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Monday, May 30, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer prepared for her date with Daniel. Hope walked in as Jennifer was inspecting some lingerie that she had purchased. Hope wondered if Jennifer was auditioning for The Real Housewives of Salem. Jennifer jokingly stated that her sweet, insensitive, sarcastic cousin had stopped by just in time to witness Jennifer's most private, embarrassing moment.

Jennifer explained that she had been preparing for a date with Daniel. Hope teased Jennifer about the lingerie that Jennifer had unsuccessfully attempted to hide from Hope earlier. Jennifer said that she wanted to be ready for anything that might happen. Hope said that she had a necklace that would look great with the dress that Jennifer had purchased. Hope added that the lingerie would only need one accessory -- Jennifer.

Jennifer said that Hope was wasting her time. Jennifer said that she had decided that she wasn't going to wear any of the items that she had purchased. Hope jokingly agreed that Jennifer would look even better naked. Jennifer sighed and snatched the dress out of Hope's hands. Hope apologized for teasing Jennifer, and she said that Jennifer was going to look amazing in the dress.

Jennifer sighed and admitted that she was worried that the dress was going to look fake on her. Hope realized that there was something else that was bothering Jennifer. Jennifer tried to explain her insecurities to Hope. "Listen, I can speak my mind, I can hold my own at my job...I can play pool, okay? But I'm a mom. I've been a wife for years. I am not 'Daniel material' all," Jennifer said. Hope said that if that was the case, then Daniel was an idiot.

Jennifer explained that she had seen a photograph of Rebecca; Jennifer described Rebecca as a beautiful, sultry brunette. Jennifer added that she had also had an encounter with Chloe earlier. Jennifer said that Chloe had looked like Angelina Jolie during a red carpet premiere. Jennifer claimed that she was dull and frumpy, and she added that she definitely didn't look like Angelina Jolie. Hope insisted that Jennifer was wrong.

Hope said that Jennifer was a beautiful, confident woman. "Stop worrying so much about how you look or what you're going to wear, and think about how you and Daniel relate to one another. How you enjoy each other, how you laugh together -- those are the important things," Hope stated. Jennifer conceded that she needed to grow up; Hope smiled and stated that Jennifer just needed to lighten up. Hope excused herself so that she could run some errands. After Hope left, Jennifer looked at the dress that she had purchased; she muttered that it might be time to try something new.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Dario was shocked when he spotted Rafe standing near the bar. Dario demanded to know why Rafe was back in Salem. Rafe explained that he and Sami had reunited, and he asked Dario to give him another chance. Rafe admitted that he had not been acting like himself. "Is that how you describe it? Being a cheating jerk to your wife? And then your brother finds the guy that killed your sister, and you don't care; like she meant all," Dario said.

Rafe thanked Dario for finding Arianna's killer. Dario wondered if Rafe believed that a simple apology was going to make everything all right. Rafe said that he understood, but he still wanted Dario to know that he was sorry. Rafe reiterated that he wanted Dario to give him another chance, but Dario refused to forgive Rafe. Before Rafe could respond, Dario walked away.

In the park, Nicole met with Taylor. Taylor announced that she was leaving town. Taylor wondered if her news had made Nicole happy. "Happy? Well, that doesn't quite catch it. I'm freakin' delirious. I mean, my mom's dead; my sister seduced my husband, and now she's trying to make me feel guilty about it? I can't believe that I thought you were a good person. You know, and the other thing is...I thought you had my best interests at heart; I thought you were rooting for me to be happy," Nicole said.

Taylor insisted that she did want Nicole to be happy. Taylor said that E.J. would not have given her a second glance if he had really been in love with Nicole. Nicole claimed that E.J. had loved her -- until Taylor had entered the picture. Taylor accused Nicole of being delusional, and she begged Nicole to let E.J. go. Nicole laughed and said that she wasn't going to let Taylor steal her husband.

Taylor reiterated that she was leaving Salem. Taylor claimed that she was just concerned about Nicole and E.J. "Oh, come on! You would be waltzing E.J. down the aisle fifteen minutes after the ink dried on the divorce papers. I know what you want, and you are never, ever going to get it," Nicole firmly stated. Taylor said that Nicole should let E.J. be free to be the man that he wanted to be.

"Oh, my God, you're gonna do the far, far better thing, right? 'Oh, let him be the man he could be; I will walk the desolate moors alone, but let him be free.' Taylor, he is a DiMera. He's a drug-dealing, law-breaking, mobbed up, ruthless killing DiMera," Nicole said. Taylor insisted that E.J. had changed. Nicole said that E.J. would tell Taylor anything in order to get her into his bed. Nicole stated that E.J. was a good liar. Nicole warned Taylor that E.J. would quickly revert back to his old ways after he had added Taylor's notch to his bedpost.

Taylor said that Nicole was just jealous because she knew that E.J. was in love with Taylor. Nicole reiterated that she wanted Taylor to leave Salem. Taylor said that her absence wasn't going to change the fact that E.J. simply wasn't in love with Nicole. "You can hate me -- I concede, because I'm bad and you're good. But the truth is, sending you away...I'm doing you a favor," Nicole said as she stormed off.

At the hospital, Melanie walked into Carly's office and interrupted Carly's thoughts about Daniel. Melanie told Carly that Daniel was going to meet them at the Brady Pub for lunch. Melanie noted that Carly had seemed weird when Melanie had entered the office, and she wondered if Carly wanted to take a rain check on lunch. Carly insisted that she was all right. Melanie excused herself so that she could grab her purse out of her locker; after Melanie left, Carly accidentally dropped her own purse on the floor. As Carly started to collect the contents of her purse, she eyed her bottle of pills.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie said that she had something important that she wanted to tell Daniel and Carly. Melanie said that she had decided that she wanted to be a nurse practitioner. "I kind of -- I got the idea from you two. Not only because you're doctors, but, um, I've just seen you both go through a lot of hard things, and you always manage to bounce back, but you always have your work, you know? You always know that what you do is so important, and, um...I just -- I kind of wanna be like you guys," Melanie said.

Daniel and Carly each stated that they were extremely proud of Melanie. As they were eating their dessert, Carly received a call from the hospital, so she reluctantly excused herself. Carly said that they needed to spend time together as a family more often. Carly added that being with Daniel and Melanie had kept her calm.

