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Monday, September 24, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Kate wondered if Lucas and Will's relationship was still on shaky ground. Lucas speculated that Will was convinced that Lucas was disappointed about having a gay son. Lucas insisted that Will's concern was unwarranted.

Kate hoped that Lucas was telling the truth. Kate said that Will had already heard enough judgmental comments from other people. Lucas was confused, so Kate clarified that Adrienne had said some hurtful things about Will. Before Kate could elaborate, Lucas received a text message. Lucas excused himself, explaining that he had to pick up Allie. Kate promised to tell Lucas the rest of the story later.

Elsewhere, E.J. tried to learn the identity of Rafe's date. E.J. smugly stated that Sami was obviously not the lucky lady, since she would never be able to get over the fact that Rafe and Nicole were having a baby together. "I think she already has, actually. Samantha is my date tonight. Guess you didn't know her as well as you thought," Rafe said.

As E.J. and Rafe started to argue about Sami, Kate interrupted and threatened to throw a bucket of water on them. E.J. reiterated that Sami would never be able to accept the fact that Rafe was the father of Nicole's baby. E.J. walked away, and Kate followed him. A short time later, E.J. took a seat on an empty bench, and Kate quickly joined him. E.J. told Kate to find someone else to annoy.

Undeterred, Kate cheerfully stated that she liked annoying E.J. Kate guessed that Sami and Rafe had reunited, but E.J. claimed that Kate was wrong. Kate seemed unconvinced, and she recommended that it would be best for E.J. to walk away from Sami. Kate reminded E.J. that she had watched Sami destroy Lucas and Austin's lives. E.J. insisted that Kate didn't know him or Sami, adding that Kate's hatred had blinded her.

"Really? The success of my life's work has been my ability to know my enemies. You don't think I know exactly what she's gonna do with you? Sami's M.O. is to pit men against each other, and I can see by the look on your face that you are totally willing to do whatever it takes to get Sami away from Rafe. You know, maybe you'll even be successful -- that doesn't mean that she's going to be yours," Kate knowingly stated.

E.J. sarcastically replied that he had been looking forward to placing Sami on his wall and treating her like some sort of trophy. "Maybe that would be some satisfaction to you. I mean, maybe that would give you a sense of accomplishment, see, you want her to love you, and the sad fact is...she is incapable of genuine adult love. She can never make you happy. She can never make any man happy. I'm sorry that it's hard to hear, but it's true. If it wasn't Rafe, it would be someone else...or it would be something else. Sami is always going to make you miserable," Kate warned E.J., who silently walked away.

In a secluded section of the town square, Chad continued to assault Nick. Chad furiously kicked and punched Nick, who was either unable or unwilling to fight back. Chad smashed Nick's face against a nearby bench and shoved him to the ground. Before Chad could resume his attack, Gabi arrived and managed to stop him.

Chad showed Gabi the scarf and explained that Nick had done something to Melanie. Gabi told Chad that Melanie and Maggie had gone to Daniel's apartment for a dress-fitting. Chad refused to believe Gabi, convinced that she was working with Nick. Gabi grabbed her phone and showed Chad a photograph that she had received from Melanie earlier.

The image showed Melanie wearing one of the wedding dresses, and a time stamp revealed that the picture had recently been taken. Chad stared at the image for a moment before walking away in stunned silence. After Chad left, Gabi inspected Nick's wounds. Nick claimed that he was fine, but Gabi could tell that he was lying.

Gabi wanted to take Nick to the hospital, but he knew that the hospital staff would want to report the assault to the police. Nick reminded Gabi that he was on parole. Gabi promised to tell the cops that Chad had started the fight, but Nick insisted that it wouldn't matter. Gabi helped Nick to his feet and explained that she was going to take him to someone who was trustworthy.

Later, at the hospital, Gabi and Nick waited for Kayla to arrive. Nick thanked Gabi for her help and noted that she hadn't asked about the scarf. Gabi shrugged and said that Melanie often misplaced things. Nick told Gabi about his conversation with Melanie. Gabi was pleased to hear that Nick and Melanie's encounter had ended well.

Gabi and Nick's eyes locked as she continued to apply pressure to his wounds, her free hand resting on his arm. Kayla inadvertently interrupted the moment when she entered the room. Kayla greeted Nick and wondered who had attacked him. Before Gabi could say anything, Nick claimed that he had never seen the assailant before.

Kayla was concerned that the assailant might attack Nick again. Nick assured Kayla that there was nothing to worry about, but she wasn't convinced. Gabi interrupted and excused herself, claiming that she had to run an errand. After Gabi left, Nick thanked Kayla for her help and promised that he would pay her as soon as possible.

Kayla informed Nick that she was treating him for free. Nick tried to protest, but Kayla was insistent. Kayla suggested that, as a way of thanking her, Nick could always work a few extra shifts for Caroline. Nick agreed, but he was worried that Kayla might get in trouble for helping him. Kayla explained that she was the chief of staff, but that only made Nick more concerned about Kayla's involvement.

"Nick, you saved my life when I was exposed to the biotoxins -- remember that?" Kayla asked. Nick laughed and noted that the incident that Kayla was referring to had occurred several years earlier. Kayla shrugged and reiterated that Nick had saved her life, and she told him to take care of himself. After Kayla left, Nick wondered where Gabi was.

In Daniel's apartment, Maggie was pleased to hear about Melanie and Nick's earlier conversation. Melanie revealed that she was no longer afraid of Nick. Later, Maggie excused herself so that she could go to the town square to find some shoes that would match Melanie's wedding dress. Shortly after Maggie left, someone knocked on the door.

When Melanie opened the door, she was horrified to find Chad standing in the hallway. Melanie was still wearing her wedding dress, and she quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her body. Chad said that Melanie looked beautiful, but she reminded him that he wasn't supposed to see the dress until the day of the wedding. Chad explained that he had been unable to find Melanie earlier.

Melanie recalled that she had left her phone in Chad's apartment, and she joked that she needed to fasten the phone to her hand with a few strips of Velcro. Melanie noticed that her scarf was sticking out of one of Chad's jacket pockets. Chad explained that he had found the scarf in the town square. Melanie said that she had dropped it earlier, and she proceeded to tell Chad about her conversation with Nick.

Chad had been hiding his right hand in his other jacket pocket. When Melanie briefly left the room, Chad pulled his hand out of the pocket and stared at the bloodstains. As Melanie reentered the room, Chad tucked his hand back into the pocket and insisted that Nick was tricking her. Melanie disagreed and said that she knew Nick.

Chad countered that Melanie had known the old Nick, adding that Nick might have changed in prison. Chad hugged Melanie and said that he only cared about keeping her safe. Melanie wondered what was going on. Chad assured Melanie that everything was all right, but she wasn't convinced. Melanie urged Chad to tell her what was wrong, but before he could respond, someone knocked on the door.

When Melanie answered the door, Gabi barged into the apartment. Gabi said that she had something important to tell Melanie. Chad nervously tried to dissuade Gabi, but she insisted that Melanie needed to know what kind of man he really was. Gabi revealed that Chad had attacked Nick earlier that day. Gabi added that Chad would have killed Nick if she hadn't arrived in time to stop the assault.

