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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 3, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, January 3, 2011

In their hotel room in Baltimore, Nathan and Stephanie were making love when her phone rang. She saw that it was Kayla calling and realized that Kayla had returned to town and was probably calling to find out if Stephanie had told the truth about the baby. Nathan asked who was calling and why she didn't answer the phone. She lied and said it was an old college friend.

Nathan went to the vending machine to get some candy bars, but when he returned, Stephanie had lost her appetite, blaming it on her "friend" still being upset with her for borrowing a pair of earrings and losing them. Nathan could tell that wasn't what was wrong, and Stephanie said he was right -- it was something else. She said she wanted to get married in Baltimore that night. Nathan thought there had to be a waiting period, so she looked it up on her phone and discovered that Virginia had no waiting period, and they could drive there that night and get hitched.

Nathan said he had different plans for him and her. She asked if those plans were more important than getting married. He thought it was crazy for them to get married so quickly. Then he gave in, suggesting instead that they have a New Year's Day wedding in Baltimore. When Nathan got up, Stephanie checked her messages, and Kayla had left a message about Caroline's stroke. Nathan returned with wine glasses for the New Year's countdown, and Stephanie asked him to hold her.

At the Brady Pub, Kate ran into Maggie, who assumed that Kate was picking up takeout for her and Victor. Maggie said that the last thing Victor probably wanted to do was to celebrate. Kate pretended to know what Maggie was referring to, and Maggie said she was glad that Kate would be there for Victor. Outside the pub, Kate called and left a message for Victor to find out why Maggie thought Kate needed to be there for him.

Philip went to Daniel and Chloe's apartment and asked to hold his son. Chloe refused at first, because the baby was sleeping. Then Chloe carried Parker to Philip, and Philip told Parker that Philip was Parker's father and would do right by him.

Philip told Parker that he would be around a lot. Chloe told Philip that Daniel was still Parker's father. Philip said that Daniel wouldn't want to raise another man's kid. Chloe insisted that Daniel loved her and would be back. She ordered Philip to leave. Philip warned Chloe to accept that things would be different forever. Philip kissed Parker goodnight and wished him and Chloe a happy new year.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie told Daniel that Parker should be with him instead of Chloe and Philip. Melanie was determined to go get Parker and take him to Daniel, but Daniel ordered Melanie to stop, saying that taking Parker was the worst thing they could do. Melanie asked how that could be the worst thing they could do and reminded him of what Chloe and Philip had done. Daniel said that it wasn't about him and Melanie, and that Philip and Chloe were Parker's parents. Daniel told Melanie that they would be there for each other. He got a page and had to leave.

Melanie looked at a picture of her and Philip and threw it on the floor. She opened the door to leave, and Philip was standing there. He told her that she couldn't leave. Melanie ordered Philip to get out of her way, because they had nothing to say to each other. Melanie walked past Kate, and Kate asked Philip what was going on. Philip explained that they had found out at the christening that Daniel wasn't the father of Chloe's baby. Kate celebrated and offered a toast, but Philip told her not to get happy until she found out who the father of the baby was. Kate realized that he was saying that he was Parker's father, and she got upset.

Kate asked Philip to help her understand what was going on. Philip said he was a fool, but Kate said it wasn't all him, because Chloe had seduced him. Kate couldn't understand why Philip hadn't had the sense to use a condom. That upset him more. Kate assumed that it was over between him and Melanie, but he said not to assume anything, because he was determined to get her back and he would never let her go. Kate hoped that Philip would get Melanie back, because he obviously loved her very much. Kate said that no matter what happened, Kate loved Philip and would love his son.

At the pub, Maggie saw Melanie and comforted her. Melanie assumed that she was cursed because there was no other explanation for it. She said she loved Philip "so much" and had given up everything for him. Melanie felt she was stupid and was paying for it, because she never should have given up Nathan. The bartender announced that it was almost time for the countdown to begin, but Melanie didn't want to stick around for it. Maggie offered to take Melanie home to Maggie's place.

Chloe told Parker that his daddy would return and that he loved Parker. Daniel walked in, and Chloe thought he had returned to her. She grabbed him and kissed him. She asked him to tell her that she wasn't dreaming. "I can't," Daniel said. Chloe was confused. "Because you are dreaming, you lying slut. You didn't think I'd actually come back to you for real, did you?" he asked. Chloe woke up and realized she had dreamed about Daniel's return. Chloe held Parker and thought about her and Daniel celebrating New Year's Eve.

At the hospital, Nadine gave Daniel tickets to the New Year's fireworks display. He threw the tickets away. Later, Nadine asked why Daniel wasn't at the pier. He said he had changed his mind.

Sami thought about throwing away Sydney's New Year's Eve hat, but Rafe told her not to, because they would all be together the following year. Sami received news that Caroline had suffered a stroke. Rafe offered to take Sami to the hospital. In Caroline's hospital room, Sami told her grandmother that they were there to take care of her. Rafe and Kayla left the room, and Caroline asked if Sami was okay. Sami said she was fine and asked Caroline not to worry about her, because it was Caroline's turn to be fussed over. Caroline said that she wasn't sorry for what she had done because she had been protecting her family. Sami said she knew.

When they returned home, Rafe told Sami that he didn't intend to miss their first New Year's Eve as husband and wife by going to the fireworks bash as acting police commander. Sami said that he didn't need to miss it, because Caroline had inspired Sami to emulate Caroline's fighting spirit. She said she would go with him to the fireworks display.

E.J. ordered Nicole to call Brady and tell him that they couldn't be together anymore, or Nicole would have to live the rest of her life without seeing Sydney. Nicole asked E.J. whether he was in love with her. E.J. said he didn't love her, didn't like her, and had little respect for her. Nicole asked why he wanted to marry her when the sight of her drove him crazy. She asked why ruining Sami's life was more important than his own sanity.

Nicole asked how it was good for Sydney and Johnny to see their father in an unhappy marriage. She said they would see her resentment towards him for depriving him of the only man she had ever loved. E.J. said that if the kids ever saw her resentment towards him, he would kick her out. He said that she obviously had made her decision. After E.J. left the room, Nicole spent time with Sydney. Then she called Brady, who asked when he could see her. She asked him to meet her at the pier. Brady told her that he loved her.

At the pier, Brady said he was lucky because he got to spend New Year's Eve with Nicole. He announced that he had found a way to get rid of Vivian so he and Nicole could be together. He noticed that Nicole was upset, and he realized that she was going to dump him for E.J. Nicole broke the news that Vivian had showed the pictures of her and Brady to E.J., and E.J. hadn't believed that they were fake. Brady told Nicole to tell E.J. to go to hell. Nicole explained that E.J. had given her another chance. Brady said that didn't sound like E.J. Nicole said that it wasn't just about giving up Brady, she had to give up her life and her freedom.

