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Monday, April 2, 2012

by Mike

At a casino in Alamainia, a dealer informed Princess Gina that someone had expressed interest in playing a high-stakes card game with her. John, as the Pawn, was anxious to get away from Stefano, but Gina insisted that she wanted to have some fun first.

Gina lit a cigarette as she waited for her competitor to arrive. A short time later, Stefano entered the room. Stefano suggested that he and Gina could play a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Gina claimed that she wasn't familiar with that particular game. Stefano offered to choose a different game, but Gina assured Stefano that she was a quick learner, and that she loved to play games.

Later, Gina and John celebrated their winning streak. "My dear, remember, even if you are a little bit ahead right now, that in the very end...I win," Stefano warned Gina. John wondered if Stefano was confident enough to agree to raise the stakes. "Well, it seems I spent half my lifetime raising the stakes, so...why not?" Stefano reasoned with a shrug.

The dealer started to shuffle the deck, but John stopped her. John demanded a new dealer, and a sealed deck of cards. Stefano feigned indignation, and he wondered what had happened to John's trust. The new dealer entered the room, and John and Gina each inspected the dealer's deck to confirm that it was legitimate.

Stefano promised that if Gina and John won the game, then he would never bother them again. Stefano added that if he won, then John and Gina would be forced to hand over the Anastasia egg right away. Gina agreed, and she predicted that it would be impossible for her to lose.

Gina and Stefano revealed their cards. "Oh, my dear, dear lady, I'm afraid you were wrong -- you see, you could lose, and you have. Now go get me my egg," Stefano growled impatiently. Stefano exited the room, and the dealer followed him. In the hallway, Stefano discreetly paid the man for his services.

Meanwhile, Gina and John started to celebrate. "I'm really enjoying the fact that he had no idea that tonight went on exactly as we planned it," John said, as he opened a bottle of champagne. "We're gonna get that egg, we're gonna sell it, and then you and I are gonna disappear and live the life that we have dreamed of...together," John said.

At Common Grounds, Carrie told Marlena that Abigail had lied about sleeping with Austin. Carrie added that she and Austin had talked about saving their marriage. Marlena sensed the hesitation in Carrie's voice, and she wondered what was wrong. Carrie sighed heavily, then she admitted that she still had feelings for Rafe.

"How did you find the courage to leave Dad and be with John?" Carrie wondered. Marlena pointed out that it probably wasn't fair to compare the two situations. Carrie nodded, and she acknowledged that Marlena had never intended to betray Roman. Marlena winced when Carrie mentioned betrayal, and she insisted that she wasn't trying to make Carrie feel guilty.

Marlena said that she had never meant to hurt Roman. Marlena added that choosing between John and Roman had been the most painful decision that she had ever made. Carrie wondered if Marlena had ever questioned her decision. "I know that I did the right thing in choosing John, and I never ask myself, 'What if I had stayed with Roman?' Because I can't possibly know the answer to that," Marlena replied.

Carrie nodded, and she admitted that she had been struggling with the uncertainty of the situation. Carrie said that she and Austin had put an enormous amount of time and effort into their relationship. Carrie suggested that if she and Austin were really meant to be together, then their relationship wouldn't require that much work.

Marlena assured Carrie that successful marriages did require an enormous amount of effort. Carrie countered that her marriage hadn't been very successful lately. Carrie added that Rafe was an honest, loving man, and she admitted that she didn't like to think about walking away from him. Carrie begged Marlena to tell her what to do.

"Sweetheart, I can't tell you what to do. Only you know what's in your heart. What I can tell you is true to yourself, and listen to your heart," Marlena said. Carrie nodded, and she abruptly realized that she had already made a decision. Carrie thanked Marlena for her advice, then she rushed off to find the lucky man.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas informed Sami that Autumn was anxious for him to return to Hong Kong. Sami insisted that she still needed Lucas, and she assured Lucas that she didn't want to have anything to do with E.J. Sami wondered why Lucas was upset. Lucas said that it was obvious that E.J. still had feelings for Sami.

"You're right about that -- he does still have feelings for me. Anger, hate, resentment...maybe some loathing tossed in," Sami sarcastically replied. Lucas theorized that Sami was in denial. "That's it? That's your theory -- that E.J. and I are secretly longing for each other? What, me shooting him in the head was just a...speed bump on the road to true love?" Sami asked incredulously.

Sami added that she didn't believe that there was a thin line between love and hate. Sami insisted that there was a huge, Grand Canyon-sized line between love and hate. Sami added that Lucas had left his brain in Hong Kong. Lucas could tell that Sami was trying to deflect, and he sighed impatiently.

"You know what I feel like with you sometimes? I feel like the best friend in a werewolf movie. I feel like I have to keep you away from everybody, before you hurt somebody -- keep you in a room, locked up, before the full moon comes out," Lucas said. Sami wasn't amused, but Lucas assured her that he wasn't trying to be funny. Lucas insisted that Sami and E.J. had unresolved feelings for each other.

Sami claimed that she hated Lucas. "I know you hate me, because I'm right, right? You screwed up your life with Rafe. I'm not gonna just stand by and watch you do it again. I'm not gonna watch you circle the drain again," Lucas said. Lucas reminded Sami that he had returned to Salem to help her and Will, and he wondered if he had been wasting his time. Lucas noted that Sami didn't seem to want his help.

Sami assured Lucas that she did want his help. Sami added that she just didn't want Lucas to psychoanalyze her. Sami asked Lucas to stop saying that she had unresolved feelings for E.J. Lucas insisted that he was right, but he added that he didn't want to argue with Sami in the middle of the pub. Lucas started to walk away, but Sami stopped him, and she begged him to stay.

"I can't do this with you, all right? I can't do this anymore. I am not gonna deal with you until you deal with E.J., and if anything bad happens to you, Sami, it's your own damn fault -- you only have yourself to blame," Lucas whispered, then he stormed out of the pub. Later, Caroline noted that Sami and Lucas had been having an intense conversation earlier. Sami admitted that Lucas drove her crazy.

"Because he doesn't think or do exactly what you think he should do?" Caroline asked. Sami said that Caroline was supposed to be on her side. Sami reluctantly admitted that Lucas might have been right about some of the things that he had said. Sami added that she knew what she needed to do, then she quickly exited the pub. After Sami left, Caroline apprehensively wondered what Sami was up to.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Lucas told Autumn that he was planning to return to Hong Kong. After Lucas ended the call, Sami approached him, and she admitted that she did have unresolved feelings. "Lucas, they're not for E.J. -- they're for you," Sami added.

Elsewhere, E.J. wondered if Nicole had been planning to tell him about her pregnancy. E.J. added that Nicole had every reason to be worried. Rafe wondered if E.J. was threatening Nicole. E.J. claimed that he had been talking about Nicole's medical history, then he insisted that Rafe needed to leave. Rafe pointed out that bringing up Nicole's medical history wasn't going to make her feel better about the situation.

