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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 6, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, February 6, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. and Nicole insisted that Abe had cheated to win the debate. Lexie defended Abe, and she lashed out at E.J. and Nicole. Meanwhile, Abe and Jennifer silently observed the scene.

E.J. noted that Abe had answered every question perfectly, and that his answers had seemed rehearsed. Lexie said that Abe had done his homework, but E.J. and Nicole were not convinced. Nicole vowed to prove that Abe had stolen the answers. Nicole predicted that Abe's actions were going to cost him the election.

Lexie continued to defend Abe, and she accused E.J. of being a sore loser. E.J. said that Lexie would eventually realize that Abe was a liar and a cheat. Before anyone could respond, E.J. and Nicole walked away. After Nicole and E.J. left, Lexie apologized to Abe. Lexie theorized that Nicole was just afraid to admit that she was an incompetent campaign manager.

Lexie was amazed that Abe and Jennifer had managed to handle the situation with restraint. Lexie noted that E.J. and Nicole had thrown a lot of crazy accusations at Abe and Jennifer. "They...were crazy, weren't they?" Lexie asked, as she looked at Abe.

Abe wondered if Lexie was really asking that question. "Honey...this is the first time I've actually heard you sound like a politician. You didn't answer my question -- did you, or did you not, cheat to win the debate?" Lexie demanded to know.

Abe wondered what Lexie expected him to say. Lexie said that she knew that Abe had integrity, and that he wasn't like E.J. Abe assured Lexie that he hadn't cheated, and Lexie proudly embraced him. Lexie apologized for doubting Abe, and she said that she was lucky to be his wife.

Lexie thanked Jennifer for her help, then she excused herself. After Lexie left, Jennifer apologized to Abe. "You know, in all the years Lexie and I have been together, I've never lied to her once...until just now," Abe admitted.

Jennifer felt responsible, but Abe refused to let her take the blame. "I chose to lie to Lexie. I wasn't man enough to own up to my own truth. I cheated to win a debate; I crossed a line that I never thought I would, and deep down, I know I'll have to pay for it one day," Abe said. Jennifer optimistically pointed out that Abe was one step closer to winning the election, but Abe wondered what the cost would be.

Jennifer admitted that she didn't like cheating, or lying to Lexie. Jennifer justified the deception as a necessary part of their quest to keep E.J. out of the mayor's office. "It's one thing to play a little dirty to stay up with E.J., but now...I'm no better than he is. Jennifer, I lied to my wife. I looked Lexie in the eyes, and I lied to her. If she ever finds out...well, she'll never forgive me. Never," Abe replied.

Elsewhere, Nicole and E.J. discussed the debate. E.J. was certain that Abe had cheated, but he realized that he wouldn't be able to prove it. E.J. added that the debate had been a turning point, and he predicted that the election was going to get very interesting. Nicole smirked, and she added that Abe's personal life was about to get interesting, too.

"Look, Abe made two really big mistakes. He got his hands dirty -- really dirty -- and he lied to his loving, trusting wife, and she believed him," Nicole pointed out. E.J. agreed, and he relished the thought of Abe losing the election and Lexie. Nicole noted that E.J. and Stefano had been trying to get Lexie back into the family fold for years. Nicole promised that she could make that happen.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate was pleased to see Austin. Stefano asked Austin about Carrie. "When she was a little girl, she used to run around in these big rooms, laughing at everything, and my son, Anthony? He loved her as if she was his own. Ah, goodness, I miss the both of them," Stefano said with a sigh. Kate and Stefano urged Austin and Carrie to join them for dinner.

Austin reluctantly admitted that he and Carrie had been having problems. Austin quickly explained everything to Kate and Stefano. "My darling, as much as I love spending time with you, it's more important that you save your marriage, so...go! Find Carrie, and surprise her with some big, romantic gesture," Kate suggested.

Austin insisted that he didn't want Rafe to know that Carrie and Austin's marriage was in trouble. Kate refused to accept that answer, and she managed to convince Austin that he needed to work things out with Carrie right away. Austin excused himself, and Stefano wished him luck.

After Austin left, Kate noted that something was bothering Stefano. Stefano told Kate about Alice's envelope, and he admitted that he hadn't opened the envelope yet. Kate suggested that Alice could have been bluffing, but Stefano assured Kate that Alice had been a formidable opponent, in her own way.

"She said -- with a little smile on her face -- she said, uh, make sure that I never let anyone see what is inside that envelope, myself included," Stefano recalled. Kate admitted that she was dying to know what was in Bo and Hope's envelope. Stefano laughed, then he started to reveal the contents of Bo and Hope's envelope.

Kate was shocked, and she wondered if anyone would be able to accept the truth. Kate promised that she wouldn't reveal the secret to anyone. Stefano admitted that it would probably be a moot point soon, despite his repeated warnings. "Hope is a detective, all right? So she's got it in her blood to know all the facts, no matter how damaging they are," Stefano added.

"Well, you are the very same, my love. Your life is built on knowing everything, leaving nothing to doubt. If you think that it's something that would hurt you, or the family, then you have no choice -- you have to open it. If not, it will drive you crazy," Kate said. Kate offered to open the envelope herself, but Stefano insisted that it was something that he needed to deal with on his own.

Kate wondered why Hope had decided to end the stalemate. Stefano explained that Hope's obsession with the truth had outweighed her sense of reason. "Well, if I cared, I'd pity her when she opens the envelope -- and if she finds what you said is in that envelope -- 'cause it could change a lot of people's lives," Kate noted.

Stefano sighed heavily. "You know, I've been wondering if the same thing holds for Alice's envelope. I mean, I -- I just -- I can't imagine -- I mean, how could she possibly know something that I did not? I mean, something that could possibly change my life?" Stefano wondered.

Kate assured Stefano that everything would be all right. Kate pointed out that Stefano had always been the master of his own destiny. "Hmm. Until now. Who knows what could possibly be in that envelope? Might be something that's...out of my control," Stefano admitted.

At the Horton house, Hope started to open the envelope, then she hesitated. Hope wished that she could be certain that she was doing the right thing. Bo wondered if Hope was looking for a sign. Hope nodded, and Bo pointed out that Alice had already sent them a number of signs. Hope started to agree with Bo, then she paused, and she turned her attention to a book that was laying on the nearby mantel.

