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Monday, February 27, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Nicole was surprised to see that Daniel had returned to Salem. Daniel wondered if Nicole was all right. Nicole admitted that she was having the worst night of her life.

Nicole assured Daniel that she would be able to handle the situation on her own. Daniel agreed, but he added that Nicole didn't have to deal with the problem on her own. Nicole pointed out that she and Daniel weren't exactly friends, and she guessed that he didn't really want to hear about her pathetic life.

Daniel said that he had spent the past three weeks contemplating his own pathetic life, and that he could use a change of pace. Nicole politely declined Daniel's offer, then she excused herself. Nicole stumbled as she stood up, and she grabbed the back of her chair to brace herself. Daniel rushed over to check on Nicole, and she fainted in his arms.

Later, at the hospital, Daniel explained that Nicole had fainted, and that he had asked the lab to do a few tests. Nicole insisted that she was fine, and that she was just emotionally exhausted. Nicole tried to get out of her hospital bed, but Daniel stopped her. Daniel offered to call someone, but Nicole reiterated that she could take care of herself. Nicole added that relying on other people was a mistake.

Daniel offered to stay with Nicole. Nicole was confused, and she said that she had been under the impression that Daniel had only tolerated her because she was Chloe's friend. Daniel clarified that he had never had a problem with Nicole. Daniel added that he just didn't like the other people in Nicole's circle of friends. Nicole nodded, and she admitted that she should have learned her lesson earlier.

Daniel assumed that E.J. had upset Nicole, and he reiterated that he was willing to listen. "It's the same old, stupid story. E.J. made me fall in love with him, and then he broke my heart in the worst -- and I mean worst -- possible way," Nicole said. Nicole admitted that she wasn't sure why she had agreed to get involved with E.J. again. Nicole recalled that she had been apprehensive about the idea from the very beginning.

Nicole explained that E.J. had cheated on her again, and that he had lied about it for months. Daniel was sympathetic, but Nicole blamed herself for letting E.J. back into her life in the first place. Nicole said that she was never going to have a fairy tale romance, and she insisted that she had always been able to accept that fact in the past.

"E.J. -- he made me believe that I could have that kind of love, that kind of happiness...and when I actually started to think that I could have everything, he snatched it out from under me. I hate him, Daniel. I hate E.J. for what he did to me. I hate myself, for letting him in, and letting him do this to me! Why am I so stupid? How could I let him do it to me? I'm so sick of it. I hate him so much," Nicole shouted, as she broke down in Daniel's arms.

Daniel comforted Nicole, and he said that he understood what she was going through. Nicole thanked Daniel for his support. Nicole added that she was ready to check out of the hospital, so that she could rent a hotel room and get some rest. Daniel nodded, and he said that he would check with the lab to see if Nicole's test results were ready. After Daniel left, Nicole started to sob.

Later, Daniel returned with Nicole's test results. Nicole noticed the look on Daniel's face, and she wondered what was wrong. Daniel assured Nicole that she was fine. Daniel added that he just wasn't sure how Nicole would feel about the news, after everything that had happened that night. "You're pregnant," Daniel announced.

In Rafe and Carrie's office, Carrie urged Rafe to tell her why he was upset, so Rafe quickly explained the situation. Carrie was shocked that Sami had cheated on Rafe, and she recalled that Sami had always sworn that she would never repeat Marlena's mistakes. Carrie insisted that Sami would not have made that mistake if she had been in the right state of mind.

Rafe wondered why Carrie was trying to justify Sami's actions. Carrie explained that she was just trying to understand the situation. Carrie insisted that Sami loved Rafe, and that Sami despised E.J. Carrie's comments failed to comfort Rafe, and he bitterly stated that his entire marriage had been a lie. Carrie was determined to help Rafe, so she urged him to follow her.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Carrie treated Rafe to some clam chowder. Carrie explained that Caroline's clam chowder was the best medicine, and she added that it was usually served with a side of advice. Carrie wondered if Rafe was aware that Caroline and Victor had once had an affair. Rafe nodded, and he said that was how Victor had turned out to be Bo's father.

"Sami may not have told you this part, but my grandma kept it from my grandpa for a very long time -- in fact, until Bo was completely grown up. I was just a little kid when it happened, but I will never forget how hurt and angry he was. But in the end, they didn't just work things out -- he not only said that he forgave her, he really and truly did, and they had many more happy years together because of it," Carrie explained.

Rafe wondered if Carrie was suggesting that he needed to forgive Sami. "I'm saying that marriage is a commitment, and it's one of the most important things you'll do in your life. And sometimes it feels like it would be easy to just walk away, but if you stick with it and tough it out, it's worth it in the end," Carrie said.

Rafe wondered if that meant that Carrie and Austin had decided to try to work things out. Carrie nodded, and she explained that she and Austin had been planning a romantic getaway together. Carrie wondered if Rafe would ever be able to forgive Sami. Rafe shrugged, and he said that Sami would have to regain his trust first. Rafe admitted that he wasn't sure if Sami would ever be able to do that.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Sami barged in, and she demanded to know why Marlena had told Rafe that Sami and E.J. had slept together. Before Marlena could answer, Sami realized that Will was also in the townhouse. Marlena said that she didn't know what Sami was talking about. Sami explained that Rafe had learned the truth, and that he was never going to forgive her.

Sami refused to believe that Marlena was innocent, and she insisted that Marlena had ruined her marriage. Marlena reiterated that she had not told Rafe about Sami's secret, and Will assured Sami that he hadn't, either. Marlena suggested that it would be good to have everything out in the open, so that Sami and Rafe could start the healing process.

Sami insisted that Rafe wasn't going to forgive her, and she continued to believe that Marlena had told Rafe the truth. "Excuse me, Mom? Grandma just told you that she didn't tell Rafe, so she didn't tell Rafe, okay? She's not the liar in this family -- that's you," Will said. Sami said that Will didn't know what Marlena was capable of, or how many times Marlena had destroyed Sami's life.

