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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 27, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hortons celebrated Christmas at Alice's house. Maggie asked Ciara whether she was excited about Santa, but Ciara said she didn't believe in Santa. Julie asked why Ciara didn't believe in Santa, and she said it was because Ciara's parents weren't going to be home for Christmas, and if there were a Santa, they would be. Ciara asked if Bo and Hope were ever returning home. Jennifer assured her that they would, and they just had to keep hoping and praying.

Rafe dressed as Santa and visited Johnny in the hospital. He gave Johnny a toy and told him that Sami, Will, Allie, and Rafe missed him and loved him. Rafe was leaving Johnny's room when Brady, also dressed as Santa, prepared to pay Johnny a visit. Brady revealed his identity to Rafe and asked how Johnny was.

Brady saw Nicole in the waiting room, and he made a pass at her, still disguised as Santa. Nicole threatened to "shove a candy" down his throat, so he pulled down his beard and revealed himself.

Lexie told E.J. that Johnny would be released from the hospital. Stephanie overheard them talking. Meanwhile, Sami called the hospital to check on Johnny, and Stephanie answered the phone. Stephanie said that E.J. had left strict orders not to give out information on Johnny's condition to Sami. Sami chewed Stephanie out, reminding her that they were cousins, and demanded that she give Sami information on Johnny. Stephanie said she had planned to defy E.J.'s orders, anyway, and she told Sami that Johnny was being released from the hospital that day.

After Sami got off the phone, she told Will and Gabi the great news. Gabi was happy that Johnny was going home. Sami corrected Gabi, saying that the DiMera mansion wasn't home and vowing that she would find a way to get Johnny and Sydney back home with her.

Rafe returned home, and Sami saw him dressed in his Santa suit and asked where he had been. Rafe explained that he had been at the hospital visiting Johnny. Sami told Rafe that she knew Johnny was being released, and she asked what Johnny had told Santa. Rafe said Johnny had told Santa to give Sami a kiss, and with that, Rafe kissed her.

Rafe surprised Sami with homemade ornaments featuring pictures of the kids. He said the kids had made them a while before. Sami loved it. Will gave Gabi a gift that had to do with photography. Will gave Sami a framed picture of Sami, Rafe, and all the kids. Sami was hopeful that they would get all her kids under one roof before the next Christmas.

Rafe took Sami down to the wharf so they could be alone and he could give her a present. Sami gave Rafe's present to him, and it turned out they had given each other the same gift -- a key to the safe house, where they had fallen in love. Rafe said the safe house was on the market, and no one had even looked at it. Sami suggested they go back to the safe house to pay a visit. Rafe said it would be like breaking and entering, but she said it wouldn't be, because they had keys.

Kate dropped by the hospital, and E.J. told her the news about Johnny. Kate told E.J. to be optimistic, because she had beaten stage four cancer. E.J. gave Kate the brush-off, and Lexie apologized to Kate. Kate said she had stopped by to give Lexie the gift Kate had bought for Theo. Stefano saw Lexie and Kate talking. Stefano told Kate that the gift for Theo was thoughtful. Kate said she had heard about Johnny. Stefano said that Johnny would be fine, because he was strong.

Kate asked how things were going with Chad, and Stefano said it wasn't her concern. Kate asked if Chad was spending the holidays with Stefano, and Stefano repeated that it wasn't her concern. Kate agreed with him that it wasn't her business and told him to forget she had said anything. She turned to leave. He called her name, and she told him, "Merry Christmas," and walked off.

E.J. signed Johnny out, and Lexie asked if he had told Sami that Johnny was being released. E.J. asked why he would tell her, and Lexie said that Johnny would need both his parents. E.J. felt that Johnny was better off without Sami. Lexie reminded E.J. that Sami was Johnny's mother, and E.J. reminded her that Sami had shot him.

When E.J. and Nicole took Johnny and Sydney home, Johnny asked if Sami would be there. Stefano asked Johnny if Sami would want Johnny to have a happy time. Johnny said, "No." Stefano said that there were a hundred presents under the tree. Nicole told Johnny that she understood how he felt, and it always made her feel better to get a gift. Johnny agreed to go with Nicole to open a gift. E.J. thanked Nicole, and she said she was happy to help.

Stefano called Chad in an effort to connect with him, but Chad shunned him. Stefano announced that the kids could open all their presents, and Nicole was about to go back to the guesthouse, when E.J. stopped her and asked where she was going. She said it seemed like a family thing, and E.J. said that Johnny and Sydney wanted her there.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor threatened someone on the phone about finding Bo before the police did. Vivian overheard Victor and practically called him a scrooge. "Shouldn't you be in Whoville, stealing Christmas?" Victor asked Vivian. Vivian said she was happy to be home, and she told Victor that Bo's problems were Victor's fault. She said that if Victor had helped Vivian get rid of Carly before, "Hope wouldn't have gone to prison, Bo wouldn't have helped her escape, and they wouldn't be fugitives from the law."

"And if you hadn't come back to Salem, I wouldn't be having triple martinis before breakfast, or staring at that ghastly portrait every time I set foot in the living room," Victor said. Vivian liked her portrait, and Victor said that the painter hadn't captured Vivian's "viciousness." Victor said everyone in town would have a merry Christmas if Vivian were someone else.

Vivian told Victor that dinner was ready and asked where everyone was. Victor explained that Philip and Melanie were celebrating with Melanie's family, and Brady and Kate were off "doing whatever." He told Vivian that no one wanted to celebrate Christmas with Vivian. "Not even you?" Vivian asked. Victor said he would be "orthodox this year -- celebrate the epiphany."

