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Monday, May 30, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Madison wondered why Ian had finally agreed to end their marriage. Madison warned Justin that Ian might be up to something. Madison wanted to force Ian to make his move, so she asked Justin to get her divorce finalized right away. Justin agreed, then he excused himself.

At the Horton Town Square, Sami and Lucas continued to kiss. "Oh, my God -- my eyes actually hurt. Honey, you're gonna need a booster shot now," Kate said, as she interrupted the intimate moment. Lucas hoped that Kate would keep her mouth shut as a refreshing change of pace, but Kate ignored his request.

"You know, I really hoped, and I really prayed, that with him almost eight thousand miles away from you, he'd be safe, but underestimating you is like underestimating...radioactive waste," Kate snapped. Lucas reiterated that he wanted Kate to back off, but Sami admitted that she was eager to hear what Kate had to say. Sami grinned as she added that she couldn't wait to respond to Kate's rant.

Kate continued to yell at Sami. Lucas was embarrassed, and he warned Kate and Sami that they were causing a scene. Lucas wondered if anyone was filming the argument. Meanwhile, Kate suggested that Sami had used her feminine charms to manipulate Lucas. Kate's statement offended Lucas, and he sarcastically thanked her for trusting his judgment.

"Honey, do you really, really not get this? I mean, is it so hard for you to believe? She tells you that Will and Allie need you, know, she's the one -- she's the one who's really the sick, hot mess. She exploits your weaknesses when she's desperate, and once you've served your purpose, then she moves what is probably a better prospect. She moves on, and she never looks back. She has used you over and over and over again, leaving you alone, and I don't want to see it happen again!" Kate insistently stated.

Lucas urged Kate to calm down, and he said that he didn't agree with Kate's assessment of the situation. "Of course you don't see it that way, because you're under her influence -- she's like a drug to you, Lucas! She alters your reality. You know what you need to do? You need to quit her...cold turkey. Go back to Hong Kong. Go back to your fiancée -- go back to Summer!" Kate begged Lucas.

Lucas impatiently reminded Kate that his fiancée's name was Autumn, as Sami tried to stifle her laughter. Lucas informed Kate that Autumn had ended their relationship. Kate was undeterred, and she urged Lucas to leave Salem right away. Kate pointed out that there were billions of other women in the world.

"It's really just remarkable to me. I mean, you are this gold-class slut, and then you also are completely a hypocrite. You realize, right, that you cheating on Stefano is why Lucas lost his job, and with your, you know, career history, I didn't realize you were so...motivated by your libido. Something else I just realized -- you're the first person in the history of the DiMera family to be kicked out on a morals charge," Sami said with a laugh.

Sami gleefully announced that Lucas had agreed to work with her at Countess Wilhelmina. Sami vowed that she and Lucas were going to destroy Mad World. Lucas assured Kate that he wasn't trying to betray her. Kate wasn't convinced, but she understood that Lucas needed a job. Kate advised Lucas to find a different job right away, so that he would be able to make money instead of losing it.

"You see, because I think you would lose money selling lemonade in the Sahara," Kate told Sami. Kate insisted that Sami was not a threat to Mad World, but Sami wasn't convinced. Sami pointed out that Kate was sleeping with Madison's husband, and she wondered if that would make Kate and Madison's partnership awkward. Kate lunged at Sami, but Lucas stepped in and told them each to return to their neutral corners.

Kate said that there was nothing neutral about the situation, then she stormed off. After Kate left, Lucas firmly stated that he wasn't going to let Sami use him as a way to get revenge on people. Sami insisted that she wasn't doing that, but Lucas reminded her that he had just witnessed her and Kate's argument with his own eyes. Lucas knowingly stated that Sami had enjoyed publicly humiliating Kate.

"You know, I may not be able to improve your relationship with my mother -- I know that. But I'm not gonna have you guys play me against each other. I won't do it anymore!" Lucas insisted. Sami wondered if Lucas had changed his mind about working with her. Sami assured Lucas that she would understand, but she added that she wanted him to give her an answer right away.

Lucas assured Sami that he hadn't changed his mind, but he reiterated that he wasn't going to help her with her revenge scheme. Lucas reminded Sami that they weren't trying to destroy another company -- they were just trying to make their own company grow, for the sake of their children. Lucas warned Sami that he would leave if she ever tried to do anything underhanded.

Sami dryly noted that it sounded like Lucas didn't trust her. Lucas confirmed Sami's suspicion, and he vowed to watch her like a hawk. Echoing Sami's earlier ultimatum, Lucas wondered if she had changed her mind about working with him. Lucas assured Sami that he would understand, but he added that he wanted her to give him an answer right away.

Sami seemed impressed, and she observed that Lucas had changed. Lucas nodded, and he said that he wasn't going to let Sami play him like a poker hand anymore. Sami insisted that she just wanted to work with Lucas. Sami said that she understood that Lucas didn't want to be stuck in the middle of her and Kate's war, and she promised that she would try to respect his wishes.

Lucas grinned and noted that he was making progress. Lucas and Sami shook hands to seal their deal, then Lucas changed the subject, and he asked about their earlier kiss. Sami shrugged and claimed that she had kissed Lucas to thank him for planning her drama-free day. Lucas wasn't convinced, so Sami challenged him to give her his interpretation of the kiss. Before Lucas could respond, Sami started to kiss him again.

Back at the Brady Pub, Kate ordered a martini. Madison greeted Kate, and Kate muttered that she was having a really bad day. Madison admitted that she was also having a bad day, and she explained that Justin had informed her that there was nothing that could be done to stop Ian from appointing Kate as the co-CEO of Mad World. Madison's announcement lifted Kate's spirits, and she agreed to talk to Madison.