Nicole apologized and said that Sydney needed her. Nicole explained that it was important to her, because she had her baby back. Nicole told him not to say that Sydney wasn't her baby, because in Nicole's heart, Sydney was. Nicole begged Brady to say that he understood, so he said he understood. Nicole told Brady goodbye and that she would always love him. She kissed him and left. When Nicole got home, E.J. told her that they needed to go out and celebrate their engagement by going to the fireworks display at the pier. He said there was a dress waiting upstairs for her.

At the pier, Rafe and Sami kissed, because they were excited about spending their first New Year's Eve together. Sami said that the next year, they would have Johnny and Sydney back, and E.J. wouldn't be in their lives anymore. E.J. and Nicole showed up. They walked over to Sami and Rafe, and E.J. wished them happy new year. Rafe tried to lead Sami away, but she said that if anyone should leave, it was E.J. and Nicole.

E.J. said that they had a reason to celebrate. Sami asked what there was to celebrate. "What, have you ruined another family? Is that why you're celebrating? I'm surprised that you're even taking the time to be here, E.J. Shouldn't you be at home guarding your children against their mother?" Sami asked.

Rafe tried to rein Sami in, but she continued, referring to Nicole as a "whore" and saying that E.J. was only with Nicole to get revenge on Sami. Sami said she knew that Nicole disgusted E.J. "because she disgusts us all, because she's a total lowlife bitch." Nicole threw her champagne at Sami and asked E.J. to get her another glass. E.J. laughed. Rafe restrained Sami from attacking Nicole, and once he got her alone, he told her that he was proud of her for not killing Nicole. Sami was cold from the champagne, so Rafe offered to warm her up. They started kissing, which wiped the smug look off E.J.'s face.

Brady looked on as the countdown began and watched E.J. kiss Nicole. Rafe kissed Sami, and they toasted to the new year. E.J. popped balloons to get everyone's attention, especially Sami and Rafe's. He announced his engagement to Nicole. He kissed Nicole again as Sami watched.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sami called Mary at the DiMera mansion and asked her for an update on Johnny's health. As Sami thanked Mary for keeping her in the loop on Johnny and Sydney, Mary said sympathetically, "You're their mother." Before Mary could say another word, there was a loud clatter in the living room. Worried the DiMeras would hear her talking to Sami, Mary hurriedly hung up the phone.

At the loft, Rafe called Carly and asked her to call him if Bo got in touch with her. Carly denied that she had spoken to Bo, then hung up the phone. Sami arrived home after dropping Allie off at school and informed Rafe that her daughter was having a difficult time understanding why Johnny had not returned to school. When Rafe wondered aloud when E.J. would send Johnny back to school, Sami shrugged and added, "Who knows? I mean he is marrying Nicole. He's liable to do anything at this point."

Furious that Nicole was going to be a stepmother to Johnny and Sydney, Sami swore to stop E.J. As Rafe was about to leave for work, he asked Sami not to "run off and do something stupid." "It's not about getting back at E.J., it's about getting my kids back," Sami said lightly as if repeating a mantra. Rafe smiled in relief. Rafe admitted that he did not want Sami to change and added that if she did "something," she needed to make sure she did not get caught. "We can't give E.J. any more ammunition," Rafe said.

Sami went to the Brady Pub for coffee and spotted Brady at a nearby table. Sami wished her brother a happy new year and asked if she could join him. Brady pointed to the other seat, and Sami sat down. Brady whipped out a flask and poured half of it into his cup of coffee. Astonished, Sami said, "Are you serious? This early in the morning?" Brady glowered at Sami and offered the flask. Sami declined, but when Brady offered the flask again, Sami nodded slightly.

After Brady poured a splash of liquor into Sami's coffee, Sami asked Brady why he looked so ragged. "What happened?" Sami asked. "Nicole," Brady said with a sigh. Confused Sami noted that Brady had broken up with Nicole, and she did not understand why Brady was moping about the breakup so long after the fact. "If I tell you it's none of your business, will you please just shut up and drink your coffee? Will that be possible?" Brady joked. "Are you kidding? Have you just met me? No, I'm not going to shut up and just take it. I want to hear the story," Sami argued.

With a sigh, Brady recounted that he had faked his breakup with Nicole to fool E.J. Brady noted that E.J. had given Nicole an ultimatum to choose Brady or Sydney, and despite the ultimatum, they had carried on and gotten caught. Sami rattled off Nicole's narcissistic qualities then added that E.J. underestimated Brady. "You are going to fight for the woman you love, right?" Sami asked brightly. "What are you going to do?" Sami inquired. "Not a damn thing," Brady said sourly.

"Am I missing something? I thought you loved Nicole," Sami asked. Brady admitted that although he loved Nicole, she had made her decision. Shaking her head, Sami argued that E.J. was marrying Nicole to punish Sami but that Brady could team up with Sami to take down E.J. "This conversation is over. As far as your problem with E.J., you're a big girl, you're resourceful. I want you find a way to make E.J. wish he'd died the night you shot him," Brady said. Once Brady was gone, Sami muttered to herself that she needed to devise a plan. Sami called Mary and asked if Mary knew where to find E.J.

At the cabin, Hope awoke to find Bo studying a map. Bo told Hope that he was going to hike to the gas station and use the pay phone in order to enact their plan to turn themselves in. Bo reviewed the plan with Hope and noted that he would agree to surrender to police on the condition that Hope not return to county and that the police launch an investigation into Warden Smith's tenure at the prison. Bo explained that he wanted to reach out to Roman but that he believed all communication with Roman would be tapped. Hope agreed to wait at the cabin while Bo went to the gas station.

Before leaving, Bo handed a small pink barrette to Hope and noted that Ciara had given it to him before he left home. "Think abut how much she loves you and how we're gonna make it out of here," Bo said. Bo kissed Hope's forehead, then left. As Hope sat alone on the bed, she fell asleep and dreamed that Ciara had run into the cabin. Hope hugged her daughter tightly and said how much she missed the girl. When Hope promised Ciara that she would return home with Bo, Ciara asked if Hope was back together with Bo. Hope woke up from her nap with a start and muttered, "No. We're not back together."

At the prison, Warden Jane Smith informed the state police that everyone would be better off if Bo and Hope did not survive the manhunt. In the doorway, Jennifer appeared with two cups of coffee and eavesdropped on the warden's phone call. Shocked to see Jennifer in the doorway, Jane hung up the phone and invited Jennifer to sit down. Jennifer asked about the escaped prisoner but the warden would only say, "Justice will be served." With a faint smile, Jennifer excused herself and headed for the door.

