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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, January 31, 2011

At the hospital, Sami told Daniel that Rafe had opened his eyes and looked at her but hadn't said anything. Sami worried that Rafe might have brain damage, but Daniel told her to be optimistic. He noted that Sami was a strong woman, but she didn't think so. She said that Rafe made her strong.

Daniel didn't believe that. He said that strength was in Sami's DNA. Sami tried to blame herself for Rafe's accident, but Daniel reminded her that it was just an accident and it wasn't her fault. Sami said that Rafe had been in the car because of her. Sami begged for Rafe to return to her.

Stefano told E.J. that Rafe's car accident would help them implement their plan. He said that he had heard that Rafe could either make a complete recovery or have permanent brain damage. E.J. and Stefano thought that it was perfect timing. Stefano said they had to put their plan into motion that night. E.J. seemed hesitant, and Stefano asked if he was changing his mind and whether the children were important enough to implement their plan.

E.J. said he was still in agreement with their plan. He just thought they would have more time. Stefano said that fate had given them an opening, and they had to take advantage of it. Stefano spoke with someone on the phone about going forward with their plan.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole bonded with Sydney. She still missed Brady, but she thought she was getting better at not thinking about him. She was grateful that she would be in Sydney's life. Nicole toasted to "not always getting what you want, but finding out that sometimes you get what you need." Mary gave Nicole a letter that had arrived in the mail, and Nicole chided Mary for not giving her the mail when she first walked in. Nicole looked at the envelope and then tossed it in the fireplace.

On the plane, Taylor looked at Nicole's picture on her cell phone. "No. Surprises are more fun," she said to herself. Taylor's plane landed, and she went to the DiMera mansion. Nicole answered the front door to the mansion, and Taylor complimented Nicole on looking more beautiful than ever. Taylor told the guard at the front door that she was Nicole's sister.

At the prison, Lee told Dr. Ben Walters that he would get a heart for his transplant patient within the hour. Jennifer overheard her saying Ben's name. Jennifer held her cell phone behind her back while Lee talked about operating on Jennifer. Jennifer tried to convince Lee that she wouldn't talk to the police about their organ-stealing scheme. Jennifer said she was in love with Ben. Lee mocked her declaration. Jennifer said she wanted to help them. Lee heard Jennifer's cell phone beep, realized that Jennifer was lying, and threw Jennifer to the ground. Jennifer hit her head and fell unconscious.

Jennifer woke up on the operating table. Lee recited a quote referring to her heart, and Jennifer begged Lee to let her help with the black market organ donation scheme. An inmate walked in and informed Lee that the paperwork had been submitted to University Hospital. She asked if Jane knew about Lee's plan, and Lee told the inmate that she would inform Jane after surgery and would handle any consequences. After Lee removed Jennifer's heart, Lee said, "Heart of gold you got there, girl. Heart of gold." Later, the inmate helping Lee informed her that Jennifer's heart was on the way to the hospital. Lee was pleased and planned to call the warden to fill her in.

Bird held Bo at gunpoint. Bo turned to face Bird, and Jane ordered him to turn around. Bo told her no and for Bird not to shoot him. Jane said that Bo was stalling and for Bird to just shoot him. Bo asked Jane how they would explain shooting him in the back and what they had done to his face. Jane said they would say that Bo was fleeing, so they'd shot him, and Bird said they would claim that Bo had jumped him, which was why Bo's face had been beaten.

"And we've proven that I can take you down, but there's two of you. Got the warden here, and I would definitely go after the big guy with the gun," Bo said. Carly, who was hiding in the bushes with Hope, nodded her head in agreement. Jane ordered Bo again to stop stalling. Carly screamed, and Bo grabbed Bird's gun. Bo put Jane and Bird in handcuffs. Bo asked how Carly and Hope had found him, and Carly said they would explain later. Jane said that Carly was guilty of aiding and abetting. They heard police sirens.

At the police station, Abe questioned Bo and Hope about what had happened. Abe explained how much trouble they were in -- that Hope might never get out of prison, and Bo had risked everything. "To save my wife," Bo said. Hope told Abe that something bad was going on in the prison and that the warden was trying to kill her. She said that Jane and Bird's account of what had happened was a lie.

Abe questioned Carly, who informed him that the prison ran a black market organ-harvesting operation. Carly said that Jennifer had found proof that the warden was involved in something illegal. Abe said the police were on their way to Jennifer's house.

A police officer questioned Bo and Hope, and they insisted that there was something illegal going on in the prison. The officer said the kind of investigation Hope was calling for required a warrant, and the courts wouldn't give one on the word of an escaped inmate. Bo asked, "What about the word of a distinguished police officer with one of the best records in this police department?" The officer said that Bo was an accomplice trying to help his wife escape. Bo explained that the warden and a dirty cop had kidnapped Bo and beaten him up. Hope urged the officer to check the infirmary's records. Bo reminded the officer that a good detective would check the facts, and he alluded to the officer being a dirty cop.

Bo asked the officer to question Jane in front of them, and Bo would prove that he and Hope were right. Jane was indignant about being questioned by an escaped prisoner. Jane said that Bo had attacked Bird. Bo asked the officer if it seemed too convenient that Jane and Bird were together when they'd found Bo in the middle of the forest. Jane explained that she and Bird had been in close contact since Hope's escape and that Bird had found evidence that Bo was in the area and called Jane. She said she had every right to be there as an officer of the law, and she had hoped that Bo would lead them to Hope. The officer agreed with Jane's account.

Will told Gabi that he was worried that Sami hadn't called him after the custody hearing. Gabi suggested that Sami might have checked in with Stephanie. He checked his voicemail and heard about Rafe's accident.

Sami pleaded with Rafe to get better. Will and Gabi showed up, and Gabi noticed that Rafe wasn't responding. Sami said that the doctor was hopeful that Rafe would wake up, because he was young and strong. Sami explained what had happened before the accident -- that Rafe had followed Sami because he'd known she was about to do something stupid. Sami said she would understand if Gabi blamed her. Gabi said that Rafe would be okay, and Sami agreed.

Sami blamed herself for being so impulsive. Will assured her that it wasn't anyone's fault, and Gabi agreed, saying that Rafe wouldn't want her blaming herself. Sami spoke to Rafe alone about how much she and the kids needed him. E.J. overheard her telling Rafe that Rafe was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She said that Rafe was perfect and she was grateful for his love, support, sense of humor, and his big heart. Sami reminisced about Christmas and how they had given each other the same gift -- a key to the safe house. She felt she was lucky that he knew how she was feeling, what she was thinking, and how she would react -- sometimes before she did.

Sami said she was amazed at how confident she was that he loved her -- "this crazy woman who has been so screwed up for so long." Sami said that Rafe made her feel like "a good person" and that no one had ever treated her with so much respect. She said that she needed him badly, because he was effective at getting her to exercise self-control sometimes. She asked who would protect her from herself. He opened his eyes, and said, "No one."

Rafe struggled to keep his eyes open. She asked how he felt, and he said he liked being with her. Sami apologized for the accident. She told him she loved him, and he said he loved her too. Sami told Rafe to get some rest so they could begin their "wonderful life together."

