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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 4, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, June 4, 2012

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, a gunshot rang out during the dramatic climax of the Pagliacci aria "Vesti la giubba." The shooter, who was wearing black leather gloves, checked Stefano's pulse. Satisfied, the shooter exited the room, leaving the gun laying on a table next to Stefano's body. Later, at the police station, Roman received a shocking phone call.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Marlena was standing in the living room when John returned home. Marlena wondered where John had been, and he offered her a vague answer about odds and ends. John added that he had tried to wait around for Marlena earlier, and he noted that she had been gone for a long time. Marlena claimed that she had gotten stuck in the rain after a therapy session.

Meanwhile, Bo was shocked to see Hope at the Brady Pub. Hope claimed that the house had been too quiet, since Ciara had decided to spend the night at a friend's house. Bo nodded, and he told Hope that he had finished his errands.

At Titan, Kate struggled to catch her breath as she entered Ian's office. Ian greeted Kate, and he wondered if she had enjoyed her walk. Kate admitted that the weather had made it difficult for her to relax. Ian assured Kate that everything would be all right, and that she would never need to worry about Stefano again.

At the Horton Town Square, Will ran into E.J., who noted that Will seemed nervous. E.J. tried to interrogate Will, but Will refused to answer E.J.'s questions. Will said that he had been under the impression that E.J. no longer cared about him. E.J. conceded that Will was right, and he abruptly walked away.

At the Carver house, Lexie entered the living room and told Abe that she had not been able to get any sleep. Lexie started to hug Abe, but she realized that he was wearing a wet jacket. Abe quickly removed the jacket, and Lexie wondered if everything was all right. Lexie could tell that Abe was nervous about something, and she assured him that he could tell her anything.

In an alley, Gabi called Chad to let him know that she was all right. After Gabi ended the call, she handed her fake stalker, Andrew, another payment for his services. Andrew was eager to take the ruse to the next level, but Gabi was dismissive of his ideas.

At Common Grounds, Chad told Melanie that he had asked Gabi to start calling him at specific times to let him know that she was all right. Chad wanted to ask Stefano for help, but Melanie urged him to reconsider. Gabi entered the coffeehouse, and she wondered what Chad and Melanie were talking about.

Melanie told Gabi about Chad's plan, and he insisted that it wasn't a big deal. Chad pointed out that Stefano had contacts, and he suggested that one of those contacts would be able to identify the stalker. "So your dad can kill him?" Melanie wondered.

Chad said that he just wanted to be able to provide the cops with enough information for an arrest warrant. Melanie wasn't convinced that the process would be that simple. Chad sighed with frustration, and he said that it was the best idea that he could think of. Chad asked Gabi for her opinion.

"I mean, I just -- I want my life back, and if -- if you think that going to Stefano is the best option, then I can't -- I can't stop you, Chad," Gabi innocently stated. Chad insisted that going to Stefano was the best option. Chad decided to talk to Stefano right away, and he told Melanie that he would call her later. Gabi smirked mischievously as Chad exited the coffeehouse.

Back at the Brady Pub, Bo received a phone call from Roman. Roman asked Bo and Hope to meet him at the DiMera mansion. Bo wondered what was going on. "I'll explain when you get here. Let's just say there's...been a development," Roman said.

At the Carver house, Abe dodged Lexie's questions about his nervousness, and he pointed out that her favorite television show was on. Lexie said that it was actually Abe's favorite show, and he conceded that she might be right. Lexie agreed to watch the show with Abe, and she excused herself so that she could make some tea.

After Lexie left, Abe turned on the television. "We interrupt this program with breaking news. According to sources, prominent Salem resident Stefano DiMera was shot dead in his own home tonight," a news reporter announced. Abe quickly turned off the television. Lexie returned, and Abe told her that he had changed his mind about watching the television show.

Back at the townhouse, John turned on the television so that he could find out when the rain would go away. "Again, we have received numerous reports that Stefano DiMera, CEO of DiMera Enterprises, is dead," a news reporter stated. Marlena seemed skeptical, and she wondered if the story was accurate. "Well, if it is...our dreams have just come true," John said.

At Titan, Will greeted Kate, and he wondered if she was all right. Kate said that she was fine, and Will realized that she hadn't heard the news. "Stefano is dead. They're saying that he was murdered," Will said. Kate tearfully insisted that there had been some sort of mistake. Ian wrapped his arms around Kate, and he wondered if the cops knew who had killed Stefano.

At the DiMera mansion, Roman showed Hope and Bo an evidence bag that contained a gun. "Gunshot from behind...into Stefano's back, through his chest. The killer left this behind. Odds are it is the murder weapon; we won't know for sure till ballistics does their thing. We also found bullet holes in the living room, but they're not from this gun. This gun was only fired once," Roman explained.

Bo wondered why the killer had been careless enough to leave the murder weapon at the mansion. Hope theorized that the killer had wanted the weapon to be discovered, and Roman agreed. "We received an anonymous phone call earlier. Person used a voice-altering device, told us Stefano had been murdered -- obviously knew what they were talking about," Roman added.

Roman informed Bo and Hope that they were both suspects. Roman wondered where Hope and Bo had been earlier that night. Hope quickly responded that she and Bo had spent the evening together at their house, and Bo agreed. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope each silently recalled their earlier confrontations with Stefano.

