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Caroline told Rafe that she hoped that he and Sami would get back together. Sami realized that she still loved Rafe but felt conflicted because he had lied to her. Bo and Caroline said goodbye to family and friends. Sonny defended himself when Lucas walked in on him and Will as they were about to make love. Marlena warned Sami to quit her job and stay away from Kristen. Kristen begged E.J. to let her help him get Sami back into his life. Will, confused after talking to Lucas, quizzed Sonny about his past relationships and then pressured Sonny to have sex with him. Sonny, offended and angry at Will's actions, asked Will to leave his apartment. Kristen gave Kate a message from Stefano.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 29, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, October 29, 2012

by Mike

In Rafe's apartment, Rafe was repairing the kitchen sink. Rafe rummaged through his toolbox and found a note that Sami had hidden earlier. "Surprise! Just letting you know how much I love you," the note read.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi and Nick learned that Caroline would soon be leaving Salem. Gabi placed a phone call to Rafe, who wondered if Sami had heard the news yet. Later, Rafe entered the pub and greeted Caroline, who was pleased to see him. Caroline knowingly stated that, in spite of everything that had happened in the past, Sami and Rafe still loved each other. Caroline said that was the only thing that mattered.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena and John argued about Kristen. Sami interrupted and said that she needed to tell John and Marlena some bad news. Recalling Sami's recent voicemail messages, Marlena wondered what Kristen had done to Sami. Sami explained that Kristen was the new CEO of Countess Wilhelmina. Marlena urged Sami to quit the job, offering to help with Sami's finances if necessary.

Sami clarified that her bad news had nothing to do with Kristen. After telling Marlena and John about Caroline's condition, Sami wondered if the experimental treatments could help. Marlena assured Sami that Kayla wouldn't have enrolled Caroline in the program unless Kayla had been optimistic about its success. Marlena admitted that she was worried about Sami, who promised to take care of herself.

After John and Marlena left, Sami received a phone call from Rafe, but she ignored the call. Later, Rafe entered the town square and greeted Sami. Sami dismissively stated that she wasn't in the mood to listen to another one of Rafe's apologies. Sami's attitude changed when Rafe revealed that he had talked to Caroline earlier.

"To hear my grandma tell it, she's going to some spa in San Francisco, and she'll come back refreshed and maybe as good as new, and -- but I just know that's not true. I mean, what if she doesn't? What if she comes back, and she doesn't remember? What if she...doesn't come back at all? She would hate to hear me talking like this, but I can't help it. My uncle Bo said that there really isn't even a cure for Alzheimer's, if that's what she has, and that this clinic -- that they can help delay the symptoms, but they can't prevent it. I mean, eventually, she's gonna forget. Eventually, she's gonna -- eventually, she's just gonna end up a stranger," Sami tearfully stated.

Rafe assured Sami that Caroline would never turn into a stranger. Sami said that Caroline was the only person who had never given up on her. Rafe gently stated that Caroline wasn't the only person who had never given up on Sami. "How could you even say that? You did give up on me. You didn't trust me. I can't even look at you right now -- it just hurts so damn much," Sami said, turning away from Rafe.

Rafe sighed and started to apologize, but Sami reiterated that she didn't want to hear his apologies. Sami demanded to know why Rafe had hurt someone that he had supposedly once loved. Rafe insisted that he had loved Sami more than anything or anyone else in the world, adding that he still felt that way about her.

In Sonny's apartment, Will and Sonny continued to kiss as they removed each other's shirts and fell onto the bed. As Sonny and Will kicked off their shoes, someone knocked on the door. Sonny told Will to ignore the visitor, and the couple continued to kiss. "Will, open the door! Come on, I know you're in there. Open the door! The building manager said he saw you go in. I know you're in there," Lucas loudly stated.

As Will and Sonny scrambled to get dressed, Will quietly apologized to Sonny. Lucas impatiently pounded on the door and demanded to know what was causing the delay. Will hastily buttoned his shirt and opened the door. Lucas surveyed the scene and noted that Will's shirt was partially unbuttoned. Will dismissed the observation and wondered how Lucas had known where to find him.

Lucas said that Gabi had informed him that Will had gone over to Sonny's apartment earlier. Lucas said that he and Sami had been trying to call Will, and he pointedly added that Will had apparently been too busy to answer his cell phone. Lucas informed Will that Caroline would be leaving later that day, and he urged Will to go to the pub to say goodbye to her.

Will stammered as he tried to explain that he and Sonny had been unpacking some boxes of costumes. Lucas interrupted and offered to help Sonny finish the task. Sonny nodded in agreement, and Will reluctantly exited the apartment. After Will left, Lucas disapprovingly stared at Sonny and wondered if the costumes were the real reason that Sonny and Will had taken a long time to answer the door.

"I mean, if you really want to know what was going on, Mr. Horton, just ask. You know, sure -- I mean, I'll tell you everything that happened before you started pounding on my door, but you might just want to take a minute and ask you really want to hear it?" Sonny wondered. Lucas warned Sonny not to psychoanalyze him. Sonny countered that Lucas was the one who had shown up unannounced.

Lucas reiterated that he had been trying to tell Will some important information. "Was it important to make him feel like he was two years old...or that he did something wrong by not being at your beck and call -- or, God forbid, him being at my apartment?" Sonny asked. Avoiding the question, Lucas stated that he had been under the impression that Sonny and Will had decided to take things slowly.

Lucas observed that Sonny's bed was messed up. Lucas added that Will was struggling to accept himself. "Well, I can't imagine why," Sonny sarcastically replied, but Lucas refused to accept the blame. Lucas claimed that he didn't have a problem with Will and Sonny's relationship. Sonny clarified that Lucas no longer had a problem with the relationship. Lucas vaguely stated that Will wasn't ready.

"No, you know what I think? I think you're not ready for this, okay? You're okay with him being gay, as long as he doesn't do anything about it," Sonny countered. Lucas denied the accusation, insisting that he wanted Will to be happy. Sonny summarized that Lucas believed that Will and Sonny were moving too quickly, and Lucas agreed.

"I've known your son for -- what, a little over a year? Okay, have you ever moved faster than that, Mr. Horton? Let me ask you a question -- what if I were a girl? Would you still be concerned I was taking advantage of your son, or would you pat him on the back and say, 'Atta boy'?" Sonny asked. Lucas claimed that his concern had nothing to do with gender.

"You know, when my son was little, he used to sit on the side of the pool. He used to put his big toe in -- that's it. It used to take him an hour before he'd put his whole foot in the water. He doesn't do anything -- he doesn't jump into anything headfirst," Lucas said. Lucas added that Will had been planning to move in with Gabi less than a year earlier.

Sonny nodded and clarified that Will had been confused at that time. Lucas ignored Sonny's point and reiterated that Sonny and Will were moving too quickly. Sonny guessed that Lucas believed that Sonny was a bad influence on Will. "Well, you said it, not me," Lucas said with a shrug. Recalling Lucas' earlier claim, Sonny wondered if Lucas believed that he had made his son feel happy earlier.

Lucas insisted that he knew Will better than Sonny did, and he warned that he would never let Sonny or anyone else interfere with Lucas and Will's relationship. Sonny opened the door and dismissively stated that he could handle the rest of the boxes himself. "And trust me, no one's gonna come between you and Will...except you," Sonny added, as Lucas exited the apartment. After Lucas left, Sonny sighed with frustration.

Back at the Brady Pub, Will told Caroline that he was going to miss her. Caroline returned the sentiment, adding that she liked seeing Will with a smile on his face. Will forced a smile. "No, a real smile, okay? Didn't I teach you what my mother said? 'Count your blessings, not your crosses; your joys, not your woes,'" Caroline reminded Will.

Caroline noted that she was blessed to have a family that loved and supported her. Will nodded and conceded that Caroline was the boss. Will hugged Caroline as he struggled to hide his emotions from her, and she added that she had an additional blessing that she had neglected to mention earlier. Will jokingly wondered if Caroline meant that she was blessed to be the boss.

"No, William Horton -- you. I must say, I haven't seen you this happy for a very long time. Does a body good -- mine and yours -- so keep it up," Caroline urged Will, who smiled and promised to do so. After Caroline left, Gabi and Nick greeted Will, who forced a smile and assured them that he was all right. After a brief conversation, Will excused himself so that he could take a walk to clear his head.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo gave Victor and Maggie some of Ciara's things, predicting that Ciara would be spending more time at the mansion after Bo left Salem. Victor and Maggie were saddened to learn that Bo would be leaving later that day. Victor wished that he had known about Caroline's condition earlier. Bo refused to let Victor blame himself for missing the signs.

