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Monday, October 3, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jack barged into the living room, and he demanded to talk to Jennifer. Jennifer agreed to give Jack a chance to explain himself. Jennifer assured Daniel that she would be able to handle Jack on her own, and Daniel reluctantly left the house so that Jack and Jennifer could have some privacy.

After Daniel left, Jack announced that he had been held hostage. "Did the dog eat your homework, Jack? Is the check in the mail? Have you forgotten that I know you lie your way out of things all the time, Jack?" Jennifer asked. Jack begged Jennifer to give him a chance to tell her the whole story. Jennifer reluctantly agreed to give Jack a few minutes to plead his case.

Jack reminded Jennifer that he had been working on a story earlier, and he noted that it had been about the opium drug trade in Afghanistan. Jennifer nodded, and she recalled that Jack had abandoned the story after he had hit a dead end. Jack admitted that he had lied about that part. "I hit the jackpot! I met a guy over there -- a contact who could get me on the inside. But I had to go undercover, and I had to protect you and the kids, so I made up the story about going on the walkabout, and surprise of surprises, you believed me! I mean, you know I hate the outdoors. I mean, bears live outdoors!" Jack exclaimed.

"When I got to Afghanistan, I guess I asked the wrong person the wrong question. I realized I was in way over my head. I started thinking about how I could get out of there. That's when they grabbed me. They held me hostage for months and months -- I couldn't get out of there. I thought -- it wasn't till last week that they rescued me, and I hopped on a plane, and I came straight back to you," Jack added. Jennifer was suspicious, but Jack pointed out that if he had wanted to lie to Jennifer, then he would have concocted a more plausible lie.

Jennifer pointed out that there were still some things about Jack's story that didn't make sense. "Like your captors -- they let you send messages to Adrienne and me? And when you were being held captive, you were blogging? I mean, did you have free Wi-Fi? Did the captors give you free Wi-Fi, Jack?" Jennifer asked incredulously. Jack explained that his contact had taken care of the messages and blog updates. Jennifer wondered why Jack had lied to her about the story.

Jack said that he had lied to Jennifer because he had not wanted her to be worried about him. "I cop to being an idiot. I never should've risked everything for a story. But I never stopped wanting to get back to you -- you gotta believe that. Call the U.S. Embassy, they'll confirm what I said," Jack suggested. Jennifer shook her head, and she admitted that she believed Jack's story.

"It killed me that I couldn't contact you, or Abigail, or J.J. I thought about you...and I thought about them...every single hour, every day that I was gone. Thinking about you is what kept me going, and I made a vow that if I ever got outta there, I was gonna make things -- everything -- different. I was gonna come back here and make things right between us. I was never gonna leave you again," Jack said, and he wondered if Jennifer would ever be able to forgive him.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe escorted John over to a waiting car, and Marlena rushed after them. Meanwhile, Sami returned to the party, and she was shocked when she realized that Rafe had arrested John. Elsewhere, Carrie wondered why Austin had lied to her about his investigation. Carrie noted that she could have spared John the embarrassment of a public arrest, and she reminded Austin that John was like a father to her.

Victor and Maggie were certain that John was innocent, and Victor noted that John was the most honest man that he had ever known. Maggie started to excuse herself so that she could check on Marlena, then she realized that she had not given Victor an answer to his marriage proposal. Victor assured Maggie that he understood, and he said that the proposal was a standing offer. Maggie headed to the police station, and Carrie, Abe, and Lexie followed her.

E.J. gleefully celebrated the fact that John had been arrested, and Kate warned him that he was being cruel. Meanwhile, Sami started to leave so that she could go to the police station, but E.J. stopped her. E.J. claimed that he was sorry that John had been arrested. Sami knowingly stated that E.J. had loved every minute of the ordeal. Sami pushed her way past E.J., and she started to exit the town square.

Sami noticed one of the fliers that E.J. had plastered all over the town square, and she wondered if she had missed some sort of prank earlier. E.J. assured Sami that it wasn't a joke. "You really think the people of this town are gonna vote for an unscrupulous, corrupt criminal like you, instead of an upstanding citizen like Abe Carver?" Sami asked incredulously.

Sami added that Lexie was probably furious with E.J., but he shrugged and assured Sami that Lexie would get over it. "I'm doing this for the children. Look, I was a party to tarnishing the DiMera name, and now I'm taking responsibility for that, and I'm being a party to restoring it. I'm taking a leaf out of your book, actually. I know how hard you worked to redeem yourself. I would like to think that I'd have your support -- I'm just trying to do exactly the same thing," E.J. claimed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wondered why Brady had not gone to the police station to check on John. Brady claimed that John had enough support, but Victor wasn't convinced. Brady reluctantly admitted that John had been on his case about his recent behavior. "Taking over Titan, starting a war with the DiMeras -- that didn't make Daddy proud?" Victor sarcastically asked.

Victor changed the subject, and he started to talk to Brady about Titan's mysterious new project. Brady assured Victor that he was willing to go along with Victor's plan. Victor said that he was glad that he and Brady were on the same page. Victor planned to finalize the agreement the next day, and he explained that he had set up a meeting with the CEO of the company in question.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate checked various online blogs, and she told E.J. that everyone was talking about his announcement. As Kate viewed the party photographs, she noticed a familiar face in the crowd. Kate was shocked, but she quickly assured herself that she had to be mistaken. E.J. wondered who Kate had recognized. "Madison James -- Mad World Cosmetics, personal care, the biggest -- one of the biggest -- companies in the world," Kate explained.

"The little sneak is probably here trying to suss out the competition. She probably found out what I have in store for Countess Wilhelmina, and she's gonna try a little sabotage," Kate said. E.J. suggested that Kate might be overreacting. Kate wasn't convinced, and she insisted that Madison was probably trying to destroy Countess Wilhelmina. Later, Kate started to calm down, and she admitted that she had probably jumped to the wrong conclusion earlier. Kate noted that Madison wouldn't have had any reason to be at a Horton family party, even if she had been in Salem.

At the police station, Marlena admitted that she was worried about John. Marlena explained that John had only been out of the wheelchair for a few days, and she wondered if he was strong enough to handle the stress of the situation. Lexie offered to check on John, and Marlena eagerly accepted the offer. "You know, seeing John stand in front of all the people here who he loved so much...made me so glad to be home. Now, I'm just not sure," Marlena admitted.