At the doorway, Jennifer ran into Rafe. Rafe stared at Jennifer briefly, and then he addressed Jane. "Warden Smith. Been avoiding me. Wonder why that is?" Rafe wondered aloud. Rafe casually sat down in the seat across from Jane and informed her that he was the acting temporary commander of the Salem police force. Once Jennifer had left the room, Rafe asked Jane for information. Jane curtly informed Rafe that his title did not give him the right to interfere with a state police investigation.

With a smirk, Rafe countered that the Jane's title did not give her the right to dictate what the Salem Police Department could investigate. "Commissioner Brady went rogue, so we want to find him just as badly as anyone else so that we can bring him to justice," Rafe said. Rafe asked Jane why she was stonewalling his investigation and whether she was the reason that Bo had broken his wife out of prison. Nervous, Jane ordered Rafe to leave the prison. With a shrug, Rafe agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. gave Nicole an engagement present. Nicole opened the jewelry box to find a diamond bracelet. Stunned, Nicole thanked E.J. for the gift. With a grin, E.J. snapped the bracelet around Nicole's wrist and commented, "Now I'll always know where you are." Seeing the look of confusion on Nicole's face, E.J. explained that there was a tracking device implanted in the bracelet. When Nicole attempted to take the bracelet off, E.J. warned her that removal of the bracelet would send an alarm to his phone and nullify Nicole's right to visitation with Johnny and Sydney.

"You're disgusting," Nicole said. "Thank you," E.J. countered. "Time will go by. You'll forget you're even wearing it. You'll be spending so much time with Sydney, she'll be calling you mummy," E.J. added cheerfully. E.J. offered a glass of juice to Nicole, and she tentatively took the glass. Grinning broadly, E.J. clinked his juice glass against Nicole's in a toast. Angry, Nicole told E.J. that she would always love Brady and that she would always hate E.J. Nicole promised to wear the bracelet if it meant she would get to be a part of Sydney's life.

"Just to be clear? The marriage is in name only," Nicole said. "Yes and No. It rather depends on the situation. The objective has to be achieved whatever the cost, Nicole," E.J. said. As an example, E.J. cited that during the wedding ceremony, the person officiating would note, "You may kiss the bride." To punctuate his point, E.J. grabbed Nicole's arm, spun her around, and kissed her passionately. Confused, Nicole did not resist and allowed E.J. to kiss her until he pushed her away.

After Nicole checked on the children, she returned to the living room and asked E.J. what he planned to do with her if he won his fight against Sami. "Are you still going to want me around?" Nicole asked. E.J. reiterated that he had given Nicole his "word." "You gave her your word about what?" Stefano asked as he walked into the living room. Nicole and E.J. stared at Stefano in silence. Upset, Stefano asked E.J. if Nicole was part of E.J.'s plan to remove Sami from his life.

After Nicole had left the living room, E.J. explained to Stefano that he was going to marry Nicole. "Never," Stefano said with a chuckle. When Stefano reminded E.J. that Nicole had kidnapped Sydney, E.J. countered, "I kidnapped Sydney! Everything needs to be taken in context." Worried, Stefano paced the living room while E.J. prattled on about how he had total control over Nicole and that it would drive Sami insane. "It's going to drive me insane!" Stefano bellowed.

E.J. stressed that he did not want Stefano's approval. When Stefano argued that the marriage was a bad idea, E.J. countered that the marriage was sound because it had nothing to do with love. "I'm not so sure about that," E.J. said gruffly. Stefano accused E.J. of being in love with Sami despite all that had happened between them and urged E.J. to walk away. E.J. refused to leave Salem and added, "I win by staying here." Stefano warned E.J. that the children would be in danger if he married Nicole.

After Stefano left, Johnny entered the living room and sat down on the floor near his father to play with his toys. With a smile, E.J. noted that Johnny was full of energy. With a grin, Johnny asked E.J. to tell him a story about pirates. E.J. agreed to tell the story but explained that he wanted to share some news with Johnny first. When E.J. announced that he was going to marry Nicole, Johnny shouted "no" at his father.

After leaving the mansion, Nicole went to the church to light a candle. Nicole wondered aloud what she was doing marrying E.J. "The wrong thing. As usual," Rafe commented as he walked up behind Nicole. Nicole promised to "do what's right by" Sydney and Johnny. Nicole added that she was not going to let Sami see her children because Sami had squandered her opportunity to keep her children by double-crossing Nicole.

Rafe warned Nicole that E.J. would cut her out of his life once he destroyed Sami. Nicole countered that Rafe needed to make sure that he kept a tight leash on Sami, so that Rafe could keep Sami and she could keep Sydney. "You better hope she doesn't blow it," Nicole said with a grin.

Down at the pier, Sami paced back and forth. Hearing footsteps, Sami pulled out her cell phone and pretended to have a conversation with Brady about loaning her apartment to him to continue his tryst with Nicole. As Stefano walked down the stairs, he grinned as he listened to Sami. "What E.J. doesn't know won't hurt him," Sami said loudly.

At the hospital, Ben told Carly that he had heard rumors about her. Curious, Ben asked if Carly was okay. Bristling at the question, Carly firmly stated that she was living with Bo at the time that he had broken Hope out of prison but that she had played no part in his plan. "No accusations were made against me, and I had no idea what he was going to do or where he is," Carly said hotly. Ben apologized for upsetting Carly, but Carly told him not worry. Noting the pained look on Ben's face, Carly asked him how his patients were doing. Ben admitted that his two patients were going to die if they did not receive organ transplants soon.

Worried about his patients, Ben went to the lounge to call Warden Smith. Ben explained that he desperately needed the organs, and Jane countered that she was under scrutiny because of the escaped prisoner. When Ben noted that his patients could not wait, Jane coldly commented, "Then they're out of luck."

Carly received a phone call at the hospital and was stunned to find Bo on the other end of the line. "Hey. It's me. I need your help," Bo said. Frantic but attempting to appear calm, Carly furtively asked Bo where he was hiding. Bo asked Carly to talk to Roman and get him to call the pay phone, since Roman's phone lines were tapped. "No matter what happens, I love you," Carly whispered.

Fighting emotion, Bo responded, "Well, I'm grateful as hell that you're on my side." Carly warned Bo to take care of himself, then hung up. Bo rushed back to the cabin and warned Hope that they needed to leave the cabin because he had heard a click on the line when he was talking to Carly. Fearful that the police had tapped the line and learned Bo's location, he urged Hope to pack up and get ready to move.

Back at the prison, Jane received a call from Burt Winston informing her that he had tracked Bo's phone call to Carly. Burt informed Jane that he had set up a three-mile perimeter around the pay phone and that he believed he could corner Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Bo and Hope finished packing their supplies and headed out into the wilderness.