Chad insisted that Gabi was exaggerating. "Okay, look -- I hit him a couple times. He had your scarf, Melanie. I couldn't find you. You weren't answering your phone. I went looking for you. I mean, he had your scarf," Chad said. Melanie wondered why Chad hadn't mentioned the encounter earlier.

Gabi said that Chad had a habit of concealing certain things from Melanie. Chad told Gabi to shut up, but she refused to listen. "Melanie, there's something that I should have told you a long time ago, and I am not gonna leave here until you hear the truth," Gabi said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Sonny and Will continued to kiss. "Not pushing me away?" Sonny asked as the kiss ended. Will smiled and shook his head, pulling Sonny back in for another kiss. Will sighed contentedly and wondered if Sonny was sure that he wanted to be in a relationship with Will. Sonny joked that kissing Will should have eliminated the need to ask that question.

Will laughed and explained that he was worried because Adrienne wasn't wrong -- he did have a lot of baggage. Sonny shrugged and said that he also had a lot of baggage, including an overbearing mother. Will sarcastically stated that he knew nothing about overbearing mothers. "This is pretty hot, right? Us talking about our moms like this?" Sonny joked, and Will agreed.

Sonny wondered what Will wanted to do next. Will shrugged and reminded Sonny that they had originally planned to go on a date later that night. Will wondered if Sonny still wanted to do that. Sonny grinned and said that he would love to.

In Sami's apartment, Sami inspected the fake image that Nicole had created. Nicole pretended to be embarrassed that Sami had seen the photograph. Sami joked that it was a good thing that Nicole was no longer a porn actress, since the picture wasn't terribly flattering. Sami noticed that the time stamp on the image indicated that it had been taken earlier that day. Sami wondered if Nicole was still sleeping with Rafe.

Nicole stated, somewhat crassly, that the picture had been taken on the night that she and Rafe had put a bun in the oven. Nicole claimed that she had noticed the photograph while she had been browsing through her photo gallery earlier that day. Nicole said that she had meant to delete the picture, but she had hit the wrong button.

"Gee, Nicole, I would have thought you'd be so familiar with everything trash-related," Sami dryly stated. Sami guessed that Nicole had set the whole thing up. Nicole wondered why she would want Sami to see the picture. Sami shrugged and theorized that Nicole had hoped to give Sami a permanent case of indigestion.

Nicole conceded that she had originally intended to send the image to Sami as revenge for ruining Nicole's marriage, but she added that she had later changed her mind. Nicole said that Sami had just received a dose of reality. Nicole pointed out that her son -- Baby Boy Hernandez -- was going to be a daily reminder of the fact that she and Rafe had slept together.

Sami was surprised to learn that Nicole was having a boy. Sami commented on the name that Nicole had chosen. Nicole reminded Sami that the baby's father's name was Hernandez. Nicole added that Sami needed to accept that fact, and she abruptly exited the apartment. After Nicole left, Sami angrily tossed some pillows across the room.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Sami excitedly told Marlena about her earlier conversation with Rafe. Sami explained that she and Rafe were going to dinner later that night. Marlena admitted that it sounded promising, and she wondered what the problem was. "If Rafe and I end up together again...and he's sharing a baby with Nicole, then Rafe and I will be sharing Nicole as a parent," Sami explained.

Marlena recalled that Nicole had once been a stepmother to Sami's children, and she noted that Sami had managed to make that work. Sami conceded that Nicole had eventually learned to respect certain boundaries. Marlena gently stated that Sami was being hypocritical and slightly selfish. Sami handled the feedback well, but she promised that she wasn't just thinking about herself.

Sami explained that Nicole was perfectly capable of using her son to hurt Sami. "Sami, has it occurred to you that if you're right about Nicole, Rafe will need you to be good about this? Look, this child will need a solid mother figure as much as your children needed solid father figures, especially when E.J. was at his worst," Marlena pointed out. Sami admitted that she had never thought about it like that before.

Marlena said that Nicole had to admit that Sami was a natural mother. Marlena wondered if Sami would be able to be a mother figure for Nicole's son. Sami hoped that she would be capable of doing so, but she admitted that she wasn't certain. Marlena smiled and stated that she was certain that Sami was capable of doing that. Marlena's words clearly touched Sami.

At the Horton house, Nicole told Rafe about the fake image that she had created. Rafe seemed simultaneously impressed and horrified. Rafe wondered when Nicole had shown E.J. the photograph. Nicole admitted that she had actually shown the picture to Sami. "Wow, I have never seen someone go this long without blinking," Nicole said, as Rafe stared at her in stunned silence.

Nicole told Rafe about Sami's reaction. Nicole was certain that Sami would tell E.J. about the image, because Sami would be unable to resist venting her frustrations to someone. Nicole said that it would serve as a good distraction, and she added that it wasn't going to cause any harm. "Yeah, maybe not for you. Just threw me under the damn bus," Rafe muttered.

Rafe explained that he and Sami were going on a date later that night. Nicole apologized and said that she wouldn't have created the image if she had known that Rafe still had feelings for Sami. Rafe shrugged and said that the damage had already been done. Rafe checked his phone and noted with surprise that Sami hadn't cancelled the date yet. Rafe excused himself so that he could pick up Sami.

Later, outside Sami's apartment, Rafe imagined that Sami was going to open the door and tell him that she never wanted to see him again. Rafe cleared his throat and nervously knocked on the door. Sami was wearing a sleeveless dress, and she smiled as she greeted Rafe. Rafe wondered if Sami was ready. Sami nodded and pointedly showed Rafe that she was carrying a small handbag instead of an oversized purse.

At Common Grounds, Sonny apologized for taking Will on a detour to the coffeehouse. Will said that he didn't mind. "Oh, you will, because the morning shipment went to a different vendor, and the only way they're gonna resend it is if I'm here to sign for it in person," Sonny explained. Will jokingly observed that the situation made Sonny sound like a very important person.

Sonny agreed, and he started to apologetically state that he was going to have to postpone his first date with Will. Will interrupted Sonny and insisted that the coffeehouse was a great first date. "At least I know you're gonna pick up the tab," Will joked. Sonny was surprised to learn that Will was a gold-digger. "Yeah, I want that cappuccino fortune," Will said.

Sonny smiled and observed that Will didn't seem nervous at all. Will jokingly countered that Sonny didn't seem nervous, either. Will wondered who was supposed to pay the bill when two guys were on a date together. "Uh, the guy who asks that question. As far as I know, there are no rules, so why don't we just make 'em up as we go?" Sonny suggested, extending his hand. Will agreed and placed his hand in Sonny's.

Later, Will watched with admiration as Sonny took care of some business-related tasks. "Can I ask you a question? How do you run your own business, go to school, hang out with your family, and be good at all of it? You know, I mean, no wonder your mom is so proud," Will said. Sonny groaned and reminded Will that they had previously agreed that they weren't going to talk about their mothers.

