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Monday, June 11, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jack excitedly informed Jennifer that someone had agreed to publish his memoir, which was tentatively titled A Year in the Life. Jennifer was thrilled, and she said that Jack's book was one of the most touching things that she had ever read.

Jack recalled that Marlena had encouraged him to publish his journals. Jack admitted that he had been apprehensive about the idea, because he had been worried about being rejected. "I didn't think this was gonna happen. This guy just kept putting me off, and putting me off, and now...look, I've got an offer! I've got -- I mean, he -- there's an advance, and there's gonna be a book tour," Jack said, as he shook his head in disbelief.

Jennifer was pleased that Jack had achieved a lifelong goal. "I just hope I don't dry up after one idea. I just don't want to rest on my laurels. I mean, I've got all these great ideas just rolling around in here. I'm gonna call my agent -- my new agent -- I'm gonna get him on the horn, and we're gonna get right to work," Jack eagerly stated.

Jennifer was surprised that Jack wasn't planning to fly to New York to meet with his agent in person. Jack said that he wanted to stay in Salem so that he could support Lexie, and he added that he also had a wedding to plan. Jennifer proudly stated that Jack had truly changed.

At the Carver house, Lexie was determined to help Chad and E.J. handle Stefano's funeral arrangements. Lexie told Abe that it was something that she needed to do. "My father just made it so hard to love him sometimes. I grew up without him in my life at all, and then learning he was my father was the most difficult time in my life. He didn't even know how to show his love back then. I mean, he wanted to offer money, power -- he even thought he could buy us a child, for God's sake -- and there were always strings, spite of everything he did...and all his faults...I loved him so much," Lexie tearfully stated.

Abe said that Stefano had never deserved to have a daughter like Lexie, who had loved him in spite of all of the horrible things that he had done. "I've done some pretty terrible things myself, honey, and you still loved me. My father was such a tortured soul. I mean, he never talked about his childhood, but I'm sure it wasn't a happy one, you know? Not that I'm trying to make excuses for him. It's spite of everything that he did...I know he loved me," Lexie said.

Lexie admitted that Stefano's death might have been a blessing for him. "What's happening to me was destroying him, Abe. I mean, it was torturing him. No parent wants to outlive their child. I mean, he'd already lost Tony, Renee, and -- oh, God, this is so hard. My father's gone, and I never got the chance to say goodbye," Lexie said, as she started to sob.

Later, Jennifer and Jack arrived, and they offered Lexie their condolences. Jennifer announced that Jack's memoir was going to be published, and Lexie and Abe congratulated him. Lexie started to say that she couldn't wait to read Jack's book, but her voice trailed off as she remembered that she probably wouldn't get a chance to do so. Jack promised to give Lexie a copy of the rough draft.

Abe excused himself so that he could run some errands. After Abe left, Jack went to see if Theo was interested in a video game challenge, so that Jennifer and Lexie could have some privacy. Jennifer started to apologize for the stress that she had caused during the election, but Lexie assured her that it wasn't important. Lexie noted that she had been forgiven for doing things that had been much worse.

Lexie winced in pain, and Jennifer wondered if she was all right. "Yeah, I just -- these darn headaches, they're coming much more frequently. I, uh -- I don't have m -- I'm just -- I'm getting weaker...every day. I don't have much time left, and there's so much more I have to do," Lexie said. Jennifer noted that there never seemed to be enough time, and Lexie agreed. Lexie said that was why she had decided not to focus on regrets.

Jennifer tearfully stated that it was hard to think about losing Lexie. Lexie sobbed as she hugged Jennifer, and she said that she was glad that Jennifer and Jack had taken the time to visit her. Jack returned, and he said that Theo had decided that drawing was more exciting than defeating Jack again.

Lexie smiled, and she said that Theo loved to draw. Lexie added that Theo was a talented artist. Lexie truly believed that Theo's art would one day be displayed in a gallery. Jennifer said that Lexie would get to see that day, because she would always be with Theo.

At the police station, Will was handcuffed. Sami protested that Roman hadn't given Will a chance to explain the situation. Roman warned Will not to say another word to anyone unless a lawyer was present. "No, I can explain, though. Um, the gun -- I fired the gun I bought, not the gun that I found at the mansion," Will said.

Roman pointed out that Will had previously stated that he had not fired that gun, and he wondered why Will had lied to him. Will started to stammer out a response, but Roman stopped him. Roman reiterated that Will needed to hire a lawyer, and Lucas agreed. Roman told Sami to call Carrie, but Sami refused to ask for Carrie's help. Roman urged Sami to forget about her old grudges for Will's sake.

Sami started to protest, but Lucas stopped her, and he offered to call Justin instead. Sami was satisfied with that solution, so Lucas quickly excused himself. After Lucas left, an officer escorted Will into another room to begin the booking process. A short time later, Lucas returned and explained that he had left a message for Justin, who was in court.

Sami wondered if Lucas really believed that their little boy had murdered Stefano. Lucas sighed, and he noted that Will wasn't a little boy anymore. Lucas wondered if Marlena knew that Will had once tried to kill E.J. Sami admitted that she wasn't sure. "If Marlena knows, and she tells your dad, that's it. If she tells the police, they'll look at him in a different light. They will think he's capable of anything, Sami," Lucas warned.

After Will was booked, he was escorted back to Roman's office so that he could have some time alone with Lucas and Sami. Will reiterated that he was innocent. "I know it looks bad -- that's why I lied in the first place. I was at the mansion, and I -- I bought a gun, and I shot it to test it out, but I didn't shoot it at anyone, and the gun that I shot wasn't the gun that killed Stefano! I mean, you guys believe me, right?" Will asked.

Sami and Lucas remained silent, and Will realized that they both believed that he had killed Stefano. "Look, that's not the point. The point is, we have to find out how to -- how to deal with this. You just recently admitted to me that you're the one who shot E.J., and that Lucas went to prison for it, so we have to separate the lies from the truth here, and figure out what's going on," Sami quietly stated.