Outside the pub, Jennifer pondered aloud whether she should call Rafe and explain why she was at the prison. After debating the merits of talking to Rafe, Jennifer decided to gather more evidence first. Jennifer then walked over to the hospital to visit with Carly. Upon seeing Carly, Jennifer launched into an explanation of Jack's most recent journal entry before noticing that Carly was preparing to leave the hospital. When Carly noted that she needed to track someone down urgently, a worried Jennifer asked if she was all right. "It's been a rough year, and I just want the next one to be better," Carly said.

Ben approached the nurse's station as Carly was leaving and seconded her lamentation. With a smile, Jennifer asked Ben whether he'd had a difficult 2010. Jennifer joked that she was bad with resolutions, but that she kept making them. Ben invited Jennifer to join him for coffee as friends. With a nervous smile, Jennifer accepted Ben's offer.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When Ben arrived at the Brady Pub, he found an angry Jennifer, reading Jack's blog on her laptop. After Ben read it, Jennifer pointed out that while Jack had raved on and on about sunsets and salamanders, he hadn't once mentioned his children. "Or you," Ben noted. He then tried to suggest that the walkabout might be good for Jack, but Jennifer wasn't buying it.

Jennifer decided that she shouldn't read Jack's blog anymore, because it infuriated her. She declared that she wanted to learn more about Ben, because all she knew about him was that he was a doctor. Ben sheepishly replied, "Well, that might be because that's all there is to know. I'm somewhat obsessive about it; it's pretty much my whole life."

Ben added that he loved medicine, but it frustrated him when he couldn't save a patient's life because he or she needed an organ donation. Jennifer offered to do whatever she could to help. Ben was grateful, but he said that a lack of donors was the real problem. Before he had to leave for the hospital, Ben asked if they could get together again soon, and Jennifer agreed.

On the plane home from Baltimore, Stephanie worried about her grandmother's health after the stroke. Stephanie knew that the very active Caroline hated having people take care of her. Nathan tried to reassure her that Caroline would be in great hands at University Hospital. Stephanie had hoped that they would be married before they returned to Salem, but Nathan believed that Caroline would soon be well enough to be at their wedding.

In Caroline's hospital room, Roman told Kayla that he had to check in with the station. As Roman closed the door, Caroline awakened, and Kayla informed her that Stephanie was on her way there. Caroline became agitated, and struggled to demand, "Tell her stay away!" Kayla begged her mother to calm down. When she learned that Stephanie and Nathan were already en route, Caroline ordered with surprising strength, "Promise me to keep her out of this. Swear you'll keep her out of it!"

In the hallway later, Roman warned Kayla that their mother could be facing serious charges for switching the test results. He admitted that he'd begun to suspect there was more to the story than Caroline was telling them, because he'd learned from Carly that Chloe had used an alias for the paternity test. "How did Ma know that she was taking tests in the first place?" Roman questioned. "How did she even know that paternity was a question? Somebody had to tell her something."

Just then, Stephanie and Nathan arrived. Relieved not to have to answer any more of Roman's questions, Kayla rushed to hug her daughter. Once Kayla and Stephanie could talk privately, Stephanie whispered, "How did this happen?" Kayla replied quietly, "I'm afraid the truth came out -- the whole truth."

Before Kayla could explain, Maxine interrupted to inform Kayla that the results from Caroline's MRI were back. After Kayla left, Nathan returned to find Stephanie with her head in her hands. "I guess I don't have to ask why you're upset," he stated. "The truth -- it's all over the hospital."

At the hospital, Daniel asked Victor to look after Chloe. "Seeing as how Philip's track record isn't exactly stellar," Daniel asserted. "The last time he fathered a child, he got rid of it like a used tissue." He explained that he wanted to make sure Chloe had some financial support from the Kiriakis family. "Well, I'm sorry, Daniel," Victor replied. "That's just not gonna happen." Daniel was furious that Victor didn't want to help his own grandson.

Victor interrupted his godson's rant to explain that Vivian had executed a hostile takeover of Titan, and she controlled all its cash and assets. He promised that he would set up a trust fund for Parker as soon as everything was straightened out. With a dejected sigh, Daniel stated, "It isn't a lot of fun to hear Philip's son called by my mother's name."

Victor admitted, "I'm sorry, Daniel. You didn't deserve any of this." Daniel wondered if Lucas would agree. Victor gently assured Daniel that the baby would be taken care of, and acknowledged that the situation would be a lot easier for Daniel if he didn't love Parker.

Nicole tapped lightly on Daniel and Chloe's door, so as not to wake Parker, with a christening gift for the baby. When Chloe answered, her "zombie"-like demeanor freaked Nicole out. "I've lost Daniel, which means I've lost everything," Chloe said numbly. She explained that everyone -- including her -- had learned that Philip was Parker's father when they had overheard Kayla and Caroline arguing outside at the christening.

Even after learning of Caroline's subsequent stroke, Nicole called Caroline a "troublemaking bitch" for having switched the paternity test results, and neither Nicole nor Chloe could understand why Caroline would do such a thing. Chloe worried that Daniel was so angry and hurt that he would never get past it. "Chloe, he's not -- not ever," Nicole said gently.

Although Chloe maintained that Daniel loved Parker, Nicole asserted that Daniel would never want to raise another man's child, who would be a constant reminder of Chloe and Philip's one-night stand. Nicole declared that Chloe needed to wake up, because Chloe was going to have to take care of herself and the baby -- alone.

Nicole later divulged that she had moved back into the DiMera mansion -- and that she and E.J. were engaged. After a moment of stunned silence, Chloe said excitedly, "If E.J. can forgive you all the things that you did, then Daniel is definitely going to have to forgive me, too!" Nicole cautioned Chloe not to get her hopes up, because the marriage was not about renewed trust or forgiveness: "It's about sticking it to Sami Brady."

After Nicole left, Daniel went to the apartment, and found Chloe cradling Parker in her arms. "Are you coming back to us?" she asked through hopeful tears. "I haven't come back," Daniel replied. "I've come to say goodbye." Despite Chloe's sobs and protests, he continued, "I've got you a furnished apartment for the next few months, and for right now, I'm going to leave you here... Goodbye, Chloe."

Sami was walking along the pier when she saw Stefano approaching. Inspiration struck, and Sami quickly pulled out her cell phone and faked a call to Brady. She promised to let Brady continue to use the loft for trysts with Nicole -- and, as she'd hoped, Stefano heard. After Sami "hung up," Stefano pointed out that it might not be wise for her to align herself with Nicole and Brady, when Elvis had enough evidence to put Samantha away. Sami urged Stefano not to tell E.J. about what he'd just overheard, but Stefano just strolled away singing merrily to himself. Pleased with her work, Sami left.