E.J. overheard Stefano ordering a doll for Sydney's birthday, and Stefano said they would spoil Sydney. E.J. said that there would be stability in their lives. They left the hospital and went over their plan. E.J. had concerns about whether the research would be enough. E.J. worried that Sami and Rafe wouldn't fall into their trap. After Stefano's assurances, E.J. agreed to the plan. Stefano said that no one would ever know that Rafe had been set up. Stefano opened the door, and in walked a man who looked exactly like Rafe.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Gabi told Will that she needed to call her mother to tell her what had happened to Rafe, but she realized that she couldn't after what had happened to Arianna. Will assured her that Rafe was tough and wouldn't let an accident "take him down."

At the pier, Ben called Nadine and ordered the transplant team to get ready. Daniel overheard Ben's phone call and asked to observe the surgery. Daniel went to the hospital to help observe the transplant. He offered to take the paperwork to the OR. He noticed that the heart was being delivered from the prison. He also noticed something unusual in the paperwork.

Carly asked if she was under arrest, and Abe said they were waiting on everyone's statements. She asked to make a phone call. Carly called Daniel and informed him of the hospital's organ-stealing scheme. Ben walked up to Daniel with Jennifer's heart in a cooler and informed Daniel that the heart had arrived so they could operate.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At the hospital, Nathan approached Melanie as she was handling some paperwork. Nathan asked Melanie why she was not returning his messages, and he asked her to talk to him about the baby. Uncomfortable, Melanie admitted that it was not a topic of conversation that she wanted to cover with Nathan. When Nathan's pager started to beep, Melanie encouraged him to respond to the call. Nathan asked Melanie to meet him later, but she politely declined.

Nicole's sister, Taylor, arrived on the doorstep at the DiMera mansion with a police officer at her side. The officer informed Nicole that Taylor had been accused of stealing a woman's wallet. Nicole dismissed the officer's charge and invited them both into the house. When Nicole asked Taylor what had happened, Taylor explained that she had dropped her purse and accidentally scooped up a wallet that had fallen on the floor. When the officer seemed reluctant to let Taylor go, Nicole argued that the woman had gotten her wallet back and that no harm had been done. With a shrug, the officer left.

When Nicole asked why Taylor had surprised her with a visit, a confused Taylor asked if Nicole had received any of the letters Taylor had written. Nicole thought about how she had thrown Taylor's letter in the fireplace, unread. Nicole said that because she had been moving lately, she had not received the letter. Taylor noted that their mother had directed her to the DiMera mansion and informed her that Nicole was going to marry E.J. DiMera. When Nicole solemnly agreed, Taylor asked why Nicole looked so glum.

Nicole argued that she was happy, and Taylor countered that she believed that Nicole was content. With a smile, Taylor pulled a present out of her bag and congratulated Nicole on her engagement. Nicole reluctantly opened the present and was overtaken with emotion when she saw a framed photo of her and her sister inside the box. "Your arms are around me. Protecting me. That's what you did," Taylor said quietly as she stared at the photo of them as kids. "Yeah, well there was a lot to protect you from," Nicole said quietly.

Taylor apologized for giving Nicole a gift that made her sad. Nicole waved off Taylor's apology and thanked her for the gift. As Taylor went to freshen up in the bathroom down the hall, Nicole clutched the photo to her chest and sighed. When Taylor returned, she made a joke about the drink that Nicole was sipping. Defensive, Nicole asked why Taylor was in town. Taylor assured Nicole that she wanted to help with the wedding. "I remember a time when I needed you to be there for me, and you bopped off to Bosnia doing something noble," Nicole quipped. Taylor apologized for making Nicole feel like Taylor had abandoned her.

"I've missed you. You're my only sister, and I just want us to reconnect. Can we do that?" Taylor asked tentatively. When Nicole asked what Taylor wanted, Taylor asked if she could move in with Nicole. Taylor explained that she had been laid off from work and was struggling to make ends meet. Taylor asked Nicole to help her make a fresh start. "I know all about fresh starts," Nicole said quietly.

Nervous about E.J.'s reaction, Nicole said that she did not have the authority to invite someone to move into the mansion. "I can't ask him for a favor. Not right now," Nicole argued. Nicole directed Taylor to a nearby motel and wished her luck. "Good luck to you, too, Nicole. It's been swell," Taylor said sadly. When Nicole opened the front door, Taylor reluctantly grabbed her suitcase and left.

In the basement of the DiMera mansion, Stefano presented the Rafe look-alike to E.J. With an excited grin, faux Rafe eagerly shook the hand of a chuckling E.J. Stefano quizzed faux Rafe about the real Rafe's life. After faux Rafe successfully answered a couple of questions about Sami, E.J. asked faux Rafe how he would behave when he was around Johnny and Sydney. Faux Rafe assured E.J. that his children would never forget "who their father is." Stefano explained that Marco was disguised as an orderly at the hospital and had reported that Rafe was sleeping in his hospital room.

After receiving a phone call from the state police, an anxious Rafe got out of bed and wandered down the hallway. When Nathan ordered Rafe back to bed, Rafe noted that Ben had been arrested. Rafe asked Nathan to reveal what had happened. When Nathan was reluctant to talk, Rafe pushed him to say what he knew.

Nathan admitted that Hope had contacted him and asked him to pass along a message to Jennifer. When Rafe asked why Nathan had not contacted the police, Nathan admitted that Hope had been desperate to find evidence about an illegal problem at the prison. As Rafe grilled Nathan, E.J. and Stefano arrived at the hospital and appeared annoyed that Rafe was out of bed.

Rafe told Nathan about Ben's involvement with the warden, and Stefano eavesdropped. Noting the sour look on Stefano's face, E.J. asked his father if there was a problem. Stefano quietly urged E.J. to move ahead with their plans for Rafe. Lexie was surprised to see Stefano and E.J., and she noted that Johnny was asleep. E.J. asked Lexie whether Rafe was strong enough to be out of bed. When Lexie glanced across the hallway and saw Rafe using the phone at the nurse's station, a suspicious Lexie asked E.J. why he was concerned with Rafe's health.

E.J. explained that he had reached a truce with Sami and that he had acknowledged that Rafe would be a part of his children's lives. Surprised, Lexie said that she hoped that E.J. was becoming more compassionate. "I think that change is a good thing. For all of us," E.J. said. While Stefano stepped away to make a couple of phone calls, E.J. went to sit with Johnny. When E.J. returned to the hallway, Stefano blasted E.J. for disappearing while they were executing their plans to replace Rafe with the fake one. Stefano said that they were ready to make the switch.

In Rafe's hospital room, Marco put an unconscious Rafe onto a gurney and pulled a sheet over his face. The faux Rafe climbed into the hospital bed as Marco wheeled the real Rafe into the hallway. Marco transported Rafe back to the basement of the DiMera mansion and locked him in a cell. Outside the cell, E.J. asked Stefano what the next part of the plan was. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Nathan went into Rafe's room to examine him. When Nathan asked faux Rafe how he was feeling, the smiling doppelganger said, "Like a new man."

At the police station, a frantic Carly called Daniel to warn him about the body parts trafficking ring at the prison. Ben called out to Daniel that the heart had just arrived from the prison. As Daniel slowly turned, he saw Ben carrying a cooler. Daniel marched over to Ben and threw him against the wall. Startled, Ben asked Daniel what was wrong.

