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Nicole wanted Daniel to believe that Jennifer was the cause of the loss of her baby. E.J. played the recording for Sami and Rafe, which left them both speechless. Sami, hurt by Rafe's lies and betrayal, told him that they were over. Caroline and Victor shared special memories of the past. Kayla, Bo, and Roman discussed the best way to deal with Caroline's illness. Nick was taken aback when he learned that Gabi had dated Will before he came out as gay. John and Marlena enjoyed a romantic night together in Horton Square and at home. Kristen surprised Marlena at her picnic in the park.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, October 15, 2012

by Mike

E.J. sat alone in his darkened office, drowning his sorrows with a bottle of whiskey. "How about a toast? father...who made me what I am. To love. Ha! To love -- though Samantha might have something to say about that, I suppose. To future generations, Nikki. Oh, I know -- why don't we drink to misery? To misery," E.J. muttered, raising his glass.

At Common Grounds, Will and Sonny greeted John and Marlena. Will feigned shock and wondered if John and Marlena had willingly chosen to eat at a dump like the coffeehouse. Sonny playfully punched Will in the stomach. Marlena laughed and assured Sonny that she had enjoyed her meal. Marlena waited for John to agree, but he remained silent as he eyed Sonny suspiciously.

"When you said Will was seeing someone, did you mean him?" John asked Marlena. John's judgmental tone stunned Will, Marlena, and Sonny. As the trio stared at John in disbelief, he jokingly added that Sonny could probably find a better boyfriend. Relieved, the group laughed as John wrapped his arm around Will's neck and gave him a noogie.

Later, John suggested that he and Marlena could take Will and Sonny on an impromptu trip to Chicago to see a Chicago Bears game. "That's a wonderful idea. I think Will was just sitting here thinking, 'Wow -- how great to see Grandma and John. Maybe we can double-date together soon,'" Marlena sarcastically stated. Marlena and Will excused themselves so that they could get some refills.

John surveyed the crowd and noted that Common Grounds was obviously a popular place. Sonny agreed, but he added that he was always trying to think of ways to make the coffeehouse even better. "I, uh, thought about having a speaker series, you know? One or two nights a week, someone gets on stage, tells stories from their life, and maybe answers some questions. What do you think?" Sonny asked.

John believed that the idea had merit, but he pointed out that Sonny would have to choose interesting people. Sonny agreed, adding that he wanted John to be his first guest speaker. John laughed and said that he wasn't a very talkative person, but Sonny argued that John's reserved nature was the quality that made him the perfect choice.

"Imagine a tight-lipped guy going on stage, telling stories we kind of know happened, but we don't know any of the details, and we certainly don't know why -- like when you went after Stefano when you were married to his daughter," Sonny suggested. John firmly declined Sonny's offer, insisting that he wasn't interested in talking about the past.

Meanwhile, at the nearby bar, Will recalled that Rafe had once insisted that he would never get back together with Sami. Marlena joked that she had learned, after living with Sami for a number of years, that nothing was ever absolute. "Hey, Grandma, what do you think would happen if -- if we were all happy at the same time?" Will wondered. Marlena laughed as she tried to wrap her head around that concept.

Later, after Sonny and Will left, Marlena wondered what Sonny and John had been talking about earlier. John summarized Sonny's proposal, adding that he had found the idea unappealing. John said that he was only interested in looking toward the future.

At a fancy restaurant in an undisclosed location, Kristen refused to return to Salem. Kristen started to walk away, but Stefano ordered her to return to her seat. Kristen folded her arms and glared at Stefano, who softened his tone and hastily rephrased his statement so that it sounded like a request instead of an order. Stefano smiled as Kristen reclaimed her chair, her arms still folded.

Kristen advised Stefano to stop giving her direct orders. Stefano laughed and conceded that no one would ever be able to make Kristen do something that she didn't want to do. Stefano sighed and admitted that he was desperate. Stefano said that the DiMera family had fractured after Lexie's death. "Well, we were never exactly the Waltons," Kristen dryly stated, but she could tell that Stefano was genuinely upset.

With a heavy sigh, Stefano admitted that he believed that Kristen was the only person who could reunite the family. Kristen was still skeptical, so Stefano added that she needed the DiMeras, too. Stefano knowingly stated that Kristen's life had been quite lonely. Stefano urged Kristen to listen to the voice in her head that was telling her that he was right.

Kristen remained silent, and Stefano impatiently prompted her to say something. Kristen explained that she was trying to listen to the voice in her head. Stefano wondered what the voice was telling Kristen. "That you win -- as usual," Kristen said with a sigh. Stefano smiled and clapped his hands together, assuring Kristen that she would not regret her decision.

Kristen wasn't convinced, but she assured Stefano that she would find a way to deal with the situation. Stefano reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and retrieved a passport, which he handed to Kristen. "Wow -- you don't miss a trick, do you?" Kristen asked as she inspected the passport. Stefano laughed and revealed that he and Kristen were going to return to Salem separately.

Kristen guessed that Stefano didn't want people to judge her for being associated with Stefano. Stefano confirmed Kristen's suspicion, adding that he also had some business that he needed to take care of before returning to Salem. "I don't think it's gonna make much of a difference. No matter who I'm with, I think there are certain people in Salem who are counting on the fact that they've seen the last of me," Kristen said.

At the hospital, Nicole told Daniel about her earlier fight with Jennifer. Nicole assumed that Daniel was going to believe that she was lying, but he assured her that several witnesses had confirmed her story.

"I keep thinking about all the what-ifs, you know? What if you didn't get called back to the hospital? What if -- what if I didn't get restless and decide to go for a walk? What if I decided to stay longer in the -- the baby-clothing store, you know? I was -- I was looking at this cute little snowsuit, and I was trying to decide if it was too much money, so I just decided to -- I decided to think about it. And what if I didn't go to the town square? What if -- what if we decided to go to Utah three weeks ago? And if -- if one of those things happened, then I wouldn't have run into Jennifer, and that's -- that's what I should have done. I should have tried not to see her. I should have tried to stay away from her," Nicole tearfully admitted.

Daniel told Nicole that she couldn't change what had happened. Nicole tearfully summarized that Daniel meant that she couldn't change the fact that her son was dead. "Daniel, it was finally my turn! It was my turn to have a child of my own. Someone I could -- someone I could build my life around. And of those things...happened differently, Daniel, this -- this would still be true...and my life wouldn't -- it wouldn't be so meaningless and hopeless. I would have -- I would have my baby," Nicole said, sobbing as Daniel hugged her.

Later, in the waiting area, Billie greeted Daniel, who asked her to tell him about Nicole and Jennifer's earlier fight. Billie reluctantly recapped the portion of the fight that she had witnessed. Daniel wondered if Billie knew where Jennifer was. Billie informed Daniel that Jennifer had been arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.

