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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 16, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, January 16, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Jack offered to buy Daniel a beer. Jack noted that it seemed like Daniel was frustrated about something. Daniel showed Jack a stack of papers, and he explained that he had been looking at some of the latest research on intention tremors.

Daniel quickly changed the subject, and he asked about Jack's posttraumatic stress disorder. Jack said that Marlena had suggested that he needed to get involved with a support group. Daniel encouraged the idea, and he noted that Jack's condition was manageable. Jack optimistically stated that Daniel would find a way to handle his condition, too.

Jack wondered what Daniel was going to do next. Daniel cryptically stated that he had a few ideas. Daniel added that he might decide to look for a change of scenery. Jack wondered if Daniel was thinking about leaving Salem. Daniel admitted that he was considering that possibility.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer accused Nicole of stealing Abe's idea. Nicole insisted that she didn't know what Jennifer was talking about, but Jennifer refused to believe her. Jennifer praised Nicole for being smart enough to tweak a few of the details of Abe's idea, so that she and E.J. would have plausible deniability. Nicole was surprised to learn that E.J. had been on the news earlier, but she quickly recovered.

"Oh, will you stop? We didn't steal anything from Abe, okay? It is no secret that people need new jobs in this town, and that plan that E.J. laid out is one hundred percent his. Abe has been in office for three years, and we're just now seeing a new job plan? If those proposals are similar in any way, maybe we should be investigating you. Maybe you stole from us," Nicole suggested.

Jennifer laughed, and she said that E.J. and Nicole were only interested in beating Abe. Nicole suggested that Jennifer was taking the competition personally. Nicole added that Jennifer had made a mistake, and that she only had herself to blame. Jennifer insisted that Nicole was wrong.

"I'm sorry. Your track record proves that you're not very good at making decisive choices. Everybody knows you couldn't choose between Jack and Daniel, and you lost them both, just like you lost this election to E.J.," Nicole said. Jennifer tried to defend herself, but Nicole continued to taunt her. Nicole claimed that Jennifer was ruining Abe's campaign.

"And what about you, Nicole? You're trying to sell a man who crushed he's some kind of hero. You know, he's not just a crooked politician, or even a crook -- he's a murderer. I know what he did to your family. I know what he did to his own family. I know enough to know that you would be a complete masochist to take him back," Jennifer replied. Nicole insisted that E.J. loved her, and that he had changed.

Jennifer warned Nicole that E.J. would never change. Nicole said that Jennifer had chased two men away, and she suggested that Jennifer was jealous because Nicole still had a man to go home to. Jennifer insisted that she had not chased Jack and Daniel away. "Oh, okay...they just walked off voluntarily? Is that more accurate? I'm not surprised that they left. I mean, I see how you are in your professional life -- very bland and boring. I can only imagine what you're like behind closed doors," Nicole said.

"I get now what E.J. sees in you, because you are as amoral and gutless as he is," Jennifer said, as she glared at Nicole. "And you are a bitch," Nicole replied. Jennifer joked that Nicole's vocabulary was impressively large. Nicole repeated her statement, and she shoved Jennifer. Jennifer dared Nicole to push her again. Meanwhile, Daniel and Jack entered the town square, and they rushed over to defuse the situation.

Jack and Daniel pulled Jennifer and Nicole to separate ends of the town square. Jack was shocked that Jennifer had been fighting with Nicole in public. Jennifer admitted that Nicole had a way of encouraging bad behavior. Jennifer insisted that she wasn't afraid of Nicole, and she vowed that she wasn't going to back down. Jennifer added that she was upset because Nicole had refused to admit that she had stolen Abe's ideas.

Jack said that was how the game of politics was played. "Look, I learned from the best -- or the worst, depending on how you look at it. And I was one myself, you know. Truly -- listen to me. Lie, deny, otherwise obfuscate. If you can't convince them, confuse them, and you laugh all the way into office, if you're lucky enough to get there," Jack explained. Jennifer said that she hated that, and Jack agreed.

Jack reminded Jennifer that she was a decent person. Jack suggested that Jennifer could change the way that the game was played, if she really wanted to. Jennifer thanked Jack for his advice, and she realized that Jack and Daniel had entered the town square at the same time. Jack told Jennifer about his earlier encounter with Daniel at the pub.

Jennifer was surprised that Jack and Daniel had started to bond with each other. Jack said that Daniel's life had been turned upside-down, and he admitted that he could relate to that. Jack added that he understood why Daniel was thinking about leaving Salem.

Meanwhile, Daniel tried to get Nicole to calm down. Nicole insisted that Jennifer was the one who had started the fight. Daniel knowingly stated that Nicole had probably provoked Jennifer. Nicole was shocked that Daniel was willing to defend Jennifer. Nicole said that she had heard that Daniel had walked away from Jennifer, and she added that her sources had to have been wrong.

Daniel said that he still loved Jennifer. "Oh, just like you love all your patients?" Nicole asked. Daniel pointed out that Nicole had been one of his patients, and he assured her that he wasn't in love with her. Nicole claimed that Jennifer had been playing Daniel and Jack from the start. Daniel shook his head, and he wondered why he was still talking to Nicole. Daniel started to walk away, but Nicole grabbed his arm.

Nicole suggested that Jennifer had enjoyed watching Jack and Daniel fight over her. Daniel insisted that Nicole was wrong. Nicole claimed that Daniel was being an idiot, then she abruptly exited the town square. Later, Daniel approached Jennifer and Jack, and he assured them that Nicole was gone. Jack thanked Daniel, then he quickly excused himself. After Jack left, Jennifer confronted Daniel about his plan to leave Salem.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was shocked to learn that Will was working for E.J. "Samantha, I don't know why you find this so troubling. He's perfectly capable of being employed, and unlike you, he's actually very industrious," E.J. dryly stated. Sami grabbed the keys to the sports car, and she threw them at E.J. Sami insisted that she wasn't going to let Will work for E.J.

"Did you're not going to let me?" Will asked incredulously. Sami told Will to consider the consequences of getting involved with the DiMeras. Will smirked, and he pointed out that Sami was an expert on that matter. Sami grabbed Will's arm, but Will pulled away from her, and he warned her not to touch him again. Will told Sami that he wasn't going anywhere with her.

Sami reminded Will that E.J. had done a lot of horrible things to their family. Sami wondered why Will wanted to get involved with E.J. Will laughed, and he pointed out that Sami had been involved with E.J. "My relationship with E.J. was a mistake -- a million mistakes -- and I don't need to tell you why. You already know," Sami said. Sami added that E.J. had almost destroyed Rafe's life.

Sami wondered how Rafe was going to feel about Will's new job. Will started to throw the question back at Sami, but E.J. realized that Will was getting close to revealing the truth. E.J. interrupted, and he claimed that Rafe would be pleased that Will had been able to put the past behind him. Sami told E.J. to shut up, but E.J. ignored her. E.J. pointedly added that Will could teach other people a valuable lesson about forgiveness.