Daniel asked Ben where he had gotten the heart from, and Ben said that he had received it through UNOS. Unfazed, Daniel grabbed the cooler and reviewed the paperwork. Daniel noted that the organ was from the prison. When Ben argued that his patient was going to die if they did not receive the heart transplant, Daniel asked Ben, "What about the patient who's already died?"

In the interrogation room at the police station, Jane told Detective Pierce that Detective Bart Stevens had located Bo and informed her. Jane argued that as an officer of the law, she felt it had been her duty to meet up with Bart and capture Bo. Bo argued that Jane had held him against his will but that he had been blindfolded so he had not known where he was being held. Jane argued that Hope had dragged her family through hell, causing Hope's face to falter. Bo stood up for Hope, but Jane noted that Hope was facing life imprisonment for her escape from prison.

While overseeing Detective Pierce's questioning of Bo, Hope, and Jane, Abe received a phone call from Daniel. Abe promised Daniel that he would send a police team over to the prison. Once Abe hung up his phone, he announced that Daniel suspected that someone at the prison was trafficking in illegal human organs. Jane expressed surprise, and Bo leaped on Abe's announcement, noting that it supported his statement to the police.

"Oh, my God. That's why those poor women died. You were selling their organs!" Hope cried out. Hope reasoned that Jane had locked Hope in solitary confinement in order to prevent her from saving the lives of any other prisoners. "Unfortunately, you're too late," Abe said sadly. Caught, Jane punched Detective Pierce in the stomach as he approached her with handcuffs. Jane snatched Pierce's gun then grabbed Hope and pressed the gun against her. "If I'm going down, she's coming with me," Jane growled.

Recalling her training, Hope elbowed Jane, taking her by surprise. The gun went off as they wrestled Jane to the ground. Down the hallway, a panicked Carly heard the shot and raced toward the interrogation room, looking for Bo. As Detective Pierce led Jane away in handcuffs, Bo took Hope aside and asked her if she was all right. Carly appeared in the doorway and watched as Bo told Hope, "Hell is living without you." As Carly entered the room, Hope turned to her and said, "I know how much you risked for us. For me. You can't imagine how grateful I am."

"I did what any woman would have done. You and Bo and Ciara, you're family," Carly said. Hope thanked Carly for taking care of Ciara while she was in prison. As Bo turned his attention to Jane, he informed Abe that he had heard her on the phone and that he believed Jane was working for someone. "He's right. So how about we cut a deal? I tell you who I work for, and I get to walk," Jane said. Jane promised that the name of her employer would be familiar to Bo.

When Bo and Abe stepped out of the room, an officer entered the interrogation room to talk to Jane. "Mr. DiMera sent me to deliver a message. Say one word about him, and you're dead," the officer said. When Abe returned to the room, he explained that he had secured approval to meet Jane's demands. With a nervous look on her face, Jane stammered, "The man I work for, his name is um, Dr. Ben Walters." As the police processed Jane, Abe informed Bo and Hope that the state attorney appeared to believe their story.

Hope was relieved that Bo would be heading home to Ciara. When Bo noted that Hope might be able to go home, Hope countered that she needed to finish her prison sentence. Hope worried that Jane might be able to hurt her even after the warden's arrest, but Bo assured Hope that he would do what he could to protect her.

Down the hallway, Carly asked Detective Pierce if they had located Jennifer. "I don't get it. She should have been right behind me when I left the hospital," Carly said. When Pierce urged Carly to be "patient," Carly's face expressed surprise. Carly argued that the police needed to get to the prison before Lee destroyed all the evidence of the organ-trafficking ring. Worried that the police might overlook evidence, Carly begged Pierce to let her go to the prison. Because police were still questioning Carly, her request was denied. Worried, Carly called the hospital in order to talk to Daniel, but instead she reached Melanie at the nurses' station.

Melanie explained that Daniel had left and, noting the tension in Carly's voice, she asked what was wrong. Carly admitted that she was in police custody and asked Melanie to find Daniel so that he could go to the prison as soon as possible. Carly explained that someone with a medical background needed to review the prison infirmary for evidence.

Back at the hospital, Daniel grilled Ben about where the heart was from. Ben pretended not to know anything about the organ trafficking and argued that his patient was going to die unless Daniel handed the heart back over to him. Scoffing at Ben, Daniel argued that the patient could go back on the waiting list for a heart and could be treated with an LVAD unit until a heart became available. Furious, Ben asked how Daniel could let a healthy heart go to waste. "What kind of doctor are you?" Daniel asked Ben as a police officer sidle up next to the two men.

The officer ordered Ben to leave with him, and Daniel reluctantly handed the heart over to the officer as evidence. Daniel rushed over to the police station to ask Abe to get the heart out of evidence and to get someone over to the prison to get approval from the prisoner's next of kin to use the heart. While Abe went to make arrangements, Carly asked Daniel whether he had heard from Melanie. "I never got the message," Daniel said.

At the prison, Jennifer struggled to survive on the bypass equipment as Lee went to call Jane and inform her about the heart that she had removed and sent to Ben. As Lee waited to hear from Jane, she received a call informing her that the police had taken Jane into custody. Worried, Lee urged the nurse to "get rid of that evidence" as she pointed as Jennifer. While Lee was gone, the nurse struggled with the decision to remove Jennifer from life support and dump the body. As the nurse reached for the switch on the machines, there was a banging on the infirmary door. "Open up! Police," said the officer outside as Melanie stood silently next to him.

The nurse stepped into the hallway, careful to close the door to the infirmary behind her so as not to let the officer or Melanie see Jennifer. When the nurse attempted to stall the officer from entering the infirmary, the officer noted that he could not wait, and he placed his hand on the butt of his gun. Trapped, the nurse stepped aside and let Melanie and the officer enter the infirmary. As Melanie gazed around the room, she stopped cold when she saw Jennifer hooked up to life support.

Terrified, Melanie called Daniel and struggled to explain what she had found at the prison. As Melanie stuttered, Daniel urged Melanie to calm down and tell him what was going on. Melanie explained that she was at the prison infirmary. Melanie noted that after talking to Carly, she'd had a bad feeling and had headed over to the prison when she could not find Daniel. "Why are you upset?" Daniel asked. "It's Jennifer. They took her heart," Melanie responded.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rafe awakened, disoriented and confused, on a cot in a jail cell in the basement of the DiMera mansion. He was bewildered to see Stefano and E.J. smoking cigars on the other side of the bars. "So, Seņor Hernandez: Welcome to your worst nightmare," Stefano greeted him. Rafe held his aching head as the DiMeras somewhat gleefully admitted that they had drugged him.

Disgusted, Rafe noted that E.J. hadn't even been able to keep a promise to God. E.J. countered that he had not promised Rafe anything. "He has already dealt with Samantha, so now it's time to deal with you," Stefano said. Rafe asked groggily if Stefano and E.J. were planning to kill him. E.J. pointed out that if they had wanted Rafe dead, he would already be dead. Rafe wanted to know what their plans were for Sami.

