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Monday, June 18, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Abigail excitedly informed Cameron that she had managed to obtain two backstage passes to a sold-out Black Eyed Peas concert. A roadie at Common Grounds had given Abigail the tickets. Abigail knew that Cameron loved the Black Eyed Peas, so she invited him to accompany her to the concert, which was being held in Chicago later that night.

Cameron regrettably informed Abigail that he would not be able to join her. Cameron explained that Abe and Lexie had decided to spend the day at the arboretum, and he added that Celeste had gone to an Eastern meditation class. Cameron had volunteered to take Theo over to Bo and Hope's house after his therapy session. Cameron asked for a rain check.

Abigail wondered what she was going to do with the extra pass. Cameron suggested that Abigail could ask Chad, who was also a major fan of the band. Cameron noted that Chad could probably use the distraction, after everything that had happened recently. Abigail reluctantly agreed, and she assured Cameron that she wouldn't forget about his rain check.

Abigail started to leave the pub, but she stopped when she noticed a guy who was sitting at a table near the entrance. Abigail offered the tickets to the guy, who proclaimed that Abigail was a goddess. Abigail returned to Cameron's table. Abigail admitted that she had never met the guy before, and she joked about the fact that he had called her a goddess. Cameron said that he couldn't argue with that description.

Cameron noted that Abigail had wanted to go to the concert, and he wondered why she had given her tickets to a stranger. Abigail clarified that she had wanted to go to the concert with Cameron. Later, while Abigail and Cameron waited for Theo's therapy session to end, they picked wild blackberries that were growing along the side of a nearby road.

Cameron admitted that he had never picked blackberries before, since he had always been a city boy. Cameron noted that Abigail had some blackberry juice on the side of her face. Cameron gently rubbed the stain off of Abigail's face, and he kissed her tenderly. After the kiss, Cameron jokingly wondered who the Black Eyed Peas were.

Cameron said that he had been disappointed when he had realized that he wouldn't be able to attend the concert with Abigail. Cameron explained that he hadn't really cared about the concert, which he called an added bonus. Cameron said that he had only been concerned about missing out on the chance to spend some time with Abigail.

Abigail conceded that picking berries was a lame alternative to a concert, but Cameron assured her that the day had been perfect. Cameron admitted that he had originally assumed that Salem was just a boring little town that no one would ever want to live in. Cameron said that he had only agreed to go to Salem so that he could meet Lexie, and he added that he had only stayed because of her illness.

Abigail guessed that Cameron was eager to return to his old life, but he admitted that he was actually thinking about staying in Salem. Cameron said that he had promised to take Theo on a camping trip, and he added that he had been thinking about contacting the hospital's human resources department to see if they had any positions that had not been filled.

While Cameron's back was turned, Abigail silently cheered. Abigail quickly regained her composure, and she calmly stated that Theo would be happy to hear that. "There's another reason I'm thinking about staying -- I don't want to say goodbye to you," Cameron admitted, as Abigail blushed.

At Titan, Brady, Ian, and Madison were in the middle of a meeting. Brady had consumed most of his protein shake, which Ian had drugged earlier, and he was having trouble concentrating. Madison could tell that something was wrong with Brady, so she asked Ian to give them some privacy.

After Ian left, Madison begged Brady to be honest with her. Brady insisted that he was completely sober. "Brady, you can't keep still. Seriously, you're up, you're down, you're all over the're completely unfocused, so if you're not on something, then what is going on?" Madison wondered.

Brady shrugged, and he half-heartedly suggested that he might have consumed too much coffee earlier that day. Brady admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about using drugs, but he didn't know how to explain his sudden cravings. Brady reiterated that he hadn't actually used drugs recently, but Madison seemed uncertain. Madison decided that Brady needed to schedule a drug test right away.

Brady quickly called Daniel, who arranged to meet him at the town square. Brady's speedy response to Madison's request surprised her. "Isn't right now the time when you are suspicious that I might be high?" Brady asked, and he quickly exited the office.

A short time later, Ian returned. Madison tried to pretend that everything was all right, but Ian wasn't convinced. Ian warned that Madison couldn't trust Brady. "He was sweating and shaking like a street junkie only half an hour ago," Ian said. Ian added that he cared about Madison, and that he would always be there to help her.

Madison suspiciously noted that Ian never offered to help someone unless there was something in it for him. Ian claimed that he had learned that it was futile to try to stand in the way of true love. Madison guessed that Kate had caused Ian's sudden change of heart. Ian nodded, and he wished that everyone could be as happy as he was.

Madison insisted that she was happy, and that her relationship with Brady was fine. Ian wasn't convinced, and he wondered if Brady was another one of Madison's mistakes. Madison replied that meeting Brady had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Ian pretended that Madison's statement had offended him, but she refused to fall for his tricks.

"You never cared about me as a real woman -- I was just a piece of clay that you tried to mold into your perfect idea of a wife, and you know what? When I got tired of being controlled by you, you made me suffer, so let's not sit here and pretend like there's any love lost between the two of us," Madison said. Ian claimed that Madison had meant a lot to him.

Ian recalled that Madison had once told him about her childhood. Madison glared at Ian, but he ignored her, and he noted that her father had abandoned her. "You've spent the greater part of your life feeling like you do not deserve to be loved, so it's perfectly understandable that you'd settle for somebody like Brady Black," Ian stated.

Madison said that she wasn't settling, and that she and Brady were going to have a wonderful life together. Ian shook his head, and he pointed out that Brady had been a mess recently. Ian added that Kate suspected that Brady had started using drugs again. Madison insisted that Kate was wrong, but Ian was skeptical. Madison started to get agitated, and she blurted out that Brady had gone to take a drug test earlier.

At the Horton Town Square, Brady explained the situation to Daniel. Brady said that he had volunteered to take the drug test, but he admitted that he wished that he had not had to make that offer. Brady wondered if Daniel believed him. Daniel claimed that he did, but it was obvious that he had some doubts. Daniel escorted Brady to the hospital.

After completing the tests, Daniel asked Brady if he had talked to Maggie recently. Brady said that he didn't want to bother Maggie, but Daniel pointed out that sponsors always had time to help out. Daniel was eager to visit Maggie and Victor, so he invited Brady to join him.

Brady defensively asked if Daniel thought that he had to hold Brady's hand to keep him from going to the nearest alley to score some drugs. Daniel insisted that he hadn't meant to offend Brady. Brady apologized, and he agreed to accompany Daniel to the Kiriakis mansion.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie recalled that her loved ones had warned her about Victor, and that she had ignored their advice. "I knew your history as well as they did, but I was falling in love with you. I was caught up in the romance of it all. You made me feel eighteen -- well, maybe twenty-eight. Has it ever occurred to you that...maybe we were caught up in the intoxicating, giddy state that blinded both of us to the truth? We're too different, Victor. We always have been. We always will be," Maggie sadly stated.

