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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fake Rafe threw Fay down the stairs, and she was knocked unconscious. He put the vase back on the table in the foyer and snatched the necklace from around Fay's neck. Meanwhile, Nicole and Taylor hurried inside the DiMera mansion, only to find Fay alone on the floor. Taylor called 9-1-1, and Nicole went upstairs to get Fay's pills to see how much Fay had taken. Fake Rafe hid in Fay's room as Nicole entered to get Fay's medication.

Taylor called for Nicole after she discovered that Fay wasn't breathing. Taylor performed CPR, and Fay started to breathe again. Taylor moved Fay's head and noticed that Fay was bleeding.

Jennifer called Daniel over to tell him that she was certain that something was wrong with Carly. She said she wasn't able to reach Carly, and Daniel agreed that it wasn't like Carly. Daniel said Carly had admitted to having a hard time sleeping lately. Daniel said that Carly might have been too calm when he last saw her. He said that Carly had retreated during the time that she had been abused by Lawrence.

Daniel went into the kitchen to try to reach Carly. When he returned, Jennifer tried to fix a crooked picture on the wall, and started to fall, so he caught her. Daniel and Jennifer shared a moment. Jennifer apologized for making him feel uncomfortable. She expressed her gratitude that he had caught her. Daniel left to go to work and to check on Carly.

At the Java Café, Carly saw Justin and Adrienne kissing, and it unnerved her to the point where she dropped her coffee on the table. Carly told Justin and Adrienne that it was good to see them happy. Later at the hospital, Carly began feeling anxious again, thinking about the patient that she had lost. Nadine asked her to give anti-anxiety pills to a patient. Carly went into the next room to take them herself, but she stopped herself. Instead, she gave the pills to another nurse to administer to the patient.

Adrienne told Justin that she had wondered why Bo had ever gotten involved with Carly, because Bo had obviously still been in love with Hope. Justin said that Bo had probably been in denial and thought that Hope had given up on them. Adrienne said that it had been unfair for Bo to let Carly believe that what they'd had would last, and it was even worse for Bo to have just abandoned Carly the way he had. Justin said that Carly was a fighter and would be okay. Justin suggested that he and Adrienne elope that night.

At the Brady Pub, Sami reminisced about the argument she and Rafe had gotten into the night before. Johnny ran up to her and asked where Rafe was, because Rafe had promised to give him more fighting lessons. E.J. walked in and overheard Johnny talking about Rafe's promise, and Johnny told E.J. that he was going to beat up the mean kid in his class. After Johnny left the room, E.J. lectured Sami about Rafe's behavior. Sami acknowledged that she hadn't been present during Rafe's conversation with Johnny. E.J. asked her if she knew what was going on in her house with her husband. Sami defended Rafe.

E.J. felt that Rafe was not himself. Sami said the doctors had diagnosed Rafe with low blood sugar, but it wasn't that serious. Sami said she could handle things with Rafe and the kids. E.J. warned her that he would get involved if Rafe had a bad influence on Johnny. Sami asked what he meant, and E.J. hinted that he might seek full custody of the kids if Rafe's erratic behavior didn't change. Sami accused E.J. of trying to scare her. He said if the situation got worse, her judgment would be in question.

E.J. returned home to find blood on the rug in the foyer. Mary informed E.J. that the ambulance had taken Ms. Walker to the hospital. He assumed Mary was referring to Taylor, but Mary corrected him and said it was Fay who had been hurt.

At the hospital, Taylor told Carly that Fay appeared to have fallen down the stairs. Nicole blamed herself for Fay getting hurt. Taylor told Nicole not to blame herself, and Nicole asked who she should blame instead. Nicole told Taylor that she had informed Brandon, but she'd told him not to get on a plane yet. E.J. showed up, and he comforted Nicole. Carly told them that Fay was stabilized. Nicole said she thought Fay was supposed to be sleeping from the sedation that the nurse had given her, but it had obviously not been strong enough. E.J. asked if he could comfort Taylor, because they were family, but Taylor walked away.

Carly told Nicole that Fay would need surgery after the swelling in her brain went down, and her heart condition could be a problem. Fay remembered what she had overheard from fake Rafe, Stefano, and E.J.'s conversation, and she appeared to be waking up. Carly informed Nicole that Fay wasn't conscious yet and there was a chance that she could lapse into a coma. Daniel walked in and asked Carly if he could review Fay's lab tests. E.J. entered the room and comforted Nicole.

Nicole informed Taylor what Carly had said about Fay possibly going into a coma. The test results were back, and Carly informed Nicole and Taylor that Fay had not fallen down the stairs after waking up from her sedated sleep. Carly said that there was no sedation found in Fay's system, which meant that Fay was fully conscious when she had fallen down the stairs. E.J. was visiting Fay in her room when she woke up, saw him, and remembered overhearing his plot to destroy Sami and Rafe's marriage. She went into cardiac arrest.

Fake Rafe returned home and thought about how he had attacked Fay. He assumed that Fay had to be dead from her fall. He pulled Fay's necklace out of his pocket right before Sami walked in the room and said hello. He jumped, and she noticed how worn out he looked. He warned her never to sneak up on him again. Sami explained that she wasn't sneaking up on him -- she had been playing with the kids and had heard him walk in, so she'd decided to greet him. He explained that he had received some bad news at the office. He said he wasn't sure they were talking after what she had done to him the night before.

Sami wanted to talk about what had happened between them. Fake Rafe said he had been looking all over for the kids, because she hadn't told him where they were. He went into the other room to see the kids, and Sami got a phone call. Taylor called Sami to tell her about Fay getting hurt and that the kids would have to stay with Sami.

Fake Rafe overheard Sami's conversation and asked who it was. Sami said that Fay had fallen down the stairs and was in the hospital. "She's not dead?" Fake Rafe asked. Sami said no, and she wondered why he would ask her if Fay was dead and why he would say it like that. Fake Rafe said he assumed that a fall like that would "do her in," since she had a bad heart. Sami was surprised at how cold he was acting. Sami asked why Fake Rafe sounded like he wanted Fay to be dead.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sitting in the living room at the loft, faux Rafe explained to Sami that "death is part of life." When Rafe commented on how he'd felt after Arianna's death, Sami became alarmed by Rafe's conclusion that Fay was doomed. "Fay is not dead yet. She's alive! She's in the hospital," Sami countered. Faux Rafe explained that it sounded like Fay was going to die, and he was concerned. "Why do you care so much?" a suspicious Sami asked Rafe.

