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January 2 to January 6, 2012
Will's anger over Sami and E.J's affair seemed too much for him to bear. Marlena's efforts to help Will cope with his mom's betrayal of Rafe failed, and he was inconsolable. Rather than confront Sami as Marlena suggested, he warned Rafe that his mom would ultimately break Rafe's heart. With Marlena, Bo and Hope discussed their unresolved feelings and hurt about the circumstances related to Zack's death. Brady offered John a father-son partnership to rebuild Basic Black together. Jennifer cautioned Jack not to expect too much from her while on their family vacation in Hawaii. Later, Jack spotted Jennifer and Daniel in an embrace, unaware of Daniel's medical crisis. Jennifer comforted Daniel after she learned that his surgical career might be over for good. Kate forced Sami to break her confidentiality agreement with Mad World Cosmetics and spill all of Madison's product launch and promotional secrets so that Countess W would have the edge in the market. Rafe and Carrie launched their new business venture. Abigail and Chad mutually decided to end their relationship. However, Abigail later learned that both Chad and Melanie had had feelings for each other since Halloween and blasted her friends for betraying her. Austin seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and Abigail found comfort from her problems in his arms. Stefano confided to Kate that he felt guilty lying to E.J., but never disclosed about what. Kate seemed suspicious when John told Stefano that he didn't need any more of Stefano's help. Will demanded that E.J. give him money to leave Salem or else Will would reveal E.J.'s big secret.
January 9 to January 13, 2012
Will's plan to blackmail E.J. backfired when E.J. used information from the past to keep Will in line. E.J. forced Will to steal critical information from Abe's new jobs plan. He told Will that he worked for a DiMera. E.J. calmly cautioned Will that if he refused to do as instructed, E.J. would inform the police that Will, not Lucas, was the one that had shot E.J. a few years before. Nicole seemed suspicious about Will's interest in E.J.'s mayoral campaign. Brady resigned from Titan and told John the exciting news that they would rebuild Basic Black together. Brady and Nicole seemed content about their respective love lives. Victor offered Madison the job as CEO of Titan. Kate complimented Sami on her idea for a new promotion for Countess Wilhelmina. When Sami told Kate that she was anxious to celebrate the news with Rafe, Kate questioned her and hinted that there might be trouble in paradise due to her constant need to be with Rafe. Things got hot between Carrie and Rafe when the ventilation system went off in their office, and Abigail found a way to get close to Austin by landing a job as his office assistant at Salem University. Will seemed envious of Sonny's strong relationship with his parents and their acceptance of his lifestyle. Bo and Hope located Alice's mysterious safe deposit box, but then learned that she owned it with someone else. Sami walked in on E.J. presenting Will the keys to a new sports car for a job well done.
January 16 to January 20, 2012
Marlena and Sami were upset with Will's decision to work on E.J.'s campaign unaware that E.J. threatened to reveal that Will was the one that shot him years before, not Lucas. Nicole decided to investigate on her own why E.J. hired Will. Sami had strong words for Marlena and accused her of never being there when she needed her most. Jennifer accused Nicole and E.J. of stealing Abe's job plan and taking credit for it. Daniel told Victor, Maggie, and Melanie that he had to leave Salem to work out his problems, and that he needed time alone. Marlena warned E.J. not to mess with Will or else he would have to deal with her. Roman appointed Bo and Hope to head the new task force against long-standing criminals in Salem who continued to escape the law. Bo and Hope hired Rafe and Carrie to join their team. Bo and Hope surmised that Stefano was the co-owner of the safe deposit box with Alice and devised a way to get Stefano to admit it. Abigail refused to forgive Melanie even after Melanie told her that she did not plan to have a relationship with Chad. Brady and John met to rebuild Basic Black. Brady told John that Madison might be the one. Sami seemed miffed at Carrie and Rafe's close and friendly working relationship. Abigail took full advantage of Austin's spare time and agreed to have dinner with him when she learned that Carrie was working late. Sami set up a photo shoot with Gabi and Chad that impressed Kate. Sami and Madison revealed that they working together to beat Kate at her own game, and that Sami's feud and resignation from Mad Cosmetics was a set up. Sami and Madison decided that it might be time to let Rafe and Brady in on their plan.
January 23 to January 27, 2012
Daniel said goodbye to his family and Jennifer and then left Salem, but said he would return soon. Madison and Sami told Brady and Rafe about their plan to take down Kate, and that Sami had been working at Countess W as a spy for weeks. Rafe and Brady were fearful that Madison and Sami's plan might backfire. Rafe and Carrie's attraction to each other was undeniable. Meanwhile, Austin felt lonely for Carrie, and spent more time with Abigail, whose feelings for Austin were increasing with each passing day. Chad and Gabi made a bigger hit as models than Sami or Madison could have expected. Madison continued to get advice from an unknown caller who prompted her to turn down Victor's job offer as CEO of Titan. Madison hired Abigail as an intern at Mad Cosmetics, and then with Quinn's help, offered her and Melanie jobs as the models for the company's new campaign. Sonny's friends thought Will was gay. Later, Will blew off any involvement with the coffeehouse project that he had previously agreed to work on with Sonny. Marlena suspected that more was going on with Will and Sonny's friends. Will continued to move deeper into the DiMera world as he enjoyed participating in some of E.J.'s dangerous games. Abe and Jennifer were shocked to learn that Will was working on E.J.'s campaign. Abe agreed to let Jennifer play hardball to get the edge on E.J. and the upcoming debate questions. Lexie remained in the dark about E.J. and Abe's dirty politics. Jack found solace, comfort, and closure at Marlena's group therapy session as he shared his experience with some Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans and listened to their stories of courage and perseverance. With a little help from Doug and Julie, Bo and Hope made a decision to open Alice's safe deposit box. They met with Stefano to tell him the news. He told them that Alice had something on him, and vice versa, but neither knew the other's secret. He warned them that they might open Pandora's box, and that the information might be devastating to many of their loved ones.
January 30 to February 3, 2012
Will agreed to let E.J. host a birthday party for Sydney, knowing that it would infuriate Sami. Austin and Sami caught Rafe and Carrie in an awkward moment while they prepared for Sydney's party at the Brady Pub. Carrie and Austin tried to find a way to get their marriage back on track. Meanwhile, Abigail took advantage of Austin's marital problems as a way to get closer to him. Madison ordered Sami to stop spying on Kate because she feared for Sami's safety and did not want to ruin her relationship with Brady. Sami, furious with Madison for backing down, resigned from Mad World Cosmetics and decided to give Madison a run for her money and return to Countess W. Brady told Madison that he feared that she was hiding something from him that could end their relationship. Will had a serious with talk with Sonny about what it felt like to be gay and finally come out to family and friends. Sonny suspected that Will's interest was more than casual conversation. Carrie and Rafe made a decision to continue with their business without funding from Carrie's law firm. Carrie and Rafe, excited to have solved their first paid case, acted on their long-held feelings for each other. Abigail told Jack and Jennifer that she intended to model for Mad World Cosmetics even though Jennifer was strongly opposed to the idea. Hope and Stefano opened the safe deposit box, but were apprehensive about how the contents might affect their lives. Abe scored well at the debate by giving E.J. a taste of his own medicine. Nicole accused Abe of knowing the contents of the questions beforehand and playing dirty politics. E.J. admitted to Nicole that he kept Will around because Will, not Lucas, had shot him, and that he was using the information to blackmail Will. Nicole, confused why E.J. showered Will with gifts, seemed convinced that Will was also blackmailing E.J., but E.J. denied it and Nicole believed him. Later, Will packed his bags and prepared to leave the loft and move into his new apartment, but not before a confrontation with Sami. Sami pressured Will to tell her what was wrong, but instead, they got into an intense argument. Will, furious and frustrated with his mother, blurted out that he had seen her and E.J. having sex the night that they found Johnny. Sami, horrified at the revelation, tried to explain to Will what had happened that night, but he refused to listen and called his mother a common whore. He told her that he wanted no part of her excuses and that he never wanted to see her again, and then left. Sami, seeking comfort from Rafe, went to his office and walked in on him and Carrie in a passionate kiss. Madison placed another call to her mysterious contact and advisor, and the call went to a woman's phone at Heathrow Airport.
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February 6 to February 10, 2012
Sami and Austin went ballistic when they caught Carrie and Rafe in a passionate kiss at their office. Sami, guilty about her tryst with E.J., kicked Rafe out of the house and refused to give him the opportunity to explain what had happened. Rafe, overly apologetic over his misdeed, begged Sami for forgiveness, unaware that Sami's actions were the real cause of their marital woes. Carrie admitted to Austin that she had feelings for Rafe. Marlena advised Carrie to think first before acting on her feelings for Rafe, as her decision might affect many lives. Austin, disgusted with what he witnessed, left Carrie's office and got drunk. Abigail found an inebriated Austin in his office and was more than happy to heal his wounded heart. In the morning, Abigail tricked Austin and told him that they had slept together, and admitted that she had feelings for him. Austin, concerned about his marriage, decided not to tell Carrie about his alleged fling with Abigail. He told Carrie that he was just as much to blame for their recent estrangement and encouraged her to work with him to put their marriage back on track. Carrie was surprised at his response, and agreed to try to put the past behind them. Austin worried about how to let Abigail down easily. Rafe decided to resign from Reed and Hernandez in the hope that it would help save his marriage. Will was outraged that Sami had kicked Rafe out of the house and almost let it slip to him that Sami had slept with E.J. Will called Sami a slut and a whore, and said that he hated her for ruining their family, and then left the apartment in a rage. Stefano confided to Kate about the secret that John and Hope were married, and that it was going to be a challenge for them to get their lives in order. John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope visited Stefano, hoping to find some answers about their arranged marriage. However, later Carrie advised them that it would be a difficult road ahead and that John and Hope would have to travel together to Alamainia in order to get a divorce. Madison's mystery contact arrived in Salem and followed her around town. Brady told Madison that he loved her, and later surprised her with a marriage proposal. She was very overwhelmed and touched, but strangely did not give him an answer. Brady decided to go back to Madison's hotel room and convince her to say yes. He got the shock of his life when a man answered the door and introduced himself to Brady as Madison's husband. Abigail was crushed when she saw Carrie and Austin kissing in Horton Square.
