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Monday, May 14, 2012

by Mike

At the Carver house, Theo excitedly told Lexie that he and Cameron had gone hiking earlier. Theo added that Cameron had promised to take him on a camping trip in the future. Theo invited Lexie to join him and Cameron on the camping trip. Before Lexie could respond, Theo followed Celeste into another room.

After Theo and Celeste left, Lexie smiled and noted that Theo seemed to like Cameron. Cameron assured Lexie that the feeling was mutual. Lexie decided to ask Cameron for a favor. "When I' longer here, will you continue to be a part of my son's life?" Lexie wondered. Lexie admitted that it was a lot to ask, but Cameron said that he had already been planning to spend a lot of time with Theo.

Lexie breathed a sigh of relief, and she admitted that Stefano and E.J. weren't the best role models. Cameron wondered why Lexie believed that he would be a better influence. Lexie shrugged and said that she could sense that Cameron was a good man. Cameron humbly stated that he would try to live up to Lexie's expectations.

Cameron assured Lexie that Theo was going to grow up to be a man who would make her proud. "There's just so many things that I'd hoped to be able to share with him...about life and people," Lexie said with a sigh. Celeste returned, and she suggested that Lexie could record some videos that Theo would be able to watch as he aged. Lexie praised Celeste's brilliance, and she rushed off to find her video camera.

Later, Cameron helped Lexie record her first video. "Goodness, where to begin? Looks like I won't be around to share in some of your important moments in life. I am so sorry, honey. But...even though I won't be with you any longer, so many people who love you will be, and they're all gonna want to share adventures and secrets with you, so give 'em a chance, okay? I know you don't like a lot of mushy stuff, but I'm your mom, so I'm allowed. You...are my angel, Theo -- my gift from God, my heart. Nothing -- not even my having to leave you -- can ever, ever change that," Lexie said, as she struggled to maintain her composure.

"I was thinking...that maybe we could have another secret, you know? A private way for you to find me whenever you miss me.'s what you do -- you go some place very quiet, and you listen. You listen for my whisper, because here's what I'll be saying -- 'I love you, my darling, darling Theo.' Never, ever forget that your mommy loves you," Lexie added. Lexie started to sob, and she told Cameron to stop the camera.

At the safe house, Carrie pulled away from Rafe's kiss, and she informed him that she had heard Austin's voice. Rafe realized that Roman had taken Austin back to the safe house. Carrie was nervous, but she assured Rafe that she was going to tell Austin the truth.

Rafe entered the living room, and he casually greeted Austin and Roman. Austin excused himself so that he could talk to Carrie. After Austin left, Roman noted that Rafe seemed agitated, and he wondered if Rafe had something that he wanted to say. Rafe shrugged, and he admitted that he was surprised that Roman had decided to allow visitors.

Roman theorized that Rafe was just upset because the visitor was Carrie's husband. Roman said that it was obvious that something was going on between Rafe and Carrie. Roman wondered if Rafe and Carrie had thought about how their relationship would affect other people. Roman said that Rafe was a good man, and he admitted that he had a lot of respect for Rafe. Roman added that he was sorry that Sami had hurt Rafe.

Rafe insisted that Sami had nothing to do with his relationship with Carrie. Roman disagreed, and he pointed out that the last thing that Sami and Carrie needed was another reason to resent each other. Rafe said that he wasn't concerned about Sami's opinion. Roman was undeterred, and he reminded Rafe that Nicole was pregnant. Roman urged Rafe to do the right thing.

Elsewhere, Austin greeted Carrie. Carrie feigned surprise, and Austin explained that he had convinced Roman to pull some strings. Austin tried to kiss Carrie, but she stopped him. Austin wondered what was wrong. Before Carrie could respond, Austin realized that she probably didn't want to make love while other people were in the safe house.

Carrie reminded Austin that she had almost died. Carrie admitted that she had been terrified, and that she hadn't handled the situation as well as everyone else had. Austin pointed out that everyone else had been trained to calmly react to life-threatening situations. Carrie said that her brush with death had caused her to realize that she needed to make each day count.

Austin enthusiastically agreed, and he started to talk about focusing on the future that he and Carrie had always wanted. Carrie winced, and she said that she had something that she needed to tell Austin. Austin stopped Carrie, and he said that he wanted to show her something. Austin showed Carrie the scrapbook that he and Billie had finished earlier, and he started to reminisce as he flipped through the pages.

Carrie stopped Austin, and she gently closed the scrapbook. Meanwhile, Roman banged on the door, and he told Austin that it was time to leave. Austin tried to protest, but Roman insisted. Austin sighed, and he assured Carrie that he had figured out what she had been trying to tell him.

"You want to tell me how important it is to put all the bad things behind us, and if we don't do that, our marriage doesn't stand a chance. And that's the real reason that I came here. That's the real reason why I put this scrapbook together -- 'cause I just want you to remember. I just want you to remember how good we were together. I want you to remember me, okay? I'm the man that you fell in love with -- I'm still that guy -- and when you get out of here, we're gonna have a lifetime of new memories, and they're gonna be happy ones, and I promise you that," Austin optimistically stated, as he kissed Carrie's hand.

After Roman and Austin left, Rafe realized that Carrie hadn't told Austin the truth. Carrie wondered if she and Rafe were doing the right thing. Rafe told Carrie about his earlier conversation with Roman, and he admitted that Roman wanted him to stay away from Carrie. Rafe wondered if that was what Carrie wanted. Carrie assured Rafe that she still wanted to be with him, and he happily hugged her.

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. refused to believe that Stefano had helped John get released from prison. E.J. suspected that Billie was lying because she wanted to cause conflict. E.J. pointed out that Billie hated him just as much as she hated Stefano. "That was true...until your father killed six innocent people. You know, E.J., you're starting to look like a human being next to him," Billie replied.

Billie assured E.J. that Stefano could not be trusted. Billie wondered if E.J. had really assumed that Stefano would remain loyal to him just because he was Stefano's son. Billie reiterated that Stefano had killed six innocent people, and she warned E.J. to watch his back.

In one of the ISA offices, Hope inspected Stefano's coin, and she noticed that there was a mark in the upper right-hand corner. Shane guessed that it was just an engraving error, but Hope wasn't convinced. "You have men working on this case? They may know cryptography, but I know jewelry -- especially the expensive kind. When I was Princess Gina, I'm pretty sure I had a necklace with an insignia similar to this one. Definitely European -- very expensive," Hope said.

Shane excused himself so that he could try to find out more about the insignia. After Shane left, Bo praised Hope's detective skills, and he joked that she deserved a raise. "There's only one thing I want. Stefano prides himself on being the phoenix, rising over and over again from the ashes. It's our turn this time, Brady," Hope said.

Later, Shane returned, and Billie followed him into the office. Billie told everyone about her earlier meeting with E.J. Billie gleefully predicted that E.J. and Stefano were going to be at each other's throats soon. Shane changed the subject, and he congratulated Hope. "Our people have managed to trace the markings on that coin piece to a private family jeweler in Perugia," Shane announced.

