an eye on her. "I will look forward to it," Vivian said cheerfully.

Bo called Detective Hansen back into the interrogation room and asked him why Brady's statement was so short. Bo theorized aloud that since Brady had been in the room for quite awhile but had only written a short statement that Brady was covering something up. "Your father said that he wrote that first one when he was upset so it wasn't accurate," Detective Hansen said nervously. Bo asked to read the original statement.

Casting his eyes downward, Detective Hansen admitted that the original statement no longer existed. "Because my father told you that's the way I wanted it? Well he's wrong," Bo said angrily. "Consider what you have in your pocket, your severance. You're fired. Now get the hell out of my sight," Bo growled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady told Victor that he had rescinded his statement in order to protect the family. "I hope things work out for you and Maggie," Brady said. Meanwhile, across town at the pier, Vivian called Gus on her cell phone and informed him that she had gotten away unscathed. "The people who did this to me, it's a very different story for them," Vivian said menacingly.

Roman stopped by the Brady Pub and was surprised to find that Caroline was preparing for a party. "What did Sami do?" Roman asked suspiciously. Caroline explained that Sami had wed Rafe. Hurt that Sami had not told him about the wedding, he made a joke. "You don't know the whole story. She had to get married quickly and for a very good reason," Caroline chided. As Roman voiced his disappointment, Sami and Rafe entered the pub. When Roman asked Sami why she was crying, a panicked Will asked where Johnny and Sydney were.

"E.J. has them," Sami said. Seeing the stunned looks of her family, Sami explained that she and Rafe had decided to let Johnny and Sydney spend some time with their father. Spotting the suspicion in Roman's eye, Will asked Allie to join him at the bar to make lemonade. Once Will and Allie were gone, Roman asked Sami why she would let E.J. take the children. Roman reminded Sami of the restraining order. Sami asked Roman to trust her, then walked away.

While Will poured drinks with Allie, Gabi asked him what was going on. "I really hope I'm wrong," Will said. Back at the table, Roman asked Rafe for answers. Caroline urged Roman to trust Sami. "Sami and I are doing what we think is best for the children," Rafe said. "Wait a minute. Sami did it. Didn't she?" Roman asked as comprehension dawned across his face. As Roman theorized that E.J. had proof that Sami had shot him, Sami returned to the main room and overheard her father.

Sami returned to the table and pleaded with her father to trust her. "You can think whatever you want, but Rafe and I are doing what we think is best for the kids in the long haul," Sami said. Caroline encouraged Roman to listen to Sami, and she wondered aloud whether E.J.'s evening with the children could smooth things over with him. "I don't want to lie to you," Sami said. "Some things are better left unspoken," Roman said. Roman assured Sami that he would always be on her side, no matter what. With a grin, Roman called out to Will to grab the champagne and lemonade to toast to Rafe and Sami's marriage.

At the DiMera mansion, a cheerful E.J. set Johnny down in the foyer and urged him to go upstairs to his room and get ready for bed. When Mary saw Nicole holding Sydney, she hesitated and looked at E.J. "It's all right. She has a temporary visa," E.J. joked. When Mary went to take Sydney, Nicole turned away and told Mary that she was not ready to let go of Sydney. E.J. reminded Nicole that it was not up to her to determine the length of her visit with Sydney. Nicole begged E.J. to let her help Sydney get ready for bed. With a nod, E.J. agreed to let Nicole stay for a little longer.

As an elated Nicole started to head upstairs with Sydney, E.J. called out to her. "It's just like old times, isn't it?" E.J. asked. When Nicole smiled, E.J. added, "Don't get any ideas." E.J. went into the living room to pour a drink and toast Sami's wedding that she would "never forget." When Nicole returned to the living room, she asked Rafe what would have happened if Sami had not cooperated back at the park.

Nicole noted that Johnny and Sydney would have been traumatized if Sami had put up a fight. "You don't just want your children under your roof. You want your children under your roof and happy, and you can't do that alone," Nicole said. Nicole suggested that E.J. would have to change the way he talked to her for his children's sake.

E.J. thanked Nicole for helping him get his children back. "I can also make sure you keep them," Nicole added. With a grin, Nicole informed E.J. that she would leave so that E.J. could go read Johnny his bedtime story. "Just going to make your case and then leave? Showing restraint," E.J. joked. "I am the queen of restraint," Nicole retorted. "Enjoy the kids. Enjoy Sami's misery," Nicole added. As Nicole started to leave, she stopped and asked E.J. when she could see Sydney again. E.J. told Nicole she could visit Sydney in the morning.

At the loft, Rafe had difficulty getting Allie to go to sleep. Sami noted that Allie was having trouble sleeping because she missed Johnny and Sydney. "She figured out something is up," Sami said. Rafe disagreed and noted that Allie was talking about the wedding and decorating the tree. Assured that her daughter was fine, Sami wondered aloud how many more times in her life she would need Roman to help "clean up my messes." "He understands what happened. He knows E.J. pushed you too far," Rafe said.