"The only lesson we're learning from you, E.J., is how to be a criminal, and I want more for my son's future than that," Sami insisted. E.J. claimed that he had offered Will an incredible opportunity. Sami said that it was a trap, not an opportunity. Sami added that she was worried because Will didn't seem to understand that he was walking into a trap.

Will firmly stated that he had made his decision. Will pointed out that he had already worked with the DiMeras once before, as an intern at DiMera Enterprises. Sami reminded Will that his internship had ended badly. Will said that the difference was that he knew what he was getting himself into this time. Will noted that E.J. was Johnny and Sydney's father. Will said that meant that E.J. was part of the family.

Sami said that E.J. was still a DiMera. "Oh, you think he's gonna be a bad influence on me? You know, people used to say the same thing about you," Will said. Sami wondered why Will was not able to see the issue. Will said that he saw it as an opportunity. Sami asked if Will was talking about the opportunity to drive a fancy sports car. Will wondered if Sami really believed that he could be bought.

"You know what? You work for Grandma Kate, okay? And you hate her, and she's a DiMera, so what's the difference? What's the difference?" Will asked. Sami said that the difference was that Kate wasn't E.J. "Oh, yeah. She's not E.J. You know what? You had two kids with E.J., so I think I can just fetch his coffee and find a way to live with myself. Can you?" Will wondered.

Sami asked E.J. for some privacy. After E.J. left, Sami said that she understood that Will wanted to make his own decisions. Sami said that she was glad that Will knew what he wanted, and that he knew who he wanted to be. Sami wondered if Will was also trying to prove something. Will assumed that Sami was talking about proving something to her, but Sami suggested that he was trying to prove something to Gabi.

Will wondered why Sami had mentioned Gabi. Sami pointed out that Will had started lashing out after his breakup with Gabi. Sami theorized that Will might have been missing Gabi more than he had expected to. "You think...what, that I've convinced myself to take this job so I can try and win her back? Mom, you are so wrong. Working for E.J.? Nothing to do with Gabi. It's something I want to do, and I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to change my mind about this, because it's not going to happen," Will insisted.

Sami agreed to stop trying to change Will's mind. Sami warned Will that people might start to assume that Will was associating with the DiMeras because he shared their values. Will wondered if Sami was really going to try to talk to him about values. Sami admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes in her life. Sami added that she didn't want Will to make a decision that he would ultimately regret.

Sami reminded Will that E.J. was a master of manipulation. Will wondered if Sami believed that E.J. was just using him. Sami admitted that she wasn't sure. Will assured Sami that he knew what E.J. was capable of. Sami urged Will to reconsider, but Will ignored her. Will called out for E.J., and he announced that Sami was leaving.

Sami vowed that she wasn't going to give up on Will, then she reluctantly exited the mansion. After Sami left, Will stretched out on one of the chairs, and he propped his feet up on the coffee table. E.J. wondered if everything was all right. "You know before, when you told me there would be things I would come to appreciate about this arrangement? You were right," Will said, as he smiled at E.J.

At the bank, Hope and Bo tried to convince Mr. Simpson to let them open Alice's safe deposit box. Mr. Simpson reiterated that both of the owners of the safe deposit box needed to be present in order for him to open the box. Bo urged Mr. Simpson to call the other person, but Mr. Simpson said that it wasn't the bank's place to get involved.

Hope wondered if Tom was the other owner of the safe deposit box. Mr. Simpson shook his head, and he assured Hope that the other owner was still alive. Mr. Simpson claimed that he wasn't at liberty to reveal anything else. Mr. Simpson started to leave, but Hope stopped him. Hope warned Mr. Simpson that she and Bo were police officers. Mr. Simpson reminded Hope that she didn't have a warrant, then he abruptly exited the room.

After Mr. Simpson left, Hope told Bo that her suspicions had been aroused. "Ever since we started this investigation, everyone we've spoken to has said they're not at liberty to tell us anything, every single time. That's not just a pattern -- it's an M.O.," Hope observed. Bo agreed, but he added that it wasn't Alice's M.O. Hope nodded, and she vowed that she wasn't going to stop investigating the mystery.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope continued to discuss Alice's secret. Roman entered the pub, and he congratulated Bo and Hope for catching the person who had tried to rob the pharmacy earlier. Roman added that the next step was going to be to get to the root of the problem. Hope looked at Alice's key, and she quietly stated that she was familiar with that feeling.

Roman showed Bo and Hope a tablet computer. Roman explained that every detective on the police force was going to be required to carry a tablet. Roman added that the tablets would receive real-time updates from the Salem Police Department's most-wanted database. Bo examined the most-wanted list, and he admitted that he would like to put all of the people on that list behind bars.

Roman said that every criminal on the list would have their own page, and that each page would include photos, aliases, and rap sheets. Bo noted that the criminals on the list had managed to stay out of jail because they were always one step ahead of the Salem P.D. Hope added that the Salem P.D. had never been able to gather enough evidence to build a solid case against any of them.

"Well, that is about to change...because I am putting you and Hope in charge of the task force that's going to bring down each and every one of these punks," Roman announced. Roman added that Bo and Hope were the two best detectives in Salem. Bo was excited, but Hope couldn't stop thinking about Alice's secret.

Later, Roman reiterated that Hope was a great detective, but Hope admitted that she didn't feel like one. Hope showed Roman the key, and she quickly explained the situation. Roman reminded Hope that she had inherited Alice's tenacity, and he insisted that she would eventually learn the truth. Bo joked that the safe deposit box probably contained Alice's doughnut recipes.

Hope said that she felt like she was missing something that should have been obvious. Bo nodded, and he said that it was the same thing that was missing from the most-wanted list. Bo added that Hope was right -- the missing piece of the puzzle was obvious. Bo showed Roman and Hope the list, and Hope immediately realized that Stefano's name was conspicuously absent.

Roman said that was because Stefano had never been convicted of anything. Roman added that DiMera Enterprises had fooled people into believing that Stefano was a legitimate businessman. Hope quickly told Roman about Stefano's connection to Alice.

"I'm thinking the answer is staring us in the face -- is it really that much of a reach to think that Stefano DiMera is the other name on this safe deposit box?" Bo asked.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At the Brady Pub, Melanie talked to Chad about their relationship. Chad was upset that Melanie wanted to remain friends, and he squeezed her hand before leaving for Intesity Spa. At the back of the pub, Abigail spotted Chad and Melanie holding hands and frowned. When Chad left, Abigail followed him in a huff. The smile on Melanie's face faded as she spotted Abigail shooting her a dirty look on the way out of the pub.

Melanie ran out of the pub after Abigail into Salem Town Square. When Melanie caught up with Abigail, she swore that she was not romantically involved with Chad. Abigail cited Melanie's confession that she had kissed Chad while he was dating Abigail as a reason to end their friendship. "In a perfect world, you wouldn't have had feelings for another guy when you were with Chad," Melanie said.