Back at the hospital, Taylor met with Brady to inform him that she would be leaving Salem. Brady reminded Taylor that she had a contract with Titan, and he told her that he intended to hold her to that contract. Taylor laughed and told Brady that it would be a waste of time to sue her, because she didn't have any money. Brady guessed that Taylor's sudden decision to leave town had something to do with Nicole. Lexie walked by and overhead that Taylor was planning to leave Salem.

Lexie said that she was going to miss Taylor, but she added that it was probably a good idea for Taylor to remove herself from the drama of Salem. Lexie admitted that the women in E.J.'s life usually ended up getting hurt in the end. Taylor said that Nicole had claimed that she was doing Taylor a favor; Lexie said that Nicole might be right. Taylor asked Lexie to say goodbye to E.J. for her. Taylor explained that she didn't think that she could face him herself.

Later, Lexie asked Carly about her lunch date with Daniel and Melanie. Carly said that she had enjoyed it, and she noted that Melanie and Daniel had a great relationship. Lexie said that Daniel was crazy about Melanie. Carly sighed and agreed with Lexie's statement; Lexie noted that Carly seemed bothered by that fact. "No...well, what bothers me is that, um...I'm a little crazy about him, too," Carly admitted. Lexie wondered if Carly was just going to keep her feelings hidden. Carly said that she didn't really have a choice in the matter.

Before Lexie could respond, her pager started to beep; she excused herself and assured Carly that they would continue their discussion later. After Lexie left, Carly muttered that there wasn't really anything to talk about. Carly reached into her purse and grabbed the pill bottle; as she started to open the bottle, she looked at a picture of Daniel and Melanie that was sitting on her desk. "I can't do this to Melanie; I have to be the person she thinks I am, so I'm gonna have to find a way...I'm gonna do it on my own," Carly muttered.

Meanwhile, Brady tried to talk to Daniel about his relationship with Jennifer. Brady explained that Jennifer was fragile because of what had happened with Jack. Daniel assured Brady that he was aware of the situation, and he added that he knew more about Jennifer than Brady might have assumed. Brady started to say something, but he stopped himself. Daniel prompted Brady to speak his mind. Brady reluctantly stated that Daniel might end up hurting Jennifer.

Daniel sighed and said that he wasn't going to do anything to hurt Jennifer. Brady agreed that Daniel would never intentionally hurt Jennifer. Brady explained that Jennifer wasn't as tough as she tried to act. Brady said that Jennifer was feisty, and she could handle herself in a number of situations, but love was never something that she had been able to take lightly. "It's wonderful that you gave her her heart back, Daniel, but don't break it," Brady said.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano revisited his theory that fake Rafe had fallen in love with Sami. E.J. accepted Stefano's theory, and he noted that the situation was more dangerous than they had originally suspected. E.J. wondered how fake Rafe had managed to convince Sami to forgive him. E.J. insisted that fake Rafe's plan to stay with Sami was going to blow up in his face, because he wouldn't be able to control his temper, or his libido, for very long. Stefano agreed that fake Rafe was a ticking time bomb.

E.J. wondered why Sami had decided that her kids would be safe around Rafe. "Come on, will you? No matter how much she protests about being a great mother, the only thing important to her is the man in her bed, all right? And it doesn't make any difference how stupid he is," Stefano said, but E.J. wasn't convinced. E.J. reminded Stefano that Sami had sent Allie to Hong Kong just to get her away from Rafe. "That is not what matters; what matters is that we have to terminate our stand-in's contract and ensure his departure," Stefano said.

E.J. wondered if fake Rafe had gotten greedy. E.J. theorized that fake Rafe had decided to win Sami back so that he could get the DiMeras to pay him even more money to leave town again. "Greedy swine. I'm telling you...the criminal class today, all they think about is money -- nothing about the craft. You know, when I was young, I was glad just to get the opportunity to learn," Stefano said with a sigh. E.J. told Stefano to spare him the monologue about the decline of criminal civilization. E.J. said that they couldn't afford to let anyone learn the truth about Rafe; Nicole entered the room and said that E.J. was absolutely right.

"You know, Nicole, you talking about the truth is like Mel Gibson talking about restraint," Stefano dryly stated; before Nicole could respond, Stefano walked out of the room. After Stefano left, Nicole sarcastically observed that Stefano didn't seem to like her. E.J. bluntly stated that no one liked Nicole. Nicole smiled as she poured herself a drink. Nicole announced that Taylor had told her about the drug ring, and about E.J.'s involvement in Arianna's death.

E.J. was surprised that Taylor had mentioned those things to Nicole. Nicole told E.J. that Taylor wasn't very good at keeping secrets. Nicole grinned and added that Taylor had unwittingly given Nicole even more information to hold over E.J.'s head. Nicole said that Taylor firmly believed that E.J. was a changed man. "Could you imagine how shattered Taylor would be if she found out the man of her dreams likes to play Manchurian Candidate with his ex-wife's new hubby?" Nicole asked.

Nicole pointed out that Taylor was in love with a fictional version of E.J. "Well, just so you know, I do want to be the man that she loves. Unfortunately, I'm being blackmailed into staying married to a bitch like you," E.J. said. Nicole angrily tossed her drink at E.J.'s face. Nicole said that she wanted to return to the way that things had been before Taylor had arrived in Salem -- back when she and E.J. had been excited about their future. "Sweetheart, we have a future together. We can hate each other a little bit more every single day, although I'm not quite sure if I can hate you any more than I do right now," E.J. said.

Nicole cryptically stated that she was going to make it easy for E.J. to get over Taylor. E.J. perceived Nicole's statement as a threat; he demanded to know what Nicole had done to Taylor. Nicole explained that Taylor had left Salem, and she added that she didn't know -- or care -- where Taylor had gone. Meanwhile, Taylor checked into a fancy hotel in an undisclosed location; she told one of the staff members that she didn't know how long she would be staying at the hotel. "Oh, God...E.J., I'm so, so sorry, but I had to do this for us," Taylor muttered.

In the park, Melanie ran into Dario; Melanie noted that Dario seemed upset. Dario told Melanie about his encounter with Rafe. Dario said that he was never going to forgive Rafe. Melanie said that Dario didn't really mean that, but Dario insisted that he was being sincere. Melanie told Dario that he was being an idiot.