"Okay, well, thank you for the support, Mom. I'm glad I can always count on you," Will sarcastically replied. Before Sami could respond, Roman reentered the room, and he announced that it was time to take Will to his cell. Lucas hugged Will, and he said that everything was going to be all right. Sami stepped forward to hug Will, but he pointedly turned and exited the room before she could do so.

At the DiMera mansion, Rafe prevented E.J. from entering the house. E.J. ordered Rafe to step aside, but Rafe pointed out that E.J. couldn't interfere with a criminal investigation, even if he was the mayor. Rafe wondered why E.J. was in a hurry to get into the mansion. E.J. said that was none of Rafe's business. Rafe shrugged, and he reiterated that E.J. was not allowed to enter the building.

E.J. said that he wanted to get into an area of the mansion that was nowhere near the crime scene. Rafe pointed out that E.J. was still a suspect, but E.J. claimed that he had not had a motive to kill Stefano. "With Stefano out of the picture, all this is all yours. The house, the money, the corporations, the power. Yeah, I'm sure if I do a little digging, take some time, I can come up with any number of other reasons," Rafe said.

E.J. impatiently stated that he had better things to do, and he abruptly walked away. Later, E.J. crept into the living room through the terrace door, and he opened the secret compartment that had been installed in the wall. E.J. retrieved a document from the compartment. Meanwhile, Rafe loudly closed a door as he entered the foyer.

E.J. hastily closed the secret compartment, which made a noise as it slid back into the wall. Rafe heard the sound, and he entered the living room to investigate. E.J. held his breath as he hid in an adjacent room. As Rafe approached E.J.'s hiding place, he received a phone call.

"What? Will Horton was arrested for Stefano's murder?" Rafe asked incredulously, as E.J. listened. Rafe thanked the caller for the tip, and he rushed out of the mansion. After Rafe left, E.J. exited through the terrace doors, taking the document with him.

At the Horton Town Square, Kayla greeted Abe. Kayla could tell that Abe was upset about something, so she asked if he wanted to be left alone. "No, I'm going to be alone soon enough," Abe replied. Kayla told Abe that he could let his guard down around her, but he assured her that he was all right.

"You know, I want to cry, but I think if I start, I won't be able to stop. I love her, I need her, and I don't know what I'd do without her," Abe said with a sigh. Kayla asked about Stefano's murder investigation. Abe admitted that the police weren't telling the ex-mayor much about the investigation. Abe added that Roman had a lot of suspects -- including Abe. Kayla refused to believe that Abe had killed Stefano.

Kayla excused herself so that she could get back to the pub. Before Kayla left, Abe received a phone call from Roman, who informed him that Will had been arrested. Kayla wondered if Abe believed that Will had killed Stefano. "No. No, Will didn't do it. I know that for a fact," Abe muttered.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas tried to remain optimistic, and he pointed out that Will had not had a motive to kill Stefano. Sami didn't respond, and Lucas realized that she was hiding something. Sami admitted that Stefano had blackmailed Will, and she quickly told Lucas the whole story.

"That is an excellent motive for Will to try to kill Stefano," Lucas whispered. Lucas told Sami that they needed to protect Will, and he reminded her that no one could ever find out that Will had once tried to kill E.J. Meanwhile, Rafe approached Lucas and Sami's table.

Back at the police station, an officer informed Will that someone had posted his bail. Will expected to see either Lucas or Sami, but he was shocked when E.J. entered the room.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roman and Officer Kent went to the penthouse to inform John and Marlena that their tests for gunpowder residue had been negative. When Marlena asked why Roman was visiting, Roman broke the news that Will had been arrested for Stefano's murder. Marlena argued that Will was innocent, and Roman asked whether Marlena was speaking as Will's grandmother or because she knew who the real killer was.

When Marlena asked Roman why he had arrested Will, Roman argued that he had to follow police procedure and follow the evidence. Suspicious, John accused Roman of using the information about Will's arrest to push John or Marlena into confessing to Stefano's murder. Defensive, Roman noted that he was not playing any games with John. Roman added that he could not shake the feeling that all of the suspects had been lying to him during questioning.

As Roman took a phone call, a worried Marlena urged John to drive her to jail so that they could bail out Will. Once off the phone, Roman informed John and Marlena that E.J. had bailed Will out of jail. Roman was worried about E.J.'s motives for helping Will, and Marlena fretted that Roman was accusing Will of conspiring with E.J. to murder Stefano. Roman argued that he would not dismiss any evidence outright.

After Roman left, Marlena thought about her confrontation with Stefano the night of his murder. Marlena though about how she had warned Stefano that someone would go after him. Shaken by the memory, Marlena shivered. When John gave Marlena a glass of wine, Marlena noted that Stefano was tormenting them in death, just as he had tormented them when he was alive.

In the Brady Pub, Sami worried that she no longer knew her son. Lucas reminded Sami that no one could learn that Will had shot E.J. previously. As Sami nodded, she saw Rafe standing at the bar nearby. When Sami asked what Rafe had heard, Rafe admitted that he knew about Will's arrest because he had been hired back on the Salem police force. Leaping to her feet, Sami asked Rafe if he could help Will.

Rafe promised to be objective. When Rafe asked Sami about hiring a lawyer, he mentioned Carrie. Sami bristled at the suggestion. When Lucas noted they had hired Justin as Will's attorney, Rafe countered that criminal law was outside of Justin's expertise. "What's most important in a lawyer is someone you trust, and that's not Carrie," Sami said.

Rafe argued that Sami should not hold his relationship with Carrie against her because Carrie was with Austin. With a raised eyebrow, Sami asked Rafe why he was pushing her and Lucas to hire Carrie. Defensive, Rafe argued that he had urged them to hire Carrie because he wanted what was best for Will. Rafe accused Sami of thinking about herself rather than her son's well-being.