When Abigail protested that the issue was about how Melanie had betrayed their friendship, Melanie countered that her friendship was more important to her than Chad, and that was why she was not going to start a romantic relationship with him. "I appreciate you trying to make amends, but it's too late. You betrayed me and our friendship, and there's no going back," Abigail said. Abigail stressed that she had no desire to be friends with Melanie anymore, then walked away.

At the hotel, Brady and Madison returned to her room after working out in the hotel gym. As they were both late for a meeting and reluctant to stop kissing, Brady and Madison hopped into the shower together. After showering, Madison called in to work to check in, but when Brady began to nibble her neck, Madison informed work that she would be in later that day. Putting off responsibility, Madison and Brady began to make love.

At Intensity Spa, Chad dropped off class notes for Gabi. While Chad talked about class, he winced as he stretched his arm. When Gabi asked what was wrong, Chad admitted that he had pulled a muscle at the gym. Gabi cheerfully offered to massage Chad's shoulder in the lobby with the Countess Wilhelmina sports cream.

Across the lobby, Kate and Sami entered the spa. Sami saw Gabi massaging a shirtless Chad in the lobby, and her eyebrow raised. When Quinn entered the lobby, Kate asked him about the sales of the Countess W products and pointed out Gabi in the corner. Quinn noted that image was important, including the image of the staff. Inspired by Quinn's comment, Sami suggested to Kate that Gabi should be the new face of Countess W. Kate narrowed her eyes and studied Gabi from across the room.

With a smile, Kate added that she wanted to include Chad in a photo layout with Gabi. When Gabi finished massaging Chad, Kate and Sami called out to them. Kate secured Chad and Gabi's attention, and she asked them to do product research for Countess W. "No," Gabi and Chad said in unison as they chuckled. Chad explained that he did not want to work with anything affiliated with the DiMeras. Kate assured Chad that the testing would not involve E.J. or Stefano.

Quinn was taking a coffee break in the square as he overheard Abigail yelling at Melanie and watched her walk away. Quinn cautiously approached Melanie and said, "Frustrating being on the outs with a friend." Quinn urged Melanie to talk to him. After Melanie spilled her guts, she thanked Quinn for listening to her. When Melanie admitted that she wanted to keep both Abigail and Chad in her life, Quinn noted that things did not always work out in life.

As Quinn returned to Intensity after his chat with Melanie, he overheard Gabi explaining to Sami that she was Quinn's employee and was not comfortable testing for Countess W while on the job. With a grin, Quinn assured Gabi that he was fine with her assisting Kate and Sami with research. Sami led Gabi across the room as Chad protested to Kate. "You didn't want that massage, and you ended up loving it," Gabi chimed in. When Chad sighed, Kate asked him to help her as a personal favor.

Chad reluctantly agreed, and a giddy Gabi hugged Chad. Sami arranged for hair stylists and make-up artists to work on Chad and Gabi, and then she called the Countess W photographer, George. When George arrived, Sami explained that George would be taking casual shots of Chad and Abigail during their makeover. After taking a few "before" shots, Sami sent Chad over to the hairstylist and pulled Gabi aside to talk to her about Will.

Gabi admitted that she had noticed the change in Will's demeanor, but she was not sure why he was having a difficult time moving on. "Well, I hope that's all it is," Sami said before sending Gabi over to makeup. The stylists worked on Gabi and Chad, then Kate sent Chad and Gabi to the front desk so that she could talk to George. Gabi complimented Chad on his new look, and as Chad returned the favor and told Gabi that she looked beautiful, Melanie entered Intensity.

Kate told Sami that her instinct to call in the photographer for Gabi and Chad was a good one and that they might have found the new image for Countess W. "Let's see if they can get hot in front of the cameras," Kate said as she turned her gaze over to the photo shoot. Melanie approached Gabi and Chad and asked what was going on. Gabi explained that they were helping Kate by undergoing a makeover with Countess W products.

Sami interrupted to inform Chad and Gabi that she wanted George to take more pictures. As Sami posed Gabi and Chad, Kate added that she wanted to see Gabi unbutton Chad's shirt and put her hand on his chest. Across the room, Melanie fidgeted with jealousy over the photo shoot. Once the shoot was over, Kate took Chad aside and asked him to stop by the mansion to visit Stefano.

After talking to Kate, Chad went over to Melanie at the front desk and explained that Kate and Sami had cornered him while he was dropping off class notes for Gabi. Chad slyly slipped his hand into Melanie's, and she shook her head noting that Abigail still hated her. Chad urged Melanie to give up on Abigail because she was unlikely to forgive them. "We should be together. LIke we should have been from the start," Chad whispered. Chad noted that Abigail would move on, and so should they. Before Melanie could respond, Gabi called Chad over to talk to the photographer.

In the penthouse, Marlena joked about the cereal breakfast John had made for her. John explained that he did not have time to prepare a big breakfast for Marlena because he was busy making up a list of items to discuss with Brady. John and Marlena talked about how happy they were in their lives and how much they loved one another. Marlena admitted that she hated losing her "house husband," but that she was thrilled that John would be working with Brady.

After dressing for work, Madison and Brady walked to work through Horton Town Square. As Brady asked Madison whether she had decided to take the job at Titan, Madison's phone beeped. Madison looked at her phone and grumbled that Salem University had messaged her about its internship program. As Madison talked about her reluctance to start an internship program, Abigail listened from nearby.

Brady noted that Titan took part in the Salem University internship program and that Madison should look into it. With a kiss goodbye, Brady headed off to work, leaving Madison standing in the square, staring at her phone. Abigail approached Madison and stated that she had overheard Madison talking about the Salem University internship program.

"I'm more than interested. I want the job," Abigail said. Madison noted that she had some time to talk and urged Abigail to talk about herself. Abigail informed Madison about her journalism award and her work study program with Austin. When Madison questioned whether Abigail had the time, Abigail joked that if someone needed something done, they should ask a busy person. With a smile on her face, Madison handed her business card to Abigail.

As Abigail thanked Madison, Marlena interrupted to say hello. Marlena informed Madison that she had known Abigail since she was a child. When Marlena remarked about Abigail's photo in Alice Horton's house, Madison realized that Abigail was Jennifer's daughter. As Madison stepped away to take a phone call, Marlena asked Abigail whether she had talked to her friend. "Like I said, she betrayed me, and I can't ever forgive her for that," Abigail said.

"I think we all know what that feels like," Madison said as she returned to the conversation. When Abigail asked Madison whether she had been betrayed by a friend, Madison looked at Marlena. Marlena deduced that Madison was referring to Sami. Shaking her head, Marlena admitted that she was surprised to hear that Sami had jumped ship at Mad World. Madison explained that Sami did not take criticism well, and she was too involved in Madison's personal life.