"I'm asking why you're interrogating me about her. Like you're obsessed. Like you're hoping she doesn't make it," Sami said. Faux Rafe acted insulted, but Sami argued that he sounded callous. Sami noted that Rafe was an optimist, and she was concerned that Rafe was obsessing over whether Fay was going to die. Faux Rafe explained that he felt sorry for Fay. With a sigh, Sami admitted that when Taylor had told her about Fay's accident that it had reminded Sami of how she'd felt when Rafe had gotten in his car accident.

"It's a tragedy," Sami whispered. "Cause you almost lost me, right?" faux Rafe asked. When Sami sat in silence, faux Rafe called her on it. "Because there is no almost. You have been slipping away from me every single day since that accident, and I don't know what I'm going to do about it," Sami said. Faux Rafe argued that he was tired of being wrong.

From the bedroom, Sydney cried. Taking the opportunity to leave the room, Sami went to the bedroom without another word. Faux Rafe worried to himself about how to keep Fay quiet. After packing a bag, faux Rafe attempted to sneak out of the loft, but Sami caught him. Faux Rafe explained that he had packed a bag for a stakeout. When Sami mentioned that Nicole had called to inform Sami that the kids were with Caroline, faux Rafe shook his head.

"I guess things went south for Fay after all," faux Rafe said. With a smile, Sami informed Rafe that Fay had survived a scare and that she was still alive. Sami invited Rafe to join her at the church to pray for Fay, but faux Rafe chuckled in response and noted that he had to go to work. "There is absolutely no reason to be nasty or disrespectful," Sami countered. Noting Rafe's attitude, Sami asked, "You don't love me at all, do you?"

Faux Rafe apologized for snapping at Sami, then left for work. With a sigh, Sami sat on the couch. "No, Sami, you're wrong; of course I love you. How could you even think that? That's what my Rafe would have said," Sami muttered to herself. As Sami paced her apartment, Caroline arrived at the loft with the kids. Sami confided to Caroline all the ways that Rafe appeared to be different since the accident. "He's just not Rafe anymore," Sami lamented. Sami noted that Rafe was angrier and meaner.

Caroline asked Sami if the changes were permanent. When Sami argued that she needed to wait out Rafe's illness, Caroline asked Sami whether she should move on with her life without Rafe. Sami swore that she would not give up on Rafe. As Sami stood up, she asked Caroline to stay with the kids while she went to visit Fay at the hospital. After Sami left, Caroline commented that Sami would not take her advice.

In her hospital room, Fay opened her eyes and saw E.J. sitting at her bedside. Remembering the conversation she'd overheard between E.J., Stefano, and faux Rafe, Fay panicked, and the monitors for her vital signs began to beep. E.J. attempted to calm Fay, but her heart monitor flatlined. E.J. called out for a nurse and urged Fay to wake up.

At the hospital, Carly and Daniel explained to Taylor and Nicole in the lounge that the tests they had run on Fay showed that there had been no sedatives in her system when Fay fell down the stairs. Confused, Taylor and Nicole wondered how Fay could have fallen down the stairs. Carly noted that dizziness was common among heart patients and that it could have caused Fay's fall. Nicole blamed herself for Fay's fall, but she was interrupted by the intercom calling out a Code Blue for Fay's room.

Daniel and Carly worked to resuscitate Fay while Nicole, Taylor, and E.J. waited in the hallway. E.J. hugged his wife, while Taylor cried and stared through the window into Fay's room. Daniel and Carly stabilized Fay. Nicole and Taylor went inside the hospital room to see their mother, but Fay was unconscious. "She sounded desperate when she called, Taylor. She wanted to tell me something and then we got cut off," Nicole said solemnly. From the doorway, E.J. listened with curiosity.

Nicole informed Taylor that she had told Sami to keep the children for the night. Lexie entered the room to check on Fay and told Nicole to call if she needed anything. E.J. pulled Lexie out into the hallway to talk, while Nicole and Taylor stayed with Fay. Once alone, Nicole asked Taylor to tell her the news about E.J. that Taylor had mentioned in the pub.

Shaking her head, Taylor said that her news was not important. Taylor and Nicole hugged one another for comfort, as Fay struggled to open her eyes. Fay thought about when faux Rafe had attacked her, then reached out for her daughters. When Nicole and Taylor turned their attention back toward Fay, she was unconscious again. Angry, Nicole told Taylor that she was going to go back to the mansion to question the staff and determine what had happened to their mother.

Out in the hallway, E.J. told Lexie that he felt responsible for Fay's heart attack. E.J. explained that when Fay opened her eyes and saw him, she had looked terrified. "She has no reason to be terrified of you, does she, E.J.?" Lexie asked. E.J. assured Lexie that Fay had no reason to be afraid, and he was confused by Fay's reaction to him. With a sigh, E.J. wondered if Fay had mistaken him for someone else. Lexie suggested that Fay might have picked up on the romantic tension between E.J. and Taylor. Shaking his head, E.J. wondered aloud why Fay had not suffered a heart attack when he saw her earlier if she was upset about Taylor.

While Taylor stood next to Fay's bed, Lexie entered the hospital room and asked Taylor whether she was going to leave town. Taylor announced that she was no longer going to leave town and that she did not want to tell Nicole that she was in love with E.J. while Fay was in the hospital. Taylor begged Lexie not to tell E.J. that she had been planning to talk to Nicole about her feelings. In the hallway, E.J. slowly opened the door to Fay's room.

E.J. entered the room and asked to speak to Taylor in the hallway. Taylor and E.J. walked down the hallway toward the lounge, and Lexie exited the room and went down the hallway to check on a patient. Faux Rafe stepped out of the elevator and walked into Fay's room, where she had been left unattended. Faux Rafe spoke to Fay as she lay unconscious. Faux Rafe pulled a needle out of his pocket and leaned toward Fay's I.V. Faux Rafe informed the unconscious Fay that he was going to insert an air bubble into her I.V. Out in the hallway, Sami exited the elevator and walked toward Fay's room.

