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Monday, April 23, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Carrie realized that Rafe and Nicole weren't in love with each other. Rafe confirmed Carrie's suspicion, but he added that the situation was more complicated than that. Before Rafe could continue, Austin and Sami interrupted him.

Sami and Carrie traded a few insults, then Sami excused herself so that she could get back to work. Rafe and Carrie were surprised to learn that Sami was Countess Wilhelmina's new CEO. After Sami left, Rafe abruptly excused himself. Carrie watched as Rafe walked away, and Austin realized that she still had feelings for Rafe.

Carrie insisted that her feelings for Rafe would eventually go away, and she begged Austin not to give up on her. Austin agreed to give Carrie some more time. Later, Carrie and Austin returned to their hotel room and made love, but Carrie seemed distracted. Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Rafe thought about Carrie.

At Titan, Ian tried to convince Kate to work with Madison. Lucas guessed that Madison and Kate would end up killing each other if they were forced to work together. Ian suggested that Kate and Madison could bond over their mutual hatred for Sami. Lucas tried to defend Sami, but Kate insisted that Sami didn't deserve his help.

Kate urged Ian to fire Madison so that Kate could be the sole CEO of Mad World, but he refused to do that. Ian assured Kate that she would eventually realize that his plan had potential. Lucas pointed out that Kate didn't exactly have a lot of job offers lined up. Kate sighed, and she reluctantly accepted Ian's offer. Kate added that she had one condition -- she wanted Ian to hire Lucas.

Ian quickly agreed, but Lucas was hesitant. Lucas reminded Kate that he had a life in Hong Kong, and he announced that he was planning to leave Salem soon. Kate warned Lucas not to let Sami talk him into extending his stay again. "You need to put an ocean between you and that deceitful bitch as soon as possible," Kate stated.

Later, Lucas excused himself. After Lucas left, a woman entered Ian's office. Kate recognized the woman as one of her favorite designers, Amy Accord. Ian explained that Amy had agreed to provide a new wardrobe for Kate. "Since Stefano threw you out so coldly with nothing, I want to give you everything," Ian added.

At Sami's apartment, Lucas told Sami about Kate's new job. Sami was amused, and she wondered if Ian really believed that his plan would work. "Yeah, Sami, he does. You know why? Because they both hate you -- that's why. He's rallying them up right now to take you down," Lucas warned Sami. Lucas wondered what Sami was going to do about the situation.

Sami shrugged, and she said that she wasn't going to do anything. Sami noted that Madison and Kate hated each other more than they hated her. Sami suggested that she and Lucas could just sit back and watch as Kate and Madison destroyed each other.

Later, Lucas received a phone call from Autumn, who was upset about something. Lucas went to another room so that he could have some privacy. After Lucas ended the call, Sami innocently asked if everything was all right. Lucas wasn't fooled, and he knowingly stated that Sami had been eavesdropping. Sami admitted that Lucas was right, but she added that she hadn't been able to hear everything.

"She just broke up with me. She said she was sick of waiting for me to come home, but, uh, I think it has something to do with maybe putting you first, putting you ahead of our future," Lucas explained. Sami insisted that Lucas could fix the situation, and she urged him to go back to Hong Kong and sweep Autumn off of her feet. Lucas said that Autumn had warned him that it would be a waste of time to try to change her mind.

"You know, I really thought she was the one, Sami. I thought that she was the one I was gonna spend the rest of my life with, and now it's over again. It's just done," Lucas sullenly stated. Sami insisted that Autumn didn't deserve Lucas. Lucas smiled, and he thanked Sami for reminding him that he could always count on her. Sami cryptically stated that she had a proposition for Lucas.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. told Nicole about his earlier argument with Stefano. Nicole was sympathetic, but she firmly stated that E.J. couldn't turn to her for help anymore. Nicole suggested that E.J. could talk to Lexie about the situation, but he insisted that Lexie had enough to deal with. "I have never needed you as much as I need you right now," E.J. said.

Later, in Nicole's hotel room, Nicole reluctantly agreed to give E.J. a chance to talk. E.J. said that he had been examining his past mistakes. "Nicole, I don't want to end up like my father. He's a bitter, lonely old man who's managed to push away everybody who ever had the audacity to love him. His life is empty; he has very few redeeming qualities," E.J. explained.

Nicole pointed out that E.J.'s life wasn't empty, because he had his kids and his job. "Nicole, I wouldn't admit this to anybody else...but that election campaign -- running for mayor -- destroyed my life," E.J. said. Nicole reminded E.J. that he had achieved his goals, but E.J. noted that he had lost everything in the process.

"I alienated my sister. My plan to frame John Black for embezzlement backfired. I incited so much contempt for him that somebody tried to kill him. That's where it all began -- that's why Johnny disappeared, that's why we thought he was dead, that's why I slept with Samantha, and that's why I lost you. I would give all of it up -- the mayor's seat, the power, the prestige -- in a heartbeat, if I could just have you back. Please, can you just find it in your heart just to trust me one more time, please?" E.J. begged Nicole, as he dropped to his knees in front of her.

Nicole said that it wasn't that easy. "You broke my heart...after you promised me that you would never do it again, E.J., and you can't fix that with an apology -- you can't fix it ever," Nicole explained. E.J. told Nicole that they could raise their baby together, and he assured her that the baby would fix their relationship. Nicole reminded E.J. that the baby was Rafe's, but E.J. refused to believe that.

