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Monday, November 28, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jack announced that he had some exciting news that he was anxious to share with Abigail. Jack asked Abigail to promise that she wouldn't get upset. Abigail braced herself, and she waited for Jack to make his announcement.

"You wrote an article for the college newspaper about college sports and GPAs. It was beautifully written, well-constructed, professional caliber...and, let's be honest, it brought plenty of traffic to the college website which your friends are working on. I entered your article in a journalism contest," Jack explained. Jack added that Abigail had won the contest. Abigail was shocked, and she thanked Jack for submitting her article.

Jack explained that there was going to be some sort of awards ceremony, and he suggested that he and Abigail could attend the ceremony together. Abigail agreed, then she excused herself so that she could tell Chad, Will, and Sonny about the contest. After Abigail left, Jack called Roman. Jack said that he needed to ask Roman for a favor.

At the Brady Pub, Will showed Sonny and Chad a mysterious message that had been posted on their website. "He's bragging about the outcome of next week's football game. It means that he knows -- he's not a fan, he's a better," Will said. Chad pointed out that there was a football icon next to the user's name, and Will clicked on the icon.

The link redirected to the user's homepage, and Chad noted that the user had over three thousand followers listed on his site. Sonny noticed that there was a basketball icon on the user's homepage, and he recognized it as the icon that had been secretly embedded in their site a few weeks earlier. Will clicked on the icon, and the page redirected to the illegal gambling site that they had tried to shut down previously.

Will wondered how the user had managed to bypass the firewalls that had been installed. Chad pointed out that the user was talking about the results of games that had not actually happened yet. Chad suggested that someone was fixing the games. Will admitted that he didn't know how to stop the user from compromising the site.

Before anyone could respond, Abigail entered the pub, and she cheerfully greeted Chad, Sonny, and Will. Abigail noted that the boys seemed depressed, but Chad deflected by explaining that computer code was a depressing subject. Chad changed the subject, and he wondered why Abigail was excited. Abigail told the boys about her article, and she added that the award would create some great publicity for their website.

Chad said that he was really proud of Abigail, but he quickly added that the website wasn't ready for extra publicity. Chad claimed that the site was plagued with technical glitches, and Sonny and Will agreed. Abigail accepted Chad's explanation, and she excused herself so that she could tell Jennifer about the award.

After Abigail left, Chad noted that it was going to be impossible to avoid some unwanted publicity as a result of Abigail's award. Sonny wondered what Chad wanted to do about the site. "Well, people are fixing games and making spreads available directly off our site -- there's only one thing we can do," Chad reluctantly admitted. Will realized that Chad was right, and he said that they needed to shut the site down right away.

"Okay, so we either cut our losses and do nothing, or cut our losses and move together as a team -- it's up to you guys," Chad said. Chad, Will, and Sonny quickly agreed that they wanted to continue to work together, and they decided to focus their efforts on a new business venture.

At the prison, John was pleasantly surprised to see Brady. Brady said that he admired John's sacrifice. "I'm just sorry -- I'm sorry for a lot of things. I'm sorry you got the sentence you got. I'm sorry that it took this happening for me to understand how much we all mean to you," Brady added. John sighed and said that he was the one who needed to apologize.

"What I'm hoping for is that even while I'm gone, we can somehow work on trying to better ourselves as father and son to each other. I want to work on that...if you will," John added. Brady said that he wanted the same thing, and he shook John's hand to seal the deal. Brady started to reminisce about working with John at Basic Black.

Brady wondered if John was still upset about the fact that Victor had lured Brady over to Titan. "You know, your mother Isabella and I, we created that company for you, so I understand why you made the switch. I know it was important to Victor, know, in retrospect, I'm pretty grateful, 'cause it would have killed me if these issues that I'm dealing with right now impacted you in any way, shape, or form," John said.

The guard warned Brady that it was time to leave. John asked Brady to look after Marlena, and Brady quickly agreed to do so. John said that he loved Brady, and he added that he was proud of the man that Brady had turned into. Brady was visibly moved by John's words, and he said that he loved John, too. Brady hugged John, then he reluctantly left the prison.

Later, Jack entered John's cell, and he explained that Roman had arranged the meeting. Jack said that he was back in Salem for good, and he added that he was going to be teaching some journalism courses at Salem University. Jack said that he was hoping that John would be willing to help. John was confused, and he bluntly admitted that he had always had a hard time following Jack's train of thought.

"I gotta publish for the university -- I mean, I gotta publish a lot, and I got ideas in desks that I can't even tell you about, but the fact is, the best stories are the ones that are closest to home," Jack explained. John realized that Jack was trying to say that he wanted to write about John's case. "Yes! Yes, I want to write about you. I want to do an in-depth piece; I want to get as much time with you, doing as many interviews as the prison will allow, right? Let me help you tell your story -- adjudicate it in print, so to speak," Jack said.

John conceded that Jack was a great reporter, but he insisted that Jack would never be able to convince anyone that they had jumped to the wrong conclusion about John. "I know damn well there's more story, 'cause I know you. There's no way in hell that you would cheat some little old lady out of her pension plan and her money," Jack said. John explained that he was trying to protect his family.

"You had to plead guilty -- all right. But you have another side to your story, don't you? And that side of the story could change the minds and the perceptions of the people who don't really know you, if you let me help you tell it. You tell me, and I'll tell the people," Jack enthusiastically suggested. John sighed as he contemplated Jack's offer.

"All right...I'm not gonna agree to anything. I'm not gonna make any promises, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll talk to Doc and the family, and if they have a problem with it, I don't do it. If I don't think they're protected, I don't do it. If this reflects badly on Brady or Titan, I don't do it," John said. John explained that Titan's shareholders might try to punish Brady for John's alleged crimes.

John changed the subject, and he wondered how Jack was coping with his experiences in Afghanistan. Jack admitted that he had been having some traumatic flashbacks. John advised Jack to talk to a therapist, and he assured Jack that Marlena would be happy to help. John said that Jack owed it to his family to give therapy a try.

At Quinn's new spa, Madison tried to convince Quinn to use Mad World's products instead of Countess Wilhelmina's. Kate entered the spa, and she wondered if Madison was jealous. Meanwhile, Quinn excused himself so that he could answer a phone call. After Quinn left, Kate admitted that she couldn't blame Madison for being scared.

"If I knew the competition had had a meeting with Joel Finnerman about distribution, I might press the panic button myself," Kate said. Madison was shocked that Kate had met with Mr. Finnerman while Johnny had been missing. Kate shrugged and explained that she was good at multitasking.

Madison said that Kate's move reeked of desperation and insecurity. Madison added that Sami had been right about Kate, and she noted that Kate really was a despicable human being. Before Kate could respond, Quinn returned, and Madison handed Quinn a business card. Quinn bluntly stated that he wasn't interested in Mad World's products, and he returned the business card to Madison.

