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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 10, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, September 10, 2012

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope and Nick greeted Maggie. Hope wondered if Nick could stay at the mansion for a while.

"It's just temporary -- no more than six months. He's kind of in a bind. One of the terms of his parole is that he has to live within the jurisdiction. He also has to live with a family member, and Bo and I can't take him in because Bo was the arresting officer. And, well, as you know, Dad and Julie just left on a cruise," Hope explained.

Hope started to mention that she had considered asking Jennifer, but Maggie stopped her and said that Jennifer already had enough to deal with. Nick apologized for the inconvenience, noting that he had promised himself that he would never make Maggie's life difficult again. Nick guessed that Maggie was worried about how Melanie would feel about the idea, but Maggie insisted that Melanie would be okay.

Maggie agreed to let Nick stay at the mansion. Meanwhile, Hope received a text message from Bo, and she abruptly excused herself so that she could help him with something. "It's good to see you out of prison clothes," Hope told Nick before exiting the mansion. After Hope left, Maggie escorted Nick upstairs to show him his room, joking that orange had never been his color.

In Sami's apartment, Sami wondered how Rafe really felt about her. Before Rafe could respond, E.J. arrived and announced that he had a surprise for Sami. Sami told E.J. that she and Rafe had been talking about Gabi.

E.J. wondered if the recent explosion had harmed Nicole's baby. Rafe assured E.J. that Nicole and the baby were both fine. Sami hinted that she wanted Rafe to leave. Rafe seemed slightly offended, and he noted that he had apparently misread the situation. After Rafe left, Sami urged E.J. to tell her about his surprise.

"I managed to clear out my schedule for the day, and I wondered if you would like to accompany me to lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge. I spoke to Mary; she's going to pick the kids up from school and take them back to the house, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate our freedom," E.J. said. E.J.'s invitation surprised Sami, who pointed out that the lodge was a considerable distance away from Salem.

E.J. told Sami that he wanted to pick up where they had left off at the DiMera safe house, and he wondered if she felt the same way. Sami said that she believed that her relationship with E.J. was stronger than it had ever been before, which was why she had agreed to help E.J. evade the police. E.J. claimed that he wanted the chance to prove that Sami, Johnny, and Sydney were the most important people in his life.

"If this is happening, we have to make a pact -- no shooting each other, no cloning anything, no kidnapping, no lying," Sami stated. Before Sami could add anything else to her list, E.J. interrupted and stated that her proposal sounded boring. Sami was undeterred, and she extended a hand to seal the deal. E.J. shook Sami's hand and kissed her.

Someone knocked on the door. Sami opened the door and found Hope standing in the hallway. Hope was glad to see E.J., who noted that he had never heard her utter those words before. Hope ignored E.J.'s comment and announced that the charges against Sami and E.J. had been dropped. Sami and E.J. were pleased to hear that, but Hope interrupted their celebration and said that she had delivered the good news first.

"The governor wants to meet with you face-to-face. He gave a statement to the press, and I don't think it's because he wants to pin a medal on you," Hope told E.J., who wasn't surprised. E.J. noted that the governor was being pressured to ask for E.J.'s resignation. Hope explained that the governor was in Salem and wanted to talk to E.J. right away.

At the hospital, Nicole wondered if Jennifer was really going to be working at the hospital again. Daniel admitted that he wasn't sure, and he started to rant about the hospital employee who had been complaining about Jennifer earlier. Daniel noted that the work might be a welcome distraction from Jennifer's grief. Nicole shrugged and theorized that Jennifer would never recover from losing the love of her life.

Daniel nodded uncomfortably and tried to excuse himself, but Nicole stopped him and announced that she was having a baby boy. The news excited Daniel, who congratulated Nicole. "Oh, God -- if E.J. finds out I'm having a little boy, you know, he'll take my son away from me faster than you can say 'unfit mother,'" Nicole realized, laughing nervously. Daniel assured Nicole that E.J. would never find out.

Nicole asked Daniel to be her son's godfather, and he happily agreed. Daniel started to think about Parker, and he admitted that losing Parker had left a hole in his heart that he had been unable to fill. Daniel looked forward to having another baby boy in his life, and he thanked Nicole for that opportunity. Later, Nicole placed Daniel's hand on her stomach when the baby started to kick.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer told Kayla that Nicole and Daniel might be more than friends. Jennifer worried that Nicole would eventually break Daniel's heart. "Well, even if that happens, I have to ask you -- what's it to you?" Kayla bluntly asked. Jennifer admitted that she had never stopped caring about Daniel. Jennifer refused to let Nicole hurt Daniel.

Kayla urged Jennifer to discuss the situation with Daniel, but Jennifer insisted that it wasn't her place to do so. Jennifer hoped that Victor would talk to Daniel about Nicole, but Kayla pointed out that Daniel would be more likely to listen to Jennifer. Jennifer disagreed, noting that Daniel had been distant lately. Jennifer added that Nicole was taking advantage of Daniel.

Kayla pointed out that Daniel might have simply moved on, and she noted that there was nothing that Jennifer could do to stop that. Kayla added that she didn't want Jennifer to get hurt, but Jennifer ignored Kayla's advice. Jennifer insisted that Nicole was trying to use the baby to trap Daniel. Jennifer's anger confused Kayla, who noted that it wasn't like Nicole was trying to kill Daniel.

"I love Jack Deveraux. I will always love him, and in some way, if you're implying that this is some cheap trick that I am doing to get Daniel back, you are wrong. I can hear that in your voice," Jennifer defensively stated. Kayla denied the accusation and wondered what had caused Jennifer to reach that conclusion. Jennifer started to insist that she was right, but she quickly backpedaled and apologized to Kayla.

Abe interrupted and wondered what was going on. Jennifer apologized again, admitting that she had been dealing with some anger issues recently. Abe abruptly changed the subject and wondered if Kayla had made a decision about the hospital's job offer. Kayla announced that she had accepted the offer. "I know what you're gonna say. I mean, talk about anger issues. I'm sure you're furious because you know that Lexie should still have that job," Kayla added.

In Chad's apartment, Melanie guessed that Chad had proposed to her because the parole board had forced Nick to remain in Salem. Chad denied Melanie's suspicion. "Here's what it has to do with, okay? Me being scared out of my mind that Andrew was -- was ever gonna keep me from seeing you again. Me realizing that I don't even want to think about that possibility. I want to spend every day with you for the rest of my life," Chad said.

Melanie pointed out that her previous marriage had failed, and she admitted that she wasn't sure if she could handle that again. Chad assured Melanie that their marriage wouldn't fail, reminding her that they had already survived a large number of obstacles. Melanie agreed, and Chad took that as a signal to move forward with his proposal. "Melanie Jonas, would you do me this honor of becoming my wife?" Chad asked again.

Melanie was still hesitant, and she explained that she wasn't sure if she could make that decision right away. Chad conceded that his timing was probably off, but he added that he was willing to be patient. "Just promise me you'll think about it -- unless you...don't have to think about it, because you already know you don't feel the same," Chad guessed. Melanie said that she just needed some time to consider Chad's proposal, and she promised that she wouldn't make him wait for an unreasonable length of time.

At the Horton house, Abigail apologized to Cameron for her earlier behavior, and she noted that they had the entire house to themselves. Cameron assured Abigail that there was no need to apologize, and he added that he was willing to take things slowly if that was what Abigail wanted. In response, Abigail kissed Cameron passionately and started to unbutton his shirt.

Cameron stopped Abigail and wondered if she was sure that she wanted to continue. Abigail nodded and continued to kiss Cameron as she reached for his belt buckle. Cameron stopped Abigail again, knowingly stating that she wasn't ready. Abigail was embarrassed, but Cameron insisted that there was no need to feel that way. Cameron could tell that Abigail was uncomfortable, so he assured her that she could always call him if she ever needed to talk about anything, and he politely excused himself.