Stefano cracked a joke about the accommodations, and then left to take a phone call. E.J. told Rafe that he had decided to be more "proactive" about his family, so he'd decided that his family would be much happier and saner if Rafe weren't around. E.J. explained that Samantha might not have been able to fight him so hard for so long without Rafe in her corner, and E.J. preferred her to be a little more neurotic -- because it made her much easier to manipulate.

Rafe asked weakly, "So, tell me: you think that she's become such a neurotic mess that she's not gonna notice that I'm gone?" Chuckling, E.J. replied that he had taken care of that. He pointed out a copy of The Prisoner of Zenda that he'd left in the cell for Rafe to read, and then left.

In the living room, Harold interrupted Stefano's phone call to announce Chad's arrival. Chad explained that he just wanted to know how Johnny was doing. Stefano replied that Johnny would be returning home soon, but wondered why Chad had gone all the way to the mansion when he could have found out the information with a phone call. Offended, Chad apologized for interrupting.

E.J. entered just then, surprised to find Chad there. "I didn't realize we were having visitors, father," E.J. said pointedly. "I was just leaving," Chad scornfully assured him, and added, "I mean, you guys probably have some business to discuss -- family business." He left in a bit of a huff.

With a chuckle, Stefano remarked that all of his children had a little streak of their mother. Stefano got another phone call, which caused him to swear, "Damnation!" As he hung up, he told E.J., "You know, Elvis, no good deed goes unpunished." E.J. offered to do whatever he could to help, but Stefano asserted that E.J. should just enjoy the fruits of their labors. Stefano joked that they weren't paying the imposter nearly enough for having to listen to Samantha's "baloney."

Stefano worried about how risky their plan was, but E.J. pointed out that Rafe's concussion from the car accident had given the imposter the perfect cover story. E.J. admitted that he was a bit worried that it could all go awry, because, "They say a man's kiss is his signature." Stefano recognized the quotation as Mae West's, and asserted that she had been a very wise woman. E.J. and Stefano laughed, and shared a hopeful toast that their imposter was "a master forger."

When Chad found Lexie at the hospital, she told him happily that it was time for her break. Lexie assured him that she knew how weird it was to have a new family, and no matter what he said about the DiMeras, he couldn't offend her. Chad confessed that he had been to visit Stefano, and Stefano hadn't seemed pleased to see Chad -- and both Stefano and E.J. had seemed eager for Chad to leave, so he had.

Lexie was taken aback that Stefano had reacted like that. Chad quietly guessed that even though Stefano had initially been excited to welcome Chad into the family, apparently the old man had changed his mind. "I think that Stefano has finally decided that his family's already big enough," Chad admitted hoarsely.

In Rafe's hospital bed, Rafe's impostor recalled how Stefano and E.J. had grilled him about Sami and her children. Sami entered the room, and impostor Rafe pretended to be asleep. When he opened his eyes, Sami admitted that she'd been about to call for the nurse. "You don't seem right," she noted. Sami was wearing a top with a sweater over it, and Faux Rafe pulled open the sweater to admire her breasts while assuring her that he would be just fine.

Laughing with surprise, Sami tugged her sweater closed. She informed Rafe that she was mad at him, because she'd learned from Lexie that he had been working when he should have been resting. Imposter Rafe asked teasingly, "What is it I do?" He then cautioned Sami, "I don't want to scare you, but some things are still a little foggy, and I don't want you freaking out if I don't remember stuff. Like, I know I'm a cop. That was a joke. But small stuff." He assured her that he remembered important things, like Sydney's upcoming birthday. Sami talked excitedly about Sydney's birthday party, laughing again as faux Rafe sort of pawed at her.

Sami then declared "I have a present for you!" She hinted, "It's your favorite thing in the whole world. You know what that is, right?" Impostor Rafe guessed, "Sex." He tried to remove her sweater as he explained that he was unwrapping his gift. Giggling, Sami pushed him away, and asked what his favorite work of art was. When faux Rafe guessed the Mona Lisa, Sami joked, "Who are you, and what have you done with Rafe Hernandez?" He reminded her that he wasn't fully recovered yet, and Sami apologized for upsetting him.

Sami then produced the gift, a T-shirt with Rafe's beloved picture of poker-playing dogs. Imposter Rafe found it hilarious that the painting was his favorite, and admitted that it was one of the things he couldn't quite remember. Sami blamed herself for Rafe's injuries and inability to remember everything. He reassured her, "All you have to do is just deal with me for the next couple days while I play catch-up, and then everything's gonna be great." Sami promised to make it up to him, and fake Rafe declared that he couldn't wait. He pulled Sami into a long, passionate kiss.

Sami was a little breathless when she finally pulled away, reminding him that she had to pick up Ali and Will -- and Rafe needed to rest. Pulling at her sweater again, faux Rafe complained that he was tired of resting. On her way out, a giggling Sami promised to make sure he didn't rest when he got home. After she left, phony Rafe declared, "Yes! Oh, I am gonna like this gig."

Alone in the basement, the real Rafe pulled off the chain from around his neck, and dropped it down inside the metal frame of the bed. "Why a jail cell?" he wondered, looking around the room. "Why don't they just kill me? What the hell are these idiots up to?"

At the police station, Daniel was on the phone with Melanie, who had found Jennifer's seemingly lifeless body in the prison infirmary after Lee had removed Jennifer's heart. Daniel asked a frantic Melanie if she had checked Jennifer's vital signs. Melanie was relieved to report that Jennifer had been hooked up to life support -- and Carly and Abe were relieved to hear that Jennifer was still alive.

After Daniel hung up, Abe declared that he would arrange a MedEvac to take Daniel to the prison infirmary. Carly wanted to accompany Daniel, but Abe reminded her that she was still in custody. Carly promised to pray for Jennifer as Daniel rushed out.

At the prison, the inmate who had assisted Lee offered Melanie, "I'm a nurse; I can help." Melanie rejected the very suggestion, and pleaded with Jennifer to hang on. The inmate insisted that Lee had forced her to help harvest Jennifer's heart, but the police officer guarding the nurse ordered her to shut up. Another officer arrived with a handcuffed Lee, whom he'd caught trying to escape. As the cop dragged Lee back out, Lee taunted Melanie that Jennifer was just "a corpse hooked up to a machine."

In another room at the police station, Bo vowed to Hope that he would do everything he could to get the rest of her prison sentence suspended. She tried to argue with him, but he refused to let her be a martyr anymore, because she needed to fight for herself, for Ciara -- and for him.

Carly entered to break the news to Hope about Jennifer. A devastated Hope blamed herself for having put Jennifer in danger. Bo and Hope were both stunned to learn that Ben Walters had been in on the organ-harvesting scheme. Abe arrived to let them know that Daniel was on his way to the prison with Jennifer's heart, and to ask Bo to answer some follow-up questions.

After Bo left, Hope asked Carly nervously, "Could you tell me again what a good doctor Daniel is?" Carly reminded Hope that Daniel was an extremely talented doctor who could perform the surgery -- if he arrived in time. Hope still blamed herself for getting Jennifer involved, but Carly countered that Hope had only wanted to save Bo. "You love him -- and he loves you, no matter how much you want to deny it," Carly asserted, fighting back tears.

Hope prayed silently for God to help Jennifer. "I love her so much," an emotional Hope explained to Carly afterward, "She's like a sister to me. She can't die." Hope broke down, and Carly walked around the conference table to put her arms around Hope. The two women sobbed in each other's arms.