Madison theorized that Kate was only interested in the job because she needed a paycheck, but Kate insisted that she wasn't that desperate. Kate revealed that she had originally refused Ian's offer. Kate explained that Ian had pointed out something that had convinced her to change her mind.

Kate noted that she and Madison were each extremely competitive, and she added that they also enjoyed punishing their enemies. Madison nodded as she realized what Kate was talking about. "We work together for one reason, and one reason only -- bringing down the bitch also known as Sami Brady," Madison stated.

At the Horton Town Square, one of Stefano's goons grabbed Marlena, and he threatened to slice her throat. As John considered his options, Roman and Carrie arrived. Roman pointed a gun at the man, and Marlena stomped on the man's foot while he was distracted. The attacker rushed off, and Roman called the police station so that he could report the incident.

Marlena conceded that John was right -- they did need protection. John nodded, and he warned that Stefano was more desperate -- and more dangerous -- that he had ever been before. "I talked to Spencer -- he's sending an agent over to take you to a secure ISA safe house," Roman announced. Marlena started to protest, but Roman insisted that it was absolutely necessary, and John agreed.

"Now, listen...I don't want to scare you any more than you probably already are, but...the guy Spencer's sending over -- this Agent Harmon -- he's been assigned to DiMera for years, and he says they have intel that Stefano has hired professional assassins, and that he has something very big planned for 'all of my enemies in Salem,'" Roman revealed. Later, Harmon arrived, and the group headed to the safe house.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Stefano received a phone call. "So...did that fake attack on Marlena look real? Hmm. And my man got away? Excellent. Now they know how far I'm willing to go to get my coin back," Stefano told the caller.

Outside Bo and Hope's house, someone watched as Bo and Hope kissed. Bo glanced at the front door as he heard a noise, and he noticed that someone was turning the doorknob. Bo and Hope quickly grabbed their guns, and Bo cautiously approached the door. Bo was surprised to find Rafe standing on the other side of the door. Rafe assured Bo and Hope that he hadn't seen anyone, and that he hadn't tried to turn their doorknob.

Rafe told Bo and Hope about Marlena's attack. Rafe explained that John and Marlena were being moved to a safe house, and he cautiously urged Bo and Hope to join them. Bo and Hope quickly agreed, and Rafe admitted that he had expected the conversation to be more difficult than that. Meanwhile, outside, someone continued to spy on the group.

Later, at a safe house in an undisclosed location, Roman and Spencer arrived, and they greeted John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Harmon. Roman explained that Carrie had agreed to purchase some groceries for the group. Rafe wasn't pleased, and he insisted that Carrie should not have been given directions to the safe house. Rafe wondered if the place was really secure enough to protect everyone from Stefano.

"Look, there's really no need to worry. This place has a state-of-the-art security system...and direct communication with headquarters. There's no landlines, computer terminals, Wi-Fi, or anything else that can be hacked, breached, or compromised," Spencer assured everyone. Rafe was still skeptical, but Spencer dismissively insisted that FBI agents were always suspicious of other agencies.

Rafe denied Spencer's claim, and he explained that he was skeptical because he knew what Stefano was capable of. Spencer conceded Rafe's point, and he invited Rafe to join the ISA so that he could help with the investigation. Rafe was shocked, but he eagerly accepted Spencer's offer.

Spencer changed the subject, and he announced that the ISA had created a duplicate coin. Spencer explained that the coin would be delivered to Stefano later that day. John pointed out that he and Hope had tried that trick in Alamainia, and he reminded Spencer that the coin had failed to fool Stefano.

Spencer insisted that the ISA's coin would fool Stefano. Spencer explained that the coin was an exact replica of the original coin, except for one important difference -- the code on the coin was meaningless, and it was also impossible to decrypt.

Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano received a package. Stefano found a velvet pouch tucked inside the envelope. "Finally," Stefano muttered, as he retrieved the coin from the pouch.

Back at the safe house, Bo wondered if John believed that the war with Stefano was finally reaching its conclusion. John nodded, then he added that it was important to make sure that Stefano lost the war. John laughed, and he admitted that he would love to be a fly on the wall as Stefano tried to decrypt a code that was impossible to decrypt.

Marlena said that she would love to be a fly on the wall of Stefano's future jail cell. "Yeah, with his cellmate...Bubba," Hope dryly added. Spencer muttered that he never wanted to get on the group's bad side, then he excused himself. As Spencer exited the safe house, Carrie arrived. Rafe offered to help Carrie with the groceries, but she insisted that she didn't need his help.

John observed that Spencer had seemingly thought of everything, but Marlena pointed out that Stefano also possessed that quality. Marlena and Hope went to the kitchen to help Carrie. Bo and John hoped that the ISA would only need a few days to take down Stefano, since Hope and Marlena were going to be cooking their meals. Bo added that he hoped that the coin would distract Stefano for a while, because if he realized that it was a fake, then he wouldn't hesitate to retaliate.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was at his desk, researching the link between toxic gas and brain tumors, when someone entered his living room. "Ah, yes -- Agent Harmon. I've been expecting you," Stefano said, as he shook the man's hand.

Harmon told Stefano about the fake coin. Stefano was furious when he realized that his enemies had tried to trick him again. Harmon informed Stefano that the ISA had cracked a portion of the original coin's code. Harmon mentioned the name on the coin, Yvette, but Stefano didn't seem to recognize it. Harmon wondered if there was anything else that he could do.

"Yes...take care of them -- all of them," Stefano growled.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Horton Town Square, Sami claimed the kiss she had planted on Lucas was a thank you. When Lucas asked if Sami was sure that the kiss was just a thank you, Sami retorted, "You tell me." Sami leaned in and kissed Lucas passionately as E.J. walked around the corner and saw them smooching. As Sami and Lucas pulled apart, grins on their faces, E.J. slowly walked up to them. Out of the corner of her eye, Sami saw E.J.

