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Monday, March 19, 2012

by Mike

At the Intensity Day Spa, Billie and Daniel discussed Bo's condition. Billie said that Bo had a lot of reasons to live. Daniel wondered if Billie was one of those reasons. Billie insisted that she and Bo were just friends.

Later, Billie started to clumsily pummel a punching bag. Daniel watched Billie for a moment, then he approached her. Daniel criticized Billie's stance, and he offered to practice with her. Daniel demonstrated a few basic moves. When Billie tried to mimic Daniel's moves, she accidentally punched him in the stomach.

Daniel groaned, and he admitted that Billie was tougher than she looked. Daniel wondered if Billie had hurt her hand. Billie started to let Daniel check her hand, then she abruptly changed her mind. "I know your M.O. You feel somebody's glands, and then you take their liver out, and then...what, you put their heart back in their chest, and all of a sudden, Dr. Dan's in love?" Billie asked.

Daniel defensively stated that he just wanted to see if Billie had any broken bones. Billie threatened to break Daniel's bones, and she told him to back off. "You've been with my mother, you've been with my daughter -- what, are you trying to keep it all in the family?" Billie wondered.

Daniel conceded that Billie was an attractive woman, but he bluntly added that he wasn't the least bit interested in her. Daniel explained that he had just gotten out of a serious relationship. Billie nodded knowingly, and she revealed that Jack and Jennifer were two of her closest friends.

Billie apologized, and Daniel assured her that he understood. Billie changed the subject, and she started to talk about joining the spa. Daniel wondered if that meant that Billie would be staying in Salem for a while. Billie confirmed Daniel's suspicion, then she exited the spa. Daniel watched as Billie walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Abe ran into Lexie. Abe asked about Theo, and Lexie explained that she had hired someone to watch him. Abe wondered why Lexie hadn't asked him to watch Theo. Lexie said that she had assumed that Abe would have been too busy to watch Theo. Abe insisted that Theo needed to be with him. Abe added that Lexie needed to be with him, too.

"Lexie, I know I lied, and I know I broke our trust, but you have to believe me when I say I did not fix that election. After everything that we've gone through, are we really gonna let it end over...this?" Abe asked. Lexie assumed that Abe was implying that her mistakes had been much worse than his mistakes. Abe insisted that Lexie had misinterpreted his statement, then he quickly changed the subject.

Abe wondered if Theo had asked about him. Lexie said that she had asked Marlena for advice about how to handle the situation. Lexie added that she had told Theo the truth. Lexie explained that Theo was upset, and that he had refused to see Abe. Abe wondered if Theo really believed that Abe had rigged the election. Lexie pointed out that the details were too complicated for Theo to understand.

"He knows you're not going to be the mayor anymore. He knows you're not one of the good guys anymore, and it's rocked his world," Lexie added. Abe sighed as he struggled to accept the fact that his own son had refused to see him. Lexie assured Abe that Theo would change his mind eventually. Lexie said that Marlena had warned her that it might take time for Theo to process the changes.

Abe admitted that he had also talked to Marlena. Abe said that Marlena had recommended that he and Lexie needed to continue to communicate with each other. Abe added that John and Marlena's history was a perfect reminder that life was short. Lexie guessed that Abe was trying to hint that she needed to count her blessings.

Lexie admitted that she didn't share Abe's optimism. Lexie insisted that she would never be able to trust Abe again. Abe refused to give up, and he reiterated that Marlena and John's relationship had survived countless obstacles. Lexie pointed out that John had been innocent, and that he had never lied to Marlena. Before Abe could respond, Lexie abruptly excused herself.

At Countess Wilhelmina, Lucas offered to help Sami look for the mole. Sami assured Lucas that she could handle the investigation on her own, but Lucas ignored her protests. Lucas started to flip through a random file, and he reminded Sami that he had returned to Salem to help her. "You want to help? Then just leave me the hell alone," Sami said, as she started to get nervous.

Sami's outburst surprised Lucas, and he wondered if she was all right. Sami pointed out that Lucas had also returned to Salem to help Will. Sami suggested that Will needed Lucas more than she did, but Lucas wasn't convinced that Will wanted his help. Lucas quickly told Sami about what had happened at the DiMera mansion earlier that day.

Sami refused to believe that Will actually enjoyed working for E.J. Sami insisted that Will was just doing it to get back at her, but Lucas wasn't convinced. Lucas pointed out that E.J. had offered Will a lot of perks, and he guessed that Will probably believed that he was living the good life. Lucas added that Will had a good head on his shoulders, and he assured Sami that Will would be fine in the end.

Sami was convinced that it would just be a matter of time before E.J. would ask Will to commit some sort of crime. Lucas said that Will would know when to draw the line. Lucas added that he and Sami had taught Will the difference between right and wrong. "What if we didn't? What if I didn't? What if I screwed him up for life? I'm scared, all right? I'm scared for our son," Sami admitted.

Sami wondered why Will had agreed to work for E.J. Sami insisted that Will knew that E.J. was a monster. Lucas reiterated that Will was an eighteen-year-old kid who had been offered some amazing perks. Lucas admitted that he probably wouldn't have been able to resist those perks at that age, either. Lucas predicted that Will would ignore the potential consequences of his job for as long as he possibly could.

Later, Lucas started to search for something that would reveal the mole's identity. Sami tried to convince Lucas to give up, but Lucas was determined to succeed. Lucas went over to Sami's computer, and he announced that he was going to trace all of the correspondence that had been sent from Countess Wilhelmina to Mad World.

Sami assured Lucas that she could handle the search on her own. Sami claimed that she knew more about computers than Lucas did, and she pointed out that Lucas couldn't view proprietary information because he wasn't an employee. Lucas reminded Sami that his mother owned the company, and he insisted that Kate wouldn't mind. "As long as it doesn't have anything to do with my love life, I'm good," Lucas muttered.

Lucas noted that Sami was acting like she didn't want him to find out who the mole was. Sami confirmed Lucas' suspicion, and he wondered why she was trying to hide the mole's identity. "Because it's me! I'm the mole," Sami admitted. Sami quickly told Lucas the whole story.