Elsewhere, John apologized to Bo and Hope for ruining their party. Hope assured John that he had not ruined the party, and Bo blamed the FBI agents for their poor timing. Bo wondered if John had known about the investigation. "Marlena and I knew that there was an investigation. The authorities were looking into Basic Black's finances, and we just thought -- well, we hoped -- that we could clear this up before it got this far. I thought that I would be protected by the mere fact that I hadn't done anything wrong," John explained.

Later, Rafe started to question John, and he apologized for everything that had happened. John dryly stated that he had been meaning to spend some time with Sami's new husband. John added that he had been a cop himself, and he assured Rafe that he understood. Rafe said that he was certain that John was one of the good guys, and he promised that he would do everything in his power to help John.

Meanwhile, Hope assured Tim that John was innocent. Tim said that he couldn't show Hope the evidence, but he assured her that it was solid. "They wouldn't have insisted on acting tonight if they weren't sure he's guilty. They have him dead to rights," Tim said.

Sami arrived at the police station, and she wondered why Rafe had not warned her about the arrest. Rafe explained that he had tried to call Sami, and he wondered where Sami had gone earlier. Sami reluctantly explained that she had gone to a follow-up interview for the mysterious job that she had applied for. Rafe reminded Sami that he was worried that the job might not be legitimate. Sami said that she had not had time for Rafe to do a background check.

Rafe wondered if Sami knew what kind of company she would be working for. Sami admitted that no one had told her the name of the company. Sami insisted that the company was established and successful, but Rafe wasn't convinced. "Honey, they don't want you to know the name of the corporation, okay? They're hiding something from you -- do you not get that? Listen to me -- do not do anything, do not accept the job, until I find out more about this corporation. Do you understand?" Rafe asked. Sami wondered if Rafe was giving her an order. Before Rafe could respond, Tim interrupted, and he asked to talk to Rafe.

Daniel arrived, and Hope told Bo that she had asked Daniel to check on John. Hope apologized to Daniel, and she explained that Lexie had decided to check on John herself. Hope apologized for interrupting Daniel's evening with Jennifer, and Daniel admitted that the evening had already been interrupted. Daniel revealed that Jack was at the Horton house, and that Jack was trying to explain why he had broken Jennifer's heart.

Sami told Marlena that John was going to need a lawyer. Marlena said that John's legal team was already working on the case. Carrie added that the team had already demanded to see the evidence against John, and that they were trying to get him arraigned as soon as possible. "The law is on John's side. I don't know what the FBI and the SEC think they have, but the burden of proof is on them. John is innocent, and he's not going to prison," Carrie insisted, as Austin, Rafe, and Tim listened nearby.

Tim handed a stack of files to Austin, and he excused himself. After Tim left, Rafe wondered what Austin thought about the charges, and Rafe added that he didn't believe that John was guilty. "Look, I don't know John's side of it, but going over all this right looks like he's guilty as hell," Austin admitted, as he flipped through the pages of one of the files.

Later, Austin approached Carrie, and he begged her to talk to him. Carrie refused, and she said that she was still furious with Austin. Carrie added that she needed to focus on John, and she quickly walked away. Meanwhile, Rafe greeted Sami, and she admitted that she was still upset with Rafe. Rafe said that the feeling was mutual, and after a brief glare, Sami and Rafe started to laugh. Rafe noted that anger had been a constant in their relationship from the very beginning.

In John's cell, John told Marlena that he had planned for the evening to end differently. Marlena laughed, and she assured John that there would be other opportunities. John noted that the FBI was claiming that they had solid evidence against him. Marlena insisted that the FBI was mistaken, and she firmly stated that John was innocent. John thanked Marlena for believing in him. "I always have -- why would I stop now? John, we will get through this, the way we always have gotten through everything -- we will get through this together," Marlena assured John.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie wondered why Brady had not gone to see John. Brady assured Maggie that he was going to do everything in his power to help John, and he excused himself so that he could make some phone calls. After Brady left, Maggie thanked Victor for being patient and understanding, and she said that she really appreciated it. Victor groaned and braced himself for a rejection, but Maggie assured Victor that she wasn't trying to let him down gently.

"I mean, you made this very beautiful, very romantic proposal, and before I had a chance to answer, all hell broke loose. You gave me a lot to think about. Could I ask you a favor? Could we rewind? Just that question in question. Can we have a take two, without the interruption?" Maggie asked. Victor eagerly agreed, and he retrieved the engagement ring from his pocket.

"Maggie Simmons Horton, will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?" Victor asked, and Maggie enthusiastically accepted his proposal.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Horton Town Square, Madison James was perusing the reservation list at the restaurant when Brady walked up and mistook her for the hostess. After rattling off a few requests, Brady added, "Can you have the food rushed? I don't want to spend a lot of time at this meeting, if you know what I mean." Brady handed Madison some money as a tip.

Playing along, Madison asked Brady whether he was fond of his lunch guests. Brady admitted that he liked his grandfather but that he was not sure about the woman they were meeting with for lunch. As Madison placed the tip from Brady into her cleavage, she retorted, "That bad huh?" Brady leaned in close and whispered that he had heard the woman was a bitch. When Madison made a joke, Brady smiled, admitted that he was being harsh, and argued that he needed his morning cup of coffee.

Still playing along, Madison escorted Brady to his table and then walked away. Victor arrived at the restaurant, sat down, and informed Brady that Maggie had accepted his wedding proposal. Brady noted that Madison was late. When Victor asked Brady whether he had talked to John, Brady changed the subject and wondered aloud where Madison was. As Madison marched up to the table, Victor stood and shook her hand while Brady gaped in shock at his mistake.

Victor introduced Brady to Madison, and the two pretended they had never met. With a smile, Madison turned to Victor and informed him that she had spoken to the hostess and asked her not to rush their breakfast order so that they could talk at length about Mad World Cosmetics. "I want to take our time at this first meeting because first impressions are so important. Don't you think?" Madison asked as she pointedly looked at Brady.

Victor told Madison that he was impressed with her work at Mad World and how she had built the company. When Victor asked Brady's opinion, Brady noted that he believed Mad World would be "good for business." Bristling at Brady's choice of words, Madison noted that Mad World was more than a business to her. "This company is part of me. I want what's best for it more than I want what's best for myself," Madison said firmly.

"Profits matter, but people matter more," Victor said as he started to make his sales pitch. Before Victor could finish, his phone rang. Victor apologized for the interruption, but when he saw that the caller was Maggie, Victor excused himself from the table. Smiling, Madison noted that Victor was "quite the charmer."