Furious, Sami leaped to her feet and argued that she would not put her needs ahead of her son's. Sami said that Will did not need Rafe's help because Will was innocent. As Sami and Lucas started to leave the pub, Rafe stopped them to inform them that Will had been bailed of jail.

At the police station, Will was shocked to learn that E.J. had posted his bail. Confused, Will asked why E.J. had bailed him out of jail. E.J. admitted that he did not have an opinion about Will's innocence, and that he had bailed Will out of jail so that he could use Will to do his bidding. Will declined E.J's help, noting that his family would help him. With a sly smile, E.J. offered to testify to the police that Will had shot him in the past.

Will argued that he had not shot Stefano and that if E.J. used their history, E.J. might let Stefano's real killer go free. With a shrug, E.J. noted that he did not know whether Will was guilty or innocent. Will reasoned aloud that E.J. was willing to let Will go free in order to have Will at his disposal. When E.J. nodded, Will reminded E.J. that he had liked working for E.J. and that he was willing to work for him again. E.J. noted that it would take time for Will to earn his trust.

When E.J. noted that he held all the cards, Will reminded E.J. that he knew information about E.J. that E.J. did not want to go public. E.J. warned Will to retract his threat. Sami, Lucas, and Rafe arrived at the station and were surprised to see E.J. in the interrogation room with Will. Will explained that E.J. had paid his bail. When Sami asked E.J. why he had bailed her son out of jail, E.J. noted that he was helping a boy in need.

Rafe questioned why E.J. would bail Will out of jail. E.J. explained that he did not believe Will had shot Stefano. Lucas reminded E.J. that he had fired Will, and he asked E.J. why he would help someone he did not trust. E.J. argued that he did not want to abandon Will in his hour of need. Concerned, Sami asked Will what was going on. Will backed up E.J.'s story. As E.J. left, Sami thanked him for his help.

While Will and Sami went into the hallway, Lucas pulled Rafe aside and asked him if he believed E.J.'s story. Rafe argued that it was difficult to believe that E.J. would help the person accused of killing his father. When Lucas wondered aloud what E.J.'s motive was, Rafe swore to get to the bottom of the story.

Lucas apologized for Sami's antagonistic behavior at the Brady Pub. Rafe urged Lucas to convince Sami to hire Carrie as Will's defense attorney. As Lucas left, Roman and Officer Kent entered the interrogation room. Roman argued that when E.J. bailed Will out of jail, he made Will look guiltier. Shaking his head, Rafe noted that he did not believe that E.J. would conspire with Will.

Roman worried aloud about his bias toward the suspects in the case. When Rafe offered to help, Roman asked Rafe to take over the investigation. Rafe commented that he was connected to the suspects as well. Roman refused to take no for an answer, and Rafe reluctantly agreed to take over the investigation from Roman.

When Sami, Will, and Lucas returned to her apartment, Sami noted that they needed to make sure that no one knew that Stefano had blackmailed Will. Will was annoyed that Sami had told Lucas about the blackmail, but Sami argued that Lucas was Will's father and that he needed to know everything.

After making funeral arrangements for Stefano in Horton Town Square, E.J. called Will. "I think you and I have a bit of unfinished business, William," E.J. said. E.J. noted that he was pleased that Will had backed him up at the police station. "I want your assurances that I can expect more of the same," E.J. said. Will agreed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When Andrew met Gabi in the alley, she blasted him for putting the rat in her food, and for not following instructions. "You stalk me only when I tell you. That stupid stunt of yours totally backfired; now you ruined everything," Gabi complained. She explained that the rat had freaked Chad out so much that he'd called her big brother, a very overprotective cop, and from then on, she had to check in with her brother every half hour.

A remorseful Andrew asked Gabi to let him make it up to her. "It's too late, Andrew," Gabi snapped. "Are you saying the deal's off?" Andrew asked. He apologized for messing things up, and confessed that he really needed the money she was paying him to stalk her. Gabi declared that she wasn't giving up, but they needed to take things much more slowly.

Gabi started getting worked up about how well things had been working for a while, so Andrew reached out to put a comforting hand on Gabi's shoulder, but she flinched and told him not to touch her. "Please, just lay low -- and for God's sake, don't do anything until I tell you!" Gabi ordered, and then hurried off. Andrew shouted after her that he would fix everything.

At the townhouse, Will expressed his appreciation to Marlena for letting him stay there, and Marlena joked that having him around was a huge burden. She vowed to prove her grandson's innocence in Stefano's murder. Sami arrived, and apologetically reassured Will that she believed that he hadn't killed Stefano. Will was snippy with his mother, so Marlena admonished him. Sami pointed out that she could defend herself, and Marlena apologized.

Will asserted that Marlena hadn't done anything wrong. "As far as you know," Sami replied. With Marlena's permission, Sami explained that she had run into Marlena the night of Stefano's murder; Marlena had been "stressed-out and out of sorts" and had refused to talk even though Sami had said that it was important. Will was incredulous that Sami was accusing her mother of killing Stefano, but Marlena noted that after what Stefano had done to their family, they'd all had a motive to kill him.

Marlena then explained that Sami wasn't concerned that Will might have killed Stefano; she was worried that someone would set him up to make it look like he had. Sami chimed in, "How many times have we thought he was actually dead, and he wasn't? He's the Phoenix; he's always rising from the ashes." Marlena firmly corrected her, "Not this time. He won't rise again this time."

After Sami had gone, Will wondered how Marlena could have just ignored the things that Sami had said in order to keep the peace. Marlena asserted that everything they all might say or do could be scrutinized, and admitted that she had been on edge the night that Stefano had been killed. Will acknowledged that he had been on edge, as well, but refused to tell Marlena what had happened with Stefano that had upset Will. "But I do want to tell you that I didn't shoot Stefano. I swear," Will declared.

E.J. entered the living room of the DiMera mansion, where Stefano's body lay in a casket, and blinked back tears as he gazed sadly at his father's lifeless form. Lexie, Chad, and Melanie arrived then for the viewing. Lexie was grateful that they all had time to say goodbye as a family before Stefano was buried in Italy. Chad bitterly noted that he couldn't believe that Stefano's killer was still free. "I guess I really am his son, because I so badly want revenge," Chad said. Lexie suggested that they move out of that room, so Chad and Melanie exited with her.

