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Monday, March 7, 2011

Carly returned home from her medical conference and went to Daniel's apartment to talk about Melanie's miscarriage. At the Brady Pub, Nathan carried Melanie out of the Brady Pub after she lost her balance. After they arrived at the hospital, Maxine called Daniel to tell him about Melanie being readmitted to the hospital, so Daniel and Carly left for the hospital.

At the hospital, Melanie insisted she was fine. Nathan explained that it was not uncommon to have dizziness due to low blood volume from a miscarriage. Melanie told him to stop worrying about her. Nathan told her that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and make her happy. Daniel and Carly interrupted their conversation and asked questions about her medical condition. Melanie told them she hadn't died or anything -- she'd just had a little problem. Melanie was surprised to see Carly back from her medical conference, but she wanted Carly to stay.

After everyone left Melanie's room, Carly started asking Melanie medical questions. Melanie said she hadn't asked Carly to stay so Carly could be her doctor -- she wanted Carly to stay so Carly could be her mother. Melanie said she wanted to talk to Carly about when Melanie was a baby and Carly gave her away. Carly assumed that Melanie was wondering how anyone could give a baby away, especially after the loss that Melanie had suffered. Melanie said that wasn't it -- she understood why Carly had given her up for adoption. Melanie said that if she had been in Carly's shoes, she would have done anything to save her baby's life.

Melanie said that she forgave Carly for giving her away at birth. Melanie admitted that she'd thought about getting an abortion when she first found out she was pregnant, partly because of what Philip had done, but also because she thought that Nathan was the man she should have been with the whole time. Melanie asked when Carly had realized it was over with Bo. Carly said she didn't think she would ever be over Bo or stop loving him. Carly asked if Melanie was thinking about giving Philip another chance, and Melanie said it was over between them. Melanie said that she didn't think she would ever get over Nathan.

Nathan told Daniel how worried he had been about Melanie when she lost her balance. Daniel pointed out that they might have overreacted. Nathan said that he didn't want anything to happen to Melanie. Daniel reminded Nathan that they were doctors and needed to treat Melanie like a patient. Nathan asked to speak to Daniel in private.

Nathan told Daniel that Melanie had broken off her marriage to Philip. Nathan said he could tell that Melanie loved Philip -- just not the way she loved Nathan. Nathan told Daniel that he wanted to marry Melanie. Nathan asked for Daniel's blessing, but Daniel wouldn't give it.

Brady received a phone call from Nicole to ask him why he had offered Taylor a job at Titan. She wondered if he had done it because of Nicole. Brady asked why his job offer to Taylor would be about Nicole. Nicole urged Brady to let go and stop trying to find ways to stay connected to her world. Brady laughed at her and said that the world didn't revolve around her. He explained that he had offered Taylor the job because of Taylor's qualifications.

At the DiMera mansion, as Taylor was leaving, E.J. was returning home. He asked her what she was doing there, and she said she was leaving. She tried to walk past him, but he stepped in her way and urged her to wait. Taylor told him "Goodbye, brother-in-law." He asked her to call him E.J., but she refused to and said, "As soon as I can come up with a name for someone who plays games with other people's emotions..."

Nicole interrupted Taylor and E.J.'s conversation to tell Taylor that the job Brady had offered her was still in the works. E.J. asked about the job offer, and Nicole explained that Taylor had been offered a job at Titan. E.J. declared that Taylor wasn't going to be working at Titan. Taylor asked who E.J. thought he was, trying to tell her what she could and couldn't do with her life. E.J. told her that if she worked for Titan, it would be a disaster. Taylor said he didn't know her. E.J. told her that Brady was a junkie and an alcoholic who was in love with Nicole and came from a family that was not friendly with the DiMeras. Taylor asked what that had to do with her.

E.J. said Brady didn't like E.J. and wanted to see E.J.'s family harmed. Taylor said she was finally seeing the side of E.J. that she had only heard about, and she felt she had heard enough. E.J. warned her to stay away from Brady. Taylor stormed out. Nicole asked why E.J. was so mean and blunt with Taylor. E.J. thought Taylor was being naïve, and he was annoyed that she thought that Brady had offered her a job out of the kindness of his heart. Nicole pointed out that Taylor had graduated magna cum laude.

E.J. said Taylor would be "suited to work in many places, just not with him." E.J. told Nicole he didn't want to have a conversation or argument about it with her. Nicole said that Taylor had hit a nerve, and she wondered why Taylor was able to get to him. E.J. said it was about time that Nicole knew. E.J. admitted that he and Taylor had met before the wedding. Nicole assumed that Taylor and E.J. hadn't hit it off when they first met.

Sydney called out "Mommy," so Nicole went to check on her. Before she walked out of the room, E.J. said that Sydney really loved her. Nicole said that the feeling was mutual, and she was grateful for E.J. giving her the chance to be Sydney's stepmother. They kissed. Nicole went upstairs to get Sydney and carried her downstairs to see E.J. Nicole asked him what he had been planning to tell her about when he and Taylor first met. He changed his mind about telling her the truth, and let Nicole think that he and Taylor hadn't gotten along with each other. Nicole assured him that once Taylor got to know him, she would be as crazy about him as Nicole was.

As Brady was leaving, Taylor stopped by to accept Brady's job offer. Brady asked why she had changed her mind, and she made a joke about it being an offer she couldn't refuse. He said his family had a bad reputation, and he wanted the business to be legitimate. Brady asked if it would be a problem for her to work for him while Nicole was married to E.J. She said it wasn't, and she asked if it he expected her to report to him about what was going on with Nicole.

Brady said he had told Nicole he was done with her, and she had to lie in the bed she made "right next to the biggest son of a bitch there ever was for a husband." Taylor asked if E.J. was that bad, and Brady warned Taylor to stay away from E.J. Taylor told Brady that E.J. had given her the same advice about Brady. Taylor said that E.J. didn't run her life -- no one did.

Fake Rafe and Sami made out, and Sami asked him to make love to her the way he had done before the accident. He was perplexed by her request, and she thought it was because he really didn't remember. Fake Rafe said he thought they were good in bed. She said they had been, and she tried to explain, but he got upset and asked what she wanted from him, so she got up and left.