"What are you talking about? Seriously, what are you talking about? Grandma didn't make you have sex with E.J. -- I think you did that on your own. Seriously, stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes!" Will firmly stated. Marlena urged Will to calm down. Will said that it was hard to stay calm when he was around Sami, and he started to leave.

Marlena stopped Will, and she noted that they had been in the middle of an important conversation. "I'm sorry I interrupted your important, private conversation. I would advise you, though, Will -- you keep confiding in her, you never know what she's capable of, and keep in mind that she did just destroy our family," Sami said.

"Sami...if you can't take responsibility for your own actions, then for once in your life, please stop talking!" Marlena shouted, then she quickly turned her attention back to Will. Marlena urged Will to stay so that they could finish their conversation. Will said that he couldn't talk to Marlena while Sami was around, because Sami had a habit of making everything about herself. Will abruptly exited the townhouse.

After Will left, Marlena said that she was worried about him, and that he was in a lot of pain. Sami assumed that Marlena was talking about what Will had witnessed at the DiMera mansion, and she defensively stated that she knew exactly what Will was going through. "That's not what I was talking about, but yes -- he is in pain over what he saw you doing, but right now, he's got much bigger things on his mind," Marlena said.

Sami wondered what Marlena was talking about. Marlena refused to betray Will's confidence. Sami said that Marlena should have thought about that before she had revealed Sami's secret to Rafe. "Now, stop it! Just stop that. Can't you see that your son is going through hell? Can you just stop being so self-absorbed for a moment, and maybe be there for your son? Be there for him for once!" Marlena snapped.

Sami insisted that she had tried to get Will to open up to her, and that he had refused. "And it is not just because he hates me for what I have done. It's because of you, because he knows he has you -- you he can rely on, and he doesn't need me," Sami added.

"He doesn't rely on you, Sami, because he doesn't think that he can. For years, Will has been the parent in this relationship. He's had to look out for you. He does that because he loves you so much, but maybe now, you can start looking out for Will. Maybe now, you can be the parent that he deserves," Marlena suggested.

Sami impatiently conceded that she was a terrible mother, and she demanded to know what was going on with Will. Marlena shook her head and remained silent, and Sami sighed with frustration. Sami theorized that Marlena enjoyed knowing something about Will that Sami didn't know. Marlena said that Sami was wrong, and that she would love to see Sami and Will reconcile.

"Sami, you're his mother. You've known him since the day he was born. Are you saying that you haven't seen signs of what's going on with Will? Not at all?" Marlena gently asked. Sami seemed confused. "He's mad at me for what I did, and he's been acting out because of it,, he's a great kid, he's a good student, he works hard, he's a wonderful big there something wrong with him? Is he gonna be okay?" Sami tearfully asked, as the severity of the situation started to sink in.

Marlena said that she believed that Will would be fine. Sami paid attention to the way that Marlena had worded her response, and she realized that Marlena wasn't certain that Will would be all right. Marlena said that she was certain that Will was going to need his mother's support.

Sami shook her head incredulously, and she wondered if she had entered some sort of alternate universe. Sami noted that Marlena had been gone for the past three years, and that she was trying to give Sami advice about being a supportive mother. Sami insisted that Marlena didn't even know what Sami's life had been like lately.

"Stop right there -- I do know. Do you know what my life has been like? Do you care? Look, I know that I've hurt you in the past, but you are a grown woman -- start acting like one," Marlena said. Sami told Marlena to stop judging her. Sami added that her life was falling apart, and that she might lose Rafe.

Marlena said that she hoped that Sami wouldn't lose Rafe. Marlena bluntly added that if Sami did lose Rafe, then she would only have herself to blame. Marlena said that Sami had two choices -- she could continue to wallow in self-pity and blame everyone else for her misery, or she could take responsibility for her actions, and start to put her life back together.

Sami said that she was sick of listening to Marlena's lectures. Sami defiantly stated that she was going to put her family back together, and that Marlena wouldn't be included in Sami's family. Sami stormed out of the townhouse, and Marlena nodded knowingly as Sami slammed the door behind her.

At the Horton Town Square, Sonny was relieved to see Will, and he wondered where Will had gone earlier. Will explained that he had gone to talk to Marlena. Will added that he had told Marlena that he had kissed a guy earlier. Will admitted that his announcement had not surprised Marlena. Sonny was pleased to hear that, and he wondered what else had happened. Will quickly finished recapping the events of the previous few hours.

Sonny wondered how Rafe had learned the truth. Will shrugged, and he admitted that he wasn't sure. Sonny assured Will that he hadn't said anything to Rafe. Will immediately responded that he trusted Sonny, and that he had never suspected that Sonny might have told Rafe the truth.

Sonny said that he was sorry that Rafe had learned the truth. Sonny said that he understood that Will wanted to keep his family together, for the sake of his siblings. Sonny noted that the good news was that Will didn't have to carry that burden around anymore. Sonny started to say that a second burden had been lifted, since Will had told Marlena that he was gay, but Will quickly interrupted Sonny.

"Wait, wait -- I didn't say that I came out. Sonny, just 'cause I kissed a guy doesn't automatically mean that I'm gay," Will defensively stated. Sonny apologized, and he said that he wasn't trying to push Will. Sonny added that he had just assumed that Will had figured everything out for himself. Will shook his head.

"I've been fighting these feelings for so long...and I thought -- or, like, I hoped -- that, um...that, in time, they would go away, and now I'm afraid that they're not ever going to go away. I'm scared. I have no idea what to do," Will tearfully admitted. Sonny assured Will that everything was going to be all right. Will said that he wasn't ready to accept that he was gay, because that wasn't how he had planned for his life to turn out.

Sonny assured Will that no one had ever planned to be gay, and he said that was just the hand that Will had been dealt. "Well, even if I, or whatever, I can't -- honestly, I don't think I can accept that. I keep thinking about, you know, how my family will react, and I can't stand the thought of them rejecting me," Will admitted.