Chuckling, Marlena admitted that Sami had problems with boundaries. Madison continued that she was not upset that Sami had quit but she was upset that Sami had chosen to work for Kate. "For the life of me, I can't see anything good coming from seeing Kate and Sami together," Marlena confided. When Madison's phone rang, she excused herself and walked off. Once alone, Marlena asked Abigail to talk to her about her friend. Abigail argued that she did not want to forgive Melanie and Chad for being a couple.

Across the square, Madison talked on the phone to someone. Madison told the person on the phone that she needed advice on what to do with Titan and that she would speak to that person when she returned to the office. When Madison returned to Marlena and Abigail, she reminded Abigail to send her résumé to Mad World. Abigail thanked Madison for the opportunity and headed home. When Madison asked Marlena about Abigail, Marlena said that Abigail was smart and an excellent candidate for the internship.

As Marlena started to leave, Madison stopped her and asked how John and Brady were getting along. Madison admitted that she understood how important John was to Brady, and she was happy that they would be working together. "I can see why Brady is so fond of you. You really do care about him," Marlena commented.

Brady arrived for work at the penthouse to find a very eager John at the door. When John complained about working from such a small space as his living room, Brady assured John that the big office would be theirs in time. Brady and John discussed the possible enterprises for the cornerstone of their new company.

When Brady mentioned his girlfriend, John teased him. Brady admitted that he had strong feelings for Madison. Brady added that he was working with John because of Madison. "She knew what I wanted before I did," Brady said. Brady added that secrets and lies had ruined his other relationships, and he was confident that those things would not hurt his relationship with Madison.

As John and Brady returned to brainstorming ideas for their company, Brady asked John what he thought about when he thought about Basic Black. When John said "fashion" without hesitation, Brady argued that fashion should be the cornerstone of their new business. John argued that they could partner with Mad World to design a line of products to compliment their clothing line. Brady added that they could partner with a jeweler as well. "We stick with what we know," Brady said. "What we both know," John added.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After E.J. hit the snooze button on the alarm clock multiple times, Nicole checked the time on her phone. She freaked out that it was so late, and reminded E.J. that he had meetings to get to. E.J. asserted that his first meeting could wait, because it was with Will Horton. Nicole wanted E.J. to tell her the truth about why he'd hired Will, but E.J. tried to distract her by kissing her. It worked momentarily, but after a roll in the hay, Nicole asked if she could accompany E.J. when he met with Will.

E.J. thought that it was a good idea, because the two of them could have a late breakfast after he saw Will. Nicole pointed out that it seemed like an awfully big coincidence that E.J. had announced the jobs program that he'd stolen from Abe the day after E.J. had hired Will. E.J. reminded her that Will was Johnny and Sydney's brother. Nicole countered that she knew E.J.'s hiring Will was about more than that, and she deserved to know what was really going on -- especially since she'd found out about E.J.'s televised announcement from Jennifer Horton.

E.J. reminded Nicole that he had warned her that there would be times during the campaign when it would be in her best interest not to know what was going on. He then got out of bed rather abruptly and announced that he was going to take a shower. Glaring after him suspiciously, Nicole grabbed her phone. "I need some personal files on E.J. Yes, of course he authorized it; we were just talking about it," she whispered.

Rafe showed up at the office, equipped with a fan, in case the furnace was still broken. Carrie revealed that she had arrived similarly prepared, with both a fan and a blender for iced drinks. Both of them realized with relief that the heat seemed to have been fixed overnight. As Carrie started to put the blender away, Rafe asserted that he was a "master margarita maker." They were joking about turning the office into a happy-hour hangout when Sami walked in.

Clearly a bit taken aback by Rafe and Carrie's closeness, Sami cleared her throat, and apologized for interrupting. Rafe greeted his wife with a hug and kiss. He and Carrie explained that the furnace had malfunctioned the day before, so they had both shown up ready to do battle against the heat, but the landlord had obviously fixed the thermostat. Sami presented Rafe with a bag of his favorite muffins, and informed him that she had used his sister as a test model the day before -- and Gabi had turned out to be a natural in front of the camera.

Sami added that although she was glad that her new job was working out so well, she missed her husband, and wanted the two of them to schedule a date night so they could spend some time together. Suddenly, a very loud rumbling interrupted them. The noise apparently indicated that the heater was on the blink again, because Carrie and Rafe burst into ironic laughter. While Carrie and Rafe each peeled off a layer of clothing and plugged in their fans, they cracked jokes about charging admission to the sauna they worked in, and how lucky they were that they both had spouses who were gainfully employed.

Feeling left out, Sami said that Rafe and Carrie were lucky that they already had an office, since she'd had to work out of a conference room at Titan -- or sometimes even the Brady Pub -- when she'd worked at Mad World. Sami then had to get back to work, so Rafe saw her to the door and kissed her goodbye. Just as Rafe was about to close the door behind his wife, Carrie turned on her fan, and it blew papers from her desk all over the floor. Sami watched for a moment as Rafe rushed over to help Carrie pick everything up, then shook her head with chagrin and closed the door.

At the Brady Pub, Lexie ranted to Abe about how E.J. had stolen and taken credit for Abe's jobs plan. She reminded Abe how E.J. had sworn at Christmas that things would be different, but she had forgiven her brother for the last time. Abe vowed, "When I find out how he managed to steal that confidential file from my computer, justice will be served."

When Bo and Hope arrived to meet the Carvers, Abe explained that he wanted to talk to them about the police department's new initiative to arrest and prosecute Salem's most wanted criminals. Abe then filled in the Bradys about the file that had been stolen from his laptop, although there was no evidence that the computer had been hacked. Still fuming, Lexie admitted she was worried that E.J.'s underhanded tactics might actually work.

Abe pointed out that E.J. couldn't do anything to lower the crime rate in Salem, but Abe could. Abe continued that despite the budget shortages, he'd managed to find some money for crime reduction -- and he was authorizing Bo and Hope to hire whoever they needed to help with the task force. Bo declared that he already had a good idea about whom to call.

Later, as Abe and Lexie put on their coats to leave, Lexie expressed her hopes that her brother would be among the criminals rounded up by the task force. Hope acknowledged that it had to be hard for Lexie to keep wishing for her brother and father to change their ways. Lexie admitted that sometimes she wished she were more like them, so she could predict their dirty tricks. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that E.J.'s latest dirty trick is his last," Abe promised. As soon as Abe and Lexie were gone, Bo got on the phone.

Will was waiting for E.J. at the entrance to Horton Square when Marlena spotted him and asked him to join her at the café for coffee. Will hesitated, but agreed that he had a few minutes to spend with his grandmother. Marlena teased him that she was still awaiting his play in their ongoing word game. She then asked if Will were still planning to leave Salem, and he replied that he was staying. Marlena was glad, because she thought that Will could then talk to his mom. Will admitted that he didn't even know how to broach the topic of catching his mother having sex with E.J.