Julie noticed the necklace that Ciara was wearing, and Ciara said it was Hope's. Julie said that it was a reminder that Hope was always thinking of her. Stephanie and Nate dropped by, and Stephanie asked Jennifer where the kids were. Jennifer said they were stuck in London because of a snowstorm. After dinner, Nathan and Stephanie told Maggie that they were moving to Baltimore because of his job at Johns Hopkins. Lexie, Abe, and Theo arrived, and Theo gave Ciara a present -- a stuffed dog, just like Theo's dog Charlie.

Nathan told Maggie that they were going to Baltimore in a week to look for an apartment, because he would start his new job a few weeks later, but they would be back for the wedding. Maggie told Nathan to promise to text, video chat, and Skype with her.

Lexie told everyone that they had to leave, because they needed to go to the DiMera mansion. Abe didn't want to leave so soon, but Lexie said they needed to be there for Johnny. Jennifer asked how Johnny was doing, and Lexie said that he was doing fine. Abe said Johnny would be doing better if E.J. would let Sami see her son. Lexie didn't want to discuss it, but Abe said that it was cruel for E.J. to keep Sami away from Johnny "at a time like this."

Julie tried to encourage Maggie to meet new people, especially with Nathan leaving and Melanie gone, because Julie was worried about Maggie being alone. Julie asked about Victor, and Maggie said that Victor infuriated her, and she was still grieving the loss of Mickey. Julie said there was no replacement for Mickey, but Mickey would want Maggie to be happy and not be alone.

Abe told Doug that the mayor's office was being kept completely out of the loop of Bo and Hope's case. Julie asked if Abe could keep Bo and Hope safe, and Abe said it was out of his hands. Abe promised to let the family know if he heard anything. Julie said that Abe's hands might be tied, but hers weren't. She called Victor to ask him to keep her informed of his efforts to find Bo and Hope. Victor agreed, and asked her to wish Maggie a merry Christmas. Julie delivered the message, but Maggie didn't want to talk to him. The Hortons hung the ornaments on the tree.

When Kate returned to the Kiriakis mansion, she found a lump of coal in her stocking. Vivian walked in and said Kate had been naughty, adding that several people would agree, including Stefano. Victor saw Brady drinking alcohol and asked if he'd had enough. "With her around? Never," Brady said, referring to Vivian. Kate said it was too bad Vivian didn't have anyone to share her revenge with. Vivian said she wasn't the only one "flying solo."

Stephanie, Nathan, Sami, Rafe, Will, Allie, and Gabi went to the church for Christmas mass. As the priest read the story of Jesus' birth, Sami got up to walk out. Rafe grabbed her hand and asked if she wanted him to accompany her, but she wanted to be alone. As the church sang "Silent Night," Rafe looked towards the back of the church for Sami, but she had sneaked off to the Dimera mansion and looked through the window at her kids celebrating Christmas.

Abe went to the DiMeras', and Theo read the story of Jesus' birth. Stefano praised Theo on his reading skills. Lexie and Abe reflected on how blessed they were.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asked Philip if he was aware of the responsibilities that went along with being the godfather to a child. Victor cautioned Philip that he might need to become Parker's father if anything should happen to Daniel and Chloe. Victor reminded Philip that when Daniel's parents had died, Victor had needed to step into Daniel's life and become his family. Philip told his father that he understood the gravity of the situation and expressed his belief that being a godfather would help him practice to raise a family with Melanie.

"I hope to be as good a godfather as you've been to Daniel, and someday I hope to be as good a father as you've been to me," Philip said to Victor as Maggie entered the living room. When Victor saw Maggie, he smiled slightly. Maggie explained that she was there to check on the progress of the catering for the christening. Philip excused himself from the room, and Victor asked Maggie how she had handled her first Christmas without Mickey or Alice. Maggie admitted that she was pleased to have her family with her to help her through Christmas day.

With a slight grin, Maggie asked Victor if he intended to live in the same house as a woman he buried alive. Victor suggested that Maggie needed him in her life to make it less dull. When Maggie pointed out that Bo and Hope were on the run, Victor joked that the drama stemmed from the Kiriakis genes in Bo. Maggie asked Victor if he could help Bo, and Victor admitted that he was doing what he could to support Bo. Maggie promised not to question Victor's methods, and she assured him that she supported him in his efforts to protect Bo and Hope.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, Nicole played with Sydney as E.J. walked into the room. When Nicole asked about Johnny, E.J. admitted that Johnny had suffered a difficult night due to his discomfort. E.J. thanked Nicole for helping him with his children. To show his gratitude, E.J. asked Nicole to take Sydney to her appointment with the ophthalmologist to check her eyes for cancer. Nicole was thrilled with the offer, but then she remembered that Chloe was having a christening for Parker at around the same time as Sydney's doctor's appointment.

With a grunt, E.J. plucked Sydney out of Nicole's arms and said, "Spend the rest of your life with someone else's child." When Nicole protested that Chloe was her only friend, E.J. noted that Nicole needed to make Sydney the priority in her life. "You serve at the pleasure of the king," E.J. added. Nicole glared at E.J. but agreed to cancel her appearance at the christening in order to take Sydney to the doctor.

At the loft, Sami cleaned up the wrapping paper that was left over from Christmas morning. As Sami stuffed paper into the trash bags, she noticed unopened gifts for Johnny in the corner and sighed. Rafe entered the living room and asked Sami if she needed help cleaning up. With a smile on her face, Sami said that she needed to make a confession. Rafe smirked and surmised that Sami had sneaked over to the DiMera mansion to see Johnny and Sydney on Christmas Eve.