Nicole said that Rafe was her friend, and that she wanted him to stay. Nicole added that she didn't believe that E.J. had been trying to threaten her. E.J. thanked Nicole for believing him, and he promised that he would support her for the duration of the pregnancy. E.J. insisted that Nicole needed to move back into the DiMera mansion right away, and he made it clear that she didn't have a choice in the matter.

"I have to be very clear with you, E.J. -- just because I am pregnant does not mean we are getting back together...ever," Nicole firmly stated. E.J. claimed that Nicole was making an irrational decision. "Uh, excuse me, but you and I both know this is the most rational decision I could make. I would be insane to ever trust you again; I would be crazy to let you back in my life," Nicole replied.

"Oh, I really, really hope you're not gonna try to keep my baby away from me, Nikki," E.J. snapped. E.J. warned Nicole that she would never be able to keep him away from his child. E.J. insisted that he was going to be a very important part of his child's life, and that there was nothing that Nicole could do about it.

Rafe could tell that E.J. was making Nicole uncomfortable, so he told E.J. to shut up. E.J. said that Rafe needed to mind his own business, but Rafe claimed that Nicole's child was his business. "It's my child. The baby's mine -- I'm the father," Rafe announced. E.J. refused to believe Rafe, and he pointed out that Rafe had insisted that he had never slept with Nicole.

Rafe explained that Nicole had been worried about how E.J. would have reacted if he had known the truth about Rafe and Nicole's relationship. Rafe assured Nicole that he wasn't afraid of E.J. Rafe added that he and Nicole had just found out about the pregnancy, and that they had been discussing their options. E.J. looked at Nicole, and he waited for her to tell him that Rafe was lying.

"No, he's not. Why do you think I finally filed those divorce papers? Why do you think he asked Sami to file as soon as possible?" Nicole wondered. E.J.'s expression changed as he pondered Nicole's questions. Rafe assured Nicole that he was glad that everything was out in the open.

"I'm the father of Nicole's baby, so why don't you figure out a way to deal with it...and leave us the hell alone," Rafe added, unaware that Carrie was standing nearby.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At the casino in Alamainia, John and "Princess Gina" plotted how he would distract Stefano's men so she could go and retrieve the egg. Gina asked John to promise that once they had sold the egg and moved somewhere exotic together, they would not become a boring couple. John vowed that they would never stop having fun. After kissing Gina passionately, John declared that he wanted to head over to the castle to break in, but Gina pointed out that it was always better to wait for an invitation.

Gina's old friend Wilhelm arrived, and the two greeted each other warmly. Wilhelm whispered suggestively to Gina that she should get rid of her friend, indicating John. Gina politely asked John to leave, so he kissed her hand and bade her farewell. Gina then suggested that Wilhelm have the car taken around to the back door, so the two of them could sneak away to his place. Wilhelm willingly agreed.

Soon Wilhelm was escorting Gina into his cavernous bedchambers at his castle. Gina looked around admiringly and remarked that nothing had changed in the lovely place. Although Wilhelm was obviously ready for things to get physical, Gina asked for some champagne and caviar first.

As soon as Wilhelm had gone, Gina locked the bedroom door behind him, and then let John in through the terrace. John produced a vial of an over-the-counter sleep medicine, and instructed Gina to pour the entire contents into Wilhelm's drink to knock him out so they could look for the egg. Gina reassured John that she would not let things go too far.

When Wilhelm returned, John quickly hid under the bed. When Wilhelm placed the tray of champagne and caviar on a table, Gina noticed that there was only one glass. Wilhelm informed her that he'd quit drinking. As he poured a glass for Gina, she asked why he had quit. Wilhelm claimed that he had merely wanted to lose weight. Gina pleaded with him to have some champagne with her for old times' sake -- and teased that they could work off the calories later.

Wilhelm gave in, and as he left to fetch another glass, Gina dumped the contents of the vial into her own glass. She called Wilhelm back, insisting that he take her glass -- while she drank from the bottle. Amused by her wickedness, Wilhelm clinked his flute against the bottle, and then downed the contents of the glass while Gina sipped from the bottle.

In no time, Wilhelm was rolling around on top of Gina on the bed. Finally John could stand it no longer, and popped out from beneath the bed. He swiped the shovel from the set of fireplace tools on the hearth and prepared to knock Wilhelm out with it, but at last, Wilhelm passed out.

John popped open a hidden drawer in the room, and removed a small velvet pouch, which he handed to Gina. Eyeing the egg inside, Gina declared breathlessly, "It is perfect, just as I remember it." Gina instructed John to take the egg back to the hotel, and she would meet him there in a few hours -- and then they could disappear forever.

When Abe and Roman met Marlena at the Brady Pub, she informed them that she still had not been able to reach John or Hope, and Marlena was sure that Stefano was behind it. Roman reminded her that they'd been trying unsuccessfully to locate Hope ever since Bo's beating. Abe and Roman hoped that if they could locate Stefano, it would lead them to John and Hope.

After leaving a message for Shane Donovan of the ISA, Roman urged Marlena to try to be patient. Marlena suddenly recalled that it was Abe and Lexie's anniversary, and declared that Abe should be celebrating with his wife. Impressed that Marlena had remembered, Abe concurred. After Abe had gone, Roman left to put in a call to Kimberly, in case she could get the message to Shane more quickly. Later, an edgy Marlena was pacing impatiently around the pub, until finally Roman grabbed her by the arm and announced that they were leaving to get some answers.

Kate surprised Lexie by paying the Carver house a personal visit to ask if Lexie had heard from Stefano, because Kate still had not. Kate conceded that Stefano was often too busy to call her from business trips, but she was starting to worry. Lexie admitted that she had no idea what her father was doing, since they hadn't spoken since before E.J.'s inauguration. Kate then asked if Stefano had ever talked to Lexie about Marlena.

That question puzzled Lexie, so Kate explained that Stefano had seemed secretive ever since John and Marlena had returned to Salem. Lexie guessed that Stefano had been involved in framing John for the missing pension funds, but Kate insisted that wasn't the case. "You think he's going after Marlena again, don't you?" a chagrined Lexie asked. She tried to reassure Kate, "He's with you now. He loves you." Somewhat appeased, Kate rose to leave, but first she asked Lexie to have Stefano call if they spoke, since he evidently had no desire to return Kate's messages.

