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Monday, March 12, 2012

by Mike

At the Green Mountain Lodge, Carrie demanded to know why Austin and Abigail were together. Austin claimed that he had been comforting Abigail, and he assured Carrie that nothing had happened.

Melanie tried to convince Abigail to give Carrie and Austin some privacy, but Abigail refused. Abigail pretended that Carrie had interrupted an intimate moment, and she insisted that Carrie deserved to know the truth. Carrie admitted that she should have seen the signs earlier. "She just pops up wherever we go, whether it's the Brady Pub, or the Horton Square, and now the ski lodge, miles away from home," Carrie added.

Melanie claimed that it had been her idea to go to the lodge. Melanie added that she and Abigail had never expected to see Carrie and Austin at the same ski resort. Austin agreed, but Carrie wasn't convinced. Carrie noted that Austin and Abigail had been spending a lot of time together. Austin defensively reminded Carrie that Abigail was his assistant.

"I've known you since you were a little girl, Abigail. I was so excited to see you when I was coming back to Salem -- see how grown up you were -- and after everything that you went through with your dad, my heart went out to you. And then you were a wreck about some jerk who wasn't treating you right, and I was outraged. I understand was Austin, wasn't it? He's the one who broke your heart," Carrie realized with a sigh.

Abigail confirmed Carrie's suspicion. "You're involved with a student? And not just any student -- Jack and Jennifer's daughter? A little girl that you've known since she was a baby? How could you take advantage of a little girl?" Carrie asked Austin. Abigail insisted that she wasn't a little girl anymore. Melanie tried to stop Abigail, but Abigail refused to listen to her.

Austin said that there was nothing going on between him and Abigail, but Abigail insisted that Austin was lying. Carrie tearfully admitted that she didn't even know who Austin was anymore, and she started to walk away. Austin stopped Carrie, and he assured her that he could explain everything.

"I will not stand here and listen to you defend your actions, because there is no excuse for what you have done," Carrie said. Abigail insisted that Austin had done nothing wrong, and that they were in love with each other. Austin denied Abigail's statement, but Abigail assured Carrie that she was telling the truth.

Abigail explained that she had comforted Austin after he had learned about Carrie's infidelity. Abigail claimed that everything had happened for a reason, and that she and Austin were meant to be together. Austin continued to deny everything that Abigail was saying, but Abigail was undeterred. Abigail happily assured Austin that they wouldn't have to sneak around anymore.

Melanie decided that Abigail had caused enough trouble, and she dragged Abigail into the hallway. "I can't believe what I've just witnessed in there. It's bad enough that you tricked me into coming up here so you could ruin their romantic getaway, but now you are literally destroying their marriage, when it is so clear to everybody else that they're trying to make it work," Melanie said.

Abigail insisted that Carrie didn't love Austin. Melanie said that wasn't for Abigail to decide. Abigail swore that she knew Austin, and that he loved her. Melanie gently asked if Austin had actually said those words to Abigail. Abigail avoided the question, and she reiterated that Austin belonged with her.

Abigail wondered why her best friend was taking Carrie's side. Melanie explained that she was just trying to stop Abigail from making a huge mistake. Melanie wanted to take Abigail back to Salem, but Abigail refused to leave without Austin.

Meanwhile, back in Carrie and Austin's room, Carrie agreed to listen to Austin's side of the story, but she warned him not to lie to her. "I admit that I did some things that I shouldn't have done, but I meant what I said -- Abigail and I are not together. I don't love her -- I never have. Somewhere along the line, she fell for me, and I was just too stupid to stop it," Austin said.

Carrie wondered if Austin had given Abigail a reason to believe that he was in love with her. "Abigail wants to believe that I have romantic feelings for her. No matter what I say, she wants it so badly that she's created this entire, uh -- it's a twisted relationship -- in her head," Austin explained. Austin admitted that he should have seen the signs earlier.

Austin said that he hadn't known about Abigail's plan to go to the lodge. Austin explained that he had told Abigail that he wasn't interested in her, and that he was in love with Carrie. Austin said that he didn't want to lose Carrie, and he begged her to believe him. Carrie admitted that she had made her fair share of mistakes, and that she didn't want to lose Austin, either.

Abigail returned, and she insisted that Austin didn't love Carrie. Austin firmly stated that Abigail was wrong, and he told her to leave. "If you love her so damn much, then why did you have sex with me?" Abigail demanded to know. Carrie wondered if Abigail was telling the truth. Abigail amended her statement, and she claimed that she and Austin had not just had sex -- they had made love.

Austin referred to the encounter as a mistake, and he swore that he had never meant for it to happen. Carrie furiously slapped Austin, and she said that he was disgusting. Before Austin could respond, Carrie stormed out of the room. Abigail begged Austin to let Carrie go, but Austin ignored her, and he rushed after Carrie. After Austin left, Abigail started to sob. Melanie entered the room, and she wondered what Abigail had done.

At the hospital, Daniel introduced himself to Billie. Billie informed Daniel that she was Chelsea's mother, and Daniel cringed as he realized that Billie probably didn't like him very much. Billie promised that Daniel would be given a clean slate if he managed to save Bo's life.

Billie recalled that Bo had always been there for her in the past, and she vowed that she was going to return the favor. Billie urged Bo to wake up. Billie told Bo that his kids needed him, and that Hope needed him. Billie added that she needed Bo, too.

Maggie and Victor entered the room, and Billie gave them each a warm greeting. Maggie was glad to hear that Billie was going to be working at Countess Wilhelmina again. Billie recalled that Maggie had always been extremely supportive of her, and she admitted that she was excited about working at the company again.

Daniel entered the room, and Victor begged him to save Bo's life. Daniel promised to do everything that he could possibly do to help Bo. Meanwhile, Billie and Maggie talked about Daniel. Maggie admitted that she had been shocked to learn that Daniel was her biological son. Maggie noted that Billie probably knew exactly how Maggie had felt, since Billie had been through a similar situation a few years earlier.

Maggie smiled, and she said that Daniel was her miracle. Victor looked at Bo, and he muttered that they were going to need another miracle. Daniel excused himself so that he could check on Bo's test results. Victor made Daniel promise that he wouldn't sugarcoat the results. After Daniel left, Victor reminded himself that Bo had always been a fighter.