In the hospital lounge, Taylor admitted that she was uncomfortable being alone with E.J. Disregarding Taylor's statement, E.J. announced that he was afraid that Fay had seen or heard something that she should not have at the mansion. "Like us," E.J. added.

At the Java Café, Dario spotted Melanie entering and asked her where Brady was. With a smile, Melanie explained that Brady had been forced to cut their date short because he had been called away for work. Melanie noticed a wad of bills in Dario's jacket and questioned him about it. Dario explained that the money was a bribe from Brady to leave town. While Dario was talking to Melanie, a woman named Amy interrupted to speak with Dario. Melanie excused herself, but walked to a spot in the café within earshot of Dario's conversation.

"In my profession, the rule is very simple. Anything a client wants, a client gets, as long as he pays. So what have you got for me, Dario?" Amy said. Dario pulled the wad of bills out of his pocket and asked Amy what he could purchase with the amount he had on hand. Amy agreed to look into Dario's request.

Dario crossed over to Melanie in a nearby chair and asked her why she had stayed in the café. Dario explained that Amy was a private investigator and that he was paying her to find out who had killed his sister. When Melanie looked suspicious, Dario reiterated that his sole purpose for being in Salem was to find the hit-and-run driver that killed his sister. "Oh, my God," Melanie whispered before running out of the café.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe arrived home to find Philip speaking to a representative from social services, Mrs. Hogan. Confused, Chloe ducked into the corner of the foyer as Philip and Mrs. Hogan emerged from the living room. "I'd appreciate if you put this at the top of your list," Philip said. Mrs. Hogan agreed, then left. Chloe marched out from the dark corner of the foyer and demanded to know whether Philip was going to take Parker away.

Philip assured Chloe that he had not betrayed her. Philip explained that he had met with Mrs. Hogan to inform her that Chloe was doing better. "I made a pretty good case that it would be healthier for Parker if he had his mom around. That we should have joint custody. But maybe that's not such a good idea," Philip said. Philip explained that he had kept the visits with Mrs. Hogan a secret from Chloe because he did not want her to get her hopes up in case he could not secure joint custody for Chloe.

Chloe explained that she did not want to live in a house with Victor. Chloe apologized for her reaction to Philip earlier, and she promised to trust Philip. "I owe you my life. You've been my rock, and I want you to know that I do trust you. With my whole life. And Parker's. I just hope that someday you'll feel the same way about me," Chloe said. "I already do," Philip admitted.

Daniel and Carly went to the Brady Pub to meet Melanie for lunch. Carly worried when Melanie was late, but Daniel cautioned Carly to calm down. Daniel told Carly that he was worried about her, and Carly became defensive. Before Daniel could push Carly for details, Melanie arrived at the pub. After greeting her parents, Melanie noticed the tension between Daniel and Carly. Carly insisted nothing was wrong and encouraged Melanie to tell them what was going on.

Melanie explained that Philip had deposited a large sum of money in her account. When Carly asked about the divorce settlement, Melanie noted that the divorce settlement was already handled and that the new money was something different. Daniel worried that Philip was attempting to weasel his way back into Melanie's life, but Melanie assured Daniel that she was not going back to Philip. Melanie explained that Philip had deposited the money to make sure that Melanie was taken care of.

With a grin, Melanie explained that she had used the money to offer a reward for information on the driver that had run over Arianna. Daniel and Carly cautioned Melanie not to get her hopes up. Curious, Carly asked Melanie why she had been inspired to offer the reward. Melanie admitted that Dario had said that anyone who did not help find Arianna's killer was not her friend. "I realized money doesn't buy happiness. It comes from in here," Melanie said as she pointed at her heart.

Dario called Amy for an update on his case, and Amy informed Dario that there was a new development in the case. Dario went over to the Cheatin' Heart to play pool, and Melanie wandered into the bar. With a grin, Melanie greeted Dario and informed him that she had put up a reward for information leading to Arianna's killer. "You should know that I'm not impressed," Dario said snottily.

Nicole rushed home to the mansion and became enraged when she saw the bloodstain on the carpet in the foyer. Nicole called out to Delia, the nurse. When Delia entered the foyer, Nicole asked Delia why Fay's test results had been negative for sleeping pills. Delia insisted that she had administered the pills to Fay herself when Fay had become agitated. Furious, Nicole ran upstairs to inspect Fay's bedroom with Delia in tow. Nicole warned Delia that if she still had a job as Fay's nurse, Delia could no longer administer to more than one patient.

As Nicole examined Fay's bed, she found the sleeping pills. "She obviously spit them out and hid them. The question is why?" Nicole said as she looked at the pills.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady made arrangements to donate money in Isabella's name. Victor entered the living room and warned Brady that donating money in the name of Brady's mother would not ease his conscious about stealing Titan. Victor added that he was not proud of what he had done to his family over the years and that Brady needed to be careful.

"I wanna know what you want from me. Really. I mean one minute you're telling me I'm weak. The next minute you think I'm a thief and a son of a bitch. Make up your mind!" Brady bellowed. Victor said that he loved Brady and asked Brady to make Titan a family company again. Stressed, Brady noted that Isabella had not approved of Victor's actions when he ran Titan. "She didn't betray me," Victor countered. "My conscience is clear. Can you say the same thing?" Brady asked Victor.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Melanie was insulted when Dario questioned her motives for offering the reward money to find Arianna's killer. Angry, Melanie dumped Dario's beer over his head. Dario apologized to Melanie for accusing her of offering the reward to impress him, then noted that Melanie likely offered the reward money because she'd felt bad for Dario. Seething with anger, Melanie noted that Dario's attempt to use his sister's death against Melanie was "not only wrong, it's disgusting."

Maggie arrived at the Cheatin' Heart and warmly greeted Melanie. Melanie introduced Dario to Maggie as Rafe's "annoying younger brother." Feeling awkward, Dario left the bar. After grabbing some sodas, Maggie asked Melanie what was going on between her and Dario. Defensive, Melanie adamantly denied that there was anything between her and Dario. When Maggie mentioned that she was thinking of Brady, a guilty Melanie argued that there was nothing between her and Brady either.