Roman wondered if anyone would be able to confirm Bo and Hope's shared alibi. Bo started to get defensive, but Roman calmly pointed out that he needed to cover all of his bases. Roman held up the evidence bag, and he wondered if Hope or Bo had ever seen the gun before. Bo and Hope each recalled an earlier encounter with the gun, but they simultaneously answered that they didn't recognize it.

Chad started to struggle with some officers as he tried to enter the room. Roman instructed the officers to step aside. "What the hell is -- oh, my that my father?" Chad wondered, as he noticed a sheet-covered body that was lying on a gurney. Roman confirmed Chad's suspicion.

"No, no, no, no. This -- this -- this can't be happening. Who did this? I have to call -- I have to call my brother. I have to find E.J. I have to get E.J. Where's E.J.?" Chad wondered, as he frantically looked around the room. Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, E.J. stared out the window with a menacing expression on his face, and he tried to steady his shaking hands.

Later, Roman started to question the potential suspects. At the Carver house, Abe tried to convince Roman to postpone the interview, but Roman refused to do so. Abe said that Lexie had gone to bed shortly before Roman had arrived, and he begged Roman to reconsider. "Abe, Stefano's dead! I need to do my job," Roman loudly stated, as Lexie descended the stairs.

Lexie said that Stefano had been at the house earlier that night, and she insisted that he couldn't be dead. Lexie was shocked to learn that Stefano had been murdered, and she broke down in Abe's arms. After Lexie regained her composure, Roman assured her that he would find out who had killed her father.

Lexie told Roman about Stefano's earlier visit. Roman wondered if that was the last time that Lexie had seen Stefano. Lexie tearfully nodded, and Roman repeated the question for Abe. Abe silently recalled his earlier confrontation with Stefano, but he claimed that he had last seen Stefano at the Carver house.

Next, Roman questioned Kate at Titan. Kate said that Will had told her about Stefano's death. Will silently recalled confronting Stefano earlier that night. Will claimed that he had heard a news report about Stefano's death, and he said that he had rushed over to Titan to check on Kate.

Roman asked Kate to tell him about her last conversation with Stefano. Kate silently recalled her earlier confrontation with Stefano. Kate said that Stefano had sent divorce papers to her office earlier that day, but she added that a messenger had delivered them. Kate claimed that she hadn't talked to Stefano recently. "And now I guess I never will," Kate added.

Finally, Roman visited John and Marlena at the townhouse. John admitted that he was thrilled that Stefano was dead. John claimed that he had thought about going to see Stefano at the DiMera mansion earlier that night. John added that Roman's lecture had convinced him to reconsider. "Really? You never listened to me before," Roman noted with a smile.

John silently recalled confronting Stefano earlier that night, and he shrugged as he stated that there was a first time for everything. Roman agreed, and he turned his attention to Marlena. Marlena remained silent as she recalled her earlier showdown with Stefano. Marlena claimed that she had not talked to Stefano recently.

Roman wondered if there was anything else that John or Marlena wanted to tell him. Marlena and John each silently recalled encountering the gun that had been found at the DiMera mansion. John said that he had nothing to add, and Marlena echoed his statement.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Chad was relieved to see E.J. "God, this is such a nightmare. This is such a nightmare. I came here to ask him a question, and now he's dead. He's Stefano DiMera. He's supposed -- he's -- I don't understand why anyone would do this," Chad tearfully stated, as he stared at the gurney.

Later, E.J. went to the police station to talk to Roman. E.J. explained that he had just finished identifying Stefano's body at the mansion. Roman offered his condolences, and he wondered why E.J. had decided to visit the police station. E.J. silently recalled firing three shots at the living room wall earlier that night.

"I mean, I don't think it's much of a secret my father and I had a tumultuous relationship. It was marked by a lot of ups and downs. I thought you should hear it from me -- recently, we were going through...somewhat of a rough patch. Sooner or later, you're going to look towards me as one of the suspects, and, uh...I'd rather you got me out of the way sooner rather than later, so you can focus on finding the real killer," E.J. claimed.

Roman wondered why Stefano and E.J.'s relationship had been strained recently. E.J. claimed that Stefano had mistakenly convinced himself that E.J. had been trying to take over the family business. E.J. insisted that he had his own goals, and that he was a lot more than just Stefano's son.

Meanwhile, Chad seemed dazed as he entered the town square. Melanie rushed over to hug Chad, and Gabi followed. Melanie wondered what had happened. "When I got there, he was already gone. There was a sheet over him. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that out of my head," Chad quietly stated.

Gabi wondered if there was anything that she could do for Chad. Chad said that he was okay, but Gabi refused to believe that. "You're right -- I'm not okay. I've already lost my mother. I just lost my father. I'm alone -- I am completely alone," Chad tearfully stated. Melanie hugged Chad, and she assured him that he wasn't alone. Gabi glared at the couple, unaware that Andrew was lurking behind her.

At the Carver house, Lexie admitted that when Roman had told her that Stefano had died, she had briefly assumed that his guilt had caused him to commit suicide. Abe wondered if that would have made a difference. Lexie said that she didn't know, and she tearfully stated that the only thing that she did know was that Stefano was gone. Abe comforted Lexie, and he promised to make sure that justice was served.