Ben was pacing in the interrogation room when a cop arrived with Lee. When they were alone, Ben asked what had happened with Jane, but Lee played dumb. Abe and Bo entered, and Bo grabbed Lee by the collar of her prison jumpsuit. Lee demanded her lawyer. "Fine with me," Bo growled, "We'll just sit here and pray that Jennifer makes it -- because if she doesn't, I will not rest until there's a needle in your arm." Ben asked why Bo had mentioned Jennifer, and Bo replied with icy fury that the last heart Ben had purchased had been Jennifer's.

Bo and Abe lit into Ben for his part in chopping up healthy women and selling their parts, but a horrified Ben insisted that he thought the women had died of natural causes. Lee urged Ben to shut up, while Bo spat at Ben, "You ordered human organs like you were at a drive-through window, never caring where they came from." While Lee pointed out that none of what Ben was saying was admissible, he insisted that he would never have done anything to hurt Jennifer.

After an officer took Lee to a holding cell, Ben pleaded with Bo and Abe to let him leave to save Jennifer's life. When Abe got a phone call from Roman, he explained that he'd pulled some strings to reinstate Roman on the case. Abe extracted a promise from Bo not to kill Ben, and then left the two men alone. Ben contended with more than a little arrogance that he was the best surgeon in the country. "Please, do not let your overinflated sense of authority keep me from my patient!" Ben shouted at Bo.

Bo argued that Ben's greed was the only reason Jennifer had become a patient. Ben quietly maintained that he really liked Jennifer and would never have done anything to hurt her. He added that compared to him, Daniel Jonas was an amateur. Bo growled, "You really ought to listen to your partner in crime, and shut your friggin' mouth -- or I may not be able to keep my promise to Abe."

When Daniel arrived at the infirmary with Jennifer's heart in a cooler, Melanie had already changed into surgical scrubs. Daniel instructed Melanie to put the heart in cold saline solution while he scrubbed for surgery.

Melanie assisted while Daniel replaced Jennifer's heart. Just as Daniel reported that Jennifer was bleeding, Melanie noted that Jennifer's blood pressure had dropped. Melanie applied suction so Daniel could see to tie off the blood vessel. Once he succeeded, he announced that it was time to remove the clamps to reestablish blood flow, and take Jennifer off the bypass machine.

When Melanie turned off the machine, they were relieved that Jennifer's heart began to beat on its own -- but then suddenly the monitor flatlined.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

by Mike

Nicole found Taylor at the Brady Pub. Taylor wondered if Nicole had been following her, but Nicole explained that she had called Fay to find out where Taylor was staying. Taylor informed Nicole that she was planning to leave Salem. After she said goodbye to Nicole, Taylor started to leave the pub, but Nicole stopped her. "Let's have a drink," Nicole offered.

Taylor joked, "You tell me to get out of your life and now we're going to go sip cosmos together." Nicole ignored the quip and said that she needed to explain something to Taylor. After ordering drinks, Nicole added, "When it comes to the family that I was handed, all I know how to do is run away and wrap myself in denial. And, uh, when that family came knocking on my door, the past -- I just didn't know how to handle it."

Taylor apologized and assured Nicole that she wouldn't have returned to Salem if she had known that it was going to upset Nicole. Nicole admitted that it had been unfair of her to lump Taylor into "this family thing." Taylor insisted that she was family, and added, "We're talking around the subject." Nicole interrupted Taylor and warned her not to mention Nicole's father. "This isn't about how I feel about him. It's about how I feel about you," Nicole insisted.

Nicole admitted that she wasn't angry at Taylor -- she was just angry in general. Nicole promised that she didn't blame Taylor for what had happened to her in the past. Nicole explained that it was difficult for Taylor to fully understand what Nicole and Brandon had endured as kids. "It's just hard when our brother was used as his punching bag," Nicole said, "and I was his Locker Room Lolita. It is hard that we have the same parents -- the same father -- and you got a pass."

Nicole sadly noted that she and Taylor were never going to be able to bond the way normal sisters did. "But it was wrong to treat you the way that I did," she admitted as she offered Taylor some money for a motel room. Nicole advised Taylor to take a bus out of town the next morning and forget about her. Taylor refused the offer and insisted that she wasn't looking for a handout. Nicole explained that it wasn't a handout -- it was "guilt money."

"I was rotten to you, and I feel bad about it...but not bad enough to change. So enjoy," Nicole said as she grabbed her coat and started to leave. Taylor reiterated that she didn't want Nicole's money, but after Nicole had left, she whispered, "I just need it." Taylor vowed to pay her sister back. As Taylor started to leave the pub, Abe entered and was surprised to discover that Taylor was back in Salem.

Abe hugged Taylor and wondered why Brandon hadn't mentioned that Taylor was going to be visiting. Taylor admitted that Brandon wasn't aware that she was in Salem. Taylor explained that she had planned to visit Nicole, but she added, "I'm a reminder of a lot of things Nicole would rather forget." Taylor told Abe that she was on her way to the bus station, but Abe informed her that the last bus of the day had already departed. Abe insisted on having Taylor spend the night at the Carver house.

At the prison infirmary, Daniel instructed Melanie to take Jennifer off of life support. Everything seemed to be fine, but after a few moments, Jennifer's vitals began to drop. Melanie wondered if she should turn the life support machine back on. Daniel explained that it was too late and that they would need to start Jennifer's heart back up without the assistance of machines. After a tense few moments, Melanie noted that Jennifer's vitals were starting to improve, and the heart monitor began to indicate a steady heartbeat again. "Isn't that the most amazing sound in the world?" Melanie asked as Daniel breathed a sigh of relief.

"Unfortunately," Daniel said, "we're not out of the woods yet." The paramedic began to prep Jennifer so that she could be transported to the hospital. Daniel noted that he would feel more confident about Jennifer's chances of survival once she was back at the hospital under the care of a full support team. Daniel congratulated Melanie and said that he was impressed with her help during the operation. Melanie wondered if Daniel believed that Jennifer would make a full recovery, and Daniel assured her that he believed that Jennifer would be okay.

At the police station, Carly and Bo waited anxiously for news about Jennifer's condition. Carly was shocked to learn that Dr. Walters had been involved in the organ-harvesting operation. Carly told Bo that Ben had probably had no idea where the organs were from. "If he didn't know, it's because he didn't want to know," Bo insisted. Carly could tell that Bo was agitated, so she changed the subject.

Carly told Bo about her heart-to-heart conversation with Hope. Carly admitted that she had felt a bond between herself and Hope due to their mutual concern about Jennifer. Carly said, "I think I got to see the real Hope. You know, the one who doesn't need pills. The one who hasn't gone off the rails." She then added, "We need to talk," but Abe interrupted their conversation with news about Jennifer's condition.

"Jennifer's still alive," Abe announced. "But it doesn't look good," he added with a heavy sigh. Abe explained that the heart transplant was taking longer than they had anticipated. Abe added that they had a helicopter waiting to transport Jennifer to the hospital as soon as they heard from Daniel. Carly worried that something had gone wrong and insisted that she should have been there to assist Daniel with the surgery.