"I haven't seen this book in years, Brady. I mean, this is Grandpa's," Hope explained, as she opened the book. A small piece of paper fell out of the book, and Hope laughed as she looked at the paper. Hope glanced at a picture of Alice, and she thanked Alice for sending a sign. Bo was confused.

"Gran used to clip sayings and thoughts she liked out of the newspaper, and then she'd stick them in Grandpa's favorite poetry book, and it drove him crazy -- absolutely insane -- because every time he'd open it to read it, a million little pieces of paper would fall out. She finally put them all in a box, except that one," Hope explained, as she handed Bo the piece of paper.

"'If not you, who? If not now, when?' As far as signs go, that's right on the nose. I'm surprised she didn't send you, like, a letter opener or something," Bo said, as Hope excitedly started to open the envelope. Hope noted that all of Alice's previous signs had led to good things, and she theorized that the information in the envelope had to be good, too.

Bo pointed out that the envelope contained a secret that Stefano had threatened to expose, and he warned Hope that it might not be good news. Hope nodded, but she added that she had lost her leverage against Stefano, so he was free to reveal the truth at any time. Hope said that Alice was trying to tell her to make a preemptive strike.

Bo agreed, and he urged Hope to follow her instincts. Hope took a deep breath, then she opened the envelope. Hope's face turned pale as she examined the contents of the envelope. Hope dropped the document, and she grabbed the arm of a nearby chair to steady herself, as Bo wondered what was wrong.

At Carrie and Rafe's office, Sami was shocked to find Rafe and Carrie kissing. Carrie insisted that the kiss had not meant anything, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami wondered what would have happened if she hadn't interrupted them. Rafe tried to calm Sami down, but Sami refused to listen.

"I expect it from her; she has always wanted everything that I have! But you -- I thought you loved me. How could you betray me like this?" Sami asked. Sami noted that she had been making an effort to get along with Carrie lately. Sami theorized that Carrie had been planning to seduce Rafe all along, just to even the score.

Carrie insisted that she didn't want to ruin Sami's life. Sami started to storm out of the office, but Rafe grabbed her arm and stopped her. Rafe begged Sami to calm down, so that she could think about the situation rationally. Rafe pointed out that Carrie loved Austin, and he added that Carrie wasn't the kind of person who would cheat on her husband.

"Actually, she is, Rafe. Did you not know that about her? Oh, yeah -- Carrie is a slut, and you are a traitor for defending her!" Sami snapped. Carrie sarcastically noted that Sami had never made any mistakes in her life. Carrie reminded Sami about her history with Austin.

Rafe tried to get Carrie to back off. "I'm sorry, Rafe -- I don't mean to dredge up the past, but I know exactly what she's gonna say. She's gonna say, 'Oh, little miss Carrie, she's so perfect, but I'm the one who's never cheated on the man I love.' You know what, Sami? Rafe loves you, and you need to trust that love," Carrie said.

"How dare you tell me what to do, or what I need. This isn't about me and my insecurities; this is about you, and obviously, you're having trouble in your marriage. Well, you know what? I'm not! I'm happily married! I have four great kids. I have things you don't have, and obviously, you can't stand that!" Sami shouted. Meanwhile, Austin entered the room, and he listened as Sami said that Carrie and Rafe had kissed.

Austin lunged at Rafe, but Carrie held him back. Carrie tried to explain, but Austin wasn't interested in hearing what she had to say. Austin reminded Carrie that they had taken sacred vows, and he wondered why she had betrayed those vows. Rafe offered to take Sami home, and Sami eagerly agreed, so that she wouldn't have to look at Carrie any longer. Sami promised that she would never forget about Carrie's betrayal.

After Sami and Rafe left, Austin admitted that he actually agreed with Sami for once. Carrie continued to insist that the kiss had meant nothing. Austin assured Carrie that he wasn't a fool. Austin pointed out that Carrie and Rafe had been working together, and that they obviously shared a bond.

Carrie promised that nothing like that would ever happen again. Austin wondered if Carrie was really making a promise that she would be able to keep. Carrie insisted that she loved Austin, and that Rafe wasn't a threat. Austin said that he wanted to believe Carrie, but he admitted that he wasn't convinced.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Rafe assured Sami that they would be able to fix everything, but Sami wasn't convinced. Rafe reminded Sami that they had renewed their vows, and that they had promised to talk about their problems. Sami insisted that it was too late for that.

Rafe was incredulous, and he wondered if Sami was really going to throw in the towel after one mistake. Rafe pointed out that he and Sami had handled tougher situations together. Rafe assured Sami that they would be able to deal with his indiscretion, but Sami insisted that she wasn't going to be able to do that. Sami grabbed a wedding photograph, and she threw it across the room, shattering the frame.

"I want you out! I want you out right now! Rafe, just get out!" Sami shouted.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

At the Horton residence, Hope opened up the envelope from the safe deposit box. Shocked by the contents, Hope dropped the paper and cried out, "No!" Worried, Bo gathered up the paper from the floor and read it. "It can't be true. It's not true," Bo assured Hope. Upset, Hope pointed out that the paper was a marriage certificate that showed that she was married to John and not to Bo.

Hope did not believe the marriage certificate was a forgery, but Bo urged her to look at the date on the certificate. Bo reminded Hope that the date was during the time that Hope had been brainwashed into believing she was Princess Gina. Hope was worried because she did not have all her memories from that time period. Hope reasoned that if the marriage certificate was not real then there would be no reason to lock it up inside a safe deposit box.

Hope examined the certificate and noted that there was a witness' illegible signature. As Hope contemplated who the witness might be, Bo snatched the paper out of her hand. "You're my wife. Our marriage is real, and nothing is gonna change that. Nothing," Bo said firmly. Hope assured Bo that nothing would change between them. After kissing her husband, Hope noted that she felt compelled to investigate the marriage certificate to determine if it was authentic.

In the penthouse, John arrived home to spend time with Marlena. John offered to cook dinner, and Marlena countered that she did not want to move from the couch. When John grew quiet, Marlena asked him what was wrong. John explained that he was worried about the time he would be putting into work, but he promised that Marlena would be in his heart while he was away from her.

Madison was working in her hotel room when she received a text message ordering her to open the door to her room. Reluctant, Madison grabbed a vase for protection, then threw open the door. When Madison did not see anyone in the hallway, she called out tentatively. Brady leaped out from behind a plant and pulled Madison into his arms.