Later, Melanie told Abigail about Chad's proposal. Abigail admitted that she wasn't the best person to ask for advice about guys. Melanie wondered if Abigail and Cameron were having problems. Abigail confirmed Melanie's suspicion, but she added that she didn't want to talk about it. Changing the subject, Abigail wondered if Daniel knew about Chad's proposal. Melanie shook her head and predicted that Daniel would freak out when he heard the news.

Melanie decided to ask Maggie for advice. Melanie hoped that Maggie would tell her the truth instead of telling her what she wanted to hear. Melanie said that she didn't want to make another mistake. Abigail admitted that she had made a huge mistake earlier. Melanie and Abigail wished each other luck.

After Melanie left, Abigail tried to call Cameron, but the call went to voicemail. "Hi, Cameron -- it's me. Um, I don't know what to say about today, except that the minute after you left, I felt horrible. I'm really sorry, and I want to make it up to you tonight. No more mixed signals -- I'm not confused anymore. I've been thinking about you, and...I really want to be with you, so call me, okay?" Abigail said.

After Abigail ended the call, she turned around and found Jennifer standing on the other side of the room. Abigail realized that Jennifer had probably heard everything. Jennifer insisted that she hadn't intended to eavesdrop. Abigail started to leave, but Jennifer stopped her and told her to be careful. Jennifer noted that it had been years since she had last talked to Abigail about birth control.

Abigail was clearly uncomfortable, and she told Jennifer to back off and mind her own business. Undeterred, Jennifer insisted that she knew what she was talking about, and she offered to help Abigail choose the right methods of birth control. "Mom! I don't need it. I didn't sleep with anyone the whole time I was in Europe. I didn't sleep with Chad, I didn't sleep with Austin, and I haven't slept with Cameron either. For God's sake, Mom, I'm -- I'm a virgin," Abigail admitted.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe recalled his earlier encounter with Sami. "Shouldn't even be thinking about her, but...damn it, I am," Rafe muttered. Lucas entered the pub and offered to purchase a beer for Rafe. Lucas noted that Rafe had once tried to warn Lucas to stay away from Sami, and he admitted that he had never thanked Rafe for that.

Lucas added that his relationship with Sami had ended, making it clear that she was single again, but Rafe said that he wasn't interested in reuniting with her. Lucas noted that Rafe already had a lot of stuff to deal with. "Marrying Sami is one thing, but having a baby with Nicole -- isn't that kind of like going from bad to worse?" Lucas asked. Rafe vaguely stated that Lucas didn't know the whole story, but he refused to elaborate.

Lucas promised that he wouldn't judge Rafe for anything that he might have done after Sami and E.J. had slept together. Rafe said that he couldn't stand E.J., and Lucas quickly agreed. Lucas claimed that he had bumped into E.J. earlier, and he said that E.J. had mentioned that Sami despised the fact that Nicole was carrying Rafe's baby. Lucas insisted that Sami and E.J. deserved each other, and he abruptly excused himself.

Rafe recalled his earlier encounter with E.J. at Sami's apartment. "You don't have to worry about E.J., Nicole. He wants that baby to be mine. He's using it to get Sami back," Rafe muttered. Rafe started to leave, but he quickly spotted Sami, who was sitting at a table near the entrance. Rafe briefly entertained the idea of warning Sami that E.J. was manipulating her, but he reminded himself that he had made a promise to Nicole. Rafe walked out of the pub before Sami could see him.

At Common Grounds, Chad greeted Cameron, who asked about Nick's parole. Chad was upset about the fact that Nick would be staying in Salem. Cameron said that Abigail was also upset about Nick. Later, Cameron listened to Abigail's voicemail message. Chad wondered if everything was all right. Cameron wasn't sure, and he admitted that the message had confused him.

Back at the Horton Town Square, Abe assured Kayla that he believed that she would be an excellent chief of staff, and he added that he was pleased that she was going to be Lexie's successor. Kayla promised that she wouldn't let anyone forget about Lexie's legacy at the hospital. Abe retrieved an executive pen from his pocket.

"You know, I got this, uh -- got this for Lexie when she got the job, and she promised me that she would only use it to sign important papers -- after she gave me hell for spending so much on a pen. I found it when I cleaned out her desk. Theo and I want you to have it," Abe said. Abe's gesture touched Kayla, who stated that she would treasure the gift.

Elsewhere, E.J. and Hope greeted the governor, who had a couple of reporters with him. E.J. pointed out that the charges against him had officially been dropped, but the governor said that wasn't good enough. "The publicity was very bad for the town and the state. Press is saying the DiMera family bought themselves the mayor's office. I can't have that," the governor explained.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. I am here to tender my resignation. I'm going to spend some more time with my family," E.J. announced. One of the reporters skeptically noted that everyone always claimed that they were going to spend more time with their family. E.J. assured the reporter that he was telling the truth.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie asked Henderson if she could talk to Maggie. Henderson excused himself so that he could find Maggie. Melanie walked over to the bar and started to pour herself a glass of water.

When Melanie turned around, she was shocked to see Nick standing in the living room.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At the Horton house, Abigail admitted to Jennifer that she was a virgin. Jennifer was surprised. Upset, Abigail accused Jennifer of not caring about her enough to know that she was a virgin. Jennifer argued that not questioning Abigail about her sex life was not the same as caring about her daughter. Abigail yelled that Jennifer did not know her, and then she marched upstairs while Jennifer begged her to stay and talk.

In an exam room at the hospital, Daniel felt Nicole's belly as her baby kicked. Smiling, Nicole told her son to say hello to his godfather. Nicole thanked Daniel for being a part of her son's life. As Daniel and Nicole leaned closer to one another, Brady opened the door and surprised them. While Brady, Daniel, and Nicole talked, a nurse stepped in the room to notify Daniel that Maggie had called for him. Concerned, Daniel excused himself to head over to see Maggie at the mansion.

Once Daniel was gone, Brady joked that Nicole had a crush on Daniel. Nicole told Brady that was he was "full of it." Shaking his head, Brady argued that Nicole was repeating her pattern of focusing on a nice guy and obsessing over him. Nicole denied Brady's accusation. Brady explained that he wanted to be Nicole's friend and prevent her from chasing after someone that was unavailable.

Brady asked Nicole to be careful. With a smile, Nicole promised to be careful if Brady promised to take care of himself. When Brady grudgingly nodded, Nicole grinned and hugged him tightly.

In Horton square, Sami thought about Rafe and then chastised herself to put Rafe out of her mind. Kate ran into Sami and accused her of running her business as poorly as her personal life. As Kate walked away, Sami muttered, "At least I didn't fall for a nutjob like Ian McCallister, bitch."

Kate met up with Billie in the square and then walked over to the Brady Pub. Kate offered Billie a job at Mad World. Surprised by the offer, Billie said she was worried that she and Kate would not get along if they worked together. Kate explained that she wanted to work with someone she trusted. Raising an eyebrow, Billie suggested that Kate hire Lucas, but Kate did not want to hire Lucas to work for a cosmetics company. With a sigh, Billie said she would think about Kate's offer.

In the park outside the town square, Jennifer sat on a park bench and cried. Daniel saw Jennifer as he was walking by and asked her if she was okay. Jennifer turned away from Daniel, and he offered her a handkerchief to wipe her eyes.

"You're like a Boy Scout. You're just always prepared, aren't you?" Jennifer said as she smiled through her tears. Daniel asked Jennifer to talk to him. Jennifer confided that she felt like she was walking through a minefield. Jennifer explained that Abigail was being difficult since losing Jack. When Daniel noted that he was a good listener, Jennifer said that she was not ready to deal with her life.

Daniel told Jennifer that she was stronger that she felt. Fighting tears, Jennifer admitted that she was feeling the loss of Jack because she was taking care of everything since he was gone. As Daniel and Jennifer sat on the bench, Nicole walked down a nearby sidewalk and overheard them talking. Nicole ducked behind a pillar to eavesdrop.