"I wish I could take credit for the man that you are, but I know I can't. You know, I used to wonder what it would have been like to have raised you -- if you would've turned out differently, if you might have been more like me -- but in the end, I realized that I wouldn't change anything. I couldn't be more proud of the man I see in front of me. God knows I couldn't love you any more," Victor said. Maggie excused herself so that she could get some air.

After Maggie left, Billie admitted that she was surprised that Hope wasn't with Bo. Victor explained that Hope and John were in Alamainia. Billie was shocked to learn that John and Hope were married, but she added that as long as Stefano was alive, anything was possible. "As long as Stefano is still pulling the strings, like he always has...Victor, we've gotta do something. We've got to stop him," Billie said.

Victor changed the subject, and he admitted that he was going to miss having Billie at Titan. Billie thanked Victor for his support, and she pointed out that Countess Wilhelmina had always meant a lot to her. Victor noted that Maggie had always had a soft spot for the company, too. Victor warned Billie to be careful around Madison and Ian. Billie wasn't intimidated, and she said that she had always been a sucker for a good challenge.

Meanwhile, Maggie went to Daniel's office. Daniel could tell that something was wrong. Maggie admitted that she felt powerless, and she wished that she could do something to help Victor and Bo. Maggie added that she was glad that Daniel was all right, and she conceded that she was being selfish. Daniel insisted that Maggie was a selfless, caring woman, and that it was okay for her to think about herself occasionally.

Maggie wondered if Daniel had received Bo's test results. Daniel nodded, and he reluctantly explained that Bo's condition had not changed. Later, Maggie and Victor decided to return to the Kiriakis mansion to get some rest. Billie assured Victor that she would stay with Bo.

In Alamainia, Hope wondered if Stefano was responsible for Bo's attack. Hope repeatedly tried to contact people in Salem, but each of her phone calls failed. Hope called the hotel manager to complain about the phone service, but the manager claimed that there was nothing that he could do.

"This is ridiculous -- did Stefano pay off the whole country? I swear to God, if I lose Bo, so help me God, I will kill him!" Hope shouted. John said that he and Hope needed to worry about getting back to Salem first, and that they could deal with Stefano later. John explained that he had contacted the United States consulate earlier, and that the consul had agreed to ask a judge to help John and Hope reclaim their passports.

The hotel phone rang, and John answered it. A short time later, John ended the call, and he explained that the United States consulate had lost their jurisdiction shortly after John and Hope had surrendered their passports. John added that the judge was missing.

Later, John sighed as he ended another phone call, and he admitted that he had exhausted all of his options. John apologetically explained that something had spooked everyone in Alamainia. "Great -- my husband's lying in a hospital bed, and I'm on vacation," Hope sarcastically stated. John reminded Hope that they were resourceful, and he assured her that they would figure something out.

Hope and John started to think of other ways that they could get out of Alamainia. After a few suggestions, Hope noted that the passports were locked away in a desk drawer in the courthouse. Hope grabbed her laptop, and she started to search for the courthouse blueprints. John realized what Hope was planning to do, and he told her to slow down so that they could discuss the idea.

John pointed out that Hope was thinking about stealing official documents from a government building. "We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. This is Alamainia. We get caught, they're not gonna slap us on the wrists, they're gonna throw us away -- probably for life. Are you willing to risk that?" John wondered. Hope said that she would do anything to get back to Bo. John was pleased to hear Hope's answer.

Later, Hope found the blueprints. Hope showed John the best route to the room where their passports had been stored. John was impressed, and Hope reminded him that Princess Gina had been a decent art thief.

Hope tried to place another call to Salem, and she was shocked when she managed to reach the hospital. One of the nurses routed the call to Bo's room, and Billie answered the phone. Hope was surprised to hear Billie's voice, and she wondered why Billie was in Salem. Before Billie could respond, Bo started to have a seizure.

"Oh, my God, he's dying!" Billie cried out, as Hope listened helplessly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At the hospital, Billie sat at Bo's bedside and talked to him. When the phone rang, Billie answered it and was surprised to hear Hope on the other end of the line. As Hope asked Billie why she was in Bo's hospital room, Bo had a seizure. Billie called for help as Hope listened helplessly. While Lexie worked on Bo, a panicked Billie picked up the phone receiver and said, "Oh, my God, Hope. I think we're losing him!"

In her hotel in Alamania, Hope called out to her husband, but the line went dead. Scared, Hope attempted to call Billie on her cell phone, but she could not place any calls. John explained that the phones in Alamania were down and that they could not make any calls. Upset, Hope broke down in tears and explained that she heard Billie say that Bo was dying. Confused, John asked Hope why Billie was in Salem.

Hope ignored John's question and hugged him for comfort. John pushed Hope away and held her shoulders firmly so that he could look her in the eye. John urged Hope to calm down. Scared, Hope noted that Billie had said that Bo was dying. John promised to get Hope back to Salem. With her mind set on going home, Hope opened the laptop computer to review John's plan to break into the courthouse. Nodding, John leaned over Hope's shoulder and talked her through the plan to steal their passports back.

John and Hope packed their supplies and climbed out the hotel window. When they got to the courthouse, John worked on the bolts securing the bars to the window as Hope kept her eye on the guards patrolling the grounds. Once the bolts to bars on the window of the courthouse were removed, John studied the alarm system on the window. As Hope examined the alarm system, she was struck by memories of Princess Gina's life as an art thief. Hope remembered a work-around and gave John a stick of gum to chew.

Once the gum was soft, Hope used it to dampen the wire connections on the alarm. John cracked open the window, and they climbed into the room. Hope sprayed shaving cream on the security camera, then she picked the padlock on the filing cabinet. John worked on the second lock on the filing cabinet, while Hope urged him to hurry. Once John cracked open the filing cabinet, they frantically searched for the passports. As John and Hope focused on their search, someone turned on the lights in the office.

At Salem hospital, Lexie worked to resuscitate Bo. Lexie ordered Billie to leave the room. Billie pulled out her cell phone and frantically attempted to call Hope as she paced in the hallway outside Bo's room. Kate spotted Billie and called out to her. As Billie hugged her mother tightly, she informed Kate that Bo had suffered a cardiac arrest. Billie added that she had been on the phone with Hope when Bo went into cardiac arrest and that she was not able to get through to Hope's phone.