February 13 to February 17, 2012
Brady, still stunned about Madison's marriage to Ian, refused to let her explain why she had lied to him. Sami berated Carrie, accused her of trying to steal Rafe from her, and told her that she was still the fickle bitch of years past. Later, Sami told Rafe that she could not get past the fact that he had kissed Carrie, her sister and biggest nemesis. Abigail confided to Melanie that she was in love with Austin, and then lied to her and told her that he had slept with her. Abigail continued to guilt Austin into believing that he had taken advantage of her after he told her that he loved his wife and wanted to make his marriage work. Abigail did everything she could to make Austin feel guilty as she played the jilted lover to everyone for all it was worth. Will told E.J. that he had told Sami that he knew of their affair. E.J. was furious and warned Will that Nicole could never learn the truth about his one-night stand with Sami -- or else. As the election campaign concluded, Abe told Jennifer that he could no longer compromise his integrity, and to tell her contact not to fix the results. On first pass, Abe was declared the winner. Nicole promised a disappointed E.J. and Stefano that the election was not over yet. Lexie learned that Abe had given E.J. the wrong set of questions for the debate, and then accused him of being no better than E.J. and Stefano. The election committee chairperson announced that there would be a recount due to ballot tampering. Jennifer realized that Nicole had set them up for the fall. Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John soon realized that only Hope and John were cleared to enter Alamania, and that their true spouses would have to remain in the states. It seemed clear when they met that Ian and Kate had a tumultuous romantic past together, and later that evening they kissed. Stefano seemed shocked and distressed when he read the contents of the envelope, Alice's secret of the past. Victor announced that he had hired Ian McAllister as CEO of Titan, but quickly contacted his lawyers to rescind the offer when he learned that Ian and Madison were married. Madison pleaded with Brady to hear her out.
February 20 to February 24, 2012
Nicole fixed the election results to declare E.J. the winner and damage Abe's reputation. Lexie walked out on Abe for lying to her about his lack of ethics during the campaign. Jack helped Abigail and Jennifer to reconcile. Abigail threatened Austin that she would tell Carrie the untruth that they had slept together. Madison told Brady that Ian had never loved her, but had been cheating on her with Kate the entire time that they were married. Madison admitted that Ian had a strange hold on her, and she was indebted to him for her business success. Victor was pleased with Ian's business plan and increased profits for Titan. Ian told Brady that he would never divorce Madison or let her go. Kate was shocked to learn that Madison was Ian's wife. Sami was horrified that Will had told Marlena that she'd had sex with E.J. Marlena tried to convince Sami that secrets had a way of coming out and urged her to tell Rafe the truth to save her marriage. Rafe overheard Will tell Sonny that Sami had had sex with E.J. Rafe confronted Sami and told her that she had ruined their life and marriage. Later, he broke into the DiMera mansion and assaulted E.J. in the middle of his re-marriage proposal to Nicole. Nicole was devastated at E.J.'s betrayal yet again, threw the ring back at him, and stormed out of the mansion. Will got drunk and kissed Neil, but was mortified when Sonny confronted him, and ran off to talk to Marlena. Will asked Marlena if she thought that his actions meant that he was gay. Sami interrupted their conversation and accused Marlena of telling Rafe about her affair with E.J. John and Hope left for Alamania with mixed feelings, leaving Marlena and Bo behind. Bo offered relationship advice to Carrie.
February 27 to March 2, 2012
Sami blamed Marlena for ruining her life, marriage, and relationship with Will. Sami's attempt to work out her differences with Will backfired and drove him further away. Sonny offered comforting words to Will. Nicole and Rafe learned of Sami and E.J.'s betrayal and left their respective spouses in a whirlwind of rage and fury. Daniel returned to Salem just in time to rescue Nicole from a fainting spell in Horton Square. Later, Nicole learned that she was pregnant and begged Daniel to help her keep the news from E.J. Ian told Kate that Sami was a mole in her company. Later, Kate told Sami about the spy at Countess W, and that she planned to expose the person at all costs. Lucas returned to Salem to help Sami get her life back on track. John and Hope left for Alamainia with mixed feelings for each other and their upcoming trip. Later, they began to recall memories of their romance together in Alamainia. John told Hope that he was working with ISA. Stefano arrived in Alamainia to taunt John and Hope. A short time later, they found John's contact, Walsh, dead in their hotel room. Abe and Bo put their heads together to find a way to get back at E.J. Rafe was unwilling to listen to Sami's plea to save their marriage, but agreed to help her with the kids while she was out of town on business. Austin surprised Carrie with a romantic weekend at Green Mountain Lodge. Abigail tracked down Austin, and convinced Melanie to go with her for a getaway to the same place. Gabi had her own agenda for Chad while Melanie was away for the weekend. Brady told Madison that he couldn't live without her, but told her that the price for their love might cost her Mad World if she wanted to get a divorce from Ian.
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MARCH 2012
March 5 to March 9, 2012
Abigail continued to stalk Austin and find ways to be alone with him at Green Mountain Lodge. While on assignment, Bo and Roman were ambushed and beaten, and Bo ended up in a coma, fighting for his life. John and Hope tried to coax Stefano into telling them why he was in Alamainia and how they were involved in his next plot. Someone interrupted John, Hope, and Marlena's communications with each other, but not before Hope received a brief message that Bo's life was in danger. Frantic to get back to Salem to be with Bo, John promised Hope that they would leave Alamainia, passports or not. Jennifer told a sympathetic Jack that Daniel seemed different towards her since returning to Salem and that he was no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with her other than friendship. E.J. begged Nicole for forgiveness, to no avail, and later tried to mend fences with Lexie and offered her a job to run his new health care program. Billie returned to Salem to help Kate take Countess W to the top and bury Mad World Cosmetics. Lucas, Kate, and Billie enjoyed a family reunion. Billie noticed that Gabi had a crush on Chad during the CW photo shoot. Billie told Kate she was over Bo until she heard that he was seriously injured, and then ran off to be at his side. Ian pressured Madison to tell Brady that she didn't love him. If she didn't agree, Ian promised to make sure Brady spent time in prison for his indirect involvement in Madison's white collar crime scheme, a plan that he had initially orchestrated. Brady was heartbroken again after Madison made him believe that she had played him for a fool to get back at Ian for his extramarital affairs. Carrie walked in on Abigail and a half-naked Austin in her hotel room and demanded to know what was going on.
March 12 to March 16, 2012
Billie returned to Salem as the co-CEO of Countess W. Later, she, Kate, and Lucas enjoyed a long-awaited family reunion. Bo's condition worsened, and he slipped into a coma. Hope was frantic to be by Bo's side, but Stefano used his connections to hold Hope and John's passports so that they could not leave Alamainia. When Hope finally got through to Bo's hospital room, she seemed surprised and concerned when Billie answered the phone, and then panicked when the monitors went off and the line went dead. Abigail ruined Austin and Carrie's romantic getaway at Green Mountain Lodge, and then blurted out to Carrie that she and Austin had had sex and that they loved each other. On his way to plead for Carrie's forgiveness, Austin was crushed when he overheard Carrie tell Rafe that she loved him. Later, Carrie and Rafe agreed not to see each other because they were still married to other people and the relationships were complicated. Melanie learned that Abigail had lied about having sex with Austin, and pleaded with her to do the right thing and tell him the truth. Before Abigail came clean to Austin, he told her that they never were, and would never be, a couple. Gabi tricked Chad into believing that Melanie had stood him up and convinced him to have dinner with her. Madison continued to lie to Brady, broke his heart, and told him that she loved her husband, and that they were through. Then she told Ian that she hated him more than ever for making her give up the one man that made her happy. Sonny and Chad enjoyed the grand opening of the coffee shop, and everyone was shocked to learn that Ian was their silent partner and investor. Lucas confronted E.J. about Will working for a DiMera, and ordered Will to quit his job. Will defied his dad and realized he enjoyed the power and control of life on the dark side. Sami was shocked to find Billie back in town at Countess W, as well as Kate behaving strangely toward her, ordering her about, and piling on the work.
March 19 to March 23, 2012
Kate warned Daniel to stay away from Billie, and that she did not want him to hurt another woman in her family. Ian warned Kate that Madison was off-limits, personally and professionally, or she would pay the price and deal with his wrath. Lexie told a devastated Abe that Theo was very disappointed in his father and that he did not want to see him. Later, Abe was shocked to learn that Lexie supported E.J. and that she had accepted a position in his cabinet. To be true to his campaign process, E.J. arrested Abe and Jennifer for ballot tampering. Jack bailed Jennifer out of jail. Rafe found out that Nicole was pregnant and agreed to keep her secret from E.J. E.J. found Rafe and Nicole in a compromising situation, unaware that Rafe was helping Nicole deal with a bad case of morning sickness. Sami confessed to Lucas that she was the mole at Countess W, and he agreed to keep the truth from Kate and said he would help her to deal with the situation. Later, Kate confronted Sami about how Sami had betrayed her and the company, and then threatened to report her to the authorities. She also cautioned Sami that she might lose custody of her children. Just when Sami thought that things couldn't get worse, Rafe told her that he wanted a divorce. Kate felt uncomfortable for Will when she overheard Lucas counseling him about his overzealous friendship with Sonny. After Lucas left the coffee shop, she assured a surprised Will that she would not tell anyone that he was gay. In an ugly confrontation at the Brady Pub, Carrie blurted out to the entire family that Austin had had an "affair" with Abigail. Later at Horton place, Jack, Jennifer, and Carrie walked in on a shocking conversation between Abigail and Austin. Abigail admitted the truth, and told everyone that she and Austin had never had sex. Humiliated and embarrassed, Abigail explained that she had made up the entire story because she thought that she might have a chance to be with Austin. She apologized to Austin and Carrie for ruining their marriage, and for hurting so many people. Stefano kidnapped Hope and John, and ordered them to do as they were told or else Marlena and Bo, already a victim of Stefano's latest game, would pay the price.
March 26 to March 30, 2012
Will confided in Marlena about his sexuality, but in the end, insisted that he was sure that he was not gay. Kate warned Marlena to stay out of her relationship with Will. Kate and Marlena suspected that Will was gay, but agreed that he had to come to terms with it in his own way. Kate was concerned about Stefano's whereabouts, and that he was not returning her calls. Later, she seemed rattled when she found proof that Stefano was tracking Marlena's every move. Kate confronted Marlena, who assured Kate that she had nothing to do with Stefano. She told Kate that he was probably messing with John and Hope in Alamainia. Kate refused to believe her and left in a huff. Billie's move back to Salem was more than a family reunion in that she was working undercover for the ISA to find evidence to take down Stefano. She convinced Kate that she wanted to be close to her and then moved into the DiMera mansion as part of her plan. Lexie apologized to Abe, and the couple reconciled. Gabi's stunt to break up Chad and Melanie backfired. Abigail suspected that Gabi's interest in Chad was more than friendship. E.J. told Sami that Rafe and Nicole were having an affair. Sami and Carrie had another classic sister fight when Sami found Carrie and Rafe together at the Brady Pub. Sami, outraged at Rafe's behavior, blasted him for sleeping with Nicole to get back at her. Rafe tried to explain the truth to Sami, but she didn't believe him. Later, he explained as much as he could to Carrie about why he had been in Nicole's hotel room. She believed Rafe but never let on about her true feelings for him. E.J. and Lucas convinced Kate not to press charges against Sami or threaten to take away her children for Sami being the mole at Countess W. E.J. offered Sami and the children a new place to live, free of charge and supposedly with no strings attached. Lucas was furious with Sami for accepting E.J.'s offer and again being under his thumb. Stefano hypnotized John and Hope into the Pawn and Princess Gina so they could recover his stolen Anastasia egg, but they had a plan of their own.