Abe assured her that he wouldn't have been able to release her from custody because they still needed to sort some things out. "I'm doing everything I can for your release, but it's complicated," Abe explained. Bo wondered what was going to happen to Hope. Abe apologized and said he wouldn't be able to get Hope released. Bo was worried that Hope would be sent back to the state prison, but Abe assured Bo that Hope would be sent to the county jail instead.

One of the police officers interrupted and announced that Daniel had called and had asked to speak to Carly. Carly was delighted to hear that Jennifer had made it through the surgery and was on her way to the hospital. Carly hugged Bo and informed him that Jennifer was going to be okay. While Carly and Bo celebrated, Abe left to handle the paperwork needed to get Carly released from custody. Once they were alone, Carly and Bo resumed their earlier conversation about Hope.

Carly noted that she had realized that "the old Hope" was back. Carly added that she was aware that Bo had probably recognized that even before he had broken Hope out of prison. Bo tried to interrupt, but Carly insisted that she needed to say what was on her mind. "A lot of people said a lot of nasty things about me because I was with you when they wanted you to be with Hope," Carly said, and added, "But I knew that I hadn't come between you. I knew it was because the two of you couldn't be together. So I wasn't guilty."

"But now," she continued, "if I stay with you, I would be, 'cause things are very different now, aren't they?" Bo admitted that Carly was right. Carly smiled and told Bo, "Please be happy for the time we had together. I know I am." Carly assured Bo that she knew that he loved her, and that they would always share a connection. She shrugged and added, "But I guess it wasn't one of those 'forever' kind of thingies, you know? You have that with somebody else, Bo."

Carly insisted that she didn't want Bo to feel guilty. Carly reminded Bo that she had been scared and miserable when she had arrived back in Salem, and assured him that he had helped her regain her strength and courage. Carly said that she would always be grateful to Bo for that. "And please don't be sad," Carly added, then insisted, "I'm not sad." Carly paused, then her eyes teared up slightly and she admitted, "I'm a little sad."

Carly recovered quickly and insisted that she was happy for the time that she and Bo had spent together. Carly noted that she and Bo had been through a lot and that they had always handled it with a certain amount of class. "So let's end it like that -- classy," she said with a smile. Bo joked, "If you really want to do this, is it wise for you to make me love you even more than I already do?" Before Carly could respond, Roman interrupted and informed Carly that she was free to leave.

Carly said goodbye to Bo with a kiss on the cheek and whispered, "Thanks for the memories." Bo struggled to maintain his composure as Carly left the police station. Roman asked Bo if he was all right, but Bo assured his brother that he would be fine. Eager to change the subject, Bo asked Roman if he had spoken to the D.A. about Hope's case. Roman regretfully informed Bo that Hope's case was a sensitive issue politically, and no one at the D.A.'s office wanted to be the person to handle it.

Bo wanted to see Hope, but Roman said that her guards probably wouldn't allow that. Roman agreed to talk to Hope himself so that she would know how Jennifer was doing. "Let her know that I'm going to get her back with her family," Bo vowed. Later, Roman returned and said that he had delivered Bo's message to Hope. Roman smiled and added, "But I think maybe you got more to tell her. So since I'm back on the force, I pulled rank and arranged for you to see her tomorrow."

Maggie rushed to the hospital after she heard what had happened to Jennifer. Maxine informed Maggie that Daniel had performed the surgery at the prison infirmary. Maxine offered to call one of Maggie's family members so that Maggie wouldn't have to wait at the hospital alone, but Victor showed up and assured Maxine that he would wait with Maggie. Victor comforted Maggie and assured her that Daniel was an excellent surgeon. Maggie wondered why Jennifer had been at the prison, so Victor told her that Jennifer had been helping Hope.

"That is just like Jennifer," Maggie noted. "One crisis after another, with all the best intentions," she added. Maggie tearfully admitted that normally, she hated it when Victor tried to throw his weight around and pull strings to get what he wanted, but in this case, she wanted to make an exception. Maggie begged Victor to do whatever he could do to find out how Jennifer was doing. Victor made a phone call and regretfully informed Maggie that Daniel was still operating on Jennifer and that no one knew what her condition was.

Maggie noted that after being trapped in a sarcophagus, she should be adept at waiting. Victor assured Maggie that she didn't have to remain composed around him. Maggie admitted that she was afraid that if she allowed herself to start to cry, she wouldn't be able to stop. Victor nodded and said, "It's been a hard day already, hasn't it?" Maggie was touched that Victor had remembered. "Mickey died a year ago today," Victor noted.

"I told myself if I could just get through the first year, it would be easier," Maggie admitted, then asked, "How much can you lose, Victor? How many people can you lose and -- and still stay the one that they loved?" Victor assured Maggie that she had stayed that person. "You're still the person that Mickey loved," Victor said, and added, "You're still the person who protects her family against all the crap that's slung at 'em. You're still the best person that I know."

Daniel and Melanie arrived at the hospital with Jennifer. As Maxine escorted Jennifer to the ICU, Victor stopped Daniel and asked for an update on Jennifer's condition. Daniel informed Victor and Maggie that Jennifer had made it through the surgery, but added, "There is a chance that Jennifer may reject the heart." Daniel apologized and rushed off to take care of Jennifer. Maggie was horrified by Daniel's fear that Jennifer might reject her own heart.

After getting Jennifer to the ICU, Melanie returned to give Maggie and Victor an update on Jennifer's condition. Melanie assured Maggie that Jennifer's condition was stable, but she added that Jennifer would be in the ICU overnight for observation. Victor offered to drive Maggie home so that she could pack a bag and spend the night at the hospital with Jennifer, but Maggie politely refused the offer. Victor realized that Maggie didn't want him to go to her house because Chloe was there. Victor promised that he wouldn't do anything to cause more problems for Chloe.

At Maxine's insistence, Melanie and Daniel reluctantly left the ICU so that they could get some rest. Carly arrived at the hospital as Melanie and Daniel were resting. "I couldn't be prouder of you both," she said. Daniel explained that Jennifer was still in critical care, but he assured Carly that he was very hopeful about her chances for recovery. Melanie left to call Nathan and give him the good news. Carly thanked Daniel for giving Jennifer a second chance at life.

Kate stopped by Maggie's house to see Parker. Chloe informed Kate that Parker was sleeping, but Kate insisted on seeing him anyway. Chloe tried to hide the prescription that Daniel had written for her earlier, but Kate noticed it. "Honey, are you all right?" Kate wondered. Chloe started to tell Kate to mind her own business, then realized that it would be futile to do so.

Kate assured Chloe that they were both on the same side where Parker was concerned. Kate reminded Chloe that Parker needed a strong, healthy mother. Kate said that Chloe should seek help from a doctor for Parker's sake. "You know how everyone tells you that having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world?" Kate asked. "No one tells you that your hormones are going to be all over the place, that your mood and your energy is out of control," she added.

Chloe noted that her condition might not have anything to do with hormones -- it might be due to the fact that Daniel had left her and Kate was back in her life. Kate insisted that she wasn't trying to judge Chloe. Kate explained that she simply wanted to help Chloe. Chloe scoffed and said, "Yeah, you want me to give you an inch so that you can take my baby." Kate promised that Chloe could trust her because they both wanted what was best for Parker.