E.J. insisted that he and Nicole could have a house with a white picket fence, and that they could be just like Tom and Alice Horton. E.J. begged Nicole to give him another chance. Nicole laughed and admitted that E.J. almost sounded sincere, and she wondered if he actually believed what he was saying.

E.J. said that Nicole and Lexie were the only two people who had ever loved him unconditionally, and he insisted that he couldn't handle losing either of them. Nicole considered everything that E.J. had said, then she sighed heavily. Nicole hesitantly admitted that she might be willing to agree to give E.J. another chance, but she added that there was one condition. "I want us to leave Salem, and I want us to leave for good," Nicole said.

Nicole explained that Salem held too many painful memories, and she said that she needed a fresh start. Nicole told E.J. that she didn't care where they moved to, as long as it was far away from Salem and Stefano. Nicole assured E.J. that Johnny and Sydney would be able to visit them regularly. Nicole added that E.J. needed to be willing to raise Rafe's child.

E.J. started to protest Nicole's final condition, but Nicole refused to negotiate with him. "If you truly mean what you say -- that you would do anything -- then show me how much you love me. Prove to me that I can trust you to always put me first. If you do that, you will have me forever," Nicole said.

At the hospital, Lexie, Abe, Celeste, and Cameron met with Dr. Yu, the specialist who had agreed to review Lexie's case. "After going over the results from both sets of scans, I'm sorry to say...I agree with Dr. Jonas' assessment. I'm very sorry -- even with all the advances we've made, there's nothing I, or anyone else, can do," Dr. Yu apologetically announced.

"I'm going to die," Lexie quietly stated. Lexie wondered how much time she had left. Celeste started to protest, but Lexie insisted that she needed to know. "The most recent scan showed very aggressive growth. I'm afraid we're talking a matter of weeks -- a few months, at the most," Dr. Yu admitted, then she excused herself.

Abe assured Lexie that they would consult with other doctors, but Lexie calmly stated that it wouldn't make a difference. Lexie maintained her composure, and she told Abe that they needed to start making the necessary preparations. Lexie wondered how she was going to explain the situation to Theo. "I can't -- I can't -- I can't leave my little boy. I can't leave him," Lexie said, as she started to sob.

Abe wrapped his arms around Lexie, and he reminded her that they had agreed that they would try to avoid negative thoughts. "You are my life, Lexie Carver, you hear me? I've never -- I've never loved anyone as much as I love you. I don't care how many doctors we see, or what they say -- I will never give up on you. Never," Abe vowed, as Lexie continued to sob.

Later, at Common Grounds, Cameron tried to comfort Celeste. Kate and Ian entered the coffeehouse, and Kate overheard Celeste mention that Lexie had no hope of recovery. Kate was horrified, and she wondered if Stefano knew that Lexie was sick. Celeste informed Kate that Stefano hadn't been told yet.

Kate ignored Celeste's protests and rushed off to tell Stefano the news, leaving Ian behind.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

While talking to him in her apartment, Sami offered Lucas a job at Countess W. "You want me to go into competition with my own mother? You really have lost your mind if you think I'm dumb enough to go up against my own mother or work for Stefano," Lucas said. Sami urged Lucas to go with his gut. Nodding, Lucas told Sami he would be in touch, then left.

In her hotel room, Nicole offered to take E.J. back if he promised to leave Salem with her. When E.J. was hesitant, Nicole stressed that Salem was the place that tore them apart and that she wanted to start a new life in another town. E.J. argued that because Nicole spoke of the possibility of a future together then there was a chance they could be together in Salem. When Nicole asked why E.J. wanted to remain in Salem, he explained that he could not leave his children and job.

Angry, Nicole accused E.J. of hesitating because of Sami. E.J. firmly stated that he loved Nicole and did not want to be with Sami. "That's exactly what you said to me right before you slept with her," Nicole reminded E.J. E.J. assured Nicole that he would not repeat his past mistakes because he wanted to start fresh with Nicole and their baby. Frustrated, Nicole screamed out that it was not E.J.'s baby.

E.J.'s phone rang, and he tersely answered it. After noting he was on his way, he hung up the phone. "You know I wouldn't go if it weren't important," E.J. said as he left. "Guess we're done here!" Nicole yelled out after E.J. as the door slammed shut. Alone, Nicole broke down in tears.

In Salem Hospital, Hope woke Bo up from his nap. Bo told Hope that he dreamed that Stefano had informed them that he had given up his "bad guy ways." From the doorway, Marlena announced her approval of Bo's dream as she walked into the room with John.

John informed Bo and Hope that the ISA had needed to use multiple agencies to decode the coin. John explained that the decoded message mentioned a woman named Yvette. Bo noted that in order to decode the message they needed to locate the other half of the coin before Stefano found it.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano threatened one of his henchman on the phone and ordered him to find the missing coin. Stefano thought about a moment from his childhood when he sat at his dying father's bedside. Stefano's father had asked Stefano to find the Anastasia egg. "Uncover what's inside. The future of our family, it depends on it, my son," Stefano's father had said.

At the hospital, Abe hugged his wife and told her that regardless of the bleak prognosis, he would not give up on Lexie. "I may not be a doctor and I may not understand this disease, but I know you and I know this. I know in my heart it is not your time. It can't be," Abe said. "We have each other and we have our friends and our family who love us. They deserve to know," Lexie said. Lexie noted that they could not deny the prognosis and needed to let everyone know that she was dying. Overwhelmed, Lexie began to break down, and Abe held her tightly in his arms.