Shortly after Kate had gone, Abe arrived home with champagne and flowers for his wife. Lexie was thrilled to see him, and informed him that Theo was already fast asleep. Her brow furrowed as she added that Kate had just been there, asking a lot of questions about Stefano and Marlena. After Lexie filled Abe in about her conversation with Kate, he wondered if Kate knew what Stefano was up to. Lexie didn't think so, because Kate had seemed concerned that Stefano was going after Marlena again. Abe admitted that Marlena was concerned about that, too, and he hoped that his and Roman's ISA contacts could help them track down John and Hope.

After they had poured the champagne into crystal flutes, Abe declared that Lexie was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he was very proud that she had chosen him. A beaming Lexie clinked her glass against his, took a sip of champagne, then grimaced in pain and put her hand to her head. Abe took the glass from her hand, but she reassured Abe that she was a little dizzy, but otherwise fine. "I knew I should have eaten something before drinking," she began weakly -- and then her body went limp as she fell back into his arms.

Outside Horton Square, Lucas accused Sami of saying that she had unresolved feelings for him just so he wouldn't return to Hong Kong, because it was obvious to him that she still had feelings for E.J. Sami tearfully declared that there was nothing between her and E.J. because she was still in love with Lucas. Although clearly affected, Lucas asserted that Sami had only said that because he was in love with someone else.

"With you, it's like a sickness, isn't it? You always want what you can't have!" Lucas noted irritably. Sami countered that Lucas had gone running halfway around the world when she'd needed him, but he declared that he would not make that mistake again. Sami reminded him that she hadn't asked for his help. Lucas admitted that he cared about Sami, but he was returning to his fiancée -- a woman who would not break his heart.

On his way to the airport, Lucas went to the DiMera mansion to tell Kate that he was returning to Hong Kong. Kate admitted she was relieved that he would soon be far away from Sami. Lucas ordered Kate never to talk about Sami like that in from of Will or Allie. Kate assured him that she didn't, and then offered to call a car to drive Lucas -- so Sami couldn't hijack him on his way to the airport. Just then, the airline called Lucas to tell him that his secretary had cancelled his reservation, and asked how he wanted the refund paid. A puzzled Lucas declined Kate's offer of a car, and left to check in with his assistant.

Lucas found Sami at the Brady Pub, and told Sami about his secretary canceling his reservation. "Which is pretty funny, because she didn't even know I had one," Lucas added. A guilty-looking Sami tried to play dumb, but Lucas had already figured out that she had cancelled the reservation. "Are you mad?" she asked quietly. "I should be really mad right now, but I'm not," Lucas conceded. "And I know why: because deep down, whether you want to admit it or not, I'm still in your head, just like you're still in mine," Sami said.

A frustrated Kate was looking at Stefano's file on Marlena again when Roman and Marlena entered. Startled, Kate dropped the file, but quickly shoved the contents -- including photos of Marlena -- back into the folder before anyone else saw what was inside. Roman and Marlena implored Kate to tell them where Stefano was, but Kate confessed that she honestly did not know. Roman cautioned Kate that he would find out if she were keeping something from him, but she assured him that she was telling the truth.

At the café in Horton Square, Carrie overheard Rafe claiming that he was the father of Nicole's baby. E.J. apparently didn't believe it, but Carrie seemed to, because she ran away in tears before anyone saw her. Nicole and Rafe ordered E.J. to leave, but E.J. demanded that Nicole immediately go with him to the hospital for a paternity test.

Rafe refused to subject Nicole to a needless test, especially one that might endanger Nicole's baby, and Nicole stood by Rafe's story that he was the baby's father. As Rafe and Nicole walked away, E.J. warned, "Nicole, life will be a lot easier if you cooperate." He vowed not to let Nicole out of his sight until he knew which man was the father, but agreed to leave her alone if it turned out to be Rafe. Rafe agreed to let Nicole take the paternity test.

Austin found Carrie sobbing in another part of the square, and worriedly asked what was wrong. Carrie replied that she couldn't talk to Austin about it. Austin guessed that it was because she was still feeling hurt, and urged her to let him try to fix things. "I don't know if this can be fixed," Carrie replied. After Austin got Carrie some tea, she stated resignedly that they had nothing left to say to one another. Austin declared that he loved her more than anything, and he wanted her to look at him the way she'd looked at him on their wedding day.

Carrie's mood thawed a bit, and Austin offered to do whatever it took to heal their marriage, because he was still crazy in love with her. Carrie said that she didn't need any more time to figure out what she wanted; she wanted Austin, and she wanted to make their marriage work. "Because now I know that what we have, I could never have with anyone else," Carrie declared. Austin gaped at her in disbelief, so she threw her arms around him to show him that she meant it.

Nicole, Rafe, and E.J. entered Lexie's office at the hospital, but Dr. Carver was not there. As E.J. left to have his sister paged, a grateful but panicked Nicole demanded of Rafe, "What are we going to do right now? A paternity test? When E.J. finds out he's the father, he'll stop at nothing to take this baby away from me!" Rafe made her sit down before she started to hyperventilate, and then reminded her that he had promised not to let E.J. take the baby away.

Touched by Rafe's sincerity and the kindness behind his words, Nicole asked why he was helping her. Rafe pointed out that he knew better than anyone what a monster E.J. was, and Rafe refused to let anything happen to Nicole or her baby. Nicole was fretting about how Carrie would react when she found out Rafe had fathered another woman's child, when E.J. returned. E.J. admitted that he'd forgotten it was Lexie and Abe's anniversary, but he would find another doctor to perform the test.

Nicole put her foot down, declaring, "That's enough! This ends right now!" Rafe explained that the stress was not good for the baby. E.J. agreed, noting that was why he wanted to have the paternity test done immediately. After E.J. left to find another doctor, Rafe promised Nicole that E.J. would never find out the truth. When E.J. returned, he informed Nicole that a paternity test couldn't be done until Nicole was at least ten weeks along.

E.J. wanted to take Nicole to see an obstetrician right away, but Rafe replied, "We'll take care of it." Looming into Nicole's face menacingly, E.J. cautioned, "See that you do. Because my baby -- and we know that it is my baby -- needs to be well taken care of, sweetheart." After E.J. left, Nicole anxiously asked what they were going to do. Rafe admitted that he didn't know yet, but at least they had a little time to figure it out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E.J. followed Will into the coffeehouse, and gave instructions to Will for his next assignment: keeping tabs on Nicole -- and the most important task was to find out if she was making plans to leave town. Will said that it sounded like a full-time job, and pointed out that he was in school. E.J. proposed that Will take a leave of absence from Salem University.

Marlena arrived just then and overheard E.J. "I have an idea -- why don't you and your job take a leave of absence?" Marlena suggested to E.J. She reminded the mayor that Will's education should be his primary focus, so E.J. agreed to schedule Will's assignments around his class schedule. E.J. asserted that he seemed to be the only one who was allowing William the freedom and autonomy he needed to be himself.