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APRIL 2012
2 to 6
Sami convinced Lucas to stay in Salem because she and the children needed him. Will confided to Marlena that he knew that he was gay. Marlena praised Will for expressing his feelings and assured him that she would always love him and be there for him. Celeste arrived in town to warn Lexie about her health, and then begged her to seek immediate medical attention. Daniel ordered a series of tests for Lexie and later informed her of the grave news that she had an inoperable brain tumor. Lexie was surprised to learn that she had a stepbrother from her mother's side, Cameron, who was also a physician. Kate confided in Ian that she might be losing Stefano's love and attention because of his renewed interest in Marlena. Ian told Kate that he had always loved her, but had broken it off with her years earlier to protect her and her past indiscretions. Carrie overheard Rafe tell E.J. that he was the father of Nicole's baby. Carrie, devastated at the news, decided to reconcile with Austin and try to forget her feelings for Rafe. Rafe seemed confused when Carrie lied and told him that what had happened between them meant nothing, and that he had been a distraction to her while she and Austin were having marital problems. Gabi tried to discredit Melanie's reputation via of a blog on the Internet. Abigail had a strange encounter with Cameron. John and Hope, a.k.a. the Pawn and Princess Gina, recovered Stefano's Anastasia egg, and decided to double-cross him and use the egg as their ticket to freedom. John and Princess Gina began to make love to celebrate their new life together, when John accidentally found a picture of Marlena, and he remembered his past. Later, he showed Princess Gina a picture of Bo that jogged Hope's memory of her past. John and Hope were determined to return to Salem just when Stefano arrived at their hotel room.
April 9 to April 13, 2012
Kate and Ian made love, and in the aftermath, Kate told Ian that she had made a terrible mistake. She feared Stefano's wrath if he found out about their affair, unaware that he already knew of her betrayal. Will admitted to Sonny that he was gay and asked his friend for advice on how to come out to his parents, family, and friends. E.J. continued to pressure Nicole to give him another chance and to let him back into her life. Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin met with Rafe to dissolve his and Carrie's business relationship, and agreed that they should all try remaining friends. Rafe tried to explain to Carrie that he had never slept with Nicole and that her child was not his, but Sami and Lucas interrupted him, and Carrie continued to think the worst of Rafe. Gabi thought that Chad's romantic plan was meant for her, but became humiliated and angry when she realized he had planned the special occasion for Melanie. Melanie and Chad made love and confessed their love for each other. Stefano vowed revenge on Kate and Ian after he learned that they were together. E.J. was shocked to find confidential files that proved that his father didn't trust him to run the family business. To make matters worse, Nicole told E.J. that Stefano had tampered with the original election results to declare Abe the winner. E.J. shared memories and a kiss with Nicole and Sami. Nicole and E.J. grew closer as did Sami and Lucas. John and Hope found a coded gold coin inside the Anastasia egg that Stefano desperately wanted. Later, as a means to escape from Alamainia, John and Hope substituted the coin, handed it off to Stefano, and left for the airport. Thanks to help of an ISA agent, John and Hope managed to elude Stefano and headed back to Salem. John reunited with Marlena, and then told her that he had rejoined the ISA. Hope arrived at Bo's beside just in time for him to hear her voice and start to regain consciousness. E.J. caught Billie in the act of spying.
April 16 to April 20, 2012
Bo regained consciousness but was upset to learn about John and Hope's run-in with Stefano while he held them captive in Alamainia. Stefano demanded that John and Hope return the gold coin to him or risk potential harm to their families. Billie turned the tables on E.J. and suggested that they work together or he could lose his job as mayor. Stefano told Kate that he knew of her affair with Ian and kicked her out of the mansion. Kate was outraged to learn that Stefano had appointed Sami as CEO of Countess W, and that he took away Hearth and Home from Lucas. E.J. was devastated and saddened to learn of Lexie's grave medical condition and showed his support to her and Abe. E.J. offered to help Sami with her duties as CEO, but she refused because she did not want to alienate Stefano. Kate and E.J.'s attempts to reason with Stefano failed miserably. Stefano could not find the strength or courage to tell E.J. that he was not E.J.'s biological father. Abigail and Cameron enjoyed a pleasant evening together while Billie and Daniel shared a friendly dinner at the Brady Pub. Will told Gabi that he was gay, but then refused her request to help break up Chad and Melanie. Carrie told Austin that she wanted their marriage to work, but later met with Rafe and told him that she couldn't stop thinking of him. Sami warned Austin to be sure that Carrie was over Rafe before he had his heart broken again. Ian agreed to grant Madison a divorce, but while she celebrated with Brady, Ian had other plans that would rock her world. Later, Madison was shocked when Ian offered Kate the role of Co-CEO of Mad World Cosmetics.
April 23 to April 27, 2012
Dr. Yu sadly informed Lexie, Abe, and family members that Lexie only had weeks to live. Nicole agreed to reconcile with E.J. if he agreed to leave Salem with her, but he refused. He tried to explain to her that he could not leave his children or family obligations, but she accused him of wanting to stay close to Sami. Later, Nicole suffered stress-related symptoms and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Daniel encouraged Nicole to tell E.J. that he was the baby's father, but she was reluctant to do so when she realized she had feelings for Rafe. Carrie told Austin that she wanted her marriage to work, but she couldn't stop thinking about Rafe. Autumn broke off her engagement with Lucas, and to Sami's delight, he decided to stay in Salem. Sami offered Lucas a job at Countess Wilhemina. Sami, Lucas, Will, and Allie spent time together as a family. E.J. seemed confused and hurt about Stefano's indifference toward him. Stefano could not muster the courage to tell E.J. the truth. Billie convinced E.J. that they should work together for a common cause. Gabi lied to her friends and told them that someone was stalking her. She played on their sympathy as a way to move in on Chad, and ruined his romantic getaway with Melanie. Kate told Stefano about Lexie's illness, and he rushed to be at his daughter's side. Dr. Yu explained to Stefano the possible cause of Lexie's tumor. Stefano felt regret and guilt when he realized that he might be responsible for her illness. Stefano pressured and threatened John, Hope, Marlena, and Bo to return the coin or suffer the consequences. Later, one of Stefano's associates grabbed Marlena and threatened her and John with a knife.
April 30 to May 4, 2012
Marlena escaped from Stefano's henchman and that forced Roman to insist that John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope move to a safe house. Stefano ordered double agent Harmon to get rid of everyone at the safe house. E.J. was shocked to learn from Stefano that he was not a DiMera. He was even more devastated and hurt when Stefano told him that he could never accept E.J. as part of the family. Rafe noticed that something was wrong with the alarm system at the safe house. He and the others soon learned that the system was set to explode if anyone entered or exited the house. When Roman found out about the bomb, he returned with help from ISA brother-in-law, Shane Donovan. Shane tried every method he knew to defuse the bomb, but all of his efforts failed. Sami and Lucas realized that they made a great business team, and that led them to rekindle their romance. Kate was horrified when she learned that Sami and Lucas were together again and that he had accepted Sami's offer to work with her at Countess W. Kate and Madison put aside their differences to get the upper hand on Sami. Madison confronted Ian and asked him why he didn't sign the divorce papers. He convinced her that he intended to keep his promise, told her that he loved Kate and wanted everyone to be happy, but kept his real agenda a secret. Later, he tricked Brady into having a drink, drugged him, and set his plan in motion. Lexie told Chad about her terminal illness and then asked him to help comfort the family after she was gone. E.J. sought comfort from Sami and spent some quality time with his children. He decided not to tell her that Stefano was not his biological father. The six people in the safe house said their goodbyes to each other as they prepared for the explosion. In the midst of the confusion and panic, Rafe finally told Carrie that he loved her, that he had never slept with Nicole, and that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby.
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MAY 2012
May 7 to May 11, 2012
Roman and Shane were relieved to learn that everyone in the safe house had survived. They decided to keep the good news a secret as way to get the upper hand on Stefano. E.J. told Stefano that he had defended Stefano to the authorities even though he knew that Stefano had probably caused the explosion. E.J., the mayor, held a press conference and promised the people of Salem that he would seek justice and punish the person responsible for the murders of the six people who had perished. Friends and family mourned the loss of Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Carrie, and Rafe. Lucas tried to comfort Sami in her time of loss, grief, and guilt. She told him that she would make an effort in the future to live her life differently and make her mother proud of her. Ian planned a special date night for Kate. Stefano continued to deny responsibility for the explosion or murders of those that had died. At the safe house, Carrie and Rafe decided that they wanted to be together, but Carrie was torn about ending her marriage with Austin. Roman gathered certain family members together to reveal that their loved ones were alive, but in hiding in order to keep the truth from Stefano. Sami was furious and told Roman and the ISA that it was cruel to let them think that their loved ones had died in the explosion when they were all very much alive. Will confronted E.J. and Sami about the nature of their relationship. Sami learned the truth about the reason that Will had agreed to work for E.J. Will told Sami that he did not intend to quit his job, and was not interested in her advice. Bo, Hope, and Shane met with Billie and devised a plan to use E.J. as a way to take down Stefano. Billie told E.J. that Stefano betrayed him and that his father was responsible for exonerating John. Lexie asked Abe to help her put together a family photo album as a keepsake for the family after she was gone.