As Stefano stood in his living room, thinking about the past, Kate entered the house and asked him how he was doing. Bristling at the sight of his ex, Stefano ordered Kate to leave. Undaunted, Kate approached Stefano and told him that Lexie was dying. Stefano refused to believe the news, but as he shook his head, Lexie called his cell phone and asked him to meet her at the hospital.

Upset, Stefano hung up the phone and marched toward the door. Kate insisted on accompanying Stefano, noting that she loved Lexie too. With a curt nod, Stefano agreed let Kate go with him to the hospital to talk to Lexie.

When Stefano and Kate arrived at the hospital, they could not find Lexie. Frustrated, Stefano broke away from Kate to look for his daughter. Kate stood in the hallway, shaking her head, as Lucas ran up to her. Lucas informed Kate that her assistant had directed him to the hospital, and he asked if everything was all right. Kate explained that Lexie was gravely ill.

When Kate asked Lucas why he had been looking for her, Stefano's grumbling as he walked up the hallway cut Lucas off. Stefano told Kate that he could not find Lexie. Kate encouraged Stefano to sit down, but upset, Stefano bellowed that he wanted his daughter.

Inside Bo's hospital room, Marlena joked, "He's baaaack." Hope theorized that Stefano was at the hospital to harass them, and Bo attempted to get out of bed in order to yell at Stefano. Hope urged Bo to rest in bed, and John offered to take care of Stefano. As John, Marlena, and Hope walked into the hallway, Stefano leaned against the wall in deep thought. John ordered Stefano to back off, but Stefano remained silent, staring at the floor.

When John raised his voice, Kate said, "What is wrong with you? Can't you see he's in pain?" When John wondered aloud what could hurt Stefano, Lexie called out to her father. Aroused from his contemplative state, Stefano gasped and hugged Lexie tightly. When Marlena wondered aloud what was going on, Kate turned to Marlena, John, and Hope and informed them that Lexie was dying.

Hope covered her mouth in horror at the news, and John and Marlena gaped in disbelief. John and Marlena left to find Abe, and Hope returned to Bo's bedside. In the hallway, Stefano asked Lexie what was wrong. Lexie explained that she had an inoperable brain tumor. "No doctor is going to give us the answers we want," Lexie said. Stefano refused to give up. Kate offered her help to Lexie, but Stefano ordered Kate to leave.

After Lucas and Kate left, Lexie asked Stefano why he was so cruel to Kate. Stefano dismissed Lexie's question and offered to find a better doctor. Lexie noted that there was no better doctor, and the reality was that she was dying. "Sometimes fights aren't meant to be won. So accept this, okay?" Lexie said as she choked back tears.

As Stefano and Lexie hugged one another in the hallway, E.J. walked around the corner. Stefano saw E.J. and motioned for him to join them. E.J. asked Lexie about the test results. With a small nod, Lexie noted that the tests conclusively showed there was no treatment for the tumor.

John and Marlena found Abe sitting alone in the hospital office where he had learned his wife's fate. Marlena and John expressed their condolences to Abe. Abe explained that there was no cure and no hope for Lexie. Marlena urged Abe not to give up hope. "She's my life. My entire world," Abe sputtered. "She needs you right now, and she needs you strong," Marlena counseled Abe. Abe nodded, but he admitted he did not know how to live his life without Lexie.

Down the hallway, Lexie spotted Dr. Yu walking up the hall, and she introduced her to Stefano and E.J. Stefano asked for a moment alone with Dr. Yu, and Lexie reluctantly agreed to leave. Once alone, Stefano informed Dr. Yu that if she would not take steps to save Lexie's life, then he would. Dr. Yu countered that no amount of threats or treatment would save Lexie's life. Nodding, Stefano apologized to Dr. Yu.

When Stefano asked Dr. Yu about the cause of Lexie's tumor, she responded that the tumor was most commonly caused by exposure to a specific gas. Confused, Stefano asked Dr. Yu about the gas. Dr. Yu explained that the gas could be found in its natural form underground, particularly in the mines and tunnels that were common in the region. Stunned, Stefano muttered in Italian.

Concerned, Dr. Yu asked Stefano whether he was all right. Stefano said he was fine, but he shook his head in denial. As Abe walked down the hallway behind Stefano, Stefano mumbled, "It can't be my fault." "What did you say?" Abe asked.

E.J. and Lexie went to the office to find Abe, but he was gone. When Lexie started to leave, E.J. stopped his sister and gently asked her how much time she had left. With a shrug, Lexie admitted there was very little time left. Overcome, E.J. hugged Lexie. "You don't have to be strong. You can cry. That's what I'm here for," E.J. said softly as a tear rolled down his cheek. Lexie thanked E.J. for being there for her.

After drying Lexie's eyes, E.J. asked what he could do to help her. E.J. offered to call Chad for Lexie, but she declined the offer, noting that she wanted to tell Chad the news. "You don't deserve this," E.J. whispered. "Nobody does, but what can I say, E.J.? These things happen. Sometimes for no reason at all," Lexie said.

Hope climbed into the hospital bed with Bo and hugged him tightly. After telling Bo the news, Hope wondered about what would happen to Lexie and her family. After leaving Abe, John and Marlena returned to Bo's room. John, Marlena, and Hope talked about Abe and Theo. Frustrated, Bo struggled to get out of bed.

