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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, December 6, 2010

At the hospital, Bo asked someone on the phone to find a way to reach Hope. Brady showed up and asked if he knew where Maggie was. Bo said Maggie had been sent home, and Bo asked him what had happened to Maggie. Brady referred Bo to the police report. Bo visited Carly, who was recovering from the virus. She noticed that he was distracted and realized it was because he was worried about Hope. Bo told Carly that he suspected that "someone died for no good reason," and Hope had been put in solitary confinement "for no good reason."

At the prison, Hope asked an inmate who served her food how Pam was doing. The inmate asked why Hope cared, because it wasn't like she knew Pam. Hope said it didn't matter why she cared. The inmate said that Hope had reason to worry, because Pam had died on the operating table. Hope asked how she knew, and the inmate said that Lee had told her about Pam's death. Hope had thought that the warden would have removed Lee from her post in the infirmary, but the inmate said that Lee and the warden were "tight."

Hope realized that the warden knew. "The warden knows what?" the inmate asked. Hope said it didn't concern her. The inmate was worried that people would find out she was gossiping with Hope. Hope assured her that wouldn't happen. Hope offered the inmate her food, and when the inmate tried to eat it, Hope attacked her from behind with a chokehold and then put her in Hope's bed and ran from her cell.

Lee asked the warden how the meeting with Bo had gone, and the warden filled her in. She also told Lee that Hope suspected that Lee had homicidal tendencies. Lee worried that Hope suspected that Lee and the warden were connected, but the warden assured Lee that Hope wouldn't know. Lee took an inmate named Charlene into the warden's office, and the warden said that they were transferring Charlene to another prison.

Charlene protested, saying that the cop they said she had a hit out on had started it first. The warden asked Charlene for the name of the cop who had put her away, and Charlene said it was Hope Brady. The warden said they needed to transfer the prisoner due to overcrowding. A corrections officer led Hope into the warden's office, explaining that Hope had tried to escape. Charlene saw Hope and attacked her. Charlene was taken away, and Lee asked Hope if she was all right.

"Maybe we should get you to the infirmary," Lee said, but Hope said, "No, not there." The warden asked what was wrong. "Afraid you'll die in there? That Lee arranged for your untimely demise?" the warden asked. The warden said she had looked into Hope's accusations and concluded that Hope had paranoid delusions, which was probably why Hope had tried to escape. Hope asked to speak to her lawyer, but the warden refused.

Hope said the warden might have cut Hope's visits with family, but she didn't have the right to refuse Hope's request for counsel. The warden said that after what Hope had done, she would be transferred to higher-security prison on the other side of the state. Hope accused the warden of just trying to get rid of her. Hope said that getting rid of her wouldn't stop her from finding out what was going on in the prison. The warden said that Hope's paranoia would fade once she was transferred, because she would have other issues to deal with.

The warden ordered Hope to pack her things, because she was being transferred in the morning. Hope asked if she could contact her family, and the warden said her family would be notified. The warden called for an escort to prevent any more "escape issues." Hope asked the warden to reconsider, but the warden said Hope had gotten her chance and blown it. The warden wished Hope good luck.

After Hope left, Lee told the warden they might want to rethink transferring Hope in the same van with Charlene, because Charlene was "out for blood." The warden said that Hope was out for their blood. Lee still had doubts. She said that Hope knew people had died, but she didn't know what they were doing in the infirmary and why. The warden thought it was only a matter of time before Hope figured it out.

The corrections officer put Hope back in her cell and warned her not to do anything stupid again. Hope wondered to herself what Lee and the warden planned to do to her if they were behind the deaths of three prisoners.

Jennifer took Maggie home, and Maggie tried to convince Jennifer to leave and do some shopping. Maggie said she would be fine, because Melanie and Philip would be home to look after her. Jennifer agreed to leave but said she would call later to make sure Philip and Melanie were there. After Jennifer left, Maggie tried to reassure herself that the worst was over. Brady showed up to see how Maggie was doing, and he realized that Maggie was still shaken from her ordeal. Maggie said she wasn't 100 percent, but she would be fine.

Brady could tell something was wrong. He thought Maggie was still weak. Maggie told Brady that he was the problem -- not what Maggie was feeling physically. Maggie said that Vivian had told her what Brady had done. Brady said that he'd done it because of what Vivian had planned to do to Maggie. Maggie said Brady could have called the police about Vivian's plans, but Brady said that Vivian would have lied her way out of it. He said he'd had to do it, because that was the only way to keep everyone safe. He said he would "do it again in a minute." Maggie said that Brady sounded like Victor.

Brady thought that Maggie was trying to insult him, and Maggie said she wasn't trying -- she was insulting him. She hoped he would see the error of his ways. She asked if he expected a pat on the back for what he'd done -- for trying to drive Vivian crazy. Brady said that Vivian was already crazy. Brady complimented Maggie, saying that Vivian wanted to hurt the "sweetest, kindest person on earth."

"You can compliment me 'til the cows come home, but I am still gonna be furious with you and totally disappointed, as your mother would be," Maggie said. Maggie asked if Brady had thought about how Isabella would have felt if she had known what he had done. Brady said he'd thought about it and concluded that it wasn't the worst thing to be like Victor.

At the Brady Pub, Vivian had filled Gus in on her "epic revenge," and Gus was shocked by Vivian's plans. Vivian said that Philip, Victor, Nicole, Kate, and Brady deserved to pay for what they had done.

Stefano walked up to Kate and Victor, who had assured Kate that he would protect her from whatever revenge Vivian had planned for her. Stefano thought they were commiserating over their spouses, and Kate tried to tell him that wasn't what was going on. Kate said nothing was going on. She said she had just run into Victor, and they were discussing a family issue.

Stefano realized they were talking about Philip, and he offered to help. Victor asked how Stefano planned to do that - and wondered if it might be by putting another hit out on him. Kate assured Stefano that there was nothing going on. Stefano said if Kate had confided in Victor, that meant that she had kept another secret from him. Victor said they were worried about Philip and were discussing whether he should move into the mansion. Stefano demanded to know what was going on with Victor and Kate. Vivian spied on them.

Stefano expressed his disappointment in Kate. After Stefano left, Victor assured Kate that Stefano couldn't read her mind. Kate said Stefano could not find out about the "Vivian debacle." Vivian went to the DiMera mansion to see Stefano, and she offered him "answers." Vivian told Stefano that Brady had put her in a toxic sarcophagus. Stefano said he didn't care. Vivian said that Kate was involved and that Kate had conspired with Victor to keep it from Stefano.