"Ma put on a good show...until she couldn't, you know? And once she saw you, she -- she knew where she was, who you were, your whole history together. Kay says that, um...her memories of her distant past will be clearest the longest, but hopefully, you know, with this treatment, she'll slow things down. Kay also says that it's important for Ma to have, uh, familiar people and surroundings," Bo explained.

Maggie summarized that Bo was going to be Caroline's anchor in a strange place. Victor said that Bo was doing an incredible thing for Caroline, but Bo insisted that it was the least that he could do. Bo admitted that leaving his family was going to be the most difficult part of the trip. Victor assumed that Bo's siblings would set up some sort of schedule so that they could each spend some time alone with Caroline.

Bo shook his head and clarified that he was going to be with Caroline the entire time. "Kayla's the new chief of staff over at the hospital, Roman's got a police department to run, Kimber -- she's opening up this new counseling center in San Diego, and I just quit my job, so it's like it's supposed to happen this way," Bo added.

Victor proudly stated that Bo was definitely Caroline's son. Bo shook his head and said that Caroline was a saint, adding that he was simply a son who was doing what needed to be done. "Well, you may not be a saint, but you're the best man I know. Godspeed, Bo," Victor said as he hugged Bo.

Later, at Common Grounds, Billie told Bo that Chelsea was sorry that she had been unable to return to Salem to say goodbye to Caroline. Bo insisted that Caroline wasn't going to be gone forever. Billie hugged Bo and told him to take care of himself. After Billie left, John and Marlena entered the coffeehouse and greeted Bo.

Marlena couldn't believe that she had been unaware of Caroline's recent memory lapses. Bo pointed out that Marlena was a psychiatrist -- not a psychic. "Caroline is the only woman I ever remember calling Mom. I know what it feels like when your mind's a blank slate -- helpless, not a damn thing you can do about it," John said.

As John and Bo continued to talk, Marlena excused herself so that she could take a phone call. John guessed that Bo had left the police department for other reasons. Bo nodded and added that he had definitely made the right choice. John assumed that the budget cuts had been the catalyst that had finally convinced Bo to quit. John understood, since he had spent his entire adult life fighting Stefano.

Bo said that Caroline was his top priority. John wondered if Bo was planning to eventually return to Salem and end Stefano's reign of terror. Bo smiled coyly, remaining silent. John promised that he would support Bo either way. A short time later, Marlena returned, and Bo said goodbye to her and John.

After Bo left, John told Marlena that everything was going to be all right, adding that she and Caroline had caused him to believe in miracles. John excused himself so that he could attend a business meeting. Before John left, he acknowledged that Marlena was still upset about Kristen. John assured Marlena that he was taking the situation very seriously.

Back at the Brady Pub, Billie greeted Gabi and Nick. Nick was surprised to see Billie, who handed him an envelope that contained a formal Mad World job offer. After urging Nick to consider the proposal, Billie excused herself. After Billie left, Nick opened the envelope and stared at the offer in disbelief. Gabi seemed similarly impressed, and she wondered if Nick was going to accept the offer.

Nick shrugged and admitted that he didn't trust Kate. Gabi wasn't sure if anyone trusted Kate, but she conceded that she had never had any problems with Kate while modeling for Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi asked about Billie, and Nick vaguely stated that he knew Billie. Gabi wondered if she needed to be jealous. Nick laughed and hugged Gabi, insisting that she didn't need to worry about Billie.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Will told Sonny about Caroline's condition. "Do you know that she comes into my place every morning for a cup of Kona coffee? She said it's our little secret -- that's what she used to tell me. And she probably was my favorite customer -- well, you know, besides you," Sonny said, as Will draped an arm across Sonny's shoulders.

Will admitted that Caroline was handling the situation with more strength than he would have had if life had thrown him a similar curve ball. Sonny disagreed, noting that life had already thrown plenty of obstacles at Will. Will nodded and apologized for Lucas' earlier behavior, but Sonny insisted that there was no reason to apologize.

Will wondered if he was going to want to know about what had happened after he had left Sonny's apartment. Sonny claimed that nothing had happened and assured Will that everything was all right. Sonny quickly changed the subject, urging Will to tell him about the treatment center that Caroline had agreed to go to.

Outside the Brady Pub, Billie placed a phone call to Kate and confirmed that Nick had received the job offer. As Billie ended the call, Lucas approached her, and she quickly deduced that something was wrong. Lucas told Billie about what had happened at Sonny's apartment earlier. Billie shrugged and recalled that Lucas had previously stated that Will and Sonny were good together.

"I know what I said, but I was wrong. He's using Will. He's using Will, and I'm not gonna let Sonny Kiriakis get away with it," Lucas angrily insisted.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Justin visited Jennifer at her house and informed her that Nicole had dropped the charges. When Justin asked Jennifer if she knew why Nicole had changed her story, Jennifer theorized that Daniel had talked Nicole into dropping the charges against her. When Justin stepped outside to take a phone call, Jennifer called Daniel's cell phone.

At Daniel's apartment, a man named Eli picked up Nicole's baby clothes for donation. Once Eli was gone, Daniel received a phone call from Jennifer. With a sigh, Daniel sent the call to voicemail and left his apartment.

Nicole dreamed that she and Daniel had packed their bags and prepared to leave town together. As Nicole and Daniel kissed, Jennifer burst into Daniel's apartment and interrupted. Jennifer announced that Nicole had lied when she accused Jennifer of pushing her down the stairs, and that Nicole had lied about how her baby had died. When Daniel asked Nicole if Jennifer had told the truth, Nicole awoke from her dream with a start.

In her bed at the hospital, Nicole shook off her dream and murmured that Daniel could never find out that she had lied. Nicole thought about the night she had miscarried her son. "No one knows, and no one ever will," Nicole said to herself. "Knows what?" Maxine asked as she entered Nicole's room. Defensive, Nicole ordered Maxine not to spy on her. Maxine countered that she was checking on Nicole to ensure that she was all right.

Nicole barked that she had lost her baby and was not all right. Softening, Maxine remarked that she could see in Nicole's eyes how hurt she was. Nicole apologized for snapping at Maxine. With a shrug, Maxine said she was fine. Maxine added that she was pleased that Nicole had decided not to press charges against Jennifer. Annoyed, Nicole remarked that she knew how much everyone at the hospital loved Jennifer.

"I'm glad because I think it'll help you heal. It's a good sign that you are trying to leave all that bitterness behind," Maxine said. Maxine left as Daniel entered Nicole's room. Daniel showed Nicole their reservation for their trip to Hawaii, and she beamed with joy.

Down the hallway, a nurse named Carla looked through the lost and found bin and picked up the brown onesy that Nicole had left in the hospital room the night of her miscarriage. As Carla returned to the nurses' station with the onesy, Maxine noted that Carla could not steal from the lost and found. Maxine ordered Carla to put the onesy back. Annoyed, Carla threw the onesy on the counter and walked away.

Daniel exited Nicole's room, and he received a phone call on his cell phone from Eli about the clothing donation. Eli explained that he had failed to leave a receipt with Daniel, and he had posted the receipt on Daniel's apartment door. With a sigh, Daniel explained that he did not want any reminder about the donation.

At the pub, Roman promised Bo that he would look after Hope and Ciara. "You worry about Ma; I'll worry about everything else," Roman assured Bo. Over at the bar, Caroline remarked to Kayla that she had never seen Bo and Roman get along so well. Caroline walked over to her sons and reminded them that her illness was not the end of the world. Smiling, Roman hugged his mother. While Roman and Caroline went out front to take a photo, Kayla asked Bo to promise her that he would be honest about Caroline's health while they were in California.

As Bo nodded and hugged his sister, Caroline and Roman walked back into the pub with Hope and Ciara in tow. Ciara ran to her father and presented a drawing to him. "I drew grandma a picture of all of us so she can always remember us," Ciara said. Ciara showed her picture to Caroline, and Caroline hugged her granddaughter. Caroline asked Ciara to remember that her grandmother loved her, even if Caroline called her the wrong name.