Marlena asserted that the only way for Will to get past his anger was to confront Sami so she could explain or apologize. Will argued, "She has never given you a chance, so why should I give her one?" Marlena declared firmly that she loved Sami with her whole heart, and for many reasons, but mostly because Sami was her daughter. "And she feels exactly the same way about you," Marlena added. She accepted some of the blame for the rift between her and Sami, and urged Will not to let the same thing happen to his relationship with his mother. Will said that he didn't think he could confront Sami.

Just as Marlena was urging Will to at least try, E.J. and Nicole showed up. "You ready to get to work?" E.J. amiably asked Will. Marlena demanded to know what was going on. E.J. explained that Will was the newest intern on the DiMera campaign team. Marlena's fury only grew when Nicole sat down at the table, so Marlena demanded to speak to Will privately. As he obediently followed his grandmother away from the café, Will promised E.J. that he would be right back. "Grandma's not happy," Nicole noted, stifling a chuckle.

Will assured Marlena that working for E.J. was just a job, and reminded her that he had worked for the DiMeras before. Marlena offered to help Will get a job working on Abe's campaign, but he declined. Will said that he had to get to work, and gave Marlena a goodbye kiss on the cheek before she could protest further.

When Will returned to the café, E.J. instructed him to pick up some posters from the printer, and take them to campaign headquarters. Will was hurrying away just as Abe and Lexie entered the square. The Carvers stopped cold when they saw E.J. and Nicole. Abe calmly accused E.J. of hacking, theft, and plagiarism, but Lexie chimed in that those crimes probably seemed like nothing to E.J., especially compared to blackmail, assault, and murder. E.J. suggested that instead of spouting conspiracy theories, Abe should spend some time preparing for the mayoral debate.

Abe predicted that E.J. would both lose the election and become living proof that crime didn't pay. Lexie lashed out angrily at E.J. and Nicole, and warned them that she was going to let the moderator know that they would probably try to steal the debate questions in advance. After the two couples exchanged more heated words, Abe calmly declared that E.J.'s smoke and mirrors couldn't last forever. "They don't need to last forever, Abe. It just needs to last until the election," E.J. replied. Lexie proclaimed that E.J. had no soul; he was actually just "an expensive, empty suit." E.J. tried to lightheartedly contend that it was just politics. Lexie and Abe didn't buy it, and quickly left.

Nicole recognized that E.J. was upset, but he seemed more concerned that Will hadn't checked in about the campaign posters yet. Nicole gently probed for more details about Will's involvement in the campaign, but E.J. refused to divulge anything further. Changing the subject, Nicole tried to reassure E.J. that Lexie had only flown off the handle at him because she'd realized that Abe could lose the election. Nicole cautioned E.J. that Lexie had seemed serious about never speaking to him again. "She'll come around. She always does," E.J. asserted.

Across the square, Abe urged Lexie not to let E.J. upset her so much. Lexie admitted that she knew what her brother was capable of doing to win the election, and it scared her. Abe assured his wife firmly, "E.J. won't win. He can't win. The citizens of Salem deserve better -- and I'm going to make sure they get it."

As Sami walked through the square on her way to the office, Marlena stopped her, and asked if they could talk. Sami replied that she was in a hurry to get to work. When Marlena mentioned that Sami was working for Kate, Sami became defensive. Marlena only wanted to know if the job was going well, and when Sami said that it was, Marlena explained that she wanted to talk about Will and his questionable employment choices.

Sami admitted that she'd just learned about Will working for E.J., and Marlena was surprised that Sami didn't seem more concerned. Sami stated that she had tried to talk to Will, but he hadn't been very receptive to her lately. Marlena urged Sami to give it at least one more try, because Will was very troubled and really needed his mother. "That's priceless, coming from you," Sami scoffed. When Marlena asked what she meant, Sami countered, "Where were you when I needed you?"

Marlena urged Sami to focus not on their past difficulties but on Will. Sami asserted that John had always been more important to Marlena than Sami had. Marlena argued that she had tried to heal her relationship with Sami, but Sami had always resisted -- possibly because Sami enjoyed "turning the knife" too much. Quietly indignant, Sami accused her mother of not wanting to do the actual work that it took to be a good mother.

She pointed out all the times that Marlena hadn't been there when Sami had needed her: when Sami had married Rafe, when Grace had died, when Johnny had been sick -- Marlena hadn't even been there when Johnny had been missing, although she'd been in town, because John was more important to Marlena. Marlena had no answer for any of that, and Sami called her on it. "I think there's been enough conversation already," Marlena finally said. Sami wholeheartedly agreed, and then declared, "Let's not talk about it ever again, shall we? And one more thing... Don't you dare tell me how to be a good mother. Why don't you spend some time wondering why you weren't one?"

Marlena was still in the square a bit later when Will returned from running E.J.'s errand. Will asked her not to lecture him. Marlena agreed that Will was an adult who could work where he wanted, but emphasized, "I couldn't live with myself if I didn't share with you some hard-learned knowledge. There is something I know in a way that nobody else who walks the earth could know -- that nothing good ever comes from associating with a DiMera."

When Rafe and Carrie arrived at the pub, Bo and Hope outlined Abe's plan for the anti-crime task force, and explained that they wanted to hire Carrie and Rafe -- unless they were too swamped with work in their new business. After Rafe and Carrie shared a smirk, Rafe said that he thought they could find some time. Carrie reminded the Bradys that she was a defense attorney, but Bo declared that her experience on the "wrong" side of the courtroom would provide valuable insight to help them outmaneuver the criminals who'd been evading prosecution for years. Although she was clearly a bit hesitant, Carrie finally declared, "All right; I'm in."

The foursome clinked coffee cups in a celebratory toast, and then got to work. Rafe looked over the most-wanted database on Bo's tablet, and recognized many of them from his days on the police force. Rafe and Carrie then confessed that they hadn't gotten a lot of work yet, except for the case of the missing feline. Bo and Hope admitted that their early days as private investigators had been filled with similarly demoralizing cases, and offered to help publicize Rafe and Carrie's firm. Hope asked how Sami was handling Carrie and Rafe working together, and Rafe replied that Sami had been very supportive.

Carrie admitted that she'd been nervous about it, because she felt like the only reason she and Sami had been getting along so well was that there had been an ocean between them. Rafe assured Carrie that Sami had only talked about her in glowing terms. Rafe believed that Sami wanted their old animosity to remain in the past, and Carrie admitted that she really wanted that, too. Bo and Hope then filled Carrie and Rafe in about the key they'd found in the plaque, and the safe deposit box that Alice had shared with a mysterious partner -- who they suspected was Stefano.

As Carrie and Rafe walked the Bradys out, they all seemed enthusiastic about working together to fight crime. After Bo and Hope left, Rafe offered to buy lunch for Carrie, since they were officially about to earn some income. Rafe led her to a table, but noted that she still seemed a little conflicted about working for the task force. Carrie admitted that her heart was in defense work, so it felt a little like a conflict of interest.