Sami stared at her wedding ring in the living room, and when Fake Rafe walked in and tried to touch her, she pulled away. He asked if she was afraid of him, and she said no. He said she was, because he could see it in her eyes. Sami admitted that she was afraid, but she wasn't afraid of him. She said she was afraid of their future, because everything was so different.

Fake Rafe reminded her of the car accident and said he would get better. She said everything was so clear before the accident, but everything had changed. He insisted that he was going to get better. She said she was hoping he would go back to normal. "This stops. This stops now," he said. Sami asked what he meant.

Fake Rafe apologized and said he always managed to mess things up. Sami said she hated that she added to his frustration. She said she couldn't help herself and always wanted more. He said he didn't want her to torture herself because she wanted him to be the man that he used to be. He said he wanted to be that person. She said she just wanted him to be himself -- the man she had fallen in love with. She wondered if there was a way he could find his way back to that person. "Maybe there is," he said.

Fake Rafe asked her to teach him and tell him about all the little things that they had done before. He kissed her. They went back to the bedroom, and she explained how they had made love really slowly. She detailed how he would begin to seduce her, and Fake Rafe followed her instructions. After making love, he asked her how he had performed, and she said he had been great. He said maybe he would be able to figure out who he really was. He fell asleep, and she thought about how they had given each other keys to the safe house for Christmas. Sami opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out the key to the safe house, and she cried.

Rafe woke up in his cell and saw Stefano. He asked Stefano where he was and how he had ended up there. Stefano's henchman walked in and asked how Rafe was. Stefano regretted telling Rafe about the drug that would destroy his memory, because Stefano couldn't figure out if Rafe was faking his memory loss. Stefano contemplated killing Rafe instead. Stefano woke Rafe up, and Rafe asked who Stefano was. Stefano said that he wasn't fooled.

Stefano tried to trip Rafe up and see if he was faking his memory loss, but Rafe insisted he didn't know what was going on. Stefano didn't believe him and aimed a gun at Rafe. He told Rafe to tell him the truth, or Rafe would be killed. Rafe said he didn't want to die. Stefano ordered him to stop pretending. Rafe insisted he didn't know what he was doing there. Stefano noticed that Rafe had mentioned God, and Rafe asked if he was really religious or something, but Stefano wouldn't tell him anything.

Nicole and Sydney left to go on an outing and planned for E.J. to join them later. After they left, Stefano told E.J. that the mind-erasing drug had worked on Rafe. E.J. said they didn't have any way of getting any information from Rafe for Fake Rafe. Stefano suggested they have Fake Rafe use the excuse of a bad head injury. Stefano said that they would keep the real Rafe in his cell to be on the safe side. E.J. wanted to see for himself, but Stefano warned him that the drug had wiped out all of Rafe's memory -- including E.J. -- and seeing E.J. might trigger Rafe's memory. Stefano wondered if E.J. had regrets about it, but E.J. didn't -- he felt that Rafe had deserved it.

Rafe yelled for someone to tell him what was going on with him. He wondered why he couldn't remember who he was and what he had done.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down on the pier, Chad confided to Kate that he was unsure how he felt about the DiMera family. "Once I feel comfortable, I'll see about Stefano," Chad said. Kate warned Chad that Stefano was not well and that Chad needed to determine whether he wanted to reconcile with his father sooner rather than later. Kate and Chad went over to the Brady Pub to talk about Stefano's health, and Kate informed Chad that Stefano was struggling with diabetes.

"If you're ever going to get to know your father, the time is now," Kate said. When Chad appeared reluctant to take Kate's advice, Kate reminded Chad that Lexie was Stefano's daughter and that she had managed to retain her separate life from Stefano while still being a part of the family. Kate suggested that if he got to know Stefano, Chad might determine what kind of person Chad wanted to be. Kate informed Chad that Stefano had confided in her that he was proud of Chad.

With a sigh, Chad admitted that his adoptive father had never told Chad that he was proud of him. "Then this other guy comes along that is supposed to be bad and he's proud of me for just showing up," Chad said. Kate urged Chad to let Stefano be his father. Chad reminded Kate that he had loved his mother and that his mother had wanted Chad to stay away from Stefano. Kate countered that Madeline had wanted to keep Chad segregated from a past she was ashamed of.

"Your mother, I know she's in your heart and she always will be, but she's not here to love you or support you. And the man who raised you, he wants nothing to do with you. But your father is waiting to offer you all the help you need," Kate said. "At what price?" Chad asked. With a sigh, Kate noted that Stefano wanted his son.

In the hospital waiting room, Nathan asked for Daniel's blessing to marry Melanie. Daniel refused to give his blessing because he did not believe marrying Nathan was what was best for his daughter. Firm in his belief, Nathan informed Daniel that even without Daniel's blessing, Nathan intended to propose to Melanie.

Nathan returned to Melanie's room and urged her to let him speak first. "This might not be the best time or the best place, but I've been thinking. You know I love you. All I do is think of you all the time and I would do anything for you. Anything. And I want you to be part of my life. Forever," Nathan said. As Melanie stared at Nathan, he continued, "Will you spend the rest of your life with me letting me make you as happy as I can? Will you marry me? All you have to do is say yes."

"I can't," Melanie whispered. Stunned, Nathan could only mutter, "What?" Before Melanie could explain, Nathan apologized for pressuring Melanie and asked her to forget what he had said. "I finally get it now. I know you just need time to adjust," Nathan said. Melanie admitted that she had been thinking about marrying Nathan, and she had made a decision. Melanie explained that she could not marry Nathan because of Philip. Melanie continued that she could not commit to Nathan or Philip because they were both the wrong choice for her.

Noting the hurt look on Nathan's face, Melanie hurriedly explained that losing her child had shown her that she could not "jump into things." Melanie noted that she needed to think about the future, and when she did, she did not see a future with Nathan. Melanie tearfully apologized to Nathan and noted that she loved him. In disbelief, Nathan walked out.

Will took Gabi over to Maggie's house to introduce her to Abigail. Excited to meet someone new, Gabi invited Abigail to go shopping with them. Abigail jokingly asked Gabi to introduce her to some guys from school, then Abigail admitted that she had already met "a jerk" at the Java Café. When Chad asked Abigail about the guy's name, Abigail shrugged and explained that she had not asked his name because the guy had been at the café with his little boy.