Sami apologized for sneaking away, but Rafe admitted that he was not angry, since she had not been caught. Rafe advised Sami not to attempt to visit Johnny or Sydney again. Sami admitted that she had not spoken to her children, but that she had peeked through the window and witnessed Nicole hugging Johnny and Sydney.

With a sigh, Sami noted that she was frustrated that she could not be with her son during his illness but that she was determined to protect her other children. Sami explained that she was taking Allie to the hospital for an appointment with the ophthalmologist to check her eyes and make sure that she was not suffering from the same cancer as Johnny.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie confided to Caroline that she was excited to leave Salem and move to Baltimore with Nathan. Caroline and Stephanie agreed that they were doing the right thing by not telling anyone that Caroline had switched the paternity results for Parker. Stephanie expressed her relief that her mother was halfway around the world and could not force them to tell the truth about what Caroline had done. Meanwhile, Kayla exited a plane at Salem airport and headed for the pub.

Rafe met with Roman at the pub to discuss information about Bo and Hope's escape from prison. The conversation turned to Sami, and Rafe noted that she was having a difficult time being separated from Johnny during his illness. With a sigh, Rafe admitted that he was worried that Sami would ruin her chance to see Johnny and Sydney again by angering E.J.

When Kayla arrived at the pub, she looked in the front window and expressed surprise at seeing her brother Roman getting along with Caroline after she'd told the truth about the paternity switch. With a shrug, Kayla entered the pub and walked up to her brother as he was discussing Bo and Hope's escape with Rafe. Caroline gaped as she saw her daughter.

"You don't seem happy to see me," Kayla said questioningly at Caroline. Shaking her head, Caroline recovered and expressed joy as her daughter's visit. After Roman explained that Rafe was the acting commander since Roman took a leave of absence, Rafe left. As Roman turned back to his mother and sister, Kayla remarked, "I'm still glad that you and mom are on good terms." Roman looked confused and shook off Kayla's comment.

Once Roman had left, Kayla asked her mother whether she had told everyone that she had switched the paternity results for Parker like she had promised to do. Caroline repeatedly changed the subject, and she would only say, "I've taken care of it." Suspicious, Kayla pushed Caroline to tell her about everyone's reactions to the news about the paternity switch.

Roman met up with Rafe down on the pier to talk about Bo and Hope. After listening to Rafe discuss his strategy, Roman smiled. When Rafe asked Roman what he was thinking, Roman chuckled. "Sami finally married someone I not only like, but is strong enough to handle her," Roman said.

At Chloe and Daniel's apartment, Daniel went to change Parker's diaper while Chloe and Carly talked. Chloe confided that she felt lucky that she had not lost her family. "We both could have lost everything," Chloe whispered to Carly. As Carly nodded, Philip and Melanie arrived at the apartment. Daniel greeted his daughter, and then he nodded slightly at Philip and shook his hand.

Philip walked over to Carly and informed her that Victor was doing everything he could to protect Bo. When Melanie hugged her mother, Carly sighed and looked into her daughter's eyes. "If I have you, I have everything," Carly said. Chloe interrupted to ask for help with Parker, and Melanie and Carly rushed in to the bedroom to assist Chloe. Philip informed Daniel about Victor's talk with him about being a godfather, and Philip thanked Daniel for the second chance.

"Letting it go was a one-time only offer," Daniel said solemnly. Philip informed Daniel that Sabrina had been transferred and that he would not be around her anymore at work. When Chloe, Carly, and Melanie returned to the living room, Melanie gave Parker to Philip to hold. Philip gingerly took Parker in his arms and smiled.

Chloe and Parker arrived at the church alone as Father Matt was on his way out to the hospital. Upon learning that Philip was the godfather to Parker, Father Matt asked Chloe if she had told Daniel about the affair. Chloe admitted that she had not told Daniel the truth and that she did not plan to. Panicked, Chloe asked Father Matt if that meant he would not preside over Parker's christening.

Shaking his head, Father Matt stated that although he had his differences with Chloe, he would not hold those differences against her son. Father Matt explained that he needed to go to the hospital to attend to a matter, but that he would return to preside over Parker's christening later. While Father Matt was leaving, Daniel, Carly, Melanie, and Philip arrived at the church. Chloe explained that Father Matt would return and that she was confident that the christening would be "perfect."

At Salem Hospital, Nathan finished his shift, and Maxine wished him well in Baltimore. Overhearing the conversation, Melanie asked Nathan about Baltimore. Nathan explained that he had been offered a fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Melanie congratulated her friend and hugged him goodbye. Stephanie rounded the corner and spotted Melanie and Nathan in their friendly but lingering embrace. Jealous, Stephanie interrupted and asked Melanie about Chloe and Daniel. Melanie admitted that she had not told her father about Chloe's infidelity and that she had decided never to tell him the truth.

Sami arrived at the hospital with Allie and was surprised to see Nicole in the waiting area with Sydney. Allie ran over to see her sister, and an elated Sami rushed to see her daughter. Nervously looking at the doorway, Nicole scooped Sydney up in her arms and walked away. Confused, Allie asked Sami why Nicole would not let her hold Sydney. Sami explained that Nicole was "on E.J.'s side" and that he wanted to keep Johnny and Sydney to himself. Sami promised Allie that she would take Johnny and Sydney home.

Down the hallway, Lexie pulled E.J. into a hospital room to calm him down and talk to him about Johnny. When Lexie asked who had taken Sydney to her eye appointment, E.J. explained that he had asked Nicole to take Sydney to the hospital. Lexie arched her eyebrow, and E.J. argued that Sydney and Johnny needed a mother figure in their lives. Lexie scoffed at the idea of Nicole being a mother figure, but E.J. countered that Nicole had paid for kidnapping Sydney. Lexie wondered aloud whether E.J. was using Nicole to drive Sami crazy.