May 14 to May 18, 2012
Austin arrived unexpectedly at the safe house to visit Carrie to tell her how much he missed her. Before Carrie had a chance to tell him that she wanted to end their marriage and be with Rafe, Roman barged in and ordered Austin to leave. After he learned that Stefano was the one who had exonerated John, E.J. told him that he was on his own from that point on. Harmon almost caught Bo and Hope at the ISA office after he broke in to steal the coin for Stefano. Shane, Bo, John, and Rafe set up Harmon to feed Stefano false information on the illegal arms deal he had planned with Nevsky. Sami was furious with Lucas for not telling her that Will had shot E.J. and that he had gone to prison to protect Will. She was even more upset to learn that E.J. had blackmailed Will into working for him because he knew the truth. In the midst of an intense argument with his parents, Will blurted out to them that he was gay. Sami, overwhelmed with all the news, walked out on Will. Will, devastated by his mother's reaction, found comfort and support from his dad. Lucas reassured Will that he would always love Will and that he wanted Will to have a happy life. Sami returned to talk to Will after a conversation with E.J., but again, she blew it, causing an even greater rift between her and Will. Lucas cautioned Sami to stop confiding in E.J. or risk ruining their relationship. He told her to be careful or else it could also cost her Will's love and respect. Maggie told Melanie that she was the new owner of the spa and had big plans for Melanie and Chad. Gabi continued to pretend that a stalker was after to her to gain sympathy from Chad. Abigail started to catch on that Gabi might not be telling the truth and told Melanie what she suspected. Ian drugged Brady again, and the results caused him to jeopardize a big business deal for Countess W. Madison started to have doubts about Brady's sobriety, which was exactly what Ian wanted her to believe. E.J. told Nicole that that they were forever connected and that he intended to be part of their child's life. Abe and family transformed Horton Square into downtown Paris as a surprise for Lexie, since she was unable to make the trip abroad due to medical reasons. Abigail and Cameron made a date for dinner, but Celeste's tarot cards warned of danger surrounding Abigail. The team of Bo, Hope, John, and Rafe tricked Stefano to confess to illegal arms dealing, and Bo arrested him. Marlena suspected that Carrie might be pregnant, and asked her to think clearly before ending her marriage to Austin.
May 21 to May 25, 2012
John, Bo, Hope, Shane, and Rafe arrested Stefano and hoped that he would be booked and in jail for a very long time. CIA Agent Newman informed the ISA team that Stefano was working undercover for the agency and ordered his release from police custody. The team was furious that Stefano had found yet another way to avoid serving time. Lexie struggled with the stress of being a being a DiMera as well as her progressing illness. Stefano tried to lift Lexie's spirits and hosted a family luncheon for her at the DiMera mansion. Chad told Stefano that he wanted to rejoin the family, but that he would not be involved in any illegal activities. Maggie confronted Victor about the secret that he was keeping from her. She was devastated when he admitted that he was the one who had stolen her eggs from the lab that had helped Daniel's mother become pregnant. She was so furious that he had lied to her for months that she walked out on him. Marlena sidelined John's plan to take out Stefano; at least for the time being. John and Marlena spent the day with Abe and Lexie and recalled good times throughout the years of their friendship. Carrie and Rafe decided to tell Austin about their relationship, but before Carrie could talk to Austin, he accidentally learned that she was pregnant. Carrie feared that her pregnancy would change everything for her and Rafe. Austin was so excited about Carrie's pregnancy that he couldn't wait to share the news with Rafe and Nicole, who just happened to be at the hospital while Austin and Carrie were there. Carrie promised Nicole that she would not tell anyone that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby. Gabi convinced Will not to go to the police about her alleged stalker; he agreed, but cautioned her to stop trying to break up Melanie and Chad. Kate gave Sami some sound advice on how to salvage her relationship with Will. E.J. was furious when he learned that Will had been taking orders from Stefano the entire time that he was working for him.
May 28 to June 1, 2012
E.J. was furious when he learned that Stefano was behind Will's betrayal. E.J. fired Will and then took away all of his perks. E.J. confronted Stefano when he learned that he had blackmailed Will in order to ruin E.J.'s life. Lexie tried to be strong for family and friends. Later, she was shocked to hear Abe accuse Stefano of causing her illness. Lexie asked E.J. to step down as mayor and reinstate Abe. He told her that there was a reason that he could not grant her favor, and then he confided in her that he was not Stefano's biological son. Stefano was overcome with guilt for the role he had played in Lexie's illness and imminent death. Lucas learned that E.J. had fired Will and later found Will hiding a gun from him. Roman warned Marlena, John, Bo, and Hope not to act as vigilantes and take revenge against Stefano on their own. Jack and Jennifer celebrated their wedding anniversary. Later, they told a smitten Abigail and Cameron that they approved of Abigail and Cameron's relationship and that they were a good match for each other. Gabi hired someone to pose as her alleged stalker so that Chad, Melanie, and Abigail would believe her story. Sami and Will reconciled their differences, and Will was happy that his mother was back in his life. Later, Sami was not pleased to learn that Stefano had blackmailed Will to leak the news to Rafe that she had slept with E.J. She told Will that she understood his predicament, but encouraged him to go to her first in the future if he had a problem and that she would try her best to help him. Nicole and Rafe bumped into Austin and Carrie at Daniel's office, where Austin was beaming with the good news that he and Carrie were having a baby. Daniel and Nicole kissed. Rafe tried to give Sami advice about family. John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Abe, E.J., Will, and Kate all visited Stefano and threatened to kill him for all of the horrible misdeeds he had committed against them. Later, an unidentified person entered the mansion, picked up the gun that Abe had left behind, and fired at Stefano.
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JUNE 2012
June 4 to June 8, 2012
After Roman discovered that Stefano had been shot and killed, he began to investigate all of the possible suspects. Roman and an impartial officer questioned John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Kate, Will, E.J., and Abe as to their whereabouts on the night of Stefano's murder. They all admitted to being at the mansion that night, but all said that they had not shot him. Roman later learned that Abe's gun was the murder weapon and asked each suspect to submit to a gunshot residue test. Ian asked Kate to be honest with him about her feelings for Stefano. E.J. assured Sami that her role at Countess Wilhelmina was secure. After the paternity test revealed Rafe to be Nicole's baby's father, E.J. warned Nicole that he would learn the truth. Nicole thanked Daniel for risking his medical license to keep her baby safe. Austin promised Carrie that he would be a good father, and that he couldn't wait to share his life with her and the baby. Carrie and Rafe resolved that it was best for everyone if they went their separate ways. Melanie comforted Chad in his time of loss. Gabi's hired stalker was jealous over her attraction to Chad. Gabi was upset that Melanie and Chad told Rafe about her stalker. Sami and Lucas were worried that Will was a suspect in Stefano's murder. Roman told Will and his parents that Will had tested positive for gunshot residue, and that he had no choice but to arrest Will for Stefano's murder.
June 11 to June 15, 2012
Sami and Lucas asked Justin to represent Will. Marlena and John were upset when Roman told them that Will had been arrested for Stefano's murder. Rafe suggested that Sami ask Carrie to represent Will, but she wanted no part of it. Abe tried to comfort Lexie at Stefano's memorial service. Nicole and Kate each had a special moment to say goodbye to Stefano. Melanie tried desperately to comfort Chad, who struggled with his guilt for having pushed his father away. Later, Chad's guilt caused him to lash out at Melanie. He accused her of rejoicing in Stefano's death and for defending Will, a good friend, who was the prime suspect in Stefano's murder. Gabi used the conflict between Chad and Melanie to make her move on him. Meanwhile, Andrew had his own plans for Melanie, thinking it would win him Gabi's favor. Will tried to get E.J. to tell him what E.J. wanted in return for bailing him out of jail. E.J. and Will discussed the best way to handle Will's defense and what E.J. expected from Will for helping him. Ian made E.J. a business offer. Madison tried to warn Kate about Ian's dark side. Brady tried his best to apologize to Madison and Kate for his behavior at a recent dinner meeting. He promised Madison that he would prove to her that he was not using, unaware that Ian was responsible for his mood swings. Bo and Hope decided to continue their couple's therapy with Marlena. Hope told Bo and Marlena that nothing physical had happened between her and John after Stefano turned them into the pawn and Princess Gina. Abe confided in Jennifer and Kayla about his fears about going on with his life without Lexie in it. Kayla told Jennifer and Abe that her marriage to Steve was over. Jack and Jennifer agreed that Jack should publish his book and go on tour to tell his story. Victor surprised Maggie with a grand apology and hoped that she would take him back, but her answer was not what he wanted to hear.
June 18 to June 22, 2012
Madison asked Brady to submit to a drug test after he showed signs of drug abuse. Maggie and Victor discussed how to make their marriage work in the future. Abigail and Cameron agreed to spend the day together to get to know each other better. Sami opposed Carrie as Will's attorney, but later agreed to the idea if Carrie could help his case. Will tried to learn E.J.'s motives for wanting Stefano dead. Instead, E.J. encouraged Will to tell the police of his whereabouts the night of Stefano's murder -- information that might help his case. Will's friend, Neil, told the police that Will had been with him at a gay bar during the time that Stefano was murdered. Later, Will had no choice but to come out to Roman, Carrie, and Rafe at the police station in order to give Carrie the proof that she needed to get the charges dropped against him. Lexie passed away in Abe's arms. Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Celeste, and Cameron tried to comfort and support Abe and Theo as they struggled to deal with Lexie's death. Cameron told Celeste that he planned to remain in Salem, but she warned him that danger surrounded Abigail. Andrew kidnapped Melanie, but decided not to tell Gabi what he had done. Chad, overcome with grief after learning of Lexie's death, longed for Melanie's support. Gabi, delighted to learn that Melanie had left town, was happy to comfort Chad in his time of need. The police focused on E.J. as the major suspect in Stefano's murder. Will noticed a document that E.J. had hidden from the authorities. Daniel wondered if Nicole was sincere about her interest in him.
June 25 to June 29, 2012
Will almost learned E.J.'s secret. E.J. met with Stefano's attorney and ordered him to keep silent about his true paternity and Stefano's new will. Sonny supported Will as he faced the town residents after the local papers revealed that he was gay. Sami and Lucas spent the day together as a couple. Nicole and Daniel made love in his office. Will informed Sami and Lucas that he intended to work for E.J. again. Sami confronted E.J. on the matter even though Lucas advised her against it. Rafe asked Nicole how she had switched the DNA tests, but she gave him a vague answer. Rafe asked Carrie to go to the police station to discuss the case, but it was an excuse to be close to her for one last time. Nicole searched E.J.'s apartment and found evidence that might implicate him in Stefano's murder. Later, Nicole and E.J. spent some time together reminiscing about her last pregnancy, but it didn't stop her from turning over the box of bullets she had found in his apartment to the police. Chad told Gabi that he couldn't live without Melanie in his life. Andrew informed Melanie that he had his own reasons for keeping her hostage, and it had nothing to do with money. Abigail noticed Gabi's attachment to Chad since Melanie was out of the picture. Kate realized that Ian was drugging Brady. Madison was furious that Brady's drug test was positive, and Brady, shocked and confused, swore to her that he was clean. Brady suspected Ian was framing him, and then left in a rage to confront him. Ian admitted to Brady that he had set Brady up, but taunted Brady with the fact that he would never be able to prove it. Kayla handed Abe a video that Lexie had recorded for him before she died. Abe, family, and friends viewed Lexie's last words as he struggled to prepare for her memorial service. Lexie's family and friends gathered to pay a final tribute to her and shared many fond memories of her time with each of them. Sami comforted E.J. as he mourned Lexie and Stefano's deaths.