Maggie exited the mansion, and Victor followed her. Victor noted that old habits died hard. "I guess I made a mess of all my personal relationships. Chalk it up to an overabundance of pride...or ego. Whatever it was, I seem to have it all in spades. You were right to wash your hands of me. I don't deserve a woman like you," Victor admitted. Maggie stroked Victor's cheek, and she said that she hadn't been looking for perfection.

Maggie recalled that she had once been unfaithful to Mickey, and she said that it had been a terrible betrayal. Victor noted that Maggie and Mickey had gotten past that, and that they had been very happy together. Maggie credited Alice, who had pointed out that Maggie and Mickey had made a commitment to each other in front of God. Alice had encouraged Maggie to try to save her marriage.

Maggie admitted that it had been hard to repair the damage, but she added that it had been worth the effort. Victor said that Maggie had known that Mickey had been worthy of her love. Victor sighed, and he thanked Maggie for listening to him. Victor promised that he wouldn't try to fight Maggie if she decided to file for divorce. Maggie wondered if Victor was really willing to just give up and let her go.

Victor confirmed that he loved Maggie enough to respect her wishes, and he humbly apologized for hurting her. "A marriage -- it can't survive on love alone. It has to be nurtured with trust, which can only come from honesty," Maggie said. Victor vowed that he would always be honest with Maggie in the future. Maggie said that she loved Victor, and he wondered if that meant that she could forgive him.

In response, Maggie kissed Victor. After the kiss, Maggie said that she had one condition. Maggie said that Daniel had a right to know exactly what had happened. Without hesitation, Victor assured Maggie that they would give Daniel the news together. Victor glanced into the living room, and he noticed the untouched dinner. Victor asked Maggie about her appetite. "For food?" Maggie playfully asked, as she passionately kissed Victor.

A knock interrupted Victor and Maggie's kiss. Victor was eager to ignore the visitor, but Maggie urged him to answer the door. Daniel and Brady entered the mansion, and Brady explained that he needed to talk to Maggie. Brady assured Victor that everything was all right. Victor and Daniel agreed to give Maggie and Brady some privacy.

After Daniel and Victor left, Maggie wondered what was going on. "Look, I haven't slipped, I swear...but I kind of feel like I have. Look, I don't know if it's the same for alcoholics, but when you're craving drugs, you feel jumpy, you feel a little agitated, you feel -- you know, you just want your next hit. You just keep feeling you want more. I can't focus on anything. I can't really sit still, and all I can think about is getting something that will make me not feel this way," Brady explained.

Maggie assured Brady that cravings were natural. Maggie revealed that she still occasionally craved alcohol. Brady wondered what had caused the cravings to suddenly appear. Maggie said that the common triggers were hunger, anger, loneliness, and fatigue. Brady insisted that none of those triggers applied to him, and that he was extremely happy.

"Well, maybe that's it. Maybe things are going so well that you're scared," Maggie suggested. Maggie added that addicts often found it difficult to deal with failure and success. Maggie was glad that Brady had asked for her help, and she promised that she would always be there to support him. Brady assured Maggie that he would be fine. Brady vowed that he would never go down that path again, because he had too much to live for.

Elsewhere, Victor voiced his concerns about Brady. Daniel reminded Victor that Brady had recognized the problem, and that he had asked for help. Victor nodded, and he knowingly stated that it wasn't wise to withhold information. Victor vaguely mentioned that he had almost lost Maggie because of a secret, and he assured Daniel that he would explain everything later.

Daniel guessed that Victor and Maggie had worked things out, and Victor happily confirmed Daniel's suspicion. "I'm the luckiest man in the world to be married to your mother. Certainly nothing like any of my other exes. Vivian, Kate, Nicole -- I'm lucky to have survived those women," Victor said. Daniel admitted that he had forgotten that Victor had once been married to Nicole.

"Would that I could forget that sneaky, conniving gold-digger," Victor said. Daniel wondered if Nicole was really that bad. "She's worse. She's like a chameleon. She's whatever the person she's with wants her to be, but rest assured, she's always got an agenda. Terrible thing is I knew about all this stuff before I married her. I went ahead and did it anyway. I'm lucky to have gotten out of that relationship alive," Victor said with a laugh.

Daniel assumed that was an exaggeration, but Victor assured him that it was not. Victor compared Nicole to a mythological siren, and he said that he wouldn't wish her on his worst enemy. "Oh, I take that back -- she's married to E.J. DiMera. Couldn't be a better match," Victor joked. Daniel informed Victor that E.J. and Nicole were getting a divorce. Victor said that he pitied Nicole's next victim, and Daniel nodded uncomfortably.

After Daniel and Brady left, Victor wondered why Brady's cravings had resurfaced. Victor was surprised to learn that Maggie still struggled with occasional cravings. "Well, that's why we say 'recovering,' and not 'recovered.' I can go for months without thinking about a drink, but then there are times when life becomes...challenging. The idea starts dancing around in my brain," Maggie explained.

Victor apologetically admitted that he had caused many of those challenging moments. Maggie said that she believed that Victor regretted those mistakes. Maggie said that she wasn't asking for miracles -- she just wanted Victor to try to be the kind of man that she knew that he could be. Victor promised to try, and Maggie assured him that they were going to be all right.

Back at Titan, Daniel told Madison that he was waiting for the results of the drug test, and he abruptly excused himself. After Daniel left, Madison started to apologize for asking Brady to take the drug test, but he assured her that he understood. Brady revealed that he had talked to Maggie earlier. Madison hugged Brady, and she said that Maggie wasn't the only person who was in his corner.

"I just want to put this behind us. When the test comes back negative, it'll be over and done with for good," Madison added, as Ian eavesdropped from the hallway.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Horton Town Square, Chad was anxious to apologize to Melanie about the hurtful things he had said. Gabi advised Chad to give Melanie space.

Outside Brady Pub, Andrew stalked Melanie as she walked down the sidewalk and into a nearby alleyway. Unnerved, Melanie ordered the person who was following her to show themselves. A masked stranger stepped out from the shadows, grabbed Melanie, and put a rag across her mouth. As the masked stranger subdued Melanie in the alley, Gabi and Chad entered the alley at the other end.

"I think that Melanie is very lucky to have you," Gabi said. As Chad smiled, he heard a noise from the area of the alley where the stranger was restraining Melanie. Creeped out by the alley atmosphere, Gabi urged Chad to keep walking. Once Chad and Gabi were out of earshot, the stranger uncovered the unconscious mouth of Melanie and cursed at her. "You almost ruined everything," Andrew said.