Outside the hospital room, Sami was filling out paperwork at the nurses' station. After the orderlies took Sydney upstairs for a scan, Nicole returned to the waiting room and saw Sami across the hallway. Sami berated Nicole for keeping Sydney away from her mother. Nicole reminded Sami that if Sami had not shot E.J., she would have Rafe and all her children in her home instead of letting Nicole become a mother figure to two of her children.

"If you think he is actually going to let you in Sydney's life, you're dreaming," Sami scoffed. With a sly grin, Nicole informed Sami that she had moved into the DiMera mansion. When Nicole talked about how she held Sydney and put her to bed, Sami threatened Nicole. Nicole joked that it was only a matter of time until Rafe grew tired of cleaning up Sami's messes.

Nicole and Sami continued to trade barbs with one another until Nicole brought up the shooting again. "What do you think Johnny and Sydney will think of you when they find out?" Nicole wondered aloud. Furious, Sami punched Nicole in the face, knocking her over. Never one to back down from a fight, Nicole fought back, struggling with Sami in the waiting room of the hospital. As Nicole and Sami wrestled in the hallway, E.J. exited the exam room and watched the women fight.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the hospital, Nicole and Sami fought violently, while an unseen E.J. watched, his hands in his pockets. When two orderlies showed up to pull the women apart, E.J. ducked around a corner so he could continue observing. "You stay away from my children, Nicole!" Sami ordered, maintaining that E.J. had only moved Nicole into the mansion to get back at Sami. Sami tried to lunge at Nicole again, so the orderlies called security.

Nicole was alone in the waiting area, dabbing at her bruised cheek with a tissue, when E.J. returned with Sydney. He informed a relieved Nicole that Lexie had checked Sydney's eyes and found no sign of cancer. When Nicole somewhat reluctantly divulged that her bruise was from a run-in with Sami, E.J. firmly asserted that Nicole should press charges.

While Victor waited at St. Luke's for Parker's christening to begin, Rafe called to warn Victor that the state police would deal harshly with anyone who helped Bo and Hope -- and Rafe knew that Victor had his own people looking for them. Victor maintained, "Although I'm concerned about my son's and my daughter-in-law's safety, I've done nothing, nor will I do anything, to abet their escape." A dubious Rafe promised to do whatever he could to protect Bo and Hope.

Rafe was on the phone with Roman when a uniformed officer led an irate Sami into Rafe's temporary office at the police station. Once the two of them were alone, Sami angrily informed her husband that Nicole had moved into the DiMera mansion. "She gets to be with my kids!" Sami yelled. "I can't stand it -- we have to do something." Rafe was sympathetic, but pointed out that Sami had to stop giving E.J. the upper hand. "If you go after Nicole again, you could lose Allie, you could wind up in jail -- or worse," Rafe asserted.

Just then, Nicole arrived, demanding to press charges against Sami. After Nicole recounted her side of the story, Rafe noted that the orderlies couldn't attest to who had thrown the first punch. He calmly threatened to arrest Nicole if she pressed charges against Sami. Exasperated, Nicole gave up, but vowed to return -- with E.J. -- if Sami ever attacked her again, and the two of them would send Sami to prison.

After Nicole left, Rafe urged his wife to "ratchet it down," lest she give Nicole and E.J. more ammunition. He promised that they would soon get Johnny and Sydney back. Sami acknowledged that she had lost her cool when she'd learned that Nicole was living at the mansion, but it wouldn't happen again, "Because that's pretty much the worst thing that can happen, right?"

Sami quickly realized that she would never be able to deal rationally with the situation, so Rafe encouraged her to think about how much her kids needed her. It suddenly dawned on Sami that E.J. would soon go crazy with Nicole around. "He's totally gonna kick her out of there. I just know it!" she declared happily.

When E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion, Stefano was relieved to hear that Sydney seemed to be in perfect health. E.J. filled his father in about the fight between Sami and Nicole. E.J. added that he had a simple but effective plan to make sure Samantha never saw Johnny or Sydney again: "I'm just going to destroy her self-control, and then watch from the sidelines as she self-destructs." Stefano warned E.J. not to underestimate Samantha, but E.J. wasn't worried.

Nicole returned to the mansion, and apologized to E.J. for having been unable to press charges against Sami. "Besides, I don't think it would have worked," Nicole added. "I think it worked quite well, actually," E.J. maintained, but before Nicole could press the issue, he changed the subject. He asked if Nicole wanted Sydney to remain a part of her life, and Nicole snapped that he already knew the answer to that. E.J. stated that there was something he would like for Nicole to do. "What, E.J.?" she asked, annoyed. "I broke up with Brady; I moved in here. What more could I possibly do?" Grinning slyly, E.J. cut her off, "I would like you to marry me."

As Stephanie and Nathan sipped champagne on their flight to Baltimore, Nathan warned that they might never be able to afford to fly first class again. Stephanie assured him that she was just happy to be with him. Nathan knew that she had to be worried about Bo and Hope, but Stephanie asserted that she could worry just as easily in Baltimore.

Noting that Parker's christening had probably ended, Nathan asked if Stephanie thought Chloe would be a good mother. He admitted that Chloe's affair still bothered him, and he didn't think Chloe deserved Daniel. Stephanie asked if Nathan could forgive Chloe, since people made mistakes every day. Nathan was worried that Chloe's mistakes would keep Parker from having a happy, normal life.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline sarcastically accused Kayla of appointing herself the "moral authority of everything." Kayla asserted that Philip deserved to know that Chloe's baby was really his, but then she realized with horror that her mother had not told anyone about the paternity test switch.

