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Monday, March 5, 2012

by Mike

At the Green Mountain Lodge, Carrie fondly recalled her previous trips to the lodge. Carrie told Abigail and Melanie that the lodge had recently been renovated. Carrie added that she and Austin were staying in the new wing of the lodge, and that the rooms were really nice.

Abigail grudgingly stated that she and Melanie were in the old wing of the lodge. Abigail complained that the old rooms were starting to show their age, but Melanie insisted that their room was fine. Carrie offered to trade rooms with Abigail and Melanie. Austin tried to protest, but Carrie insisted that it would be all right.

Abigail eagerly agreed, but Austin stopped her. Austin claimed that Abigail's skis had not been properly waxed, and he insisted that she needed to go to the rental desk to complain about them. Austin offered to help Abigail with her skis, and he urged Melanie to go with Carrie. Melanie reluctantly followed Carrie out of the lobby.

After Carrie and Melanie left, Austin demanded to know what was going on. "How did you do it? Did you follow us here? Did you hack into my computer and check the reservation? Because this is really out of bounds, Abigail -- do you understand? This is a little sick," Austin bluntly stated.

Meanwhile, in Austin and Carrie's room, Carrie wondered how Abigail had been handling her breakup. Melanie hesitantly stated that Abigail was still working through some things. Carrie wondered if Abigail was thinking about getting back together with her mystery man. Melanie hoped that Abigail wasn't planning to do that.

Back in the lobby, Abigail claimed that Austin had left Salem to get away from her. Abigail insisted that she wasn't going to just disappear. Abigail refused to be some random girl that Austin had hooked up with. Austin tried to get Abigail to lower her voice, but Abigail ignored his request.

Abigail accused Austin of being jealous of her relationship with Quinn, and she said that proved that Austin still had feelings for her. Austin explained that he was just concerned about Abigail, because Quinn was a bad guy. Austin added that he didn't even remember sleeping with Abigail. Abigail claimed that she remembered every single detail about that night.

"Abigail, the night was a mistake, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but I will regret it for the rest of my life. I love my wife, and here's what you need to understand -- there is nothing between you and me," Austin firmly stated. Abigail changed tactics, and she reminded Austin that Carrie and Rafe had kissed each other.

"Sami and Rafe split up, Austin -- they're not together anymore, and if Carrie did this to you once before, then she can certainly do it again. Actually, she did do it before, didn't she?" Abigail pointedly asked. Austin warned Abigail to back off, but Abigail refused to listen. Abigail said that she loved Austin, and that she would never betray him the way that Carrie had.

Melanie loudly cleared her throat, as she and Carrie returned to the lobby. Melanie announced that she and Abigail would be keeping the old room. Austin was eager to leave, so he and Carrie quickly excused themselves. After Austin and Carrie left, Melanie confronted Abigail. "Not only did you lie to me, but you have completely lost your mind," Melanie stated.

Abigail insisted that she loved Austin, and that she couldn't help herself. Abigail added that Austin needed to stop lying to Carrie. "Abigail...okay, you're the one who's lying -- not just to me, but to yourself. Austin and Carrie came up here for one reason, and it wasn't to go skiing," Melanie gently stated. Abigail said that she had gone to the lodge for the same reason.

Melanie said that Abigail's behavior was inappropriate, and she insisted that they needed to return to Salem right away. Abigail refused, and Melanie wondered what Abigail was trying to accomplish. Abigail said that she was going to show Austin that he didn't need to stay in a hopeless marriage.

Melanie noted that Carrie was worried about Abigail. Melanie added that Carrie had no idea that Abigail was secretly trying to destroy Carrie's marriage. Abigail wasn't impressed, and she insisted that Carrie didn't love Austin. Abigail claimed that she was going to show Austin that they belonged together, and she refused to leave the lodge.

Back in Carrie and Austin's room, Carrie suggested that she and Austin could change their dinner reservation to a table for four. Carrie was worried about hurting Abigail and Melanie's feelings. Austin jokingly assured Carrie that Melanie and Abigail weren't interested in spending their time with an old married couple. Later, Austin told Carrie that he had never stopped loving her.

At the Horton Town Square, Kate told Ian about her plan for revenge. Kate warned Ian that Sami wasn't the only target. "It was your charming wife who put all of this into motion, and I'm sure she ran it by Brady Black, since he was heading Titan when she came up with the plan, so I'm going to nail all three of them. Hope you don't mind visiting your wife in prison; I think they're all going to look quite lovely in those orange jumpsuits," Kate said.

Kate assured Ian that she wasn't interested in going after Titan, but she insisted that she was going to destroy Mad World. Kate started to walk away, but Ian stopped her. Ian reminded Kate that Madison was his wife. Ian urged Kate to go after Sami, then he warned her to leave Madison alone. Kate wondered what would happen if she refused.

"You're a smart lady. You can figure that one out yourself," Ian calmly stated. Ian conceded that Madison had tried to ruin Kate's company, but he added that Kate was trying to destroy Madison. Kate said that she didn't need Ian's approval, she just needed him to get out of the way.

"Interesting words, especially coming from you. Reminded me exactly of a little speech you gave to me some years ago; do I have to remind you what happened after that last little stand on your soapbox?" Ian asked. Ian noticed a slight change in Kate's expression, and he realized that she understood what he was talking about.

Kate wondered why Ian was defending Madison. Kate added that she couldn't believe that Ian was married to someone like Madison. Ian warned Kate to back off, and Kate realized that Ian believed that he was in love with Madison. Ian noted that couples usually didn't agree to get married unless they were in love.

