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Monday, October 1, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton house, Nicole informed Gabi that Abigail had left earlier. Gabi explained that she needed to talk to Abigail about Melanie. Intrigued, Nicole asked Gabi to elaborate.

Gabi informed Nicole that Melanie had cancelled the wedding and taken a trip to Europe. Nicole wondered what had caused Melanie to make that decision. Gabi vaguely stated that things had gotten complicated. Nicole thanked Gabi for the information and dismissively ushered her toward the front door. After Gabi left, Nicole muttered that Daniel was going to need a shoulder to cry on.

Outside Daniel's apartment, Daniel refused to reveal Melanie's whereabouts to E.J. "Let me make this really clear, E.J. -- I don't want my daughter anywhere near you, or anybody from your family, ever again. I'm relieved as hell that Melanie ended things with Chad. It is over, and I will do whatever I need to do to keep it that way," Daniel vowed. E.J. tried to enter Daniel's apartment, but Daniel blocked the path.

Forcing a smile, E.J. urged Daniel to refrain from punishing Chad for E.J.'s actions. E.J. insisted that it would be foolish for Melanie to walk away from Chad, who was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Daniel countered that Chad was a sociopathic liar who couldn't be trusted -- just like the rest of the DiMera clan. As the nearby elevator doors opened, E.J. dismissively stated that trust was overrated.

Nicole exited the elevator and noted that E.J. was an expert on that particular subject. Daniel led Nicole into his apartment and slammed the door in E.J.'s face. "Saying goodbye to Melanie is going to seem like a warm day in paradise compared to what happens when I expose you two for what you've done and take what is mine," E.J. muttered. E.J. placed a phone call to Chad and vaguely stated that there had been a delay.

Meanwhile, inside Daniel's apartment, Nicole revealed that she had heard that Melanie had left Salem. Daniel said that Chad had broken Melanie's heart. "Amazing -- another heart put through the shredder by a DiMera. I know that all too well," Nicole said. Nicole optimistically predicted that Melanie might meet someone in Europe who would treat her as kindly as Daniel had treated Nicole.

Changing the subject, Daniel cryptically informed Nicole that he might have figured out how to make their lives less stressful. Daniel revealed his plan to Nicole, who seemed to approve of the idea. Daniel promised to talk to Rafe later. Nicole vowed to find a way to repay Daniel, who excused himself so that he could return to the hospital.

At the hospital, Abigail entered Jennifer's office and said that she wanted to talk about their earlier argument. Noting the stack of documents that had been placed on Jennifer's desk, Abigail wondered if her mother was busy. Jennifer glanced at the list of DNA testing facilities and silently recalled Daniel's earlier warning to mind her own business. Jennifer assured Abigail that the documents could wait.

Jennifer blamed herself for starting the argument. Abigail shook her head and insisted that she was the one who had overreacted. "I think that we both overreact a lot lately, and, um, I think we need to forgive ourselves. I just think that overreacting -- it's just -- it's part of this grief, you know? And we can't be sad all the time, so sometimes it comes out in anger," Jennifer theorized.

Jennifer hugged Abigail, who hesitantly admitted that Nicole's presence at the Horton house had made the situation more stressful. Jennifer assured Abigail that Nicole's days as a houseguest were numbered. Jennifer started to ask about Cameron, but Abigail said that she didn't want to talk about him. Jennifer wondered if everything was all right. Abigail vaguely stated that she might not be taking a date to Melanie's wedding.

Jennifer and Abigail started to talk about the wedding, which they both believed was happening too quickly. Abigail wondered if it would be wise to share her concerns with Melanie. "You know what, honey? Real friends -- they are a rare find, so yeah, I -- I think you owe it to them to help them. I mean, you would want them to do the same for you, right? Then you should -- you should try to do whatever you can...even if they don't want you to," Jennifer said.

Abigail and Jennifer started to talk about Nicole again. Jennifer explained that she was only going to let Nicole live at the Horton house until the baby was born. Abigail recalled her earlier conversation with Nicole, who had said that Jennifer had been under a lot of stress lately. Abigail added that Nicole had warned that the stress might make Jennifer more susceptible to rumors and lies.

"That's just amazing. It's such a non sequitur. She's unbelievable. Why would she think that -- that if I am under stress -- she -- she's amazing. And then she says these things to you, and she doesn't want you to tell me what she said to you, right? So now she wants you to lie to your mother? She's living in my house, and she's playing divide and conquer? How dare she do that?" Jennifer asked, unable to contain her anger.

Abigail shrugged and suggested that Nicole was probably just lonely and jealous of Jennifer's past relationship with Daniel. Jennifer warned Abigail that Nicole was a manipulative liar who was incapable of being honest and direct with anyone. "Nicole's life is about to get a whole lot lonelier. She is about to hurt someone very badly who doesn't deserve it, and I am gonna stop it," Jennifer added.

Abigail guessed that Jennifer was talking about Daniel. Jennifer insisted that she and Daniel were just friends, but Abigail wasn't convinced. "How can you say that? How can you say that I could possibly have feelings for another man, when my husband just -- I'm sorry, I'm totally overreacting again," Jennifer realized with a sigh. Jennifer calmly reiterated that she and Daniel were just friends.

Abigail apologized for upsetting Jennifer again. Abigail admitted that she should not have told Jennifer about Nicole's comments. Jennifer disagreed and pointed out that knowledge was power. After Abigail left, Jennifer looked at the list of DNA testing facilities and wondered what Nicole had convinced Daniel to do.

A short time later, Daniel entered the waiting area and overheard a receptionist mention that she had been instructed to hold all of Jennifer's calls. Daniel's curiosity was piqued. Meanwhile, in Jennifer's office, Jennifer placed a phone call to someone. Jennifer claimed that she was calling on E.J. DiMera's behalf. Before Jennifer could continue, Daniel grabbed the phone and angrily ended the call.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline was talking to someone on the phone. Caroline said that she was certain that she had made a deposit earlier. Caroline insisted that the person's records were wrong, and she abruptly ended the call. Roman entered the pub and wondered if Caroline needed help with her paperwork. Caroline scoffed and pointed out that she had never entered the police station and offered to help Roman do his job.

Caroline wondered why Roman had neglected to tell her about Bo's situation. Roman said that Bo hadn't decided what he was going to do yet. Roman added that he hadn't decided what he was going to do if Bo decided to leave the police department. "Well, it's not about you -- it's about your brother. Roman needs your support," Caroline firmly stated. Roman reminded Caroline that he was Roman. "Well, of course you are. You're Roman and he's Bo, and the two of you need to figure this out," Caroline impatiently replied.

At the police station, Hope said that she had been looking for Bo earlier, and she wondered what had happened to him. Bo explained that he had spent the entire day working, bitterly adding that he was doing the work of fourteen detectives. Hope realized that Bo wasn't aware that he had missed Ciara's poetry reading. "Damn it! I missed -- son of a...gun. I missed it. It's because of this damn job," Bo said with a sigh.

Hope wondered if missing the poetry reading had made it easier for Bo to make a decision about leaving the police department. Bo shook his head and reminded Hope that he had previously mentioned that an idea had been forming in his head. Bo elaborated that he had realized that leaving the police department would make it easier for him to go after Stefano.