"Kate's the one that found me in that stupid coffin, and then she didn't even do the humane thing and let me out. She just walked away," Vivian said. "Good call on her part," Stefano said. Vivian said that Kate conspiring with Victor was the ultimate betrayal, and Kate had made a fool of Stefano. Stefano didn't believe Vivian, and she teased him with the news that Kate was keeping a secret from him. On her way out, Vivian ran into Kate, who asked what Vivian was doing there. "Ask your better half," Vivian said. She left, satisfied that her job was done.

Stefano saw Kate and asked what she was doing there. She said she was there to get some of her things. She asked if Vivian had told him about Kate's involvement in Vivian's imprisonment. Stefano said that Vivian had told him, and he had applauded Kate. "You did?" Kate asked. "Why wouldn't I?" he said. Kate was touched, and she assumed that he wasn't angry. "I didn't say that," Stefano said. Kate said she should have told Stefano. Stefano agreed and then said that she'd had Victor to confide in. Kate said she regretted keeping secrets from him.

Stefano said the paternity test had revealed that he and Chad were father and son. Kate asked if he wanted to talk about it, but he didn't, so she went upstairs to get her things and give him time to cool down. After she left, Stefano said it would be a long time before he cooled down, because it was going to get a lot worse.

Nadine and Ben were discussing a patient who needed a heart transplant. Jennifer overheard part of their conversation and mistakenly assumed it was Carly they were referring to. Ben set her straight and said he had to check the transplant registry. Jennifer asked Bo how Hope was doing, and Bo said he was calling in favors.

Ben called the warden from the hospital, and the warden asked how she could help him. He said he needed a heart for transplant sooner than expected. The warden said that wouldn't be a problem, because they'd had a recent death and should have a heart for him very soon if nothing went wrong. Ben asked what she meant by "if nothing goes wrong." The warden said they were just having a few problems, and Ben would get what he needed by the next day.

After the warden hung up, Lee worried that their plan would backfire. She asked how the warden could be so sure that Charlene would be able to beat Hope. The warden said that Charlene weighed over 300 pounds, and also Hope would be handcuffed, but Charlene wouldn't.

Jennifer visited Carly and said she was brave for doing what she had done to save Melanie's life, but Carly did not consider herself a hero. She pointed out that Jennifer would have done the same thing if Abby was sick, and Jennifer agreed. Carly said that Jennifer's friendship meant a lot to her, and Jennifer felt the same way. Jennifer apologized for being so hard on Carly before, and Carly said Jennifer didn't need to apologize, because Hope was Jennifer's cousin, and Jennifer should feel loyal to Hope.

Jennifer said she knew that Carly had entered Bo's life when Hope and Bo were already separated. Jennifer felt torn between Carly and Hope, and she didn't want to take sides. Bo entered the room, and Jennifer asked how Hope was doing. Bo said there had to be a way to get to Hope. He said he wouldn't hear from the governor's office until the next day. Jennifer said Hope would be okay until the next day, but Bo wasn't so certain.

At the nurses' station, Jennifer asked Ben whether they'd found a heart for the patient he had been discussing with Nadine. Ben said they hadn't found one yet, but they might have one the next day and were checking other places just in case.

Carly told Bo to go home and rest, because he had a big day ahead of him. "Says the woman in bed," Bo said. She said she knew what it was like to have someone a person cared about in trouble and what that person would go through to help them. "Like you did for your daughter," Bo said. "And what you'll do for Hope," Carly said.

After Brady left, Victor stopped by Maggie's house to tell her that he'd meant what he had said earlier -- that he loved her. Maggie slammed the door in Victor's face.

Brady was sipping alcohol from his flask, thinking about what Maggie had said, when Vivian walked up to him and asked if he was enjoying his "downward spiral." Brady said he had done one thing right, putting Vivian in a box. "Even if it hurt the ones you love the most in the end," she said. Brady warned her not to push him, because she knew what happened when she pushed him. Brady walked off. Vivian called Gus and asked if he was in on her plan. He agreed to help Vivian.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tossing in her sleep, Sami had a nightmare that she cried out to a police officer to retrieve her kidnapped baby, but when the officer turned around, it was E.J. Shaken, Sami woke up from her nightmare, muttering, "No." Rafe comforted her, and Sami told him about her nightmare. "I'm not going to be okay until I get them back," Sami commented about her children. Rafe assured Sami that they would get the children back.

After getting dressed, Sami went in to the living room and found Rafe decorating a Christmas tree. Rafe reminded Sami that the previous Christmas, they had put presents under the tree for Sydney when she was missing in the hopes that she would be returned to them. "It's gonna happen again. We're gonna get Johnny and Sydney back. We will," Rafe stressed. Nodding, Sami admitted that she wanted to make sure Allie and Will had a wonderful Christmas in spite of the absence of their siblings.

In the Kiriakis living room, Nicole thought about E.J.'s threat that she needed to choose between Sydney or Brady. "I can't choose," Nicole muttered to herself. When Brady entered the living room, Nicole hugged him fiercely. Concerned by Nicole's emotion, Brady asked her what was wrong. "I'm just worried that it's all going to go away, this feeling of happiness and peace of mind," Nicole said sadly.

Brady asked Nicole if her worries were because of Vivian. Brady assured Nicole that Vivian would not be able to harm them. "And even if she's cooking up one of her sadistic schemes right now we're gonna be ten steps ahead of her next time," Brady said soothingly. Brady promised to protect Nicole and urged her to remember that the next time she felt scared.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. bundled up Sydney and Johnny in their winter coats in order to take them out Christmas shopping. When Johnny asked if they were going to see Sami, E.J. shrugged off Johnny's question and pushed Sydney's stroller toward the car.

As Melanie drank juice in Maggie's kitchen, a pajama-clad Philip crept up behind her and kissed her on the neck. "Let's go back to bed, make a baby," Philip purred. Shocked, Melanie nearly choked on her juice. "Right now?" Melanie asked. Philip admitted that almost losing his wife had gotten him thinking about having children. "Why wait?" Philip asked. With a grin, Melanie agreed and kissed Philip. As Philip and Melanie became passionate, Brady knocked on the door and interrupted.