Quinn explained that Countess Wilhelmina's products were popular at the spa. Kate added that the residents of Salem had always been eager to support homegrown companies. Madison noted that she worked with Titan, and she wondered if that wasn't local enough for Quinn. Kate pointed out that Madison was just one of Titan's acquisitions, and she added that people were tired of seeing big businesses win.

Madison suggested that Kate should have entered politics, and she pointed out that Kate's company was just as global as Mad World. "My daughter started this company here in Salem, and she populated the board with Hortons and Bradys. You, my dear, are cherry-picking your team, and it's falling apart, and if you don't believe me, then just ask Joel Finnerman, because he is in complete agreement," Kate said.

Madison shook her head and walked away. After Madison left, Quinn suggested that he might need to research Mad World's products. Kate warned Quinn that he would be making a very big mistake if he decided to mess with her. "Just so we're clear...consider this fair warning. You and I have a deal. You don't want to renege on that -- not now, not in the future," Kate added.

Quinn assured Kate that he knew exactly who he was dealing with. Later, Quinn gave Kate a private tour of the spa, and Kate admitted that she was impressed. "You know, given your past employment, I hope I'm not going to have to hear about 'happy endings,'" Kate dryly stated. Quinn wasn't amused, and he insisted that he had hired a group of skilled professionals to handle the massages.

Before Kate could respond, Quinn started to massage Kate's hand. Kate wondered if Quinn was trying to flirt with her. "Just so we're clear...women like me very rarely take a step backwards down the food chain," Kate warned Quinn. Kate added that she wanted Quinn to help her sabotage Madison, and Quinn quickly agreed to go along with Kate's scheme.

At Titan, Madison tried to do damage control with Mr. Finnerman, but Mr. Finnerman said that he would be sticking with Kate. Madison angrily ended the phone call, then she grabbed a stack of papers and threw them across the room. Meanwhile, Brady entered the room, and he ducked to avoid the papers. Madison apologized, and she explained that Kate had undermined Madison's deal with Mr. Finnerman.

"Look, this happens in business all the time, and I know that...but you know what I really don't like? I really don't like losing business to Kate DiMera and Countess W. because she's homegrown Salem and I'm not," Madison added. Brady assured Madison that the residents of Salem would choose Madison's product in the end, but Madison wasn't convinced.

Madison said that she was standing in Kate DiMera's shadow, and she added that she really didn't like the view. Madison announced that she was going to leave Salem. Brady insisted that he wasn't going to let that happen. Madison reminded Brady that she was still in control of Mad World.

"Titan is in control of the big picture, and all headquarters of all Titan subsidiaries are based in Salem. That's the way I like it, and that's done. No exceptions will be made -- you will stay," Brady firmly stated. Madison refused to listen to Brady's warning, and she started to leave the room. "Madison, if you walk through that door, I'll hold you in breach. I will remove you from the company that you started. Is that what you want?" Brady asked.

Brady suggested that Madison was worried about something other than Kate DiMera's company. Madison avoided the question, and she abruptly walked out of the room.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In her hotel room, Carrie talked to Rafe about John's case. Carrie explained that she needed to turn public opinion around about John in order to protect the family. Curious, Rafe asked Carrie if she was offering him a job. Carrie admitted that she needed Rafe, but that she did not have any money to pay him.

"This is about family and that's the most important thing to me," Rafe said. Rafe noted that he believed that John had plead guilty to protect his family. Rafe agreed to help Carrie without pay. With an agreement reached, Carrie and Rafe began to work on helping John by reviewing her notes about the timelines. With little room to work, Carrie and Rafe adjourned to the bed in order to spread out her papers.

Carrie noted that they needed to find physical evidence in order to place the case before a judge now that John had plead guilty. Rafe stared at a photo and noted that something was off. Studying the shadows in the background of the photo, Rafe deduced that they were the shadows of late day but that there was no shadows on John's face in the photo. Excited, Carrie noted that the photo might be the evidence they needed to reopen John's case.

As Rafe stared at the photo in wonder, Carrie's smile fell from her face. Concerned, Carrie asked Rafe how Sami would feel about him working on John's case with her. Rafe said that he did not believe Sami would have a problem with Rafe working for Carrie. Carrie noted that she did not think that Sami believed in John's innocence. Nodding, Rafe admitted that Sami had lashed out at John during Johnny's absence, but that he felt that Sami regretted what she said.

"If she has an issue, I'll talk to her," Rafe noted. "This is not gonna be a big deal," Rafe reassured Carrie. Noting that he had plans with Sami for the evening, Rafe collected his notes and excused himself to go home.

Nicole went to the day spa to talk to Quinn about E.J. "I want to make sure that whatever you're doing in this spa is legit," Nicole stated. Quinn noted that his business was legitimate and was already operating in the black. When Quinn suggested that Nicole should avoid dating E.J. again, Nicole advised Quinn to keep his suggestions to himself. Annoyed, Nicole marched out of the spa into the square.

As Nicole walked across Horton Square, she bumped into Patti Stanger. Nicole reminded Patti that she had met her at the dedication of the square. As Patti nodded, Nicole excused herself. Patti noted that E.J. was interested in Nicole. Shaking her head, Nicole explained to Patti that E.J. had not hired her as his PR person because he was interested in dating her. Shrugging, Patti noted that she had left a message with Nicole to tell E.J. about a date she had lined up and that E.J. had never called back.

When Nicole shrugged, Patti accused Nicole of failing to tell E.J. about the message in order to keep him all to herself. Nicole admitted that she had not given E.J. the message, because she was unsure of whether there was a future with E.J. Patti reminded Nicole that the past was irrelevant because Nicole and E.J. could start fresh in a new relationship. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that E.J. had asked to start fresh, but that she was unsure whether she could trust E.J. again.

"I can not put myself through that again," Nicole admitted. Nicole confided to Patti that E.J. was persuasive, but that she knew better than to believe E.J. Patti advised Nicole that if E.J. was not interested, he would not pursue Nicole after all that had happened between them. With a smile, Patti noted that Nicole was a perfect match for E.J.

After talking to Nicole, Patti went over to the spa and was greeted by Quinn. When Quinn recognized Patti, he flirtatiously told her that he was looking for a woman. Noting that Quinn's flirtations were misplaced, Patti advised Quinn to stop playing the "bad boy." Patti explained that the broken hearts that Quinn left behind would come back to haunt him.

In Horton Square, Will called out to Marlena. Marlena was thrilled to see her grandson, and they talked about their Thanksgivings. Upset over John's absence, Marlena admitted that she went by the square in order to feel closer to Tom and Alice. When Will asked what he could do to help, Marlena asked Will to keep her company.