Kate reminded Chloe that Chloe wasn't going to be alone; when Chloe was tired or stressed out, the Kiriakis family would be there to help out with Parker and alleviate some of the burden. "Parker is not a burden," Chloe insisted. Kate suggested that Chloe should leave town for a few days and let Philip take care of Parker. Kate said that Chloe could use the time to unwind and get away from all of the sadness that she had been forced to deal with in Salem. "Chloe, you need to do what's best for the baby," Kate reiterated as Parker's cries were heard over the baby monitor.

After Kate calmed Parker down, she asked Chloe to reconsider Kate's offer to take care of Parker temporarily. Maggie and Victor arrived home and interrupted the conversation. Maggie was surprised to see Kate in her house. Kate assured Maggie that she had only stopped by to visit Parker, and promised that she and Chloe had remained civil with each other. When Maggie reminded Chloe that it was time to feed Parker, Chloe seemed uninterested; instead of feeding Parker, she announced that she was exhausted and that she was going to bed.

After Chloe left, Kate frowned and claimed that she was worried about Chloe. Maggie remained skeptical and scoffed, "Your concern is so touching." Maggie held out her arms so that Kate could hand Parker over. Kate smiled sweetly and offered to feed Parker herself, but Maggie wouldn't relent. "Kate," she said firmly, "give me the baby."

"Well, she's in a lovely mood," Kate quipped after Maggie left. Victor defended Maggie, but Kate insisted that Maggie should be grateful that Kate had been there to watch Parker. Kate observed that Chloe wasn't capable of being alone with Parker in her condition. "She wasn't even capable of feeding her own child," Kate said. Kate smirked and added, "Isn't that wonderful?"

Kate told Victor that Chloe hadn't even flinched when Parker had started crying earlier. Kate added that Chloe hadn't objected when Kate had gone to comfort Parker herself, even though Chloe hated Kate and normally wouldn't want her anywhere near Parker. Kate noted that Chloe had tried to hide a prescription, and added that she was certain that it was for depression. Kate insisted that Parker belonged with Philip at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor warned Kate that they would need to handle the situation delicately.

Kate sighed and said that she was starting to share Vivian's frustration toward Maggie. "She takes all the starch out of you," she added. Kate revealed that she was planning to trick Chloe into taking "an emotional time-out" and leaving Parker with Philip for a few days. "And when she does, we'll tell everyone that she's abandoned the baby," Kate added. Victor was incredulous, but Kate insisted that they needed to get Parker away from Chloe as soon as possible.

Maggie carried Parker up to Chloe's room and asked if Chloe would like to hold Parker. "No, you do it," Chloe said apathetically. When Maggie returned to the kitchen after taking care of Parker, Kate excused herself and left. After Kate was gone, Maggie reminded Victor of their conversation at the hospital. Victor insisted that Kate was just concerned, but Maggie remained skeptical. "Keep Kate DiMera in line, Victor," she warned, "or you're gonna have to deal with me. And I mean it."

Outside Maggie's house, Kate looked at a picture of Parker on her cell phone. "You're going to be with Melanie and Philip," Kate vowed, then added, "Chloe doesn't stand a chance." Meanwhile, Chloe slept soundly upstairs despite the sound of Parker's cries filling her room.

Friday, February 4, 2011

In Lexie's office at the hospital, Taylor was playing with Theo, while Lexie called the DiMera mansion. When Nicole answered, Lexie explained that because she and Abe both had minor work emergencies to deal with, they wouldn't be able to make it to Sydney's birthday party. Nicole was disappointed, but understood. She offered to pick Theo up if Lexie needed help. Lexie started to tell Nicole that Theo was with Taylor, but Taylor frantically gestured for Lexie not to say anything.

After Lexie hung up, she asked why Taylor hadn't wanted Nicole to know she was still in town. "Nicole thinks I'm on a bus, on my way to visit our mom," Taylor replied, adding that she had promised Nicole that she would leave town. Lexie didn't understand why Nicole wouldn't want her own sister around. Taylor explained that her childhood had been "totally drama-free," while Nicole's had been a nightmare.

When Lexie was paged to go to the emergency room, Taylor offered to stay with Theo instead of taking him to the daycare center, since the little boy was happily playing "his own version" of Solitaire on Lexie's desk. A grateful Lexie declared that it was good to have Taylor around again.

As she walked on the pier, Melanie ran into Nathan. He seemed upset, so she asked why. Nathan asserted that it would have been his fault if Jennifer had died, because he had given her a message from Hope. Although she tried to be diplomatic about it, Melanie maintained that if anyone were to blame, it was Hope. That still didn't cheer Nathan up, so Melanie offered to show him something that would.

Melanie led Nathan by the hand into Jennifer's room, and he noted that Jennifer's heartbeat and other vital signs were strong. Nathan expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to Melanie for helping save Jennifer's life, especially with everything Melanie was going through. Nathan got a page and had to leave, but asked Melanie if they could talk later about their future.

Melanie ran into Maggie outside Jennifer's room, and Melanie confided that Nathan had told her that he still wanted to be a part of her and the baby's lives. She admitted that she didn't know how to feel about it, because her divorce proceedings hadn't even started yet. "You make sure this is exactly what you want this time," Maggie said. Melanie promised that she would. Maggie added softly, "I was reminded of something last night, that life is so precious -- and so is love. So if something feels right, don't let it slip away."

Melanie then ran into Lexie, and gave her a report on Jennifer's condition. Lexie was relieved to hear that Jennifer hadn't developed an infection, since the conditions at the prison probably hadn't been sterile. Melanie promised to let Lexie know if Jennifer started running a fever. Lexie was grateful to Melanie and Daniel for saving Jennifer's life. "A lot of people love that woman in there. I'm one of them," Lexie declared.

Taylor was attempting to teach Theo how to play Go Fish when Lexie returned to her office. Taylor announced that she had to leave if she wanted to catch the last bus out of Salem. "Don't go. Please?" Theo pleaded. Taylor returned a short while later, and explained that a big snowstorm in Chicago had prevented her bus from even making it to Salem. Grinning, Lexie said, "Well, Theo, I guess that settles it -- Taylor gets to stay with us one more night!" Theo beamed happily.

Nathan returned to the nurses' station, and asked Melanie if they could talk, but Melanie was reluctant. "Melanie, I know you still have feelings for me," Nathan said quietly. Melanie agreed to talk, but only if they could leave the hospital.

Melanie and Nathan got a table at the Brady Pub. He remarked that it was a little public, and then realized that was what she wanted. Melanie cautioned Nathan that she still wanted Philip to be a part of her baby's life. Nathan reassured her that he only wanted her to be happy. Melanie pointed out that her situation was complicated, and she wasn't sure if he could handle it. She wondered if Nathan had chased after Stephanie with as much determination.

Nathan asserted that when Melanie had chosen Philip, he had convinced himself that a life with Stephanie was what he wanted. "I know that you and I are not a mistake," he declared. "I'm pregnant," Melanie reminded him, and added, "And I'm dealing with Philip and his mother, and my dad is going through hell because of something that my husband did -- so anybody who's going to be with me has to be able to deal with that." Nathan asked, "And you don't think I'm that guy?" With a sigh, Melanie apologized, and then hurried out of the pub.