While Will frowned and shook his head, Marlena asked what E.J. had meant. E.J. replied that Marlena knew exactly what he was referring to. Marlena became defensive, but Will stepped in and reassured his grandmother that he could handle E.J. Will then went to the counter to order some coffee for himself and Marlena. E.J. assured Marlena that he cared about William as if the young man were still E.J.'s stepson. Marlena wasn't convinced.

"I want William to have the opportunity to be who he is without any fear of judgment," E.J. asserted, adding that if he'd wanted to take advantage of Will's "situation," he would already have done so. Marlena conceded that Will was an adult who made his own decisions, so she had no choice but to give E.J. the benefit of the doubt -- but E.J. should be careful how he treated Marlena's flesh and blood.

E.J. had gone when Will returned to join Marlena at a table. "You're not going to do that again, are you?" Will asked his grandmother. Marlena apologized if she had embarrassed Will, but admitted that she was feeling a little overprotective since their last talk. Will pointed out that he didn't need protecting. Marlena asked, "Are you working for [E.J.] because he knows what you told me?"

Will respectfully countered that he needed Marlena to back off and give him a little space. Marlena acknowledged that she was treating Will like a child, when he'd made it clear that he knew the risks associated with working for E.J. Will was grateful to Marlena for understanding, especially since she was the only person he could rely on. He confided that it seemed like the whole world had been lining up to tell him how to live his life.

"When people are telling you how you should be comfortable with who you are, it makes it hard to be comfortable with who you are," Will quipped. Amused, Marlena remarked that Will was at a difficult age, because his loved ones were trying to support him while also giving him space to figure out who he wanted to be. Will declared, "The thing is, though, that I do know who I am, and I've figured out who I want to be -- I'm just not ready to broadcast that to the world yet."

Marlena understood, and reminded Will that she would always love and support him -- no matter what. "Even if I'm a gay man?" asked Will. "No matter what," Marlena reiterated. "Did you notice? I said I'm gay," Will pointed out with a small smile, then said goodbye and left. As she watched him leave, Marlena said softly to herself, "I noticed."

At the Brady Pub, Lucas corrected Sami's assertion that they were in each other's heads. "You gave me two children, and you'll always be a part of my life, but right now, my life and my fiancée are in Hong Kong," Lucas reminded her. He maintained that Sami was only in "crisis mode" because she didn't have a man in her life, and declared that she would have to get herself out of the mess she'd created on her own.

Sami pointed out that she wasn't the only one who needed Lucas, because after he'd left her to raise their kids on her own, Will and Allie both needed him. Lucas snapped that Sami would take Rafe back in a heartbeat if he asked, and Lucas would never hear from her again. Sami complained that she needed a friend, an ally. Lucas declared that he could only be Sami's ally as long as they both agreed that it would be friendship and nothing more.

Sami acknowledged that maybe she had laid it on a bit thick about her feelings for Lucas -- but Kate was threatening to throw Sami in prison, and Kate would get custody if that happened and Lucas were in Hong Kong. Sami implored Lucas to ask his fiancée to go to Salem, so he could stay there, because his kids really needed him -- as did Sami. Lucas agreed to discuss it with Autumn, and stepped into the back to make the phone call.

E.J. entered through the front door just then. When he spotted Sami, he strode purposefully over to her. "Did you know that your soon-to-be ex-husband and my ex-wife are having a baby?" he queried irritably. Sami didn't believe it, since Nicole was unable to have kids -- and E.J. had believed plenty of Nicole's lies before. E.J. informed Sami that Rafe had been the one who'd divulged the truth -- and Nicole had gone willingly to the hospital for a paternity test.

Her eyes brimming with tears, Sami sank into a chair. E.J. tried to persuade her that the baby might not be Rafe's, but Sami noted, "The point is that it could be. This is what we get, though, right?" Sami fought hard against the tears that welled up, but finally she began to sob quietly. E.J. put his arm around her to comfort her just as Lucas returned. As Sami swiped at her tears, E.J. informed Lucas, "I just had to break some rather difficult news to Samantha." Sami expressed her appreciation to E.J. for telling her, but assured him that she would be fine.

After E.J. left for an appointment, Sami tearfully relayed to Lucas what E.J. had told her. She added that it was clearly time for her to let go. Sami then asked what Lucas' fiancée had said about his staying in Salem. Lucas replied that Autumn had consented -- "for now." Sami jumped up and hugged Lucas gratefully.

As Lucas helped Sami move into her new apartment a little later, Lucas admitted that Autumn wasn't thrilled that he was staying in Salem, but he'd explained that he had to be there for the mother of his children. Sami expressed her gratitude for his help. Lucas said that she could thank him by proving that she could survive without a man, and Sami concurred that after what she'd just learned about Rafe, that sounded pretty good.

When Sami and Lucas stepped back into the hallway to retrieve the rest of her boxes, E.J. was just leaving the apartment across the hall. E.J. explained that he was moving in, since he owned the building, and because he wanted to distance himself from the somewhat questionable reputation of the DiMera mansion. Lucas pointed out that there surely had to be a mayor's residence.

E.J. informed Lucas that since Abe had not wanted to live in the mayor's residence, and the house had a great deal of art in it, the city had turned the home into a museum. Sami wondered why, of all the places E.J. could live, he'd chosen to move into that specific apartment. "It's across the hall from my children, Samantha," E.J. pointed out. As E.J. strolled away, Sami and Lucas exchanged peeved looks.

In "Princess Gina" and "the Pawn's" hotel room in Alamainia, Gina admired the ornately decorated Anastasia egg, which was a glossy red with gold embellishments, and enthused that they had succeeded. "Stefano's prize possession is our ticket out of here. You and I can buy a life in a place where no one shall ever find us," Gina declared, cradling the egg in her palms. John planted a passionate, celebratory kiss on his lover to express his concurrence. Gina slid John's tuxedo jacket off of his shoulders and onto the floor, and pulled him down onto the sofa on top of her.

John continued kissing Gina, and it seemed as if they would make love, until suddenly he noticed something sticking out from under the edge of the rug. He rose to retrieve it -- a picture of Marlena -- but admitted that he didn't know who the woman in the photo was. Gina asked why, if that were the case, John continued to stare at the picture. John confessed that the woman looked very familiar. In an attempt to return John's attention to her, Gina unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor. She stepped gracefully out of it, and announced that she was going to take a shower.

Gina invited John to join her, and kissed him on the cheek, but he barely noticed, so focused was he on Marlena's photograph. He finally set the picture down next to the egg on the desk, and headed toward the bathroom, but suddenly images of John and Marlena's entire past flicked, rapid-fire, though his mind, as if on fast-forward. John seemed momentarily dazed, and then he picked up the picture and looked at it again. "Doc," he exclaimed softly.