Marlena took Will back to the penthouse to talk. Will asked Marlena why John had plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. "Sometimes people do things that it's difficult to understand, even though we know them very well," Marlena said. When Will sighed, Marlena asked Will what was wrong. As Will hesitated, Marlena asked Will about the letter he had written to her. Nodding, Will admitted that the issue that was bothering him when he wrote to Marlena was about Gabi and their relationship.

With a sigh, Will admitted that he did not want to be in a relationship with anyone. "Sooner or later things get messed up and they end badly," Will said. Will rattled off Sami's list of men and concluded that Sami did not deserve Rafe. Concerned, Marlena asked Will why he felt that way about his mother. Will backpedaled and noted that he observed things around the loft. Will reminded Marlena of when Sami had yelled at Marlena.

Marlena explained that her relationship with Sami was complicated and that Sami had a good reason to be angry with her. "Oh really? I have a good reason to be angry at her!" Will bellowed. Worried, Marlena asked Will to tell her what Sami did. With a sigh, Will reminded Marlena that he had moved in with Carrie and Austin to avoid his mother's destructive behavior. "I've never been in a serious relationship before and I'm just afraid that I'm going to do the same thing. I'm going to hurt Gabi," Will confessed.

Marlena counseled that Will's relationship was his own, and that he did not need to follow in his mother's footsteps. "If you choose that you want to have a wonderful, loving relationship, that is exactly what you can have," Marlena said. Will admitted that he wanted a loving, trusting relationship. With a smile, Marlena explained that Will could have the relationship that he wanted and that it did not have to be with Gabi. "I just don't want to be like my mom," Will said.

Marlena counseled that although Sami had made mistakes in her relationships, that did not mean that Will would make the same mistakes. "You are a wonderful young man," Marlena said. Will apologized for trash talking his mother. Nodding, Marlena commented that Sami entered all her relationships with the best of intentions. "It didn't stop her from messing up though did it?" Will countered.

Marlena assured Will that Rafe was a wonderful man and that Sami loved him very much. When Will hung his head, Marlena noted that Rafe and Sami had a strong relationship and that there was no reason to worry that their marriage would fall apart. Overwhelmed, Will chuckled nervously.

As E.J. left the DiMera mansion to find Sami, he ran into her on the front porch. E.J. ushered Sami in the house so that they could talk. "What we did was really, really wrong," Sami said firmly. Sami lamented her poor judgment the night of Johnny's disappearance. "Rafe was out there, he stood by me, he found my son, he brought my son back to me. What was I doing? I was here betraying him in the worst possible way with you," Sami said bitterly.

E.J. agreed that the sex was a mistake, but that they needed to move on and put the sex behind them. Frustrated, Sami admitted that she was struggling with her guilt. E.J. argued that the sex meant nothing. "It means everything to me. I did exactly what my mother did. I hated her. For years for what she did. That night she slept with John changed my entire life and I swore I would never, I would never do that. I would never be a woman like her. And now I'm exactly like her!" Sami exclaimed.

E.J. reasoned that no one knew what happened but he and Sami. Shaking her head, Sami admitted that it was enough that she knew that she had sex with E.J. and that Rafe deserved better. Sami reminded E.J. that Rafe had been steadfast during Johnny's disappearance but that she had blamed Rafe when her son was missing. "I don't know how to live with myself for what I've done!" Sami cried out. Worried, E.J. asked Sami what she wanted to do.

"I hate you," Sami said quietly. Shrugging, E.J. noted that he was fine with Sami hating him but that he did not want her to tell anyone that they had sex. Unsure, Sami wondered aloud whether she could explain what happened to Rafe. "Do you understand? I don't understand," E.J. noted. E.J. warned Sami not to tell anyone what happened because it could jeopardize his relationship with Nicole.

With a sour look on her face, Sami asked E.J. if he was joking about Nicole. E.J. said that he loved Nicole and that he had been working to convince Nicole that he had changed. Annoyed, Sami walked toward the front door with E.J. in pursuit. E.J. pleaded with Sami to give him a chance to rebuild his trust with Nicole.

"I would struggle to survive without her and you know how that feels, don't you?," E.J. whispered. E.J. noted that if Rafe learned the truth, Sami's marriage would end. "You would hurt him far more than you would help yourself by easing your guilty conscience," E.J. advised. As Sami stared pensively in thought, E.J. pushed Sami for an answer. Sami noted that she was sickened by her behavior, and that she loved Rafe too much to hurt him. "No one will ever know," Sami said quietly.

After Sami left, Nicole returned to the mansion to find E.J. carrying a suitcase down the stairs. E.J. explained that he wanted to take Nicole to New York City. Concerned, Nicole asked E.J. about the unexpected trip. "We still have a past and that's putting it kindly," Nicole said. Fighting tears, Nicole reminded E.J. about the hostage situation in the police station and how the memory made her think about life without E.J.

"I do love you, E.J.," Nicole said. "I think it's a mistake, but what can I do? The heart wants what the heart wants," Nicole said. E.J. gently took Nicole's hands and told her that he loved her and that he promised to be a better man for her. "Loving me is not a mistake," E.J. said softly.

When Sami returned to the loft, she found a candlelit dinner waiting for her. Rafe greeted Sami at the door and explained, "I just want to show my wife how much I love her." Rafe explained that he had planned the dinner in order to show Sami that she was always on his mind. Rafe added that he had scheduled a massage for Sami at the spa as well. Overwhelmed by Rafe's thoughtfulness, Sami admitted that she did not deserve Rafe. Rafe assured Sami that she would not lose him.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brady was working in his office at Titan when a paper airplane sailed across his desk. He picked it up, unfolded it, and read, "You were right. Truce?" As soon as Brady acknowledged the note, Madison entered his office, and conceded that once her head had cleared, she'd realized that keeping Mad World's headquarters in Salem was the best thing for the company. Brady was glad to hear it, but wanted to know what Madison's next move would be.

Madison declared that she had to find a way to prove that hers was a "home-grown" company in order to cut into Kate's local market share. Brady suggested that Madison give tours to demonstrate how Mad World Cosmetics were made, and let people test the products and take them home. Madison liked the idea, but when Brady left the room to retrieve the numbers he'd put together to show her, she admitted that she had a backup plan.

Later, Madison offered to treat Brady to dinner out. A confused Brady reminded her that she'd told him she had an unbreakable rule against socializing with business partners. Madison replied, "I'm in the mood to break a few rules tonight. Care to join me?"

After dinner at the outdoor café in Horton Town Square, Brady and Madison praised their desserts as incredibly delicious. They shared playful, sensual bites with one another, and then agreed to share both desserts. Raising his glass, Brady toasted, "To breaking a few rules once in a while -- and to the power of the subconscious."