In Rafe's apartment, Sami passionately kissed Rafe, who started to unbutton his shirt. Rafe led Sami to the couch, where they continued to kiss. Sami paused as Rafe removed his shirt, and he wondered what was wrong. Sami said that she simply wanted Rafe to know that she had never stopped loving him. Rafe admitted that, despite his anger and resentment, he had also never stopped loving Sami.

As Rafe kissed Sami, his house phone started to ring. Rafe tried to ignore the call, but when he heard Daniel's voice on the answering machine, he rushed over to the phone. Daniel vaguely stated that Nicole was at the hospital. After Rafe ended the call, he explained the situation to Sami and promised to call her later. Sami offered to accompany Rafe, but he declined the offer and abruptly exited the apartment.

"Of course -- everything is going perfect, and stupid Nicole rears her ugly head and ruins everything. You know what? I have to go down there. If Rafe's baby is being born, I should -- I should be there," Sami muttered. When Sami opened the apartment door, she found E.J. standing in the hallway. E.J. entered the apartment and demanded to talk to Rafe.

Sami could tell that E.J. was drunk, and she chastised him for drinking and driving. "Oh, come on -- I thought you'd be happy at the prospect of me wrapping myself around a tree," E.J. said with a laugh. E.J. started to look for Rafe, wondering why he hadn't rushed to Sami's defense yet. E.J. realized that Sami was alone, and he assumed that her date with Rafe had failed miserably.

Sami told E.J. to leave, but he ignored her. E.J. laughed as he tried to taunt Sami, noting that there was still time for them to go on a date of their own that night. Sami impatiently announced that she was going to call the police. As Sami searched for her cell phone, E.J. glanced at the caller identification window on Rafe's house phone and noticed that Rafe had received a phone call from the hospital.

E.J. quickly exited the apartment. Sami watched in disbelief, amazed that her threat had actually worked. In the hallway, E.J. entered the elevator and muttered that his baby was about to be born. Later, Sami tried to call Rafe, but the call went straight to voicemail. Sami told Rafe that she was happy for him, adding that she couldn't wait to hear the good news.

Back at the hospital, Daniel told Rafe that Nicole's baby had died. Daniel vaguely stated that he needed to take care of something, and he asked Rafe to stay with Nicole for a while. Rafe agreed, and Daniel abruptly exited the hospital.

In a holding cell at the police station, Abigail and Hope greeted Jennifer, who told them about her earlier fight with Nicole. Hope assured Jennifer that the whole situation was probably nothing more than a misunderstanding. Hope promised to call Justin, and she and Abigail excused themselves.

Later, Daniel arrived at the police station. Daniel admitted that it was hard for him to believe that Jennifer had killed Nicole's baby. "But you're a doctor...and facts are facts," Jennifer pointed out. Daniel agreed, but he added that he didn't know all of the facts. Daniel urged Jennifer to tell him what had happened.

"I just keep going over it again and again in my head, was all so fast, and it was all so confusing, but...I know what everybody said. I know Brady and Billie are simply saying what they saw and heard. They heard Nicole say that I pushed her down the stairs, but when I relive that moment in my head, it's not like that. It's not like anybody said -- it's not like Nicole said. I couldn't do that, Daniel. I'm telling you -- I'm telling you, I wouldn't -- I wouldn't do that. I know that. Please, I just -- I need to know that you believe me," Jennifer tearfully stated.

Daniel's silence concerned Jennifer, who struggled to contain her emotions. Daniel sighed as he looked at Jennifer. "Facts are facts, and you're right -- I do not could have done this. You said you didn't, and you don't lie," Daniel reasoned, and Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief.

At the Horton house, Abigail noted that Justin wasn't going to receive Hope's message until the next morning, which meant that Jennifer was going to be forced to spend the night in jail. Hope assured Abigail that everything was going to be resolved quickly, but Abigail wasn't convinced. Abigail reluctantly started to tell Hope about Jennifer and Nicole's recent history of intense arguments.

Abigail sighed as she recalled that she had advised Jennifer to take control of the situation. Hope firmly stated that Abigail wasn't responsible for what had happened, but Abigail wasn't convinced. Hope told Abigail to stop thinking about the worst-case scenario. "This is the worst. My father is dead, and my mom is in jail, and she could go to prison for murder. This is as bad as it could get," Abigail insisted.

Back at the hospital, Rafe hugged Nicole, who sobbed as she informed him that her baby had died. Nicole asked about Daniel, and Rafe explained that Daniel had left the hospital earlier. Nicole theorized that Daniel probably wanted to grieve privately. Nicole noted that she, Daniel, and Rafe had been through a lot together recently, and she knowingly stated that the two men had grown to love her son.

Rafe gently stated that he and Nicole needed to talk about the baby's paternity. Nicole agreed, and she wondered what would happen if E.J. learned the truth. Rafe guessed that E.J. would freak out. Nicole sighed heavily and admitted that Rafe was probably right. As Nicole and Rafe continued to discuss their secret, E.J. approached the door to Nicole's hospital room, which was slightly ajar.

"I wanted so badly to get you off the hook, but...we have to keep lying about this, don't we? E.J. has to keep believing that you're the baby's father," Nicole said, unaware that E.J. was eavesdropping.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At the hospital, Nicole and Rafe discussed lying about the baby while E.J. eavesdropped on their conversation from the hallway. "E.J. needs to keep believing that you're the baby's father," Nicole said. Thrilled, E.J. smiled and walked down the hallway. In the hospital room, Nicole was agitated and exclaimed that she deserved to be punished for failing to protect her son. Rafe hugged Nicole and attempted to calm her.

Nicole asked Rafe to keep the secret of the baby's paternity to himself. Nicole added that she would accept responsibility for the paternity test switch if E.J. learned the truth but that she feared E.J. would blame Rafe and Daniel as well as her.

Down the hallway, E.J. called Justin's voicemail and asked him to send a lab technician from the DNA laboratory to the hospital to test Nicole's baby. Elated, E.J. added that he had proof that Nicole had conspired to keep the baby from him and that he expected to take his newborn child home due to Nicole's actions. E.J. crossed to the nurses' station and asked about Nicole's baby.

When the nurse stared blankly at E.J., he remarked that he was the baby's father. The nurse noted that the father was in the hospital room with Nicole, and E.J. countered that he was definitely the father. "I'm sorry for your loss," the nurse said. When E.J. asked what had happened, the nurse explained that the baby had died. E.J. pushed for details, and the nurse admitted that Nicole had been pushed down a flight of stairs. The nurse urged E.J. to talk to the doctor or Nicole about Nicole's son.

In the hospital waiting room, E.J. sat with his head hung low. A little boy, Josh, entered the room and asked E.J. if he had been given a shot. E.J. said he was sad because of some news he heard. Josh suggested that E.J. talk to his father. E.J. admitted that his father gave terrible advice and that he had no family to talk to about his news.