After Sami finished her tale, Lucas winced. "That's great -- now I have a headache. My head is spinning because of you," Lucas said. Sami assured Lucas that she had changed her mind about sabotaging Kate's company. "Everything was working great, and isn't there irony in that? Now Kate thinks there's a mole, but there's not? I'm not being a mole anymore. I'm totally being," Sami said.

"You are driving me nuts! I cannot believe this! I can't believe I didn't see this coming. Of course you're the mole. Of course you are -- who else would it be?" Lucas asked rhetorically. Lucas wondered why Sami had failed to mention such an important detail earlier. Sami explained that she had wanted to avoid the inevitable lecture. Lucas wished that someone's lecture would actually sink into Sami's head for once.

Sami sighed impatiently, and she said that she was sick of the Sami-bashing. "Well, I'm not done with the Sami-bashing, because the Sami I know doesn't know right from wrong. She doesn't know any of that; it's all about her on-going rationalization of whatever's happening to her at the moment," Lucas replied. Sami pointed out that Lucas had been the same way.

Lucas agreed, and he added that the difference was that he had changed. Sami scoffed, and she reminded Lucas about his bimbo ex-wife, Chloe, and his latest bimbo, April. "April is not a -- I mean, Autumn is not a bimbo!" Lucas insisted. Sami sarcastically agreed that Autumn was probably terrific.

Lucas confirmed that Autumn was terrific. Lucas added that Autumn was understanding, and that she couldn't wait to meet his family. Lucas said that he had told Autumn about how mature Will had been as a kid, and he admitted that he didn't even recognize Will anymore. Sami wondered if Lucas was trying to blame her for Will's behavior. Lucas shrugged, and he said that the shoe seemed to fit.

Sami changed the subject, and she reminded Lucas that they needed to focus on what was really important -- preventing Kate from learning that Sami was the mole. Lucas warned that Kate wasn't going to give up, and that the truth would eventually be revealed.

In Nicole's hotel room, Rafe surprised Nicole with some food. Rafe mentioned the argument that he had interrupted at the Horton Town Square earlier, and he wondered if Nicole was all right. Nicole insisted that she was fine, but Rafe wasn't convinced. Rafe pointed out that Nicole could press charges against E.J. Rafe added that E.J. was the mayor of Salem, and that people deserved to know who he really was.

"Seriously? You don't think they know? Come on! He's a liar, a sociopath, a serial cheater, and scum, yet they elected him anyway, and I helped him get there," Nicole said. Rafe noted that Nicole seemed stressed, and he wondered if she had eaten anything recently. Rafe admitted that he hadn't been taking care of himself, and that he missed having a kitchen.

Nicole agreed, and she fondly recalled the French chef who had prepared all of her meals at the DiMera mansion. Rafe said that French food was overrated, and he opened the bag of comfort food that he had purchased for Nicole. The smell of the greasy food caused Nicole to rush to the bathroom.

Later, Nicole emerged from the bathroom, and she warned Rafe that she might be contagious. Rafe put his hand on Nicole's forehead, and he announced that she didn't have a fever. Rafe placed the bag of food in the hallway, then he suggested that Nicole might have eaten something earlier that had made her sick. Nicole warned Rafe not to mention food.

Rafe started to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and he wondered if Nicole was pregnant. Nicole remained silent, and Rafe realized that he was right. Rafe hoped that the baby wasn't E.J.'s. "Hey, watch it! Of course the baby's E.J.'s -- what kind of woman do you think I am?" Nicole defensively asked.

Nicole explained that E.J. didn't know about the baby, and that she wanted to keep it that way. Rafe agreed to keep Nicole's secret, but he pointed out that he had figured out the truth, and that E.J. probably would, too. Rafe added that Sami had tried to keep a baby from E.J., and he reminded Nicole that Sami's plan hadn't ended well.

Nicole assured Rafe that she still had time to figure everything out. Rafe urged Nicole to call a doctor, but she reminded him that E.J. had eyes and ears everywhere. Nicole insisted that E.J. couldn't find out about her baby, because he would be incredibly possessive of it. Nicole pointed out that E.J. didn't even know that it was possible for her to get pregnant. Rafe wondered how Nicole felt about her miracle baby.

"Crazy, confused...and incredibly happy. There was a time when I would have done anything to have a baby with E.J. -- I mean, I practically did do everything. It's ironic, isn't it? Sydney is not in my life -- or yours -- and all I have is this baby. You know, the doctors told me that, uh, I would never be able to carry a baby full-term, so when I, uh, lost my little was the worst thing that could ever happen to me, and that's saying a lot. You know, Rafe, if anything happens to this baby, I don't know what I will do. I'll die," Nicole tearfully stated.

Rafe wondered if Nicole was planning to leave Salem. Nicole said that she wasn't sure, and she admitted that she didn't really have any friends or family members who would be willing to help. Rafe urged Nicole to call a doctor. Nicole explained that Daniel was her doctor, but she added that she didn't want to call him every time that she had morning sickness.

Nicole rushed off to the bathroom again, and Rafe observed that Nicole seemed to have morning, noon, and night sickness. A short time later, Nicole emerged from the bathroom, and Rafe could tell that she was physically drained. Nicole joked that she could paint her nails green, so that they would match her skin tone.

Rafe started to help Nicole into her bed, but she fainted in his arms.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chad was tidying up his apartment when Gabi knocked on the door. After Chad let Gabi in, she presented him with a copy of their Countess W magazine ad. Excited, Gabi thanked Chad for doing the photo shoot with her, and then she hugged him tightly. Chad poured two glasses of juice and toasted the ad campaign. Gabi talked about growing up poor and how she did not intend to let anything stop her from earning a living.

As Chad promised not to stand in Gabi's way, Melanie called his phone. Chad answered his phone and informed Melanie that he was celebrating the magazine ad with Gabi. As Chad asked Melanie to join him for a romantic dinner, Gabi frowned behind him. While Chad told Melanie that she was the best thing in his life, Gabi slipped off an earring and tucked it under Chad's comforter.

At the coffeehouse, Melanie met up with Abigail to talk. Melanie told Abigail that she was proud of her for telling Austin and Carrie the truth about the night Abigail had spent with Austin. With a nervous sigh, Abigail admitted that she had not come clean and that she had decided she would never tell the truth. Melanie was upset, but Abigail explained that Carrie had left Austin for Rafe. Abigail reasoned aloud that Carrie was meant to be with Rafe and that Austin was meant to be with Abigail.