When Gina returned from the shower a bit later, it seemed John's memory had fully returned. Gina kissed him on the neck, and he had to fight to keep from pushing her away. John admitted that while Gina had been in the shower, the egg had distracted him. Gina remarked that Stefano had to be going crazy, wondering what had happened to the egg. She noticed John's frown, and demanded to know if he were having second thoughts. When he didn't answer, she plaintively reminded him that running away together with Stefano's money was what they had always dreamed of.

Fumbling for the right words, John stated that they had to be very careful with their next step, or the other people they loved would get hurt. An utterly baffled Gina anxiously asked what John was talking about. "I'm talking about your husband. I'm talking about Bo," John declared. Hope tearfully professed that John was the only man she had ever loved. "Why are you doing this? Why are you saying all of this?" she demanded, bewildered.

John asked "Gina" if she remembered anything about the previous decade, and explained that the reason she couldn't was that she had been living another life, in Salem, with a man named Bo Brady. Covering her face with her hands, Gina shouted that John didn't know what he was talking about. "Damn it, Hope -- please, you've got to start to remember, because if you don't, Stefano's gonna win!" John pleaded. "What did you call me? Hope? Who the hell is Hope?" Gina shrieked.

At the Carvers' house, after Lexie fainted, Abe tried frantically to revive his wife. When Lexie finally opened her eyes again, Abe had placed her in a reclining position, her head propped up with pillows. Abe wanted to take Lexie to the hospital immediately, but she insisted she was fine, and besides, they couldn't leave Theo alone. Abe declared that if Lexie wouldn't go to the hospital, then he was going to have Daniel Jonas make a house call.

As Billie and Daniel strolled through Horton Square together, she asked when Bo could be taken out of his medically induced coma. Daniel didn't know, but reassured Billie that Bo seemed to be getting stronger every day. Although Billie wished that Hope could be there when Bo finally opened his eyes again, Daniel thought that Billie's presence at Bo's side had been helpful.

Daniel and Billie were discussing when to reschedule their coffee "non-date" when Abe called Daniel. Abe quickly explained what had happened to Lexie, and asked if Daniel could check Lexie out at home. Daniel said that he would be right over.

Just as Daniel left the square, Agent Spencer called Billie. Billie said that she couldn't tell Spencer what she'd found out, at least not over the phone, so they agreed to meet. Wearing workout gear, Spencer soon jogged up to Billie outside the entrance to the square. Billie produced the pictures she'd taken of Stefano's files, and divulged, "Our boy is dealing in illegal arms." Spencer noted that the dates on the invoices were right after the Basic Black funds had been embezzled, and asked if Billie's mother knew about what was going on.

Billie assured Spencer that Kate was clueless. Both agents wondered why neither John nor Hope had called home or checked in. Spencer and Billie agreed that if Stefano were in Alamainia, John and Hope could be in serious trouble. Billie then revealed that Kate was afraid that Stefano was after John's wife, although Billie wasn't exactly sure why, since Stefano had left John and Marlena alone for so long after marrying Kate.

Spencer admitted that he was having a hard time getting a visa to return to Alamainia, which meant that John was completely on his own. Although Billie asserted that John and Hope could take care of themselves quite well, she was concerned that neither of them had been in touch with their loved ones. Spencer noted that because Alamainia was "pretty lawless," the ISA had to be careful about making contact with John and Hope -- lest John and Hope end up dead like Agent Walsh. Spencer urged Billie to put so much pressure on Stefano that he had to return to the U.S.

Billie maintained that Stefano would never have left the weapons invoices where they could be so easily found, and she suspected that either he was being set up or someone else was behind the arms deal. She theorized that E.J. was responsible for embezzling the funds and making the weapons deal -- and he had done it to dethrone his father. "With Stefano off chasing John and Hope in Alamainia, that works just fine for E.J.," Billie concluded. Spencer and Billie agreed that they needed more evidence to convince the higher-ups, and Billie was determined to find it.

Abe delivered Lexie a glass of orange juice, as she'd requested. As she sipped it, Abe's face grew blurry in her vision, but she covered. Daniel soon arrived, and began his examination of Lexie. Theo entered while Daniel was checking Lexie's pupils with a small flashlight. Worried, Theo asked, "What's wrong with Mommy?" Abe and Lexie both tried to reassure the boy that his mom was going to be all right. Daniel invited Theo to sit next to Lexie while Daniel finished her checkup.

Daniel then acknowledged that he hadn't found anything wrong, but he wanted Lexie to go to the hospital the next day for a full workup. Theo seemed worried that Lexie wouldn't do as Dr. Daniel asked, but Lexie assured her son that she would take care of herself. Lexie announced that it was time for Theo to go back to bed, so Abe took Theo to the kitchen for a drink of water before heading upstairs.

Lexie complained to Daniel that he was prescribing too many tests for her. Daniel maintained that he owed it to Lexie to take care of her, because she had helped him get through it when his hand tremors had begun. Lexie reluctantly agreed to go in for a few tests.

Abe returned from tucking Theo in, and informed Lexie that he had already called to have her schedule cleared the next day. On his way out, Daniel urged Lexie to call him if she had any more symptoms, and issued instructions about fasting for her blood work. "Get outta here!" Lexie teased, throwing Daniel's coat at him.

As soon as Daniel had gone, suddenly Celeste appeared from the back of the house. "Alexandra, you need to get those tests done today!" Celeste urged her daughter frantically. Lexie asked what Celeste was doing there. "I'm here for you, darling! I'm afraid you're in terrible danger!" Celeste exclaimed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

by Mike

At Common Grounds, Gabi was reading some of the messages that had been posted on the Countess Wilhelmina website. Gabi bragged that everyone was saying that she and Chad were a cute couple.

Chad and Melanie entered the coffeehouse. Abigail reminded Gabi that Chad was dating Melanie, and she added that they were a very cute couple. Abigail excused herself so that she could order another cup of coffee. After Abigail left, Gabi muttered that Chad and Melanie weren't going to be a couple for much longer.

Later, Gabi watched as Chad kissed Melanie. Gabi loudly announced that she had found some messages that had been posted about Melanie. Gabi read some of the positive comments aloud, then she dramatically closed her laptop. Gabi tried to change the subject, but Melanie could tell that she was hiding something. Melanie opened the laptop, and her expression quickly changed.

Chad wondered what was wrong. "Someone posted in the Mad World comments section about how I used to post videos as Premiere Party Girl," Melanie explained. Melanie added that the user, SalemSpy59, had called her a con artist and a gold digger. Gabi pointed out that the user had also called Melanie a slut. Abigail glared at Gabi in disbelief.

Chad insisted that he wasn't going to let anyone get away with posting lies about his girlfriend. Melanie muttered that the comments weren't entirely false, then she abruptly excused herself. Chad and Abigail rushed after Melanie, but Gabi just shrugged dismissively.