Sonny joked that there needed to be some sort of penalty for breaking that rule. Will offered to pay for the next date, and Sonny agreed. "You know, Will, I don't want you to ever think that you're not good enough. You know, if you ever have any doubts, you know, about you and me -- about anything -- I hope that you feel comfortable that you can come and talk to me. We can talk to each other. And can we promise that we won't keep anything inside? No secrets?" Sonny asked. Will playfully extended his pinky finger, and he and Sonny sealed the agreement with a pinky-swear.

Later, Sonny announced that his shipment had arrived. In addition to some special eco-friendly, recyclable coffee stirrers that Sonny was particularly excited about, the shipment also contained a week's worth of other supplies. Sonny apologetically stated that it would take him at least three hours to sort through everything, which meant that he was going to have to end the date prematurely.

Will understood, and he reiterated that he was going to pay for the next date. Sonny shook his head and refused to count an interrupted date at his coffeehouse as his first date with Will. Will believed that the date deserved to be counted, and he said that he had enjoyed the evening. Sonny agreed and hoped that he and Will could go on another date soon.

Will eagerly agreed, and he leaned in to kiss Sonny. As Will and Sonny kissed, Lucas entered the coffeehouse. When Lucas realized what was happening, he quietly exited Common Grounds and braced himself against the side of the building.

Lucas sighed and shook his head, trying to process what he had just witnessed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For their date, Sami and Rafe walked around the town square. When Sami asked about Rafe's day, he thought about his conversation with Nicole and how Nicole had informed him about the photoshopped photo. Rafe said that his day had been fine, and he asked Sami how her day had been. Sami thought about her conversation with Marlena about the photo of Rafe and Nicole. Smiling, Sami said her day had been full. Rafe gently placed his hand on the small of Sami's back.

At the Brady Pub, Daniel and Maggie talked about Melanie's wedding. Maggie worried aloud that Melanie was rushing into marriage, and Daniel added that he thought Melanie was acting out of desperation. "I'm afraid we're just going to have to accept the fact that Melanie is not going to change her mind," Maggie said. Maggie urged Daniel not to worry about Melanie because she was happy.

When Daniel asked Maggie if she had seen Melanie happy lately, Maggie responded that Melanie had brightened after talking with Nick. Maggie explained that Melanie had sought out Nick in order to confront her fears. With a smile, Maggie noted that Melanie was brave like her father and that Daniel was a good man.

"I'm not that good," Daniel mumbled as he thought about when Jennifer had lectured him about the paternity test. Daniel hugged Maggie goodbye, and she advised him not to worry about Melanie. Once Maggie had left, Daniel walked over to the bar as Sami and Rafe walked in. Rafe sat Sami at a table, then crossed over to Daniel and warned him that E.J. was pestering Nicole.

Rafe returned to Sami at the table and asked her if she was comfortable eating at the pub. Smiling, Rafe noted that Caroline was off for the evening. When Rafe commented on Sami's little purse, Sami noted that she did not believe that she would need cab fare. Leaning forward, Sami asked Rafe how Nicole was doing. When Rafe noted that the baby was fine, Sami commented that she was pleased.

As Rafe and Sami ate dinner, Rafe assured Sami that he was not with Nicole. Sami commented about Nicole, "As long as she has that baby, I will not wish an anvil to fall on her head." Sami noted that she had behaved badly in response to Rafe's relationships with Nicole and Carrie, and that she understood if Rafe had acted out of revenge. Rafe assured Sami that she was not the reason that he had pursued Carrie or slept with Nicole.

Sami said that she was happy for Rafe and his new baby boy. Surprised, Rafe asked Sami how she knew that Nicole was having a boy. Sami admitted that Nicole had told her. Sami added that Rafe was a good father. As Sami rambled about being a single parent, she noted that she had informed E.J. that she would not date him. Changing the subject back to parenting, Sami exclaimed how excited she was to meet Rafe's son.

"You're just a constant surprise to me right now," Rafe said nervously. Sami explained about E.J., "The truth is, when I look at him and then being here with you, the way I feel, it doesn't compare." "That's good to know," Rafe said. Uncomfortable, Rafe suggested that they get the check.

Rafe walked Sami to her apartment, then he commented that Sami was probably busy. Sami responded that her children were staying with Marlena for the evening and that she was alone. As Rafe raised his eyebrows, Sami explained that she had not meant that the way it sounded. Sami thanked Rafe for dinner, and he gently kissed her on the forehead. As Sami turned and unlocked her door, Rafe grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

At the Horton house, Nicole was talking to her baby about his kicking when Jennifer returned home. "I want to talk to you about moving out," Jennifer said bluntly. When Nicole joked about catching her breath before Jennifer threw her out, Jennifer clarified that Nicole was welcome to stay until the baby was born, but Nicole needed to find another place to live after that.

Nicole accused Jennifer of reacting to her relationship with Daniel. When Nicole warned Jennifer that she would need to get used to seeing Daniel around, Jennifer said that whatever was going on between Nicole and Daniel was none of her business. After noting that she needed to head back to the hospital, Jennifer advised Nicole to lie on her right side in order to calm the baby's kicking.

At the hospital, Jennifer printed out information about DNA testing facilities in the area. As Jennifer stared at the printouts and walked away, she ran into Daniel, dropping her papers. Daniel picked up the papers for her and asked her about them. Flustered, Jennifer rushed back to her office and put the papers in a drawer. Daniel followed Jennifer to her office and asked her what she was doing with a list of labs.

Jennifer explained that she had a list of blood labs because she was working on increasing blood donations. Daniel corrected Jennifer by saying that the list he had seen included testing labs, which did not deal with blood donation. Jennifer countered that Daniel had seen part of an extensive list. Daniel warned Jennifer not to get involved in the paternity issue because E.J. could hurt her.

Daniel reluctantly left to answer a call, and Jennifer returned to her desk to review the testing labs list. Jennifer started to place the list in the recycling bin, then put the list back in her desk drawer.

In Daniel's apartment, Gabi told Melanie that she needed to tell Melanie the truth. Panicked, Chad shoved Gabi and ordered her to be quiet. Unfazed, Gabi said that she could not continue to lie. Melanie said that she wanted to hear what Gabi had to say. Gabi apologized for betraying Melanie.

Jumping to conclusions, Melanie assumed that Chad had betrayed her with Gabi. As Chad stammered, Gabi interrupted and noted that Chad would never cheat on Melanie. Confused, Melanie asked Gabi to tell her how Gabi had betrayed her. Taking a deep breath, Gabi explained that Andrew had not been a stalker.

"I made it up, and then I hired Andrew to play the part," Gabi said. When Melanie asked why, Gabi explained that she had wanted attention from Chad. Chad interrupted to say that he had not known what Gabi had done, and Gabi confirmed his story.

"I didn't think about anything. Then you guys came to my rescue, and I had to create a real threat. And that's when I hired Andrew," Gabi explained. "So you hired someone to kidnap me?" Melanie asked. Fighting tears, Gabi explained that the kidnapping was Andrew's idea and that she had begged Andrew to let Melanie go. Stunned, Melanie screamed at Gabi to leave. Crying, Gabi slinked out of the apartment.

At the hospital, a sore and patched-up Nick stumbled toward the exit and fell into Maxine's arms. Maxine sat Nick down in a chair and ordered him to wait for Kayla to release him from the hospital. Gabi returned to check on Nick. When Nick said that he did not want Caroline or Maggie to see his bloody face, Gabi suggested that she could sneak him into his room at the Kiriakis mansion.