When Chad and Gabi looped back around to the town square, Gabi counseled Chad to wait for Melanie to reach out to him. Chad called Melanie's phone, and in Andrew's secret room, he took the ringing phone from Melanie's unconscious body. Back in the town square, Chad was increasingly agitated by the fact that he could not contact Melanie. Gabi reminded Chad that Melanie was not the only person that he had yelled at. Nodding, Chad agreed that he needed to call Will and talk to him.

Sami met with Justin at the Brady Pub to talk about an attorney for Will. As Justin noted that his firm had the perfect attorney to take Will's case, Carrie walked into the pub. When Carrie apologized for being late, Sami glared at Justin and asked him if he wanted Sami to hire Carrie. Justin argued that Carrie had the experience to handle Will's case.

When Justin stepped away to give Carrie and Sami some time to talk, Sami said that she was concerned about Carrie's judgment. Carrie apologized for her involvement with Rafe, and she asked Sami to think of what was best for Will. When Carrie noted that she could argue before a jury, Sami interrupted to counter that she wanted a lawyer who could prove Will innocent before he went to trial.

When Justin returned to the table, Carrie asked Sami about Will's motive. Sami denied that Will had a motive and said that her son was innocent. Justin asked Sami to tell him if she wanted another attorney. Concerned about the time constraints, Sami noted that she was willing to hire Carrie if Carrie believed she could help Will.

At the police station, Rafe talked to Billie about the Stefano DiMera murder case. Billie told Rafe that the main suspect was not Will and that Rafe should concentrate his investigation on E.J. Billie explained that the bank statements she had found in the DiMera mansion were likely connected to the pension fund. "When I spoke to E.J., he had no idea the money was gone and that Stefano had stolen it right out from under him," Billie said. Billie swore to find evidence for Rafe.

Justin, Carrie, and Sami went over to the police station to work on Will's case. Justin learned that Rafe had taken over the investigation into Stefano's murder. Rafe met with Justin, Carrie, and Sami in the interrogation room, where the list of suspects was posted. Suspicious, Sami asked Carrie whether she had known that Rafe had been appointed head of Stefano's murder investigation.

When Justin urged Sami to concentrate on Will's case, Sami argued that her concern was that Rafe would be a distraction for Carrie. Carrie defended herself, but upset, Sami walked out. While Justin chased after Sami, Carrie told Rafe that she was not aware that Rafe was the lead investigator in the murder. Rafe urged Carrie not to drop the case, because they were professionals and would not be distracted by one another.

Carrie looked at the suspects on the board and noted that Will was the only suspect that did not have a motive to shoot Stefano. Rafe pointed out that Will worked for E.J. With a sigh, Carrie said that she was not worried about Will, but that she was worried about Rafe. Carrie explained that Rafe ran the risk of losing his job with the police force again if he was not objective. With a grin, Rafe said that he would follow his gut.

When Sami returned to the interrogation room, she asked if Carrie had made any progress in Will's defense. Carrie argued that she needed more than thirty minutes to crack the case. With tempers rising, Rafe urged Carrie and Sami to keep their conversations civil. In the doorway, a man named Neil appeared. Neil explained that he was a friend of Will's and that he had been with Will at "the Spa" on the night of the murder. Raising an eyebrow, Rafe asked Neil if he was referring to the gay bar.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. bristled when Will asked if he had killed Stefano. When Will mentioned E.J.'s motive to kill Stefano, E.J. countered that Marlena's motive to murder Stefano was equally strong. Will argued that Marlena was a good person. "I don't care if you killed your dad. I'm not here to judge. I just want to know the truth," Will said.

"If I killed my father, why would I help you?" E.J. asked. E.J. noted that if he were guilty, he would take advantage of Will's predicament. "Innocent people go to prison all the time," E.J. added. E.J. explained that he wanted to help Will but that he needed Will to tell him all the details about the night of the shooting. Will's phone rang, and he was surprised to hear Chad on the other end of the call.

Will asked if he could call Chad back. Chad apologized to Will for screaming at him, and Will told Chad that he did not need to say he was sorry. "I'm really sorry I ever questioned you," Chad said. With the air cleared, Chad asked Will if he had seen Melanie. Will said he had not, then hung up the phone.

Will recounted the details of the night of Stefano's murder to E.J. and informed him that he had not told the police. E.J. told Will that he believed Will was a good person and that he had not murdered Stefano. E.J. counseled Will to follow his instructions. When E.J. informed Will of his plan, Will was unsure. "It's not going to be easy but it will save your life," E.J. said.

In the secret room, Andrew looked through the text messages on Melanie's phone, and he deleted them. After Andrew left the room, Melanie stirred awake. Trapped, Melanie wondered aloud where she was being held. Melanie rushed to the door and demanded to be released. Outside in the hallway, Andrew used Melanie's phone to email Chad.

In the town square, Chad worried about Melanie's absence, but Gabi assured Chad that Melanie would turn up soon. "I'm sure she'll call you in the morning," Gabi said. As Chad nodded, he received an email on his phone. Devastated, Chad handed the phone to Gabi as he sank down onto the couch.

Gabi read the email aloud, which said, "I can't forgive what you said. I deserve to be treated better. Which is why I think we need a break. I'm going to Europe to be with my mother. Don't call, don't text, just please leave me alone." Stunned, Chad wandered away as Gabi smiled to herself. Gabi pursued Chad and assured him that Melanie would "come around."

In the Carver living room, Lexie struggled with her waning strength. Abe asked Lexie to join him for a picnic, but Lexie asked if they could cuddle on the couch instead. When Lexie felt better, Abe escorted her outside to the garden for a picnic. Lexie and Abe reminisced about when they had bought their house.

"Thank you for always putting me first," Lexie said. "Thank you for giving me a chance. I'm so grateful that you chose me. That you let me be yours," Abe said. Abe helped Lexie onto the blanket on the grass and they looked up at the sky. As they held hands, Abe and Lexie talked about Theo and memories they had from their lives together. Lexie told Abe that he was an amazing father.

"I'm doing my best. I just hope it's enough to make up for not having you," Abe said. Lexie assured Abe that he would do fine without her and that, as a parent, he would make mistakes. Lexie reminded Abe that he had family to help him raise Theo. Tired, Lexie's eyes fluttered. Abe kissed his wife's hand and promised to make Lexie proud. "You already do. You make me proud every day," Lexie said softly.

As the sun set, Abe put his arm around his wife, and they watched the sun sink on the horizon. With a smile, Abe suggested that he and Lexie should renew their wedding vows. "It would feel good to marry you all over again," Abe said. Fighting tears, Lexie told Abe that it was the most romantic thing he had ever said to her. "I would marry you again and again and again. I love you so much; nothing would make me happier," Lexie said.