Kate said that Ian was only capable of loving himself, and that he had never bothered to help anyone else. Ian clarified that he was willing to help other people whenever it was beneficial to do so. Ian reiterated that he expected Kate to stay away from Madison, then he calmly walked away.

In Madison's hotel room, Madison warned Brady to take Ian seriously. "Why, because he has a walking stick?" Brady dryly asked. Madison assured Brady that Ian was ruthless, and that he wasn't willing to let anything stand in his way. Brady noted that some people had said the same thing about him. Madison said that the difference was that Brady actually had a heart.

Later, Brady poured some champagne for Madison. Madison was surprised to see that her engagement ring was at the bottom of the glass. Brady urged Madison to wear the ring, but Madison hesitated. Madison pointed out that Ian was already furious. Madison said that wearing Brady's ring would embarrass Ian, and that Ian wouldn't tolerate that.

Brady promised that he was going to fix everything, then he abruptly changed the subject. Brady wondered how many kids Madison wanted to have. "Look, a lot of people think it's sensible to stop at two, but...I'm thinking, with a gene pool, you know, like ours, it's our duty to society to have a brood of children," Brady said. Brady jokingly stated that he wanted to have enough kids to fill every position on a softball team.

Brady cryptically explained that he needed to put a plan into motion, then he excused himself. After Brady left, Madison smiled as she slipped her engagement ring onto her finger. Meanwhile, Brady called someone, and he explained that he wanted to hire the best divorce attorney that he could find.

Later, Madison exited her hotel room; when she returned, she noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Madison assumed that Brady had returned, but instead, she found Ian lying on her bed, holding Madison's engagement ring. Ian wondered if Brady was aware that bigamy was illegal in Salem.

Madison snatched the ring out of Ian's hand, and she said that she wasn't his property. Madison announced that she was going to be with Brady. Madison added that Ian couldn't force her to stay married to him. Ian conceded that Madison was technically free to do whatever she wanted to do, but he warned her that every action carried its own consequences.

Ian pointed out that Brady had been the CEO of Titan at the time that Madison had decided to sabotage Kate. Madison reminded Ian that Brady had not been aware of her plan, but Ian said that didn't matter. Ian explained that Brady could still be held responsible for anything that had happened under his watch.

"Now that I'm the head of Titan, it should be quite simple to gather enough evidence to implicate him," Ian added. Ian wondered how much Madison loved Brady, and he advised her to think carefully about her answer.

At Rafe and Sami's apartment, Lucas received a phone call. Lucas accidentally dropped his phone, and Sami picked it up. Sami wondered who had called Lucas, so he reluctantly explained that his fiancée had called to check on him. Sami was shocked that Lucas had never bothered to tell her that he had gotten engaged. "Well, Sami, when we talk, you know, it's usually about you," Lucas pointed out.

Lucas recalled that Sami hadn't given him any advanced notice about Rafe. Lucas suggested that Sami was jealous, but Sami denied his accusation. Sami insisted that Will and Allie had a right to know that Lucas was planning to marry someone. Lucas agreed, and he explained that he wanted to tell them in person.

Sami concluded that Lucas had traveled to Salem to tell Will and Allie about his fiancée, and that he hadn't really been interested in helping her. "I hope you know that I'm here because I care, and I know I moved halfway around the world and left you with ninety-eight percent of the responsibility of our kids...but I'm here for you now, all right? You're not alone in this anymore," Lucas patiently stated.

"'s you, and me, and Miss October," Sami dryly replied. Lucas clarified that his fiancée's name was Autumn. Sami started to mope around the apartment, and she noted that she was alone again. Lucas reminded Sami that she still had him. Lucas wondered if Sami felt like she was alone because he was engaged to someone. Sami shrugged and didn't respond, so Lucas started to leave.

Sami stopped Lucas, and she wondered why he was leaving. "What's the point of sticking around, Sami? I came to see you -- the Sami I used to remember. I mean, maybe I knocked on the wrong door or something, because you look like Sami, but you're a pale imitation of the one I remember," Lucas said.

Sami wasn't amused, but Lucas noted that the old Sami wouldn't have pouted about her situation. Lucas added that the old Sami would have done something about it, and she wouldn't have let anyone stop her. "Well, that Sami didn't have four kids, you know? And no husband. And that Sami wouldn't work for your mother, that's for sure," Sami muttered.

Lucas chuckled, and he recalled that he and Sami had once joined forces to break up Carrie and Austin. Lucas admitted that he and Sami had done some crazy, unbelievable things in the past. Sami said that a lot had changed since then. Sami added that she would never be that girl again, and that she didn't want to be that girl again. Sami sighed heavily, and she slumped into a nearby chair.

Lucas was glad to hear that Sami wasn't planning to go back to her old tricks, because he had forgotten to pack his bazooka. "Really? 'Cause from here, it feels like you got in a few good shots," Sami dryly stated. Lucas agreed, and he and Sami started to laugh. Lucas tickled Sami to celebrate the fact that he had managed to cheer her up. Sami admitted that she hadn't expected anyone to be able to lift her spirits.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Sami wondered if Kate was aware that Lucas was engaged. Lucas confirmed that he had already told Kate about the engagement. Sami noted that it was weird that Kate hadn't tried to rub it in yet. Lucas changed the subject, and he smiled as he noted that the pub hadn't changed at all.

Kayla happily greeted Lucas. Sami explained that Kayla was helping Caroline, because Caroline's doctor had told her to rest. Kayla wondered if Lucas was planning to stay in Salem for a while. Lucas said that he wasn't sure, and he added that he was going to be helping Sami with the kids. Kayla extended her own offer to help with the kids, then she excused herself.