When Hope ordered Bo to wait for the doctor, Bo noted that he needed to see Ciara and hold his daughter. Marlena warned Bo that if he pushed too hard before he was ready, Bo would end up back in the hospital. John said that Lexie's condition reminded him not to take the people you loved for granted. Smiling through tears, Marlena told John she loved him.

Once she stopped crying in her hotel room, Nicole went to Common Grounds. After spilling a bottle of water on the floor, Nicole grabbed a nearby newspaper to sop up the spill. When Nicole opened the paper, she saw a news article on the appointment of Sami as CEO at Countess W. As Nicole sighed, Sami walked into the coffeehouse. Nicole sauntered over to Sami and sarcastically congratulated her on her appointment as CEO. With a smirk, Sami dismissed Nicole's comment as jealousy.

"Leaving you was the best thing Rafe ever did because he deserves a loving wife and children of his own someday," Nicole said. "Someday? What does that mean, Nicole? Whose bun is that in your oven?" Sami asked with a grin. Nicole argued that the baby was Rafe's, but Sami picked up on Nicole's nervousness and asked if she was lying. When Sami pressed Nicole for an answer, Nicole argued that her statement was a comment on her past medical history.

Kate and Lucas walked around Horton Town Square and talked about Stefano. Kate confided that though she was upset that Stefano had taken her companies from her, she understood his anger and still loved her husband. Rankled by the reminder of Sami's part in Stefano's revenge plot, Kate ordered Lucas to steer clear of Sami.

After talking to Kate, Lucas went to Sami's apartment. Lucas informed Sami that Lexie was dying from a brain tumor. Stunned, Sami sat on her couch in silence. Lucas admitted that Lexie's brain tumor had reminded him that life was delicate and unpredictable. Sami assured Lucas that the children were healthy and happy, and that Lucas did not need to worry about her. Shaking his head, Lucas noted that Kate was out for Sami's blood.

Lucas promised to protect Sami, and he agreed to take Sami's job offer. When Sami asked Lucas about the reservations he had in taking the job, Lucas noted that Kate left him no option. Thrilled, Sami hugged Lucas in celebration. Lucas asked Sami not to make him regret his decision.

Nicole walked around the town square and thought about the night E.J. had proposed to her. Struggling with her emotions, Nicole looked up and noticed a sign proclaiming that Mayor DiMera's playground initiative for children in Salem was underway. As Nicole touched her belly absently, she began to cramp. Overcome with pain, Nicole groaned and doubled over.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Over coffee at Common Grounds, Celeste fretted because she didn't know how to help Lexie. Cameron took his mother's hand to comfort her, and Celeste admitted that she'd gotten "the strangest feeling" when their hands had touched. When Abigail entered just then, she and Cameron grinned at each other across the coffeehouse. Celeste guessed that her vibes had to do with the odd timing of her reunion with Cameron, which had happened just in time for Cameron to get to know -- and help -- his half-sister.

Celeste expressed her regret that Cameron had grown up without a mother, but he reassured her that he understood that his father had kept him from her. "I can't believe that as I welcome you into my life, I have to say goodbye to Alexandra," Celeste cried. A little later, Cameron gave Celeste a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

As Cameron prepared a to-go cup of coffee to take with him to the hospital, Abigail greeted him, and then asked why Celeste seemed so upset. Cameron admitted that Lexie was not well. Abigail expressed her sympathy and concern, and then impulsively hugged Cameron. "Hang in there, okay?" she said, as Celeste watched.

At the hospital, Stefano reeled from the news that Lexie's brain tumor could have been caused from exposure to toxic gas, as in underground tunnels or mines. He wondered under his breath whether it was his fault, just as Abe rounded the corner and overheard. Abe demanded, "My wife is dying. If you caused this, I want to know how." Stefano insisted that was not what he'd said. Before Abe could get the truth out of Stefano, Nicole appeared suddenly in the hallway, yelling for help.

Meanwhile, E.J. and Lexie were talking in her office about her condition. Lexie broke the news that her tumor was aggressive and inoperable, and she might only have a matter of weeks left. E.J. nearly broke down. Lexie admitted that she regretted not getting to see Theo grow up -- or witness the changes she was sure were inevitable in E.J. Lexie continued that although E.J.'s actions to reach the office had hurt Lexie and her family, she hoped he would use his position as mayor to do some good for Salem. Tears began to stream down E.J.'s face.

E.J. finally confided that Nicole was pregnant with his child, and Lexie was thrilled for her brother. Outside, Nicole doubled over, wailing in pain, as Daniel rushed to her side to help her. Lexie and E.J. heard the noise; E.J. recognized his wife's voice and ran into the hallway. Daniel helped Nicole into a nearby patient room, and E.J. tried to follow. Nicole screamed at E.J. to leave, so Lexie pulled her brother back outside.

E.J. was freaking out, and Lexie tried to calm him. He tried to get assistance from a nurse, but she refused to allow E.J. into the room or to tell him what was going on inside.

Daniel asked Nicole what had happened. Sobbing and clearly frantic with worry, Nicole explained that she had seen a sign with E.J.'s name on it about a new playground when suddenly she had been in so much pain that she could no longer stand upright.

In bed at Chad's apartment, Chad informed Melanie that he'd planned a trip for the two of them to Chicago for that day. Melanie asked if they could stay in bed a little longer before leaving for Chicago.

Will arrived at the Brady Pub and found Gabi mooning over the Countess Wilhelmina ad layout of her and Chad. Will stated that although he had told her that he was gay, he didn't want the whole town to know just yet. Gabi assured him that she could keep a secret -- just as Rafe walked in and overheard. Gabi covered that she had a crush on someone and didn't want anyone else to know, but she promised to share more with her brother if she found out that the guy liked her, too.