After kissing Madison, Brady explained that he had left work early to spend time with Madison and tell her that he loved her. Taken aback, Madison was not sure how to answer Brady's declaration of love. Madison noted that she had previously told him that she loved him, and she meant it.

"Feeling like this it's just, it's all really new to me, and to be honest with you, it scares the living hell out of me," Madison said. Brady urged Madison not to be scared because she was not alone in their relationship. With a grin, Madison explained that she was uncomfortable because she was not used to being in a relationship with someone.

After leaving the hotel, Brady and Madison walked to an empty Horton Town Square. With a sparkle in his eye, Brady escorted Madison to a pair of Segways. After hopping on the Segway scooters, Brady and Madison raced around the empty town square. Once the races were done, Brady and Madison parked the Segways and she thanked him for the date.

Brady explained that he'd thought of the Segway idea when Madison had confided to him that she never had a chance to be a kid because she had grown up too fast. Beaming, Madison kissed Brady. As the two walked away, arm in arm, a mysterious gloved figured watched them from behind a bush.

At the office of Reed and Hernandez, Austin asked Carrie whether she had feelings for Rafe. Unwilling to answer, Carrie sighed and buried her face in her hands. Crushed, a disgusted Austin backed away from his wife. As Austin turned to leave, Carrie begged him to stay. "I made a big mistake, and I'm sorry," Carrie said. "No. You didn't do that. You didn't just make a mistake, and you didn't just kiss a guy," Austin argued. "You broke my heart," Austin said as he fought tears and left.

Upset, Carrie called Marlena for help. When Marlena arrived, Carrie told her what had happened with Rafe. "Carrie, I know you're upset, but you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't mean to hurt anybody," Marlena said. Marlena noted that she had seen the tension between Austin and Carrie at Sydney's party. With a sigh, Carrie explained that she had fought with Austin.

"You might need some time to sort out what's in your heart. How you're really feeling about Rafe before you talk to Austin," Marlena counseled. Shaking her head, Carrie admitted that she did not need to think about her feelings for Rafe. Carrie explained that she loved Austin but that she had real feelings for Rafe.

Marlena asked her what had changed between Carrie and Austin. Shaking her head, Carrie noted that she'd first felt a change in her marriage when John was in custody and Austin had opposed her while Rafe had championed John. Carrie admitted that she enjoyed spending time with someone that agreed with her and that she had looked for ways to spend more time with Rafe.

"I'm an awful person," Carrie lamented. Marlena disagreed, but Carrie countered that even though she had broken her husband's heart, it did not change the way she felt about Rafe. Marlena argued that the dynamics of a marriage could change over time. "We begin to ask questions we wouldn't normally ask," Marlena said. Marlena noted that Carrie was married and that Rafe was married with children.

"I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the feelings you're having. It's just the place those feelings can take you. I'd like you to make sure that's a place you really want to go," Marlena said. Marlena added that both Carrie and Rafe had marriages built on strong foundations and that Carrie needed to consider the consequences of acting on her feelings.

Abigail was working in Austin's office when he drunkenly stumbled into the room. Abigail helped Austin sit in a chair and then she took his bottle of alcohol away from him. Abigail urged Austin to tell him what was wrong. As Austin struggled to his feet, he explained that Carrie had informed him that she had feelings for another man. Austin noted that Carrie had kissed Rafe.

After gulping down a mouthful of liquor, Austin complained that he had seen that something brewing between Carrie and Rafe. "When it came down to it, she didn't act like my wife," Austin slurred. Worried, Abigail asked Austin what she could do to help. Austin thanked Abigail for being his friend and plopped down in an armchair. Abigail urged Austin to set the alcohol aside and offered to spend the night talking to him.

With a chuckle, Austin said that Abigail did not understand how he felt. Abigail argued that she was not a child and that she understood what Austin was going through. Abigail told Austin that he was a good person and did not deserve the pain he was experiencing.

"If she can't tell how absolutely amazing you are on her own, how lucky she is to have you, she's crazy," Abigail argued. With a wistful smile on his face, Austin slowly rose to his feed and cradled Abigail's face in his hands. "You are the one that's amazing," Austin said. Curious, Austin asked Abigail why she had stayed with him rather than leaving him alone in his office.

"You needed me," Abigail whispered. "I do. I do need you," Austin said. Encouraged, Abigail grabbed Austin's face and began to kiss him. Stunned, Austin pushed Abigail away and told her the kiss was inappropriate. Shaking her head, Abigail told Austin that it was okay, and then she began to kiss Austin again. Drunk and lonely, Austin gave in to Abigail's advances.

In the loft, Sami threw her wedding photo at the wall behind Rafe, shattering the glass in the frame. "I want you out! I want you out right now!" Sami screeched. Rafe refused to leave until he and Sami talked about the situation. When Rafe told Sami that he loved her, she pulled away angrily.

"You do not get to kiss my sister and then come home and tell me that you love me," Sami yelled. Sami asked Rafe how many times he had kissed Carrie. Shaking his head, Rafe said that he had only kissed Carrie once and that he had made a mistake. Rafe argued that he was not the only one that had made a mistake.

"I catch you kissing my sister and that's my fault?" Sami asked. Rafe argued that he did not blame Sami but that there was emotional distance in their marriage. When Sami argued that Rafe was making excuses, he countered that there was a reason that Sami wanted to rush through their vow renewal ceremony.

"It seemed a little desperate, like you were trying to fix something. Trying to fix us," Rafe said. Rafe added that their relationship had changed when Johnny disappeared. Reluctant to talk about Johnny's disappearance, Sami grew quiet. Rafe asked Sami what had changed and whether Sami had forgiven him for Johnny's disappearance. Defensive, Sami noted that her problem with Rafe was that he had kissed her sister.

When Rafe commented that Sami was pulling away from him, Sami countered that since she had taken her job with Madison, he had been pushing her away. Rafe argued that he hated that Madison had turned Sami into a spy. "Our marriage is in trouble, and both of us need to be willing to fight for it," Rafe said. Sami asked Rafe to explain why he was willing to risk his life with her and the kids by kissing Carrie.

Rafe apologized for hurting Sami and noted that he wanted to work things out. Wiping away tears, Sami thought about her fight with Will over her affair with E.J. "I'll do whatever you want," Rafe said. As Sami stared at her husband's face, she slowly began to back away.