Daniel worried aloud that Jennifer was under too much stress with Nicole living in the house. Jennifer assured Daniel that she was happy to help Maggie and Daniel. "You were the one to ask Maggie to take her in, so obviously you really care about Nicole," Jennifer said. As Daniel started to talk about Nicole, Nicole approached the bench and greeted Daniel and Jennifer.

When Nicole asked about Maggie, Jennifer urged Daniel to check in with Maggie. After Daniel left, Nicole asked Jennifer if she had interrupted Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer explained that Daniel had found her when she was upset. With a look of concern, Nicole asked Jennifer if it was a good idea for Jennifer to lean on Daniel. Nicole explained that she was worried that Daniel was stretching himself too thin and unable to say no to anyone.

Annoyed, Jennifer explained that she had not asked Daniel for help. "He saw that I was upset, and he came to me," Jennifer said. "That's my point. He came to help you. The woman who just dropped him like a hot potato," Nicole countered. Fighting tears, Jennifer stressed that she had not cast Daniel aside. Nicole noted that Jennifer had pitted Daniel against Jack and since Jennifer was alone and vulnerable, she was reaching out to Daniel.

When Jennifer asked Nicole if she was suggesting that Jennifer had used Daniel, Nicole nodded. Nicole explained that she did not believe that Jennifer had meant to use Daniel. "Does Daniel deserve that? Considering where he is now and after everything that has happened to him? If you really do care about him, Jennifer, please do not play mind games with him," Nicole pleaded.

Chad met up with E.J. outside of the coffeehouse and asked him if he had resigned as the mayor of Salem. When E.J. admitted it was true, Chad lamented that E.J. would not be able to help him track down Stefano since he did not have the clout of his political office. Chad explained that he wanted to ask Stefano for a favor. When E.J. cautioned Chad to think before he indebted himself to Stefano, Chad said that he was going to marry Melanie.

Curious, E.J. asked Chad why he wanted to talk to Stefano. Chad explained that he needed Stefano to help him keep Melanie safe. E.J. surmised that Chad was worried about Nick's release. E.J. and Chad went inside the coffeehouse to talk, and E.J. counseled Chad to stay clear of Stefano. E.J. offered his assistance to Chad. As E.J. was familiar with Nick, Chad asked E.J. to tell him about Nick. E.J. explained that Nick was brilliant. Concerned, Chad asked E.J. if Nick was smart enough to convince the parole board that he had changed. E.J nodded yes.

After talking to Chad, E.J. returned to his apartment. While he was in the hallway, Sami called out to him and asked if he was okay. With a grin, E.J. joked that when he handed in his resignation, "I found myself in a rare moment of telling the truth." "Oh, I tried that once. It hurts," Sami joked. With a smile, Sami asked what truth E.J. had told.

E.J. admitted that he had said he was resigning in order to spend more time with his family. As E.J. looked through his mail in the hallway, he asked Sami if she was on her way out. Sami said she was headed to the office, but then she asked E.J. if he wanted to enter her apartment. With a quick spin toward Sami, a smiling E.J. strode across the hallway. "My dear, I thought you would never ask," E.J. said as he walked into Sami's apartment.

E.J. asked Sami if she still wanted to go to lunch at Green Mountain Lodge. Sami noted that it was too late for lunch but that they might be able to make dinner. "Maybe you and I could celebrate your resignation," Sami said brightly. "Samantha Brady, are you asking me out?" E.J. asked playfully. With a smile, Sami admitted that she was asking E.J. on a date.

When E.J. made a Marx brothers joke, Sami was taken aback. "Whoever you are right now is not who you are," Sami marveled. With a satisfied sigh, E.J. agreed. E.J. explained that he felt relieved after leaving his political career behind and added that he wanted to spend time with Sami. E.J. accepted Sami's offer on the condition that she would let him plan the date while she finished her work for Countess W.

When Sami agreed, E.J. noted that he would need 24 hours to plan their date. Sami joked that E.J. would need the full day to make one phone call. With a smile, E.J. responded, "In the interest of full disclosure, there is another reason for me putting off our date for another day. It gives me more time to look forward to it." E.J. leaned in close to Sami then said goodbye.

At the Horton house, Cameron stopped by to see Abigail. Cameron said he wanted to talk about Abigail's message, but Abigail countered by kissing him. Abigail and Cameron went upstairs to her bedroom. When Abigail made a remark about her mother, Cameron said he was not sure that Abigail knew what she wanted.

Frustrated, Abigail said, "Maybe this is just a bad idea for now." "Maybe it's a bad idea, period," Cameron countered. Cameron explained that Abigail needed to worry about herself. "Are you breaking up with me?" Abigail asked. "I think that's what's best for everybody," Cameron said as he walked out of Abigail's bedroom.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie was horrified to see Nick walk into the living room. Melanie ordered Nick to stay away from her. Nick started to explain why he was at the mansion, but Melanie was unnerved and backed away. Maggie ran into the living room and apologized to Melanie. With a sigh, Maggie explained that Nick lived at the mansion. Maggie asked Nick to leave her alone with Melanie, and Nick went upstairs.

Maggie explained that the parole board required Nick to stay with a relative and that she was the last option. Holding back tears, Maggie said that she had been calling Melanie's phone when Melanie arrived at the mansion. Flustered, Melanie said that she was late for a hair appointment. Maggie expressed her worry that she would not be able to see Melanie, and she begged Melanie to reschedule her appointment. Melanie apologized and hurried out of the house.

After Melanie left, Nick sat in the living room with Maggie and talked. Nick explained that he had worked in prison to see other people's points of view. Nick noted that he did not want to take Melanie's grandmother away from her. Maggie thanked Nick for thinking of Melanie's feelings, but she stressed that it had been her responsibility to inform Melanie of the situation before Nick moved in to the house.

Nick said that he was going to head downtown to look for work, and he promised Maggie that he would follow the conditions of his parole. "I'm gonna stay away from Melanie," Nick said. Nick went to the town square and sat in the cafe. Nick called about job listings in the paper, but he had no luck. As Nick stared at the want ads, Caroline walked over to him and said hello.

When Caroline asked Nick how he was doing, Nick mentioned that employers were quick to hang up the phone when they learned his name. Caroline asked Nick if he was surprised at the way people responded. Shaking his head no, Nick noted that Caroline had a right to be angry with him. Annoyed, Caroline stressed that she did not need Nick's permission to be angry with him. Nick told Caroline that he was sincerely sorry for his behavior.

Nick mentioned to Caroline that he had sent letters to her and that he had worked to change. "All those letters and that nice little speech you just gave now, you really think that cuts it?" Caroline asked bitterly. When Caroline asked Nick if he deserved forgiveness, Nick shook his head no. Nick swore that he would prove himself, and Nick said that he hoped to earn forgiveness in time.

Caroline started to walk away then turned back. Caroline mentioned Nick's last letter and noted that he would not be able to change if someone did not give him a second chance. With a grin, Nick held up the want ads and agreed. Caroline offered Nick at job at the pub. When Nick asked Caroline why she was helping him, Caroline explained that she wanted Nick to prove that he had changed.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asked Maggie why she had helped Nick after all he had done. Daniel entered the mansion as Maggie and Brady argued. When Brady saw Daniel, he waved him into the living room and explained that Nick had moved into the mansion. Maggie noted that Nick had no place to go. Upset, Brady walked out.

Maggie informed Daniel that Melanie had run into Nick at the mansion before Maggie had gotten a chance to warn her that Nick had moved in. "Just whose side are you on?" Daniel asked.

At Chad's apartment, Melanie paced the room nervously. When Chad returned home, Melanie told him that she had thought about his proposal. Melanie asked Chad to ask her the question again. Chad pulled out the ring and presented it to her. "I want you to know that this ring means I will always love you, put you first, watch out for you, make you as happy as you make me. Please just say yes," Chad said. Melanie said yes.

As Chad hugged Melanie, he noticed that she was silent. When Chad asked her if she wanted to say anything, Melanie said that she was happy, but her face was somber.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer was talking to Bill Horton on her cell phone. E.J. entered the pub and overheard Jennifer mention that Nicole was living at the Horton house. E.J. demanded to know why Nicole had moved in with Jennifer.