"A lot of women don't like to admit that they like to be treated like a woman. I'm not like that," Madison said. "Some men might be intimidated by your success," Brady countered. Madison's smile faded from her face as she stressed that she had run her company her way and did not like to be interfered with. Brady said that he believed that was a good reason for Madison to merge with Titan because Titan had the same philosophy.

"If you think for a minute that I would give up control of Mad World, you couldn't be more wrong," Madison said. Brady assured Madison that he and Victor wanted Madison to remain in charge of the company and run it as she saw fit. Rising from her seat, Madison announced that she was turning down Titan's offer because the profits would go to Titan instead off her. Brady offered profit participation, but chuckling, Madison took the money out off her cleavage and handed it back to Brady.

As Madison placed the bill in Brady's hand, her hand lingered in his. Madison slowly withdrew her hand, and Brady admitted that he owed Madison an apology for mistaking her for a hostess. Madison countered that she had been standing behind a hostess podium and that though she was the head of a company, she was not different from any other working woman.

Brady admitted he had been a jerk and apologized. "Since you're a good tipper, I accept your apology," Madison said. Brady urged Madison to reconsider Titan's offer, but she smiled and urged Brady to take his money and buy his girlfriend a flower. Victor returned to the table, and Brady informed him that Madison had turned down their offer. Victor asked what they could do to sweeten their offer, but Brady interjected that he had sweetened the offer already.

"The thing I don't know, Madison, is why would you take this meeting if you had no intention of making a deal whatsoever?" Brady asked. Smiling serenely, Madison pulled out a written counter-offer and placed it on the table. Brady snatched up the paper and then passed it to Victor.

"What do you say, titans? We have a deal?" Madison asked. With a smirk, Brady announced that Madison had a deal. Victor complimented Madison on her shrewdness, and Madison added that she was pleased that Victor had not fallen for the negative press about her. Chuckling, Victor noted that any bad press likely originated with people that were jealous of Madison's success.

When Victor suggested that they toast their new deal with a cup of coffee, Madison innocently asked Brady to ask the hostess for a fresh pot of coffee. Nodding, Brady offered to get the coffee himself. While Brady was gone, Madison told Victor that she was impressed with him and Brady as a team. As Madison looked across the room at Brady, she added, "Very impressed."

When Brady returned with the coffee, talk turned to plans for relocation of Mad World headquarters to Salem. Madison was interested in finding office space in the square, but Brady advised against it since Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics was setting up a space in the square already. "If Kate DiMera plans on opening her showroom here in this square then you can be damn sure that's where I'm gonna be too," Madison said with a grin.

In the DiMera living room, Kate muttered to herself that Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics would bury Mad World cosmetics and that Kate would destroy Mad World's president, Madison James. A jovial E.J. entered the living room with newspapers announcing his candidacy for mayor and the arrest of John Black. While E.J. chuckled over John's misfortune, Kate excused herself for work. E.J. asked Kate about the launch of Countess Wilhemina, and Kate noted that she had to keep her eye on the competition.

When E.J. mentioned that he needed to work on keeping his name in the papers, Kate offered the services of her PR firm. E.J. politely declined, noting that he had someone in mind already. Before Kate could ask who, Nicole marched into the living room. Nicole explained that she had stopped by to drop off her keys to the mansion, and E.J. added that he had asked Nicole to stop by. Suspicious, Kate demanded to know why E.J. had sent for Nicole. E.J. ushered Kate out the door, and reminded her that she had a meeting to get to.

Once Kate was gone, Nicole demanded to know why E.J. had asked her to visit. When E.J. stared blankly at Nicole, she asked E.J. why he was running against Abe when Abe had done a great job as mayor. Confused, Nicole asked E.J. why he wanted to be mayor. E.J. was optimistic about winning the election, but Nicole was not convinced. "I need someone who can put a positive spin on the family," E.J. admitted. When Nicole admitted it would be a Herculean job to sell E.J. to the public, E.J. asked Nicole to be his publicist.

"I have good press now, but I need good press every single day. I need everybody in this town, I need everybody in this country, to know that a DiMera is worthy of elected office," E.J. remarked. Picking up on E.J.'s wording, Nicole asked E.J. whether he had loftier political goals. "Baby steps'" E.J. said with a grin. Nicole noted that she was not qualified to do PR. E.J. explained that Nicole knew him better than anyone and that she was the only person he had ever met that he trusted to be himself around.

E.J. said that he understood why Nicole would be suspicious of him, based on their history. Nodding, Nicole asked E.J. to pitch the job to her. E.J. explained that he wanted someone that did not play by the rules and that he wanted someone unafraid. "I need somebody who can convince the people of this town that the DiMeras are doing things a new way, a better way, by being better themselves," E.J. said.

Alarmed, Nicole asked E.J. if he planned on being good again. "Oh, good God, no," E.J. retorted. E.J. explained that he wanted people to believe that he had changed and that he wanted Nicole to convince the people to believe it. "You are still a dirty, rotten scoundrel," Nicole growled. "No darling, I'm a dirty, charming scoundrel," E.J. joked. E.J. offered to pay well, but Nicole argued that her past could hurt the campaign.

E.J. reasoned that Nicole could explain that she had turned her life around and that she was doing the same for E.J. "Everybody loves a comeback story. Everybody loves to believe in the power of redemption, right?" E.J. said. Shaking her head, Nicole reminded E.J that she did not want to be with anyone right then. Unfazed, E.J. asked Nicole if that was a yes. Frustrated, Nicole slapped E.J.'s arm.

Nicole stressed that if she accepted E.J.'s job offer, it would be a platonic, business relationship. E.J. agreed and asked Nicole if she was interested in the job. Narrowing her eyes, Nicole said that she would get back to him.

After her meeting with Victor and Brady, Madison left the cafe and stood in the courtyard of the square. While Madison was standing in the square, looking through her briefcase, Kate walked around the corner and spotted Madison. Kate called out to Madison and after some chit-chat, Kate asked why Madison was in Salem. Victor and Brady flanked Madison, causing Kate to tense up. "I don't know what's going on, but I do know I don't like it," Kate said through gritted teeth.

At the local jail, John was resting in bed when Marlena stopped by to visit him. When John rolled over to face Marlena, she was horrified to see bruises and gashes on her husband's face. John explained that he had been led from his holding cell for exercise time and was mingled with the general population.