Rafe packed a bag and noted that he would return for the rest of his stuff. "I'm sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am. I love you. I always will," Rafe said. With a sigh, Rafe opened the door and walked out of the apartment. Upset, Sami began to cry and slowly banged her head against the wall in frustration.

At the penthouse, John was surprised to find Bo and Hope at his front door. With a smile, John invited Bo and Hope inside to join him for dinner. Hope solemnly asked if Marlena was home, and John explained that she had stepped out. Bo stated that there was a problem that involved Stefano. Bo informed John about the safe deposit box and that they had made a deal with Stefano to relinquish the evidence Alice had in the box in exchange for the envelope from Stefano.

With a sigh, Hope handed the envelope with the marriage certificate to John. After starting at the certificate, John fell silent. When Hope urged John to talk to her, he asked Hope if she believed the certificate was legitimate. Hope shrugged her shoulders. John noted that even if the certificate were legitimate, it would be easy to annul the marriage and move on with their lives.

Shaking his head, Bo noted that Stefano had warned them that they'd opened Pandora's box when they opened the safety deposit box. Bo argued that since Stefano was involved, the solution would likely be complex.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Austin awoke on the couch in his office, he was startled to find a practically naked Abigail snuggled next to him, her head on his chest. Abigail wished him a good morning, and kissed him happily on the cheek. Austin was obviously in pain from drinking most of a bottle of vodka the night before, so Abigail jumped up to get him some aspirin. Austin averted his eyes, and encouraged her to put some clothes on. As she pulled on her dress, Abigail said that she was happy to have been there for Austin after what Carrie had done to him.

"You were here for me?" Austin asked thickly. "Of course. Austin, I would do anything for you. I kind of thought after last night, you figured that out," Abigail replied. She confessed that she'd had feelings for Austin for a long time, so the previous night had been "like a dream come true." Austin admitted that he didn't remember much except that he'd kissed Abigail. "I'm so sorry, because I feel like such a jerk. We slept together, and I don't even remember it," Austin confessed. Abigail flashed back to undressing for Austin on the couch, but then realizing that he had passed out -- but she did not correct his assumption that they'd had sex.

Austin apologized profusely for taking advantage of Abigail, especially because she had been such a good friend to him. Abigail reassured him that he had not taken advantage of her, and he had nothing to feel sorry about. She enthusiastically asserted that after months of denying their feelings, they could finally be together. "Just one night has changed our whole lives, and I'm so happy," she declared, embracing Austin. Austin reminded her firmly that he was a married man. Abigail pointed out that Carrie had broken her vows first, and then began to leave for class before Austin could officially end things. She suggested that they talk about it more over dinner later, then hurried out.

Carrie unlocked the door to her office, and found Rafe asleep at his desk, his feet up on the desk in an obviously uncomfortable position. Carrie tried to creep back out so as not to wake him, but Rafe called after her. He explained that Sami had asked him to leave, and he hadn't known where else to go. Carrie confided that Austin hadn't returned home the night before, and she had no idea where he was. Rafe tried to reassure her that Austin just needed some time to cool off.

Rafe and Carrie both admitted that they felt terrible about what had happened, and compared notes about how neither of their spouses would listen to their apologies. Rafe confessed that he didn't even understand how they'd ended up kissing. Carrie acknowledged that the problems in her relationship with Austin had begun when they're returned to Salem, although she didn't regret the decision to stay. She had thought that starting her own business would give her plenty of time to spend with the family, but instead, things had gotten complicated.

Rafe suggested that Carrie hire a new investigator, because it wasn't a good idea for them to keep working together. Carrie agreed that it was the right thing to do. Both of them admitted that it wasn't what they wanted, but they had to pay the consequences for the mistake they had made. Carrie asked Rafe what he was going to do. "I'm going to save my marriage. I'm going to try to get Sami to forgive me. I can't lose her," Rafe declared. Carrie asserted that Sami loved Rafe and would be a fool to let him go. Rafe tried to return his key to the office, but Carrie told him to keep it so he could pack his stuff when he was ready. They wished each other luck, and shook hands goodbye.

Abigail returned to Austin's office after her class was cancelled, but he was gone. She spied the nearly empty vodka bottle, and wondered aloud if she should tell Austin the truth.

After Rafe left, Carrie sat down at his desk and put her head in her hands. She remembered the passionate kiss they'd shared, and when she heard the door open again, she assumed that Rafe had returned -- but instead, Austin entered. He apologized for not going home the night before, and for walking out on her when he should have stayed and fought for their marriage -- instead of going to the nearest liquor store. He begged her to forgive him, but Carrie argued that she was the one who should be begging for forgiveness, because she'd kissed another man.

She added that she didn't know how to forgive herself, so she didn't know how Austin could ever forgive her. Austin acknowledged that they had both made mistakes, and Carrie asked what she could do to make up for hers. Austin replied softly, "Just be with me; that's all I ask. I love you so much, Carrie." Carrie echoed his words, and apologized tearfully for losing sight of that. She promised never to let it happen again, and put her arms around Austin. Carrie then informed Austin that she and Rafe would no longer be working together.

Austin asked if she were sure that was what she wanted to do. He assured her that he just wanted her to do what made her happy, even if that meant working with Rafe. Carrie couldn't believe that Austin could be so understanding after what had happened, but she insisted that ending her partnership with Rafe was the best thing for everyone. Austin and Carrie agreed that they wished they could turn back the clock to how things were before they returned to Salem. Carrie divulged that she had spoken to Marlena after Austin had left the night before, and Marlena had helped her to see that even the strongest marriages took daily work.

Austin asserted that they should put their mistakes behind them and make a fresh start. Carrie thanked him for forgiving her, and Austin impulsively suggested that they go on vacation together. Carrie reminded him that he couldn't just take off in the middle of a semester, so he suggested a long weekend instead. "Perfect," Carrie agreed. Just then, Abigail called Austin, but he sent her call to voicemail.

Abigail left Austin a message to let him know that she was available if he wanted to get together. "I can't stop thinking about you. And no matter what happens, I want you to know that last night was really special to me -- so thank you," Abigail added before she hung up.

Rafe left a letter for Sami at the loft after packing some of his things. "I know you're angry with me, and I know I have betrayed your trust, but I promise you, what happened with Carrie was a mistake. I love you. I want you. Nothing has changed that. So I'm going to give you the time you need, but please know that I will never give up on us. I'll do everything I can to make things right. Love always, Rafe," the note read. Rafe left the note in an envelope on the entry table, propped up on one of Johnny's toy helicopters.