Jennifer apologetically informed Bill that she was being rudely interrupted, and she promised to call him again later. Jennifer ignored E.J.'s question and tried to exit the pub, but he stopped her. "If she's moving in with you to hide from some sort of storm, you're going to need to up your disaster insurance," E.J. warned. Jennifer took E.J.'s statement as a threat, but he claimed that he was just protecting his assets.

Jennifer laughed and reminded E.J. that Nicole was pregnant with Rafe's child. Jennifer told E.J. to move on with his life, and she abruptly exited the pub. Later, E.J. tried to call Justin, but the call went to voicemail. E.J. asked Justin to return the call, explaining that he needed some legal advice and quoting the famous phrase about attorneys representing themselves.

In Chad's apartment, Brady greeted Melanie. "Go ahead -- ask me all your questions about how I'm doing, or if I'm freaking out, or if I'm still having nightmares, or if it's worrying me that Nick's running around Salem loose, but you gotta be fast about it, because Maggie's gonna call me soon to make sure that my head hasn't exploded, and in case that's not enough, my dad's gonna come over physically to see for himself if my head has exploded, and I'm pretty sure that Chad has a DiMera bodyguard standing outside the apartment," Melanie blurted out, ignoring Brady's attempts to interrupt her.

Melanie discreetly pulled her sleeve over her left hand to hide her engagement ring. Brady started to ask about Melanie's earlier encounter with Nick at the Kiriakis mansion, but she claimed that Nick had simply surprised her. Melanie stressed that she wanted everyone to back off and leave her alone.

Brady started to apologize, but Melanie stopped him and admitted that she was the one who needed to apologize. Melanie acknowledged that Brady had recently suffered a terrible loss, and she said that she didn't know what she would do if she ever lost Chad.

Later, Daniel greeted Melanie, who told him about Brady's earlier visit. Melanie warned Daniel that she didn't want to talk about parole hearings, kidnappings, or nightmares. Melanie momentarily forgot about concealing her engagement ring, and Daniel quickly noticed it. Melanie explained that Chad had proposed to her the previous night.

"Can I just ask you, uh, one simple question? What in the hell are you thinking?" Daniel bluntly asked, noting that the decision seemed impulsive. Daniel added that the situation reminded him of Melanie's previous engagement to Philip. Melanie insisted that Daniel was wrong, and she wondered why he couldn't just be happy for her.

Daniel believed that Melanie wasn't thinking clearly, and he implied that Chad was taking advantage of that. Melanie started to get defensive, and she wondered if she was going to have to ask Daniel to leave. Daniel refused to leave, and he theorized that Melanie was in denial. Daniel added that he was determined to force Melanie to deal with her unresolved feelings about Nick's release.

As Daniel continued to ask questions about the proposal, he realized that Chad had proposed before Melanie's encounter with Nick at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel guessed that Melanie had gone over to the mansion to ask for Maggie's advice. Daniel theorized that Melanie had decided to accept Chad's proposal because her encounter with Nick had scared her.

Melanie struggled to understand why Daniel couldn't just be happy for her. Melanie said that she loved Chad, and she insisted that her decision to marry him had nothing to do with Nick's parole. Melanie assured Daniel that she was happy, and she urged him to simply congratulate her and drop the subject. Daniel sighed and reluctantly offered his congratulations. Daniel hugged Melanie, who still seemed nervous.

At the Horton house, Nicole informed Rafe that she was having a baby boy. Rafe wondered if Nicole was happy about the baby's gender. "Oh, totally. I would probably screw up a little girl," Nicole joked. Nicole added that she wanted to name the baby Daniel Rafael Hernandez. Rafe forced a smile and claimed that he loved the name, but Nicole suspected that he was simply telling her what she wanted to hear.

Rafe explained that the name made the responsibility seem more real than it had before. Rafe added that he was surprised that Nicole had included Daniel's name. Nicole reminded Rafe that Daniel had been extremely supportive. "Oh, I get it, yeah. It's just that -- don't you think that E.J.'s gonna get it, too? The guy who did the paternity test proving that E.J. isn't the father is now gonna have the baby named after him. Um, Nicole, don't you think that he's gonna be suspicious of that?" Rafe wondered.

Nicole sighed and said that E.J. was going to be suspicious either way. Nicole wanted the name to be meaningful, and she said that Rafe and Daniel were the two most important men in her life. Rafe suspected that there was more to the story. Nicole admitted that her feelings for Daniel had evolved over time, but she added that he might not feel the same way about her.

Rafe could tell that Nicole was leaving out some crucial details. Nicole groaned and admitted that Rafe was right, adding that cops were annoying. Nicole told Rafe about Daniel's interest in Jennifer, and she insisted that Daniel's heart needed to go to the right person. Rafe guessed that Nicole was referring to herself.

Rafe urged Nicole to talk to Daniel about her feelings. "Okay, first of all, I'm not keeping my feelings a secret from Daniel, okay? He -- maybe he doesn't know how strong they are, but he does know about my feelings. And second -- you're telling me that I should tell my feelings to someone? I mean, you're like the worst offender of that ever," Nicole pointed out.

Rafe feigned ignorance, so Nicole clarified that she was referring to Sami. Nicole reminded Rafe that he had recently taken Sami to the hospital to get a wrist brace. Nicole assured Rafe that she had not missed the intense looks that Rafe and Sami had shared at the hospital. Rafe insisted that he had only been trying to help Sami, and he claimed that he couldn't stand her.

Nicole nodded skeptically. "Listen, just because you can't stand her doesn't mean that you don't want to be with her, and as much as it makes me gag to see you two together, I just care about you...and I want you to be happy. Do you think -- do you think you could be without Sami and be happy...or is she it?" Nicole asked. Rafe claimed that his shared history with Sami had caused the looks that Nicole had observed.

Nicole mentioned E.J., and Rafe said that E.J. was using Nicole's baby's paternity to remind Sami that Rafe was unavailable. Nicole pointed out that Rafe was available. "Nicole, I do not want to be with her, and I am not gonna ever go back to her again. In fact, if I see her walking down the street, I'm gonna cross to the other side because I don't want to be near her -- not now, not ever," Rafe insisted, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

At the Horton Town Square, Brady looked at a flier for a bereavement support group. Jennifer approached Brady and said that she was thinking about attending the same meeting. Brady told Jennifer that they were late, and she suggested that they might have purposely arrived late. Brady said that he was skeptical about joining a support group. Brady added that he didn't want to focus on what he had lost, and Jennifer agreed.

Brady and Jennifer shared a giant soft pretzel and reminisced about Madison and Jack. Brady eventually started to talk about Melanie, noting that her problems had been a welcome distraction. Jennifer said that she truly believed that Nick had changed, and Brady hoped that she was right. Later, Jennifer and Brady agreed to get together again the following week. Meanwhile, Nicole entered the town square and happily observed Brady and Jennifer's friendly interaction.

Elsewhere, Sami said that she had purchased a gift for Will. Will noted that it wasn't Christmas or his birthday, and he wondered what Sami wanted. Sami changed the subject and informed Will that E.J. had resigned. Sami explained that E.J. had told some reporters that he wanted to focus on spending time with his family. "I'm guessing he doesn't mean Stefano," Will said.

Sami cleared her throat uncomfortably, and Will wondered if she was thinking about getting involved with E.J. again. Confused, Sami said that she had been under the impression that Will liked E.J. Will confirmed that Sami was correct, but he added that her relationship with E.J. had always been disastrous. Will wondered why Sami would want to revisit that relationship.

Sami sighed and conceded that Will had made a good point. "I make a good point? Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?" Will asked, shaking his head in disbelief. Later, in Sami's apartment, Sami gave Will a wrapped gift. Noting the size of the box, Will jokingly reiterated that Sami obviously wanted something.