Billie noted that Perugia was a city in Italy, and she refused to believe that was just a coincidence. "It gets even better. Apparently, Stefano DiMera's father, Santo DiMera, used the services of that very same jeweler," Shane revealed. Hope pointed out that the jeweler might remember what was engraved on the other half of the coin. Bo and Hope insisted on going to Perugia to talk to the jeweler, but Shane seemed reluctant.

"Ah, Shane, what's with the look? Stefano thinks we're dead -- he won't be looking for us. Give us a couple of false passports -- we'll slip out of the country into Italia, and no one will be the wiser. How about it? Come on," Bo urged Shane. Shane admitted that he had more immediate concerns, such as smuggling Bo and Hope back into the safe house in one piece.

As Shane locked the coin in a floor safe, Hope asked him to give her some more time to research the jeweler. Shane agreed, and he told Bo and Hope that the office door would be locked from the outside. Shane assured Hope and Bo that they would be safe, and he explained that someone would need the key code in order to enter the office. Billie and Shane excused themselves.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. barged into the living room. Stefano sarcastically stated that he was honored that the mayor had decided to visit him. E.J. said that he had been under the impression that Stefano detested sarcasm. "I do -- when other people use it," Stefano replied.

E.J. demanded to know why Stefano had helped John get released from prison. E.J. insisted that Stefano owed him an explanation. "I owe you nothing. I owed Alice Horton," Stefano calmly stated. E.J. pointed out that Alice was dead, but Stefano said that didn't matter. Stefano explained that he had given Alice his word. " chose a promise to a dead woman over the love of your son," E.J. summarized.

Stefano said that E.J. was wrong, and he explained that he had made a promise to Alice because it had been the only way to protect E.J. "Ah, no wonder you're so angry. You let your nemesis go...for a child who's not even yours," E.J. realized. Stefano said that he recognized the irony of the situation, but he added that he never second-guessed his decisions.

Stefano said that he understood that E.J. wanted to pretend that Stefano was still his father, but he insisted that life didn't work that way. E.J. tried to sound ominous, and he stated that Stefano was leaving him with no other option. "Do I hear a threat coming my way?" Stefano asked dismissively.

"You know...for years...I watched you. I scrutinized everything that you did -- every move that you made, every action, every reaction -- because I thought that one day, I would become your successor. I learned at your knee. I learned how to be...cold, I learned how to be ruthless, how to be unforgiving...and now that I can no longer apply all of those traits towards the DiMera legacy...I'm putting you on notice...old man. Everything you taught me, I'm using against you," E.J. warned Stefano.

" don't want me as an enemy. Why don't we just declare peace and we each go our own way?" Stefano suggested. E.J. said that it wasn't that simple. E.J. added that he had spent years preparing to take over the DiMera empire, and he refused to let it slip through his fingers. Stefano said that E.J. didn't have a choice, but E.J. replied that Stefano couldn't live forever.

"Who do you think will take over when you're gone? Chad? Theo? I don't think so. If you're very lucky, and you manage to stave off a prison sentence for the six people that you get to live in this cold house, with your tragic opera and your little hand-carved chess pieces, on your own -- sort of in a prison of your own making, if you will," E.J. said. Stefano promised that he was going to be around for a long time.

Stefano added that E.J. wasn't welcome in the mansion, and he ordered E.J. to leave. "Just remember -- you pushed me away. Maybe I should count my blessings -- only a really soulless bastard could do what you did to me. I suppose, in a way, I'm rather lucky that you're not my father, because it's going to make becoming your worst nightmare so much easier," E.J. said, and he exited the mansion.

Back at the ISA building, Harmon tricked someone into telling him which office Shane had used earlier. Harmon tried to open the office door, but it was locked. Meanwhile, Hope told Bo that she had heard a noise. Harmon convinced someone to unlock the door, and he started to search for the coin.

Bo and Hope watched from an adjacent room as Harmon loaded a gun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Will asked Gabi about her stalker. When Will urged Gabi to get out of the public eye, Gabi refused to leave the coffeehouse. Will asked about the doll head, and he wondered aloud why Gabi did not want to take precautions. Gabi explained that she was not afraid and that she needed to concentrate on her modeling career. With a smile, Gabi assured Will that she was fine.

At Sami's apartment, she confronted Lucas about his part in covering up Will's shooting of E.J. Sami informed Lucas that E.J. had been aware that Will was the shooter, and E.J. had blackmailed Will. Sami told Lucas that she forgave him for lying to her because she was proud of Lucas' selfless act to protect their son.

Grinning sheepishly, Lucas admitted that Will had told him about the blackmail when he returned to Salem. Lucas explained that he had confronted E.J. to back off of Will, but Will had changed his mind and told Lucas that he wanted to work for E.J. Furious that Lucas had failed to tell her about the blackmail, she lashed out at Lucas.

"You don't get to tell me what I do or do not know about my son," Sami barked. Lucas argued that he had not been able to tell Sami about the blackmail because it was Will's secret. When Sami continued to yell at Lucas, he noted that Sami was being selfish because she was more concerned that Lucas had lied to her than she was about Will.

"Do you hear yourself? You're saying that a lie is okay because you have a good reason," Sami said. When Lucas noted that lying had worked for Sami, she shook her head vigorously. "No! It doesn't work for me. It never works for me," Sami said. As Sami ordered Lucas to admit he had lied, Will entered the apartment and suggested that Sami take her own advice.

In a calm voice, Sami explained that though Will saw her as a hypocrite, she loved her son and that Lucas should have kept her informed about Will's troubles. With a shrug Will asked if Sami was saying that she had a right to know everything about her son. When Sami nodded, Will joked that Sami should be careful what she wished for in life. Concerned, Sami asked Will what he meant.

"I wish that we could be close the way we used to be. I wish that you would know how much I love you. I wish you could be a little more understanding," Sami said. "I spent my whole life trying to understand the things you do," Will said. Sami calmly apologized for sleeping with E.J. and lying to Will.

Will explained that he felt like Sami had destroyed his family and that she did not care. Sami admitted that she cared about what happened and explained that she could not change the mistake she had made with E.J. As she sat next to her son, Sami said that she was worried that Will was not moving on with his life.

"At every chance you get, you remind me of my failures, that I'm a liar, that you think I'm a hypocrite. You can say anything you want to me, and I can take it. You're not gonna destroy me, but I am very worried that it will turn you into a person that you do not want to be," Sami said softly. Lucas urged Sami to stop. Unfazed, Sami quietly continued that one day Will would realize that E.J. had manipulated him.

"Is that what happened to you? Did he hypnotize you into sleeping with him?" Will joked. Sami noted that if Will ever needed to lie to protect his loved ones, she would understand. With a frown, Will asked Sami if she believed that she had lied to protect the people she loved. Sami firmly stated that she had lied to protect her family. Sami noted that someday Will would realize that "a lie can be an act of love."