After entering the kitchen, Brady explained that he wanted to talk to Philip about Vivian. Philip admitted that he had told Melanie about Vivian's entombment. "I'm cool with it. I understand why you did what you did," Melanie said. Surprised, Brady thanked Melanie. When Philip left the kitchen to take a call from work, Brady stressed to Melanie that he was the one responsible for putting Vivian in the sarcophagus. With a nod, Melanie told Brady that Philip had explained that.

"Now I'm completely sure," Melanie said with a wry smile. Noting the confusion on Brady's face, Melanie explained that she was sure that Nicole had blackmailed Brady into getting back together with her. "You couldn't have gotten it more wrong, Mel," Brady said with a grin. Noting the look of surprise on Melanie's face, Brady explained that Nicole was angry with Brady for entombing Vivian but that she had reconciled what he had done and protected him. "I have her back, and she has mine," Brady said about Nicole.

At the hospital, Stephanie called Caroline at the pub to talk to her about Parker's paternity, but Caroline hung up on her. As Stephanie stared at her cell phone in frustration, Nathan approached Stephanie and asked her what was wrong. When Stephanie started to tell Nathan about Parker, Nathan was paged to an emergency. Nathan asked Stephanie to meet him at the pub later, and she agreed. "I love that we're together," Nathan said before walking away.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. was walking by with Sydney and Johnny when Caroline rushed out of the pub to greet her great-grandchildren. When E.J. greeted Caroline, she invited the children to go inside to warm up. E.J. politely declined Caroline's offer, insisting that he already had plans for the day. When Caroline pushed for E.J. to let her spend time with the children, E.J. stressed that he would not stop by with the children again. "Please don't go," Caroline begged.

Caroline implored E.J. to think of the family, but E.J. asked her not to talk about the matter in front of the children. Curious, Johnny asked E.J. what Caroline was talking about. "You're grandmother is just a little bit angry. She doesn't mean to upset you," E.J. told his son as he hugged the boy. "God will punish you for what you're doing, E.J.," Caroline said sternly.

After E.J. left, Caroline went back inside the pub. While Caroline was putting silverware on a table, Stephanie walked into the pub and asked Caroline to talk. "I'm busy," Caroline said dismissively. Stephanie warned Caroline that the truth needed to be revealed. "Have you ever thought about what this is going to do to me?" Caroline asked.

Stephanie admitted that she had considered the consequences, but that she could not let the lie about Parker's paternity continue. Stephanie argued that Roman and Bo would be able to keep Caroline out of prison. Caroline scoffed at Stephanie's suggestion, noting that her sons had too much integrity to break the law for her.

Stephanie explained that she had promised her mother that she would tell the truth and that she felt morally bound to inform everyone about the paternity. "I have to do what I think is right," Stephanie pleaded. "Then do it. Can't stop you can I?" Caroline said with a sniffle. As Stephanie grasped Caroline's hand, Caroline argued that she was worried that if she went to prison, she would not be able to "be there for Sami." Confused, Stephanie asked what had happened to Sami. With a sigh, Caroline explained that Sami had lost custody of Johnny and Sydney to E.J. "She'll never see them again," Caroline said.

Caroline admitted that she did not know how Sami had lost custody, but that she needed to remain free in order to help her. "Family comes first," Caroline said. As Stephanie stared blankly at her grandmother, Nathan approached their table. Nathan overheard Caroline complain that the world did not make any sense, and he asked if Caroline was okay. Stephanie asked Nathan to give her a moment alone with Caroline, and he went to a nearby table.

Stephanie knelt beside Caroline and said, "Everything is gonna be okay. I do understand now if the truth came out it would be horrible for all of us." Relieved, Caroline thanked Stephanie for protecting her. Stephanie nodded then went over to Nathan. When Nathan asked Stephanie why she was upset, she explained that it was complicated. "I was hoping that something could be resolved, but I realized that not everything can be made right," Stephanie said. When Nathan asked Stephanie for details, she explained that Sami had lost custody of Johnny and Sydney. Concerned, Nathan asked Stephanie what he could do to help her. "Marry me," Stephanie said.

After leaving the pub, E.J. and his children walked down to the pier. As E.J. held Sydney in his arms and watched Johnny play with a toy, Nicole walked around the corner. Nicole greeted the children, and Johnny happily yelled that they had been shopping. With a chuckle, E.J. pointed at Nicole's shopping bag and asked her whom the gift was for. Averting her eyes, Nicole explained that she had purchased a scarf for Chloe. E.J. invited Nicole to join them, but she declined. When Sydney said please, Nicole melted and changed her mind.

While Nicole and E.J. sat on the bench watching the children play, E.J. talked about how happy he was to get to spend Christmas with his children. E.J. invited Nicole to join him for Christmas. Unsure, Nicole said that she wanted to join Sydney, Johnny, and E.J. for the holiday. With a sigh, E.J. asked Nicole if she understood his demand to choose between Brady and Sydney. "If you have any contact with Brady, if you so much as call him on the telephone, all bets are off. And that means not only will you be excluded from Christmas, it means that you'll no longer have any part in Sydney's life," E.J. said.

As E.J. asked Nicole how much she wanted to be a part of Sydney's life, a laughing Rafe and Sami walked around the corner with Allie. Seeing Sydney and Johnny, Sami stopped dead in her tracks and looked as if she had been smacked across the face. Flashing a smile, Sami said hello when Johnny screamed "Mommy!" As Sami fought back tears, E.J. told Johnny that they needed to leave. "But I want Mommy. I want my Mommy!" Johnny cried out as he struggled and reached out for Sami.

In the DiMera living room, Stefano stared at the wall, deep in thought. Kate entered the room cautiously and said, "I should have confided in you about Vivian, and I regret that I didn't." Kate asked Stefano to work with her to save their relationship. As Kate gently took Stefano's hand, she asked him if he was willing to make a fresh start. "More than you know," Stefano said gruffly. Stefano recounted the revelations about Kate's call to Sami, Chad's paternity, and Kate's omission about Vivian's predicament.

"You were comfortable enough to confide in Victor Kiriakis," Stefano stressed. "I've made egregious, miserable mistakes and all I can say is that I'm sorry I wasn't more open and honest with you. But I hope you know that it was never out of disrespect, and whatever you decide about us, about our future, I hope you will believe that I love you," Kate pleaded. Stefano admitted that he believed Kate loved him and that he wanted to attempt to save their marriage. When Kate relaxed, Stefano informed Kate that he had a condition to their reconciliation.