Changing the subject, Sami reminded Will that E.J. had told the reporters that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Sami hoped that Will knew that their family had always been her first priority. Will seemed amused, but he resisted the urge to make a sarcastic remark. Instead, Will observed that a lot of Sami's recent decisions had seemingly revolved around E.J.'s actions.

Sami promised that she was going to be careful, and she acknowledged that her relationship with E.J. could affect a lot of people. Sami added that she appreciated Will's advice, and she noted that their relationship had once been extremely tense. Sami said that she never wanted to revisit that particular piece of history. "Wow, y -- I -- you're freakin' me out a little bit with all this reasonableness," Will admitted.

Sami wondered if Will believed that it would be a mistake to get involved with E.J. again. Will pointed out that Sami had a habit of doing whatever she wanted to do, and he wondered why she suddenly cared about his opinion. "I always care what you think, but now I can ask you, 'cause you're old enough and definitely all grown up lately, and you're better than most people in this town at being objective about E.J.," Sami said.

Will said that he believed that, deep down, E.J. was a good guy. Sami wondered if that meant that Will believed that a relationship with E.J. could work. "You know, I didn't at first, but -- I don't know, I've given it a lot of thought, and, you know, if you want to be together -- you really want to be together -- then...yeah, you should try, I think, you know? And I'll root for you. I'll -- I'll help or whatever," Will said.

Sami hugged Will, who thanked her and noted that, for once, she had taken the time to talk to him about something before she had made a decision. Sami changed the subject, reminding Will that he still hadn't opened his gift. Sami smiled as she watched Will open the box. Inside the box, Will found a jacket, which he recognized as one that he had admired in a store window recently.

Sami recalled that Will had stopped and stared at the jacket for a moment, and she added that he had also said that the jacket was cool. Sami noted that it was unusual for Will to show that kind of reaction to an item. Impressed, Will smiled and said that Sami had been paying attention. Sami shrugged and said that she did that occasionally.

Will apologetically changed the subject, explaining that he wanted to say one more thing about Sami's relationship with E.J. Will noted that Sami's relationships with men had been all over the map recently. Sami sighed as she silently recalled an earlier encounter with Rafe, and she conceded that Will was right. Sami's admission surprised Will.

"Okay, um...thanks. So...just...I don't know, maybe -- can you -- can you be sure this time? Please?" Will asked Sami. Later, Sami helped Will try on his new jacket. Will smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror, and Sami predicted that he was definitely going to turn some heads. Sami started to ask about Will's love life, noting that they had already talked about hers.

Will said that it was kind of awkward to talk to Sami about his love life, which was nonexistent anyway. Sami found that difficult to believe, but Will assured her that he was telling the truth. "Look, Will, I just think you have to learn to trust yourself and believe in who you are. If you do that, other people will see that, and they'll respond to it, and they're gonna love you for who you are, too," Sami told Will, who was visibly moved. Will thanked Sami, and he suggested that she needed to take her own advice.

At Common Grounds, E.J. placed a phone call to someone and started to talk about purchasing daffodils, unaware that Billie was eavesdropping. E.J. received a call from Justin, and he placed his original call on hold so that he could answer Justin's call. E.J. explained that he wanted to talk about Nicole. Billie rushed over and interrupted E.J.'s conversation, wondering why he was still interested in Nicole.

E.J. claimed that he was simply tying up a few loose ends, but Billie wasn't convinced. E.J. said that it was none of Billie's business, and he abruptly excused himself. Billie wondered who the daffodils were for, but E.J. ignored her.

Meanwhile, Adrienne beamed with pride as she watched Sonny clean the bar. Sonny wondered if Adrienne was all right. "I just always hoped you'd find someone who cared about you as much as you deserve. Someone kind, loving, and generous -- handsome wouldn't hurt," Adrienne said. Sonny agreed and wondered where he could meet a guy like that.

Adrienne assumed that Sonny was being coy, so she pointed out that Brian matched her description. Sonny insisted that Brian didn't count, since they were just friends. Adrienne wondered if Sonny was interested in someone else. Sonny smiled and revealed that he was interested in Will. Sonny's smile quickly faded when he realized that Adrienne didn't share his enthusiasm.

At the Brady Pub, T approached Will, who was waiting for a takeout order. T greeted Will with an offensive joke about turning the pub into a gay bar, and Will told T to go away. T ignored the request and hesitantly admitted that he had been kind of rough on Will earlier. Will wondered if T's lame joke had been intended as some sort of apology.

T claimed that he simply wanted to make it clear that he wasn't gay, and he added that he was trying to avoid sending Will mixed signals. Will said that T wasn't his type anyway. Will's order arrived, and he started to exit the pub. T observed that Will and Sonny were similar in a lot of ways, but Will disagreed. Will said that he and Sonny were both gay, but he added that the similarities ended there.

"Oh, I know. I know you're not into him like that -- you're a real heartbreaker," T said, patting Will's chest before exiting the pub. Confused, Will followed T outside and wondered what T was talking about. "Just that you're not into him, but the feeling isn't mutual," T clarified. Will assumed that T had made some sort of mistake. "Oh, I know what I heard -- straight out of the gay horse's mouth," T said, as he walked away.

Back in Sami's apartment, Sami prepared for her date with E.J. Someone knocked on the door, and Sami assumed that it was E.J. When Sami opened the door, she found herself staring at Rafe. Rafe sighed as he looked at Sami, who was wearing a revealing pink dress. Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, E.J. tried to call Sami.

Sami's phone started to ring, but she ignored it as she stared at Rafe. Rafe guessed that Sami was going on a date with E.J., and he blurted out that she was a fool. Sami wondered if Rafe had gone to her apartment specifically to relay that message, but he ignored her question.

"He's not the right man for you, all right? He's not," Rafe insisted.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

by Mike

Chad led Melanie into his apartment, which had been filled with roses and balloons. Chad said that he also expected an order of orchids to be delivered later that day. Chad explained that the orchids were being flown in from Fiji.

"Well, you know me -- I'm all about overkill. And, uh, I threw in the balloons because I know you didn't get birthday parties as a kid," Chad explained. Chad added that he knew that Daniel's reaction to the engagement had disappointed Melanie, and he hoped that the flowers and balloons would cheer her up. Melanie was impressed, and she confirmed that Chad had managed to make her feel better.

Melanie wondered if Chad had told anyone about the engagement yet. Chad shook his head and jokingly stated that, unlike Melanie, he was capable of keeping a secret. Before Melanie could respond, someone knocked on the door. Chad opened the door and found E.J. standing in the hallway, holding a bottle of champagne. Melanie laughed and informed Chad that his credibility had just been destroyed.

Later, E.J. made a toast to the happy couple. Melanie told Chad that it was nice to know that at least one person was happy for them. Chad cleared his throat and started to ask E.J. to be his best man, but E.J. eagerly accepted the offer before Chad could finish asking the question.

"What do you think I'm auditioning for? I warn you, though -- my speech is going to be not only incredibly funny but also brutally honest," E.J. said. Chad wondered if he would be given the opportunity to return the favor at E.J.'s next wedding. E.J. implied that Chad wasn't the only DiMera who would soon be getting married, but he refused to elaborate.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi was surprised to learn that Caroline had hired Nick. Nick wondered if Gabi was upset about the fact that he was going to be working at the pub. Gabi noted that Caroline had personally hired Nick, and she said that she valued Caroline's opinion. Gabi added that she believed that everyone deserved a second chance.

Later, Bo greeted Nick, and he noted that Nick had quickly managed to find a job. Nick said that he was lucky that Caroline was a forgiving woman. Caroline emerged from the kitchen and told Nick that he had overloaded the dishwasher. Nick respectfully apologized and rushed off to fix the problem.

Bo joked that Caroline had hired Nick because he had excellent manners. Caroline laughed and added that Nick also tied garbage bags without being asked to do so. Bo sarcastically agreed that those qualities more than outweighed the fact that Nick had framed Caroline for murder. Caroline warned that she wasn't in the mood for a lecture.

