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Monday, May 21, 2012

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie wondered what Victor and Henderson were trying to hide. Victor claimed that he didn't want Maggie to realize that she was out of his league. Maggie wasn't convinced, and she demanded an honest answer.

Victor reminded Maggie that it was his birthday, and he claimed that he was an old man who had consumed too much champagne. Victor assured Maggie that she had taken the conversation out of context. Maggie warned Victor not to make it sound like she had been eavesdropping, and she asked Henderson for some privacy.

After Henderson left, Victor insisted that there was no reason for Maggie to be upset. "Okay, you stop it right there. I heard enough before I walked in to know that you weren't joking. I've walked in on you and Henderson having similar conversations before, so whatever you're saying, it doesn't make any sense," Maggie said.

Victor sighed, and he tried to convince Maggie that she was overreacting. Maggie sarcastically agreed that it was silly for her to care about the fact that Victor had lied to her. Maggie started to walk away, but Victor stopped her. Victor reminded Maggie that she had planned a special evening for them, and he begged her not to ruin it. Maggie scoffed at Victor's implication that it was all her fault.

" are keeping something from me, Victor. Now, I don't know whether you can't tell me or you don't want to tell me, and that is your prerogative, but you know what? It is my fault, for believing that you would want to be honest with me, no matter what," Maggie admitted. Maggie wished Victor a happy birthday, and she slammed the door as she exited the mansion.

Later, Victor found Maggie at the Brady Pub. Victor apologized to Maggie, and he admitted that he had lied earlier. Victor warned Maggie that the truth would hurt her. Victor started to say something about the facility where Maggie's eggs had been given to Lillian, but Maggie stopped him.

"Okay, let's be very clear. I know the Jonases were good friends of yours, but let's not make Lillian out to be an innocent bystander. She stole my eggs...plain and simple," Maggie insisted. Victor said that there was more to the story, and he admitted that he had helped Lilian steal Maggie's eggs.

"You have to remember that Daniel's parents were my best friends. They wanted desperately to have a child. I knew I could help them, so I did. It just so happens that, through a holding company, I owned the medical lab where your eggs were stored," Victor explained. Maggie was shocked, and she wondered if Victor had ever considered the ramifications of his actions.

Victor admitted that he had only been concerned about helping his friends. "Maggie, I...didn't know they were your eggs. Even if I had, it wouldn't have made any difference. I -- the name Maggie Horton meant nothing to me. I didn't know you at that time," Victor explained. Victor added that the eggs had been nothing more than a means to an end.

Maggie wondered why Victor hadn't told her the truth earlier. "For years, my business was just that -- my business. I wasn't accountable to anyone. I did what I thought was best, and that was that. And then I fell hopelessly and foolishly in love with you. You lived an entirely different kind of life. To be suddenly expected on such a high level of honesty...I wasn't used to that," Victor explained.

"Are you kidding? That is your rationale -- that you're just used to lying to people?" Maggie asked incredulously. Victor nodded, and he added that Maggie had completely forgotten about her eggs. Maggie angrily insisted that she had never forgotten about the eggs. Victor said that knowing the truth would not have changed anything, and he reminded Maggie that she had gained a wonderful son in the end.

Maggie observed that she had also gained a husband who preferred to keep her in the dark. "I thought we had the kind of marriage where we were committed to being honest with each other, but I was wrong -- and you, because...of all your talk about having changed...oh, Victor, you haven't. Not at all," Maggie said.

Victor suggested that he and Maggie could continue their discussion at the mansion. Victor said that he would let Maggie yell at him for the rest of the night, but he added that she had to promise to give their relationship a fresh start the following morning. Maggie defiantly warned Victor not to give her any conditions. Victor explained that he didn't want the situation to get blown out of proportion.

"You don't get to decide that. I think you've already decided enough for me," Maggie said. Maggie added that she had decided that she didn't want to return to the mansion that night. Victor defensively pointed out that Maggie had refused to acknowledge his repeated apologies. Maggie suggested that she might not be ready to accept Victor's apology.

"Then maybe you need to think about something -- is all this anger really directed at something that happened over three decades ago...or are you just using it as an excuse to lash out at me?" Victor wondered. Maggie shook her head in disbelief, and she silently exited the pub.

In Austin and Carrie's hotel room, Austin told Billie that he wanted to purchase a house in Salem. Austin enthusiastically added that he and Carrie were ready to start a family. Billie was supportive, but she cautioned Austin not to rush into anything. Austin pointed out that he and Carrie had known each other for a long time, and he assured Billie that Carrie was committed to their marriage.

At the safe house, Carrie refused to believe that she was pregnant, but she reluctantly admitted that it could be possible. Carrie revealed that she and Rafe had never slept together. Marlena wasn't surprised, and she noted that a pregnancy could complicate things. Meanwhile, Carrie received a phone call from Rafe. After the call, Carrie happily informed Marlena that Stefano had been arrested.

At the Horton Town Square, Lexie wished that Stefano could have attended the Paris in Salem event. E.J. seemed to believe that Stefano would have ruined everything. Lexie acknowledged that Stefano had some flaws, but she reminded E.J. that Stefano was still their father. Before E.J. could respond, he received a phone call.

At the police station, John, Hope, Bo, Rafe, Shane, and Roman gloated about Stefano's arrest. Stefano said that he was glad that he had given the group a reason to celebrate. Bo noted that Stefano seemed confident, but Hope theorized that Stefano was secretly panicking. Shane informed Stefano that he was facing federal charges, since he had violated the Patriot Act.

"He knows -- that's why he did it, isn't it? To prove you could get away with it, because the great Stefano DiMera is untouchable? You know, you remind me of that little boy in the myth who flew too close to the sun, but your wings have melted. You can't fly anymore, Phoenix -- only fall," Hope said. Stefano admitted that Hope's knowledge of the classics had impressed him.

"The boy who went too close to the sun is called Icarus...and, um, I think you would be more satisfied with the fable that is called Sisyphus, you see? That was when the gentleman had to push up a big boulder up a hill, but what happened was that the boulder kept coming down and going over him," Stefano added. Shane noted that the difference was that Bo, Hope, John, and Rafe had managed to push the boulder to the top of the hill.