At the townhouse, Marlena wondered if she and John should have told Roman that they had gone out earlier that night. John said that Roman hadn't asked for that information. John recalled that Roman had only asked if John and Marlena had seen Stefano, and he added that they had told Roman the truth. Marlena seemed satisfied with that rationalization, and John assured her that they had nothing to worry about.

At Bo and Hope's house, Hope vented about the fact that Roman had decided to keep her and Bo off of the DiMera case. Bo assured Hope that they would be able to work on the case as soon as their names were cleared. Hope agreed with Bo, but there was a hint of uncertainty in each of their voices.

At Titan, Will offered Kate his support. Will said that Kate's husband had just died, and he insisted that she didn't need to pretend that it wasn't bothering her. "Yeah, I know, but to be honest with you, I knew this day would come...when all his scheming and plotting would get him killed," Kate replied.

Meanwhile, at the police station, an officer handed Roman a report. "Abe Carver? The murder weapon belongs to Abe Carver? Are you sure?" Roman asked incredulously. The officer confirmed that the report was accurate. Later, the officer returned, and he handed Roman the lab's fingerprint analysis. Roman wondered if the lab had found a match, and the officer replied that the lab had found a lot of matches.

"Eight matches. Well, they're all here -- Abe, Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, E.J., Kate...and Will. One of these people murdered Stefano DiMera...but which one?" Roman wondered, as he added Will's photograph to a corkboard that already contained photographs of the other seven suspects.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

While Roman drank his coffee in Horton Town Square, Office Martine Kent introduced herself to Roman and informed him that she had been assigned to him. Roman explained to the officer that he was being replaced as the lead investigator into Stefano's death by a man from the governor's office.

Roman added that he needed Martine's help to comb through the murder investigation and prepare it to hand over to officials. Roman rattled off the list of suspects for Martine, and he noted the motives for each of the suspects.

At the Carver residence, Abe stared at the morning newspaper and thought about his conversation with Stefano the night of his murder. When Lexie walked downstairs, she sat on the couch and stared at the newspaper story about her father.

Abe answered the front door and found Roman and Martine on the porch. Roman asked to talk to Abe privately, but Lexie insisted that she be included in any conversation about her father's murder. With a nod, Abe encouraged Roman to let Lexie stay. Roman explained to Lexie that Abe was a suspect in Stefano's murder because his gun had been found at the scene of the crime. With a sigh, Roman added that Abe's gun was the murder weapon.

Abe explained that he had confronted Stefano at his house, but that he had not killed Stefano. Before Roman could ask a follow-up question, Theo walked downstairs. Lexie led Theo into the kitchen, leaving Abe alone with Roman and Martine. Roman asked Abe why he had lied previously. Abe admitted that he had lied because he did not want his dying wife to believe that her husband had killed her father.

Roman told Abe that he understood why Abe had lied, and then added that he needed Abe to tell him everything that had happened. Abe told Roman that he had confronted Stefano about the gas that had caused Lexie's brain tumor. "Stefano didn't think that I would kill him, and he was right. But when I left, I did leave my gun behind," Abe said. When Roman asked why, Abe admitted that he was worried that if he had kept his gun, then he might have returned to the mansion and shot Stefano.

Abe added that he had hoped that Stefano would use the gun to commit suicide. When Abe asked whether Roman believed him, Lexie interrupted from the doorway to say that she believed Abe. Roman ordered Abe to go to the police station and get tested for gunshot residue. When Abe nodded in agreement, Roman and Martine left. Lexie assured Abe that she did not believe that Abe would murder Stefano.

With a shrug, Abe admitted that he had been close to killing Stefano. Lexie wondered aloud who had killed her father. Lexie pulled out her picture album and looked at photos. "Not only will I not be here for Theo, but neither will my father," Lexie lamented. Abe admitted that he was relieved he did not need to spend time with Stefano for Theo's sake.

When Lexie reminded Abe that Stefano was Theo's grandfather, Abe countered that Stefano was also the person responsible for taking Theo's mother away from him. "In his defense, my father didn't know the lengths that Andre would go to," Lexie said. Abe refused to believe that Stefano was not to blame for Andre's actions. When Abe noted that he would never forgive Stefano, Lexie countered that if she could forgive Stefano, then Abe should as well.

"You have to make peace with this," Lexie counseled Abe. Overwhelmed, Abe broke down in tears. Once Abe wiped his tears and calmed down, Lexie noted that she did not want to spend her last days with her family holding onto her anger. Worried, Lexie noted that her and Abe's friends each had a motive to kill Stefano. "I've decided that if one of them did it, I don't wanna know," Lexie said.

In her office, Kate thought about her confrontation with Stefano and how she had held him at gunpoint. Ian asked Kate how she was feeling, and Kate admitted that she was having difficulty believing that Stefano was dead. Kate noted that Stefano was the most vindictive person she had ever met, and she listed all the things that Stefano had done to her since she had failed Stefano's test. Ian assured Kate that he would never have let Stefano destroy her.

"Being dead, that's not gonna stop him," Kate whispered. "No man cheats death. Not even Stefano," Ian said. "That's where you're wrong," Kate said with concern. Kate explained that Stefano had "died" several times before. Ian assured Kate that Stefano was dead and would not return. When Kate started to cry, Ian held her hand and promised to stay by Kate's side. As Kate wiped her tears, Ian asked her whether she had gone to the DiMera mansion the night of Stefano's murder.