Bo promised not to lecture Caroline. Bo recalled Nick's earlier statement and agreed that Caroline was one hell of a woman. Concerned, Caroline wondered if Nick had cursed in front of the customers. "No, Ma -- that would be me, but you can't fire me from being your son," Bo said, as he hugged Caroline.

Bo promised to support Caroline's decision to hire Nick, and he joked that her latest act of kindness might make her eligible for sainthood. "You have to be dead to be a saint, and don't hold your breath -- it's not happening any time soon," Caroline said.

Later, E.J. entered the pub and ordered a cup of coffee. Bo questioned E.J.'s claim that he had resigned so that he could spend more time with his family. Bo believed that E.J. would soon pick up where Stefano had left off, and he promised that the Salem Police Department would be watching. E.J. insisted that he had resigned so that he could focus on his family, and he excused himself so that he could start doing that.

In Sami's apartment, Rafe wondered if Sami had ever been single for a significant amount of time. Sami sarcastically stated that she had been single for a brief period of time in the eighth grade. Sami wondered if Rafe was trying to imply that she was a pathetic, needy, codependent fool. Rafe insisted that Sami had misunderstood, and he tried to excuse himself.

Sami stopped Rafe and insisted that he needed to finish what he had started. Rafe clarified that he was thinking about the kids, who had been bounced around a lot lately. Sami countered that the kids had been bounced around because she had been busy protecting E.J. from Rafe and the rest of the Salem Police Department.

Sami reminded Rafe that E.J. was Johnny and Sydney's father, and she wondered why it would be a bad idea for her to get involved with E.J. again. Sami insisted that E.J. would do anything for his kids. Rafe scoffed and reminded Sami that E.J. had kidnapped Sydney and convinced Sami that Sydney had died. Sami said that people were capable of changing, but Rafe countered that the DiMeras weren't.

As Rafe and Sami continued to argue, she grabbed an oversized purse. "Oh, and for the record, you're not so sold on him either. Yeah, look at you -- you got your big purse. Your big bag -- it's not your fancy little bag you wear when you dress up. What you got in there? Your own car keys, your wallet, credit cards, lots of cash. I'll bet you even got that little -- little card, in case you need a taxi. I mean, just in case you want to bolt, or if E.J. abandons you, 'cause you know he's a snake...and you'll never completely trust him. I mean, you can tell me whatever you want, but you can't lie to yourself. That's why you'll never truly love him," Rafe said.

Sami countered that she and E.J. were perfect for each other, since Rafe had once said the same things about her. Rafe said that he had been upset when he had made those comments. Rafe added that Sami could do better than E.J. "Who? You show up here, and you're not willing to put anything on the table except a bunch of judgments about me. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?" Sami wondered.

Conceding that Sami was right, Rafe quietly excused himself. Rafe started to leave, but he quickly reconsidered. Rafe grabbed Sami and passionately kissed her, leaving her breathless. Before Sami could say anything, Rafe silently exited the apartment.

Later, Sami stuffed a few essential items into a much smaller handbag. E.J. arrived at the apartment, and Sami seemed surprised to see him. Sami forced a smile, and E.J. wondered if she was ready for their date. Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe chastised himself for kissing Sami earlier.

At the Horton Town Square, Will managed to catch up to T. T was reluctant to continue the conversation, but Will was persistent. T reiterated that Sonny had said that he was interested in Will, who supposedly did not feel the same way about Sonny. Will explained that he had been under the impression that Sonny and Brian were a couple. T dismissively stated that he didn't have time for the boy drama, and he tried to leave.

"Okay, you probably think this is sounding too gay, right? I got two words for you -- Jordan Yost. Okay, two more words for you -- Natalie White. I had to listen to you pine after her for hours, man. I failed seventh grade algebra because you made me sit in the back and watch Natalie to see if she was checking out the chalkboard or if she was checking out you," Will recalled. T blamed the seating chart, which had placed Natalie in Will's line of sight.

Will decided to try a different approach. "Okay, you remember those -- those, that you made me take for the yearbook? You know, the totally, um, non-posed, casual photos?" Will asked. T said that Will was being cold. "Well, payback is a bitch, so can you help me out? Please? I'll burn the photos, okay? Just -- just tell me everything that Sonny said," Will urged T, who reluctantly agreed.

T revealed everything that he knew about Sonny's feelings for Will. T also recalled that Brian had once hit on Sonny, but T was reluctant to remember the details. Will was undeterred, and he managed to get T to explain that Sonny had made it clear that he was only interested in Will. Will smiled and admitted that he had assumed that he had blown his chance.

Will sincerely thanked T for his help. T nodded and playfully flicked Will's nose, seemingly more at ease with Will than he had been before. Eager to end the conversation, T abruptly excused himself, and Will rushed off to find Sonny.

At Common Grounds, Adrienne was surprised to learn that Sonny was interested in Will. "And you're not happy. I see it all over your face. What do you have against Will?" Sonny wondered. Adrienne said that she adored Will, but she added that there was a lot of baggage attached to him. Assuming that Adrienne was referring to Will's sexuality, Sonny jokingly reminded her that he was also gay.

Adrienne clarified that she was talking about Lucas and Sami. Sonny pointed out that Will wasn't his parents. Adrienne reminded Sonny that Will had managed to get himself into a lot of trouble recently. Sonny defended Will, stating that the murder charge had been bogus.

Adrienne asked if Sonny could hear himself, and she wondered if that was really the kind of thing that he wanted to be saying about his boyfriend. "Well, have you ever thought about what people could say about our families? Both sides, you know? Forget about the Johnsons -- what about the Kiriakises? Uncle Vic lives in a guarded mansion," Sonny pointed out.

Adrienne defensively stated that Victor had turned himself into a respectable businessman. Sonny pointedly asked if Adrienne could hear herself. "Okay, okay -- our family brings its own brand of dysfunction to the table. But that's exactly why I hoped you'd find something less complicated from the man you love. I can't help hoping that you would fall in love with a man who would make your life easier, honey -- not harder," Adrienne said.

Adrienne stressed that she wasn't trying to attack Will, and she pointed out that he might not even be ready for a relationship yet. Adrienne said that Brian, on the other hand, was a handsome pre-med student who was on the dean's list. Adrienne added that Brian was also the captain of his crew team. Sonny was amused, and he wondered if Adrienne also knew Brian's height and weight.

Adrienne said that those details had not been listed, and Sonny realized that she had looked Brian up on Google. Sonny smiled and took Adrienne's hands, and he gently stated that she needed to stay out of his love life. Adrienne conceded that Sonny was right, and she abruptly excused herself so that she could meet Justin.

"You know, I, uh -- I shouldn't give you this...but you don't have to worry about me and Will. He's not interested in me," Sonny admitted. Adrienne hugged Sonny and said that Will was the one who was missing out. Later, Will entered the coffeehouse. Sonny smiled and noted that he hadn't seen Will recently. Will revealed that he had been avoiding Sonny.

Sonny apologized for kissing Will, and he admitted that he had crossed a line. Will started to stammer as he acknowledged that Sonny's earlier comments had been correct, but Sonny shook his head. Sonny conceded that everyone had to learn how to accept their identity in their own unique way, and he said that he shouldn't have judged Will for taking longer to get to that point.

"No, no, I'm saying I -- I couldn't accept it, so that was wrong, and I'm -- I'm glad that you called me on it, but that's not -- that -- I'm sorry, that's not why I'm here," Will stammered. Before Will could elaborate, Chad entered the coffeehouse and announced that he was getting married. Sonny and Will congratulated Chad, who explained that E.J. was going to be his best man. Chad asked Sonny and Will to be his groomsmen.

Will and Sonny each accepted the offer, but Sonny wondered if Chad was sure that he wanted both men to be in the wedding. "Will Melanie have anyone else besides Abigail and Gabi? Because one will be the maid of honor, and the other will be the bridesmaid," Sonny explained. Chad sighed and said that wasn't going to happen, and he abruptly excused himself.