Marlena fretted that John was not in the hospital, but John assured Marlena that he was fine. When Marlena said that John would be home after the arraignment, Roman walked into the room and advised Marlena and John not to get their hopes up. Roman explained that because the case was high profile like Bernie Madoff, there was little possibility of bail for John. Concerned, Marlena took Roman aside to talk privately.

"Don't tell me for a second that you think he's guilty," Marlena whispered. Roman escorted Marlena upstairs to an interrogation room to talk and admitted that he believed John was innocent. When Roman noted that John was rich and did not need the money, Marlena admitted that though John was wealthy, he had lost a lot of money because of the problems with Basic Black.

Marlena pointed out that the FBI was using John's own money loss as motive for embezzling, but Roman promised that John would be found innocent in the end. Roman reminded Marlena that she and John had made it through tougher times and that she should not worry.

In the squad room of the police station, a furious Hope demanded to know why John had been removed from his cell when there were strict orders mandating that John was to be kept isolated. Officer Lauritano explained it had been a mistake, then joked that it was not like John was killed. Angry, Bo threatened to write up the officer, but the officer protested that the union would back him for what he had done to John Black in light of what John had done to the union's pension fund.

Once Lauritano was gone, Bo and Hope discussed the officer's motives. Bo reminded Hope that pensions had been invested with Basic Black and that the company had lost everything. As Hope stewed, Bo added that their own pension was gone as well. Determined, Hope argued that John would be found innocent and that the money would be recovered. Hope noted that John had millions and did not need to steal the money, but Bo countered that the federal government had evidence to the contrary.

"I read the FBI file. What they have against him? He looks guilty as hell," Bo said. Hope agreed that the evidence was damning but added that it was only bad if it was legitimate. Hope suggested that the case seemed "too airtight." "Everyone knows that John would never steal a cent from them. So if billions of dollars have been embezzled from the Basic Black investment division, someone else did it," Hope said.

Bo agreed with Hope about John's innocence, noting that John would not have returned to Salem when he knew that he could be arrested. As Hope reviewed her phone messages, she played one for Bo. The caller explained that his family had lost everything because of John and that "John Black should die." Concerned, Hope wondered if they should investigate the threat. Bo admitted it was a tough call, but that he did not think they should follow up. Bo offered to choose guards for John in order to keep him safe.

"Has something happened that I don't know about?" Marlena wondered aloud as she overheard Bo talking. Hope played the voicemail threat for Marlena to show her what kind of danger was lurking in Salem. Upset, Marlena reminded Bo and Hope that John was innocent until proven guilty. Bo assured Marlena that he and Hope believed in John's innocence but that until that was proven, the town was filled with fearful and angry people who were gunning for John.

Still furious about John's jailhouse injuries, Marlena argued that John was not safe in jail either. Hope promised Marlena that John would not sustain further injuries while in custody. Marlena explained that she had been by John's side during his recovery and that she had not seen him conducting any business for Basic Black. "Just John torturing himself, trying to get back on his feet," Marlena said passionately.

When it was time for John's arraignment, Bo outfitted John in a bulletproof vest. John protested over the precaution, but Bo assured John the vest was necessary because of the climate in the city. Hope told John that Marlena had explained that it was impossible for John to have embezzled the money during his recovery. "I'm not sure I follow," John said. Marlena clarified that she had been with him while he was relearning to walk.

John had memory flashes of typing on a computer while the computer screen reflected Basic Black financial accounts. Shaken, John's face fell. "Are you all right?" Marlena asked with concern. Shaking off the memory, John said he was fine.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

At Horton Town Square, Kate immediately became suspicious -- and enraged -- when she saw Victor and Brady meeting with Madison James. Victor explained to Madison that Kate was one of his ex-wives, and to Kate that Madison was "in the cosmetics business." Worried that things could get awkward for Victor, Madison divulged to Kate that the Kiriakises were her new business partners. That news infuriated Kate, but not nearly as much as the news that Madison planned to open a showroom in Horton Square -- which had been Kate's idea first.

Kate threatened to sue Victor and Brady if they shared even one of the ideas that she'd pitched to them with Madison. Brady asserted that Kate didn't have a case. After emphasizing that she had her own business plan as well as a proven track record, Madison suggested, "You should just pack up your little pity party and be on your merry little way." Kate warned Victor and Brady that they had made a huge mistake, because Madison's company made inferior products -- while Kate's were not only better, they were cheaper.

Madison calmly mused, "Cheaper, maybe. I'll give you that. But that might just be a reflection on the company's CEO." With a shrug, Kate proposed that they simply let the market decide which was the better company. She continued that when she'd decided to reopen Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics, all she'd wanted was a good, respected product and the majority share of the market -- but Victor and Brady had made it personal, and she would not rest until Countess Wilhelmina had completely buried Mad World Cosmetics.

A confident Madison welcomed the challenge. Kate warned Madison that the Kiriakises were untrustworthy. Madison pointed out if that were true, it made Kate look desperate for asking them to invest in Countess Wilhelmina. After the women exchanged a few final barbs, Madison left with Brady and Victor to look at office space.

The trio returned to the square after their real-estate hunt, and Madison was excited about hiring a decorator for the space they'd found. Brady cautioned her against overdoing it with a "swanky" new office for herself. Madison asserted, "Brady, I could and would run this company from my car. But in my business, I'm selling perception. You know? My ladies, they're not so much buying cosmetics as they're buying a very specific fantasy -- and they have to see me living it."

Victor tried to excuse himself to meet Maggie to discuss wedding plans, but Madison stopped him. She stated evenly that she was suspicious by nature, and she didn't think the run-in with Kate DiMera had been a coincidence. She warned Victor and Brady that she was aware that they'd tried to "pull one over on [her]," but she would not tolerate their tactics. Madison confessed that despite what she'd said to Kate, she knew that Kate would be a very worthy opponent. Brady asserted that Kate had just met her match.

Nearby, Kate hid behind a tree to make a phone call. "You just find me something, and I mean anything. Yes, anything. Anything that I can use to destroy her and her company -- and make it fast!" Kate ordered.

Sami paced around the loft while she waited to hear back about the job she'd interviewed for. Rafe encouraged her to enjoy her free time while she still had some. Gabi read an interview that Will had done for the website with a Salem University football player, and complimented him on the insightful questions he'd asked. Sitting next to the kids, Sami took a look, and chimed in her praise of her son's work.

A news alert popped up on the computer about John's arraignment later that day. Will wanted to go to show his support, but Sami maintained that Marlena had called to ask the family not to go, so the kids wouldn't be exposed to the media circus. "My mom and John, they both know that we believe in them, and that we're on their side," Sami reassured Will.