"Are you asking me if I killed him?" Kate asked. "Did you?" Ian responded. Before Kate could answer, Roman and Martine knocked on the door to Kate's office. Ian ushered Roman and Martine into the room so that they could talk to Kate, then left them alone. Roman informed Kate that her fingerprints were on the murder weapon, and he asked her to tell him what had happened.

When Roman questioned Kate, she admitted that she had been furious with Stefano. Kate firmly denied killing Stefano, and she stated that she did not know why her fingerprints were on the murder weapon. "I am not capable of murdering, Stefano!" Kate cried out as Ian eavesdropped from the hallway. Kate admitted that she was still "deeply and desperately in love" with Stefano.

When Kate reminded Roman that Stefano had been the one to reach out to her after her affair with Bill Horton, Roman countered that Stefano's help had meant a life of prostitution. Nodding, Kate noted that Stefano's help had enabled her to take care of her children. "It started off as a business relationship, but then it evolved into something else," Kate said. In the hallway, Ian frowned as he heard Kate speaking.

When Roman noted that he did not like to see Kate upset, Ian opened the door and agreed with Roman. Roman ordered Kate to head to the police station for a gunshot residue test, and he told her he would be in touch. As Kate gently touched Roman's arm, she whispered that she had not murdered Stefano.

Once Ian and Kate were alone, Ian urged Kate to tell him about her history with Stefano. Kate said that she felt guilty. Suspicious, Ian questioned Kate about her alibi and asked her whether she had killed Stefano.

E.J. jogged through Salem and stopped outside the pub to catch his breath. As E.J. thought about when he had threatened Stefano, Sami walked around the corner and saw E.J. staring at the ground. Sami reminded E.J. that Stefano was called the Phoenix, and she asked E.J. if he was sure that Stefano was dead. With a sigh, E.J. shook his head.

E.J. and Sami went to her apartment, and Sami renewed her question about whether Stefano was alive. With a sigh, E.J. informed Sami that he had identified Stefano's body and that he was sure Stefano was dead. Sami noted that there was a long list of suspects, and she added, "I'm not even the only person in this room that wanted him dead."

Bristling, E.J. retorted, "What exactly do you mean by that?" Sami stared silently at E.J., and he admitted that he had wished for Stefano's death on several occasions. With a faint smile, Sami reminded E.J. that he was Stefano's golden boy. E.J. noted how it had been difficult to please Stefano, and that it was difficult to change Stefano's mind. When Sami wondered aloud about Stefano's decision to appoint her as the head of Countess Wilhelmina, E.J. assured Sami that he would not let anyone remove her from her position.

With a smile, Sami noted that as default head of the DiMera empire, E.J. had been given the opportunity to run the family business as he saw fit. "You can let go of everything your father believed in, and you can do what you think is best. You can build that company up. Change DiMera Enterprises for good. And if you do, we might have a chance," Sami said.

Surprised by Sami's choice of words, E.J. asked her what she meant. Sami explained that she meant "we" as in the family, and she urged E.J. to grieve and move on with his life. With a nod, E.J. admitted that he would like to repair the DiMera family image in the community.

Roman and Martine stopped by Sami's apartment, looking for E.J. When Sami admitted Roman and Martine into her living room, Roman asked E.J. why he was not wound up and screaming for justice, since that was how E.J. usually behaved. "You already know who the killer is, don't you, E.J.?" Roman asked.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At Sami's, E.J. maintained that he hadn't killed his father, and he didn't know who had. While Officer Kent looked on, Roman produced an envelope, which he said contained E.J.'s motive. As E.J. opened the envelope, Roman explained that Stefano's will was inside, and E.J. had been cut completely out of it. E.J. pointed out that his father had never executed the will or had it witnessed. E.J. said that the document was just one of the many props Stefano liked to threaten E.J. with, and explained, "He's always threatening to disinherit me for one reason or another."

Roman then revealed that E.J.'s fingerprints had been found on the murder weapon. E.J. claimed that although he'd been at the mansion and had seen a gun there, he had simply left, because Stefano hadn't been home. Roman asked E.J. to go down to the station for a gunshot-residue test -- and instructed him not to leave town. E.J. coolly insisted that he wanted the culprit caught just as much as Roman did, and reminded Roman, "My father and I may not have always had a perfect relationship, but he's my flesh and blood, and you know that, to a DiMera, that means everything."

After Roman had gone, E.J. asked if Sami thought he had killed his father. Sami reassured E.J. that she didn't, adding that she knew how much Stefano had meant to E.J., who had done nothing over the years but try to prove himself to his father. E.J. then said that it was time for the results of Nicole's paternity test. On his way out, E.J. thanked Sami.

Nicole fidgeted nervously as she waited with Rafe in Daniel's office for her baby's DNA test results. Rafe urged Nicole to try to calm down, and apologized for not having figured out a way to change the results so that they didn't prove E.J. was the father. Nicole recalled how Daniel had caught her -- and admonished her for -- switching the tests. Nicole thanked Rafe for everything he'd done for her so far, but assured him that his responsibility to her ended that day, because E.J. was about to find out the truth. Rafe hoped that since Stefano had just died, maybe E.J. wouldn't show up, but Nicole didn't think anything would stop E.J. from claiming his child.