Abigail asked Melanie to keep her secret and not tell Austin the truth. Shaking her head, Melanie answered that though she would not tell him, that Abigail needed to come clean with Austin before she could have a relationship with him. Nodding, Abigail agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Austin finished his beer and looked at the front door as Jack entered the room. Jack walked over to Austin and asked to join him. Jack made small talk as Austin fidgeted nervously. When Jack asked about Carrie, Austin explained that she had fallen for another man. Jack sympathized with Austin and offered to listen to Austin when he needed to bend an ear.

Kayla interrupted Jack and Austin's conversation to drop off a round of drinks. Jack asked about Steve, and Kayla noted that Steve was doing well. When Kayla asked Jack if he had any news for his brother, Jack nodded shyly. Jack explained that he was working on a book about his experiences in Afghanistan. With a smile, Kayla wished Jack well with his writing and left to wait on another table.

Austin congratulated Jack on his book, and then Austin remarked that his contract with the college required him to publish five articles. When Austin noted that he was worried about writing material, Jack offered to help Austin. Feeling guilty about Jack's daughter, Austin politely declined Jack's offer.

Changing the subject, Jack asked Austin for help with Abigail. Jack was worried about his daughter's breakup, but Austin assured Jack that Abigail would be fine. Still upset, Jack confided that he believed the man that hurt his daughter was someone he knew on campus. "If I ever find out who it is, I'm going to make sure he pays and pays for breaking my little girl's heart," Jack growled.

Abigail entered the Brady Pub and walked over to Austin's table as Austin frantically attempted to warn Abigail that Jack was at the bar. When Jack said hello, Abigail looked nervously between Jack and Austin. "Is something wrong?" Jack asked. Smiling, Abigail explained that she was startled. Abigail asked Jack if she could have a few minutes alone with Austin.

Nervous, Austin joked that Abigail was off the clock and begged Jack not to leave. Kayla interrupted to share the news that Bo was stirring awake at the hospital. When Kayla asked if anyone could lock up the pub, Austin jumped to his feet and offered to close up the pub for her.

Kayla threw the keys to Austin and rushed out the door. Austin excused himself so that he could start cleaning up the pub and get away from Abigail. Austin started to clear the dishes, and he informed Jack that his bill was on the house. As Abigail left the pub, she stopped to stare longingly at Austin.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. worked on his speech. Frustrated, E.J. crumpled up the paper as Kate entered the living room. Kate joked about Nicole, but E.J. remarked that he was lost without Nicole. With a sigh, Kate urged E.J. to forget about his wife and concentrate on his work. E.J. argued that Nicole had all his work materials and strategies.

E.J. lamented the fact that he had not told Nicole about his one-night stand with Sami when it happened. Kate warned E.J. that he needed to move forward and forget the past. Kate informed E.J. that she was working on a plan to get E.J. custody of his children. Worried, E.J. cautioned Kate to cancel her plans because he did not want a scandal. After E.J. left the living room, Kate muttered to herself, "You'll thank me in the long run."

Nicole was resting on the bed in her hotel room after she had passed out. Rafe urged Nicole to eat and rest in order to protect her baby. Nicole was annoyed to hear Daniel knocking on the hotel room door, but Rafe ushered Daniel into the room. Nicole swore that she felt fine, but when she stood up, her knees buckled, and she fell back onto her bed, unconscious.

While Nicole was passed out, Daniel checked her over and determined that Nicole was dehydrated. Rafe offered to take Nicole to the hospital, but Daniel noted that Nicole did not want to arouse suspicion with E.J. Daniel added that he had intravenous fluids in his bag for Nicole. When Nicole came around, Daniel informed Nicole that she had passed out. Daniel insisted that someone stay with Nicole. When Nicole quietly noted that she did not have anyone, Rafe offered to stay. Unsure, Nicole hesitantly accepted Rafe's offer.

Once Daniel was gone, Rafe asked Nicole if it was a good idea to keep her pregnancy from E.J. Nicole firmly stated that she did not want E.J. to know about the baby. Rafe reminded Nicole what had happened when Sami attempted to hide her pregnancy from E.J. With a sigh, Rafe asked Nicole to think about her decision to lie to E.J. When Nicole asked Rafe if he still loved Sami, he admitted that despite what had happened, he still loved his wife.

When Nicole asked Rafe if he intended to reunite with Sami, Rafe answered that even if he could forgive Sami for sleeping with E.J., he could not forgive the lies. "I know what you mean," Nicole agreed. Nicole said that despite her belief that she should leave E.J., she felt drawn back to E.J. because she missed Johnny and Sydney.

Nicole commented that Sami was an idiot for ruining her marriage. Shaking his head, Rafe interjected to note that the collapse of his marriage was not entirely Sami's fault. Rafe explained that he had kissed Carrie. When Nicole asked Rafe if he was in love with Carrie, he blushed and avoided the question. Nicole warned Rafe that if he was in love with both Brady sisters then he was in a heap of trouble.

Nicole changed into her pajamas and asked Rafe to join her in a game of truth or dare. Rafe dared Nicole to go to sleep. Smiling, Nicole commented that it felt weird to be getting along with Rafe. Nicole thanked Rafe for staying with her, and Rafe assured her that he was happy to help. Nicole chastised herself for going back to E.J., but Rafe patted her hand and noted that Nicole was only following her heart.

In Horton Town Square, Daniel met up with Melanie in the lounge area. Melanie asked Daniel how it felt to work at the hospital and not be a surgeon. Daniel admitted it was strange but that his break had forced him to prioritize his life. Kate interrupted, and Melanie said goodnight and left. With a gruff greeting, Daniel asked Kate what she wanted.

Kate explained that she wanted to know about Bo's condition. Daniel offered to update Billie once he got back to the hospital. With narrowed eyes, Kate warned Daniel not to spend any more time with her daughter Billie. Daniel bristled at Kate's order and left.

After Nicole drifted off to sleep in her hotel room, Rafe got ready for bed. As Rafe took off his shirt, E.J. let himself into Nicole's hotel room. Rafe angrily asked E.J. why he was there, and a furious E.J. demanded to know why Rafe was in bed with his wife. Startled awake, Nicole shouted at E.J. Angry to see Rafe in Nicole's hotel room, E.J. lashed out at Nicole and called her a whore.