Later, Sami listened as Lucas talked to his fiancée. After Lucas ended the call, Sami wondered how Winter was handling the separation. Lucas corrected Sami's intentional blunder, and he said that Autumn understood that Lucas was doing what was best for his kids. Sami skeptically muttered that Autumn seemed really understanding, and Lucas agreed. "You should give it a try sometime," Lucas added with a smile.

Kayla interrupted Lucas and Sami's playful banter, and she handed them some drinks. Lucas invited Kayla to join him and Sami, but Kayla declined, and she explained that the lunch crowd was about to arrive. Sami half-heartedly asked if Kayla needed any help, but she was shocked when Kayla accepted her offer.

After Sami left, Lucas started to make another phone call. Meanwhile, outside, Kate walked past the Brady Pub. Kate happened to glance through the window, and she noticed that Lucas was inside the pub. Kate rushed in to hug Lucas, and Lucas abruptly ended his phone call. Kate wondered why Lucas had returned to Salem.

Before Lucas could respond, Sami returned with their food. Kate was shocked to learn that Sami and Lucas were sharing a meal. Kate pointedly dragged Lucas over to her side, away from Sami. Kate assumed that Sami and Lucas had met each other at the pub.

Lucas grinned mischievously as he rejoined Sami's side, and he clarified that they had gone to the pub together. Kate choked as she heard Lucas say that he and Sami were together. Lucas explained that he was going to be helping Sami with the kids.

"Okay, let me get this straight -- you came back to see her? Are you gonna let this little bitch get her hooks into you again?" Kate demanded to know.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Due to a Presidential news conference, today's episode of Days of our Lives was not shown. This programming pre-emption was not anticipated, however, there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

The episode that was to have aired today will now air tomorrow, Wednesday, March 7. Subseqeuent episodes will be pushed back one day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jennifer knocked on Daniel's office door at the hospital, and after Daniel welcomed her in, they both acknowledged that things had been very awkward the last time they'd seen each other. Jennifer asked if everything was all right with Daniel. He assured her that he was fine, but she didn't believe him. Jennifer reminded Daniel that he'd promised to stay in touch, but she'd only gotten an impersonal postcard from him, and she sincerely wanted to know what he'd done while he'd been gone.

Daniel described how he had mostly just surfed -- away from phones, television, and the Internet, so he could try to think about his life. He apologized for not keeping in touch better, but admitted that he'd needed to keep some distance between the two of them, because he'd been afraid of getting his heart broken again. A guilty Jennifer started to leave, but Daniel wanted to explain further. He continued that when he'd left, he'd been very angry at life, because the future he'd nearly built with Jennifer had been torn away from him. He had begun to realize that it just wasn't meant to be when Jack had returned.

"But I had to come home and see you face-to-face to make sure I didn't have any regrets, and to see if I had that feeling every time I looked at you," Daniel said. "And?" Jennifer asked. "I don't, not anymore," Daniel replied. He assured Jennifer that he had never intended to hurt her, and he honestly hoped that they would remain friends -- true friends. Jennifer blinked the tears out of her eyes before turning to smile at Daniel, and promised that she always wanted to be his friend.

At the Brady Pub, Kate referred to Sami as a bitch after learning that Lucas had returned to town specifically to help his ex. Lucas angrily admonished his mother, but Sami laughed it off. "I thought we'd buried the hatchet. Now it kind of feels like you want to bury it in my back," Sami noted. Kate fell all over herself trying to explain that her reaction had only been a "conditioned reflex" on seeing Sami and Lucas together again, and reassured the two of them that it would never happen again. She apologized as sincerely as she could to Sami.

Unconvinced, Sami asserted that she'd believed the two of them had finally fostered trust between them, since they were working together. Kate maintained that she did trust Sami, but Lucas pointed out that Kate was known for having ulterior motives. To prove that she truly trusted Sami, Kate informed Lucas that she'd asked Sami to find a suspected spy within the Countess Wilhelmina organization. Obviously uncomfortable, Sami then offered to let Lucas and Kate catch up in private, and moved to the bar to answer some emails.

Kate praised Sami to Lucas, "She's so dedicated and so disciplined. I think we've both changed, don't you?" Lucas replied skeptically, "The more things change, the more they stay the same, Mom." Kate apologized again for her behavior with Sami, and then changed the subject to Lucas's fiancée. Lucas explained that Autumn hadn't gone to Salem with him because she hadn't been able to get away from work. Kate noted that it seemed as if Lucas had just dropped everything when Sami had called him.

Lucas pointed out that his children needed him, too -- especially Will, who seemed to have fallen too easily under E.J.'s influence, and Lucas was determined to find out what was going on with his son. Kate was glad that Lucas was going to be more involved in Will's life, but she was worried that in the meantime, Sami's drama would distract Lucas. Lucas demanded to know if Kate were really happy that Sami was working for her, or if something more were going on. Kate assured him that she loved working with Sami, and she believed that Sami could make amazing things happen at Countess Wilhelmina.

Kate admitted that she had overreacted earlier because of the history between Sami and Lucas -- and she was concerned about the future of Lucas's relationship with Autumn if he were so willing to rush back the minute Sami needed him. Lucas asserted that he and Sami were friends who were also bonded for life because of their children. Kate dubiously pointed out that Sami was needy and lonely, and warned her son to be careful.