Sonny noted that Marlena seemed fine with the idea. Will said that Marlena was a psychiatrist, and that she was paid to be understanding. Will insisted that the rest of his family wouldn't be as understanding.

"My other grandma, Kate? She thought my dad was messing up his life, and she paid Nicole five million dollars to marry him, so what is she gonna do to me, huh? And my grandpa Roman? Having a gay grandson -- I can just see how that's gonna go down at the police station. I can't forget about my parents, either. Having to face my dad...and my mom? I mean, you know how well she takes things, right? She's gonna make this all about herself. I can't help it, but I still care about what she thinks," Will tearfully stated.

Sonny said that Will was getting ahead of himself, and he urged Will to take things one step at a time. Sonny suggested that Sami might surprise Will, and that everyone else might, too. "I don't want to take that chance. I can't stand, like, the thought of them turning their back on me, just because of who I am. They're all messed up in some way, but they're the only family I've got, so I don't want to lose them," Will said.

Sonny said that he had struggled with the same doubts and fears before he had decided to tell his family the truth. Sonny promised that things would get easier as soon as Will decided to take that step, and to stop worrying about how everyone else was going to react. Sonny said that he knew that Will was scared, and he added that he had been scared, too.

Sonny said that the first step was going to be for Will to admit the truth to himself. Sonny wondered if Will was ready to do that. "If I tell people what I think is true, there's no going back -- my life is changed forever, and I'm afraid that's going to mean giving up so many dreams that I had of the way my life was supposed to be," Will admitted.

"Look, I won't lie -- you're gonna be facing a lot of challenges that you didn't think you had to face, all right? But it's better than living a lie, and it's better than living with this torment the rest of your life, all right? Trust me. You know how we're reading the book The Picture of Dorian Gray in English class? If you don't wanna listen to me, listen to Oscar Wilde. 'The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly -- that is what we're all here for.' You're not gonna be happy if you don't just accept who you are, all right? You're always gonna feel stuck, and you're always gonna feel trapped," Sonny said.

Will admitted that he didn't think that he was strong enough to accept the truth. Sonny insisted that Will was strong enough, and he promised that he would always be there to help Will. "But I don't even know for sure if I' know," Will said, as he laughed nervously.

Sonny theorized that Will was certain, and that he just had to be courageous enough to accept the truth.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In her hotel room, Madison looked at pictures of herself and Brady. Ian walked in and greeted her. He complimented her on her sparring efforts with Kate. Madison was visibly upset and sarcastically remarked about the joys of upsetting other people. She told Ian that she couldn't do it anymore. She said that she wasn't as tough as nails, like he wanted her to be.

Ian saw the pictures that Madison was looking at, then pushed her to tell him what was really bothering her. Madison said that if he really cared about her, he wouldn't have taken the job of CEO at Titan. She accused him of advising her to turn down the job so that he could have it for himself. Ian hoped that someday Madison would understand why he had done what he had, but that he didn't think the conversation was about the job -- it was about her feelings. Then, Madison asked Ian to let her go.

Ian responded that he had saved her life, started her company, and taught her how to be strong and tough. Madison said that she was grateful, but that she felt more like an acquisition than a wife. Madison said that her life had changed and they didn't want the same things anymore. She said that they didn't belong together. Ian asked Madison if she'd fallen in love with Brady Black.

Madison apologized, but confirmed that she was in love with Brady. Madison said that she didn't plan it, but she'd never felt love like that before. Madison said that Brady was her soul mate, her equal. Ian said that he saw that Brady loved her back and asked why Madison hadn't told Brady about the marriage from the beginning. Madison said that the reason didn't matter anymore, because she had a real chance with Brady.

Ian confessed that he knew that Madison had changed, and that he could hear it in her voice. Ian said that the way she felt was the way he had once felt for her. Madison said that they would both be happier once Ian found someone to love him the way Brady loved her. However, Ian said that he wasn't going to let Madison go, especially not to Brady. Ian said that he wasn't divorcing Madison, not then, not ever. He told her to get dressed for dinner.

At the pub, Jennifer watched a distraught Abe drink away his sorrow about the election results. Jennifer said that she was worried about him, but Abe lamented that he had nothing left.

Bo arrived, and Kayla asked him to talk to Abe. Bo sat down to talk to Abe while Jennifer went to get Abe some coffee. Abe suggested that they share a drink instead. When E.J. walked up to the table to talk to Bo, Abe tried to start a fight with E.J. Kayla kicked E.J. out of the pub.

Bo stopped Abe from attacking E.J. Then, Bo told Abe to start some damage control. Abe asked Bo if Bo thought that Abe had tampered with the election results. Bo said no. However, Bo pointed out that the D.A. could win some points with the new mayor by going after "corruption" surrounding Abe.

Abe confessed to Bo that Abe had gotten the debate questions ahead of time and had gotten wrong ones sent to E.J. Bo smiled, but then realized that was why Lexie was so upset with Abe. Bo asked why Abe had cheated. Abe said that it had gotten personal and he had been fed up, so he had decided to fight fire with fire. Abe said the worst part had been lying to Lexie.

Abe apologized to Kayla for his behavior. Kayla said Abe was hardly the first person to be driven to drink by the DiMeras, and that Stefano was still trying to mess with Bo and Hope. Abe asked Bo if Hope regretted opening the envelope. Bo said that they'd felt like Alice had been leading them to open the envelope. Kayla said that both DiMeras -- E.J. and Stefano -- should be dealt with the same way.

Bo lamented that doing his job wasn't going to be easy with E.J. as the mayor. Kayla pointed out that when E.J. became mayor, he would have to follow more rule than he was used to. Bo and Abe agreed. Bo said that he had a plan to work together and help the citizens of Salem.

Meanwhile, Jennifer got a phone call and rushed out of the pub. She went to the hospital where she ran into Daniel and told him that it was good to see him. Jennifer was surprised that Daniel hadn't called her and told her that he was back. Daniel said that he hadn't had a chance to call.