"You lost control of everything; your empire, your ego, even us -- your pawn and Principessa. We'll never be your victims again. You kept me from my family -- my husband -- when he needed me most. I think it only fitting I return the favor tenfold. You will never see your family again," Hope promised. John said that Stefano was going to be locked inside of a tiny cell for the rest of his life.

Stefano sighed impatiently, and he wondered if everyone was finished with their tedious speeches. "'Fraid not, 'cause I haven't had my say yet," Marlena said, as she and Carrie entered the room. Stefano stood to greet Marlena, and he happily noted that his queen of the night was alive and well. Marlena said that she was pleased that Stefano would never be able to hurt her family again.

Stefano slyly stated that he was sorry for all of the pain that Marlena had endured, even though he wasn't the one who had actually caused that pain. "Oh, my gosh! You still won't admit it, will you? You tried to kill all of us. I tried to find a way to say goodbye to the man I love most in this world. Can you even conceive of how painful that was for me? You can't, can you? Because there's something very wrong with you...inside you. You're broken. You're dark. You're evil. I don't hate you -- I find you pitiful," Marlena calmly stated.

Roman and Shane announced that they had finished their paperwork. Rafe told Carrie that the show was almost over, and they quietly exited the room. Roman offered Stefano a phone call, but he declined. "You see, the phone call is redundant. When everybody finds out that I have been arrested, that's gonna travel faster than anything your mind could come up with," Stefano explained.

Back at the town square, Rafe and Carrie celebrated the fact that they were out of the safe house. "You know, when we were at the safe house, before the bomb went off, told me that you love me...and I said it quietly back, but I just -- I want to make sure that you know it, because I'm tired of hiding my feelings. I just want to let 'em out. I love you, Rafe. I love you," Carrie said.

Rafe started to kiss Carrie, but she stopped him, and she explained that she needed to talk to Austin first. Carrie called Austin, and she quickly explained that she had been released from the safe house. Austin enthusiastically agreed to meet Carrie at the town square.

A short time later, Austin entered the Horton Town Square. Austin hugged Carrie, and he vowed that he was never going to let her go again. Austin thanked Rafe for protecting Carrie, and he practically dragged her back to their hotel room.

In Austin and Carrie's hotel room, Austin announced that he had a surprise for Carrie. "It's time for us to settle down. I don't want to live in hotel rooms anymore -- I want us to have something more permanent. A real home...with a real yard, and a real fence, and plenty of room to grow," Austin excitedly explained. Carrie interrupted Austin, and she said that they needed to talk about something.

In Stefano's cell, Lexie and E.J. greeted Stefano. Stefano was surprised to see E.J. and Lexie, and he wondered how they had learned that he had been arrested. Lexie ignored Stefano's question, and she asked if he was all right. Stefano said that he was fine, and he explained that John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope had faked their deaths so that they could trap him.

Lexie pretended that she was surprised that Hope, Bo, Marlena, and John were alive. Lexie wondered if Stefano had really tried to purchase illegal weapons. Stefano dodged the question, and he pointed out that it didn't matter if he was guilty or innocent, because his enemies were going to believe what they wanted to believe. "The thing that bothers me so much here, sweetheart, is that I'm in here when you need me," Stefano regretfully added.

Lexie urged E.J. to pull some strings to get Stefano released from prison, but E.J. refused to go against the ISA. Lexie was incredulous, and she wondered why E.J. was letting the ISA intimidate him. E.J. claimed that he was being practical, but Lexie believed that he was just making excuses. Lexie theorized that E.J. was worried about the political ramifications, but he insisted that she was wrong.

Lexie realized that E.J. believed that Stefano was guilty. "Maybe he is, okay? Maybe this is exactly what he deserves, but what about me, E.J.? Look, I'm sorry -- I am so sorry to play this card -- but I don't have much time left, okay? Every minute counts. I want Father to be with me. Please, please -- don't deny me the chance to say goodbye to our father," Lexie begged E.J. Stefano told Lexie to stop pressuring E.J., and he said that he didn't want E.J.'s help.

Elsewhere, Roman reminded Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena that he would eventually need to take their statements. Marlena and Hope were eager to leave the police station, so Bo and John agreed to stay behind to help Roman. After Marlena and Hope exited the room, a middle-aged man arrived.

Meanwhile, an officer escorted Stefano into the room. A moment later, Lexie and E.J. arrived. Roman wondered who had asked the officer to remove Stefano from his cell. The middle-aged man reached into his pocket and retrieved a badge.

"Agent Newman -- CIA. I gave the order. I want him released immediately," Newman announced.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sami arrived home to find Lucas cooking a stew in her apartment. With a grin, Lucas joked that the food was inedible. As Sami stood silently by the couch, Lucas asked her whether she was ready to talk to Will. Sami admitted that she knew what she wanted to say to her son, and then she confessed that she had spent time with E.J. When Lucas groaned, Sami explained that she had been alone in the square when she ran into E.J.

"Right now, I feel like I need all the advice I can get when it comes to Will," Sami said. Nodding, Lucas said he was pleased that Sami told him the truth. Lucas broke into a grin and added that he already knew that Sami had talked to E.J. because he had seen them together. As Lucas chuckled, Sami jokingly called Lucas a jerk.

In Horton Town Square, Hope and Marlena walked around while people stared at them in disbelief because they were alive. Marlena saw Rafe across the square, and she went over to ask him about Carrie. Rafe explained that Carrie had gone to talk to Austin. When Marlena asked whether Carrie had talked to Rafe, he raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Marlena explained that Carrie had not been feeling well. Shaking his head, Rafe noted that Carrie had not mentioned that she was sick.

While Hope was checking her phone messages in the square, Abe cautiously walked up to her and asked her why she was walking around in public. Hope explained that Stefano had been arrested for trafficking in illegal arms. His face falling, Abe exclaimed that the news would crush Lexie. Nodding, Abe added that he was glad that Stefano was no longer free to terrorize the citizens of Salem. Marlena and Rafe joined Abe and Hope in the square. Hope wondered aloud where Bo and Roman were.

In the hotel, Austin prattled on about the house he wanted to buy. When Carrie noted that she did not want to talk about houses, Austin agreed and kissed her. Carrie pulled away out of guilt, but when she looked at her husband's face, she clutched her stomach. Concerned, Austin asked Carrie if she was okay, but Carrie brushed her pain off by noting that she was under the weather with a flu bug.