Bo sat at the table and placed Ciara on his knee. Bo asked Ciara if she was okay with him going to California. With a smile, Ciara admitted that she was a little upset but that when she felt sad, she remembered how funny Bo looked on the video chat screen. Laughing, Bo promised to video chat with Ciara every night. Bo and Hope walked to the bar, and he asked her if she would okay. Hope noted that Bo was fearless and brave.

"We're all so scared for your mom. What you're doing, it's just so you. I'm so proud of you," Hope said. With a smile, Hope noted that she had picked the right guy when she picked Bo. Laughing, Bo countered that he had picked Hope and pursued her. They agreed that they had been smart enough to pick one another, then hugged tightly.

Hope handed Bo a DVD of family memories and one with information about Stefano's companies. Bo told Hope that she was the best partner he had ever had. "Partners for life," Hope said. "For life," Bo agreed.

"I'll be back before you know it. Nothing is going to keep me from my two beautiful girls," Bo said. Bo kissed Hope goodbye, and she told him she loved him. Bo mouthed, "I love you," then left.

In the coffeehouse, Marlena spotted Dr. Patel and asked if she could schedule a therapy session with her. Dr. Patel agreed, but noted that she would need to call Marlena later, as she was meeting with someone in the coffeehouse and that person had arrived. Across the room, Kristen walked in through the front door. When Marlena turned around, she was shocked to see Kristen.

Marlena demanded to know why Kristen was meeting with Dr. Patel. Attempting to defuse the situation, Dr. Patel asked Marlena what was wrong. Marlena noted that Kristen had learned that Dr. Patel was her doctor. With a small gasp, Kristen remarked on the coincidence. Marlena accused Kristen of attempting to use Dr. Patel against her. Kristen explained that she had decided to continue therapy and that Dr. Patel had been recommended to her for counseling.

Kristen remarked that she was pleased to learn about the coincidence before therapy had started, and she told Dr. Patel that she would find another therapist. Undaunted, Marlena argued that Kristen had planned it. Dr. Patel reasoned aloud that she had bumped into Marlena and that Kristen could not have planned that meeting. Marlena argued that Kristen knew Marlena was a patient of Dr. Patel.

"And you should remain her patient because you obviously need to be in therapy," Kristen said. When Marlena was insulted, Kristen explained that she meant because Marlena was a psychiatrist herself. Marlena warned Kristen to stay out of her life. Kristen apologized for upsetting Marlena and promised to keep her distance.

Once Kristen was gone, Dr. Patel remarked that she had never seen Marlena so upset. Marlena countered that Dr. Patel had never witnessed her talking to someone that had attempted to murder her.

In the town square, Sami asked Rafe to explain why he had hurt her. Rafe admitted that he loved Sami, and he asked her if they could work on their relationship. As Sami gazed into Rafe's eyes, E.J. interrupted. Rafe ordered E.J. to leave, and E.J. remarked that Rafe needed to be kinder to him since E.J. had let Rafe go. Curious, Sami asked E.J. what he meant. E.J. informed Sami that he had decided not to press charges against Rafe or Daniel. When Sami noted that the decision appeared out of character for E.J., he agreed.

"I've often let my emotions get the better of me. If there is one thing I've learned, revenge never really gives you the peace or the satisfaction you hope for, and it certainly won't bring my son back," E.J. said. Sami told E.J. that she agreed with his decision. Nodding, E.J. noted that he would make the woman responsible for his son's death pay for her crime.

When Rafe remarked that E.J. was going to go after Jennifer, E.J. countered that he would not take revenge on Jennifer but that he would pursue justice. With a smirk, Rafe wondered aloud why E.J. had been willing to let him and Daniel go but was unwilling to back off of a widow who had sworn that Nicole's fall was an accident. Narrowing his eyes, E.J. argued that people often swore they were telling the truth when they were not.

After E.J. walked away, Sami pointed out that Rafe had behaved poorly. Sami remarked that E.J. had been willing to leave Rafe alone, then Rafe had insulted E.J., which was stupid. Sami added that E.J. was grieving for his son, which had made Rafe's attack unnecessarily mean. Defensive, Rafe countered that E.J. was planning something.

When Sami wondered aloud if Rafe had failed to inform her that E.J. had declined pressing charges because it framed E.J. in a positive light, Rafe argued that Sami was self-obsessed. Rafe argued that he had told Carrie about Nicole's secret and not Sami because he did not trust Sami.

"I didn't let you in on the secret for reasons that are, and always will be, beyond me. Because you still can't be trusted around him. If you know something, he is going to find out about it eventually," Rafe said. When Sami countered that Rafe's comment was unfair, Rafe asked her how many times Sami had lied for E.J. Checking his temper, Rafe quieted his voice and noted that he did not want to talk about E.J. When Rafe added that he wanted to talk about him and Sami, she bristled.

"Right. Somehow I feel it will be a little bit difficult to get back to the topic of how much you love me, given that you just revealed that you think I am self-absorbed, untrustworthy bitch," Sami said. Rafe argued that E.J. had stirred up trouble. Nodding, Sami quietly told Rafe to go hell. "I'm the bad guy? Talk about stupid," Rafe muttered as he walked away.

With a sigh, Sami sat at a nearby table and answered her ringing phone. E.J. called her cell phone from across the town square and apologized for stirring up trouble between her and Rafe. Sami asked E.J. to leave her alone. His smile fading, E.J. nodded and walked away. Reconsidering, Sami leaped to her feet and called out to E.J. to stop. Sami walked across the square and quietly asked E.J. if he believed that she was selfish and self-absorbed.

E.J. remarked that Sami was wonderful to her children and family. Shaking her head, Sami countered that her family would disagree. As an example, Sami noted that she had failed to offer E.J. her condolences for the loss of his son. Shaking his head, E.J. said that even if Sami had not said it out loud, he knew that there was compassion in her heart for his loss.

"You don't have to change just so that you can measure up. I like you for who you are. In fact, I like you precisely because of who you are. Maybe one day Rafe will see that. Maybe not. Maybe you'll always just fall short of his expectations. But if that happens, that is his loss," E.J. said. Uncomfortable, Sami shook her head and turned away. E.J. argued that whenever Sami went back to Rafe, Rafe insisted on pointing out what was wrong with Sami. Sami argued that Rafe was right.

"Listen to me. You're very honest. Most of the time, you're very honest. You're extremely pragmatic, especially when you're being dishonest. I see you in my children and I like what I see," E.J. said. Sami thanked E.J. and offered her condolences to him again. After Sami walked away, Kristen sauntered out from behind a nearby tree and commented on the progress that E.J. had made with Sami. Kristen asked E.J. to let her help him with Sami.

Sami walked to the coffeehouse and met up with Marlena to talk about Kristen. Marlena advised Sami to quit her job and remain as far away as possible from Kristen.

At the hospital, a sulking Rafe greeted Daniel at the nurses' station. When Rafe asked what was wrong, Rafe remarked that E.J. had annoyed him. Daniel asked Rafe to stay with Nicole while he ran an errand. Rafe entered Nicole's hospital room, and she apologized for damaging his relationship with Sami. Rafe countered that he and Sami were to blame, not Nicole.

Nicole and Rafe wished each other happiness. When Nicole mentioned that she would miss Rafe, he asked what she meant. Nicole admitted that she and Daniel were leaving town together for Hawaii. When Rafe asked Nicole if she would return to town for Jennifer's trial, Nicole informed Rafe that she had decided not to press charges.

"I made a mistake, and I feel terrible about it," Nicole said. Rafe told Nicole that he was proud that she had admitted the truth. Rafe walked Nicole into the hallway, and he promised to say goodbye to them before they left town. After Rafe walked away, Nicole asked Maxine if she could use Maxine's phone to make a call. Next to the phone was the onesy that Carla had pulled out of the lost and found.

At his apartment, Daniel grabbed the donation receipt from his front door. As he crumpled up the receipt, the elevator doors opened, and Jennifer stepped out. Jennifer asked Daniel to talk, and he reluctantly admitted her into his apartment. Jennifer thanked Daniel for talking Nicole into dropping the charges against her. Daniel explained that Nicole had backed down on her own accord.

As Daniel noted that he needed to return to the hospital, Jennifer spotted his plane reservations for Hawaii. Jennifer asked Daniel if the trip to Hawaii was how he had convinced Nicole to drop the charges. Upset, Jennifer counseled Daniel not to give up his life to protect her from Nicole. Daniel countered that he had planned to leave town with Nicole prior to the accident.