At the bar, Kayla asked Sami how it felt to see Lucas again. Sami admitted that she appreciated how Lucas liked her for who she was. She then asked if Kayla thought people could truly change. Kayla said that it was possible, but it didn't happen very often.

Lucas then informed Sami that he was going to take Kate home, unless Sami needed him. Sami admitted that she was swamped with work. Kate urged Sami to let Kate know if she were overworked, and not to let Kate take advantage of her. Sami insisted that she could handle it. Kate then enthused, "Can you imagine if Lucas is in town when you find the person who's been stabbing me in the back? All three of us can celebrate together!" As Kate merrily strolled out, Lucas promised to call Sami later, and assured her that he would be around for as long as she and Will needed him. Sami hugged him gratefully.

After Kate gave Lucas a tour of the Countess Wilhelmina offices, he told her warmly, "I'm glad to see you excited about your business again." Kate declared that she had big plans for the company. Lucas admitted that he never expected to see Kate and Sami on the same team. "When I think of Sami now, I tend to think, 'Expect the unexpected,'" Kate said.

In Alamainia, John tried to reassure Hope that the I.S.A. had removed every trace of the late Agent Walsh from their hotel room, and they would soon find out who had killed the man. Remembering how awful it had been to find Walsh's body in their room, an anxious Hope wondered how Marlena would feel if it had been John who'd been killed. John blamed himself for Walsh's death, and pointed out that Agent Spencer was missing. Hope demanded to know the whole story before one of them also ended up dead.

John reluctantly admitted that he had never stopped working for the I.S.A. Hope was furious that John hadn't informed her. John explained that he had been inactive for years, and had never expected the I.S.A. to ask him to return to work. He continued that he'd initially refused, but the I.S.A. had divulged that there seemed to have been something big going on within the DiMera organization, because Stefano had suddenly left town on election day in Salem -- when his son was supposed to have become mayor -- to go to Alamainia.

Hope voiced her suspicions that whatever was going on probably involved her and John, as well, and urged him to tell her everything he knew. John replied that he didn't know much more, because Walsh had been killed before they could meet. John noted sarcastically, "For Stefano, breaking up our marriages, that would be just a little happy byproduct of a much bigger plan." Hope remarked that Stefano relished destroying people's lives -- especially John's.

John suspected that Stefano wanted Marlena because John had taken Gina away from him. Hope wondered how Marlena could be strong enough to approve of John continuing to work for the I.S.A. John confessed that Marlena didn't know, and she would hate it that he was going after Stefano again. He pointed out the importance of Hope keeping what she knew from Marlena. Although she disapproved, Hope understood, and insisted that John let her help him.

John absolutely refused, but Hope asserted that she was already involved. "Anything happens to you, Bo would never forgive me!" John bellowed. Hope reminded him that she was a good cop -- and she knew the risks. "John, if something happens to you, then I am all alone here in Alamainia. Then what the hell happens to me?" Hope demanded. John continued to stubbornly refuse Hope's help, so she asked him pointedly, "Do you want to end up like Walsh? Do you want to go home to Marlena in a body bag, John?"

In Horton Square, Bo left a message on Hope's cell phone, declaring how much he missed her. He mentioned something he was working on involving the Moroni family, but didn't divulge any details. As Bo hung up, Roman appeared, and pointed out that Bo wasn't assigned to the Moroni stakeout. He asked if Bo planned to search the Moroni warehouses without a warrant, since it was rumored that the Moronis were storing a major drug shipment. Bo wouldn't say, but Roman strongly cautioned his brother against "going rogue."

Bo pointed out that by the time they got a warrant, the Moronis would have moved the drugs somewhere else. Roman hotly demanded, "Didn't what happened to Abe -- didn't that teach you anything?" He maintained that if Bo broke the rules, as Abe had, it would only benefit the Moronis. He then informed a frustrated Bo that he'd already gotten a search warrant for the Moroni warehouse. Exasperated, Bo suspected that it would be a waste of time to search. Roman assured his brother that he'd hand-picked the stakeout team, and he'd personally gotten the search warrant from the judge. Bo agreed to accompany Roman to the warehouse, and added, "I want to be there to say, 'I told you so.'"

As Bo and Roman headed out of the square, suddenly two thugs savagely attacked them. When a bruised and bloodied Roman awakened a while later, Bo was still unconscious on the pavement next to him. Roman crawled over to his even more battered brother, and pleaded with Bo to open his eyes. At last, Bo coughed and inhaled, and Roman called out painfully for someone to get help. Finally Roman managed with great difficulty to pick Bo up, and carried him away.

Sami and Kayla chatted at the bar about how excited the kids would be to see Lucas again. Sami mentioned that Lucas had a fiancée, and Kayla was impressed that Sami seemed unfazed. Sami insisted that she was truly happy for her ex. She added that she had been referring to herself earlier when she'd asked about people's ability to change, and she worried that it was too late for her. "It is never too late," declared Kayla, patting Sami's arm encouragingly.

Suddenly, Roman burst through the door of the pub, dragging Bo awkwardly. Alarmed, Kayla and Sami rushed over to help, as Roman lowered Bo to the floor. Sami was worried about her dad, but Roman insisted he was fine, and ordered her to call 9-1-1. As Sami hurried off, Kayla tried desperately to revive Bo.

Sami soon returned with Kayla's medical bag, and knelt next to Bo and Kayla on the floor. From a chair nearby, Roman explained that he thought Moroni's men had jumped them, but he didn't remember much. Bo's eye was nearly swollen shut from his injuries as Kayla used her small flashlight to gauge his pupils' reactions. Suddenly she shouted that she'd lost his pulse, and immediately began performing CPR. Roman hoarsely begged Kayla not to let their brother die. Sami took Roman's hand, and the two began praying together, while Kayla frantically worked to resuscitate Bo.