Caroline defended her actions firmly, and insisted that she had only done what Stephanie had wanted. Caroline warned Kayla, "You've been outvoted, so just don't go and ruin everything." Kayla maintained that Stephanie's marriage would be based on a lie. Caroline contended that Philip thought babies were disposable and did not deserve to be a father.

While Kayla and Caroline were arguing, Adrienne arrived, and was thrilled to see her sister-in-law. Kayla explained that she had returned for Stephanie's wedding, and Caroline chimed in with a snide comment. Kayla was stunned to learn that Stephanie had told Adrienne about the switched paternity tests. Kayla demanded incredulously, "You knew about it and you didn't tell me? Why?"

Adrienne replied that Stephanie had asked her not to say anything. Appalled that neither Adrienne nor Caroline seemed to believe their actions were wrong, Kayla maintained that Stephanie's conscience would eventually eat away at her. Adrienne didn't understand why Kayla was so determined to "blow everyone out of the water."

After Adrienne had to leave to take a phone call, Caroline confessed that although she wasn't concerned about what could happen to her if the truth got out, she was worried about everything her family was going through. She begged Kayla to let it go, but Kayla argued that keeping the truth from Philip and Daniel was wrong.

"I went to church every day since you left," Caroline said quietly. "I examined and reexamined my conscience. And I feel in my heart that God understands and forgives me." Kayla argued that Caroline wouldn't need to go to church every day if she didn't believe that what she was doing was wrong. "How about this?" Caroline spat. "You stay here and be perfect, and I'll have another talk with God -- because he actually listens." She stormed out.

Everyone was waiting at St. Luke's for Father Matt to return to perform Parker's christening. Philip, the proud godfather, told Chloe, "[Parker] will be a great blend of two really great people." Meanwhile, Daniel acknowledged to Carly that she had to be worried about Bo, but she asserted with as much happiness as she could muster that the day was supposed to be about Parker.

A concerned Melanie asked Maggie, "Is it hard for you and Victor, being around everybody who's so happy, when you're both so worried about Bo and Hope?" Maggie replied that she was just glad to be a part of the celebration. Melanie hoped that before too long, they would all be there again to christen her and Philip's baby.

After talking to Father Matt on the phone, Chloe announced to the group that the priest was running even later than he'd thought. Carly informed Chloe that she had the morning off, and Philip assured Chloe and Daniel, "The godparents are on call to renounce Satan whenever Father Matt gets here." Daniel thanked everyone for being there -- and for being Parker's family.

Privately, Chloe asked Daniel if he could take some time off, so the two of them and Parker could go on a trip as a family. Daniel declared that it sounded like a fantastic idea.

Victor returned from the vestibule after hanging up with Rafe. Maggie asked if there were any news, and Victor replied that the police didn't seem to know where Bo and Hope were. Maggie sat next to Victor on a pew, and guessed that he would rather be driving the Bradys' getaway car than in church. Victor admitted that he hated having to behave. "I'm scared, too," Maggie concurred.

Philip and Melanie laughed and joked about what they might name their own baby. Melanie declared that if they had a boy, she would want to name it Philip, "After the best man in the whole world."

Once Maggie was alone, Carly asked her if Victor had heard anything about Bo, but Maggie said Victor hadn't. "Victor and I are scared, too, but at least we can share it," Maggie noted. "You must feel very alone right now." Carly acknowledged that while she was thrilled to feel like a part of Chloe and Daniel's family, she wished Bo could be there. Maggie took her hand understandingly.

Victor joined Daniel and Chloe as they gazed down at their son, and Victor fondly recalled holding Daniel at his christening. "Chloe," Victor began awkwardly. "I always thought of Daniel as one of my sons; I think of this baby as my grandson. And he should have a happy family, and I see that Daniel is happy, and, well, in the past... What I'm trying to say is --" Chloe interrupted gently, "It's okay; you don't have to say anything. I'm really happy that you came here. I know you must be really upset about Bo and Hope, and really, it means the world to us that you still came."

Just then, Father Matt arrived. Once everyone took their places, Father Matt began the ceremony. Upon the priest's questioning, Daniel and Chloe stated that they had chosen the name Parker Daniel for their son, for whom they sought baptism. Father Matt asked if Philip and Carly were prepared to help Daniel and Chloe in their duty as Christian mother and father, and they agreed.

"Well, Parker, the Christian community welcomes you with great joy!" Father Matt declared before tracing the sign of the cross on the baby's forehead. Parker fussed a bit as the priest explained that baptism bestowed the gift of new life from God on the little one, and instructed the parents on how to bring Parker up in Christianity and keep him free from sin. As he sprinkled Parker's tiny head with holy water, Father Matt intoned, "I baptize thee in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Daniel and Chloe beamed proudly -- as did everyone else.

Kayla found her mother in the church vestibule, but Caroline was not happy that Kayla had followed her. "Go back to Africa and forget what you know!" Caroline hissed, trying to walk away. Grabbing her mother by the arm, Kayla insisted, "I cannot forget what I know!" Just then, Philip and Melanie opened the doors of the sanctuary, and everyone inside heard Kayla shout, "You have got to tell everybody that Daniel is not the father of Chloe's baby!"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The guests at the christening heard Kayla tell Caroline that Daniel was not Parker's father. The doors to the vestibule opened up, and Kayla and Caroline saw the guests shocked faces. Chloe asked what Kayla and Caroline were doing. Daniel demanded to know why Kayla had said that he wasn't Parker's father. Daniel asked Maggie to use his car to take the baby home.