"I need for you to regain my trust," Stefano said. When Kate asked Stefano what he wanted her to do, Stefano handed Kate instructions and asked her to be his proxy. Upon reading the instructions, Kate became emotional. Stefano called Daniel to congratulate him on the birth of his son and added, "I called to remind you that I am a man who does not forget." Stefano thanked Daniel for saving E.J.'s life and informed him that he had a gift for Parker. "I like to reward people who help me, do nice things for me. It's my nature," Stefano said as he stared pointedly at Kate.

After Stefano hung up on his call to Daniel, he handed the gift to Kate and told her to follow the instructions. "Never!" Kate growled. "So you were being disingenuous?" Stefano asked. Kate accused Stefano of being vindictive and attempting to humiliate her. "You tried to poison innocent Chloe and blame Daniel for it," Stefano reminded Kate. Stefano added that he was the one that had saved Kate from going to prison.

Furious, Kate countered that Stefano had protected her in exchange for her promise to marry him. "I was ready to kill that man to protect you, and the same man, Daniel Jonas, turns out to be a hero of mine. Unlike the woman who actually owes me her life, and she pays me back by deceiving me and by making a fool of me," Stefano barked.

Kate argued that she had called Sami in order to protect her grandson and that Stefano would have done the same thing to protect his family. Stefano noted that the errand he was asking Kate to run was a small price to pay for her "mistakes." Kate snatched the package off of the table, and marched out of the mansion with tears in her eyes.

In their living room, Daniel fed Parker while Chloe watched admiringly. "You are everything to me. Nothing is more important," Daniel whispered to his son. After Chloe took Parker into his room, there was a knock. Daniel and Chloe were surprised to see Kate when he opened the front door. Kate greeted Daniel and walked past him into the living room. Suspicious, Chloe asked Kate why she was stopping by. Kate congratulated Chloe and Daniel on the baby and offered them Stefano's gift.

In shock, Chloe and Daniel stared at Kate. With a shrug, Kate placed the gift on the table and explained that the gift was a gesture to explain how please she and Stefano were that things had worked out. "You two are just so great together, and now you have a beautiful child," Kate said. "I would also like to say that what I did to the two of you was not only wrong, it was cruel. It was horrible. It was unforgivable, and I take full responsibility for it," Kate said.

She continued, "I will hate myself for the rest of my life for making such a colossal mistake. I am a dishonest woman. I am a liar. I am pathologically jealous. I'm threatened by just about everything. Especially beautiful women. Younger beautiful women who are talented and charismatic. Everything I am not." Without a trace of emotion on her face, Kate added, "You see I am a middle aged dilettante whose only talent is making people suffer. One day, hopefully, I will learn to be a better person but until that day, I hope you accept this sincere apology."

As Chloe and Daniel stared dumbfounded at Kate, she turned and walked out of the apartment. Once Kate was gone, Chloe said, "Was that the strangest thing that ever happened in the entire history of the universe?" Confused, Daniel patted Chloe's shoulder and stared at the front door. Nervous, Chloe and Daniel debated whether to touch the present. Daniel and Chloe agreed that they would forget about Kate's visit. Changing the subject, Chloe showed Daniel his christening robe. Daniel admitted that he was excited to have his son christened into their family.

When Kate returned to the DiMera mansion, she explained that she had followed Stefano's humiliating instructions. "There is one more thing," Stefano said. When Kate raised an eyebrow, Stefano explained that he was inviting Vivian to dinner and that he wanted Kate to deliver the invitation in person. Disgusted, Kate noted that Stefano's revenge was about inflicting a "million tiny cuts." Stefano countered that his orders were about loyalty and respect. "Well, my darling, you can shove your loyalty and respect and go straight to hell because I am done with this!" Kate said.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Victor discussed Vivian's revenge plans. Victor asserted that Vivian would derive great pleasure from watching them suffer, and Brady admitted that he was a little worried. "Don't worry; I'll take care of Vivian," Victor reassured his grandson. "And this time, it's gonna be once and for all." Brady half-jokingly suggested that they should shove Vivian back in the sarcophagus -- along with Gus, to keep her company.

Victor admitted that he didn't have a plan yet, but he would make Vivian regret ever having returned to Salem. Brady noted that Victor had beefed up security around the house, and wondered when Vivian might strike. Victor guessed that Vivian would wait until she thought they had lowered their guard. He wanted to set up a meeting with the two of them, plus Philip and Nicole, to plan their strategy against Vivian.

Noticing that Victor had omitted Kate from that list, Brady asked if Victor had talked to Kate, since Brady's warning to her about Vivian had seemingly fallen on deaf ears. Victor said that he had, but he would try again. Victor then asked about Nicole, and pointed out, "Nicole has been known to march to a different drummer: me first; everyone else second." Brady asserted that Nicole had become more of a team player than she had been in the past, and assured Victor that they could count on Nicole to help them maintain a united front against Vivian.

Outside the Brady Pub, Gus presented Vivian with a manila envelope filled with information about her enemies. Vivian wanted to know if anything had caught Gus's attention, and he assured her that everything she needed was in the envelope. Vivian giggled with gleeful anticipation about how she would use the information against everyone, but Gus pointed out that there was nothing in there about Nicole. Vivian declared that Nicole, Kate, Brady, Victor, and even Philip would have to suffer the consequences for having treated Vivian badly.

E.J. and Nicole were on the pier with Johnny and Sydney, when Sami and Rafe arrived with Allie. "Mommy!" Johnny called. E.J. tried to hold on to the boy, but Johnny struggled until he was free. He ran straight to Sami, and threw his arms around her legs. "Mommy, I miss you! I love you!" Johnny cried. "Please!" he pleaded when his mother didn't pick him up. While Nicole hurried to get Sydney into the stroller, E.J. reminded a devastated Sami, "You know the rules, Samantha. You know the consequences."

Rafe knelt down in front of Johnny, and tried to persuade the boy, "You need to go with your daddy right now, okay? That's the deal. Hey -- special FBI plan, remember?" Johnny was unconvinced, and wrapped himself around Sami's leg again. Unable to move, Sami fought back tears. "Doing nothing is not an option, Samantha," E.J. commanded. Johnny wailed, "Mommy, take me with you!"