Carrie suggested that they go out for dinner, but Austin ordered her to relax in bed. Shaking her head, Carrie countered that she had been cooped up in the safe house, and she wanted to walk outside. Shrugging, Austin agreed.

Austin and Carrie went to the pub, and Kayla greeted Carrie. After hugging Carrie, Kayla noted that she looked pale. Carrie explained that she was not feeling well and that she was going to go to the drug store. After Carrie left, Austin and Kayla celebrated the fact that Stefano had been arrested.

In Horton Town Square, Marlena was concerned that they had not heard from John, Bo, or Roman. As Hope called John, Rafe saw Carrie across the way. Carrie shoved a pregnancy test into her purse as Rafe approached her.

Noting that Carrie was alone, Rafe asked what had happened. Carrie said that she had not been able to talk to Austin. When Rafe asked Carrie if she was okay, Carrie said that she felt terrible because she was going to break Austin's heart. Rafe told Carrie that he loved her and that he would be there to support her. Nodding, Carrie rushed off.

At the pub, Austin confided to Kayla that he and Carrie had been drifting apart and that he was excited to start over with his wife. Austin admitted that he was jealous that Carrie and Rafe had been hiding out in the safe house together. When Austin mentioned that Sami had said that Carrie had feelings for Rafe, Kayla advised Austin to ignore Sami.

Carrie returned to the pub, and she told Austin that she was going to use the bathroom. Austin stopped Carrie and argued that the food was ready and that she should eat. With a curt nod, Carrie commented that she hoped food would make her feel better. When Austin noted that he loved Carrie, she said she loved Austin, too, but that she did not want to hurt him. Austin stressed that he did not care about the past and that he wanted to move forward. Fighting her emotions, Carrie went to the bathroom.

While Carrie was in the bathroom, Kayla stopped by the table to talk to Austin. Austin admitted he was anxious for his life with Carrie to return to normal. Across the bar, Carrie heard Austin's comment, and then she looked at the positive reading on the home pregnancy test she was clutching in her hand.

At the coffeehouse, Lucas and Sami talked about Will. Sami was concerned that Will had not returned her phone calls, but Lucas urged Sami to give Will time. With a sigh, Sami noted that she was surprised that E.J. had realized that Will was gay when she had not had a clue. Lucas nodded and admitted that he had not known Will was gay either. Sami leaned back in her chair and asked Lucas whether he was testing her when he waited for her to come clean about her conversation with E.J.

When Lucas joked that he enjoyed watching Sami squirm, Sami countered, "I get the same crap from you whether I lie or tell the truth. So I might as well go back to lying." Lucas ordered Sami not to even think about lying to him anymore. Sami lamented how she had reacted to Will's admission that he was gay. With a sad smile, Sami noted that she was proud of how Lucas had responded to Will's news. Sami admitted that she was terrified of losing Will and Lucas.

"Every time I open my mouth I just make it worse, which I didn't think was even possible until a day like today. I would hate me, too, after this," Sami said. Lucas told Sami that Will did not hate her, but Sami countered that Will had opened up his heart, and she had hurt her son. "I can't let him go around thinking that I disapprove of him. I love him. He is still the same wonderful son that he has always been," Sami said.

Lucas urged Sami to tell Will what she had just said. With a shrug, Sami noted that she would probably stumble on the words. Lucas promised to support Sami and help her reconcile with Will. With a grin, Sami promised that she would change so that she could be more like Lucas. When Sami noted how Lucas had changed, he shrugged. Lucas joked that he had been manipulative and insane like Sami once.

As Sami laughed, Lucas added that he was the same person he had always been. Sami said that she did not want to push away everyone that meant something to her. When Lucas wondered aloud whether Sami was planning to change into a different person, Sami noted that everyone wanted her to change. Lucas stressed that he did not want Sami to change who she was.

"You are the same exact person I fell in love with, and that's why I married you. Like my Grandma Alice used to say, 'warts and all,'" Lucas said with a grin. Lucas noted that, like everyone, Sami had to work on her weaknesses, but that she should not forget the person that she was. With a smile, Sami suggested that she and Lucas go home and fix the stew he had ruined.

At the police station, a CIA agent named Newman ordered the release of Stefano. Furious, Roman refused to release Stefano. Bo interrupted to note that Stefano had been caught dealing in illegal arms. In the corner, E.J. chuckled to himself, while Lexie pulled Stefano aside to ask him what was going on.

"The hows and whys are not important. What is important is that I will be here when you need me," Stefano said. Agent Newman noted that regardless of the evidence, the US government considered that Stefano was innocent. Lexie asked E.J. what was going on, and E.J. urged Lexie to stay out of the matter. Concerned, Lexie asked Agent Newman what was going on.

Agent Newman explained that Stefano had been acting under the orders of the CIA. Agent Newman added that in exchange for Stefano's assistance, the government had forgiven his recent criminal activity. In disbelief, John asked Stefano to tell the truth. Stefano explained that he had been buying arms for the past few months under the orders of the CIA.

"If the ISA would talk to the CIA a little more often, this would not be such a shock," Stefano said. "You expect us to believe that you're some kind of patriot?" E.J. asked with cynicism. Shaking his head, John noted that Stefano would go free. Furious, John attempted to punch Stefano, but Roman tackled John onto a desk and held him back. As Bo pulled John aside to calm him, Stefano asked Roman to remove the handcuffs.

Lexie pleaded with Roman to set her father free, but Roman noted that he would not release Stefano until he had verified Agent Newman's story and credentials. Roman took John aside and asked him to find a way to hold Stefano. John made some phone calls, but he was stonewalled.

When John wondered aloud why the government had chosen Stefano for the sting operation, Roman noted that Stefano was the perfect choice because the arms dealers would not have suspected that he would work with the government. E.J. offered to take Lexie home, but she refused to leave his side. Concerned, E.J. called Abe and asked him to get to the police station because Lexie needed him.

At the police station, E.J. urged Lexie to go home and rest, but she refused. Stefano called out to Lexie and asked her to sit with him. When Lexie looked at E.J., he mouthed the word "No." Torn, Lexie shook her head and walked toward Stefano. As Abe entered the precinct, he rushed over to Lexie and stopped her. "Stay away from him. For your own good," Abe said.