Daniel entered, and said that the test results would be in soon. Rafe tried to reassure Nicole that E.J. might not be "such a bastard" in the wake of Stefano's death, but Nicole feared that having all the DiMera money and power would only make E.J. worse.

When Rafe stepped into the hallway to answer a phone call from Roman, Daniel declared that he wanted to talk to Nicole about what had happened the night before. Nicole assumed that he was referring to their kiss, but Daniel said that he'd meant the switch she'd tried to pull with the paternity tests.

On the phone in the hallway, Rafe asked Roman, "You want to reinstate me?" Roman explained that he'd worked everything out with the ISA, because the department could use all the help it could get to solve Stefano's murder. Rafe was grateful for the opportunity.

As Nicole was apologizing to Daniel, E.J. knocked on the door, and Rafe entered behind E.J. Nicole extended her condolences to E.J. about Stefano's death. Daniel and Rafe chimed in with their own rather hollow expressions of sympathy. Daniel then headed to the lab to get the test results. E.J. warned Nicole that he would be part of her child's life whether Nicole liked it or not.

Daniel returned, and announced, "According to the lab results, the father of Ms. Walker's baby is Rafe Hernandez." Daniel showed E.J. the paperwork to prove it. E.J. didn't want to believe it, and demanded another test, but Nicole flatly refused. E.J. implored her to admit the truth and not keep his child from him. Nicole asked the others for a moment alone with E.J., so Rafe and Daniel reluctantly waited outside.

E.J. entreated Nicole, "I'm losing everything I love in my life. I've lost you; I lost my father; my sister is dying. Don't take this child away from me, please." Nicole expressed her sympathy for E.J.'s pain, but pointed out that the lab tests hadn't lied -- and therefore there was nothing left between them. She asked E.J. to leave. Although he agreed to go, E.J. refused to accept that things were over between them. Terrified, Nicole broke down in sobs as soon as the door had closed behind E.J.

Nicole had composed herself by the time Daniel and Rafe returned. "How in God's name did this happen?" a grinning Rafe marveled as he held up the DNA results. Nicole guessed that there had been a mix-up in the lab. Rafe then announced that he was back on the police force, so he had to head down to the station to fill out some paperwork. Nicole congratulated him.

As soon as Rafe had gone, an ecstatic Nicole declared that Daniel was a wonderful man, and threw her arms around his neck. She asked why Daniel hadn't changed the labels back after he'd caught her switching them. "I saw how terrified you were, and I realized I'm the only person in a position to help you," Daniel explained. He added that he had not taken the decision lightly.

"I've been through every facet of this, as a father and as a son, and I can tell you, it's painful," Daniel said. He elaborated that Nicole's baby deserved better than to have E.J. groom him or her to take over the DiMera family. Nicole sincerely expressed her gratitude. "You are the best, and I don't know what I would have done without you," Nicole declared, seductively wrapping her arms around Daniel.

Bo and Hope arrived at the townhouse to let John and Marlena know that Abe's gun had been used to murder Stefano. "Abe's weren't the only prints on the gun... The lab found matches for seven other prints on that gun -- including the four of us," Bo revealed. John concluded that the four of them were suspects, and Hope confirmed it, adding that she and Bo were not on the case as a result. Bo explained that the only reason he knew about the prints was that he had a friend in forensics.

Realizing that each of them had handled Abe's gun, John turned to his wife. Marlena admitted that she had confronted Stefano. Marlena and John apologized for not telling each other the truth about seeing Stefano. "Apparently, we all did," Hope pointed out. Marlena wanted to know who else's prints had been on the gun. Bo replied, "Junior, Kate, and get this: Will." Marlena was stunned.

Roman then showed up with Officer Kent, whom Roman introduced to the others. Kent's phone rang with a call from the station, so she stepped outside to take it. "I hope I haven't walked in on some kind of cover-up," Roman warned the Bradys and the Blacks, and added, "All four of you have already lied to me about where you were last night." Everyone apologized to Roman.

Roman demanded to know if someone in that room had murdered Stefano DiMera. John declared that none of them were sorry that the old man was dead, but none of them had shot him. Officer Kent returned as Roman was instructing the group to go to the station for a gunshot-residue test, and not to leave town. Roman and Officer Kent then left.

As soon as Bo and Hope had departed for the police station, Marlena threw her arms around John. "I'm so glad he's dead -- but I'm scared," she admitted, explaining that someone they knew and loved might have been responsible for Stefano's death. John declared, "The man pushed so many people to the breaking point. I don't blame anybody for killing him." Marlena reminded John that she'd shot Stefano when he'd kidnapped the twins, so she understood how someone else could have felt that same kind of anger -- but she reassured John that she had not killed Stefano.

Later, Marlena gathered some things to take to the women's shelter -- including the raincoat she'd been wearing the night before. She and John then left for the police station for their gunshot-residue tests.

At the police station, Hope and Bo looked at the board with the pictures of all the suspects, including the two of them. Hope asked Bo, "If you shot Stefano, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?" Bo replied, "Yeah, sure. And you'd do the same, right?" Hope declared, "Of course -- absolutely."