When Jennifer insisted that Nicole had manipulated Daniel, he ordered Jennifer to leave. Daniel argued that he wanted to go to Hawaii with Nicole, but Jennifer disagreed. Jennifer reminded Daniel of the people that he would be leaving behind in Salem if he moved away with Nicole.

Jennifer accused Daniel of making a deal with Nicole. Daniel yelled that he had not made a deal with Nicole, and he implored Jennifer to think about her life and her children. As Jennifer and Daniel yelled at one another, Daniel screamed that he wanted to protect Jennifer because he loved her.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

At the Brady Pub, Kayla gave instructions to one of the waitresses about how to handle the rush after trick-or-treating. When Abe arrived, Kayla explained that she'd taken off work at the hospital because her mom had refused to get on the plane unless a Brady was there to keep an eye on things. Abe asked how Kayla was doing. "Not so good," she admitted, then explained, "This thing with hit me like a ton of bricks, and I don't think I realized how much I needed her." Abe reassured her that Caroline needed her family just as much as they needed her -- and if anyone could beat what she had, it was Caroline.

In Horton Square, E.J. demanded to know what Kristen wanted. "I want to help you get what you want," Kristen maintained. The two got a table at the café, and then Kristen toasted to "new beginnings." Kristen confessed that she was determined to get E.J. to trust her. E.J. asked how much Kristen knew about his history with Sami. Kristen rattled off a few facts that E.J. pointed out were fairly common knowledge.

Kristen noted that Sami apparently couldn't get past that Rafe had lied, despite Sami's countless lies over the years -- but that meant that E.J. had a chance with Sami, and Kristen could help him to not blow it. "What is in it for you?" E.J. demanded. Kristen asserted that she related to E.J. because the two of them had repeatedly made mistakes for love. E.J. wondered, "If you try and get Samantha back for me, and if you succeed, how does that affect your plan to take John Black away from Marlena?"

Kristen insisted that things between her and John had been over for a long time, and she was completely done with him. E.J. reiterated his question about what Kristen hoped to gain by helping him win Sami back. "Eventually it might mean getting Sami out of father's company," Kristen admitted. Although E.J. was glad that Kristen had finally admitted the truth, she countered that, like it or not, the two of them were eventually going to have to talk about Stefano. Kristen continued that she, like E.J., had once had a contentious relationship with Stefano, but then he had helped her turn her life around, and she felt like she owed him for that.

E.J. maintained that he needed nothing from Stefano. Kristen countered that Stefano would do anything at all to make things up to E.J., and added that Stefano was the only father E.J. would ever have. "Then I'm just going to have to do without," E.J. declared. Kristen offered to help E.J. with Sami if he promised to try to have some contact with Stefano. "What's in that for me?" E.J. demanded. "A family," Kristen replied. She elaborated that with Sami and all of her children, E.J. could finally have the big, complicated, loving family that he'd always wanted.

Kristen continued that, like her, E.J. wasn't interested in material wealth; they both wanted "something bound together by love" -- and for better or worse, Stefano was part of that dream. "So what do you say about our deal?" Kristen asked imploringly. Before E.J. could answer, his cell phone rang. "She did what? No, it's fine. I'll be there in a second," E.J. barked into the phone. After hanging up, he excused himself and hurried off. Kristen grimaced in frustration.

At the Salem Gives charity storage room, a woman went through the box of Nicole's baby clothes that Daniel had donated and remarked that none of the things had ever been worn. Eli, who had picked up the donation from Daniel's apartment, explained that the child had been stillborn, and the mother hadn't been able to bear to look at the clothing. The woman found a pair of pajama bottoms and noted that it was part of a set; she wondered what had happened to the top.

At the hospital nurses' station, Nicole reached across the desk to try to use the phone, but couldn't manage to get an outside line. She set her purse down on the counter, but it tumbled across the desk and spilled the contents on the floor, so Nicole went inside the nurses' station and knelt down to retrieve the contents. Above her, next to the phone, sat the top half of the pajamas that Daniel had donated to Salem Gives.

As Nicole replaced the last item into her purse, she heard Brady saying her name. She rose and found Brady standing on the other side of the counter. When Brady said that he was there to see Nicole, she informed him that she was about to be discharged and was on her way to Daniel's after that. Nicole couldn't answer when Brady asked how she was, so he pulled her into a warm embrace. He then spotted the plane ticket in Nicole's hand.

Nicole explained that she was leaving town because everything in Salem reminded her of the life she'd thought she was going to have. Brady subtly accused her of running away from her problems, but Nicole assured him that she wasn't. Brady asked about Jennifer's trial, and Nicole informed him that she wasn't going to press charges against Jennifer. "Who got to you?" Brady demanded.

The two of them went back into Nicole's room for privacy. Nicole confessed that she was no longer entirely sure that Jennifer had, indeed, pushed her down the stairs. "What good would it do to send Jennifer to prison? It won't bring my baby back," Nicole pointed out. Brady countered that Nicole had seemed absolutely certain, immediately after she'd fallen down the stairs, that Jennifer had pushed her.

"And now all of a sudden you're backing off of this, and you have a plane ticket to Hawaii, and you're saying, 'I don't know when I'm coming back.' I would really like to know what you're not telling me -- right now," Brady demanded quietly. Nicole haltingly explained that she and Daniel were going to Hawaii together. Brady expressed his suspicions that Nicole had only gotten hazy about the details of the night she'd lost her baby after Daniel had promised to take her to Hawaii. "If I can accept that this was a horrible accident, why can't you?" Nicole asked defensively.

Cameron entered just then and apologized to Nicole for the delay in her discharge order, but he said she was free to go home. After wishing Nicole the best, Cameron exited. Brady offered to give Nicole a ride home. Although she'd been waiting for Daniel to pick her up, Nicole thought it would be fun to surprise him, so she accepted Brady's offer.

In Daniel's apartment, as Jennifer and Daniel argued about his trip to Hawaii with Nicole, Daniel blurted to Jennifer that he wanted to protect her because he still loved her. "You're leaving town with Nicole and you still love me?" Jennifer asked with disbelief. She assured Daniel that he could take back what he'd just said, but he insisted that he didn't want to. He explained that after Jack and Jennifer had gotten back together, Daniel had chosen to accept it so that the Deverauxes could be a family -- but he knew that he would never stop loving Jennifer.

Jennifer questioned how, then, he could leave town with Nicole. Daniel assured Jennifer that the decision had nothing to do with how he felt about her; he was going away with Nicole because it was what he wanted. Jennifer countered that she would believe Daniel if he could tell her that he loved Nicole instead of Jennifer. Daniel maintained that he cared a great deal for Nicole. Jennifer couldn't believe that Daniel would walk away from everything he knew just because he cared for someone.

Daniel insisted that Nicole had not manipulated him into helping her keep E.J. from finding out about the baby, but Daniel knew he had made the right decision, because he was sick of watching E.J. go through life hurting other people. Daniel continued that he and Nicole understood each other and had fun together -- and what he was doing was not a sacrifice. "What if it is for me? It seems that the price that I have to pay for my freedom is losing you," Jennifer noted sadly. Daniel asked what Jennifer had meant by that.

Jennifer explained that their friendship meant the world to her, but Daniel contended that the two of them had never been friends. Jennifer thought that they could be friends. Daniel reassuringly expressed his belief that when her grief was no longer so acute, Jennifer would find love again with just the right man, who would be very lucky to have found her. Daniel opened the door and held it open. "Goodbye, Jen," he said, and Jennifer walked slowly, reluctantly into the hallway. Daniel closed the door behind her, and both he and Jennifer leaned wistfully against opposite sides of the door.

A short time later, Brady was escorting Nicole into Daniel's apartment. Daniel was surprised to see them, but Nicole pointed out that she had saved him a trip back to the hospital. She added that she really wanted to take a shower. Daniel informed her that the guest room was all ready for her, so she headed off to clean up and lie down for a while. Daniel had to return to the hospital to give his notice, so he and Brady left together.

As soon as they were in the hallway, Brady confronted Daniel about why Nicole had decided not to press charges against Jennifer. Refusing to discuss it, Daniel insisted that Nicole was going to be fine, and added that Jennifer could use some friends -- including Brady. Brady countered that he and Jennifer weren't on the best of terms, but Daniel urged him to give it some time. "You're talking like you're never even coming back. What are you saying -- that you're never going to see Jennifer again?" Brady asked.