Melanie quickly clarified that she had not meant for her statement to sound harsh. Melanie pointed out that Dario had already lost Arianna, and she asked if he really wanted to lose Rafe, too. Dario insisted that Rafe was a jerk. Melanie conceded that Rafe probably was a jerk, but she wondered if Dario was willing to sacrifice their relationship over an argument. Dario said that he was upset about more than a simple argument.

Dario reluctantly admitted that Melanie was right. Melanie jokingly wondered if she was hallucinating. "I'll give him another chance, but if he's not the man he used to be,'s over," Dario said. Meanwhile, at the safe house, Rafe told fake Rafe that he could have some food, if he agreed to share some information with Rafe.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Down on the pier, Quinn met with one of his drug dealers. After sampling some the product, Quinn excused himself in order to deal with other projects. When the dealer asked about Quinn's other business, Quinn cryptically said that he had a burgeoning business and that he was looking for the right talent to get the business off the ground.

At the hospital, Stefano tracked down Lexie and asked her why she had taken Taylor into her house. Stefano reminded Lexie that Taylor worked for the Kiriakis family. Lexie confided that she knew about Taylor and E.J.'s feelings for one another. When Stefano argued that the situation was a disaster, Lexie informed Stefano that Taylor had left town. Stefano was thrilled, but Lexie was worried about how E.J. would take the news. "He's really just a little child when it comes down to it. How else do you account for the fact that he falls in love with a different woman every other week, and he marries her? He does not know what commitment means," Stefano argued about E.J.

Lexie countered that E.J. believed he had found the love of his life in Taylor. Stefano questioned how E.J. could love a woman he barely knew. Stefano theorized that E.J.'s feelings were about revenge against Nicole. "I see there are things that you and E.J. are not telling me," Lexie said. Worried, Lexie asked Stefano if he and E.J. were in trouble. Stefano adamantly denied that there was a problem.

At the Brady Pub, Vivian complained about Stefano's dismissal of her offer. Victor walked into the pub and said hello to Caroline. After Victor gave Caroline his order, Caroline asked Victor what Maggie wanted. Uncomfortable, Victor responded, "You see Maggie anywhere?" "I just assumed she'd be joining you," Caroline said cheerfully. "You assumed wrong," Victor said gruffly. Victor explained that he and Maggie were taking a break from each other. At the nearby table, Vivian muttered under her breath over Victor's news.

At the nurses' station, Maggie stopped by to drop off some toys for pediatrics. Noticing the bags under Maggie's eyes, Maxine asked Maggie if she was losing sleep over her boyfriend, Victor. When Maggie started to explain that she was not with Victor, Maxine joked about how Victor was always following Maggie around. Startled, Maggie left the hospital and went home. Once Maggie was back in her kitchen, she muttered that Maxine was out of line for commenting about Maggie's relationship with Victor. Maggie wondered why she had not announced to Maxine that her relationship with Victor was over.

As Maggie chastised herself for not speaking up, there was a knock at her kitchen door. When Maggie opened the door, she was surprised to see Vivian in the doorway, bearing flowers. "Is it ticking or, I know, you dipped the stems in arsenic didn't you?" Maggie asked about the flowers. Vivian explained that she had stopped by in order to make peace. Not interested, Maggie said that she was only interested in hearing Vivian's plans if the plans included Vivian leaving town.

Vivian apologized for what she had done to Maggie. "Let's face it, you had your sights set on Victor. I wasn't imagining that. But then I saw the two of you so happy together, and I thought, why interfere with fate? And I've moved on," Vivian said. When Maggie's face soured, Vivian asked if she had pushed a button. Maggie turned away, and Vivian apologized for upsetting Maggie and urged her to talk about her problem. "You are the very last person I want to speak to right now. Or ever," Maggie said curtly.

"You're still seeing Victor, aren't you?" Vivian asked. Behind Vivian, Victor walked through the open kitchen door. Vivian turned to find Victor scowling at her. Victor ordered Vivian to leave. Vivian explained that she was at Maggie's house in order to apologize. "Spare me your cut-rate fiction, Vivian. You're here to do what you always do: torment someone who doesn't deserve it," Victor growled. When Vivian protested, Victor noted that he had seen Vivian and Gus at the pub and that she had probably overheard his conversation with Caroline.

Victor reminded Vivian that he had never cared for her, unlike what he felt for Maggie. "I will always care for Maggie," Victor said. "If always means until you meet someone younger and more buxom who will worship the ground you walk on," Vivian yelled. As Victor started to chuckle, Vivian shrugged her shoulders and told Maggie that she felt for Maggie.

With a sigh, Vivian walked out of the house. When Maggie noticed that Victor was still chuckling, she began to laugh as well. Maggie thanked Victor for helping her with Vivian. Victor handed Maggie her casserole dish and thanked her for the food. With a sad smile, Victor left.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was devastated when Nicole informed him that Taylor had left town. Nicole urged E.J. to call Taylor and ask her where she was. When E.J. attempted to call Taylor, he learned that Taylor's phone was out of service. Furious, E.J. ordered Nicole to admit what she had done to get Taylor to leave town. "I do what I have to in order to survive," Nicole said. Staring into Nicole's eyes, E.J. surmised that Nicole had threatened to go to the police if Taylor did not leave. Bitter, E.J. marched out of the room.

When E.J. returned to the living room, he had worked up a head of steam. "We had a business arrangement! All right? A business arrangement! And now you walk around like we are Romeo and Juliet, soul mates in love. You had the audacity to stand here in front of me and tell me your poor heart is broken?" E.J. bellowed. E.J. argued that Nicole had asked for a life with his children only, but Nicole countered that she had wanted more from E.J. Nicole argued that E.J. would have fallen back in love with her in time.

"After what you've done, I will never love you. And I will never forgive you," E.J. said as he gripped Nicole's arms tightly. When Nicole tersely pointed out that E.J. was hurting her, he apologized sarcastically and squeezed her arms harder. E.J. warned Nicole that she was lucky he had decided not to kill her. E.J. noted that his children were his priority.

"Your priority? Because you lead such an exemplary life? And when they are old enough to understand that their adoring father is a sick, immoral, sadistic bastard, they will be ever so proud. You are a hell of a role model," Nicole argued. When E.J. screamed at Nicole to get out, Nicole agreed, noting that she could not bear to spend one more minute in E.J.'s presence.