With a raised eyebrow, Maggie explained that she wanted Melanie to talk to Brady about Victor. Maggie noted that Brady listened to Melanie because he cared about her. Before Melanie could say no, Victor called Maggie on her cell phone. "Is everything all right?" Maggie asked Victor. "No," Victor said curtly before hanging up the phone. Worried, Maggie excused herself and headed over to the Kiriakis mansion. Biting her lip, Melanie sighed then called Brady and asked him to meet her at the bar.

Dario went to the Brady Pub and spotted Stephanie at a table when he walked in. When Dario asked Stephanie if he could join her, a sullen Stephanie responded, "I'm in rebound mode, so I have very low tolerance for suffering fools." Dario sat down and asked Stephanie about her comment that Melanie was trouble. When Dario asked Stephanie to clarify whether she had made that comment about Melanie because she was angry with her, Stephanie noted that her relationship with Melanie was complicated. With a gruff sigh, Stephanie suggested that Dario talk to Melanie directly.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Brady arrived and sat down with Melanie. Melanie asked Brady whether he believed he could work through his problems with Victor. When Brady grilled Melanie about her interest in the Kiriakis infighting, Melanie admitted that Maggie had asked her to play peacemaker. Brady insisted that he was fine and that he had no problems with Titan.

"I think what's going on with your grandfather is hurting you," Melanie said softly. Melanie added, "I think you're the best thing to happen to Titan in a long time." Touched, Brady admitted that he was second-guessing his value to Titan and hoping for Victor's approval. Brady explained that he thought that after the fallout of the takeover, Victor would soften and respect Brady for outwitting him. Melanie advised Brady that he was not like Victor, so he should not attempt to act like Victor.

"Your fights are my fights," Melanie said firmly. When Brady stared at Melanie in stunned silence, Melanie smiled. "Maybe you just need more friends like me," Melanie joked. With a serious look on his face, Brady countered, "Maybe I just need more of you." As Brady stared into Melanie's eyes, he leaned over the table and kissed her softly on the lips.

Outside the bar, Dario walked up and looked through the window. Inside, Brady and Melanie hugged one another. "She's exactly who I thought she was," Dario muttered to himself. Inside the bar, Melanie pulled away from Brady and promised him that she would stand by him. Brady asked Melanie not to attempt to reconcile the Kiriakis family, and she agreed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a frantic Maggie arrived and asked Victor what was wrong. Grinning, Victor seemed surprised by Maggie's concern. Victor explained that when he called Maggie, he had been frustrated. "I've just had it. I've had it with Titan. I've had it with my family. I've had it with worrying about everything, every day, all day. My plane is fueled for a transatlantic flight, and I'm leaving," Victor announced. Victor invited Maggie to join him in Paris.

Maggie politely declined, noting that she loved her life in Salem and did not want to move to Paris. With a chuckle, Victor clarified that he was inviting Maggie to join him for dinner in Paris. Maggie noted that she had learned French cooking and offered to cook a meal in Victor's kitchen instead of flying across the world.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole stood in the foyer, examining the pills that Fay had hidden. When Nicole glanced up, she saw Fay's cell phone on the table. Confused, Nicole asked Mary whether she had found Fay's phone on the floor and placed it on the table. With a shrug, Mary suggested that perhaps an EMT had set the phone on the table.

In the hospital lounge, E.J. and Taylor wondered if Fay had overheard them discussing their mutual attraction. Overwhelmed with guilt, Taylor paced the room. Attempting to calm Taylor, E.J. assured her, "Loving you is not going to ruin me." E.J. admitted that though he had promised to keep his distance, he was not sure whether he could stay away from Taylor.

Nicole called Taylor's cell phone and told her about the pills and Fay's phone. As Taylor listened to her sister on the phone, E.J. walked up behind Taylor and gently grabbed her by the shoulders. Filled with guilt, Taylor's voice was distant as she talked to Nicole. "Are you sure everything is okay there?" Nicole asked suspiciously. Nicole noted that Taylor sounded funny and asked whether Taylor was keeping anything from Nicole. Brushing off Nicole's question, Taylor responded that she was upset about Fay.

In Fay's hospital room, faux Rafe plunged an empty needle into Fay's I.V., injecting an air bubble. As faux Rafe pulled the needle out, Sami entered the hospital room. Surprised to see her husband, Sami asked why Rafe was hovering over Fay's bedside. Before faux Rafe could respond, the alarms on Fay's monitors began to go off. Lexie rushed into the room and ushered Sami and faux Rafe into the hallway so that she could restart Fay's heart.

Faux Rafe reluctantly followed Sami into the hallway and commented, "It doesn't look good." When Sami asked if Rafe had noticed anything off about Fay, he became defensive, noting that he was not a doctor. "Why do you even care?" Sami asked. Suspicious, Sami asked why Rafe was not at work. With a furrowed brow, faux Rafe explained that he was at the hospital to take a witness's statement, and he had decided to check on Fay. Confused, Sami remarked that the man she married would not have violated Fay's privacy and hovered over her bed while Fay was unconscious.

E.J. and Taylor returned from the lounge, and Sami informed them that Fay's alarms had gone off. When Lexie exited Fay's room, Taylor asked if Fay was all right. "Or is she dead?" faux Rafe inquired. Shocked, Sami apologized to Taylor for Rafe's question. Faux Rafe interrupted, noting, "I am sorry, but obviously her time is nearly up." Protective of Taylor, E.J. warned faux Rafe to shut up.

Lexie informed Taylor, E.J., Sami, and faux Rafe that Fay was doing better and that they had removed the ventilator because Fay was breathing on her own. Sami offered to call Brandon so that Taylor could talk to the doctors about Fay's condition. Once E.J. and faux Rafe were alone, E.J. asked him why the thought of Fay recovering appeared to be disturbing to faux Rafe. Faux Rafe denied he was interested, but E.J. was suspicious. Faux Rafe noted that he was close to breaking up Rafe and Sami.

Sami returned from calling Brandon and asked if Rafe and E.J. were talking about Johnny. Annoyed, faux Rafe asked Sami why she had told E.J. about coaching Johnny to box. Sami explained that Johnny had informed E.J. about the boxing lesson. Faux Rafe became belligerent and walked away. Sami turned to E.J. and informed him that she would handle her husband. With a sigh, E.J. admitted that he'd had a change of heart.