Lexie noted that she and Abe were the two luckiest people in the world to have found one another. When Abe suggested that he cook dinner, Lexie asked if they could sit outside until the stars came out instead. "As long as you let me hug you," Abe said as Lexie nestled closer. "Always," Lexie whispered.

As the sun dropped lower in the sky, Abe pulled Lexie closer. Lexie's arm dropped away from him to the ground. When Abe talked to Lexie, he realized she was not responding. Abe gently shook his wife, but she was still. Realizing that Lexie was gone, Abe clutched her tightly and cried out to God.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the locked basement room, Melanie pounded on the door and screamed for help, but got no answer. After a while, she ran her hands through her hair in frustration -- and found a bobby pin. She quickly pulled the pin out of her hair, bent it, and then went to work on the lock.

In the park outside Horton Square, Gabi excitedly informed Andrew that Melanie had left town for Europe to be with her mom. Feigning ignorance as to his part in Melanie's departure, Andrew noted that Gabi would then have a shot with Chad. Gabi apologized for having been so hard on Andrew before, and asked, "Is it bad that I hope she doesn't hurry back any time soon?" Andrew replied, "Who knows? Maybe she'll be gone forever." Gabi didn't think that would happen, although she remembered that Melanie had once lived in Europe, and Melanie's mom and brother both resided there.

Gabi worried that Chad only saw her as a friend, but he'd proven that he cared about her when he'd comforted her in the wake of her breakup with Will. Andrew cautioned her that Chad wouldn't just forget about Melanie, so Gabi had her work cut out for her. He declared that he wanted to show Gabi why keeping Chad and Melanie from talking wouldn't be as difficult as Gabi thought. Andrew left, and Gabi followed somewhat suspiciously.

As Andrew led Gabi down the basement stairs, he explained that he hadn't even known the basement was there when he'd rented the place. As they stood outside the room where he had Melanie locked up, Andrew continued that the room had previously been a darkroom, and for some reason, it was also soundproof. Gabi didn't understand the appeal of "a creepy room with no windows." Andrew declared, "I just think you have to learn to see the potential in a place like this."

Gabi reminded Andrew that he'd promised to show her how he planned to keep Melanie and Chad from talking. "Before I tell you..." Andrew began, but Gabi cut him off. She expressed her gratitude to Andrew for posing as her stalker, but asserted, "It's not even going to matter if you try to keep Melanie and Chad from talking if I don't get Chad to fall in love with me first. I just hope that, wherever Melanie is, she's serious about moving on -- and forgetting all about Chad."

On the other side of the door, Melanie appeared to have gotten the door unlocked.

In the Carvers' garden, a sobbing Abe held Lexie's lifeless body in his arms, and begged her not to leave him. Lexie's spirit rose from her body, and hovered nearby as Abe cried, "I need more time!" Lexie's spirit gently reassured Abe that he was going to be fine, because he had their son and their friends -- and wonderful memories -- to get him through. As if he heard her, an emotional Abe protested that he wasn't ready. Lexie promised never to leave Abe and Theo, and wrapped ethereal, comforting arms around her husband.

Meanwhile, in the house, Bo and Hope watched Theo and Ciara playing together. The Bradys were both glad that they'd been able to give Abe and Lexie some time alone together, and Hope tearfully confided that she didn't think any of them would ever be ready to say goodbye to Lexie. Ciara asked her parents, "When are Uncle Abe and Aunt Lexie coming back?" Theo calmly informed Ciara, "Mommy's not coming back." He resumed coloring, while Bo and Hope asked why the boy had said that. After much prodding, finally Theo answered, "Because Mommy just went to heaven."

Hope went out to the garden, and saw that what Theo had said was true. She knelt next to Abe, who still clutched Lexie to him. Hope began to cry as Abe admitted that he didn't want to let his beautiful wife go.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. urged Will to tell the truth about what had really happened the night of Stefano's murder. "This isn't the way I wanted it to go. I wanted to do this on my own terms," Will protested. E.J. warned that Will's terms would send him to prison, and gently asserted that Will shouldn't worry about what other people thought.

E.J. added that a good prosecutor would make the charges against Will stick. "The truth is going to come out. You have an opportunity to dictate how and when it does," E.J. pointed out. Will knew that once the truth got out, it was over. E.J. argued that they were talking about Will's life, not just his personal life.

A ringing phone interrupted Will and E.J.'s conversation. It was Hope calling to let E.J. know about Lexie. "I'm so sorry; she passed away a few minutes ago," Hope managed. After sinking slowly into the desk chair, E.J. thanked Hope and hung up. When Will heard the news, he expressed his sympathy, and tentatively put a hand on E.J.'s shoulder. Although he seemed grateful for the small comfort, E.J. excused himself and walked slowly out of the room.

After Lexie's body had been taken away, Bo joined Abe on the garden bench. Abe confessed that it didn't seem real, and Bo admitted that he could only imagine what Abe was feeling. "A part of me is missing," Abe managed. "You were here together. You got to hold her, [and] know she was at peace," Bo noted sympathetically. Abe nodded, but asserted that Lexie had still had so many plans, although he was grateful that he and Theo had gotten a chance to say goodbye.

Bo gently reminded his friend that Lexie wasn't in pain any longer, and perhaps she'd been able to let go because she'd known that Abe and Theo would be okay. "And she passed here in her garden, at her home, in the arms of the man she loved," Bo said quietly, fighting to keep his voice from breaking. He added that Abe had been everything to Lexie.

Inside, Hope left a message for Celeste, "I'm here with Abe and Theo. You might want to get over here as soon as you can." Spirit Lexie put her hand on Theo's shoulder. Without looking up from his video game, Theo said, "Hi, Mommy."

While Hope made more phone calls in the kitchen, Theo told his mom that he didn't want her to go. Lexie reminded him of the conversation when she'd told him that she would need him to look after his daddy. "Can you do that for me?" Lexie asked. Theo nodded. Lexie declared that she loved her son very much, and she would always be there to look out for him.

As Lexie put her arms around Theo, Bo and Abe entered from the garden. "How do I tell my son his mother's gone?" Abe wondered. Bo informed Abe, "You don't have to. He's the one who told us that Lexie had passed. He sensed it." Abe wasn't surprised, noting that Theo and Lexie had always had an incredible connection.

Lexie's spirit stepped aside as Abe took the chair next to Theo. When Abe said that they had to talk about something, Theo replied, "I know, Daddy. Mommy's gone. I have to look out for you now." As Abe grabbed his son tightly, Lexie beamed and blew a big kiss to Theo.

Lexie's spirit hung around and watched as E.J. arrived, and Bo and Hope expressed their condolences to the mayor. Theo pulled out of his father's embrace to run into E.J.'s arms. After hugging his uncle, Theo announced that he was going to play with Ciara, then ran up the stairs. E.J. asked how Lexie had died, so Abe described how it had happened. "She was at peace, E.J.," Abe said reassuringly. Hope and Bo then went into the kitchen to make some more phone calls, as well as get some coffee and tea ready for visitors.