Rafe declared that they were a team, so if she didn't want to do it, neither of them would. Carrie admitted, "I can't abandon you now, can I?" Just then, Sami emerged from the back room. She hung back a little as Rafe was teasing Carrie about selling out her principles. Carrie countered that she was merely gaining a new perspective. Grinning, Rafe reiterated, "We're a team. Nothing's going to stop us!" He noticed Sami hovering nearby, and jumped up to hug her. "Twice in one day! How did I get so lucky?" Rafe marveled.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

by Mike

At the Intensity Day Spa, Maggie realized that Melanie was trying to distract her. Maggie said that she appreciated the effort, but she added that Melanie wasn't going to be able to stop her from thinking about Mickey. Maggie noted that it was Mickey's birthday.

Maggie promised that she would be all right. "Yes, losing Mickey was one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through...and, of course, today I'm thinking about him, but it doesn't make me so sad anymore. I spent a long time being sad, and now I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the many wonderful years that we spent together. Not everyone is so lucky. Hardly anyone is so lucky," Maggie said.

At the Brady Pub, Victor tried to convince Daniel to reconsider his decision to leave Salem. Victor pointed out that Maggie and Melanie would be devastated. Daniel was undeterred, and he insisted that he needed a change of scenery. Later, Daniel called Melanie, and he asked her and Maggie to meet him at the pub.

A short time later, Maggie and Melanie entered the pub, and Maggie wondered what was wrong. Daniel announced that he was leaving Salem. Daniel explained that he needed to figure out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. "I cannot do that here. Everything in this town, it just -- it either reminds me of Jennifer, or Chloe and Parker, or my life at the hospital," Daniel added.

Maggie wondered where Daniel was going to go, and what he was going to do. Daniel shrugged, and he suggested that he might go back to surfing the biggest waves. "Yeah, Dad -- yeah, go surf the big waves. You're just too busy saving lives here, right?" Melanie bitterly asked. Daniel defensively stated that he needed to save his own life.

"Okay, Dad. Go live your big dream. I mean, who cares that I just found you? Who cares that you're the dad that I always dreamed about having, my whole childhood? Who cares that I just found you? That's just totally fair, right?" Melanie tearfully asked. Daniel insisted that he would call Melanie regularly, and that he would eventually return to Salem. Melanie asked Daniel to promise that he would return.

Daniel hesitated, so Melanie stubbornly stated that she wasn't going to miss Daniel. Daniel assured Melanie that he was going to miss her. Daniel apologized, and he said that he had never meant to hurt Maggie and Melanie. "Daniel, wherever you are, whether it's in Salem or Fiji, you'll always be in our hearts. And we're not friends here -- we're family, and no distance can change that," Maggie tearfully stated.

Victor wondered when Daniel would be leaving. Daniel said that he just needed to make the final arrangements, and that he would be leaving as soon as possible. Maggie hugged Daniel, and she said that she was going to miss him. Daniel agreed, and he asked Victor and Melanie to take care of Maggie. Daniel reiterated that he would eventually return to Salem, and Victor said that he was going to hold Daniel to that promise.

Daniel assured Melanie that she would always be able to call him. "I may not be the best father, but I love being your father, and that will never change," Daniel added, as he hugged Melanie.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena warned Will to stay away from the DiMeras. Before Will could respond, Abigail interrupted. Abigail made a quick comment about Will's new sports car, then she abruptly excused herself. After Abigail left, Marlena asked Will about his new car. Will admitted that E.J. had given him the car, and he assured Marlena that it wasn't a big deal.

"Will, don't you get it? You're so bright; don't you see this? E.J. is trying to buy you, trying to corrupt you, trying to make you beholden to him, and I will not let him do it to you. I promise you, he will not do that," Marlena firmly stated. Marlena wondered if Will had asked E.J. for the internship. Will confirmed that he was the one who had approached E.J., but he didn't tell Marlena the entire story.

"I don't get it. Why would you go to the man who you -- oh, yes, I do get it. This is not about the internship; this is about you punishing your mother," Marlena realized. Will insisted that Marlena was wrong, but Marlena wasn't convinced. Will claimed that he just wanted a decent internship. Marlena suggested that Will could work for John and Brady, but Will said that he had already made a commitment to E.J.

Marlena wondered if something else was going on. Will sighed, and he conceded that Marlena might have been right about his ulterior motives. Will admitted that working with E.J. would be a great way to hurt Sami. Marlena said that Will was the one who was going to get hurt. Will pointed out that he was just fetching E.J.'s coffee, and he insisted that it wasn't a matter of life and death.

"All right, I am begging you now. Will, if this is about your mother, then confront her, and move forward, but don't go to work for the enemy," Marlena urged Will. Will insisted that it wasn't that simple, but Marlena wasn't convinced. Marlena reiterated that Will needed to sever his ties with the DiMeras.

"Grandma, you are the most important person in my life, hands-down. I can talk to you about anything, and you never judge me, or -- and you never talk down to me, and I appreciate that more than I can say, so right now, what I for you to let me make my own decisions, okay? Please, do not get involved," Will quietly begged Marlena. Will insisted that everything was going to be fine.

Will said that he loved Marlena, and that he didn't want his internship to cause a rift in their relationship. "Oh, Will...nothing is ever going to come between us. Not the DiMeras, not anything. Not anything," Marlena tearfully assured Will. Will asked if he could call Marlena later. Marlena said that Will could call her at any time, for any reason. Will hugged Marlena, then he abruptly excused himself.

Elsewhere, Abigail fantasized about kissing Austin. Austin interrupted, and he wondered if Abigail was all right. Abigail claimed that she had been daydreaming, and she quickly changed the subject. Abigail told Austin about the Mad World internship. Austin assured Abigail that she would be the perfect choice for the internship, but he pointed out that she had a lot on her plate.

Austin suggested that he could find someone else to be his assistant, but Abigail quickly refused Austin's offer. Austin complimented Abigail's work ethic, and he admitted that he had always been a bit of a slacker. Austin wished that he could skip work and stay at the town square all day. Abigail pointed out that Austin had everything that he needed at the town square, and she suggested that he could finish his work there.

Abigail showed Austin how to use his tablet computer to work on his syllabus. Later, Austin received a phone call from Carrie. After Austin ended the call, he explained that Carrie had called to let him know that she would not be home until later that night. Abigail reminded Austin that Carrie wasn't alone, and she said that it was nice that Rafe was there to keep Carrie occupied.

Abigail changed the subject, and she started to help Austin with his next work assignment. Austin urged Abigail to spend the afternoon with her friends, but Abigail insisted that she was exactly where she wanted to be. Abigail added that it was nice to feel useful. Later, Austin thanked Abigail for her help, and he offered to take her to dinner. Austin explained that he was sick of room service. Abigail eagerly accepted Austin's offer.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole continued to ask about Will's internship, and E.J. continued to deflect. Nicole could tell that E.J. was hiding something, and she reminded him that they had promised to stop lying to each other. E.J. claimed that he was just protecting Nicole. Nicole said that she didn't need E.J.'s protection, and she added that she just needed his honesty.