"I've been too critical of you. I realized you've had a very rough time since the accident and frankly, I admire you for standing by your husband," E.J. said softly. E.J. assured Sami that he trusted her judgment about Rafe. Taylor returned to E.J. as Nicole arrived at the hospital. Taylor informed Nicole that she and E.J. had something to tell Nicole. As E.J.'s eyes widened in fear, Lexie exited Fay's room and announced that Fay was stable enough to have visitors. Taylor asked to visit first, then headed into Fay's room.

Once Taylor was gone, Nicole asked E.J. what was going on. E.J. explained that Taylor was emotionally fragile and needed support. Inside Fay's room, Taylor apologized to Fay and admitted that she was in love with E.J. As Taylor asked her mother for forgiveness, Fay's eyes fluttered open.

Down the hallway, faux Rafe anxiously paced in the lounge and wondered aloud how to silence Fay. Sami entered the lounge and ordered Rafe to make time for her. Faux Rafe grudgingly agreed and followed Sami to the park. When faux Rafe gruffly asked why Sami had taken him out to the park, she asked him if the setting meant anything to him. Faux Rafe answered that the park was where they had been married. After noting a couple of things about the ceremony, faux Rafe hugged Sami. Though Sami appeared relieved, faux Rafe's countenance changed, and he curtly asked, "Can I go now please?"

Furious, Sami asked for her husband back. Sami noted that Rafe had her husband's memories but appeared not to remember the feelings that went with those memories. Faux Rafe started to walk away, and Sami grabbed his arm to stop him. "You do not want to touch me like that, or you're gonna be sorry," faux Rafe growled. Shocked, Sami asked if he was threatening her.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

by Mike

In the park, Sami and fake Rafe continued to argue. Sami wondered if Rafe wanted her to stop being concerned about his strange behavior. "Yes! Okay? That is exactly what I frickin' want, because I am sick and tired of being badgered by you. And if you don't listen to me, you are going down, too, do you hear me? You're going down too, just like Fay Walker," fake Rafe warned Sami.

Sami refused to believe that her husband had tried to kill Fay, but fake Rafe assured her that he had been telling the truth. Fake Rafe explained that he had been trying to finish the job earlier when Sami had found him in Fay's hospital room. Fake Rafe added that he wasn't the real Rafe Hernandez. Sami tried to escape, but fake Rafe grabbed her arm and put her in a chokehold. After Sami lost consciousness, fake Rafe muttered that he should have choked her weeks before.

As fake Rafe stared at Sami's lifeless body on the ground, Sami's voice called out in the distance. "Rafe, why aren't you answering me? I asked you if you're threatening me, and you're a trance. You totally tuned me out; what is the matter with you?" Sami asked as fake Rafe snapped out of his fantasy.

Fake Rafe apologized and blamed his behavior on his head injury. Sami tried to resume their conversation, but fake Rafe reminded her that he was supposed to be on a stakeout later that night. Fake Rafe assured Sami that they would have plenty of time to talk about their relationship after he was finished with his stakeout, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami accused her husband of caring more about his job than he cared about her. Fake Rafe sighed and reminded Sami that the criminals weren't going to take a break just because she wanted to have a talk with him.

"We'll talk about this some other time -- maybe next week. Is next month okay? Maybe next year; maybe we'll wait until 2012," Sami sarcastically snapped. Fake Rafe pointed out that his job required him to make sacrifices; Fake Rafe said that Sami wouldn't have dragged him to a park on the other side of town during a stakeout if she really respected his job. Sami reminded Rafe that she had taken him to the park because it had been a special place of theirs. Fake Rafe said that they could go to the park when he wasn't in the middle of a twelve-hour stakeout. Fake Rafe told Sami not to wait up for him, then he stormed off before she could respond.

At the pier, Stefano apologized to Kate for being late; he explained that one of his shipments had gotten stuck and he had been delayed because of that. Stefano and Kate had planned to attend a charity event, but Stefano suggested that they should cancel their plans. "Look, I want us both to be there when my son arrives, all right? We both should welcome Chad DiMera into his new home," Stefano said with a smile. Kate wondered how long Chad would be living at the mansion. Stefano said that he had hoped that Chad would be living at the mansion permanently; when Kate hesitated, Stefano assumed that Kate was apprehensive about Chad.

Kate said that she was quite fond of Chad, and she explained that it was Stefano that she was worried about. "You DiMeras are not only smart and witty and charming, you are also quite curious," Kate reminded Stefano. Stefano realized that Kate was afraid that Chad might stumble upon something that he was not meant to know about. Stefano assured Kate that Chad would be willing to respect any boundaries that Stefano chose to put in place. Kate noted that Stefano seemed certain that Chad would be willing to look the other way.

"Well, if that's the way he's directed, yes...besides, I don't see anything in our house that is in the least bit suspicious, okay?" Stefano assured his wife. Stefano told Kate that there was no reason to worry. "The most important thing is that we make Chad feel welcome in our home, in our lives, hmm? Loved and respected," Stefano added. Kate promised that she would do everything in her power to ensure that Chad felt welcomed and loved. Stefano smiled and pointed out that their family was finally living a normal life; Stefano vowed that he was going to keep it that way.

At the Java Café, Abigail greeted Chad and offered him a seat at her table. Chad declined the offer and explained that he was going to be busy packing to move into the DiMera mansion. Abigail was surprised to learn that Chad had already decided to move in with Stefano; she suggested that Chad might want to reconsider his decision. "Why would I do that -- just because you're not so high on the idea? Abigail, I hardly know you; why the hell should I care what you think?" Chad asked. Abigail grew defensive and promised that she would never try to talk to Chad again.

Chad apologized and assured Abigail that he had not intended for his statement to sound that harsh. "I'm just -- I'm really insecure about this right now, so I don't need you telling me it's a bad idea. I just don't -- I don't need that, you know?" Chad explained. Abigail offered Chad an apology of her own and conceded that Chad had been right -- Abigail didn't know Chad well enough to be offering him advice on where to live. Chad assured Abigail that he wasn't naïve about the DiMera family; he admitted that the thought of being part of the DiMera family had made him physically ill when he had first learned that he was Stefano's son. Abigail wondered what had caused Chad to change his mind.