Jennifer asked if Daniel had called Melanie or Maggie. He said he had. Jennifer asked if he was avoiding her then. Daniel said that they agreed to step back and be friends.

Daniel asked how Jack was and mentioned that he didn't want to get in the way of a Jack/Jen reunion. Jennifer was surprised with his question and told Daniel that he had nothing to worry about when it came to Jack. Jennifer said that Jack had had one of his epiphanies and had realized that the two of them weren't good together. Jennifer said that she agreed with him.

Daniel said that he had to get back to work. They hugged awkwardly and Jennifer walked towards the door. Just before she left, she asked him if everything was okay. Daniel confirmed that everything was fine. Jennifer and Daniel both looked upset as she closed the door.

At the hospital, Nicole was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. She said that the test results were wrong because she was told that she couldn't get pregnant. Daniel said that he'd run the tests again, but the human body could change. Nicole said that she couldn't accept the "miracle baby." Daniel asked if it was because of E.J.

Daniel got distracted for a second, reading something on Nicole's chart, but then got back into conversation with Nicole. She told him that having a baby with E.J. was not a good idea for her because after she lost her first baby with E.J., she had never given herself a chance to grieve, and she had made life hell for a bunch of people, including E.J., Sami, Rafe, and Brady.

Nicole knew that the chances of carrying a baby to term were very slim for her, and she wanted Daniel to run the test again. Daniel hugged her and said that it was going to be okay. Daniel said that he'd personally re-run the tests as long as Nicole promised to relax. He left to go to the lab.

Just then, E.J. entered Nicole's room and asked her if she was okay. Nicole said that she was there because of what he had done to her. She said that her reaction to the news about E.J.'s affair had made her feel sick. She said that his connection to Sami trumped everything. E.J. apologized again, but Nicole was not able to accept that he had kept it a secret. E.J. said that what had happened with Sami had not happened out of love. Nicole said that she knew in her heart that she couldn't ever trust him again, and she wanted nothing to do with him.

E.J. said that he knew what he had done was horrific and that he should have told her about it. Nicole said he was right because she could have walked out right then and there and saved herself a whole lot of grief. Nicole was upset most because in his hour of grief, he had turned to Sami. Nicole said that she knew what it felt like to lose a child, but everything she had done after it happened to her had been to hold on to E.J. In her grief, she had turned her attention towards him. In his grief, he had turned to Sami. E.J. asked if there was anything he could do to make it up to her. Nicole said no and announced that they were through.

E.J. said that he knew she was angry and hurt, but he also knew that she still loved him. He was going to find a way to prove to her that what had happened with Sami meant nothing. Nicole repeated that they were through. E.J. said that they were supposed to be together. Nicole accused him of dubbing something that he wanted as something that was "supposed to be."

E.J. said that he had asked Nicole to marry him because he loved her, not because he felt guilty. He wanted to put the affair behind them and look into the future, towards them having a family. Nicole turned her head and cried.

E.J. tried to convince Nicole to think about how happy they could be. Nicole said that she had been a fool to think that she could be a part of his world and his family. Then, she told him to leave. Before he could leave, Daniel walked in and announced that he had her test results. E.J. wanted to know what test results.

Nicole covered saying that she had passed out from the stress, and Daniel had run some tests. Daniel said that he couldn't break patient-doctor confidentiality and tell E.J. the results of her tests. After E.J. left, Daniel told Nicole that she was, indeed, pregnant.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Madison showed up at the Kiriakis mansion by pretending to be someone with whom Brady had an appointment. As soon as Brady let her in, Madison admitted that she had lied so that he would have to see her. Brady didn't want to listen to anything she had to say, because he knew she would only lie to him again. He lashed out cruelly about her not telling him that she was married, but Madison pointed out that he was the one who was lying if he claimed not to love her. She stated that she had asked Ian for a divorce, because she had never loved him -- and had never loved anyone until she had met Brady.

Brady argued that the woman he'd fallen in love with had never existed. Madison recounted all the kind, generous things that Brady had done for her, such as tracking down the picture of her and her mom -- which had made her realize that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She asserted that her marriage to Ian meant nothing to her, and that Brady was the only thing that was keeping them apart.

Brady spat that he didn't want to hear any more about Madison's fantasies, or anything else about her or her husband. He pointed out that he didn't like rules -- except as they pertained to marriage. "What matters to me is a relationship with a woman who loves me enough to trust me. I'm sorry, but that's not you," Brady stated. He thanked Madison for her help in getting him to reconcile with his father, but then asked her to leave. Madison left, but broke down in tears outside the front door.

Will met his mom in Horton Square at Sami's request, and somewhat reluctantly joined her for coffee. Sami broached the topic of how he was feeling about seeing her and E.J. having sex, but Will didn't want to talk about it. Sami mentioned that she knew something else was going on with Will, and he defensively assumed that Marlena had talked to her. Sami assured him that was not the case, and reminded him that he could talk to her about anything.

Sami acknowledged that she had made a lot of mistakes in raising her son, but she did not want to lose him because of what had happened with Rafe. "I just want to be your mom again," she whispered. Will pointed out that their conversations were always about her. Sami pleaded with him to talk to her about whatever was bothering him, and promised to listen without judgment -- if he would just give her the chance.

"I am, uh, kind of messed up. I'm confused. I have these feelings that I can't get rid of. Basically, my life kind of sucks right now," Will admitted. Sami was confident that Will could handle anything that life threw at him, because he was strong like his dad. Taking Will's hand, Sami reminded her son that she was always there if he ever needed to talk. Will seemed touched and appreciative, until Sami jokingly blamed herself for whatever he was going through. Jerking his hand away, he pointed out that she had again managed to make everything about her, like she always did.