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JULY 2012
July 2 to June 6, 2012
Rafe and Agent Spencer questioned E.J. again. Sami was upset to learn that Carrie was pregnant and that everyone knew but her. Sami asked Rafe if he was the father of Carrie's baby. Sonny tried to convince Will that his job with E.J. was dangerous. Will told E.J. that he knew that Stefano was not E.J.'s biological father, and Will used the information to get the upper hand on E.J. Andrew realized that he had feelings for Melanie. Gabi was shocked to learn that Andrew had kidnapped Melanie. Andrew convinced Gabi to go along with his plan because it would give her more time to be alone with Chad. Brady told Madison that he knew that Ian had gotten him hooked on drugs, but she didn't believe him. Kate accused Ian of setting up Brady, but he continued to deny it. Ian continued his plan to keep Brady hooked on drugs, but Brady fought off the urge to use. Madison went to Maggie for advice about Brady. Carrie and Rafe struggled with their feelings for each other. Austin overheard Carrie tell Rafe that she did not know if her marriage to Austin would work. Abigail shared her feelings for Cameron with Kayla. Cameron told an elated Abigail that he planned to stay in Salem so that he could be close to her and Theo. Daniel and Nicole discussed what they wanted in their relationship with each other. Will convinced E.J. to take the lie detector test.
July 9 to June 13, 2012
E.J. was shocked at the results of the polygraph test. Will tried to convince Roman of E.J's innocence, but Roman would not believe him. Rafe and Spencer tried to find a way to get more evidence against E.J. that would prove his guilt. E.J. told Sami about the results of the polygraph test, and she accused him of killing Stefano. Later, after she apologized, they had a close moment just as Lucas walked into the room. Lucas and E.J. argued about Sami and their family. Lucas warned E.J. to stay away from them or he would regret it. E.J. asked Sami to promise him that she would always protect their children if anything happened to him. Lucas went to John and Marlena for advice about how to handle Will's relationship with E.J. and how to get him out of Will's life. John told Marlena and Lucas his plan to take over DiMera Enterprises and claim his birthright, but the board members were afraid to challenge E.J. Nicole won a bet with Daniel that led to another day of romance, but Daniel questioned Nicole's feelings for Rafe. Brady tried again to convince Madison that Ian was responsible for getting him hooked back on drugs. Rafe, Roman, and Spencer got a warrant to search E.J.'s apartment. They found evidence that might link E.J. to Stefano's murder, but the police were unaware that someone had framed him. Bo and Hope investigated Melanie's disappearance. Chad and Daniel feared for Melanie's safety but were unaware that Gabi knew more than she was telling.
July 16 to June 20, 2012
Chad, Bo, and Hope arrived at Andrew's apartment in search of Melanie. Chad was so frantic to find Melanie that Bo threatened to restrain him if he didn't cooperate. Bo, Hope, and Chad found Gabi in Andrew's room, pretending to be his victim. Nicole helped Daniel and Maggie in the search for Melanie. Carrie was excited to share her life and new baby with Austin until she noticed Rafe and Nicole bonding over Nicole's unborn child. Carrie told Rafe and Roman that she and Austin had decided to leave Salem and return to Switzerland to raise their child and make a new start. Roman suspected that Carrie was leaving town to get away from Rafe and to save her marriage. Lucas found Alice's letter to Stefano that proved E.J. was not Stefano's son. E.J. went to Sami's apartment to visit his children, but found that he was alone with Sami. Will fled the mansion in a panic when he realized that he had lost Alice's letter. Lucas showed Alice's letter to Marlena and John, who were shocked to learn that E.J. was not Stefano's son. Sami believed that she could find a way to prove E.J.'s innocence. While Sami reviewed her plan with E.J., they both experienced another moment of sexual tension. Lucas turned in Alice's letter to Rafe and the Salem Police Department. Will blasted Lucas for not going to him first before he showed the police Alice's letter. Will was so angry with Lucas that he said he was sorry that Lucas had returned to Salem. Lucas and Roman could not understand Will's undying support of E.J. With the evidence mounting up against E.J., the police moved in and arrested him. Bo and Hope announced the true identify of Melanie's kidnapper and that a search for him was in progress. Gabi's guilt over Melanie's disappearance seemed to take its toll on her. John accused Ian of causing Brady's relapse. Kate remained suspicious of Ian's intentions and true feelings for her.
July 23 to June 27, 2012
Daniel was upset with Nicole because she thought if they spent time together, it might distract him for a few hours while the authorities searched for Melanie. Maggie told Victor to stop interfering in Daniel's life, even if it meant that he wanted to be with Nicole. Lucas gave Sami an ultimatum and told her it was either him or E.J. Sami explained to Lucas that for the sake of Sydney and Johnny, she had to prove E.J.'s innocence and that he should try to understand. Later, Kate cautioned Lucas about getting involved with Sami, or risk being hurt again. Brady and Madison told Ian that they were through with his games and tricks to try to split them up. Madison told him that she and Brady planned to marry the next day. Ian panicked when he realized that Sami had a flash drive that could prove that someone had framed E.J. Ian had a worker delete the footage of Ian removing E.J.'s gloves from the dumpster, unaware that Sami had copied it to a disk. Sami was attacked in the park, and someone stole the flash drive. Bo and Hope questioned Gabi and were concerned with the inconsistencies of her answers. Melanie finally saw Andrew's face and used her charm to steal his cell phone. Chad received a mysterious message from Melanie, and she told him something about tunnels before the phone went dead. As he prepared for his wedding, Brady bumped into Chad and immediately jumped at the chance to help him find Melanie. Brady and Chad headed to the tunnels and instructed Gabi to go to the police. Instead, she went into the tunnels to try to help Melanie get away from Andrew. However, when she and Melanie tried to escape, Andrew threatened to reveal to Melanie that Gabi was involved in her kidnapping. To help keep her mind off Melanie's disappearance, Abigail agreed to help Cameron with the plans for Lexie's benefit. Madison was heartbroken when she thought that Brady had stood her up for the wedding, unaware that he was helping to rescue Melanie. John and Marlena tried to convince Madison that Brady loved her and would never walk out on her, but Ian used the opportunity to put more doubts in Madison's mind. Sami bailed E.J. out of jail, but his problems escalated after Sami and Will agreed to help him escape. Roman was baffled and angry at Sami and Will's determination to support E.J. Roman and the Salem Police Department tracked down E.J. and Sami at the DiMera warehouse. Seconds later, a major explosion rocked Salem and left many residents seriously injured in the debris and rubble.
July 30 to August 3, 2012
Due to coverage of the XXX Olympiad, Days of our Lives did not air this week.
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August 6 to August 10, 2012
Due to coverage of the XXX Olympiad, Days of our Lives did not air this week.
August 13 to August 17, 2012
In the aftermath of the explosion, many of Salem's residents were in danger and in life-threatening situations. Will and E.J. saved Sami's life, and then she decided to run away with E.J. to help prove his innocence. Kayla and Will turned the Brady Pub into a triage center to help care for the injured. Chad and Gabi searched for Melanie and Brady who were trapped and injured after a second explosion. Madison died in Ian's arms. Kate accidentally heard Ian profess his undying love for Madison and that he had only used Kate to get to Stefano. Later, Kate, stinging with hurt from Ian's betrayal, vowed to get her revenge against him for ruining her life. In a moment of anger, Ian admitted to a shocked and disbelieving Kate that the best thing that he had ever done for her was to murder Stefano. Jack died a hero after he saved Abigail. Adrienne, Justin, and Kayla comforted Jennifer and Abigail as they grieved for Jack. Daniel frantically searched for Nicole in the rubble. Later, Daniel and Bo found Nicole wandering in Horton Square. Daniel eventually helped to save Nicole and her baby. Gabi and Chad rescued Melanie and Brady. Melanie was reunited with Daniel and Maggie at the hospital. Gabi almost told Chad her part in Melanie's kidnapping. Kate tried to comfort Brady after she told him that Madison had not survived the explosion, but lessened the shock when she told him that Madison's last words had been that she loved him. John tried to stop Brady from going after Ian. After a talk with Father Matt, Nicole realized that she wanted Daniel in her life. At the same time, Daniel confided to Maggie that he wanted to concentrate on being a better father to Melanie and put his personal life on hold. Lucas told Kate that he was done with Sami. Roman asked Melanie to make a statement to the police. Gabi and Melanie were shocked when Andrew arrived at the Emergency Room, alive and well. At the DiMera safe house, E.J. and Sami kissed and realized that they still had strong feelings for each other.
August 20 to August 24, 2012
Ian held E.J. captive and then explained to him why he had faked Stefano's death and framed E.J. for the murder. Ian told E.J. that E.J. was Stefano's biological son, but at first, E.J. didn't believe him. E.J. rebuffed his father's attempt to welcome him back as his son. Chad blasted Gabi for her and Andrew's part in Melanie's kidnapping and for putting Melanie's life in danger. Chad ordered Gabi to move out of his apartment. He told her to stay out his and Melanie's life, or he would make sure that she would regret it. Melanie suspected that something was going on between Gabi and Chad, but when she asked him what was wrong, he avoided the subject. Sonny tried to comfort Will and kissed him in the moment. Will was offended, and he refused to take Sonny's advice about what it meant to come out as a gay person. Will bumped into T, who made him feel worse about being gay. Will decided to ask Marlena for help to sort out his feelings. Later, Will went to apologize to Sonny, but felt betrayed when he found him with Brian. Lucas told Will that he was disappointed in Will for not being with his family in their time of grief. Will felt hurt by Lucas' words, and they had a nasty fight. Will and Gabi found comfort with each other and their problems, which resulted in unplanned sex. Later, after an awkward meeting at the Brady Pub, Gabi and Will decided to start over and remain just friends. Lucas tried to apologize to Will, but Will was still angry with his dad and refused to listen to what Lucas had to say. Rafe arrested E.J. and Sami, but the police dropped the charges once they confirmed E.J.'s story that Stefano was alive. E.J. wondered if something was going on between Sami and Rafe. Stefano left the hospital and went to places unknown. Kate delivered a letter to Chad from Stefano, but she was hurt and humiliated to learn that Stefano refused to let her back into his life. Justin found Sonny at the coffee shop after T left him there injured from a beating. Sonny told Justin that he did not want the police involved. Maggie and Victor helped Brady mourn Madison's death. Nicole seemed determined to make a life with Daniel and her unborn child. Maggie and Julie tried to find Melanie to tell her about Nick's upcoming parole hearing.