E.J. quietly apologized for intruding, but Abe assured him that Lexie would have wanted her brother there. E.J. asserted softly, "She wasn't just my sister; she was my best friend. She was my only friend. She was the most important person in my life." Abe concurred. E.J. wondered, "So what do we do? Where do we go now that she's no longer in our lives?" Lexie's spirit said that E.J. and Abe would find a way, but first they needed to make peace with each other.

Abe reminded E.J. that Lexie had wanted the two of them to find a way to coexist and even become a family for Theo. Abe added that he would like to honor his wife's wishes, and E.J. asked if Abe thought that was possible. Abe noted that although Theo didn't usually like to hug anyone except his family, the boy was very affectionate with E.J.

"At Lexie's request and for our son's sake, you're welcome here any time. Theo will know that you are his... you are our family," Abe said. Moved to tears, E.J. managed, "Thank you." The two men started to shake hands, and then embraced, while Lexie's spirit looked on with beaming approval.

Bo and Hope returned from the kitchen with a tray of sweets, as well as tea and coffee. They informed Abe that they'd called Cameron and Celeste, and Kayla was going to call the rest of the family. A grateful Abe acknowledged that Bo and Hope had also lost Lexie. They each recounted the ways in which Lexie had touched their lives. As if realizing that they had to comfort one another and she had to move on, Lexie spirit took one last look at her loved ones before her spirit slowly vanished.

At the police station, a man named Neil Hultgren introduced himself to Rafe, and explained that Will had been with him at the Spot on the night Stefano had been murdered. Rafe paused, and asked, "The Spot -- as in the gay bar?" Roman entered just then, and Neil repeated his story. Roman said he didn't buy that his grandson had spent the evening in a gay bar.

"You don't know your grandson," Neil said. Roman believed that Will would only have been there because he'd been with Sonny, but Neil corrected him, "That's where we go when we go out." Roman asked if Sami knew what Neil was talking about, and she replied that she did, but she couldn't answer questions about Will's personal life.

Will arrived just then and was surprised to see Neil. Roman asked if Neil's story were true, and Will confirmed that it was. "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I didn't know how," Will admitted. Roman pointed out that if people heard that Will had been hanging out in a gay bar, they might get the wrong impression. "You think it's better that they think I murdered somebody?" Will asked incredulously. Roman insisted that wasn't what he meant.

Will informed Roman, "The impression that people would get is not wrong... Grandpa, I'm gay." Will added, "I'm sorry; I wanted to tell you sooner. I didn't want to come out to you like this." Roman frowned, sighed, and moved across the room. Rafe clapped Will on the arm and declared that Will had nothing to be sorry about. Grinning, Carrie asserted that Will had just made her job a lot easier, and that she was very relieved.

Roman asked Sami if she'd known about Will. Before Sami could answer, Will admitted that both of his parents knew, as did Marlena and Sonny, but Will had gotten arrested before he could tell Roman. "Damn it, Will. You could have saved yourself a hell of a lot of trouble if you had told me," Roman complained. Sami gently argued that Will had handled things the best way he'd known how. Roman pointed out that it was all new to him, and the idea would take him a while to get used to.

Sami lightly asserted that Will was still Will, and nothing had really changed. Rafe and Carrie warned Will that the press might out Will much more publicly than he'd ever intended. Carrie promised to talk to Justin to try to keep the media coverage to a minimum. Carrie, Rafe, and Roman then left to talk to the district attorney about getting the charges dropped.

While Neil hung back quietly in the corner, Will apologized to his mother. Sami assured him that there was nothing to apologize for, then hugged him and declared that she was very proud of her son. Sami then thanked Neil for what he'd done, and Will echoed her words. The two young men embraced, just as Roman returned. Neil then said a quick goodbye and left.

After a few awkward moments, Sami finally blurted, "Should we just talk about it? Dad, do you have a problem with your grandson being gay?" Roman said his problem was the reaction that Will would get when people found out. He added that he was glad that many people were more open than they had been when he was younger. Sami maintained that they should focus on the brave thing Will had done to clear his name. Will informed them that it hadn't been his idea. "Actually, E.J. made me see that I didn't have a choice," Will explained.

Just then, Rafe and Carrie returned, and Carrie announced that the charges had officially been dropped. The mood in the room instantly turned celebratory, and Sami squeezed her son tightly.

Will had gone when Sami told her dad in no uncertain terms that being gay wasn't a choice. Roman said that he understood that, but he wished they could have avoided Will's arrest in the first place. "Dad, no one knew that Will's alibi had anything to do with him being gay," Carrie asserted. Roman declared that Sami should have told him about Will. Sami argued that it hadn't been her news to share.

Roman wanted to know how Sami had taken the news, and she admitted that she would give anything to take back how terribly she'd handled it. She added that she only wanted Will to be happy -- and she knew that was what Roman wanted, too. Roman declared, "I love that kid; you know that. I always will love that kid. This doesn't change a thing. But I do have concerns about Will for other reasons: his job with E.J. He had a gun. I just can't figure out where his head's at."

When Will met Sonny at the Brady Pub, Sonny was surprised that Will didn't seem more excited that the charges had been dropped. Will admitted that he'd had to tell everyone that he'd been at the Spot with Neil when Stefano had been murdered. Sonny asserted, "Pretty soon, everyone knowing is not going to make a difference. It's not going to matter to you... Know that the people who love you love and support you." He assured Will that he was one of those people, and the two friends shared a warm embrace.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

by Mike

In Lexie's garden, Celeste mourned the loss of her daughter, and she tried to prepare herself for Cameron's inevitable departure from Salem. Cameron informed Celeste that he had decided to stick around for a while.

Cameron admitted that he had grown attached to Theo, and that he also liked the hospital. Celeste was pleased, but she guessed that Abigail was the main reason that Cameron had decided to stay in Salem. Cameron recalled that Celeste had warned him about Abigail, and he pointed out that the warnings had always been vague.

Cameron reminded Celeste that he didn't believe in things like bad auras, but she countered that her premonitions were almost always accurate. Celeste said that she didn't want Abigail's darkness to envelop Cameron. Cameron vowed to protect Abigail from whatever was headed her way.

Meanwhile, inside the Carver house, John and Marlena offered Abe their condolences. Abe marveled at the fact that Lexie had never been bitter about her illness, even after she had learned that Stefano had caused it. Marlena and John were confused, so Abe quickly told them about Stefano's involvement. "In a way, he got off easy. If he had been here today, there would be no worse punishment," Abe said.