The ambulance arrived outside just as Kayla got Bo's heart beating again. Sami rushed out to direct the paramedics in, but Bo began convulsing before they got inside. "Kayla, what's happening to him?" Roman asked anxiously. "Oh, God, we can't lose him!" Kayla exclaimed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

by Mike

In Nicole's hotel room, E.J. asked Nicole to give him five minutes to apologize for his actions. E.J. claimed that his grief had caused him to make a ghastly mistake.

E.J. insisted that he loathed Sami, and that the feeling was mutual. E.J. begged Nicole to forgive him. Nicole refused to make that mistake again. E.J. vowed that he would never hurt Nicole again, and he urged her to give him a chance to prove that he had changed.

"No, E.J., not this time. Pretty know, I'm no smarter than the voters who pulled the lever for you on election day. You promised them -- and me -- our hearts' desires, knowing full well that you couldn't deliver. But you know what? Lucky for me, I'm not stuck with you for the next four years. I get to pretend you never existed," Nicole said, then she told E.J. to leave. E.J. refused, so Nicole abruptly exited the room.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe spent some time with Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. Allie wondered why Rafe wasn't living at the apartment anymore. "Because, Allie, Mommy made him mad," Johnny matter-of-factly stated. Rafe explained that parents, like siblings, didn't always get along with each other, and that they occasionally needed a time-out. Rafe promised the kids that he would always be in their lives.

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. rushed after Nicole. Nicole threatened to scream if E.J. continued to follow her, then she started to walk away. E.J. grabbed Nicole's arm to stop her, as Rafe entered the town square. Rafe warned E.J. to keep his hands off of Nicole. E.J. told Rafe to mind his own business.

Rafe wondered if E.J. was threatening him. Rafe loudly stated that he was the one who should have been threatening E.J., since E.J. had slept with Rafe's wife, and had ruined Rafe's marriage. E.J. told Rafe to lower his voice. Rafe wondered if E.J. was afraid that his constituents might learn who E.J. DiMera really was. Rafe contemplated the possibility of rearranging E.J.'s face again. E.J. insisted that he wasn't worried.

"Yeah, well, maybe not now, maybe not tonight, maybe not this week or this month, but trust me, the day will come when you are...'cause I've lost everything. You've taken everything that mattered from me, and I'm not gonna rest until you feel the same way...although from the looks of things, maybe you already are. Now, either you can leave the lady alone, or I'm gonna call my buddy at the Spectator and give him a scoop for the morning edition," Rafe said.

E.J. vowed that he wasn't going to give up on Nicole, then he reluctantly walked away. After E.J. left, Rafe offered to escort Nicole home. Nicole explained that she was staying at a nearby hotel, and she assured Rafe that she would be all right. Rafe urged Nicole to call him if she ever needed anything. Nicole asked Rafe to tell Johnny and Sydney that she loved them, then she excused herself.

Elsewhere, Jennifer and Jack talked about J.J., who was doing extremely well at boarding school. Jack changed the subject, and he noted that Daniel had returned to Salem. Jennifer nodded, but Jack could tell that she was hiding something. Jack guessed that Daniel had tried to win Jennifer back, but Jennifer denied Jack's suspicion.

Jennifer explained that Daniel had moved on, and that seeing her had not reignited any of his old feelings. Jack seemed surprised, and he abruptly excused himself. A short time later, Jack returned, and he presented Jennifer with a bouquet of roses. Jack noted that Alice had always loved roses.

Jennifer thanked Jack for the flowers, and for caring enough to ask about Daniel. Jack said that Daniel was making a mistake, then he admitted that it was none of his business. Later, Maggie greeted Jack and Jennifer, and she wondered if they were together. Jennifer and Jack clarified that they were just friends.

Maggie smiled as she looked at Tom and Alice's memorial plaque. "Can you believe that they would have been married seventy-two years ago today? Yeah, if it wasn't for Tom and Alice, I might not have stuck it out with Mickey. They always had a way of making everything right," Maggie recalled.

At the hospital, Daniel tried to stabilize Bo. Meanwhile, Roman and Kayla anxiously waited for news about Bo's condition. Kayla admitted that she couldn't promise that Bo was going to be all right, but she assured Roman that Bo was in good hands.

Daniel emerged from Bo's hospital room, and he told Kayla and Roman that Bo was in stable condition. Kayla urged Roman to get himself checked out, then she excused herself so that she could tell Caroline the news. After Kayla left, Daniel agreed to let Roman see Bo. Roman apologized for leading Bo into a trap, and he vowed to catch the people who had attacked them.

Later, Roman called Kayla. Kayla said that she had decided to keep Caroline away from the hospital. Roman agreed that Caroline didn't need to see Bo in his weakened state. Roman thanked Kayla for telling Victor the news, and he asked her to continue to try to contact Hope.

Roman returned to Bo's room, and he sensed that something was wrong. Daniel gave a nurse a few orders, then he explained that he was worried that the head trauma would cause Bo to have a seizure. Daniel added that he was trying to give Bo some medication to avoid that possibility. A short time later, Daniel managed to stabilize Bo. Daniel frowned as he checked Bo's eyes.