Kate advised Billie to find out more about Bo's condition before she called Hope. Cocking her head, Kate accused Billie of having feelings for Bo, and Billie reluctantly admitted that Kate was right. Billie argued that she did not want to be reminded about the past. When Kate asked Billie if Bo was the reason she had returned to Salem, Billie firmly stated that Bo was not a factor in her decision to move back home.

A somber Lexie exited Bo's room and informed Billie and Kate that Bo was stable. Lexie counseled Billie to have faith that Bo would recover from his injuries. When Lexie went back into Bo's room, Billie called Chelsea and left her a voicemail about Bo's condition. Still unable to reach Hope, Billie surmised that the problem was with Hope's phone.

Kate urged Billie to go to the DiMera mansion and rest, but unnerved by the idea, Billie refused. Billie noted that she did not judge her mother's choice to live with Stefano. Nodding, Kate explained that there were advantages to being Stefano's wife and that she was happy.

Hoping to get Billie's mind off of Bo, Kate offered to update Billie on Countess W. When Kate dismissed Madison, Billie countered that since Ian had taken over Titan, she did not believe they could dismiss Mad World as a threat.

E.J. summoned Roman and Abe to the DiMera mansion. When Roman knocked on the door, E.J. greeted them and asked about Bo's condition. E.J. offered his sympathies, but Abe cut him off and asked E.J. why he had summoned them to the mansion. E.J. offered Abe a pardon. Laughing, Abe noted that E.J. did not have the power to help him. Shrugging, E.J. countered that he knew people that might be able to help Abe.

Protesting his innocence, Abe argued that he had not rigged the election. E.J. urged Abe to take his help, but Abe refused E.J.'s offer. "What's the catch?" Abe asked. With a smile, E.J. explained that he wanted Abe to let go of Lexie. Outraged, Abe accused E.J. of driving a wedge between Abe and his wife. "Your wife is never going to look at you the same way again. You know why? Because you put the election ahead of her," E.J. said.

When Abe argued that Lexie was angry with E.J., E.J. smirked and noted that Lexie was his blood. E.J. noted that Abe had spent years setting himself apart from the DiMeras as a paragon of the community but that Abe's image had been decimated by the election fraud. Furious, Abe called E.J. garbage and argued that Lexie would not be fooled by E.J.'s lies. Roman added that Lexie would reconcile with Abe.

As Roman gently pushed Abe toward the exit, E.J. warned Roman that his job as commissioner was in danger. E.J. noted some grim crime statistics, and he added that he was looking for a replacement for Roman. When Roman argued that there were no complaints about his work, E.J. countered that the attack on Bo did not instill confidence in Roman's abilities.

Abe warned E.J. that he had underestimated him and that E.J. would fail. E.J. urged Abe to take his deal, but Abe refused. As Abe left the mansion, E.J. asked Roman to stay. E.J. told Roman to convince Abe to take the deal or else he would make sure that Roman was implicated in Abe's election fraud case.

At the loft, Will greeted Lucas and welcomed him home to Salem. When Will noted that there was no news about Bo, Lucas countered that Billie was at the hospital, checking on Bo's condition. Will was surprised to hear that Billie was in town. Smiling, Lucas explained that Billie had returned to Salem to work with Kate at Countess W cosmetics. When Will asked Lucas why he had returned to Salem, Lucas admitted that he had returned to Salem at Sami's request.

Shaking his head, Will accused Sami of asking Lucas to bail her out of trouble. "Your mom told me everything that happened here," Lucas said. "I doubt that somehow," Will joked. When Lucas mentioned that he knew Will had seen E.J. and Sami having sex, Will noted that Lucas did not look surprised. Lucas admitted he was disappointed in Sami, but that he was more worried about how the situation had hurt Will.

Will argued that Sami had destroyed their family. When Lucas noted that Sami was sorry that she had destroyed the family, Will countered that Sami had swayed Lucas' opinion. "She didn't get to me. I know your mother's tricks better than anybody," Lucas responded. Will asked Lucas to promise that he would not fall for Sami again. Chuckling, Lucas explained that it was unlikely since he was engaged.

When Lucas counseled Will not to be angry with Sami, Will countered that he was not angry but that he saw Sami for who she really was. Sighing, Lucas said that he had returned to Salem not only to help Sami but to check on Will. "You're worried about me? Why? What did mom tell you?" Will asked. Lucas explained that he knew about Will's website and that Will had broken up with his girlfriend.

Lucas urged Will to open up to him and tell him what was wrong. Lucas noted that he missed Will and that he was looking forward to spending time with him. Changing topics, Lucas asked Will why he was working for E.J. Lucas urged Will to quit, but Will explained that E.J. knew that Will had shot him, not Lucas. Lucas was furious that E.J. was blackmailing his son, but Will noted that E.J. was not forcing him to do anything illegal.

Will added that he liked working for E.J. because it made him feel important. With a sigh, Lucas reminded Will that he had worked for Tony and that it had been a mistake. "It's not worth losing who you are. I'm not going to let them corrupt you," Lucas said. Will argued that he was being careful, and he asked Lucas not to worry.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

John had just managed to break open the file cabinet in the Alamainian government office where he and Hope believed their passports were being kept, when suddenly the lights turned on in the dark room. "Looking for something?" Stefano asked, holding up their passports. He warned John and Hope that there were "gentlemen" waiting in the hallway in case they tried to flee. Hope accused Stefano of being responsible for what had happened to Bo, but Stefano pointed out that he would have been subtler about it if he'd wanted to harm Bo.

Stefano added that although he was sorry about Bo, Hope would never be able to get a flight home to Salem. John pointed out that he and Hope wouldn't even be in Alamainia if not for Stefano, and wondered why DiMera had set the whole thing up. Hope appealed to the romantic in Stefano, and pleaded with him to let her return home to Bo.

When sirens began to sound in the distance, Stefano maintained that it was too late. John apologized to Hope for ignoring his instincts that their plan might backfire. Stefano offered to have his men distract the police until he could get John and Hope out of there. John was suspicious that Stefano might lead them into another trap, but he and Hope reluctantly agreed to leave with Stefano.

As they arrived back at John and Hope's hotel room, Hope thanked Stefano, and then ordered him to return their passports. Stefano politely refused, but tried to reassure Hope that Bo would be fine with Lexie's care. John asked what Stefano needed to keep the passports for. Stefano replied that he had a job for the two of them, but he would only divulge details when they needed to know them. Hope demanded, "Why are you doing this to us?"