"I got to know them as people, all right? Not just names on the Internet or in newspaper articles. They made me feel like I belonged, like I had a purpose," Chad explained. Abigail sighed and promised that she would stop judging Chad's family. Chad invited Abigail to visit him at the mansion and help him get settled into his new home. "I also want you to meet my father, and maybe you'll see that he's not the Stefano DiMera everyone maligns and mistrusts. That he's the man who welcomed me into his family -- a guy who cares for his kids and grandkids more than anyone I've ever known," Chad said. Abigail reluctantly agreed and said that she would like to meet Stefano.

Later, Stefano escorted Chad into the DiMera mansion. Chad wondered if it was all right for Abigail to join them; Stefano said that Chad's friends were always welcome at the mansion. When Stefano opened the front door, he was surprised to find Mary kneeling on the floor in the foyer. Mary apologized and explained that she had been scrubbing the blood out of the carpet from when Fay had fallen down the stairs earlier. Stefano cleared his throat uncomfortably as Chad and Abigail exchanged puzzled looks.

Kate gave Chad and Abigail a tour of the mansion; Chad assured Kate that he had been pleased with his room. Kate started to leave so that Chad could finish unpacking, but Chad stopped her and said that he had something that he wanted to say to her. Chad told Abigail that Kate had been the one who had found Chad's real birth certificate. "I wouldn't know my real dad or any of my real family -- I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for you, so I just wanted to thank you, okay? And I'm hoping that we can get to know each other better, especially since we'll be living together," Chad said as Stefano listened from behind the door.

Kate agreed that she would like to get to know Chad, as well; before Chad could respond, Stefano stepped into the room and started clapping gleefully. "Wonderful, wonderful! My wife and my son start anew and we'll love each other," Stefano said as he extended his arms and proposed a group hug. Chad seemed uncomfortable and stated that he didn't do that sort of thing, but Stefano insisted that Chad was going to have to learn to live with it because the DiMera family was very expressive. Chad reluctantly agreed and Kate, Stefano, and Chad joined in a group hug. After their embrace, Stefano passed out champagne glasses and proposed a toast. "We want to welcome you to your new home with open arms and open hearts. Salud," Stefano stated sincerely.

At the hospital, Nicole and E.J. waited for news about Fay's condition. Nicole said that she was grateful for her husband's support. Nicole leaned her head on E.J.'s shoulder as she noted that she enjoyed referring to E.J. as her husband. Nicole wondered if E.J. liked referring to Nicole as his wife; E.J. assured Nicole that he enjoyed doing so, but Nicole wasn't convinced. "Well, I know...I'm a bit needier than usual, but I was just you love me? Even a little bit?" Nicole quietly asked.

E.J. said that his feelings for Nicole had changed, and he added that he was grateful for the way that she had cared for his children. Nicole forced a smile and apologized for putting E.J. on the spot, but she couldn't hide her disappointment. Nicole admitted that she had misread the situation because E.J. had chosen to stay with her at the hospital. E.J. reminded Nicole that the hospital wasn't an appropriate place for a serious discussion about their feelings for each other. Nicole conceded that she needed to focus on her mother's needs instead of her own.

In Fay's room, Taylor started to cry as she realized that her mother had started to regain consciousness. Taylor gently told Fay what had happened; as Taylor spoke, Fay recalled the struggle with fake Rafe that had led to her fall. Fay started to get agitated as she tried to warn her daughter about fake Rafe and the DiMeras. Taylor tried to leave so that she could find Lexie, but Fay grabbed her daughter's arm and stopped her. "Gotta help Nicky. Nicky, gotta help her. Help Nicky," Fay whispered before she slipped back into her state of unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Nicole apologized to E.J. for allowing herself to get carried away. "You know, E.J., when I look at you, it all comes back to me -- why I wanted to marry you, why I so badly wanted to have a baby with you. And now we're raising your children together, and we're being honest with each other about everything; it's a dream come true for me, E.J.," Nicole stated as she embraced her husband. Taylor walked out of Fay's room and spotted Nicole and E.J. kissing. E.J. pulled away when he realized that Taylor had been watching them. Nicole asked Taylor if there had been any change in Fay's condition.

Taylor explained that Fay had briefly regained consciousness. Taylor said that Fay had been worried about Nicole. Nicole rushed into Fay's room to assure her mother that she was all right. After Nicole left, E.J. tried to explain the kiss that Taylor had witnessed, but Taylor wasn't interested in hearing what E.J. had to say. Later, E.J. approached Taylor again and tried to explain what she had witnessed earlier, but she brushed him off and explained that she was busy.

E.J. noted that Taylor had been using her phone to surf the Internet; Taylor explained that she had been searching for an apartment in Chicago. E.J. begged Taylor to reconsider; he reminded Taylor that Nicole and Fay needed her. E.J. added that he needed Taylor, as well. Taylor said that she wasn't going to leave until Fay had recovered. Taylor reminded E.J. that she and Nicole had been estranged for years, so she was positive that Nicole would be able to survive without her.

E.J. assured Taylor that she was a very important part of Nicole's life. Taylor pointed out that it was more important for Nicole's marriage to survive. Taylor claimed that she needed to leave because she had been distracting E.J. from his duties as a husband and as a father. E.J. started to say something, but Taylor stopped him and said that his opinion didn't matter to her. Taylor walked away before E.J. could respond.

Back in Fay's room, Nicole assured Fay that everything was going to be all right. Nicole noted that Fay had always been there for Nicole, even when Nicole had treated Fay badly. "You stood by me, no matter what. I guess that's what they mean by unconditional love -- a mother's love," Nicole said as her voice started to break. Nicole said that one of the best moments of her life had been when Fay had moved into the DiMera mansion. Nicole admitted that being able to take care of her mother for a change had been important to her.

Nicole assured Fay that E.J. had been wonderful. Nicole said that she had fallen in love with E.J. all over again, and that he had made her extremely happy. Fay started muttering E.J.'s name as she listened to Nicole talk about him. Fay started to gasp as she grew more distressed. As Nicole struggled to calm her mother down, Fay managed to piece together enough words to warn Nicole that E.J. had a secret.