August 27 to August 31, 2012
Maggie and Julie were at odds about what Melanie's role should be in Nick's release. Maggie defended Melanie after Julie asked her not to stand in Nick's way. Nicole and Rafe talked about her baby and the future. Rafe and Sami reflected on their past feelings for each other. Sami and Nicole had words, but Rafe stepped in before things got out of hand. Chad told Daniel that he was concerned over Melanie's emotional state. Hope met with Nick in jail and told him about Melanie's recent kidnapping. Nick told Hope that he might consider changing his mind about his parole hearing because he did not want to cause Melanie any more pain. Lucas told Sami that they were through. Nicole finally told Daniel how she felt about him, but she was surprised at his reaction. E.J. got out of jail and searched for Sami. E.J. bumped into Nicole and told her that he would find out the truth about the baby, but before he could pursue the discussion, Rafe arrived in time to support Nicole. Kayla told Jennifer that she and Steve had filed for divorce. Will told E.J. that he quit his job. Will and Sonny continued to avoid each other even though what they wanted was to be together. Marlena talked to Nick about what parole would mean for his future. E.J. told Sami that he wanted a relationship with her, but she told him that it would never work out. Sami decided that her children were the most important thing in her life, and she told E.J. that she needed to spend more quality time with them. Melanie had a nightmare about Nick, but Brady was there to comfort her. Abigail told Chad that she did not want to take sides between Nick and Melanie. Melanie told Chad and Brady that she had mixed feelings about what to do regarding Nick's parole, but that she had to make her own decision. Nick's mother and Hope visited him in jail and convinced Nick to ask the parole board for his release. Victor told Maggie that he refused to allow Nicole to move into the house, even for Daniel. Jennifer offered to invite Nicole to live with her if it would prevent Maggie and Victor from being at odds.
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September 3 to September 7, 2012
Melanie had second thoughts about trying to stop Nick's parole, but then she decided to testify in his favor. Daniel, Chad, and Brady were furious that Melanie had told the parole board that she would not stand in Nick's way if they thought he was ready for release. Maggie and Jessica were stunned and elated to learn that the board had agreed to grant Nick parole. Brady told Maggie that Nick might still be dangerous, and he feared for the worst. E.J. pressured Sami to decide where they stood as a couple. Rafe saved Sami from a mugging in the park that resulted in an intimate moment between them. Rafe rushed Sami to the hospital to have her wrist examined. While they were there, they bumped into Nicole, creating a tense moment for all three of them. Nicole learned that her baby was a boy. E.J. used Rafe's commitment to Nicole to his advantage to gain ground with Sami. Kate told Sami about her promotion at Titan and then taunted her and vowed revenge. Sami asked Gabi to model again, but Chad forced Gabi to refuse the offer, or else he would tell Melanie the truth about Gabi's connection to Andrew. When Chad learned that Nick had to remain in Salem as a condition of his parole, he went to the prison and warned Nick to stay away from Melanie or else. Rafe thought that Sami had fired Gabi, but later learned that Sami had been trying to help her. Sami told Marlena that she was upset that Rafe still claimed that he was the father of Nicole's baby, and wondered if he was telling her the truth. Nicole made sure that Jennifer knew that she and Daniel were in a special relationship. Daniel welcomed Kayla back to the hospital, but did not seem excited when Kayla told him that Jennifer might return as well. Sonny and Will kept misreading their feelings for each other. Abigail invited Cameron to her home, but when things heated up between them, she panicked and asked him to leave. Chad proposed to Melanie.
September 10 to September 14, 2012
Sami asked Rafe how he felt about her, but before Rafe could answer, E.J. spoiled the moment and asked Rafe about Nicole's baby. E.J told Sami that he had romantic feelings for her and that he wanted their relationship to move forward. E.J. contacted Justin for advice on how to gain custody of Nicole's baby. Melanie was shocked when she bumped into Nick at the Kiriakis mansion while there to visit Maggie. Melanie left before she could ask Maggie for advice. Later, she said yes to Chad's proposal. Daniel and Maggie were not thrilled at Melanie's sudden engagement to Chad. Nick found a job thanks to Caroline's good nature and kind spirit. Abigail and Jennifer had a fight when Jennifer tried to give Abigail advice about her love life. Later, Cameron broke it off with Abigail. Daniel was excited for Nicole when she let him feel her baby kick. E.J. prepared for his big date with Sami. Nicole confided to Rafe about her feelings for Daniel, and then she told Rafe that he was still in love with Sami. Rafe had a confrontation with Sami, warning her about having a relationship with E.J. As Rafe was about to leave, he surprised himself and Sami and kissed her passionately. Rafe tried to sort out his true feelings for Sami after the kiss. Sami felt conflicted about her feelings for E.J. and newfound feelings for Rafe. Sonny questioned Adrienne about why she didn't want him to get involved in a relationship with Will. Will and Sonny bonded. Chad told Will and Sonny about his engagement to Melanie and asked them to be in the wedding. Chad tried to force Gabi to find a way out of being a bridesmaid at his wedding, but Gabi held her ground and refused to submit to Chad's threats. Jennifer returned to her job at the hospital. Jennifer and Daniel seemed at odds with each other, mostly due to Nicole's meddling. Nicole tried to keep Daniel and Jennifer from working together and tried to get Maggie on her side. Jennifer decided to clear the air with Daniel, but before she could talk to him, Nicole played Daniel and told him that she planned to name her son after him.
September 17 to September 21, 2012
Lucas seemed amused watching E.J. and Rafe fight for Sami's affections. Rafe and Sami discussed her life choices. Daniel told Nicole that they have to be only friends, and nothing more. Jennifer confronted Daniel and told him that she knew that he had switched Nicole's paternity test. Jennifer warned Daniel that E.J. was out to get him and destroy his medical career. Jennifer was onto Nicole and was determined to protect Daniel from her. Nicole manipulated Abigail into helping her to keep Jennifer at bay. Daniel and Melanie had words about her upcoming wedding. Gabi and Nick struck up a friendship, which made Chad angry enough to threaten Nick. Caroline warned Chad about causing problems at the pub. Rafe met up with Gabi and was surprised when she told him that he was the happiest when he was married to Sami. Sami and Rafe agreed to have dinner together to talk about the status of their relationship. Victor and Brady told Maggie that they were upset at the news of Melanie and Chad's sudden wedding plans. Later, Maggie apologized to Melanie for her doubts about the wedding and agreed to help plan the festivities. Nicole had a bad dream about E.J. taking her child away from her and devised a plan that would prove that she and Rafe had had sex and that he had fathered her child. Melanie and Nick made peace and agreed to get on with their lives, but Chad misunderstood what had happened and beat Nick to a pulp. Will cancelled his date with Sonny after Will overheard Adrienne tell Justin that Will was not good enough to date Sonny. Marlena tried to help Will with his love life. Adrienne apologized to Sonny for meddling in his life, and Sonny rushed off to explain things to Will and get their relationship back on track. Bo told Hope that he wanted to explore a new career. Hope encouraged Bo to pursue his dreams.
September 24 to September 28, 2012
Sami turned to Marlena for advice about how to deal with Rafe being the father of Nicole's baby. Rafe and Sami went out on a date and tried to figure out where they stood with each other. Sami kept thinking about Rafe and found it difficult to concentrate on work. E.J. reminded Sami that Rafe would probably never forgive her for cheating on him with E.J. Sami confided to Will that she thought things might not work out with Rafe, but Will urged her to talk to him again. E.J. met with his associate, Howard, to discuss how to discredit Rafe and break up his relationship with Sami. Chad believed that Nick had hurt Melanie and nearly beat him to death. Gabi came clean to Melanie about her deal with Andrew and admitted that she had planned to steal Chad from Melanie. Melanie confronted Gabi and Chad about how they had hurt and betrayed her. Later, Melanie apologized to Nick for Chad's actions, and wished him well. Melanie told Chad that she was leaving Salem to spend time with her mother because she needed time to decide about her future. Maggie and Daniel supported Melanie's decision to leave town and then said their tearful goodbyes. Chad told Brady that the wedding was off. Brady and Melanie talked and promised to always be there for each other. A brokenhearted Chad asked E.J. to help him stop Melanie from leaving town, but E.J. was too late. Gabi confessed her crimes to Rafe. Justin explained to Gabi that she might face serious prison time, but Rafe reassured Gabi that he would find a way to make things work out. E.J. blackmailed Rafe to give up his relationship with Sami in exchange for Gabi's freedom. Sami asked Rafe if they had a future, but he was too preoccupied with Gabi's situation and E.J.'s threats to give her an honest answer. Jennifer told Nicole to move out of the house after the baby was born. Lucas talked to Sami about how he had felt seeing Will and Sonny kissing in the middle of Horton Square. Later, Lucas admitted to Adrienne that he realized how difficult it was for him to accept Will's open and gay lifestyle. Will told Lucas that he felt sad that his dad couldn't accept his choices.
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October 1 to October 5, 2012
Rafe and Sami discussed their relationship. Sami was heartbroken when Rafe told her that they could never be together. E.J. couldn't wait to comfort Sami after he orchestrated her breakup with Rafe. Nicole tried to help Rafe with his romance problems. Rafe walked in on a tender moment between Sami and E.J. An elated Gabi told Rafe that Nick had strong-armed Chad to give a deposition that would clear her from all charges. Sami learned about E.J.'s scheme to blackmail Rafe to keep Gabi out of prison if Rafe agreed to give up Sami. Chad was furious that E.J. had used him to win back Sami. Sami and Rafe reunited with a passionate kiss. E.J. couldn't bear losing Sami to Rafe. Daniel told Jennifer to stay out of Nicole and her baby's paternity issues. Jennifer and Nicole went at it in the middle of Horton Square, but Brady and Caroline stepped in to break up the fight before things got out of hand. Brady told Daniel to be wary of Nicole's affection for him. Later, Daniel admitted to Brady and Maggie that he still loved Jennifer. Maggie told Jennifer that Daniel still needed her friendship, regardless of his actions toward her. Rafe thanked Nick for helping Gabi win her freedom. Nicole asked Daniel to move to Utah with her and adopt her baby. Jennifer tried to reach out to Daniel again, but he continued to push her away. Nicole was devastated and heartbroken at the news that her baby had died. To make matters worse, she saw Daniel tending to Jennifer in a loving way. Gabi noticed that Caroline seemed forgetful and confused at times. Billie told Bo to follow his dreams. Bo told Caroline that he had an idea that might be the answer to his future. After Hope and Kayla told Bo that there would be more layoffs, Bo resigned from the Salem Police Department.