Gabi handed Nick a prescription for pain medication from Kayla, but Nick crumpled up the prescription and refused to take any pills. Nick threw the prescription into the trash as he walked out with Gabi. Gabi escorted Nick home to the mansion, and Maggie arrived at the same time. Maggie was horrified to see Nick's bloody and bruised face.

Nick assured Maggie that he was fine. Nick explained that he had fallen behind the pub. Angry, Maggie ordered Nick to stop lying and tell her who had beaten him. When Maggie worried aloud that Nick could not fight while he was on parole, Gabi interrupted to assure Maggie that Nick had not fought back.

Upset, Maggie demanded that someone tell her what had happened. When Nick and Gabi remained silent, Maggie wondered aloud who would have beaten Nick. When Maggie asked if the culprit was Chad, Gabi shifted her eyes away, and Nick stared at his feet. Maggie asked Nick if Melanie knew about the fight. Gabi confirmed that Melanie knew and that she was talking to Chad at Daniel's house. Nick assured Maggie that he was fine, and Maggie rushed out to find Melanie.

Once alone, Nick thanked Gabi for helping him. "You're too good of a person, you know that?" Nick said. Gabi gave Nick a glass of water and urged him to go to bed. Nodding, Nick asked Gabi if she had known where Chad was because she had left the hospital in order to talk to Melanie. Gabi admitted that she had talked to Melanie because Melanie needed to know what Chad had done.

"You were saying that we needed to take responsibility for the things that we've done and how that makes us free. Well I've been a really rotten person, and I needed to own up to it," Gabi said. Shaking his head, Nick said that Gabi was a guardian angel.

In Daniel's apartment, Chad asked Melanie if she was okay, and Melanie asked Chad why he had attempted to stop Gabi from telling her the truth. "You knew what Gabi was going to say. You knew, and you never told me," Melanie said.

With a sigh, Chad explained that he had learned the truth when Andrew died. Chad told Melanie that he had kept the truth from her because she had been upset after the kidnapping and had then been rattled by Nick's parole hearing. Laughing bitterly, Melanie noted that she had asked Gabi to be one of her bridesmaids. Chad noted that he had threatened Gabi to stay away from Melanie.

"What was your plan? You were just going to keep threatening her for the rest of our lives? And that was supposed to make it better, Chad?" Melanie asked. When Chad asked Melanie if she wanted Gabi in her life, Melanie argued that it was her decision to make. Melanie yelled that Chad needed to treat her like an adult, and she argued that Chad had almost killed Nick.

"It sounds like Gabi is the only person that has told the truth," Melanie said. As Chad reached out toward Melanie, she noticed his bloody knuckles, and she began to cry. Chad explained that he was scared for Melanie.

"Nick wasn't the one that hurt me tonight. This time actually, you're the one that did. You sound like them, do you know that? Like all the stalkers. Trying to protect me, trying to make sure I'm safe, trying to keep me," Melanie said. Upset, Chad told Melanie that he would never kidnap her.

"Gabi was right, huh? If she hadn't shown up, you would have killed Nick," Gabi said sadly. Chad denied the accusation, but Melanie was uneasy and asked Chad not to touch her. Desperate, Chad begged Melanie not to pull away from him before the wedding. Crying, Melanie said there would be no wedding, just as Maggie returned to the apartment.

"He was just leaving," Melanie said firmly. Nodding, Chad left. Maggie hugged Melanie and asked her what had happened. Through sobs, Melanie told Maggie that her relationship with Chad was over. When Daniel arrived home, Melanie cried in his arms. Chad returned to his apartment and held Melanie's sweater.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Over breakfast at the Brady Pub, Roman gave Bo until the following week to make a decision regarding whether he planned to stay on the police force. Caroline overheard as Bo promised to decide if he was going to resign or not and give Roman his answer as soon as possible. Roman left after saying goodbye to Caroline, Bo, and Hope.

Hope asked her husband if he was any closer to knowing what he wanted to do. Bo admitted that he'd been working on an idea, but he wanted to wait to discuss it with Hope until it was more fully formed. Hope had to leave for Ciara's school but promised to meet up with Bo for lunch.

After Hope hurried out, Caroline approached her son. "Any life-changing decisions you'd like to share with me?" she asked, adding, "Come on, Bo. Tell your ma about it." Bo acknowledged that it might seem crazy to give up a good job with a steady paycheck in such a lousy economy, but he needed a new challenge. Caroline thought that seemed like a good idea and admitted that it would be a relief to her to only have one son on the police force if Bo resigned. She noted that although Roman would miss having his little brother on the force, Hope and Ciara would be happy to see Bo follow his dreams.

Later, Bo met Hope in Horton Square. Bo admitted his surprise at learning that his mother would be more than happy to see him quit the force. Hope wasn't surprised at all, but noted that Roman really wanted Bo to stay. Bo asked Hope how she felt about it. She declared that she just wanted him to be happy, and maybe what he really needed was to just "dream big." Pulling his wife into his lap and kissing her, Bo maintained, "All I need right now is this."

E.J. seethed as he recalled learning of Rafe and Sami's date. He got a phone call and instructed the caller, "I need you to liquidate my positions and transfer the cash into my portfolio so that I can invest it." He became annoyed when the caller appeared to question whether Stefano was aware of E.J.'s decision. "Keep the DiMera name on the accounts. It's my name, it's my family, and I'll define it as I wish to!" E.J. snapped before hanging up.

The morning after their date, Rafe and Sami separately reflected on the intensity of their goodnight kiss. Alone in their apartments, each contemplated calling the other but thought better of it.

Sami couldn't concentrate on work and had just decided to try to "accidentally" bump into Rafe at the coffeehouse when E.J. knocked on the door. Sami claimed that she was on her way out to work, but E.J. noticed her laptop was still on the table. E.J. stated that he was aware that Sami and Rafe had been on a date the night before and asked how it had gone. "I'll be honest. Something did happen," Sami admitted. She acknowledged that there had always been something between her and E.J., and probably always would be, but at dinner the night before, it had been clear to her that Rafe was the same man she'd fallen in love with.

E.J. asserted that was not the case because Rafe had fathered a child with a woman whom Sami despised -- plus Rafe would never forgive Sami for cheating on him with E.J. Sami disagreed, but E.J. believed that Rafe was only trying to gain her trust to pull the rug out from under her as payback. Pressing his face close to Sami's, E.J. declared that the difference between the two men was that E.J. wanted Sami for who she truly was, while Rafe would never truly forgive or trust her again.

Back at home, E.J. made a phone call. "Howard, I need you to take care of something for me," E.J. said. A little while later, Howard met E.J. in the park. E.J. clarified that the meeting had nothing to do with the firm's business with Stefano because E.J. planned to run the company very differently than Stefano had. Howard assured E.J., "You can count on loyalty up and down the line."

E.J. explained, "There's someone who's very much in my way at the moment. He's interfering with the family. This has to stop." When Howard learned that E.J. was referring to Rafael Hernandez, Howard declared that there were people who would fight for the privilege to take care of Rafe. "Do you want him dead?" Howard asked.