Bo reasoned that he would no longer be forced to deal with restrictions and paperwork, which meant that he could devote all of his time to giving Stefano migraines. Hope said that Bo would also have more time to attend poetry readings. Hope could tell that the idea had energized Bo, and she admitted that she was intrigued. Hope grinned as she added that Bo would have to agree to be careful and let her help out occasionally.

As Hope kissed Bo, Roman entered the office. Bo guessed that Roman wanted to know if a decision had been made yet. "No, no -- no pressure from me. Not anymore. All I'm gonna say is that, uh...little brother, you are one of my hall of fame detectives. I can't replace you. Bottom line is -- we need you, may not need us," Roman said.

Later, Roman asked for Hope's input on a few of the junior detectives. Hope guessed that Roman was planning to promote one of the detectives if Bo decided to leave the police department. Roman confirmed Hope's suspicion, and he reluctantly added that he was also going to be forced to get rid of a few people.

Back at the Brady Pub, Bo showed Caroline a newspaper article about a carjacker who had recently been convicted. "I arrested that guy. He went to trial. He was convicted for carjacking. Now he's off the streets. He carjacked seven women -- two of them had kids in the car. This is why I do what I do," Bo said. Reaching for a photograph of Ciara, Caroline countered that Bo had other things to consider.

Bo smiled as he looked at the photograph. Caroline said that the picture had been taken when Ciara had been three years old. Caroline's comment shocked Bo. "Time goes by like lightning, Bo, you know? I get a lot of people in here every day speaking about their regrets. I never hear one of them say that they wished they'd spent less time with their families," Caroline pointedly stated.

In Rafe's apartment, Sami assumed that Rafe felt that she was moving too quickly. Sami started to assure Rafe that she was willing to take things slowly, but he interrupted her. "Sami, just stop, okay? Just stop. It's not gonna work. This -- this -- us. There is no us. It's not gonna work now; it's not gonna ever work. We're done," Rafe said.

Sami demanded to know what had changed. Rafe silently recalled E.J.'s earlier threats, and he wondered if he really needed to recap all of the lies and betrayals that he had endured. "We talked about this, and you said there would be a lot of work, but that we could -- we could try, and -- and maybe you could find a way to trust me again. It sounded possible. When did it go from possible to impossible?" Sami wondered.

Rafe shrugged and muttered that he couldn't change the situation. "No, you -- you kissed me. You did that. It's because you felt the way that I feel. I know you do. You remember what it was like for us. You remember how good it was. You remember loving me, because I know I will never forget loving you. And remembering all of can you stand here and tell me that you don't even want to try?" Sami asked.

Rafe avoided the question and insisted that refusing to accept his answer was only going to make the situation worse. Sami sighed and sadly stated that the situation couldn't possibly get any worse. Sami reluctantly exited the apartment. As Sami entered the elevator, Rafe watched through the peephole and resisted the urge to chase after her.

Later, Rafe received a phone call from E.J., who recapped the terms of his blackmail. Rafe revealed that he had already talked to Sami, and he abruptly ended the call. Rafe slammed the phone down in frustration and reached for a bottle of beer. After taking a drink, Rafe angrily threw the bottle across the room. Meanwhile, in the town square, E.J. smiled. "Poor Samantha. She must be feeling terrible," E.J. happily stated.

Gabi entered Rafe's apartment and asked him to talk to Justin about setting up some sort of payment plan. Gabi insisted that she wasn't going to let Rafe pay for her mistakes. Rafe assured Gabi that everything had already been taken care of. Rafe said that there was nothing that he wouldn't do for Gabi, and he abruptly exited the apartment. Later, in the town square, Nicole ran into Rafe and wondered if he was all right.

At Common Grounds, Gabi informed Abigail that Melanie had cancelled the wedding. Abigail wondered what had happened. Gabi shrugged and claimed that she wasn't sure.

In Sami's apartment, Sami slammed a door and tossed her keys across the room, struggling to contain her emotions. Sami glanced at a framed family portrait that had been taken before her marriage to Rafe had ended. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. When Sami opened the door, she found E.J. standing in the hallway. Sami returned to the photograph and placed it in a drawer.

E.J. started to fabricate a lame story to explain why he had gone to Sami's apartment, but she ignored him. E.J. wondered if Sami was all right. Sami claimed that she was fine, and E.J. tried to hide his smile. E.J. feigned concern and urged Sami to tell him what was wrong. "You were right. You were right...when you said that Rafe would never be able to get past what happened between us. You were right. He never will," Sami sadly stated.

E.J. hugged Sami and smiled triumphantly.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In her office at the hospital, Jennifer called a DNA testing facility on the phone. As Jennifer stated that she was calling on behalf of E.J. DiMera, Daniel walked into the office, grabbed the phone from Jennifer, and disconnected the call. Jennifer protested that she was not doing anything. Daniel grabbed the clipboard from her desk and noted that there was a list of DNA testing facilities on it.

When Daniel told Jennifer that he would not let her throw her career away for him, Jennifer countered that she would not stand by and watch Daniel throw his career away for Nicole. Jennifer recounted the things that Nicole had done to help Chloe hurt Daniel. Frustrated, Daniel said, "You don't like Nicole; few do. All right, but that does not mean you risk fraud."

When Jennifer explained that Daniel had not heard what E.J. had said, Daniel slammed the clipboard down on the desk. Daniel yelled that he did not want any help from Jennifer at that moment or in the future. "I don't want you ruining my life again," Daniel added. When Jennifer asked what Daniel meant, Daniel explained that he felt like Jennifer had used him by pitting him against Jack.

"You have no right to care for me. And I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you lost Jack, but I've moved on. I did because I don't need you to screw up my life," Daniel said. Curious, Jennifer asked Daniel who he had moved on with. With Daniel shrugged, Jennifer asked if he meant Nicole. Daniel accused Jennifer of being jealous. As Jennifer raised her voice, Daniel noted that Jennifer was traumatized by Jack's death.

Upset, Jennifer yelled that she was tired of people telling her how she had been traumatized by Jack's death. Jennifer argued that she was worried about her friend Daniel and that she did not want to see him throw his life away. Daniel countered that he did not need Jennifer to tell him what to do because he would make his own choices. Jennifer argued that Daniel had made a mistake.

"What you did is illegal and unethical, and it is not who you are. It is who she is, and you get nothing out of it," Jennifer said. Daniel countered that he wanted Nicole, and by helping her, he would be able to stay with Nicole. When Jennifer shook her head and said she did not believe what Daniel was saying, Daniel huffed.

"Yeah well I didn't believe you would walk away from being happy just because Jack was helpless without you," Daniel said. Upset, Jennifer turned away and noted that Daniel had been intentionally cruel. "I never doubted for a second choosing Jack over you. But now? Now I know I made the right choice," Jennifer said before marching out of her office.

Sami cuddled with E.J. on her couch and thanked him for letting her cry on his shoulder. "It doesn't matter how mad I get at you or how many times I swore you were out of my life. I can't bear to see you cry. I just can't stand it," E.J. whispered as he leaned closer to Sami. Before E.J. could kiss Sami, they heard Chad yelling for E.J. in the hallway. When E.J. opened Sami's apartment door, he found Chad banging on the door to E.J.'s apartment.

When Sami asked Chad what had happened with Melanie, Chad explained that Nick Fallon had turned Melanie against him. As Chad ranted about how he should have killed Nick, E.J. asked Sami to leave him alone with his brother. Once Sami returned to her apartment, E.J. advised Chad to keep calm. When Chad asked what E.J.'s plan was, E.J. asked Chad to trust him. Frustrated, Chad noted that if he lost Melanie, then he would go to the police and tell them what Gabi had done.