Abe thanked E.J. for calling him, and E.J. nodded. When Lexie noted that she needed to stay at the station, Abe countered that whether Stefano was guilty or innocent, the stress of the situation was too much for Lexie. Stefano stood up and argued that it was Lexie's decision whether or not to stay at the station.

Roman noted that he was still reviewing Agent Newman's story. Stefano reminded Roman that Lexie was ill and that he needed to go home to be with her. "Admit your mistakes and let me go," Stefano said. When Stefano argued that he demanded justice, Marlena, Rafe, and Hope walked into the police station. Marlena barked that if Stefano had been executed, that would not have been justice.

Lexie begged Marlena to back off. "I know how much you love him, but he tried to kill us," Marlena said softly. Angry, John, Marlena, Rafe, Hope, and Bo yelled at Stefano while Roman refused Agent Newman's order to quell the mob. Overcome, Lexie clutched her head, and Abe and E.J. rushed to her side. When Stefano saw Lexie's pained expression, he rushed over to her. Lexie cried out for everyone to stop, then groaned and fainted.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As Carrie and Austin dined together at the Brady Pub, Carrie could only pick at her food, and Austin noticed. While Austin took a phone call from Billie, Carrie frowned at the positive pregnancy test in her purse. Carrie called and left a message for Rafe, asking him to meet her, and ending the brief message with, "I love you," just as Austin returned. He demanded to know whom she'd been talking to, and Carrie claimed she had just been letting her mother, Anna, know that she was all right. Austin divulged that Billie had just informed him that Stefano had been released. Carrie and Austin were both furious.

Nicole was doing a little online shopping for the baby when Rafe stopped by her hotel room, and Nicole was thrilled to see that he had "risen from the dead." Rafe reluctantly informed her that Stefano was no longer in jail, but he didn't want to upset Nicole with more of the details. Nicole reassured Rafe that she and the baby didn't need him to take care of them anymore, and urged him to go and be with Carrie.

Rafe vowed that they would figure things out as he forged a new relationship with Carrie while still protecting Nicole and the baby. He assured Nicole that Carrie understood why Nicole didn't want the baby raised as a DiMera. Nicole wanted to hear all the details when her least-favorite person, Sami, found out that Carrie and Rafe were actually together. Rafe realized that he'd turned off the ringer on his phone, so he quickly listened to Carrie's message. Carrie hadn't said where she was in the message, so Nicole suggested that they try the Brady Pub, since she had a craving for clam chowder.

Austin noted that his wife didn't look well, so they agreed to wrap up her sandwich and take it back to the hotel. As Carrie stepped to the bar to get a to-go box, Austin realized he didn't have enough cash, so he grabbed Carrie's purse -- and found the pregnancy test. Carrie was clearly upset when she returned and saw Austin holding the test stick. Austin laughed elatedly as he picked her up and swung her around.

"This is what you were trying to tell me! This is why you were feeling sick!" he reasoned happily. While Carrie looked uncomfortable, Austin announced to the patrons of the pub that drinks were on him, because he and his wife were having a baby. Carrie maintained that she had wanted to get a blood test to confirm it first, but Austin's enthusiasm could not be contained.

Rafe and Nicole entered, and Austin shared the happy news with the two of them, despite Carrie's reluctance to say anything until they knew for sure. Nicole and Rafe were utterly floored. Nicole finally snapped out of it and congratulated Austin and Carrie, and Rafe halfheartedly followed suit. Carrie asked them to keep it quiet, since they hadn't told anyone else and the news wasn't definite.

Nicole made a polite excuse about how her cravings had changed, so she and Rafe quickly left for another restaurant. Austin asked if Carrie were mad that he'd broken the news before they had confirmation, but Carrie assured him that she was not. She struggled to kiss him back when he kissed her passionately.

At the police station, Bo and Hope tended to an ailing Lexie. They informed Lexie that E.J. had taken her father home, since that was what Roman had thought was best. Marlena apologized for upsetting Lexie. Abe returned from getting the car, and Bo carefully helped Lexie to a standing position. Abe wanted to take Lexie to the hospital, but she gently insisted that he take her home instead.

After Lexie and Abe had gone, Bo Hope, Marlena, and John ranted about how Stefano had managed to evade arrest yet again. No one could believe that Stefano had been working undercover for the CIA. Shane informed the group that he'd spoken to the top people at the ISA, and they had told him there was nothing they could do about Stefano, because Stefano's work for the CIA had allegedly taken some major arms rings off the streets.

Shane continued that there was also no proof that Stefano had embezzled the pension funds or planted the bomb at the safe house, and they couldn't afford to tip off Agent Harmon that they were onto him by trying to get him to flip on Stefano. "Well, folks. Kind of looks like we're back to square one, doesn't it?" John remarked. Roman urged everyone not to let the temporary setback get them down. Hope noted that it had been exactly thirty years that month since Stefano had begun his reign of terror in Salem.

Although Stefano had committed countless crimes against nearly everyone in town, he had served almost no jail time, Hope pointed out. Bo remarked that they would all be dead if it were up to Stefano. "That's why he has to be stopped -- once and for all, no matter what it takes," Hope declared vehemently. As John flipped through the police file on Stefano, he pointed out that his entire existence had just been a game to Stefano. John stated firmly, "I'm ready to do anything to get him out of our lives -- and I do mean anything."

After Bo and Hope called to tell Ciara goodnight, they recalled how Stefano was responsible some of their deepest pain. "He took our baby from us when he took Zack and gave him to Lexie to raise. We lost J.T., and then we lost Zack," Hope recalled. Bo remembered, "If he hadn't told us that Chelsea was dead, we would've raised her, been with her. How different would our lives have been?"

John and Marlena overheard Bo and Hope's conversation. Marlena recalled for John, "He took Eric and Sami's father away; he took me away... I am persuaded that my relationship with Sami was forever damaged by him."

Bo believed that Stefano would keep going after their families for generations until they found a way to stop him. Hope wanted to know how they could put an end to it.