An anxious Gabi went to the loft to see Rafe. "I'm in really big trouble," she blurted. When Gabi mentioned Andrew, Rafe tried to reassure his sister that Andrew was dead and no longer a threat to anyone. Gabi confessed, "Andrew was never a stalker. I paid him." A guilt-ridden Gabi told Rafe the whole story. Afterwards, she became even more upset when a clearly disappointed Rafe couldn't even make eye contact with her.

Gabi started to run out, but Rafe stopped her and assured her that he would always love her, no matter what. Gabi admitted that she kept hearing Arianna's voice in her head, chewing her out for doing something so dumb over some guy. Rafe agreed that Ari would definitely have lectured Gabi about that. Steeling herself, Gabi acknowledged that she had to face the consequences of what she'd done, and asked Rafe to go with her to the police station so she could turn herself in.

Rafe declared that he would not let Gabi do that. He pointed out that despite what she'd done, she didn't deserve to go to prison because it had been all Andrew's idea to kidnap Melanie. Gabi countered that she hadn't gone to the police when she'd found out that Andrew had taken Melanie. Rafe promised to fix it, starting with getting Gabi a good lawyer. He urged Gabi not to tell anyone else about it, but she admitted that she had confessed everything to Melanie, and Chad also knew. Rafe then headed out with the notes he'd taken while Gabi had told her story.

At Common Grounds, Rafe was leaving a message for Justin when Sami entered. Sami greeted Rafe cheerfully, but he cut her off, saying that he didn't have time to talk. Bemused, Sami stammered, "I guess I just thought that last night -- I thought the date was something..." Rafe reassured her that it had been very nice -- but it had been nothing more than a date.

Daniel stopped by Chad's apartment and excoriated Chad for beating Nick nearly to death. Chad tried to defend his actions as an attempt to defend Melanie, but Daniel asserted that it hadn't been what Chad had accomplished at all. Chad was heartbroken to learn that Melanie wanted to postpone the wedding. Daniel warned Chad to stay away from Melanie -- and to get some help for his rage issues.

Chad was determined to make things up to Melanie and added that he couldn't just walk away from their relationship. Daniel cautioned, "If you don't get help with your anger and give my daughter some breathing room, you will have to deal with me." Chad handed Melanie's phone to Daniel as Daniel left. "I've got to make this right," Chad said to himself and then hurried out the door.

Maggie visited Melanie at Daniel's apartment and reported that Nick's condition had improved enough for him to return to work later that day. Melanie confessed that she hadn't heard from anyone, including Chad, because she had unplugged the house phone and had forgotten her cell phone at Chad's. Maggie advised her granddaughter to take all the time she needed to decide whether to marry Chad.

Melanie was grateful for Maggie's support. Maggie offered to get rid of some of the "wedding stuff" for Melanie and asked if she should keep it at the mansion or return it. Melanie asked her to return everything. As Maggie gathered up the shopping bags, Melanie noted that there was nothing edible in the house and offered to order some breakfast to be delivered for the two of them. Maggie thought that sounded like a great idea.

Melanie was sitting alone and thinking when Daniel returned home. He asked how she'd slept, and she confided that she hadn't slept well because she still had a lot to think about. Daniel agreed and admitted that, to that end, he'd paid Chad a visit. "I asked him to give you some room to think, to breathe. Is that okay?" Daniel asked. Melanie agreed that it was but asked her dad for some time to herself. Daniel returned her cell phone and made her promise to check in with him. As Daniel headed back out, Melanie gave him an appreciative hug.

Nick was sweeping outside the Brady Pub when Chad approached him. "I know I messed up, and I am so sorry," Chad stated sincerely. Chad admitted that when he'd seen Nick with Melanie's scarf, he had snapped -- but Gabi's interference had actually made things worse. Nick was incredulous that Chad was trying to blame Gabi. "Melanie was finally okay with everything after we spoke. I'm not your problem, Chad, and I won't be... You stay away from me; I'll stay away from you. Let's leave it at that," Nick said and then headed into the pub.

When Gabi arrived for work at the pub, Nick informed her that Chad had stopped by to apologize. Nick continued that Chad's efforts had been somewhat in vain because he'd tried to put some of the blame on Gabi for his actions. "He blames me for mine, and that's fair," Gabi stated, adding that she wanted Nick to hear what she had done.

After telling Nick the whole story, Gabi admitted, "So, in a way, yes, Chad is right. I mean, I'm the reason that Melanie got kidnapped, and that's kind of what set him off in the first place. I couldn't have been more wrong or more stupid." Nick was sympathetic, pointing out that Gabi had owned up to what she'd done, and that was a good thing. "So why do you need to tell me all this?" Nick wondered.

Melanie was clearly taken aback when Chad showed up at Daniel's. Chad asked her for just five minutes and promised to go after that, so Melanie reluctantly let him in. Chad explained that he'd gone to apologize to Nick, although the apology might have fallen on deaf ears, and admitted that he had messed up. Melanie asked him to tell her how he had messed up. Chad began by admitting that he shouldn't have attacked Nick, but that wasn't what Melanie had been referring to.

Regarding Chad's having kept the truth about Gabi from her, Melanie asked, "Do you not think I'm capable of handling my own life?" Chad pointed out that not many people could have handled what Melanie had gone through, and asked if she really would have wanted Gabi in her life if she had know then truth. Melanie tearfully acknowledged that she would not have, because the least of Gabi's crimes was that she had tried to take Chad away from Melanie.

"Then I did what you wanted. I kept her away," Chad said, adding, "Do you believe I love you?" Melanie nodded, so Chad asked, "I know you hate the word, but do you believe that I was trying to protect you? Does that matter at all?" Nodding again, Melanie admitted, "More than you know." Chad asked if that meant that they still had a chance.

Melanie acknowledged that she'd been asking herself the same thing all night, and she'd decided to go visit her mom in Europe. Assuming that Melanie intended for him to accompany her, Chad declared that it was a great idea. Melanie corrected him, "No -- you're not coming with me to see my mom. I'm going by myself. Without you."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Marlena and Brady talked about Madison's death. Brady said that he was grateful for his job, which had kept him too busy to think about relapsing. Brady admitted that he missed working with John, and Marlena said that the feeling was mutual.

"He has been so amazing. I remember saying some not-so-wonderful things about Dad to Madison, and I regret it. I -- I shouldn't have said those things. I blamed him, and I blamed you. I bl -- I blamed everyone but me about what was going wrong in my life, and that was wrong. It was all on me. I just -- I need to say this to you. Thank you. Thank you for supporting me. You always did, and I owe you two so much," Brady said.

Brady admitted that it had taken him a long time to realize that John and Marlena had always supported him -- even when he had been acting like a jerk. Brady hugged Marlena and promised that he would always be there for her and John.

At Common Grounds, Sami continued to question Rafe about their earlier kiss, ignoring the fact that he was preoccupied. Rafe told Sami that he would be willing to talk about the kiss at a later date. Rafe received a text message from someone, and Sami wondered if he needed help with something. Rafe bluntly stated that he needed Sami to back off for once in her life.