At the police station, Detective McCarthy tried to give Rafe an updated list of all of the known criminal activities in the area for his stakeout. Fake Rafe lied and said that he had received a tip about a place that a drug dealer had been hiding out at; he told McCarthy that he was going to spend the night watching that location. McCarthy insisted on going with Rafe on his stakeout. Fake Rafe tried to protest, but McCarthy reminded Rafe that they had been instructed that stakeouts should be done in pairs.

After McCarthy left to gather the supplies that they would need for their stakeout, fake Rafe glanced at the list of criminal activities that McCarthy had compiled. When McCarthy returned, fake Rafe pointed out that they had received a tip about a thief that had eluded them for months. Fake Rafe convinced McCarthy that she should follow that lead instead of tagging along on fake Rafe's stakeout. After he managed to ditch McCarthy, fake Rafe returned to the hospital and sneaked into the laundry room. Fake Rafe smiled as he eyed a rack of freshly washed scrubs and planned his next visit to Fay's hospital room.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami voiced her concerns about her husband to Caroline. Sami told Caroline that it had seemed like Rafe had been happy about Fay's accident. Sami admitted that Rafe had threatened her. "Grandma, I swear to God, there was a moment -- and I can't believe I'm gonna say this -- but I swear, there was a moment when he was looking at me that I thought he wanted to kill me," Sami stated. Sami conceded that she had probably been overreacting, but Caroline wasn't convinced; Caroline suggested that Rafe's accident might have made him angry and vengeful.

Sami said that she was certain that she had not overreacted when she had learned that Rafe had tried to teach Johnny to fight. Sami said that she wished that E.J. had not found out about that incident. Sami told her grandmother that E.J. had threatened to intervene. "E.J. said that he's worried that Rafe is a bad influence on my children, and he's worried that he could corrupt them, and the thing is...I agree with E.J. -- I think he's right about Rafe," Sami admitted. Caroline wondered if Sami was ready to end her relationship with Rafe.

Sami said that she knew that Rafe had suffered a head trauma and hypoglycemia, but she was certain that Rafe's personality change had not been caused by either of those things. Sami said that she was positive that something else had happened to Rafe. Sami pointed out that Rafe had been using his head injury as a crutch; every time he said or did something that was out of character, he played the victim and blamed it on his accident. Sami said that she knew in her heart that the accident was not the real reason for Rafe's behavior. Sami vowed to find out what had really caused Rafe's personality changes before she made a decision about the future of their relationship.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bo met a woman named Louise at the Brady Pub, along with her young daughter, Kim. Hope arrived with Ciara, who was not pleased to see her schoolmate. Kim defiantly declared that she had not dared Ciara to climb the fence at school. Ciara insisted that she and Theo would never have tried to climb the fence if Kim hadn't dared them. "I'm nice to you! All the other kids make fun of you because your mom went to jail!" Kim whined. Louise apologized for her daughter, and then the two of them left.

Hope expressed how sorry she was that kids were still making fun of Ciara. Ciara maintained that she didn't care; she just wanted her parents to be happy -- and she didn't want her mommy to leave again. Bo and Hope reassured their daughter that Hope wasn't going anywhere. Hope encouraged Ciara to draw a picture for Grandpa Doug and Grandma Julie, with whom Ciara was going to spend the night. After Ciara had gone to find some paper, Hope fretted to Bo about what her time in prison had done to their daughter. Bo assured Hope that Ciara could handle the kids at school as long as she had a happy family at home.

After they had returned home, Hope went into the master bedroom to tell Bo goodnight. Bo was reading, a pair of glasses perched on his nose. Hope pronounced the reading glasses sexy, and then wished Bo a good night's sleep in the new bed. Putting his book down, Bo asked if she really wanted to continue sleeping in the guest room. Hope admitted that she didn't, and noted, "I was just thinking... We can't just put our family back together because it's what Ciara wants. We have to want it."

"I want you," Bo replied, gently pulling Hope into bed by the sash of her robe. Hope slid in next to him, tentatively at first, then she nestled her head on his shoulder with a contented smile. "I was afraid that we'd never be this close again," she whispered. Bo asked if she thought it was too soon, or if she wanted to talk. "I think we've talked enough," Hope murmured. Beaming, Bo slipped her robe off of her shoulders, and kissed her tenderly.

After they made love, Bo said that he couldn't wait to pick up Ciara the next morning. "Think she'll see the difference? Are we glowing?" Hope asked, grinning. "I think she'll know without us telling her that this is like a new beginning," Bo declared softly.

Meanwhile, Ciara was in bed at Doug and Julie's, using a flashlight to look at a map. As she pointed out a lake to her stuffed bear, she explained, "Me, Mommy, and Daddy used to have fun at that lake. But we don't have fun anymore, because I'm always getting in trouble. It'll be better when I go away."

Carly was irked when she bumped into Vivian at the Java Café. The women exchanged snide comments, and then Carly started to leave for the hospital, but she hung back to listen in when she heard Vivian phoning Nicholas to wish him a happy birthday. "That witch has been talking to my son!" Carly muttered to herself. Vivian cooed to Nicholas that he should drive the Maserati she'd bought him down to the South of France, since the women in Monte Carlo were only looking for a man with money, like him. Carly was surprised to hear that her son was living in Monte Carlo.

After Vivian hung up, Carly confronted her. "It's no wonder I can't get Nicky to call me -- you've been working him this whole time!" Carly complained. Vivian retorted that Nicholas needed a mother figure since he wanted nothing to do with Carly. Carly argued that Vivian had been spoiling Nicholas and making Lawrence out to be a saint, when Nicholas knew what kind of man his father had really been. Vivian spat that Nicholas knew Carly was really a murdering monster. Carly contended that Nicholas knew how much she loved him, and he would eventually see through Vivian's act.

After Vivian left, Carly called her son, and was utterly relieved when he answered despite seeing her number on his phone. Reminding her that it was four in the morning his time, Nicholas demanded to know what she wanted. Carly explained that she hadn't called for a while because she had hoped that if she gave him a little time, he might understand what had happened. "How am I supposed to understand that you murdered my father in cold blood?" Nicholas asked.

Carly reminded him that he had seen her bruises and broken bones while he was growing up, but Nicholas argued that she should have left. "He would have tracked me down. He would have made sure I lost you forever," Carly pointed out, and asked if they could start over. Nicholas declared, "I'm going to hang up now, Mom. And don't call back. You're as dead to me as my father is." A devastated Carly told her son that she loved him, even though the line had gone dead.