Stefano replied lightly, "Because it's fun." As Stefano was leaving, John offered to do whatever Stefano wanted if Stefano would allow Hope to return to her husband. Stefano stated that he needed both Hope and John for the job. Stefano then left, and as soon as the door had closed behind him, a furious Hope hurled her bag at the door with a roar of frustration.

Melanie followed Abigail into Horton Square, because, Melanie assumed, they were going to get something to eat -- but it turned out that Abigail was really looking for Austin. Melanie urged Abigail to let Austin and Carrie work things out. Abigail was sorry that Carrie and Austin's marriage was probably over because he had slept with Abigail, but she believed it was for the best. Melanie stopped Abigail from hurrying off to see if Austin was in his hotel room, and warned that Abigail was probably the last person Austin wanted to see.

Melanie pointed out that when Carrie had left the lodge, Austin hadn't stayed behind to talk to Abigail; he had practically pushed Abigail out of the way to go after Carrie. Abigail maintained that Carrie had taken Austin for granted ever since they had moved back to Salem -- and Abigail would never have had a chance with Austin had Carrie not developed a "thing" for Rafe. Melanie asked what would happen when Austin and Carrie got back together.

Abigail asserted that she and Austin had built something real and strong, but Melanie cautioned that Abigail was only seeing what she wanted to see. "I believe you love him. I do. But that doesn't mean he loves you back," Melanie said gently. Abigail was hurt that her supposed best friend would talk to her that way, but Melanie said that she just didn't want to see Abigail get hurt. She urged Abigail to stop making excuses for Austin, because it would eventually only make things worse.

Abigail finally admitted that Austin probably wasn't happy with her at the moment because Carrie had found out the truth from Abigail. Melanie was relieved that Abigail seemed to finally get it, until Abigail continued that since Carrie and Austin's problems were too big to fix, it was a chance for Austin and Abigail to be together, because everything was out in the open. Melanie reminded her friend, "The only thing that's out in the open now is that you slept with a married man."

Melanie asked what would happen if Austin did leave Carrie for Abigail. Abigail declared that she and Austin were soul mates, even if they hadn't meant to fall in love. Melanie pointed out that even if Austin left Carrie and married Abigail, it was never a good idea to marry a man who'd cheated on his wife. Abigail was insistent that things with her and Austin would be perfect. As she described the idyllic life they would have together, she absentmindedly said, "And then the first time that we make love, it will be amazing."

Melanie caught it, and called Abigail out. Remembering that Austin had been quite drunk, Melanie demanded to know what had happened. Abigail finally admitted that she and Austin had not had sex. She explained that they almost had, but then Austin had passed out, and the next morning he hadn't remembered very much, so she'd let him believe that they'd made love. Abigail admitted that she had wanted to tell Austin the truth, but the longer it had gone on, the more real it had felt to her.

"Do you hear yourself? Austin and Carrie are in so much trouble because of something he didn't do," Melanie pointed out. Abigail maintained that her lie could have gotten Austin out of a marriage that had already been deeply in trouble. Melanie firmly admonished Abigail, "You don't have a lot of experience lying. I do -- a lot. So, the thing about lies is they will always come back and bite you in the ass. You tell him -- now."

As a dejected Austin entered his hotel room, he noticed that there was someone under the bed covers. Assuming it was Carrie, he sat on the edge of the bed, and apologized to the lump under the covers for cheating on her. Suddenly the lump sat up -- but it was his sister Billie, not Carrie. Billie pronounced, "You dog! Wait -- I take that back. I like dogs."

Austin was shocked but thrilled that his sister was back in Salem. After he welcomed her home, Austin confessed the whole story to Billie. He explained that he and Carrie had been at the Green Mountain Lodge because things in their marriage had been rocky ever since they'd returned to Salem, and they had been trying to work things out. He concluded by admitting that he had slept with Abigail.

Horrified, Billie reminded Austin that he was old enough to be Abigail's father, and asked if he'd been aware that Abigail had been nursing a serious crush on him. Austin guiltily admitted that he probably had, but he'd somehow let things get out of control, because things between him and Carrie had been so bad. "Now Abigail thinks she's in love with me," he said. Billie declared with concern that Austin had really blown it.

Billie then called the hospital to check on Bo's condition, and apparently they told her that he was "holding his own." She explained to Austin that Bo had been beaten very badly and was in a coma. Billie added that she felt terrible because the last thing Hope had heard when Billie had called Bo was Billie freaking out that Bo was dying, and Billie hadn't been able to get back through to Hope.

Billie tried to reassure Austin that because of the love he and Carrie shared, his wife would eventually forgive him -- like he had forgiven Carrie for cheating with Mike. Austin reminded Billie that it had taken years for him to forgive Carrie. Billie asserted that Austin was just going to have to convince Carrie that he was still the same guy she'd fallen in love with. Austin noted that he had never been the kind of guy who would sleep around -- but he guessed he'd somehow become one, even if he'd been so drunk that he didn't remember having sex with Abigail.

Billie believed that Carrie would ultimately realize that the man she'd married was a loving husband, although it might take a while, and urged him not to give up. She asked how Austin planned to fix it. Austin wasn't sure that he could, but Billie maintained that time could heal a lot of things. Austin recapped everything that had happened, and asked Billie to theorize how she would get over it if she were his wife.

Billie replied that she would think about what had been right with the relationship, and remember the good things. A dubious Austin declared, "I'm supposed to convince Carrie of how much I love her, when what I did was the direct opposite of love. In fact, it took our love and it shredded it." Billie encouraged her brother not to lose hope, and assured him that she was sticking around for a while. Austin declared that was happy and grateful to have his sister back, and embraced her fondly.

A crying Carrie was alone was alone in the darkened office when Rafe arrived and flipped on the lights. Noting that she was supposed to be on a ski trip, Rafe asked what was wrong. Unable to speak through her sobs, Carrie threw herself into Rafe's arms, and cried on his shoulder for a long while. Rafe then asked what was going on to have upset her so much, and although Carrie didn't want to talk about it, she admitted that he was a part of it. She confided the whole story about what she'd learned at the Green Mountain Lodge about Abigail and Austin, and confessed that she felt completely humiliated.

Rafe declared that Austin should feel humiliated for sleeping with a student. Carrie resentfully complained, "What gets me the most is how he and Sami acted when they caught us kissing... The nerve! All that righteous indignation over a kiss, when they did things that were so much worse." Rafe pointed out that Austin might not have slept with Abigail if Carrie and Rafe hadn't kissed -- but quickly reassured Carrie that she was not to blame. He asked why Carrie thought Abigail had shown up at the lodge.