Josh's mother entered the room and asked Josh to follow her to the pharmacy. E.J. warned Josh about his shoelace then tied it for him. "I bet you're a good dad," Josh said. "I try," E.J. said sadly. Upset, E.J. broke down in tears once Josh left the room with his mother.

While Nicole dozed in her room, Rafe sat by her bed. Fighting sleep, Nicole startled herself awake, and Rafe urged her to rest. When Rafe reminded Nicole that she had been in an accident, Nicole countered that Jennifer had pushed her down a flight of stairs. Rafe suggested that Nicole had had a bad dream, but Nicole argued that Jennifer hated her and that she was sure she had been pushed. Nicole asked Rafe to investigate.

Rafe went to the nurses' station and asked the nurse about Nicole's sedative. The nurse noted that Nicole might be able to sleep if there was no one in the room. Rafe handed his business card to the nurse and asked her to call him if there were any problems. As Rafe left, E.J. crept around the corner and pulled out his phone. E.J. called Justin and cancelled the lab technician request.

E.J. started the voice recorder application on his cell phone, then went into Nicole's room. E.J. roused Nicole from sleep. Nicole was startled to find E.J. at her bedside. E.J. remarked that he had heard about the baby. Her voice weak, Nicole said that she did not want to talk. E.J. stressed that he did not want to fight with her.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I was always so incredibly sorry that I wasn't here the last time this happened to you. I'm here now," E.J. said softly as he sat next to Nicole. Tears spilled down Nicole's face. "How could I lose him?" Nicole asked. E.J. asked who had pushed Nicole down the stairs, and she confirmed that Jennifer had pushed her. When E.J. asked why, Nicole said that Jennifer hated her. E.J. swore to make Jennifer pay.

"I will have justice for my son," E.J. said. Alarmed, Nicole shifted her gaze away from E.J. E.J. admitted that he had overheard Nicole and Rafe talking about lying about the paternity of the baby. E.J. begged Nicole to confirm that he was the father of her baby so that they could grieve the loss of their child together.

Sonny and Will climbed a rock wall, and then walked through the park. Sonny asked Will if he wanted to join him for his climb on the K-2 mountain. With a smile, Will asked Sonny if they could go to the beach after they went mountain climbing.

In the Brady Pub, Caroline asked Bo to stop hovering over her. Later when Caroline returned from the kitchen, she was annoyed to find Bo sitting at the table. Bo said that Ciara and Hope were not home, and he needed somewhere to hang out and work. Caroline reluctantly nodded. Kayla entered the pub, and Caroline asked her if she was there to babysit her. Shaking her head, Kayla noted that she was there to eat clam chowder.

While Caroline was in the kitchen, Kayla informed Bo that the tests had ruled out thyroid issues. When Bo asked if the problem was Alzheimer's disease, Kayla admitted that she did not know what was wrong. Kayla cautioned Bo not diagnose Caroline with Alzheimer's so quickly. Kayla suggested that they continue to run tests on Caroline.

Hope called Bo and told him that Jennifer was in trouble. Bo said goodbye to Kayla and Caroline and headed over to Jennifer's house. Caroline placed a bowl of chili in front of Kayla. When Kayla stammered that she had not ordered chili, Caroline laughed because she was making light of her condition. Roman entered the pub, and Caroline groaned that Roman was there to babysit her. Confused, Roman asked what was wrong. Caroline asked Roman if Bo had called him.

Suspicious, Roman asked what had happened. As Caroline shifted her eyes nervously, Kayla noted that Roman would find out. Roman demanded to know what had happened. Reluctantly, Caroline admitted that she might have Alzheimer's disease. Roman asked Caroline to keep him updated about her health. Caroline promised, and then she went to fix Roman a plate of food. Roman sat at the table with Kayla, stunned. "Ma can't have Alzheimer's," Roman said.

After Roman left, Caroline asked Kayla when she could start treatment for Alzheimer's. Kayla noted that Caroline needed to undergo more tests in order to confirm the diagnosis. Sighing, Caroline explained that she did not want to waste the time she had left running tests and that she wanted to fight her illness. Caroline asked Kayla for honest answers. "If it is Alzheimer's, I take the drugs right now, how much time might that buy me before my mind is gone?" Caroline asked.

Across the pub, Gabi returned from the library and was surprised to find that the pub was still open. When Nick explained that Caroline had decided to stay open for the late dinner crowd, Gabi apologized for not being on hand and explained that she had been at the library, studying. Smiling, Nick asked Gabi out on a study date, and she accepted.

Gabi and Nick went to the town square and sat on the couches. Nick pointed out constellations in the sky. Gabi asked Nick about his past, and Nick admitted that he had learned astronomy in prison. Nick told Gabi she was beautiful and the two leaned in for a kiss. Before their lips could touch, Sonny called out to Gabi, and she invited Sonny and Will to join her and Nick.

When Will and Sonny sat on the couch, Gabi asked about their date. Will remarked that it was nauseating because Sonny had made him climb the rock wall. Shocked, Gabi noted that Will was afraid of heights. Gabi informed Nick that on her first date with Will, he had refused to get on the Ferris wheel with her because of his fear of heights. As Will joked about the safety of the Ferris wheel, Nick interrupted and asked Gabi if she had dated Will.

Smiling, Gabi admitted that she had dated Will prior to his realization that he was gay. Will and Gabi both thought about the night they had spent together, and Will shifted uncomfortably on the couch. As the foursome sat in awkward silence, Will exclaimed that they he and Sonny should head home. After Will and Sonny left the couches, Gabi asked Nick what was wrong. Nick noted that he had not known Will was gay.

Smiling, Gabi admitted that she had not known that Will was gay when they dated. Gabi said that she was proud of Will for coming out and that she thought Sonny was a good match for Will. As Gabi went to throw away their trash, Nick stared across the square at Sonny and Will hugging.

When Gabi returned, she noted that she needed to head home to finish her homework. "I've had a lot of fun," Gabi said. When Nick asked her if she wanted to go out again, she agreed. Nick and Gabi kissed goodnight.

When Bo arrived at Jennifer's house, Hope informed him that Jennifer had been charged with murder. Hope asked Bo to stay with Abigail so that she could go visit Jennifer, but Bo noted that he needed to return to the pub to stay with Caroline. Hope asked Bo what had happened with Caroline. When Bo resisted, Hope urged Bo to reconsider and talk to her. Bo informed Hope about the confrontation he'd had with Caroline over her illness. "She could just go away, slip away from us, and still be standing right there," Bo said.