"His pupils, uh, aren't reacting to the light. I'm afraid to tell you that, uh...Bo has slipped into a coma," Daniel announced. Daniel explained that Bo's body was still trying to cope with the injuries that it had sustained, and he urged Roman to remain optimistic.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Will greeted Marlena, and he showed her a gift bag that he was carrying. Will pulled a board game out of the bag, and he suggested that he and Marlena could play Scrabble the old-fashioned way, instead of playing the game on their electronic devices. Will guessed that Marlena could use the distraction, since John was out of town.

Will recalled that Marlena had played Scrabble with him to teach him how to spell. Will added that he and Marlena were playing on the same board that they had played on during those childhood lessons. Will noted that Marlena had taught him a lot of things that Sami should have taught him.

Marlena said that Sami had been incredibly busy during Will's childhood. Will nodded, as Marlena started to take a sip of water. "And she sucks at spelling, anyway," Will added, and Marlena nearly choked on her drink. Marlena and Will laughed, then Marlena changed the subject. Marlena noted that she and Will had never finished their earlier conversation, because Sami had interrupted them.

Will uncomfortably tried to deflect, but Marlena pointed out that Will had already admitted that he had been drawn to someone else. Marlena said that was the hardest part. "Yeah, I...kissed him," Will conceded. Marlena urged Will to continue, but Will believed that he had already said too much.

Will explained that it was hard for him to articulate his feelings. "His name was Neil, and he was nice -- I mean, he was easy to talk to -- but I didn't plan on doing what I did. It just kind of happened," Will said. Will quickly added that he had not seen Neil since then, but Marlena assured him that it would have been all right if he had. Will sighed heavily, and he turned away from Marlena.

Marlena guessed that Will felt guilty, and she wondered if he believed that he had done something wrong. "I did do something wrong. And I can't change it -- I mean, it's over -- but I can make sure that it never happens again," Will said.

"Oh, well, that's one way to play it, yeah," Marlena replied, slightly sarcastically. Marlena speculated that Will was letting his head make a decision for his heart. "You know, no offense, but for a very smart therapist, you're starting to sound a lot like my fortune cookie," Will dryly stated. Marlena laughed, then she clarified that Will was thinking too much about something that had been a reaction to a natural impulse.

Will reminded Marlena that he had been drunk at the time. "Yeah, I know...and that kiss meant something to you, so the sooner you can figure out what that is, the sooner you'll be able to get comfortable with yourself," Marlena said. Will suggested that he might never be able to do that. Will laughed uncomfortably, and he admitted that he had always assumed that he would get married, have kids, and be normal.

"You are normal -- you are perfectly, beautifully, deliciously normal. All you've got to do is figure out who it is that you are, and fall in love with that person," Marlena said. Will said that Marlena was making it sound really easy. Marlena conceded that it wasn't easy, but she assured Will that he was strong enough to handle it. Before Will could respond, Roman called Marlena, and he informed her that Bo had been attacked.

Back at the hospital, Marlena and Will entered Bo's room. Roman said that Kayla had been unable to contact Hope, and Marlena noted with concern that she had not been able to contact John, either. Roman assured Marlena that the phone service in Alamainia was probably horrible. Marlena pulled Daniel aside so that she could talk to him privately about Bo's condition.

Later, Roman wondered what Marlena and Daniel had talked about earlier. Roman sensed that Daniel had not been honest about the severity of Bo's condition. Marlena reluctantly admitted that she wasn't sure if Bo would recover.

In Alamainia, Stefano greeted Hope and John at the café. John blamed Stefano for Walsh's death, but Stefano feigned ignorance. Stefano asked John and Hope to follow him to a private location, but they refused to leave the café. "Actually...I insist," Stefano said, as he discreetly pointed a gun at John and Hope.

"You are completely out of your mind. Leave here to walk into one of your traps? If you're gonna kill us, Stefano, you'll have to do it right here," Hope said. Stefano chuckled, and he assured John and Hope that he wasn't going to kill them yet. Stefano claimed that he didn't know who had killed Walsh, but John wasn't convinced.

Hope knowingly stated that it wasn't a coincidence that Walsh had died on the same day that Stefano had arrived in Alamainia. Stefano shrugged innocently. John stepped in front of Stefano, and Stefano warned him to take a few steps back.

"Or'll shoot? You know I'd snap your neck before you pulled the trigger. You programmed some amazing talents in my brain, and I remember every second I spent as your pawn. You trained me to be a highly efficient killing machine, so...if you don't tell me what I want to know right now...I just may have to resort back to those old ways," John quietly stated, as he glared at Stefano.

Hope noted that Stefano had known about John and Hope's plan to travel to Alamainia to end their bogus marriage. Hope demanded to know why Stefano had followed her and John to Alamainia. Stefano ignored Hope's question, and he claimed that John and Hope's marriage had not been bogus.

"If my memory serves right, you two were very much in love with each other. I realize I did a little manipulation on my own, but when it comes to your own feelings, they were very much yours. See, you two...fell in love on your own," Stefano added. John insisted that Stefano's games weren't going to work.

Hope noted that Stefano had separated her and John from Bo and Marlena for a reason. John demanded to know what that reason was. "I knew it. I couldn't try to get something past you two. No, sir. I needed to get you thousands of miles away from Salem, just so that I could go through with my plan of blowing up the middle of Horton Square," Stefano said with a laugh.

Stefano pointed out that John and Hope could have chosen to stay in Salem. Hope theorized that Stefano had known all along that John and Hope would travel to Alamainia. Hope added that Stefano was trying to make her and John feel trapped and isolated. John agreed that Hope was describing some of Stefano's classic tactics, and that the whole thing reeked of Stefano.