Philip suggested that everyone go home. Chloe said she didn't know what was going on. Caroline didn't want to discuss it in front of everyone, but Daniel ordered her to explain herself right there. Philip claimed that Caroline didn't know what she was talking about. Philip tried to usher Caroline out of the church, but she ordered him to get his hands off of her. She explained that it was true that Daniel wasn't Parker's father. Carly interjected that Caroline was wrong. Chloe told Caroline that she was wrong and had to be confused.

Daniel asked who Parker's father was. Kayla suggested that they go to another room. Philip said that what Caroline was saying was crazy and asked if she was trying to settle an old score with Victor. Victor asked Caroline if Philip was right. Caroline said that she wasn't crazy, and the facts couldn't be changed.

Caroline admitted that she had gone on the hospital's computer and changed the paternity results. Chloe said she had only undergone a routine amniocentesis. Caroline said that Chloe was lying and that she'd had the test because she'd cheated on Daniel with her old boyfriend and Melanie's husband. "She's right, isn't she?" Daniel demanded to know as he glared at Chloe. Daniel grabbed Philip and punched him.

Daniel tried to beat Philip with a cross, but Melanie stopped him, saying not to do something stupid that would send him to jail. She told Daniel not to make her go through it alone. Daniel put the cross down. Philip reached for Melanie and called her name, but she walked away from him. Carly offered to take Caroline home.

Daniel confronted Chloe for her lies after they had talked about having an honest and open relationship. Philip asked Daniel to let Chloe go home so that Daniel and Philip could take their conversation outside. Daniel turned to Philip and asked how he could hold his son, pretending it was Daniel's, and pledge to renounce Satan and then lead the child to righteousness. Philip didn't believe it was true that he was Parker's father.

Daniel mentioned the one-night stand that Philip pretended he'd had with his office assistant, only to find out that it was really with Chloe. Victor tried to calm Daniel, but Daniel wouldn't stop. Melanie was shocked to learn that Daniel knew that Philip had cheated on her. "I knew it was someone. I just didn't know it was my wife," Daniel said. "When you get someone pregnant, you step up like a man. You don't pawn your little bastard off on someone else, certainly not me, 'cause these children, they are not exchangeable toys. They're not. She was left in an orphanage. She was left with a pimp," said Daniel.

Carly told Daniel that it wasn't the time or place. Melanie accused Carly of knowing the truth. Victor said that Caroline had lost her mind, and Kayla told Victor never to talk to her mother that way. Carly told Melanie that she hadn't known who the father was. Daniel confronted Carly for knowing about the paternity test. "So you decide that I don't get to know about Melanie, and then you decide that I get to raise another man's son?" Daniel asked. Carly explained that the test results had said that it was Daniel's son. Carly asked Caroline why she had needed to reveal the truth at the christening. Caroline started having head pains.

Philip thought that Caroline had changed the paternity results to get back at Victor, but she said she'd done it to protect the baby. Caroline thought no one would ever know the truth. Caroline accused Philip of bullying people to get his way. She admitted that Kayla was right and that she was wrong. Then Caroline collapsed. Daniel asked someone to get his bag and to call 9-1-1. Carly offered to help, but Kayla told Carly to "get the hell away from her."

Victor chided Philip for sleeping with Chloe. Philip accused Victor of being insensitive. He said that Victor didn't know the circumstances. "So you had a good reason for knocking up your father-in-law's wife?" Victor asked. Philip asked Melanie if Caroline was all right, and Melanie told him to "go to hell." Carly told Philip to back off. Carly assured Melanie that she hadn't known Philip was the man Chloe had slept with. "And you never lie, do you?" Melanie asked.

Carly encouraged Melanie to go home, but Melanie wasn't sure where her home was anymore. She said she had lost her husband and her brother, Caroline might die, and Melanie wasn't sure what would happen to Daniel. Melanie said that Carly wasn't Melanie's top priority. Carly assured Melanie that she never knew that Chloe had slept with Philip and if she had, Melanie wouldn't have found out the truth the way that she did. Melanie asked Carly to leave her alone.

Chloe told Maggie over the phone that she was on her way home. Philip tried to talk to Chloe, but she walked out and wouldn't talk to him. Victor called the hospital for information on Caroline, but they wouldn't release any information. Victor asked Philip why he'd slept with Chloe, and Philip explained that he'd seen Melanie kissing Nathan and then Philip had run into Chloe, who thought that Daniel and Carly were sleeping together. Victor criticized Philip for his actions and for not wearing a condom. He said that Melanie was the woman that Philip could "count on in the trenches." Melanie asked Philip how he could have slept with Chloe.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian told Gus that she planned to tell E.J. that Brady and Nicole were having sex behind E.J.'s back, and Nicole would be the first person on Vivian's list of revenge, since she was the first person who knew what Brady had done and refused to help Vivian. Brady walked in and confronted Vivian. Vivian asked Gus to leave her alone with Brady. Vivian said that there was nothing Brady could do, because Nicole was going to "go out in flames." Brady gave Vivian an envelope to open and told her to look at what was inside and then tell him if she still thought there was nothing he could do.

The envelope contained pictures of Nicole naked in the arms of Victor, then Philip, and even Father Matt. Vivian asked what Brady was up to and whether he was trying to prove that Nicole was more of a whore than she was. He said it was to show that Vivian had "phonied up" the picture of Brady and Nicole because Vivian was out to get them. Brady asked if E.J. would appreciate that she had been meddling in E.J.'s personal life. She said she could handle E.J. "I think," she added. Vivian left to show the pictures of Brady and Nicole to E.J.