As they walked through the square after dessert, Madison confided that none of the places she'd lived had ever really felt like home, but Salem seemed like it had potential in that regard. Brady admitted that he couldn't imagine wanting to leave Salem again. He thanked Madison for dinner, and asked if she felt like breaking any more rules. Madison thought they should just say goodnight, so they parted ways -- but then Brady chased after her and kissed her. When the kisses became more passionate, Madison breathlessly invited Brady back to her place.

Things became even more heated when the duo reached Madison's hotel room, and the two began to undress each other. After Brady picked Madison up and carried her to the bed, suddenly she stopped him. "I'm sorry, Brady; I can't do this," she stated. When Brady asked why, she explained, "It's like I said. You and me, it's just not a good idea." Although he clearly disagreed, Brady gathered his clothes and carried them into the hallway to get dressed. After Brady closed the door behind him, Madison clutched a pillow to her chest, and her eyes filled with tears.

Marlena tracked down Jack at the Brady Pub, and chided him for canceling their appointment. Citing his foul mood because Jennifer was on a date with Daniel, Jack asked Marlena to let him drink his beer in peace. Marlena asserted that Jack would never find peace unless he dealt with what had happened to him in Afghanistan. Jack countered that drinking was far cheaper than therapy, and besides, Jennifer already believed that he liked to run away from his problems. Marlena asked if Jack really thought that avoiding his problems was the healthiest way to deal with them.

Jack pointed out that he hadn't exactly had healthy adult role models, since his biological father had been prone to domestic violence, and his adoptive father, Harper Deveraux, had turned out to be a serial killer. Jack admitted that he'd always looked up to and wanted to emulate Harper until he'd learned the truth. Marlena asked if that had felt like a betrayal to Jack. Jack replied with a bit of sarcasm, "You're saying that my tendency to run away from people I love or care about started with him? I mean, what, I was scared?"

Marlena asked what Jack had been afraid of. Jack confessed that he'd been afraid that the people he loved would let him down by not being who he thought they were. Marlena declared that it was incredibly perceptive of Jack to realize that. Acknowledging that Marlena had gotten him to discuss his feelings despite his reluctance, Jack suggested the two of them continue their session somewhere a little more private. Marlena offered the penthouse, since it would be quiet, and she didn't have an office yet.

Soon Marlena was welcoming Jack into her home. As she removed her coat, he began to sit on the couch, but thought better of it. Jack informed Marlena that when he'd visited John the day before, John had seemed in good spirits. Marlena noted that John had surely been faking it, because he felt very uncomfortable in confined spaces. Jack's entire demeanor suddenly changed as he remembered being tortured in captivity. Marlena immediately noticed, and guessed that Jack was thinking about Afghanistan. She asked him to talk to her about his posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. That only made Jack more uncomfortable, even panicky.

Marlena gently noted that it had to have been awful to endure such torture alone. Jack informed her that he hadn't been alone; he'd had a cellmate, a talkative British engineer, and Jack had looked forward to the distraction of hearing about the man's family and the minutiae of his life. The two of them had even talked of getting together with both their families after their release, and of how well their wives and children would get along. "I don't think I'd be here now without him," Jack asserted.

"I'm sure you helped him, too," Marlena noted. Jack denied it, because he explained that when the guards had realized how much the two men had depended on each other, they had dragged the British man away. Jack's friend had fought back, although Jack had urged him not to, and Jack had heard the man screaming. "And then he stopped," Jack cried. Marlena gently asked what had happened to Jack's friend.

His voice strained in agony from the memory, Jack managed, "They tore his tongue out because he talked too much! And then they killed him. The sons of bitches killed him!" He added that the men had laughed while they were killing his friend, and Jack had realized that his captors were capable of anything. Sobbing, Jack continued, "I was just so scared. I knew right then I was never going to see my family again! And I couldn't do anything!" Marlena moved over next to Jack, and put her arms around him. "It's okay; I've got you," she whispered tenderly, as Jack's anguish and grief took over, and his body was wracked with heartbreaking sobs.

While Jennifer waited for Daniel to show up for their date, she anxiously primped in the front hallway mirror. Bo and Hope arrived to go through some more of Alice's things to delve further into the mystery of the secret bank account. Jennifer wryly suggested that Daniel had stood her up because he was sick of waiting for her to make her choice between him and Jack. When Daniel finally arrived, Jennifer greeted him with an enthusiastic kiss. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope headed upstairs to retrieve some more boxes.

To make up for postponing their previous date, Daniel had managed to get two tickets for a sold-out symphony concert. Jennifer was thrilled. When Bo and Hope returned with the boxes, they quickly filled in Daniel about the paperweight from Stefano to Alice and the photo of the baby whom no one had recognized. Hope explained that she was convinced that the answers were something they'd previously overlooked in the boxes. Daniel suggested to Jennifer that they could go to the symphony another night, and instead help Bo and Hope in the search. Jennifer gratefully agreed, so Bo and Daniel went to the kitchen to look at the take-out menus and order dinner.

Once they'd poured some wine and delved into the boxes, Daniel found a photograph of a younger Maggie from when she'd still been using crutches, and assumed it was because of her myasthenia gravis. Hope and Jennifer explained that Maggie had survived a terrible car crash as a young girl that had killed both of her parents, and for a long time afterward, she'd shut herself off from the world on a farm, which was where Mickey had met her.

Learning more about his mother's strength and determination impressed Daniel, and he thanked Bo and Hope for helping unite them. Hope credited her grandmother for doing all of the hard work. While the others looked through some old letters, Daniel stumbled across wedding photos of Bo and Hope -- and Jack and Jennifer.

While the men were out of the room, Jennifer admitted that she was a little mortified that Daniel had seen her wedding picture, and she hated that she was stringing two men along while she tried to choose between them. Hope asked if Jennifer were any closer to making a decision, and Jennifer confessed that she was just as confused as she'd been when the experiment had begun. She added that she envied Hope, who had always known that Bo was the only man for her. Hope was confident that, with time, Jennifer would make the right decision.

After the men returned, the foursome resumed looking through old photographs. Daniel teased Jennifer about her 1980s hairdo in one of them, and as she playfully snatched it away, he said that it was a good thing there were no pictures of him in the boxes. Hope produced the picture of the mystery baby, and Daniel confirmed that it was not he. Hope then found a book of stories that Alice had loved, which were written by Edith Wharton, and found a letter tucked inside, with a London postmark and a return address from Susan Banks.

Jennifer explained to Daniel that Susan was E.J. DiMera's mother, and all of them looked perplexed as to why Susan would have been writing to Alice, so Hope read the letter aloud. In it, Susan asked for Alice's help, because "little Elvis" had been very ill, but Susan and Edmund had been unable to even get an appointment with the only specialist they'd been able to find who could save the baby's life. Susan had wanted to use Alice's connections in the medical community to help get Elvis in to see the doctor, but she hadn't wanted Stefano to know anything about it: "I think he has figured out that I am not Kristen, so Edmund and I have gone into hiding. That man is mean, mean, mean!" Susan stated that she had enclosed a picture of Elvis with the letter.