Carrie admitted that she didn't know what to think or believe, because she felt like she didn't even know Austin anymore. She began to weep again, so Rafe took her in his arms. Once she was calmer, Carrie looked around the office with regret for having ended her partnership with Rafe because of their spouses' fears. "Maybe if I had know that she had slept with E.J. or that my husband was doing one of his students, maybe we wouldn't have been so quick to make a change," she mused somewhat bitterly. "But we do know now, so what do they owe us? What do we get?" Carrie demanded softly.

Rafe replied that he didn't think they should try to hurt Austin and Carrie. He acknowledged that even though he'd had a little time to process what Sami had done, he still wanted to kill both Sami and E.J. Carrie admitted that after some reflection, she had realized that Austin was not entirely to blame for what had happened in their marriage. She described how, after she and Austin had finally gotten past everything they'd done to each other when they'd been younger, she had thought he was all she would ever need.

Carrie continued by saying that as she had gotten older, being married to Austin hadn't been enough, so she'd gone to law school, and it had made her wonder if the woman she'd become still wanted the same things as the girl who'd fallen in love with Austin. She'd thought moving to Salem might make her fall in love with Austin all over again, but that hadn't happened. "Austin cheated, but in my heart, I was already cheating on him," Carrie admitted.

An uncomfortable Rafe tried to stop her from continuing, but Carrie went on. She said that Austin had sensed her pulling away, and that was why he had slept with Abigail. "He felt betrayed, and I understand why. I was falling in love with someone else. I was falling in love with you," Carrie confessed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Marlena could tell that Brady was upset about something. Brady reluctantly explained that Madison had ended their relationship, and that she had turned into a completely different person.

"I was attracted to her because she was strong, because she was independent -- I loved that about her. And then when she gets around this Ian...jerk, she becomes a helpless little girl. He has this power over her, and I have no idea what it is," Brady said. Brady called Ian an arrogant, violent man, and he bluntly stated that he didn't like Ian at all.

Brady assured Marlena that he was still in love with Madison, and that she was worth fighting for. Marlena urged Brady to talk to Madison. Marlena suggested that Brady needed to show Madison that he could be strong enough for both of them. Marlena warned that Brady might be facing an uphill battle.

In Madison's office, Madison tried to tell Ian about her plan to use social media to promote her products. Ian seemed disinterested, and he said that Madison's idea was predictable and mundane. Ian observed that Madison had lost the edge that had distinguished her from the rest of the pack.

"You were a strong, independent, intelligent, pioneering businesswoman...until you had that cliché-ridden affair with that muscle-bound beau. Now, you've turned into this silly, dreamy little schoolgirl," Ian bluntly stated. Madison suggested that Ian was just upset because she had found something with Brady that she had never had with Ian.

"I'm not intimidated by those young bucks, especially when they have all the depth of plastic wrap," Ian assured Madison. Ian dismissively claimed that Madison had experienced nothing more than a delayed adolescent crush. Madison insisted that Brady had shown her the meaning of true love, and that she would never be able to settle for anything less than that again.

"Now you understand love? There is no you without me. I made you what you are. Before you met me, you didn't exist," Ian reminded Madison. Madison theorized that Ian needed to believe that, because it made him feel better about himself.

"I don't need anything -- I'm self-sufficient. You, on the other hand, are a bottomless pit of neediness, and I am your main supplier, and I'm warning you...don't you be running around behind my back with him, because I will find out, and I will take him down. His life will be bad enough in prison on corporate espionage, but I can make his life a living hell behind bars. You're not the only one who finds him pretty," Ian pointedly stated.

Madison snapped at Ian, but Ian warned her to watch her tongue. Ian reminded Madison that mercy was one of the only traits that he did not possess. Madison said that she despised Ian, but Ian pointed out that there was a fine line between love and hate. Ian advised Madison to focus on her company, then he abruptly left the office.

After Ian left, Madison retrieved Brady's engagement ring from a small, ornate box on her desk. A tear rolled down Madison's cheek as she recalled that she and Brady had talked about raising a family together. Later, Brady entered Madison's office. Madison claimed that she was busy, but Brady insisted that they needed to talk, and he refused to leave.

Madison recalled Ian's threats, and she tried to ignore Brady. Brady demanded to know if Ian was blackmailing Madison. Brady assured Madison that they were strong enough to stop Ian. Madison claimed that she didn't love Brady, but Brady wasn't convinced. Brady reminded Madison that they had talked about raising a family together.

Madison said that little girls fantasized about marrying guys like Brady. Madison added that she wasn't a little girl anymore, and she claimed that Brady wasn't enough of a challenge for her. Madison returned Brady's engagement ring, and she urged him to move on with his life. Brady muttered that he had been wrong about Madison, then he exited the office.

In Rafe and Carrie's office, Carrie admitted that she loved Rafe, and she wondered if the feeling was mutual. Austin entered the room, and he admitted that he wanted to know the answer to that question, too. Carrie suggested that she and Austin could go somewhere to talk about everything.

"I came here to ask for your forgiveness, and I walk in on you telling your friend here...that you love him? I don't think there's a whole hell of a lot to talk about," Austin quietly stated. The look on Carrie's face confirmed Austin's suspicion. Austin offered Carrie a chance to say that she wasn't really in love with Rafe, but she remained silent.

Austin quietly observed that one of Carrie's greatest qualities was her honesty. Carrie started to say something, but Austin stopped her. Austin said that he didn't want Carrie to apologize, because that would just make things worse. Austin added that he still loved Carrie. Austin said that was the one true thing in his life that he had always known.

Austin admitted that sleeping with Abigail had been wrong, but he insisted that it hadn't meant anything. Austin added that he didn't even remember sleeping with Abigail. Austin noted that Carrie couldn't say the same thing, despite the fact that she hadn't slept with Rafe yet, because she was actually in love with him.

Carrie swore that she had never meant to hurt Austin. Austin said that he believed Carrie, then he wondered what he was supposed to do about the fact that she was in love with Rafe. Before Carrie could respond, Austin abruptly exited the office.