Nicole headed over to the park to clear her head. Nicole pulled a photo of Sydney out of her purse and whispered, "I did this for you. You're my heart honey, and you always will be." Nearby, Brady noticed Nicole and stopped. Brady asked Nicole if she was okay. When Nicole nodded, Brady informed Nicole that Taylor had resigned from her job and left. Nicole noted that she would not miss her sister. Confused, Brady asked Nicole to explain, "Why [do] you drive away everybody who has ever cared about you?"

When Brady said that Nicole was wrong to blame Taylor, Nicole shook her head. "She fooled you too, huh?" Nicole asked. "Taylor is not the sister she pretends to be. That self-involved bitch never gave a damn about me. No more than E.J. did, no more than you did," Nicole argued to Brady. When Brady looked stricken, Nicole asked Brady why he was looking at her that way. "I was the man that loved you. I loved you," Brady said as his voice cracked with emotion.

"You have the nerve to tell me that I didn't care about you? I cared about you so much that I couldn't see straight. But it is better now that you're away from me because now I don't have to deal with your two-faced crap, and neither does your sister. Getting away from you was the best thing she could do," Brady said darkly. "You never used to be cruel," Nicole said as she fought back tears. When Nicole said that she had not asked for her misery, Brady noted that Nicole had chosen E.J., and she had no one to blame for her trouble but herself.

E.J. went to the hospital to talk to his sister about Taylor. Lexie admitted that Taylor had left no clues about where she was going but that Taylor had said she would never return to Salem. Numb, E.J. wandered back to the mansion and found Stefano. "Leave me alone," E.J. said quietly. When Stefano argued that he needed to talk business with E.J., E.J. refused. Stefano reminded E.J. that he needed to convince Javier to leave, not moon over Taylor. "Are you going to handle this Rafael situation, or do I have to clean up this mess myself?" Stefano asked.

Stefano reminded E.J. that every moment that Javier was in town was a risk to him and E.J. "I've already lost too much. I'm not letting Hernandez take one more thing from me," E.J. said firmly. As E.J. banged the table with his fist, Stefano pulled out the phone number of a cleaner and handed it to E.J. "World renowned to make problems disappear," Stefano said. When Stefano argued that E.J. was doing the right thing, E.J. noted that he was out of options. "That bastard ruined my life. I'm gonna kill him myself," E.J. said.

Rafe interrogated the faux Rafe, Javier, in the safe house storage room. Javier encouraged Rafe to turn him over to the police, but Rafe scoffed at the idea. With a grin, Rafe asked Javier to help him "bring down the DiMeras." Javier laughed at the notion of turning on the DiMeras. "You don't talk, you don't eat," Rafe threatened.

Javier insisted that he would make a terrible witness in court. With a smirk, Rafe noted that he wanted information, not testimony. Rafe cautioned Javier that no one would be looking for him. "You want to keep on existing, you need to work with me," Rafe threatened. When Rafe promised to give Javier whatever he wanted, Javier smiled slyly and agreed to Rafe's offer.

Javier explained that when he had gone home from the hospital, he had taken Sami to bed. Javier commented that, since Sami had not been satisfied the first couple of times, he had needed to repeatedly sleep with Sami. Frustrated with Javier's storytelling, Rafe punched Javier. Bleeding, Javier asked why Rafe had hit him when he was being honest. When Rafe growled, Javier promised no more sex talk. Curious, Rafe asked Javier why E.J. and Stefano had put Javier up to impersonating Rafe.

When Rafe appeared to not have a clue about E.J. and Stefano's reasons, Javier explained that E.J. wanted Rafe to stay away from his children. Javier continued that the plan had taken longer than expected because Sami had been determined to stick by her husband and because Johnny had been getting along well with Javier. Frustrated, Rafe asked Javier to give him information that he could use against the DiMeras. When Javier joked that Rafe would not kill him, Rafe grabbed Javier's shirt and urged Rafe to keep testing him and see what happened.

Javier asked Rafe whether he was going to impersonate him and attempt to get the DiMeras to incriminate themselves. "It's not as easy as it looks. I had all kinds of tools. Tools that you don't have. In fact you got nothing. But here's the thing you'll learn eventually: it doesn't matter how much info I give you. There's only one me. Despite the fact that you and I have the same face, we are very different," Javier said. Javier noted that Rafe was not a free thinker and not capable of portraying Javier with enough credibility to sell the story to the DiMeras. Javier argued that Rafe was too honest and forthright to pull off conning the DiMeras. "You're a dead man," Javier said with a chuckle.

Justin spotted Chloe walking around town and eagerly escorted her over to Victor's mansion. Once at the Kiriakis mansion, Justin rushed Chloe into the living room to find Adrianne with Parker. Justin explained that Philip was in town for business, and Justin had arranged for a supervised visit with Parker. Overjoyed, Chloe took Parker in her arms and cooed over how much bigger Parker had gotten.

When the visitation was over, Justin assured Chloe that though the visit was over, it was only a first step. "You'll get more time next time. Just be more patient," Justin told Chloe. Fighting tears, Chloe kissed her son goodbye and handed the child over to the court-appointed supervisor.

Upset, Chloe left the mansion with Justin and Adrianne and headed over to the Brady Pub. Outside the pub, Quinn listened from behind a pillar as Justin assured Chloe that he would work hard to get her permanent visitation rights with her son. After Adrianne and Justin left, Chloe went into the pub, and Quinn followed. Quinn greeted Chloe and asked her if everything was all right. Quinn asked Chloe if she would go out with him. Chloe was hesitant at first, but she agreed to go on a date with Quinn.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Victor dropped by Daniel's to invite his godson to get some dinner or go to a ball game together. Daniel declined, citing his date with Jennifer. Victor simultaneously sung Jennifer's praises and badmouthed Chloe, but Daniel warned him to watch what he said about Chloe. Victor changed the subject back to Jennifer, and asked if things were serious between her and Daniel. "It's starting to get that way, which is why I'm going to slow things down tonight," Daniel replied.

Daniel explained that he didn't want to react to a woman without thinking again, plus both he and Jennifer were a little "gun-shy." Victor guessed that Daniel meant that Jennifer was fearful because of Jack, but Daniel replied, "And because of something that happened beforehand." Daniel was surprised that Victor knew about Jennifer's rape. Victor pointed out that Jennifer and Daniel had both been badly hurt, but Daniel shouldn't be so cautious that he let go of a good thing.