"You're going to have to decide for yourself if the truth is worth telling," Sami said. "I see that already. Maybe that day is today," Will said. When Sami asked what was wrong, Will explained that there was a part of him that he had not shared with his parents because he did not think they were ready to hear what he had to say. Will explained that he did not want to lie about who he was to his family. When Sami begged Will to talk to her, he countered that she did not want to know the truth. "What truth?" Sami asked. "I'm gay!" Will yelled.

In Horton Town Square, Chad walked with Melanie and talked about Stefano. Chad was worried that his father had been involved in the explosion. When they crossed the square, Chad noticed that Intensity Day Spa was closed due to new ownership. While Melanie shrugged off her lost job, Chad wondered aloud whether the new owners would be interested in hiring Melanie.

Maggie approached Chad and Melanie with a smile and announced that she had bought the spa. "I'm not only your grandma. Now I'm your boss," Maggie said with a chuckle. Maggie explained that she had purchased the spa as an investment and joked that Melanie would have to spend more time with her. With a smile, Maggie noted that she was looking forward to getting to know Chad.

Chad apologized to Maggie about his father, and he promised that he would never be like Stefano. When Maggie asked about Chad's modeling career, Chad admitted that his career was on hold since Sami was in charge at Countess W. With a smile, Maggie asked Chad to take part in her ad campaign for the spa. As Maggie noted that she needed Chad and Melanie by her side, Gabi listened from nearby.

Melanie offered to show Maggie around the spa, and Chad stayed behind to make a phone call. After Melanie and Maggie left, Gabi casually walked past Chad as if she did not see him. Chad called out to her, and he noticed that something was bothering Gabi. Shaking her head, Gabi explained that she thought a man was following her. Alarmed, Chad asked Gabi to point him out. Gabi said that she did not see the man. Concerned, Chad pulled Gabi into his arms and hugged her, as Gabi smiled to herself.

Chad asked Gabi for a description of the man following her. Shaking her head, Gabi explained that she had not gotten a good look at the man. Chad was upset that Gabi was not with Sonny, but Gabi explained that she did not want to bother her friends. As Chad hugged Gabi again, Melanie walked up and asked what was wrong. Chad noted that a man was following Gabi, and Gabi downplayed the incident.

With a grunt, Melanie pulled out her phone to call the police. Gabi begged Melanie not to call the police, but unfazed, Melanie said that she was concerned that Gabi was not safe. After Melanie explained to the police what had happened, she passed the phone to Gabi so that she could give the police details about her stalker.

Gabi took the phone and disconnected the call. When Melanie asked why, Gabi explained that Will was working with E.J. to help her. Gabi assured Melanie and Chad that she was fine, and she urged them to continue with their evening.

At the safe house, Marlena was frustrated by John's pacing. John was tired of hiding out in the safe house and anxious to exact revenge on Stefano. When Shane returned to the house, he informed John and Marlena that Bo and Hope were at the ISA office. John was concerned that Bo and Hope were out in the open, but Shane assured John that Harmon's access at the ISA had been severely limited.

At ISA headquarters, Harmon sneaked into an office and searched the room for the gold coin. After checking that his weapon was loaded, Harmon went to the door of the file room where Bo and Hope were hiding. Before Harmon opened the door, he noticed the safe. As Harmon opened the safe, Bo and Hope peeked out the window of the file room and watched Harmon pull the coin out of the safe.

As Harmon absconded with the coin, Shane called Bo's cell phone, and it rang out loud in the file room. Harmon was in the hallway outside the office and returned to look for the ringing phone. On a desk was Bo's ringing phone. Harmon answered it and was surprised to find Shane on the other end. Harmon explained that he was at ISA and had found the phone. Shane lied that he had misplaced the phone and asked Harmon to leave the phone with the security guard. With a sigh, Harmon tucked the phone into his jacket and left.

Bo and Hope returned to the safe house to inform Shane about Harmon's theft of the coin. Shane was furious that Harmon had bypassed his security protocols at ISA. With a sigh, Shane noted that the value of the coin was the inscription and that they still had a copy of that. Shane checked in with his agents and learned that they had failed to stop Harmon from meeting with Stefano because they did not want to spook Harmon. Screaming, Shane ordered the agents to ensure that Stefano did not leave town.

When Shane received another phone call, he learned that an arms dealer was en route to Salem. Hoping to nab Stefano, Shane explained that they had one shot to catch Stefano in the act of dealing weapons. John suggested that they infiltrate the weapons deal. Shane offered to give Harmon bad information about the weapons deal.

John took Marlena aside to calm her. Worried, Marlena asked John whether he planned to kill Stefano. Avoiding the question, John noted that if they were able to pull off their plan, they would be rid of Stefano.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano listened to a news report on the radio about the explosion. As Stefano turned off the radio, Harmon returned. Harmon presented Stefano with the gold coin, and he explained that he had removed the coin from an ISA safe. Stunned, Stefano examined the coin and determined that it was the real thing. "Paid a high price, but at last it's mine," Stefano said.

Shane called Harmon's cell phone to inform him that arms dealer Vladimir Nevski was on the move in the area. Shane asked Harmon to consult with his sources and determine where Nevski was headed. Once Harmon was off the phone, Stefano ordered Harmon to update him about the search for Nevski. "If I do get any information on that guy, I won't be telling it to the ISA," Harmon said.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At the safe house, Bo, Hope, and John filled in Rafe about the international arms dealer, Vladimir Nevski, who was in Salem, presumably to make a deal with Stefano. They explained that the plan was for the four of them to go undercover, meet with Nevski, and outbid Stefano; as soon as Stefano learned of the deal, he would contact Nevski, and they could bust DiMera. Hope noted that Stefano would never have risked having Nevski go to Salem if he'd known that everyone from the safe house was alive.

The group knew they had to move fast, before Nevski and Stefano could meet. Shane called and informed the team that Nevski was refusing to meet with them. John said that he had a contact who might put a good word in with Nevski for them, but Bo and Rafe worried that John would be revealing to the contact that they were all alive. Hope pointed out that it might be their only shot to nail Stefano, so John made the call.

A little later, Bo hung up from talking with Shane, and announced to the group that John's contact had gotten them a meeting with Nevski right away. John and Rafe headed upstairs to tell Marlena and Carrie what was going on. Bo pointed out to Hope that she didn't have to go with them to the meeting, but an insistent Hope wanted to be there when they took Stefano down.

At a warehouse a while later, John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe met Nevski, who arrived accompanied by two thugs. John introduced himself as Green, and used the aliases O'Toole, Charity, and Garcia for Bo, Hope, and Rafe, respectively. Nevski wanted to know why they had wanted to meet with him. John replied, "We hear that you have something to sell, something that is of great interest to us." Nevski countered that he already had a buyer, but John asserted that they had something more substantial to offer than the competition.