E.J. tried to kiss Nicole, but Nicole wasn't in the mood for E.J.'s distractions. Nicole received a phone call, and she quickly thought of an excuse to convince E.J. to leave the room. After E.J. left, Nicole asked the caller to tell her what E.J. was up to. The caller told Nicole about the sports car that had been purchased in Will's name. After Nicole ended the call, E.J. returned, and he wondered who Nicole had been talking to.

Nicole claimed that she had been dealing with some campaign stuff. E.J.'s suspicions were aroused, and he tried to look at Nicole's phone. Nicole started to kiss E.J. to distract him, then she stuffed her phone between the couch cushions.

After E.J. and Nicole made love, E.J. suggested that they could take a shower together. Nicole agreed, and she told E.J. to get the shower started. After E.J. left, Nicole grabbed her phone. Nicole called Will, and she asked him to meet her at the Horton Town Square.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Nicole welcomed Will to the team. Nicole said that she had heard that Will had already been a tremendous asset to the campaign. Nicole added that E.J.'s team was dedicated to winning the election, and she wondered if Will felt the same way. Will smiled, and he said that he wanted what was best for Salem. Nicole agreed, then she explained that she wanted to talk about Sami.

Nicole admitted that she and Sami had a complicated history. "You mean you want to claw each other's eyes out. Yeah, everybody knows that," Will dryly stated. Will assured Nicole that he wouldn't hold that against her. Will wondered if there was anything else that Nicole wanted to talk about. Nicole explained that she needed Will to do something for her.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Marlena entered the living room, and she demanded to know what E.J. was doing with Will. E.J. wondered why Marlena was convinced that he had an ulterior motive. "Because you're a DiMera -- that's the only kind of motive you have, so why don't you tell me what you're thinking to do with Will, and then I'll leave. And if you don't, I'll just...stay," Marlena said.

"Must have really irked you when John was found to be innocent. I know you and Stefano worked so very hard to frame him. So, there went your class action suit, and there also went your bid for mayor. He really made a fool of you, so now you're paying him back by going after Will," Marlena added. E.J. claimed that Stefano had stopped caring about John and Marlena, but Marlena wasn't convinced.

"If you want to target somebody in my family, target me. Stay the hell away from Will," Marlena firmly stated. E.J. said that Marlena seemed agitated, and he crudely asked if John was satisfying her needs at home. E.J. added that he was concerned about Marlena's health. "Well, if you keep going after Will, the concern will be for your health," Marlena promised. E.J. said that Marlena needed to talk to Will.

"Well, I did that, in fact, but it seems you've cracked the code on trying to keep a teenager loyal -- you bought him a new car," Marlena dryly stated. Marlena wondered why E.J. was trying to bribe Will. E.J. said that Will was the one who had initiated the partnership. Marlena wondered why E.J. had not refused Will's request. E.J. claimed that he had always thought of Will as a son.

"Have you completely lost your mind? Will is not a member of your family -- never has been, never will be. Will is working for you because you found a way to use his emotions -- the emotions of a very young, confused man. Don't flatter yourself to think that he's working for you by choice. He's working for you because you want him to," Marlena said. E.J. suggested that Will enjoyed being treated like a man.

"You treat him like a toy, like a puppet, using him for your own amusement, but I will not let you destroy his life...I will see you and your father dead before I let that happen," Marlena vowed.

Friday, January 20, 2012

When Chad entered the empty living room at the DiMera mansion, he found several glass bowls filled with coffee beans on a table, and couldn't resist taking a sniff. Stefano walked in, and explained that they were some of the finest coffees from all over the world. He divulged that he had learned about Chad's plans with Sonny Kiriakis to turn the Cheatin' Heart into a coffeehouse, and wanted to help out, both by using his connections to get Chad the best prices for imported coffee -- and by investing. Chad reminded his father, "Maybe you didn't get the memo before, but I don't want your help."

Stefano urged Chad not to let his pride get in the way of success, especially since the economic climate wasn't favorable for starting a new business. He assured Chad that he only wanted to be a silent partner, and Chad's partners didn't have to know anything about it. Chad maintained that he didn't want to run his business that way, and demanded to know what Stefano really wanted. Stefano insisted that his motives were pure; he truly just wanted for the two of them to do something positive together -- and then perhaps they could work on having a real relationship as father and son.

Chad was skeptical. Stefano asserted that he had become so wealthy because he never invested in anything he didn't believe in, and he believed in Chad. He added that he wanted to heal the rift between them, because he loved and missed Chad -- and that was precisely why he had gotten the idea for them to go into business together. When Stefano suggested that he could be a mentor to Chad, Chad scoffed at the idea. Stefano understood that Chad didn't want to be involved in what Stefano did, but not Chad's rejection of the family, and he vowed never to give up on Chad.

Stefano then invited Chad to stay for dinner. Chad appreciated that Stefano was sincere in wanting to help with the coffeehouse, but emphasized that he really wanted to do it on his own. He added that he had to decline Stefano's dinner invitation. Chad paused on his way out, and said, "You know, instead of buying coffee for me, maybe you can buy a cup from me one of these days." Chuckling, Stefano agreed, but he let out a sad sigh as soon as Chad was gone.

At the Brady Pub, Bo noted that Hope was still obsessing about the safe deposit box key. Bo asked if she agreed that Stefano might be the box's co-owner, and Hope did. Both wondered how they would get Stefano to talk. Meanwhile, Madison sat down at a table across the restaurant, and gazed with interest at the Bradys. Hope contemplated subpoenaing the bank records, or getting a warrant to search the DiMera mansion.

Bo pointed out that they would never get either one based solely on speculation. Hope confessed that she'd even considered breaking in to the mansion, but Bo reminded her that they had to play by the rules as much as possible. Hope fretted that they would never find what they were looking for. From across the pub, Madison took a picture of Hope, and looked at it appreciatively.

Madison then strode over to the Bradys' table, and shook the couple's hands. Bo and Hope remembered meeting Madison at the town square Halloween party. Hope mentioned the great things she'd been hearing about Madison's work at Mad World. Madison said that was what she wanted to talk to Hope about -- modeling for Mad World. Utterly floored, Hope maintained that she loved being a cop, as well as being a wife and mother.

Madison offered to work around Hope's schedule so Hope didn't have to give any of that up, because Hope represented the real, relatable women for whom Mad World's products were made -- and besides, Hope had modeled before. Hope admitted that she was flattered, but politely declined Madison's offer. Madison left her business card with Hope, in case Hope changed her mind.

After Madison had gone, Hope marveled at the offer from Ms. James. Bo maintained that he was only surprised that his wife didn't receive those kinds of offers every day. Hope asserted, "She's asking me to be someone I'm just not anymore." That statement gave Bo an idea about how to get to Stefano.