Back at the Carvers', Celeste and Abe tenderly assisted Lexie to the sofa, and then Celeste went upstairs. Lexie was still refusing to let Abe take her to the hospital. She agreed to let Daniel make a house call, but reminded Abe that there wasn't much Daniel could do for her fatal brain tumor. Carrying a blanket for Lexie, Celeste returned from tucking Theo into bed. Daniel arrived to examine Lexie, so she asked Abe and Celeste if they would pick up some of her favorite soup from the café in Horton Square.

After Abe and Celeste had gone, Lexie admitted to Daniel that her headaches had gotten worse, her whole body ached, and she felt weak. "Daniel, I know my time is running out. Now, I can feel it," Lexie whispered sadly. After examining her, Daniel acknowledged that Lexie's blood pressure was low, despite the stress she'd just been through.

"My body's shutting down. It's a matter of how many days I have left, not weeks or months," Lexie said. She pleaded with Daniel not to tell Abe or her family how little time she had left, because she wanted all of them to be able to laugh and enjoy their time together. Lexie's grace and strength amazed Daniel. Lexie began to sob as she confessed that there were days when she wanted to end it all, and other days when she wanted to scream that it wasn't fair.

Lexie continued that she tried to keep herself together for Theo, because she didn't want his memories to be of her always crying. Daniel made Lexie promise to call him if she ever needed to let it all out, and swore he would never tell a soul. Lexie collapsed in sobs, and let Daniel put his arms around her to comfort her.

In Horton Square, Abe filled in Celeste about how Stefano had gotten out of jail. Celeste was livid, but admitted she was relieved that Lexie's final days on Earth wouldn't be spent worrying about her father. Abe lamented that he was about to lose the love of his life, but Celeste pointed out that he also had to suppress his true feelings for Stefano for Lexie's sake. Abe declared that what Stefano had done to Lexie was unspeakable, and Celeste demanded to know what he meant.

Abe covered that he had only been referring to what had happened at the police station. As Celeste left to check on Lexie's food order, Roman approached Abe with a report from the EPA. "You were right; that tunnel where Andre kept Lexie prisoner all those years ago still has traces of toxic gases," Roman revealed. Abe hotly declared that Lexie was dying because of her family. "This is all Stefano's fault," Abe growled.

Roman warned that the report couldn't conclusively connect the toxins to Lexie's illness -- plus Andre, not Stefano, had held Lexie captive. "Stefano brought that psychopath to Salem. Andre was working for him! Lexie's death will be on his head -- and God help me, I could kill him!" Abe hissed. Roman urged Abe to calm down. Abe agreed to not to divulge the information for a while, but, "All bets are off once..." Abe vowed to make sure that his wife was the last victim of Stefano DiMera.

When Abe and Celeste returned, Lexie was in much better spirits as she accepted the warm soup gratefully. Abe walked Daniel out, and in the doorway, Daniel reminded Abe, "If you ever need to talk, I've been where you're at now." Daniel added that afterwards, the only way Abe would get through it was one day at a time. A beaming Lexie was ready to get back to work on her "bucket list," because she didn't want to waste a moment of the time she had left.

As Abe and Lexie snuggled on the couch alone later, Lexie thanked Abe for her magical afternoon in Paris. "I feel so loved, so safe," Lexie said softly, and Abe assured her that she was. As she drifted off to sleep, Lexie murmured that she wished that they could have danced forever. Kissing the top of her head, Abe whispered, "So do I, my darling. So do I."

When Roman returned to the police station, everyone but Shane had left. Shane and Roman agreed that they were just as furious as the others about the night's turn of events. Roman suggested that like Abe, they should keep quiet about the EPA report until after Lexie was gone. Roman then admitted, "Abe said he wanted to kill Stefano. I'm not sure it was an idle threat." Shane didn't seem to think that Abe Carver was capable of murder, but Roman wasn't so sure.

Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena went to Common Grounds to strategize over coffee. Hope thought they should go to Italy to track down the jeweler who'd made the coin, but John didn't think it would help. "I hate that we're the ones waiting for him to make the next move," Hope grumbled. Shuddering, Marlena confessed, "I've got such a bad feeling, as though Stefano is planning something so horrible, so cruel that this time, somebody really is going to die."

John promised not to let anything happen to any of them, but Marlena was still worried that Stefano was truly invincible. "If he is stopped, it will not be because of our judicial system," Bo remarked. John pointed out that meant they were out of options, and would have to take care of DiMera themselves.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

by Mike

In a hotel room, Bo and Hope celebrated their anniversary, and they reminisced about their first wedding ceremony. "I know it's difficult to comprehend, but I do love you now more than I did then," Bo said. Bo sighed as he admitted that it was nice to be able to forget about things like work, Stefano, and Alice's mysterious bank statements.

Hope wished that Doug and Julie had been able to learn more about Alice's bank account during their trip to Africa. Bo groaned as he realized that he shouldn't have opened his big mouth. Later, Hope had a nightmare about Stefano, and she vowed that he would never interfere with her marriage again.

At the Carver house, one of Celeste's tarot cards disturbed Theo. Theo showed Lexie the card, which symbolized death. Celeste informed Theo that the card didn't always represent death. Lexie quickly changed the subject, and she reminded Theo that they would be having lunch with Stefano later that day.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano contacted the person who had crafted the coin for Santo. Stefano said that he was willing to pay for information about the coin, and he made it clear that no price was too expensive. E.J. interrupted Stefano's conversation, and he asked if Stefano was going to use the money that he had stolen from E.J. to purchase the information.

Stefano ended his phone call, and he pointed out that the money actually belonged to John. E.J. ignored Stefano's logic, and he demanded to have the money returned to his account right away. Stefano laughed and said that wasn't going to happen -- ever. "Laundered money has a very nice, it. Besides, I really like working for the CIA, you know? Could make a very interesting chapter in my memoirs," Stefano dryly stated.

E.J. wasn't amused, and he pouted as he said that Stefano's debt to Alice seemed more important than his debt to E.J. Stefano advised E.J. to move on with his life, but E.J. insisted that it wasn't that easy. E.J. added that Stefano probably wouldn't understand, since he was devoid of basic human emotions. "Why don't you just have a little chat with Marlena?" Stefano dismissively suggested.

E.J. said that he loved Chad and Lexie, and he added that he still had feelings for Stefano. E.J. claimed that was the only reason that he hadn't killed Stefano yet. "Enough! I made you, and if I want to, I can break you," Stefano warned E.J., as Lexie entered the room. Lexie started to chastise Stefano and E.J. for fighting, but a sudden headache abruptly ended her lecture.