Gabi and Will then asked how Rafe was doing. Rafe replied flippantly that divorce was underrated, then reassured them both that he was all right. Just then, Daniel called to tell Rafe that Nicole was in the hospital with abdominal pains and had been asking for Rafe. Rafe said goodbye to the kids and hurried out. Will cautioned Gabi that the observant Rafe might figure out whom Gabi's crush was on.

Gabi maintained that she had given up on Chad, because she had to accept that he was committed to Melanie. "Actually, Chad and I have a photo shoot today, and as far as I am concerned, he's just another prop," Gabi insisted. Will said that he had to get to work, and thanked Gabi for covering for him, then planted a kiss on her cheek and left.

Chad and Melanie entered then, giggling and holding hands, and Gabi could barely contain her envy. While Melanie and Chad perused the menu, Gabi teasingly cautioned that Chad would probably have to take his shirt off for the photo shoot later. Chad informed her that the shoot had been cancelled, and he guessed that it was probably due to all the changes at Countess Wilhelmina. "I just know they're putting a hold on everything involving us," Chad said. Gabi became alarmed, and had to hide just how upset she was when Chad informed her that he'd made plans to take Melanie to Chicago.

Gabi retreated upstairs to her room after telling Melanie and Chad to have fun on their trip. A short while later, she returned, out of breath. Showing Chad and Melanie a headless fashion doll, Gabi anxiously explained that she'd found it outside her apartment door with a note. Melanie read the note aloud, "This is what's going to happen to you next, model girl."

E.J. was livid when Rafe arrived at the hospital and was permitted to go into Nicole's room while E.J. was not. Daniel informed E.J., "When Nicole discovered she was pregnant, she filed papers with the hospital, clearly stating she doesn't want any medical information shared with you." Rafe hurried in to see Nicole, who was openly relieved to see him. Still sobbing, he hugged him gratefully.

Nicole worried about the baby when Daniel wanted to give her a sedative, but he assured her that it was safe. As Daniel left to order some tests for Nicole and the baby, Nicole finally began to relax from the effects of the drugs. Rafe urged her to think about how happy she'd be once the baby was born. He stroked her hand, and assured her that soon she'd have everything she'd ever dreamed off. At last, Nicole drifted off to sleep.

Abe and Lexie waited with E.J. outside Nicole's room while E.J. paced anxiously. When Stefano arrived, E.J. demanded his father's help to get in to see Nicole. Stefano growled that he couldn't think of anything else besides Lexie's illness at the moment. E.J. declared that Stefano would live to regret it if he turned his back on E.J. one more time. As E.J. continued railing at his father, Lexie finally demanded that they stop.

Suddenly Lexie clutched her head in pain, and Abe and Stefano helped her back to her chair. Abe admonished Stefano for what he was putting Lexie through, and she suggested that Stefano leave. He agreed, but promised never to give up. "It should not have happened to you. This is all wrong," Stefano said tearfully, then kissed his daughter's hands and left.

When Will arrived, E.J. chastised him for not keeping tabs on Nicole as he'd been instructed. E.J. then asked Will to hack into the hospital computer records.

Daniel found Dr. Wu, and asked if she could tell him more about Lexie's prognosis. Dr. Wu informed him that his original diagnosis had been correct, and there was nothing more either of them could do for Lexie. The news that Lexie might have only weeks to live obviously hit Daniel hard, and he asked Dr. Wu if he could review the findings in case there were anything he could do to help. She agreed.

When Daniel tiptoed into Nicole's room while she slept a little later, Rafe thanked him for not letting the situation with E.J. turn into a huge scene. Daniel warned Rafe that E.J. was still insisting on a DNA test as soon as Nicole was far enough along. Meanwhile, Nicole was dreaming about being at the coffeehouse with E.J. and the baby, and the three of them being deliriously happy.

In the dream, she bent down to look at the baby in its stroller. "Don't you just want to tell your daddy, 'I love you'? I know you can't say it, so I'll say it for you," Nicole said, then turned around to face E.J. -- but he had turned into Rafe. "Well, don't say it unless you mean it," a beaming Rafe said. Nicole awoke with a gasp. "Oh, my God, it's you," she exclaimed when she saw Rafe.

E.J. tried to apologize to Lexie for the earlier outburst with Stefano, but she cut him off. "I don't have room for that in my life, for that kind of petty family drama, not anymore," she declared. Cameron arrived just then, and Lexie introduced him to E.J. They all chuckled at yet another of Lexie's previously unknown brothers turning up. Abe and Cameron then left to find Dr. Yu so Cameron could ask her about Lexie's case.

E.J. reiterated his apology, and Lexie reminded him that the new mayor couldn't go around threatening Stefano like that. Suddenly Lexie lost her balance, so E.J. helped her to a chair. Lexie sank down gratefully, holding her head, as E.J. promised to find Abe. Will returned then, but reported that he hadn't made any progress yet, though he was close. The two walked off together.

As Cameron reviewed Lexie's file, he said that he planned to have some colleagues look at it, as well. Dr. Wu hoped that between Cameron, his colleagues, and Dr. Jonas, one of them could come up with a different approach to Lexie's treatment. After Cameron had left the room, Abe asked Dr. Wu what she'd told Stefano about the cause of Lexie's tumor. Dr. Wu explained that some toxic gases had been found to be contributing factors in the development of tumors like Lexie's.