Will stormed off, but Sami chased after him. After she again discussed her reasons for having sex with E.J., Will maintained that he hoped Sami was right in saying that he was actually like his dad. Sami begged him to continue their conversation, but Will wasn't interested. "I'm glad that you reminded me why we won't talk, because I will never trust you with anything again," Will declared coolly.

He pointed out that the reason Sami always claimed that she had to take care of herself was that she never gave her own mother a chance to help out. "I almost feel sorry for you. You want so bad to look like the perfect mother and the perfect wife, and that's why you screw everything up, because you have no energy left over to actually do it," Will asserted before leaving.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate was fretting about where Stefano was and why he'd left town in such a hurry, when the doorbell rang. Displeased to find Ian on the doorstep, Kate tried to slam the door in his face, but he insisted that he was there on business. Kate warned Ian that anything that occurred under the DiMera roof did not escape Stefano's notice for long, and urged him to get to the point. At last, Ian divulged that Kate had hired Sami under false pretenses -- the falling out between Sami and Madison had been staged for Kate's benefit so that Sami could spy on Countess Wilhelmina for Mad World.

Kate accused Ian of making the story up. He reassured her that at least Sami was no longer working for Madison. Kate still didn't buy any of it, but Ian noted that Madison had been aware of Kate's every move while Kate was launching Countess Wilhelmina's new product line -- and Sami had been collecting two paychecks. He added that he hoped Kate didn't plan to let them get away with it. Kate pointed out that Ian stood to take a financial hit by exposing Madison's duplicity, and demanded to know what was in it for him.

Ian only hedged that he liked to keep his various CEOs on their toes. Kate noted that Ian had never told her that he was married to Madison, but Ian pointed out that he had told Kate that he was married. "But she's my direct competition," Kate argued. Ian countered that Madison had been "nothing" when he'd married her. "Well, when I get through with her, she's going to be remembering very fondly the days when she was obscure and broke," Kate declared.

Soon after Ian had gone, Sami rang the doorbell. Kate thanked her for arriving so quickly, but noted that Sami seemed to have been crying. Swiping at her face, Sami assured Kate that she could still do her job. Kate asked if Sami had noticed anyone acting peculiar or secretive at the office. Sami replied that she had not, and asked why Kate wanted to know. Kate explained that she'd learned from a reliable source that someone hat planted a spy at Countess Wilhelmina. Sami asked why Kate had asked her about it.

Kate replied that she trusted Sami -- because she didn't think that Sami would ever cross her, and she hoped that Sami would report any behavior she found suspicious. Sami agreed to do what she could, and casually asked what Kate planned to do when she caught the spy. "The first thing I'll do is fire him or her, I'll go to the press, and then I'll go to the police -- corporate espionage," Kate explained. Sami agreed to help Kate smoke out the traitor.

After she left the mansion, Sami fretted about what to do. Finally, she dialed the phone. "I'm sorry; I hope I didn't wake you up at some ungodly hour. I just -- everything's falling apart here, and I didn't know who else to call," Sami said. "Sami, what's wrong this time?" asked Lucas.

Will was wandering aimlessly in the square, remembering Sonny's words about how Will would never be happy until he accepted who he was. Wiping his eyes, he ran right into Ian, who recognized Will right away. "How do you know my name?" Will asked curiously. Ian wouldn't reveal who he was, but promised that the two of them would soon get to know one another quite well.

In Alamainia, John accidentally barged in on Hope as she was getting dressed. They agreed on some ground rules in the future, since evidently there had been only one hotel room left in the entire country when they'd arrived. Both were worried about what Stefano might have in store for them as they filed for divorce. They left together for the courthouse.

After dropping off their passports and the necessary paperwork with the court, John and Hope went to a café for breakfast. John was worried that Stefano had paid off every judge in the land, but Hope was confident that they would soon be finished with their business and back home. John wondered what they would do to fill the two weeks until their divorce was finalized. He suddenly remembered something that Hope ha always ordered for lunch at that very café, and she was taken aback that he remembered something she didn't.

After talking with the owner, John reported back to Hope that apparently, the two of them had gone there for lunch nearly every day. Hope admitted that she'd started to have some memories of their time there, as well, like a favorite statue of an angel in the cathedral they'd passed on the way to the café. Hope then stepped outside to call Bo. As soon as she'd gone, a man at the next table greeted John by name.

Keeping their backs to each other and never making eye contact, John chastised the man, Spencer, for his tardiness. Spencer introduced the other man at his table, Walsh, who noted that John had never stopped working for the I.S.A. John acknowledged that Bo and Hope had found a way, via Stefano, to clear John of all the charges against him. Spencer declared that Stefano had not been the one who had set John up, but wouldn't divulge more.

Walsh explained that they had agents actively investigating the situation. John demanded to know why no one had kept him in the loop as to what was going on. Spencer pointed out that it was too dangerous to reveal everything there, and promised that Walsh would give John the details later. He cautioned John to watch his back.

Hope returned after having talked to both Bo and Ciara, and expressed her regret and disbelief that she wouldn't see her little girl for another two weeks. Meanwhile, someone watched the two of them from outside the café. Hope suggested that they walk over to the cathedral, because she hoped that looking at the angel statue might jog a few memories.

As they left, Spencer followed. As soon as Walsh was alone at the table, a man approached him. "What the hell are you doing here?" Walsh hissed, but the man jabbed a hypodermic needle into Walsh's chest, and he collapsed, gagging, onto the table.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

by Mike

In Nicole's hotel room, Daniel arrived to check on Nicole. Daniel could tell that Nicole was upset, and he wondered if she had decided to keep the baby.

Nicole firmly stated that she was going to keep the baby. Nicole reminded Daniel about her medical history, and she admitted that she was just worried that something might happen to the baby. Nicole wasn't sure that she would be able to survive the loss of another child.

Daniel recommended that Nicole avoid stress. Daniel suggested that Nicole and E.J. were going to need to find a way to get along with each other, for the sake of their child. "No, that is absolutely out of the question. E.J. cannot know that this baby is his," Nicole adamantly stated.