Rafe punched E.J. in retaliation. "You're gonna regret that," E.J. said as he chuckled. E.J. remarked that Nicole had no class and suggested to Rafe that he should go to a free clinic for a checkup. As E.J. left, an overly emotional Nicole threw a glass at the door as it closed. "You son of a bitch!" Nicole screamed through tears.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As a distracted Rafe wandered aimlessly through the archway outside Horton Square, he spotted Carrie, lost in thought, sitting on a bench inside. Both admitted that they were at the square not for E.J.'s inauguration, but to avoid having to deal with their respective spouses. Carrie admitted, "I don't know about you, but I could use a friend to kill some time with." Rafe didn't think it was a good idea for them to spend time together, lest it only make things worse, but he agreed to go for coffee with Carrie.

Lucas and Sami were already outside the Brady Pub when Marlena arrived. Marlena reported that Bo's condition had not changed; he was still in a coma. Sami vented her frustration that the doctors didn't seem to know what they were doing, and fearfully admitted that she couldn't help but realize that it could have been her dad instead of Bo who was in a coma. Lucas tried to comfort her.

When the trio went inside, they were surprised to find Caroline, dressed and ready to go to the church for a prayer Mass they were holding for Bo. Caroline admitted that she was feeling restless because of the uncertainty of Bo's situation. Kayla urged her mom to take care of herself. Gesturing determinedly with her rosary beads, Caroline insisted that they all had to be strong for Bo.

When Austin arrived, he was pleasantly surprised to see Lucas, because he hadn't known until that moment that his brother had returned to Salem. After Lucas and Austin embraced, Sami asked if Austin knew where Carrie was, since no one had been able to get ahold of her. To Marlena's surprise, Austin admitted that he'd also been trying to reach Carrie and didn't know where she was.

Just then, Carrie and Rafe walked in together. When everyone just stared at them, Carrie asked if something had happened to Bo. Marlena explained about the Mass that Caroline was holding for Bo, and Sami pointedly noted that Carrie would already have known about it if she -- or Rafe -- had been at the hospital with the rest of the family the night before. Marlena chided Sami, and Carrie insisted that she and Rafe had not been together the previous night.

Sami wouldn't let it go, noting that it didn't take a genius to figure out what it meant that Carrie and Rafe had arrived together early in the morning. Carrie screeched, "Damn it, I am not the one having an affair." Austin flipped out, urging her, "Carrie, don't." Carrie shrieked, "Don't what? You're the one who slept with someone else, not me!" All heads swiveled around to gape at Austin. Austin defensively admitted that he'd made a terrible mistake while drunk, and then let it slip that he'd had sex with Abigail.

Sami was utterly horrified, while Marlena's eyes grew wide with disapproval. "You slept with my niece? Dude, what's the matter with you?" a shocked Lucas demanded. Austin pointed out that at least he didn't have feelings for Abigail -- unlike Carrie, whom he'd overheard declaring that she was falling in love with Rafe. "You are unbelievable!" Sami shouted at Carrie, and then angrily reminded her sister, "I asked you straight to your face, and you lied to me, you little slut!"

Finally, Marlena interrupted the row to thunderously remind everyone that Bo was fighting for his life; she lambasted everyone for their selfishness, and for airing their differences in public. Marlena urged everyone to think about what Caroline was going through. "This family is in pain. They need you. They need you all. And you should all be ashamed of yourselves," Marlena concluded. Sami and Carrie apologized wordlessly to their grandmother. Rafe knelt in front of Caroline, and expressed his regret for what had happened, as well as his sympathy about Bo.

As Carrie wallowed in self-pity, Kayla softly asked her niece if she were all right. Carrie admitted that she wasn't, noting, "You tried to warn me." Kayla encouraged Carrie not to blame Abigail, who was young and should not be in the middle of another couple's marital problems.

Sami and Lucas quietly confronted Austin. "I wish I could take it back, but I can't," Austin maintained adding, "I'm pretty sure it cost me everything." Lucas warned Austin that Jack and Jennifer would "go ballistic" when they found out that Austin had slept with Abigail. Austin continued to try to defend himself, reiterating that he'd been drunk because he and Sami had just found Rafe and Carrie kissing.

"I don't even remember it happening. Abigail had to tell me about it the next morning," Austin added. Lucas referenced the time when they'd all been much younger that Sami had drugged Austin. Both Austin and Sami chided Lucas for dredging that up again.

Sami then tentatively approached Rafe, and asked if he reciprocated Carrie's feelings. "You want to talk to me about love after what you did to me, to our family, with E.J.?" Rafe demanded incredulously. He declared that Sami didn't deserve an answer, and stalked out.

Carrie left soon after Rafe, and Sami smiled wryly to herself. Caroline asked if Sami were okay. When Sami admitted she wasn't all right, Caroline gently asked if Sami wanted to talk, but Sami declined. Blinking back tears, Sami added that she didn't believe that Rafe wasn't falling in love with Carrie -- but she also knew that it wasn't the right time to talk about it. She tried to cheer up for her grandmother's sake.

Outside, Carrie and Rafe sat together the bench. "We have to talk to them -- Austin and Sami, I mean. It can't go on like this. It isn't right," Carrie asserted. Rafe agreed, although he acknowledged that he didn't know what to say. Rafe then spied Lucas inside with his arms around Sami, tenderly stroking her back. Rafe wondered if Sami had already moved on. He admitted that people had warned him against getting involved with Sami because she couldn't be trusted -- and he'd begun realize they'd been right.

In the pub, Austin asked about Lucas' engagement, and Lucas showed off a photograph of his fiancée, Autumn. Austin affirmed that she was beautiful, but wondered how Autumn felt about Lucas leaving Hong Kong to offer support to his ex-wife. Lucas maintained that he'd told his fiancée all about his past relationships, because the two of them did not keep secrets from one another. Austin and Sami professed that they were very happy for Lucas.

A phone call from the hospital to Kayla interrupted everyone's conversations, and the family waited anxiously while Kayla got an update on Bo's condition. When Kayla hung up, she reported that Bo was stable, which Marlena and Caroline seemed to think was great news, although Sami couldn't hide her disappointment that it wasn't better news. Caroline announced that it was a good time for everyone to head to the church.