Abe wanted to know where the toxins were found. Dr. Wu replied that they were often used in manufacturing, or found underground. "Like in tunnels, passageways?" Abe asked. Dr. Wu noted that Mr. DiMera had asked the same question. "My wife was held prisoner in their tunnel," Abe clarified, and added furiously, "That son of a bitch Stefano! I'll kill him if he caused this!" Will and E.J. entered the office just in time to hear Abe's threat.

Back at the coffeehouse, Celeste had begun laying out her tarot cards, when Abigail approached and reintroduced herself. Celeste was impressed that little Abigail had grown up into such an enchanting young woman. Abigail conveyed her sympathy for what Lexie was going through. She added that she'd never had a tarot card reading before, so Celeste invited her to sit down. As she laid out Abigail's cards, Celeste gleaned that Abigail was a writer like her father, and that she'd had a flirtation with an older man.

About the latter, Celeste concluded, "Apparently, it's not in your future." Celeste then turned over a card that obviously alarmed her, but she maintained that the cards were often vague. Cameron returned just then, so Abigail left to give Celeste and her son some privacy. After Abigail had gone, Celeste warned Cameron, "Stay away from her. There is a great aura of danger around her."

At home at the DiMera mansion, Stefano wept as he clutched a photo of Lexie to his chest. Dr. Wu's words about the toxic gas echoed in his head, and the picture tumbled out of his arms onto the table, shattering the glass in the frame.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

by Mike

At Titan, Justin informed Madison and Brady that there was nothing that could be done to stop Ian from appointing Kate as the co-CEO of Mad World. "Oh, good. Perfect. You know what? Somebody get me gas and a match -- I'm gonna light myself on fire. On second thought, I'll light Kate on fire, and it'll be our little secret," Madison said with a groan.

Justin pointed out that hiring Kate was a major business coup, but Madison wasn't convinced. "Hope my health insurance covers puncture wounds -- Kate's gonna stab me in the back as soon as she gets a chance, just like she did Stefano," Madison predicted, as Justin abruptly excused himself. After Justin left, Brady distracted Madison with a kiss, and they started to make love.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Brady and Madison discussed their pending nuptials. Brady was eager to get married right away, but Madison suggested that it would be nice to enjoy their engagement for a while.

At the Brady Pub, Chad, Melanie, and Gabi showed Abigail the note that Gabi had received. Gabi claimed that she had received other notes from the same person. Chad suggested that Gabi needed to call the cops, but she blurted out that calling the cops would ruin everything. Gabi quickly recovered, and she dramatically stated that Rafe would ship her off to a nunnery if he ever learned that she was being threatened.

"If the nunnery would even take you," Abigail dryly stated. Gabi insisted that she would be fine, and she urged Melanie and Chad to leave so that they wouldn't miss their flight. Melanie reluctantly announced that she and Chad would be staying in Salem so that they could keep an eye on Gabi. Chad seemed disappointed, but he agreed that Melanie was right.

Chad reiterated that Gabi needed to call the cops. "Remember the last time we tried to handle something on our own? We didn't take the threat to the sports website seriously, and look what happened," Chad reminded everyone. Gabi claimed that the cops wouldn't be able to protect her.

Abigail offered to move in with Gabi, but Chad wasn't convinced that they would be safe at Gabi's place. Abigail suggested that Gabi could stay at the Horton house, but Gabi pointed out that Jennifer and Jack would probably want to tell Rafe the truth. Melanie decided that Gabi would have to stay at Chad's apartment.

Melanie's suggestion seemed to surprise Chad. Meanwhile, Gabi pretended to protest, but Melanie was confident that Gabi would be safe at Chad's place. "He's a DiMera -- definite deterrent," Melanie explained. Melanie added that she would also be staying at the apartment, and she joked that Gabi would have two bodyguards. Gabi and Abigail excused themselves so that they could pack some of Gabi's things.

After Abigail and Gabi left, Melanie wondered if Chad was upset about her offer. "No -- I think you did a wonderful thing for a friend. But am I frustrated we won't be alone together? Yes. Worried I may rupture something before it's just us alone again? Absolutely," Chad replied. Melanie assured Chad that Gabi's stay would be temporary.

Later, Chad, Melanie, Abigail, and Gabi each carried a bag of luggage out to Chad's car. A piece of lingerie fell out of the bag that Gabi was carrying, but she quickly retrieved it. Abigail noticed that Gabi was smiling, and she observed that Gabi seemed really happy. Gabi claimed that she was happy to have great friends, but Abigail's suspicions were aroused.

At the hospital, Daniel assured Nicole that her baby was all right. "It's common, as the uterine wall stretches, for pain and cramping to occur," Daniel explained. Daniel urged Nicole to tell E.J. the truth about the baby. "Are you kidding me? There is no way in hell that I will tell E.J. he is my baby's father. I will not let him steal one more thing from me, Daniel," Nicole firmly stated.

Daniel reminded Nicole that she needed to avoid stress, but she insisted that telling E.J. the truth would be more stressful. "Look at how Stefano has raised E.J. -- he feels pressure every day to please his father. It never stops, and look at the terrible things that E.J. has done. Look, I feel sorry sometimes for E.J. that he is Stefano's son, but I will be damned if this child will be raised in that family," Nicole added.