At the Horton house, Melanie consoled Abigail, who was upset about Cameron's decision to end their relationship. Someone knocked on the front door, and Abigail called out that the door was unlocked. Gabi entered the house, unaware that Melanie was with Abigail. Gabi offered to leave, but Melanie said that she had an announcement to make. Melanie smiled and revealed her engagement ring.

Gabi forced a smile and claimed that she was happy for Melanie. Melanie asked Abigail to be her maid of honor, and Abigail happily accepted the offer. Melanie invited Gabi to be her bridesmaid. Gabi silently recalled Chad's earlier threats, but she ignored his instructions and accepted the offer. Later, Chad entered the house. "I can't believe you let just anybody walk in," Chad pointedly stated, glaring at Gabi.

Melanie announced that Abigail and Gabi had each agreed to be in the wedding. Chad feigned excitement and claimed that he needed to talk to Gabi about signing some documents to terminate their Countess Wilhelmina contracts. In the foyer, Gabi tried to explain, but Chad told her to shut up and dragged her out of the house.

Chad dragged Gabi to a secluded portion of the town square. Chad ignored Gabi's excuses and insisted that she should have refused Melanie's request. "She nearly died because of you. There is no way you will be a part of our wedding. This can't happen -- it's over," Chad cryptically stated, and Gabi wondered what he meant.

Outside the Brady Pub, Abigail admired Melanie's engagement ring. Nick exited the pub, carrying a garbage bag in each hand. Melanie silently stared at Nick, who explained that he had just started working in the kitchen. Nick promised that he wouldn't normally be seen in the front of the pub. After Nick left, Melanie claimed that she was all right, but she kept glancing over her shoulder as she and Abigail walked away from the pub.

Back at Common Grounds, Sonny said that he had never heard Chad mention marriage before. "Yeah, me neither. That's crazy! Well, I guess maybe -- maybe I'd miss it, because I'm pretty dense at, uh, sensing people's...signals and things," Will admitted. Sonny wondered what Will was talking about. Before Will could elaborate, Sonny received a call on his business phone.

Sonny excused himself, assuming that his supplier was calling him, but when he answered the phone, he realized that Brian was the one who had called. After ending the call, Sonny apologized and wondered what Will had been trying to say earlier. Will avoided the question and asked about the phone call. "Yeah, we're gonna go to a movie later. It's like a bunch of us friends,'s not a date," Sonny said.

Will smiled, unable to hide his relief. Sonny noted that Will seemed surprised. Will explained that he had originally assumed that Sonny and Brian were a couple. Sonny assured Will that Brian was just a friend, and Will stated that T had said the same thing.

Will admitted that he had used some old blackmail material to force the information out of T. Sonny started to ask if T had said anything else, but he quickly backpedaled and added that T couldn't have said anything else, because Sonny didn't have a love life.

"Yeah, so I've heard. You know, the funny thing is that you don't have a love life for the same reason that I don't have a love life, so I think we have more in common together than we thought," Will said.

Friday, September 14, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton house, Nicole casually mentioned that she had seen Jennifer talking to Brady in the town square earlier. Nicole said that she was glad that Jennifer had someone to lean on for support. Jennifer guessed that Nicole was only happy because Jennifer was leaning on someone other than Daniel.

Nicole noted that Jennifer was acting defensive, and she wondered if she had offended Jennifer earlier. Jennifer sarcastically replied that Nicole was never offensive. Nicole smiled and innocently stated that she was sure that Jennifer wasn't intentionally playing mind games with Daniel. Jennifer glared at Nicole and abruptly excused herself.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie showed her engagement ring to Maggie, who forced a smile and congratulated her. Melanie could tell that Maggie wasn't thrilled about the news. Maggie wondered if Melanie was getting married for the right reasons. Melanie insisted that her engagement had nothing to do with Nick, but Maggie wasn't convinced.

Melanie said that she had always wanted to have a real, honest relationship with someone who loved her the way that Chad did. Melanie pointedly stated that Carly and Nicholas -- who were planning to attend the wedding -- were happy for her, and she urged Maggie to be happy for her, too. Maggie forced a smile and claimed that she was happy for Melanie.

Maggie wondered when Carly and Nicholas were going to return to Salem. Melanie said that she hadn't set a date for the wedding yet, and she added that she and Chad were going to have a long engagement. Maggie breathed a sigh of relief. Melanie thanked Maggie for her support and excused herself. After Melanie left, Maggie breathed another sigh of relief, thrilled that Melanie wasn't in a rush to get married.

Later, Nicole arrived at the mansion and thanked Maggie for being willing to offer her a place to live. Maggie was skeptical, and she wondered what Nicole really wanted to talk about. Nicole claimed that she was worried about Jennifer, who had just started working at the hospital again. Maggie seemed surprised, and Nicole innocently stated that it was odd that Jennifer hadn't shared that information with Maggie.

"I just think it's impulsive, you know? I'm just not sure she can emotionally handle that stress on a day-to-day basis. I think Jennifer needs to -- to get away...with you. I know she adores you, and it would help her escape from her sadness and the memories, but for poor Jennifer's sake, the sooner you leave, the better," Nicole said. Maggie laughed and said that she couldn't just tell Jennifer to leave town.

Nicole reiterated that she believed that Jennifer and Maggie needed to leave Salem. Nicole insisted that Jennifer needed a vacation, but Maggie preferred to let Jennifer make that decision on her own. Nicole apologized for overstepping and conceded that Maggie was right. Maggie nodded and dismissively ushered Nicole toward the front door. Outside, Nicole sighed and muttered that talking to Maggie had been a complete waste of time.

At the hospital, Anne delivered Jennifer's office assignment to Maxine. Daniel listened as Maxine noted that Jennifer's office was in the basement, and she wondered if Anne had made some sort of mistake. Anne assured Maxine that the paperwork was correct and abruptly excused herself.

Daniel stopped Anne, and he vowed that he wasn't going to let her punish Jennifer for being given the job that Anne wanted. Anne claimed that the basement office was the largest available office in the hospital. Daniel said that Jennifer didn't need a large space, and he warned that it would be a bad idea to mess with him. Anne retrieved the paperwork and walked away defeatedly, as Maxine watched with admiration.

Later, Jennifer greeted Maxine, who was pleased to see her. Jennifer explained that she was looking for her office. Maxine guessed that Jennifer had probably been assigned the best office in the hospital. Jennifer wondered why Maxine had made that assumption.

"Because of the way Dr. Dan went off on that...nasty woman in Human Resources, Anne. You remember her -- she wanted your job. She was gonna put you in the basement, but...he stepped in and made her rethink that nonsense. He's got your back, girl," Maxine revealed, and Jennifer sighed heavily. A short time later, Daniel entered the waiting area and greeted Jennifer.

Jennifer said that she had heard about the office situation, and she insisted that Daniel should not have interfered. Maxine listened as Jennifer firmly stated that she could take care of herself. Daniel agreed and said that he had never meant to imply otherwise. Jennifer reiterated that she didn't need Daniel's help, and she added that she could handle being stuck in the basement. Daniel nodded and abruptly excused himself.

"Now, this may be none of my business, but...girl, are you crazy?" Maxine bluntly asked. Jennifer snapped that Daniel had crossed a line. Maxine believed that Daniel was simply trying to be nice, but Jennifer replied that she didn't want him to be nice to her. "Well, I think you took care of that," Maxine said as Nicole entered the waiting area.

Maxine summarized that Daniel had defended a friend, and that friend had chastised him for doing so. Jennifer snapped that Maxine was making it sound like Jennifer had attacked Daniel. Jennifer wondered why Maxine had bothered to tell her about the situation in the first place. "I thought it would make you feel better to know that you had people on your side the first day back. Guess I'm the crazy one," Maxine replied.