E.J. stayed behind when the doorbell rang, and was a bit taken aback to find Nicole on the doorstep. Nicole explained that when she'd heard about the viewing, she'd wanted to express her condolences in person. Smiling nervously, she wondered aloud how Stefano would have felt had he known she was there, since the two of them had never really gotten along. E.J. remarked with a chuckle, "You and he were pretty equally matched. He liked you -- most of the time."

E.J. then hinted that Nicole should leave, as the family was just about to have brunch. He started to hug Nicole goodbye, but she pulled back, so he crossly instructed her to show herself out as he stalked out of the foyer. But instead of leaving, Nicole tiptoed into the living room to say her goodbyes to Stefano.

In the library, E.J. produced a box of old photographs from Stefano's family for Lexie to give to Theo. Lexie sifted through them briefly, but said that E.J. should keep them, because regardless of biology, he had just lost his father, too. E.J. grumbled about how Stefano had treated him when he'd learned they weren't related. Lexie declared that E.J. had been everything Stefano had wanted his son to be. "He was everything I wanted a father to be," E.J. admitted.

In the living room, Nicole admitted to Stefano, "You had me convinced that you were immortal." She continued that she saw Stefano's strength in E.J., and she still found it attractive -- and she wanted her baby to be just like E.J. and Stefano: fierce and unafraid. She added softly that although she didn't want E.J. to know the child was his, she was very glad that it was.

Suddenly, Kate cleared her throat from the doorway, startling Nicole. She demanded to know why Nicole was there, since Stefano and Nicole had hated each other. Nicole maintained that she had respected Stefano, so she was saying goodbye. Kate ordered Nicole to leave. The two women began sniping at each other until E.J. interrupted them and demanded to know why Nicole was still there. Nicole apologized, reiterated her condolences, and left.

Kate also apologized for having let Nicole get to her, and then started to leave. E.J. reassured her that he understood how much she had loved Stefano, and encouraged her to take as much time as she needed.

Alone with Stefano, Kate admitted that she had been very angry with him at the end -- and she still was. "I loved you, you son of a bitch!" she cried. "You knew me better than anyone, and still you loved me." Kate demanded to know why Stefano had felt the need to test her, because they'd had everything, and why he'd punished her so severely. "You backed me into a corner, and you know how dangerous that is. You knew what I was capable of. Now all I can be is sorry for what I did, my love." Sobbing, she placed her hand on top of Stefano's.

When it was Chad's time with Stefano, Chad acknowledged to Melanie that he had been well aware of the things Stefano had done and the ways Stefano had manipulated him, but he had liked Stefano. Melanie urged Chad to tell his father that. Chad leaned over the casket, and apologized for pushing Stefano away and wasting the time they'd had together. Choking back tears, Chad admitted, "I never knew what it was like to have a father who thought I mattered and let me know what it was like to have a father I loved. I love you, Dad."

Kate found E.J. in the library, and thanked him for bailing Will out of jail. She added somewhat scornfully, "I can't believe that Roman actually arrested his own grandson." Melanie and Chad entered just then. "What did you just say?" Chad demanded.

Looking pale and tired, Lexie sat near the coffin to address her father. "To say our relationship has been complicated would be an understatement," Lexie said with a smile. She added that it had never lasted when she had tried to kick Stefano out of her life, because she had always known how much he'd loved her. She acknowledged that his guilt over her illness had been excruciating, and assured him that she forgave him. "I just hope and pray that you're finally at peace." Lexie kissed Stefano on the cheek just as Abe arrived to take her home.

Sami arrived with Sydney and Johnny so the children could say goodbye to their grandfather. Johnny was sorry that "Nonno" never got to teach him how to play chess. E.J. promised to pass along everything he'd learned about chess from Stefano to Johnny.

While E.J. was with the children, Sami went in to see Stefano. She hinted that she might stick a needle in him to make sure that he was really dead, but E.J. walked in before she could do anything so drastic. E.J. asked if Sami were saying goodbye, and without thinking, she replied that she was just reassuring herself that Stefano was really dead. Sami quickly apologized for being insensitive. E.J. merely thanked her for taking the children to see him, and she thanked him for bailing Will out.

Sami expressed her sympathy about Stefano. "I wonder if, now that he's actually dead, everybody can just breathe a collective sigh of relief," E.J. said with a sigh of his own. Sami replied, "I wish. I've got to be honest, though: I've got a bad feeling that even death will not stop him from ruining our lives."

Afterward, Sami returned to the townhouse. "Mom, I think things are going to get worse again," Sami confessed to Marlena. She explained that the kids had clung to E.J. at the mansion, and she worried that Johnny would soon find out that his father was a suspect in Stefano's murder. Marlena pointed out that practically everyone in Johnny's family was a suspect. Sami knew that no one in her family was capable of murder, but Marlena pointed out that people could sometimes be driven to things they would never normally do. Sami admitted that although E.J. appeared the same on the outside, he seemed as if he had changed somehow -- like he had lost a lot more than his father.

E.J. sat at the piano with a drink in one hand, absently plinking the keyboard with the other. "I spent the whole day thinking about what I was going to say to you, trying to find the words to tell you how I felt when you turned your back on me, when you betrayed me because I didn't have your blood," E.J. admitted to Stefano's body. He declared that it hadn't mattered to him, although blood had clearly been the only thing that had mattered to Stefano. "No son loved a father more than I loved you," E.J. stated.

E.J. recounted all the ways he was alone -- women feared him, his children had to be protected from him by living in another home, and his sister was dying -- and all of it was Stefano's fault. "You know what I should be saying to you? 'Burn in hell.' But I can't do that, because I love you. I know you loved me, too." He added that he had done everything his father had ever asked of him, to make Stefano proud of him, but Stefano still hadn't been able to trust E.J. "Instead you had to go and destroy everything. You did that, not me. You destroyed everything. Cheers," E.J. said bitterly, slamming his glass down and leaving the room.