Soon, a woman named Carol made a phone call for Bo and Hope. After they paid Carol, the Bradys went to Horton Square to wait for Stefano to show up. Hope was worried that Simpson from the bank had tipped off Stefano after Bo and Hope had tried to access Alice's safe deposit box, but then Stefano walked through the archway. When Bo and Hope intentionally ran into Stefano, he reflected on the phone call from Carol. She had claimed that she was from Salem First National Bank, and there was a problem with his safe deposit box -- the personal box he shared with A. Grayson.

"It's not something we can take care of over the phone. I know how much you value discretion where this account is concerned," Carol had explained. Bo sarcastically asked what the odds were that they would run into Stefano in the square. With a smirk, Stefano replied, "You tell me." Hope confessed, "Actually, I can't tell a lie. We were just talking about you -- and about the safe deposit box you share with my grandmother."

At Countess Wilhelmina, Kate and Sami looked over the test shots from their photo shoot with Gabi and Chad. Kate deemed the young twosome hot, and Sami declared that Chad and Gabi were the new faces they needed to launch the new Countess Wilhelmina youth line. Kate gloated, "The best part of it is it'll blow Madison James and her little company right out of the water." Sami suggested a slogan for the new line: "Youth Is Served." Kate seemed to like it, although she admitted that she didn't want to tell Sami how much of an asset she had become.

Kate was ready for Sami to get started on booking the photographer and studio space, but first they had to get Chad and Gabi to sign on. Sami thought that Kate should approach Chad, since he was Kate's stepson, and Kate suggested that Sami talk to Gabi, since they were sisters-in-law. Sami promised to do what she could, but cautioned Kate that Gabi was very loyal to Rafe, who had good reason to hate Stefano. Kate hoped that if the project was successful, it could start to close the distance between Stefano and Chad -- and maybe Sami could learn why Gabi and Will had broken up.

Gabi was relieved when Melanie arrived for work at the spa, and then she noticed that Melanie was wiping away tears. Gabi asked what was going on, and Melanie confided that her dad was leaving town for a while to "get his head on straight." A sympathetic Gabi put her arms around Melanie, who admitted that she couldn't remember the last time she'd seen Daniel really laugh. Gabi tried to reassure her friend that it would probably do Daniel a lot of good to do the outdoorsy things he'd said he wanted to do. Melanie was still sad because she had no idea when she'd see her dad again.

Melanie then spotted the photographs of Gabi and Chad, and admitted as she flipped through them that both of them looked great. Gabi confessed that she had felt like a real model -- and she had actually felt sexy and desirable during the shoot. Gabi asked if Melanie had talked to Chad about how he'd been feeling since his breakup with Abigail. Melanie hedged that she and Chad didn't really talk about that kind of thing. Out of the blue, Gabi asked, "Would you ever consider hooking up with Chad?" Melanie insisted that she and Chad were just friends.

When Kate arrived, she asked if Gabi had talked to Sami yet, but Gabi had not. Without revealing why, Kate explained that she wanted to talk to Chad and Gabi at the same time, so Gabi offered to send Chad a text message to ask him to meet them there. As Melanie watched their exchange, appeared uncomfortable when Kate raved about how stunning Chad and Gabi were together, and announced that she was going to take a quick break.

A little while later, Kate wondered what was taking Chad so long. Gabi asked if Kate could give her a hint about what she wanted to talk to them about. Kate replied, "It's about your future; that's all." She explained that the photo shoot hadn't been a product test; it had been to evaluate Gabi and Chad. "This was magical. I really believe that you two are going to take my company to the next level -- as the fresh faces of Countess Wilhelmina," Kate declared. "You want us to model?" an overjoyed Gabi asked with disbelief. "Yes, and I don't intend to take ‘no' for an answer," Kate replied.

Outside in the square, Melanie ran into Chad. He immediately recognized that she was unhappy, but she didn't want to talk about it. Chad said that Kate wanted to meet him and Gabi at the spa but he didn't know why. "Probably those super-hot pictures you guys took," Melanie explained. Chad divulged that he had been thinking about Melanie the whole time the photographer had been taking the pictures of him and Gabi.

Chad then admitted that he could use a friend, because he didn't know how to handle his dad's persistence in trying to be a part of Chad's life. Melanie confided that she was having "dad problems," as well. Chad pulled her close to comfort her after she explained that Daniel was leaving town and she didn't know for how long. Melanie cried on his shoulder for a minute, and then suddenly pulled away. "I shouldn't be doing this. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sorry," she stammered as she rushed off.

Chad followed her, and caught up to her at the exit. Melanie maintained that she had to think about Abigail, but Chad begged Melanie to think about how good the two of them could be together. "I know you feel guilty about this, but you shouldn't," Chad asserted, then added softly, "That's the last thing I want you to feel when you're with me." He tenderly lifted Melanie's chin to look her in the eye. "I can't keep saying no, because it's too hard. So please, just stop," she implored him, then gently pulled his hand away, and left.

"Kate DiMera and Countess Wilhelmina are more than just our competitors; they're in our way... We've got to stay ahead of the, and ahead of the curve, always," declared a determined Madison in her hotel room. "Putting someone on the inside at Countess Wilhelmina was genius, to borrow one of Kate's favorite words," replied Sami. Madison was worried that Kate suspected that Sami was spying for Mad World, but Sami asserted that Kate was too busy congratulating herself to notice.

Sami and Madison revealed that they had staged arguments for Kate's benefit. After Kate had taken the bait and hired Sami, Sami had fed false information to Kate about Mad World's youth line. While Kate tried to beat Madison to store shelves with a youth line, Madison intended to focus on women of all ages. Sami admitted she was worried that Kate had spies at Titan, but Madison assured her they had covered their tracks. As the two of them celebrated with a bottle of champagne, Sami admitted she'd never believed that Kate would want to hire her.

Madison expressed warm, sincere thanks for everything Sami had done to help Madison's company. Sami confessed that she felt bad because her sweet sister-in-law, Gabi, was one of the inexperienced models whom Kate had hired, when Kate's plan was "doomed to failure." Madison reassured Sami that Gabi would be just fine -- although Kate most definitely would not. Sami teased, "Madison, remind me of something: never to get on your bad side." Madison replied, "Or yours!"

Sami asked what she should do next to ruin things for Kate, and Madison declared that Sami had done such a great job so far that she could decide the next step. "I love my job," Sami professed happily. After making sure that Sami had parked in the back of the hotel, Madison thanked her protégée again. "This is not easy stuff that you're trying to pull off. I mean, corporate espionage? That's not all fun and games, and Brady's been really tough on you," Madison noted.

Sami completely understood why they hadn't been able to tell Brady or Rafe what they were doing. Madison thought perhaps they could let Rafe and Brady in on it, because she trusted both of them, and neither man had any loyalty toward Kate. A grateful Sami asked for one more thing from Madison -- to be there to see the look on Kate's face when she found out the truth. "Done," Madison agreed.

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