Neither Hope nor Jennifer was aware that Susan had been in contact with Alice after Susan had left Salem. Hope wondered if the letter from Susan tied in somehow with Alice's secret bank account. Jennifer surmised that Alice had helped Susan, since E.J. was alive and well, and Bo noted that if Stefano had found out, it would explain why he had given the paperweight to Alice. Jennifer declared that the photo of the baby definitely looked like E.J., and Daniel deduced that the picture and the letter had simply gotten separated over the years. Bo wondered why Alice would have kept it all a secret even after Stefano had taken E.J. from Susan.

Once the two of them were alone, Jennifer expressed her appreciation to Daniel for giving up their date night for a second time to help her out. Daniel stated that he just liked spending time with her -- and he had missed her. Jennifer assured him that she had missed him, too. Daniel stroked her hair gently as they began to kiss.

As Bo and Hope walked through the square, they stopped in front of the plaque dedicating the square to Tom and Alice. "I had no idea Gran had so many secrets. It's like one thing just keeps leading to another thing that's even stranger and more mysterious," Hope mused. She wondered why Alice had kept so many secrets from her family. Bo asserted that "Mrs. H" had to have had very good reasons for the things she'd done.

A worried Hope told Bo that Stefano had warned her, "When you dig into other people's private lives, you may discover things you wish you didn't." Bo maintained Stefano's attempt to deter investigation was all the reason Bo needed to investigate. He added that they just had to figure out how all the puzzle pieces -- the bank account, the mysterious baby picture, the paperweight, and the letter -- fit together. Hope suggested that they should track down Susan, but Bo thought they should talk to Stefano again -- together.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Will surprised Gabi with a box that was filled with fresh daisies. Will admitted that he had been neglecting Gabi, and he promised that he was going to try to be a better boyfriend. Will asked Gabi to meet him at Sami and Rafe's apartment later that night, and Gabi eagerly agreed.

At the prison, John reminded Abe that their friendship could jeopardize Abe's campaign. John warned Abe to stay away from the prison. "E.J.'s gonna use your connection to me to go after you. Don't forget who you're dealing with. Now, we both know that I'm not going anywhere, so after you beat the pants off that jackass in the election, you'll know where to find me," John said. Abe tried to protest, but John refused to listen.

At the Horton Town Square, Sami, Jennifer, Lexie, and Carrie shared a coffee break together. Lexie noticed that Sami looked uncomfortable, and she wondered if Sami was all right. Carrie guessed that Sami was upset because Rafe had agreed to help Carrie with John's case. Sami admitted that Rafe had failed to mention that fact.

Carrie apologized, and she insisted that Rafe had planned to tell Sami about the arrangement. Sami said that she was not upset, but she added that she still believed that Carrie's case was a waste of time. Lexie quickly changed the subject, and she told the group that she was glad that they were still able to spend some time together as friends, despite their busy schedules.

Jennifer nodded, and she referred to the film The Breakfast Club. Jennifer suggested that she, Sami, Carrie, and Lexie could form their own breakfast club, and that they could meet regularly for coffee. Everyone voiced their approval, and they decided that it would be appropriate for Jennifer -- the writer of the group -- to think of a name. Jennifer agreed to do so, and she and Lexie excused themselves.

After Lexie and Jennifer left, Sami realized that she had accidentally left a business document at the apartment. Sami started to excuse herself so that she could retrieve the file, but Carrie stopped her. Carrie started to ask Sami to think about going to the townhouse to offer her support to Marlena. Sami interrupted, and she wondered what Carrie wanted her to say to Marlena.

"What? That I'm sorry I blame her for what happened to Johnny? I'm sorry that John has confessed to this crime and is now in jail? You know, she hasn't even come to see Johnny since he got home safe. Look, Carrie...I can't help the way that I feel, but I don't think it would help Marlena to hear me say it. Look, I just want to put the whole horrible thing behind us, and pretend like it never happened," Sami said, and she abruptly excused herself.

Later, Carrie went to the prison to see John. John tried to convince Carrie to forget about his case, and he asked her to focus on her future with Austin. "Marlena's got enough to deal with. She doesn't need to have to worry about her daughters being in trouble because of me. Now, you and Austin have been together for a very long time, and I have faith that you're gonna stay strong. I can only pray the same thing for your sister and Rafe," John added.

Carrie showed John the photograph of the café in Paris, and she pointed out the discrepancies that Rafe had noticed earlier. Carrie said that she understood that John was ready for her to move on. Carrie added that she and Rafe had discovered a solid lead and insisted that they were anxious to pursue it. John nodded, and he admitted that Carrie and Rafe had found some real evidence. John told Carrie to proceed with the case.

John asked about Marlena and Sami. Carrie admitted that Sami was still upset, but she added that Will had been really supportive. John said that Marlena had been worried about Will lately. John hoped that Marlena and Will would be able to help each other with their respective problems.

Later, Carrie vowed that she was going to find out who had framed John. Carrie hugged John, then she excused herself. After Carrie left, John angrily tossed a metal chair across the cell. John sighed as he realized that it had been foolish of him to plead guilty.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami greeted Will, who was wrapping a present for Gabi. Will ignored Sami, and he turned away from her. Sami wondered if Will was trying to avoid her, but Will remained silent. Sami wondered if she had done something to upset Will. Will silently recalled the night that he had walked in on Sami and E.J. having sex at the DiMera mansion.

"You really want to know why I'm upset? Okay, then just think about it, Mom. What could you have done that would bother me?!" Will asked pointedly. Sami was confused, and she wondered what Will was trying to say. "Look, I realize I've been working a lot lately, okay? I'm trying to establish myself at this company -- it's important to me. But you have to know that you, and the kids, and Rafe -- you always come first for me. You always come first," Sami insisted.

Will laughed and started to walk out of the apartment, but Sami stopped him. Sami asked Will to tell her what was wrong, so that she could fix the problem. "You can't, Mom! You can't fix it, okay?! You can't!" Will shouted. Before Sami could respond, she received a phone call from Madison.

Will told Sami to leave, and he bitterly stated that he didn't want Sami to lose her precious job. Sami reminded Will that she was working so that she could pay for Will's college tuition. Sami added that Rafe did not have a job. "Oh! Okay, so it's my fault for going to college, and it's Rafe's fault. Of course, of course. Just go!" Will said, and he turned away from Sami in frustration.