Back at the Carvers', Lexie and Abe sat Theo down to tell him that he wouldn't be able to visit his "Nonno" anymore, because Stefano had gone away. "But he wanted you to know that he loves you so much," Lexie reassured her son. "Are you going away, too, Mommy?" Theo asked. Lexie admitted that she would be going away soon. Abe added that Mommy wanted to stay there with them, but she didn't have a choice.

Lexie assured her son that the rest of his family and friends would still be there to take care of him -- and even though he wouldn't be able to see her, she would still be watching over him. "Is that why Nonno left? To get things ready for you?" Theo asked. Impressed, a smiling Lexie said that maybe that was why. "I'm glad you won't be alone. I love you, Mommy," Theo declared, throwing his arms around Lexie's neck. Lexie urged Theo to never forget how much she loved him. She sobbed as she held him tightly.

Chad strode angrily into Horton Square with Melanie chasing after him. She pointed out that she knew firsthand that just because Will had been arrested, it didn't mean he was guilty. Gabi spotted them, and admonished Melanie for fighting with Chad when he was grieving. Chad informed Gabi that Will had been arrested for killing Stefano, but Melanie argued that Will had not had any motive to do so. "Whose side are you on, anyway?" Chad snapped.

When Chad walked away, Gabi started to go after him, but Melanie asked her to give him some space. Melanie then asked if Rafe knew where Gabi was, and Gabi replied that she was just out for a walk. Melanie declared that it was good that the police knew about Gabi's stalker, since they should have been clued in from the very beginning. Gabi hoped that her stalker would just stop bothering her since the police had gotten involved.

Meanwhile, Andrew was putting a pillow and comforter on a metal twin bed in a tiny, dank room. "That should do it. Everything's ready for our new guest," he said, then gazed at a magazine ad featuring Gabi and Chad. "I told you I'd fix everything, Gabi. I think you're really going to like my new plan," Andrew declared.

Chad found Will sitting on a park bench outside the square. "I heard they arrested you for murdering my father. What the hell is going on, Will? Did you kill my father?" Chad demanded.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Ian entered the darkened living room. E.J. informed Ian that Stefano's remains were already on a plane that was headed to Italy. Ian claimed that he was only interested in extending his condolences, but E.J. suspected that Ian had an ulterior motive.

"Before I took the job at Titan, I did my research. I'm very aware of the history...and the war between Victor Kiriakis and your late father. They were both old-school -- lived and died by the sword -- but these are different times. I was hoping that you and I might find a way to publicly support each other in our various ventures," Ian explained. E.J. was incredulous, and he reminded Ian that Stefano's funeral had just ended a few hours earlier.

Ian apologized, and he insisted that he hadn't meant to offend E.J. Ian invited E.J. to join him for dinner later, so that they could talk about moving forward. E.J. ignored Ian's offer, and he asked Ian to leave. Ian smirked as he exited the mansion.

At Titan, Kate quietly listened as Madison started to talk about all of the business decisions that needed to be made that day. After a moment, Madison stopped herself, and she admitted that she was being an insensitive jerk because she didn't know what to say to Kate. Kate sighed and said that it was hard for her to accept the fact that Stefano was gone.

Madison could tell that Kate still loved Stefano. "I never stopped loving Stefano, but unfortunately, he stopped trusting me, and there was really nothing I could do about it," Kate said. Madison agreed that trust was important, and she added that she felt compelled to warn Kate about Ian. Madison insisted that Kate didn't really know Ian.

Madison said that she knew that Stefano had earned a reputation for brainwashing and murdering people. "Here's the thing -- if you think you left that kind of evil behind have no idea," Madison warned Kate. Kate countered that Madison would never be able to have a happy, stable life with Brady. Madison sighed, and she admitted that she and Kate probably needed to focus on work-related topics of conversation.

Kate agreed, and she reminded Madison that they needed to meet with their public relations manager to discuss what had happened at the Brady Pub. Madison recalled the disastrous meeting that had occurred a few days earlier, where Brady had made a fool of himself in front of Serge. Kate said that Brady needed to apologize to Serge, unaware that Brady was standing outside the office.

Brady said that he actually agreed with Kate for once. "Still drinking your breakfast, I see," Kate noted, as she eyed the travel cup that Brady was carrying. Brady said that the cup contained a protein shake, and he invited Kate to taste it. Brady turned his attention to Madison, and he said that he was sorry that he had ruined the meeting. Brady admitted that he didn't know how to explain his behavior.

"Brady, it's not that difficult. Now, you were either drunk or high...again," Kate matter-of-factly stated. Brady conceded that he had been drunk the first time, when he had caused a scene at the town square, but he insisted that he had been sober during the meeting at the pub. Kate wasn't convinced, and she chastised Brady for jeopardizing the business deal. Kate urged Brady to get some help.

Madison interrupted, and she asked Brady to give her and Kate some privacy. After Brady left, Madison asked Kate to back off, and she reminded Kate that they were partners. Kate reluctantly agreed, and she left the room so that Madison could talk to Brady. When Brady returned, Madison wondered how he had felt during his outburst at the pub.

Brady admitted that he had felt like he had been high at the time, but he insisted that he wasn't using drugs. Brady added that Maggie had suggested that he could take a drug test to prove that he was telling the truth. Madison said that wasn't necessary, but Brady replied that he was willing to do anything to prove that he wasn't lying.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Ian approached Kate, who was trying to eavesdrop on Madison and Brady's conversation. Ian pointed out that Kate should have just bugged the office. Kate explained that she was waiting for Brady to confess that he had started using drugs again, and Ian feigned surprise. "Yes, there really isn't a controlled substance that he hasn't abused," Kate said.