At Common Grounds, Will and Sonny discussed how the whole town was abuzz with the news of Stefano's death. When Sonny asked how E.J. was handling the news, Will divulged that he had no idea -- because E.J. had fired him. Will explained that Stefano had forced him to make sure that Rafe found out about E.J. and Sami having sex, so that Nicole would then find out and break up with E.J. Sonny was irked that Will had used him to make sure Rafe had overheard Will's "confession" to Sonny.

Will swore that it had just been a coincidence. He apologized profusely to Sonny, and vowed to make it up to him. Sonny accepted Will's apology. Will then admitted that he'd also lost his car and his apartment when E.J. had fired him, and blamed Stefano for it all. "I'm glad he's dead," Will declared. Sonny urged Will not to say that out loud, lest people think that Will had killed Stefano.

Sami arrived, and chastised Will for not returning her "million" phone messages. Sonny left to give Sami and Will some privacy. Sami then told Will that she just wanted to help, but he laughed and said that he didn't need help just because he'd come out. "Will, get this through your head: I love you. I love you no matter what," Sami declared. "Really? No matter what?" Will asked, then grabbed Sonny and put his arm around him.

"What if I told you that Sonny and I are together, and we're in love? Is that okay with you?" Will demanded. Sami was surprised, but grinned as she said that she would just like to get to know Sonny a little better. She asked the two boys if things were serious, and Sonny finally ended the charade. Sonny apologized to Sami, "I'm really sorry. He's just telling you this stuff to see how you'd react. We're not together -- and now that he's used me again, I don't even know if we're friends."

Will somewhat derisively pointed out that his mom was eventually going to have to deal with him being in a relationship with another man. Sonny urged Will to let Sami get used to the idea that her son was gay -- and not make things more difficult than they needed to be. Sonny then said to Sami, "It took Will a long time to get comfortable with who he is. I think it's only fair that his mom gets some time as well."

Sami again reassured Will that she loved him no matter what, and expressed her gratitude to Sonny. After Sonny got coffee and the three of them sat at a table together, Sami offered her extra bedroom to Will, since she knew he no longer had a place to live. Will turned her down outright, but Sonny urged him to at least consider it. Will agreed to think about his mom's offer.

Roman arrived with Officer Kent to talk to Will about Stefano's murder. Sonny left so that Roman could talk to Will in private, but Sami refused to leave her son's side. Roman then disclosed that Will's prints had been on the gun that had been used to kill Stefano. A flipped-out Sami blurted, "There is no way that gun that Will had last night had anything to do with Stefano's murder." An incredulous Roman asked if Sami had seen Will carrying a gun the night before.

Sami clarified that Lucas had seen Will with the gun, but Lucas had taken the gun away from Will much earlier in the evening, so Will could not possibly have used it to kill Stefano. Roman revealed that the gun that had killed Stefano actually belonged to Abe. "Obviously, Will was there, because Abe said he left the gun at the mansion, and Will came in contact with the murder weapon. So Will, talk to me: why were you at the DiMera mansion last night?" Roman demanded.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe ran into Austin and Carrie. Austin was eager to congratulate Rafe, and he explained that he had gone to the hospital earlier that day to pick up Carrie's prescriptions. Austin said that he had overheard some nurses talking about Nicole's paternity test results. Carrie sighed as she realized that Rafe was the father of Nicole's baby.

Austin guessed that the news had devastated E.J., and he joked that it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Austin received a phone call, and he excused himself so that he could answer it. After Austin left, Carrie wondered why Rafe had lied to her. Rafe assured Carrie that he had never slept with Nicole, and that he wasn't really the father of Nicole's baby.

Carrie believed Rafe, and she guessed that Nicole had switched the samples. Rafe pointed out that the lab technician could have made a mistake, but Carrie was certain that Nicole wouldn't have taken that kind of risk. Rafe conceded Carrie's point, but he admitted that he had no idea how Nicole had managed to switch the samples without getting caught.

Carrie suggested that the universe was trying to tell her and Rafe that they needed to go their separate ways. Rafe wondered if that was what Carrie wanted. "Honestly, it's not what I wanted, but I've been praying so hard, and I've dreamed of a family with Austin for as long as I can remember. My grandma always says that a baby is always a blessing. Rafe, what we had when we were in the safe house, and we were planning our was so new, and special, and wonderful, but that's a life that we'll never get a chance to live, and we have to accept that," Carrie said.

Carrie told Rafe that she loved Austin. Rafe grinned as he recalled that Carrie had said that she was in love with him. Carrie confirmed that her feelings for Rafe had not changed, but she added that they each had a baby to think about. Carrie insisted that she and Rafe needed to do the right thing, and he reluctantly agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Austin told Billie that Carrie was pregnant. Billie recalled that Carrie had said that she wasn't ready to start a family with Austin, but he insisted that Carrie had changed her mind after her near-death experience at the safe house. Austin assured Billie that his marriage was solid, but she wasn't convinced.

Billie wondered if Austin was worried that Carrie might still have feelings for Rafe. Austin stressed that Carrie had recommitted to their marriage before she had found out that she was pregnant. Austin begged Billie to be happy for him. Billie tried to hide her skepticism, and she assured Austin that he was going to be a great father.