Hope visited Bo at the police station and took him lunch. After greeting Bo, Hope learned there was a problem with some equipment at the station. Familiar with the equipment, Hope cheerfully volunteered to help fix the problem. After Hope left, Bo attended to some paperwork as Carly entered the station. Carly handed Bo the coroner's report for a shooting case.

Bo offered Carly his sympathy for Melanie's loss. "She's a fighter," Carly said softly. "Like her mother," Hope added as she walked up behind Carly. Called to work downstairs, Bo excused himself, leaving Hope and Carly to talk. Hope offered her sympathy for Melanie's miscarriage, and Carly thanked Hope for keeping Melanie in her thoughts. "Bo did the right thing. The only thing. Leaving me to be with you," Carly said.

Carly explained that her relationship with Bo had changed and that Bo's choice was a good thing because they had exposed an organ theft ring and reunited Hope with Ciara. "I can only imagine how hard it was for you to say that just now," Hope said. Carly admitted she wanted Bo to be happy and that he would be happy with Hope. Hope inquired about how Carly was doing. Carly deflected the question, then left the precinct, fighting tears.

When Bo returned to his desk, he was talking to Jocelyn about a case. Once Jocelyn walked away, Bo asked Hope what had happened with Carly. Hope told Bo about her conversation with Carly, and she grew teary-eyed. With a smile, Bo finished Hope's sentence saying, "You and I are meant to be." Crying, Hope nodded. "I need you," Bo reassured Hope.

Hope started to leave, but curious about the Biltmore case Jocelyn had mentioned, Hope reminded Bo that she had worked on the Biltmore case previously. With Bo's blessing, Hope reviewed the file. Hope pointed out a suspect that she believed to be the shooter, then kissed her husband goodbye. When Jocelyn returned, Bo informed her about Hope's suspect.

At the Java Café, after learning that Taylor had accepted a position at Titan, E.J. warned Taylor that Brady was using her to hurt the DiMeras. Indignant, Taylor listed her qualifications and added that E.J. was being egotistical. When Taylor noted that E.J. treated women like pawns, E.J. apologized and offered to make things up to Taylor. Annoyed, Taylor urged E.J. to walk away and leave her alone. E.J. reiterated his belief that Brady wanted to hurt him, but Taylor argued that though she did not know E.J., she did not intend to hurt him or E.J.'s family.

"Brady can't use me because I won't let him," Taylor noted as she turned to leave. Desperate, E.J. gently grabbed Taylor's arm to stop her. As E.J.'s hand slid down to Taylor's hand, she sighed, then walked out of the Java Café. Furious, E.J. chastised himself for driving Taylor away. As E.J. looked down at the floor, he spotted Taylor's scarf.

As Taylor stood on the pier, E.J. walked around the corner with her scarf. When E.J. handed the scarf to Taylor, her hand brushed against his. E.J. apologized to Taylor, and she countered, "I took a job with someone you hate. Your biggest rival. Why wouldn't you be upset?" "It's more than that. I'm upset because we can't be together," E.J. admitted. Snapping back to reality from her daydream of meeting E.J. on the pier, Taylor stood in front of the Brady Pub and sighed. Meanwhile, down on the pier, E.J. sat on a bench, clutching Taylor's scarf in his hands. Conflicted, E.J. smelled Taylor's scarf and sighed.

Jennifer went to the hospital to have her stitches removed, then she stopped by the nurse's station to say hello to Daniel. Jennifer inquired about Melanie, and Daniel informed Jennifer that Melanie was doing well and that Carly had returned to town. Jennifer expressed her joy over the news that Daniel and Carly had reconciled and were becoming friends again.

As Jennifer was leaving the hospital, she ran into Carly at the hospital elevators. When Jennifer noticed that Carly was crying, she asked what was wrong. Carly explained that she had spoken to Bo and Hope at the police station and that she had accepted that her relationship with Bo was over. Jennifer invited Carly to talk to her anytime, then Jennifer left when she notice that Daniel had returned to the nurse's station.

Gabi, Will, and Abigail were having coffee at the Java Café and looking at photos of classmates online to find the guy that Abigail had met. As Abigail looked up, she saw Chad walk into the café. With a sour look on her face, Abigail noted that the "jerk" she had met had just walked into the room. As Will and Gabi turned around, their jaws dropped open when they saw Chad. "Chad?" Gabi and Will asked in unison.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At Alice's, Maggie tried to give instructions to Jennifer on how to reheat a lasagna that Maggie had taken over, but a distracted Jennifer was on the computer, reading Jack's blog. Jennifer was dismayed to learn that Jack had moved on from Australia to an ashram in India. Maggie wanted to know if Jack had mentioned his wife or children, or all the urgent messages Jennifer's family had left for him, but Jennifer said that there was no mention of her or the kids.

"He does say that he has 'stripped away all the pretensions," Jennifer read. Maggie suggested that perhaps she had left the messages on the wrong cell phone number, but Jennifer guessed that Jack just didn't care. Jennifer added that she was sad because she'd realized that she and Jack would never have the same kind of marriage that Maggie and Mickey had enjoyed. Maggie asserted that her marriage hadn't been perfect, but Jennifer said that all she had seen was a couple who had tried to work things out when they'd had problems.

Jennifer continued that Jack had left her emotionally and mentally long before he left physically, and she had no idea what he was off trying to find, but it obviously wasn't her. "It seems clear that Jack and I, we don't have your kind of love anymore," Jennifer stated sadly, and added, "I don't know; maybe we never did." Maggie asked what Jennifer was going to do.

Jennifer admitted that she didn't know, and added, "Abigail thinks that I should have an affair." She admitted that she felt "stuck." Maggie asserted that Jennifer deserved to be happy, and asked if Jack knew how Jennifer felt. Jennifer pointed out that she and Jack didn't even speak anymore, and Maggie suggested that Jennifer should change that.

After Maggie had gone, Jennifer returned to reading Jack's blog. His words infuriated her so much that she slammed the computer shut and dialed Jack. When she reached his voicemail, she left a message that she and Abigail were in Salem, and although Abigail was fine, Jennifer was not. "A while back -- and this is going to sound crazy -- but someone cut my heart out, and I am not metaphorically speaking!" Jennifer shouted tearfully, and continued, "I almost died, and you weren't here! And you want to know what's really weird, Jack? It's that you hurt my heart more than the person who cut at it with a knife!" She threw the phone down angrily.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was on the phone, barking orders at an underling, when Victor entered. Victor noted that it seemed as if Brady's plans were falling apart, but Brady asserted that everything was fine. Victor countered that Brady had taken control of Titan without having a strategy mapped out for it afterward -- and Victor would ultimately get the company back. Brady maintained that Victor should be proud of him for having developed a killer instinct, and then suggested that Victor should spend some time being a grandfather to Parker.