Sami returned to the hallway and was surprised to find E.J. and Chad talking heatedly. Sami apologized and explained that she had planned to walk to E.J.'s apartment and offer to make them tea. E.J. explained that he was finding it hard to act like a big brother to Chad. When Chad apologized for his behavior, Sami joked that when she was upset, she behaved rationally and politely. Sami told Chad to hold on, then she left them alone in the hallway.

Calmed, E.J. apologized for his demeanor, and he promised Chad that he was on Chad's side. E.J. urged Chad to go home and avoid talking to the police. Confused, Chad wondered aloud why E.J. was concerned about Chad talking to the police. Chad asked E.J. what he had planned. When E.J. remained silent, Chad asked E.J. why he had been anxious to help him until E.J. learned that Gabi was the culprit.

E.J. thought about his conversation with Rafe, but he told Chad that he did not care about Gabi. E.J. counseled Chad to remember that the key to success was to stay five steps ahead of your competitor. E.J. explained that Melanie was upset about Chad's darker side, and if Chad put Gabi in prison, it would not win him any points with Melanie.

"Truth is not important. What is important is Melanie's perception of truth," E.J. said. Chad reluctantly agreed with E.J. Grabbing his brother by the shoulders, E.J. asked Chad to promise not to do anything. Chad nodded, then left. When E.J. went into Sami's apartment, she was somberly working at her computer. E.J. ordered Sami to accompany him on a walk outside. With a weary smile, Sami agreed.

Chad returned to his apartment and found the note that Maggie had slipped under his apartment door. Anxious, Chad ripped open the envelope. Inside the letter was Melanie's engagement ring. Furious, Chad threw the ring across the room and ran out of his apartment.

Outside the Brady Pub, Gabi left a frantic voicemail for Rafe, asking him for an update on her legal situation. Gabi walked in to the pub as Maggie arrived. When Gabi smiled at Nick, Maggie remarked on it. Nick said that Gabi smiled at him because she did not know who he was before.

With a grin, Maggie countered that Gabi had smiled because she knew who Nick was now. Nick noted that Gabi was a friendly person. When Maggie wondered aloud if Nick's trouble with Chad would end, Nick responded that Chad would blame him for Melanie's departure.

While Nick cleared off a table in the corner, Maggie thanked Caroline for hiring Nick. Caroline shrugged off Maggie's comment and noted that Nick was still working on a trial basis. When Caroline went to the back room, Nick asked Maggie if she was pumping Caroline for information about him. With a chuckle, Maggie noted that Nick was winning over Caroline. Maggie asked Nick to tell her if Chad attacked him again.

After Maggie left, Gabi commented to Caroline that Maggie would miss Melanie. Grunting, Caroline noted that she was annoyed that Maggie had married "her Shawn" and that Maggie was too nice a person to hate. Concerned, Gabi asked Caroline if she had meant Victor and not Shawn. Caroline waved her misstatement off as being tired from working. With a smile, Caroline said that she would take a walk to clear her mind.

Nick asked Gabi if she had found a lawyer to help her with her legal problems. Gabi said that Rafe had found a lawyer for her. With a smile, Nick assured Gabi that everything would be fine. When Nick rubbed his head, Gabi urged him to treat his headache and go to bed while she closed the pub. After Nick walked into the back, Gabi heard the front door open. Gabi turned to find a furious Chad staring at her from the doorway. "I'm gonna hurt you, Gabi. Just like you hurt me," Chad threatened.

In the park, Nicole asked Rafe if he was okay. When Rafe shrugged, Nicole asked him what Sami had done to him. Rafe stressed that Sami had not done anything to him. When Nicole rambled on about ridding Sami from Rafe's life, he stressed that he did not want to talk about Sami. Nicole informed Rafe about Daniel's plan to counter E.J.'s push for a paternity test.

Nicole explained that the hospital policy was that only three DNA testing facilities were authorized to conduct paternity tests because they used the same software as the hospital. As Rafe looked at the list, Nicole noted that Daniel would be able to change the results if he could gain access to the program. Rafe suggested that they employ a friend of his from his FBI days that was good with computers and that would be discreet.

Worried, Nicole asked Rafe whether he was done with Sami. Rafe stressed that there was no possibility of a reconciliation with Sami. Rafe promised to contact Daniel, then he walked away. As Nicole walked into the town square, she saw a visibly shaken Jennifer standing in the corner. When Nicole approached Jennifer and asked her if she was okay, Jennifer bristled.

Nicole asked Jennifer if she was going to have another breakdown. Jennifer noted that she'd had a breakdown because she had lost her husband and not because she'd wanted to manipulate Daniel. "I'm a real person with real feelings," Jennifer noted. Jennifer argued that Nicole had accused her of manipulating Daniel because Nicole was manipulating Daniel. With a smile, Jennifer noted that she was a threat to Nicole's relationship with Daniel.

When Nicole hinted that Jennifer was jealous of her, Jennifer explained that Daniel had confirmed that he was involved with Nicole. With a grin, Jennifer asked Nicole what trait of Daniel's had caused her to fall in love. When Jennifer mentioned Daniel's ability to change a paternity test, Nicole argued that Jennifer was chasing a conspiracy theory. Jennifer joked that Nicole's film career had helped her draw in Daniel. Annoyed, Nicole called Jennifer a bitch. Jennifer warned Nicole that Nicole had underestimated her.

"You know what? That makes you a stupid bitch," Jennifer said. As Caroline walked around the corner into the square, she overheard Jennifer. Jennifer argued that Nicole had used Jennifer's family to separate her from Daniel and that Nicole was using Daniel to get what she wanted.

"You have ruined him. You have ruined his life. And I am not gonna let you use me. I promise you I am gonna make you pay for what you have done!" Jennifer yelled.

An angry Daniel returned to his apartment and poured a drink. As Daniel stared at a photo of Melanie, there was a knock at the door. Daniel opened the door and found Maggie. Daniel and Maggie talked about how much they missed Melanie. With a chuckle, Maggie noted that she had Skyped with Melanie after she landed in Barcelona. Maggie informed Daniel that Melanie had spent the entire ride to the airport, talking about what a great person Daniel was. With a sigh, Daniel noted that not everyone would agree with Melanie.

Daniel confided that he was unhappy with Jennifer's need to fix everyone. When Daniel noted that Jennifer needed to take care of herself, Maggie responded that Jennifer would still worry about Daniel. Daniel explained that he had pushed Jennifer away in order to sever ties with her. When Maggie asked if Daniel's confrontation with Jennifer had been about Nicole, Daniel explained that Jennifer needed to worry about her family and not Nicole.

Daniel commented that he had been brutal with Jennifer, and he added, "It nearly killed me." Maggie wondered aloud if Daniel had been hurt by his conversation with Jennifer because Daniel was still in love with Jennifer. Daniel noted that if he loved Jennifer, he needed to push her away.

Maggie counseled Daniel to remember that all schemes involving Nicole ended poorly for everyone involved. As Daniel nodded, Maggie added that Jennifer might not be capable of loving anyone as much as she loved Jack, but that Jennifer still cared about Daniel.