While Rafe was looking at the website with Will and Gabi, Sami's phone rang. She flipped out, demanding that everyone "be cool" as she hurried into the next room to take the call. Suddenly Sami shrieked, and ran back into the living room to announce that she'd gotten the job. Giggling ecstatically, she jumped into Rafe's arms and peppered his face all over with kisses. Rafe congratulated his wife, then asked a bit hesitantly if she'd at least learned the name of the company she would be working for.

Sami proudly informed everyone, "You are looking at the new -- wait for it -- junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics!" Since she was familiar with the company's product lines, Gabi was almost as excited to hear that news as Sami was to have gotten the job. Rafe poured glasses of sparkling cider for everyone, and raised his own glass with a toast, "To Samantha Brady Hernandez: working woman!" Sami thanked everyone for being supportive. Will deadpanned, "Mom, there are badly made-up women out there, and we have to do what we can to help."

Privately, Rafe apologized to Sami for having to arrest John the night before. Sami understood that Rafe was just doing his job. Rafe warned his wife, "The FBI, they asked me to act as a liaison between them and Salem P.D., to head up the investigation against John, and I said I am uniquely qualified to help them in that position." He assured Sami that he believed in John's innocence, so he would make sure that John got treated fairly. Sami worried what would happen if John were guilty, and Rafe reluctantly informed her that he would have to do his job. Sami reminded him that she would always support him the way he supported her.

Meanwhile, Gabi was yelling indignantly at the computer. Will suggested to the adults that Gabi needed an "intervention" because she'd gotten into an online fight with someone about the Salem U team. Rafe joined his sister at the computer. Will pointed out to his mom that they should tell Marlena about Sami's new job, since Marlena could probably use some good news.

When Melanie ran into an exhausted-looking Daniel at the Brady Pub, she assumed that he was hung over. She understood that he was upset about Jack's return, but reminded Daniel that drinking wasn't the answer. Daniel assured Melanie that he only looked tired because he had been up all night after going to the jail to check on John Black. Daniel then confessed that he'd also asked Jennifer to move in with him -- and then Jack's nosedive into the cake had interrupted them. "He's back, and it changes everything," Daniel asserted. Melanie pointed out that it didn't change how Daniel felt about Jennifer.

Just as Melanie was encouraging her dad to stay strong, Maggie entered. Maggie immediately observed Daniel's rumpled appearance, and asked how he was holding up since Jack's return. She wondered aloud how Jack could possibly make up for everything he'd done to his daughter. Melanie thought that Jennifer should have slammed the door in Jack's face, but Maggie pointed out that Jack and Jennifer had two children together, and a very long, complicated history.

Daniel argued that he would give anything to have the years he'd missed with Melanie back, but Jack had left his children by choice -- and Daniel could never understand that. He added that he knew he'd done the right thing by leaving Jennifer alone with Jack, but he hated not being able to do anything for her. Maggie declared that Jennifer was very happy with Daniel, and Daniel just had to have faith that their love was strong enough to survive Jack's return.

Daniel admitted, "It's really not about me or faith. I'm just worried that Jack's going to hurt her again, even more than before -- and I will not let that happen." Maggie understood how angry Daniel was, but advised him not to let Jennifer see it too much. Refusing to discuss Jack any further, Daniel congratulated Maggie on her engagement. Melanie gushed over Maggie's ring, and hugged her in congratulations. Beaming, Maggie affirmed that she might be the world's happiest bride.

Maggie suddenly realized with a bit of trepidation that she would become Victor's sixth wife, but quickly shrugged it off. Daniel noted wryly that Maggie would soon be his step-godmother. Maggie then asked Melanie to be her maid of honor. A touched Melanie burst into tears, and threw her arms around Maggie's neck.

At Tom and Alice's, Abigail vented her frustration to Jennifer that Jack hadn't told any of them the truth at the party about where he'd been for the previous year. Jennifer gently urged her daughter to calm down, and Abigail grew even angrier when she realized that her mom believed Jack. Jennifer insisted that Jack loved his kids and would never intentionally hurt them. Abigail scoffed that it was typical of her dad to show back up in their lives just when they had all been learning to cope without him -- and Jennifer had finally found a man with whom she could be truly happy.

Jennifer admitted that Jack's story had been difficult for her to believe, as well. Abigail argued that even if the story were true, her dad had taken a huge risk by going undercover in a war zone to infiltrate a drug ring -- without even bothering to tell his wife. Jennifer implored Abigail to at least hear Jack out. Abigail asked incredulously, "What are you saying, Mom? That you're actually going to forgive him for this?" Jack walked in just then, and declared, "I sure hope so."

After remarking with annoyance that he'd entered without knocking, Abigail noted that her dad had shaved off his beard. She then lit into him for walking out on his family. "You don't care about anyone but yourself. You don't give a damn about us -- any of us," Abigail proclaimed. Jack admitted that he'd made some huge mistakes, but he'd never stopped loving his family. Jennifer tried to tell Abigail that Jack hadn't told them where he'd been going because he'd wanted to protect them, but Abigail didn't buy it.

When Jack stated that he hadn't wanted to worry anyone, Abigail exploded, screaming at Jack that none of them had even known whether he was alive or dead for months. Again, Jennifer urged her daughter to calm down, but Abigail continued to rage at her father that he had walked out on them too many times to count. "I am your daughter, and I just don't matter to you," she concluded, her voice breaking.

Jack quietly insisted, "You have to know that you, your brother, and your mother are the most important people in the world to me." Fed up with her dad's empty claims, Abigail finally broke down in tears. Jennifer took Abigail in her arms. Jack agreed that he had repeatedly let his family down, and added, "And for that I am sorry. I haven't been the kind of father or husband that both of you need and deserve." He acknowledged that his career, instead of opening doors for him, had only robbed him and his children of precious time together. He apologized profusely for hurting his family.

Voice shaking, Jack continued, "When I was kidnapped, I would've given anything to be able to come back [and] see you. But I thought I wasn't gonna get out. I was so scared -- but much worse than that was the feeling that I wouldn't be able to see you again, and tell you one more time how much I loved you. But that was all my stupid fault. I'm not asking you to forgive me. What I did was unforgivable."