After her shower, Nicole flipped through images of Hawaii on her tablet computer. As she scrolled past an ad for a snorkeling adventure, an ad popped up for something called "the Mommy keychain." Shutting her eyes, Nicole closed the cover to the computer. She wondered aloud if Brady could be right that she was merely running away from her problems. "Is going away to Hawaii going to make everything okay again?" she mused.

Nicole curled up on the couch and fantasized about life in paradise with Daniel. In her reverie, she imagined Daniel waking her up on the morning of their first anniversary of leaving Salem with a gift: the "Mommy keychain" that she'd seen online. Daniel explained that the adoption agency had confirmed that they were about to be parents. Nicole kissed him ecstatically. In her fantasy, she was wearing a diamond engagement band. As she returned to reality, Nicole smiled to herself. "It could work, couldn't it?" she declared confidently.

A little later, there was a knock at the door. After looking through the peephole, Nicole opened the door and found an angry E.J. on the doorstep. "If you think you're going to get away with this, you are very much mistaken," E.J. declared, pushing past Nicole into the apartment.

Maggie greeted Jennifer at the front door of the Kiriakis mansion and asked why Jennifer had sounded so upset on the phone. Throwing her arms around Maggie, Jennifer cried, "Oh, Aunt Maggie. You're my only hope." Maggie was relieved that Jennifer was out on bail. Jennifer informed her that the charges had been dropped.

After hearing the whole story, Maggie wondered if Nicole had only dropped the charges because Daniel had promised to take her to Hawaii. Jennifer wasn't sure of anything except that Daniel didn't love Nicole. "When he speaks about her, the look in his eyes -- it's as if he knows it's all a mistake. He just doesn't seem happy," Maggie asserted.

Jennifer agreed, adding that Daniel wouldn't listen to her if she tried to get him to change his mind -- but he would listen to Maggie. Maggie countered that she had already talked to Daniel about Nicole, but Jennifer urged Maggie to talk to him again. "You are Maggie Horton Kiriakis. If there is a mountain that needs to be moved, you can move it. Please, I am begging you to try again," Jennifer pleaded.

At the hospital, Maxine was shocked when Daniel informed her that he was resigning. Daniel declared that he had enjoyed working with Maxine then conspiratorially whispered that she was his favorite nurse. Unmoved, Maxine demanded to know why Daniel was leaving. Daniel replied that it was simply time to move on. Maxine then had to answer a page, and as she walked away, she glared suspiciously at Daniel, much to his chagrin.

A little later, Daniel carried a stack of charts into the waiting area near the nurses' station. Behind the desk, Carla admired the pajama top that she'd grabbed from the lost and found. Another nurse warned her that it would be stealing if Carla took it. Just then, Eli walked by with a box of baby clothes from Salem Gives.

Daniel asked what Eli was doing there, and Eli explained that they donated some of the clothing to poor women who gave birth at University Hospital. Daniel was relieved that Nicole wasn't there to see some of the things she'd bought in the donation box. The nurse behind the counter grabbed the baby top away from Carla and held it in the air. "Doctor Jonas, would you tell this woman that stealing is wrong?" the nurse asked, waving the little shirt in the air.

At Common Grounds, Marlena urged Sami to quit her job and stay away from Kristen. "I can't believe you're telling me this is happening again...your past with John is coming back to bite me," an incredulous Sami said. As she got up from the table, Sami declared that not even Marlena could tell her what to do. Marlena apologized if what she'd said had sounded like an order. Sami maintained that she had dealt with Stefano for a long time on her own and could handle Kristen.

Marlena related the story of her missing cell phone after Kristen had accosted her in the park; she believed that Kristen was trying to make it look like Marlena was just being paranoid. Sami didn't think that sounded nearly as bad as what Kristen had done in the past, so Marlena described how Kristen had made an appointment with Dr. Patel -- who was also Marlena's psychiatrist. Sami agreed that it was "creepy" but vowed not to let Kristen get to her. John entered and urged Sami to listen to Marlena and keep her distance from Kristen.

Marlena added that Kristen was as crazy as ever -- but she had returned with an axe to grind. Sami insisted that she was raising four children on her own and had been through a lot that she had survived, and she finally had a job that she liked and was good at. "I'm not going to let Kristen DiMera take that away from me. I deal with Kate; I can deal with a crazy bitch like Kristen," Sami declared defiantly. She vowed to be on guard against Kristen, but Marlena didn't think that would be enough to keep Sami safe.

Turning to John, Sami demanded to know exactly what Kristen had done since she'd returned to Salem besides following Marlena to the park. John confessed that they had no proof that Kristen was up to her old tricks. Sami asked if maybe Kristen really had changed, but Marlena was adamant that Kristen wasn't capable of it. Marlena suspected that somehow Kristen had staged the entire thing in the square with the child falling off her bicycle. John filled Sami in about what had happened, and insisted that Kristen had just been being a Good Samaritan with the little girl.

While John and Marlena argued about what might have really happened, Sami quickly retreated out the front door. Brady walked in just as Sami was exiting and John was stepping away to take a phone call. Noting the tension, Brady asked Marlena, "What did I miss here?" An exasperated Marlena explained that although Sami and John refused to see it, Kristen was out of control. Brady asserted that John would never let anyone named DiMera hurt his family -- and if John ever needed backup, Brady would be there.

As Sami passed in front of the Brady Pub, talking on her cell phone, she was informing the person on the other end that there had been a mistake in the budget for the next quarter, because there was supposed to have been a line item for the new product launch. "What do you mean, it's been suspended? I've been working on it for months! I approved it," Sami emphasized. After she hung up, Sami told herself determinedly, "All right, Kristen. This ends now."

Marlena stormed into Horton Square with John on her heels. He begged her to see that the two of them were on the same team. Marlena stunned him with the news that Kristen had tried to become a patient of Dr. Patel -- and Marlena did not believe that it was a coincidence. John conceded that perhaps Kristen was playing some kind of game.

Fighting back tears, Marlena pointed out, "John, she followed me to the park, and now she's trying to undermine Sami's job. And then she tried to get close to the one doctor who knows the most personal, the most painful parts of my life. I kind of think she's trying to drive me crazy." John gently placed a finger on Marlena's lips and then pulled her into a reassuring hug. "As long as we stick together, there's no way Kristen can ever hurt us," John maintained.

Kristen was alone in her hotel room, clad only in a robe, when there was a knock at the door. Assuming that it was room service, Kristen shouted that the door was unlocked and to just leave the tray on the desk. She then ducked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. A man -- who was not carrying a room-service tray -- entered the room and quietly shut the door behind himself.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

by Mike

Wearing only a towel, Kristen emerged from her hotel bathroom and found Brady sitting in a chair, casually twirling one of her earrings. Brady warned Kristen to stop playing games with John and Marlena.

Kristen shamelessly flirted with Brady for a moment before threatening to call the cops. Brady started to leave, but Kristen abruptly changed her mind and asked him to stay. Kristen excused herself so that she could change into something less comfortable. When Kristen returned, wearing a casual black dress, she offered Brady her condolences, acknowledging that he had recently lost his fiancée.

Brady wasn't interested in discussing his personal life with Kristen. Kristen reminded Brady that she had once been a part of his family. "Let me get this straight. So the fact that there was a time when I didn't know anything about you -- that trumps the fact that you are a liar, a home wrecker, and an unsuccessful murderer?" Brady asked incredulously.

Kristen conceded that she had made a lot of mistakes, but she insisted that she had changed. Unconvinced, Brady demanded to know why Kristen had been stalking Marlena. Kristen laughed and wondered why everyone was always willing to believe Marlena's side of the story. Brady replied that Marlena was a nice, honest person. Kristen noted that her attempts to apologize to Marlena had been met with resistance.

Kristen innocently suggested that her history with John might have made Marlena feel threatened. "Oh, I think that might be a threat...if my dad had no standards at all, and if you weren't so manipulative and cheap as you obviously are," Brady countered, prompting Kristen to angrily slap him.

"Just to be clear, I didn't slap you because you hurt my feelings...even though you did. I slapped you because nobody talks to me that way -- not even you, Brady," Kristen clarified. Brady shook his head in disbelief as he stressed that he had never doubted Marlena's instincts about Kristen. Brady added that he was starting to see exactly what Marlena had been talking about.