Outside the coffeehouse, Rafe listened to the voicemail from Gabi. Rafe muttered that he would not let Gabi go to prison. As Rafe turned toward the window of the coffeehouse, he saw Sami and E.J. sitting at a table inside, talking. Sami apologized to E.J. for leading him on. E.J. brushed the hair behind Sami's ear and smiled at her.

"How come you're so nice to me, and I'm so terrible to you?" Sami asked. "I think you know the answer to that. I love you. I always have loved you. I always will love you," E.J. said. As E.J. and Sami stared into one another's eyes, Rafe turned away from the window and walked away. Inside the coffeehouse, Sami asked E.J. for time to figure out how she felt. As E.J. nodded sadly, Rafe marched into the coffeehouse and slammed the door.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At home, Daniel gazed at an announcement in the University Hospital newsletter about Jennifer returning as director of communications, and unhappily thought back to the argument the two of them had gotten into in Jennifer's office. Just then, Abigail knocked on Daniel's door. She explained that she'd gotten a message from Melanie that Melanie was going out of town, but since then, Melanie hadn't returned any of Abigail's phone calls.

Daniel informed Abigail that Melanie was on a plane to Barcelona to be with Carly. Abigail asked why Melanie had called off the wedding, since Chad and Melanie had been so in love. "I'm going to let Melanie tell you that part, because all I can say is that I think she made the right decision," Daniel said. As Abigail was about to leave, she spotted the newsletter with her mother's picture on the front. "I love this picture of my mom. She doesn't smile like that these days," Abigail noted sadly.

Abigail continued that she was glad Jennifer had returned to work, since it would give her mom something to think about besides Nicole. Daniel admitted that Nicole's moving into the Horton house had been a terrible idea. Abigail confessed that she'd walked in on a huge fight between Nicole and Jennifer, and Abigail suspected that it had been about Daniel.

Abigail added that after Jennifer had walked out, Nicole had confided that she didn't think that Jennifer was doing very well since Jack's death. Daniel urged Abigail to take care of her mom. Abigail admitted that both she and Jennifer had been blowing up about little things recently. Daniel tried to reassure Abigail that Jennifer didn't have anything to fear from Nicole.

As Caroline listened in from the archway entrance to Horton Square, Jennifer and Nicole's argument heated up. Jennifer promised to make Nicole pay for what she'd done. Nicole angrily declared that Daniel was just as sick of Jennifer's interference as Nicole was and ordered Jennifer to mind her own business. Jennifer swore to do everything she could to make sure that Nicole didn't hurt Daniel. Nicole coyly replied that what she did to Daniel didn't hurt a bit.

"You are such a disgusting bitch!" Jennifer shrieked just as Brady entered the square and demanded to know what was going on. Jennifer told Brady to butt out. Caroline finally emerged from the archway, took Jennifer by the arm, and offered to take Jen home. Jennifer ignored Caroline and continued ranting at Nicole, "You are so selfish and cunning and evil -- and if you think I'm going to stand back and let you destroy a good man like Daniel, think again!"

Nicole sweetly insisted that Jennifer was imagining things. Caroline suggested that Jennifer accompany her to the pub, but Jennifer declined. Caroline shooed away the crowd that had gathered to gawk at the arguing women and then walked out of the square. Brady offered to drive Jennifer home, and she accepted. Nicole thanked Jennifer for her hospitality, and apologized if she'd upset Jennifer, but Jen would hear none of it. As Nicole left, Jennifer glared after her.

Soon Brady and Jennifer arrived at the Horton house. Jennifer chided herself for letting Nicole get to her, and Brady admitted that he couldn't believe how Jennifer had blown up. Jennifer acknowledged that her defenses weren't working at full capacity yet. Brady recommended, "All you've got to do is handle everything as if it doesn't exist." As they walked into the living room, Jennifer noticed Nicole's bottle of prenatal vitamins on a side table. She asked if Brady would take them to Nicole, who Jennifer guessed would be at Daniel's -- and make sure that Nicole wasn't manipulating Daniel any further.

Before Jennifer could explain why she believed that Nicole was ruining Daniel's life, Abigail returned home. Abigail was a bit taken aback to see Brady there, so Jennifer explained that he had just given her a ride home. Brady took the vitamins from Jennifer and headed out.

Abigail could see how upset her mom was and asked what had happened. Jennifer admitted that it had been an awful night and explained that she'd gotten into a huge fight with Nicole -- but the good news was that Nicole was moving out. Abigail asked if it had to do with Daniel. Jennifer emphasized that Nicole was ruining Daniel's life and career, but wouldn't divulge anything more. Both women were relieved that Nicole was gone, but Abigail wondered why her mom still seemed so upset.

"Because I feel like I just helped her get exactly what she wants," a frustrated Jennifer replied. She confided that the person she most wanted to talk to about the whole situation was Jack. Abigail reassured Jennifer, "Mom, it's okay to care about Daniel and what happens to him. He saved your life. You're not being disloyal to Dad... Daniel is a good guy; even Dad knew that. And if Nicole is doing something to screw up his life, then I think you should do whatever it takes to stop her."

Nicole showed up at Daniel's and told him what had happened in the square. She admitted that she'd been terrified that Jennifer was going to blurt out the truth in public that Nicole's baby was really E.J.'s. Daniel blamed himself for Jennifer and Nicole's confrontation, and explained that he'd had a "very unpleasant conversation" with Jennifer earlier. He reassured Nicole that Jennifer wouldn't say anything without concrete proof.

Nicole wasn't convinced, since Jennifer had been doing a lot of things that were out of character. Nicole added with seemingly sincere fear in her voice that she couldn't take another night living in the Horton house, and asked if she could stay with Daniel until the baby was born. Daniel agreed to let Nicole spend one night at his place, but they had to start looking for some place more permanent and safe for her the next day.

Before they could discuss it further, Brady showed up with Nicole's vitamins. Nicole thanked him both for delivering the vitamins and for intervening when things had heated between her and Jennifer. Brady asked to speak with Daniel privately. Nicole headed to the guest bedroom, but instead ducked around the corner to eavesdrop. Brady warned Daniel that Jennifer wasn't going to back off about her belief that Nicole had Daniel mixed up in something that was going to hurt him.

Brady suspected that it was because Jennifer was still in love with Daniel. Daniel pointed out that Jennifer was not ready to be with someone new -- and neither was he. Brady cautioned that if Daniel thought there might be potential for him and Jennifer in the future, he should be very careful how deep he let things get with Nicole. "She is not a girl who likes to come in second," Brady asserted. Daniel firmly stated that Nicole and the baby needed him, and he wasn't going to walk away.

Brady asked what Daniel planned to do about Jennifer. "She drives me nuts, but I love her. I think part of me always will," Daniel confessed. As a heartbroken Nicole continued to listen, Brady urged Daniel to take a step back from Nicole. Daniel declared, "I can't. She has got real-life stuff to deal with. And as long as she and the baby need me, I am in."

When Billie ran into Bo at the hospital, she declared that two things she did not miss about being a cop were wearing a uniform and keeping such crazy hours. Bo concurred about the hours and admitted that he was thinking about quitting. Billie looked shocked, so Bo asked, "Do you think I'm crazy?" Billie replied frankly, "I think it's one of the best things you could do." Bo confided that he was tired of repeatedly butting his head against the same walls, and he wasn't getting satisfaction from the job anymore. "Let me remind you of what you told me when I started Countess W. You said that it was about time I followed my dream," Billie noted.