A short time later, Lexie assured Stefano and E.J. that she was fine. Stefano, Celeste, and Theo went to the garden, and Abe excused himself so that he could make a phone call. Lexie asked E.J. about his earlier fight with Stefano, but E.J. referred to it as a spirited debate. Lexie wasn't convinced, and she eventually managed to persuade E.J. to promise that he would try to keep things civil.

"Listen...I never really got the chance to know Tony as well as I'd have liked to, and, um...well, I won't get that chance with Cameron or Chad, but you -- you're the only brother I ever truly knew, and, um...I just want you to know that I just -- I just love you so much," Lexie told E.J. Meanwhile, Theo, Stefano, and Celeste returned.

In the foyer, Stefano regretfully told Celeste that time was the only enemy that he had never been able to defeat. Stefano wished that he could trade his life for Lexie's. Abe entered the foyer, and he agreed that he would love to trade Stefano's life for Lexie's. Celeste quickly excused herself.

"You know...I wish I could go back in time...and hold you prisoner in those tunnels full of poison gas. You'd be dying -- not Lexie," Abe said. Stefano wondered if Lexie knew about the tunnels. Abe said that he wasn't going to tell Lexie. "I don't want her dying hating you, but don't think this ends with Lexie's life. I will never forget or forgive this," Abe warned, and he walked away.

At the Horton Town Square, Will told Gabi that he had informed his parents that he was gay. Will smiled and said that Lucas had been supportive, but he was less enthusiastic about Sami's reaction. Gabi urged Will to give Sami a break, and she reasoned that no mother ever wanted to hear that her son was gay.

"Wow, no rainbow flag for you," Will said with a sigh. Gabi realized that her statement had sounded harsh, and she quickly apologized. Gabi clarified that sexuality was probably a subject that most parents had never planned to discuss with their kids. Gabi added that Sami was a drama queen, and she wondered what Sami had said to Will.

"You know, the funny thing is...I actually prepared in advance for any crazy things she might say, but I wasn't prepared for her not saying anything at all," Will admitted. Gabi urged Will to give Sami some time to process the news. Will changed the subject, and he wondered if Gabi was all right.

The question seemed to confuse Gabi, so Will reminded her that someone had been stalking her. Gabi claimed that her stalker hadn't bothered her recently, and she admitted that she had almost forgotten about him. Gabi refused to get the police involved, because she didn't want Rafe to find out about the stalker. Will pointed out that Gabi's safety was more important, but he failed to convince her to change her mind.

At Common Grounds, Chad told Melanie that Lexie had asked him to attend a luncheon at the DiMera mansion later that day. Chad didn't want to refuse Lexie's invitation. Chad asked Melanie to join him, but she seemed hesitant.

"I don't want to be selfish -- I don't want to sound selfish -- but...the guy did try to kill half the people we care about in this town, and I don't know how I could share breadsticks with him without wanting to, you know, reach across the table and -- and -- and choke him. No offense," Melanie said. Chad laughed, and he assured Melanie that he understood.

"Look, I -- I know my father can be a heartless bastard, but he's also a man who's losing his daughter way too soon, and seeing her sick has...reminded me that he is human...sometimes," Chad said. Melanie acknowledged that Chad's heart was always in the right place. Melanie admitted that she was worried that Stefano would try to manipulate the situation.

"Your dad loves his own way -- I know he does -- but...Stefano was, is, and will always be evil," Melanie warned Chad. Melanie conceded that Chad's relationship with Stefano was none of her business, and she encouraged him to go to the luncheon without her. Chad seemed disappointed, but he said that he understood. Chad abruptly exited the coffeehouse.

Later, Chad arrived at the DiMera mansion. Stefano was thrilled, and he said that he had missed Chad. "Um, Father, I know this is kind of out of the blue, but, um...if it's not too late, I, uh...I'd like to be part of the family...again. There is one thing, though -- I can't be like E.J., okay? I -- I can't do the things that you ask him to do," Chad said. Stefano said that nothing would make him happier, and he swore that Chad would never do what E.J. had done.

Lexie greeted Chad, and Stefano excused himself so that he could check on the progress in the kitchen. After Stefano left, Lexie wondered where Melanie was. Chad laughed uncomfortably, and Lexie assured him that she understood. Chad changed the subject, and he told Lexie about his earlier conversation with Stefano. Lexie promised Chad that he and Melanie would be fine as long as he kept Stefano at arm's length.

Back at Common Grounds, Will and Gabi ordered some coffee. A short time later, Marlena walked into the coffeehouse, and Will enthusiastically hugged her. Will told Marlena that he had informed his parents that he was gay. Marlena wondered how Sami had responded to the news. "Well, it's just...I came out, and...she walked out. Dad actually took it like a champ, but, um, Mom...I don't know," Will said with a shrug.

"She will come around when she realizes that it's not about her. Right now, I'm sure Sami thinks that you being gay had something to do with her as a parent, but you are living your truth, and that's what's really important," Marlena said. Marlena's words seemed to comfort Will, and he hugged her again.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you -- I'm so glad that you are officially not dead anymore," Will joked. Marlena laughed, and she started to say something about Stefano, but she quickly stopped herself. Marlena claimed that she was going to be late for an appointment, and she abruptly excused herself.

Meanwhile, Gabi greeted Melanie, and she wondered if everything was all right. Melanie admitted that she had probably messed up earlier, and she quickly explained the situation to Gabi. "If Chad wants to let Stefano back into his life after all the things that that sicko has done, then you need to leave Chad -- leave him, and never look back," Gabi advised Melanie.

Will approached Gabi and Melanie, and he told Gabi that the barista had messed up her order. Gabi grumbled about how complicated life was, and she excused herself. After Gabi left, Melanie told Will about her earlier conversation with Chad. Will urged Melanie to fix the situation, but she insisted that she couldn't, because Chad was already at the DiMera mansion.

Will shrugged, and he advised Melanie to arrive at the DiMera mansion fashionably late so that she could surprise Chad. Melanie didn't believe that she could be around Stefano after everything that he had done to the people who had been in the safe house, and she added that Gabi agreed with her.