E.J. asked to talk to Sami alone. Suspicious, Lucas asked E.J. what he wanted to tell Sami. With a sigh, E.J. explained that he was disappointed that the kids had spent the day with Caroline at the zoo instead of with him. Sami admitted that she agreed she should have informed E.J. about the trip to the zoo, and then took E.J. aside to talk privately. Sami explained that she had not told E.J. about the trip because she had thought he was busy at work.

With a quick glance over his shoulder at Lucas, E.J. admitted that he wanted to talk to Sami about something other than their kids. Sami rolled her eyes. E.J. expressed his concern that Sami was getting romantically involved with Lucas, and he wondered aloud how it would affect the children. "What I do or not do with Lucas is absolutely none of your concern," Sami stressed.

Curious, Sami asked E.J. why he was talking about Lucas. Evading the question, E.J. noted that he was worried about the stability of his children's home. Sami shrugged and noted that she understood. As E.J. smiled, he added, "One more thing. Do you know what the piece of evidence was that Rafe and your sister found that helped to clear John Black?" As Lucas watched nearby, Sami admitted that she did not know what the evidence was that had cleared John.

With narrowed eyes, Sami noted that the investigation to clear John's name was what had pulled Rafe and Carrie together. E.J. apologized for mentioning Rafe, and he left. Lucas rushed over to Sami and asked what E.J. wanted. Confused, Sami said she was not sure what E.J. wanted. Sami explained that E.J. was concerned about Lucas being around Sami so soon after Rafe left.

With a shrug, Lucas called E.J. jealous. Sami continued that E.J. had then asked about John's trial and the evidence that had cleared him. When Lucas asked about the case, Sami admitted that she did not know anything about the evidence. Interrupted by the buzzing of her phone, Sami looked at her email and was horrified to learn that a retailer was canceling their order because Kate was no longer the CEO of Countess W. When Sami started to go to the office, Lucas stopped her and noted that they should not alert the employees that there was trouble.

After hearing at the pub that Nicole had been in the hospital, Brady visited Nicole in her hotel room and asked her what was wrong. Nicole claimed that she was in the hospital for stress and that Daniel had said she was fine. Relieved, Brady unpacked his bag of treats for Nicole, which included a mocha latte and a piece of her favorite cake. Nicole declined the coffee, sparking Brady's curiosity. When Brady gently pushed Nicole for information, she relented and told him that she was pregnant.

Brady hesitantly congratulated Nicole on her pregnancy, and Nicole admitted that she was not ready to celebrate yet because she was worried about carrying the baby to term. Raising a suspicious eyebrow, Brady asked about E.J. Nicole informed Brady that she had refused help from E.J. because Rafe was the father of her baby. "How could that happen?" Brady asked gruffly.

Nicole explained that she and Rafe had been upset about E.J. and Sami's affair. Confused, Brady pushed Nicole to tell him why she had slept with Rafe. Nicole stuck to her story and stressed that she and Rafe had had sex because they had been upset. When Brady asked whether E.J. had accepted that he was not the father of the baby, Nicole noted that E.J. had insisted on a paternity test.

Crossing his arms across his chest, Brady asked Nicole whether she was dreading the results of the paternity test. Nicole responded that she was nervous about the possibility that E.J. could be the father of her baby. When Brady asked whether Nicole would take E.J. back, Nicole said that she did not want to get back together with E.J.

When Nicole changed the subject to Brady's impending nuptials, he was surprised that Nicole had learned about his engagement. Nicole explained that she watched over the people she cared about. "I just hope that Madison doesn't hurt you. The way that I did," Nicole said. Brady explained his history with Madison, concluding that Madison was waiting for a divorce from her husband. Brady admitted that he loved Madison and that he had never been happier in his life.

Brady asked Nicole whether she was going to marry Rafe. Shaking her head, Nicole admitted that she and Rafe were not in love. When Brady asked Nicole whether she wanted to have a relationship with Rafe, Nicole admitted that she liked having Rafe around to protect her but that she was not in love with him. "You will be. I see it in your eyes," Brady said.

Nicole said that she and Rafe were taking the pregnancy one day at a time. Brady told Nicole that she could ask him for help if she needed it. "You might just have everything you wanted and deserved," Brady said. "What I want and what I deserve could turn out to be two totally different things," Nicole countered.

At the safe house, Bo paced in frustration as Hope urged him to calm down. As Rafe was heading out to talk to Agent Spencer, John stopped him at the doorway and thanked him for helping them out. Carrie rushed out from the bedroom and told Rafe he could not leave. Marlena agreed, noting that Rafe needed to show them how to work the security system.

Rafe entered the code into the panel to demonstrate how the security system worked, noting that the same code was used to arm and disarm the system. As everyone nodded, Rafe explained that green meant they could leave the house but a red light meant no one could leave the house.

In his living room, Stefano examined the coin. When Agent Harmon asked Stefano whether he had any orders, Stefano countered, "Yes. Take care of them. All of them." Stefano chuckled and told Harmon to use the trust of the residents of the safe house to his advantage.

Harmon showed Stefano the setup on his computer and noted that he had placed a receiver in the woods by the safe house that had jammed all cell phone service. Harmon explained that the execution of the plan was up to the people in the safe house. As Harmon gathered his stuff to leave, Stefano urged Harmon not to tell him any details about the plan.

In his living room, Stefano poured a drink and waited for news about the safe house. Stefano stared at the gold coin and grunted in dissatisfaction. Stefano went over to the computer to research treatments for Lexie when E.J. arrived home. E.J. reminded Stefano that he had been planning to show E.J. something in the desk drawer, but that they had been interrupted. Stefano got up to leave, but E.J. stopped him.