Victor then produced some photographs, and explained that he'd shown them to Jennifer and thought Daniel might like to have copies of them. Daniel was dismayed that Jennifer had seen the pictures, and groaned when he pulled them out of the envelope. Victor teased Daniel, "I've always been fascinated by a mullet." Daniel stopped when he got to a picture of him and Rebecca. Victor urged Daniel not to screw things up with Jennifer, but Daniel begged Victor to let up. "Jennifer is a lot more fragile than she looks," Daniel maintained.

Abigail arrived home to the Horton house to find her mom getting ready for her date with Daniel. Jennifer was wearing what was, for her, a low-cut dress, her hair was done up in a sophisticated, modified beehive, and her makeup was far sultrier than usual. Abigail raved about how beautiful her mom looked, but a nervous Jennifer just wanted Abigail's honest opinion. Abigail joked that Jennifer had taken out the "heavy artillery" because she really liked Daniel.

Jennifer confided that she didn't think she was Daniel's type based on what Chloe and his late wife looked like. Abigail pointed out that one of the women had died, and the other had given birth to another man's baby -- so Daniel needed another type, and Jennifer was just as beautiful and sexy as those other women were.

Abigail then divulged that she was going out with Chad that night, and emphasized to her mom that he was not like the rest of the DiMeras -- he'd even given her flowers. Jennifer was obviously still worried about her daughter dating a DiMera. Abigail made a comment about the way Daniel looked at Jennifer, and Jennifer seemed surprised -- and pleased. Abigail was happy for her mom, but wished Jennifer could be as happy for Abigail.

After Abigail left for her date, Maggie called to tell Jennifer that there had been a small fire in Chez Rouge's kitchen. Jennifer was just relieved to hear that everyone was all right. When Daniel arrived, he had a colorful bouquet of tulips and roses for Jennifer. Her appearance seemed to catch him off-guard, but he managed to stammer that she looked beautiful.

Jennifer instructed him to wait in the living room while she got a vase, and he stopped when he saw that there were candles burning, soft music was playing, and the lights were dimmed. Jennifer returned with the flowers in a vase, and told Daniel about the kitchen fire at Chez Rouge. She added that Maggie had offered to have Jennifer and Daniel's dinner delivered, and it was on its way. Jennifer explained the music and candlelight as her attempt to recreate Chez Rouge just for the two of them.

Daniel paid the deliveryman who dropped off the dinners a short while later. Jennifer arrived from the kitchen with two glasses of wine, which she awkwardly traded with Daniel for the box from Chez Rouge, but they managed not to spill anything. Jennifer quickly took the food to the kitchen, and then the two of them sat on the sofa to enjoy their wine. Daniel pointed out that he could have taken Jennifer somewhere else for dinner. Jennifer assured him, "It's no trouble. I like it, because it's more private." She then proposed a toast, "To tonight."

After dinner, Daniel and Jennifer appeared to be enjoying one another's company as they ate dessert on the couch. She fed him a bite of tiramisu, and he clearly enjoyed it. But then he seemed about to break some bad news to her when his cell phone rang and interrupted him. Daniel explained that he was on call, and stepped into the front hallway to answer the phone. When he returned, Daniel apologized, and explained that he had to check on a patient on whom he'd operated that morning, and who wasn't doing well. Jennifer understood, but after Daniel kissed her goodbye on the cheek and left, she looked miserable.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was determined to personally take care of eliminating the Rafe impersonator, but Stefano adamantly opposed the idea. Stefano didn't think it was worth E.J. going to prison for, but E.J. didn't want the criminal to be around his children any longer. "I want that guy dead," E.J. declared.

Chad entered just then to tell Stefano that he was going out for the night. Sensing the tension in the room, Chad asked if everything were all right. Stefano reassured Chad that he and E.J. had just been discussing a business deal. As Chad left for his date, Stefano offered him some cash, but Chad politely refused.

After Chad had gone, Stefano pointed out that all he had to do was make one phone call, and his hit man would make the Rafe impostor's death look like an accident. E.J. countered, "I told him what would happen if he crossed me. He did it anyway... This guy has to understand, I don't make empty threats." Stefano wanted to know when E.J. had planned on revealing that Nicole was blackmailing him, and asked what Nicole had on E.J. E.J. reluctantly replied that Nicole had proof that the DiMeras had held Rafe in the basement, but she didn't know about the double.

Although relieved that Nicole didn't know everything, Stefano blamed E.J. for the whole "debacle." "The first minute that you laid eyes on Taylor, you became useless," Stefano bellowed. E.J. noted that arguing wasn't going to help anything, and added, "Our common enemy has decided to call himself Rafe Hernandez, so if you like walking around as a free guy as much as I do, I suggest we start to focus on him." E.J. reiterated his intention to kill the double himself, but Stefano declared that he would not let his son do something stupid enough to get sent to prison. Stefano then left the room.

A while later, E.J. met Officer Davis on the pier. E.J. handed the cop an envelope stuffed with cash, and then instructed him as to what to do next.

When Melanie arrived at the Cheatin' Heart, Dario greeted her with a smile. He offered to buy her a drink, but she declined, because she was planning to play some pool to practice before the tournament. Dario was skeptical that Melanie really played pool, and she admitted somewhat sheepishly that she only "sort of" did. Since the bar was fairly empty, Dario offered to help Melanie, but she told him that she was meeting a friend there for some lessons.

"I bet you he's not as good as me," Dario declared, just as Brady walked in. "Maybe your betting days should be over, Dario," Brady suggested. An annoyed Dario reiterated his promise to pay back every cent that Brady had given to Mike. Brady calmly urged Dario to think about what he was doing with his life. Dario snapped at Brady, and the men began to bicker, so Melanie pulled Brady over to the pool table before things between the guys got any more heated.

While Brady was trying to teach Melanie how to play pool, Chad entered, and Melanie accidentally stuck him in the stomach with her cue stick. Chad and Melanie each apologized to the other. Brady recognized Chad as being Mia's old boyfriend, so Brady introduced himself, and then Melanie. Chad said that he was meeting his date there, and asked if they knew Abigail Deveraux. Melanie and Brady acknowledged that they knew Abigail, and Melanie asked if Chad were meeting Abigail so they could also practice for the pool tournament. Chad didn't know, but urged Melanie and Brady to get back to their date. While Dario watched from across the bar, Brady and Melanie denied being on a date.