Jack maintained that he knew he was being punished for hurting his family, but he was being as honest as he knew how to be, because he had finally realized in captivity how important every day was. He vowed, "I'm going to be a different man, a different father, and a different husband. I swear." Still disgusted with her father, Abigail pointed out, "Nice words, but still, just words." Jack agreed that they were, indeed, just words, until he acted on them -- by staying in Salem to prove to his family that he could be a good husband and father, no matter how long it took.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was upset because a newspaper article had accused him of being nefarious and pompous. E.J. was determined to fix the situation, and he wondered if Nicole had made a decision about being his publicist. Nicole reluctantly agreed to help E.J., but she stressed that their relationship was going to be strictly professional.

Nicole noted that E.J. needed to show the residents of Salem his philanthropic side. "We need to turn you into a virtual saint -- virtual being the operative word here," Nicole added, and E.J. nodded with disinterest. E.J. announced that he was hungry, and Nicole reluctantly agreed to accompany him to the Brady Pub.

At the Brady Pub, E.J. and Nicole greeted Abe and Lexie. Lexie was shocked to learn that E.J. had hired Nicole to be his publicist. E.J. claimed that he wanted the election campaign to be conducted with civility and respect, but Lexie wasn't convinced. Lexie demanded to speak to E.J. in private, and they exited the pub.

Outside, Lexie lashed out at E.J. "You hurt me. What, this is the first time you've even considered that possibility? You were so busy enjoying the moment that you didn't notice? Or maybe you just don't care. When everyone turned against you -- when our own father couldn't even look at you -- I stood by you, and this is how you repay me? You knew this would hurt me, E.J., and you did it anyway," Lexie snapped.

"You know, if you wanted to run for mayor -- if you were even thinking about it -- you should have come to me first, out of obligation. Out of loyalty to family. know what? You just love the drama, don't you? You love the spectacle. Your arrogance supersedes everything," Lexie added. E.J. reiterated that he was trying to make his family proud. "E.J., even if that's true -- especially if that's true -- you went about getting there in the most underhanded way possible, and when Johnny and Sydney are old enough to understand, this little grandstand play of yours will backfire," Lexie insisted.

Lexie wondered if E.J. had bothered to consider Theo's feelings. "What about my kid, E.J.? You're doing this for family? We're family, damn it! Or, like I said, maybe you just don't care. If you hurt Abe or Theo again, I will never forgive you. I don't know if I can now, E.J., but you will be out of my life," Lexie warned E.J.

"You know what hurts me the most? I was so happy when I found out I had a brother, and I really thought you and I had something special, E.J. When the rest of our family can go years without talking to each other, you and I seem to always be there for each other, and no matter how many people you hurt or betrayed, I never, for a second, thought that you would turn on me. It breaks my heart that you did," Lexie tearfully added. Before E.J. could respond, Lexie stormed off.

Back inside the pub, Nicole wondered if E.J.'s argument with Lexie had made him change his mind about the election. "I'm going to be the next mayor of Salem, Nicole -- nobody's gonna stop me," E.J. vowed. Later, Nicole tried to discuss campaign strategies, but she could tell that E.J. wasn't listening. E.J. admitted that he was thinking about John Black. "I think that he could be a very important part of this campaign. John Black doesn't know it yet, but he's going to help me win this election," E.J. cryptically stated.

At the police station, Austin and Carrie waited for news about John's arraignment. Bo and Hope entered the station, and Bo announced that the arraignment had ended. Bo compared the courthouse to a madhouse. Hope explained that a large group of protesters had gone to the courthouse to demand justice.

Roman escorted John and Marlena into the police station. Carrie was anxious to take John home, but John said that he wasn't going to be able to post bail. John explained that all of his assets had been frozen, and Roman added that John was going to have to remain in police custody.

Roman escorted John to a private cell, and he excused himself so that John and Marlena could have some privacy. After Roman left, John wondered if Sami was all right. Marlena said that she had convinced Sami to stay away from the courthouse. Marlena noted that she had not heard from Brady. John was relieved, but Marlena pointed out that Brady could have posted John's bail.

"Absolutely not -- anybody who helps me will have to deal with the entire wrath of the town. I'm not gonna do that to Brady -- he's got enough problems right now, just being my son," John said. Marlena sighed, and she wondered if it had been a mistake for her and John to return to Salem. John reminded Marlena that they had decided that they were going to face their problems head-on. John assured Marlena that they were going to prove that he was innocent.

Marlena wondered where the FBI and the SEC had acquired the evidence that they had used to make a case against John. Marlena pointed out that John had been focused on his recovery. "I think you just hit the nail on the head, Doc. I was so focused on my recovery, I stopped paying attention to my company," John said. John admitted that he should have paid more attention to what was going on at Basic Black.

Elsewhere, Hope told Bo that she had managed to track down some additional information about Alice's mysterious bank account. Hope said that the overseas bank had given her the name of the broker who had been handling the account in Salem. Bo wondered if Hope was sure that she wanted to talk to the broker. "Mrs. H obviously went to an awful lot of trouble to keep this account a secret, so...she probably had a very, very good reason for doing that," Bo suggested.

Hope said that she was certain that she wanted to know the truth about the account. "I think that I found those statements for a reason. Okay, just hear me out -- don't think I'm nuts, all right? But I feel like Gran's guiding me to the answers, because she wants me to know -- she needs me to know this," Hope said. Bo wondered why Alice had never told Hope about the account. Hope suggested that Alice might not have had any choice in the matter.

Bo suggested that someone might have been threatening one of Alice's family members. "Bo, if that's true -- if someone made her feel threatened, took her money, caused her to live in fear for even one second -- so help me God, I will find that person and make them pay. I'm getting to the bottom of this," Hope vowed. Later, Hope called the financial adviser, Chauffman, who agreed to meet with her later that day.

Meanwhile, Austin tried to apologize to Carrie, but Carrie refused to listen. "The more I hear you talk, the angrier I get. You've already made up your mind, because some numbers in a column don't add up. You've already made up your mind that John is guilty," Carrie said. Austin insisted that he had not made up his mind, and he admitted that he was torn. Austin said that if Carrie had seen what he had seen, then she would have been just as torn as he was.

"No, you're wrong. I would know that it was a mistake, or a setup, or something -- anything -- that would explain the evidence. That's how much I believe in John, and I know him probably better than I know practically anyone. I believe in him, Austin, and it kills me that you don't," Carrie said. Carrie wondered what Austin was going to say in his SEC report. Austin hesitated, and he reminded Carrie that he couldn't answer that question.