E.J. asked Stefano if he had told Carrie and Rafe about the Internet outages that had cleared John's name. When Stefano feigned ignorance, E.J. noted that since Stefano had stolen the money, it made logical sense that Stefano had also been the one to help get John out of jail.

"A father would never betray his son the way you are suggesting that I am doing," Stefano said. Annoyed by Stefano's declaration, E.J. noted that Stefano had betrayed him when he took the money and rigged the election. Stefano told E.J. not to worry about the missing money. Avoiding the subject, Stefano left. E.J. rifled through the desk until he found an envelope taped the bottom of a drawer. E.J. pulled out the paper and he sank into a chair in disbelief.

Sami and Lucas went to her apartment, and Lucas called the representative that had canceled the Countess W order. Lucas assured the person that Sami had worked side by side with his mother.

When the representative noted that Kate had fired Sami, Lucas offered a ten percent discount and the promise that Countess W would buy back all unsold inventory. Happy with the offer, the representative agreed not to cancel their order. Once off the phone, Lucas noted that he and Sami made a great team. "In business, but what about the rest of it?" Sami asked softly.

While walking through the park outside Horton Town Square, Harmon confirmed on his cell phone that the bomb at the safe house was in place. Harmon noted that if anyone opened a door or a window that the bomb was rigged when the security code was entered the first time.

At the safe house, Rafe was about to disarm the alarm and head into town when John stopped him to give him some information for Agent Spencer. As John and Rafe went to the corner to talk, Hope went into the kitchen with Bo to get some food. Marlena urged Carrie to head home, but as Carrie stared at Rafe across the room, she asked Marlena if she could stay and eat first.

At the dinner table, Marlena and John played cards. John was frustrated and talked about his desire to go to the DiMera mansion and choke the life out of Stefano. Marlena warned John that he was feeling claustrophobia, but unfazed, John stressed that he wanted to kill Stefano. Marlena urged John to remember that the ISA was handling the case.

John noted that Stefano could not decode the coin without the second half. Frustrated, John muttered that he needed to learn who Yvette was in relation to Stefano. Marlena theorized aloud that if Yvette was not connected to Stefano then she might be related to the artisan that had crafted the egg. John noted that whatever was on the coin, it was important enough to Stefano that he was willing to kill for it.

Over on the couch, Bo admitted to Hope that if Stefano had hurt Hope or Ciara, he would want to kill Stefano. Hope urged Bo to eat, but Bo was upset that they were hiding in a safe house. With a sigh, Bo reminded Hope that she was still married to John, and he was frustrated. As Bo sulked on the couch, a smile flashed across his face. Bo excitedly told Hope that while he had been in his coma, he had seen Zack. Bo told Hope that Zack was happy and at peace.

Stunned, Hope asked Bo about his experience with their son. Bo told Hope that he had seen Zack, and Zack had told his father that he wanted him to be happy. "It was so real I just wanted to stay there with him. Then I heard this voice way off in the distance. So I listened, and it was you," Bo said. Bo said that Zack had told him to listen to Hope. "I just wanted to stay there with him," Bo admitted before he started to weep. Bo explained that Zack had told him to go back.

Wiping away tears, Hope suggested that once they were out of the safe house that they should return to therapy with Marlena. Bo agreed, noting that he would do whatever it took to improve their marriage and their relationship.

After making sandwiches, Carrie passed the plates out to everyone, saving Rafe for last. Rafe thanked Carrie for the food and noted that he needed to leave. Desperate, Carrie asked Rafe not to go. Carrie congratulated Rafe on his appointment to the ISA. Rafe admitted that he was only working with the ISA temporarily. With a sad smile, Carrie admitted that she was sorry how things had ended between them.

When Rafe agreed, Carrie countered, "You should have thought of that before you slept with Nicole and got her pregnant." Carrie noted that when she saw Rafe with Nicole at the hospital, she knew she had made the right choice when she picked her marriage. Frustrated, Rafe mumbled, "I can't do this anymore." Rafe said he wanted to tell the truth, but Carrie grew agitated and yelled at Rafe to leave her alone.

Marlena interrupted to check on Carrie as Bo and Hope looked on in amazement. Rafe gently told Marlena that he was having a private conversation with Carrie. "Seriously? In this room?" Marlena said as she looked around the small living room. Marlena told Rafe that since Carrie was working on her marriage and Rafe was with Nicole, Rafe needed to leave Carrie alone. John agreed and noted that Rafe's behavior toward Carrie showed that Rafe was not as honorable as John had thought.

Shaking his head, Rafe said, "Things aren't always what they seem." Rafe did not elaborate and turned to leave. Carrie stopped Rafe at the door and asked him if he had anything to tell her. As Rafe looked around the room at everyone watching him, he stammered out that he had never wanted to hurt Carrie. Frustrated, Carrie said she was leaving. As Carrie headed to the door, John stopped her so that he could disarm the security system.

Across town in the square, Agent Harmon told the person on the phone, "So the next time a window or a door is opened, everyone in that safe house dies." At the safe house, John entered the code on the alarm panel and Carrie reached for the doorknob.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

As Roman invited himself to join Kate at the Brady Pub, he explained that he wanted to offer her some friendly advice about her husband's latest activities. Kate informed him that Stefano had recently dumped her, plus he had handed the reins of her company to Sami, leaving Kate, Lucas, and Billie unemployed. Roman agreed that sounded like a bad idea, but they agreed that they shouldn't discuss anything that concerned Sami.

Roman then divulged that Stefano had apparently made an attempt on Marlena's life and was still threatening Bo and Hope. Kate noted that Stefano had seemed particularly angry and vindictive recently. Roman confessed that he still cared about Kate, and she playfully accused him of hitting on her. Roman pointed out that while he still thought she was incredibly beautiful, there was a little too much history between them to revisit their past.