Marlena received a text message, and she apologetically excused herself so that she could check her phone. After reading the message, Marlena happily explained that the charges against Will had been dropped. John started to ask for details, and Marlena hesitated for a moment as she reminded herself that she no longer needed to keep Will's secret.

Marlena explained that Will had been on a date with a young man at the time that Stefano had been killed. John protectively stated that the journalists needed to check their facts, because Will's alibi wasn't enough to prove that he was gay. Marlena agreed, but she gently added that Will was gay. Marlena revealed that Will had already informed her that he was gay, and she added that it had not been her place to tell John.

"Doesn't matter -- next time I see him, I'll tell him I love him just the same," John said without hesitation. Abe said that he respected people who were willing to live their own truths, and he added that Lexie had felt the same way. Marlena turned her attention back to Abe, and she wondered if he needed anything. Abe realized that no one had called Chad yet. Marlena agreed to do that, and she quickly excused herself.

At the Horton Town Square, Abigail approached Chad, who was obviously depressed about something. Abigail assumed that Chad was upset about Stefano's death, so she offered her condolences. Chad revealed that he was also worried about Melanie. Chad told Abigail about the fight, and he admitted that he hadn't meant any of the things that he had said to Melanie.

As Gabi entered the town square, Chad contemplated taking a trip to Europe. Gabi said that would be a horrible idea. Gabi claimed that Chad needed to respect Melanie's decision. Gabi started to talk about her stalker, but Abigail stopped her, and she incredulously asked if Gabi was really trying to compare Chad to a stalker.

Gabi ignored Abigail's question, and she insisted that Chad needed to give Melanie some time to cool off. Gabi predicted that Chad would ruin his relationship with Melanie if he tried to chase after her. Chad didn't think that he could patiently wait for Melanie to return to Salem, but Abigail reluctantly admitted that Gabi might have a point.

Chad received a phone call, and he briefly entertained the possibility that Melanie had changed her mind. Chad sighed when he heard Marlena's voice, and his heart sank further when he instinctively realized that she was calling to tell him that something had happened to Lexie. Marlena gently explained that Lexie had died in her garden earlier that day, with Abe at her side.

Chad tearfully stated that Lexie would have wanted it that way, and he thanked Marlena for letting him know. Abigail hugged Chad, and Gabi glared at her. Abigail realized that she was going to be late for an appointment, and she apologetically excused herself. Gabi happily assured Abigail that she would take care of Chad.

After Abigail left, Gabi wondered if there was anything that she could do for Chad. Chad said that he just wanted Melanie. "She's on a plane to Europe, and I can't even chase after her, because I have to bury my sister! I need her more than ever now, and she's gone, and I have no idea what I'm going to do," Chad admitted. Gabi encouraged Chad to lean on her for support.

Back at the Carver house, Abe urged John and Marlena to spend some time with Will. After Marlena and John left, Celeste and Cameron excused themselves so that they could take care of the funeral arrangements. Once Abe and Theo were alone, Theo glanced away from his handheld video game for a moment. "Daddy...what do we do now?" Theo quietly asked.

Later, Theo admitted that he missed his mother. Abe agreed, and he showed Theo a picture album that Lexie had put together for them. Theo smiled as he looked at the photographs. Abe said that Theo had Lexie's smile, and that he also had her eyes. Abe and Theo reminisced about Lexie as they flipped through the album.

Back at the Horton Town Square, Abigail ran into Celeste and Cameron, and she offered her condolences. Cameron thanked Abigail, and Celeste impatiently reminded him that they were going to be late for their appointment. Cameron asked Celeste to give him a minute, and she reluctantly walked away.

Cameron apologized for Celeste's rudeness, but Abigail assured him that she understood. "To be honest, I'm still reeling. I had a sister for years, and I only got to know her the last few months of her life. I can only imagine what Abe, Theo, and my mom are going through, but I feel...cheated," Cameron admitted. Abigail hugged Cameron, while Celeste watched from the other side of the town square.

At Sami's apartment, Sami greeted Lucas, and she wondered if he had heard that the charges against Will had been dropped. Lucas nodded, and he informed Sami that the story had already been leaked to the press. Lucas added that a reporter had asked him for a quote, which was how he had heard about Will's alibi.

Lucas was glad that Will had an alibi, but he admitted that the details of that alibi had surprised him. "Hey, it's not your average alibi, but you know what? It works," Sami said with a shrug. Sami wished that Justin and Carrie had been able to keep the details out of the press. Lucas assured Sami that Carrie and Justin had probably tried to do so, and she agreed.

Sami explained that she was just upset that the reporters had focused on Will's sexuality instead of his innocence. Lucas wondered how Will had handled the situation. Sami said that Will had not expected Neil to tell everyone that they had been on a date that night, but she added that he hadn't denied it, and that he had been prepared to admit the truth himself.

Sami said that she was proud of the way that Will had handled the situation, and she assured Lucas that he also would have been proud of their son. Lucas hoped that Will would finally start to feel comfortable in his own skin. Sami agreed, but Lucas could tell that something was bothering her. Sami told Lucas about Roman's reaction.

Sami recalled that she and Lucas had been shocked when Will had told them that he was gay, and she theorized that Roman had also been shocked. Sami wished that she had handled Will's announcement more gracefully. Sami hoped that she had redeemed herself at the police station earlier. Lucas deadpanned that he was afraid to ask Sami to elaborate.

Sami said that she had told Will that if Roman -- or anyone else -- ever gave him a hard time about being gay, they would have to answer to her. Lucas wished that he had been there to support Will. Sami apologized, and she reiterated that Lucas would have been proud of Will. "Well, I would have been proud of you, too," Lucas said, without a hint of condescension. Lucas and Sami rushed off to find Will.

At the Brady Pub, Will noted that he would no longer be able to tell people that he was gay on his own terms. Will asked Sonny for some advice about how to handle the situation. "Dude, you are free now. You're out of the closet and cleared of murder in one amazing day. Smile," Sonny said, in his typical laid-back manner.

Will admitted that Sonny had a point, and he wished that he could see things the way that Sonny did. Sonny was certain that Will would quickly start to see things differently. "You know, I guess I couldn't control coming out any more than I could control how people took it," Will said.

Sonny wondered if someone had given Will a hard time about being gay. Will explained that Roman had expressed some concerns, and Sonny reminded him that Victor's reaction had been similar. "You know, I went there -- I wanted this big hug, and an 'A' for honesty, but you know what I got? Neither," Sonny said with a laugh.

Sonny was sure that Roman would eventually realize that Will was still the same person, and that being gay was just a small part of who he was. Will hoped that Sonny was right. "Have you met me? I am always right -- every time," Sonny joked.