While E.J. and Johnny played on the couch together at the DiMera mansion, E.J. informed his son that he and Nicole were getting married. "I don't want another mommy," Johnny complained. "I want my mommy!" E.J. reminded Johnny of how much the little boy liked Nicole. "Do you love Nicole as much as you love Mommy?" Johnny wanted to know.

As E.J. was hedging that he loved the part of Nicole that took care of Johnny and Sydney, Stefano returned home. E.J. instructed Johnny that it was time to go upstairs and take a nap, so the boy ran obediently from the room. On his way out, Johnny told Stefano, "Daddy's getting married -- not to Mommy."

Stefano wasted no time in telling E.J. about the phone call he'd overheard. "I see," replied E.J. thoughtfully. "Will you have Mary look after the children? There's a call I need to make." E.J. then strode out the front door.

Sami went home to the loft, and after making sure that Rafe wasn't home, she began to set the stage for E.J.'s imminent arrival. As she pulled a black, sequined negligee out of a shopping bag, she noted to herself, "Nothing screams 'Nicole Walker' like sparkly trash." She shoved the nightgown and its matching panties under a throw pillow on the sofa, making sure that a bit peeked out. When E.J. spotted the lingerie, Sami told herself, "He'll have no choice but to throw that whore out."

Before long, E.J. was knocking on Sami's door. "Do you really think that my father would overhear a conversation with you aiding and abetting Nicole and Brady and their sordid little affair, and not tell me?" E.J. asked. Sami claimed that Stefano was lying, because she would never let her brother meet with Nicole where Sami's kids lived. She let her eyes fall on the hidden negligee, then pretended to become flustered, and tried to throw E.J. out.

Taking the bait, E.J. pulled the lacy garment out from under the pillow. Sami maintained that it belonged to her. E.J. tossed the "prop" at her, and asserted that he knew everywhere Nicole had been since their engagement. He added that the only reason he was there was to ask Samantha to back off, since Nicole was busy planning a wedding and raising children. "They're my children," Sami reminded him.

E.J. countered, "They are your children -- for now -- unless you cross a line, unless I change my mind." Sami asserted that marrying Nicole just to get revenge against Sami would only hurt Johnny, who needed time to adjust to life after his surgery, and that Nicole couldn't be trusted. E.J. argued that unless Nicole turned to "the dark side," she would be a far better mother than Samantha. Sami contended that no matter what E.J. did, he could never keep Nicole away from Brady. "Actually, you know, I think there is," E.J. replied.

When Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion, Stefano confronted her -- albeit lightheartedly -- about her affair with Brady. Nicole insisted that she and Brady weren't seeing each other anymore, but Stefano suggested that she should pack her bags before E.J. returned. "I have given up almost everything that matters to me to be with Sydney," Nicole replied vehemently. "I'm not goin' anywhere!"

Stefano noted that it had been "moronic" of Nicole to have her secret rendezvous with Brady at Samantha's. Nicole hotly explained that her diamond bracelet was really a tracking device, so E.J. knew that she had been nowhere near Brady. "So Stefano, when you've been duped by Sami, maybe you shouldn't throw around the word 'moronic.'"

While Nicole was shouting at Stefano that by marrying E.J., she was promising to protect and take care of his children, Johnny, wearing his backpack, crept down the stairs -- and out the front door.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip found Brady reading a book on ancient Greek civilization. Philip said that the book had been Melanie's. Philip explained that Melanie had been reading it so she could have a better understanding of Victor's stories about Greece. Brady scoffed and said, "So while she was slogging her way through this book, trying to improve herself to impress your father, you were having sex with her father's wife." Philip said Brady couldn't possibly make Philip feel any worse than he already felt. "I could try," Brady said as he punched Philip.

Vivian walked into the Kiriakis mansion and interrupted the fight between Brady and Philip. Vivian knew Melanie had moved out of the mansion and wondered if that was what Brady and Philip had been fighting about. Philip said Vivian was the one to blame for starting the chain of events that had led to Philip and Chloe's affair. Philip accused Vivian of ruining Philip's life. "You take what you want. You put things in motion, and you don't give a damn about collateral damage. Well, you're looking at it," Philip said.

Vivian admitted that she hated seeing Philip in pain. Vivian told Philip he had been absolved for his part in keeping Vivian locked in the sarcophagus. Vivian explained that she had wanted to punish Philip, however she didn't believe she could possibly punish Philip worse than he had already punished himself. Philip warned Vivian that he wasn't going to return the favor.

After Philip left, Vivian received a phone call. Later, Gus walked in as Vivian was on the phone, making flight arrangements. Vivian explained to Gus that she had been asked to represent Titan Industries "somewhere in Bermuda." Vivian told Gus that she wanted Gus to join her.

On the plane, Vivian admitted to being slightly claustrophobic after the "coffin incident" and refused to eat or drink anything. Once they were in the air, the flight became bumpy, and Vivian started to suspect that something was wrong.

Brady met Kate at the Brady Pub and informed Kate that their plot against Vivian had been set in motion. Kate wondered if Brady had filled Victor in on the plan. "Given what I learned today, I guarantee you he's going to be on board," Brady assured Kate. Brady told Kate about Vivian's role in Philip's affair with Chloe.

Brady received a phone call from the pilot of Vivian's plane. Brady had planned to drug Vivian once she was on the plane, but the pilot informed Brady that Vivian hadn't had anything to eat or drink since boarding. Brady told the pilot to proceed with the plan anyway. Brady admitted, "I love the idea of her up there, wondering what's going to happen next."

The pilot went to check on Vivian and Gus and apologized for the bumpy flight. Vivian wondered why the plane hadn't landed yet, so the pilot informed her that he had received a change in the flight plans. Vivian wondered who had ordered those changes. The pilot made a phone call and handed the phone to Vivian. "That would be me," Brady said when Vivian answered the phone.

Vivian insisted that Brady wasn't allowed to give the pilot orders because Vivian owned Titan Industries. The pilot handed her a jumpsuit and told her that she could leave if she was unhappy with the flight plan. After putting jumpsuits on Vivian and Gus, the pilot proceeded to push each of them out of the plane.

Maggie returned home and found Melanie polishing silverware in Maggie's kitchen. Melanie explained to Maggie that Melanie had avoided going to work at the hospital that day because she didn't want to face everyone. Maggie said Melanie had no reason to hide because Melanie had done nothing wrong.