Chad stormed into the Brady Pub after hours to confront Gabi, who was closing up. Chad vowed to hurt Gabi as much as she'd hurt him. Since he'd lost Melanie, he explained, he saw no reason to continue to cover up Gabi's crimes. Gabi reminded Chad, "Melanie knows that I didn't want to hurt her." She added that Andrew had gone completely off the deep end -- and she didn't think that Melanie would want Chad to send Gabi to prison.

Chad blamed Gabi for his losing Melanie, but Gabi believed it was because Chad had beaten Nick up. Chad started to call the police, but Gabi tried to stop him. Chad spat, "I don't have a life anymore, Gabi, because of you. And I will make sure you lose everything, too."

Nick returned just then to get his jacket, and told Chad, "Sorry, DiMera. That's not the way this is going to play out." Nick calmly stated that if Chad turned Gabi in, Nick would tell the cops what Chad had done to him. Nick reminded Chad that there was no way to connect Andrew to Gabi, since Andrew was dead. Chad said that he would just make a statement.

Nick asserted that when the police saw the photos that Kayla had taken of his face and Gabi testified that she'd seen what had happened, Chad's statement would look like an attempt at witness intimidation. After darkly wishing Gabi luck in trying to live with herself, Chad started to leave, but Nick stopped him. Nick wanted to put their agreement in writing in front of a lawyer, and since he lived in the same house as Justin Kiriakis, they wouldn't have any trouble finding attorney, even that late.

Bo walked in just then and asked if everything were all right. When Chad cheerfully stated that he and Nick were about to leave, Bo cautioned Nick to stay out of trouble. Nick assured Bo that he had everything under control. On his way out, Nick took his jacket from Gabi, who thanked him sincerely.

When Caroline returned to the pub, Bo was in a booth, doing some work while he waited for her. Caroline took an aspirin, and explained that the traffic on Jackson Street had given her a headache. Bo asked why she'd been all the way on that side of town, but Caroline just laughed it off as having made a couple of accidental wrong turns because she'd been preoccupied. She changed the subject and asked what Bo wanted to talk to her about.

"Whether or not I should take my pension," Bo replied. Caroline reminded Bo that she'd already told him she thought it was a good idea for him to spend more time with his family, and maybe even visit Shawn and Chelsea. Bo admitted that he had an idea about how to work it out, but it might be a little crazy. "Well, if it's crazy, then it's probably right," Caroline declared, eyes twinkling.

Bo admitted that police work hadn't been his first choice, but it had meant that he could work with Hope, provide for his family, and maybe do something that would make his kids proud of him. Caroline agreed that if it were no longer working for Bo, then he should leave. About his uncertain future, she pointed out that if he weren't afraid, he would have no reason to be brave.

Gabi joined Nick at the Kiriakis mansion after Chad had left. Nick explained that he and Chad had both made sworn statements to Justin that Nick would never tell what Chad had done to him, and Chad wouldn't divulge Gabi's role in Melanie's kidnapping. Gabi was relieved that she wouldn't have to go to prison, because her sister had nearly died in there. Gabi thanked Nick for his help, but asked why he had gone to so much trouble for her.

Nick said he'd done it because it had been the right thing to do, and because he and Gabi were friends. "What you did was a little above and beyond," Gabi pointed out. "Well, maybe how I feel about you is a little above and beyond," Nick confessed, then leaned in tentatively for a kiss -- which Gabi willingly returned. Afterward, Nick said that he hoped he hadn't been out of line. Gabi admitted somewhat awkwardly that it had been really nice and that Nick was a good kisser. Gabi then said goodnight and left.

At Common Grounds, Sami acknowledged that E.J. loved her, but asked him for some time to figure out how she felt about him. As the two of them gazed into each other's eyes and E.J. stroked Sami's neck, Rafe walked in and asked to have a word with Sami. E.J. didn't think that was a good idea, since Rafe had hurt Samantha enough for one day, but Sami wanted to hear what Rafe had to say.

Rafe apologized sincerely for acting like a jerk earlier that evening, but admitted that while he wished there were a way for the two of them to work things out, he didn't think it was possible. E.J. smiled smugly to himself. Sami accepted Rafe's apology. When E.J. stepped outside to take a phone call, Rafe admitted that he'd been surprised to find Sami there with E.J. Sami pointed out that she didn't owe Rafe an explanation.

Rafe confessed that he'd been too hard on Sami earlier, and he hated to see E.J. taking advantage of her vulnerability. Sami demanded to know why Rafe was acting as if he cared about her when earlier he'd made it very clear that he did not. "Why are you acting like this?" a very confused Sami asked. Rafe admitted that he had been sending a lot of mixed signals, and promised not to do it anymore -- or to tell Sami how to act with E.J. Sami declared that she and Will both agreed that E.J. had changed, but Rafe didn't believe it.

Rafe left and bumped into E.J. outside. E.J. asked if Rafe was sticking to the terms of their deal. "Go to hell," Rafe muttered as he strode away.

Rafe returned to the loft and opened a beer. As he looked at a picture of Arianna, he grumbled to his late sister, "It happened again. Another sister of mine is in a great big mess, and I had no clue. Now E.J.'s using Gabi to get what he wants in the same way that he used you. I promise you, I'm not going to make that same mistake again." He vowed not to let E.J. or Chad send Gabi to prison, even if it meant that he had to end things with Sami.

Will stopped by to visit Rafe and admitted that he missed living there. "[Mom] said you had a date, which apparently didn't go well," Will remarked. Rafe admitted that too much had happened. Will said that he'd told his mom not to give up on Rafe. Rafe confided that living there with Sami and the kids had been some of the best days of his life, but he just didn't think that things were going to work out for the two of them again, and he urged Will to try to accept that. "If that's what you want," Will agreed. Rafe declared that what he wanted was for Sami to see E.J. for the man he really was -- because despite what Will and Sami believed, E.J. had definitely not changed.

When E.J. and Sami returned to their building, an upset Chad was waiting outside E.J.'s door. E.J. asked what was wrong, and Chad replied, "It's over. It's all over." Sami invited Chad and E.J. into her apartment, and explained that the kids were with her mom. E.J. noted that Chad probably wanted to talk privately, but Chad followed Sami inside. Sami then went into a bedroom to call Marlena to check on the kids.

As soon as the men were alone, Chad explained that he'd gotten a letter from Melanie with the engagement ring inside. E.J. tried to convince Chad that he could still help Chad. With tears in his eyes, Chad insisted that Melanie wasn't ever going to return, and he'd lost her. "And it gets even better, because Gabi's going to get away with everything," Chad added.

E.J. asked what Chad had meant by that, but Sami returned before Chad could answer. E.J. and Chad decided to take a walk to get some fresh air. Sami started to accompany them, but E.J. said that the brothers needed some privacy.

In the park, Chad described the night's events to E.J. E.J. was livid that Chad hadn't consulted him first. "We don't have any threat to [Gabi's] freedom anymore, you idiot! We have nothing to bargain with!" E.J. shouted. Chad demanded to know what exactly they were bargaining for. E.J. angrily reminded Chad that they'd agreed that Chad wouldn't do anything without consulting with E.J.