Nevski wondered why, in all the years he'd been in the business, he had never heard of his new potential buyers before. "We like to keep a low profile," Bo replied simply. Nevski said that he was willing to hear the group's offer, but cautioned them that he did not like games. "If I feel like you're playing a game, this won't end well for any of you -- not even lovely Charity," Nevski warned.

After the team had extended an offer for the weapons, Nevski noted that his original buyer might be upset if Nevski backed out of their deal. Indicating the briefcase the group had taken to the warehouse, John noted that their very generous offer would compensate Nevski for his trouble. Just as they agreed they had a deal, Nevski got a text message. Nevski read it, then issued a terse order to his men. The thugs pulled out large guns, which they aimed at the foursome. "I'm sorry, my friend, but your little game is over. I know who you all are, and I know exactly what you're doing here!" Nevski declared.

Ian met Kate in Horton Square with coffee for the two of them. She gratefully accepted the infusion of caffeine, because she was dreading the meeting she was about to attend with Madison and Brady. When Kate asked if it bothered Ian to see Brady and Madison together, Ian insisted that he just wanted Madison to be happy. Kate was skeptical, but Ian pointed out that he'd become kinder and gentler since falling in love with Kate again.

Madison went to the Kiriakis mansion to check in with Brady before their meeting with Serge. Brady didn't understand why she'd felt the need to check on him, and she had to remind him that his father had just died. Brady seemed poised to tell Madison that John wasn't really dead, but Kate and Ian's arrival interrupted them. Kate was surprised that Brady planned to go to the meeting so soon after John's death, but Brady asserted that he was fulfilling his dad's wish to make Basic Black a success. Ian and Kate both expressed their condolences.

Kate added that she was glad Brady would be at the meeting, because Serge's magazine was going to help launch the joint venture between Mad World and Basic Black. She then noticed the "putrid slime" Brady was drinking, and asked about it. Chuckling, Brady explained that his daily protein shake had antioxidants and vitamins in it.

Madison and Kate had to leave for Madison's hotel room to pick up some papers before the meeting, so Ian said he would leave with them. Brady still had to shower before the meeting, so he put his half-empty glass on the bar and headed upstairs.

A bit later, Ian crept back in, and drugged both Brady's glass and the container of protein powder on the bar next to it. "Get a load of these antioxidants, lover boy," Ian said. Brady returned just then, and Ian had to hustle around a corner to hide before Brady saw him. While Ian watched, Brady downed the rest of the protein shake.

Nicole was in her hotel room, reading a book about how to have a healthy pregnancy, when E.J. knocked on the door. He bribed Nicole with cupcakes, so she reluctantly let him in. E.J. wanted to talk about the baby, since Rafe had recently died and was no longer in the picture. Nicole was adamant that the baby was not E.J.'s -- and she still wanted nothing to do with E.J. E.J. maintained that he was only thinking about what was best for the baby, because he believed that a child needed a father.

Nicole argued that she'd had a lousy father, plus she would rather be alone. E.J. reminded her that he was a good father -- and that he loved her. Nicole countered that she had given him a chance to leave town with her so they could make a fresh start with the baby, but he had turned her down -- so clearly he did not really love her. She ordered E.J. to leave, and begged him to let her go so she could find someone who would love her and not hurt her the way E.J. had.

E.J. quietly acknowledged that he had made a lot of mistakes, but no one would ever love Nicole the way he did. Fed up, Nicole tossed the cupcakes into the hall, and asked E.J. to leave. "I never, ever want anything to do with you again," she maintained. On his way out, E.J. pointed out that they shared a child, so they would be forever connected -- whether she liked it or not.

An unmistakably amped-up Brady ran into Nicole outside the Brady Pub a little later. When he enthusiastically threatened to beat up E.J. for her, she asked if he'd been drinking. Brady insisted he hadn't. He looked through the window and saw that Kate, Madison, and Serge were already inside, and started to go in. Noting that he wasn't in any shape for a meeting, Nicole tried to stop him. She pretended that she and Madison had a surprise for Brady, and asked him to wait outside.

Once inside, Nicole hurried to the table where Madison, Kate, and Serge were seated, and asked to speak privately to Madison. Brady entered before Nicole could do any sort of damage control, and an oblivious Madison promised that she would catch up with Nicole later. Nicole sat at the bar so she could keep an eye on Brady, who greeted Serge enthusiastically. Brady then started babbling hyperactively about how much Serge was going to love the new product line.

Madison and Kate became uncomfortable as Brady's sales pitch made less and less sense. Madison tried to interpret what Brady meant for Serge, but Brady cut her off -- and spilled water all over Serge's one-of-a-kind designer jacket. Instead of apologizing, Brady made fun of Serge's accent. Madison slipped over to the bar, and quietly asked Nicole to take Brady outside. As Nicole led Brady out by the hand, he finally apologized to Serge.

Madison tried to apologize for Brady's bad behavior, but Serge didn't want to hear it. "You and Kate are great. But Brady is clearly a liability. With him on board, I can't support this project," Serge declared, and then stormed off.

Madison went outside and found Nicole trying desperately to keep Brady from going back inside. Madison asked if Brady were drunk or high, but he maintained that he had been clean for years. "I know that you've been really upset about your father -- you're going through a tough time right now -- but that was not acceptable! You just made an ass out of yourself, out of all of us," a disbelieving Madison declared.

Ian arrived just then, and asked how the meeting had gone. Madison covered that Brady wasn't feeling well, so Nicole was going to take Brady home while Madison filled Ian in about the meeting. Brady continued to insist that he was fine. "I hope you feel better, old boy," Ian said with feigned concern.

At Sami's, Will asked his stunned parents for their reaction to his news that he was gay. Sami insisted that she would have known if Will were gay, but he pointed out that she wasn't interested in anyone but herself. Sami was sure that Will was just confused because of what had happened with Gabi. Lucas interjected, "He's not confused! Okay? He knows exactly what he's saying. He's trying to tell us the truth about himself."

Will admitted that he'd wanted to tell them for a long time. Lucas asked how long Will had known he was gay. "I guess, deep down, I've always known; it just took me a long time to accept it," Will replied. Sami wandered, obviously reeling, into the kitchen, while Will asserted that although he was still struggling with it, he was sure that he was gay. Lucas admitted that he was in shock. Will assured him, "That's okay. You were in China, so you weren't even here. Mom was here, just mentally checked out my whole life."

Lucas urged Will to give his mom a break so the three of them could talk about it as a family. Will seemed willing to give it a try. Sami, who had been silent for a while, couldn't even make eye contact with her son. Will noted that it wasn't like her to be so quiet. Flustered, Sami stammered, "I -- I, uh, I just can't do this right now. I--I--I can't talk." She rushed out of the apartment as Lucas called after her.