When Abigail arrived, Melanie introduced her to Brady, who then went to the bar to order drinks for everyone. Melanie and Abigail agreed that they would have to compare notes later about Daniel and Jennifer's date. Abigail admitted that she and Chad were on their first date, and asked what was going on with Melanie and Brady. Melanie replied that she and Brady were just friends who hung out a lot. When Abigail caught Melanie looking in the direction of the bar, she turned and spotted Dario bartending. Melanie called Dario "super-obnoxious," but Abigail wondered, if that were true, why Melanie hadn't been able to stop staring at him.

Melanie went to the bar a little later to buy another round of drinks, and Dario responded with derision. Melanie apologized if things had gotten out of hand, and assured him that Brady didn't expect Dario to pay him back. Dario asserted that he planned to pay back every penny he owed Brady. Melanie acknowledged that Brady had made mistakes, but so had she -- and so had Dario.

"You don't know anything about me," Dario snarled. Melanie insisted that she'd merely been trying to be friendly, but Dario snapped at her to mind her own business. As Dario stalked off, Melanie turned to Abigail, who'd been observing their exchange from afar. "What's his problem?" Melanie asked. "You," Abigail replied.

In the safe house storage room, imposter Rafe struggled to free himself from the ropes that bound him. He told himself that he had to get out of there before "that bastard Hernandez" turned him over to the cops. Faux Rafe remembered yanking off Fay's cameo after her tumble down the stairs, and worried what would happen if Rafe found it and connected the doppelganger to Fay. He fretted that Rafe might turn him over to the DiMeras instead of the police. After a while, he realized that the ropes were finally loosening up.

On a bench in the park, a sobbing Nicole addressed her late mother. "Brady said that I push everyone that I love in my life away, but that's not true," Nicole cried, and explained that all she'd wanted was to be close to Sydney and Johnny, and happy with E.J. She continued that her new life had already been ruined, because E.J. had fallen in love with Taylor -- and hated Nicole. As she wondered how things had gone so wrong, Fay appeared before her in a vision.

"What you should be asking yourself, sweetheart, is how you make things right," Fay's ghost said. Nicole confided how much she loved Sydney and Johnny, and admitted that she didn't know how she'd go on if they weren't in her life. "Sounds like you know what you have to do then," Fay noted. "Yes, Mom, I do know," Nicole replied, and the vision of Fay vanished.

Rafe returned to the loft with a duffel bag full of his belongings, which he'd retrieved from his look-alike's car. He left a message for Sami, and informed her that the imposter had been no help, so he still had no idea how to behave with Stefano and E.J. As Rafe pulled clothing out of the bag, a cameo fell out, and he wondered why the impersonator had kept it. Rafe wondered to whom it had belonged. "One more thing to figure out. Better do it before E.J. and Stefano figure out that I'm not who they think I am," Rafe told himself. He inspected the back of the cameo with a magnifying glass, but it had no engraving.

Just as Rafe tossed the cameo on top of the open duffel bag, Nicole knocked on the door. She was taken aback when Rafe opened the door, and asked what he was doing back in town. Rafe asked what Nicole wanted. Spotting the duffel bag, Nicole deduced that what she'd heard about Rafe and Sami's divorce had been wrong. Rafe again asked why Nicole was there. Nicole produced one of Sydney's stuffed toys, but Rafe informed her that Sami and the kids weren't home. Nicole asked him to let Sami know that she'd dropped the toy off, and then noted curiously, "I thought you and I had a truce."

Rafe responded brusquely, and Nicole asked if he would just flirt with her like he usually did, since he'd become her only positive reinforcement. She thanked a surprised Rafe with a hug, then told him that she was glad he was back -- and kissed him. Pushing her away, Rafe demanded, "What the hell are you doing?" When Nicole mentioned how they had kissed before, Rafe thought she meant back when he had been trying to get E.J.'s confession tape away from her. Dumbfounded, Nicole couldn't believe that just because Rafe and Sami had gotten back together, he wasn't going to flirt with Nicole or try to grab her when Sami left the room. She teased Rafe playfully that he'd wanted her, but he interrupted, "This is all in your head right now. It's kind of weird."

Frowning, Nicole asserted, "You are different... Kissing you just now was like kissing my arm. You don't want me. You don't even remember wanting me. And I know why." Rafe claimed that he'd only put the moves on Nicole to get back at E.J., and maybe "the other stuff" had been because of his accident -- but it was over. Nicole didn't buy it, and she thought E.J. was to blame for why Rafe had done it, and why he was so different. "Don't worry; I promised I wouldn't tell E.J. that you kissed me, and I didn't, and I didn't tell Sami, either," Nicole assured him. Rafe didn't buy that was what she'd meant, but a phone call from Officer Davis interrupted them.

While E.J. listened, Davis informed Rafe that he'd picked up Dario for shoplifting. "He's got some priors. I thought you might want to come down and take care of this... I'm holding him down at the pier," Davis told a peeved Rafe. After Davis had gone, E.J. took out his pistol, and waited for the Rafe imposter to show up.

Nicole returned to the mansion, and found Stefano in the living room. Nicole said that she could tell from Stefano's mood that he and E.J. knew about Rafe's return to Salem, and subsequent reunion with Sami. She wondered how they would deal with such a setback. Stefano asked, "Why are you so interested in Rafael?" Nicole asserted, "What matters to E.J. matters to me." Stefano just chuckled and left the room.

Meanwhile, on the pier, E.J. heard footsteps approaching. He cocked his gun and prepared to aim, but then Taylor appeared instead of Rafe, and E.J. had to hide the weapon under his jacket.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

by Mike

At an expensive restaurant, Quinn watched a video of one of his sexual encounters with Chloe. Chloe arrived and wondered what Quinn was watching. Quinn said that it was a personal, private video. Chloe asked to see the video, but Quinn claimed that he just wanted to focus on their date.

Quinn regaled Chloe with stories about his boarding school days. Chloe noted that all of Quinn's stories had involved boarding schools. Chloe wondered if Quinn's parents had done a lot of traveling when he was younger. Quinn's mood quickly changed; he said that he had bored Chloe with stories about his youth for long enough. Quinn added that he wanted to get back to learning about what made Chloe Lane tick.

Chloe apologized and said that she had not meant to pry. Chloe said that she was sensitive about stories that involved parents being separated from their children. Quinn feigned ignorance, so Chloe explained that she had lost custody of her son. "I did some really stupid things, but now, everything I do is just to make sure that I can get him back...and that I can help raise him, and be a part of his life," Chloe said. Quinn told Chloe to let him know if there was anything that he could do to help.