"Melanie has left me, okay? What difference does it make?" Chad demanded. E.J. ordered Chad to go home and do nothing -- and keep his mouth shut about what had happened with Gabi. As the two men headed off in separate directions, Sami emerged from where she'd been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

by Mike

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, E.J. discussed Chad and Nick's depositions with Mr. Brown, who was the best criminal attorney that E.J. had ever met. E.J. said that the depositions were fraudulent, and he asked Brown to find a way to erase the damage that Chad and Nick had caused.

Brown said that it would be impossible to discredit Justin, whose reputation was impeccable. E.J. told Brown to find a judge who could be manipulated. "No judge is going to climb into bed with you -- those days are over," Brown said with a laugh. Undeterred, E.J. vowed to prove that Chad was incompetent and remind the public that Nick was a convicted murderer. Brown wasn't interested, and he apologetically informed E.J. that the depositions were solid.

In Rafe's apartment, Gabi hugged Rafe and gleefully announced that her nightmare had ended. Gabi told Rafe about Chad and Nick's depositions, and she assured him that the statements were legally binding. Gabi felt like she had been given a second chance. Rafe said that he was happy for Gabi, who abruptly excused herself. After Gabi left, Rafe muttered Sami's name as he reached for his cell phone.

In Chad's apartment, Sami tried to find out why Chad and E.J. had been talking about Gabi earlier. Chad tried to avoid the question, but Sami was persistent. "Chad, I overheard enough of your fight with your brother to know he promised you something that he is not delivering on. Chad, he's playing you, and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to beat him at his own game," Sami said.

Chad didn't want Sami to get involved, but she insisted that he was going to change his mind after hearing her theory. Intrigued, Chad shrugged and agreed to tell Sami everything. Sami scoffed as she listened to Chad's story. "I guess I was right. I was right, okay? He needed whatever you had on Gabi, but not to help you -- he was doing it to keep Rafe away from me," Sami said.

Chad was confused, so Sami explained that Rafe would do anything to protect Gabi. "E.J. was using what you had on Gabi to make Rafe stay away from me. Don't you see? He said he wanted to help you, but the truth is...he was keeping Rafe away from me. That's why he said that you ruined everything. That's why Rafe told me that he had to stay away from me. That's what he was doing," Sami said.

"That son of a bitch didn't help me. Damn him!" Chad shouted, storming out of the apartment. Sami grinned and quietly encouraged Chad to go after E.J. Sami was eager to call Rafe, but she realized that she had left her cell phone in her apartment. Sami quickly followed Chad out of the building.

Later, outside Sami's apartment, E.J. knocked on the door. When no one responded, E.J. reached into his pocket and retrieved a key that Sami had given him for emergencies. As E.J. entered the apartment, Chad stormed in behind his brother, declaring that E.J. was a lousy bastard. Chad admitted that he never should have trusted E.J., who had never intended to help Chad.

E.J. told Chad to calm down. "Oh, no -- you don't get to tell me what to do anymore. You don't care about me and Melanie. What you did was -- you took what I said and twisted it around to help yourself," Chad said. Chad added that E.J. had used him to get Sami back. E.J. started to deny Chad's accusation, but Chad interrupted and told his brother to stop lying. Chad said that he knew the truth, thanks to Sami.

E.J. demanded to know exactly what Sami had said. Chad urged E.J. to ask Sami, but he quickly added that she would probably never want to talk to E.J. again. "You idiot! Do you have any idea what you have done?!" E.J. roared, lunging at Chad. E.J. chastised Chad for being unable to follow one simple instruction.

Chad laughed and shook his head in disbelief. "You are such a coward, E.J. You lie, you manipulate, you stab people in the back, and when it's all shot to hell, it's never, ever on you. You're just like him -- Stefano. You are his son. You two are exactly alike," Chad said. Before E.J. could respond, Chad abruptly exited the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Sami tried to find Rafe, unaware that he was conducting his own search for her. Sami checked Rafe's apartment and Common Grounds, while Rafe checked Sami's apartment and the Brady Pub. Later, Sami entered the town square and started to peer through every store window. At the same time, Rafe searched for Sami at the opposite end of the town square.

Eventually, Sami locked eyes with Rafe and rushed over to talk to him. Sami told Rafe that she knew the truth. E.J. lurked nearby and watched as Sami and Rafe shared a passionate kiss.

At the Brady Pub, Abigail noticed that a young woman was reading the latest Sue Grafton novel. The two women started to talk about their mutual admiration for the author. The young woman excused herself when her date entered the pub. Abigail turned toward the entrance and realized that the young woman's date was Cameron.

As the young woman started to introduce Abigail to Cameron, Gabi entered the pub. Abigail revealed that she had met Cameron before. Cameron clarified that he and Abigail were friends, and he and his date abruptly exited the pub. Gabi rushed over to check on Abigail. Abigail claimed that she was fine, but Gabi wasn't convinced. Abigail tearfully admitted that she was glad to see Gabi, who hugged her.

Later, Chad cleared his throat as Gabi exited the pub. Gabi gasped and said that Chad had scared her. "You should be scared. You cost me everything, Gabi. You cost me Melanie, and now -- somehow, some way -- I'm gonna make you pay for it. Bank on it," Chad warned Gabi. Before Gabi could respond, Chad calmly walked away.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole silently recalled Daniel's earlier conversation with Brady. When Daniel entered the living room, Nicole muttered that it was showtime. Nicole told Daniel about a nightmare that had plagued her the previous night. In the nightmare, E.J. had managed to take Nicole's baby away from her. Nicole admitted that the nightmare had caused her to doubt the strength of her plan to keep E.J. away from the baby.

Daniel wondered what the alternative would be. "I, um...I could tell the truth -- that would be one way to go -- but then what would my options be? So, uh...I went online and found this. Daniel, I think it's the answer that I've been looking for. There's this law in Utah -- there's a way to work the system...where the state will deny the biological father all -- almost all -- parental rights," Nicole explained, handing Daniel some documents.

Daniel said that Nicole's plan was insane, and he refused to let her move to Utah. Nicole conceded that her idea probably sounded impulsive, but she added that she couldn't let her nightmare turn into a reality. Daniel scanned the documents and wondered if Nicole had read them thoroughly. Daniel explained that Nicole's plan wouldn't work unless her son had an adoptive father.

Nicole seemed stunned, and she embraced Daniel. "Oh, my God, Daniel -- would you be willing to adopt? Because I wouldn't know what to say, and I know it's asking a lot, and I know you would have to make a lifetime commitment to me and the baby, but it would solve everything, and you would be as much of a father as E.J. would -- legally. I know it's a sacrifice -- I do, I do -- but look, you know, E.J., he could still try to take your license away if he finds out that you helped fix the DNA results, so you're better off living somewhere else, and it would be a lot harder for him to do that if you were living in another state," Nicole reasoned.

Daniel told Nicole to slow down, adding that she was getting ahead of herself. Nicole conceded that Daniel was right, and she reiterated that the nightmare had messed with her mind. Daniel understood, but he pointed out that his mother and his practice were in Salem. Daniel optimistically added that the situation could still work itself out in a number of other ways.

Daniel abruptly excused himself so that he could return to the hospital. Nicole forced a smile, but after Daniel left, her smile quickly faded. Nicole told her baby that she was going to have to find another way to keep Daniel away from Jennifer. Meanwhile, Nicole received a cell phone alert, which reminded her that she had an appointment with Dr. Knapf later that day.