Later, Chad assured Melanie that no one cared about one random comment that had been posted on a message board. Melanie admitted that she cared. Melanie realized that Chad probably hadn't heard about all of her misdeeds. Melanie noted that she had done some terrible things in the past. Chad countered that he had made his fair share of mistakes, which was why he had been shipped off to a boarding school.

Chad assured Melanie that the important thing was that they had changed. "I love the person that you are today. You are fun, beautiful, smart, strong...and there's not one thing that I would change about you -- not even your past," Chad added. Chad kissed Melanie, and Gabi glared at the happy couple.

Melanie and Chad returned to Gabi and Abigail's table, and Melanie apologized for getting upset earlier. Gabi said that she would have felt the same way if someone had called her a slut. Abigail seemed to notice Gabi's snarky comments, but she just shook her head in disbelief. Melanie grabbed Gabi's laptop, and she started to hack into the Mad World website so that she could delete SalemSpy59's post.

Chad announced that Melanie's cyber skills were sexy, and Gabi seethed with jealousy. Later, Abigail excused herself, and Chad and Melanie moved to a different table. Gabi eavesdropped as Melanie told Chad that she was going to ask the website administrator to block SalemSpy59's account. Gabi grinned mischievously as she started to log into the Mad World website as SalemSpy59.

At the hospital, Nicole and Rafe told Daniel that Rafe was pretending to be the father of Nicole's baby. Daniel wondered if Rafe was really willing to let everyone believe that the baby was his. Rafe insisted that he didn't mind, but Nicole admitted that Daniel had a point. Nicole assured Rafe that she would understand if he wanted to end the ruse. Rafe refused to abandon Nicole.

Daniel explained that he was late for a meeting, then he abruptly excused himself. After Daniel left, Rafe and Nicole tried to figure out how they were going to handle the paternity test. Nicole suggested that she could just disappear, but Rafe pointed out that E.J. would eventually track her down.

Rafe suggested that Daniel could switch the results, but Nicole insisted that she didn't want Daniel to take that risk. "He could lose his license -- or his life -- if E.J. finds out," Nicole explained. Nicole added that she and Rafe were just going to have to switch the results themselves.

At the Brady Pub, Austin and Carrie talked about their cramped hotel room. Austin suggested that he and Carrie could look for a house, but Carrie pointed out that they didn't need that much space. Austin reminded Carrie that a few kids would quickly fill the extra space. Carrie wondered what had caused Austin to make that comment.

Austin admitted that he was getting ahead of himself. Carrie nodded, and she said that she and Austin needed to fix their marriage first. Carrie suggested that it would be best for her and Austin to rent an apartment. Austin agreed, but he couldn't resist showing Carrie one particular house that he had noticed. Austin grabbed his phone, and he showed Carrie a photograph.

Carrie gasped, and she noted that the place looked like a gingerbread house. Carrie said that it reminded her of Switzerland. Austin agreed, and he said that it was like Switzerland in Salem. Austin added that the house was close to the university and the park, and that it had a backyard. Austin said that it would be a nice place to raise a family.

Austin assured Carrie that there was no pressure. Austin recalled that he had once believed that Will was his son, and he admitted that he missed being a dad. Austin acknowledged that he and Carrie needed to concentrate on their marital issues first, but he added that babies had a habit of changing everything. Carrie watched as Rafe and Nicole entered the pub, and she quietly agreed with Austin's statement.

Later, Austin excused himself so that he could answer a phone call. After Austin left, Rafe and Carrie exchanged glances. Nicole wondered if Rafe wanted to leave, but he insisted that he was fine. Rafe approached Carrie, and he said that he needed to tell her something. Carrie said that Rafe didn't owe her an explanation.

Carrie added that Rafe and Nicole's relationship was none of her business. Carrie said that she and Austin were working things out, and she apologized for dragging Rafe into her marital drama. Carrie said that she had realized that she had always loved Austin, and she referred to her feelings for Rafe as a mistake. Carrie reasoned that she and Rafe had just been reacting to the tension in their respective marriages.

Rafe tried to hide his disappointment, and he quietly walked away. Rafe explained everything to Nicole, and Nicole tried to comfort him. Meanwhile, Austin returned, and he glanced at Rafe and Nicole. Austin wondered if Carrie was all right. Carrie claimed that Austin was the only man who mattered, then she kissed him passionately.

Meanwhile, outside, Abigail walked past the Brady Pub. Abigail happened to glance through the window, and she gasped as she noticed that Austin and Carrie were kissing each other. Abigail turned to walk away, but she accidentally bumped into a young man, causing him to drop something that he had been carrying. The item shattered on the ground, and the man angrily warned Abigail to watch where she was going.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena found Will, and she said that she wanted to talk to him about the statement that he had made earlier. Will assured Marlena that they didn't need to talk about it. "I'm tired of fighting what I know is true. I'm gay. I said it, know, this time, I'm -- no fakesies -- I'm not gonna take it back. I'm gay," Will confidently stated.

"You told me you were gay...and the sky didn't fall in. You told me you were gay...and I still love you with all my heart," Marlena said with a smile. Will hugged Marlena, then he apologized for his earlier outburst. Will acknowledged that Marlena had been extremely patient and supportive, and he said that meant a lot to him. Marlena assured Will that she understood, and that he never needed to apologize to her.

Marlena said that she was glad that Will had finally been able to admit his true feelings. Will repeated the word finally, then he said that Marlena probably thought that he was lame. Will said that he had been unable to admit something that had been obvious to Marlena, and he added that it had been obvious to a lot of other people, too. "I think you're one of the bravest men I've ever known, and I am exquisitely proud of you," Marlena replied.

Later, Will and Marlena shared a large slice of red velvet cake. Will said that he was still shocked that he had admitted that he was gay. Marlena wondered how Will was feeling. "Hungry! Just kidding. Relieved -- so relieved. I mean, it's like...I can't believe that just saying those two words makes such a big difference, you know? But it does. What Sonny told me -- and it's true -- it's like this huge weight has been just lifted from my shoulders," Will said.

Marlena said that she was glad that Will finally felt at ease with himself. Will replied that he wasn't sure if he would say that he was at ease with himself yet. Marlena wondered if Will was having some doubts. Will shook his head, and he confidently assured Marlena that he was certain that he was gay. Will explained that he was just worried about his future.

"I know you said it's gonna work itself out, but...I don't know, I feel like I just gave up a couple of my hopes, you know? A couple of my dreams, several of my plans -- I don't know, it's just like, you know, now what?" Will wondered. Marlena said that Will had already taken one big step that day, and she suggested that he could save the big decisions about the rest of his life for another day.