"You know, when you opened Common Grounds, my grandfather came to me, and he told me that if anybody gave you any trouble for being different, to come to him, and he'd handle it. And it's ironic, 'cause now I'm the person who's different, and he can't handle it," Will noted. Will wondered what would happen if Roman never learned how to accept the fact that Will was gay.

"You know, though, I gotta give my mom some credit for once. She was really there for me today, and...I don't know, that's something I haven't felt in a long time," Will admitted. Sonny asked about Lucas, and Will happily reported that Lucas had been extremely supportive. John entered the pub, and he announced that Lucas wasn't the only one.

Will guessed that John had heard the news. "You're gay, you're out, and I'm proud. I'm proud of you, kid, for owning your own truth, and being a man about the man that you are. What you did today -- damn, that took some real courage," John said, as he hugged Will. John's words of encouragement moved Will, who couldn't stop smiling.

"I can't take the credit, though. I mean, I wouldn't be out and okay with it if it weren't for Sonny...and, of course, you," Will said, as Marlena entered the pub. Will hugged Marlena. "You know, I wouldn't be me without you," Will whispered in Marlena's ear. Marlena said that she was happy for Will, and John and Sonny echoed Marlena's statement.

"Wow, I'm starting to be happy for me, too, then," Will said with a laugh, as the support continued to overwhelm him. Will reiterated that Sonny had been extremely helpful, and Marlena asked him to elaborate. "Just that, you know, he knew before I was sure, and he didn't push me -- just listened to me whining all the time -- know, you always told me the truth, so you made me see that I can be okay with who I am, so, you know, thank you," Will said, as Lucas and Sami entered the pub.

"Will...for the record, nothing could make us ever love you any less," Sami firmly stated. Will struggled to contain his emotions, and he silently nodded to let Sami know that he understood. Sami said that she and Lucas had been talking about how Will had handled everything. Lucas noted that it was obvious that a huge burden had been lifted off of Will's shoulders.

Lucas added that he and Sami were proud of Will, and that they were happy for him. Sami stepped forward to hug Will, and -- for the first time in a long time -- Will accepted the hug without any hesitation. Will beamed with happiness as Sami hugged him, and Marlena's reaction seemed to suggest that Sami wasn't the only mother in the pub who was proud of her child.

In Andrew's basement, Melanie managed to pick the lock on the door, but Andrew was waiting on the other side, his face hidden behind a ski mask. Melanie tried to run, but Andrew grabbed her. Melanie struggled to escape, and she demanded to know who Andrew was, and why he had kidnapped her. Andrew referred to himself as Melanie's host, and he vaguely stated that he had his reasons for doing what he was doing.

Melanie begged Andrew to let her go. Andrew laughed as he dragged Melanie back into her makeshift cell, and he said that he might decide to keep her locked up for the rest of her life. Melanie wondered what Andrew was planning to do to her. "Well, that depends on you, pretty lady. See, if you're good, then I can be good, but if you're bad -- well, I'm really good at being bad, if you know what I mean," Andrew said.

Melanie laughed, and she said that she knew all about being bad, since her boyfriend was a DiMera, and her grandmother was married to Victor Kiriakis. Andrew seemed surprised, and Melanie quickly assured him that everything was going to be all right. Melanie pointed out that Andrew hadn't actually done anything to her yet, and she urged him to let her go.

Andrew fixed the doorknob, and he held up Melanie's phone. Andrew informed Melanie that everyone was going to assume that she was in Europe. Melanie insisted that her loved ones would know that something was wrong if she didn't check in with them regularly.

"Oh, but you will check in with them. See, you know, you're gonna keep in constant contact. 'Hey, everybody! Europe is great -- I may never come home,'" Andrew said, as he exited the room.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daniel was lost in thought about Lexie when Nicole stopped by his office. Nicole expressed her sympathy for the loss of Daniel's dear friend, and he noted that Nicole and Lexie had been sisters-in-law for a while. Nicole then explained that she was there to thank him for not divulging that E.J. was the father of her baby; she gave Daniel a small gift to express her gratitude. A dubious Daniel told Nicole that she could drop the act, since no one would ever find out that she was having E.J.'s baby.

Nicole hotly maintained that her terror that E.J. would take her baby away was no act. Daniel asked her to just admit that she had played him, because her honesty might help him get to know her better. Nicole resentfully admitted that maybe she had "laid it on a little thick," and confessed that it felt good to get it off her chest. Daniel wanted to know if Nicole's act had ended before or after the two of them had kissed.

Offended by his continued allegations that she was manipulating him, Nicole reminded Daniel that he didn't exactly have a stellar track record where women were concerned. "Maybe that kiss wasn't part of my performance -- but yours... Maybe you thought that I was playing you, so you decided to play me," Nicole asserted, positing that Daniel had been curious as to just how far she would go to get what she wanted.

As the sexual tension built, Nicole asked why Daniel had kissed her. Daniel commended her for turning the tables on him. Nicole teased him that for a man of his experience, he had gotten awfully worked up over a "little kiss." Daniel uncomfortably admitted that he had, adding, "A kiss can tell you a lot about a person." Nicole asked bluntly, "In a showdown between the tramp and the man-whore, who's going to come out on top?"

Daniel confessed that what he remembered about the kiss was the way it had felt afterward, and how he'd momentarily forgotten to breathe. "The sensation of two people truly connecting, that's what I remember," Daniel declared. Nicole admitted that was what she remembered, as well. She noted that neither of them were saints, but she bet people lined up outside Daniel's door to gaze into his eyes while he made them feel better.

Nicole asked flirtatiously if they had broken any doctor-patient rules. Daniel pointed out that Nicole was technically no longer his patient. "Then what am I to you?" Nicole asked. "I think of you more as a co-conspirator," Daniel replied. Just as they were about to kiss, Daniel's pager went off. As he left to respond to it, Nicole and Daniel seemed to look forward to the next time they saw each other. Daniel stopped as he closed the door behind himself to catch his breath, while inside, Nicole had to do the same.

Agent Spencer of the ISA showed up at the police station, and informed Rafe and Roman that the governor had assigned Spencer to oversee the investigation into Stefano DiMera's murder. Rafe and Roman were glad to have a friend in that position. Spencer asked them who their prime suspect was, and Rafe replied that it was E.J. DiMera. Spencer had already heard about Will's alibi, and Roman somewhat irritably asserted that Will's private life was none of the media's business.

Spencer was surprised to learn that E.J. had encouraged Will to step forward with an alibi, and asked what sort of evidence the police had against E.J. Roman and Rafe divulged that Stefano had recently drafted a new will but had been murdered before he could sign it. Rafe and Roman continued that Billie Reed had learned that Stefano had given the police the tip that had cleared John Black of embezzlement charges. Roman and Rafe asserted agreed that a betrayal like that by one's father was certainly a viable motive, but Spencer wondered if E.J. was the kind of man who would shoot his own father.