At the end of their date, Chloe thanked Quinn, and she assured him that she had enjoyed herself. After Chloe left the restaurant, Quinn watched the video again. Later, Chloe realized that she had forgotten her jacket at the restaurant; when she returned, Quinn was gone. After Chloe grabbed her jacket, she received a phone call from one of the social workers, who said that they had been impressed by Chloe's behavior during her visit with Parker. Chloe was pleased to hear the news, and she vowed that nothing was going to stop her from regaining custody of Parker.

At the Horton house, Jennifer recalled her date with Daniel, and she wondered what she had done wrong. Later, Jennifer heard a knock at the door; she assumed that it was Daniel, but the visitor turned out to be Maggie. Maggie said that she had stopped by because she had noticed that Daniel's car wasn't in the driveway. Maggie wondered if Daniel had been called to the hospital for an emergency. "Uh, yeah, you could say that; his emergency was getting away from me," Jennifer said.

Later, Jennifer lounged on the sofa in her pajamas, as she and Maggie shared a quart of ice cream. Jennifer admitted that she should not have tried to look glamorous, because she clearly wasn't glamorous. Maggie assured Jennifer that she had looked beautiful in her dress, but Jennifer wasn't convinced. Maggie suggested that Jennifer might have been overreacting, but Jennifer denied Maggie's allegations. Jennifer said that Daniel had made it perfectly clear that she was not his type of woman.

Between mouthfuls of ice cream, Jennifer insisted that she was fine with the way that things had turned out. As Maggie tried to hide her skepticism, Jennifer added that Daniel was a creep. Later, Maggie decided that she had eaten more than enough ice cream. Jennifer tried to persuade Maggie to stay and help her finish off the entire quart, but Maggie politely declined Jennifer's invitation. Maggie said that everything would seem better the following morning, but Jennifer wasn't convinced.

"I'm not dating Daniel -- or anyone else, for that matter -- starting right now, because I obviously put so much thought into having a relationship, and I always end up disappointed. So that's it -- I'm done; even if Daniel asks me out on a date again -- which is not gonna happen -- he can forget it. I'm cutting my losses; it is not worth getting hurt," Jennifer insisted. Maggie tried to protest, but Jennifer refused to listen.

At Daniel's apartment, Melanie was surprised to see Daniel; she wondered what had happened to Daniel's date. Daniel explained that he had been called in to the hospital over some trivial matter. Daniel said that the date had been strange. "I got to tell you, something was just -- tonight, it was off, and -- you know what I mean? I don't know; I was not comfortable, and I'm sure she wasn't, and just -- I don't know. She's probably glad that I had to leave," Daniel said. Melanie was noticeably confused.

Later, Daniel talked to Melanie about her decision to be a nurse practitioner. Daniel started to say something about hospital I.D. badges, but his voice trailed off as he realized that he had misplaced his own badge at the Horton house. Daniel was worried that Jennifer was going to think that he had left the badge at her place on purpose. Daniel added that he didn't want to ask Jennifer to deliver his badge to the hospital, because Daniel's shift started early the following morning. Melanie bluntly pointed out that Daniel didn't have any other options.

Back at the Horton house, Jennifer decided to make herself a root beer float, but the can of root beer exploded when she opened it. Jennifer dropped the can on the floor, and she managed to break a glass in the process. Jennifer screamed and chastised herself for her clumsiness; meanwhile, Daniel approached the front door. When Daniel heard Jennifer's screams, he rushed inside to find out what was wrong. Jennifer -- who was still in her pajamas, and covered in root beer -- was mortified.

Daniel helped Jennifer pick up the shards of glass. Daniel explained that he had left his badge on a table in Jennifer's foyer. Jennifer quickly handed Daniel his badge, then she hinted that he was free to leave. Daniel stared at Jennifer; Jennifer started to get self-conscious, and she defensively stated that she was aware that she looked like a mess. Jennifer claimed that the messy look was typical for her; as Jennifer continued to babble, Daniel interrupted her.

"You are incredibly charming, and unbelievably irresistible, and if -- which is why, if I am alone with you for one more minute, it's -- uh, no, this is not gonna be a good idea," Daniel said. Jennifer tried to stop Daniel, but Daniel insisted that he needed to leave. Daniel explained that he had hurt people in the past; he added that he didn't want to hurt Jennifer, because he respected her. "Could you just take all that respect, and just put it on the back burner for a little bit? Will you just stay with me, please?" Jennifer asked. Jennifer and Daniel started to kiss passionately, and Daniel carried Jennifer over to the sofa.

Outside the Brady Pub, Rafe ran into Dario. Rafe was surprised that the police had released Dario. Dario wondered what Rafe was talking about. Rafe quickly realized that he had been duped. Rafe cryptically warned Dario to be careful; Dario was confused, but Rafe insisted that it was important for Dario to listen to him.

At the safe house, fake Rafe tried desperately to free himself from his bindings. Fake Rafe recalled the necklace that he had stolen from Fay's lifeless body. "When I get out of here, it's payback time. I'm gonna do Rafe like I did that old lady...assuming the DiMeras don't get to him first," fake Rafe muttered.

Outside the Cheatin' Heart, Dario peered through the window and muttered that he hoped that Melanie was gone. When Dario entered the bar, Adrienne greeted him. Dario explained that he had forgotten to sign out when he had left the bar earlier. "Oh, yeah -- Jimmy said that when your shift was over here, you were out of here like a shot, and that it had something to do with Melanie. What's going on there?" Adrienne wondered. Dario said that he had no idea what Jimmy had been talking about.

Justin suggested that Dario might want to keep his private life private. Adrienne innocently insisted that they were just having a conversation. Dario claimed that he didn't care about Melanie. Before Adrienne could respond, Dario hastily excused himself. "I think the boy doth protest too much," Adrienne told Justin.

Later, Adrienne and Justin discussed Chloe's brief reunion with Parker earlier. Justin pointed out that the reunion might not have happened if Adrienne had not urged Justin to help Chloe. Adrienne said that she understood the bond between a mother and her son. Justin knowingly observed that Adrienne really missed their own sons. "I got a text from Sonny today; he's thinking about coming to town for a visit," Adrienne excitedly announced.