Over coffee at the townhouse, John informed Marlena that the two of them weren't legally married -- because he was actually married to Hope. "Damn him!" Marlena cursed Stefano after John had told her the whole story. She was ready to storm out and murder Stefano, but John pointed out that doing so wouldn't solve their problem. Marlena admitted that she was exhausted from Stefano's games. John reassured her that they would get through it, because they had faced tougher challenges before.

Marlena asserted that their family needed them, and declared firmly, "He's never going to control us again." John maintained that they just needed to go on with their lives, and Marlena asked how he could be so calm. He pointed out that if the document were a fake, then they were still married -- but if he were really married to Hope, they would have that marriage annulled, then he and Marlena could have a lavish, memorable wedding. John offered to take Marlena out to breakfast, but she said she had something else in mind first, and kissed him to demonstrate.

Almost as soon as she opened her eyes, Hope looked at the marriage certificate on her nightstand, and began fretting again. She reminded Bo that he wasn't her husband if she were legally married to John, as the certificate stated. Bo firmly reassured her that nothing could ever change how he felt about her. He added that he would hear soon back from a friend who was looking into whether the marriage certificate was authentic.

Bo pointed out the irony of Stefano's attempts to sabotage their relationship, because DiMera had no heart and so would never be able to comprehend how much the two of them loved each other, and therefore would never win. "I have loved you most of my life. Fancy Face, you're the best part of me," Bo declared. Hope kissed him gratefully, tenderly, then Bo growled playfully and pushed her back onto the bed.

After Bo and Hope made love, Hope wondered why Bo's contact hadn't called yet. Bo urged her to be patient, but then she wondered why Stefano couldn't leave them alone. Bo maintained that Stefano was jealous of their happiness.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena left a message for Sami to invite her to lunch later. After she hung up, Marlena admitted to John that she was worried about Carrie and Sami, because she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Bo called John just then, and suggested that the Blacks and the Bradys should all be together when Bo heard back from his contact about the marriage certificate. John said that he and Marlena were at the pub, so Bo agreed to meet there. After Bo hung up, Hope confessed that she wasn't sure she could handle the truth.

When Bo and Hope arrived, Hope apologized to John and Marlena for roping them into the drama of Alice's secret. Marlena pointed out that Stefano was to blame, although Hope couldn't understand what Stefano stood to gain if the marriage certificate turned out to be valid. John and Marlena maintained that Stefano simply liked to torment them all.

Bo's contact called just then, and after speaking with the man briefly, Bo informed the group that the marriage license was legitimate, which meant that John and Hope were married. Hope didn't want to believe it, but Bo continued, "The same records were found in the town clerk's office in Alamainia." John calmly reminded everyone that Stefano had fabricated entirely new lives for Hope and John before, so the marriage certificate could also have been forged.

Hope pointed out that since they'd learned the truth, they could move forward and look into getting the marriage annulled. As they all tried to come to grips with things, Marlena noted, "I don't know why I thought it would be so much easier than this. Stefano put the papers in that safe deposit box, and he thought of that as his trump card. We know Stefano: this isn't over yet."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Brady surprised Madison with a special dinner date. Brady had ordered all of Madison's favorite dishes, and several bottles of her favorite champagne.

Later, Brady admitted that he had planned the date with an ulterior motive in mind. Madison wasn't surprised, and she wondered if Brady was going to try to persuade her to work with him at Basic Black. Brady assured Madison that he wasn't thinking about business at all.

Brady admitted that he had only known Madison for a few months, but he added that he felt like he had known her forever. "When we met, we were both pretty beaten up, huh? A little wary? I mean, for me, I'd pretty much given up on the idea of finding, you know, anyone. Madison, I think about you all the time. I mean, I think about you when I wake up, and I always wake up happy now," Brady said.

"When you know something is's perfect, and you need to act on it, and I just feel like I need to act on it. And I know I haven't known you for that long, but no one's ever made me feel the way you make me feel, and I don't think I'm ever gonna find that again, so...Madison...will you marry me?" Brady asked, as he retrieved an engagement ring from his pocket.

E.J. and Nicole entered the town square, and they realized that Brady had just proposed to Madison. The scene flustered Nicole, and E.J. wondered if she was all right. Meanwhile, Madison hesitantly stated that she had never expected Brady to ask her that question. Brady said that he loved Madison, and Madison embraced him, as she fought back her tears.

Nicole deflected, and she defensively claimed that she didn't want other women to be happy. "She's not going to be happy, sweetheart -- she's marrying Brady," E.J. said with a laugh. Nicole wasn't amused, and she pointed out that Madison seemed happy. E.J. cynically noted that Madison was crying, and he said that was just a preview of what the rest of her life was going to look like.

E.J. and Nicole awkwardly congratulated Madison and Brady. Nicole reminded Brady to change his Facebook status, then she abruptly excused herself. After Nicole and E.J. left, Madison nervously offered Brady some more champagne. Brady pointed out that he was still waiting for an answer.

Madison apologetically informed Brady that she was feeling overwhelmed. Brady assured Madison that she could take her time, but Madison could tell that he was disappointed. Brady acknowledged that he had asked Madison to take a big step, and he noted that they had all of the time in the world. Madison said that she was happy that Brady had proposed, and she promised to give him an answer as soon as possible.

At a nearby table, Nicole stared at Brady and Madison. E.J. offered to take Nicole to another restaurant, but Nicole insisted that she was fine. "Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted that storybook romance -- you know, the thing that only happens in fairy tales, where the prince rides up on his white horse, and he sweeps me off my feet. But that's -- that only happens in childhood fantasies, E.J.," Nicole added with a sigh.

Later, outside of Madison's hotel room, Brady said that he was going to give Madison some privacy, so that she could think about her decision. After Brady left, Madison entered her hotel room, then she closed her eyes and sighed. "Hello, my darling. I've been waiting for you," a handsome, middle-aged man said, as he stepped out of the bathroom. Madison gasped as she stared at the man.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate could tell that Stefano was worried about the envelope. "Let's put a positive spin on it. I know that you're upset, but it's nothing compared to the hell -- the very special hell -- that you have created for Marlena and John, and Bo and Hope. And now, John and Hope are married, and the past is coming back to haunt them," Kate said.