Elsewhere, Justin ran into Carrie as he was leaving Bo's hospital room. Justin said that he had heard that Carrie was looking for a job, and he informed her that he had given her name to a few of his colleagues. Justin added that he was sorry that Carrie and Rafe's relationship hadn't worked out. Justin's comment surprised Carrie, but she quickly realized that Justin was talking about her and Rafe's working relationship.

Later, Carrie greeted Nicole, and she wondered if everything was all right. Nicole nodded, and she admitted that her baby meant a lot to her. Carrie started to leave, but Nicole stopped her, and she said that there was something that Carrie needed to know.

Nicole said that she and Rafe had bonded over the fact that they had each been betrayed, and she insisted that she had never meant for it to happen. Nicole suggested that things might have been different if Austin had really slept with Abigail. Nicole added that Carrie and Austin would eventually have a child of their own, which would make the whole situation seem like ancient history.

Rafe returned to Nicole's room, and Carrie abruptly excused herself. Rafe wondered what had happened, but before Nicole could respond, a nurse asked her to sign some release forms. Rafe rushed off to check on Carrie, but she insisted that there was nothing left to say. Nicole sighed as she watched the exchange. "I'm so sorry, Carrie...but I need Rafe more than you do," Nicole quietly muttered.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. blamed Stefano for Lexie's illness. Stefano pointed out that André was the one who had placed Lexie in the tunnels, but E.J. insisted that Stefano should have been keeping an eye on André. E.J. added that Stefano needed to be punished. "I'm losing a daughter. Is that not enough?" Stefano angrily demanded to know.

E.J. changed the subject, and he demanded to know why Stefano had betrayed him. Stefano told E.J. to stop acting like a child. E.J. insisted that a child would not have been able to accomplish everything that he had managed to accomplish, and he continued to rant about Stefano's betrayal. Stefano wasn't impressed, and he waved his hand dismissively.

"Life...rarely turns out the way we hope and plan for it. You know, you think that you have everything, and then you're confronted with losing something that you never, ever could have anticipated. The fates...are gathering, Elvis. Sadly, it's only a matter of time before they threaten to destroy you...or someone you love," Stefano cryptically stated. E.J. wondered what Stefano was talking about, but Stefano didn't answer.

Stefano said that he loved E.J., but he added that he had undermined E.J.'s schemes so that he could see how E.J. would react to being blindsided. E.J. guessed that Stefano had probably hated the fact that Nicole had undermined his efforts. "Nicole knows how much you love your children, so she acted accordingly. The thing is...children are precious. To love a child -- any child -- is a reward. Remember that, matter what," Stefano said.

"Don't ever think, for one moment, that my love for you is not real. Elvis, you have been the son of my hopes, my dreams, the way I was for my father, and he was for his father, only now...God help me. God help you," Stefano cryptically added. E.J. assumed that Stefano was talking about Lexie, and he said that they needed to hope for a miracle. E.J. started to talk about stem cell research, but Stefano stopped him.

"You're wrong! You are wrong, Elvis. You cannot help Alexandra -- I just know that. Elvis, uh...there's something that I've needed to tell you, but it just breaks my heart," Stefano said. E.J. looked at Stefano expectantly. "I've needed to tell you this for a long time, but the words...maybe it would be best if I showed you," Stefano added, as he walked over to his desk.

Before Stefano could open the center drawer, E.J. received a phone call from Will, and he excused himself so that he could find out how Nicole was doing. When E.J. returned, the terrace door was ajar, and Stefano was gone. E.J. picked the lock on the center drawer, but he wasn't able to find anything important inside of it.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Stefano clutched a document. "Damn it. How am I to do this? How am I to tell Elvis that he's not my son?" Stefano quietly muttered.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lucas and Sami arrived with Will and Allie for Outdoor Family Day in Horton Square. As Will and Allie scurried off, Lucas admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about Lexie, and her grim prognosis had made him want to spend the day with Sami and the kids. Johnny and Sydney were not there because they had gone to the zoo with Caroline and Ciara. When the foursome started playing basketball and discussing what other activities they wanted to do, Will got in a subtle dig at his mother.

Will took Allie to show her how to shoot a basket, and Lucas urged Sami to give Will a little time. Sami acknowledged that she had, but the situation only seemed to be getting worse. Lucas promised to talk to Will -- but first he was going to try to give Sami the "drama-free day" he'd promised before. Lucas then beat Sami at one-on-one basketball, which Sami followed up by beating Lucas in a foot race. The kids returned, and Will reported that Allie had made it all the way to the top of the climbing wall.

While Allie rushed off to play with a friend, Sami and Will sniped at each other until Lucas intervened. Will then asked why Lucas hadn't returned to Hong Kong, and Lucas admitted that Autumn had broken up with him. Will guessed that Sami was to blame. Lucas admonished Will to treat his mother more respectfully, and Sami asked Will if they could start over, since Lucas had gone to so much trouble. Will ignored her in favor of playing with Allie.

Alone with Lucas later, Sami remembered what a tough time she'd had as a teenage mom raising Will without much guidance, and she recalled how rough her own childhood had been at times, because her own parents hadn't been around. Lucas pointed out that everything Sami had gone through had made her who she was, and asserted that he wouldn't change a thing.

Later, Sami offered to show pictures of Lucas and Sami's high school days to Will and Allie. After a moment where it seemed that Will was warming a little, finally he said, "Thanks; I'm going to pass, though. I wish things could be like that again, but they can't." Will then took Allie to get a smoothie, with promises to have her favorite dinner at their great-grandmother's later.