"Yeah, uh...Gabi is kind of on drama overload right now. The point is, though, that Chad is Chad, okay? Meaning that he's not Stefano, and he's not going to be," Will said. Melanie realized that Will was right, and she excused herself so that she could tell Chad that she loved him. A short time later, Gabi returned, and she wondered what had happened to Melanie.

Will said that Melanie had gone to the DiMera mansion to show Chad that she loved him more than she hated Stefano. Will added that Melanie's actions would also prove that she trusted Chad to be his own man. Gabi sarcastically acknowledged Will's insightful comments.

"Mm-hmm. Oh, I've got a couple more for you. Um...stop being jealous, stop trying to break up Chad and Melanie,'s not gonna happen," Will knowingly stated. Before Gabi could respond, Will walked away. After Will left, Gabi quickly formulated a new plan. Gabi grinned mischievously as she grabbed her tablet computer.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Melanie arrived. Chad was shocked to see her, and he wondered why she had changed her mind. Melanie explained that loving Chad was more important than hating Stefano. Melanie added that she was willing to accept Chad as Stefano's son. Later, Lexie said that she wanted to make an announcement. Melanie took Theo into the kitchen so that he wouldn't hear what was being said.

"First, uh...I want to say that I am so touched -- so grateful -- that you all have come together for me today. I know our family history is more like the Borgias than the Waltons, and that makes me sad, but...I don't know, maybe fresh hope comes at the end of life, because I truly hope and pray that, even though I know you'll never be close, that you'll at least try to get along, okay? Not just for my sake, but for Theo's. He's going to need his family soon, and you're all he's got, so I expect you to be your best for him, and you -- you may not agree with each other, you may not even respect one another, but I need you to be the family that that little boy deserves...please," Lexie tearfully stated.

Everyone vowed to do their part to respect Lexie's wishes. Later, Chad escorted someone into the living room. Lexie greeted the man, and she explained that he was a portrait photographer. Lexie said that she had asked the man to take plenty of pictures to commemorate the occasion. Lexie hoped that the photographs would remind everyone that they were a family. Lexie said that was more important than anything else.

In a remote area of Horton Town Square, someone handed John a brown paper bag. John inspected the contents of the bag -- a gun -- and determined that the weapon would be sufficient. As John exited the area, Marlena followed him.

Marlena managed to catch up to John, and she informed him that she had witnessed his earlier meeting. Marlena tried to convince John that he couldn't have Stefano's blood on his hands. "I don't have to shoot him at close range," John dryly stated. Marlena continued to protest, but John firmly stated that he wasn't going to change his mind.

Marlena was undeterred, and she confidently stated that John loved her enough to eventually agree to let someone else handle the situation. John sighed, and he conceded that Marlena was right. John assured Marlena that he would get rid of the gun. Marlena thanked John, and she walked away. After Marlena left, John tucked the gun under his jacket. Meanwhile, Marlena paused as she exited the town square.

"It's okay, John. I'll make sure Stefano pays for his crimes," Marlena vowed.

Friday, May 25, 2012

John and Marlena arrived at Abe and Lexie's with foods to recreate a trip the quartet had once taken to New York. John offhandedly mentioned that he, Marlena, and the others had been "busy playing dead," or they would not have missed Lexie's Parisian afternoon in the square. He immediately apologized for being insensitive, but Lexie and Abe insisted that it didn't matter.

While the men were in the other room, Marlena asked how Lexie was really doing. Lexie maintained that she was fine, but Marlena reassured Lexie that if she ever needed to talk about whatever she was feeling, Marlena would be there to listen. A grateful Lexie asserted that she would rather spend her remaining time with family and friends, but acknowledged that she wished she knew exactly how much time she had left -- although it was probably just as well, because she didn't think she could ever really say goodbye.

Her mood a bit more upbeat, Lexie then said how sorry she was that the four of them hadn't taken more trips together. Marlena concurred. Lexie apologized for all the terrible things her father had done to John and Marlena, but Marlena assured Lexie that they didn't blame her. Marlena and Lexie had both begun to cry despite their best efforts not to, so Lexie declared that they were going to make a pact not to have any more regrets, and to just enjoy every precious moment they had together. Marlena wholeheartedly agreed, and the dear friends shared a tearful hug.

After the two couples had enjoyed their New York meal, Marlena declared that it was time to go online shopping, since they couldn't shop on Fifth Avenue. Lexie protested that she didn't need anything, so Marlena insisted that they get something for Theo. Lexie liked that idea, so the ladies went to another room to do their shopping.

Once the men were alone, John placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, and assured Abe, "Listen, partner, if you need someone to talk to -- or someone to just not talk to -- whatever you need, I'm here for you." A grateful Abe embraced his old friend.

When the women returned, John opened up his and Marlena's bag of goodies and produced a New York-style cheesecake. Marlena and Abe went into the kitchen to retrieve some plates. John expressed his sympathy for what Lexie was going through, and his wish that he could do something to help.

John reassured Lexie that he would take care of Abe and Theo -- and that included taking Theo to a Mets game, even though John was a Yankees fan. Grinning, Lexie said, "I am so lucky to have been able to call you 'friend' all these years." John took her in his arms, and both tried unsuccessfully to fight back tears.

After they'd all eaten dessert, Lexie tried to stand up, but obviously had a bit of a dizzy spell. The others voiced their concerns, and Lexie admitted that she was a little tired. She said that she would prefer to go upstairs to lie down instead of watching videos as they'd planned.

Marlena and Abe helped Lexie off the couch, and then Lexie thanked John and Marlena for everything. She hugged both of them warmly and gratefully, and then Abe helped Lexie upstairs. Only then did Marlena let go of the tears she'd been holding back, and threw herself into John's arms, sobbing.

Carrie and Austin were Daniel's office at the hospital, awaiting confirmation that Carrie was really pregnant, when Rafe and Nicole entered. Nicole apologized for interrupting, but Carrie said that she and Austin didn't even have an appointment to be there, so they could return later for the pregnancy test. Rafe seemed very surprised and hopeful that Carrie wasn't positive she was pregnant. Daniel offered to find a nurse to run the tests. Austin left with Daniel to fill out insurance paperwork, and then Rafe asked for a moment alone with Carrie, so Nicole waited outside to give them some privacy.