Nicole was shocked by E.J.'s marriage proposal, since E.J. hated her guts and had sent her to prison. Nicole thought E.J. was trying to make a fool of her, but he assured her that he was serious. He said he didn't want a conventional marriage, but they would both get what they wanted. He said that Nicole would get what she most wanted -- to be Sydney's mother. Nicole said she wanted that, but she felt that marriage to E.J. would be like throwing her life away. E.J. said that "marriage for a child" wasn't throwing her life away and that Nicole would be the mother to two children -- Johnny and Sydney.

E.J. said he noticed the difference Nicole made in Sydney. He wanted her to do the same for Johnny and felt that she would do more for them than Sami ever could. Nicole wanted to know what was in it for him. "Symmetry," E.J. said. "A family, a mother, a father, two children," he said.

Nicole said if he wanted the picture-perfect family, he should take an ad out on Craigslist. She wanted to know why he had chosen her. Nicole didn't think his proposal was funny. Nicole started to pour herself a drink, but E.J. told her that he didn't want the mother of his children to drink in the morning or at night. "Here comes the prenup," she said.

E.J. said his only demand was that Nicole be an "exemplary mother," which meant no drinking or "screwing around." E.J. admitted that he was using Nicole to get back at Sami. Nicole asked "what about the money?" He assured her that she would be well taken care of, but if he died, Nicole would get nothing. Nicole asked if he wanted the kids to see her "seething in resentment." E.J. told Nicole that she had until the end of the day to make a decision.

Brady called Nicole to meet him at the pier, because he had some news, and Nicole said he wasn't the only one with news. At the pier, Brady told Nicole that Vivian had threatened to deliver pictures of Brady and Nicole to E.J. Brady assumed that Vivian wouldn't show the pictures after what Brady had told her. Nicole told Brady that she was getting married.

Vivian went to the DiMera mansion to see E.J. and show him the pictures of Brady and Nicole.

At the hospital, Kayla told Ben how to treat Caroline's medical condition. Kayla asked Ben to make sure that Daniel was taken off of Caroline's case, because it would be a conflict of interest. Ben went to Caroline's room, and Daniel told Ben that Daniel couldn't treat Caroline for personal reasons. Daniel told Kayla how Caroline was doing, and Kayla expressed how sorry she was for what he was going through.

At the hospital, Victor told Maggie how Caroline had switched Chloe's paternity test results and that Philip was really Parker's father. Maggie wondered why Caroline had done it, and Victor said it was because she didn't want another Kiriakis to ruin another baby boy's life. Victor said that he had loved Caroline for as long as he could remember, while she hated him. He didn't know if he wanted Caroline to survive her stroke.

Carly asked a nurse how Caroline was doing, and the nurse said that Caroline had "the good kind of stroke." Kayla told Carly that it was all Carly's fault.

Friday, January 31, 2010

On the pier, Brady reacted with bitter sarcasm when Nicole informed him that she was going to marry E.J. She maintained that Sydney and Johnny loved and needed her, but Brady pointed out that Sydney was Sami's daughter, not Nicole's. "I know I will never be Sydney's mother," Nicole stated, adding that just being near Sydney was enough to satisfy her. She asserted that things between the two of them didn't have to change.

Brady argued, "You're marrying the most hateful bastard on the face of the planet -- who's keeping my sister away from her own children. Things will change!" Nicole insisted that they could keep seeing each other even after she married E.J., but Brady reminded her that Vivian was still out for revenge. Nicole didn't think Vivian would show the pictures of them to E.J. for a while, since Johnny had just gotten out of the hospital. "So that gives us time to figure things out," Nicole purred, and then kissed Brady passionately.

As Vivian showed the pictures of Nicole and Brady to E.J., she asserted that she was only doing it out of her great respect for the DiMera family. She acknowledged that her timing wasn't great, since E.J.'s son had been ill, but she felt it was her duty to keep Nicole from making a fool of E.J. E.J. then politely asked Vivian to leave, so she wished him a happy new year, and left.

When Nicole returned home, E.J. asked if she had considered his marriage proposal. "Yes, I thought about it a lot," Nicole replied. "And I think it's a great idea, for all parties concerned. So yes, I will marry you." E.J. admitted that he had been excited about the idea, but then, "We seem to have hit a snag." He produced the photos of Nicole and Brady, but Nicole claimed that they were doctored.

E.J. didn't buy it, angrily noting that Nicole had lied about breaking up with Brady. "And then when my son is in hospital, having surgery, you bring him into my house, and you pleasure yourself with him all over the room!" E.J. shouted. Nicole argued, "I love Sydney -- you know how much I love her -- but I need to be loved, too, E.J.!" E.J. stated that Nicole had been aware of the rules, so she had to learn the consequences of breaking them. Despite her pleas, he strode out of the room.

When E.J. returned a bit later, Nicole asked him to hear her out. He refused, so Nicole conceded that she would leave and send for her things later. E.J. couldn't believe that she was giving up so easily. He maintained that he had been trying to make a point, to show her how it felt not to have Sydney in her life again. Nicole admitted that the thought was unbearable. With a sardonic chuckle, E.J. declared that he would give Nicole one last chance: "You can marry me, or you can have sex with Brady -- however, it cannot be both."

When Brady returned to the Kiriakis mansion, Kate announced, "I have had an epiphany." She explained that she thought they were complete fools to simply wait for whatever revenge Vivian had planned for them all. Brady agreed, and suddenly an idea dawned on him. He reminded Kate of how, years before, she had ended up in the middle of the ocean, thanks to Vivian. He promised to tell Kate his plan, but he was afraid of someone eavesdropping, so they left for the Brady Pub.

Once Kate and Brady were seated at the pub, he reminded her of the dozens of private islands that Victor owned. "They're all very small -- so small that many people don't even know about them," he stated. "As a matter of fact, there's one that's so small, it's so insignificant, it's actually uninhabited." With a wry smile, Kate replied, "Not for long."