Rafe urged Carrie to follow Austin, but she said that she wanted to stay with Rafe. Carrie pointed out that Rafe had never answered her question earlier. Rafe confirmed that he felt the same way about Carrie. Rafe reminded Carrie that they had kissed, and he said that had only happened because they had both wanted it to happen.

Carrie started to kiss Rafe, but Rafe stopped her. Rafe noted that the situation was complicated, because he and Carrie were each married to other people. Rafe added that Austin still loved Carrie, and he suggested that Carrie owed it to herself to give her marriage another chance.

Carrie wondered if Rafe was going to try to make things work with Sami. Rafe deflected, and he said that wasn't important. Rafe urged Carrie to try to work things out with Austin, and he said that was the right thing to do. Before Carrie could respond, Rafe calmly exited the office.

At the Horton Town Square, Melanie urged Abigail to tell Austin the truth. Abigail pointed out that if she told Austin that they had never slept together, then he would know that she had been lying to him the entire time. "Yeah, uh, that would be the point," Melanie replied.

Melanie insisted that Austin and Carrie deserved to know the truth. Melanie added that Austin and Carrie's marriage was on the line, and that Abigail needed to fix it. Abigail defensively pointed out that Melanie wasn't a saint. Abigail claimed that Carrie and Austin's marital problems had started months before she had entered the picture. Melanie wasn't convinced, and she theorized that Abigail was lying to herself.

Melanie reminded Abigail that Austin and Carrie had gone on a romantic vacation to repair their marriage. Melanie added that Austin wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carrie, and that there was nothing that Abigail could do to change that. Abigail insisted that Melanie didn't understand.

"It's not developed feelings for somebody, and you sold yourself on the idea that he had feelings for you in return," Melanie matter-of-factly stated. Abigail insisted that Austin did have feelings for her, but Melanie wasn't convinced. Abigail asked Melanie to leave, but Melanie ignored Abigail's request.

Melanie assured Abigail that there was nothing romantic about her relationship with Austin. Melanie pointed out that Abigail never would have been able to convince Austin that they had slept together if he hadn't been drunk at the time. Melanie said that she was worried about Abigail, and she noted that Abigail had never been a manipulative person.

Abigail replied that she had never been in love before. Abigail refused to tell Austin the truth, because she didn't want to lose him. "Abigail, you're -- you're not gonna lose him, because you never had him," Melanie bluntly stated. Melanie promised to support Abigail, then she firmly stated that Abigail needed to tell Austin the truth.

Austin approached Melanie and Abigail, and he wondered what Melanie was talking about. Austin quickly realized that he didn't want to know, and he started to walk away. Melanie stopped Austin, and she looked at Abigail expectantly. Abigail reluctantly agreed that Austin deserved to know the truth.

At the grand opening of the new coffeehouse, Common Grounds, Sonny and Chad thanked everyone for their support. Adrienne asked Victor about Bo's condition, then she thanked him for attending the opening. "Not every day a boy starts his first business...but why he needs that DiMera kid is beyond me," Victor said, as he watched Chad closely.

Justin noted that the place looked hip and edgy. Justin added that he was surprised that Sonny and Chad had never asked for help with their expenses. Sonny explained that he had found an investor. Chad was surprised to hear that. Sonny said that the investor had asked to remain anonymous.

"Oh, you son of a -- you took money from my father, didn't you?" Chad demanded to know. Sonny tried to explain, but Chad interrupted him. "I really read you all wrong, man. I really thought I could trust you," Chad said, then he walked away.

Victor, Maggie, and Adrienne approached Sonny and Justin. Victor demanded to know why Sonny had been foolish enough to ask Stefano for money. Again, Sonny tried to explain, but no one seemed eager to listen to him.

Victor insisted that Sonny couldn't handle Stefano on his own. Justin asked to see Sonny's contract, so that he could try to get Sonny out of it. "You think you can get him out of a DiMera contract? Faust had an easier time of it with Mephistopheles," Victor dryly stated. Sonny started to lose his patience, and he wondered if anyone was interested in hearing the real story.

"Your father came to me, offering to invest, but I turned him down. I know how you felt, and I would never do that to you. Our new investor has absolutely no connection with your father, or the DiMeras -- I checked," Sonny told Chad. Sonny turned to Victor and Justin. "And for you two...I'm sure you're shocked, but look around. I actually know what I'm doing," Sonny added. Maggie and Adrienne tried to hide their amusement.

Later, Justin assured Victor that Sonny would understand if Victor wanted to return to the hospital. Victor explained that Daniel had scheduled some additional tests for that afternoon, so he wouldn't be able to see Bo anyway. Victor admitted that he was impressed that Sonny had told him to back off in front of everyone. Victor knowingly stated that Sonny was going to be just fine.

Meanwhile, Sonny noted that Chad seemed preoccupied, and he wondered if everything was all right. Chad pointed out that Melanie hadn't arrived yet. Sonny assured Chad that Melanie still had plenty of time to make it to the event. Gabi feigned concern, and she slyly wondered what could have been more important than Chad's opening.

Later, Chad and Sonny went to the storage room to get some more cups. Gabi noticed that Chad had forgotten to take his phone with him, but she didn't say anything. After Sonny and Chad left, Chad's phone started to ring, and Melanie's name appeared on the screen. Gabi waited for Melanie to record a message, then she quickly listened to it.

Melanie's message apologetically explained that she had missed Chad's opening because Abigail had been having a small meltdown. Melanie offered to meet Chad later that night at the Brady Pub, so that she could treat him to dinner to apologize for missing his opening. Gabi deleted the message.

Later, Chad wondered why Melanie hadn't called him yet. Gabi claimed that Chad needed a distraction, and she suggested that they could go somewhere for dinner. Chad declined Gabi's offer, and Gabi tried to hide her disappointment. Later, Gabi invited Chad to dinner again. Chad hesitantly admitted that he was hungry, and he and Gabi exited the coffeehouse.

Marlena entered Common Grounds, and she spotted Adrienne, Justin, Maggie, and Victor at a nearby table. Adrienne said that she hadn't seen Will yet, and she invited Marlena to join the group. Sonny took a complimentary cup of coffee over to Marlena. Marlena beamed with pride as she predicted that Common Grounds was going to attract quite a crowd. Meanwhile, Ian entered the coffeehouse.

Ian loudly greeted Victor, and Maggie quietly told Marlena that Ian was the new CEO of Titan. Ian introduced himself to Marlena. "She's a shrink -- she'll see through you in a heartbeat," Victor said. Ian warned Marlena to take Victor's comments with a grain of salt. Ian said that Victor was a great man, but he was also a sore loser.