"You want to talk about the kiss? It happened. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Did I enjoy it? Yes -- it was amazing, okay? And yes, it did remind me of all the incredible times that we had, but sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. Listen, Sami -- the feelings that we had for each other, they're not just gonna go away. They just don't, but neither does the betrayal. I don't trust you right now, and I don't know if I ever will," Rafe admitted.

Sami understood, and she acknowledged that she had broken Rafe's trust and his heart. "But can you honestly say that you're happier now than you were when we were together?" Sami asked. Rafe avoided the question, reiterating that he didn't have time to talk to Sami. Sami apologized and excused herself. Outside the coffeehouse, Sami muttered that the kiss had meant something.

At the Horton Town Square, Justin placed a phone call to Rafe. After ending the call, Justin greeted Adrienne, who was surprised to see him. Justin explained that a deposition had been cancelled. Adrienne said that her yoga class had also been cancelled. Justin sighed and wished that Adrienne could have told him that a few minutes earlier. Justin explained that he had just scheduled a meeting with Rafe.

As Justin leaned in to kiss Adrienne, she spotted Will, who was on the other side of the town square. Justin sighed as he followed Adrienne's gaze. Adrienne assured Justin that she wasn't going to interfere again, adding that she had learned her lesson. Justin could tell that Adrienne still wasn't happy about the situation. Adrienne shrugged and defensively stated that she didn't want Will to break Sonny's heart.

"They're kids, okay? They're both going to have their hearts broken plenty of times -- it's part of life. There's nothing we can do about it," Justin sagely stated. Adrienne conceded that Justin was probably right. Justin kissed Adrienne and said that he loved her. Later, Justin met with Rafe and agreed to talk to Gabi.

Elsewhere, Will greeted Sonny, who was sitting on a couch near the town square entrance. Will noted that Sonny had found a comfortable location for them to study together. Will flopped down on the couch and suggestively stated that he didn't feel like thinking about economics. Sonny agreed and leaned in to kiss Will. As Will and Sonny continued to kiss, Lucas entered the town square and grimaced as he watched them.

Sonny reluctantly pulled away from Will and reminded him that they were supposed to be studying. "The quicker that we study, the more time we'll have know, do whatever," Sonny added. A short time later, Lucas greeted Will and Sonny. After some small talk about economics, Sonny received a text message from someone. Sonny excused himself, explaining that one of his baristas was sick.

After Sonny left, Lucas wondered when Will had been planning to mention that he and Sonny were an item. Will said that he didn't really want to talk about the relationship with Lucas yet. "That -- that makes two of us, definitely," Lucas blurted out before claiming that he was happy for Will. Will seemed uncomfortable, and he abruptly excused himself.

In a secluded section of the town square, E.J. stressed that he didn't want Howard to kill Rafe. E.J. urged Howard to find another way to take care of Rafe. "This thing has to be perfectly planned, you understand me? Samantha can have no idea that I had a hand in this," E.J. added.

In Daniel's apartment, Melanie's announcement stunned Chad. "A few hours ago, we were -- we were planning our wedding, our honeymoon, our whole lives together. And I said I was sorry. I don't know what else to do. Look, I -- I still love you, Mel. Everything you felt for me, it's just -- it's gone, just like that? I mean, don't you love me anymore?" Chad asked, but Melanie avoided the question.

Chad wondered if Melanie would ever be able to forgive him. Melanie admitted that she wasn't sure. Melanie added that she had decided to go to Europe so that she could figure out a few things. Chad muttered that he was going to be out of sight and out of mind, but Melanie insisted that he was wrong. Chad wondered how he and Melanie could try to repair their relationship if she was on another continent.

Melanie wondered if Chad would prefer a clean break. Chad shook his head and firmly stated that he was willing to wait for Melanie. Chad begged Melanie to give him a glimmer of hope, but she remained silent. Chad reiterated that he wasn't going to give up, and he reluctantly exited the apartment. After Chad left, Melanie started to sob. Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Chad called E.J.

Later, in Chad's apartment, Chad told E.J. everything. After finishing the story, Chad recalled that Melanie had accused him of being a true DiMera. "Being a DiMera? Chad, you were acting like a bloody hero. Come on -- has she never read Othello?" E.J. asked. Chad said that he had read Othello, and he pointed out that the story hadn't ended well.

"I want Gabi to pay, and I need to think of a way to keep Melanie from leaving Salem, because if she does, I know I'll lose her. Can you help me?" Chad asked. E.J. promised to fix everything, but Chad seemed skeptical. After E.J. left, Chad sat on the floor and stared at a framed photograph of him and Melanie.

At the Brady Pub, Nick advised Gabi to talk to a lawyer right away. Nick added that Gabi needed to stop acting guilty, since she wasn't responsible for what Andrew had done. Nick wondered if Gabi really believed that confessing her crimes to everyone who would listen was the best way to ease her conscience. Gabi shrugged and pointedly stated that she was only telling the people who mattered.

Gabi added that telling Nick the truth had made her feel better. Nick reiterated that Gabi needed to talk to a lawyer, and he added that she also needed to stay away from Melanie and Chad. Nick excused himself so that he could get back to work. After Nick left, Melanie entered the pub. Gabi started to excuse herself, but Melanie asked her to stay.

Melanie revealed that she was planning to leave Salem. Melanie added that she wasn't going to tell the police about Gabi's crimes. "Even though you're not directly responsible for what happened to me, you set the plan in motion, but I just don't care enough about you. But it's not over, and don't thank me, because I didn't do this for you. Chad is out for your blood, so watch your back," Melanie warned Gabi.

Nick emerged from the kitchen, and Melanie said that she also wanted to talk to him. Gabi started to say something, but Melanie interrupted and dismissively said goodbye to her. After Gabi left, Melanie apologized to Nick as she inspected his injuries. Nick insisted that Melanie wasn't responsible for what Chad had done. Nick pointed out that Chad might not have snapped if Nick hadn't returned to Salem.

"I think you coming to Salem has been kind of a blessing in a weird way, because I learned a lot about myself and about other people. Apparently I don't have a very good judge of character, but maybe that's because I spent most of my life alone. And I came here, and I was shown what a wonderful family is really like. The Hortons have been so amazing to me, and they'll help you, too, so lean on them," Melanie advised Nick. Melanie told Nick to take care of himself. Nick returned the sentiment, and Melanie exited the pub.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Gabi met with Justin. Justin assured Gabi that he wasn't interested in judging her, and he added that he simply wanted to hear the facts. Gabi warned that it was going to be a long story.

In Sami's apartment, Lucas told Sami that he had seen Will and Sonny together earlier. Sami was pleased to learn that Adrienne's comments hadn't ruined Sonny and Will's friendship. "Oh, from what I saw, yeah -- I'd say they're more than friends, sure. I saw them kissing each other -- right there in the middle of the Horton Town Square for everyone to see," Lucas said.

Sami was glad that Will and Sonny had worked everything out, but she could tell that Lucas didn't feel the same way. Lucas admitted that he wanted Will to be more discreet. "I love our son. I love him so much for who he is, but...I don't know, after seeing him make out with another guy like that -- in public, in front of everybody -- I don't know. To me, it just -- maybe I just need time, you know? Maybe I just need a little time to get used to it, and then everything will be fine," Lucas suggested.