Sami sighed and agreed to leave, but she assured Will that she intended to continue the discussion later that night. Will said that he wasn't going to be at the apartment when Sami returned, and he announced that he was moving out. Sami wondered what that was supposed to mean.

"What part of the sentence don't you understand, Mom? I'm getting my own place with Gabi. We're in college, and we're together, so we're gonna get our own place," Will said. Sami pointed out that Will and Gabi were still young, and she warned him not to rush into anything. "Seriously? You're giving me relationship advice now?" Will asked incredulously.

Before Sami could respond, her phone rang again. Sami apologetically told Will that she needed to leave. Will reminded Sami that he wasn't trying to stop her. Sami sighed and walked out of the apartment.

Back at the Horton Town Square, two reporters approached Abe. The reporters started to ask Abe about his visit with John earlier that day. Abe insisted that he had done nothing wrong, and Jennifer and Lexie quickly interrupted.

"Excuse me, excuse me -- what's with this blindside ambush here? I thought we made a gentleman's agreement about questions on the record. Mayor Carver has no further comment about John Black's conviction, or the pending class action suit. If you would like to ask him questions about his vision for Salem's future, I would love to help you out. I would love to set up an interview at your convenience," Jennifer firmly stated. Jennifer noticed that E.J. and Nicole were watching from a nearby bench, and she laughed as she realized that they were behind the whole thing.

"Unbelievable. I mean, considering Mayor Carver's opponent, don't you think you have much more fertile trees to climb, ladies?" Jennifer asked, and the women quickly made their exit. After the reporters left, Abe and Lexie thanked Jennifer for her help. Jennifer approached Nicole and E.J., and she knowingly suggested that E.J. and Nicole had orchestrated the ambush.

Nicole shrugged and noted that Jennifer had worked as a reporter. Nicole reminded Jennifer that reporters relied on anonymous tips. "Yes, yes -- reporters rely on tips, Nicole, but a good reporter knows the difference between a tip and a false lead, so trying somehow to link Abe to John in any other manner except for the fact that they are friends is dirty-handed, and it's an underhanded political move, and it will not be tolerated," Jennifer insisted.

As Nicole and Jennifer continued to argue, E.J. stared at his phone, pretending to be completely disinterested. Nicole wondered if Jennifer was trying to threaten Nicole and E.J. "I am just telling you that we want a clean, up-front, fair campaign, and you know what? We hoped that we could lead by example, but if this is an exercise in futility, you leave me no choice. Meaning your entire sordid history is fair game, front and center. Is that clear enough for you?" Jennifer asked.

E.J. smugly asked if he had been convicted of a crime that he was not aware of. Lexie warned E.J. not to play that game with her, and she reminded him that she was fully aware of all of the horrible things that he had done. Abe interrupted the argument, and he told Lexie and Jennifer that E.J. wasn't worth the effort. Abe vowed that he was going to stand by his friends.

"You know what? We are through here. I am telling you, we are in. We are in this to win, and you are being warned -- the gloves are off. You know what? I know that you have no experience whatsoever with this job; in fact, you don't have any experience with any job, do you, Nicole? But did anyone ever tell you to never underestimate your opponent? 'Cause you just made your first fatal mistake," Jennifer warned Nicole and E.J. Jennifer turned and walked away, and Abe followed her. Lexie glared at E.J. for a moment, then she shook her head and stormed off.

Later, Nicole excused herself so that she could make a phone call. After Nicole left, Lexie angrily approached E.J. "You are such a disappointment. Every time I think that we have a chance to be close again, E.J., you just find a way to pull the rug out from under us. 'Cause you realize you are playing a very dangerous game with people's lives, but what do you do? You just keep playing it, you know? Attacking John, my husband, my family," Lexie snapped.

"I'm done, E.J. -- I am so done with you, okay? No more -- no more calling a truce between us, and don't you dare tell me how important our family is to you, when everything you do proves otherwise. God, I really believed that there was some good in you, E.J., but lately, every time I talk to you, I see our father. You are definitely his son, through and through," Lexie added. E.J. said that he was going to take that as a compliment, but Lexie assured him that it had not been meant as one.

"I love our father, but I do not love his behavior, or yours. You don't just fight dirty, you fight...filthy," Lexie said with contempt. Before E.J. could respond, Lexie stormed off. After Lexie left, Sami approached E.J., and she wondered if there was a chance that someone could have seen them together at the mansion. E.J. assured Sami that no one else had been at the mansion that night.

E.J. warned Sami to stay calm, and he said that he wasn't willing to lose everything due to her guilty conscience. Nicole overheard the end of E.J.'s statement, and she wondered what was going on. Sami said that E.J. had been worried about losing the kids. E.J. agreed, and he explained that he had asked Sami to talk to Jennifer. E.J. said that he was afraid that if Jennifer decided to follow through with her threats, Johnny and Sydney might end up as collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Jennifer assured Abe that she wasn't going to stoop to E.J. and Nicole's level, but she added that something had to be done. Jennifer pointed out that E.J. had a very questionable past, and she said that she was going to use it against him.

Back at Sami and Rafe's apartment, Will surprised Gabi with another gift. Gabi opened the package, and she found a jewelry box inside. Gabi thanked Will, and she added that she didn't need presents. Gabi said that she just wanted Will. Will nodded, then he presented Gabi with a third gift.

The third gift was a key ring with an ornately decorated key attached to it. Will explained that he didn't have a real key to put on the key ring yet. Gabi was confused, so Will explained that he was talking about the key to their new place. Will hugged Gabi, and he asked her to move in with him. Gabi remained silent, and she eyed the key ring suspiciously.

Will admitted that he and Gabi would not be able to afford a nice place, but he added that anything would be better than their current living arrangements. Gabi suggested that she and Will could cook together, and that they could have friends over for dinner. Will agreed, and he promised to help Gabi with the chores. Gabi started to list the things that they would need to buy, but Will insisted that they would just need a microwave and a bed.

Gabi smiled, and Will wondered what she was thinking. "I'm just thinking about being in bed together every morning and every night. I want to be close to you in that way all the time," Gabi said, and she aggressively started to kiss Will. Will pulled away, and he claimed that he was afraid that Sami or Rafe would walk in.

"What are you doing? Are you serious with me right now? I'm trying to kiss you, and you pull back -- why are you shutting us down? What is the problem? What is it about being near me that bothers you so much?" Gabi asked defensively. Will laughed nervously, and he claimed that he just wanted to take things slowly. Gabi wondered if Will was attracted to her.

"Will, I want you -- do you understand that? And I want to be with someone who wants me just as bad as I want him, okay? And when you ask me to move in with you, that's what I'm thinking that you're trying to tell me, but obviously, I'm wrong, because I kiss you, and you back off, just like every single time. I don't want a roommate, Will -- I want somebody that will love me, and who wants me," Gabi explained. Will insisted that he wanted to be with Gabi, but he added that he also respected her.