Back in the office, Brady realized that Madison was trying to avoid eye contact. Brady reached for Madison's arm, but she pulled away. Madison's reaction pained Brady, and he wondered if she still loved him. Madison assured Brady that she still loved him, and he reiterated that he was sorry. Brady swore on Isabella's memory that he had not used drugs before the meeting.

Madison wanted to believe Brady, but she admitted that his behavior had scared her. Madison considered postponing the wedding, because she didn't want to get married again unless she was absolutely certain that the marriage would not be a mistake. Brady assured Madison that their relationship was not a mistake, and he reiterated that he would take a drug test -- or ten -- to prove that he wasn't lying.

Brady hugged Madison, and he begged her not to give up on their relationship. Madison reluctantly agreed to let Brady take the drug test. Brady was certain that the test results would prove that he had been telling the truth the whole time.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad demanded to know if Will had killed Stefano. Will was surprised that Chad had actually asked that question. Chad pointed out that the cops had to have had a reason to arrest Will. Will admitted that the situation looked bad, but he assured Chad that the evidence was all circumstantial. Will apologetically informed Chad that he couldn't talk about the case, and he started to walk away.

Chad grabbed Will's arm, and he shouted that Stefano's murder was more than just a case to him. Chad refused to let Will leave until Will had given him some answers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the town square, Melanie and Gabi heard Chad shouting, and they rushed over to find out what was going on.

Will reiterated that he couldn't talk about the case, but Melanie managed to change his mind. Will explained that his fingerprints had been on the murder weapon, and he reluctantly added that he had failed a gunpowder residue test. Will explained that he had purchased a gun, and that he had fired that gun -- not the murder weapon -- to test it out. Will swore that he hadn't fired a gun at anyone -- including Stefano.

Chad wondered why Will had purchased a gun. Will started to explain that he had been going through a lot of things that Chad didn't know about, but Chad interrupted him. Chad said that Will wasn't making any sense, and he accused Will of lying. Melanie stepped in front of Chad, and she urged him to listen to Will. Melanie gently reminded Chad that people were innocent until proven guilty.

Chad ignored Melanie's advice, and he snapped that Will had hated Stefano. Melanie apologetically countered that a lot of people had hated Stefano, but Chad was still convinced that Will was guilty. Chad couldn't believe that Will was walking around Salem as a free man. Will firmly reiterated that he hadn't killed Stefano, and he sadly stated that he was sorry that Chad didn't believe him.

Melanie assured Will that Chad wasn't acting like himself, but Chad told her to stop making excuses for him. "And you -- I thought I knew you...but obviously, I was wrong," Chad told Will. Chad's statement saddened Will, who shook his head and quietly walked away. Chad shouted that Will wasn't going to get away with murder, even if he did have a lot of cops in his family.

"Will Horton has been your best friend since high school, and he's saying he didn't do it," Melanie told Chad. Chad defensively stated that Melanie was supposed to be on his side. Melanie insisted that she was always on Chad's side, but he wasn't convinced. Meanwhile, Gabi quietly observed the situation.

Chad was seething with rage, and Melanie desperately tried to calm him down. Melanie pointed out that Chad hadn't slept at all since Stefano had died. Chad sighed, and he reluctantly agreed to listen to Melanie. Melanie said that she understood that Chad was grieving, but she added that she had been in Will's situation before. Melanie reminded Chad that she had been accused of killing Trent.

Chad nodded, and he recalled that Nick had killed Trent to protect Melanie. "You think you know how I'm feeling? Well, you don't. After Trent died, you found your real mother. You found your real dad. Mine are gone, and they're never coming back. From the minute Stefano found out that I was his kid, he wanted to be a father to me, which is a whole lot more than I could ever say about that jerk who raised me, but I didn't care. I -- I spit on that! I spit on him, and I'm never gonna be able to make it right," Chad said.

Melanie wondered if Chad was blaming Will as a way to try to make things right. Chad dismissively stated that Melanie wasn't his shrink. Melanie patiently replied that she was just the person who loved Chad. Melanie cautioned that Chad would eventually regret his decision to turn his back on Will.

Chad ignored Melanie's advice, and he wondered if she was glad that Stefano was dead. Melanie denied Chad's accusation. "Well, you might not be glad that he's gone, but you do think he got what was coming to him, and as far as you're concerned, whoever did it probably deserves a medal," Chad snapped. Gabi smirked as she continued to observe the argument.

Chad recalled that Melanie had never tried to encourage him to spend time with Stefano. Melanie reminded Chad that it had been his decision to stay away from Stefano. "Since I found out that I was Stefano's son, it feels like all I've been doing is apologizing for it -- to Abigail, to her family, to you. Nobody wants me to be a DiMera, but you know what? I don't care -- that's who I am!" Chad snapped.

"It doesn't matter! You're the one who had a problem with who your father was, not me. And I never asked you to apologize for anything! How dare you put this on me?" Melanie asked, but Chad refused to listen. Chad recalled that Melanie had stopped him from defending Stefano after everyone had accused him of blowing up the safe house. Melanie pointed out that it would have been inappropriate to do that during a memorial service.

Chad said that Melanie had hated the fact that he had decided to attend Lexie's luncheon. Melanie reminded Chad that she had encouraged him to go to the luncheon, and that she had ultimately decided to join him. Chad insisted that Melanie had made her feelings about the luncheon extremely clear. Chad said that he never would have gotten to spend that time with Stefano and Lexie if he had listened to Melanie's advice.

Melanie understood that Chad was upset about Stefano and Lexie, and that he was looking for someone to blame, but she reiterated that it wasn't fair for him to try to blame her. "How would you feel if I kept you from your father, and then he got killed? How would you feel?" Chad demanded to know. Melanie wondered if Chad really believed that she had kept him away from Stefano, and he insisted that he did.

Chad's confirmation stunned Melanie. Melanie offered to leave, and Chad didn't try to stop her. "I thought you knew I would never, ever do anything to hurt you," Melanie tearfully stated. After Melanie left, Chad started to sob, and Gabi placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Meanwhile, Andrew lurked nearby.