Later, Austin returned to the town square to look for Carrie. Austin's smile faded when he realized that Carrie had been with Rafe the entire time that Austin had been gone, but he quickly recovered. Austin interrupted Carrie and Rafe's conversation, and Rafe excused himself. After Rafe left, Carrie told Austin that she was ready to look for a house. Austin was thrilled, and he failed to detect the hint of uncertainty in Carrie's voice.

Elsewhere, Melanie tried to comfort Chad, and she said that she was sorry for his loss. "I know you are...but I have to ask you a question. You're glad he's dead, aren't you?" Chad asked. Melanie admitted that she had never liked Stefano, but she assured Chad that she was still sorry that he had lost his father. Chad thanked Melanie, and he said that he was lucky to have her.

Chad wished that he hadn't tried to cut Stefano out of his life. "I saw how much he loved Lexie and E.J., but I held back, and now it's too late," Chad tearfully stated. Melanie said that Stefano had always known Chad's true feelings. Melanie added that Chad and Stefano's relationship had improved recently.

Melanie said that Stefano had been proud of Chad for being his own man, just like Stefano had always been. "Look, I may be my own man, but at the end of the day, I was Stefano DiMera's son. And I know the hell he put people through, and I understand why everybody's celebrating his death, but...he's still my father," Chad said, as he struggled to contain his emotions.

Meanwhile, Andrew approached Gabi from behind, and he leaned over her shoulder. Gabi gasped when she realized that someone was lurking behind her, and she told Andrew that he had scared her. Andrew joked that he had a talent for scaring people. Gabi said that she was busy, and she demanded to know why Andrew had contacted her.

Andrew said that wasn't a polite way to start a conversation with someone. Gabi curtly stated that she hadn't hired Andrew to be her etiquette coach. Gabi added that she was late for a meeting. Gabi warned Andrew not to waste her time again, and she started to walk away.

Andrew grabbed Gabi's arm, and he told her that they weren't done yet. Andrew glanced over at Chad, who was standing on the other side of the town square. Andrew said that he could tell that Gabi wanted to be more than just Chad's modeling partner. Gabi said that was none of Andrew's business, but he disagreed.

Andrew knowingly stated that Gabi had hired him to be her stalker so that Chad would feel compelled to protect her. Gabi insisted that Andrew was wrong, and she reiterated that she was too busy to talk to him. "I'll call you if I need to be stalked; otherwise, just leave me the hell alone," Gabi added, and she abruptly walked away.

Gabi approached Chad and Melanie, and she wondered if Chad was all right. Gabi quickly apologized, and she recalled that she had hated hearing that question after Arianna had died. Gabi pushed Melanie out of the way so that she could hug Chad, and Melanie stared at her in disbelief. Gabi promised to be there for Chad, the same way that he had been there for her.

Chad quickly pulled away from Gabi, and he put his arm back around Melanie. Chad was eager to return to his apartment. Chad felt like everyone was staring at him, and he assumed that they were all happy that his father was dead. Chad was concerned about Gabi's safety, so he invited her to hang out at the apartment with him and Melanie. Gabi feigned reluctance, but she eventually accepted Chad's invitation.

Later, Gabi carried some takeout boxes over to Chad and Melanie's table. Chad was anxious to leave the town square, but Gabi stopped him, and she said that she wanted to check her order first. Gabi dramatically explained that the waitress who had taken her order had a habit of making mistakes.

Gabi opened one of the boxes, and she found a dead rat laying on top of her salad. Gabi gasped and started to freak out. "This is kind of like when Bette Davis served Joan Crawford a rat in that old movie," Melanie dryly stated. Chad called a waitress over to the table. The waitress was horrified, and Chad asked her to find out if the kitchen staff had noticed anything suspicious.

A short time later, the waitress returned, and she confirmed that the cook had seen a guy enter the kitchen earlier. The waitress added that the cook had assumed that the man was a trash collector, because he had been wearing heavy gloves. The waitress apologetically stated that the cook had not been able to describe the gloved man.

After the waitress left, Melanie wondered if Gabi was all right. Gabi snapped at Melanie, but she quickly apologized and said that she was just upset. Chad said that it was obvious that Gabi's stalker had struck again. "It's weird, too, 'cause we were with you this time," Melanie skeptically noted. Chad wanted to call the cops, but Gabi refused to do so.

"Okay, so your stalker super-sized your salad with a dead rat, and you still say no to calling the cops. Um...what is wrong with you?" Chad asked incredulously. Gabi claimed that Will and E.J. were going to find someone who could protect her. Chad insisted that Gabi wasn't safe, and Melanie added that Gabi needed some real protection.

"My father is Stefano DiMera, and...for God's sake, he was just murdered. If someone can get to him, a stalker can certainly get to you," Chad pointed out. Gabi insisted that her stalker wouldn't be able to get to her if she was with Chad, and she urged Chad to take her back to his apartment. Chad ignored Gabi's request, and he rushed over to talk to Rafe, who had just entered the town square.

Gabi tried to convince herself that Chad and Rafe's conversation wasn't actually happening. Melanie said that she was glad that it was happening, because Gabi needed help. Gabi could tell that Rafe was upset, and she tried to convince him that the situation wasn't as dire as it seemed. Rafe refused to believe Gabi, and he asked for her phone so that he could trace the text messages and emails that the stalker had sent.