Sami tried to explain things to an obviously confused and upset Allie, and then, her face twisted in anguish, dragged Johnny back toward his father. She begged E.J. to help her, and at last he bent down and scooped Johnny up. Johnny whined and reached his arms out for his mother, but E.J. carried him away. Looking almost as upset and miserable as Sami, Nicole followed E.J. with the stroller. Sami apologized and tried to reassure Allie that the situation was temporary, and clutched the girl to her tightly.

Stefano made a phone call from the DiMera mansion to verify that a task had been completed. "No, of course I don't want Mrs. DiMera to know in advance," he barked. "Let her find on her own what it is to cross me."

Meanwhile, Kate was trying to use her credit card at the Brady Pub, but the bartender informed her, "Lady, I'm just telling you what they told me on the phone: Every business in town's got to treat you the same. No service."

A furious Kate returned home, and confronted Stefano about canceling her credit cards. As she flung her cards, one by one, onto the parlor floor, she reminded her husband that she didn't need his money. "I used your cards because I enjoyed being Mrs. Stefano DiMera," Kate maintained. "I liked seeing the DiMera name on the card because I liked being married to you. But as of this moment, that's over." She turned and stormed out.

Stefano followed Kate into the garden. She declared that E.J. had obviously learned everything he knew about revenge from his father. Stefano angrily pointed out that it was Kate's fault that Samantha had shot E.J., and Kate had kept it to herself that Chad was Stefano's son. Kate tried to justify her actions, and reminded Stefano that he had known full well who she was when he had married her.

"So take it or leave it," Kate demanded. "Because I am not going to change -- not even for you." Stefano countered that Kate had also known then that he expected absolute loyalty from his family, but he gave the same in return. Kate argued that he had threatened to have her grandson killed, and he hadn't told her that E.J. had kidnapped Sydney. "You see, my love, we do have issues," Kate acknowledged. "And not all of them are on my side, are they?"

Stefano reluctantly concurred. Kate admitted that Stefano had been a good husband, but they couldn't continue living together if he intended to treat every mistake she made as if it were "high treason." She asked if he could meet her halfway. Stefano replied, "Katherine, I love you; you know that. But no. I will never change." Kate then asked if Stefano could ever find it in his heart to forgive her, but he didn't know.

"I can't live like this, waiting for the next attack or humiliation," Kate conceded a bit tearfully. "I know that you can't promise me that the punishment has stopped, because for you, revenge is like an addiction. So I guess it is best if I go." When Stefano asked, Kate told him to have the staff send her things to the Salem Inn. Each admitted that they wished things could have gone differently. With a tender stroke of his cheek, Kate kissed Stefano farewell, and they sadly bade each other goodbye. As Kate left, Stefano sank onto the garden bench, his eyes red and brimming with rueful tears.

Stefano was irked when Vivian arrived later, and he ordered her to leave immediately. Unfazed, she noted with merry curiosity that she'd overheard Harold telling one of the servants to send Kate's things to the Salem Inn. "Did she just leave you, or did you throw her out?" Vivian asked, unable to contain her smug delight. Refusing to discuss it, Stefano growled, "I'm sick of this, and I'm sick of you. Go play your games somewhere else." After Stefano stalked off, Vivian called Gus to tell him about Stefano and Kate's marital strife.

When Victor ran into Kate on the pier, he warned her, "Vivian is out there, Kate. You know her: she's not going to rest until we're all roasting in her particular brand of hell. You have to be alert." Kate responded with annoyance instead of trepidation, and Victor instantly deduced that she and Stefano were having problems. Kate divulged that Vivian had told Stefano the whole story about her having been locked in the sarcophagus, and he was furious because Kate had kept it from him.

Victor pressed for more details, but Kate wouldn't reveal anything further, except that she had left Stefano. Victor admitted that he was surprised that Kate and Stefano had stayed married for as long as they had. He then stunned Kate by asking, "As long as you're not living under Stefano's roof, how would you like to move in under mine?" When she realized that Victor was truly worried about what Vivian might do to exact revenge, Kate accepted.

After they returned to the loft, Sami put Allie to bed. Rafe tried to comfort Sami, but she pulled away from him. "My crying days are over," she declared. "I am not going to fall apart anymore. It is what it is, and I have to deal with it. My kids need me." Rafe urged her not to keep things bottled up inside, because that wouldn't make the pain go away.

Sami reminded him that she wasn't allowed to show her son how much she loved him, because if she did, E.J. would show the tape of her confession to the police. "I will find a way to fix this," she asserted. Rafe pointed out that every time she tried to fix something, it just made things worse, and asked her to trust him to take care of E.J.

When Rafe expressed his fury at the way E.J. had treated Sami and her kids, she pleaded with Rafe not to do anything rash. Rafe asserted, "E.J. is not invincible, and every time I've gone up against him, I have won -- and I will win again." Sami reluctantly agreed to let Rafe handle E.J. Rafe reassured her that everything would be all right, then kissed her goodbye and left.

As Sami was straightening the loft later, she found Johnny's stuffed penguin hidden under a blanket on the couch. Sami was fretting about what to do, when suddenly Allie screamed from the bedroom, "No!" Sami rushed to her daughter. She carried Allie back to the couch, and reassured the girl, "Oh, sweetheart. You know it's a nightmare, right? You know I would never leave you -- never, ever."

Allie replied, "You left Johnny." Sami explained that although she loved Johnny -- and all of her kids -- Johnny needed to be with his daddy right then. She acknowledged that what had happened on the pier had been awful, and vowed that it would not happen again. "But Mommy has a plan on how to fix this," Sami declared. "In fact, I'm going to fix it today."

When they returned to the DiMera mansion, Nicole warned E.J. that Sydney had cried the whole way home, so the child had clearly been aware of what had happened. E.J. asserted that Sydney would get over it -- as would Johnny. A genuinely concerned Nicole tried to reason with him: "That scene at the pier, breaking Johnny's heart just to watch Sami suffer, was that really necessary? What's wrong with you? I get that you want to see her hurting, but do you realize how much you are hurting your kids?"

E.J. countered calmly that Nicole obviously hadn't thought things through, or she would have realized that if Samantha got Sydney, then Nicole did not. He added that he was "the nice guy" for giving Nicole access to Sydney. "If you're the nice guy, then why are you making me choose between Sydney and Brady?" Nicole demanded. "You're happy now, right? Then why won't you let me be happy, too?"