Marlena noncommittally stated that she knew Victor really well, then she turned away from Ian. Ian congratulated Justin and Adrienne, and he said that Sonny was an impressive young man. Justin and Adrienne were surprised to learn that Ian had already met Sonny.

"You know, there's a canteen over at Titan -- you could have your tea and keep working," Victor suggested, hoping that Ian would take the hint. Ian said that he was working. Ian admitted that he was impressed with his latest investment. Victor realized that Ian was Sonny's anonymous investor, and he questioned Ian's motive.

"I'm new in town, Victor, and this place is so nice. I'd like to get involved, as you all are," Ian cryptically stated.

Friday, March 16, 2012

In Horton Square, Austin questioned Abigail about what she'd so urgently needed to discuss. Admitting that it was difficult for her to talk about, Abigail said that she thought Carrie should be there, as well. "That's not going to happen... Carrie's with Rafe," Austin declared, but refused to divulge more. He urged Abigail to say whatever it was she needed to say. Finally, Abigail explained, "I thought that if Carrie knew the truth about how drunk you were the night that you were with me that maybe it would make things better."

Austin admitted that he was skeptical that was all Abigail had supposedly wanted to get off her chest. He continued that he couldn't believe he'd lost Carrie after they'd spent so many years being happy. Abigail reassured Austin that she wasn't going anywhere, and that she loved him. Austin interrupted her firmly, "Abigail, this has to stop. Do you understand me? This stops right now!"

Abigail didn't understand why they couldn't be together, if Carrie was with Rafe. Austin professed that no matter what happened between him and Carrie, he and Abigail couldn't be together. "And I'm sorry. There never was an 'us' -- and there never will be," Austin declared.

As Sami arrived at Countess Wilhelmina after her business trip, she was on the phone with her grandmother. Sami promised that she would be by to see the kids in a short while. As she hung up, Sami noticed that someone else's things were on her desk, and her own belongings were in a box on a chair. Kate arrived to welcome Sami back, and wanted to hear all about Sami's trip. Sami asked if they could discuss it the next day, since she was exhausted from her trip, and then questioned who had been using her desk.

"This isn't your desk anymore," Kate replied, just as Billie entered. "It's mine," Billie explained. Kate elaborated that she had invited her daughter to return to the company that Billie had created years earlier, and until Kate found Billie a bigger office, Billie would be using Sami's desk. Although clearly thrown, Sami welcomed Billie back. Billie assured Sami that she didn't want to make waves, but Sami asked Kate, "Since Billie's back, do I still have a job here?"

Kate accused Sami of being paranoid. Billie enthused that with Lucas and Austin back in town, it seemed like the perfect time for her to return, plus she was looking forward to seeing Will and Allie. Kate added that while Sami tracked down the mole, Kate needed to be around people she trusted, like her daughter. Sami claimed that she was working hard on finding the mole, and suggested that while she was busy with that assignment, perhaps Billie could handle some of the travel. "What you're doing so well? Absolutely not!" Kate replied encouragingly.

Kate ordered Sami to get to work right away, but Sami pleaded that she needed to get home to her kids. An unsympathetic Kate reminded Sami that her top priority was supposed to be finding the mole, and instructed Sami to analyze some emails for anything suspicious. Sami wanted the IT department to work on that task, but Kate pointed out that anyone in the company could be the mole. Billie returned just then and heard Kate declare, "You're the only one I trust to do this, and when you find that mole, I guarantee you, you're going to get everything you deserve and more."

Kate then suggested that she and Billie take Sydney, Johnny, and Allie out for dinner that night -- without Sami, since Sami saw her kids all the time and Billie hadn't seen them in a long while. Kate directed Sami to put together a presentation of her trip by the next morning. Incredulous, Sami pointed out that it would take her all night. Ignoring her, Kate and Billie cheerfully wished Sami goodnight, and left. "Bite me, bitches," Sami muttered after Kate and Billie had gone.

A while later, a frustrated Sami was struggling to work in a side chair, instead of her former desk. As she juggled a huge pile of file folders, she spotted a photograph in her box of things, and sighed wistfully when she saw that it was of her, Rafe, and the kids, all grinning from ear to ear.

Kate and Billie arrived at the Brady Pub to pick up the kids from Caroline. Before they headed upstairs, Billie wanted to know what was going on with Kate and Sami. "If you hate her so much, why would you make her a top executive at Countess?" Billie asked. Kate explained what had happened with Sami, Madison, and Mad World, and then shocked Billie with the news that Sami was the mole. Billie thought Kate should fire Sami, but Kate said that firing wasn't good enough punishment. "I am going to make her suffer -- and suffer she will. I guarantee it," Kate declared.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. left an angry, threatening voicemail for Will, who evidently had not been returning E.J.'s messages. Will arrived just as E.J. hung up, and apologized for being out of touch. After admonishing Will to always answer E.J.'s calls, E.J. began to give Will his next assignment. Just then, Lucas arrived, and ordered E.J. to save his breath, because E.J. was no longer Will's boss.

Will pointed out that he was old enough to make his own decisions about his employment, but Lucas told E.J. to find another lackey. E.J. wanted to hear it directly from Will if he really wanted to quit, and Will asserted that he wanted to continue working for E.J. Lucas tried to forbid it, but Will pointed out all the things he'd gained by working for E.J.: a car, an apartment, independence -- and a job he really liked. Lucas warned Will that it wouldn't be long before E.J. was ordering Will to commit arson or murder.

"Dad, I'm sorry. I'm working for E.J. I never asked for your permission," Will reminded Lucas. Lucas told E.J., "I know you blackmailed him into this." E.J. guessed that Lucas was upset about the situation because he'd gone to prison for Will. Lucas threatened to tell the whole story to the media, but E.J. pointed out that it would only ruin Will's reputation. Will urged his dad to reconsider, but E.J. stated that Lucas did not have to follow through with his threat.

"William, I'm letting you go. You're free to do whatever it is that you wish to do," E.J. declared, adding that Will could even keep the car and the apartment, and E.J. would not tell anyone what Will had done. Taken aback, Will considered it for a moment, but then informed Lucas that he wanted to keep working for E.J. Lucas cautioned Will that working for the DiMeras was like sleeping with the enemy, and reminded him of all the terrible things E.J. had done to Will's family.