"I tell Mom I'm gay and she walks out on me," a hurt Will said. He assumed that Sami didn't understand, and that she'd been so disgusted that she hadn't even wanted to be in the same room with him. Lucas guessed that Sami was just in shock. Will asked if Lucas was disappointed. Lucas admitted that he was -- but he wasn't disappointed in Will; he was disappointed for him, because he knew what a tough road Will had in front of him.

Will admitted that he had fought as hard as he could to be straight, but after a lot of praying, he'd finally realized that it was okay to be gay, because it was who he was. Lucas confessed that he couldn't help but worry that his son could be the victim of a hate crime, plus he wanted Will to be happy and find someone to share his life with. Will said, "Right now, I'm trying to focus on the people I already love, and after Mom's reaction, I'm not sure how many of those I'm going to have left."

Acknowledging that it was awkward to ask, Lucas then inquired, "What about Mia and Gabi? Did you have feelings for them, or were you just kind of pretending?" Will admitted that he'd thought he'd had feelings for both girls; with Gabi, he'd convinced himself that if he tried hard enough, he could make it work. He explained that Gabi had figured out that something was wrong and had ended things with him. Lucas then asked about Sonny.

Will only said that Sonny had been a supportive, helpful friend. Lucas asked if Will and Sonny were together, but Will pointed out, "Just because two guys are gay doesn't make them a couple." Lucas admitted that when he'd seen Will and Sonny together at the coffeehouse, he'd gotten the feeling that Will might be gay, and that was why he'd warned Will that people might get the wrong idea. Will guessed that it had also been because Lucas had hoped Will wasn't gay.

Lucas admitted that when he'd learned Will was his son, it had been the happiest day of his life, but he hadn't hoped for Will to grow up to be gay. "It's just not the kind of life I expected for you," Lucas explained. Will said that it wasn't what he'd expected, either, but he had to learn how to be happy playing the hand he'd been dealt. "My life can be just as full and just as happy as any straight person's," Will pointed out, then added, "It's taken me way too long, but I can finally say that I'm okay with me being gay. Can you?"

Sami was hurrying distractedly through Horton Square when she literally ran into E.J. Declaring that she didn't want to talk to him, Sami tried to continue on her way. "What did I do now?" E.J. wanted to know. Sami pointed out that he had blackmailed her son, and he apologized -- sincerely. Sami was taken aback, but E.J. maintained that he had really grown to care about William.

Unmoved, an upset Sami said that Will had enough to go through without dealing with E.J.'s blackmail, too. "Are you talking about his sexuality? I mean, did he come out to you?" E.J. asked, concerned. He explained that Will hadn't confided in him, but it was obvious to him that Will had been wrestling with something for some time. "I am his mother, and I had no idea. What is wrong with me?" Sami asked, breaking down in tears.

Sami admitted that it had never even crossed her mind that Will had been struggling with his sexuality, and it made her feel like a terrible mother. E.J. pointed out that Sami had been dealing with a lot of her own secrets, as well, but she maintained that that did not matter. "I have been the worst mother to him. I mean, I think it's my fault that he's gay!" Sami declared. She pointed out that Will had been resentful of her for a long time, and perhaps because of her, he felt that women couldn't be trusted.

E.J. made it clear that people were born gay, adding, "If poor mothering made children gay, then all of Kate's children would be running around waving rainbow flags at pride festivals." E.J. noted that Will being gay wasn't the end of the world -- unless Sami were uncomfortable with Will's sexuality. Sami insisted that she wasn't homophobic, and that she loved her son no matter what. E.J. asked why, then, Sami was having such a hard time that she'd walked out on Will. Sami admitted that she hadn't been able to face failing her son again.

"So your solution to this is to abandon him when he feels most vulnerable?" E.J. asked somewhat incredulously. Sami pointed out all the things she had just learned about her son that morning, including that Will, not Lucas, had shot E.J. E.J. stated, "This is not about you. This is about William, and right now, he needs you."

Sami argued that Will hated her, and he had only told her that he was gay because he'd been angry. "What if I did have a chance and I blew it? What if I just blew it by walking out?" Sami worried. E.J. urged her to find out: "Go to William, Samantha, and listen to him. Listen, sweetheart."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, E.J. urged Sami to talk to Will, but she was worried that she would make the situation worse. E.J. reminded Sami that she had walked out on Will after he had revealed that he was gay, and he bluntly stated that she couldn't possibly make the situation worse. "Sorry -- have you met me?" Sami asked.

E.J. told Sami to think about how Will was feeling. Sami guessed that Will felt alone and abandoned, and E.J. agreed. "I don't care if he's gay or straight -- it just hurt me that he couldn't tell me about it sooner. Look, I know, all right? I know I've been distracted, but if he had given me a chance, I would have listened to him. I would have been there for him," Sami insisted.

Sami sighed, and she admitted that she was a terrible parent. Sami wondered how she had missed the fact that her son had been struggling with his sexuality. E.J. said that there was nothing that Sami could do to change the past. E.J. advised Sami to offer Will her support. Sami thanked E.J. for the advice, and she rushed off.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla, Chad, Melanie, Celeste, and Cameron waited for Lexie and Abe to make an announcement. "As you all know, I have made a list of things I'd like to do, and places I'd like to go, before -- you know, while I still can. Today is a happy day. I've always wanted to see Paris in the springtime,, that's exactly what I'm going to do," Lexie explained.

Lexie told everyone that she wanted them to accompany her to Paris. The group was surprised, and Chad pointed out that the trip would be extremely expensive. Lexie and Abe told everyone to forget about the travel expenses. Abigail entered, and she was pleased to hear that Lexie was going to Paris.

Abigail enthusiastically stated that Paris was her favorite city in the world. Cameron agreed, and he and Abigail started to reminisce about a restaurant in Paris. Melanie and Chad could tell that Abigail and Cameron were flirting with each other. Melanie suspected that Abigail would never admit that she liked Cameron, so Chad devised a plan to fix that problem. Chad invited Abigail to accompany the group to Paris, and she accepted his offer.

Meanwhile, Kayla observed that Lexie seemed extremely happy. Lexie agreed, and she attributed her happiness to the fact that she was focusing on the things that really mattered. Kayla hoped that Lexie would enjoy her trip. Kayla said that she wouldn't be able to join Lexie, because she didn't want to leave Caroline and Joey. Kayla wondered if there was anything that she could do to help Lexie.

"Abe's been my rock...since we first fell in love, you know? He's always been the strongest, but I'm afraid that once I'm gone, the reality of it all is going to hit him...hard. Raising Theo by himself, dealing with losing his job -- just...everything. I'm coming to you because you're one of my best friends, and you are the strongest woman I know. I need you to be a rock for Abe, so he can be a rock for Theo," Lexie said. Kayla promised that she would always be there for the Carver family.