"I think there's a possibility that you might believe your own line of crap, Kristen. I think you actually believe that you've turned into some acceptable human being, and that's -- that is scary. You have changed, but it's not for the better," Brady observed. Kristen assured Brady that she wasn't afraid of him. Brady replied that, in addition to Kristen's other qualities, she was also dumb. Kristen grinned as she watched Brady leave.

Later, at the Brady Pub, John insisted that he and Marlena were on the same page, but Brady was still worried. "Dad, this is exactly what you don't need right now, okay? This -- this new Kristen running around with all her latest software, causing problems with you and Marlena," Brady said. John countered that Kristen could only cause problems if he and Marlena allowed that to happen.

John conceded that Kristen had once made his and Marlena's lives miserable, which was why Marlena had her guard up. Brady wondered why John had gotten involved with Kristen in the first place. John shifted uncomfortably in his chair and explained that Kristen had been a good person until Stefano had changed her. Brady skeptically stated that Kristen had to have had a choice in the matter.

After conceding Brady's point, John added that Kristen had been dealing with a lot of things at that time, including the realization that John had never stopped loving Marlena. Brady pointed out that it was possible for a person to handle a loss or rejection without resorting to things like kidnapping and attempted murder. John said that there was a part of him that understood why Kristen had gone off the rails.

Brady countered that he believed, based on his earlier conversation with Kristen, that she had never gotten back on the rails. John ignored the comment and excused himself, insisting that Kristen wasn't a threat to him or Marlena. After John left, Brady vowed to make sure that Kristen wasn't a threat to anyone.

In Daniel's apartment, E.J. demanded to know why the charges against Jennifer had been dropped. Nicole said that she had realized that the fall might have been an accident, but E.J. wasn't satisfied with that explanation. Nicole dismissively told E.J. to read the police report. Refusing to leave, E.J. roughly grabbed Nicole's arm and ordered her to explain why she had changed her story.

Nicole said that she had simply wanted to blame someone for her loss, adding that it had been ridiculous to think that Jennifer, of all people, could have purposely tried to kill an innocent child. E.J. insisted that Nicole was lying, and he refused to forgive her for letting Jennifer get away with murder. E.J. started to leave, but Nicole stopped him. Nicole assured E.J. that Jennifer couldn't have killed their baby.

E.J. wondered how Nicole could be absolutely certain that Jennifer had not caused the baby's death. Nicole quickly recovered and reiterated that she had fallen down the stairs. Nicole refused to blame Jennifer for the accident. E.J. flopped down on the couch and uttered a French phrase that Nicole didn't understand.

"It means you were born lying, and you'll be lying until the day that you die. I have no idea what is going on, and I'm pretty sure you're not gonna tell me, so...all bets are off, my dear. I cut you and your friends a little break. I thought to myself, 'What's an altered paternity test between friends, right?' But you -- I'm sure at Dr. Jonas' request -- freed the woman who killed my son, so your amnesty, my dear, is over," E.J. warned as he exited the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

Later, in E.J.'s office, E.J. placed a phone call to Kristen and explained that he needed to see her. When Kristen arrived, E.J. told her about his earlier conversation with Nicole. Kristen suggested that Nicole might have been telling the truth. Kristen added that Nicole's latest version of Jennifer was much more similar to the version of Jennifer that Kristen had once known.

Unhappy with Kristen's comments, E.J. dismissively ordered her to leave. "Oh, I can leave, can I? You asked me here for a reason -- because the intelligent part of you knows that you're way too emotional to sort this through on your own. You need to think before you act," Kristen warned E.J. E.J. noted that Nicole had seemed scared earlier, adding that she wasn't the kind of person who scared easily.

Kristen wondered if E.J. believed that Daniel had threatened Nicole. E.J. scoffed and said that Daniel was a holistic hippie who was more likely to have cajoled Nicole. Kristen shrugged and suggested that Daniel might have appealed to Nicole's better self, but E.J. insisted that Nicole didn't have a better self.

E.J. was certain that Daniel had somehow convinced Nicole to change her story, but he also believed that she was hiding something else. E.J. realized that he needed to uncover Nicole's secret, and Kristen agreed, noting that timing was everything. Kristen urged E.J. to be patient and wait for the perfect time to make his move.

At the Horton house, Abigail wondered what was wrong with Jennifer. Jennifer reluctantly explained that she believed that Daniel had convinced Nicole to drop the charges. Jennifer added that Daniel was planning to leave Salem, and she refused to let that happen.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel, who had received a phone call from Maggie earlier, guessed that she had talked to Jennifer. Maggie predicted that Nicole was going to ruin Daniel's life. Daniel told Maggie to mind her own business, adding that his decision to leave Salem had not had anything to do with Jennifer. Maggie called Daniel a liar and guessed that he was acting defensive because he knew that he was making the wrong decision.

Maggie bitterly stated that, as usual, everything had gone Nicole's way. Daniel quietly replied that Maggie was wrong, reminding her that Nicole's son had died. Maggie said that she was sorry that Nicole's baby had died, but she added that Nicole was a bad person who had been willing to blame Jennifer for the death. Daniel shrugged and suggested that he and Nicole might be compatible, since he was also a bad person.

Maggie sarcastically agreed that Daniel's theory was extremely logical. "After all, she's a lying, scheming bitch who, thanks to her history of said lying and scheming, is now needy, desperate, and extremely lonely, and you -- you are a great man who likes to take care of everyone. Every female, that is," Maggie added.

Daniel bitterly noted that Maggie seemed to have a high opinion of him, and he wondered why she wanted him to stay in Salem. Maggie started to cry, and Daniel protested that crying was unfair. Maggie tearfully stated that she had talked to Melanie, who had been devastated to learn that Daniel had decided to leave Salem. Daniel reminded Maggie that Melanie was no longer living in Salem.

"Yeah, but she's coming back. She still thinks of Salem as her home, just as it is yours, and she agrees with me that this is a terrible mistake. The worst part is that it was my idea, wasn't it? I told you that Nicole would never forgive Jennifer because she'd keep running into her, so what did you do? You just ran off to Nicole with this big plan of how to solve everything," Maggie realized.

Daniel sighed and tried to comfort Maggie, who was still crying. Daniel pointed out that Maggie could visit him in Hawaii, and he promised that he would also visit her occasionally. Maggie sobbed as she predicted that Daniel would lose himself if he moved to Hawaii with Nicole. Daniel insisted that he wasn't going to change his mind. Before Maggie could respond, Daniel abruptly exited the mansion.

Outside, Daniel ran into Jennifer and confronted her about dragging Maggie into the situation. As Maggie emerged from the mansion, Daniel firmly told her and Jennifer to stay out of his life. Daniel groaned with frustration as he added that he hadn't intended for his final conversation with Maggie or Jennifer to be an argument. Maggie reminded Daniel that he had previously stated that he would be leaving two weeks later.

Ignoring Maggie's comment, Daniel promised to call her later, and he quickly walked away. After Daniel left, Maggie admitted that she had only made the situation worse, and she defeatedly told Jennifer that there was nothing more that they could do. Maggie reentered the mansion, but Jennifer remained outside. Jennifer muttered that she wasn't going to give up.

Meanwhile, in Daniel's apartment, Nicole imagined a nightmarish scenario where Daniel was arrested for falsifying medical records before they could leave Salem. When Daniel returned to his apartment, Nicole urgently stated that they needed to leave Salem right away. Daniel hugged Nicole and admitted that he had been thinking the same thing.

At the Horton Town Square, Will and Sonny invited Nick and Gabi to accompany them to an independent music festival that would soon be held in Salem. Gabi seemed to like the idea, but Nick noncommittally stated that he wanted to find out who was going to be playing at the concert first. Gabi and Nick promised to give Sonny and Will an answer later. Nick watched as Will and Sonny walked away.

Gabi observed that Nick seemed to dislike Sonny and Will. Nick sighed heavily as Gabi challenged him to assure her that he didn't have a problem with Will, Sonny, or anyone else being gay. Avoiding the question, Nick impatiently wondered why Gabi wanted to talk about that subject.

"Because, Nick -- because I love those guys, okay? And I have a problem with people who don't like other people just because of something they simply are, like Hispanic, African-American, or gay," Gabi said. Nick wondered if Gabi really believed that those three examples were the same. Gabi glared at Nick, who quickly tried to explain himself. Gabi assured Nick that she knew exactly what he had meant, and she stormed off.