At the Horton house, Maggie asked Jennifer to stop hurting Daniel. Maggie said that Daniel valued Jennifer's opinion, adding that Jennifer's words had ripped Daniel's heart to shreds. Maggie hoped that she didn't sound insensitive for talking about Daniel's needs, acknowledging that Jennifer had recently suffered a devastating loss. Jennifer understood, but she refused to believe that Daniel still valued her opinion.

Jennifer knew that Maggie was simply trying to protect Daniel. Jennifer said that she had tried to do the same thing, and she explained that Daniel had made it clear that he didn't want her to get involved in his life. Maggie remained skeptical, suggesting that Jennifer might have overreacted. Maggie reminded Jennifer that Daniel could no longer perform surgeries, and she added that Melanie had recently left Salem.

"Anyway, the point is that with all of this upheaval in his life, more than ever, Daniel needs to know that the people he cares about are there for him," Maggie said. Jennifer reiterated that Daniel no longer cared about her, but Maggie remained unconvinced. Maggie insisted that the thought of losing Jennifer's friendship had devastated Daniel.

Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie found Victor sitting at a table in the living room. Maggie noticed that all of her favorite foods had been placed on the table, and she wondered what the occasion was. Victor explained that he simply wanted to spend the day with his beautiful wife. Maggie laughed and acknowledged that Victor had always taken care of her, and she added that she cherished him.

Victor referred to himself, somewhat jokingly, as an old fool and wondered why Maggie cherished him. Maggie insisted that Victor wasn't a fool, and she wondered why he had said that. Victor knew that Maggie had been missing Melanie, and he explained that he had hoped that the brunch could serve as a temporary distraction. Victor could tell that it was obviously too soon for that to happen.

Maggie shook her head and assured Victor that he had managed to cheer her up, but she added that she wasn't hungry. Maggie wished that she could make Daniel feel better. "What is that -- that expression? 'You're only as happy as your least-happy child,'" Maggie said. Victor agreed, and Maggie asked him to hold her.

At Common Grounds, Jennifer ran into Daniel. Daniel started to excuse himself, but Jennifer begged him to stay. Jennifer explained that she wanted to clear the air, and Daniel reluctantly agreed. "Um...I mean, maybe it's losing Jack -- maybe it's a lot of things -- but I feel like I have been very judgmental where you're concerned, and I want you to know matter what is going on with you and Nicole, it is none of my business," Jennifer admitted.

Jennifer reminded Daniel that they had once been friends, and she wondered if they could pick up where they had left off. Daniel remained silent, and Jennifer wondered if he missed their friendship at all. Daniel said that Jennifer was an amazing person, but he added that their lives had gone in opposite directions. Daniel said that he didn't think that he and Jennifer could be friends.

At the hospital, Nicole handed Maxine a document, explaining that it was a change-of-address form that needed to be added to her file. Maxine recognized the address as Daniel's apartment. "It's creepy that you know that," Nicole said. Nicole explained that Daniel had been helping her with the baby. Nicole added that Daniel was the most loyal friend that she had ever had.

Nicole wondered if Maxine was going to file the paperwork. "When I get around to it. Maybe by then, someone will have come to their senses and, uh, changed their locks," Maxine dryly stated. As Maxine walked away, Nicole loudly insisted that Daniel was committed to her, adding that Maxine's opinion didn't matter. Meanwhile, a female doctor approached Nicole.

"Nicole Walker? I'm Dr. Sedwick. Uh, Dr. Knapf was called in on an emergency across town and asked if I would see you today instead, but I'm afraid I can't give you much time. I am heading out of the country and leaving for the airport as soon as we are done here," Sedwick stated. Nicole assumed that Sedwick was taking a vacation, but the doctor clarified that she was going to be doing some volunteer work in South America.

Later, in an examination room, Sedwick wondered if there was anything that she needed to know before starting the exam. "Well, uh, the baby is due in less than three weeks, but you could probably read that right there on the chart. And in case you were wondering, the father couldn't be here because he's working, and, of course, I said that was okay...because he would be here in spirit," Nicole said, smiling as she rubbed her stomach.

As Sedwick scribbled a few notes on the chart, Nicole observed that it was odd to see someone using a pen and a piece of paper. Sedwick agreed, and she explained that something had happened to the computer system earlier that day. Sedwick retrieved a handheld fetal monitor and announced that it was time to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Nicole recalled that Knapf had used the same instrument during her previous visits.

Sedwick asked if Nicole had been taking her prenatal vitamins. Nicole nodded, and Sedwick proceeded to ask about the baby. "He was kicking up a storm last night. He woke me up several times," Nicole recalled. Nicole said that she had often joked that her son would one day be a football or soccer player, but she actually hoped that he would eventually decide to be a doctor -- just like his father.

Sedwick wondered how long the baby had continued to kick Nicole the previous night. Nicole said that the baby had stopped kicking around midnight, and she speculated that her son was resting so that he would be ready for round two later that day. Sedwick wondered if that was the last time that Nicole had felt the baby move. The question concerned Nicole, who wondered if something was wrong.

"Nicole, I don't want to alarm you. We're not getting a heartbeat on the fetal monitor," Sedwick said.

Friday, October 5, 2012

At the Brady Pub, Kayla admitted to Bo that her new position as chief of staff at the hospital kept her mind off the divorce proceedings from Steve. Kayla noted that the rumor mill was abuzz that Bo had been thinking about a career change. Hope entered and declared that she supported her husband completely, no matter what he decided. Kayla confessed that she was worried about Roman, because he had to make other layoffs in the police force. Hope reluctantly admitted that she hadn't told Bo about the other layoffs because she hadn't wanted it to sway his decision. Bo got up and strode out purposefully.

Bo stormed into Roman's office at the police station and demanded to know what the elder Brady was doing. Bo reminded Roman that the junior detectives had families to take care of. Roman maintained that he had to lay off the two least-experienced detectives. "What if I take early retirement?" Bo offered. Roman ranted that Bo was the best detective the force had ever had, and being a martyr was no reason to give up his career.

Bo stated that he wasn't trying to be a martyr, and handed over an envelope that contained his resignation letter. Bo explained that he'd filled everything out but the date a week earlier. "I told myself that I'd give it to you when the moment was right... And the moment is right," Bo explained.

A bit later, Bo returned to Hope at the pub. Assuming Bo had gone to see Roman, Hope asked how it had gone. "I resigned," Bo said simply. Hope hugged her husband proudly, and asked if he were ready to begin his next project. Bo declared that the project could wait, and asked his wife to accompany him somewhere. The two left together.

At Common Grounds, Daniel informed Jennifer that he didn't think they could remain friends. Jennifer wondered what they were to each other if not friends, but Daniel stated that since they were both consumed with what was going on in their own lives, it was for the best. After they agreed to go their separate ways, Jennifer insistently whispered that Daniel was letting Nicole destroy his future -- and his friendship with Jennifer.

Jennifer demanded to know what Daniel's mother and daughter would think if they knew what he was doing to cover up the paternity of Nicole's baby. "Maggie and Melanie are in my life. You are not. Goodbye, Jennifer," Daniel declared coldly as he stormed out.

Back at home, Jennifer spotted Nicole's baby magazines spread out on the coffee table. She irritably picked them up and headed out the front door to dispose of them but bumped into Kayla on the doorstep. Kayla congratulated Jennifer on returning to work at the hospital, but Jennifer admitted that not everyone was thrilled to have her back.