Daniel reluctantly agreed to keep Nicole's secret. Daniel wondered if Nicole really believed that she would be able to hide her pregnancy from E.J. Daniel reminded Nicole that Sami had tried to do the same thing, and he recalled that the situation hadn't ended well for Sami.

Nicole contemplated leaving Salem for a while, but Daniel urged her to reconsider. Daniel said that Nicole needed to be around the people who cared about her. "All two of them?" Nicole dryly asked. Daniel added that Nicole needed to schedule regular visits with a doctor who was familiar with her medical history.

Nicole agreed, and she suggested that Daniel was the only person who could help her. Nicole pointed out that Chloe was in Chicago, and that Brady was with Madison. Nicole apologized for dragging Daniel into her mess, but she added that she couldn't risk the chance that E.J. might find out about the baby.

Daniel agreed to monitor Nicole's pregnancy, and he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone about the baby. Nicole hugged Daniel, and she assured him that he had just saved her child's life.

In Rafe and Carrie's office, Sami told Rafe that Kate had given her some additional responsibilities, and that she was going to be traveling out of town. Sami wondered if Rafe would be willing to help out with the kids. Rafe suggested that Marlena could watch the kids, but Sami claimed that Marlena was always busy. Rafe guessed that Sami hadn't even bothered to ask Marlena.

Rafe said that he would always be willing to help out with the kids. Sami suggested that Rafe could stay at their apartment while she was gone, but Rafe warned her not to rush things. Sami nodded, and she admitted that she never should have blamed Rafe for Johnny's disappearance. Sami wished that she could take back everything that had happened that night.

Sami noted that she had lost Rafe, and that she had alienated Will. Rafe assured Sami that Will would eventually forgive her, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami admitted that she didn't know how to help Will. Rafe wondered if Will was still talking to Marlena. Sami snapped that she didn't want Will to confide in Marlena.

Sami asked Rafe to talk to Will. Sami suggested that Rafe could try to convince Will that she wasn't a horrible person, and that she loved Will. Rafe assured Sami that Will already knew that. "Look, I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. I really am, and you're right -- Will doesn't deserve to go through any of this. Maybe now, finally, you'll realize that there are consequences for your actions," Rafe added.

Sami agreed, then she sadly stated that she had never expected to lose Rafe. Sami begged Rafe to give her another chance. "All right, here's the thing. You sleeping with E.J., maybe I could have understood. Maybe I could have loved you enough, or trusted you enough, to have worked through that, but you lied to me. You lied to me over and over, and time and time again. That's when you lost me," Rafe said.

Sami refused to believe that Rafe meant that. Sami begged Rafe to tell her that he still loved her, and that he was willing to give her another chance. Sami conceded that she had done something that was unforgivable, but she insisted that she had lied to Rafe to protect their family. "What you were doing is what was best for you, like you always do, above everything else -- including your marriage," Rafe replied.

Sami tearfully stated that she was sorry, and she begged Rafe to give her another chance. Rafe gently stated that he couldn't give Sami what she wanted, then he abruptly exited the room. After Rafe left, Sami noticed that he had thrown their wedding photograph into a trash can, and she started to sob.

At the Horton Town Square, Lexie ran into E.J. Lexie called E.J. a manipulative, self-centered liar, and she made it clear that she didn't want to talk to him. E.J. wondered if Lexie felt the same way about Abe. Lexie blamed E.J. for Abe's actions, and she warned E.J. to back off. Lexie reminded E.J. that Abe was still her husband, and that he was still Theo's father.

E.J. changed the subject, and he announced that he had a proposition for Lexie. Lexie wasn't interested, but E.J. ignored her protests, and he explained that he wanted to talk to her about implementing a new healthcare program. E.J. pitched his ideas to Lexie, then he said that he needed someone like her to turn those ideas into a reality.

"You'd be city health commissioner. You can do absolutely whatever you want -- you pick your own team, you tell me what you need, and I'll make sure you have those resources," E.J. explained. Lexie guessed that E.J. had an ulterior motive, but E.J. claimed that he was making a legitimate offer. Lexie reluctantly agreed to consider the idea.

E.J. asked Lexie to keep an open mind about him. Lexie refused, and she noted that she had trusted E.J. too many times in the past. E.J. claimed that he was sorry that Abe and Lexie were having problems, and he said that he knew what Lexie was going through. E.J. revealed that Nicole had left him. E.J. declined to elaborate on the details, but he admitted that he was the one who had caused the breakup.

Lexie was surprised that E.J. had actually taken responsibility for his actions. E.J. said that he could really use his sister's support. Lexie sighed, and she agreed to think about it. Lexie stressed that she wasn't making any promises, then she started to walk away. E.J. loudly stated that he loved Lexie, but Lexie didn't respond.

Later, E.J. noticed that Sami was standing on the other side of the town square. E.J. started to walk in the opposite direction, then he reconsidered, and he slowly approached Sami. Sami wasn't happy to see E.J., and E.J. assured her that the feeling was mutual.

E.J. started to blame Sami for going to the DiMera mansion on the night of Johnny's disappearance. Sami refused to let E.J. blame her for everything that had happened that night. Sami said that she had lost everything, and that she wasn't in the mood to listen to E.J.

E.J. said that Sami wasn't the only one who had lost something, and he revealed that he had lost Nicole. "Nicole walked out on you? Good. Come on -- you expect me to care? Are you serious? She's gonna come back to you -- she has no self-respect, the stupid cow. And you can't compare you losing Nicole to me losing my husband and my son," Sami said.

"God, Samantha, you are a selfish little bitch," E.J. replied. E.J. insisted that his relationship with Nicole had been real. "Oh, yeah -- a real joke," Sami dryly stated. E.J. assured Sami that he had lost just as much as she had, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami said that she had lost her husband, and that E.J. had only lost a publicist.