"You know, I've come far too far to have to go over and over the same old speech again, all right? I mean, for goodness sake, if Marlena blows her nose in Salem, I'm at fault here? I may be powerful, but I am not omnipotent," Stefano claimed, as Hope's phone started to ring. Hope was surprised that she had suddenly managed to find a signal, and she noted that she had received sixteen messages.

Hope gasped as she listened to her messages. John turned to look at Hope, and she explained that Bo had been attacked. When John turned back around, Stefano was gone. Hope announced that her signal had been lost.

John told Hope that they were going home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Madison was looking wistfully at pictures of Brady on her phone when Brady knocked on her hotel room door. Brady enthusiastically informed Madison that he'd found a divorce attorney for her who would make sure that she retained control of Mad World. Clearly uncomfortable, Madison said that she needed to tell Brady something, and began by expressing her gratitude for everything he'd done for her. As Brady was reassuring her that everything was going to be all right, Ian entered with coffee and pastries for himself and Madison.

"Oh, Madison, you naughty little minx. You didn't tell me Lover Boy was joining us for breakfast. If I'd known, I'd have brought him his own muffin," Ian purred. Brady revealed that Madison was going to divorce Ian, because she was in love with Brady, and Ian could do nothing to stop it. Although he already knew the answer, Ian asked Madison if that were true. Brady declared that he and Madison were in love, but Ian wanted to hear what Madison had to say.

At last, Madison reluctantly told Brady that she had no intention of leaving her husband. She claimed that she loved Ian, with whom she shared a very deep connection, although Brady did not buy any of it. Madison insisted that Brady had just been a distraction, because she had been lonely and bored, and angry with Ian. Brady demanded to know what was really going on. He assured Madison that he could protect her if Ian were threatening her.

Madison lied that no one was threatening her, and emphasized that Brady had been nothing more than a distraction, as well as a way to punish her husband. She continued that she did truly care about Brady, and that was why it had been so difficult for her to break things off, because she hadn't wanted to break his heart. "You're a great guy, but Ian's the only man I'll ever love," Madison declared evenly. Brady reminded Madison that she had worked very hard to get the two of them back together after he'd broken things off.

Madison claimed that she'd been afraid that she would lose her husband, so Brady had been her "backup plan." She added that she had made up all the horrible things she'd said about Ian so that Brady would take her back. Brady asked if Madison were willing to tolerate Ian's cheating. Madison stated that after seeing what it felt like to be on the other side, Ian had promised to be completely faithful. Brady accused Madison of lying.

Madison admitted that she had lied in the past, but she was being truthful about wanting to spend the rest of her life with Ian. Ian then ordered Brady to leave. As Brady complied, Madison apologized sincerely for hurting him, and wished him the best. "You two deserve each other. I hope you're happy," Brady hissed, and then stormed out. Ian commended Madison for her performance, but she spat back, "I hate you, and I don't ever want you to forget it."

As Kate got Chad and Gabi ready for a photo shoot in Horton Square, she explained that her new co-CEO was actually the brains behind the new ad campaign. When Lucas arrived just then, Chad and Gabi assumed that Kate was referring to her son. Lucas greeted Chad and Gabi, as Kate announced the arrival of the models' new boss -- her daughter, Billie. Kate introduced Chad and Gabi to Billie, and reminded Billie that Chad was Stefano's son. Chad quickly explained that he and his father were not close.

As Chad and Gabi left to meet the photographer, Lucas and Billie exchanged an affectionate hug. Billie admitted that Kate had been able to convince her fairly easily to return to work for the company that Billie had started, although it hadn't been easy for her to leave Chelsea in London. Kate was just thrilled to have three of her children in town at the same time.

While the photo shoot got underway, Lucas stepped away to try again to reach Will. Kate asked what Billie thought about the shoot, and Billie asserted that Chad and Gabi seemed "a little too clean-scrubbed college town." Billie quickly stepped in to remedy the situation. She yanked Gabi's blouse off of her shoulders, got Chad to remove his jacket and unbutton his shirt, and mussed both models' hair a bit. Billie encouraged them to get closer and pretend to be "hot for one another." The photographer then started snapping pictures again.

Kate and Billie watched as Chad and Gabi exchanged smoldering looks, and Billie declared that it was obvious Gabi and Chad were actually a couple, because even the camera could see the love Gabi felt for Chad. Chad practically threw Gabi off of him as he corrected Billie's assumption, and asserted that he was seeing someone else. Gabi mumbled her agreement that they had merely been trying to give Billie and Kate what they'd asked for. Surprised, Billie maintained that Gabi and Chad had "amazing chemistry."

While on a break, Chad called Melanie to check in and tell her how much he missed her, while Gabi eavesdropped. As soon as Chad hung up, Gabi asked if he wanted to get something to eat with her. He agreed, and the two left together.

After Lucas returned, Billie mused to Kate and Lucas that Gabi had been lying about not having feelings for Chad, and worried that Gabi might get hurt. Kate, Billie, and Lucas sat at a table to catch up, and Kate almost immediately asked if Bo knew that Billie was back. Billie firmly replied, "Mom, before you go there, just let me tell you right now: Bo and I are in a really good place. He is happily married to Hope, and that is that." Kate then asked about Billie's love life, but Billie deflected.

Kate mentioned that Lucas had good news, and Lucas informed his sister that he was engaged. Billie congratulated him, and asked when they could meet the mystery woman. Lucas replied, "Maybe you'll come visit us in Hong Kong after you and Mom are done annihilating Mad World Cosmetics." Billie laughed while Lucas grinned, and Kate demanded to know what was so funny. Billie noted that Kate's hatred of Mad World seemed almost like a personal vendetta. Kate insisted that Madison James was the one who had made it personal.