When E.J. referred to her lies about having stolen someone else's baby, Nicole was incredulous that he was apparently still trying to punish her for what had happened during their marriage. E.J. scoffed sarcastically, "Right. You broke my heart, my dear." Nicole argued, "Really? Because after what you did to Sami and Johnny today, it's safe to say that you don't have a heart, E.J. You want" people to suffer, so that they're as lonely and as miserable as you are!" E.J. maintained that he was neither lonely nor miserable, because he had his children back.

Nicole countered that not even the evil, nasty Stefano would have allowed his children to become collateral damage in his revenge schemes. E.J. ordered her to leave, but Nicole then demanded to know why he hated Brady so much. E.J. icily reminded her that Brady was Samantha's stepbrother, and reiterated his mandate that Nicole choose between Sydney and Brady. Nicole reflected for a moment, and then declared, "Brady's out." E.J. commended her wise decision. Nicole told him to go to hell, and stormed out.

Later, E.J. tried to snuggle on the couch with Johnny. An anxious Johnny only wanted to know, "Why does Mommy hate me?" E.J. replied, "You know, your mommy doesn't really matter anymore. I love you; that's what's important." E.J. added that he was going to make sure he never lost Sydney or Johnny again.

Brady was drinking alone in the living room when Nicole returned to the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole asked Brady to make her a drink, and then informed him that E.J. had forced her to choose between Brady and Sydney. Brady was livid that E.J. was trying to control their lives. "He knows how much I love Sydney," Nicole pointed out tearfully. "So that means I have to give you up, move out, and never see you again." Brady disagreed. "Every time E.J. tries to control you, I wind up being his fall guy," Brady asserted, and added with a grin, "No more. You're not going anywhere."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Bo told Carly that he had tried everyone he knew with political influence, but no one had returned his call. Then the governor called him, and he explained Hope's situation. After Bo left, Jennifer told Carly about Jack's email about his quest to find himself. She showed Carly a picture of him, and Carly was shocked. Jennifer said that other than the blog post, neither she nor the kids had heard from Jack. Jennifer said that if Bo didn't help Hope, she would.

Carly warned Jennifer not to get involved, and she reminded Jennifer of how she had "paid dearly" for helping Carly with Lawrence. Jennifer said she had survived it with Jack's help. Carly said that Jennifer would be no good to Hope if she put herself in danger.

The warden told Hope that Charlene would be transferred with her. Hope thought it was a joke, because Charlene had wanted to kill her. After the warden left, Hope tried to escape again, and she tried to warn the corrections officer that she was being set up.

The warden called Bo and asked to see him. Carly assumed that the governor had called the warden. The warden told Lee that she was calling off Hope's transfer, because the governor had called to warn her that if anything happened to Hope, their heads would roll.

Dr. Ben arrived and saw Jennifer, but before he could speak to her, the warden called him. Ben thanked her for donating the heart that he had transplanted into his patient. The warden said she was in it for the money, and she said that she wouldn't be able to give Ben the organs on his wish list, until she dealt with the situation. Ben asked how long, and she said "soon hopefully." Bo arrived at the warden's office, and she said that she had to deal with Hope.

The warden said that Hope had attacked another prisoner the same way that she had attacked the men the previous summer. Bo defended Hope and said she had done those things because of a bad reaction to the medication she had been taking. The warden said that Hope wasn't on any medication in prison. Bo said that the last time he had seen Hope, she was fine, and he wasn't "buying the load of bull" that the warden was selling. The warden said that Hope had become paranoid and done something violent. Bo asked to speak to Hope, but the warden said that wasn't possible, because the prisoner area was in lockdown.

The warden gave Bo a copy of Hope's psychiatric report. Bo asked the warden to arrange a visit for him with Hope, and threatened to call the governor again.

Lee told Hope that her transfer had been called off. Lee said that she'd heard Hope had been trying to get her into trouble. Hope said that Lee practically ran the prison. Lee asked why she was killing the inmates for the infirmary and what was in it for her. Hope asked what she had gained from killing the people. Lee said she had no idea about it, since she had never done anything like that. Lee added that there were a few prisoners who were worth more dead than alive.

The warden visited with Hope and ordered her to do a job for the warden.

Ben told Jennifer that he was Christmas shopping but didn't know what to get for his niece. Jennifer offered to go shopping with him. After Ben got up from the table, Carly told Jennifer that Ben was nice, and Jennifer agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole told Brady about E.J.'s stipulation that she stay away from Brady, and Brady asked if Sydney was more important than he was. She didn't want to answer that. Nicole said that Sydney wasn't something that Nicole could scheme for -- she was Nicole's "little girl." Brady corrected her and said that Sydney was Sami's little girl, and if Nicole thought that Sami would give up trying to give up, Nicole was nuts, and Nicole would end up with nothing. Brady said that he didn't want to run into E.J. and watch him smirk over the demise of their relationship.

Nicole said she didn't know any other way to handle it. Brady said that Nicole was in luck because Brady did. Brady wanted to stage a fight between Brady and Nicole to make everyone think they had broken up. Brady said he and Nicole would have it all once E.J. believed what they wanted him to believe. Brady said that they could say the worst things possible to each other and then meet somewhere in secret and work off all the anger. Nicole thought it sounded sexy, but she wasn't willing. She was worried that E.J. would see through it. Brady tried to seduce Nicole on the sofa.

E.J. surprised Johnny with the bike that he had wanted for Christmas, but Johnny took a look at it and ran away. Stefano walked in and asked what had happened. "Samantha," E.J. said. Stefano got a call about a shipment from Thailand that was due to arrive that night. E.J. didn't want to leave the house, because Johnny had seen Sami earlier that day. Stefano told E.J. not to worry, because when Johnny woke up, he would be fine.

Stefano said the transaction was delicate, and he and E.J. needed to be there to make sure nothing went wrong.

At the apartment, Sami asked Will and Allie if they had homework. Allie asked why the presents for Johnny and Sydney were under the tree, and Sami said it was because they loved Johnny and Sydney. Allie asked why Sami had given Johnny and Sydney away to E.J., and Sami said that she hadn't given them away to E.J. -- they were just spending time with E.J. Allie asked if Sami was planning to give her back to Lucas, and Sami said no. Sami changed the subject.