In a hospital waiting room, Kayla blamed Carly for Caroline's stroke. Carly pointed out that as a doctor, Kayla should know that people didn't have strokes from emotional stress. "Besides, she's no innocent in all this," Carly added. Kayla reluctantly agreed, but noted that it was Carly who had arranged for Chloe's paternity test. Carly started to explain her reasons, but then realized that Kayla had made up her mind to blame Carly for everything. She wondered how Kayla knew so much about the situation. Kayla refused to discuss it, and stormed out.

Near the nurses' station, Victor informed Maggie that Philip, not Daniel, was Parker's father -- and that Caroline had changed the results of the paternity test. Maggie was stunned. "It was a deliberate decision to let a Kiriakis child come into this world without a single Kiriakis knowing anything about it," Victor maintained. He blamed Caroline for destroying Philip, Melanie, and Daniel's lives, but Maggie argued that it was Chloe and Philip's fault. Victor countered that Caroline, Chloe, and Carly were to blame.

While Victor and Carly listened, Maxine informed Kayla that the doctors were impressed with Caroline's progress. When Maxine took Kayla to Caroline's room, Victor confronted Carly -- but Carly would have none of it. She accused Victor of raising his son to be just as "greedy, dishonest, and treacherous" as Victor. As Victor walked away, he declared that it was a relief that Bo had finally left Carly to rescue his wife.

Daniel returned to his and Chloe's apartment, and found his wife holding baby Parker. Daniel asked to hold the baby, so Chloe handed the infant over. Afterwards, Chloe put Parker down to sleep, and when she returned to the living room, she saw Daniel throwing a photograph of the two of them into the wastebasket. He then demanded that Chloe tell him the truth.

Chloe swore that until that afternoon, she hadn't known that Philip was actually Parker's father. Daniel asked if the patient whom Carly had prevented him from seeing at St. Mary's had been Chloe having the paternity test, and Chloe confirmed it. She then begged him to hear her out, but he screamed that she had decided the best way to deal with her insecurities about his learning that he had a daughter with Carly was to sleep with his daughter's husband.

Chloe tearfully reminded Daniel that she hadn't been in her right mind after her hysterical pregnancy, so it had been easy for Vivian to trick Chloe into believing that Daniel and Carly had been having an affair. Daniel argued that Chloe should have believed in him, but he understood how she could have been tricked. Chloe asked if Daniel could ever find it in his heart to forgive her. Instead of answering, Daniel wanted to know if Chloe had continually postponed their wedding because she was waiting for the results of the paternity test.

Chloe explained that it had been because Carly had been determined to tell Daniel that Chloe had cheated, but when Chloe had learned she was pregnant, Carly had agreed to keep quiet if the baby had turned out to be Daniel's. "She knew how much I love you, and she didn't think it was worth hurting you that much when it was just that one-time, stupid, awful mistake," Chloe insisted. When Chloe confirmed that Father Matt and Nicole also knew what she had done, Daniel noted with dismay that none of the people who had known the truth had felt compelled to tell him.

A sobbing Chloe asserted that she, Daniel, and Parker could still have a life together, because she knew how much Daniel loved Parker. She kissed her husband passionately, but he shoved her away roughly. "You thought what, maybe we could just have sex and this whole disaster would disappear?" Daniel complained. "What kind of pathetic idiot do you think I am?" Although Chloe begged him not to leave, Daniel stormed out.

At St. Luke's, Philip gently insisted that he loved Melanie, but when he tried to touch her, she whirled around and slapped him. "Go to hell," she declared bitterly. Philip tried to explain that he had only slept with Chloe one time, because he had been heartbroken because he'd thought Melanie had betrayed him with Nathan, but Melanie didn't want to hear it. "You're unbelievable," she pointed out. "Standing there with that self-pitying, pathetic look on your face, telling me you slept with Chloe because you love me?"

Melanie added that Philip should have at least done a little research before sleeping with her father's wife -- and impregnating her. Philip insisted that he hadn't known that Parker was his son until that very day. Melanie declared quietly, "Well, you were dead wrong, weren't you? Because that little boy, God help him, is your son. And I feel so, so sorry for him, because his daddy may have a lot of money, but he has no soul."

Philip agreed that Parker deserved a better father. He added, "If I lose you, I lose everything." He acknowledged that he'd made a mess of things, but asked if she still loved him. Melanie reluctantly admitted that she did. "Even if I could forgive you for what you did to me, how could I ever forgive you for what you did to my father?" she asked. Philip gently pointed out that Daniel was hardly a saint. "My dad is a good, honest man," Melanie maintained. "And thank God I have him, because he and Maggie are all I have left in the world." She turned and walked out.

When Philip went to Daniel and Chloe's, she tried to refuse to let him in. "If you're here when Daniel gets back, you're just going to make everything worse," Chloe maintained. Philip asserted that neither of their spouses was going to return to them. Chloe demanded to know why Philip was there. "To see Parker," Philip replied. "I want to see my son."

Melanie carried her suitcase down the stairs of the Kiriakis mansion, and looked around sadly before walking out. Just as she opened the door, Daniel arrived. Each acknowledged that they had known the other's spouse had been unfaithful, just not with whom. Daniel understood why neither had told the other the truth: "We're just two people trying to protect each other."

Melanie nodded, but said, "I know you're a fan of trying to see the best in every situation, or maybe pointing out the silver lining, but please don't do that. There isn't one here." Daniel embraced his daughter. Melanie asserted that Philip and Chloe didn't deserve to be Parker's parents, and then she realized that Daniel was legally Parker's father. "Dad, we need to take Parker away from them," Melanie declared.

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