October 8 to October 12, 2012
Sami couldn't resist asking Rafe to tell her the truth about Nicole's baby secret, but he told her that the topic was off-limits. Stefano reached out to E.J., but E.J. refused to let his father back into his life. Stefano located Kristen somewhere out of the country and asked her to make peace in the family. Kate advised Lucas about how to make things right with Will and Sonny's relationship. Nicole came close to telling Rafe and Daniel that her baby had died. Daniel told Jennifer that he planned to resign from the hospital and leave Salem. Jennifer seemed determined to save Daniel's career and keep him away from Nicole. Victor and Maggie pressured Daniel to tell them why he planned to leave Salem so abruptly. Victor warned Daniel that Nicole would ruin his life, but Daniel refused to change his mind. Nicole begged Daniel to leave town with her to move to Utah immediately, but she never told him the reason that she was in such a rush was that she had lost her baby. Nicole purposely bumped into Jennifer in Horton Square, and the two women had another terrible fight. Jennifer tried to get away from Nicole, but Nicole fell down the stairs and went into labor. Billie and Brady told the police that Jennifer had pushed Nicole down the stairs. Cameron told Nicole that her baby was stillborn, unaware that the baby had died before the fall. Nicole told a stunned Daniel that Jennifer had pushed her down the stairs and killed her baby. Maggie, Victor, Billie, and Brady were shocked at Jennifer's actions. Roman told Jennifer that she was under arrest for the murder of Nicole's unborn child. Abigail was confused about why Melanie had left town, and Chad, Gabi, and Nick refused to tell her the truth about what had happened. Bo told Hope about his plans to sail around the world. Later, Bo put his plans on hold due to his concern about Caroline's medical problems and urged her to see a doctor. Caroline and Bo met with Kayla to discuss her bouts of memory loss and confusion, and feared that the cause might be Alzheimer's disease. Marlena and John walked in on Sami and Rafe's date and were delighted that the two had reconciled.
October 15 to October 19, 2012
Nicole wanted Daniel to believe that Jennifer was the cause of the loss of her baby. Hope, Abigail, and Daniel visited Jennifer in jail, and she told them that she had not pushed Nicole down the stairs. Daniel told Jennifer that he believed her and knew that she would never do anything to harm Nicole or her baby. E.J. learned that he was the father of Nicole's baby, but his joy was short-lived when he realized that the baby had died. E.J. recorded a conversation he had with Nicole and prodded her to admit that he was the father of her baby. E.J. played the recording for Sami and Rafe, which left them both speechless. Sami, hurt by Rafe's lies and betrayal, told him that they were over. Abigail offered condolences to Nicole about the loss of her baby, but the gesture didn't soften Nicole to tell her the truth. Daniel asked Nicole if her fall had been an accident, but she continued to lie to him about how her baby had died and was determined to make Jennifer pay the price. Nicole told Daniel that his career might be on the line, but he continued to stand by her. Family and friends rallied around Caroline to support her during her time of need. Caroline and Victor shared special memories of the past. Bo was moved by Victor's show of love and support for him and Caroline. Kayla, Bo, and Roman discussed the best way to deal with Caroline's illness. Will and Sonny bumped into Gabi and Nick on their first date. Nick was taken aback when he learned that Gabi had dated Will before he came out as gay. John and Marlena enjoyed a romantic night together in Horton Square and at home. Later, John had nightmares about his past life with Kristen, unaware that she was on her way back to Salem under Stefano's orders. John told Marlena that he needed time alone to shake off his memories, but not to worry about him. Kristen surprised Marlena at her picnic in the park.
October 22 to October 26, 2012
Brady told a disappointed Jennifer that he did not believe her story but that he knew that she hadn't meant for Nicole to lose her baby. Jennifer visited Nicole in the hospital, but they had a fight about the baby's death. Daniel told Nicole that he would leave Salem and start a new life with her if she agreed to drop the charges against Jennifer. Kristen told Marlena that she wished no ill will toward her. Kristen surprised John at his office, but he wondered if she had told him the truth about why she had returned to Salem. Kristen informed Sami that she was taking over Countess W, and that she was Sami's new boss. E.J. complained to Stefano about Kristen meddling in his life. E.J. later changed his mind when Kristen showed him just how much she knew about what he wanted regarding Sami. During a chance meeting, Kristen told Brady that she had changed and wished no harm to John and Marlena. Brady promised Marlena that he would keep Kristen at bay. Will and Sonny played a trick on Kate and let her think that they were planning to get married. E.J. shocked everyone when he decided not to take legal action against Daniel and Rafe. Gabi interrupted a tense meeting between Sami and Rafe in Horton Square. Caroline agreed to treatment in an Alzheimer's program in California, and Bo decided to take the trip to be with her. Sami was sad but hopeful about Caroline's prognosis and promised her grandmother that she would always be there for her. Bo said goodbye to Abe. Chad learned that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby and offered condolences to his brother. Daniel told Jennifer that things would work out. Roman told a shocked Jennifer that Nicole had decided to drop the charges against her. Sonny and Will made Nick uncomfortable, but a talk with Gabi helped him. Will and Sonny took the next step in their relationship.
October 29 to November 2, 2012
Caroline told Rafe that she hoped that he and Sami would get back together. Sami realized that she still loved Rafe but felt conflicted because he had lied to her. John questioned Bo about his future. Bo and Caroline said goodbye to family and friends. Sonny defended himself when Lucas walked in on him and Will as they were about to make love. Nicole was concerned that someone would learn her secret. Daniel told Jennifer that he still loved her but that it didn't change his mind about his plan to leave Salem with Nicole. Marlena warned Sami to quit her job and stay away from Kristen. Kristen begged E.J. to let her help him get Sami back into his life. At first, E.J. hesitated, but then he decided to join forces with Kristen. Brady confronted Kristen and cautioned her to stay clear of John and Marlena. E.J. was furious when he learned that Nicole had dropped the charges against Jennifer. He demanded that Nicole tell him the truth. Nicole asked Sami to help her keep E.J. at arm's-length. Jennifer asked Maggie to help her convince Daniel not to leave Salem with Nicole, but their efforts backfired. Jennifer told Hope that she wanted to turn herself in to the police to keep Daniel in Salem and away from Nicole, but Hope convinced her that it would be a big mistake. Daniel found evidence in the lost and found department at the hospital that made him suspicious of Nicole. Nick and Gabi moved their relationship to the next level. Kate asked Sonny to take things slowly with Will. Lucas warned Will about Sonny's true intentions. Will, confused after talking to Lucas, quizzed Sonny about his past relationships and then pressured Sonny to have sex with him. Sonny, offended and angry at Will's actions, asked Will to leave his apartment. Kristen gave Kate a message from Stefano.
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November 5 to November 9, 2012
Sami refused John's offer to work at Basic Black. Kate was furious when Kristen handed her divorce papers from Stefano. Kristen assured Stefano that their plan to reunite the family was on target. Daniel learned the truth about Nicole's baby and was frantic to find and confront her. Victor tried to pay off Nicole to leave town, but she refused. Victor asked Brady to convince Nicole to leave Daniel. Nicole and Jennifer came to blows. Later, Daniel arrived at the Horton home and forced Nicole to admit to everyone there that her baby had died prior to the accident in Horton Square. Nicole, emotional and distraught, threatened to kill herself, but Daniel was able to stop her in time. E.J. reviewed the baby's medical records and told Daniel that he would not press charges against him. Hope invited John and Marlena to use the Horton cabin for a few days to get away from Salem and Kristen. Due to a previous appointment, Marlena agreed to meet John the next day at the cabin. John arrived at the cabin and was shocked to find Kristen there. Kristen assured John that she did not want his love or a new relationship with him, but that she wanted his forgiveness. Sami realized that Gabi and Nick were a couple. She cautioned Nick not to hurt Gabi. Later, Sami and Nick discussed job opportunities at Countess W. Gabi and T were instrumental in convincing Will to reconcile with Sonny.
November 12 to November 16, 2012
Marlena thought that Kristen had planned the meeting at the cabin to be alone with John. Marlena was furious at John for defending Kristen and that he believed that she was sincere. Brady told John that he was a fool to take Kristen's side, and that he should think about how his actions affected Marlena and his own marriage. Kristen discussed with E.J. her plan to help him advance his relationship with Sami. E.J. called Stefano and tried to make things right between them. E.J. told Sami that he was her new boss. Brady cancelled the church meeting so that he could warn Kristen to stay clear of John. Kristen was attacked in the park, and when Brady arrived to help her, he was knocked unconscious. Marlena erased a message on John's phone from Kristen, unaware that Kristen had called to tell John of Brady's accident. Hope told Nicole that Jennifer had not pressed charges against her and that the D.A. had dismissed the case. Daniel and the hospital staff welcomed Jennifer back to work. Jennifer and Daniel cleared the air and realized that they still had deep feelings for each, but each held back and settled for being friends for the time being. Will and Sonny met to clear the air. Will blasted Lucas for putting negative thoughts about Sonny into his head. Later, Will and Sonny made love for the first time. Gabi fainted and then learned that she was pregnant with Will's baby. Gabi told a shocked and surprised Will that he was going to be a father. Will and Gabi kept the news about the baby a secret from Sonny and Nick. Sami lied to Rafe and did not tell him about Gabi's news. Nicole couldn't believe that she saw Eric Brady in Horton Square. Later, she was shocked to learn that Eric had become a priest. Marlena told Roman that Eric was back in town. Roman, Marlena, John, and Sami enjoyed family time with Eric at the pub. Sami warned Eric to stay clear of Nicole. Nicole feared that E.J. would take revenge on her for lying to him about the baby. Eric found a lonely and depressed Nicole crying in the park. Eric asked Nicole to confide in him and to let him help her, and they left together to go back to the rectory to talk.