Melanie explained that Philip had turned to Chloe because he had witnessed Melanie and Nathan's good-bye kiss. Melanie admitted Philip's betrayal was particularly difficult to accept because Philip had cheated on Melanie with Melanie's father's wife. Maggie reminded Melanie about a previous conversation where Melanie had wondered whether choosing Philip over Nathan had been the right decision. Maggie wondered if Melanie still felt the same way. Melanie said, "It doesn't matter. It's too late for Nathan and me now. Everything is too late."

Later, Philip stopped by Maggie's house to give Melanie the book on ancient Greek civilization that Melanie had left at the Kiriakis mansion. Philip asked Maggie if he could see Melanie. Melanie entered the room and assured Maggie that it would be all right. Maggie agreed to go to the hospital to give Melanie and Philip some privacy. Before leaving, Maggie scolded Philip for his betrayal and wondered why the Kiriakis men always seemed to disregard the fact that their actions had consequences. Philip admitted that he deserved Maggie's anger, but he hoped that Maggie wouldn't allow Philip's mistakes to change her opinion of Victor. "Believe me," Maggie said, "you don't have to worry about that."

Melanie asked Philip what Philip was planning to do about Parker. Philip assured Melanie that he would do "whatever's best" for Parker. Melanie scoffed and said, "I think I know what that is. I think you should do what you did with the other little boy and stay the hell out of his life before you hurt him just like you do everything else you touch." Melanie asked Philip to leave. As he was leaving, Philip insisted, "I never loved anyone the way I love you."

At the hospital, Nathan told Stephanie that he knew why Stephanie was so upset. "The truth is all over the hospital," Nathan said. Nathan revealed that he had heard that Daniel was not Parker's father. Nathan had also learned that Caroline was the one who had switched the paternity test results. Stephanie was relieved to realize that Nathan didn't seem to know about Stephanie's involvement in the paternity switch.

Stephanie asked Nathan if Caroline's stroke could have been caused by the stress of keeping such a big secret. Nathan explained that Caroline had other risk factors that would have contributed to the stroke. Nathan admitted that he couldn't understand why Caroline would have lied about Parker's paternity in the first place. Before Nathan could question Stephanie further about her grandmother's motives, he received a page from the E.R.

After Nathan left, Kayla and Stephanie went to visit Caroline. Kayla told Stephanie that Caroline was "making some great progress." Stephanie was worried about what would happen if Nathan realized that Stephanie had been involved in the paternity cover-up. Kayla believed that Stephanie should have been showing more concern for Caroline's health instead of worrying about how Nathan would react to Stephanie's lies.

Kayla realized Stephanie was still planning to keep the truth about Stephanie's involvement in the paternity switch from Nathan. Stephanie warned Kayla not to tell Nathan the truth. "Melanie's left Philip. She's free now, and if Nathan goes back to her because you tell him what I did, I will never forgive you," Stephanie said.

Caroline woke up and overheard Kayla as she told Stephanie to "tell the truth." Caroline became upset with Kayla for continuing to interfere. "When are you going to leave us alone?" she asked as monitors in her room started to beep. Nathan entered to check on Caroline and asked Stephanie and Kayla what had happened. Stephanie lied and told Nathan that she wasn't sure what had caused Caroline to become so agitated. Nathan warned Stephanie and Kayla that Caroline needed to be kept calm.

Kayla covered for Stephanie and told Nathan that the events of the christening had upset Caroline again. After Nathan left, Stephanie thanked Kayla for keeping Stephanie's secret, but Kayla wondered if she had made the right decision.

Later, Stephanie asked Nathan about her grandmother's condition. Stephanie explained that Caroline had changed the paternity test results because she hadn't wanted to watch another baby be raised as a Kiriakis. After Nathan admitted that he wasn't sure what Stephanie meant, Stephanie realized that she had slipped up and revealed too much. Stephanie was forced to tell Nathan that Philip was Parker's father.

Maggie arrived at the hospital and interrupted Nathan and Stephanie's conversation. Maggie asked about Caroline's condition and was glad to learn that Caroline was doing well. "We needed some good news around here," Maggie said. Stephanie reminded Maggie that Nathan and Stephanie were getting married the next day. After Stephanie left to check on Caroline, Nathan asked Maggie about Melanie. Maggie told Nathan that Melanie was devastated. Nathan was worried about Melanie, but admitted that Melanie was better off without Philip. After speaking with Maggie, Nathan headed over to Maggie's house to check on Melanie.

Philip arrived at the hospital for a board meeting and found Stephanie there. Stephanie told Philip she had heard about what had happened at the christening. Philip said he wanted to talk to her about her involvement in the paternity switch.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was amused to learn that E.J. had forced Nicole to wear a tracking device. "I'm surprised that Elvis didn't have you branded at the same time," Stefano joked. Nicole said that Sydney and Johnny were worth the humiliation E.J. was putting Nicole through. As Stefano and Nicole continued their conversation, Johnny slipped out the front door unnoticed.

Nicole wondered if Stefano would prefer to see E.J. remain single. Nicole reminded Stefano that Johnny and Sydney needed a mother figure. Stefano said E.J. needed to marry someone that E.J. actually loved, as opposed to someone E.J. could manipulate. As Stefano and Nicole continued to argue, Mary entered looking for Johnny. Mary admitted that Johnny hadn't been in his room when she had gone to check on him.

At the police station, Rafe asked one of the officers to dig up all of the information the Salem P.D. had on the DiMera family. The officer wondered what case Rafe was working on. Rafe admitted, "There is no case. Not yet, anyway. But you bet there will be."

Later, the officer returned to Rafe's office with Johnny. The officer explained that one of the officers on patrol had spotted Johnny walking down the road. When the officer had asked if Johnny needed help, Johnny had asked to see Rafe. Johnny told Rafe, "I want my mommy."

At Sami's apartment, E.J. delightfully informed Sami that he knew Sami was lying about Nicole. E.J. assured Sami that Nicole's affair with Brady was over. E.J. added that Sydney was thrilled to be reunited with "the mother that she knew since birth."

Sami wondered what Johnny's reaction had been to E.J.'s engagement. Sami could tell by E.J.'s reaction that Johnny had not been pleased by the news. E.J. insisted that Johnny was going to love having Nicole as a mother, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami suggested that E.J. had only proposed to Nicole because E.J. knew it would bother Sami. "If having Nicole for a mother makes my children more miserable than they already are, next time I'll make sure I kill you," Sami vowed.

E.J. received a phone call from Stefano. Stefano informed E.J. that Johnny was missing, and Stefano suspected Johnny had run away from home. Sami wondered what was wrong, but E.J. pretended that everything was all right. As E.J. was on the phone with Stefano, Sami received a text message from Rafe telling her that Johnny was at the police station. E.J. left Sami's apartment, unaware that Sami had any idea what was going on with Johnny, and Sami headed to the police station.