Carrie and Austin joined Kate at the Brady Pub for breakfast. Kate let it slip that she'd already managed to get the news out of Austin that Carrie was pregnant, but Carrie didn't mind Austin's mom knowing. Kate embraced her daughter-in-law warmly. While Carrie stepped away for a moment, Austin expressed his condolences about Stefano to Kate. Kate then declared that Austin was going to be a great father. Austin wasn't so sure, because of all the problems he and Carrie had been through, but he hoped the problems were in the past.

Rafe entered the pub and bumped into Carrie. They just greeted each other cordially, but Kate witnessed the two exchanging a look that dismayed her.

After breakfast, Austin said that he and Carrie had some errands to run, but Kate declared that she was going to take Carrie shopping. Carrie consented, so the women said goodbye to Austin, and then left for Horton Square.

A while later, their arms filled with shopping bags, Kate and Carrie grabbed a table at the café. Carrie was surprised to learn Kate knew that Austin and Carrie were house hunting. Carrie admitted that she was worried that they might be getting in over their heads, but Kate assured her that she would be there to see Carrie through her pregnancy.

Kate then produced a wrapped gift from among the shopping bags, and explained, "I wanted to give you something with real meaning behind it." Carrie opened the present excitedly, but was alarmed to find that it contained an ornate dagger. Kate explained that it was a warning of what would happen to Carrie if she cheated on Austin with "that loser," Rafe Hernandez. Carrie insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Rafe.

"I know what I saw today when Rafe walked into the pub," Kate maintained, explaining, "I saw the way you looked at him; I saw the way he looked at you -- and to deny it only makes it worse, Carrie." Kate reminded Carrie that she had already cheated on Austin once, with Mike Horton, but Carrie insisted, "I'm not that girl anymore." Kate declared that Carrie would always be that girl. Carrie firmly stated that she was committed to her marriage to Austin.

"I just want you to stay in the right bed, then we won't have a problem," Kate warned. Carrie tried to give the box back to Kate, pointing out that it was none of Kate's business. Kate noted that Carrie had not once said that she was in love with Austin. "I've had my sons torn apart by the Brady girls before, and I am not going to sit by idly and let it happen again," Kate declared.

E.J. sat on the floor in the living room of the DiMera mansion, mournfully gazing at a picture of Lexie. After a while, he put the picture aside, and then reread the letter to Stefano from Alice Horton revealing that E.J. was not Stefano's biological son. He put the picture on the desk just as Will entered. E.J. quickly hid the letter under a file folder, and admonished Will for being late. Will explained that, with Lexie's death, he'd assumed that E.J. would tell him not to report for work.

E.J. pointed out that wallowing in grief was not something he would do, but Will asserted that even the mayor was allowed a day off. E.J. countered that he was not only the mayor; he was also a DiMera. E.J. showed Will the front page of the Salem Spectator, where the headline shouted, "Will Horton cleared by male companion." Although dismayed that his personal life was front-page news, Will pointed out that his alibi meant that the police would focus on other suspects.

E.J. maintained that Will needed to learn how to protect himself so as not to appear vulnerable. E.J. admitted that his and his father's weakness had been their family. "It's always important to prepare yourself for the next attack," E.J. stated, knocking over the king on the chessboard. He added that there could be no doubt as to who was in charge of the family and the company.

E.J. then instructed Will to print out some articles from the Internet about E.J. Will wondered why Chad wasn't in line to take over the DiMera family. E.J. maintained that Chad had made it quite clear that he wanted nothing to do with the family business, and bristled because he thought Will was insinuating that E.J. was taking something away from Chad. Will assured E.J. that wasn't what he'd meant at all. E.J. declared that perhaps Will should see him as a "heartless bastard," since that was what E.J. was supposed to be.

When the doorbell rang, E.J. instructed Will to find out who it was. Will reported back that Rafe, Roman, and another man were at the door, so E.J. told him to let them in. E.J. folded the letter from Alice and slipped it into the pocket of a jacket on the back of a chair after he thought Will had left the room. Will witnessed it, but hurried to the door before E.J. saw him noticing.

Roman and Rafe were surprised that Will was working for E.J. again. Roman asked how Will was holding up in the wake of the headlines, and Will cheerfully maintained that he didn't care. Agent Spencer introduced himself to Will and E.J., and explained why he was there with Rafe and Roman. E.J. declared that he was glad Agent Spencer was in charge of the investigation, since the Salem Police had proven that they were incompetent where Stefano's murder was concerned.

As he led the investigators into the living room, E.J. asked how he could help. Rafe explained that it helped to have an open line of communication with the family of a murder victim, especially because the family often began putting walls up if they felt their privacy had been compromised. E.J. assured them that he had nothing to hide.

Rafe "accidentally" dropped the file folder he was carrying, and its contents -- including crime-scene photographs of Stefano's body -- spilled onto the floor. Rafe pretended to be sorry when he saw E.J.'s stunned reaction to the pictures, then changed tactics and asked, "Is it the blood and gore, or are you truly sorry that he's gone?" Offended, E.J. pointed out that he could have Rafe thrown off the force with one phone call.

Spencer reminded E.J. that he was still the prime suspect, but E.J. reminded him that Will had been the prime suspect the day before. Spencer and Roman explained that they really wanted to discuss E.J.'s motive, since Stefano had just disinherited E.J. before he'd been murdered. E.J. declared that he hadn't killed his father, and angrily reminded the others that Stefano had frequently cut people in and out of his will for fun. "Unless this time it's different," Roman noted.

"And we were hoping to hear that from you," added Spencer. E.J. asserted that there were real suspects out there with real motives, yet Spencer's investigation seemed to focus solely on E.J. Spencer assured him that they were investigating everyone. E.J. didn't buy it, and demanded to know if any of the other men could have shot their fathers in the heart. No one answered. E.J. shoved Rafe's papers at him, and ordered them all to leave. They complied.

After the cops and ISA agent had gone, E.J. raged about how he supposedly had been mistreated at their hands. He yanked the jacket off the chair, and the letter flew out, unnoticed, onto the floor. E.J. strode out of the room, ordering Will to show himself out when he was finished with his work. A bit later, Will was putting the laptop back on the desk when he spied the paper on the floor. After considering it for a moment, he bent to pick it up.

As Rafe, Roman, and Spencer returned to the police station, they agreed that Will did not need to be in the middle of their murder investigation. Spencer remarked that they still had no proof that E.J. had murdered Stefano. Rafe said, "Guilty or not, I just hope that Will sees E.J. for who and what he really is, before it's too late." Spencer asked what was next. Rafe replied that they would simply wait for E.J. to make a mistake, which they all hoped would tell them why E.J. had murdered his father.

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