E.J. entered the pub, and he said that he had heard about the trip. E.J. offered to let everyone use his private jet. Abe started to politely decline E.J.'s offer, but E.J. insisted. E.J. pointed out that his jet was free, and that there would be plenty of extra legroom. Abe agreed, and he thanked E.J. for the offer. Melanie tried to contain her excitement. "Don't get too excited -- you'll jinx it," Chad warned Melanie.

Everyone gathered around Abe's computer so that he could show them the itinerary. Meanwhile, Lexie received a phone call. After a short conversation, Lexie ended the call with a heavy sigh. "I'm so sorry, everybody -- I'm afraid I have some bad news. Dr. Yu just informed me this stage, in my condition, she felt it would be extremely unwise for me to travel," Lexie announced.

Lexie admitted that Dr. Yu was probably right. E.J. offered to try to find a specialist who would be willing to accompany Lexie to Paris, but she declined his offer. Lexie acknowledged that air travel could be risky, and she added that she would prefer to be hospitalized in Salem if her condition worsened. Lexie apologized to everyone, but Chad assured her that the location didn't matter. Chad said that everyone just wanted to spend time with Lexie.

Abe joked that Lexie was going to avoid a lot of jet lag. Meanwhile, E.J., Chad, and Cameron huddled together conspiratorially. A short time later, E.J. told Lexie that something had happened at his office, and he abruptly excused himself. Chad said that he had to pick up his paycheck, and he followed E.J. out of the pub. Cameron reminded Abe that he had agreed to help Cameron with a project.

Lexie wondered what Cameron and Abe were up to. Abe admitted that he had no idea, and he exited the pub. Meanwhile, Cameron told Abigail that he was sorry that they weren't going to get to go to Paris together. Cameron pointed out that he and Abigail could still sample Salem's French cuisine, and she noncommittally agreed to think about his offer.

Cameron started to exit the pub, but Celeste stopped him, and she begged him to stay away from Abigail. Celeste insisted that there was danger in Abigail's future. Cameron told Celeste that he would talk to her later, and he rushed out of the pub.

Later, Melanie wondered if Abigail was going to agree to go to dinner with Cameron. Abigail shrugged and said that she hadn't decided yet. Melanie urged Abigail to give Cameron a chance, and she suggested that he might be Abigail's soul mate. Melanie added that Cameron was hot, and Abigail quickly admitted that Melanie was right.

Elsewhere, Kayla, Lexie, and Celeste wondered what the guys were up to. Lexie knowingly stated that E.J. definitely wasn't working, and that Chad definitely wasn't worried about a paycheck. Kayla changed the subject, and she asked about the next item on Lexie's bucket list. Lexie said that she wanted to ride an elephant, and Celeste wondered if that was what the guys were working on. Lexie, Kayla, and Celeste laughed nervously, and they tried to convince themselves that there had to be some other explanation.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad and E.J. waited for Abe and Cameron to arrive. Chad wondered why E.J. hadn't invited Stefano to the impromptu event. "Chad, if I invite Father, he brings his date -- drama. That is the last thing Lexie needs right now," E.J. said. Chad admitted that E.J. was probably right. Abe and Cameron arrived, and they announced that everything had gone as planned.

Later, Melanie, Celeste, Abigail, and Kayla joined Chad, Cameron, and E.J. at the town square. Abe and Lexie arrived, and he removed her blindfold. Lexie gasped as she saw that the Horton Town Square had been transformed into Salem's version of Paris, complete with a replica of the Eiffel Tower, street vendors, French flags, and a street mime.

In a remote warehouse, John tried to ease Vladimir's suspicions. John reminded Vladimir that a sizeable amount of cash was on the table. Vladimir admitted that he did have a weakness for large amounts of cash. Vladimir acknowledged that the team had done their research, but he added that he had also done some research.

"You see...when you all arrived, you were all photographed. Your pictures were sent to a database back on the ship, and then, after a few minutes, your true identities were revealed. You're John Black, wealthy industrialist. Also former ISA operative. Beauregard and, um, Hope Williams Brady -- two of Salem Police Department's finest detectives, hmm? And...lastly, Rafael Hernandez -- also Salem P.D. formerly, and, once upon a time, an FBI agent," Vladimir said.

Vladimir's goons raised their guns, and Vladimir started to walk away. Rafe stopped Vladimir, and he conceded that Vladimir had figured out the team's true identities. Rafe added that Vladimir still didn't know the team's true motive.

"Your original buyer -- Stefano DiMera. I'm sure your men have already filled you in. I was recently arrested on embezzlement and fraud charges. I lost everything, and I'm positive DiMera's behind it -- in fact, he's using my money to buy the arms. I know DiMera gave you a deposit. You keep that...along with our money -- make a hell of a bounty. Then I will sell the arms, make a sizeable profit, and screw DiMera in the process," John said.

Vladimir wondered how John could afford to purchase the weapons. John claimed that one of his buyers had given him an advance. Vladimir was skeptical, but John pointed out that his resale deal was none of Vladimir's business. Vladimir asked about Bo, Hope, and Rafe's motives.

Bo said that he and Hope were interested in their share of the money, and Hope added that Stefano's son was the new mayor of Salem. Hope explained that it was only a matter of time before she and Bo would lose their jobs at the Salem Police Department. Rafe said that he had already been fired, and he added that Stefano and E.J. had ruined his life.

After the team answered all of Vladimir's questions, he admitted that he believed that they were telling the truth. Vladimir agreed to make the trade, and he started to reach for the money. John stopped Vladimir, and he said that his team still needed to see some of the weapons. Vladimir agreed, and his goons left to retrieve the guns.

Later, Vladimir examined the money. Meanwhile, John, Hope, Bo, and Rafe examined the weapons. Everyone confirmed that they were satisfied, and Vladimir started to leave with the money. Bo, Hope, Rafe, and John pointed their guns at Vladimir and his goons, and John admitted that Vladimir should have trusted his original instinct. After Vladimir and his goons were arrested, John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe prepared for the next phase of their plan.

In Sami's apartment, Will wondered if Lucas could accept the fact that Will was gay. Lucas was surprised that Will had actually asked that question. Will assumed that Lucas was trying to say that he wouldn't be able to accept Will's sexuality. Will turned away from Lucas, and he muttered that he had expected Sami's reaction. Will added that he had hoped that Lucas would have reacted differently.

Will started to exit the apartment, but Lucas stopped him. "You remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to be a magician? You remember that? You went to school with the cape and the top hat, and you were doing all those tricks that you were working on so hard. You did 'em everywhere -- on the bus, cafeteria -- no matter where you were," Lucas said.

Will laughed and confirmed that he remembered. Lucas wondered if Will also remembered that his classmates had teased him. Will nodded. "Well, I remember a kid who didn't give up. I remember a kid who wore that cape anyway, no matter what his friends thought, and -- until, of course, you changed your mind when you wanted to be an astronaut next month," Lucas recalled with a laugh.