Roman reassured Kate that he would always be there for her as a friend. Kate thanked Roman for telling her what was going on with Stefano, and declared, "I think it's high time that he find out that he can't treat people the way he does and get away with it." Kate then left.

Roman informed Kayla that John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope had been moved to a safe house, but swore her to secrecy. Roman tried to call Carrie, but didn't get an answer. Kayla figured that Carrie just didn't have cell reception. When Roman called Agent Spencer, Spencer advised him, "My boss is on his way down here to take over the operation." Spencer explained that the man had a personal interest in seeing Stefano go down.

Roman stated that he hadn't been able to reach anyone at the safe house, and he felt like something wasn't right. Spencer checked into it, then notified Roman that the security system had been set and everything was quiet. Since Roman still couldn't reach anyone by phone, Spencer suggested that Roman go up there to check things out. Roman agreed, and said that he would use the security code to let himself in.

A courier delivered a list of all ongoing Countess Wilhelmina projects to Sami's apartment. Sami explained to Lucas that they needed to review the list together, to make sure everything was running the way they wanted. Lucas asked for some clarification before they started: "I work with you, right? I don't work for you?" Sami concurred, noting that they made a good team. Sami then asked Lucas -- out of curiosity, she claimed -- if he thought there was a chance they would ever get back together.

Lucas admitted that the thought had briefly crossed his mind when Sami had called him in Hong Kong, but noted, "Just because my fiancée broke it off with me doesn't mean that I'd want to get involved with the woman who's made my life a living hell." Sami took offense, but Lucas pointed out that he did seem to keep returning to her. "Either I'm a glutton for punishment or there's something there," he added. Sami asked if Lucas were willing to find out which it was, and he admitted that he was curious. They began to kiss, and kissing quickly escalated into undressing each other.

A while later, Sami and Lucas emerged, happy and out of breath, from the bedroom. Lucas declared, "I'd forgotten how damn good we are together." It appeared they might have sex again, when suddenly they heard Kate's voice from the doorway, "Dear God! I think I'm going to be sick!" Furious and startled, Lucas and Sami admonished Kate for breaking into the apartment, but Kate insisted that the door had been open. As Sami and Lucas pulled on their clothes, they demanded to know what Kate wanted.

"I am here to end your disastrous but mercifully short tenure at Countess W," Kate declared. She produced a legal document and claimed it proved that the Countess Wilhelmina name and logos belonged to her. Lucas examined the papers and then opened his briefcase. He showed Kate a copy of the contract that Kate had signed when Stefano had acquired Countess Wilhelmina, and read aloud that she had transferred "all rights...including, without limitation, all titles, images, properties, and patents."

Lucas accused Kate of intentionally trying to unnerve Sami. "What I didn't know was that you were literally going to get back into bed with that little bitch," Kate complained. Lucas ordered his mom to stop because, "I'm with Sami now. I'm with her in every way." He warned Kate that if she and Madison went after Sami, they would be going after him, as well. He ordered Kate to leave, so she did so in a huff. Sami asked if Lucas had really meant what he'd said about being with her, and he confirmed that he had.

Carrie had her hand on the doorknob to leave the safe house, but Rafe stopped her from opening the door. He pointed out that the red indicator light on the security system was flashing when it should have been solid. While the others watched, Rafe tried re-entering the code, which just caused the red light to start blinking instead.

Noting that there was evidently a glitch in the security system, Rafe opened up the control panel, and then ordered the others, "No one touch the door! A bomb's been wired to the alarm system." John observed that although plastic explosive was wired to a timer, the timer wasn't running yet. Bo guessed that the bomb would only detonate if anyone opened a door or window, and Bo surmised that it would have already gone off if it could have been triggered remotely.

John started to call the ISA bomb squad, but discovered that he had no signal -- and neither did anyone else in the cabin. Carrie fought back panicky tears as she summed up, "So we can't communicate with the outside world, and we're trapped in here, and we can't tell anyone about this bomb that someone could just set off and kill us all, right?" Everyone tried to calm her, but she started to cry anyway.

Unable to find any "real tools" in the house, Bo retrieved some wooden chopsticks from the kitchen, since they wouldn't conduct electricity while they tried to defuse the bomb. Carrie hoped that Austin would call Roman if he couldn't reach her by phone, and then Roman would check on them. While Rafe tried to soothe a frightened Carrie, Bo and John took a look the wiring, and Marlena and Hope began to draw a schematic of the bomb and the alarm system.

After examining everything, John declared, "As much as that bastard wants the other half of that coin that we have, he wants us dead even more." Carrie started to freak out in earnest, fretting that they would die in that cabin while things were still unfinished or unsaid. Rafe declared again that there was something that he needed to tell Carrie. "Nicole's baby..." he began, but John interrupted to demand Rafe's help.

Marlena hugged Carrie tightly to comfort her. After Rafe looked over the wiring and schematics, he declared, "We can't even tell where any of the circuits lead - if it's hot, if it's neutral, [or] if it's ground." Bo admitted that he and John had reached the same conclusion. After the women went into the kitchen, the men noted that if someone did show up to rescue them, they could all be blown to smithereens.

Stefano returned home to the DiMera mansion, and found E.J. brooding at the desk, the contents of Stefano's hidden envelope spread in front of him. "Is it true? I'm not your son?" E.J. asked. A clearly devastated Stefano confirmed that it was true. "I feel like my entire life is just one big lie," E.J. said sadly. He added that all the things Stefano had done, like rigging the election, suddenly made sense. Stefano insisted that he had only learned the truth on election night, but he had not been able to find a way to tell E.J.