Sami asked Will if he still had his key to the DiMera mansion, and Will asked her to tell him that she was not going back there. She said she had to talk to Johnny, because she couldn't let Johnny think that she didn't care about him and Sydney. Will said he didn't know where the key was, and Sami told him to find it. Rafe overheard them and asked what was going on. Sami lied and said she had gotten stressed out, and she would do anything to get her kids back.

Will warned Sami to relax, and Rafe chimed in for Sami not to take anything into her own hands. Rafe got a phone call and had to leave, because the guy he had hired to watch E.J. and Stefano had followed them down to the pier to meet a shipment from Thailand. Rafe hoped the shipment contained something that would give Rafe some leverage over E.J. After Rafe left, Will asked if Sami was still going to the mansion. Will tried to talk Sami out of it, but she was determined to let Johnny know that she still loved him. Will told her where the key was.

Gabi showed up to Will's apartment, and they talked about how much they both missed their siblings. Gabi told Will about the Christmas traditions she had shared with Arianna. Gabi and Will talked about the book they were reading. They kissed.

Down at the dock, Stefano and E.J. showed up, waiting for the shipment, while Rafe spied. Stefano told E.J. that he had kicked Kate out of the mansion.

Stefano admitted to E.J. that he had fallen in love with Kate. He said Kate was the kind of woman who got under a man's skin, much like Sami did for E.J. Stefano said Kate had also kept E.J.'s brother from being a part of the DiMera family. E.J. thought he was referring to Tony and that Kate had been responsible for Philip shooting Tony, but Stefano said that wasn't it. Stefano got a phone call from Marco, which interrupted their conversation.

E.J. was worried about leaving Johnny at home, but Stefano said that when the children were small, they had "small problems." E.J. decided to go home anyway.

Sami sneaked into the DiMera mansion and went up to Johnny's room. Marie interrupted Sami's visit by calling to check on him. Later Sami thanked Johnny for covering for her, but he was upset and asked her why she hated him. She explained that she loved him and Sydney and could never hate them. Johnny said that Sami hadn't talked to him earlier. She said it was because of a grown-up thing and that E.J. loved Johnny so much that he didn't want to share the boy.

Johnny asked why E.J. was the boss of Sami. Sami said she couldn't explain, but she made up with a secretive way that she could tell Johnny that she loved him. Johnny agreed to keep their sign a secret from E.J. Sami promised him that they would be back together again soon. As Sami was trying to leave, E.J. returned home, so she had to sneak out the back door. Someone grabbed her from behind.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Caroline knelt at the altar in an empty St. Luke's, and prayed to God to forgive her. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone by changing those paternity tests," she swore. "I just kept thinking of that helpless baby, and I had to get him out of that Kiriakis family. Now he has two loving parents, and he will grow up to be a good person." She vowed to take the secret to her grave, but agreed to accept any punishment that God deemed necessary. She prayed that no one ever found out the truth.

At the prison, Warden Jane Smith ordered Hope to write a letter to Bo. "You're gonna tell him you had a relapse," Jane dictated. "You're gonna tell him that you're fine, that you're getting treatment, that you're in good hands." When Hope refused, Jane angrily pointed out that Hope's only way out was to tell Bo not to visit.

Jane ordered, "Convince him that your mental health is at stake -- or else." Hope finished the threat, "I'll disappear like the other prisoners?" Hope then reminded the warden that unlike the other prisoners, she had family who cared about her -- plus Bo, who would never stop investigating if she disappeared. "And you'll be in more trouble than you are now," Hope declared. A furious Jane reiterated her order for Hope to write the letter to Bo. Hope sat at he table reluctantly, and began to write while Jane dictated.

Once they were finished, Jane reviewed what Hope had written, to make sure Hope hadn't included anything to tip Bo off. She decided that Hope had done all right, and planned to have the letter hand-delivered to Bo. Jane hinted that despite having followed her orders, Hope was still a problem. Hope was alarmed, especially when the departing Jane declared, "I hate what I'm going to have to do now."

After the warden had gone, Hope prayed for Bo to read every word of her letter very carefully. "You've got to figure it out, Bo," she whispered, clutching Ciara's picture to her chest.

At the Brady Pub, Bo discussed his concerns about Hope's psychiatric evaluation with Carly. He pointed out that when Hope had behaved violently before, it had been while under the influence of medication; he knew she would never have attacked another prisoner, as the warden had claimed. Carly offered to cancel their visit to Daniel and Chloe's, since she knew Bo would be anxious until he heard from Hope. Bo declined, because he knew how much Carly wanted to see the baby.

At their apartment, Chloe and Daniel gazed adoringly at baby Parker. Chloe said that the time she'd spent in orphanages as a child helped her appreciate how lucky she was to be so happy.

When Bo and Carly arrived, Chloe offered to let Carly hold Parker, and Carly excitedly accepted. As Carly held the infant, she offered to babysit any time Chloe and Daniel wanted. Bo noted that Daniel and Chloe were very lucky with how everything had worked out, and Chloe defensively asked what he meant. Bo explained that Parker was something of a miracle, since Chloe had thought she couldn't get pregnant.

While the men went into the kitchen to get cocktails for everyone, Chloe whispered an apology to Carly, and explained that she had been momentarily worried that Carly had said something to Bo. Carly acknowledged that she didn't like keeping things from Bo, and cautioned Chloe that secrets had a way of getting out. Chloe was just grateful that Carly was a part of Parker's life.

After Bo got a phone call, he announced that he had to go to the police station, because a letter had just been delivered for him from Hope. Daniel said that he wanted to pick up some takeout, so he left with Bo. Chloe asked Carly what was going on. Carly replied, "Hope is in some kind of trouble, and it's just driving Bo crazy that he can't fix it."

Chloe guessed that it had to be hard for Carly to watch what Bo was going through. Carly admitted, "It's just that everything happened really fast with us, and I want to do what's right for him. And lately, with everything that's been going on with Hope, it's just been really hard not to have his attention -- and I know that's being selfish." Chloe reassured Carly that she had a valid point.

At the station, Bo perused Hope's letter, in which she explained that she might never get out of solitary confinement after having attacked a trustee. "'Bo, not a minute goes by that I don't think about our precious Ciara,'" he read aloud, and then asked suddenly, "What the hell is that?"

Philip arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to find Victor cursing about Vivian having sent him the bill for the sarcophagus, and for doing something that he considered suspicious with some of her financial accounts. He warned Philip that Vivian was trying to find her enemies' collective weak spot, so she could use it to destroy them all.