Will assumed that Lucas was trying to suggest that Will would eventually change his mind about being gay. Will insisted that it didn't work like that, and Lucas assured Will that he understood. "I'm just're gonna walk a very tough road, but I know you, and I know you're gonna be okay. I mean, it doesn't matter to me -- it doesn't matter if you're gay or you're straight. You're my son. You're my son, and I'll always love you, no matter what," Lucas said.

Will breathed a sigh of relief as he hugged Lucas. Will said that he loved Lucas, and he thanked Lucas for his support. Will added that he wanted to thank Lucas for taking the blame for E.J.'s shooting. Lucas said that he had done what any father would have done, but Will insisted that he needed to thank Lucas for making that sacrifice.

"Every day, I wanted to run down to the police and confess...and get you out of there, but...I mean, I was too afraid, and I'm really sorry," Will added. Lucas said that there was no need to apologize. Lucas stated that he had never regretted that decision, but he added that he did regret the fact that he had allowed E.J. to continue to blackmail Will.

Will shook his head, and he admitted that he should have stood up to E.J. Will agreed to tell Lucas if anyone ever tried to blackmail him again. Lucas added that he didn't want Will to keep things bottled up inside. Lucas said that he was sorry that Will had been forced to deal with his sexuality on his own.

"Actually, I didn't have to. I mean, I had Grandma Marlena to lean on. She was completely supportive and understanding, and she actually made that whole process of coming out possible for me," Will said, as Sami entered the apartment. Sami was incredulous, and she insisted that Will should have talked to her before he had talked to Marlena.

"Oh, my God -- not everything is about you. And for the record, this is why I didn't come to you. Stop being a victim -- grow up!" Will snapped. Sami insisted that Will couldn't talk to her like that. "You know, I think I earned the right...when you walked out that door after I told you that I was gay," Will replied. Sami tried to explain that she had been shocked, and that she hadn't known how to react to Will's revelation.

Will wasn't convinced. "You were ashamed! You were ashamed of me, and you were embarrassed because you have a gay son," Will said. Sami wondered if Will really believed that she was ashamed of him. Lucas stepped in and urged Sami and Will to start treating each other like family members instead of targets. Will said that a real family member wouldn't have walked out on him.

Sami wanted to say something, but Lucas begged her to remain silent. "You need to listen -- listen to what he has to say for once, please. He's going through something very incredible -- very hard to deal with. You should be happy -- you should be happy that he went to your mother, that he was leaning on his grandmother like that," Lucas said.

Sami said that she was glad that Will had been able to talk to someone, but she added that she wished that she could have been that person. Will wondered if he should have talked to Sami before or after she had cheated on Rafe. Sami conceded that she had been dealing with her own problems, but she insisted that she would have made time for Will, and that she would have been there for him.

Will refused to believe that, and he reminded Sami that she had walked out on him earlier that day. Sami apologized, and she conceded that she shouldn't have done that. Sami explained that she had been surprised and shocked, and that she had been thinking about herself. Sami admitted that she had been thinking about how horribly she had handled the situation.

Sami started to add that she had talked to E.J., but Will stopped her, and he wondered what she had told E.J. Lucas was shocked that Sami had gone to E.J. Sami tried to explain that E.J. had only given her advice. "Advice? Advice on what? On how to handle the em -- the em -- the embarrassment of your gay son?" Will asked incredulously. Sami insisted that Will had misunderstood.

Will replied that he understood perfectly, and he slammed the door as he abruptly exited the apartment. Sami started to rush after Will, but Lucas stopped her, and he advised her to give Will some space. "I just want to tell him that I love him, and that I'm okay with him being gay, and that I just want him to be happy," Sami tearfully stated. Lucas assured Sami that she would eventually have a chance to do all of those things.

"Listen to me, Sami -- you wanna do this right. You wanna do this right, or you're gonna lose our son forever," Lucas warned Sami.

Friday, May 18, 2012

At the safe house, Marlena was sitting in bed with Carrie when Carrie awoke with a start from a nightmare. Marlena pressed her hand to Carrie's forehead and neck, and noted that Carrie felt very warm. Carrie admitted that she was worried about Rafe, because they hadn't heard from him or the others. Marlena said that she'd heard from John, who'd told her that they had arrested Nevski, the arms dealer, and the team was setting up an undercover meeting with Stefano.

Carrie and Marlena both looked forward to going home once Stefano was behind bars, although Carrie wasn't sure where her home would be after she ended things with Austin. Suddenly, Carrie admitted she wasn't feeling well, and ran into the bathroom. A bit later, Marlena made Carrie a cup of tea, and wondered aloud if it were really a good time for Carrie to make such a big decision. Carrie said that she knew she wanted to be with Rafe, even if she didn't know how to tell Austin.

Marlena asked, "Are you worried that you're choosing to be in a relationship with Rafe, and Nicole is carrying his child?" Carrie admitted that the commitment Rafe had made to Nicole and the baby only made her love him more. Marlena seemed concerned when Carrie started to take some ibuprofen a little later. Carrie admitted that she also had a headache, and she'd been feeling ill for a few days. "Do you think something's really wrong with me?" Carrie asked.

Marlena asked if Carrie were having other symptoms -- like being late. Carrie admitted that she had missed her period the month before, but there had been a lot going on in her life. As it slowly dawned on Carrie, she asked, "Oh, my God, Marlena -- do you think I'm pregnant?"

At Sami's, Lucas urged Sami to calm down before she went after Will. An upset Sami again lamented how Will had confided in Marlena before he'd admitted to Sami that he was gay. Lucas lit into her, pointing out how Sami's walking out on Will had been the worst thing she could possibly have done, and excoriated her for discussing their son's private business with E.J.

After reading her the riot act, Lucas declared that he would understand if Will never spoke to her again. Sami begged Lucas to help her find a way to fix things with Will, because she knew that Lucas was right. She said that she had only wanted to tell Will that she loved him no matter what, but she had messed things up terribly. Lucas warned her that she might not get another chance if she lost it again. Sami noted that she should try to be more like her mother, who always thought before she acted.

Sami continued that she had walked out earlier because she had felt like a failure, because her son hadn't felt like he could confide in her. Lucas thought that Will would eventually forgive Sami because he loved her, and he urged her to tell her son that she loved him unconditionally. After thanking Lucas and acknowledging that it would be more difficult the longer she waited, Sami left in search of her son.

Lucas then left a voicemail for Will: "I just had a long talk with your mom, and she's really sorry. She wants to explain how she really feels. And she loves you, you know; we both do."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie surprised Victor with a romantic birthday dinner for two. Maggie promised that when Bo and the others returned, they would all have a big celebration for Victor's birthday, but part of her was glad to have a private celebration for just the two of them first. Henderson happily poured champagne for Victor and sparkling cider for Maggie, and then left the two alone. Victor and Maggie toasted to their love.