As the family gathered their things, Marlena asked to speak with Sami after Mass. Sami declined, claiming that she had too much work to do. As Lucas escorted Sami out, Caroline observed tearfully, "It's really hard when everybody you love is suffering so much." With the pub closed, the group left for the church.

Ian entered Madison's offices with coffee and croissants. Although she was openly displeased to see him, he praised something she was working on, and declared that he was proud of her. Madison declined the pastries, since she'd already had breakfast. Ian commended Madison for making Mad World such a valuable asset for Titan. Madison didn't trust Ian's flattery, noting that it made her feel like he was about to set her up.

Hurt, Ian gently admitted that he hadn't been the sort of husband Madison deserved for a long time, and he wanted to rectify the situation. Unmoved, Madison cynically noted that Ian only wanted to maintain his image. Ian insisted that he'd taken the job as CEO of Titan so that he could be closer to her. Madison replied that if that were true, he could prove it by letting her go so she could be with Brady.

Ian's demeanor turned instantly icy as he refused, and ordered Madison never to ask him that again. Madison meekly acquiesced. Ian then commanded Madison to accompany him to the inauguration, where she would act the part of the perfect wife. Madison grabbed her coat and bag and flounced out.

At Horton Town Square, preparations were underway for E.J.'s mayoral inauguration ceremony. Abe and Jennifer watched as the reporters and photographers got set up amid the patriotic decorations. They lamented Abe's unfair loss to E.J. in the election, and Jennifer vowed that the people who had set Abe up would not get away with it.

E.J. arrived just then, accompanied by Kate, and the crowd surrounded him and applauded as he descended the stairs. Jennifer's mouth hung open in disbelief. Privately, Kate tried to reassure E.J. that Stefano was proud of him, but E.J. wasn't convinced, since Stefano wasn't there. Kate offered words of encouragement, declaring that E.J. was about to carve out a new legacy for the DiMera family.

Billie arrived then with E.J.'s children, as well as Allie. All three kids hugged E.J. and congratulated him. While Billie and Kate entertained Allie, E.J. scooped up Johnny and Sydney, and sat with them on a bench. He shooed away the photographers, and then lovingly declared to his children that he had become mayor because of them, to make a better life for all of them, because he loved them so much. "We love you, too, Daddy," Johnny replied happily. E.J. kissed each tot on the head.

When Lexie showed up, she informed Abe that there had been no change in Bo's condition since the night before. Abe said that he was glad Lexie was there, but she admitted that she was there for E.J., not Abe. Abe could hardly contain his disgust that his wife had decided to publicly support her brother on the day E.J. was replacing Abe as mayor.

Abe caught up to Lexie just outside the entrance to the square. She reluctantly revealed that E.J. had asked her to join his staff, as health commissioner, and she had accepted because she hoped to make a difference in Salem. Abe apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion -- and for everything that had happened. Lexie reminded him that she wasn't ready to talk about it, and she might never be.

After Lexie had gone, Abe confessed to Jennifer that the city had invited him to take part in the inauguration, but he'd declined, because he hadn't wanted to give E.J. a chance to create a spectacle at Abe's expense. Jennifer reassured Abe, "Eventually, he is going to show his true colors; it's inevitable. And he will be responsible for his own downfall." Abe hoped, when that happened, that Lexie would not get caught in the crossfire.

At the podium, E.J. proudly introduced Lexie as Salem's new health commissioner. Abe and Jennifer returned just as the crowd's applause died down. E.J. then spoke about the attack on Roman and Bo, which he blamed on the Moroni crime family -- and seemed to place the blame on Abe that the Moronis had not yet been arrested. E.J. vowed to put an end to the corruption in city government and the violence on the streets. Abe whispered to an incredulous Jennifer that E.J. was trying to put the Moronis in jail in order to make Abe look bad.

When Madison and Ian arrived, Kate and Billie were playing with the children. As soon as he saw Madison, Johnny shouted, "Hi!" Grinning back at the boy, Madison explained to Ian that Johnny, Sydney, and Allie were Sami's kids, and then introduced herself to Billie. Although Billie and Madison shook hands cordially, Kate and Madison soon began sniping at one another. Ian interrupted to kiss Billie's hand and introduce himself.

Ian declared that he looked forward to the competition between their companies, because he enjoyed watching strong women do battle. Ian then escorted Madison away. Billie remarked that she found Ian attractive and interesting, but Kate warned her against going anywhere near him. Billie was taken aback.

As soon as Kate led the children away to get some cocoa, Madison returned to speak with Billie. Each woman admitted with genuine admiration that she'd heard a lot of good things about the other. Billie noted that the two of them had a lot in common, including the way they had started their businesses. "I just want you to know, whatever happens between us, it's not personal," Madison assured Billie, who concurred.

Across the square, Ian found E.J. and shook his hand. "Ah, Mr. McAllister. Your reputation precedes you," E.J. replied after the introduction. Ian expressed his admiration for E.J.'s plans to "make order out of chaos," and then added cryptically, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful and productive friendship."

Kate was headed out of the square a little later when Ian found her. She tried to avoid him, but he declared that Billie was lovely -- and she reminded him of Kate. Kate ordered Ian to stay away from Billie or he would be very sorry. Kate then hotly warned Ian, "When I finish with Sami for spying on me, I'm going to go after that bitch you call a wife, because she is not going to get away with what she did to me." Ian cautioned Kate that she would regret it if she so much as looked at Madison. "I take care of what's mine -- at all costs," Ian growled.

E.J. asked Lexie for her budget and agenda by the end of the week. He made a disparaging comment about the way Abe had run the city, and Lexie tried to defend her husband. E.J. maintained that Abe had done nothing good for Salem, and he was glad that Abe was out of Lexie's life.

Abe and Jennifer watched E.J. and Lexie's conversation from afar, and Abe correctly deduced what the siblings were talking about. Jennifer asserted that Lexie was far too smart to fall for E.J.'s manipulations.

Abe finally got fed up. He strode over and ordered E.J. to leave Lexie out of things. E.J. taunted Abe, and almost got Abe to throw a punch, but Jennifer nimbly stepped in. She reminded Abe that E.J.'s main goal was to cause a scene. "I think if anybody is going to cause a scene, it should probably be me," E.J. hissed viciously, and then called over a uniformed police officer.