While waiting at Rafe's apartment, Sami called the hospital to ask about Nicole. Frustrated by the lack of information from the nurse at the hospital, Sami grabbed her purse and headed for the hospital. While walking through the town square, Sami ran into Marlena. Sami informed Marlena that she believed Nicole was having the baby. Based on Sami's statement, Marlena suggested that Rafe had not invited Sami to the hospital and that Sami would irritate Nicole.

Sami promised not to provoke Nicole, but Marlena counseled that Sami would have a hard time holding her tongue if Nicole pushed her buttons. Nodding, Sami admitted that Marlena was right. Marlena gave Sami a ride back to Rafe's loft then left for home. Sami grabbed her cell phone but resisted the urge to call Rafe. As Sami sat on the couch, she heard Rafe's key in the front door.

Sami leapt to her feet and cheerfully asked Rafe if the baby had been born. "She lost it," Rafe said hollowly. Sami comforted Rafe with a hug. Rafe admitted that Nicole was devastated, and Sami reminded Rafe that Nicole was tough. Sami urged Rafe to talk to her. Overcome with emotion, Rafe shook his head and pulled Sami into his arms. Sami told Rafe she loved him and kissed him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On a private plane en route to Salem, the steward poured some more champagne for Kristen. As Kristen sipped her bubbly in solitude, she remembered the passionate romance that she and John had once shared. She smiled thoughtfully to herself. The steward returned and chatted with Kristen about Salem as he poured more champagne.

When the steward learned that Kristen had been there before, he asked if she still knew anyone there. "Oh, yes, I do," Kristen replied. As Kristen scrolled through pictures of Marlena, E.J., Chad, and John on her computer, the captain announced that they were making their final descent into Salem. Kristen then looked up John's address on her computer.

In Horton Square, John and Marlena celebrated their "date night" together by sipping champagne. Marlena admitted that she was surprised that John had ordered champagne -- but that life would be a bit dull without surprises. She continued that watching Will and Sonny's young romance had reminded her of the butterflies she'd felt when she and John had first fallen in love. "I still get butterflies from time to time," John confessed.

Marlena then reminded John that he'd never really answered her question about what he and Sonny had been talking about at the coffeehouse. John explained that Sonny wanted John to participate in a speaking series at Common Grounds, and to talk about some of his life's adventures. Marlena suggested some topics that John could talk about, such as his time on the police force.

John declared that while he'd had an amazing life with Marlena and the kids, there were a great many things that he couldn't or didn't want to talk about -- and more things that he would rather just forget. Marlena understood and playfully suggested that the two of them could always make new memories. John said that he already had one in mind, and offered to take Marlena home and show it to her. The two left arm-in-arm.

Back at the townhouse later, John awakened from a nightmare about the days when he'd been under Stefano's mind control. He sat up with a gasp and then let out a sigh of relief that it had only been a bad memory. "Honey, are you okay?" asked a woman's voice next to him as her hand stroked his face. John turned to look at her, and the woman in the bed next to him was Kristen.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wanted to know what Brady had told the police about what had happened with Jennifer and Nicole. "I told them exactly what I saw," Brady stated. Maggie couldn't believe that Jennifer would have intentionally pushed Nicole down the stairs. Brady agreed, but pointed out that Nicole's baby was dead, and it was Jennifer's fault.

Maggie blamed herself, since she had wanted to find Nicole a place to live -- as long as it hadn't been with Daniel. She continued that Jennifer was still grieving for Jack and hadn't been mentally prepared for a houseguest like Nicole. Maggie wondered how Jennifer would live with herself. Brady concurred that Nicole faced a tough road, as well. He remembered how devastated Nicole had been after her first miscarriage, and how she had looked at the latest pregnancy as a miracle. "And to have his taken away by somebody she trusted to help her..." Brady began.

Maggie cut him off, and asked incredulously if he really believed that Jennifer had deliberately pushed Nicole down the stairs. Brady admitted that while he liked Jennifer and he'd been burned more than once by Nicole, he'd also witnessed Jennifer going off on Nicole. "What she said to Nicole right before Nicole fell makes it hard to believe it was an accident," Brady admitted somewhat reluctantly. Brady then left to visit Nicole at the hospital. As soon as he had gone, Maggie departed for the police station so she could hear Jennifer's side of the story.

At the Horton house, Bo confided in Hope about how fearful he was about his mother's condition. Hope hugged her husband sympathetically. She asked if Kayla had a diagnosis for Caroline yet. Bo said that although the tests had ruled out a lot of things, they might never know what the real problem was. He noted how his mom could change from being completely lucid one minute to utterly lost the next -- and it truly frightened him.

Hope pointed out how lucky they were to have a doctor in the family. She urged him to just continue to love his mom and to be the son Caroline needed him to be. Hope continued that if Caroline got worse, they had the money to hire someone to help out.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline urged Kayla to level with her. "Darling, I have to have a plan. I have to have weapons to fight this. You know, a Brady never went down without a fight -- and I sure as hell won't," Caroline declared firmly.

Caroline was in the kitchen when Bo arrived a bit later. Bo urged Kayla to go home and get some rest, since she had an early shift the next day. As Kayla and Bo were saying goodbye, Caroline returned from the kitchen. Caroline hugged Kayla, who then left. Caroline accused Bo of being there to babysit her, but he insisted that he just wanted to spend some quality time with his mother -- and besides, Hope was at work and Ciara was with a friend.

Caroline cheerfully reassured Bo that she didn't need a babysitter, and urged her son to go home. Bo reluctantly agreed. Caroline embraced her son, told him that she loved him, and headed for the kitchen. The restaurant staff was almost finished closing for the night, but one of the waiters informed Bo that the floor still needed mopping. Bo offered to stay behind to do it so the waiter could go home.

Victor arrived at the pub a little later and was surprised to find Bo mopping the floor. Victor noted that he'd heard Bo had decided to leave the force and wondered why Bo was mopping. "What's going on here?" Victor asked curiously. Suddenly, Caroline's voice called out from upstairs, "Shawn? Shawn, are you still down there?"

Hope was on her computer at the police station, researching caregivers, when Maggie entered after visiting Jennifer. Hope greeted her aunt with an affectionate hug. Maggie admitted that her heart was breaking for the baby, for Nicole, and for Jennifer. The two women agreed that they had no idea how to help Jennifer.

Maggie said that she'd heard Bo had decided to leave the force, and asked Hope about his plans. Hope stated that Bo didn't know yet, but she would support him in whatever he decided. Maggie realized that Hope seemed distracted, so she offered to let Hope get back to work. Before Maggie could get to the door, a tearful Hope jumped up and hugged Maggie tightly.

A bit later, Maggie made a cup of tea for Hope while Hope dried her tears. Maggie suspected that Hope was upset about more than Jennifer, and Maggie asked if Bo were sick. Hope reassured Maggie that Bo was fine. Seeing that Hope was much calmer, Maggie rose to leave again, and again the women exchanged a warm embrace. Just as Maggie was about to head out the door, she spied the caregiver website on Hope's computer screen.