Later, Gabi tried to justify Chad's anger. Gabi said that Melanie had defended Will, and she guessed that Chad had probably felt like Melanie had taken Will's side instead of his. "Yeah, that is what it felt like, but that's not what she was doing, and we both know it. Look, I'm just -- I'm so messed up right now, and I couldn't see what Melanie was trying to do. I just lost my father, I'm about to lose my sister, and she didn't want me to lose my best friend because I came to the wrong conclusion about him. What I did -- she started crying, and I just let her go. I mean, what is wrong with me?" Chad wondered.

Gabi assured Chad that nothing was wrong with him, and she innocently pointed out that there was still a good chance that Will was guilty. Chad ignored Gabi's comments, and he started to call Melanie. Gabi grabbed Chad's phone, and she claimed that calling Melanie would be a big mistake. Chad demanded an explanation, and Gabi stammered as she tried to think of a quick response.

Gabi pointed out that Melanie had also been upset. Gabi said that girls didn't get over things as quickly as guys did, and she predicted that Melanie was going to need some more time to cool off. "Look, I love Melanie, but...honestly, she does have kind of a temper," Gabi added. Chad wasn't convinced, and he said that he didn't like the idea of Melanie being upset and alone. Gabi speculated that Melanie was probably with one of her many friends.

Meanwhile, in another section of the town square, Melanie nervously glanced over her shoulder. Melanie felt like someone was following her, but she convinced herself that she was just being paranoid, and she continued to work her way toward the exit. After Melanie was a safe distance away, Andrew poured some chloroform onto a rag, and he started to follow her again.

At the DiMera mansion, Will greeted E.J. Will said that he wanted to know what E.J. had meant when he had stated that he owned Will. E.J. evasively observed that Will had inherited Sami's suspicious nature. Will explained that Chad had confronted him earlier. Will said that he didn't like the fact that some people were convinced that he was a murderer.

Will noted that E.J. had never asked if Will had killed Stefano. E.J. seemed nervous for a moment, but he quickly recovered. "Well, I wouldn't have to ask you, you see, William, because, uh...I already know that you did not," E.J. said. E.J. quickly added that he needed to leave, but Will didn't take the hint.

Will pointed out that E.J. could tell the media outlets that Will was innocent. E.J. said that wouldn't be enough to keep Will out of prison, but Will countered that it would help his case. E.J. reiterated that he needed to leave, and he told Will to stay at the mansion until he returned.

Later, in an alley, E.J. tossed a pair of black leather gloves into a dumpster. When E.J. returned to the mansion, he continued to try to intimidate Will. Will ignored E.J.'s threats, and he said that he had been thinking about something. E.J. snapped that he wasn't interested in hearing about Will's thoughts, but Will was undeterred.

"I kept going back to how you were saying that you know I didn't kill Stefano -- you know. And what I came up with was, um, maybe that's because you did," Will said, as E.J. shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Friday, June 15, 2012

While John was away, Bo and Hope went to the townhouse for another counseling session with Marlena. Marlena asked what the problem was. Bo blurted that he was driving Hope crazy, but she insisted that wasn't the case. Bo tried to explain that their problem had to do with work, not their life as a married couple. Hope asserted that the two things were essentially the same, because they had worked very hard to regain trust in one another. About the case, Hope began, "I think we're both really scared." Bo finished her thought, "We're trying to find the person who killed DiMera. Might end up being someone we love."

Hope was surprised to hear that Bo felt the same way she did, and added that she and Bo were sorry for what Marlena was going through with Will. Marlena firmly maintained that Will was innocent, and many people had wanted Stefano dead. Bo said that he felt much more sympathy for Stefano's killer than for the victim, then quickly noted that he probably shouldn't say such things out loud. Marlena assured him that whatever they said in session was confidential -- and then asked if the confidentiality were reciprocal, since both she and John were suspects.

Bo reassured Marlena that they weren't there to try to trip her up. Marlena remarked that, based on who and what Stefano had been, they all could have been capable of murdering him. Bo then suggested that they should table the discussion of the case, so Marlena asked what else was troubling the Bradys. "Bo's not happy about what happened while he was in the hospital, and he will not talk to me about it," Hope divulged. Bo noted that there wasn't really anything to talk about, because he didn't want to hear all the details of the time Hope and John had spent in Alamainia as Princess Gina and the pawn.

Hope pointed out that they had gotten closure, because Stefano was dead, so it could never happen again. Marlena guessed that Bo wasn't worried about that so much as he was concerned about what he didn't know. "Yeah, she's right. I'd really like to know what happened in Alamainia," Bo admitted. Hope reassured him, "John and I did not have a physical relationship in Alamainia." She continued that things had been different that time, because the transformation had obviously not been complete, otherwise she and John would not have snapped out of it so easily upon seeing pictures of their spouses.

"In our minds, we might have believed that we were Princess Gina and the pawn, but in our hearts, we knew who we really were -- and who we really loved," Hope declared. Bo didn't have a hard time believing that, because the doctors had told him that he couldn't emerge from the medically induced coma on his own, but he had done so when he had heard Hope's voice. "It's that connection, that connection that we've always had," Bo concluded. "Thank God," Hope agreed.

Bo admitted that it was also bothering him that Hope and John were still legally married, and he knew it had to be tough on Marlena, as well. Marlena confessed that she wasn't happy, but she knew it was Stefano's fault. The trio began to laugh together as they discussed Bo and Hope's wedding plans, and Marlena declared that they had made progress. Bo and Hope agreed. Hope added that they still had to keep working at their marriage, and Marlena concurred that all couples had to do the same to keep their relationships vital and healthy.

An annoyed Maggie went to the Kiriakis mansion and complained to Victor that she felt manipulated, since Henderson had called her on Victor's behalf. She warned Victor that she knew what he was up to -- and he was wasting his time. When Maggie began to recount all the ways Victor had hurt her, Victor stated that he wanted to discuss everything, but he suggested that they go into the living room where they could have some privacy.