E.J. ordered the cop to handcuff Abe, and explained that he was having Abe arrested for ballot tampering. The townspeople gasped and began to gather around, while the reporters and photographers closed in. The officer whispered an apology to Abe as he cuffed the former mayor, while Lexie expressed her fury with E.J.

With a shrug, E.J. maintained that he was merely keeping a campaign promise to rid the city of corruption. Jennifer tried to call Carrie to meet them at the station, but E.J. commanded another officer to arrest Jennifer for being an accomplice to election fraud. The cops had to order the murmuring, stunned crowd to move back as the cops escorted Abe and Jennifer out of the square, with flashbulbs popping all around.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

by Mike

In Alamainia, Stefano issued some instructions to one of his henchmen, Martin. Stefano warned Martin that John and Hope were formidable opponents, and that it would be important to catch them off-guard.

Later, in John and Hope's hotel room, John carried a half-eaten tray of food into the hallway. Martin emerged from a nearby hiding spot, and he plunged a syringe into John's back. John struggled with Martin, but he quickly lost consciousness. Hope entered the room, and she saw that someone was standing over John's body. Hope tried to escape, but Martin managed to subdue her.

Hope and John were taken to an unknown location. After John and Hope regained consciousness, Stefano's image appeared on a television monitor. John warned that he and Hope weren't interested in playing Stefano's games. "But you are my two favorite players," Stefano said with a laugh. John and Hope ignored Stefano's comment, and they started to leave the room.

Martin entered the room, and he pointed a gun at John and Hope. Stefano warned that Martin's aim was impeccable, and he suggested that Hope and John might want to reconsider. John said that he could handle Martin. "I'm well aware of your capabilities, John -- after all, I did create you, huh? My pawn. You know, the two of you are an unbeatable team," Stefano observed.

Stefano urged John and Hope to try to escape, and he warned that they wouldn't get very far. Stefano claimed that Hope and John were miles away from civilization. Hope demanded to know what Stefano wanted. Stefano explained that he needed John and Hope to help him complete a special project. John guessed that there had to be a catch.

"No catch -- I will spell out all of my terms up front. Now, either you assist me, or...guess. And, of course, Bo and Marlena will think that you chose to stay on your lovely honeymoon forever," Stefano said. Hope and John refused to help Stefano. Stefano sighed, then he signaled for Martin to kill John and Hope.

In Nicole's hotel room, Nicole and Rafe laughed about E.J.'s assumption that they had slept together. Nicole warned Rafe that E.J. would probably tell Sami, but Rafe assured Nicole that he didn't care. Rafe changed the subject, and he reminded Nicole that she needed to eat something. Nicole agreed, then she quickly changed her mind when Rafe mentioned soup. Nicole decided that she would rather get some fresh air.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Nicole finally managed to eat something. Rafe mentioned E.J.'s name, but Nicole insisted that she didn't want to talk about E.J. anymore. Nicole suggested that Rafe could talk about Sami, instead. "What's there to say? She's not the person I thought she was. The whole world warned me to trust her, but I didn't listen, so I got burned," Rafe said with a shrug.

Nicole noted that Sami was her own worst enemy, and that she was never going to change. Nicole said that many men had fallen for Sami over the years, and that they had all turned out the same way. "Drunk," Nicole jokingly added. Nicole admitted that she had fallen for E.J.'s act, too.

"I wish I was that girl who could have the right guy for the right reasons. I just want a man who's trustworthy, and caring, and most importantly, I just...want a man who will be a good father to my baby," Nicole said. Nicole realized that it was time for her to give up on that particular dream. Rafe pointed out that Nicole had never given up on anything before. Nicole said that was the problem.

Nicole wondered why a good guy would ever want someone like her. Rafe warned Nicole not to sell herself short. Nicole wondered if Rafe had given up on love. Rafe shrugged, and he admitted that he wasn't sure. Nicole said that Rafe deserved to be happy.

Later, Nicole and Rafe returned to Nicole's hotel room. Nicole noted that Rafe seemed preoccupied, and she wondered if he was thinking about Carrie. Rafe claimed that Nicole was wrong, and she agreed to drop the subject. Nicole said that Rafe was a really great guy, and she predicted that he was going to be fine. Rafe made the same prediction about Nicole, then he told her to call him if she ever needed anything.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer assured Jack that she and Abe had not rigged the election. Jennifer vowed to prove that E.J. had framed her and Abe, and Jack promised to help. Jennifer eyed Jack suspiciously. "That look on your face right now means you're planning something dangerous and irrational," Jennifer said.

Jack agreed that the old Jack would have concocted some sort of crazy scheme, but he insisted that the new Jack wasn't like that. "I won't get hurt, I promise. Cross my heart, and -- well, cross my heart," Jack jokingly added. Jennifer seemed skeptical, but she decided to change the subject. Jennifer said that she had thought about Jack during her short prison visit.

"I was there for one day, and I had a lawyer, I had a cot, I had a hot breakfast, and I knew that I was going to be going home soon enough. And then I thought about you in Afghanistan, Jack, and I can't even imagine what you went through, and I can't even stop thinking about it, because I wasn't there for you," Jennifer said. Jennifer added that Jack had been there for her earlier that day.

"I think...that I have spent a lot of time telling you how much you haven't been there for me, and now...I need to spend some time thanking you for being here for me," Jennifer said, as she grabbed Jack's hand. Jennifer ignored Jack's protests, and she sincerely thanked him for his support.

At the Horton Town Square, Austin ran into Abigail. Austin said that he was sorry that Jennifer had been arrested, and that he was sure that E.J. had framed her. Abigail was surprised that Austin was being nice to her. Austin assured Abigail that he didn't blame her for destroying his marriage.

"I'm the one who let our relationship get past a certain point. You were my student, you were my assistant, and, more importantly than anything,'re my dear, dear friend, and I let one bad night ruin everything," Austin said. Abigail started to feel guilty, and she sighed heavily. "I need to tell you about the night that we made love," Abigail blurted out.

"What? The night you did what?" Jennifer asked incredulously, as she and Jack approached Abigail and Austin. Abigail started to lie to cover her tracks, but Austin stopped her. Austin apologetically admitted that he had slept with Abigail.