E.J. called Sami a pathetic person, and he warned that some payback was headed her way. Sami reminded E.J. that she was still the mother of his children, and she suggested that he might want to adjust his attitude.

"Samantha, it is because of our children that I have looked past many of your faults. Unfortunately, I don't have any compassion for them anymore. You are selfish, and you are toxic, and frankly, I think that my children could do a lot better," E.J. stated. E.J. claimed that Sami was getting exactly what she deserved.

"You consigned yourself to this the night you shot me in the head and left me for dead," E.J. muttered. Sami wished that she had killed E.J. that night, because then she never would have cheated on Rafe. E.J. said that Sami would have found another way to push Rafe and Will out of her life. E.J. added that Sami was destined to live her life alone. Sami made it clear that she despised E.J., then she stormed off.

In Alamainia, John and Hope struggled with their unwanted memories. Hope was worried about Bo and Marlena, but John assured her that Marlena and Bo were fine. John noted that Bo and Marlena did not have any reason to doubt Hope and John.

Hope nodded, and she agreed that she needed to relax. John offered to give Hope some space, and he started to exit the hotel room. Hope stopped John, and she wondered what was really going on. "You seem to have forgotten...I'm a detective. Yes, I noticed the signs -- checking your watch, eyeing the phone; you're fidgety, distracted," Hope observed.

John tried to deflect, but Hope insisted that she wasn't imagining things. John reluctantly admitted that Hope was right, but he claimed that he couldn't elaborate. Hope smiled at John, and she wondered if he really expected her to accept that answer. "I can make this a very long two weeks for the both of us. I'll follow your every move," Hope added.

John reluctantly told Hope about the ISA agents who were in Alamainia, and he explained that he had talked to them at the café earlier. John added that he had arranged to meet with one of the ISA agents at the café later that night. Hope insisted on going with John, but John immediately started to protest.

"All right, let me put it to you another way -- you know me better than to think I'm gonna sit in this room, twiddling my thumbs and doing my nails. Let's go," Hope said, as she exited the room. John sighed, then he quickly rushed after Hope.

At the café, John and Hope started to remember more details about their shared past. Hope said that she hadn't thought about any of those memories in years, and she wondered why it suddenly felt like they had just happened the previous day. John warned Hope that their memories were just another one of Stefano's games.

"I know you're right. I've been telling myself that ever since we got here, but John, I can't stop these memories, and when they come, they're so quick, and so powerful, and...they're so real, like I'm back in that moment again, and when it's over, I feel guilty. I feel like...I don't know, it's like I've somehow been unfaithful to Bo," Hope explained. John calmly assured Hope that those feelings no longer mattered.

Meanwhile, someone entered the café, and Hope's expression immediately changed.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sami arrived home at the loft with her cell phone chiming that she had an urgent text from Kate about Sami's upcoming trip. She was far from thrilled when there was a knock at the door, but when she flung it open, she was stunned to see Lucas on the doorstep. "What are you doing here?" Sami asked, clearly happy to see her ex, although she noted that he was supposed to be in Hong Kong. "You called me. Remember? You told me your life was imploding again, and that Will was beyond angry with you? What'd you think I was going to do?" Lucas asked. Touched, a tearful Sami flung her arms around Lucas in thanks.

Lucas noted that if Sami couldn't explain to him why she'd had sex with E.J., she'd never be able to explain it to Rafe's satisfaction. Sami asked why Lucas had drunk in the past. Lucas admitted that he had been afraid to face his life, so he'd drunk -- self-destructively -- to forget. Sami confided that when she'd thought Johnny was dead, she'd wanted to die, as well, and all she'd wanted was to make that pain go away -- and that was when Will had seen her with E.J.

She continued that she knew all too well how Will felt, and she suspected he had taken the job with E.J. to get back at her -- but she also knew that something else was going on with her son, though she didn't have any idea what it was. Lucas admitted that Will hadn't talked to him about it, either, but he hoped his son would once they were face-to-face. Sami declared that Lucas' new, sunny outlook was annoying. "Look on the bright side: at least there's somebody in town who doesn't hate you," Lucas teased. Sami looked puzzled, so he tossed a napkin across the kitchen at her. "That would be me, dummy," he informed her.

Lucas asserted that Sami would have to let Rafe be angry at her for a while, but he wondered how the two of them would ever be able to work things out if Sami was always traveling on business. Sami didn't know that Rafe even wanted to try. Lucas pointed out that Sami had never been a quitter. Annoyed and angry, Sami told Lucas that if he'd returned only to watch her fail, then he should just go back to Hong Kong. After she had ranted at him for a few minutes, Lucas asked if she was finished, so they could get to work.

Sami was still pouting, but Lucas noted that her newest predicament was even worse than usual -- and he had not returned to make her feel worse, but to help her. "Why?" Sami asked warily. "What do you mean, why? You needed me. No matter how much time has gone by, no matter what's happened between us, you'll always be the mother of my kids. And, God help me, Sami, but I still love you," Lucas replied. "I love you, too," Sami said quietly as she embraced Lucas.

Brady was reading a magazine at the Brady Pub when he ran across a story about Madison. Suddenly, he tossed the magazine aside and hurried out. He sat out in front of the pub for a while, remembering the joyous times they'd shared, and then strode purposefully away.

Meanwhile, Madison was in her hotel room, reading the same article, and threw the magazine across the room in frustration. She ignored a phone call from Ian, and was heading out the door when Brady showed up. Madison snapped that she couldn't handle listening to him tell her again how disappointed he was in her, and started to slam the door in his face. Brady stopped her, and insisted that wasn't why he was there.

Brady recounted how much Madison had hurt him by allowing him to fall in love with her when she was already married. He explained that he couldn't have felt as hurt and angry as he did unless he loved her -- and the only thing that could hurt him more would be to live without her. Madison accepted his embrace and his kiss gratefully. "I didn't think that you would ever forgive me!" she exclaimed. Brady declared that he was there "for keeps" -- but first, she had to get Ian out of her life. Madison warned him that it would not be easy, but Brady pointed out that Ian had never gone up against him.