Maggie reluctantly entered the parlor, and was dismayed but not surprised to see that Victor had prepared a table for the two of them, complete with sparkling cider and candlelight. "Are you kidding me? Just how dumb do you think I am?" Maggie demanded, arms crossed. She reminded Victor that he had violated her privacy by allowing someone she didn't even know to give birth to and raise her child, and had then kept it from her.

Victor maintained that he'd been afraid of losing her, and the table for two had been a "lame" way of trying to win her back. "I couldn't just give up... and I won't stop, not after what happened to Stefano," Victor declared. He explained that Stefano's murder had been a wake-up call, because the two of them had shared a lot in common; it had affected Victor when he'd heard about Lexie's illness, because he had known that Stefano had been going through it alone.

"I used to think that money and power were the only things that really mattered. Now, I know that it's time -- time to be with the ones we love. And for me, Maggie, that's you. Can't you please find it in your heart to forgive me?" Victor pleaded. Maggie pointed out that even if she could forgive him, it didn't mean that she could trust him. Victor insisted that he'd changed, but Maggie asserted that the fancy meal he'd set out proved that he had not changed. Victor said he had thought it could be a start.

Maggie declared that she didn't think there was anything Victor could do to make her forgive or forget what he'd done to her. After blowing out the candles, Victor noted that he hadn't known that the eggs were Maggie's when he'd given them to Daniel's mother. Infuriated, Maggie asserted that it didn't make things better that Victor had done that to a stranger. She started to storm out, but Victor implored her not to go.

Maggie agreed to stay and hear Victor out, but if she walked out the door, it would be for the last time. Victor agreed to respect her wishes. Maggie admitted that it was hard for her to be alone, too, and that she loved Victor, but the trust was broken. Victor asked for just a chance to mend that trust, and to be who Maggie wanted him to be. Maggie asserted that Victor always believed what he said when he said it, but that was also true when he convinced himself that it was all right to do something terrible for a good reason.

Maggie understood that Daniel wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Victor, but it did not excuse what Victor had done. Victor insisted that he wasn't the same person anymore, or at least he didn't want to be, and he swore that he would never lie to her again about anything. Maggie tearfully said that she didn't think that was a promise Victor could keep, even though he meant it in that moment. Victor acknowledged that there were no words that could convince Maggie that he could keep his promise, but he believed that their relationship was a gift from God.

When Victor made a joke, Maggie stifled a giggle. She admitted that Victor made her happy, and she loved him, but it might not be enough. Victor urged her to give it a try and take the risk. Maggie pointed out what she could lose -- her sobriety, for one -- and she didn't know if she could survive another "body blow." She also didn't think that Victor could ever change, so she couldn't put her heart on the line again.

"I've heard what you had to say. Now I'm saying goodbye," Maggie said simply, then turned and walked out. Victor followed her into the foyer, and informed her that there was something else he needed to tell her. He admitted that he had done the worst possible thing, by lying to Maggie when the truth had gotten out, and then what he had feared the most had happened: she had left him.

"I wasn't even man enough to own up to my own responsibility after you learned the truth. I reacted in anger instead of remorse, and that was... unmanly," Victor maintained. He added that he loved Maggie, and she made him want to be a better man, one who deserved a caring, compassionate, forgiving woman like Maggie. He declared that he wanted to try again. "Is there any chance that we can put this all behind us and start fresh? Is there any chance for us at all?" Victor asked.

Kayla was crying angry tears while she dried glasses at the Brady Pub when Abe walked in and noticed that she seemed upset. Kayla claimed she'd just been chopping onions with her mother in the kitchen. When Jennifer arrived, Abe explained that Lexie had insisted that he get out of the house while she was resting, even though he hated to leave her even for a moment. "She's dying, and she's worried about me," Abe marveled.

Abe asked if Kayla could do something very special for Lexie. He explained that he wanted to take Lexie to one of her favorite places with a picnic basket full of her favorite items from the pub's menu. Kayla took the list that Abe produced, and said that she and Caroline would happily put it together for Lexie. Kayla headed into the kitchen to get started. Jennifer stated that she and Jack would like to visit Lexie again, because they had so enjoyed their previous visit, but they knew that Lexie tired easily. Abe admitted that it was hard to see his wife like that, and it got harder every day.

Kayla returned, and complained that Caroline had kicked her out of the kitchen. As Kayla was laughing with Abe and Jennifer about that, Kayla got a text message that obviously upset her greatly. Abe gently asked what was wrong. Jennifer worried that something had happened to Stephanie, but Kayla admitted, "It's Steve." She didn't want to say more, because of everything Abe was going through with Lexie, but Jennifer and Abe implored her to let them help.

Kayla finally admitted that when Abe had arrived earlier, she had just gotten off the phone after a terrible, ongoing argument with Steve. She continued that helping her mother hadn't been the only reason Kayla had returned to -- and stayed in -- Salem; she'd needed time away from Steve to get some perspective. Kayla confessed that she and Steve had been having problems almost since they'd left Salem; even though they'd enjoyed their work in Africa, Steve had been restless.

Jennifer understood that, because Jack was much the same way. Kayla then divulged that Steve had returned to work for the ISA without talking to her about it first. Jennifer was appalled. Kayla said that she couldn't believe that Steve would do something so reckless after they had been apart for so long. "He was the man I fell in love with, but he's not the man I want to be with anymore," Kayla confided. Jennifer and Abe both wished that Kayla had talked to one of them about what was going on.

Kayla admitted that she had finally grasped that she had truly lost Steve, that she would not see his smile or hear his laugh, and that she would only have her memories. She suddenly realized that her situation did not compare to Abe's, and apologized earnestly for being insensitive. Abe assured her that it was all right for her to lean on her friends. "You're going to get through this. You have to, for Stephanie, for Joey, just like I have to for Theo," Abe said, adding, "We all know, right? When you have kids, you go on, no matter what."

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