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion. Stefano informed E.J. that Johnny was still missing. E.J. wondered if Stefano had called the DiMera informant that worked for the police department. Stefano said Sami could find out what had happened if they called the police station. E.J. blamed Nicole and warned her that he would call off the wedding if Nicole couldn't be trusted to keep Johnny and Sydney safe.

E.J. received a phone call from Stefano's informant on the police department. E.J. was relieved to learn that Johnny was safe, but he became upset when he realized Johnny was with Sami and Rafe. E.J. and Nicole left to get Johnny at the police station.

As Rafe and Johnny waited in Rafe's office for Sami to arrive, Johnny explained why he had chosen to run away. "I want to live with you and Mommy again. I don't want Nicole to be my mommy," Johnny told Rafe. Sami walked into Rafe's office and told Johnny, "I am your one and only mommy." Sami asked Johnny to promise that he would never run away again.

Sami told Rafe that they could turn the tables on E.J. by running off with Johnny, but Rafe said that would be a bad idea. Rafe believed E.J. had probably already been notified that Johnny was at the station. Rafe told Sami she needed to think about the long-term goal of getting Johnny and Sydney back permanently. "You're telling me," Sami said, "that you want me to convince my son to go home with E.J.?"

Sami reluctantly convinced Johnny to return to the DiMera mansion with E.J. As Johnny and Sami hugged, E.J. and Nicole walked into the police station. E.J. told Nicole to take Johnny out to the car. After Nicole and Johnny left, E.J. accused Sami of having orchestrated the situation as one of her schemes. Sami scoffed and told E.J. that Johnny had come up with the idea on his own because he missed Rafe and Sami.

Sami told E.J., "That is something you and your father will never understand. You can yell and threaten and blackmail and manipulate people all you want, but you cannot control how they feel. You can take Johnny home with you right now, but you can never stop him from loving me."

Rafe told E.J. to leave. As E.J. was leaving, Sami added that running away was exactly the sort of thing Sami would have done at Johnny's age. "He's a Brady. And if you think this is the end, you're dreaming." After E.J. left, Rafe commended Sami on how she had handled the situation. Sami was comforted by the knowledge that Johnny didn't want Nicole to be his mother. Sami promised Rafe that Johnny was going to get what he wanted.

Friday, January 7, 2011

As Bo and Hope climbed down the stairs into the cabin of a small boat, they heard footsteps on the deck above. They ducked behind a door, and Bo drew his pistol. He pressed his ear to the door until he heard the footsteps arrive right outside, and then he flung the door open and aimed his gun -- only to find a man on the other side with his gun aimed at Bo.

Letting out an exasperated grunt, Bo lowered his weapon. "Come on, Leo! Do you always have to be such a cowboy?" Bo complained, as Hope gave their old friend a hug. Leo asked about "Shawn-D," and he couldn't believe it when Hope informed him that the little boy he'd known was a father. Leo then warned Bo and Hope that they didn't have much time before the state police found them.

Hope assured Leo that she had only broken out of prison because the warden was corrupt, and inmates were dying for no reason. Leo just wanted to know what the plan was to take the warden down. After Leo set up his laptop for the Bradys, he left Bo and Hope alone on the boat.

Bo noted that the boat reminded him a little of the Fancy Face, and then went up on deck to shove off. Hope got to work on the computer. When Bo returned below deck, he told Hope, "I dropped anchor in that secluded little spot we used to go when we needed some private time." After a moment's awkwardness, Hope said she'd learned that Lee and the warden had attended the University of Michigan at the same time.

As she researched the warden's cell phone calls, Hope found a second line linked to the account, and that phone had only made calls to a single phone number. Bo logged onto the police department's system with Roman's password, since he would betray their location if he used his own. He tried to track the phone's location, but couldn't find any information because it was a private number. Bo urged Hope not to give up. "We will come up with something," he asserted, "because we're a good team." Hope got back to work trying to figure out whom the warden had been calling.

Jennifer tiptoed into the warden's office at the prison, but Warden Jane and Lee arrived right behind her. The warden pointed out that Jennifer's shift had been over for more than an hour. Jennifer claimed that she'd forgotten a report that she knew the warden needed the next day. Jane was impressed with "Ms. Spencer's" willingness to go the extra mile.

After Jennifer left, Lee contended, "Nobody's that much of a go-getter. It's gotta be an act. I don't think you should trust her an inch." She pointed out that Ms. Spencer had arrived at the same time Hope had escaped. Jane argued that even if Jennifer were a plant, there was nothing for her to find.

They heard a phone ringing, and Lee was surprised when Jane unlocked a desk drawer and removed a "secret cell phone" to answer it. An irate Ben informed Jane that a very important patient was flying in that night for a kidney transplant, and demanded to know what had happened to the kidney. Jane tersely replied that she would call him back, and hung up.

Later, Lee informed the warden, "Good news: a 38-year-old prisoner just collapsed -- burst an aneurism. No close relatives. Of course, I could keep her alive artificially until you give me the green light, and then I could go to work. Make everybody happy, including Dr. Walters."

Jane pointed that that since Bo and Hope Brady had escaped, they wouldn't be able to ship out coolers full of organs unnoticed. Lee countered that she had no way to make a living once her stint was up in a month, and both of them could certainly use the money -- especially if the Bradys figured out what they'd been up to.

When Jennifer arrived at the hospital with flowers for Caroline, she was alarmed to find Ben on the phone in Caroline's empty room. Ben flung the door open, and the dark look on his face made Jennifer think that something had happened to Caroline. Ben reassured her that Caroline had just started physical therapy. Jennifer was relieved, but guessed that Ben was worried about another patient. Ben admitted that a donor kidney for a seriously ill patient had just fallen through.

Later, Jane called Ben to tell him, "We have that kidney for you. It'll be delivered within the hour." As soon as Ben hung up, Jennifer could tell that things with his patient had turned around, and Ben confirmed it. Jennifer remarked that Ben didn't seem like a guy who gave up easily.

As Vivian and Gus untangled themselves from their parachutes on a beach on some island, Vivian muttered, "Air travel has become unbearable." As she thought back on what had just happened, she realized, "They drugged the coffee! Those vicious, evil, nefarious... And they copied me!" Looking around a bit hopelessly, Vivian proclaimed herself queen of the island, and then tried to figure out where they were.

Vivian commanded Gus to search one way, while she searched the other. "If the travel gods are with us, we'll find a five-star resort with a spa -- and a surface-to-air rocket launch that will be able to blow Salem into a parking lot!" she declared.