Gabi said that she needed some time to think about things, and she stormed out of the apartment. After Gabi left, Will sighed with frustration, and he angrily punched the apartment door.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Clad in a white robe, Sami emerged from a treatment room at Quinn's spa, and found Rafe waiting for her in the lobby. Their backs were to the front door when Kate entered the spa. She stopped nearby to eavesdrop while Sami thanked Rafe for treating her to a massage. Rafe explained that he'd thought his wife could use a break after the rough week she'd had. Suddenly Madison appeared, and admonished Sami for being out of contact for the previous couple of hours, and not at work, where Sami was supposed to have been.

Making sure to stay out of sight, Kate continued to listen in on Sami and Madison's conversation. Sami apologetically explained that when she'd returned to the office with a report that Madison had requested, no one had been around, so she'd worked for a few hours and then taken an early lunch. Madison pointed out that she'd been nothing but supportive of Sami, but Sami should not have taken advantage of Madison -- or gone to the one salon in town that featured Countess Wilhelmina products.

Rafe accepted the blame for that, because he'd just wanted to do something nice for his wife, and he hadn't considered what products the spa carried. Unmoved, Madison continued to berate Sami, and asserted that perhaps she had overestimated Sami's ability to fulfill her duties. "Supporting the competition in any way will not be tolerated. I won't put up with it," Madison warned. She pointed out that if someone from the press had caught Mad World's junior executive using Countess Wilhelmina products, it could have destroyed everything Madison had worked so hard for.

Rafe tried to defend his wife, but Madison's quiet tirade continued. At last Sami promised somewhat meekly that she would do whatever she had to do to make it up to Madison. Madison stated that they would have a long talk about it the next day -- if Sami could be bothered to show up. Sami affirmed that she would be there.

After Madison left, Rafe asked Sami what was going on. "The Sami I know would never let anyone talk to her that way," he asserted. Sami pointed out that Madison had been right. Rafe said that he could tell that something was bothering Sami, and he wanted to know what it was.

When Roman barged into Quinn's office, Quinn greeted him with sarcastic politeness. Roman warned Quinn, "Salem is my town. I love it a lot. I intend to keep it safe -- which means watching you day and night." A self-satisfied Quinn noted that he was back in town even despite Roman's ultimatum. Roman stated that he had been more than ready to put Quinn back in jail for returning to Salem, but he'd gotten orders from his superiors that Quinn was "untouchable" -- but Roman would be waiting when Quinn inevitably screwed up again.

Quinn suggested that perhaps Roman could get help for his pent-up aggression from Quinn's new therapist -- Dr. Marlena Evans. Roman's jaw muscles clinched as he cautioned Quinn to stay away from Marlena. Quinn reassured Roman, "My relationship with Marlena is strictly professional...for now." Roman grabbed Quinn and threw him against the wall. "You harm her, I'll kill you. You cross me or anybody I know, I won't be pleasantly asking you to leave Salem. Next time, it'll be your head, too," Roman growled. He lightly smacked Quinn's face in a final warning, and then stalked out of the office.

Roman bumped into Kate in the hallway outside, and she deduced that Roman had been the reason Quinn had kept her waiting for their meeting. Upon learning that Kate was in business with Quinn, Roman warned her that Quinn was dangerous. Kate reminded Roman that her last name was DiMera, and she wasn't afraid of anything. Roman urged her to be careful, and then left.

Soon Quinn admitted Kate into his office, and apologized for keeping her waiting. Kate said that perhaps that hadn't been a bad thing, because she'd witnessed something very interesting while she'd been waiting -- something that might benefit them both. Quinn admitted, "Ah, Kate. I love it when you're feeling devious." He asked what the plan was. Kate explained cryptically, "If I can pull this off, no one will ever hear from Madison James again. It will be as if Mad World never existed." A bit later, Quinn and Kate shook hands on their deal.

Madison was working on her laptop at the outdoor café when Roman recognized her, and introduced himself. "Roman Brady, police commissioner, and Sami's dad," he said as they shook hands. He explained that he just wanted to welcome Madison to Salem, and offer her some advice about her competition. "I'm sure you know just how aggressive Kate can be, but I think you should be aware that Kate is not really who you need to worry about. If I were you, I would be very, very careful to stay clear of her husband, Stefano DiMera," Roman explained.

Madison asserted that she was aware of Stefano's reputation, but she wasn't afraid of him. Roman reminded her that since she was a threat to Stefano's wife, Madison was in a vulnerable position, so she should be careful. Madison maintained that she always kept her eyes open. Roman cautioned Madison that Sami had four kids, and therefore did not need to be caught in the middle of a war with the DiMeras. Madison assured him firmly, "You have nothing to worry about. I have Kate DiMera right where I want her."

When Sami and Rafe returned home to the loft, she fretted about losing her job, and about how the kids needed her, especially Will, who was inexplicably angry with her. Rafe was optimistic that if the two of them talked to Will together, they would straighten it out. He then confessed that he had agreed to continue working with Carrie -- pro-bono -- on the class-action suit against John. Sami half-heartedly assured him that it was all right, and informed him that Carrie had already told her about it.

Sami's somewhat glum demeanor obviously troubled him, and Rafe asked, "Is everything all right? Are we okay?" Taken aback, Sami reassured him that they were all right, and as she threw her arms around him, she declared emphatically that she loved him. Still not convinced, Rafe asked if Sami was still upset with him about Johnny's disappearance. Sami swore that she was not, and she regretted blaming him and the things she had said to him about it. Rafe emphasized that she could talk to him about whatever was bothering her. Sami reiterated that he had done nothing wrong, and she needed him to know how much she loved him.

"I want to make up for..." Sami stopped herself, then declared suddenly, "I've got it! Let's renew our wedding vows!" A bemused Rafe pointed out that people usually renewed their vows for a big wedding anniversary. Sami declared that she didn't care if it wasn't what people normally did, and reminded her husband that the two of them had been through more than most couples who had been married for fifty years. She explained imploringly that she needed to tell Rafe that he was the only man for her, and that she would love him forever -- and she wanted to do so in front of their families, who hadn't been able to celebrate with them at their first wedding.

"Sami, marrying you the first time was the happiest moment of my life. I would be honored to do it again," Rafe declared. Sami kissed him happily. They then sat on the couch and drank champagne while candles burned around the apartment. As Rafe got up to refill their glasses, Sami gazed guiltily at a picture of the two of them.