Stefano agreed, and he said that he appreciated Kate's optimism. Stefano added that he had decided that he wasn't going to worry about the contents of Alice's envelope. Stefano changed the subject, and he asked Kate about Countess Wilhelmina. Kate admitted that Sami had managed to think of some good ideas. Stefano wasn't surprised, and he pointed out that Sami was Marlena's daughter, after all.

Later, John, Marlena, Hope, and Bo barged into the mansion. Kate offered to make some popcorn. Stefano pointedly reminded Hope that he had tried to warn her about the contents of the envelope. "Darling, a little delicacy -- can you imagine how devastating the news of this marriage must John?" Kate said. John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope realized that Stefano had already told Kate the truth.

Stefano shrugged, and he pointed out that Kate was his wife. Stefano looked at John and Hope, and he added that honesty was the key to a successful marriage. "Bo is my husband; Marlena is John's wife. That piece of paper is just an annoying technicality, so as soon as we take care of it, it'll be as if it never existed," Hope replied.

Marlena said that John and Hope's involvement was ancient history. "Well, then, if that's the case, there was no reason to lock it up all those years ago. If you really believed that, you wouldn't be here now, would you?" Stefano asked, as he retrieved a few cigars from his desktop humidor. Bo assumed that Stefano was playing another one of his games.

Stefano offered John a cigar. "Have you already forgotten how I tried to convince you and your wife not to open that box? Or...I mean, the woman that you thought was your wife. Well, I'm sure she'll be your wife again, I presume, once you get the marriage she's in now annulled," Stefano told Bo. Kate wondered if Bo and Hope were going to write their own vows for their next marriage.

Stefano cryptically noted that an annulment could lead to other questions. John wondered what Stefano was talking about. "Well, you know something, I really would love to tell you, but I don't think anybody here really cares to hear about it," Stefano coyly stated. Kate gleefully assured Stefano that she couldn't wait to hear about it.

"Well, the discovery that you and Hope were -- are -- married will rekindle Bo's anxiety about you having made love to his wife once, and also rekindle his anger, knowing that it didn't come out too good, you know?" Stefano explained with a laugh. Bo refused to take Stefano's bait. "You're right -- he is a son of a bitch," Bo calmly told John.

"Bo, if you remember, I tried to keep this a secret, so that you would not have to worry that Hope was thinking about John when she was making love to you, and that it wasn't...too good...on your part," Stefano reminded Bo. Marlena assured Stefano that his games weren't going to work. Stefano innocently pointed out that Marlena, John, Bo, and Hope had entered his home, and that he hadn't sought them out.

Kate sarcastically assured everyone that it was always a pleasure to see them at the mansion. Stefano claimed that he didn't want to hurt Marlena. Stefano delicately suggested that John and Hope had gotten married because they had wanted to get married. Marlena laughed, and she reiterated that Stefano's games weren't going to work.

"I think it already is working, and I think that you, as a professional, know better, because I can't make them get married...unless it's something that they really want to do," Stefano said. John noted that Stefano would stop at nothing to destroy John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope's lives, because Stefano didn't want them to be happy. Hope agreed, and she said that she wasn't going to fall for Stefano's tricks.

Kate noted that everyone seemed quite eager to convince Stefano that they were not concerned about the situation. Stefano pointed out that Marlena was the exception. "You have decided that you do not want to be bothered that your beloved John took, uh...well, sacred vows with Hope, and then went through an entire marriage ceremony with you shortly after," Stefano observed.

Bo insisted that John and Hope had never known about the marriage. Stefano wondered if Hope and John would have told Bo and Marlena the truth if they had known. John shook his head, and he suggested that it was time to leave. Hope muttered that it had been a waste of time to go to the mansion.

"Oh, au contraire, I'm enjoying this so much, you know? And it really is very moving that you are taking well. I mean, that you're all thinking, like, 'Oh, what the hell? I mean, there's nothing to worry about,'" Stefano said. John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope turned to leave, and Marlena noted that Stefano had confirmed their suspicions.

Stefano wondered what Marlena meant. "The situation is exactly what we thought it was -- it's a sad old man who wants to feel powerful again, so he is revisiting what he thinks are some of his past triumphs. Oh, Kate...this is just so sad," Marlena said with a sigh. Stefano congratulated Marlena on her performance, and he admitted that he had almost believed her.

"Hey, Stefano -- did you open the envelope? Did you find out what Alice has on you?" Marlena asked. John wondered if Marlena really expected Stefano to answer that question. Hope suggested that Stefano would never tell anyone the answer to that question. Hope knowingly added that the contents of the envelope would haunt Stefano for the rest of his life.

Stefano chuckled, and he watched as John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope exited the mansion. Kate said that Stefano had been magnificent. "I'm always so impressed with the way you stay one step ahead of your enemies -- especially someone like John, who was, at one time, a formidable opponent," Kate added.

"At the end, they tried to put up a good front, you know? But I really think by the time they left, they were really shaken, okay? Yes, indeed...and you know, this is just the beginning, because there's more -- much more -- to come that they don't know anything about. See, the road to that annulment is fraught with peril, and...well, who knows? By the time they get it, maybe they won't even want it," Stefano said.

Kate realized that was all that Stefano was going to tell her. Stefano teased that Kate would just have to stay tuned to find out more. Kate agreed, then she left to see if the chef was ready to serve dinner. After Kate left, Stefano's smile vanished, and it was clear that something was bothering him. Later, Stefano stared at the envelope, and he recalled Hope's earlier prediction that Alice's secret would haunt him forever.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, John received a phone call. John ended the call with a heavy sigh, and he told Marlena, Bo, and Hope that things weren't going to be as easy as they had hoped.

Friday, February 10, 2012

When Abigail ran into Melanie outside the Brady Pub, Abigail asked if Melanie could join her for a cup of coffee. Melanie eagerly agreed. Once they were inside, Abigail said that she wanted to talk about their friendship, and how she'd acted when she'd found out about Melanie and Chad. Melanie reiterated that nothing was going on between her and Chad, and that she had always put her friendship with Abigail first. Abigail interrupted, and stated that she had finally realized that Melanie would never have crossed that line with Chad.

Abigail admitted that she had been unfair, and she hoped Melanie could forgive her. Melanie happily declared that there was nothing to forgive. Abigail reassured Melanie that she wasn't just making nice so they could model together for Mad World; she emphasized that she had missed Melanie. Melanie acknowledged that she had missed Abigail, too, and then asked what was going on in Abigail's life. Abigail confessed that something amazing had happened with the mystery guy she'd told Melanie about, and Abigail thought he could be "the one."