November 19 to November 23, 2012
Kristen went with Brady to the hospital. Marlena told John that she had deleted Kristen's messages from his cell phone. Her actions caused a delay in John getting to the hospital to check on Brady. John warned Marlena that if she did not move on with her life and put Kristen in the past that it was going to cause problems in their marriage. Brady told John that he would no longer interfere in his and Marlena's life, and thought that Kristen might be sincere in her efforts to make amends for the past. Kristen showed Marlena a different side to her, and then thanked Marlena for playing into her hands. Gabi asked Will if he would agree to her having an abortion. Sami told Rafe that Gabi was pregnant, and both thought that Nick was the baby's father. Rafe had harsh words for Nick. Rafe and Sami discovered that Gabi was thinking about having an abortion and rushed off to try to find her in time. Will waited with Gabi after they decided to move forward with the procedure. Nicole confessed all of her deeds to Eric, who promised her that he could never hate her, but he said he could not condone her actions. Adrienne and Jennifer remembered Jack and planned to spend the holiday as a family. Hope visited Eric and warned him not to get involved with Nicole and her drama.
November 26 to November 30, 2012
Eric believed that Nicole could change. Nicole apologized to Jennifer and Daniel and made things right so that everyone could move on with their lives. Jennifer scheduled an appointment for Daniel with a specialist for a procedure that could end his hand tremors. Maggie told Daniel and Jennifer that she did not approve and thought they should wait before scheduling the procedure. Later, Daniel hesitated when faced with the injections that might cure his tremors, but he agreed to take the chance. Jennifer and Daniel were devastated to learn that the procedure had not worked. John admitted to Kristen that he believed in her redemption. Eric and John worried about Marlena and her hostile relationship with Kristen. Kristen was shocked to find Marlena in her room and reading her personal journal. Brady convinced Kristen not to tell John about the incident or to involve the authorities. Brady and Marlena worried that Kristen would tell John that Marlena had broken in to Kristen's hotel room and gone through her files. Brady listened in on Kristen's impromptu confession to Father Tobias, and then was shocked to learn that Kristen was starting to have feelings for him. Rafe and Sami were relieved that Gabi decided not to go through with her plans for an abortion. Will came close to telling Rafe and Sami that he was the father of Gabi's baby. Gabi told Nick that she was pregnant, and that Will was the father. Nick forced Gabi and Will to promise not to tell anyone that Will was the father of Gabi's baby. Sonny questioned Will about what was troubling him. Chad warned Sonny to be wary of Gabi. Nick asked Gabi to marry him so that they could become a family. He told Gabi that he wanted to raise her child and that there was no need to tell anyone that Will was the father. Rafe showed up at Sami's office with flowers to thank her for helping him with Gabi, but E.J. ruined the mood once Rafe learned that E.J. was Sami's new boss. Kate confronted Stefano about the divorce, then signed the papers and threw them at him. Caroline and Bo returned to Salem.
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December 3 to December 7, 2012
Eric and Nicole grew closer on her first day at work at the rectory. Eric advised Nicole to find a way to get over her feelings for Daniel. Eric hinted to Sami that there was information from his past that he had not shared with anyone. After the procedure failed to correct Daniel's hand tremors, he asked Jennifer to keep her distance. Maggie advised Daniel to get away from Salem for a few days. Daniel left for the Horton cabin, unaware that Nicole and Jennifer planned to join him. Nicole tried to convince Jennifer to leave the island because Daniel couldn't stand the sight of her. Daniel asked Nicole for time to talk to Jennifer privately. While trying to convince Daniel of her true feelings, Jennifer collapsed. Daniel told Nicole that Jennifer was very ill and might need surgery. Brady admitted to Kristen that he had overheard her confession and knew that she had feelings for him. Nick's plan to raise Will's child as his own with Gabi shocked Will. Though conflicted, Will agreed to Nick's plan because it was best for the baby. Later, Nick and Gabi decided to tell a few relatives and friends that they planned to marry soon and become a family. Marlena burst into Kristen's hotel room and caught Kristen and Brady making love. Kristen met with E.J. and told him that her plan was working out as planned. E.J. tried to convince Kristen to help him keep Rafe occupied while he pursued Sami. Marlena realized that Brady had not seen her when she entered Kristen's hotel room. Later, when Marlena met with John, she was tempted to tell John about Brady and Kristen. Kristen was shocked that Marlena had not told John about her affair with Brady.
December 10 to December 14, 2012
Daniel and Nicole missed the last ferry off the island to get Jennifer to the hospital. Daniel had no choice but to operate on Jennifer in order to save her life. During the surgery, Daniel noticed that he had no apparent signs of hand tremors. Nicole overheard Jennifer tell Daniel that she loved him, and he told her the same. Dr. Lewis gave Daniel the good news that he could resume his surgical rotation at the hospital. Daniel was disappointed when he realized that Jennifer had forgotten that she had told him that she loved him. Later, at home, Jennifer remembered that she told Daniel that she loved him. Sami convinced Rafe to help her plan Gabi and Nick's wedding. Rafe asked Eric to counsel Gabi and Nick and to marry them. Will told Gabi that he was uneasy with all the lies about the baby and his family's involvement in planning the wedding. E.J. learned that Sami was involved with Rafe to help plan Gabi's wedding, but played it cool with her. Hope, Sami, and Rafe were surprised at Gabi's answer when they asked her about her pregnancy. Chad told Sonny that Gabi had been involved in Melanie's kidnapping. Kristen tried to convince Chad to join the family for the holidays. Sonny warned Gabi not to interfere in his and Will's relationship. Gabi told Sonny that she would not let him or Chad ruin her life. John found the bracelet that Brady had bought for Kristen. Later, John decided to drop off the gift to Kristen at her hotel room and almost caught her and Brady together. Marlena wanted to tell John about Kristen and Brady's affair, but then changed her mind.
December 17 to December 21, 2012
Kristen faked a nightmare while in bed with Brady. Kristen continued to make Brady think that she genuinely cared for him. Sami was surprised at the outpouring of gifts for Johnny and Sydney from E.J.'s friends and associates. Sami was moved by E.J.'s gesture to donate the gifts to the needy. Sami almost heard Kristen tell E.J. about her new love interest. Jennifer told Daniel that she remembered telling him that she loved him. Lucas barged in on Jennifer and Daniel's first kiss and romantic moment in a long time. Lucas blasted Daniel for hitting on his sister, and then warned Jennifer that Daniel would end up hurting her. Jennifer called Lucas on his rude behavior and told him to stay out of her personal life. Marlena continued to confide in Hope about Kristen and Brady's affair. Marlena felt guilty about lying to John but thought it was best for the time being. Hope and Ciara prepared to leave Salem to spend the holidays with Bo, Shawn, Belle, and Claire. Jennifer caught Brady and Kristen in a passionate kiss at the Salem Inn. Later, Jennifer promised Brady that she would keep his secret. Will confided in Lucas about his fight with Sonny. Nick and Gabi began their Pre-Cana sessions at St. Luke's Church with Father Eric. John and Marlena asked Nick and Gabi some tough questions during their sessions. Will was shocked when Sonny said that he knew what had happened between Will and Gabi. Later, Will realized that Sonny did not know that Will was the father of Gabi's baby. Caroline asked Eric not to worry about her. She told him that she was worried about him because he did not seem like himself since his return to Salem. Nicole, who also seemed concerned about Eric, asked him to tell her about his nightmares.
December 24 to December 28, 2012
Kayla caught up with Abe and asked him about his plans for the holidays. Will was thrilled when Sonny asked him to spend Christmas Eve with his family. In turn, Will invited Sonny to join him at the Horton home for the annual tradition of hanging the family ornaments on the tree. Abigail invited Chad, who had planned to be alone for Christmas, to the Horton home for the holiday. Jennifer and Daniel enjoyed a fun date at the Brady Pub. Bo, Daniel, Justin, and Brady presented Victor with a special Christmas gift. Kristen gave Brady a photograph that had a special meaning to him, but he was unaware that the gift was part of her plan for revenge. Kristen and Brady shared a romantic Christmas morning, only to be interrupted by Chad and E.J., who almost caught them making love. Sami was disappointed that Rafe had other plans for Christmas. Later, she caught up with Rafe and asked him why he had avoided her during the holiday. Rafe told her that he was tired of the games and of competing with E.J. for her affection, and that they were through. Caroline and Eric counseled Sami about her love life. Nicole encouraged Eric to confide in her about what had happened to him in the Congo. After, he was relieved to unburden himself of the trauma that caused his ongoing nightmares. Nicole asked Eric to spend New Year's Eve with her, but he refused because he planned to volunteer at the men's homeless shelter. Nicole and Rafe, both lonely and remembering their lost loves, decided to ring in the new year together. E.J. asked Sami, who thought that Rafe was part of her past, to spend New Year's Eve with him, and she agreed. E.J. suggested to Chad and Abigail that they should explore their feelings for each other. Will had a nightmare about never getting to know his child. Later, Will told Gabi that he had second thoughts about their arrangement to let her and Nick raise his child. Nick started to show signs of his true nature. John told Marlena that he was concerned that Brady would be alone for New Year's Eve. Kristen got the best of Marlena during a chance meeting at Horton Square. John walked in on Brady and Kristen making love.
December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013
Marlena felt guilty after she sent John to Brady's office, aware that he would find Kristen and Brady together. John tried to tell Brady the truth about Kristen's motives, but harsh words turned into a terrible fistfight. Though both men required medical treatment at the hospital, they decided not to report the incident to the police. Kristen and John fought about their past, her claim that he still loved her, and her belief that he was jealous of her affair with Brady. John felt like a fool because he had believed Kristen had changed for the better, but he was outraged to learn that she had manipulated everyone from day one. Marlena, Eric, and Sami tried to convince Brady to end his affair with Kristen for fear that she would destroy his life. Brady didn't believe them, and he was convinced that Kristen was sincere and loved him. John told Marlena that he was sorry that he hadn't believed her about Kristen. Gabi was ready to tell Father Eric the truth about the baby, but Will's last-minute text message changed her mind. Will confronted Nick about his "gay boy" comment about him, and he told Nick that he would not allow his child to live with a homophobic parent. Nick apologized to Will but seemed unaffected about Will's warning and threats. Nick told Will that he and Gabi were moving on with their lives. New Year's Eve marked a new beginning for some Salem couples. Sami and Rafe couldn't stop thinking about each other, even though their dates for the evening were with other people. Will and Sonny moved on in their relationship while Chad and Abigail decided to start out the New Year as friends. Daniel and Jennifer were excited to have a second chance at happiness and planned to spend a romantic night together. Adrienne apologized to Sonny about doubting that Will was a good match for him. E.J. made a move on Sami to jump-start their relationship, but Kristen's scheming pushed her right into Rafe's arms. Rafe challenged Sami to tell E.J. about her change of heart. Chloe showed up on Daniel's doorstep just as he was preparing for his big date with Jennifer.
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