"You bastard! sat there, and you drank beer, and you talked to me about your troubles with Carrie! And I asked you! I asked you about Abigail, as a concerned father, and you sat there, and you said nothing. Nothing! And all the time, you knew. You knew you were the reason!" Jack shouted, as Jennifer tried to keep him away from Austin. Abigail begged Jack to stop, but Jack ignored her.

Austin regretfully explained that he had been extremely drunk that night. "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? What kind of man are you? You have known our daughter since the day she was born. You have been my dear friend and coworker. My God, you donated bone marrow to save her life. Do you know how disgusting this is? I feel sick right now," Jennifer said.

"I thought that you were a good man, but you are not -- you are not even a man! And I am gonna make sure that the dean at Salem University -- that they know they have a professor who has a horrible lack of judgment, and you will not work there anymore!" Jennifer added. Abigail realized that things had gone too far, and she told everyone to shut up. "Austin...we didn't have sex. The truth is...I made it all up," Abigail tearfully admitted.

At Countess Wilhelmina, Sami could tell that Kate was upset about something. Sami wondered if she had done something wrong. "You've been keeping secrets, and I know what they are," Kate announced. Sami feigned ignorance, and she promised that she wasn't stupid enough to keep secrets from Kate.

Kate showed Sami a folder, and she explained that the folder contained enough evidence to blow Sami out of the water. Sami wondered if Kate was upset about some of the decisions that Sami had made in Chicago. Sami defended her decisions, and she insisted that she was good at her job.

"That's true -- you are. You are an asset to the company, absolutely, 'cause you're smart, and you take the initiative. There's just one little problem -- you're a liar," Kate snapped. Kate wondered why Sami had failed to identify the mole. Sami pointed out that she wasn't a detective, and she insisted that she just needed a few more days.

Kate refused to wait that long, because that would give the mole plenty of time to do some serious damage to her company. Sami claimed that she didn't know who the mole was, but she added that the mole definitely worked for Mad World. Kate sighed impatiently, and she said that Sami was just stating the obvious. Kate wondered if Sami was trying to protect someone.

Sami said that Madison had never appreciated her, and she wondered why she would want to protect Madison's employees. Kate nodded thoughtfully, and she recalled that she had witnessed several of Madison and Sami's fights. Kate noted that the fights had been conveniently timed. Sami wondered what Kate was talking about.

"I know, Sami. I have always known. You...are...caught, you deceitful witch. You were going to try to ruin me, but now...I'm going to ruin you," Kate vowed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Outside Horton Square, Abigail's admission -- that she and Austin had not had sex -- stunned Austin, Jack, and Jennifer. Abigail ruefully explained to Austin that she had made the whole thing up, and that it was the worst thing she had ever done. "We never slept together. I just let you think that we had," she added tearfully.

Just then, Carrie arrived, and asked what was going on. Abigail stated that she was telling the truth, as she should have done from the beginning. "I thought you already did that when you admitted that you slept with my husband. Now you're saying that you didn't sleep with him? Which 'truth' are we supposed to believe?" Carrie demanded. Abigail confessed that what she'd told Carrie at the lodge had been a lie: Abigail and Austin were not in love, and she'd made the whole thing up in her head, because none of it was real.

Jack and Jennifer wanted to know what had really happened. Abigail admitted that she and Austin had kissed, but only because he'd fought with Carrie and had been very drunk. Abigail swore that it had not gone further than the kiss, because Austin had passed out. The next morning, he had assumed that they'd had sex, and she'd allowed him to believe it. She urged everyone to stop blaming Austin.

After Jennifer urged Abigail not to cover for Austin, Abigail realized that no one believed her. Abigail swore that she was -- finally -- telling the truth, but Carrie didn't believe it. Her fury barely contained, Carrie pointed out how she had listened and tried to help when Abigail had claimed some guy had broken her heart. Abigail swore that Austin was still the man Carrie had fallen in love with.

Abigail asked to speak with Carrie and Austin privately, but Jennifer and Jack would only consent to stepping a few feet away. Abigail imploringly stated that a part of her had known that she would never have a chance with Austin, because he was such a good guy, so she'd let him believe that they'd slept together -- but Austin would never be able to reciprocate her feelings, because Carrie was the only woman in his heart. Abigail continued that she was trying to fix things not for herself but for Austin, who had not done anything wrong.

"Carrie, you have to believe me," Abigail pleaded. "I do. I really do," Carrie said, unable to hide her disdain. In the same breath, she spat, "You bitch!" and viciously slapped Abigail across the face. As Jack and Jennifer leapt to Abigail's defense, Jennifer had to prevent Jack from retaliating physically. Carrie hissed that Abigail's lies and obsession with Austin had torn Austin and Carrie's marriage apart. An irate Jennifer pointed out that assaulting Abigail would solve nothing.

Carrie countered that Abigail was an adult and had to be accountable for what she'd done. Abigail insisted that was what she was trying to do. At last, Austin asked, "Abigail, how could you?" He blamed himself, for perhaps not drawing clearer employee/employer boundaries between the two of them, but admonished Abigail, "When you care for someone, you do not turn their life into a train wreck!" Abigail acknowledged that she understood that, and it was why she was trying to make things right. "Do you have any idea what your lies have cost me?" Austin demanded.

Carrie began to cry, and turned and fled from the square. Austin chased after her. Jennifer tried to comfort her daughter, but Abigail realized that everyone would soon know how she'd broken up Austin and Carrie's marriage. Jack asserted that Abigail would have to find some way to deal with that when it happened.

Austin followed a sobbing Carrie to her office. As she wiped away her tears, he asked, "What happened today -- does it change things for us?"

At the Countess Wilhelmina offices, Sami adamantly insisted that she wasn't the mole. Kate revealed that she'd always known it was Sami, and added coldly, "I just let you twist in the wind because it was so much fun to watch." Realizing that she was busted, Sami asked Kate to at least hear the whole story.

Sami explained that the whole scheme had been Madison's idea, but Sami had quit Mad World because she liked working at Countess Wilhelmina. Kate did not believe a word out of Sami's mouth, but Sami pointed out all the time she'd missed with her kids to work for Kate. "Kate, I had the chance to bring Countess Wilhelmina -- to bring you -- down, and I didn't. I chose not to. I chose to come and work for you instead of Madison," Sami maintained.