Victor snarled, "Don't you dare patronize me. I am Titan! I built it with my own two hands!" He wondered why Brady hated him so much. Brady countered that he loved Victor and wanted to earn Victor's respect, but the only way he knew how was to do something drastic. Victor pointed out that it wasn't necessary to put him out to pasture for Brady to feel powerful. "Why don't you make me your senior advisor? I can keep you from running the company into the ground," Victor suggested.

Brady asserted that at the first opportunity, Victor would poison Brady while organizing a coup. He added that the company was hardly being run into the ground. "If you can't be proud of me, why don't you be proud of yourself? Because you are the man who made me who I am," Brady declared.

As Brady and Victor were shouting at each other, Maggie arrived, and ordered them to stop immediately. She chided them both, especially Victor, since Brady was the son of Victor's beloved daughter Isabella. A phone call from Brady's lawyer interrupted them, and he left the room to take it. Maggie pleaded with Victor to try to work things out -- calmly -- with Brady, but Victor told her -- politely -- to butt out.

An indignant Maggie demanded to know why she should. Victor wanted to know how his problems with Brady were her business, and Maggie replied that it was just the way she was. "Oh, you always stick your nose in where it doesn't belong?" Victor asked. Maggie shouted, "Yes, when it's someone I love!"

At the Java Café, Will and Gabi informed Abigail that Chad didn't have a kid. Abigail was surprised, since she'd recently seen Chad with a little boy. Chad overheard Abigail call him "a total jerk," so he asked if his friends were also jerks by association. Will introduced Abigail as his cousin. Chad remarked that he had obviously made a poor first impression on Abigail, and cleared things up for her: Johnny was his nephew, not his son.

An embarrassed Abigail apologized for her assumption. As Will left to take a call from his great-grandmother, Abigail explained that she had "a thing" about guys who didn't take care not to get a girl pregnant -- but she knew that Will would never be friends with that kind of guy. After an awkward moment, Chad admitted that Abigail hadn't been completely wrong about him.

Before Chad could explain, Will returned and told the group that he had to leave, because his great-grandmother was shorthanded for a Rotary Club event at the Brady Pub that night. Since Gabi worked there, she offered to go with Will. Will was worried about leaving Chad and Abigail alone, but Abigail assured him that they would be fine.

After Gabi and Will left, Chad informed Abigail that he'd gotten a girl pregnant in high school, but the baby had died. Abigail expressed her sympathy, and asked if Chad and the baby's mother were still together. Chad replied that Mia had gone to New York to study dance, and noted that he probably was the jerk Abigail had thought he was. Abigail stated that she was finally realizing that her mom was right, that life wasn't always black and white. Chad confided that he was trying to be the kind of man whom Grace would be proud to call her dad.

As Chad and Abigail were comparing notes about giving up far-away colleges to go to school in Salem, Chad's friend T entered. After Chad introduced T and Abigail, an astonished T said that he'd just learned from Kinsey that Chad had been E.J.'s best man because Chad was Stefano DiMera's son. Abigail was taken aback, as well. Chad explained that he hadn't known for long and was still trying to adjust to the idea.

When T went to the counter, Abigail made an excuse to leave. Chad tried to apologize for T's crassness, but Abigail admitted that it wasn't T -- it was because Chad was a DiMera. Chad protested that he'd had no choice about that, but Abigail asserted that she had seen what the DiMeras were capable of. When T returned, he joked that Abigail had left because Chad had broken her heart. Chad countered that Abigail would have to have a heart for him to break it.

After the Rotary Club dinner, an exhausted Will and Gabi sat together in the empty Brady Pub. Will put up the "closed" sign, and expressed his gratitude to Gabi for helping out. As they kissed, a young man watched them from outside the window. Suddenly Will noticed that Gabi was missing an earring. They both jumped up and began searching the floor frantically, and Will quickly found the missing earring, to Gabi's relief. She removed her other earring, and placed both in a small pouch in her purse. "It would kill me if I ever lost something you gave me," she explained, and hugged Will gratefully -- and the man outside continued watching them with interest.

Caroline sent Will a text message from the kitchen to let him know that she had Gabi and Will's tips. While Will went to the kitchen, Gabi went into the ladies' room. As soon as they had both gone, the man outside entered. He walked quietly over to Gabi's purse, grabbed the pouch containing the earrings, and quickly left. When Will and Gabi returned, he handed over her share of the tip money. She put it in her purse, and immediately realized that her earrings were gone.

Meanwhile, as the man as who had stolen Gabi's earrings walked away from the pub, he shook them out of the pouch to look at them. "These are worth some money," he said to himself. "Sorry I had to steal them from you, chica."

On the pier, E.J. had a fantasy about Taylor, and then called Lexie and said he needed to speak with her immediately. When E.J. arrived at the hospital, a worried Lexie asked what was wrong. E.J. assured her that he just needed a favor, and then reminded his sister that she'd told him she knew the chief of staff at New York Memorial Hospital. E.J. explained that he'd learned that hospital had an opening that required a business degree, and he hoped Lexie could recommend a friend of his for the job.

Lexie said that she would be happy to do it -- until she learned that E.J. was talking about Taylor. Lexie wanted to know why E.J. wanted his wife's sister to move hundreds of miles away from Salem. E.J. insisted that he was only trying to help his sister-in-law get a job. Lexie didn't buy it, and pointed out that Theo had formed a bond with Taylor. "I don't want him losing his friend simply because you happen to have the hots for her!" Lexie declared. E.J. tried to deny it, but Lexie pushed him to admit that he, too, had made a connection with Taylor.

E.J. reluctantly confessed, "Okay, fine -- yes, I'm sure you'd be delighted to know that it's driving me absolutely insane!" Chuckling, Lexie remarked that Nicole would flip out if she knew about E.J.'s feelings for Taylor. E.J. pleaded with Lexie to help him, but she flatly refused to rearrange Taylor's life just because of the way Taylor made E.J. feel. Lexie asked E.J. about that. E.J. admitted that he'd seen Taylor, and then "something happened," as if he had been struck by lightning.