"What have I done to my family?" Sami wondered aloud. After getting Sami to laugh, Rafe hugged her tightly. Rafe told Sami that he was happy that they had finally married one another. Sami worried aloud about whether she would end up in prison, but Rafe assured her that he did not believe "God would let that happen." As Sami looked into her husband's eyes, Allie called out to her mother from the bedroom. "She misses Johnny and Sydney," Sami said quietly.

Back at the Brady Pub, Will and Gabi were cleaning up the mess from the party. When Gabi asked Will about what had happened after the wedding, Will admitted that his mother was good at keeping secrets. "I think that E.J. was holding something over your mom's head," Gabi said. Gabi asked Will if E.J. was able to get the children based on the evidence that Arianna had gotten. "That's one of the things we don't talk about," Will said nervously. Gabi told Will that since they were family, she would be available to talk whenever he needed her.

At the hospital, Bo hugged Carly and asked her how Nathan and Melanie were doing. Tired and worried, Carly explained that their condition was getting worse and they had not located an antiviral yet. Carly added that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was not able to help. "If this virus spreads, it could be a disaster," Carly said. Bo assured Carly that Melanie would be fine.

In the lab, Daniel worked feverishly to research the Loma virus. When Maxine checked on Daniel, he informed her that he had done a residency in infectious diseases before deciding to concentrate on surgery. Scratching his head, Daniel noted that he was working on an idea of how to attack the virus. Elated, Daniel went to get Carly to help him with his idea.

When Daniel returned to the lab with Carly, he informed her that there was a viral protein in the Loma virus that "can be disabled." Daniel explained that they would need to design and test a medication to disable the protein. Daniel devised a plan for how to develop a test protein and test medications on it. "Thank you for being so driven to help your daughter," Carly said. While Daniel continued to work on his research, Carly returned to the nurses' station to ask Maxine about Melanie and Nathan's vital signs. When Maxine informed Carly that Melanie and Nathan were exhibiting more symptoms of the disease, a frazzled Carly exclaimed that she needed to see her daughter.

In quarantine, Melanie complained about her headache. When Nathan quietly told Melanie to hang on, she asked him not to sleep for too long anymore. "Don't do that again. It freaked me out. I felt like I was alone," Melanie lamented. "You're not alone," Nathan assured Melanie. "I'm sorry you're sick, but I'm glad you're here. Even if you are a jerk," Melanie said with a small smile. Nathan agreed that he felt the same way about Melanie, and the two grinned weakly at one another.

"I don't like this whole not being friends thing. Not right now," Nathan said. Melanie reminded Nathan that he should have told her when he had found out about Chloe having an affair. Nathan apologized and explained that he was unsure what to do. "I didn't know where we stood. I didn't think it was any of my business," Nathan said. Nathan asked Melanie to put aside her anger toward him so that they could move on. "I don't know what to say to you. I don't even know how to talk to you about anything anymore. That breaks my heart. You know I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you," Nathan said.

When Nathan noted that their friendship should not have gotten so knotted up, Melanie commented that Stephanie did not want them to be friends. Melanie told Nathan that she had written him a letter on her wedding day. Frustrated, Nathan worried that they would not pull through. "I heard you. You were talking in your sleep. You said 'I love you, Melanie,'" Melanie said. "That's because I do love you," Nathan responded. "I love you too," Melanie said sadly.

When Nathan asked Melanie if she had meant what she'd said, she admitted that she had meant it but that she was married to Philip. "I'm not going to be like Chloe," Melanie commented. "'Cause it hurts too many people," Nathan added. "We made our choices," Melanie concluded. "Are we friends?" Nathan asked. After making a joke, Melanie and Nathan agreed that they needed one another to get through their illness. Melanie reached over and squeezed Nathan's hand.

With a grunt, Nathan shoved the covers off, and got out of his bed. "Move over," Nathan said. Though stunned at first, Melanie moved over in bed, allowing Nathan to crawl under the covers beside her. Lying beside her, Nathan hugged Melanie tightly.

When Carly arrived at the quarantine room, she knocked on the window. Melanie continued to sleep, but Nathan got up and went over to the door to speak to Carly. When Carly inquired about Nathan's health, he admitted he was doing poorly but that Melanie was "worse off than I am." Melanie's eyes opened and seeing her mother at the window, she waved weakly.

Nathan returned to Melanie's side and put his arm around her. Carly spoke through the intercom and informed Melanie and Nathan that she and Daniel were working on a treatment for the virus. "We won't let you down. I promise you," Carly said. Fighting tears, Carly explained that she needed to help Daniel. Carly blew her daughter a kiss, then walked away.

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