Marlena added that Will didn't need to give up on his dreams. Marlena noted that some of Will's dreams might just take a different shape, and she said that happened to everyone, regardless of their sexuality. Marlena wondered why Will had decided to admit that he was gay on that particular day. Marlena guessed that Will might have found someone who had piqued his interest.

Will laughed and said that he didn't want to rush things. Will said that he didn't think that he was ready to date guys, because he wasn't sure if he was ready to be that open about his sexuality yet. Marlena wondered if Will had thought about confiding in anyone else right away. "Well, Sonny, of course, but, um...I mean, he'll be okay, because I think he already knows. I mean, if he has a brain cell in his head, I'm sure he knows," Will jokingly stated.

Will said that he had already talked to Sonny about a lot of things. "I just don't want to turn him into, like, my gay life coach or anything," Will added. Marlena laughed, then she asked about Will's other friends. "Well, the ladies will be crushed," Will joked. Will said that he was worried about Gabi, because she might feel like he had purposely led her on.

Marlena predicted that Gabi would understand that Will had been confused, and that he had never meant to mislead her. Will hoped that Marlena was right. Marlena wondered if Will had considered telling Sami and Lucas that he was gay. Will didn't think that it would be a good idea to do that, but Marlena suggested that his parents might surprise him.

"Mom's not gonna surprise me. She always makes everything a production -- starring herself, written by herself, produced by herself," Will dryly stated. Marlena laughed, then she asked about Lucas. Will said that he was sure that Lucas had no idea that Will was gay, and he predicted that the news wasn't going to thrill Lucas. Marlena advised Will not to sell Lucas short. Will said that he didn't want to.

"It's just that he didn't like Sonny and me messing around because he was afraid of what other people were gonna think about me," Will explained. Marlena reminded Will that his parents loved him -- almost as much as she did. Will chuckled, then he thanked Marlena.

Will said that he never could have gotten through everything without Marlena's help, but she wasn't convinced. "You are such a strong young man. I'm so proud of you, and your road may be a little bumpy -- it won't be easy all the time -- but you are going to be happy, and no one deserves it more than you do," Marlena assured Will.

At the Carver house, Celeste issued a warning to Lexie. "I consulted my tarot cards earlier today, and they revealed that your life, my beloved daughter, is in great peril! I didn't know what to do, so I jumped in my car and drove for two hours straight to get here," Celeste explained. Abe was skeptical, but Celeste reminded him that her predictions were never wrong.

Celeste wondered how Lexie had been feeling. Lexie claimed that she was fine, then she sighed and reluctantly admitted that she had been dealing with some debilitating headaches. Lexie stressed that Daniel had assured her that everything was all right. Celeste insisted that Daniel was wrong, and she urged Lexie to get herself tested right away.

Abe told Celeste to back off, and he noted that she was upsetting Lexie. "I'm sorry -- I do not mean to scare my daughter, but I fear...if she doesn't heed my warning, she could die," Celeste tearfully stated. Celeste insisted that her warnings were not to be dismissed. Lexie promised that she would get tested if the headaches persisted. Celeste firmly stated that Lexie couldn't procrastinate, and Abe reluctantly agreed.

Later, at the hospital, Lexie, Abe, and Celeste waited for the test results. Lexie admitted that she was glad that Celeste was back in Salem -- even with her crazy predictions. Celeste assured Lexie that she would stay in town for as long as she was needed.

Celeste added that she needed to tell Lexie something. "Alexandra, this is a secret I've kept from you for many years, but now I feel like I have to come clean about it. You must know," Celeste explained. Before Celeste could continue, Daniel entered the room.

"I've gone over your test results several times, and I'm sorry to say, uh...I don't have good news," Daniel admitted.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Outside the Brady Pub, Abigail accidentally ran into a man named Cameron, causing him to drop the picture frame he was holding. Abigail offered to buy Cameron a new frame, but angry, Cameron pointed out that he was worried about the photo, not the frame. When Abigail suggested that Cameron could have the photo digitally restored, he argued that he did not accept her apology.

In the coffeehouse, Jack and Jennifer talked about Abigail. Jack was relieved that Abigail had not slept with a married man, but he was disappointed that Abigail had lied. Jennifer suggested that she and Jack should work on their own issues before they helped their daughter. Jennifer argued that Abigail was looking for stability and attention and that as parents, they could offer those things to Abigail.

When Jennifer pointed out that there was a distance between her and Jack, Jack was reluctant to talk about it. "Your children adore you, and so do I," Jennifer said softly. Jennifer asked Jack whether he was afraid to be with her, but Jack avoided the question. Frustrated, Jennifer walked out of the coffeehouse.

Jack ran after Jennifer and caught up with her outside of the Brady Pub. Jack told Jennifer that he was scared all the time because of the posttraumatic stress. "I'm scared that I'm never going to be the man that you or my family need me to be," Jack whispered. "You are that man," Jennifer said firmly. Jennifer urged Jack to move forward. Jack grabbed Jennifer's shoulders and looked into her eyes.

"I'm looking at my future," Jack said. Jack admitted that he was tired of being scared and alone. "You don't have to be alone. I don't want you to be alone," Jennifer said. Moved, Jack tenderly kissed Jennifer. Inside the pub, Abigail saw her parents kissing and ran outside. As Abigail asked whether Jack and Jennifer were back together, Jack wiped tears from his eyes.

Unsure, Jack asked Jennifer if he had waited too long to make his move. Smiling, Jennifer said, "You got to me in the nick of time." After kissing Jack again, Jennifer pulled Abigail into an embrace with her and Jack. Abigail was thrilled that her parents had reconciled. Jack suggested that they go visit Bo at the hospital.

Once at the hospital, Abigail saw a confused looking Cameron in the hallway and she urged Jack and Jennifer to visit Bo without her. After Jack and Jennifer left, Abigail approached Cameron and offered to help him find his way around the hospital. Smiling sheepishly, Cameron thanked Abigail for the help. Abigail and Cameron introduced themselves to one another. Cameron apologized for yelling at Abigail, and he explained that he was nervous about meeting someone for the first time.

When Abigail joked that Cameron had a hot blind date, Cameron explained that he was looking for Dr. Daniel Jonas. Abigail gave Cameron directions to Daniel's office. With a small smile, Cameron told Abigail he would see her around, and then he left.

In Stefano's room in Alamainia, Francisco reported to Stefano that John and Gina were in their hotel room. Stefano asked Francisco for an update on the package he had sent to Kate, and Francisco confirmed that it had been delivered. "So she has had a whole day to stew over its contents," Stefano said.

"The package was addressed to you. Why would you think your wife would open it? It was a test. I guess she failed," Francisco said. Smirking, Stefano countered that he expected Kate to open the package, but he was curious what Kate would do with the photos. When Francisco gave Stefano a puzzled look, Stefano noted that the pictures were of a woman that had been important to him in the past. Nodding, Francisco reasoned aloud that Stefano wanted to make his wife jealous.