E.J. wanted to know who his father was, but Stefano had no idea. Stefano explained that he hadn't known very long, and the only other person who'd known before him had been Alice Horton. He elaborated that when E.J. had been very ill as a baby, his mother had asked Alice for help. In the process of getting a doctor for the lad, Alice had learned the secret of E.J.'s paternity, but she had taken the knowledge to her grave -- until Bo and Hope had found the key to the safe deposit box with the secret in a sealed envelope inside.

Stefano assured E.J. that they were the only two people alive who knew the truth. The full scope of that truth hit E.J. hard as he realized that his siblings weren't really his siblings. He wondered if perhaps Bo and Hope had planted the envelope, but Stefano maintained, "I have turned over heaven and earth to find out that it was not true, all right? And I couldn't." E.J. forlornly noted that he loved Stefano and had spent most of his adult life trying to make Stefano proud of him. Stefano reassured E.J. that he had made Stefano very proud.

"You have not only lost a father, but I've lost a son," Stefano pointed out. E.J. asserted that he was the same man he'd always been, and he would be honored to continue to call Stefano his father if Stefano could still think of E.J. as his son. Stefano sadly said that he would give anything if he could think about E.J. the same way, but it was just not possible, because, "I know that you're not my blood." He explained that blood ties were the only proof of one's birthright, and no one had ever been allowed into the main part of the DiMera family without proof that they belonged.

E.J. demanded, "What about Tony? Tony wasn't your son; you didn't just abandon him!" Stefano pointed out that he had raised Tony from infancy. "You made an exception for him, so you can make an exception for me!" E.J. asserted. Stefano reminded E.J. that he had begun to question and challenge Stefano. E.J. countered that he had only done so because of the way Stefano had been treating him, but Stefano maintained that a true son would never have done that.

E.J. accused Stefano of rationalizing his decision to shut E.J. out. Stefano insisted that wasn't true, and that he had to make sure that the family bloodline lived on. "But this is my family," E.J. cried. Stefano tearfully lamented, "Don't you see what this is doing to me? I had a son, and now I've learned that I don't have him anymore." Realizing that the mansion was no longer his home, E.J. rose to pack his things.

Stefano stopped E.J., and asked him to let Stefano handle how the news got out. "Yes, sir, Mr. DiMera. I understand perfectly," E.J. replied sardonically as he closed the doors behind himself on his way out. Stefano sat down heavily on the coffee table and sobbed. In the foyer, E.J.'s knees went out from under him as he tried to climb the stairs, and he collapsed in bitter tears.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Madison approached Kate and Ian. Madison demanded some privacy so that she could talk to Ian about their divorce. After Kate left, Madison threw a stack of divorce documents at Ian.

Madison wondered why Ian's lawyer was ignoring Justin's calls. Ian claimed that his lawyer was in the middle of a trial, but Madison wasn't convinced. "You don't seem to understand -- I want this divorce just as much as you do. I've met someone else. It's someone I knew from before. We just picked up where we left off," Ian said.

Madison laughed as she realized that Ian was talking about Kate. "Oh, Ian, it's just so romantic. I mean, back when I was hanging on your every word and bringing you your slippers, you were having an affair with her, and, you two lovers are getting a second chance. It's -- I'm just -- I'm all choked up," Madison sarcastically stated.

At Common Grounds, Kate ran into Brady, and she informed him that Madison was with Ian. Brady shrugged, and he wondered if Kate was jealous. Kate feigned ignorance, but Brady wasn't convinced. Brady knowingly stated that Kate and Ian were sleeping together.

Kate insisted that it was none of Brady's business, and she started to walk away. Brady stopped Kate, and he wondered if she was worried about Ian and Madison's divorce. "You're a lot like her -- except she has a heart -- but when Ian says that he loves you, and that he's completely over Madison, I have my doubts. So should you," Brady warned Kate, then he exited the coffeehouse.

Later, in Madison's hotel room, Madison and Brady discussed Ian and Kate's relationship. Brady joked that Ian and Kate were a lovely couple. Madison agreed, then she started to kiss Brady passionately, and she suggested that it was time to change the subject.

Back at the Horton Town Square, Ian placed a phone call to someone. "Yeah, Madison finally believes that I'm giving her a divorce. She wants to be with Brady Black, of all people. Yes, well, get me what I asked for. Pretty soon, she'll want nothing whatsoever to do with him," Ian said, then he ended the call.

Kate entered the town square, and Ian could tell that she was upset about something. Kate told Ian about her earlier conversation with Brady. Ian wondered if Kate believed that he was still in love with Madison. Kate sighed, and she hesitantly admitted that she was sick of playing games.

Ian kissed Kate. "I love you. I want you. The best thing that happened to me was you walking back into my life. I'm gonna spend the rest of that life making you happy," Ian assured Kate. Kate quietly muttered that happiness was an interesting concept. Ian hugged Kate, but his expression suggested that he had some sort of hidden agenda.

At the hospital, Chad entered Lexie's office. Chad guessed that Lexie had arranged the meeting so that they could talk about Stefano. Lexie said that Stefano was going to need Chad's support, but Chad wasn't convinced. "He has the son he wants. He doesn't need me," Chad said, as E.J. entered the office.

Lexie was surprised to see E.J., and she wondered if everything was all right. E.J. quietly explained that he had been eager to see Lexie. Chad wondered what was going on. Lexie sighed, and she hesitantly stated that she had something important that she needed to tell Chad.

Lexie told Chad that she had an inoperable brain tumor. "No! No, no -- I don't buy it, and I won't buy it. You don't get sick and just give up. You don't go off into the woods and lie down and wait to die. If you want something bad enough, you make it happen," Chad insisted.