When Vivian met Gus on the pier, she gleefully informed him, "Carly's life has become a complete hell! She spent so much time sleeping with Bo and trying to impress her illegitimate daughter that she's forgotten all about Nicholas. Now she wants him back, and he doesn't want anything to do with her!" She continued giddily that she hadn't even had to poison Nicholas' mind against Carly. Eyes twinkling, Gus informed Vivian that it could turn out be a very fruitful night for her.

Rafe was reading The Art of War in his padded room at the mental institution when an orderly entered to check on him. Pleased that Rafe had eaten his food, the orderly removed the meal tray, and then left. Rafe did some pushups on the floor, and noted that he'd just completed twenty more than he'd done the day before. "That's still not going to be enough if I want to get out of here... figure out who I am," he said to himself, and then started doing more pushups. Afterwards, he read some more from The Art of War. He looked at the key that he had arrived at the institution with, and noted that it was his only clue to his old life.

In a hospital supply closet, faux Rafe donned some scrubs, and chuckled when he found an I.D. badge in the pocket. "Dr. Overman -- pediatrics," he read aloud. "Mama would be so proud -- finally." He admired himself in the mirror as he pulled on a white doctor's coat. "Sorry, Fay. Can't have you messing things up for me, not now -- not when I'm so close to payday." He hung a stethoscope around his neck, clipped the I.D. to the jacket pocket, and put on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

Imposter Rafe finished off his disguise with a surgical cap and mask -- just as Maxine entered and demanded to know who he was and what he was doing in the supply closet. Fake Rafe explained that he was just there to get some supplies, and the mask was because he had a cold and didn't want to spread his germs to the pediatric patients. Maxine was skeptical. Faux Rafe retorted that he shouldn't have to do the nurses' job when he needed supplies, and stalked out.

In the waiting area, Taylor confided to Abe that some things about Fay's accident didn't add up. "Nicole found the pills Mom was supposed to have taken that night," Taylor explained. She added that Nicole had also found Fay's phone downstairs on the entry table. Abe guessed that Nicole was blaming Taylor for the accident, but Taylor insisted that wasn't the case. She added that she felt guilty because she should have been with her mother, and she couldn't figure out how the accident had happened. Abe tried to reassure her that Fay would soon be able to explain everything.

In Fay's room, Fay struggled to tell Nicole, "!" She tried to explain what she had witnessed, but was unable to get the words out. As Fay became more and more agitated, Nicole urged her mother to calm down. Suddenly, the alarm on Fay's heart monitor began beeping, and Lexie and Nurse Katie ran in.

Lexie ordered Nicole to wait outside, so Nicole reluctantly did as she was told. Taylor immediately saw how upset her sister was and rushed over to her. Nicole anxiously explained what had happened, and neither sister knew why their mother had been so afraid that she had set off the monitors. They held each other fearfully. Nicole then wondered where E.J. had gone, and Taylor replied that he had said he'd had a work problem to deal with.

Lexie emerged from Fay's room, and reassured Taylor and Nicole that their mom was stable. Lexie added that she had only been able to give Fay a sedative after some convincing. Nicole wanted to ask her mom what was going on, but Lexie and Taylor tried to persuade Nicole to let Fay get some rest. Faux Rafe rounded the corner from the supply closet just then, and quickly hid to watch what was going on. Nicole finally gave up arguing with Lexie, and walked off to call E.J.

Lexie quietly asked if Taylor knew what Fay might have been trying to tell Nicole. Taylor explained, "Mom managed to say that E.J. has some kind of a secret." She fretted that Fay was going to tell Nicole that E.J. might be cheating, and Lexie knew that would cause Nicole to flip out -- which would not be good for Fay. She urged Taylor to try to convince Nicole to go home.

Nicole returned just as Abe was asking Lexie how Fay was. Once Abe learned that Fay was stable, he encouraged Nicole and Taylor to head home. Nicole reluctantly agreed. Lexie and Taylor first had to take care of some insurance paperwork for Fay, leaving Abe and Nicole alone. Abe tried to reassure Nicole that Lexie would take good care of Fay. Nicole tearfully confessed that she was afraid she would lose her mom after the two of them had finally made peace.

Faux Rafe watched while Abe embraced Nicole comfortingly. Abe was glad that Fay and Nicole had made peace, and that Nicole and Taylor were getting closer. Nicole asked how Abe and Brandon were getting along, and Abe admitted that things were good as long as they didn't talk about the past. Abe then reminded Nicole that Lexie and Taylor were waiting downstairs for them, and as the two of them walked off, imposter Rafe headed into Fay's room.

Carly arrived while Abe and Nicole were talking, and greeted Katie, who was outside Fay's room with a cart full of medications. Katie suddenly remembered that she was supposed to schedule Fay for some tests, and asked Carly to keep an eye on the cart for a few minutes. Carly resisted the temptation as long as she could, but then grabbed a bottle of pills, and shook a couple out into her hand. Katie returned just as Carly was putting the pills into her pocket. Carly mumbled something about how Fay could finally rest since her daughters had gone home, and quickly walked off.

Carly then went into the supply closet, and took the pills out of her pocket. "This isn't me. I don't do this," she told herself as she eyed the tablets. "If I could just get some sleep, I'd be fine. I'd be able to handle everything. I just have to fight this." Nicholas' words echoed in Carly's head, and she dialed Melanie's number just to hear her daughter's voice. Melanie didn't answer, so Carly left a quick message. She looked at the pills again, then walked determinedly over to the wastebasket and threw them out.

As soon as Taylor and Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion, Nicole poured herself a drink. She said that she was glad that Taylor was there, and she hoped the two of them would remain close even after Taylor had moved out. Taylor hoped so, too. Nicole apologized for the way she'd treated Taylor during their childhood, and as the sisters embraced, Taylor guiltily remembered kissing E.J. Since both women were still worried about their mother, Nicole wanted to return to the hospital to make sure Fay was sleeping comfortably. Taylor followed her sister out the front door.

Faux Rafe removed his mask and glasses as he stood over Fay's bed. "I'm sorry you have to die, Fay," he told her sleeping form. "But the truth is, you're in the way." Fay's eyes opened suddenly, and she looked at him with terror.

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