A little later, Henderson announced Lucas' arrival. Maggie hugged her nephew warmly as Lucas wished Victor a happy birthday. Victor was touched that Lucas had remembered. Victor then asked about Lucas and Sami's relationship. Lucas would only say that he and Sami were working together because it was good for the kids. Lucas then said that he was leaving so that Victor and Maggie could get back to their date, so Maggie walked him out.

While Henderson cleared the table, he chatted with Victor about Lucas. Victor noted that the dinner had been especially good that night. Henderson said that Victor should mention it to Mrs. Kiriakis, who had insisted on preparing the meal herself. "It seems to make her very happy to take care of you, sir," Henderson remarked. "I'm going to make sure Maggie stays happy, which means she can never find out the truth," Victor declared -- just as Maggie returned and overheard. "The truth about what, Victor?" Maggie demanded.

In Horton Square, Lexie was surprised and thrilled when Abe removed her blindfold to reveal that the square had been transformed into a replica of Paris. The scenery included a miniature Eiffel Tower, street vendors, performers including a strolling accordionist and a mime, bistro-style tables with red-checked tablecloths, French flags, and the like. Melanie welcomed Lexie to Paris in French, and Lexie effusively thanked Abe and the others who had helped put the spectacle together.

Abe had even learned how to tell his wife he loved her in French. "Je t'aime," he declared, and she kissed him appreciatively, while the accordionist played nearby. E.J. encouraged Celeste to let him know if she or Lexie needed anything else. Celeste noted that Lexie needed all of her family around her.

Abigail marveled to Cameron that Lexie and Abe both looked very happy. In passing, Abigail mentioned her brother J.J. and the boarding school he was attending in London, and it turned out that Cameron had gone to the same school. Abigail spotted Melanie sitting in Chad's lap while they had their caricature drawn -- and Gabi scowling as she watched. Gabi finally interrupted to ask if she could speak with Chad.

As Celeste worriedly watched Cameron and Abigail together, she took out her tarot cards and began to spread them out on the table. Abigail wanted to see what was going on with Melanie, Chad, and Gabi. Cameron encouraged her to go, but reminded her that she'd promised to have dinner with him later.

Chad then informed Abigail that Gabi had been getting phone calls that she thought were from her stalker. Gabi explained that the guy only breathed into the phone and then hung up. Abigail wanted to see Gabi's phone, but Gabi claimed that the number had been blocked, and she had deleted all of the calls. When Abigail asked why, Gabi got very defensive. Chad asked for a minute with Gabi, so Melanie and Abigail sat at a nearby table.

Chad asked if Gabi had heard back from the mayor's office, since Will had promised to call on her behalf. Gabi said that she had, and Chad wanted to know what they were going to do to catch the stalker. Gabi explained that someone in the mayor's office had cautioned her not to let the stalker know she was scared.

Abigail told Melanie that she hoped Chad could talk Gabi into going to the police, but Melanie was doubtful. Melanie admitted that Gabi's constant presence had kept Chad and Melanie from getting to spend much time alone. Abigail was sympathetic, although Melanie worried that Gabi could really be in danger. Abigail wondered, "Don't you think if Gabi were really that scared that she would go to the police?" Melanie pointed out that Gabi had just lost her brother, so Melanie didn't want to push it, since Chad seemed to be the only one who could calm her down.

Meanwhile, Gabi told Chad that she felt safe as long as she was staying with him. Melanie and Abigail watched with a bit of dismay as Gabi put her arms around Chad, and he did his best to comfort her.

Cameron joined Celeste, who declared that she wanted to read the cards for him again. Cameron accused Celeste of downright not liking Abigail. Celeste insisted that she was worried about Abigail as much as Cameron, because the cards said that there was great danger around Abigail. "The cards say whatever wack thing it is you want them to say," Cameron scoffed. Celeste warned him to take the cards more seriously.

Abe left to take care of something mysterious, so Lexie joined E.J. on a bench. She thanked her brother for everything he'd done to prepare her surprise -- and for making an effort to get along with Abe. Lexie then asked if E.J. were doing all right. He admitted he was not, but he didn't want to talk about it. Lexie said that her professional opinion was that he missed Nicole, and E.J. concurred, "More than I could have imagined." Lexie declared that E.J. was a good man at heart, and he would end up with a wonderful wife and family.

Sami arrived just then, and looked around at the square with surprised wonder. Lexie left to look for Abe, and Sami asked E.J. what was going on. He quickly filled her in, and then asked if she'd talked to Will yet. Sami admitted that she hadn't, but only because she wanted to think through what she was going to say first. Although pleased with that change of behavior, E.J. warned Sami that she might not get another chance to make things right with Will. Lucas showed up, and was not pleased to see Sami and E.J. together.

Accompanied by the accordionist, Abe found Lexie, and had the woman play a song that Lexie loved so that he could dance with his wife. Lexie leaned happily into his arms, and the two swayed together to the music. She thanked Abe for a magical evening. "You know there's nothing I like better than making your dreams come true," Abe said.

At the warehouse, Bo, Hope, John, and Rafe were getting into their disguises before their meeting with Stefano. All were dressed almost solely in black, with gloves and long sleeves covering their exposed skin. Hope pulled a black scarf around her head, covering most of her face and neck, while the men had hoods and face masks. John urged the others to keep Stefano talking once he arrived, because Shane would be recording everything from a surveillance van.

They had Nevski's cell phone, which rang with a call from Stefano. Bo answered it as Nevski, using a bad Russian accent, but it was good enough to fool Stefano. Bo made a vague excuse as to why Nevski hadn't been in contact with Stefano yet. Stefano warned Nevski that he knew about the other buyers Nevski had met with, but Bo assured Stefano that the weapons were securely on the ship. Once Bo gave Stefano the location, Stefano declared that he was on his way.

When Stefano arrived, he asked about the extra people with "Nevski," and why everyone was wearing masks. "Nevski" admitted that he'd had a couple of security breaches since his last dealings with Stefano. Stefano pointed out that Nevski knew better than to double-cross Stefano, but "Nevski" replied that he had only responded to a better offer. Stefano argued that Nevski had to honor their deal, because they'd signed a contract and Stefano had wired the money to pay for the munitions.

"Nevski" agreed that they could consider the additional money a down payment for future orders. Stefano warned that there would be dire consequences if Nevski did not deliver what Stefano had bought and paid for. Chuckling, "Nevski" declared that they had a deal, but cautioned Stefano that some of the items had been unattainable. Stefano said that there had to be a change in the payment to compensate. "Nevski" asked for the original invoice and the receipt for the money transfer. Stefano produced those willingly, and the men agreed on a deal.

Stefano then asked, "So, are we done here?" Bo replied, "Not quite." He removed his mask, as did the others, revealing their true identities. Bo declared that Stefano had made a couple of wrong moves, as Stefano grinned from ear to ear, seemingly pleased that the group was alive and well. "This is check and mate," John said. While Hope put the handcuffs on Stefano, Bo read Stefano his rights.

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