"Chad, there comes a time when acceptance is the only choice we have, okay? I'm not going to spend the rest of my time chasing after something that can never happen," Lexie quietly stated. Chad started to sob, and he rushed over to hug Lexie. Lexie assured Chad that everything was going to be all right.

Later, Lexie started to talk about Theo. "It would help if you could -- I mean, if he could start spending more time with you and E.J. before I'm, you know, obviously affected by the disease. And I hope you'll look after Father. He's not young anymore, E.J. He's not used to things he can't control. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's too bad he's left Kate. He's really gonna need his sons -- both of you," Lexie said.

Chad wasn't convinced that he would be able to help Theo. "You know what it's like to lose your mother way too soon. When the time comes, you'll know what to do," Lexie assured Chad. Chad wondered when he could start to hang out with Theo. "He goes to therapy twice a week after school -- occupational and speech. Abe and I usually take him, but maybe you could come along, and eventually, you can take him...when I'm, you know, not able," Lexie suggested, and Chad quickly agreed.

"Listen, Lexie, there's -- there's something that I want you to know, okay? You are the one person in this family who made me want to be a part of it. I always wanted a sister. I mean, there's still so much I don't even know about you," Chad quietly stated. Lexie assured Chad that they would have time to fix that problem. Chad sighed as he struggled to contain his emotions.

"Ah, look at me -- I'm a mess. Um...I've been a mess for a long time. And I know I've been gone for a long time, but it's time I come home," Chad said. E.J. hugged Chad, and he stated that Chad's timing was perfect. "Alexandra's proven it's possible to be a loving member of this family and still disapprove of it ninety-eight percent of the time. Just use her as your role model, and you'll survive being a DiMera," E.J. added.

Chad wondered what the old man was going to say. Lexie and E.J. gasped, and they warned Chad that Stefano hated that expression. "He certainly has his, uh, quirks, but his love for his children and his grandchildren is unequivocal. You have DiMera blood running through your veins -- that's all he needs to know," E.J. said.

Chad agreed to talk to Stefano. "When something like this happens, I guess you see what really matters, and for better or for worse, this family is -- is my family," Chad added, as he looked at Lexie. Lexie smiled, and E.J. quietly agreed.

At the safe house, Carrie panicked as she noticed that Roman was approaching the building. Bo and John leaned against the front door so that Roman wouldn't be able to open it. Roman couldn't hear John and Bo's warnings, so he assumed that the locks were jammed. Marlena cautioned that Roman would find another way to enter the safe house. Carrie started to panic again, but Hope assured everyone that she had a solution.

A short time later, Roman noticed that someone was sliding a piece of paper under the door. "Do not enter door or windows -- explosives wired to the alarm system," Roman read aloud. A second note appeared. "All cell phones out. Signal may be jammed. Device is armed; someone has to talk us through disarming it. Please hurry. Six worried people inside. Don't involve Agent Harmon, he had to be in on this," Roman muttered.

Roman went to the chimney, and he lowered a two-way radio into the safe house. Roman asked about the bomb, then he insisted that everything was going to be all right, and he abruptly excused himself. Later, Roman returned, and Hope wondered if he had good news. "Yeah, I hear you've gotten yourselves into a spot of bother. Let's see if we can get you out of here, shall we?" Shane Donovan asked.

Everyone was pleased to hear Shane's voice. Hope used her camera phone to take a picture of the bomb, and Roman went back to the chimney to retrieve it. Shane studied the photograph for a moment, then he started to tell Bo how to disarm the bomb. Bo carefully followed Shane's instructions, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the bomb was disabled. A short time later, something started to beep.

"The bomb wasn't disarmed -- the timer was activated!" Bo exclaimed.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sami was on the phone in her apartment, leaving a message for Lucas, when E.J. knocked on the door. Sami could tell immediately that something was bothering E.J. He claimed he only wanted to see the children, because he needed to hold them and tell them how much he loved them. He asked Sami if she would mind letting the children visit him across the hall every now and then. Admittedly a little freaked out by his gloomy mood, Sami assumed that E.J. was upset about Lexie, and he didn't correct her.

Sami emphasized that E.J. needed to stay strong if he were going to survive having to say goodbye to part of his family. Citing his low spirits, E.J. started to leave, since he didn't think the children should see him like that. Sami suggested that maybe he needed to surround himself with people like his kids who loved him unconditionally. E.J. agreed to stay.

Soon, E.J. was on the couch, bundled under an afghan with the kids, watching television. As Sami watched them, E.J. gave her a grateful smile. After the kids were back in bed, E.J. noted to Sami that they had amazing children. Sami agreed, but added that she hoped they turned out "more Brady than DiMera." E.J. assured her, "I don't think you need to concern yourself with that, at least not this evening."

E.J. headed for the door, but Sami pointed out that perhaps he shouldn't be alone, and offered to find some good Scotch for him. E.J. agreed to stay, but soon he was brooding over his glass of whisky. Sami encouraged E.J. to talk to the children soon about what was happening with Lexie. Sami admitted that she was worried about E.J., because she hadn't seen him like that in a very long time. "You should remember something: you're not alone," Sami reassured him.

In Horton Square, Kate somewhat uncertainly reassured Ian that he had quelled her fears about him and Madison, despite what Brady had said. Over Kate's shoulder, Ian saw a young man with a messenger bag approaching, and furtively waved the man off. Ian and Kate were about to resume their earlier conversation when the young man phoned Ian.

When Ian hung up, he was obviously a bit upset. He informed Kate that someone had hacked into the server at Titan, and it appeared that Mad World had been the target. Ian claimed he was hesitant to call Madison, because he'd promised not to interfere in her relationship with Brady and the two were probably together. Kate didn't care if she interrupted, so she agreed to make the phone call.