Lucas tried to reassure Sami that Will had enjoyed himself that day as much as Allie had. Sami declared that she'd had fun, and it had been fun, "Even if Will can't stand to be within ten feet of me." Lucas pointed out that Will would not have shown up if he really felt that way. Sami hugged Lucas, and declared that she was glad he was back.

Lucas admitted that he had really missed being with the whole family, and urged Sami not to give up on Will. Lucas agreed to do whatever he could to help. Sami thanked Lucas for sticking around Salem, and for everything he'd done to help her, including never giving up on her. Grinning, Lucas kissed her on the cheek. Afterwards, they locked eyes, and then began kissing passionately.

At Common Grounds, E.J. was sitting alone when Billie joined him, despite his protests that he was busy. E.J. derisively asked about Billie's employment status since Kate had been ousted from Countess Wilhelmina. Billie admitted lightly that she was out of a job, and then noted that E.J. had told neither his father nor the police about catching her snooping at the DiMera mansion. E.J. countered that Billie still hadn't explained why she'd been snooping in the first place, such as with whom she was working to try to dig up dirt on the DiMeras.

Billie changed the subject to how E.J. and Stefano were on the outs, and how much E.J. had lost personally since winning the election. She declared that she wanted to get the dirt on Stefano to make him pay for what he'd done to her mother -- and to Billie's "baby," Countess Wilhelmina. E.J. didn't buy that Billie's motives were purely personal. "Even if I did believe you, why would I ever support you in ruining my father and taking away my children's legacy?" E.J. asked.

Billie pointed out that if Stefano were not stopped, he could ruin everything E.J. had worked so hard for. "Come on, E.J., it's time to fess up. You have no idea what your father's up to -- and it scares the hell out of you, doesn't it?" Billie queried. She asked what had been in the file folder in the hidden drawer that had shaken him so much. E.J. laughed off her assertions. Billie reiterated her proposition that the two of them team up to figure out what had happened to the missing money, and why Stefano had kept E.J. in the dark about it.

Billie reminded E.J. that her police experience had helped her become a good investigator. E.J. refused to betray his father, but Billie suggested that E.J.'s loyalty was misguided. Billie revealed that Carrie and Rafe had been able to prove John's innocence because a very unlikely source had suddenly tipped them off that the key to his exoneration had been in the timing of the money transfer. E.J. wasn't impressed, so Billie pointed out, "Ask yourself, how did they solve that puzzle and exonerate John Black? Or better yet, ask your father."

John and Marlena accompanied Hope as she returned home with Bo. Bo protested that he didn't need help getting from his own front door to the couch. Hope reminded him that they'd had to convince Daniel to let the "world's worst patient" go home a little early. Bo was only interested in hearing about what had happened in Alamainia while he'd been comatose -- and in knowing when he and Hope could get remarried.

Hope and John reluctantly informed Bo that they hadn't been able to finalize the divorce, thanks to Stefano, but Agent Spencer was working with the State Department to convince the Alamainian government to grant the divorce in absentia. Bo surmised that Stefano had used the divorce as a way to get Hope and John to Alamainia to find the egg and the half-coin inside. Bo wanted to know how John and Hope had found the egg when they no longer had the Pawn and Princess Gina's memories.

Hope confessed that Stefano had turned them back into their alters. John and Hope reassured Bo that nothing physical had happened between them, because they had mentally prepared themselves beforehand. Marlena wondered if Stefano already had the other half of the coin, but Hope didn't think he even knew what was on the half they'd found. Bo was ready to join in the investigation, but John didn't think Bo was physically ready yet. "Have we met?" Bo quipped.

Bo wondered if whatever was on the coin would lead them back to the funds that had been embezzled from Basic Black. Marlena believed that Stefano had stolen the money and framed John for it. John revealed that Agent Spencer already had an agent working on that very angle. Marlena suggested that they should tread lightly in taking Stefano down because of the news about Lexie. Hope agreed that Lexie would need her entire family in the weeks ahead, including Stefano.

The women pointed out that because of Lexie, Stefano might not be as focused or obsessed as he normally would be. John then got a text message that refuted what the women believed, and read it aloud, "Fair warning: return what's mine or lose someone you love." John and Hope asserted that Stefano meant business, because he'd made it clear that he could get to -- and harm -- Bo or Marlena any time he wanted.

John thought the ladies should lie low until they'd taken Stefano down, and Bo concurred. John added that the next step was figuring out why the coin was so important to Stefano -- after they got security for the Bradys' house as well as the Blacks' penthouse. Bo planned to have Ciara stay with Caroline for a little while longer. John called Roman to get the ball rolling on the security, and then John and Marlena left to meet Roman.

Outside, Marlena asked John if he thought round-the-clock security for the four of them was a bit of an overreaction. John replied that Stefano's threats seemed different, more desperate, that time. "It's as if his never-ending chess game is finally coming to an end. He's going all out for one last checkmate, and it doesn't matter who or what he has to sacrifice in order to get that win," John asserted. As they walked away from the house, a man followed them.

Inside, Bo and Hope agreed that they were thrilled to have some time alone together, because they had missed each other so much. They sat on the couch together to snuggle and kiss, but before they had sex, Hope made sure that Bo had his doctors' approval. "The only approval I need is yours," he said. They lay on the couch and began to make love -- as someone watched through the front window.

As Marlena and John entered Horton Square, a man jumped Marlena, and held a knife to her throat. "Tell me where the coin is, or the pretty lady's dead," the man growled to John.

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