Later, Philip was working on his computer at the Brady Pub when the bartender, Brian, delivered a drink. With a knowing wink, Brian explained that a woman at the bar had sent it over to Philip. The woman waved, and Philip explained that she was his employee -- and he was a happily married man. The woman, Sabrina, walked over and joined Philip. "Come on, Philip," she urged playfully. "It's just a drink."

After Philip finished that drink, Sabrina flirtatiously suggested another round. Philip reminded her that he was her married boss, but Sabrina noted that married men were her specialty. Philip tried gently to rebuff her advances, but Sabrina persisted, "You don't know what you're missing." She leaned in and kissed him -- just as Daniel walked in and spotted the buss.

Not seeing Daniel, Philip gently pushed Sabrina away and stood up. "I'll see you in the morning," Philip stated deliberately. "Give my best to the missus," Sabrina purred with a mocking grin, as Philip left. At the bar, Daniel scowled, clearly unsure of what to make of the situation.

Sabrina was giggling at something Brian had said when Victor arrived a little later. "Easy. That girl's nothing but trouble," Victor cautioned when he saw Daniel glaring in Sabrina's direction. Daniel seemed surprised that Victor knew her.

Victor explained that Sabrina worked at Titan, adding, "If she weren't so good at her job, I'd fire her. Human resources nightmare -- she's broken up more than one marriage. She's a real man-eater." Victor asked if Daniel had seen Philip, and Daniel replied that Philip had been there, but had left. Daniel then wanted to know if Sabrina worked with Philip. Daniel didn't look pleased when Victor replied, "Yes, she reports directly to him. They're quite a team, actually."

As Sami crept through the garden at the DiMera mansion, suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, and covered her mouth with his hand. Sami fought back, biting her assailant's hand, until Rafe yelped, "Ah! Stop biting me!" Each demanded to know what the other was doing there. When E.J. appeared at the gate, Sami and Rafe quickly ducked behind some bushes.

"Well, well, well -- what are you doing here?" E.J. asked. "I think you just made a very big mistake." Sami started to reveal herself, but then she heard Kate's voice explaining that she was there to pick up some papers. E.J. found Sydney's stuffed snake that he had been searching for, and went back into the house.

Rafe and Sami emerged from their hiding place, and hurried away from the mansion. When they reached the pier, Rafe lit into Sami about how she had nearly gotten caught, and pointed out that she would never get to see her kids again if she went to prison. Sami argued that E.J. had "turned Johnny's life inside-out," and she needed Johnny to know that she loved him and hadn't abandoned him.

Rafe understood, but hoped that Johnny could keep Sami's visit a secret. Sami thought he could, but declared that it had been worth the risk. "This is the kind of thing that could traumatize a kid for the rest of his life," she fretted. She added that she couldn't believe that E.J. would try to convince her children that she didn't love them. "He has to want his kids to be happy, right?" Sami wondered. "He has to, at some point, see that I'm their mother, and they need me to be happy."

At the loft, Gabi pulled away from kissing Will, and stammered that she should leave. Will assured her that he wanted her to stay. They awkwardly agreed that they were glad they had kissed, and then they kissed again.

Sami and Rafe returned home just then, and the teenagers quickly separated. Gabi jumped up and put her coat on, and explained for Rafe that she had gone there to get Will's help with a homework problem. She thanked Will for the help, and hurried out. When Will pointedly asked his mom if everything were all right, Rafe deduced that Will knew what Sami had been up to. Sami suggested that Will should finish his homework in his bedroom.

After Will had left, Sami stressed how important it was to her that her children knew that she loved them -- and that E.J. didn't poison them against her. Rafe tried to reassure her that the kids did know that.

Rafe and Sami weren't in the living room when Will emerged from his bedroom later to retrieve his cell phone. Will sent a text message to Gabi about studying, and they joked back and forth about how something had distracted them from their homework. Each beamed as they thought about the other.

After Rafe checked to make sure Allie was asleep, he joined Sami in their bed. Sami worried that Johnny wouldn't be able to sleep after such an emotional day. Rafe promised, "I'm gonna get something on E.J. This is not going to go on forever." He urged Sami to have faith that Johnny understood what she'd told him earlier. Sami remembered the secret hand sign that she had taught Johnny to remind him that she loved him. "Yeah, I think it's gonna be okay," she agreed with a hopeful smile.

E.J. was surprised when he entered the parlor and found Kate there. She reminded him that she was there to get some papers. As they traded barbs, Kate realized that E.J. truly thought he had won his battle against Sami. "I don't think that I've won, Kate," E.J. declared smugly. "I know that I've won." Kate pronounced, "Then you, my boy, are a complete idiot." She maintained that if E.J. continued his vendetta against Sami, he would only end up hurting himself.

Kate reminded E.J. that Curtis had taken her children away, and had told them that Kate was dead; they had despised Curtis when they had found out the truth -- just as Sydney and Johnny would end up hating their father when they learned what he had done. "And the thing that you want most in life will be gone," Kate declared softly. "That's why I think you are a complete fool."

Kate added that Johnny and Sydney were going to grow up to be unhappy, troubled people. E.J. dismissively insisted that his children would be fine. Just then, Harold entered, and informed E.J. that Mary hadn't been able to settle Johnny down after the lad had awakened from a nightmare. E.J. started for the stairs, but Harold cautioned, "Sir, it's not you he wants to see. He's been calling for his mother."

In Johnny's room, E.J. tried to calm his son. "I didn't want you here -- I want Mommy!" Johnny demanded. "Tell her to come back in here now!" E.J. apparently assumed that Johnny was just confused. "Look, she's not interested in us anymore," he told Johnny. "But that's okay, because I love you enough for a mommy and a daddy." Johnny continued insisting that he wanted to see his mommy. "I know you do, but you can't," E.J. said quietly. "I'm sorry; that's just the way it has to be." To E.J.'s horror, Johnny declared, "I hate you."

Kate was still waiting downstairs when E.J. returned. "Did Johnny ask for his mother?" she asked. E.J. denied it, but Kate knew better. "Yes he did," she countered. "And what did you say to him? What lie did you tell him?" E.J. calmly suggested that it was time for Kate to leave. "I can tell by your face you're worried," Kate said on her way out. "And you should be, my darling. You should be." After Kate was gone, E.J. decided, "Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think it's about time you and I had another chat, Samantha."

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