When Gus found Vivian later, he informed her that they were the only things on the entire island. Vivian sat cross-legged on the sand, and whined about their miserable situation. She ordered Gus to forage for food, and make shelter and fire. "Look, lady, I'm not the Admirable Crichton!" Gus retorted indignantly. "Oh, my God!" Vivian exclaimed. "I'm on the tropical equivalent of the Donner Pass! We're gonna die!" Suddenly, they heard a plane overhead.

Gus and Vivian jumped up and began signaling frantically -- but instead of stopping, the plane dropped a trunk full of food and water, and flew away. As Gus rummaged through the supplies, Vivian noted that he was "collateral damage," since the others only wanted to wrest control of Kiriakis Empire away from her. She vowed revenge on Brady Black, and shook her fist at the sky. "As Gus is my witness, I will survive!" Vivian shouted.

Kate entered the parlor at the Kiriakis mansion just as a chuckling Brady was ending a cell phone call. With a straight face but twinkling eyes, Brady informed Kate, "Vivian and her sidekick left the plane. Unfortunately, the plane was not able to land first." Kate earnestly stated that she hoped they had survived the fall, then she and Brady burst into a fit of laughter.

When Brady referred to Chloe as an innocent bystander in one of Vivian's revenge plots, Kate asserted that Chloe was far from innocent. "Philip is the victim in all of this," Kate maintained. Disgusted, Brady contended that Philip was hardly a victim, and then left.

Nathan went to Maggie's, and Melanie opened the kitchen door. "I'm so sorry," Nathan said softly, taking Melanie into his arms as she stifled a sob. Melanie assured him that he hadn't needed to check on her, but he insisted that he'd wanted to make sure she was all right. Nathan added that he hated seeing her hurt because of what Philip had done.

Melanie admitted that Nathan had been right: Philip was wrong for her, and she'd made a big mistake in marrying him. Nathan felt bad that he hadn't told Melanie the minute he'd found out that Chloe had cheated on Daniel. "I can't stand this -- I want to do something for you!" Nathan declared. Melanie pointed out that he and Stephanie were getting married the next day, and then moving to Baltimore. Nathan reluctantly left.

A dejected Melanie was sitting alone at the kitchen table when Brady knocked at the back door. Not knowing who it was, she exclaimed, "Nathan!" as she rushed to answer it, but she still managed a smile for Brady. Over leftover casserole, Brady and Melanie discussed Vivian's part in Chloe and Philip's one-night stand.

Brady called Melanie out for having been disappointed to see him instead of Nathan at the door. After trying to deny it, Melanie said, "I don't want to talk about Nathan. He's getting married tomorrow, so that ship has sailed." Her smile dropped as she added softly, "I just realized -- I guess the best girl won."

Philip confronted Stephanie at the hospital about her involvement in the paternity test switch. She tried to play dumb, but Philip didn't buy her act. The two of them then went to Nathan and Stephanie's apartment to discuss it privately. Philip pointed out that Caroline had neglected to mention to everyone how she'd learned that he might be the father of Chloe's baby. "It was you, wasn't it?" he demanded. "Somehow you figured it out."

Stephanie reluctantly admitted that she had told her grandmother. Philip grew even angrier. "Damn it, Stephanie! You knew Parker was my son, and you kept it from me." Stephanie asked if Philip really wanted to be the baby's father. She then pointed out that if Nathan found out she had known the truth, he would leave her -- and run straight to Melanie. "And you won't even have a prayer of getting her back," Stephanie added. "Even if you don't care what happens to me, don't even try to tell me you've given up hope for Melanie."

Philip agreed that she had a point -- and as he was promising to keep quiet about her part in everything, Nathan arrived in the hallway outside and overheard. Nathan hung back to eavesdrop, and quickly ducked around the corner when he heard Philip leaving.

After Philip left, Nathan crept to the door, and opened it a crack. He saw Stephanie anxiously typing on her laptop. While he watched, Kayla called Stephanie from the hospital to discuss Nathan and Stephanie's wedding. Kayla said that when Caroline had heard that Stephanie was planning to postpone the wedding so her grandmother could be there, an upset Caroline had made Kayla promise that Nathan and Stephanie would go ahead and get married the next day.

When Kayla offered to do whatever she could to help, a relieved Stephanie told her mom, "You can come over, because I was going to try on my dress." Laughing, Stephanie added that she would appreciate anything that would make her wedding seem "normal and happy." Kayla happily agreed that she would be right there.

When Stephanie hung up and went into the bedroom, Nathan quietly entered the apartment. He went to Stephanie's computer, and snooped through her sent email. "Ian, don't tell anyone what we did. You're the only one who knows," he read aloud, and then muttered to himself, "I knew you were up to something with that guy! I'm gonna find out."

A sobbing Chloe was packing some of Parker's things into a box, until she ran across a photograph of her, Parker, and Daniel. "I can't do this," she cried to Parker. "Parker, we can't leave Daddy." Chloe sat down at the computer, and looked at pictures of the three of them in happier times. She promised her son that they would be a family again.

When there was a knock at the door, Chloe ran to answer it eagerly, but she was dismayed to find Kate on the doorstep. "I've come to see my grandson," Kate declared. She strode across the living room to the crib, and picked up Parker. "You are so beautiful!" she cooed, and introduced herself as his grandmother. After a while, Chloe demanded that Kate hand Parker over, so Chloe could put him down for a nap.

When Chloe emerged from the bedroom, Kate offered a solution for Chloe's "botched" life: "You leave town, and you start over again," Kate suggested. "But you leave the baby with Philip -- and me." Chloe refused, so Kate promised to make it worth her while financially. Chloe ordered Kate to leave, but Kate ranted about all the men whose lives Chloe had ruined. As Chloe opened the front door and reiterated her demand that Kate leave, Kate declared loudly, "You are a weak, neurotic mess -- a slut unfit to be a mother!"

Just then, Philip arrived, and ordered his mother to shut her mouth -- and get out. Kate left in a huff. Philip apologized for his mother, and then tried to comfort a distraught Chloe. He asked about the packing boxes, and Chloe sadly explained that Daniel had asked her and Parker to move out. When Philip offered to help, Chloe declared, "No. I've changed my mind. This is our home, and this is where we belong. I'm not going anywhere."

When Kayla arrived at Stephanie and Nathan's, she got choked up at the sight of Stephanie in her wedding gown. She declared that Stephanie had been a very sweet baby, and she would be a very sweet bride. Stephanie promised her mom that she was "on the straight and narrow" from that point forward.

Kayla was gone, and Stephanie was admiring herself in a mirror in the living room when Nathan returned to the apartment. He couldn't open the door, because Stephanie had locked the chain. Stephanie shouted, "Nathan, wait, wait, wait -- you can't come in here yet! You can't see me in my dress before the wedding!" Nathan forced the door open anyway, breaking the chain, and glared at his alarmed fiancée.

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