Maggie was at Jennifer's hospital bedside when Doug and Julie entered. Maggie informed them that although Jennifer was still unconscious, Daniel had said that her prognosis was good. Julie tearfully noted how devastating it would have been for Jennifer's loved ones if she had died. Doug asked Maggie to accompany him to the gift shop to get some flowers to cheer up Jennifer's room. Maggie realized that Doug wanted to give Julie some time alone with Jennifer, so she agreed.

After Maggie and Doug left, Julie pleaded with Jennifer to wake up. "Come back, and let Maggie and me make you tea and oatmeal cookies, and let Abigail and J.J. hug you, and tell you how much they love you need you, how much they love you need you." As Julie began to cry, Doug returned with a large, colorful bouquet of flowers. He put his arm around his wife, and they continued their vigil over Jennifer.

When Maggie returned, she told Doug and Julie that she was going home to rest, because she was tired. Maggie kissed Jennifer on the cheek, and murmured, "We're here, sweetheart. We're waiting for you." Jennifer moaned softly. "Am I late for school?" she asked. A very relieved Julie rushed to her side. "No, Jennifer darling, you're right on time!" Julie happily assured her niece. When Jennifer opened her eyes and saw her family, she asked where she was. "You are with us, sweetheart," Doug replied, and a beaming Maggie added, "And we're not letting you go!"

In the DiMeras' basement, E.J. banged on the table to wake up Rafe, who was imprisoned in the DiMeras' jail cell. Rafe didn't think E.J. would get away with it, because Sami would notice that Rafe was missing from the hospital, but E.J. asserted that Sami wasn't worried about Rafe. Rafe guessed that Sami had gotten a message from him that he had checked himself out of the hospital because he had to go out of town on urgent police business -- and while he was locked up, E.J. was going to try to make a move on Sami.

With a disdainful laugh, E.J. declared that Rafe's theory was so far from the truth that he should consider a career change. When E.J. stated that he still planned to marry Nicole, Rafe surmised that E.J.'s scheme was related to Johnny and Sydney. E.J. taunted Rafe about not getting to attend Sydney's birthday party -- especially since Rafe wouldn't even be missed. Rafe lunged at E.J. through the bars; E.J. only laughed and left the room.

Sami was surprised when she arrived at the hospital and found Rafe filling out his release papers. Faux Rafe declared that he was the patient, and he felt good enough to leave. Sami declared that she would be happy to have both him and Johnny home. After Johnny had been released, Sami told him that Ali had been planning a big, secret surprise for him. Johnny was excited to learn that Rafe was getting out of the hospital, as well.

Gabi and Will were decorating the loft for the party celebrating Sydney's birthday and Johnny homecoming. Gabi wondered if they should make an additional banner for Rafe, but Will assured her that Rafe knew how glad they all were that he was all right. Gabi admitted that she had been scared after his accident, and she was so relieved that he was getting to go home that she felt as if it were her birthday, too. Will kissed her.

When imposter Rafe, Sami, and Johnny arrived at the loft, Will excitedly picked Johnny up into a bear hug, and Gabi threw her arms around her brother. Faux Rafe admitted that he still felt a little out of it, so Sami instructed him to sit on the couch. Will took Johnny into the bedroom to see what Ali was up to. Gabi urged Rafe to call their mother, but he was worried that his mom would overreact when she learned that he had some memory loss. The Rafe imposter promised to call after the party.

After Gabi joined Will and the twins in the bedroom, Sami fretted to Rafe that the party might be too much for him, and offered to have it another day. Faux Rafe insisted that they go through with it, and promised to take it easy. As Sami kissed him, she noticed that he wasn't wearing the key around his neck. Imposter Rafe guessed that the hospital had lost it.

Nicole and E.J. arrived with Sydney -- and armloads of gifts. E.J. was surprised to see that Rafe had been released from the hospital, and asked how Rafe was feeling. Fake Rafe admitted that he had some holes in his memory from the concussion. Johnny opened a pair of ice skates, a welcome home gift from E.J., and then Nicole handed a gift to a surprised Sami.

Sami removed a pink photo album from the gift bag, and Nicole explained, "I took Sydney to the photographer, and she got her two-year-old portraits taken. And I got copies for you." A furious Sami maintained that as Sydney's mother, she should have taken Sydney to have her picture taken. Faux Rafe intervened and defused the situation before Sami could completely blow up. Apparently realizing that she had overreacted, Sami thanked Nicole.

While the adults cleaned up after the party, Sami thanked E.J. for also having gotten Ali a gift, and apologized to him for her earlier outburst. E.J. removed cards from his pocket that he'd purchased for the children, and explained that he thought they should both sign them. Sami was grateful to E.J. for his thoughtfulness.

From the kitchen, Nicole thanked fake Rafe for having intervened with Sami. She remarked about how well Rafe and E.J. seemed to be getting along, and imposter Rafe immediately wondered what E.J. had told Nicole. He seemed relieved when she didn't seem to know what E.J. was up to, and maintained that he had only stepped in with Nicole and Sami because of the kids.

Sami suddenly realized that she had forgotten to pick up the cake, but E.J. calmly volunteered to pick it up. Sami started giving him directions to the bakery, which was within walking distance. E.J. interrupted that if Rafe knew where the bakery was, the two of them could go together. Sami was taken aback, but E.J. emphasized that he was trying to honor their truce.

After the men left, Sami apologized to Nicole for overreacting about the pictures, and Nicole thanked Sami for signing the custody agreement. Sami asserted that she was determined to make things work, and Nicole replied that E.J. was, too. The women concurred that it was odd for Rafe and E.J. to be doing anything together. Sami declared that if the men could do it, so could she -- for the children's sake.

As they walked to the bakery, sham Rafe asked E.J. if Sami were always so quick-tempered. E.J. admitted that she was, especially when Nicole was involved -- but he thought the imposter had handled himself well. Phony Rafe complained that while he was quick on his feet, it hadn't been easy to take over Rafe's life with only a short time to prepare. E.J. pointed out that the imposter could use the concussion to cover any lapses.

Fake Rafe then asked, "Speaking of which, she asked me about a key -- does that mean anything to you?" E.J. said that it was probably a romantic memento, and asked how the imposter had answered. Faux Rafe replied, "That the hospital must have lost it." E.J. commended him for his quick thinking, and added, "You just keep doing what you're doing, and we will keep supplying you with all the information you need to be Rafe Hernandez."

Sami got kind of dreamy-eyed, and Nicole asked what was going on. Sami confessed that she and Rafe had such a strong connection that sometimes she knew when he was thinking about her. She explained that when she would call Rafe at those times, he would tell her that he'd just been thinking about her. "I can tell he's thinking about me right now," Sami stated with a grin.

In the cell, Rafe retrieved his necklace with the key on it from inside the metal bed frame. He knew that Sami wouldn't believe anything E.J. told her, and wondered what kind of game E.J. was playing. He tried to imagine what Sami and the kids were doing at that moment. "It's Sydney's birthday. Johnny must be getting out of the hospital. Well, happy birthday, Sydney, and welcome home, Johnny. Sami, I don't know what you think happened to me, but I hope you know I will always, always love you."

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