Gabi claimed that she had deleted the messages. Rafe chastised Gabi for her actions, and he reiterated that he wanted her phone. Rafe was sure that one of his contacts would be able to retrieve something that would help him locate the stalker. Gabi refused to cooperate, and she insisted that she needed her phone for work. Rafe said that he had been under the impression that Gabi's modeling gig had been on hiatus.

Before Gabi could respond, Rafe firmly stated that her modeling career was over either way. Gabi said that Rafe couldn't make her quit, but he ignored her protests. Rafe said that Gabi wasn't going to go anywhere or see anyone until after the stalker had been caught. Gabi said that Chad, Melanie, and Abigail had been keeping her safe. Rafe was grateful for everyone's help, but he said that it was his turn to keep Gabi safe.

Rafe decided that it would be best for Gabi to stay at his place. "Be glad I'm not sending you to that convent in Puerto Arenas," Rafe added, as Gabi tried to protest. Rafe started to exit the town square, and Melanie and Chad followed him. Gabi glanced over her shoulder, and she noticed that Andrew was standing nearby. Rafe impatiently ordered Gabi to stop stalling, and Andrew watched as she reluctantly walked away.

At Common Grounds, Lucas greeted Will, Sami, and Roman, and he wondered what was going on. Sami quickly explained the situation to Lucas. After Roman finished questioning Will, he asked Will to accompany him to the pub so that he could properly dispose of the gun. Sami and Lucas reluctantly admitted that the gun was gone, and Roman wondered what had happened to it.

"Um...well...after I gave the gun to Dad, I just followed him to see what he would do with it. And then...after you left, I snuck in and took it back," Will admitted. Sami wondered how Will had managed to open the safe. Will said that it had been easy to figure out the combination, because he knew the birth dates of all of Caroline's kids. Roman wondered where Will had stashed the gun.

"Oh, I got rid of it. I took it apart, and I threw away the storm drains all over town," Will said. Will explained that he had been worried about getting caught with the gun, but he assured Roman that he had never fired it. Will said that he had gone to the DiMera mansion after he had disposed of the weapon. Roman wondered why Will had felt compelled to touch Abe's gun.

"I don't -- I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter, because Stefano wasn't home, and nobody was home, so I just put it back where I found it, and I got out of there," Will said. Sami was eager to take Will back to her apartment, and she wondered if Roman was satisfied with Will's answers. "Not so fast -- I need Will to be tested for gunshot residue," Roman announced.

At the police station, Sami wondered if Roman had tested the other suspects. Roman nodded, and he added that everyone else had tested negative. Sami offered Will some words of encouragement, and she insisted that everything was going to be all right. After Roman and Will left, Lucas wondered if Sami really believed that.

Sami wondered if Lucas believed that Will was actually capable of murdering Stefano, but Lucas didn't respond. Sami paced the floor as she waited for Will and Roman to return. "You know, this is all Stefano's fault. If he weren't such an evil, horrible human being, there wouldn't be people lining the streets to murder him," Sami reasoned.

Lucas pointed out that it had been Will's choice to go to the DiMera mansion that night. Sami noted that Lucas hadn't answered her earlier question. Sami demanded to know if Lucas was turning his back on Will. "No, Sami, I'm not turning my back on our son, but he got himself into this mess by having the gun, and then getting rid of it in pieces. It makes it look like he's hiding something," Lucas explained.

Sami reminded Lucas that Will's gun wasn't the murder weapon, but Lucas countered that Will's fingerprints had been found on Abe's gun. Sami insisted that Will was not capable of murder, but Lucas pointed out that Will had once tried to kill E.J. "You and I both know anybody is capable of anything if they're pushed hard enough," Lucas added.

Before Sami could respond, Will reentered the room. Sami was eager to leave, but Will explained that he couldn't leave until after Roman had received the test results. Will swore that he hadn't killed Stefano, and Sami hugged him. After a moment of hesitation, Will wrapped his arms around Sami. Sami assured Will that she and Lucas believed him.

"Okay, 'cause I made things look bad, you know? I mean, buying a gun, and then...lying to you about it. I don't know. What was I thinking?" Will wondered. Sami said that Will had been upset with Stefano, and she added that he wasn't the only one. Will admitted that he should not have taken the gun out of the safe. Lucas wondered why Will had done that.

"I don't know! I was afraid that...someone would find it, and then I'd get in trouble for owning a gun, so...I don't know, I thought I'd take it apart and throw away the pieces. Oh, my God...who does that, though, really? Somebody who looks guilty of murder, that's who," Will realized. Sami assured Will that the gunshot residue test was going to be negative, and that he wouldn't have anything to worry about.

Roman returned, and Sami anxiously waited for him to announce that Will was free to leave. Roman hesitated, and Sami and Lucas wondered what was wrong. "Will can't leave...because his gunpowder residue test came back positive," Roman said with a heavy sigh. Will remained silent, and Sami insisted that the lab had made some sort of error. Sami urged Roman to do another test.

"Sami, listen, this is hell for me, okay? I checked, I double-checked -- the results are accurate. Of the suspects, Will alone tested positive. He fired a gun. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. William Robert Horton, you are hereby placed under arrest for the murder of Stefano DiMera," Roman announced.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Monday, June 11, and pick up where the Thursday, June 7 episode concluded.

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