Lexie noted that sometimes people met the right person while married to the wrong person, and E.J. should consider that maybe that had been what had happened to him -- before he shipped Taylor off to another state. E.J. insisted that he was happy with his arrangement with Nicole, and besides, he didn't have room in his life for the kind of love that Lexie was suggesting he felt for Taylor. Lexie declared that she felt sorry for E.J., but after her conversation with Taylor at E.J. and Nicole's wedding, Lexie guessed that Taylor had since gotten over E.J. "Now all you have to do is get over her," Lexie stated. An unconcerned E.J. kissed his sister and left.

As she walked by the Brady Pub, Taylor realized that she was no longer wearing the scarf that E.J. had given her. She tried to convince herself to forget E.J., because he was Nicole's husband. Nicole called Taylor just then, and asked Taylor to return to the mansion right away.

When Taylor arrived at the DiMera mansion, she was stunned to find her and Nicole's mother, Fay, there. Taylor asked why Fay hadn't been there the day before for Nicole's wedding, and Fay explained that she had been in the hospital that day. Fay added that the hospital had sent her home because there was nothing they could do for her. She informed her daughters that she had cardiomyopathy, for which her doctor had prescribed medications.

Nicole accused Fay of being a "drama queen" for making it sound like she was dying, and demanded to know what else the doctor had said. Fay replied that she was supposed to sign up with a nursing service to monitor her heart, but the condition could cause a fatal arrhythmia at any moment. Nicole softened, and reassured her mother that she wasn't going to die. She added that Fay could move into the mansion's guesthouse -- and take advantage of Nicole's status as a DiMera to get the best possible medical care.

Fay didn't want to intrude on Nicole and E.J., plus she would be lonely because she no longer had friends in Salem. Nicole declared that Taylor would move in, as well, to be with Fay around the clock. Taylor maintained that she absolutely could not live there. Fay understood, but asserted that Nicole had a point, since Fay didn't have a job and couldn't pay rent. Taylor was determined not to be Nicole's "freeloading relatives," and promised to find an apartment for her and Fay.

Nicole insisted that the DiMeras wouldn't mind if the ailing Fay stayed there, but Taylor didn't think they should do anything without asking E.J. and Stefano. Although Nicole didn't think the DiMera men would care, she promised to ask E.J. about it. Fay gently pleaded with Taylor to change her mind about staying there.

Later, Nicole informed Taylor that Harold was giving Fay a tour of the guesthouse. As Taylor was cautioning that Nicole was rushing things, E.J. returned home. Nicole quickly filled E.J. in about her mom's condition, and asked if it would be all right for Fay to move into the guesthouse. E.J. agreed, but worried that Fay would be alone. Nicole assured him that Taylor was moving in, too, to look after Fay.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

by Mike

At the Java Café, Chloe thanked Philip for moving her into the mansion so that she could be with Parker. Chloe told Philip that it meant a lot to her to know that she had his support. Chloe assured Philip that he wouldn't have to worry about her anymore; instead, she wanted him to focus on helping Melanie cope with her miscarriage. Philip admitted that Melanie had told him about her earlier conversation with Chloe. Philip promised Chloe that he wasn't going to bail on her.

Philip told Chloe that Melanie had ended their relationship. Chloe offered her support and suggested that Melanie might change her mind after some time had passed. Chloe admitted that she was glad that Daniel was going to be busy taking care of his daughter. Chloe explained that it would be good for Daniel to spend time on something other than his hatred for Chloe. Philip agreed that they had all been through hell.

Chloe smiled at Parker and stated that at least one good thing had happened as a result of their affair. Philip told Chloe that they needed to ensure that Parker was always happy. Chloe agreed, and she told Philip that Parker was the one thing that he and Chloe had done right.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tried to mend the rift between Victor and Brady. Victor told Maggie to stay out of it, but Maggie refused to do so. Maggie explained that it wasn't in her nature to ignore the situation -- not when it involved someone that she loved. Victor wondered what it was that Maggie had meant by that statement. Maggie reminded Victor that she cared a great deal for his family.

Victor observed, "You didn't say, 'Someone I worry about.' And you didn't say, 'Someone I care about.' You said, 'Someone that I love.'" Maggie reminded Victor that he had told her to mind her own business. Victor noted that Maggie was avoiding his question. Maggie claimed that she had forgotten what Victor's question had been. Victor bluntly asked Maggie who it was that she loved.

Maggie reiterated that she loved Victor's family -- Brady, Philip, and Parker. Victor pointed out that Maggie wasn't yelling at any of them. Maggie deflected by stating that she didn't want to talk about her feelings with someone who had told her to mind her own business. Victor offered to simplify his question. "Let's think of it as a sliding scale -- all you have to say is a number. Zero is for gross disdain, and ten is -- well, ten is what it is. Where do I rate?" he asked.

Exasperated, Maggie said, "You are absolutely insane!" Victor told Maggie that she was a ten. Maggie observed that she and Victor had just had their first argument. Victor reminded Maggie that they argued all the time. "No. I tell you what's wrong with you, and you laugh at me -- that's not an argument," Maggie said. Maggie admitted that their argument had made her realize how much she really cared about his family -- and how much she cared about Victor, Maggie added reluctantly.

Victor was pleased to hear that Maggie had admitted her true feelings, but Maggie insisted that nothing had changed. Maggie said that she had noticed the way that Victor had looked at Brady earlier. "It was the face of the man I used to hate -- the guy that I have to keep at arm's length," Maggie explained. Victor reminded Maggie that Brady had betrayed him by stealing Titan. Maggie noted that everyone deserved to have the rug pulled out from under them once in a while.

Maggie wondered if Victor still believed that she was a ten. Victor claimed that he had always respected people who weren't afraid of him. "Unless they're related to you, or married to you," Maggie pointed out. Victor suggested that Maggie might like to try being married to him to test her theory. Maggie quickly refused Victor's offer, and Victor wondered what it was that Maggie was afraid of.

"That you'll break my heart...or that I'll break yours," Maggie quietly admitted as she fought back tears. Victor quipped that he was happy that Maggie had acknowledged that he had a heart. Maggie insisted that she had never accused Victor of not having a heart. "Your ability to ignore what's in it is what gives me a problem," Maggie explained. Maggie excused herself and turned to leave, but Victor grabbed her by the arm and stopped her.