Sami understood, but she gently pointed out that Lucas didn't have a lot of time to make that adjustment. Sami said that Lucas needed to find a way to completely accept Will for who he was. Sami started to rant about Adrienne's earlier comments, and she insisted that Will and Sonny were good for each other. Lucas admitted that Sonny was a really good kid. Sami countered that Lucas was a really good father.

At Common Grounds, Will took a seat at an empty table and waited for Sonny to finish serving some customers. Meanwhile, Adrienne approached Will and wondered if she could join him. Will agreed, and Adrienne said that she had learned that Will had overheard something that she never should have said. "Oh, yeah, I mean, in -- within earshot of me, you mean," Will guessed, laughing nervously.

Sonny watched as Adrienne and Will continued their discussion. Adrienne shook her head and reiterated that she never should have made those comments. "It's never okay to tear someone down because of their family, and I really hope that you can accept my apology," Adrienne added. Will seemed pleasantly surprised, and he agreed to accept the apology. Adrienne thanked Will and excused herself.

Adrienne walked over to the bar and told Sonny that Will had accepted her apology. Adrienne hoped that Sonny would eventually be able to do the same. "Mom, I do, okay? But you have to promise me that you're gonna keep an open mind, 'cause if you do, you're going to realize how great of a guy Will is," Sonny said. Adrienne forced a smile as Sonny walked away, but it was clear that she was still apprehensive about Will.

Sonny took a seat at Will's table and admitted that he didn't really want to study that night. Will wondered how Sonny was going to learn the material. Sonny explained that he didn't have to work the following night. "Yeah, but there's this Hitchcock festival going on downtown. It's -- it's -- I think it starts tomorrow. It's a different movie every night," Will said.

Sonny quickly changed his mind and decided to accompany Will to the film festival instead of studying. Sonny said that he would procrastinate until the following week. Will liked Sonny's plan, but he was worried about disrupting Sonny's academic pursuits. "My mom said that, uh, you know, college is all about finding your passion," Sonny said, kissing Will on the cheek. Will laughed and said that he would see Sonny later.

Adrienne had been observing Sonny and Will's interaction from a nearby table, and she smiled and nodded as Will exited the pub. A short time later, Lucas greeted Adrienne. Lucas said that he had heard that Sami and Kate had chastised Adrienne for trying to interfere with Will and Sonny's relationship. Adrienne started to apologize, but Lucas interrupted and said that he wasn't convinced that she was wrong.

In Sami's apartment, Will greeted Sami, who eagerly asked him about Sonny. Will told Sami that he had gone on a date -- or, at least, half of a date -- with Sonny earlier. Sami was pleased to hear that the date had gone well. "Yeah. Love is in the -- well, yeah," Will said, and he quickly changed the subject. Will asked Sami about her earlier date with Rafe. Sami said that the date had meant nothing to Rafe.

In Rafe's apartment, Rafe looked at a framed picture that one of the kids had drawn before Rafe and Sami's marriage had ended. Rafe grabbed his cell phone and considered calling Sami. Before Rafe could make a decision, someone knocked on his door. When Rafe opened the door, he found E.J. standing in the hallway.

E.J. barged into the apartment and revealed that he knew the truth about Gabi.

Friday, September 28, 2012

At Sami's apartment, Will asked Sami how her date with Rafe had gone. Sami stated that the date had meant "absolutely nothing" to Rafe. Will pointed out that it hadn't been that long since Sami had asked him for advice about E.J. Sami irritably declared that Rafe had led her on about wanting to try again, and he had broken her heart -- again.

Will observed that perhaps Rafe was having a hard time moving past everything, while Sami seemed to expect Rafe to just get over it. He suggested that Sami back off a little and see how everything played out. Sami declared that Rafe had made it clear that it was over. Will asked if it were possible that Sami had misread the situation. Sami admitted that she might have and asked her son what she should do.

Will suggested that Sami just needed to talk to Rafe. Sami confessed that when she'd tried to talk to Rafe, he had said that it "wasn't a good time" -- but she felt that since she had gone to Rafe that time, it was his turn to go to her. Will accused Sami of playing games and urged his mom to simply tell Rafe how she felt. As he headed out the door, Will kissed his mom and lightly advised her, "Get out of your own way."

After Sami went into the office, she instructed her secretary to put through any calls from Rafe Hernandez no matter what.

At Common Grounds, Lucas admitted to Adrienne that he didn't think she had necessarily been wrong about what she'd said about Will and Sonny's relationship. Since it seemed that Sonny was gone for a while, Lucas suggested that he and Adrienne discuss it. Lucas assumed that Adrienne agreed with him that Will and Sonny shouldn't get together -- but Adrienne quickly disabused him of that notion. She admitted that she had been wrong to judge Will based on the baggage of his parents. Lucas noticed that Sonny had returned, but that Adrienne and Lucas still needed to talk, so the two of them headed out.

As Lucas and Adrienne walked into Horton Square, Lucas asserted that Will was vulnerable, and the more experienced Sonny was moving too fast. "How?" Adrienne demanded. Lucas divulged that he'd witnessed Sonny and Will kissing in public a couple of times. Will walked past just as Adrienne suggested that Lucas was uncomfortable with Will's homosexuality. Will ducked behind a tree to eavesdrop.

Lucas admitted that it was going to take some time before he got used to seeing his son make out in public with another guy. He maintained that he would be just as uncomfortable if Will were in a serious relationship with a girl. Adrienne demanded to know if Lucas thought that Will and Sonny shouldn't be happy or in love. "I don't know, okay?" Lucas admitted. Adrienne was relieved that Lucas had finally been honest.

Adrienne confessed that she had been wrong to let her feelings about Lucas and Sami influence how she felt about Will, because Will was a great kid who might be the perfect boyfriend for Sonny. She asserted that Lucas should be proud of Will. "I am proud of my son," Lucas declared. "You know, Sonny and Will really might fall for each other -- and the way this country is changing, who knows? We might be in-laws, you and I," Adrienne declared, grinning.

As Adrienne walked away, Will approached his dad. Lucas admitted that what Will had overheard hadn't been Lucas' finest moment as a father -- but he loved Will and wanted to protect him. Lucas insisted that he wasn't a homophobe, but Will wasn't so sure. Lucas encouraged Will, "I know you probably hate me right now; you want to let me have it, so go ahead. I've earned it." Will admitted that he was sad rather than angry.

"We love each other, all right? I know we can do this. We can work this out," Lucas said. Will countered, "How? You don't see who I really am. Or maybe you do, and you just don't like it. So I don't know; what's to work out?" As Will turned and left, Lucas followed him. "I know that you're upset, but I just need you to understand -- I still love you," Lucas declared.

Will pointed out that qualifying that sentence with "still" meant that Lucas still loved him, even though he didn't want Will to be gay. "And that's fine, but I'm not going to change, Dad. But if you don't change the way you are about this, we don't have anything to say to each other," Will asserted.