At the hospital, E.J. used his cell phone to secretly record his conversation with a sedated Nicole. He implored her to tell him the truth -- that he had been her baby's father -- so that they could mourn the loss of their son together. Nicole weakly insisted that little Daniel Rafael was not E.J.'s baby. "Nicole, I heard you tell Rafe that the baby was mine," E.J. declared quietly. Nicole said that E.J. had only heard what he'd wanted to hear, because she had not said that. As E.J. headed for the door, Nicole asked what he was going to do.

E.J. countered, "What is it that you want me to do?" Nicole recounted how peaceful her little son had looked, how beautiful even in death, and she couldn't bear the thought of someone causing him any more pain by poking him and sticking needles into him. E.J. assured her that he would never do that. He tearfully added that he had truly believed the child to be his, and he had been anxious to hold that little boy in his arms.

"Nicole, please. We lost a little girl once before. We never had the chance to grieve for her, so I'm begging you, please, if this is my little boy, just tell me the truth. This time, please give me the chance to share in the grief," E.J. implored her. He insisted that he had no intention of retaliating against Rafe or Daniel; there would be no point after what had happened to the baby. E.J. tearfully maintained, "He deserves to be mourned for by both of his parents. Just please tell me the truth. If I am his father, it is my duty to mourn his passing."

As E.J. continued to plead with her, Nicole became more and more emotional, covering her face with her hands as she sobbed helplessly. "Give this child in death the one thing he would have had in this life, which is the love of his father," E.J. cried quietly. Finally Nicole admitted through her tears, "Yes, E.J. The baby was yours." As she began to weep in earnest, E.J.'s body was wracked with silent sobs. After Nicole drifted off to sleep, E.J. kissed her on the forehead, turned off the recording device on his cell phone, and left. Outside, a furious E.J. vowed to make Rafe pay.

When Nicole awoke a little later, Brady was in the room and immediately rushed to her side. As Nicole began to cry, Brady stroked her head gently. "Oh, Brady, when I lost the baby the first time, I didn't have anyone to lean on but you -- and here you are again," Nicole cried. "I'm so sorry, honey. I'm so, so sorry," Brady murmured, pulling Nicole into a tight, comforting embrace. Suddenly, Nicole half-remembered that E.J. might have been there earlier. "Oh, what did I say to him?" she fretted anxiously.

At the loft, Rafe and Sami's kissing grew more passionate. Sami pulled Rafe on top of her on the couch, where they seemed poised to make love, but suddenly Rafe pulled away. Sami understood, since Nicole had ostensibly just lost Rafe's baby, and she stroked Rafe's hair sympathetically. With tears in her eyes, Sami reminded Rafe how shattered she had been when Grace had died, and she urged him to take as much time as he needed. She encouraged him to lean on her and reassured him of her love for him. Rafe gave her a tender, grateful kiss, as Sami wiped away his tears.

As their kisses became more ardent, the two began to undress one another slowly. Just as they were about to make love, someone pounded on the door. Sami offered to help take care of Rafe by getting rid of whoever it was. She quickly zipped up her dress as she headed to the door and was dismayed to find E.J. in the hallway. Pulling on his shirt, Rafe demanded, "What the hell do you want?" E.J. declared with quiet fury that Rafe clearly needed consoling. "As we all know, Nicole suffered a tragic loss this evening," E.J. said, glaring at Sami and Rafe.

Sami pointed out that Rafe had suffered the same loss, but E.J. cut her off, shouting, "This tragedy was not Rafe's! He's not that child's father. That boy was mine." Looking at E.J. with pity, Sami declared, "That's enough." E.J. reminded Rafe, "You tried to steal a child from me once before. History has a funny way of repeating itself, doesn't it?"

E.J. began to shout about how Rafe should be out arresting Jennifer instead of fooling around with Sami. Sami ordered E.J. to leave. She stated that she was absolutely certain that the baby had been Rafe's. E.J. declared that Rafe had repeatedly lied to Sami about conceiving a child with a woman Sami despised.

E.J. gave Rafe one last chance to admit the truth. Rafe stated firmly that although everyone was obviously upset about the child who had died, the baby was his, not E.J.'s. Rafe held the door open so E.J. could leave. E.J. headed toward it as if he were departing, but instead, he closed the door. "I have a little something that you might like to hear," E.J. said, removing his cell phone from his jacket pocket. He pressed a button, and Sami and Rafe heard Nicole's voice say, "Yes, E.J. The baby was yours."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

by Mike

At the police station, Maggie noticed that Hope was looking at a caregiving facility's website. Maggie guessed that something was wrong with Caroline, who had seemed different the last time that Maggie had talked to her. Hope apologetically stated that she couldn't talk to anyone about the situation yet. Maggie promised to respect Caroline's privacy, adding that she would be praying for Caroline.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline continued to search for Shawn. As Caroline started to enter the kitchen, she noticed that Bo was talking to Victor. Caroline paused for a moment before admitting that she was glad to see Victor. Bo offered to get Caroline a glass of water, but Victor suggested that a glass of port wine might be better. Caroline agreed, noting that she couldn't recall the last time that she had consumed port wine.

Bo carried two glasses of port wine over to Caroline and Victor's table and excused himself so that he could finish cleaning the pub. After Bo left, Caroline proudly stated that he was a fine son, and Victor agreed. Caroline started to reminisce about the past, and she noted that many things had changed. Caroline added that Victor had never changed, but he admitted that he liked to believe otherwise.

"Well, to the rest of the world, you are probably no longer the imposing, dangerous Victor Kiriakis. When you found out Bo was yours, the mask started to fall. Now everybody sees you as the gentle, handsome man I knew so long ago," Caroline said. Victor smiled, noting that Caroline was still the same beautiful young woman that he had met a number of years before. Bo quietly watched as Victor and Caroline continued to talk.

Later, Caroline excused herself so that she could get some rest. Victor thanked Caroline for the memories, and she softly kissed his lips. After Caroline left, Bo explained that Kayla had not yet been able to diagnose Caroline's condition. Victor started to ask about Caroline's medical expenses, but Bo insisted that he would be able to handle the costs himself, adding that he appreciated the offer.

Bo said that Caroline had decided that she didn't want anyone else to know that something was wrong with her. Victor pointed out that he wasn't just a random person, and Bo agreed. Bo assured Victor that there was no reason to worry about Caroline. Bo added that he and Kayla would be staying with Caroline to make sure that she was never alone. Bo abruptly excused himself so that he could lock the pub doors.

"Bo...I just want you to know that I've never been prouder of you than I am right now," Victor sincerely stated. As Victor hugged Bo, Maggie and Hope entered the pub. Later, after Victor and Maggie left, Bo told Hope about Caroline's earlier conversation with Victor. Bo said that Victor knew enough about Caroline's condition to be concerned.