Abigail, Melanie, and Gabi were gathered at Maggie's kitchen table, while Sonny and Chad were in the kitchen, preparing a meal for the group. Sonny expressed his doubts to Chad that the meal would turn out well. Meanwhile, the girls privately agreed with that sentiment, but Melanie produced some pizza coupons to reassure the others that they wouldn't starve. Melanie and Abigail had just noted that Gabi seemed troubled when Will arrived. Gabi and Will greeted each other a bit awkwardly, and then Will noticed that the other guys had started cooking without him. "I told them to wait for me. Don't worry; I will save the day," Will promised.

Will went into the kitchen, where Chad had just made the decision to empty an entire vial of saffron into whatever he was cooking. Will informed the other guys that he'd just been looking at apartments, because he and Gabi were talking about living together. Chad pronounced Will crazy, but Will declared that living with Gabi would be great.

While the guys continued working in the kitchen, Abigail and Melanie quietly urged Gabi to tell them what was going on with her. Gabi revealed that Will had asked her to move in with him. The girls were taken aback, but seemed excited for Gabi until they realized that she was clearly not excited. Gabi described how Will had given her presents and promised to be a better boyfriend, but when they had started kissing, he had pulled away -- just like he always had.

Gabi continued that she had asked Will for time to think, because she was afraid that he would always be physically distant. Melanie suggested that maybe Will was just shy. "Melanie, have you ever met a guy who shies away from sex?" Gabi asked. Melanie encouraged Gabi to tell Will how she felt. Gabi replied that she had tried, countless times, but it was as if Will was in denial.

Chad suggested to Sonny and Will that they should tell the girls about shutting the website down. Will agreed, and then admitted that he'd thought someone had been following him earlier, until he'd realized that it had probably just been other people like him, out looking at apartments for the spring school term. Sonny asked when Will and Gabi were moving in together. Will confided that he hadn't convinced Gabi yet, but he planned to do so that night.

The guys filled in the girls about why they were shutting down the site, and the girls expressed their sympathy. Chad suddenly realized that he'd forgotten to pick up some dinner rolls at the Brady Pub, so Abigail volunteered to go out and get them. After she left, Melanie led Chad and Sonny into the dining room to retrieve some serving dishes.

At the Brady Pub, Carrie tried to make Austin understand why she was still working for John even after John had pleaded guilty. She informed Austin that she had asked Rafe to continue investigating, because the two of them had determined that the security photo of John in the café had been altered. Austin argued that not only were Carrie and Rafe working for free, but after the attempt on John's life, it was far too dangerous for her to keep working for John. Carrie reminded him that there was still a civil case pending against John, and she refused to quit until she got the conviction overturned.

Austin wasn't happy about his wife's involvement, but agreed to be supportive. He then asked if Carrie wanted to return to Zurich or stay in Salem after the case was finished. They began to weigh the pros and cons of each city. Austin stated that if he took the job teaching at Salem University, it would help him feel like he was making a difference. Carrie pointed out that they had friends and family in Salem, but they also had jobs and lives that they loved in Zurich. They agreed that they were torn about where to spend the rest of their lives.

Abigail entered then, and after she placed her order at the bar, she eavesdropped a bit on the Reeds. Austin asserted that to him, home was wherever Carrie was, so he would let her have the final say. Carrie chose Salem, and Austin agreed that it was a great idea. "We stay in Salem," he declared, kissing his wife's hands. They agreed that it would be great to call a real-estate agent -- and move out of their "God-forsaken" hotel room.

Abigail apologized for interrupting, but asked if she'd overheard correctly that Carrie and Austin were staying in Salem. They confirmed it, and Abigail embraced Carrie in congratulations. Carrie noticed that Abigail was wearing a cap like one Austin had, and he explained that he had given it to Abigail when they'd run into each other one night and Abigail had been cold. When Abigail returned to the bar to wait for her order, Carrie remarked that Abigail had turned into a beautiful young woman, and Austin concurred. As Abigail was leaving a bit later, Carrie and Austin were laughing together about something on their computer screen. She stopped to watch the happy couple for a moment before heading out.

When Will and Gabi were alone in the kitchen, he asked if they could talk, so the two of them sat down at the table. An enthusiastic Will admitted that he had almost ruined things earlier, but he was confident that they could make things work, and that he could make her happy. Gabi reiterated that she needed time to think. Almost as if he hadn't heard her, Will divulged that on his way over, he had looked at a great apartment about a half-mile from campus, and he thought they should go by after dinner to check it out.

"What? No!" Gabi replied incredulously, pointing out that he had looked at apartments before she'd even decided whether she wanted them to live together. Will admitted that he was just excited, and apologized for pushing her away before -- but things would be different when the two of them had their own space. "What if they're not?" Gabi asked. She quickly added that she wasn't trying to hurt Will, but she was having a hard time imagining the two of them living together as a happy couple in love. Will vowed that he would change, and if she would just tell him what she wanted, he would do it. Gabi replied that Will already knew what she wanted.

Will's demeanor changed from happily eager to upset and indignant, as he demanded, "Why does everything have to be about sex? I'm sorry if I want to be respectful, and I want to treat you like a human being and not just a piece of meat!" Gabi countered that she wanted him to treat her like his girlfriend; she wanted him to want her. Pacing angrily around the kitchen, Will said snidely, "Whatever you have to tell yourself." Gabi became indignant, and declared that she could not be with someone who flew off the handle over the slightest thing. She pointed out that he had been "all over the place lately," and she didn't think their moving in together was a good idea -- so her answer was "no."

Gabi returned the gold key ring to Will, who sadly said that he was just trying to make her happy. "No, Will. You're trying to make us into something that we're just not." She added that moving in together while ignoring the deeper issues in their relationship wasn't going to make them disappear. Will retorted that he didn't see Gabi trying to make things better. An incredulous Gabi affirmed that she had read books, she'd asked her friends for advice, and she'd thrown herself at Will -- but he still pulled away every time she touched him.

"I have spent so much time trying to figure out what it is that's wrong with me. And it's not me. It's not," Gabi concluded. Will apologized again, and begged Gabi to tell him what he needed to do to fix it. Gabi replied quietly that she thought they should take a break. Pulling her to him, Will insisted that giving up was not the answer. Gabi backed away, and repeated that she needed some time. When Will saw her gathering her things, he became angry again, and raised his voice as he demanded, "You're leaving. All right, fine. But you call this what it is: you don't want time to think; you want to break up with me!" Gabi conceded sadly, "You're right. I'm sorry, but it's over."

Will erupted, hurling the key to the floor, and violently shoving everything off the kitchen table as he shouted, "No!" Her eyes filling with frightened tears, Gabi covered her mouth in shock as she backed into the door. She watched helplessly as Will trashed Maggie's kitchen. He savagely vented his rage by flinging almost every item off of the countertops onto the floor, until the others rushed back into the room. Chad and Sonny forcibly stopped a disconsolate Will's onslaught, and wrestled him into a chair, while Melanie hovered protectively in front of a terrified, tearful Gabi.

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