Later, in Gabi's room above the pub, Nick knocked on the door and begged her to talk to him. Gabi reluctantly opened the door. Nick apologized for upsetting Gabi, who said that she had realized that she really didn't know Nick at all. Nick sighed as he entered the room.

"Okay, I -- I know that you think this is about hate or -- or judgment, but it's not, and...honestly, it's more about me than -- than it is about them. It's hard to explain, and...I didn't figure this all out on my own, okay? But when I was in prison, I had to wake up and face the person that I'd become, you know? And how I got there. It's not like I woke up one day and decided to be a bad person and do bad things," Nick said.

Gabi wondered if Nick believed that Will and Sonny were bad people. "No, I don't. I absolutely don't. I -- I think -- I mean, Gabi, before I did all the terrible things that I did, somehow I -- I got to this place where all I was thinking about was -- was what I wanted and what I needed -- or what I thought I wanted and needed. But right and wrong -- I didn't even think about that, even though, obviously, that's pretty important, you know? So I think you have to be really careful when you say, 'Oh, that thing that God said is wrong -- that's okay now.' I don't think that Sonny and Will are bad people, but I think that the way that they live is wrong, and it's not like being black or Hispanic, because it's a choice. I have to be honest with you -- I...think it's wrong," Nick explained.

Gabi pointedly asked if Nick had chosen to be straight, but he avoided the question. "Gabi, um...I'm not trying to change your mind, and I don't want to change the way that you feel about them. It's true -- I'm not comfortable around them, but I don't hate them, and...I'm really sorry that -- that this has come between us," Nick said with a sigh. Nick started to leave, but Gabi stopped him.

Gabi said that she believed that Nick was wrong. Gabi reminded Nick that they were talking about Will, who was Nick's cousin and her friend. Nick claimed that he loved Will, and he hoped that Gabi could believe that.

"I meant what I said. I don't want this to come between us. The fact that I met such an amazing person makes me feel like I'm on the right path finally. You make me feel like -- like I could be...the man that I've always wanted to be," Nick added before passionately kissing Gabi. A few moments later, Nick pulled away and apologized. Gabi shook her head and continued to kiss Nick.

At Common Grounds, Sonny wondered if Will wanted to talk about what had happened at Sonny's apartment earlier. Before Will could respond, Sonny received a phone call, and Will urged him to take the call. After Sonny left, Billie greeted Will, who quickly deduced that something was wrong. Billie explained that she had talked to Lucas earlier.

Billie added that she had wanted to warn Will about the problem, and she offered to help him fix it. Will promised Billie that he wouldn't tell Lucas about their conversation. When Sonny returned, Billie excused herself, and he wondered what he had missed. Will recapped the conversation and asked if Lucas had offered to help with the costumes so that he could harass Sonny.

"I mean, maybe just a little bit, but that's what I was trying to tell you -- that he was pushing my buttons, okay? And I kind of overreacted," Sonny admitted. Will refused to let Sonny blame himself, since he wasn't the person who had started the argument. Will wondered why Sonny hadn't mentioned the confrontation earlier.

"Because there's nothing to -- he just wanted to know what took us so long to get to the door...and kind of, like, you know, what we were doing. But, see, that's when I made things worse, because I offered to tell him in detail what -- it was really stupid, and I -- I'm sorry," Sonny sincerely stated. Will insisted that Sonny wasn't the person who needed to apologize. Will kissed Sonny and quickly exited the coffeehouse.

Will arranged to meet Lucas in a secluded section of the town square. When Lucas arrived, he wondered what was wrong. "I have a chance to be happy, Dad. I finally like myself, I finally like my life, and I am not going to let you screw it up," Will calmly stated. Lucas guessed that Sonny had probably neglected to mention his own behavior.

"He mentioned it, actually. He said that he feels bad. I, however, think that, since you practically broke down the door to his apartment, you kind of had that coming," Will replied. Lucas defensively stated that Will should have checked his messages. Lucas hesitated as he tried to say something else. Will interrupted, certain that he knew what Lucas had been trying to say, and he challenged Lucas to finally utter the words.

"You should have been available to your family instead of hooking up with Sonny...which is what you were doing, right?" Lucas asked disapprovingly.

Friday, November 2, 2012

As things began to heat up between Nick and Gabi, Nick asked if Gabi wanted to stop. When Gabi assured him that she did not, the two began to disrobe one another. After they'd had sex, Gabi confessed that she was "speechless." Nick declared, "You're amazing... You know, Gabi, after what just happened, I feel like if I'd met you before, my whole life would be different." He added that just a couple of months earlier, he'd been sure that he wouldn't be paroled for over two more years.

"But now, here I am with the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," Nick murmured, stroking Gabi's cheek and hair. He expressed his gratitude that she had never judged him, but instead had seen him for who he was and who he could be. Gabi said that she felt the same way about Nick. She added that it felt good that they both seemed to want the same thing.

"It just feels so new," Gabi said. Leaning up on one elbow to kiss Gabi, Nick offered to help her get used to the idea. Later, Nick offered to go downstairs to get something for them to eat and drink. Gabi pointed out that Nick hadn't given Kate an answer about the job offer. Nick declared that Kate could wait a little while longer, because he wasn't sure if he could ever get used to the idea of working for her.

In Horton Square, a disapproving Lucas chided Will, "You should have been available to your family instead of hooking up with Sonny -- which is what you were doing, right?" Fed up with his dad's attitude, Will admitted that he'd almost missed getting to say goodbye to Caroline because he'd been about to make love with his boyfriend. Lucas countered that Sonny didn't want to have a relationship with Will; all Sonny wanted was to get Will into bed.

Will maintained that it had been his idea to sleep with Sonny. Lucas suspected that Sonny had gotten the costumes shipped to his apartment as a way to lure Will there, but Will did not buy it for a second. Lucas asked how much Will knew about the time Sonny had spent in Europe -- and how many guys Sonny had been with. Will maintained that although he'd never asked about Sonny's past boyfriends, he knew Sonny really well.

"You don't get it, man. You're just another guy to him. Once he gets you in bed and he gets what he wants, he's going to move on," Lucas asserted. He continued that Sonny was far more experienced than Will. "How many boyfriends has he had? And, more importantly, how many guys are still out there?" Lucas demanded. Will suspected that either Lucas didn't like having a gay son or he simply didn't like Sonny.

Lucas insisted that neither was true -- but while Sonny would be Will's first, Will would be far from Sonny's first. "I'm telling you this because I care about you, all right? And I love you," Lucas began. Will cut him off and ordered Lucas to stay out of his relationship, then stormed out of the square.

At Common Grounds, Kate asked if she could have a word with Sonny, so the two sat at a table together. Kate reassured Sonny that she liked him and Will together. Sonny kidded her about the time he had tried to convince her that he and Will were going to run off to New York to get married. Kate asserted that it hadn't bothered her, but added that she suspected that Sonny was more political about gay issues than Will was.

Kate continued that she'd been aware that Will was gay long before he had been, and she'd been worried that her grandson wouldn't be able to accept the truth about himself. "He just seems happier than he has ever been. I think that he's happy because he can finally be open about who he is. So I guess that I'm asking you to be careful with him, with his heart. He's new to all this; you're not," Kate entreated Sonny. She apologized if she seemed intrusive or presumptuous, but she cared very much for her grandson.

Sonny assured her that he understood. Kate recognized that Sonny and Will had a great thing and urged them to appreciate what they had. "Have I offended you?" Kate asked. Sonny leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Anyone who cares about Will as much as you do can talk to me about him anytime. I just want you to know that what Will and I have -- I'm not going to take it for granted," Sonny reassured her.

When Sonny returned to his apartment, he left the door open. Will walked through it right behind Sonny, who wanted to know what had happened. Will slammed the door, strode across the room to Sonny, and began kissing him forcefully. As Will began unbuttoning Sonny's shirt, Sonny stopped him and asked what was going on. "You seem upset," Sonny observed. Will insisted that nothing was wrong -- he just wanted Sonny.

Will began trying to kiss Sonny again, but Sonny pushed him away. "You were with your father before this, weren't you? What did he say to get you like this?" Sonny demanded. Will assured Sonny that it was nothing, but Sonny continued to keep Will at arm's length. "Am I the first guy that you've brought here?" Will asked. Sonny admitted that Will wasn't the first. Will wanted to know if Sonny had slept with Brian. With a sigh of frustration, Sonny opened the door for Will to leave. "No, I did not sleep with Brian. And I'm not going to sleep with you, either," Sonny declared.