Billie wanted to know what had made Lucas leave his fiancée to return to Salem. Lucas somewhat reluctantly replied that he was back because of Sami, but hastily added that he had also missed his kids a lot. Just then, Will called Lucas. From Lucas's side of the conversation, it sounded as if Will was thrilled that his dad was back, but then Lucas grew alarmed. He hung up, and informed Billie that Bo had been beaten so badly that he was in a coma. An upset Billie immediately left for the hospital.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi expressed her excitement that Billie had noticed Chad and Gabi's chemistry. Chad pointed out that they had dated for a while, so there had obviously been a spark between them. He added that he'd always regretted dumping Gabi for Mia, and apologized for being "such a butt-head." Gabi assured him that had hadn't been. Chad said, "I'm just glad that we were able to get through all that and become friends again. It really means a lot to me." Gabi concurred.

In the locker room at Green Mountain Lodge, Melanie announced that she planned to schedule a massage that morning. Abigail stated that she wouldn't join Melanie, because she already had plans. Melanie was worried that Abigail's plans included bothering Austin, but Abigail maintained that she would be on her best behavior -- even though she and Austin had real feelings for each other. Melanie accused Abigail of being a little obsessed with Austin, but Abigail shrugged off Melanie's concerns.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin toasted each other with mimosas in their room. Carrie divulged that she'd won a free massage from the lodge, but she had to use it that morning. She asked Austin to wait for her, so they could spend the day together as they'd planned. Austin was disappointed that Carrie was leaving so early, but happy that they were getting to enjoy some time together as a couple.

In the locker room a bit later, Carrie was dressed in a robe and headed to her massage when she spilled the contents of her wallet. Melanie walked in as Carrie was pensively eyeing her Reed & Hernandez business card. Carrie quickly explained that she had just remembered that she needed to get new business cards, since she was no longer working with Rafe. Carrie then rushed off so she wouldn't be late for her massage.

Very shortly after that, Carrie returned to the locker room, and explained that she'd volunteered to give up her spot because the spa was overbooked. Carrie then stated that she wanted to invite Melanie and Abigail to dinner that night, but Melanie politely declined to intrude on Carrie and Austin's romantic weekend. Carrie insisted that Abigail had done a great deal for Austin that semester, and they wanted to thank her.

When Carrie mentioned that she'd won the massage from the lodge, Melanie wanted to know how Carrie had learned about it. Carrie said that she'd found the certificate outside her door that morning, but she was kind of glad that it had been cancelled, because it meant that she and Austin could spend the whole day together. As Carrie left to return to her room, Melanie suddenly put the pieces together, and hurried after Carrie.

As soon as Carrie had left for the spa, Abigail knocked on the door, pretending to be from room service. Although he was wearing only a towel around his waist, Austin opened the door. He was alarmed when he saw Abigail, but she excitedly jumped onto the bed. Panicked, Austin pointed out that Carrie could return at any moment, but Abigail replied that Carrie would be gone for at least an hour. Austin immediately realized that Abigail had arranged for Carrie's massage. Abigail explained that she'd only done it so that they could be together.

"Abigail, damn it, listen: I don't want to hurt your feelings, but enough is enough. You need to back off! In fact, I want you to stay the hell away from me," Austin ordered. He reiterated that the night they'd spent together had been a mistake, and he didn't know how else to make her understand other than by being harsh. Abigail pleaded with Austin not to let the obligation he felt toward Carrie get in the way of the happiness he could have with Abigail. Austin firmly asserted that he was committed to his marriage, and if Abigail truly cared about him, she would forget she'd ever met him -- because that was what he intended to do. Furious and hurt, Abigail slapped him.

Austin gently assured Abigail that he cared about her, but only as a friend. "But we made love!" Abigail protested tearfully. Austin reminded her that he had been so drunk that he didn't remember anything, and repeated that he did not have romantic feelings for her. He continued that he had only ever been in love with one person: his wife, his first love. "You're my first love, Austin. So what am I supposed to do now?" Abigail pleaded. Austin tried to convince her that what she felt was only a crush, but Abigail refused to believe it.

Abigail recounted how lousy her life had been when Austin had returned to town, and then one day she'd realized that she had no one in her life on whom she could count except for him. She described how elated she'd felt just being around him, and how she had ached for him when he hadn't been there. Austin stammered that he was glad he could be a friend to Abigail. Abigail maintained that he hadn't treated her that way, because he'd made her feel like she was important and special to him. "So don't tell me that this doesn't mean anything, or that I am just making this up. I won't believe that," Abigail insisted.

Abigail sat miserably on the side of the bed, and Austin sat down next to her. He assured her that she was very special, and someday she would meet a fantastic guy who would return her love. "That is not true, because I can never love anyone the way that I have loved you. It's not possible. Why don't you understand that?" Abigail complained. Austin pulled her close to him, and put his arm around her to comfort her. Abigail put her head on his bare chest and sobbed while he held her. "I just wish that there was some way to make this all go away," Austin declared unhappily.

Carrie arrived outside the room, with Melanie hot on her heels. Melanie urged Carrie not to go in yet. "I work at a spa; I don't need another massage -- so you should go take mine now," Melanie offered. Carrie appreciated the gesture, but she was eager to get back to Austin. Although Melanie did her best to stop her, Carrie entered her room.

Austin jumped up, practically flinging Abigail aside, while Melanie groaned from the doorway. "Austin, what the hell is going on here?" Carrie demanded.

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