Abigail continued that things with the new guy were easy and natural, and the more time she spent with him, the more she realized what a good relationship was supposed to be like. "And what Chad and I had never was," Abigail admitted, and then added, "I know this is going to sound kind of weird, but I've been thinking a lot about you two lately, and I think you would make a great couple." Melanie was stunned into virtual silence, but a beaming Abigail insisted that she would be happy for Chad and Melanie if they wanted to be together.

Abigail repeated how sorry she was for giving Melanie and Chad such a hard time. Melanie assured Abigail that it was already forgotten. She confessed that she'd never had a best friend before, and she wasn't sure she even deserved one, but she was glad that they had worked through everything. Abigail reached across the table took Melanie's hand, and held it tightly. Melanie then announced that they had to let Madison know that they were ready to model for Mad World. Abigail confessed that she and her mom had gotten into a huge fight about the modeling job, because Jennifer thought that Abigail should be focusing on school.

Melanie acknowledged that she didn't want it to damage Jennifer and Abigail's relationship. Suddenly, Abigail changed her mind, and declared that she wanted the job very much. That made Melanie very happy. Abigail then said that she was supposed to meet her guy for dinner, but she hadn't heard back from him -- so she was going to be proactive and look for him. Melanie wanted to help, obviously so she could meet him, but Abigail declined. "You'll meet him soon; I promise... just have some small stuff to figure out first," Abigail assured Melanie.

At the loft, Sami was staring miserably into space as Will announced that he'd finished packing the last of his things. Sami pleaded with him not to move out, and to stay so that they could work things out. Will declared that he didn't want to work things out, because no matter what she said, he would never forgive her for sleeping with E.J.

Will grabbed his box of stuff and started to head out, but Sami stood between him and the door and refused to let him leave until they'd talked. Exasperated, Will professed that he hated Sami and what she'd done to their family. Sami admitted that she hated it too, but she knew she could make it right if Will would just give her a chance. "Like when you gave Grandma a chance?" Will asked snidely.

Just then, Rafe knocked softly on the door. When Sami opened it, Rafe apologetically explained that he'd left his cell phone charger behind, and asked if he could go into the bedroom to get it. Will asked why Rafe was requesting permission to enter his own home. Realizing that Sami hadn't told the kids, Rafe explained, "Will, your mother and I are going through a little bit of a rough patch right now, so to make things easier on everyone, I decided to move out." Stunned, Will turned to Sami and asked, "Oh, my God. You told him about E.J.?"

Rafe said that he had no idea what Will was talking about. Sami covered that Will was moving into his own apartment, which E.J. was paying for, and she and Will had just been discussing how Rafe would likely hate the idea. Will admitted that his mom was telling the truth, but she had left out some crucial details. As if to torture his mom, Will seemed poised to tell Rafe that Sami had slept with E.J., but then claimed that he had earned the apartment by working hard for E.J.'s campaign.

Rafe warned Will not to trust E.J. Will then wanted to know why Rafe had moved out. Rafe explained, "I messed up big-time. I hurt your mother. I betrayed her trust, and because of that, she has asked me for some space, so I've given it to her." Will expressed his astonishment and disbelief that Sami had kicked Rafe out after everything she had done. Sami just clenched her jaw and rolled her eyes guiltily. Rafe accepted full responsibility for what had happened.

Sami asked to speak to Will alone, so Rafe went to the bedroom to get his charger. "You cheated on him, and then you kicked him out?" Will hissed incredulously. Whispering, Sami informed Will that she had walked in on Rafe and Carrie kissing. Will angrily pointed out, "You kicked him out over a kiss, Mom? You had sex with the devil!" Sami argued that she didn't have feelings for E.J., and she felt sick about what she'd done -- but there was obviously something going on between Rafe and Carrie. Will spat that whatever Rafe had done could never be as "low and disgusting" as what Sami had done with E.J.

Rafe returned to the room then. Will declared that Rafe did not deserve how Sami was treating him, when there were worse things that could have happened than Rafe kissing Carrie. Rafe quietly insisted that Sami had every right to be angry with him, because she'd trusted him, and he'd broken her heart. He promised Sami that nothing like that would ever happen again, and asked if she'd read his letter. When Sami replied that she had, he reiterated his vow not to give up on their marriage. "I quit my job. I'm not working with Carrie anymore," Rafe informed Sami. He asked what he could do, and Sami quietly asked him to leave. Rafe agreed, then told Sami that he loved her, and left.

"I can't believe what just happened here. You just made a completely innocent man feel like crap. You are sick!" a disgusted Will pronounced. He picked up his box and left, slamming the door behind him.

A dejected Sami was rereading Rafe's letter when Johnny suddenly ran out of the bedroom. "Mommy, Mommy! There's a monster in my room!" Johnny cried, jumping into Sami's lap. Sami hugged him tightly, but tried to reassure Johnny that he'd just had a nightmare. Johnny wanted Rafe to make the monster go away. Sami reluctantly informed him that Rafe wasn't there, but Mommy would make it all better. "But I want Rafe!" Johnny exclaimed. "I know, sweetie. Me too."

Rafe was hunched over a beer at the Brady Pub bar when Will found him a little later. Will pulled up a stool next to Rafe, and apologized for Sami kicking Rafe out. Rafe said that he'd deserved it. "No, you didn't, especially after everything she's done to you," Will asserted. Rafe noted, "You keep saying that. Your mom keeps saying that. I'm beginning to think that there's something that you're not telling me. I don't think that she was upset about my kiss with Carrie. My gut tells me something else is going on -- and you know what it is." He implored Will, "If you know something, tell me. Please."

Carrie arrived at the townhouse, where John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope were waiting for her. Apologizing that she didn't have better news, Carrie informed the group that after speaking to a lawyer in Alamainia, she'd learned that John and Hope could not legally have their marriage annulled. Everyone wanted to know why, and Carrie explained that the marriage had been consummated.

Hope pointed out that she and John had been brainwashed and hadn't known what they'd been doing, but Carrie didn't think that reason would work on a judge in Alamainia. Bo suggested that John and Hope simply lie about consummating the marriage. Marlena maintained that Stefano would surely find out, and would make sure to set the record straight in Alamainia. Carrie then stated that John and Hope could file for divorce -- but of course, there was a catch.