Justin pointed out that Sonny had made that promise before. Justin added that he hoped that Sonny really would pay them a visit, because he knew that Adrienne really missed Sonny. Adrienne said that she was extremely happy that she and Justin had reunited. Justin nodded, and he knowingly added that Adrienne wouldn't feel complete until their entire family was back in Salem.

At Rafe and Sami's apartment, Sami rummaged through the bags that fake Rafe had packed before he had tried to leave Salem. Sami found the necklace, and she theorized that fake Rafe must have stolen it from one of the women that he had slept with. Later, Rafe returned home and told Sami that he had almost been caught. Rafe noted that he had known the detective who had made the bogus phone call. Rafe said that the scheme had all of the markings of a DiMera plot.

Sami wondered if Rafe believed that the DiMeras had been planning to kill him. Rafe admitted that the thought had crossed his mind. Rafe added that the DiMeras might have been planning to do something to Sami while Rafe was distracted. Sami told Rafe that she didn't want him to worry about her. Sami pointed out that Rafe needed to focus on convincing the DiMeras that he really was the fake Rafael Hernandez.

Rafe realized that he should probably check on fake Rafe again. Rafe wondered if fake Rafe would be more cooperative than he was the last time that they had talked. Sami wasn't very optimistic, but Rafe said that he had a plan that might work. Rafe said that he was going to make a deal with fake Rafe; in exchange for information, Rafe would offer fake Rafe a one-way ticket out of Salem. Sami incredulously wondered if Rafe was really going to let fake Rafe go.

"Hell, no -- he's going to prison, just like the DiMeras. I can lie with the best of 'em," Rafe said. Sami wanted to join Rafe, but Rafe insisted that he wanted to handle the situation on his own. Meanwhile, Gabi started knocking on the door; when Rafe opened the door, Gabi entered the apartment and started to lecture Rafe. As Gabi continued her tirade, she suddenly started to feel dizzy; Rafe caught her before she collapsed. Rafe rushed Gabi off to the hospital.

At the hospital, Maxine assured Rafe that Gabi was going to be all right. Maxine stressed that Gabi needed to remember to stay hydrated. Rafe started to call Will and Dario to let them know what had happened, but he realized that his phone was dead. Maxine offered to call them herself, and she noted that Rafe seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Rafe thanked Maxine for her help, and he confirmed that he had something important that he needed to take care of.

At the pier, Taylor wondered what E.J. was hiding under his jacket. E.J. stammered that it wasn't important, and he quickly changed the subject. E.J. wondered what Taylor was doing back in Salem. Taylor explained that she had never left Salem; she said that she had rented a hotel room near the airport. Taylor grabbed E.J.'s hand and asked him to follow her.

In Taylor's hotel room, E.J. struggled to understand why Taylor had pretended to leave Salem. Taylor said that she had needed to make everyone believe that she had left Salem -- especially Nicole. Taylor said that she had not been able to resist the urge to see E.J. again. "I can't get you out of my head; I can't get you out of my heart. I have never, ever felt this kind of connection with someone before, and I cannot explain it. I love you, and the terrible things that Nicole has on does not change the way I feel. She can't take what we feel away from each other. You are changing," Taylor said as she started to kiss E.J.

E.J. reluctantly pulled away from Taylor. E.J. sighed and insisted that he didn't deserve Taylor. "I have made many promises. 'I'm gonna be a better man; I'm gonna leave my old life behind me.' And I really -- I really thought they were true. I went down to that pier do something...terrible...evil. I haven't changed. I haven't changed a bit," E.J. admitted. E.J. pulled the gun out of his jacket, and he tossed it onto the bed. Taylor wondered what E.J. had been planning to do.

E.J. said that it didn't matter. "My life was in ruins! You left me! And then something came involves...a certain person, and it doesn't really matter what I say, because the only thing that matters is my actions. I thought...I'd changed, but I was wrong. I was deceiving myself; I was deceiving you. I haven't changed one bit. Just know that my love for you was real," E.J. said. E.J. picked up the gun and started to exit the hotel room.

Taylor pointed out that E.J. had not done anything wrong -- he had only contemplated it, and he had promised that he was never going to actually go through with it. Taylor insisted that E.J. was changing, and she said that she wasn't going to let him go. Taylor tearfully asked E.J. to stay with her; she kissed E.J., and they started making love. Later, Taylor said that she had never been happier. E.J. said that he never wanted to be separated from Taylor, and Taylor promised that he would never have to worry about that.

In the park, Gus noted that Vivian had not been acting like herself. Vivian conceded that Gus was right. "The wonderfully loving Vivian Alamain of yesteryear seems to have vanished like a dream, and...I don't know if she's ever coming back," Vivian sullenly stated. Gus prompted Vivian to talk to him about what was bothering her. "Don't you think history is unforgiving? Don't you just hate it when the past rears its ugly head, and you have to answer for past actions and...possible missteps?" Vivian asked.

Gus assumed that Vivian was talking about what she had done to Carly. Vivian called Carly a stupid little fruit fly, and she assured Gus that she wasn't referring to Carly. Gus wondered if Vivian was talking about the things that she had done to the people who had locked her in the sarcophagus. Vivian said that she didn't feel guilty about that, because she had been the victim in that case.

"No, it's something I suffered. It's a very deep wound, and it hasn't healed," Vivian said. Vivian admitted that she was going to have to deal with the situation on her own. Later, Vivian ran into Quinn in the park. "And sure enough, it happens; I was wondering when we were going to cross paths," Vivian said.

When Dario returned to his apartment, Melanie said that she wanted to talk to him. "Uh, my dad said something to me that kind of got me thinking. He said if there are people in your life that you care about, even just as friends, you should show them respect," Melanie explained. Dario wondered if Melanie meant that she was going to start treating him with respect.

"I'm trying, but you and I kind of run hot and cold. So, what do you want from me? Are we friends, or do you want to be something more?" Melanie bluntly asked. Dario tried to deflect, but Melanie insisted that she wanted an answer. Dario wondered what Melanie expected him to say.

When Rafe returned to his apartment, he was shocked to find that Caroline was watching the kids. Rafe wondered where Sami was; meanwhile, Sami entered the safe house. Sami was surprised to find that fake Rafe wasn't tied up. Before Sami could process what had happened, fake Rafe -- who had been hiding behind the door -- greeted her, and he quickly locked the door so that they would not be disturbed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air today.

This was an anticipated scheduling change and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, June 6, and pick up where the Thursday, June 2 episode concluded.

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