Hope offered to arrange for Ciara to spend the night at a friend's house so that Hope could stay with Bo and Caroline, but Bo felt that Ciara might need her mother. After Hope left, Bo glanced at a framed photograph of Shawn and Caroline that had been placed on a shelf behind the bar. Bo promised that he wasn't going to let Caroline or Shawn down.

Aboard Stefano's private jet, Kristen noted that she was finally back in Salem, a place that she had never expected to return to. A short time later, Kristen received a call from Stefano. Kristen promised that she would do everything that she could possibly do to help Stefano repair his relationships with Chad and E.J. After ending the call, Kristen opened a compact and stared at her reflection in the mirror. "While I'm here...I have some other items I might want to attend to," Kristen muttered.

In John and Marlena's townhouse, Kristen started to kiss John, who pulled away and stared at her in disbelief. John gasped as he woke up, and Marlena wondered if he was all right. John explained that he had been dreaming, but Marlena noted that his dream had seemed more like a nightmare. John claimed that he couldn't recall what the dream had been about. John told Marlena to go back to sleep, and he abruptly excused himself so that he could get some fresh air.

At the Horton Town Square, John wondered why he had suddenly started thinking about Kristen again. As old memories continued to haunt John, someone approached him from behind and placed a hand on his shoulder. When John turned around, he was surprised to see Marlena standing next to him. Marlena guessed that John was still upset about his earlier conversation with Sonny.

Marlena wondered if John had been dreaming about his past. John insisted that the dreams didn't matter because they weren't real. "I've spent my whole life being haunted by my past -- running from it. Enough. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let these nightmares come true now, and I don't want to talk about it, 'cause I don't want to give these memories any more traction. Now, the important thing is that we can't be hurt by it, so we don't have anything to worry about," John added, hugging Marlena.

Elsewhere, Victor wondered if Maggie was all right. Maggie said that she could handle anything, as long as she had Victor's support. Victor said that he was grateful for all of the blessings that he had received -- including Maggie. Victor hugged Maggie, adding that they needed to remember to treasure every moment of their lives.

In Rafe's apartment, Sami refused to believe that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby. E.J. offered to get some experts to confirm that he was telling the truth. "Oh, E.J., you could pay off a hundred experts, and I've been changing test results since I was in high school," Sami dismissively stated. As Sami continued to defend Rafe, he reluctantly interrupted her and admitted that, for once, E.J. was right.

Stunned, Sami started to point out that Rafe had told her that he was the baby's father. E.J. helpfully clarified that Rafe had lied to Sami. "And you trusted him. You trusted him. Not only was he trying to keep a father from his son, he lied to you. He lied to you. Why? Because Nicole asked him to -- Nicole Walker. And he didn't tell you. Why not? Because he doesn't trust you anymore," E.J. told Sami.

"He doesn't trust you, Samantha. He wants to be her knight in shining armor, not yours. He was gonna deny a father the chance to grieve for his son in death! Why? Because she asked him to. And now you get to grieve...because your relationship with him is never gonna be the same again. He would have lied to you in perpetuity, and if he had to do it again, he wouldn't change a thing," E.J. continued.

Rafe agreed, explaining that he had been protecting Nicole's baby from E.J. "If I had known that child was mine, I would have protected it. I would have protected her. She would never have been living with Jennifer Horton, she would never have gotten in a fight, and my child would be alive and well!" E.J. insisted, but Rafe wasn't convinced.

As E.J. and Rafe continued to argue, E.J. wondered if Sami still believed that Rafe was the better man. Sami impatiently warned E.J. to back off. E.J. apologized for upsetting Sami and agreed to leave, assuring Rafe that he planned to resume their conversation later. Sami offered E.J. her condolences, and he quietly exited the apartment.

Later, in E.J.'s office, E.J. stared at a framed photograph of Johnny and Sydney, wishing that they could have known their little brother. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. When E.J. opened the door, he was shocked to find his mother standing in the hallway. "Do I look old enough to be your mother? Use your head, Elvis. Not all the plastic surgery in the world could make Susan look like this," Kristen confidently stated.

E.J. realized that the woman who was standing in the hallway was Kristen, and he wondered what she was doing in Salem. Kristen explained that Stefano had told her that E.J. needed his big sister. E.J. clarified that Kristen was adopted. "Whatever. Once a DiMera, always a DiMera," Kristen replied. E.J. wondered if Kristen fully appreciated the irony of her statement.

Kristen said that she had heard that E.J.'s life had been quite complicated lately. E.J. pointed out that he didn't even know Kristen, and he wondered why she cared. Kristen said that she cared because E.J. was a DiMera, and she reminded him that Stefano always had the family's best interests at heart. Kristen added that she had heard about E.J.'s son, and she offered her condolences.

"I lost a son, too, you know -- John Junior. It's the reason why you came into the world," Kristen noted. E.J. countered that Kristen had tried to take him away from Susan. Kristen dismissively referred to that event as ancient history. E.J. guessed that Kristen was going to claim that she had changed. With a faint smile, Kristen stated that stranger things had happened.

E.J. refused to talk to Kristen about his loss, adding that he didn't know, trust, or like her. Kristen shrugged, offered her condolences again, and left the office. "Okay, E.J., I'll leave...but I'll be back. In the meantime, I have some other irons in the fire," Kristen muttered as she exited the building.

Back in Rafe's apartment, Rafe said that he had hated lying to Sami about the baby's paternity. Rafe reiterated that he had been trying to protect Nicole and her baby. Sami nodded, noting that Rafe loved to rescue distressed damsels. Sami bitterly added that she had never realized that any damsel would suffice. Sami wondered why Rafe hadn't told her the truth after they had reunited.

Rafe claimed that he had been trying to protect Sami. "Bull. Bull! Bull, Rafe! I'm not buying it. In fact, I didn't buy any of it. I mean, the whole story of you and Nicole -- it was so ridiculous, and I knew that. I mean, I just -- I just knew it in my gut, but every time I would question you, you turned it around. You made -- you would make me feel like a jerk for even doubting you," Sami recalled.

Rafe apologized and explained that Nicole had made him promise that he wouldn't tell anyone. Rafe added that it hadn't been his secret to tell, but Sami wasn't convinced. "You said I broke your trust, and you meant it. You meant...that I would never get it back. And -- and now I know how you feel, 'cause I don't trust you," Sami said.

Rafe pointed out that Sami had once been in Nicole's shoes. Sami agreed, and she reminded Rafe that she had offered to help Nicole. "What, you thought I would ruin everything? Rafe, I'm the best liar you know. I wasn't gonna blow the secret...unless -- unless you think I would have done something with the information -- something to hurt Nicole. Is that what you think -- that I would have hurt some innocent child...just to get back at her? Is that -- is that what you think of me?" Sami wondered.