Carrie sighed, and she noted that she and Austin were on opposite sides. "We're not on opposite sides -- ever. I promised to love, honor, and respect you until the day I die. Your family is my family -- that hasn't changed. That will never change. We've been married almost five years, Carrie. When we talked about coming home, I couldn't stop thinking about how special it would be to celebrate our anniversary here. I mean, the place that we met, the place that we fell in love, the place that we were married," Austin said.

Austin and Carrie reminisced, and Carrie apologized for lashing out at Austin earlier. Carrie told Austin that she felt like her family was always getting in the middle of their relationship. Austin reiterated that Carrie's family was his family, and he pointed out that his actual family wasn't exactly perfect. Carrie laughed, and she and Austin agreed to stop fighting with each other. Later, Carrie, Austin, Bo, and Hope gathered so that Roman could give them some bad news.

Roman announced that John's legal team had dropped his case. Carrie was furious, and she noted that John's team of lawyers had been with him for years. Austin said that it wasn't safe for John to remain in prison, and he added that John needed to find a new attorney right away. Carrie smiled, and she said that she had a plan.

Back in John's cell, Roman apologetically explained that John's legal team had dropped John's case. Marlena was furious, and John noted that his lawyers had not even bothered to warn him. Marlena wondered why John's legal team had decided to quit. John was suspicious about the timing, and he noted that it seemed like everything had happened too quickly.

John theorized that someone had to be pulling the strings, and Marlena added that it had to be someone who was extremely powerful. "DiMera -- it has to be. Stefano's gotta be behind all of this," John realized.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sami arrived at Horton Square to meet her new employer, Madison, who was already sitting at a table with Brady. Madison introduced Sami to Brady as Mad World Cosmetics' new junior executive, and Sami and Brady surprised Madison with the news that they were stepsiblings. A light dawned in Madison's eyes as she asked if Sami's maiden name had been Brady, and made a reference to an incident on the monkey bars when both women had been little girls. Sami was thrilled when she recognized Madison as her best friend from second grade in Colorado, Maddie McIntire, and the women exchanged happy hugs. They giggled about what a great team they'd been -- and the trouble they'd gotten into together.

When Madison had to step away to take a phone call, Sami asked how Brady and Madison knew each other. When Brady informed her that Titan had just bought Madison's company, Sami was peeved, because she assumed that meant she hadn't gotten the job on her own merits. Brady maintained that Madison called the shots at Mad World Cosmetics, so he hadn't had any idea that Madison had hired Sami. "And even if I had known [that you were looking for a job], what makes you think that I would help you out?" Brady quipped. Sami relaxed, and Brady reassured her that if she was happy, he was happy.

Sami asked if Brady had been to see his father, and Brady confessed that he had not. He looked alarmed when Sami told him that John had been beaten up in jail, but before they could discuss John further, Madison returned. Madison invited Sami to tour the new office space with Brady and Madison. Sami eagerly agreed.

When the trio returned from the space, they agreed that the showroom was progressing nicely. Madison divulged that she'd sent over some work to Sami's place, so Sami could start working from home. Hugging Madison appreciatively, Sami thanked her new boss, then hurried off to sign for the shipment.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Madison had a video conference with a client in Japan. Afterward, Brady admitted he was pleasantly surprised that Madison spoke some Japanese, because the impression she'd made on the client would allow them to distribute her products in Japan. He was also impressed that she'd volunteered to donate a portion of the profits to earthquake victims.

Brady then declared that it was time to celebrate with some champagne, but Madison declined, since she had a lot of work to do. She stood up too quickly to leave, lost her balance, and fell into Brady's lap. Brady caught her nimbly, and as he briefly held her, the sexual tension between them was unmistakable. Madison apologized, but Brady reassured her with a chuckle, "I'm used to having women fall in my lap all the time." Madison chortled in response, but warned him, "I don't fall for just anyone."

As she went through the boxes from Mad World Cosmetics at the loft, Sami panicked when she learned via text message that the kids would be home any minute. She jumped up and tried to figure out what to make for dinner, but found ingredients for nothing except peanut butter sandwiches. As she quickly cleaned off the couch, she wondered aloud, "How am I going to do this?"

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole demanded to know how John Black was going to help E.J. win the mayoral election. E.J. refused to answer Nicole's questions. After threatening to quit, Nicole asserted that no other publicist would take him on, because he had a significant image problem. E.J. contended that his problem was only in the way that people perceived him. Nicole hotly reminded E.J. of all the things he'd done and gotten away with -- including indirectly causing the death of her mother -- and reiterated her demand to know what was going on with John Black.

E.J. requested that Nicole simply trust him when he told her that the situation with John would improve E.J.'s image, and make Nicole's job a lot easier. Nicole picked up her things and began to storm out, but E.J. questioned whether she could really turn her back on "a six, almost seven-figure salary." Nicole's hand was still on the doorknob, while E.J. outlined his plans for John. Her mouth fell open in shock. "You ruthless son of a bitch," Nicole exclaimed, then added, "I am totally impressed!" When E.J. told her that the news would break by the end of the day, Nicole quickly got to work on how to handle the media coverage.

Later, Nicole returned to the living room and found a small table set for two -- with champagne chilling in a bucket next to the table. She angrily assumed that E.J. intended the meal to lead to sex, but he assured her that all he'd wanted was to have a nice, working dinner to discuss strategy. Nicole skeptically pointed out that working dinners didn't usually include champagne. E.J. asserted that they had plenty to celebrate: her new job, and his bright political future.

Bo and Hope waited anxiously for Mr. Chauffman, Alice's former financial advisor, to arrive for their meeting. Hope and Bo agreed that the whole thing with the mysterious bank account was puzzling. Hope wondered why, as many times as they and the rest of the family had been in Tom and Alice's house, no one had spotted the bank statements until the day of the Horton Town Square dedication. Taking his wife's instincts seriously, Bo merely pondered what "Mrs. H." was trying to tell Hope.

Mr. Chauffman arrived, and cautioned Bo and Hope that he couldn't tell them anything. Authoritatively taking a seat, Hope refused to accept that. She reminded Chauffman that she'd been the executor of her grandmother's estate, and asked him to simply tell her whether the funds on the bank statements belonged to her grandmother. "I'd like to help you, but I can't. I am bound by confidentiality," Chauffman stated. He added, "If your grandmother had given you power of attorney, and if it was on file here, that would be different."