In the hallway, Nicole expressed her regret to Daniel that things had just been starting to look up for Rafe when Carrie had found out that she might be pregnant. Daniel pointed out that it was better if he and Nicole just stayed out of it. He reminded her that she needed to find another doctor, as they'd discussed. Nicole acknowledged that she had been putting off doing that -- as well as getting the paternity test.

Rafe guessed that Carrie's pregnancy had been the reason she'd been trying to reach him. Carrie apologized, and explained that she and Austin -- her husband -- had been trying to work things out. Rafe and Carrie both regretted how things seemed to have turned out. Carrie confided that she hadn't even told Austin that she was pregnant, since she wasn't sure, but he'd found the test. She added that if she were not pregnant, she would end things with Austin. Rafe wanted to know what she would do if it turned out she were pregnant.

Austin returned, and assumed that since Daniel and Nicole were in the hallway, Carrie and Rafe had to be in the office together. Nicole lied that Rafe was also filling out paperwork, and then went inside to get Carrie. Nicole quickly told them that Austin was outside, so Carrie hurried out. Nicole asked what Carrie and Rafe were going to do. An obviously apprehensive Rafe didn't know, and Nicole realized that he was worried Carrie wouldn't leave Austin if she were pregnant.

After a nurse had drawn Carrie's blood, Daniel led her to his office to wait. Nicole was still there, but Rafe had gone to get coffee. Carrie admitted that she was nervous about the results. Nicole offered to give Carrie some advice about pregnancy, so the men left for the cafeteria. Nicole then warned that Carrie had to find a way to be happy no matter what the results of her pregnancy test were.

Carrie was grateful to Nicole for allowing Rafe to reveal that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby. Nicole admitted that she hadn't wanted to be the thing that kept Rafe and Carrie apart, but pleaded with Carrie to keep the information to herself. Carrie promised that she wouldn't say a word to anyone. Nicole said that she hoped things worked out for Carrie, but urged Carrie to do what was best for both her and Rafe. Carrie wanted to know why Nicole was so concerned, and Nicole said that she was only looking out for Rafe.

Daniel and Austin returned then -- with Carrie's test results. Rafe was right behind them, and Austin wanted Rafe and Nicole to stay and hear the results. At last Daniel opened the envelope, and congratulated Carrie on her pregnancy. While a thrilled Austin embraced his wife, Nicole watched Rafe try to hide his disappointment.

As Will and E.J. worked in Horton Square, Will remarked that he had thought that there had been an ulterior motive behind E.J.'s election campaign. E.J. asserted that his only agenda was to fulfill his promises to his constituents. Will then got and ignored a call from his mother.

Sami was at the Brady Pub when she tried unsuccessfully to reach Will, so she left another in a series of messages pleading with him to call her back. Kate arrived in time to overhear, and taunted Sami about it a bit. Kate changed tack as she took the chair across from Sami and expressed her concern about the continuing stalemate between Sami and Will. Kate tried to guess what the problem was, so Sami admitted that Will had informed her that he was gay.

Kate was glad that Will had finally told Sami. Sami was upset that Kate had known without Will having to tell her, and wondered how Kate had figured it out. Kate pointed out that Sami was so self-absorbed that she'd thought the only thing Will had been upset about was catching Sami and E.J. having sex; Sami had instead completely missed that Will had also been crying out for help.

Kate gently assured Sami that she knew Sami had never intended to hurt Will, and she knew that Sami and Will could heal the rift between them. She asked if Sami would accept some advice, and Sami was happy for any kind of help with her son. Sami again lamented not having known that Will was gay when so many other people had, but Kate thought that Sami had just been unwilling to see it. "What I did was make him feel more alone," Sami said.

Kate theorized that, although Will would never admit it, "He thinks he's lost his mother because of this, just the same way that you think that you've lost your son." Sami confessed that she didn't know what else to do, since she was already leaving half a dozen messages a day for her son. Kate was confident that Will would eventually call -- but when he did, Sami had to just listen to him with acceptance and love. She warned Sami that it would only happen when Will was ready.

Kate added that Sami had to be patient and compassionate, and keep her own feelings in check -- and she knew that Sami was capable of that. Sami then thanked Kate for the advice. As Kate rose to leave, she cautioned Sami, "Just so you know, this changes nothing between us." Sami replied cheerfully, "Of course not. I still have every intention of annihilating Madison and you and Mad World." On her way out, Kate sincerely wished Sami good luck with Will.

Will complained to E.J. that it had not been Sami's place to tell E.J. that Will was gay. E.J. said that he had already known, and tried to persuade Will that Sami had only confided in E.J. because she felt bad about the way she'd handled things. Will defensively pointed out that when Sami had tried to make things right, she had made it all about herself and how upset she was that Will had told other people before her.

Will maintained that Sami had only been trying to reach out to him recently so she could feel better about herself. E.J. asked if Will could forgive Sami, and Will replied, "No, never... I know who my mom is, and she's not going to change." E.J. posited, "What happens if this time, she does change, William? And what happens if the reason that she changes is you?" Will got upset and started to leave, declaring, "If you're on my mom's side, you're not on mine." E.J. asserted that he wasn't taking sides -- and he always had Will's best interests at heart.

Will then mentioned Stefano's recent "heroism" in taking down the arms dealers. E.J. admitted that he'd known nothing about it, and it hadn't been the first time Stefano had acted without E.J.'s knowledge. Will said that he thought E.J. and Stefano did everything like that together. E.J. admitted that he'd been tired of his father constantly undermining him. Will stated that he was surprised E.J. hadn't fired him. "I figured if you ever found out, you'd be furious," Will explained, so E.J. pretended that he knew what Will was talking about, and asserted that it hadn't been Will's fault.

Will said that Stefano had forced him to do it, and E.J. stated that it was just the latest in a long line of despicable things his father had done in recent months. "I don't know how a father could do that to his son. How did you find out, by the way, what Stefano made me do?" Will asked. He implied that it had to do with Nicole, and E.J. inquired about what Will had done. Will covered because he realized that E.J. didn't really know.

E.J. demanded to know what Will had done to Nicole. Will tried to weasel out of it, but E.J. grew firmer and sterner with him. Finally, Will admitted, "He wanted me to make sure that Rafe found out that you and my mom slept together."

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