Rafe sighed, wishing that Sami would cut him some slack. Sami reminded Rafe that he had already admitted that he didn't regret his actions. Rafe clarified that he regretted the fact that Nicole had lost her baby, adding that he was also sorry that he had hurt Sami. Ignoring Rafe, Sami recalled that she had always wondered why Carrie had been willing to forgive him for sleeping with Nicole.

"Did you tell...Carrie that it was a lie? You just told me...that you promised Nicole...that you wouldn't tell a I'm asking you...if you told my sister...that you weren't the father of Nicole's baby. You did. You son of a -- you told her and not me!" Sami snapped, her sadness quickly turning to anger. Rafe defensively stated that he had only revealed the truth to Carrie because he had assumed that they were going to die in the safe house.

"I don't care! It doesn't matter why you told her -- the point is you didn't tell me!" Sami angrily stated. Sami said that she had once believed that Rafe was the most trustworthy, honorable person that she had ever known. Sami accused Rafe of using his fake grief as a way to manipulate her into having sex with him. Rafe insisted that his pain was real.

"Because you wanted to be that little boy's father? What, is Johnny, Sydney, and Allie -- they're not enough for you? You just couldn't wait to have me dealing with Mommy Nicole all the time? Is that how that was gonna go?" Sami asked. Rafe muttered that his reasons no longer mattered, and Sami agreed. Sami stressed that she felt horrible about the fact that Nicole had lost another child.

Sami added that Rafe had also lost his reason to lie to her, and she wondered why he had continued to do so. Rafe explained that Nicole had asked him to keep lying about the baby's paternity. Sami groaned and admitted that she was sick of hearing those words. Sami quietly stated that she wanted Rafe to admit that he had never intended to tell her the truth.

Rafe sighed and confirmed Sami's suspicion. Sami guessed that Rafe believed that she was overreacting. Rafe defensively stated that he had done the same thing that Sami had done several years earlier. Rafe wondered if Sami was happy about the fact that he had never actually slept with Nicole.

"No. If you had come clean after even the first fifty lies, maybe -- maybe -- it would have been different, but the truth is -- the bottom line is that you still chose her over me. If I had lied to you like that -- no matter what, no matter why -- I would have been out on my ass, and you would have been judging me for the rest of my life, because you are a sanctimonious hypocrite -- two things that people would never say about me! So you know what, Rafe? Next time you're grieving and you want someone to help you get rid of it with sex, you go find someone else," Sami bitterly suggested.

Rafe started to respond, but Sami stopped him and warned that she wasn't finished yet. "I don't forgive you. I'm done. We're done," Sami firmly stated before storming out of the apartment.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bo met Kayla at Common Grounds, where Roman was supposed to join them for a family meeting about their mom. Bo asked if Kayla had a diagnosis yet for Caroline. Kayla admitted that she still wanted to run some cognitive tests, but she also didn't want to overwhelm Caroline. When Roman arrived, Kayla informed her brothers that she had called Kimberly, Frankie, and Max, and their siblings had acknowledged that Kayla, Roman, and Bo were going to have to make some big decisions.

Bo and Roman were confused about what Kayla meant, so she explained, "These spells that she's been having, they're not mini-strokes -- and there is nothing in medical science that can reverse it. Which means it's not going away." She warned her brothers that things would likely only get worse. Roman didn't think that things were that bad, so Bo related how Caroline had thought for a moment the night before that he was Shawn. "And when I was finally able to get through to her, she stopped and looked at me, realized what she had done, and I've never seen her so scared," Bo admitted.

Kayla said that she thought they should look into getting some home health care for Caroline. Roman agreed, but Bo vehemently disagreed. Kayla pointed out that the point was to ease both Caroline and her caregiver into the situation gradually -- and before there was an immediate need for a caregiver. Bo insisted that Caroline had to be a part of any decisions they made. He pointed out that Caroline had been calm at the hospital when she'd been able to talk about the situation.

Kayla suggested that perhaps Caroline would be open to it if the three of them talked to her about a caregiver. Bo believed that Caroline would think they were ganging up on her, and offered to talk to her alone. Roman didn't think it was fair for Bo to have to shoulder the whole burden. Bo pointed out that while he'd been off traveling the world, Kayla and Roman had pulled more than their share of the weight. Bo added that he'd given Caroline a lot of grief when he'd learned that Victor was his biological father, and he felt he owed it to his mother to make up for that lost time.

"And if it gets to the point where I feel I'm unqualified to help her, I'll talk to her -- help her see that we do need to hire someone. But until that time, I also want to help her hold on to her independence, because that is the thing that most scares her. We gotta do this right. We owe her that much," Bo declared, his voice beginning to break. Roman agreed, and then had to leave to return to work. Kayla made Bo promise to call her every day -- not just with progress reports about Caroline, but also to let Kayla know how he was doing, because the situation was going to be difficult for him, as well. As the two shared a goodbye hug, Bo agreed that it wasn't going to be easy for any of them.

While at his office, John couldn't get the dream he'd had about Kristen out of his head. As he tried to snap out of his funk, Marlena appeared in his doorway, ready for the picnic in the park that they'd planned. John confessed that he'd forgotten all about their plans. Marlena asked if he were okay, because she could tell that something was distracting him.

Mindy, John's assistant, buzzed just then to tell John that there was a package at the post office that he had to personally sign for. Marlena offered to pick up the things they needed for their picnic while he went to pick up his package -- and she hoped that once he saw what a gorgeous day it was, he would decide to spend it in the park with her. They headed out the door together.

In her hotel room, Kristen used her tablet computer to catch up on the latest news in Salem. After reading the news about Jennifer, Kristen did a search for John Black and was stunned to learn that he'd recently been cleared of embezzlement charges. Stefano called Kristen just then and asked if she was making any progress. Kristen assured him that she would to her best to "bring E.J. around." Stefano strongly expressed his hope that by the time he returned to the States, Kristen would have things settled.

Kristen took her tablet to Horton Square and tried to find out more about John's embezzlement case. "That sounds so not like you, John, but it does sound like a couple of other guys I know," Kristen said to herself. She did some online research to try to determine whether Stefano or E.J. had ever been connected to John's embezzlement charges. "Well, what do you know?" she said, and closed the computer -- just as John and Marlena entered from across the square.

Kristen watched, unseen, from afar while Marlena tried to convince John to join her in the park. As he flipped through the contents of his envelope from the post office, John urged Marlena to go on without him, and promised to try to meet up with her later. "You've been like this ever since you talked to Sonny. Is this all because he wants you to talk about your past at the coffeehouse?" Marlena asked.