Bo contended that confidentiality didn't apply if the person were deceased. When Mr. Chauffman tried to dismiss the Bradys, Bo flashed his badge. He asserted that Chauffman's evasiveness made Bo suspicious, and made Bo think that the IRS might have good reason to audit Chauffman's accounts. Chauffman consented only to inform Hope that the account was connected to Alice Horton -- and was still active. Bo noted that funds were being deposited and withdrawn a few days later, and questioned whether the account was "like a clearinghouse." Chauffman admitted, "You could say that." Chauffman couldn't tell the Bradys any more than he already had, but welcomed them to return with a court order -- but his attorneys would be ready.

Later, Bo and Hope strolled through Horton Square. Bo complained that "Shuffleman" seemed to have gone out of his way not to be helpful. Hope agreed. "[Chauffman isn't] afraid of a court order. So that either means he's on the up and up..." Bo noted, and Hope finished, "Or he is connected." Hope pointed out that since the bank statements had been sent to Alice's house, Alice had to have known about the account and what it was for. "But were they telling her the truth, or giving her some kind of story?" Bo wondered.

At the police station, Carrie hid the screen of her tablet computer when Austin entered the room. He reassured her that the SEC no longer needed him, so his involvement in John's case was over. Rafe then told Carrie that she could go in to see John.

While Marlena stood outside his cell, John paced and fretted about why his legal team of many years had quit. John believed that Stefano had either paid off or threatened the lawyers. Marlena declared that John needed a new lawyer who was "Stefano-proof," and whom they could trust completely. "You're looking at her," Carrie announced from the doorway. She explained that as John's new attorney of record, she had already filed a motion, complete with photographs of his injuries, requesting that John be released on bail, because she maintained that he would be in danger as long as he was in police custody.

Carrie then informed John and Marlena that the judge had granted John bail with house arrest, including an ankle monitor. John and Marlena were very grateful, although John was upset that Abe and some others had pitched in to pay John's bail. John also seemed a bit reticent to trust Carrie's legal expertise, but she firmly stated that she knew what she was doing -- so he would have to listen to her.

After Carrie left, Rafe and Austin discussed how their wives were absolutely certain of John's innocence. Rafe was surprised to hear that Carrie was going to be John's attorney. The men compared how they had handled things with their wives: Rafe had convinced Sami that he was looking out for John, and Austin had gotten himself removed from John's case. Austin noted that he needed to find some work quickly, because Marlena and John, whose assets had been frozen, would not be able to pay Carrie for a long time.

Austin then described how insecure Sami had been when they'd first met, and emphasized how impressed he was with the woman she'd become. Rafe informed Austin that Sami had just gotten her first paying job since Sydney had been born, but he hinted that he was worried Sami wouldn't be able to handle everything. Austin reminded Rafe, "If I know anything about Sami... If she wants it, she's gonna make it happen." A uniformed officer then informed Rafe that he was needed in the holding area.

John worried privately to Marlena that Carrie was in over her head, but Marlena maintained that Carrie knew and loved John -- and above all, she was honest. Smiling, John affectionately reminisced about the kind of kid Carrie had been, and what a good heart she'd always had. "I believe in Carrie, and if I were to put her in any kind of danger, I would never forgive myself, Doc!" John asserted. Marlena countered, "And if Carrie could help you and she didn't, she would never forgive herself." John pointed out that there were countless furious people who had lost everything and hated him for it, and they might go after Carrie if they couldn't get to him. Marlena asserted that Carrie could handle it.

Carrie returned with Rafe, and declared, "Good news, John. We're getting you out of here now." Marlena was practically giddy with relief, and even John could barely maintain his usual stoic demeanor. Rafe then informed the group that the department would provide round-the-clock protection for John. Carrie declined, explaining that since John had been attacked while in custody, she'd gotten the court's approval to hire a private security firm, whom John could reimburse once he regained access to his money. While Marlena giggled happily, Rafe opened the door to John's cell. Stepping though the door, John inhaled deeply, and then embraced his wife.

As Austin entered the Brady Pub, he was on his cell phone. "What, are you kidding me? You're telling me that's the only position that you have for me right now?" he asked incredulously. He agreed to think about the offer, and call back after he'd spoken to his wife.

Once everyone had arrived at John and Marlena's penthouse, Rafe called in to check on the signal from John's ankle monitor. While John removed his Kevlar vest, Marlena gazed out the window. Rafe warned the Blacks that they should keep a low profile -- including not letting many people know that they'd moved back home. John was irked that even Marlena couldn't see her family and friends, but Carrie reassured him that they would work something out.

Carrie then noted that John and Marlena hadn't had any time alone since their return to Salem. John earnestly thanked Carrie for her help, and declared that he was "damn proud" of her. Carrie kissed John and Marlena goodbye, and then left with Rafe. With a sigh, Marlena exclaimed that it was very good to be home. John admitted that he was glad the penthouse hadn't been sold.

When Marlena emerged from the shower a bit later, she found John pouring champagne for the two of them. They kissed, and as John handed her a glass of champagne, he informed her that there were steaks marinating in the kitchen for them. "How did you do this?" Marlena asked, amazed. John admitted that he'd had help from Rafe. "I've been wanting to be with you like this for a long time, Doc," John whispered, stroking Marlena's face. He added that despite the imperfect circumstances, he wanted to try to go forward; Marlena concurred.

Carrie joined Austin at the pub, where he'd already ordered a glass of wine for her. Carrie quickly filled her husband in about John's release, house arrest, and surveillance device. She confessed that the D.A. had a good case against John, because someone had done a very good job of setting John up. Austin was confident that Carrie would find the true culprit. He then reluctantly admitted that although he'd asked for an assignment that would allow him to live in Salem, "If I stay, I have to remain on John's case."

Before Carrie could react, a man entered the pub. After confirming her identity, he handed her an envelope. "Consider yourself served," the man stated. As the process server left, Carrie ripped open the envelope. "Great! Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse," Carrie grumbled indignantly.

John and Marlena were kissing when a knock on the penthouse door from Rafe interrupted them. After apologizing sincerely, Rafe explained, "I've got some bad news. I figured you'd rather hear it from me than from a process server." He handed John an envelope. John glanced at the contents, and then stated with a wry smile, "A class-action lawsuit against me." He read aloud, "Filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by E.J. DiMera.'"

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. opened the champagne, and offered Nicole a glass. She grudgingly accepted. E.J.'s phone rang, and he praised the caller's great work. As he hung up, E.J. informed Nicole, "John Black and his attorney just got served. So -- let the games begin." He raised his glass to Nicole, and toasted, "To my wonderful new public relations expert." Nicole added, "And to the future mayor of Salem."

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