Jennifer half-heartedly apologized to Maxine, who told her to enjoy the new office and abruptly walked away. Intrigued, Nicole rushed off to find Daniel. Later, Jennifer approached Maxine and admitted that her office was really nice. Jennifer apologized again for her earlier behavior, and Maxine accepted the apology. Jennifer said that she also needed to apologize to Daniel, and she wondered if Maxine had seen him recently.

Elsewhere, Nicole found Daniel and offered to purchase a cup of coffee for him. Nicole quickly added that she could tell that something was wrong, and she assured Daniel that he could always talk to her. Daniel admitted that something had happened earlier, but he claimed that he was over it.

Nicole changed the subject and informed Daniel that she had decided to name her son Daniel Rafael Hernandez. Daniel was touched, but he insisted that Nicole didn't have to do that. "I want to do it. I want my baby to have a strong name...and strong men to look up to. And...I want my baby to know how much I care about you," Nicole said as she leaned in and kissed Daniel.

At the Horton Town Square, Chad announced that he was going to tell Melanie the truth about the kidnapping. Chad predicted that Melanie was going to hate Gabi. Chad started to walk away, but Gabi stopped him. Gabi wondered how Melanie would feel about the fact that Chad had kept Gabi's secret for a number of weeks. Gabi recalled that she had tried to tell Melanie the truth earlier, but Chad had stopped her.

Gabi revealed that Nick had found a job at the pub, and she predicted that Melanie was going to need her friends more than she ever had before. Chad scoffed and insisted that Gabi wasn't a true friend. Chad implied that Gabi was more dangerous than Nick. Gabi conceded that she had made a mistake, but she reiterated that Chad's actions would also devastate Melanie.

Chad said that Gabi had messed everything up when she had hired Andrew to stalk her. Gabi suggested that the whole ordeal could have been avoided if Chad had simply taken the time to notice her. Chad insisted that he had never realized that Gabi was interested in him, but she wasn't convinced. Gabi claimed that Chad had led her on.

Gabi theorized that Chad had enjoyed the attention that she had given him. "Oh, yep, you know what? That's it. That's what I live for -- being stalked by some lunatic girl who doesn't care if someone dies, as long as they get my freakin' attention!" Chad exclaimed. Gabi refused to take all of the blame, and she reiterated that Melanie never would have been kidnapped if Chad hadn't led Gabi on.

At Common Grounds, Sonny wondered if T had mentioned anything else. "Uh...I mean, like, maybe if there's somebody else you might be interested in? Um...yeah, actually. Come to think of it, he did," Will coyly stated. Sonny realized that T had revealed that Sonny was interested in Will. Will nodded and added that T had also explained that Sonny believed that the feelings weren't mutual.

Sonny clarified that he knew that Will wasn't interested in him. "No. I mean, I -- you're -- I mean, I -- you're wrong," Will stammered. Sonny smiled and started to ask about the night that he had kissed Will. Will explained that he had been messed up that night, and he said that he had taken his frustrations out on Sonny.

Will added that he had later realized that Sonny had only been trying to help. Will said that he had gone to find Sonny later that night so that he could apologize. Sonny realized that Will had seen Brian and Sonny together at the coffeehouse, and Will winced as he silently recalled having sex with Gabi afterward.

"Yeah. That's when I really messed things up. Anyway, so I figured that you were with Brian, you know, and that you were...kind of...I don't know, out of my league. I don't -- I don't know. I'm new to this, like I said, and I probably let that mess with my head. I'm sorry, and this whole thing has been my fault, there any way that you can forgive me?" Will asked. Sonny said that he and Will had simply had a minor misunderstanding, and he insisted that there was nothing to forgive. "Okay, then -- I don't know, what do you want to call this?" Will wondered.

"I don't think we need to call it anything, you know? We don't need to label anything right now. I think the word that we should focus on right now is just 'slow,'" Sonny said. Will laughed and said that he liked that idea. Sonny smiled and extended his hand. Without hesitation, Will placed his hand in Sonny's. Sonny gently rubbed his thumb over Will's fingers as they gazed at each other.

In Chad's apartment, Melanie told Chad that Maggie was pretending to be happy about the engagement. Melanie assured Chad that she was marrying him for the right reasons. "Out there...everything is just so unpredictable, but in here, it's safe, and I am with the most loving, honest, amazing man. You are everything that I want, and you are everything that I need," Melanie said. Chad forced a smile and hugged Melanie.

At the Brady Pub, Will happily greeted Gabi, who barely acknowledged his presence. Will wondered if Gabi was all right. Gabi was flipping through a bridal magazine, and she explained that Melanie had asked her to be a bridesmaid. Will was surprised that Gabi had accepted the offer, since she had once tried to sabotage Chad and Melanie's relationship. Gabi wasn't amused, and she insisted that there was no need to talk about what had happened in the past.

Later, Will told Gabi about what had happened at the coffeehouse earlier. "And the crazy thing is that it almost didn't even happen, because I -- I don't know, for a while, I didn't think he liked me that way, and he didn't think I liked him that way, was just a misunderstanding. It was all a misunderstanding. It's funny how you can know somebody so well, you know, as a friend, and then just, like, completely...I don't know, be so wrong about 'em," Will said, and Gabi sighed heavily.

At the police station, Rafe recalled kissing Sami, and he angrily kicked his desk. Brady entered Rafe's office and wondered what was wrong. "I'm an idiot -- that's what's wrong," Rafe said with a sigh. Rafe reluctantly admitted that he had kissed Sami earlier that day. Brady wondered if that was supposed to be a bad thing.

Rafe started to rant about Sami's reckless, impulsive behavior. Rafe insisted that Sami and E.J. were toxic together, and he wondered why she was unable to accept that fact. As Rafe continued to complain about Sami, he stressed that their kiss had been meaningless. Brady skeptically agreed that Rafe had obviously stopped caring about Sami. "Why would you say that? No, of course I care. That's the problem -- I care," Rafe said.

Brady wondered if Sami was aware that Rafe still cared about her. Rafe shrugged and bitterly noted that he hadn't received any phone calls or text messages from Sami. "Just proves what I've been saying all along -- the kiss...meant nothing. Not to her, and sure as hell not to me," Rafe said, and he abruptly exited the room. Brady shook his head as he watched Rafe walk away.

In Sami's apartment, Sami cancelled her date with E.J., claiming that she had forgotten that Allie had a school project that was due the following day. "You're a gifted liar, Samantha, but you're not that good. Is this because of what I walked in on earlier? Is this because of Rafe?" E.J. asked. Sami confirmed E.J.'s suspicion, and she explained that she had talked to Rafe earlier.

Sami said that Rafe had warned that it would be a mistake to get involved with E.J. again. E.J. started to get upset, and he wondered why Sami had agreed to talk to Rafe in the first place. Sami said that there was no reason for E.J. to get defensive, and she reminded him that Rafe was her ex-husband. Sami said that she would never slam the door in Rafe's face.

E.J. apologized for losing his temper, and he pointedly muttered a random comment about Rafe's baby. Sami ignored the comment and said that she simply wasn't in the mood to do anything. E.J. pretended to be extremely apologetic and understanding, and he assured Sami that he was a patient man. E.J. slowly exited the apartment. In the hallway, E.J. angrily punched the wall as he waited for the elevator.

Later, Brady entered Sami's apartment. Sami wasn't in the mood to chastise Brady for promoting Kate, but she promised that she would eventually get around to doing so. Brady tried to get Sami to guess who he had talked to earlier, but she also wasn't in the mood to play games. When Brady mentioned Rafe's name, Sami's curiosity was instantly piqued. Sami wondered what Rafe had said about her. "What do you think he said about you, Sami?" Brady asked.

Back at the Horton Town Square, E.J. warned that it would be a bad idea for Rafe to mess with him. Rafe dismissively advised E.J. to get a life. E.J. countered that Rafe needed to take his own advice and accept the fact that Sami had moved on. Rafe wondered if that was supposed to be some sort of order. E.J. replied that it wasn't meant to be a suggestion.

"Well, you're not the mayor anymore, so I have a suggestion for you -- go to hell," Rafe said.

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