John replied, "He reminded me of stuff that I filed away, just stopped thinking about." Marlena pressed for more details, but John declared that the present was the only thing that was important. He gave Marlena a reassuring kiss, while Kristen craned her neck for a better look at the two of them. With lighthearted huffiness, Marlena declared that she was going to the park by herself. John promised to see her later, then the two kissed goodbye and departed through separate exits. Kristen waited until they were out of sight, then got up and left.

As he returned to his office, John was on the phone with a board member. As soon as he hung up, Mindy buzzed him. John requested no further interruptions for the day, because he wanted to finish work so he could get out of there. A little later, Mindy rang John again. John responded, "She won't even give you a name? All right, well, have her make an appointment like everybody else. If she won't leave, call security. She walked right by you?" As John hung up with Mindy, his office door opened slowly.

As Marlena walked through the park with a blanket and picnic basket, she admired the changing colors of the leaves. She set down the basket and spread out the blanket then decided to take a stroll. Marlena was resting on a rock, her eyes closed, when someone approached her. She looked up and found Kristen standing over her. Marlena's eyes widened with apprehension as Kristen greeted her, "Hello, Marlena. It's been a while."

When Abigail visited Jennifer at the jail, Jennifer admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep at all the night before. Justin arrived to inform Jennifer that she was going to have a private arraignment that morning in the judge's chambers, since there was a throng of reporters outside the courthouse. Justin then asked to speak to Jennifer privately, so Abigail reluctantly left.

Justin then told a dismayed Jennifer that she was being charged with second-degree murder, despite his earlier hopes that the charges would be reduced or even dismissed. Justin explained that the most damaging parts of the district attorney's case were Brady and Billie's eyewitness statements to the police, as well as statements from other people who had overheard heated arguments between Jennifer and Nicole.

Jennifer tried to explain her behavior, although she acknowledged that it didn't look good. Justin noted that the police hadn't even taken a full statement from Nicole yet. He assured Jennifer that he would be with her every step of the way, but warned her to prepare herself for the worst. A guard arrived then to take Jennifer to the judge's chambers.

At the hospital, Daniel was on the phone, trying to find out anything he could from the court clerk's office about Jennifer, but they refused to tell him anything. Daniel then went in to check on Nicole, who was replaying the events of the previous few days in her head. "I've done something terrible," Nicole confessed to Daniel.

Nicole explained that E.J. had overheard a conversation between her and Rafe in which they'd agreed to continue to keep the baby's paternity a secret. After Rafe had gone, E.J. had visited Nicole, who'd been given a sedative. E.J. had been kind and understanding, and had asked only for Nicole to tell him the truth -- so she had admitted that the baby had been his. Nicole was distraught because she hadn't been able to reach Rafe, but especially because she realized what the consequences might be for Daniel.

As Daniel tried to console Nicole with a hug, she cried, "Daniel, you're all I have left. If E.J. tries to get back at you, I don't know if I could stand it." Nicole fretted that Daniel could lose his license, but he reminded her that he had known what he was risking when he'd agreed to help her. Daniel declared that the only thing Nicole should be worrying about was getting better, and he would do whatever he could to help her get through the terrible loss she'd suffered.

Nicole confided tearfully, "This morning, I thought I felt him kicking. Daniel, I miss him so much!" As she began to sob, Daniel took her in his arms again. He asked if there were anything he could get for Nicole, and she asked him to get her a robe and nightgown from her suitcase at his apartment. Daniel agreed. "I don't think I could get through this without you," Nicole said with a weak smile. "You don't even have to try," Daniel reassured her. As he left, he kissed Nicole tenderly on the forehead.

Right after Daniel left, Abigail entered Nicole's room. Nicole said that it wasn't a very good idea for Abigail to be there, but Abigail stated that she only wanted to tell Nicole how sorry she was about the baby. Abigail added that her mom had spent the previous night in jail. "I lost my baby," Nicole firmly reminded Abigail. Abigail urged Nicole not to punish Jennifer. She continued that Jennifer had never hit either of her children and would never do anything to hurt an innocent baby.

"She hates me. She pushed me, and I fell, and because of that, my son is dead. I know she's your mother, but I swear to you, it's the truth," Nicole declared. A nurse entered just then and admonished Abigail for being in Nicole's room when Dr. Jonas had given strict orders that Nicole wasn't supposed to be disturbed. Abigail backed out of the room, apologizing to the nurse and to Nicole.

Justin and Jennifer bumped into Daniel outside the Brady Pub. After Jennifer and Daniel exchanged warm hellos, Justin explained that the judge had released Jennifer on her own recognizance. When Justin stepped away to make a phone call, Jennifer thanked Daniel for visiting her the night before -- and for believing in her when no one else seemed to. Jennifer noticed the bag in Daniel's hand and asked about it. He explained that he had picked up something from the pub for Nicole, because she hadn't been eating the hospital food.

That seemed to upset Jennifer a little, but Justin returned just then. Daniel asked to speak privately with Justin, so Jennifer went inside to pick up some food for herself and Abigail. Daniel expressed his outrage that Jennifer had been charged with murder and added his belief that Jennifer had not pushed Nicole down the stairs. Justin stated that Nicole's testimony that Jennifer had pushed her was the heart of the D.A.'s case.

A bit later, Daniel reached his apartment. He spotted the bag full of baby clothes that Nicole had just bought. He lifted each tiny piece of clothing out and admired each one, all while simultaneously laughing and sniffling.

Justin took Jennifer home and accompanied her inside. Abigail arrived home right behind them and greeted her mom with an enthusiastic hug. Justin said his goodbyes and left. Jennifer noted how ironic it was that after she'd pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, she'd been released on her own recognizance. Abigail was stunned that her mom had been charged with murder, since she knew Jennifer would never have done anything to hurt Nicole's baby.

"I know you, Mom -- you would do anything to take that moment back," Abigail continued. "Wait -- what are you saying?" a perplexed Jennifer asked. "Mom, I owe you an apology... This is my fault, too. I am the one who said if Nicole was hurting Daniel that you should do something," Abigail said. Jennifer was incredulous that Abigail seemed to believe that her mom had deliberately pushed Nicole down the stairs.

Abigail insisted that she knew that what had happened had been an accident, and Jennifer was innocent. Changing the subject, Jennifer instructed Abigail to take the clam chowder from the pub into the kitchen and warm it up. After Abigail left the room, a dismayed Jennifer said to herself, "So the only people who really know what happened last night are me and Nicole."

Daniel returned to the hospital with an overnight bag containing Nicole's nightgown and robe, then presented her with the food from the pub. Nicole was impressed that he'd remembered her favorite sandwich but admitted that she still didn't have an appetite. Daniel pleaded with her to at least attempt to eat some of it for him, and she agreed to try. With some reluctance, Daniel admitted that he'd just run into Jennifer, and they had discussed what had happened on the stairs. Daniel asked gently, "Nicole, this is important... Could you have been mistaken? Could it have been just an accident?"

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