"My heart is telling me something right now, and I hear it loud and clear," Victor said as he pulled Maggie into his arms and kissed her. After Victor kissed Maggie, he walked toward the door. Maggie wondered what he was doing, so he reminded her that she had announced that she was leaving. Victor showed Maggie to the door, and warned her not to return to the mansion to look for Chloe unless she was ready to have a serious conversation with Victor.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie ran into Philip and Chloe. Maggie was still stunned by what had transpired between her and Victor, and she was visibly distracted. When Chloe asked Maggie if she was all right, Maggie admitted that she wasn't sure how to answer that question. Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Philip asked Victor if he was all right. Victor didn't respond to Philip's question.

Sami overheard Fake Rafe talking to Bo on the phone about returning to work. Sami noted that Fake Rafe was probably sick of being stuck at the apartment and was anxious to get back to work. When Fake Rafe quickly agreed with Sami's statement, Sami was noticeably upset and excused herself from the room. After Sami left, Fake Rafe removed his gun from its holster and started playing with it. Fake Rafe muttered that it was going to be interesting to be on the right side of the law.

Sami walked back into the room and saw Fake Rafe aiming his gun at the wall. Sami recalled that John had kept his gun locked in the drawer of his bedside table when she was a child. Fake Rafe said that he had been planning to keep his gun on the top shelf of the closet. Sami reminded him that they had talked about getting a gun safe before Rafe's accident. Sami noted that Johnny loved playing with his toy gun, and she didn't want him to get his hands on the real thing.

Fake Rafe snickered and said, "Wouldn't want you taking another crack at E.J. either, would we?" Sami was shocked by Fake Rafe's comment. Fake Rafe shrugged it off and insisted that it had been a joke. Fake Rafe tried to kiss Sami, but Sami pushed him away and stormed out of the apartment. Later, Fake Rafe called Stefano and gave him a status update.

Stefano warned Fake Rafe to proceed with caution when he returned to work. Stefano reminded Fake Rafe that the destruction of Rafe's life had to be gradual in order to prevent people from getting suspicious. Fake Rafe assured Stefano that he knew how to handle the situation.

Justin and Adrienne shared a meal at the Brady Pub. Hope took their order out to them and explained that she was watching the pub so that Caroline could get some rest. Hope excused herself to give the couple some privacy, assuring them that she was pleased to see them back together. Later, Hope asked if Justin and Adrienne had shared the news of their reunion with their children. Justin admitted that they had not been able to get everyone together for long enough to make the announcement.

Hope wondered if Justin and Adrienne were stalling for another reason. Before they could answer, Sami entered the pub and interrupted their conversation. Sami was delighted to see Hope. After a brief exchange, Sami asked about Caroline. Hope explained that Caroline was resting, so Sami asked Hope to tell Caroline that she had stopped by.

As Sami turned to exit the pub, Hope stopped her and asked if everything was all right. Sami admitted that something was wrong, but she said that she didn't want to bother Hope with her problems. Hope insisted that she would be happy to help her niece. Sami confided that her relationship with Rafe had been rocky since his accident. "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I don't have the same feelings for him anymore," Sami said.

Sami said that she had always believed that Rafe would never do anything to hurt her, but since the accident, he had been doing things that hurt her on a daily basis. Sami told Hope about the accident and the MRI that had proven that Rafe was all right. Hope asked if Sami had talked to her mother about her concerns. Sami admitted that she hadn't told Marlena because she knew that Marlena would just tell her to be patient with Rafe. Sami added that Marlena would probably suggest therapy, but Sami wasn't optimistic about the chances of getting this Rafe to agree to see a psychiatrist.

Hope suggested that Sami might want to convince Rafe to try hypnosis. Sami noted that she was usually the one that everyone had to be patient with. Hope pointed out that it might be Sami's turn to be the rock for a change. Sami admitted that she wasn't sure if she was strong enough for that. Hope said that Sami was strong enough to handle anything.

Hope told Sami that she knew how difficult it was to feel that the person that you were living with was a complete stranger. Sami nodded and wondered how things had been going between Bo and Hope. Hope smiled and admitted that things were getting better every day. After congratulating Hope, Sami sighed and confided that it was the exact opposite of her situation -- every day, her relationship with Rafe was getting worse. Sami noted that she was not a quitter, and she vowed that she was going to do everything that she could do to make her marriage work.

After leaving the Brady Pub, Justin and Adrienne went for a walk in the park. Adrienne promised Justin that she didn't have any expectations about where their relationship might be headed. Justin noted that he was a planner, and he revealed that he had mapped out their whole life together. Justin admitted that nothing had gone the way that he had planned. "I just had this scene in my head...and then I started thinking, I don't even know what you're going to say. So...maybe I should just find out," Justin said as he got down on one knee. "Adrienne, will you marry me...for a third time?" he asked.

Adrienne told Justin that she already had an engagement ring. Justin reminded her that she had lost that engagement ring after she had thrown it at him. Justin added that he had wanted to start fresh. "If you picked up this ring, you'd look and see that I had it engraved; it says, 'A New Beginning'," Justin said. Adrienne sighed and said, "You had it engraved? Means you can't take it back. Lucky for you that...I want to be your wife again more than anything in the world."

Nicole told E.J. about her mother's illness. E.J. agreed to allow Fay to move into the DiMera guesthouse, but he changed his mind when Nicole told him that Taylor would also be moving in. E.J. claimed that he didn't want the entire Walker clan to move into the DiMera mansion while they were still newlyweds. Nicole accused E.J. of being embarrassed of her family. Nicole wondered why E.J. and Taylor were both so opposed to the idea of living on the same property together.

Taylor tried to assure Nicole that she would visit Fay at the mansion every day, but Nicole wasn't convinced. Nicole continued to pressure E.J. into allowing Taylor and Fay to move into the guesthouse. E.J. reluctantly agreed, and Nicole assured him that he would not regret his decision. A short time later, Nicole realized that it was time to take Sydney and Johnny over to Sami's apartment. After Nicole left, E.J. sighed and told Taylor that Nicole's idea was abominable.