In the park, Gabi confided to Justin that she was very scared because a friend had turned against her when he'd found out what she'd done. After Gabi had told Justin the whole story, she conceded that she had to face the consequences of what she'd done. Justin revealed that Gabi faced three very serious charges -- obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and making false statements to the police -- and if she were convicted, she could spend ten years in prison.

That information rattled Gabi, and she tearfully insisted that she had never wanted Melanie to get hurt. Justin pointed out that it didn't change what Gabi had done, because the evidence against her was likely overwhelming. He added that there were two strong witnesses against Gabi: Melanie and Chad. Gabi woefully declared that Chad was out to get her.

At the loft, E.J. suggested with fake courtesy that he and Rafe should discuss what they were going to do about what Gabi had done to Melanie and Chad. E.J. pointed out to an annoyed Rafe that Gabi could go away for a very long time -- unless Rafe and E.J. reached some sort of "arrangement." E.J. pointed out that Chad had been a witness to Andrew's deathbed declaration to Gabi -- which would be admissible in court. However, if Chad kept quiet, Gabi's crimes would go unpunished.

Rafe wanted to know what the price was. E.J. promised that he would keep Chad from telling all to a grand jury if Rafe gave up Samantha -- to E.J. E.J. maintained that Rafe simply had to decide who mattered most to him, Gabi or Samantha. Rafe refused to put a value on his sister or Sami for anyone, but especially not for E.J.

Just then, Gabi pounded frantically on Rafe's door. When Rafe let his sister in, she was a bit alarmed to see E.J. there. E.J. assured Gabi that he and Rafe were finished with their business and then strolled out.

Rafe tried to reassure Gabi that E.J. had been there to discuss something besides the business with Chad. Gabi fretfully informed Rafe what Justin had told her about how long she could be in prison. Rafe assured Gabi that it was just the lawyer's job to lay out the worst-case scenario. Gabi was worried what could happen if Chad testified against her. Rafe promised to take care of it.

Later, Rafe had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing only a towel when there was a knock at the door. He was stunned to find Sami on the doorstep -- and she was pleasantly taken aback to see him semi-nude. Rafe quickly went into the bedroom to get dressed. When he returned, Sami asked if she had done something wrong earlier, or if Rafe's bad mood hadn't had anything to do with her. "I would like to start today over," Sami offered, then clarified, "It's not just today... I mean the whole thing. You and me; I'd like to start over." Rafe ruefully replied, "I don't think so. It's not going to work."

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Justin poured drinks for himself and Adrienne. He noticed that his wife seemed happy and asked why. She confided that she had just stood up for Sonny and Will. "Bigots are everywhere, sometimes right in front of you where you least expect it," Adrienne concluded.

Sonny entered the room, unseen, just as Adrienne admitted that she had been unfair and judgmental about Will when she'd had no right to be, and she felt really good about Sonny and Will. "Because you want me to be happy?" asked a smiling Sonny. Sonny put an arm around each of his parents and declared that he'd gotten very lucky in the family department.

When Brady stopped by Chad's to check on Melanie, Chad glumly declared that the wedding was off. After expressing his sympathy, Brady asked what had happened. "Mel got upset with me. But I made some mistakes -- I admit that, but I'm not the only one who made them," Chad replied. He noted that Melanie had never expected perfection from anyone, and she had always been very forgiving. He believed that maybe Melanie's family had influenced her, since none of them wanted Chad and Melanie to get married so quickly. "I love her, Brady. Melanie will realize that's all that matters," Chad declared softly.

After Brady had gone, E.J. arrived at Chad's and confidently announced that he had everything under control. Chad declared that all he cared about was Melanie, so whatever E.J. had "under control" had better not get in the way of Chad and Melanie. Chad angrily pointed out that all he'd wanted was for E.J. to keep Melanie from leaving town. E.J. agreed to find Melanie and fix it.

Gabi arrived at Horton Square just as Chad showed up through another entrance. Gabi ducked back into the archway to hide from him, and watched with fear in her eyes as he strode purposefully through the square.

At Daniel's apartment, Maggie and Daniel were anxiously waiting for Melanie when Melanie finally showed up. Melanie informed them that she was leaving Salem -- that day. She explained that she was going to meet Carly in Barcelona, where Carly had a business conference, and then the two of them were going to travel around Spain together.

Melanie added that she had needed to get away from Salem for a while, and she should have done so before everything had gotten out of control. Maggie and Daniel reluctantly agreed that it might be good for Melanie to get away. Daniel lovingly declared that he would miss Melanie, but he knew that she would be back.

Melanie had just finished packing one of her suitcases when Brady knocked on the door. Daniel left to get a coffee for Melanie so that she and Brady could talk privately. "If I hadn't talked to Chad, were you just going to leave town without telling me?" Brady demanded. "This is very hard for me because I have to leave all the people I love -- you included. So can you do that thing where you put your arm over me and you tell me that everything is going to be okay?" Melanie asked tearfully.

Brady pulled her into a comforting embrace. Melanie related the entire story of what had happened, concluding that the final straw had been when Chad had beaten up Nick. Melanie apologized for abandoning Brady after everything he'd been through, but he wryly maintained that her departure would mean one less person hovering over him. Brady assured Melanie that she would always have his friendship, no matter where she was. A tearful Melanie put her arms around him gratefully.

Daniel returned shortly after Brady had gone. Fighting back tears, Melanie declared that she would miss her father's hovering. Daniel agreed that he would miss his daughter -- and he was still going to hover, even though they weren't going to be on the same continent. Sobbing, Melanie put her arms around Daniel, and the two held each other in a long embrace.

Maggie emerged from the bedroom with another of Melanie's suitcases. Melanie removed her engagement ring and asked if Maggie would return it to Chad for her. Daniel thought Melanie should do that herself, but Melanie admitted that she couldn't. Maggie nodded her agreement, and took the ring from Melanie.

When it was time for Melanie to leave for her flight, Daniel said that Maggie had won the coin toss and would be driving Melanie to the airport. Melanie hugged her dad goodbye, and he made her promise to let him know when she arrived in Spain. They professed their love for one another, and then Melanie joined Maggie in the hallway. As the door closed behind Melanie, Daniel exhaled sharply and sank onto the arm of the couch as he fought to maintain control of his emotions.

In the hallway, Melanie tearfully confided to her grandmother, "I'm going to miss my dad and Brady so much, but saying goodbye to you is what's going to hurt the most." Maggie took Melanie's hand, and fought back tears as she declared, "My darling girl, have I told you how proud I am of the woman you've become? And all I have to do is think of you, and my heart just fills with love. You have that effect, you know, on so many people."

Melanie said that whenever she felt bad, all she'd have to do was imagine the kind and loving advice Maggie would give her, and she would feel better. When Melanie started to say goodbye, Maggie stopped her. "It's not goodbye, because I'm in your heart. And you, my darling girl, are always going to be in mine," Maggie declared, bursting into tears and putting her arms around her granddaughter.

Daniel was gazing at a picture of himself with Maggie and Melanie when someone knocked on the door. When he answered it, E.J. was on the doorstep. "I'm not here to see you. I'd like to speak to your daughter, please," E.J. requested. "Well, you can't. She's gone," Daniel informed him.

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