Madison stated that although she didn't understand why, she wasn't the same confident woman with Ian that she was when she was with Brady. Brady declared that the Madison he knew was more than capable of taking Ian down. "I'm not afraid of him -- at all. And if you want to be with me -- and I think you do -- and you want to be rid of him, I can make it happen. I just need you to tell me that's what you want to do," Brady declared. Madison assured him that was what she wanted, but admitted that she was scared, because she hadn't been in control of her life for so long.

Brady cautioned her that her freedom would come at a price, and she might have to give up something she loved very much -- Mad World. He reminded her that since Ian was the CEO of Titan, he could use Mad World as a bargaining chip to get between her and Brady. Madison declared that she loved her company, but she loved Brady more. With a shrug, she pointed out, "It's a company, and I can start another company. But you? Come on. What we have, this is once in a lifetime. And I don't want to lose you ever again." They kissed happily, and then Brady picked Madison up and carried her to the bed.

Abigail searched on the computer until she found Carrie and Austin's reservation at the Green Mountain Lodge.

A deliveryman arrived at Intensity Spa with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, which included a card but no addressee. Gabi signed for the flowers, and read the card: "I saw these flowers, and I thought they were picture-perfect, just like you. Chad." Chad walked in just then, and Gabi excitedly assumed the flowers were for her.

Melanie arrived for work just then, and immediately assumed that Chad had gotten the flowers for her. A resentful Gabi handed Melanie the card, while Melanie kissed Chad effusively. Melanie and Chad explained that they were seeing each other, and that Abigail had given them her blessing.

Alone in the lobby, Gabi glared at the bouquet, and then suddenly flipped out and flung it onto the floor. As the vase shattered and the flowers went flying, Gabi muttered, "I have been so nice. I have been so right. I am not gonna sit here and take it anymore!" Melanie and Chad rushed in, and Gabi claimed that it had been a "karate lesson mishap."

While Gabi went to get a broom, Abigail entered. Abigail suggested that she and Melanie go on a girls' ski weekend to Green Mountain Lodge. Melanie noted that she and Chad already had plans, so Abigail invited him to go, too. Melanie somewhat reluctantly agreed. While Abigail and Melanie went to look at the website, Gabi asked Chad, "You're not seriously thinking about going, are you?" Chad reminded her that Abigail was fine with his dating Melanie. "Chad, you're a smart guy -- so don't be an idiot," Gabi warned.

After Melanie and Abigail returned, Chad declined the invitation to go along, so the girls could spend some time bonding. Once the others had left, Chad thanked Gabi for the advice about not tagging along. Gabi suggested that he could "repay" her by allowing her to log some more hours training as a massage therapist on him, so she could work as one at the spa. Chad agreed. In the lobby, he removed his shirt so Gabi could knead his neck and shoulders. He assured her that she was doing an amazing job.

Austin laughed when he and Carrie arrived at the Green Mountain Lodge for their weekend getaway of skiing, because she had packed snorkel gear that he'd gotten to throw her off. They both remembered that Green Mountain was special to them, because it was where they had made love the first time. Carrie noted that she, not Austin, should have arranged the trip, because it was her fault that they needed the time to reconnect. Austin asserted that they shouldn't be keeping score, but instead focusing just on getting their marriage back on track.

After they'd gone skiing, Carrie and Austin returned to the lodge and sat in front of the fire. Instead of ordering hot chocolate, Carrie coyly suggested that they should head to their room, and Austin agreed. The two went to their room and made love.

Abigail and Melanie arrived at the lodge, and Melanie was immediately ready to rent some skis and hit the slopes. Abigail suggested that they explore the lodge a little first. After they had seen the whole lodge, they returned to the large living area with the fireplace -- where they immediately ran into Austin and Carrie.

Although excited to see the girls, Carrie noted that Abigail had helped Austin plan their romantic getaway. Austin quickly covered that he had changed his mind about the location at the last minute. "Gosh, we all ended up at the same place! What are the odds?" Abigail exclaimed, while Melanie and Austin eyed her suspiciously.

As John and Hope were alone in the café in Alamainia, Hope was overcome by memories of the time she and John had spent there years earlier. She admitted that the memories made her feel so guilty that she felt as if she had betrayed Bo. John urged her to let go of everything, because the feelings had not been real -- no matter what Stefano wanted them to think or feel. Suddenly, instead of the ISA contact John was expecting, Stefano appeared in the café. "What the hell are you doing here?" John demanded.

Stefano claimed that he was merely there on holiday. John wanted to know where Kate was, then. Stefano pointed out that John and Hope were traveling without their spouses, as well. Hope accused Stefano of making sure that Bo and Marlena couldn't accompany them, but Stefano claimed not to have that kind of power. Hope and John headed for the door, but Stefano noted that if they had been there to meet someone, perhaps the person was just running a bit late -- unless the two of them had been alone in a closed café together for some other reason.

Hope declared that what she and John did was none of Stefano's business. Stefano stated that he hoped John and Hope had a good lawyer, since the laws in Alamainia were especially difficult for outsiders to navigate. Hope questioned what Stefano wanted, since he'd managed to get her and John all the way to Alamainia without their spouses. Chuckling, Stefano replied, "Are you expecting me to give away to the ending, when we haven't even gotten through the beginning? I mean, where's the fun in that?" He strolled out.

John noted that Stefano obviously felt he had the upper hand -- so they had to take back the advantage. John tried unsuccessfully to reach Walsh by phone, but Hope pointed out that Walsh might have been lying low because he'd seen Stefano. John suggested that they head back to the hotel while they waited to hear from Walsh.

Back in their room, Hope and John immediately noticed Walsh sitting in a wing back chair, his back to the door. John started complaining that Walsh was supposed to have met them at the café, but quickly realized that Walsh was unconscious. He checked the man's pulse, and informed Hope that Walsh was dead.

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