Taylor agreed and insisted that she had attempted to talk Nicole out of the idea. Taylor accused E.J. of caving in to Nicole's demands. E.J. claimed that he had agreed to the idea because he had not believed that it would be a problem. E.J. explained that he had talked to Lexie earlier, and Lexie had stated that Taylor was over E.J. Taylor scoffed and said, "Oh, please -- what's to get over? Except a stupid physical attraction that I can totally control."

Taylor insisted that no man was more important to her than her sister, but E.J. didn't seem to be convinced. "Oh, you don't believe me? I could sleep in the same bed with you and nothing would happen," Taylor insisted. E.J. offered to test Taylor's theory. Taylor clarified her statement by reminding E.J. that she had just learned that her mother was sick. Taylor stated that her mother's condition had put everything else into perspective.

E.J. claimed that he had agreed to let Taylor stay in the guesthouse with Fay because of Fay's condition. Taylor reminded E.J. that he had already admitted that he didn't know how to control himself when he was around Taylor. E.J. didn't deny that he had feelings for Taylor, but he wasn't worried about those feelings. E.J. insisted that he would be able to control himself when he was around Taylor.

Taylor decided that living with E.J. would be a good thing. Taylor explained that she would pick up on all of E.J.'s unflattering habits and she would no longer find him attractive. E.J. nodded and admitted that he liked Taylor's plan. "Do you end all your sentences with a preposition? Because then you'd bore me entirely. In fact, if I can be completely honest, you're beginning to bore me already," he added as he leaned in to kiss Taylor.

Nicole dropped Johnny and Sydney off at Sami's apartment. After the kids went to their bedroom, Fake Rafe offered Nicole a drink. Nicole was suspicious, so she pointed out that the only time that Rafe had treated Nicole nicely was when she had been in possession of something that he had wanted. Fake Rafe suggested that it was time for them to bury the hatchet, and Nicole reluctantly agreed. Later, Nicole told Fake Rafe, "I'm actually sitting here enjoying myself...with you. Who are you and what have you done with Rafe?"

In the DiMera dungeon, Rafe wondered what it was that Stefano had done to him. Stefano told Rafe that he should be more interested in what Stefano was going to do to him next. Stefano called two men into the room; both of the men were wearing lab coats. Stefano sighed and told Rafe, "You have been a thorn in my side ever since I met you. But now...those days are no more." Later, Rafe struggled as the two men held him down and injected him with a syringe.

A short time later, Rafe was hooked up to machines in his cell, and he appeared to be unconscious. Stefano ordered the two men to keep him informed of their progress. After Stefano left the dungeon, Rafe started to have a seizure. As the men struggled to hold him down, one of them muttered that the procedure wasn't supposed to cause that type of reaction.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vivian power-walked past the Brady Pub while Gus timed her. When she stopped, he informed her that she had beaten her personal best from the previous day. Vivian tried to remain cheerful, but nearly broke down when she realized how empty her life was. Gus noted that it was not like Vivian to wallow in self-pity, and encouraged her to tell him about her next nefarious plot.

Vivian and Gus returned to her room at the Salem Inn, and as he readied a table for her upcoming massage, she bemoaned the state of her life. Vivian complained that the powerful, ruthless Victor had been her ideal husband, but then Maggie had gotten in the way. Vivian asserted that she needed another man just like Victor to help her get revenge on her enemies -- a man like Stefano DiMera. She declared that she could certainly handle Stefano's current wife, Kate.

Gus was worried that involving Stefano might cause everything to blow up in Vivian's face. Vivian insisted that she had a plan -- and her plans always worked out perfectly. Gus was amazed that Vivian seemed to truly believe that, but she maintained that there was a difference between failures and mere setbacks. Vivian was determined to use her feminine wiles to get Stefano to help her exact her revenge, and began describing her plan to Gus.

At the loft, Nicole suspected that Rafe was being chummy with her because he was trying to set her up. Faux Rafe insisted that Nicole was being paranoid, and urged her to relax and enjoy her beer. As Nicole tried to comply, imposter Rafe noted that in their respective relationships, the two of them were the ones who had to measure up. He explained that Sami was always trying to fix him, but Nicole wondered why Rafe was confiding in her.

Fake Rafe admitted that he believed that Nicole would understand that he was a changed man -- literally. He asserted that the two of them were "live and let live" types, while Sami and E.J. were both more controlling. Nicole acknowledged that maybe she'd said too much "that time," but phony Rafe didn't know what time she was talking about. Nicole reminded him that he'd once hit on her to get a CD away from her; she had opened up to him, because she had been drunk and he had been willing to hold her without wanting anything more.

Nicole stood up suddenly and announced that she was going to say goodbye to Johnny and Sydney, because she'd remembered how dangerous it was to trust Rafe. The imposter tried to convince her that she had nothing to worry about, but she admitted that she was surprised to find out he was the type to tell women that his wife didn't understand him. As Nicole stalked into the kids' bedroom, faux Rafe noted to himself that the real Rafe was a loser if he hadn't wanted anything more from Nicole.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. confessed that he was having a difficult time fighting his feelings for Taylor. Taylor seemed to melt as he leaned in to kiss her, but then quickly shoved him away before their lips touched. When E.J. tried to kiss her again, Taylor slapped him. E.J. pointed out that it wasn't wise to slap a DiMera, but Taylor maintained that she wasn't afraid of E.J. She admitted that she had slapped him because she was mad at him and at herself.

As Taylor and E.J. were discussing her restraint in controlling her impulses and his lack thereof, Nicole returned home. She immediately sensed that something was going on between her husband and her sister, but Taylor claimed that they had been talking about the situation with Fay. Taylor explained that although she wanted to help Nicole with their mom, Taylor absolutely could not move in.

E.J. agreed that it seemed as if Taylor would not be comfortable there because she didn't approve of what went on in the DiMera household. Nicole implored Taylor to reconsider for their mother's sake, then corrected herself. "It's for me," Nicole admitted, explaining, "You showed up on my doorstep, and you pushed yourself back into my life, and now I need you... This is my house, too, and I want my mom and my sister to move in with me."

E.J. conceded that if Nicole really wanted Taylor to move in, he would make it as easy as possible on Taylor. Nicole began imploring Taylor again to move in, and Taylor finally managed a quiet, "Okay." A thrilled Nicole declared that it might actually be fun.