Will repeated that, despite how the situation had begun, he really liked working for E.J. Lucas reiterated his concerns, adding that E.J. was hardly a good role model for Will. Will asserted that it was a little late for Lucas to be telling Will what to do. Lucas admitted that he regretting having been gone for so long, but urged Will to think twice about continuing to work for E.J. Will pointed out that Lucas' mom was married to Stefano, and Will didn't care what E.J.'s last name was.

"Maybe you're just upset because the man you call 'the son of Satan' was here for me when you weren't," Will suggested. He politely asked Lucas to leave. Lucas cautioned E.J., "You know, you may have won this round, but it's just a matter of time before Will sees you for the sick bastard you really are." He warned that if E.J. hurt Will in any way, he would have to answer to Lucas. Lucas then left, shaking his head.

"Congratulations. Your father's right; you, my boy, are your own man," E.J. said, clapping Will on the back. He strolled over to the bar, offered Will a snifter of brandy, and then showed the lad how to drink it properly. "I have big plans for you, William. Big plans," E.J. declared as the two clinked their glasses.

A miserable Madison entered her hotel room, where she found a romantic table set for two -- and Ian opening a bottle of champagne. "Hello, darling. I wanted to surprise you," Ian explained. Madison admitted that she was, indeed, surprised, and dramatically yanked the tablecloth from the table. As plates, glasses, and flowers crashed to the floor, Madison glared defiantly at her husband. Ian started to say that he knew Madison was hurt, but she angrily cut him off. She reminded him that she had just broken the heart of the man she really loved because Ian had forced her to, and it made her want to vomit.

"I'm sorry," Ian said softly. Madison didn't believe Ian's words for a minute, pointing out that he seemed to be taking great joy in keeping her and Brady apart. Ian maintained that he hated to see her so unhappy, with the same sad look on her face that she'd had when he'd first met her. He added that he had been thinking about their wedding and honeymoon, and how scared Madison had been to fly -- but since then, she had traveled the world. Ian reminded her that she had told him when they'd been in Paris together that she had never been so happy in all of her life.

"Were you happy, or was that just a lie?" Ian demanded. Madison maintained that she had been very happy, but only because she had been thrilled that an older, worldly man had been interested in her, and because she had been starving for attention. But then Ian had cheated on her -- repeatedly -- and it had destroyed her trust. Madison continued that it wasn't until she'd met Brady that she'd learned what real love was -- and once again, Ian had destroyed her happiness. She demanded to know what Ian got out of ruining her life.

Ian asserted that Brady had turned Madison back into an insecure little girl if she didn't believe that Ian wanted to be with her. "I created you. You are nothing without me!" Ian declared. Madison wondered if Ian believed that he owned her. Ian warned that if Madison didn't stop testing him, he would make sure that Brady found out what real suffering was. "Are you threatening Brady?" Madison asked.

Ian insisted that he'd only meant that Brady had turned Madison into a "sniveling mess" and that he wasn't good for her. "You're the one who destroyed me, Ian. How do you not see that?" Madison asked sadly. Ian promised to send someone in to clean up the mess Madison had made, bade her goodnight, and left. Madison clutched her teddy bear to her chest, while Ian listened to her plaintive sobbing from outside the door.

Kayla greeted Brady with a hug when he arrived at the Brady Pub. She went back behind the bar to fetch him a beer, and Brady pulled Madison's engagement ring out of his pocket and stared at it unhappily before tossing it onto the table.

Melanie arrived shortly thereafter, looking for Chad. She noticed Brady sitting alone, and sat down in the empty chair across from him. Immediately picking up on Brady's lousy mood, Melanie asked if he wanted to talk, but Brady admitted that he just wanted to be alone. Melanie obliged, but reminded him that she was always available if he changed his mind.

Melanie was still waiting for Chad when Daniel entered. After father and daughter exchanged an affectionate hug, Melanie noted that Brady looked like he could use a friend. Daniel joined Brady, who was continuing to brood over Madison's ring. "You want to talk about it?" Daniel inquired. "No, I don't want to talk about it -- but I do want to kill that bastard," Brady replied, dropping the ring into the dregs of a beer.

After Brady had told Daniel the story of Madison and her secret marriage to Ian, Daniel advised Brady against murder. Brady wanted to know what Daniel recommended instead for a broken heart. Daniel tried to reassure Brady that it would get better, but Brady didn't buy it. Brady declared that Madison didn't love Ian; she loved Brady. A dubious Daniel wondered if Brady could really get past what Madison had done, and urged Brady to run the other way and get on with his life.

Kayla spotted Melanie anxiously fiddling with her cell phone, and pointed out that Melanie could use it to actually call Chad if she were worried.

After Chad and Gabi got a table at the café in Horton Square, Chad stepped away for a moment, leaving his coat and cell phone at the table. Gabi seized the opportunity to turn off the ringer on Chad's phone. When Chad returned, Gabi tried to make pleasant conversation, but Chad's responses were mostly monosyllabic, as he was obviously worried that he hadn't heard from Melanie. When Gabi spied an incoming call from Melanie, Chad didn't notice, so Gabi distracted him by asking if he would find the waiter to see what had happened to their beverage order. While Chad obliged, Gabi deleted the record of the call from Melanie.

Kayla returned to Melanie's table, and Melanie said that her call to Chad had gone straight to voicemail. Melanie announced that she was going to try to track Chad down, and Kayla agreed to let Daniel know that Melanie had left.

Gabi and Chad's dinner arrived, but Gabi only picked at her salad, claiming it was because she had to look good for their upcoming swimsuit shoot. Chad reassured her that she had nothing to worry about, adding, "If I have to be in front of a camera, half-naked, with a beautiful woman all over me, I'm glad that woman is you." Melanie arrived then, and was surprised to see Chad and Gabi dining together.

Chad explained that he'd thought Melanie was busy with Abigail, so he and Gabi had decided to get a bite to eat. Melanie said that she'd called and sent text messages. Chad grabbed his phone, and noticed that it was switched off. "How the hell did that happen?" he wondered. Gabi just shrugged innocently.

Melanie apologized for missing the opening of the coffeehouse, but Chad was just glad that she was there. He quickly paid for his and Gabi's meal, and left with Melanie. Gabi was friendly when she said goodbye, but as soon as they'd gone, she crossed her arms petulantly and scowled after them.

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