Madison and Brady were about to have sex in her hotel room when she suddenly asked if she were crazy to believe that Ian was really going to let her go. Brady declared that he didn't care what Ian did or didn't do, because Madison already belonged to Brady. Just as they were getting undressed, Madison's phone rang. She answered it over Brady's objections. Kate filled Madison in about the computer hacking, so Madison began to get dressed again to meet Kate at Titan.

As soon as Kate had left the square, Ian approached the young man, and thanked him for his discretion. "Do you have what I asked for?" Ian queried. As the man handed Ian a small envelope, he cautioned, "Careful -- it's pretty potent stuff." Ian said that he certainly hoped so. Ian then called Brady, who was far from pleased to hear from Ian.

At Titan, Kate and Madison tried to figure out who had hacked into the system and put all their confidential files at risk. They concurred that only Sami would have the nerve to try something like that -- since Stefano owned Countess Wilhelmina and would give Sami anything she needed to take Mad World down. "That little bitch. I am going to rip that girl to shreds," Kate spat. Madison thought they should let Sami believe that she'd pulled off her plan for a while, but Kate asserted that they should exploit Countess Wilhelmina's vulnerabilities, which Kate knew well, to take Sami down.

A disgruntled Brady met Ian at the Brady Pub. Ian maintained that he'd asked Brady there to offer him some reassurances about Madison. Brady was skeptical that Ian intended to grant Madison a painless divorce. He declared that he wanted the games to end. Ian explained that he better understood why Madison wanted to be with Brady since Ian, too, had fallen in love with Kate, and he didn't want to risk his future with Kate just to hold onto a woman who didn't care about him.

Brady stepped outside to get some air. He phoned Madison to report that Ian had called wanting to "clear the air." Brady admitted that he definitely didn't trust Ian. Meanwhile, Ian removed the envelope from his pocket, and dumped a white powder from it into Brady's drink. When Brady returned, Ian suggested a toast, "To better choices all around." Still dubious, Brady raised his glass, and then downed the rest of his drink.

Madison took a look at the list Kate was compiling of things for Sami to "keep her eye on." Kate explained that it was the least she could do after Sami had hacked the servers -- and slept with Lucas. Madison was surprised to hear that, and that Lucas had accepted a job offer from Sami. Kate pointed out that in doing so, Lucas had also accepted the risk of what might happen when she retaliated against Sami. "Between the two of us, she won't know what hit her," Madison declared.

Back in Madison's room, a warm Brady tuned down the thermostat and loosened his shirt. Madison arrived, complaining about Sami, and Brady nearly bit her head off for badmouthing his sister. When Madison reminded him that Sami was only his stepsister, Brady snarled, "I don't give a damn, Madison; she's my family. Shut your mouth about it!" Brady apologized for snapping at her, and explained that he'd been wound up and overheated after his meeting with Ian. Madison forgave him, but added, "Just this once, though."

Ian joined Kate at the office, and Kate reassured him that she and Madison had devised a plan together. "If there's one thing that Madison and I both agree on, it's that we both know who the enemy is," Kate declared.

At the safe house, everyone freaked out when they realized that instead of disarming the bomb, cutting the wires had started the timer, which had begun counting down from sixty minutes. Outside, Shane and Roman wondered why the others hadn't emerged from the cabin yet. Roman called John on the two-way radio, and John and Hope filled in Roman and Shane about what had happened that had led up to the timer starting.

Shane explained that the bomb had evidently been rigged with a fail-safe, so that it would go off no matter which wire was cut. Hope said that there were only forty minutes left on the timer. The others were becoming more and more frightened, particularly Carrie, so Rafe grabbed the radio and asked if Shane had another plan. Shane suggested the guys try rigging something with the leftover wires to try to short out the timer. Bo nearly lost his temper, but managed to keep it in check.

While Shane talked to Bo and John about how to wire up the timer, Carrie began to get hysterical, so Rafe tried to comfort her. He held her tightly as she cried, and then told her that he loved her. Carrie assumed he'd only said it to make her feel better, but he insisted that he was in love with her. Carrie complained that if that were true, he wouldn't have slept with Nicole.

"I didn't sleep with Nicole. The baby she's got, that's not my baby; it's E.J.'s," Rafe said, adding, "That's the truth. That's what I've been trying to tell you." Carrie asked why Rafe had said that the baby was his. Rafe tried to explain that it had seemed like the right thing to do at the time, to keep E.J. from taking the baby away from Nicole.

Meanwhile, it seemed like the other guys had gotten the timer to stop, but then it began to count down the minutes again. Shane regretfully informed everyone that there was nothing else he could do. Shane explained to an upset Roman that instead of giving their trapped friends and family members false hope, they had to give the group a chance to say goodbye to one another.

Hope and Bo talked about how much they regretted not getting to see their children -- or their granddaughter -- again. Bo reassured her that Ciara had plenty of people who loved her to take care of her. They expressed their deep, eternal love for one another. John apologized to Marlena for not keeping everyone safe. Marlena reassured him that being with him was the best thing she'd ever done. Carrie and Rafe each said, "I love you," and kissed.

Rafe then announced that they had ten minutes to build a blast wall. The others were skeptical that it would help, but Carrie pleaded, "We have to try!" While the others worked at piling all the furniture and rugs in the house in front of the door opposite the bomb, Carrie called her dad on the two-way radio. They expressed their love for each other, and then Roman urged Carrie to get behind the blast wall when the time arrived.

Carrie then helped Rafe add another rug to the furniture pile. John instructed Marlena to get behind the mountain of furniture, but she refused to do it without him. Bo took one last, lingering look at Hope's face, and they shared a tender kiss. Outside, Shane tried to pull Roman away from the door, but Roman wouldn't budge. Inside, John shouted, "Everybody down! This is it!" as the timer ticked down to zero.

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