On the pier, Sami gave Kate a package, which Kate had agreed to ship overnight to Allie. Kate reported that Lucas had said that Allie was having a wonderful time in Hong Kong, and then mentioned the problems Allie had been having with Rafe. Sami insisted that everything was fine. Kate pressed Sami to admit that she was worried about Rafe being around the kids, and that was why Sami had sent Allie halfway around the world.

Stefano showed up just then, and chided Kate for how she was talking to Sami -- to both Kate and Sami's surprise. Stefano apologized to Sami if Kate had come on too strong, and then asked if there were anything he and Kate could do to help Sami. Sami sarcastically remarked that it had always gone well for her in the past when Stefano had tried to help. Kate chimed in that they had every right to question Sami about her relationship with Rafe, since he was spending time with their grandchildren -- and since Allie had become afraid of Rafe.

Sami insisted that Allie was not afraid of Rafe, but Kate believed that Sami was also really scared. Stefano told Kate that they shouldn't interfere. Sami declared that she didn't believe Kate and Stefano's "good cop, bad cop" act, then thanked Kate for sending the package to Allie, and left.

At a pawn shop, the young man who had stolen Gabi's earrings asked how much the pawnbroker would offer for them. The dealer offered the thief one hundred dollars for the earrings. The thief protested that the earrings were worth ten times that much, but the pawnbroker declared that it was his final offer unless the young man could produce a receipt for them. The thief grudgingly took the money, and left.

As Gabi and Will got a table at the Java Café, she grumbled about how someone had taken her earrings. Will offered to get her another pair, but Gabi wanted the original earrings he had picked out for her. Will agreeably declared that they would just have to find the "jerk" who had stolen them. Gabi thought it was a nearly impossible task, but Will suggested that they look online to see if the thief were trying to sell the earrings. Gabi agreed that it was worth a shot, since the earrings were distinctive.

Sami arrived just then to pick up some coffee for Rafe for his first day back at work. She asked if she could talk with Gabi and Will about Rafe. Sami reassured them that Daniel had given Rafe a clean bill of health, but something about Rafe was different since the accident. Gabi said that she, too, had noticed that lots of little things had been slightly off, but she had begun to realize that Rafe had to feel frustrated about the things he hadn't been able to do. She urged Sami to be patient. Sami confessed that patience wasn't her strong suit, but she knew that Gabi was right.

When Gabi went to the counter to order Rafe's coffee, Will asked his mom what was really wrong with her and Rafe. Sami was appreciative that Will wanted to help, but she thought they all just needed to heed Gabi's words and be patient. Will wanted to know what would happen if Rafe didn't revert to the man he'd been before the accident. Sami couldn't let herself think about that possibility. Will asked if his mom had sent Allie to stay with Lucas because of Rafe, but Sami assured him that hadn't been the reason. Will pointed out that it had been out of character for Sami, and he wondered if she was concerned about Rafe being around Johnny and Sydney.

Sami assured Will that there was nothing to worry about, just as Gabi returned with the coffee. Sami hugged both kids, and then left. Gabi started describing the muffins she'd seen at the counter, but suddenly her eyes grew wide, and she exclaimed, "Madre de Dios!" Kinsey walked in, and Gabi jumped up to confront her. "You bitch! It was you -- you stole my earrings! You have my earrings on!" Gabi shouted at a perplexed Kinsey.

After Sami left the pier, Kate surmised that Stefano was up to something, and demanded that he tell her what it was. Stefano maintained that he was only trying to get along with Samantha because that was what Elvis wanted. Kate was skeptical, but she knew she wouldn't get any more information out of Stefano on the subject. She then pointed out that Rafe had never been anything but wonderful to the children, so the situation with Allie worried her -- especially because Johnny and Sydney still lived with Rafe and Sami half the time.

As Stefano and Kate walked by the Brady Pub, he reiterated firmly that they should not interfere in Sami and Rafe's lives. Kate lightly asserted that Stefano couldn't tell her what to do, then kissed him goodbye and left. Stefano growled to himself that he couldn't let Kate ruin things.

Sham Rafe sat Johnny down at the kitchen counter, and asked about a boy who had been giving Johnny a hard time at school. Johnny said that the boy, Reed, had called Johnny "clops," short for "Cyclops." Phony Rafe was not impressed with Reed, and asked what Johnny wanted to do to the boy.

The impersonator then demonstrated how to throw a punch properly while protecting himself with the other fist. Johnny remarked that Rafe had told him that fighting was wrong, but faux Rafe declared that was before he'd heard how Reed was treating Johnny. He taught Johnny the element of surprise, and when Johnny demonstrated his newfound skills, fake Rafe commended him.

Imposter Rafe was feeding Johnny and Sydney ice cream with extra sprinkles when Stefano called to check in. Faux Rafe assured his boss that everything was fine, but Stefano maintained that he'd just run into Samantha, who didn't seem as upset as he'd hoped. Phony Rafe said that he was working on it. Stefano cautioned that the job had to be carried out with subtlety -- but the impersonator needed to wrap things up.

Johnny and faux Rafe were alone in the living room later when Johnny asked if he should try to talk to Reed before hitting him. Imposter Rafe asserted that the boys had already talked. "If he gives you any more grief, you smash his face, okay? You beat the crap out of him!" phony Rafe instructed -- just as Sami walked in.

In the dungeon, when an unconscious Rafe began to have a seizure, the men in white coats rushed over to restrain him. Once they had stopped the seizure, one of the men wondered if they should go through with the plan. The other man noted that Mr. DiMera would not be pleased, and the first man agreed that they should prep Rafe for the procedure.

Later, the men reviewed Rafe's brain scan. "Looks as empty as the dark side of the moon," one man proclaimed. While one man checked Rafe's vital signs, the other called Stefano to report that their patient's memory had been completely erased. Chortling, Stefano declared that it was great news. After he hung up, Stefano muttered to himself, "Now all I can hope for is that my Rafael Hernandez blows it with the children, his wife, and his job -- or we have to rethink our plan."

As Stefano wandered off, Gus emerged from around the corner. Gus quickly pulled out his cell phone to call Vivian, who was getting a massage from a handsome, muscular young man. When Vivian answered, Gus declared, "Madame, I think I may have hit paydirt. I overheard Stefano DiMera -- something's going on, and it involves Rafe Hernandez. Apparently, something about Hernandez blowing it with his wife." Vivian instructed Gus to follow Stefano to learn more.

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