Carrie explained that the country's very strict laws prevented anyone from filing the paperwork long distance; they would have to go to Alamainia and file for divorce in person. Like all divorcing couples, John and Hope would have to stay in the country during the judge's review of the case -- which would take a minimum of two weeks. Bo grumpily asked why they didn't just try to forget it had ever happened. Carrie pointed out that they might run into all sorts of legal complications in the future. "So, let's get this thing handled, the sooner, the better -- before it's too late," Marlena declared.

Later, Marlena privately asked Carrie how she was. Carrie replied that after a long talk, she and Austin had decided to try to make things work. Marlena was pleased, but asked, "And what about your feelings for Rafe?" Carrie stated that her feelings for Rafe had been a mistake, and the two of them had decided that it was best not to work together anymore. Bo overheard the last part of what Carrie had said, and admitted that he was disappointed, because he and Hope had been looking forward to working with Rafe and Carrie.

After Carrie had gone, John emerged from the bedroom and announced that he'd managed to rearrange his schedule. The foursome agreed that they didn't have much of a choice about what to do. "All right; it's settled, then: we're going to Alamainia," John declared grimly.

After Brady kissed Madison goodnight at her hotel room door, she closed the door behind her with a sigh. Suddenly a distinguished, gray-haired man greeted her: "Hello, my darling. I've been waiting for you." Startled, Madison quietly demanded, "Ian, what are you doing here?" Ian noted that Madison didn't seem happy to see him, and asked for a hug. Madison managed a weak smile, and stiffly accepted his embrace. Her eyes darting warily, she then asked why Ian hadn't told her that he was going to be in Salem.

Ian declared that he had missed her -- plus he hadn't wanted to spoil the surprise. Noting that he had to be tired from his trip, Madison offered to go pick up some takeout. Ian grabbed her by the arm to stop her, and she flinched reflexively. "Don't you be a silly girl. You're not going anywhere," Ian growled in his British-sounding accent. He then asked what was new with Madison. Visibly trembling, Madison replied defiantly Ian knew everything about her -- specifically, that she did nothing but work.

Ian asked if Victor Kiriakis had found a new CEO after Madison had turned him down. Madison didn't think so, but added that she had really wanted the job. Ian stated firmly that he had made Madison decline the offer because it was in her best interest, and then added, "Trust me. If you do exactly as I say, you won't get in trouble." A tentative Madison thanked Ian for everything he had done for her over the years, but cautiously suggested that perhaps it was time for her to make her own decisions. Ian remarked that there was something different about Madison, and noticed that she'd changed her hair.

Madison stated that she was exhausted and wanted to turn in early, and hinted that Ian should leave. Ian seemed to agree, but then asked why Madison had been speaking to a man in the hall. Clearly terrified, Madison feebly insisted that it had been a business associate. Ian didn't buy it, pointing out how dressed up Madison was. "Come on; would I lie to you?" Madison asked uncomfortably. "I hope not. You know, you're an intelligent woman who wouldn't make such a stupid mistake -- would you?" Ian sternly demanded.

In Horton Square, Austin read a text message from Abigail, asking him if they were still on for dinner that night. "What the hell am I going to do?" he muttered to himself. Brady found Austin brooding by the fire a little later. Brady announced that he was in the mood to celebrate, and asked Austin to join him for a drink. "I kind of just proposed to the most amazing woman in the world," Brady explained, but quickly clarified that Madison hadn't accepted yet -- although he was certain that she would.

After they'd each gotten a beer, the men toasted to the future. Austin asked what Brady would do if Madison said "no." Brady explained that Madison was the kind of woman always weighed every single thing before making a big decision. Austin confessed somewhat dourly that he shouldn't question Brady about Madison, because he and Carrie were having problems. Brady was surprised, but sure that Austin and Carrie, the "super-couple," would work things out. Austin acknowledged that all couples had their ups and downs, and he was sure that after he took care of a few things, his marriage would be great again.

Brady then enthusiastically described all the things he loved about Madison, and added, "We've only known each other a couple of months, but I know that she's the one." Austin suggested that if Brady wanted Madison to make a decision more quickly, he should go tell her in person what he'd just told Austin. Brady agreed that it was a great idea, and quickly tossed some money on the table for the beers. Austin wished Brady luck as Brady left for Madison's hotel.

Carrie then joined Austin. She said that she was glad that he'd called, because she'd spent all day researching how to dissolve John and Hope's marriage. Carrie then declared guiltily, "I don't want to end up there, Austin. I don't want our marriage to be ruined because of what I did." Austin firmly reassured her that it wasn't ruined; they just had to keep working at it. Carrie was amazed but grateful that Austin was able to forgive her.

Austin reminded her that they had both made mistakes -- and they had agreed to make a fresh start. Carrie stated that she was glad that everything was out in the open, and there were no secrets between them, so they could put everything into making their marriage work. Austin asked Carrie how she would feel about moving back to Zurich. He explained that they had been happy there, and pointed out that they had fought more since returning to Salem than they had in their entire relationship.

Austin continued that the decision was completely up to Carrie as to what to do about her company, but since Rafe had quit, Austin thought it might be easier for Carrie to give it up -- although he didn't want to pressure her into doing something she didn't want to. Carrie tentatively agreed, "Maybe we should do it. I don't want to jump into anything, but it could be really good for us." Austin excitedly declared that he loved Carrie, and pulled her chair closer so he could kiss her. Abigail arrived just then, but stopped in shock when she saw Austin and Carrie kissing.

Madison begged Ian to let her get some sleep, and they could continue their discussion in the morning. Ian refused, and demanded to know why she was lying to him about to whom she'd been talking. "I think you found some local Joe to worm his way into your heart, maybe into your bed," Ian accused her. As he moved toward her menacingly, Madison backed away from him. "Have you found someone to warm your bed? Answer me, damn it!" Ian demanded.

A knock on the door interrupted them, and Ian answered it. In the hallway, Brady stated apologetically that he had the wrong room, then checked the number on the door. "I actually do have the right room. Is Madison here?" Brady asked, puzzled. While Madison watched from the couch with obvious dread, Ian graciously invited Brady in, and announced, "Someone here to see you, darling." Brady was taken aback by the word "darling," and asked who Ian was. Ian replied, "Where are my manners? Please forgive me." Extending his hand to Brady, Ian introduced himself, "My name is Ian -- Madison's husband."

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