In his hotel room, John showed a picture of Marlena to Princess Gina in an effort to help her recover the memories of her life as Hope. "You're not Princess Gina. She's dead," John stressed. John reminded Gina that she was married to Bo, but Gina scoffed at John's information. Gina begged John to run away with her, but John grabbed Gina by the shoulders and urged her to fight Stefano.

Upset, Gina announced that she was going to take a walk. Shaking his head, John apologized, pushed Gina onto a chair, and then he used the phone cord to tie her down. As Gina pleaded with John to set her free, John argued that he was saving Gina's life, then left the room.

When John returned, he carried a computer printout of the front page of the Salem Spectator. On the paper was a photo of Bo with a story about his medical condition. When Gina stared at the photo, John urged Gina to look inside herself and remember her life as Hope. Hope insisted that she loved John, so John kept quietly urging Gina to remember Bo.

"Don't let DiMera keep us away from the people we love," John said. John untied Gina and reminded her that Bo called her Fancy Face. "Bo," Hope whispered. As Hope grew teary-eyed and said that she needed to go home to Bo, John hugged her. Over John's shoulder, Hope's face fell, and it was not clear whether she was Gina or Hope. Pleased to see Hope, John held up the Anastasia egg.

Hope admitted that she did not remember stealing the egg. John explained that they had removed all the surveillance devices so that Stefano did not know they had stolen the egg. John said that the added benefit was that Stefano did not know that they were no longer Princess Gina and the Pawn.

Stefano knocked on the door, and John urged Hope to play along. Impatient, once John opened the door, Stefano growled at him for taking his time. Hope fumbled with the buttons on John's shirt and noted that they had not been expecting company. Stefano demanded an update on the search for the egg. As Stefano looked about the room, he noticed a crumpled-up piece of paper in the trash. When Stefano retrieved it, he saw that it was a computer printout with Bo's face. Concerned, Stefano demanded to know why they had a photo of Bo.

Back in Salem, Kate sat at a café table in Horton Town Square and reviewed the photos from the package that had been delivered to the house. As Kate shoved the photos of Marlena into her briefcase, she spotted Ian across the square. Kate grabbed her belongings and pretended to bump into Ian. Raising an eyebrow, Ian said that he did not believe Kate had run into him by accident but that she was waiting for him.

Caught, Kate told Ian to go to hell. Ian grabbed Kate's elbow and stopped her from walking away. Ian offered to talk to Kate privately. Nodding, Kate agreed and followed Ian back to his hotel room. After sniping about one another's marriages, Ian told Kate that she deserved better. Fighting her emotions, Kate explained that Stefano had not returned her phone calls. Kate added that though she loved her husband and missed him, she resented the fact that Stefano was more concerned about Marlena.

Kate showed the file on Marlena to Ian. Confused, Ian asked Kate why she had turned to him. Kate noted that Ian was a lot like Stefano. "Stefano wasn't the first man to think of me as an afterthought," Kate said. Kate asked Ian why he had treated her badly.

"I was never happier than when I was with you, Kate," Ian said. Angry, Kate asked Ian why he had cut her out of his life. Ian explained that he had been blackmailed during a hostile takeover, and he had let Kate go in order to protect her. Ian added that a former business rival had hired detectives to look into Kate's past, and Ian wanted to spare Kate the embarrassment. "I had to distance myself from you to save you. In order for it to look permanent, it had to be permanent," Ian added.

When Kate noted that Ian could have reunited with her after he finished his hostile takeover, Ian explained that he had repeated battles with the same business rival. When Kate asked what had changed, Ian explained that the rival had been dispatched and that there was nothing in his way from reuniting with Kate. Sighing, Kate asked about Madison. Ian dismissed Madison as a wife in name only, and he explained that he only loved Kate.

"I'll never forget watching you walk away. The way that I'd given up the best thing that ever happened to me; knowing that I'd never have you back," Ian said. "Never is a long time, and in my experience, it's something that is subject to change," Kate whispered. Hopeful, Ian leaned forward and kissed Kate.

In Daniel's office at the hospital, Daniel informed Lexie, Abe, and Celeste that Lexie had a brain tumor. "The tumor is in an advanced stage," Daniel said somberly. When Daniel noted the placement of the tumor, Lexie realized that the tumor was inoperable, and she left Daniel's office. Worried, Abe asked Daniel what their treatment options were for the tumor. Daniel explained that they were facing a "worst-case scenario." Startled, Abe stammered that he needed to find Lexie.

As Lexie struggled with her emotions, she donned her lab coat and stepped into a patient's room. As Abe wandered the hallway, he found Lexie in the patient's room. Lexie explained that she was late for rounds. When Abe noted that Lexie's patient was in a coma, Lexie shook her head and countered that it did not matter.

"I didn't leave because I couldn't handle what Daniel had to say. I left because that hasn't changed. I haven't changed, Abe," Lexie said as she fought tears. Abe hugged Lexie tightly and comforted her. Once Lexie pulled herself together, Abe reminded Lexie to have faith and hope. "I'm not going to give up on you. On us. Not for a minute," Abe said.

Lexie and Abe returned to Daniel's office to talk to Celeste. As Lexie asked Celeste why she had arrived in town, Cameron entered the office. Smiling, Celeste introduced Cameron and revealed that he was Lexie's half-brother. Celeste explained that Cameron had been taken away from her when he was young, and she had not mentioned him before because the situation was too painful to talk about.

With a smile, Cameron said that he had met Lexie before. Cameron showed the framed photograph to Lexie. The photo was of Lexie, Cameron, and Celeste. Fighting tears, Lexie noted that the picture had been taken back when she believed Celeste was her aunt. Celeste explained that Cameron was also a doctor, like Lexie.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Lexie said "I can't do this right now." Abe introduced himself to Cameron and explained that they had received some bad news. Abe noted that he and Lexie needed some time to process the news, and that they would be happy to talk to Cameron after that.

Lexie told Cameron that it was nice to meet him, then she somberly walked out of the office with Abe. Once Lexie and Abe were gone, Cameron asked his mother what had happened. Celeste picked up Lexie's medical file and handed it to Cameron. After Cameron left, Celeste sat down and did a Tarot card reading. While Celeste studied the cards, Daniel returned.

Celeste explained that Abe had taken Lexie home. When Daniel noted that he was sad he'd had to deliver bad news to Lexie, Celeste remarked that the diagnosis was not a surprise to her. Celeste explained that the cards had warned her something terrible was going to happen.

At home, Abe comforted Lexie. Abe assured Lexie that they would get through the situation together. "I know," Lexie agreed.

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