Kayla gently pressed for more details, and Jennifer hedged that she wasn't sure she belonged there. Kayla worried that Jennifer was thinking about quitting, but Jennifer countered that she hated to see someone she cared about throw away everything that he cared about. Both women's cell phones began to ring, alerting them to a crisis at the hospital, and they rushed out the door together.

In Horton Square, Rafe and Sami reunited in a passionate kiss -- which a fuming E.J. spied from behind a tree. Rafe confessed that it had killed him not to be able to tell Sami the truth about what was going on with Gabi and Chad, but Sami understood. Rafe wanted to change the subject and discuss his and Sami's future together. As the two kissed some more, E.J. expression darkened even further.

Rafe and Sami's cell phones began to ring simultaneously. They checked their phones then agreed to have a picnic dinner together later, after Sami had taken care of some business and Rafe had picked up some food. They gave each other an enthusiastic kiss goodbye, and then parted ways for the moment.

E.J. strolled over to Sami, and, smiling innocently, offered, "Samantha, I can explain." Scoffing, Sami pointed out that it would be difficult to explain blackmailing Rafe so E.J. could "have" Sami. E.J. insisted that he had done it because he loved Sami. Sami was incredulous, but E.J. maintained, "I'm telling you the truth. It's from my heart." Sami spat back, "You don't know what the truth looks like, and you don't have a heart."

Sami hissed that she had been herself with E.J., and she hadn't been playing games with him -- but he had been manipulating her all along. "Samantha, it felt incredible, and it was real," E.J. maintained. Sami pointed out that she and E.J. had only gotten closer because he had been manipulating the lives of four people -- including his brother's. Sami declared that E.J. claimed to love her, but they were empty words, because he was empty. She was going to be with Rafe, who knew what real love was.

E.J. calmly warned Sami that Rafe would be caught in his lie about fathering Nicole's baby. Sami pointed out that E.J. had reminded her on more than one occasion that Rafe really had fathered another woman's child. "I lied to you so that I could have you. He lied to another man about his child. Ask him. Look him in the eye and ask him, and you will see what I already know," E.J. whispered seductively. Sami yanked away from his grasp, and E.J. strolled off with a smug grin.

Back in his office, E.J. threw a fit, slamming papers and things around on his desk. After he had calmed down a bit, his cell phone rang with a call from Stefano.

Maggie was chatting with Nick while he worked at the Brady Pub when Rafe arrived to pick up some food to go. Rafe asked to speak to Nick alone, so Maggie walked away to give them some privacy. Rafe thanked Nick for what he'd done for Gabi, but wondered why Nick had put himself on the line for her. Nick explained that he'd been given a second chance by a lot of people who shouldn't have cared about him, and he'd thought that Gabi deserved the same chance at a fresh start.

Nick continued that he appreciated Gabi's friendship because she had never judged him -- but he guessed that Rafe didn't approve of Nick and Gabi's friendship. Rafe admitted that he was worried that someone would take advantage of Gabi, who was in a vulnerable state. Nick promised not to do that. Rafe then put in his order for his picnic with Sami.

Sami met Rafe back at the loft, where he had just returned with several bags full of food. He gave her the option of either going on a picnic or staying in to eat. Sami admitted that E.J. had been watching them at the town square, and she hadn't told Rafe about it because she'd wanted to confront E.J. alone. She added that she knew that for things to work between her and Rafe, there had to be no more secrets -- and she promised all the lies were in the past.

Sami then asked Rafe, "Are you really the father of Nicole's baby?" She warned Rafe that if the baby were really E.J.'s, then DiMera would stop at nothing to get revenge against anyone who had stood between him and his child. She offered to help Rafe and Nicole keep the baby away from E.J., as long as Rafe told her the truth.

Maggie greeted Daniel at the front door of the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel admonished his mom for speaking to Jennifer on his behalf, especially about something they'd discussed in confidence. Maggie apologized, but Daniel urged her not to interfere anymore, because he and Jennifer were no longer friends -- and he needed it to stay that way. Maggie reluctantly admitted that she had stepped in, although Daniel hadn't asked her to -- but only because she'd been trying to help.

Ciara called to Maggie from the next room, so Daniel turned to leave -- but first, mother and son reassured one another that they loved each other. On the front porch, Daniel tried to reach Nicole but had to leave a voicemail instead. "I've been thinking about what you said about moving to Utah. Let's talk more about that," Daniel stated.

When Bo and Hope arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Ciara was drawing a picture while Maggie observed. Bo apologized to his daughter for missing the assembly in which she'd read a poem and promised that it would never happen again. He asked her for a private reading, so Ciara happily obliged.

At the hospital, Nicole tried not to freak out when Dr. Sedwick couldn't hear the fetal heartbeat, since it wasn't uncommon if the baby was in a weird position. The doctor ordered an ultrasound. During the exam, the doctor kept the monitor facing away from Nicole, who begged Dr. Sedwick to tell her what was going on. At last the doctor stopped the exam and gently informed an emotional and terrified Nicole, "I'm so sorry. Nicole, your baby is dead."

Her face already damp with worried tears, Nicole broke down in sobs. Dr. Sedwick reassured Nicole that she had done nothing to cause it, because there were a number of conditions that the doctors had no way of detecting earlier. Nicole was practically catatonic as Dr. Sedwick explained that they would have to induce labor within the next couple of days. When Nicole didn't respond, Dr. Sedwick urged her to go home and rest. "Daniel Rafael -- that's my baby's name," Nicole managed.

Dr. Sedwick expressed her sincerest sympathy for Nicole's loss, and then left. Nicole spotted the bag of baby clothes that she'd bought across the room, and began to sob again. She sadly removed all the little outfits from the bag and remembered all the dreams she'd had for her son. When she pulled out the tiny Christmas costume, she clutched it to her chest and began to weep.

"Oh, God. How come this is happening to me again? I could hear you cry in my sleep; I know what it would sound like. I could feel your fingers curled around mine for the first time; I know I could. And If I could feel that in my dreams, I know you were real. You were there! You were mine!" Nicole cried. She sank to her knees on the floor and wept inconsolably. "Oh, Danny! No! No! How can I say goodbye? How can I never hold you?"

Nicole was packing up the baby's things when she noticed that she had a message from Daniel on her phone. She was frustrated and upset when she wasn't able to access her voicemail. "I need to talk to Daniel," Nicole said tearfully to herself as she left the exam room.

Kayla and Jennifer arrived at the hospital and learned that the power had gone out in the emergency room and all the computers in the hospital were down. Jennifer got started on a press release, while Kayla instructed a nurse to have all emergency calls diverted to another hospital. As Kayla and the nurse headed down a hallway, Anne nearly bumped into Jennifer. Anne berated Jennifer for not having sent out the press release an hour earlier. When Anne continued to rail against Jennifer's alleged incompetence, Jennifer slammed her hand down on the nurses' station and shouted, "Enough!"

Daniel arrived on the scene just as Anne walked away, and in time to witness Jennifer wincing at the pain in her hand. He insisted on examining her, so they sat in a couple of chairs in the waiting area. After a quick exam, Daniel was fairly certain that Jennifer had just sprained and not broken her hand. They were laughing together, remembering when Daniel had nearly poisoned Jennifer, when Nicole rounded the corner from the elevators. Her face crumpled into tears as she witnessed the closeness between Jennifer and Daniel.

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