Sonny contended that Will wasn't the one who wanted to know whom Sonny had been with; Lucas was. "If you had questions about me and my past, I would have answered them. But you come in here, you grab me, you start kissing me, and you try to make me have sex with you. And then when I tell you to stop, you start hammering me again with more questions about who I've been with and where," Sonny recounted, unable to hide his anger and disappointment. A sheepish Will asked if they could at least talk it over, but Sonny refused. "This whole thing has been a mistake," Sonny declared. Will reluctantly walked out the door, and Sonny shut it behind him.

Hope was sitting alone at the Brady Pub when Jennifer entered. Hope expressed her relief that the charges against her cousin had been dropped. "But now I need you to take me to the police station so I can confess to pushing Nicole down the stairs," Jennifer declared. When Hope didn't take her seriously, Jennifer began to rant about how Hope was a cop and Jennifer was confessing to a crime, so Hope had to arrest her. Hope clamped her hand over Jennifer's mouth and dragged her out the front door.

Back at the Horton house, Jennifer admitted that confessing was a last-ditch effort to keep Daniel from leaving town with Nicole. She explained that she suspected Daniel had promised to run off with Nicole as long as Nicole promised not to press charges against Jennifer. Jennifer pointed out that otherwise it didn't any make sense that Nicole had insisted one day that Jennifer had murdered her baby and then changed her story the next.

Hope argued that it wouldn't make things any better -- especially for the Deveraux kids, who'd just lost their father -- for Jennifer to do something even more self-destructive than what Daniel was doing. As reality finally hit her, Jennifer realized that she couldn't confess to a crime that she hadn't committed. Relieved, Hope pulled her cousin into a hug and pointed out that Daniel would not want her to do that. "I know, but I owe that man so much -- more than you know," Jennifer said.

Jennifer explained that she and Daniel had just embarked on something very sweet, but then Jack had returned, and Daniel had stepped aside so that Jennifer could choose -- and she'd chosen Jack. Hope understood, since Jack had been Jennifer's husband and was the father of her children. Jennifer noted that she hadn't really been there for Daniel when he'd learned that he couldn't be a surgeon any longer, but if he hadn't been a surgeon, she wouldn't even have been alive to choose Jack. She believed that Daniel was giving up everything in order to save her, without questioning what he could lose in the process. Jennifer believed that Daniel needed her.

A bit later, Hope emerged from the kitchen with a large tub of ice cream and two spoons. Jennifer acknowledged that Daniel was not going to change his mind, so she had to back off, because although she had done everything she could think of, he was still running off with Nicole.

Sami was working in her office at Countess Wilhelmina when Kristen entered. To sweeten the pot to get Sami to stay on board, Kristen presented Sami with a manila envelope. As Sami reviewed the paperwork inside, she noted that it was unusual to be offered a bonus for a demotion. Kristen asked her to take a closer look at the papers. "You want me to beat Kate's numbers?" Sami read. Kristen clarified that in doing so, Sami could destroy Kate -- and she thought that might make Sami happy.

After scanning the target numbers and Kristen's guidelines for how to achieve them, Sami demanded a company car and access to the corporate jet. "Fine," Kristen agreed willingly, but added that Marlena wouldn't be thrilled to learn that Sami and Kristen would be working together. Sami hedged for a moment but then accepted the offer -- on the additional condition that she could spend company funds to redecorate her office.

Later, Stefano called Kristen to check on her progress. "Baby steps so far, but I think I'm making headway," Kristen stated. Stefano asked about E.J. and Chad. Kristen said that E.J. was angry and grieving, and she was still working on Chad. Stefano asked if Kristen had received his email and if the message had been delivered. "I needed to seed the ground a little bit, and I'm done with that now," Kristen replied, adding that she thought she could make things happen by that night.

Outside Horton Square a little while later, Kristen ran into Kate, who was stunned to see her. Kristen revealed that she had a message for Kate from Stefano.

At Daniel's, Nicole was relieved when Daniel admitted that he, too, thought they should leave town right away. As the two embraced, Nicole breathlessly admitted that she sincerely hoped that she might finally get her happy ending. "Nothing is going to stop us now," Daniel reassured her. They sat at the computer together and tried to find a flight leaving for Hawaii that night, but the only flight was sold out, so they settled on a plane leaving early the next morning via Los Angeles.

While Nicole booked the flight, Daniel said that he had some paperwork to take care of at the hospital -- like exit interviews and transferring patients to the proper doctors -- but he promised to return in plenty of time to make the flight. As Nicole was wishing Daniel luck finishing up, she noticed that the necklace he always wore was missing. Daniel said that he was sure he hadn't taken it off, but he remembered having it on when he'd been at the hospital.

Nicole urged him to check there when he returned, and she promised to look around the apartment while he was gone. She declared that she planned to make it her full-time job to make Daniel happy, starting right then. She pulled him into a kiss, which he returned. "We are going to have such an amazing life. Aloha," a beaming Daniel declared as he headed out the door.

"An amazing life -- yeah, as long as E.J. stays out of it," Nicole muttered to herself. With a thoughtful look on her face, she picked up her phone and dialed. "Hi, it's Nicole... Not as surprised as I am to be calling you. Look, I need your help, and I need it now," Nicole stated.

Soon, Sami was on the doorstep. When Nicole said that she hadn't been sure that Sami would show up, Sami replied with a sly smile, "I'll just admit that curiosity got the better of me." Nicole informed Sami that she and Daniel were moving to Hawaii together. She expressed her regret about how Rafe's keeping her secret had changed things between him and Sami. "Look, Nicole, I'm really sorry for your loss. I mean, it's terrible, and I probably should have said something sooner, so I'm really sorry," Sami stated sincerely.

Nicole was grateful for Sami's sympathy, especially since she knew that Sami understood what Nicole was going through. Nicole then asked for Sami's help with E.J. She explained that E.J. was determined to make Jennifer pay for the death of his child, even though it had been an accident. Sami understood that E.J. would go after Nicole for lying about the child's paternity. Nicole maintained that E.J. would listen to Sami, because Sami was E.J.'s obsession. She asked Sami for her help.

Sami pointed out that it didn't make sense that Nicole had suddenly changed her story about Jennifer's responsibility in the baby's death. Nicole tearfully countered that she'd been traumatized and confused. Sami contended, "Nicole, I know you... I know you're upset. But I know that if you for a second thought that Jennifer caused you to lose your child, you would hunt her down. You would not rest; you would not stop until you made her pay. But if you knew all along that she didn't have anything to do with it, then maybe you set her up to take the fall because you hate her."

Nicole swore that she would never do anything like that, and pointed out, "You hate me. You hate my relationship with Sydney. So imagine me gone and never coming back. It could happen -- but it won't if you don't stand up for me, for you, and for Sydney." Sami countered, "You want my help, then you tell me what's really going on. And then we can negotiate -- maybe." After Sami had gone, Nicole flashed back to the day she'd found out that her baby was dead and she'd thrown her bag of newly purchased baby clothes around the exam room in a fit of grief. Devastated at the memory, Nicole began to sob.

Victor tracked down Daniel at the hospital and informed him that Maggie was very upset that Daniel was leaving Salem -- especially so soon after Melanie's departure. He asked if there were anything he could do to talk Daniel out of it. Daniel admitted that he hated hurting his mother, but his mind was made up. He added that it wouldn't be forever and urged Victor to make sure that Maggie knew that. Victor groused that he was used to having Daniel be a part of his life. Daniel reassured his godfather that they would always be in each other's lives, no matter how far apart they might be. The two men embraced.

After Victor had gone, Maxine informed Daniel that a candy striper had found Daniel's necklace and had put it in the lost and found. Maxine offered to retrieve it as one last favor for a very relieved Daniel.

Maxine had just reached the lost and found area and found Daniel's necklace when he caught up with her. He explained that he had a surgical consult and couldn't wait. Maxine handed over the bag containing the necklace. "Here you go. Traitor," Maxine said with a pout as she left the room. As Daniel prepared to put the jewelry back around his neck, he spotted the baby pajama top in one of the bins, and recalled the matching bottoms that he'd found in the bags of Nicole's baby things in his apartment. He picked up the top and read the attached tag, which stated that it had been found in Exam Room B the morning of October 8th.

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