Kate replied that Sami's choice, although wise, was not enough to keep Sami out of prison. Sami began to freak out, but Kate said that she hadn't decided when to lower the boom on Sami. Sami urged Kate to reconsider. Laughing coldly, Kate encouraged Sami to spend some time with her children while she still could.

As Rafe entered the loft, the door didn't quite close behind him. He looked around at the place sadly, and suddenly he heard Marlena's voice from the doorway behind him. "You miss it, don't you? You miss her," Marlena asked. Rafe admitted that he did miss Sami, but he knew that he could either spend the rest of his life regretting the time they'd spent together, or find a way to move forward.

Marlena asked if Rafe could even consider forgiving Sami, who loved Rafe more than anything. "More than she loves herself?" Rafe asked. He noted that at one time, he would have fought through anything for Sami, but added, "At some point, you've got to stop fighting and protect yourself."

Marlena was gone when Sami arrived home. Sami was stunned to see her husband, who said that they needed to talk. Sami agreed, especially since they hadn't had a "real conversation" in a long time. She was hopeful at first that the conversation would lead to their reconciling, but Rafe declared that they were over. Sami acknowledged that Rafe was still hurt, and that she had made a huge, terrible mistake -- but he had made mistakes, too.

Rafe admitted that he couldn't get past Sami sleeping with the man who'd tried to destroy their family. It had taken Rafe a while, but he'd finally realized that it was just who Sami was, and he couldn't live with that person anymore -- because she never thought about the consequences of her actions. Sami acknowledged that she was deeply flawed, but she also knew that Rafe had loved her, and someone couldn't just turn that off.

"Maybe I can't, but you sure as hell did when you slept with E.J.," Rafe replied quietly. He reminded Sami that he'd felt for months that she'd been hiding something, but even though he had repeatedly asked what was going on, she had refused to tell him. Sami admitted that she hadn't known how -- but she didn't think it was too late to save their marriage. She urged Rafe not to throw away their family or their marriage without thinking it through.

Rafe declared that he would not wake up some day in the future and wish that he had changed his mind. He suggested that Sami and the kids continue to live in the loft, so that the kids wouldn't lose their home as well as Rafe. Rafe added, "You should get a lawyer -- file papers -- so you don't have to be served." Sami asked what she should tell the kids, and Rafe promised to talk to them, and to always be a part of their lives. Rafe left, and Sami kept it together for as long as she could, but finally broke down.

When Will arrived at the coffeehouse to see Sonny and the new place, Sonny gave him a hard time for not dropping by sooner to check things out. Sonny then presented Will with a "free coffee for life" card, but then declared teasingly that Will didn't deserve it. Will playfully tried to grab the card away from Sonny, and just as the moment seemed to grow sexually charged, Lucas entered. He watched as Sonny relented and gave the card to Will. Sonny then noticed Lucas standing near the door. Lucas and Sonny exchanged pleasantries, and then Sonny said that he had to get back to work.

After Lucas and Will got a table, Lucas noted that other people might get the wrong idea if they saw Will and Sonny fooling around like they had been. "I know you're straight," Lucas tried to reassure Will, but Will laughed with disbelief. Will pointed out that Sonny was gay, not an ax murderer. Kate entered just as her grandson was defending Sonny, so she hung back to listen for a moment.

Lucas stammered, "I have no problem with Sonny or anyone else who's gay... I'm just saying that if you do choose to make it public, you know, you're going to run the risk of being treated like a second-class citizen by a lot of people." Will teased that his dad was starting to sound a lot like Roman. Lucas said that he cared about Will and didn't want to see his son get hurt. With a roll of her eyes, Kate finally walked over to her son and grandson's table.

Will jumped at an excuse to go to the counter to order more beverages for the table. Kate then urged Lucas not to answer if Sami called him, and explained that she'd learned that Sami was the mole. Lucas asked Kate for more information, and she revealed that she planned to send Sami to prison. "You had her get Madison's secrets, right? I think you've been paid back in full," Lucas asserted, reminding Kate that Sami was the mother of his children. Kate declared, "I've warned her -- I'm going to get custody of those children away from her." Fed up, Lucas stormed out.

Later, Kate noted that Will did not seem terribly upset that his dad had gone. Will was a bit taken aback, but Kate added, "Some of the things that [Lucas] was saying about Sonny were hitting kind of close to home, weren't they?" Will admitted that he hadn't appreciated some of the things that Lucas had said about Sonny, but Kate guessed that it was because Lucas could just as easily have been talking about Will. "Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me," Kate reassured her grandson.

When Sami ran into Lucas outside the Brady Pub, he informed her that Kate had told him what had happened -- and that she was going to send Sami to jail. Lucas swore that he hadn't told Kate, but Sami irritably noted that it had only been one of the many bad things that had happened that day. Lucas asked what he could do to help. Sami declared that he couldn't do anything, and she didn't want to talk about it, then strode away.

In the dank cell in Alamainia, Stefano's henchman, Martin, held a gun on John and Hope, while Stefano gave orders via video chat. John stated his belief that Stefano needed his captives alive in order to carry out whatever his plan was, and therefore would not kill them. Stefano hinted that he had been responsible for the attack on Bo, and Hope became furious. Stefano warned Hope that she and John could help him or suffer the consequences.

Hope accused Stefano of being a coward, and John demanded to know what DiMera wanted. Stefano stated that John and Hope would do what he wanted, because they knew what the consequences would be if they did not. He produced a picture of Marlena and held it up to the camera. John asserted that Stefano would never hurt Marlena. Stefano showed John a live video feed from Horton Square, where Marlena was having coffee, to prove that he was serious. He maintained that he would never harm his "queen of the night," but he could not vouch for the man approaching Marlena just then.

On cue, a man walked up to Marlena in the square, and handed her a tulip, declaring that it was as beautiful as she was. Marlena flinched a little, obviously sensing that the man had ulterior motives. Marlena politely told the man that she was happily married, and then left. John and Hope watched worriedly as the man followed Marlena, while Stefano cautioned, "Marlena doesn't even know that she's in danger -- and she won't, until it's too late."

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